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For nurses: Do you think Arizona is better for people with allergies to pollen, dust, dander (cat) than CA?
11-yr old child,complaints of fever,cough,runny nose,given antipyretic,3 days later,more cough,fever,dyspnea?
What is a numo thorax?
where does one buy herbs dry or fresh for making herbal tea?
What is the best way to treat glioblastoma multiforme?
How long does someone live after being diagnosed at stage IV with lung cancer?
Which chemo drug for breast cancer does not cause hair lose?
renal cell carcinoma what should I expect?
What foods will help you to feel FULL?
I have a flab on my belly and i want to get rid of it ASAP HeLp!!!?
what carbohydrates make you fat?
Help me lose weight?
Do the sauna belts work? Any real testimonys out there?
A persian site to tell me the the benefits of eating caviar...?
What is the best diet pill for a overweight black female?
the best protein drink out there to bulk up and give energy?
Is it a serious mental health condition, to talk and answer yourself, but answering with a different voice?
Death...Read details first.....?
I want to have an active lifestyle . Right now I am too lazy, slow ,depressed ,wasting time .?
which team won the first world cup?
Is GWB normal?
iam alone ineed a girl friend she must be from mysore?
Theres something wrong with me. Could you figure out what or is it just normal?
why is this happening?
what is taebo?
What is telepathy? is it real?,can any one with experience shre me some thing about it?
What medicine can I drink for my allergic when i breastfeed my baby?
why are we itch??
what food should be avoided by a high pressure patient?
i found a pill in my pill bottle marked rx 7 it is not like the rest .What is it?
Pls help! I need help this answer soon pls!?
What is the difference between a 'Deep tissue' and 'Sweadish' massage?
i have sudden weight gain 40 yo male, looking for reasons why this is happening???
how do you die from oxycontin?
any risk of hiv infection from a dentist procedure if the patient before you was +?
Can you get Gonorrhea or Chlamydia even if you use a condon?
Can ciprofloxacin cure both gonarrehea and chlymydia??
does alum cause cancer?
Anyone have any reactions to radiation treatment for breast cancer?
What's the effect of smoking on after treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma ?
what is the symtons of bone tibula infections?
Propranolol - good or bad?
i have an strange question, am very active in work and in the same time very Lissy at home ,, how come?
i think i have an eating disorder...?
is there any cure for psoriasis?
Has anyone tried to use Vitamin B12 topically and not orally, and does it improve eczema?
What is the best way to get raid of Body TAG.?
About psoriasis guttate please answer?
i want to know if you heard about any cure for vilitilgo?
what are skin tags?
I want to grow my hair long, but my roots are weak, and my hair falls out a lot. How do I do this?
Why is my ear throbbing?
How much calorie intake is necessary for a child of 11 year?
How do you stop a runny nose? Nasal Spray?
How do I find out about a National Pharmacy Registry Alert that Red Flags patients who get "too much" medicine
Does Blue tooth cause harm to human body?
Do Bank of America provides health and vision insurance along with Life insurance?
need sympathic drug doctor in conroe tx?
What does the biopsy report mean when it says:?
are teh rumors true?
Does anyone think the required smear/PAP test age is wrong?
liver cancer what are the chances?
Is there a remendy to hair loss?
Which do you go for....a BEAUTY with no BRAIN?? or a BRAIN with no BEAUTY?
i just got my tongue peirced... how long until the swelling goes down?
Who can do Laser Hair Removal in Oklahoma?
how do i stop biting my nails?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get an MRI scan if you're not insured?
i have really big nickle sized blisters. what's the best way to treat them?
How do you hyperextend your knee?
a jogger has stepped in a pothole and sprained his ankle. what systems have suffered damage? why?
How can you tell if your skin healed over a foreign object?
anyone have cervical fusion of c5 and 6?
Are people suffering from hallucinogenic/psychologic disorders more susceptable to hallucinogenic narcotics?
why can't i ever feel worried or get anxiuos about stuff?
what is called when you pick on your skin until it bleeds?i?
how to get to sleep?
Plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you know anyone who likes to touch his/her big toenail and the other toenails?
How shd u keep urself busy ?
Safety measures for Tuberculosis?
Does anyone know of any good sites for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?
cystic fibrosis tests?
How do you organize a Spaghetti feed? Has anyone done this to raise money for a loved one with cancer?
is there a cure for malignant malinoma?
how long does chemo fatique usually last after a treatment?
Stop smoking ads and hot lines do nothing for me I need real help.?
need info about treatment for lupus?
How Do people gain Cancer in thier Prvite area and thier Sack?
Who are more strong emotionally men or women?
can heat from lights give you a allergic reaction?
What is Allergy?
Itchy scalp, red burning ears and hives but...I haven't come in contact with anything. Help!?!?
My mother has lung cancer and my brother says he can not stay with her because he has enphazima am i right u c
prevalence of tb in Tanzania?
How will H5N1 flu virus reshape the demographics of the planet?
How do I Protect myself from Bird Flu which has come to India recently?
bird flu how can we fight it?
waht is avian flue?
Harmful effects of bird flu on human?
Does the yearly flu/influenzae vaccine give atleast partial immunity to human contacts of bird flu ?
can 210 cholesteral lead to heart desease?
is sweating on only one side of the body a sign of stroke or heart attack?
What is stem cell treatment for atrial fibrillation?
What kind of test do you need to find out if you have cancer?
What is the survival rate of renal cell carcinoma patients who have had nephrectomy?
I have ma-static andeocarcanoma ,unknown primary and peritoneal carcinoma?
Is there anyone who has experience with a port-a-catheter?
my girl friend has herpes simplex one (of the mouth) snd we were makeing out do i have it ?
what test to detect herpes?
my friend is having white heads on her face what does it mean...i mean is that an std symptoms i?
just wondering....what are the symptoms to herpies?
What is Anti-E (Big E) Antibodies?
why do people develop multiple personalities?
depresssion,how to cope with it?
Is body dismorphic disorder something that can be"gotten over"?
Why do people get so upset when others do well or get away with something?
More with D.I.D?
Happiness issue...?
what is wrong with me..?
I just started taking Metformin 500MG x 2 a day. I am experiencing dizzy spells what can I do to fix this?
who is involved with and affected by vegetarians?
How do you Quite smoking after 5 yrs?
How do you stop smoking/drinking?
What is your opinion of Kevin Trudeau, author of Naural Cures ?
how many child obsity does america have?
Do you think its bad living next to 2 nuclear plants?
Felt dizzy all day, what could it be? (READ BELOW)?
how long can you keep amoxicillin? pill form?
Do you think for yourself that you are pretty or handsome?
Why does my urine have an odor?
Who has the prettiest feet of any woman?
how long do toxins stay in your hair?
what is an ectopic pacemaker?
Can someone describe to me what this condition is?
Does an ekg shows heart enlargement?
How doi cope with insomnia?
What is fifa world cup?
I failed a year iam depressed what do i do?
What are the characteristics of computer buyers?
sinus question again?
Can someone help me find info on the topics The effect of tobacco on the body and on the subject pneumonia?
Too much sweat causing respiration problem. can any one tell the medicies to use or to which sp doctor i go?
where to go to get cpap machine serviced?
What are some reasons that you can't operate if you have lung cancer?
I always hear of people going on a special diet after being diganosed with cancer.?
why are you not supposed to take a blood pressure on the side of a shunt or masectomy?
Effectiveness of Xeloda and Avastin combo as a primary treatment for colon cancer that has spread to liver?
Anyone out there thinking about having a colonoscopy and are afraid or anxious and need some reassurance?
i'm 16 years old and overweight, i hate exercising any suggestions on how i can lose weight quickly by dieting
what is th ebest types of excersises to do to loose weight?
What is the Fastes way to start loosing weight?
How much weight can an average person bench press? Males? Females?
what is a NO CARB DIET?
YOGA... what is your favorite at home video?
Any advice for a new jogger?
How long can a person live and function without eating?
Has anyone tried Relacore? What do you think about it? Did it work?
What is 7 Keto?
Mustard on a Burn???
Is it normal not to be able to move your arm over your head two months after shoulder surgery (acromioplasty)?
What is the average recovery time after surgery for a torn ACL ligament?
Have pain in right side (front and back) ever since car accident. CT-scan shows nothing. Just tight muscles?
Question about hormone replacement therapy and blood clots.?
can the heart speed up during a common cold?
how fast should a 2 year olds heart normally beat?
what it means by ectopia cordis?
Im addicted to over the counter aysthma meds.....?
Do you believe that there are people who are born clumsy?
Can I get arrested for running into a firehouse, yelling "Movie, Movie!"?
Please need information in "SPANISH" about; Obsesive Compulsive Behaivior, Personality Disorder..?
why do I type like I used to talk back in the 90s this spell check thing makes it so i can be deciphered?
I need all the help i can get!?
what can i do to control my anger problems better?
What are the symptoms for a schizophrenic Person ?
I have been in pain for the past 25yrs. and need help?
how do you get rid of a knot in your leg (calf)?
any way to get rid of blisters?
What did you do the last 4 billion years before you were born?
Has anyone heard of or used the Rife Frequency Machine?
the HPV shot?
i have a knot behind my ear is it cancer?
what are the risks of children who lose a kidney from cancer at young ages and become teens?
CT scan findings results-Any opinions on the findings?
When you have to be hospitalized for surgery or an injury, why is effective pain management the last priority?
Is nephroblastoma genetic? Are there any long term side effects say15yrs after you have been "cured"?
Restless Leg Syndrome?
How many people can find out what hidradenitis suppurativa is that has never heard of it and give sources?
I have terrible skin problem on my foot. Its sting and excessive perspiration. How to cure it?
dried feet?
How do I cure my shingles?
Can anyone tell me about leukoderma ( a skin disease)? Is it curable?
What is average number of t-cells in healthy person with normal immune system?
My feet gets cold and hard. they also develop seasonal blisters.what could be the problems?
if hiv blood is mixed with a non-hiv blood would hiv be detected?
What are the cures available for Leukoderma? Is any medical treatement completely cures leukoderma?
How long after Treatment is started for skin ringworm does it stop being contagious?
I have a red blotchy red rash over my entire body and it is kind of itchy and i am worried it is meningitis?
HPV Question?
nursing care plan in emphysema?
what is ECG - RVH?
what is transcutaneos cardiac pacing?
What is Lown-Ganong-Levine Syndrome?
how to whiten your teeth?
Is a tongue pirecing really as bad as people make it?
do you have to get a bone graft when having a molar pulled?
At what age should a child go to the dentist?
what kind of dentures are they because i went to mexican to remove all my teenth and got some dentures?
Does drinking milk make your teeth whiter?
what is good for a toothache till i can get to a dentist?
it's that ok if i don't get cold or flu for a long time and why my nose stink?
how can we take care of our eyes,especially when one's eye sight is weak @ have to work on computer a lot????
what causes a nervous twitch?
what should i do to remove my blackheads without spending too much?
why do people have nose bleeds?
Is surgery the only answer for carpal tunnel relief ?
what kinds of treatments are out there for people with depression?
If I think about my weight constantly and it consumes my mind daily, Do I need to talk to a doctor?
how do i get rid of foot cramps?
Finding a MODEST prom dress...?
how can i keep my eyes from stinging and burning-I have been to the Dr and?
name some phobias Abluthophobia fear of bathing?
Ingrown eyelash?
What are the hallmarks or signs of of obsessive compulsive disorder?
Selfishness or Lack of Interest in Serious Situation?
If you're colorblind in one eye, what does it look like when you have both eyes open?
what is the best way to get really ripped(strong and looks)w/o any huge or expensive equipment?
why do i have cancker soars?
Can sleep deprivation cause depression?
Do you see yourself as worthy of love? Why/why not?
Is there another alternative for drug abuse instead of AA?
HOW MANY TIMES U HV GOT "You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines"?
Food to eat for Deabetic 2 and what food not to eat?
What dose diabetes do to you?
diet of diabetics?
Are diabetics allowed in the military?
I was just diagnosed with diabetes. Can anyone tell me where to go for help with diabetic supplies cheaply?
my mom is a diabetic, has ulcers on her feet, needs special care of a nurse at home.?
What are some symptoms of Thyroid Cancer?
does anybody know if zeolite is any good for stage 4 cancer or if its a hoax?
my cosine has leukemia.what are the chances that he will live?(read details)?
Want some information on stage 4 non small cell cancer of the lungs ( carcinoma) that my mother inlaw has.?
What is a lymphocyte producer?
I am a 6 year cancer surviver,Everyday my voice get to the point where most people can't understand me.?
is it possible to have a puntcured lung for months and have only minor side effects like occ. short of breath?
Can jogging help relieve the extreme discomfort that comes due to shallow breathing?
how does one get infected with beta haemolytic steptococcus non group A?
can mold exsist in sand if sand is in the sun,or if sand is in sha?
is there a medical solution after sinus surgery and the patient coughing on a daily basis for 8 years after?
Coughing and feeling neck pains afterwards????
Is it possible to become allergic to soap?
Is there a such thing as a periodical heart murmur?
is bright red ear lobes a sign of high blood pressure?
can a heart murmer cause a seizure for 1 year olds?
Does anyone have an expereince with a pacemaker that has a defibrilator and anyone problems that have occured?
if i want Raksha Kavach, from where i get raksha kavach?
what is truth is it stay today in world?
How can i stop smiling?
what is a cartoon do to damage your brain?
MY girlfriend lost her job. She wants to show that she is strong.?
colon cleanser does it work?
i need ehlo please?
what is self harm and how is it triggered?
Occasional dull pain left side, behind ribs,4"below armpit, usually during the day, not at night?
Does anyone know what it means RAD and LAD when we speak about Ventricular Hypertrophy?
What is neuro-cardiogenic syncope?
Thank you Dr's, Nurses and others. Today I feel so weak and I am numb and tingly all over.?
Mother infected with esophagus cancer has undegone stenting , developed throat irritation.Advise remedy?
what is thymic carcinoma?
Cancer Blogs?
What kind of educational achievements did Jeffery Dahmer attain. HS diploma, GPA? Anything could be useful.?
Which is better Lorcet Or Percocet?? and Why??
I cant find anything on Climacophobia. Does anyone have alot of info. i can use for a research paper?
i have a big problem with my emotions. whenever i see someone have some resemblance with my family member, i?
Does anybody have an opinion about the stress eraser being sold?
Psychology question here... I cannot take the first of anything. I'm 35 and developed this habit 5 years ago.
i am a carrier for the virus how can i increase my chances of conceving a child?
Are there anyone else kids/Adults that have got the 24 hr. Virus?
what kind of excersise is good for building muscle besides wieghts?
What is ear wax for?
What are the effects of lack of sleep?
Do you suffer from SHORTNESS?
At what age should a child stop seeing a pediatrician and switch to a family pratice doctor or equiv?
Can I take Ambien (Zolpidem) during flight journey to get some sleep? Any side effects? What Dosage?
How do I stop my knee from popping?
My docter said I could swim with my cam. walker(which I have have for the second time). Should I?
How do I wake my little brother up?
insurance coverage to fix a crooked nose?
Can a person lose weight by not turning on the a/c and making them selfs get hot?
what is the best fat burner with little or no side effects that you can feel?
what are the side effects of xenadrine xre?
How do i lose 10lbs in 2 wks?
how come when i work out if i dont work out long enough i get super energetic and feel like runing for 5 miles
Has anyone had any great results with Curves gym?
what do you think about diet pills???
what are treadmills good for working out? what do they tone up?
why do some say to avoid diet pop when dieting. it has zero calories so why not??
I really want to try the akins diet and make it sucessfull BUT every time I start I am done in a week.?
Where can I buy Mary Kay Consultant prizes?
do you really have to chage your shampoo?
What do you do about black circles under your eyes?
How to look evil?
Removed a brown birth mark on my phase... but now..?
My best friend's 8 year old daughte has a huge cafe au lait birthmark.?
I am looking for the ingrediants to make a natural head lice product?
my hair doesnt grow up; how can i make grow up?
Mild Asperger's and vasovagel syncope? Best place to treat?
What is the difference between SPECT/CT and PEC/CT?
If wine helps in reducing Heart diseases?
Coronary Angiogram?
What can you substitute for Toprol 25 mg in a pinch?
can an asthma killed part2?
29th tobacco-related Surgeon General's Report?
Pulmonary Rehab~~Do you think it helps or not?
What if you still don't feel better after using your CPAP machine?
For Asthmatics - what are the implications of using an expired inhaler? (Albuterol and Qvar)?
Have you had this type of allergy symptom?
if i have a severe allergy to food preservatives can i donate blood without passing it on to someone else?
Is it against the law n njuring public pigeons? Some people think that they r high on the food chain & can?
Why do people pull out their eyelashes?
Is anger a side effect of getting off anti-depressants?
How many people in America take Prozac?
how can i stop myhabit of thinking my past,as it is ruining my present?
i am very depressed quite often for carreer irregularity, future, phisycal need give solution to get rid of it
We like to sit at the beach.I heard it is because the waves reminds us of being inside our mother.?
What are primary signs I might feel or see if I were to have throat and/or stomach Cancer?
How does one's food pattern over time contribute to the development of Diabetes, Heart disease, Osteoporosis,
Is LVH( Left Ventricle Hypertrophy) a born defect, hereditary?
what internal feeling to expect after an angioplasty?
How do I find article by physician when I don't know dr's name article was about a brother's physical health?
Has anyone ever heard of a person not being able to have bypass heart surgery due to their vessels being too?
Who shall prosper in the Kingdom of Aaron?
How can you tell someone that you think they may be suffering from Tourette Syndrome instead of ADD?
Anyone have any ideas on how to get out of depression without medication?
Are there any days that you feel like swearing at every single thing that you sea or hear?
Anyone taking the antidepressant prozac?
tourette syndrome...can I have it?
How to ask for help?
Does anyone know any treatment for halitosis?
I have to have two teeth pulled in the way back. Two molars. Does it hurt?
whats the best way to deal with bad breath?
How do you temporarily handle tooth pain?
What is the average cost for having dental braces?
Is there a permanent solution for bad breath?
what are the best foods to raise the white blood count in blood, to raise the immune system?
How long is the surgery and recuperation time for removing a kidney due to cancer?
prostate cancer treatment and talk?
How can I stop my habit of picking at my fingers?
I have bloody diarrhea,with bad cramping,what is this from?
what is the difference between polarized and UV400 protection?
where can i find a sports physical thats cheap for high school volleyball in boilingsprings or chesnee, sc?
Is it safe to visit Italy right now?
Are there any communicable diseases that cause cough, cold, leg pain, and recurrent fever?
I would like information on reverse isolation with patients that have leukopenia?
a patient with abdominal distension laparotomy done. no path identified.looks like dengue wt about prognosis?
How long is strep throat contagious?
what is the best natural or over the counter stuff to deal with herpies?
Is elephantitis permanent or fatal?
Mechanical Action of Calcium Channel Blocker?
What is the medical condition CVA?
chest pressure?
what is causing my mother in-law that had a cerebellum stroke to see colored spots?
Where can I find a sound file of a human heart beating??
How long will it take?
When and where was chlamydia first discovered and by who?
Plz help!! I dunno wat 2 do!?
what stdis realted to blisters on the face?
How do you deal with finding your father after he has blown his head off? I see him every time I close my eyes
how to control our mind which cant be stable?
How many children die in residential treatment facilities each year?
Is there any kind of treatment for an adult who has Thalamic Pain Syndrom a.k.a. Dejerine Roussy?
can paxil cause permanent side affects if it is taken in childhood?
What kind of ask do the yahoo users like?for getting more points..?
Most effective treatment for Nasal polyps and Maxillary sinusitis?
can eczema spread all over ur body when u get older?
What is the difference between being allergic to something and being very sensitive to it?
is it true that ms can affect the nerves to the heart valves?
What is this called?
Need explanation from a chest x-ray?
what should i use for a toothache?
what are boils?
what are the specific signs of cocaine withdrawal(heart rate ect)?
is having phlegm in the lungs dangerous?
i have blocked eustachian tubes and crackling in my ears which are causing severed headaches. can u help cure?
Would it be better to retire in the North or South?
How about plastic surgery?
can i cut the core under my tounge to make it longer and how safe is it ?
When will the Avian Flu break out in to a pandemic?
Does eating potatoes help to lose weight or make us fatter? Why?Advise other food that help to lose weight.?
do anobody knows somebody who,s gay?
How I can get more beard?
Do cloves and tobacco have the same side effect when smoked?
What is zolair?
Why do we have to sleep?
how long is the incubation period for a tuberculosis bacteria?
ladies-skin care question?
for 3 days the botton back of my foot was hurting sooooo bad?
why is a cramp in your leg called a charley horse?
My Dislocated Patellar(Kneecap) Problem.?
What is the % chance of a retinal detachment occurring after cataract surgery?
Osgood-Schlatter Disease?
What do you do when you start to feel "All Burned Out" regarding your job, and life in general?
why are people so cruel to someone who is different?
Can people who haveschizoeffective disorder hold a job? I'v got an appt. with Diability attorny and need info?
Interested in side effects of diovan?
Does anyone on here have a Cardiac Defibrillator?
what is the best weight loss substance to use??
Is running around the resivare once a week a good way to exercise?]?
How can i biuld my shoulder after recovering from Shoulder dislocation?
what's more fattening-bread or pasta? and why?
I weigh 87kg,165cm height.Am I too heavy? Should I take multivitamins&run on the treadmill to be healthy?
how do i expand my hips?
I think I have tendonitis. How do I get rid of it?
what are the qualifications to be physically fit?
South Beach diet and breastfeeding?
how do you loose weight on the upper body part and a lil bit on thighs?
It Hurts to be Emo?
what are the effects of bleaching the human skin?
Please help me figure out what this could be...?
What could the pain in my hip/groin area be?
My aunt needs a check up, but she doesn't have insurance.?
please explain in detail...?
Is Acuupunture good for your lower back and neck pain?
My mother has arthritis in her hips,but insists on sleeping in a recliner. Would this cause more pain ?
where do i get tylenol 3?
Being nearsighted?
Why cant I wear contact lenses more that a couple of hrs?
Eye Problems?
what is it when you have a brown spot in your eye , not grey but dark brown , in your eyeball on the white?
what are the foods that can prevent cancer?
What does an artificial pacemaker do?
What is the newest heart drug out on the market?
D'ya drink alcohols?.... why?
what can people do to help others with cancer i would like to help?
What if Hodgkin disease don't be treated?
Why arent we supposed to swallow mouth wash?
which is best dental implant available?
Does getting braces hurt?
how come some kids dont brush thier teeth and still dont have cavities?
I have a tooth that's needs to be pulled but I have a terrible fear of dentists .What can I do?
i bit my tonge 2 days ago?
how to talk to children about their teeth?
do you trust your dentist?
If you want to settle as a dentist(general practice) out of australia and Uk , which is a better choice why?
do you do your little turn on the catwalk?
what do you mean by emotional barrier?
What was the worst nightmare you ever had, did you have it more than once?
Does anyone take ZOLOFT? Sensible answers please!?
How do you get rid of a stomach ache if you don't have any medicine in the house?
what does hmo mean?
what is milk thistle for?
how would a doctor remove a swallowed ball from a five year old?
What is the best way to deal with depression using alternative medicine?
What is the best treatment for Hepatitis C?
how do u get rid of lice?
tips for fibromylagia?
i have the answer to immortality do you?
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
Does anyone know how to get rid of bad smelling hair?PLEASE!?
How do I get rid of psoraisis?
what is the cause of herpes simplex 1??
Has anyone had a skin graft?
Why do I keep getting ringworms?
my pains can not disapear easily,what can i do?
Pilonidal Abscess during Pregancy. What to do?
How can I keep my hands moisterized?
Is it easy getting a job as medical billing at home.?
What is the underlying cause of canker sores? Why are some prone to them more than others?
i need information about resources for parents of children with disabilities,?
my friends and family always tell me that i have a big booty. is that good or bad?
which part of a woman's body is on average 1 and 1/2 times biggest than man?
What causes a person to be ticklish?
Is it neccessary to take vitamins every day?
What is the best shampoo for naturally curly hair?
Does it hurt when you get your tongue pierced?
are spindle cells always cancer?
What are the initial signs and symptoms of childhood leukemia?
How do you define Quality of Life?
What are echo criteria or measurement that a sonographer uses to diagnose diastolic function and its stages?
heart arithma?
What are all of the ECG abnormalities and the physical problems they indicate?
why is bedrest and oxygen prescribed with cardiac patients?
What are side effects and drug interaction of niaspan?
What Causes Heart Failure?
can you flush the wax out of your ears at home .....how?????
what are the symptoms of bird flu? does it kill? is there vaccine for it???
which fruit and vegtabals dibetic person should avoid or eat for example is carrot or bannana or beets are goo
What does it mean when you have defect in the clogging mechanism?
Have you ever fractured your spine, and what are the problems that remain from the injury?
um i get a cold like 3 times a month is that ok?
is cystic fibrosis related to anorexia?
Why my friend is suffering muscle strains?
Bruised Ribs?
Is there any relief for a nagging shoulder injury?
Is it a serious problem to have severe pain at a bug bite?
MRI Question?
How would I go about stretching my lower back muscles?
What are the warning signs of mental illness?
Is the bird flu coming to the U.S.? When will it come? Are we prepared? I'm scared!?
is anyone have eating disorder or feel pro ana?
What will you do if some one you are talking to, rubs or closes his nose?
How to deal with a hypochondriac?
What is the best technique for dealing with insulting comments that people try to pass off as jokes ?
If a person has an extremely low blood pressure of 60 over 40, could they do much for themselves?
I had an echo done at a cardiologist office?
Is cornflakes bad for heart patients?
My mamaw mary has diabetes, the insulin injection kind. HOw can she control it better, her sugar levels?
what causes glucose to go up during excercise?
is vinegar good for diabetes?
what type of foods to eat when you are hypoglycimic?
what happens to someone who injects insulin who doesn't need it?
does cinnamon help type 1 diabetics?
Is Diabetis hereditary?
My doctor said that hpv is like apples there are so many different types.ask doc what kind?
If you take Doxycycline for a bacterial STD, is it possible for a 10 day dose not to work?
Rip off artist!?
any one know of any weight loss products that really work????
My 27 months old son does not increase his weight for 8 months (now he is 11.5 kgs) although I tried t?
how many calories do you have to burn to lose 1 pound?
Why have I gained weight after working out at the gym and eating healthy?
Pepsi or Coke? please help guys :D?
what is the best way to loose weight ,fast and easily?
How to drop 10 lbs in 2 weeks? I mean diet?
Does anybody know anything about Costochronitis?
how did i get this stiff neck this morning?......still doesn't feel any better.....too much question page?
If I'm on a medication that causes bloating, is it safe to take a diuretic??
How did the cavepeople keep their hygiene (toilet, bath etc) when they had no soap or paper? didn't they?
do you believe in past life regression as a therapy?
Can Bulimia Cause Ulcers? How?
what can i do?
What if I gain a good report from a doctor(as a schizophrenia patient) and then say, "I hear voices" to her?
r u obsessed with anything??like..umm..a number, or a symbol, or a habit??etc etc??
I have Bi-polar and I need Help?
How do I begin to like socializing?
help with bone marrow transplant?
skin cancer- melanoma?
when you have a colonoscopy and a endoscopy would you be able to see your colon fused between?
Odd odor in nose?
i have a question about...pneumonia?
what is the most efictive skincare product that works in the least amount of time at stores?
how do i treat scoliosis, i am 31 years of age?
Why do people do this?
Which is better:Air-Drying or Blow-Drying?
why does scaring you get rid of hiccups?
Do I want an ozonator for my hot tub?
Which is better Mineral or Still Water?!?
What does anesthesia gas smell like?
is it worth doing angiography for a person who has done openheart surgery 5 years ago?
Can Diovan cause mood swings and/or uncharacteristic rages?
A 68y.o. male complaining of dyspnea and arrythmia,what are the possible diagnosis?
what is the normal mg for magnesium deficiency?
Alcohol Allergy/Rarest of rare allergy?
Have you heard of new daily persistant headaches?
What is the best site to buy pills online without a prescription? I don't want to get ripped off.?
what is the sinus headace symtems?
My husband hurt his ankle years ago & its causing him pain what kind of exercises & meds should he be taking?
Pain in my heart..after doing lot of gym work out ,?
what are the criticisms of person centred therapy?
help needed-- what could be the cause of random psychotic episodes in children?
What activites do scientists believe are affected by the left side of the brain?
Were you ever abused in school?
Can a psychopath be cured?
what is the best medication for depression/anxiety?
I'm currently on Zoloft write now and my doctor prescribed Paxil CR. I had asked him if I shoud?
what is accessive compulsive disorder?
what does avian influenza means?
what is the best protection from the cold virus?
When a child gets the chicken pox vacine, are they contageous with the chicken pox?
what can cast fever 100f?
what are the health effects of bird flu?
Are you concerned that colonoscopy is more dangerous than the establishment expects?
Can anyone give addresses of help groups/organisation connected with blood cancer treatment/management.?
What is the difference between vfib and afib?
CARDIOSTANT? what do you know about this?
if you get a scratch and no blood comes out and say someone was chewing on something can you get aids from it?
what are the side effects of a liver biopsy?
Can orangutans infect you with HIV, or a similar virus?
How did (or has) Prozac effected you?
My mom has lost it she's crazy she was never there for me as a kid what should i do with her?
Are there any good sites that have tests which measure your cognitive functionality?
Help me to get rid of my problem.?
Have any suggestions on living with a partner with bipolar disorder? positive suggestions please.?
I do not have any health insurance. Where can I find a psychiatrist to talk to in VA that is affordable?
please tell me from your personal experiences that whether or not have u ever been benefited by meditation?
Does reading about bad things that have happened to other people ever make you feel bad about yourself?
How to make the chigger bite go away sooner?
how can i still have a bruise from a year ago?
does anyone know if I can take percocet while taking lithium, if not r there any pain medicines that i can?
i sprained my left thumb about 3 weeks ago, do i keep it wrapped?
My ankle is swollen. When I extend leg, pain along the inside of my leg. I have 1cm reddish line 1/2 way up?
It Hurts To No Extent, OUCH?
does anybody have any ideas on how to deal with reactive airway disease?
Does anyone who takes Advair bruise really easily?
Is there anything to lower extremely high cholesterol?
What would someone soak a badly cut hand in to take away pain?
Does Cold Ease really work?
Are their any good home remedies for tooth pain?
how can i get rid of my stretchmarks?howmuch does it cost?
I cought a bad cold and lost my voice. Any home remedies to quickly get my voice back?
Any good reason to choose & pay upto 3X on food-based "natural" vitamin over market brand like Centrum ?
i have a birth defect can some one help me figure out what i should do?
What's the best way to force yourself to get up in the morning?
Best self-help cures for insomnia.?
how can i reduce my weight by natural foods without taking any medicine or others?
whats the difference between an ambulatory care center and an outpatient care center?
My 12 year old daugther has been having severe knee pains for 5 weeks, what could be the problem?
taking madecine like asprin and plevix film coated and taking without film coated. What difference does it mak
hypertension - how to know the exact reason out of several, like beta blocker or ace inhibitors, or other?
I had an EKG and they said I had a heart infarction. Did I have a heart attack?
Can Myocardidis result in mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation?
Bad drainaige when heat is on?
I would like to find a suport group for my nice who is caring for her mom who has cancer & how to deal with it
what is cetuximab, an herb? for cancer treatment I know, but...?
What are the first symptoms of lung cancer?
How is cancer diagnosed or how does a doc know you have the disease?
why is there an increase in total prorein levels if you have multiple myeloma?
What therapies have worked for people like me with borderline personality disorder ?
Does anyone have some sort of phobia? If so what is it?
how many zoloft does it take to overdose?
do yall feel like guinea pigs when you are on medication for psychiatric needs cause i do?
What cases sudden : paranoia?
Do you think it is safe to buy medication online?
School and Anxitey?
does anyone know where i can order contact lens without having a prescription verified?!?
Is anyone else out there paralyzed?
what do you do for neck pain?
meaning of a piecings top left ear?
When you see something does your eye see it upside down first?
How do make yourself grow taller if you haven't stopped growing?
LASIK eye surgery, to do or not to do?
how many calories i need to burn to lose a pound???
which is the best diet schedule for obese persons?
does drinking grapefruit juice help burn fat?
how to keep your running speed?
what is a good breakfast for losing weight and fat?
I have lost all my baby weight. But there is just a little bit of loose skin on my stomach, will that go away?
what is the best diet pill?
why does it hurt after excercising?
what cancers are caused by food?
i want to contact armed police hospital in china for urgent surgery of liver transplant??please help??
is buccal mucosa cancer hereditary in any way or is alcohol and smoking main cause?
What does it feel like when the cancer goes away?
what does this sound like to you.........?
Will you please answer this epically if male between ages of 24-3o?
my future be is addict to alcohol , i did know how to change him.please help me to solve?
How do cavities in teeth develop?
advice for an abscess tooth?
Why dont get teeth get burned when someone gets caught on fire?
How is determined what fillings to use what's the difference between a microfill filling and a non microfill
What's the best way to stand up to the dental drill?
What are some good teeth whiteners that I can buy at the store?
why my teeth are not white?
Can I chew gum even though i have braces?
what are the different stages of puberty?
what is triglyceride and which food rich on it?
How does a bundle branch block show up on an EKG?
My 10 year old boy has WPW how do I reduce the severity?
Can you live with someone you love that has STD and can you live with each other as a married couple?
how to become a counselor for HIV prevention?
what are the STDs cannot be cured ?
Are you suppose to have holes in your tonsils? Whats the white stuff thats sometimes found in them?
what is overeating ande how can it be prevented?
when is my marriage? i want to become a good wife How?
how do i get this cramp out of my neck?
how do you stop post nasal drip?
how do i stop hicups?
Why is it that at night I can't eat cheese?
anyone have a clue what kind of job a person with spinal tumors can do without hurting themselves?
How many people in Texas have cancer?
Can a man get tested for HPV?
cellulose in th diet is believed to prevent colon cancer? why? please discuss the mechanism?
Can people who have had brain surgery fly on airplanes shortly after surgery?
What is the best way to deal with depression due to pregnacy loss?
what causes neck cancer?
At what age did you put your stuffed animals away?
Is it usual for doctors to make you go and see them every 4 weeks while taking Prozac?
just wondering..???
what dose "ineffectiveness" means in psychology?
did you have panic attacks before they were labled as "panic attacks", & thought you were going crazy? i did
for nearly 10 years I've tremor on nearly all parts of my body. What should I do?
how do i conquer my fear of thunder and lightning.?
What company in Seattle can provide a portable oxygen converter for our use in Sept. visit.?
What are the new problems regarding drug-eluting stents?
Any opinions on Wal-Mart in North Lauderdale, FL?
how do you make a canker sore go away?
Do you have homade remedies for a canker sore?
Does anyone wear their two week contact lenses for four?
Ive suddenly lost a lot of weight and now am really afraid to eat a lot in case I gain it back.?
long-term effects of cracking joints??
foreign studies of stress?
What is the white (yellow or green) stuff that comes from zits or acne made of ? Why does it smell so bad ?
is quetiapine a sleeping pill?
what is dexedrine used for?
has anyone tried the herbal alternative for depression called HAPPY CAMPER?
I have learned to deal with my emotion in every way it come me..but i forgate to deal with one thing?
How can I overcome my fear of public speaking and build confidence?
How can i get over my body issues?No matter what I look like I seem to still hate myself.I am so tired of it.?
If an M.D. mandates that I should be on antidepressants for the rest of my life?
what causes schizoprenia, is this hereditary?
who do i pick?
How does a person find a therapist that will help them the most?
how many hairs are on a bald mans head?
How long does it take for a broken blood vessel in the eye to heal?
What is the best mattress for an individual with a bad back?
can my foot be sprained or broken if only minor swelling?
nephew grazed his foot and now has a soft tissue graze and infection wot type of infection could he have?
Shoulder surgery or wait?
Broken elbow - how long (realistically) can I take off work?
Is there any available solution for Psorosis, a common skin disease or disorder?
I have round purple scars on my legs from a skin virus I had a few years ago. How can I get rid of them?
What is the couse of whitehead and what things can remove it?
what is the treatment for vertiligo?
what does 'guarded condition' mean?
why do chikenpox itch?
anyone here knows about a skin disease called Morphia?
Do humidifiers help dry skin in a desert climate?
Do people use chemotherapy for Bone Cancer? Or is it just radition and bone marrow transplant as Treatment?
Can you sue a millitary doctor if you are an retired millitary?
diet for radiology patient with prostate cancer?
Here's how you can protect yourself against cancer with food?
I had pinkeye, and it was gone for a week, but now it's back!?
if iam affected with STD for morethan six years what type of medecine i my going to take for the curing?
Am I right to be worried too much about the bird flu?
Has anyone ever heard of a heart rejecting a patch of a PFO?
Does Slim-Fast increase your heart rate?
what does having a large atria mean?
what is the most comprehensive cardiology book to buy?
heart damage after LAD heart attack heart operating at 45%?
Do you think the Bird Flu is real?
How many of ya are concerned about the avian flu?
why we need excersice every day?
Is a echo-cardiogram or a MUGA scan better for determining an ejection fractions?
alergic reactions?
Cotton tea?!?
How can I kick my fear of driving?
What do you tell people who keep after you to learn to drive a car when you are too afraid to learn?
can u drink alcohol while on paxil?
Anyone went through EMDR therapy?
if hiv white blood cell is mixed with blood would it show up on a test?
can a sterodal antibiotic be used to treat gonnoria?
how can i lose weight for good?
Can you offer some some good thigh exercises??
Has any one used banaba for weight loss? If so any results?
i'm a college student, i feel very sleepy during my classes no matter how interseting course is. any remedies?
body building suppliments?
Ok I just started working out on my treadmill and by the time I'm done my throat is burning sooo bad. Why?
Has anyone ever used hydroxycut??
has anyone tried billy's bootcamp elite?
How do I loose weight without exercising and dieting?
can scoliosis lead to spine cancer?
ischemic heart disease?
How ..............?
my best friend is dying of cancer he wants to fly over mt rainer befor he does is there anyone place that help
Does anyone knows the right treatment of ITP?
What adverse effects will High Blood Pressure have on small arteries?
what is angiograpy?
what is mean by bronchial asthama?
Tangible Fears?
what is the best natural thing to take for alertness and energy?
how do Istart my child in beauty pagents?
Took 150 mg of Ambien....?
what does a psychiatric nurse do?
any one suffer from borderline personailty disorder?
How can one deal with rejection?
hows do ya get water outa ears?
can toxic shock syndrome be considered an accident?
What ways can one help abscess heal faster?
Is there a reason why my arm is sore after receiving a shot to draw blood?
I have these stripes of red on my arms that kind of itch and hurt...could this be like poison ivy or...?
how do you relieve tension in the shoulders and neck?
whats the importance of studying physitherapy at masters level?
is being 5ft , 4in. adn weighing 140lbs fat?? or is dat normal? (female)?
Why do doctors n dentists wear face masks?
What do you do for lower back pain when you are sleeping?
How many people died of BIRD FLU in 1918?
Are blackheads permantent?
Killing lice?
does anyone have a weider 600 digital workout machine?
will diet pepsi stunt your growth?
Why does my urine smell so bad?
Why after eatin so much .....why do people get so sleepy??? WHY??
How to make rose water at home?
I wonder about cell phones....?
is anyone taking Lyrica for back pain after Pancreatic cancer surgery and chemo?
what are the chances of Pancreatic cancer coming back if it was stage 1 and you had surgery and chemo?
What Medication is mostly prescribed for Tachycardia?
heart cat report done 12 4 06 on Victor J nevin Wm Beaumont?
what is the latest technology for heart operation?
I suffer from depression and PTSD I would love to hear from others of the same illness or even shutins.?
3 psychiatrists have a different diagnoze on me, schizoaffective, schizophreniform and schizophrenia. who's ri
Is there a cure for aspergers?
Have you ever suffered from examination fever?
my friend is suffering from severe depression, what can I do to help?
Allergic reactions. Beef,Pork and unknown others?
Can you develop a tolerance to mild allergies ?
food allergy or angioedema?
The results of a fragmented LDL test indicate my LDL is Type A. What does this mean?
I would like information on "widow heart attack."?
what cause swollen innner groin?
What is CD4 in T-lymphocytes in AIDS Patients?
what was the bigest discovery of 2006?
what came first?
is there any home remdies for herpes plz tell me?
Does anybody know an email and/or fax for the University of Michigan Cancer Center?
has anybody been contacted by the paranormal?
does a PLASTIC bottle of water cause cancer?
what are the uses of aloe plant?
Why are some medicanes so addictive. Such as pain pills. Like Methadones.?
y people cant eat before surgery?
according to xray reports.what is meant by.Impression?COACH ON RX.?
Addicted to placebos?
lead poisoning?
who knows what acute porphrias is?
What is the bird flu exactly?
will otitis media cause permanent deafness to children?
are chiropractors legitimate doctors?
how to cure ear itches?
Grean tea or passion for life?
does potassium supplements for daily use absorb everyday or stay in your system?
What if my TSH is low?
what causes painful,loud smell, and yellow cloudy urine?
how do you get rid of a stuffy nose?
Tell me about your medial miniscus surgery?
What's disc desiccation w/ central disc extrusion measuring 6x10mm mildly effaces the thecal [email protected]?
how do u treat a dislocated knee it popped right out but then it popped right back in it hurts really bad?
how so one take care of a bronenANKLE WITH A PLATE AND 7 CREWS?
Is Promethean a narcotic - what dose it make you feel like - someone said i could use it for pain ?
what is the recomended dosage for morphine 30mg tablets for pain?
I sometimes find my self very much sad and depressed for no particular reason , Why is that ?
How can a person learn to be less of an aggressive person, without going to a psych. doc?
how much do i have to pay to see a psychologist?
Does anyone get sever anxiety after drinking heavly, if so is this normal?
anyone know how long it takes to get vision back?
Contact Lenses?
Can you buy colored contacts for corrective lenses?
Eye snaught?
eye contcact?
What is life like for a person with Cystic Fibrosis after a lung transplant?
how to treat a person when he is having BP as well as TB?
Is Emphysema a disease that Disabilty from Social Security covers? And if so, how advanced does it have to be?
How is u s.climate during winter .Can an asthmatic patient can survive in exremities migrating new to u.s?
I have been diagnosed with emphasema about 11/2 years ago?
What does it signify when a rash accompaies a lung infection/problem?
I don't like the things ...?
what causes constant nightmares?
Do you think it is correct that my pysciatrist has me on "3" medications? Lexapro, Zyprexa, and Lamical..
Im bleeding out of my ears....how do i make it stop?
can you tell me some private inpatient mental health facilities in the north east please?
The best body builder software? such that it has the prebuild workout plan and schedule?
What is the best energy bar to take with me on vacation as a snack between meals?
what is the healthiest chocolate?
am i overweight?
what would make a person lose 60 pounds in 4 months without trying and they have show no concern?
I have a Little Tummy, how to reduce this. If tummy is reduced, I will lokk 10 year younger, how to reduce ??
How can I lose weight,when I'm tall 173 cm,and I have 68 kg.?
what is the most successful diet that you have tried? (not including low carb)?
What's a double blind study?
How I dye my hair from black to natural blonde?
does anyone 've idea about removing acne scar?
I suspect that I have sleep apnea, but I live in Yemen. Other ways of diagnosing it?
Can somebody tell me what a philippine massage is?
why do people disrespect the planet they live on by throwing their garbage on the ground?
Problelm with tramadol?
Why do we shout when we are hurt? Does shouting lessens pain?
i get stomach cramps when i get stressed or upset?
What type of Doctor should I see for NECK/JAW problems?
can lipomas ever become cancer?
doest anyone ever get over back pain?
Low back pain?
which better weather for your health?
How can you tell if your eye is clogged because my eye has beeen really teary lately and this never happene?
Does anyone know the percentage of people who actually suffer a medical allergy to dogs?
What is "Dobutamine, Stress Echocardiography criteria"?
I have a friend who says that he has a strange heart problem...?
Vascular Endothelial growth factor?
ER DOC said CAT scan showed "old" stroke. See my primary next week. He wouldn't say much else.?
cancer videos.....?
Ignoring habits and other factors what is the overall chance of getting cancer from birth to death?Male&Female
when is walking pneumonia contagious?
Do you really have little bugs under your finger nails?
I would like to know if asthma ever goes away completely?
I know someone whos into SCAT, is he putting me & my friends at risk as hes not a very hygenic person.?
need to know about bone diease called mms?
should i trust the people answering me becoz the answers seems different?
how can skin tags be eliminated?
Can over X-raying a patient cause them to have dark spots on the area that was x-rayed?
what is pigment instability?
How do you get rid of shingles on your skin?
what are some health problems of albinism?
My lips are dry and cracked and they sometimes hurt!! What can I use?*Carmex makes them worse*?
how can i help get rid of my sweaty hands at home?
how long does it take for AIDS to get in your system?
Once someone has AIDS - do they constantly have symptoms and do they keep taking meds?
is miss phils. can joined the top 5 on miss universe 2006?what do you think?
How does your conscience talk to you?
fear if heights?
To patients that use/have used Depakote...?
How do I stay in a respective reality?
what do you think about people who spend too much time on internet ?
im in love,but no one knows,what should i do?
what´s is the medicine slo-niacin 500 for ? to lower cholesterol what else is for ?
I'm looking for job opportunities in the new jersey area between Cape May Court House NJ and Somers Point NJ
Someone knows how can i find an organic supermarket in CT?
Anybody related to Health Services out there?
my Friend complaint to me about reducing platelet counts in his blood.?
We have this debate about the advantages and disadvantages of using hand dryers. I read an article that...?
Can symtoms of meningitis increase and decrease. Can neck pain come and go?
How long can someone stay asleep before they die?
what's the cuz of urinating a litter blood with the burning sensation?
what if some1 injects water in veins? what happens?
does having a bowel movement make u lose weight?
I am a parapeligic and am looking to move to another state:need help finding housing and therapy?
For aging, wrinkling skin, what are the best ingredients for skin elasticity, cell regeneration, etc I can buy
What is the best cure for Sore Throat?
what is a cytological study?
why are people so often their own "worst enemies"?
Ever since i've grown my permanent front teeth I have had this annoying brown stain on both,what is it?
whath type of microrganism to find in the mouth?
Teeth Whitening?
Why r we not supposed to swallow toothpaste?
My molar backtooth hurts. The dentist and endodontist said I need do the root canal. Is that going to fix it?
does baking soda really make ur teeth whiter or is it a myth anyone try it ?
How do you cure bleeding gums with some home remedy?
is there a condition that exists where a woman has a hard time forming blood clots?
if you have?
Heart problems?
Does anyone know the complications of having cardiac stents inserted?
Is Chickenpox a communicable disease? If not does anyone know any other communicale disease's?
where is the best place to had a laser hair removal depilation in columbus ohio?
Why is my ankle swollen and hurts? I didn't twist it or anything.?
can comtrex day and night flu therapy affect urine drug tests?
how to I get my Wahl hair clipper blades to move?
I dyed my hair dark brown.Can I turn to blonde?
How are moles formed? Why do we have moles on our skin? What are they for?
I would like to know how deadly is "Wilms Tumor" or anything else you can tell me about it?
what is marginal zone lymphoma stage 4A?
when do symptoms in stomach/wilm's and brain tumors start?
Think I've bursted a Baker's Cyst. Will it return?
My ankle hurts but I don't remember injuring it. What can it be from?
Internal Bleeding?
Causes of ankle pain when there was no injury?
1 time i thru a pumpkin at a sumo wrestler. then he attacked me with an iron fist. what should i do?
where can I get a list of medical CPT codes and what they mean online (specifically for psychologists)?
Baby blues or Postartum depression?
People are crazy? Do you think its caused by years of distorted thinking, never really questioning their own?
How to Overcome Fear?
How to increase motivation for life change?
why would some one pull out an eat thier on hair,an eat paper,effects on body?
What is diabetes type-II?
What really causes type 2 diabetes?
What are the reasons Diabetics cant drink?
I need all information about diabete...?
endocrinologists in greenville sc?
what are the side effects of lipitor in long term treatment(6 months)?
What is a stent implant? what dose it do?
People in the medical field. my doctor had me on 3.125 mg of coreg and i still wasn't feeling?
how can i give up somoking i want the idial means??
where would I purchase actontum napellus?
Can anyone tell me if you know of an herb that will kill my salty and sour cravings, I eat pickles constantly!
How can I stop hair fall after pregnancy?
Is there a natural cure for menstrual cramps?
What is the best vegetarian way to cure the common cold?
How do i cure sinusitus?
Will HIV die when it comes in contact with air?
does africa hav hope?
i read in an old maxim that 82% of women wouldn't tell their bf about an embarrasing condition like an STD
Is there any other way to contract chlamydia?
Can the Doctor Detect Pelvic Inflamitory Disease?
what are biceps?
how to increase my wieght?
How does one lose a turkey neck ???
how many calories to take in daily when wanting to loose 25 pounds?
Do men really lose weight easier than women ?
what are some good exercises for physical therapy for vertigo?
how could people prevent to gain weight?
what is mirtazapine tablets used for?
Would you scratch your face with an electric drill?
can anyone tell me about the four sides to a mans personality king,warrior,lover,wizard?
Anyone have nightmares while taking Effexor?
intensive therapy?
What are the alternative medications to use in place of Depakote or Lithium?
I hv a posssessive boyfriend and due him i m suffering both personally and professionally?
My girlfriend goes crazy while Jealous!!!! Is it South American blood? Or mean drunk?
What are the requirements/skills needed for the American Cancer Society?
Alternative medicine (herbal medicine) and small cell lung cancer. Does it help&where do you go to get startd
doctor on line to answer my concerns on stomach and bowel cancer?
What is atypical hyperplasia of the breast?
what is the most common manifestation of colon cancer?
Melanoma vs. Atypical mole?
How or What to do to increase apatite taking procrit shots.?
NASAL COMFORT (TM) - Does it really work??
Angina or imagination?
Is It Ok for Your Heartrate To Get Higher When You Are Up Doing Things?