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Which type or brand of antibiotics are usually used for strep throat?
What's better glasses or contacts.?
i have Pulmonary Hypertension , on 3 liters of oxygen, severe sleep apena how long before i die?
how do children get pneumonia? is it bad for them to get it twice in 7 months?
Where can I get a free image about the dangers of smoking?
I am having active TB . I have lost appetite. .What should I do to improve my appetite ?
why cough is present in a person with pulmonary tuberculosis?
What`is the best remedy for "snoring" ?
i have this pain in my left wrist to fingers anybody know what it could be?
What makes this happen?
is it proper and good for health to run on the roads.Specially with regards to its effect of toes and ankles?
Swolen hands and fingers....?
what's are remedy for UPPER back pain ?
constant neck pain.......?
What is the drug used to treat diabetes?
Is there any option except Tylenol for pain management for someone allergic to codine?
what does it mean when doctors say you are losing protein?
Why is my blood sugar higher after a 12 hours fast than it is an hour after I eat?
what is the best management for food induced diabetes?
stomache stapling to cure diabetes?
How can I control my blood sugar with type 2 diabetes?
what is pregnancy diabetes?
where can i find a place in kissimmee fl where i can get tested in stds?
Have you ever has the clap ?
wat is pneumonia?
Why is the back of my ears peeling?
What happen to my hands, it too many wrinkles more than last year, Did you know?
what treat eczema?
How do you get rid of eczema symptoms.?
what helps eczema?
tell me about herpes, a skin desease thru air. Is it harmless? Can you show me pictures of it?
how do i find a cure for nail fungus?
What is the normal life spand of a cold sore?
What causes the foul body in some people with cancer?
what are the signs and symptoms of astroblastoma?
what are the chemical toxic in cigarette smoke?
I am having open heart surgery, what should I expect?
how do you report a doctor to the state?
what would you do if your dentist pulled the wrong tooth ?
How did bow wow and ciara breack up?
Healing an injured shoulder?
I opened up my dryer and recieved an electric shock. Now both my arms are tingling. Should I be worried?
a jogger has stepped in a pothole and sprained his anlke. what systems have suffered damage?
Chlorine Inhilation?
where can i get antibiotics over the counter?
Is an infected gum or an eroding tooth that chips off considered to be an open sore or cut?
Any good home remedies or semi-cheap store cures for bad breath?
how to solve teeth grinding problem while sleeping.?
Why do people hate to floss thier teeth?
it's called kalculus. it has do with teeth.?
If you lose a front teeth can another permanant teeth be fixed for you?
do any of those over the counter teeth whitning products really work?
TINGLING lips from chili sauce, hot sauce, etc. Is it dangerous?
anyone know about right hepatic lobectomy?
What is causing these symptoms Swelling in the face, dizziness, tiredness?
is there any data about how long after one spouse dies then remaining spouse dies, by age?
Where can I get medical information on how to relieve dizziness and what to eat after a few days of no eating?
can you use something other than fecal on a hemoccult sensa slide?
how the uric acid forms in the human body?
I have a bad knee which is better ellipticals or treadmills?
what is the meaning of life?
How do you stop from being enimic?
how much omega 3 at 1000mg, do i need per day?
what are the benefits of eating dryfruits? taking dry fruits on regular basis will increase wieght?
what is the best way to exercise at home with a 2 year old and a 6 month old?
how can i reduce my weight?
where is the nearest health food store to 222 E. 41st between 2nd and 3rd ave.?
how to loose weight safely?
Lose weight?
Where can I find a biofoam roller in Dallas?
What is the best source or protein?
What is the best pattern to lift weights? for example,...?
when the dr. speaks to you about your sat rate.. what does he mean ?
Why are cigarettes legal in U.S.Since they are harmful and cause death.?
is "whooping cough" viral? if it is, is there a lysogenic or just a lytic cycle?
for tb patient with high liver enzymes what is the best possible drug combination?
Fill me in about asthma..?
can you define plaque arterioscleosis?
Besides prescription meds, do you know of anything that can help severe depression?
Are you a "road rager"? Do you get frustrated when behind elderly drivers?
How do i study for my exams?
Why is anger such a difficult emotion to express?
Can anyone relate with suffering from bipolar mixed disorder?
what is the treatment for obsessions of slowness?
Thyroid Cancer Healing Time?
my dad and cancer?
Who knows about pranayam, and does it cure cancer ?
are these the symptoms of growing pains or growing?
how long does a full brazillian bikini wax last?
how can you tell if some one like you?
I had laser periodontal treatment. It appears that the gum was burnt away on my 2 front teeth? Never told risk
What is the best shampoo for an itchy scalp?
define oracle?
Am I indecisive because I don't know who to go to the prom with or which college to go to?
panic disorder and bi polar?
How do I manage the anxiety? I have a really important interview in 2 weeks?
what is a good 10 line poem?
Everyone thinks I'm psychoitic how do I prove them wrong?
can someone really die from lack of sleep?
Ever Been In A Asylum?
Grown women with stuffed animals (esp Tigger) = Mental illness. What do you think?
What is the best way to overcome mental stress?
can you have a baby and need a bone marrow transplant?
Can anyone tell me how bad is the skin cancer and if it is curable?
What is the max amount of fresh barley juice I can give my wife per day. I plan on doing this before each meal
What food should I eat to increase my WBC count in 2 days?
Can any doctor or scientist or any related person tell me if a patient would given blood of cancer peasant?
My son gets ramdom swollen lumps here & there like he is allergic to somethin wat allergy usually causes this?
does anybody have or had chronic urticaria (hives)?
Does any one know about steven-johnsons syndrome.......?
How do u know u have a problem in ur thyroid gland?
What is a symptom?
My left foot has been bothering me since I was young. . .?
i have m.e and have difficulty dealing with daily life. ive gone from active to burnt out. any help appreciate
need to know what this pill is BL 17?
How much PREDNISONE is too much?
Migraine Headaches?
can herpes be cured in its early stage?
.Explain why opportunistic infections are common in AIDS.?
Anyone take lisinopril and coreg together?
how do people with terminal brain cancer die. is it painful or will she just go to sleep.?
has anyone hear about the silent killer inflammatory breast cancer?
Tiny Lomb on the Neck pls Help!!!?
is aflatoxin toxic ?
do you know about any treatment for advanced breast cancer with liver and bone metastasis?
What cures toenail fungus other than Lamisil?
what is the cause of chronic acne and how do you stop it if nothing works?
Is there any medication you can take before you eat seafood, if you're allergic?
Are there any home remedies for spider veins that WORK?
if my galbladder was taking out can it come back again?
what is the best way to stop getting boils?
what do you put on a burn?
What is the best remedy to heal a cold sore?
What does pain in the left arm along with passing out mean?
Is there such a thing as culprit angioplasty?
what does it mean when when bronchial wash is given as specimen and reports are as follows?
I am seeking the causal effects of breathing jet fuel over a period to obstructive lung disease?
what is the pathophysiology of emphysema?
What is the best cure for Pneumonia that keeps recurring?
is bronchitis contagious?
can you name indian web sites which can answer our personal questions free of charge?
How do I get rid of planerfascitis? I have had it for the last 15 years and I am sick of it. My feet hurt.?
Is it possible to become a cutter unknowingly?
Dropped a bottle on my foot. How long before I can wear a shoe again?
Air Embolism??
Is touching gluten a problem when you have celiac disease?
Does Caffeine affect sinuses?
What is the Adkins Diet?
where do i get a replacement part motor control for a universal xt1500 treadmill?
I'm overwieght and im 13 and i want to be thin and beautiful. How can I loose wieght and lose it quick?
What is a vitamin?
what are the exercises to flatten my tummy?
How many calories are in a pound?
Eating late at night and weight loss.?
web site for michaelthurmansbodysculpting, by provitalife?
what can i do to loose weight?
is fat good?
What mental disease makes someone not able to work?
What is the one thing you just wouldn't do?
How do I get over depression?
how do u gain self esteem after being abused for 18 years??
what is hypothyroidism?
Does Mouthwash have Sugar in it?
I just got braces and I need some advice on how to get rid of the pain.?
What is a natural way to whiten my teeth?
How do you stop grinding/clenching your teeth at night?
is there any way that i could whiten my teeth....what are the food and beverage that i should avoid....?
i live in houston tx. and would like to have cosmit dental work done can some one help.?
Do you rinse with Lesterine??
I need a remedy?
How can I jump higher?
when do I cut my infant's finger nails?
Has anyone used the perfume Rare Pearls or Surreal Perfume?
Does coffee dehydrate you, or is it the caffeine?
I take showers, baths, use deodorant, rubbing alcohol,perfume & still have B.O. Do you have any suggestions?
Breast Cancer that spreads????
What's the most comfortable brand of contact lenses on the market now?
anyone know a site where i can buy wild-eye contact lenses (or other decorative lens) without a prescription?
What technique is better during an eye exam? Old or New?
Is is hard to get off of klonopin after 16 years of use?
Help plz........plz..........??
how long have you been on anti depressants?
What do you do to relieve stress?
i have bad headaches in the night,what can i do?
How long until we have a hiv/aids vaccine?
I have be diago, wit multiple sclerosis and would like to find a person or a support group on line to speak to
What is the likelihood that 4 nodules on a person's lung are cancerous?
Is there a treatment for skin sores and iching from colon cancer.?
Herpes Simplex 1?
US lung cancer rate for jan/feb was 172,000 usually per year is 176,000 ?
while my patient suffering cancer could he have operation on other parts of body(hemorrhoid(?
If you are diagnosed with clymidia is it possible to have hiv also?
How is “therapeutic touch” different than “the laying on of hands”?
alkalaine water?
what to do for a head cold?
What is the best tea to settle a tummy ache?
Pregnancy and Thyroid Problems?
is typhoo tea supposed to be good for any particular health concerns?
tell me all there is to know about withla disease on fingernail?
Piracetam + Zoloft=?
is there any herbal, plants or fruits that can erase scar to the face?
how do u get rid of a cough?
How do you get rid of ridges in your finger nails?
can a human live more than 120 years?
What causes someone to need to have their gallbladder removed?
For cure found there dyslexia is?
Does insurance cover express care clinics?
Why peanut allergies is such a big thing in north America?
Are there any organizations in North Carolina that help with finances for cancer patients?
Does anyone know what to take vitamin B with?Or how?
tamoxifen support groups?
Does Melanoma cause pain?
can anyone having melanoma(skin cancer), get pregnent?
if i recieve an inheritance, how would that affect my ssi & breast cancer health insurance?
Does anybody know how to elminate a thyroid gland nodule, withouth surgery?
Was Jason Vale wrongfully imprisoned for helping people treat thier cancer with apricot seeds?
my lung is starting to hurt evertime i breathe in .......... even if i breath in slowly?
what can help relieve a pinched nerve in the back?
will fentanyl relieve hydocodone withdrawals?
pain and health management?
i have pain in my left knee if i give any movement or if i keep any weight?
walmart pharmacy?
Why do you think suicidal?
Any tips on dealing with manipulative people ?
How do I refill my Prescription for Aurora Psychiatric Hospital?
10 points to anyone who can get this woman to meet me?
Can I change how my attitude on life is so negative? It's hard to do, and I don't know where to begin.
Can buying flat screen televisions be an addiction?
how to get rid of your bad habbits?
How can we avoid goosebumps that come out public speaking fear in meeting?
Does anyone out there have Sarcoidosis? if so, do you experience major fatigue even after a good nights sleep?
what is respiratory tuberculosis?
What do you tell them??
Respiratory Therapy Question - Please help?
Different types of gas flow that impact breathing?
what is left sided flaccidity called?
In Second-degree type I SA heart block, why do the P-P intervals get shorter?
Okay, if you have leukemia, is it still possible to get pregnant?
How many cancer deaths were there in the US in 2004? In 2005? Please quote source?
Is Acute myloid leukamia is 100% curable?
How do I get people on the internet to donate money for children with cancer?
Where do I get Medical Oxygen in Denver Colorado?
Question about Marlboro cigarettes?
anyone knows an effective blood detox I could do at home for my buddy who's recovering from drug abuse?
what happens if you drink when you're under medication?
Does anyone keep getting heart palputations?
My son who is 2 years and 2 months is still telling one word.Not yet started speaking fluently.Please suggest?
Could i be allergic to my nose hair?
who sells chlorhexidine gluconate in bulk?
Can a person get addicted to eye drops?
Why am I not happy?... I have every reason to be, but I'm not!?
What am I going thru!??
Have you ever had a headache so intense that your eye started hurting?
y my ex will never change?
what is brain fog?
can I have my doctor mail my script to me while Im in another state so I can get it filled here?
from time to time i get very hot then cold then dizzy as to where i to walk around it usually happens when i g
I have been diagnosed bi-polar. Can I get ssi or ssa?
Is it better to treat a whip lash with a chiropractor or pills from a regular doctor? And how long is recovery
what is the best hair removal for bikini area that will last more than a couple of days?
How can you gain 5 pounds in 1 week?
Getting taller? Can it be done?
how can you give up smoking???
looking for names of cancers?
How Do I get rid of the yellow under my nails from smoking, and yes I know quite. I am trying.?
what is the layers of the stomach?
I am a CNA and I lifted someone heavy last night and I have this really bad pain around my waist today?
contacts while showering?
Last summer I had a very bad cold and since then I can barely smell or taste anything. What could it be?
what does tuberculosis do to the body?
Is the avian flu epidemic now pandemic?
what is the best remedy for common cold?
what is mssa infection?
Can you get scabies again if you already had it?
What can I do for the hidradenitis suppurativa in my right axillary region?
what causes people to blush?
What deodrants are made without aluminum tet?
What is the best way to make poison ivy quickly disappear after having it for a week.?
what is the best way to treat eczema in adults on the face and scalp?
How does glucagon improve beta blocker induced bradycardia?
atheromatous aorta? How bad is it?
Any cure for the Steatocystoma multiplex?
Is a heart murmur genetic?
what is ventricular hypertrophy? and is there a cure?
How are therapists able to cure people of their phobias?
Is this normal?
what do you tell someone when their father dies?
I have a real fear of underwater tunnels, aquariums, swimming pool drains,?
How do you find out if you're bipolar?
Would stop noticing something that ur scared of, if u know longer were afraid of it?
Can depression be fully cured?
How many sneezing per day?
i was not always allergic to cats but now i am highly allergic to them, why?
How common is HIV in Harbin China?
does any one knows what is a vietnam rose is?
How do diseases come into existance and can not be cured by man for along time e.gAIDS yet he is aco- creator?
Can You-----------?
what over the counter medicine can i take for clymidia?
what are some of the effects of HIV on the african american community?
Why does my weight differ so much morning from night?
What causes ridges in your nails, they grow across the nail from the cutical to the tip?
Is there a nationwide (in US) running group that focuses on middle-distance running, like 5k?
how do i lose 30?
How long until I can return to running after dislocating my ankle?
adenocarcinoma cancer (lung cancer)?
What are the proximate causes of death in pancreatic cancer and what are their frequencies?
How do I get rid of my pregnancy pouch?
how to introduce new foods into a bland diet?
What would be a good, but quick, abs workout that REALLY works?
How can I lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?
cancer question?
what does a heart attack feel like?
what is the treatment for a non functional av node?
want to know more on coarctation of the Aorta?
relation of 24-hour urine with creatinine clearance?
hi , im in orange county and i want to find cheap usmle books for exams. im a doctor from greece.?
How does hemoglobin carry O2 in the blood?
What does the change in pulmonary function after the bronchodilator therapy indicate?
What is the formula for determining residual volume in the lungs?
How many of u are respiratory therapist?
I am looking for an inhaler holder that can be worn around the neck. Do you know of any such thing?
how much blood can be expected to be lost during brain surgery?
Your thoughts on addiction?
what is a cartoon to to damage your brain?
what is the difference between acute and chronic dementia?
Has anyone tried Lunesta as a sleep aid?
i have trouble in public speakings.?
How is cancer made? and what makes it deadly?
I want to tan, but am afraid of skin cancer. What product can I use?
Cardio, Heart Attacks & SVT questions???
Hey jimbo & MonNoggin', I love you guys!! Who else loves these two guys?
Is there any information about the negative effects of pot?
What are the effects that ketosis has on the adult body?
Is it healthy to eat vegeterian foods two days per week for a long time?
what is sclerotherapy?
Is there any medicine to cure cancer?
chemotherapy why does the jaws lock when eating?
My 50 yr old mom has terminal brain cancer. Do u know anything about it?
Are vegetarians more sheltered from colon cancers?
I am in need of help my granddaughter has just been diagnoed with Brain Stem Glioma.?
Is buckwheat a gluten free food? Can someone on a gluten free diet safely eat buckwheat?
Caffeine allergy?
What leads to depression?
What is the treatment for Cyrosis of liver?
Should I get my bunions shaved?
How do I cope with uninhibited bladder?
my son have drank water as if it no tomorrow since he was born,he urinates a lot and add sugar to his water?
How do you know if you have OCD?
remedy for puffy eyes?
What is statue of limitations on a doctor leaving glass in my arm it happen 9 years ago but I just foundou.?
Do you need an appendix?
Whats and STD??
How can I change the color of my eyes ?
Are MRI's pretty accurate in finding medial meniscus tears?
how long chicken?
lacking Zinc in your diet?
How long before I recover from a broken leg, ankle & foot?
What is the best current treatment for non-hodgkins lymphoma?
What are some symptons your child had before you found out he/she had cancer?
How do I begin to find if there is a cancer cluster in the neighborhood I grew up in?
a poem worth listening and sharing:?
What do I say to my dying aunt???
Does B-17 really prevent cancer?
If Hyper Ige syndrome is hereditary, why don't any one in my family have it but me?
best cure for permanent reddened skin caused by burn in a 3 cm area in the chest (person with white skin)?
is the disese psoriasis for skin can be cured . if there is nay remedy for it then please tell me?
What is the best way to get rid of planter warts on your heal? I've tried acid, lasers and liquid N2.?
how to treat eczema?
How do you kno the difference between oral herpes and impetigo..I mean..their rashes look alike..plz answer!!?
Does anyone know how to remedy exzema(skin) problems?
Why do I get cracks on my fingers?
Does learning over night has any drawbacks ?
How are you doing today?
what causes panic attacks?
My sister was named the Trustee of my father's trust instead of naming cotrustees. Does this seem unfair?
what is a sicotic episoide?
Have you ever repressed anything?
Is anyone suffering from bipolar disorder?
TB and poor appetite?
Does anyone know of a good company to get cpap supplies from?
Health hazards from concrete crushing dust ,noise ,traffic etc.?
How do I know if my TB treatment is going on course ?
Explain elevated BUN in COPD patients...Anyone?
Can AIDS or HIV spread through the exchange of saliva in form of a french kiss and from a blo job...?
wat if both of us are true virgins and dont have any diseases from our mothers can we get an std from unprotec
I am not lying people they did i saw it on the news! They found a treatment that rejects the desease and pushe
difference between crushing pain and gnawing pain?
What is Atrial run?
Anyone familiar with this type of cancer?
I am interesed in oncology and i would like to develop a career in it where can i find info on jobs offered?
what is serum CEA?
In diagnosing breast cancer is a termography as good as a mammography?
how do i get pain pills for a back problem?
Help with lower back pain?
i have a mild pain under my big toe when i walk only. I dont know if it is caused from wearing sandals or what
Is botox a dangerous drug to treat migrane headacke ?
Ankylosing Spondylitis with Osteoporosis?
what will cause pain in my neck,back,leg,buttocks,foot,with,headach…
ok i wear a size three in pants wat do you consider fat?
If you lose most of your body fat thru dieting, what happens to your fat-soluble vitamins and other compounds?
maximum heart rate?
Have you ever tied Nutri System and did it work for you?
is this diet effective: 3 days of rice, 3 days of chicken and 3 days of apples?
How are active cultures in yogurt beneficial to your health?
whats the best rapid fat loss diet?
whats a good way to lose wieght without any pills or anything i have to buy.?
Has anyone heard of the red and green day diet??
What is chronic persistent hepatitis and is it contagious?
Are chiropractors legitimate doctors?
what potentiel fatal bacteria disease that can be transmitted by an aminal bite?
what makes your nose turn blue?
how can i get over my breakup? its been a year and i am not any better.?
Help Me Please?
How do I score more mark's in exams?
u need to answer this as u people know that i have no friends please tell me in detail how to start chatting ?
Are males emotionally weaker than women?
Is there a test you can take online to help detect if your bipolar?
do paranormal happenins exist?
Flying: ....Whats the scariest thing to ever happen to you during an airplane flight?
I want to know about cures by stem cell rejuvenation for Acute congestive heart failure?
I have MVP. Can a nuclear stress test cause a flair up to stop?
ECG Abnormal?
I am living in E TN & need to set up a fundraiser for a Bone Marrow Transplant. How do I start?
has anyone taken tamoxifen for breast cancer?
Arimidex side effects, joint pain,swollen fingers.....?
What webstite(s) would provide treatment information on unusual cases of Hairy Cell Leukemia ?
What can I expect to see in 4th stage cancer of the lung, mets to the neck & brain?
Allergic 2 Sugar?
But my cat who had the runny eyes, nose,&a fever was only sick for 1 day. Still,What could have caused this?
How do I help my bi-polar brother?
Do you have answers about this 14 yr old and how I deal with the mother?
im 29..my lil sis is 14..she used to think i was kewl..now..?
i need a support/disscussion group for fathers of autistic children can anyone help ?
Medical Question: can the doctors remove clots from the brain?in which hospital??
What are symptoms of IBS or related diseases?
I have a out of control teenage daughter. Looking for a Boot Cap Facility in Balto. MD?
I've a condition named GERD + Duodenom Erosion + IBS. Recently my GERD is getting very bad?
How can you tell if you've got asthma?
how long after my fiance finishes chemo would i have to wait before becoming pregnant?
What helps throat discomfort caused from cancer treatment?
is there a test to check your platelets to see if you have any cancer in your body?
any good idea on how to erase under-eye dark cycles which are due to excess melanin and not bad circulation?
What is best proactiv or clean&clear?
How long can a persn go without sleep?
i like to cut why is that not cut as in paper but as in self mutilation?
Has anyone used the Sauna Belt? If so has it worked?
Ovarian cancer at 20?
Has anyone had bad side effects from taking Trazadone?
what to do?
How does one get asthma patients to adhere to their controller medication?
where can I find the best Otolaryngologist?
what best fruit n veg good for pneumonia person?
Can I change to Homeopathy treatment from Allopathic one for TB?
what is the meaning of finding of materiality?
can a cardiologist evaluate an ischemic extremity without the test for capillary filling?
reversal of atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm in a csae of cerebrovascular stroke and mitral stenosis?
I have SVT and a heart arrythmia . My heart skips alot of beats. i am 40 years old and this all started just?
what is the difference between primary and essential hypertension in man?
can you contract crabs or any other STD from getting a bikini wax?
if diagnosed with herpes in 1992 and in 2006 without one outbreak,how?
Can you catch a disease from the OBGYN?
Will Baba Ramdev be able to find a cure for Hiv and Aids?
Someone told me that I had nice Moose Knuckles.... what is that?
AIDS Info on brazil?
how do you get rid of inflamed skin itching?
Military People!!!?
what r some simptoms of chicken pox?
what is something that may be found in linen that can cause itching and what can cure it?
who discovered dermatitis?
what can i do about sweaty hands without getting any nerve connections surgically cut?
has anyone out there ever heard of or dealt with selective mutism?
Does anyone know what causes/how to control anxiety/panic attacks?
How can I be more liked/confident?
what cause's people to bite there nails and crack there bones like necks backs knuckles?
Why is swallowing a pill more difficult for some people yet easy for others?
How long can a person maximum go without sleep?
Feeling ashamed...?
Can a metal plate in your head rust?
I have pain (achy pain) behind one knee. It also hurts going down stairs but not up. What did I hurt?
Is nomex clothing worse in a burn?
Does a Phase 3 tear (complete) of the MCL (Medial Cruciate Ligament) usually result in surgery?
How to know if you pulled a tendon, ligament or muscle in your hand?
cure stomach flu?
is a virus a plant or animal? and bateria is the other correct?
how long does a stomach virus incubate?
what is the difference between a viral infection and a bacterial infection & which is more severe?
names for diiferent types of malarial fever?
Why is my nose cold all the time?
how to diagnose my childs illness using their signs and symptoms?
i want to know the prognosis of AML ?
Can brief but direct exposure to toxic pest-control chemicals cause Acute Myelogenous Leukemia?
what will life be like after a Knee fusion?
my blood pressure raised to 13/9 recently & sometimes my hurt beat raised suddenly iam 46, man , any advise ?
some prices on eye exams in houston, whos the cheapest?
Are there any exercises to improve one's eyesight?
what is endotoxemia?
What is the best gym to join.?
i have got a skin cancer test and should i be worried?
What can one do for severe stomach pain?
how does 1 get rid of chronic constipation?
What can cause a burning sensation in the legs and feet?
Does dragon fruit cause any kind of allergies?
is Inderal La a good blood pressure medicine? is 160 mg a day too much?
What are the numbers in Canada for perfect cholesterol?
why is that ecg has PQRSTU waves and not other alpahbets?
Fainting spells, turning blue.What could be the reason if all tests come out negative?
can you eat foods/potassium with lisinopril?
What can I do to relieve the pain of plantar fascitis?
what are the symtons of a hiatus hernia?
liver desease?
How can I help my 9 yr. old with visual perception convergence difficencies?
is elevated bilirubin in blood test dangerous_?
what is the gestation period of th flu virus? How long to pass from 1 person to the next?
After I eat, I get nauseas. It lasts all day and does not matter what I eat. Does anyone know what it is?
genetic diseases -TCS sindrom?
How can I get the most out of my sleep?
can alprazolam (xanax) be taken with nyquil?
does Colonblow really work?
my daughter has swollen sweat glands under her left armpit.?
what is the most potent sleeping pills on the market today?
Can someone tell me who the best lazik eye surgeon in Southern California is?
why do your eyes burn when you wake up in the morning?
what can i put in my eyes when i have arc flash real bad ?
When I close my eyes to take a nap or go to sleep at night, my one eye doesn't want to open when I wake up.
I wore my contacts while swimming, and i'm afraid to wear them again?
i would like to hear from anyone who has recieved radioactive seed therapy?
I am trying to find out the life expectancy of people with Polycythemia Vera.?
How can i handle the situation? accompany friend to go check up with the doctor...?
Does anyone know how long a person diagnosed with stage four lung cancer can live?
I am 30. I have attention deficit disorder. Is it possible to treat ADD fully?
how to overcome suicidal tendencies?
Why do I always expect the worst, and how do I stop?
how long should i take lexapro?
hey i have add.i cant concentrate on my studies .do u guys think i should start the treatment is it helpful?
how do i find out who my real father is if both possible fathers are deceased?
are there any exercises i can do to make my calves look slimmer?
I am Very thin and i want to gain weight How ???? Help?
What is the best way to add running to my work out,I feel tired when I try?
Is it healthier to drink 'diet' soda instead of regular soda?
How you gain more muscle mass without resorting to over eating?
is clenbuterol safe?
my boyfriend and i cant stand,should i tell him or dump him?
120 oz. of water is equal to how many bottles of water?
Does pro - ana work?
what exercise can you do while watching tv?
i had a heart attack 2 years ago and now am scad of every thing how do i stop?
I'm looking for reassurance I suppose?
In case of gunshot in the heart, and severe bleeding, what would be the result of HcT test? why?
Please help!?
where can i find black silk cologne?
how long does gum stay in your stomach if you swallow it?
is getting layers bad for your hair?
How to cure new born baby's flu and nasal congestion?
why can your lung collapses?
What does PTB 4 means? Is it contagious?
i never have ashma before..those this m eans i going to hve all the time?
how long for vili to occur in pts?
what are the effects of blood loss on the respiratory system?
are electric cars as cost effective as gas cars?
what is family planning?
How long does it take colon cancer to get to the liver.?
Does anyone know much about burkitts syndrome ?
Biopsy detects what...?
how can i find or get help to pay for my breast cancer treatments?
Uncle in hosp. with blood in stomach, low bp, bladder removed due to cancer....terminal?
how do i control stomach ulcers?
How long does it take for a compressed vertebrae to heal?
What can I do with my nose ?
can anybody understand emotion?
are schizophrenia and bi polar close to the same thing?
How do you get great sleep?
how can i fall asleep faster?
what are the side effects of taking zoloft and doing meth?
Does anyone take Lexapro, does it work for you?
Do you think society is more understanding of mental illnesses?
Whats up with the headaches?
Dogs have "AIDS"?
what can i eat on a uticaria diet?
I can't wear sweaters, they make me itch!!! Why is that?
is a green scorpian poisinous?
my wifes mom,79, was told she has liver cancer/can inducing hypothermia help in surgery?has high blood press.
What is the age bracket at risk of having breast cancer in females and in males? Pls..... I need help Ü?
what is glycoplastoma and details of it?
any good site that provide detail info on cancer treatment, eg : how the drug acts to the cell whatsoever?
Discussion of immunotherapy by Dr. Rosenthal?
Does chimotherapy work for cancer in the pancreas?
What is Psychois? Pronounced si-ko-sis I heard that somewhere. Is that even a word? Can someone explain this??
what are the side effects of adderall?
I am going thru some trauma, and many are concerned, yet, I need to find a place where I can find solace where
how do u know if u're depressed or u just have the wrong attitute towards life?
Has anyone ever had amnesia or know someone who has?
Is there a bullet?
Would you please to tell me the homepage of jhon hopkins hospital?
What is L.D.L. cholesterol and what is H.D.L. cholesterol?
need info on numbness in left arm and it turns cold with left side of face numb too?
poland syndrome?
what's damage to health if I molest myself too often ,except hygiene's concern?
how long does it take too get meth out of your system and is there a faster way?
Is it possible to have Multiple sclerosis without leasions?
Every summer i get bit up by fleas even though everyone around me is unaffected. what's up with that?
Should broken casted hand be reexamened?
How Do I get off precripyion pain pills?
What is the hospital procedure for a concussion patient?
will it be possiable for humans to live a thousand years?
what is hypoglocemic?
Food Poisoning???
What is the Rule of Thumb or general rule for the trearment of a superficial foreign body in the eye?
how does a person combat agorophobia and gain self-esteem?
Do you really believe everything your doctor tells you?
gyst cancer in the family help!?
Is there a chatroom or website for non-smokers who have had lung cancer?
Is there a cure for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors?
what is the truth >?
Im Skinny What kind of food do I have to eat to gain weight?
Who can help pay for my disabled son's uncovered operation to help him walk? We are low-income.?
What hepatitis c?
how can I get rid of hyper sweating?
what is the name of the fear of ink? anyone know?
how do you make cotton bath towels more absorbant?
Why beautiful girls, sometimes have low selfesteem?
Problem developed while pregnant.Tongue looks like portions of top layer grafted -sides too.Very painful.Help!
Pierced ears...?
What is the healthies thing you can do for your hair as a black women?
how do i get rid of my hicupps?
Sore Throat?
What is chicori? Does it make instant coffi tasty and strong? Is it healthy? Is it like tamarind seed? Thanx.?
are colon cleaners good or do they dehydrate you?
Sprained thumb?
Where can I buy hydrogen peroxide 3% food grade, to use on sore mouth and tongue?
what is 8+ 40 ?not an equation?
how do you find what your peak flow meter reading should be?
can chiwawa dogs help to cure asma?
is there any quick cure for sciatica in leg?
Celexa or lexapro?
What is a neuro-physiological evaluation?
How can I get over my fear of fish?
How can I help my friend?
What are some statistics on ADHD?
do you need a "history" of A.D.D. to have it? or can it develop later on in life?
what is a natural remedy for diabetes?
who make free style glucometer?
Pros and Cons to and Insulin Pump?
how do beta blockers cause hyperglycemia?
Can diabetics serve in the military?
Pls tell me something about this illiment DIEBITES. what are it causes ,precuation and treatment. Is it cure.?
What to do if beloved diabetic drinks too much alcohol?
Who help breast cancer patients with inurance deductable payment before they can scheduke the operation?
How fast does kidney cancer grow?
why does radiation cause cancer patient to lose their hair?
What can I do to lose weight my belly?
what are the privileges of being vegan?
i want some tips 4 loosing weight.?
What are some ways to continue to excercise when travelling and staying in hotels?
how can we reduce waistline without any diets n exercise?:-))?
I am a guy 6'0" and 226 lbs trying to lose about 30 lbs. What is a good diet to be on?
how i can stop eating ?
Is it bad for you to drink milk right before you sleep?
I had my teeth pulled and rinsed with hydrogen peroxide that burned now i have a blister and tingling?
Can Aids be treated by cancer?
is chlamydia spread from skin contact or bodily fluids?
does a pap smear detect all strains of hpv?
HPV relationships?
My teeth hurt after i go to the dentist?
Is there any home remedies for yeast infections of the tongue?
My tongue is longer than the inside of my mouth and pushes against my bottom teeth?
what can i do for the pain of my wisdom teeth?
Wisdom Teeth?
How do you get rid of the "pink in the sink"?
I have a problem. My teeth is itching and I feel like biting it all the time.Please help.?
Braces Crisis!?
how can i get rid of yellow stain on my teeth? what stuff can get my teeth white..anyone knows?
recently my dad was diagnosed with 2nd stage Carcinoma of stomach..or gastric cancer?
What was your experience with Chemotherapy?
True Urban Legend: Undetectable Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Have you heard of it?
What is the effect of alcohol when taking Aricept?
As a man gets older..........?
after a person was treated by Major Depression and now fills well ,should he go back to work?
anyone who has suffered or is suffering with depression?
do you know any celebrities who take antidepressants?
How can I get over the pain of a relationship when I am left months pregnant?
I am 8 months pregnant and I am scared. I have no friends and family and my babys father is leaving me. : (?
If you are what you do, then what are you if you do nothing?
Where are the leads placed on the chest for heart monitoring?
if resultt is good, Can sick who had been heart tranplantasion operation live as 65-70?
Pls help me answer these?
can cardiac enzymes be performed upon a loved ones death and if so how soon do they need to be performed?
what is the symptons for lupus?
why do people have to donate bone marrow when someone has leukemia? How does that help?
What is neural fibrosis?
how do i find abo negitive blood donors- daughter has cancer -please [email protected]?
I am going to have a small ? lesion rmoved from my tongue. Anyone had this -what happened-any bad results?
I was just diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma. Anyone else?
my father is having cancer in pancreas. he used to be so fit but he had lost his weight in last 6 months .?
what will i do with my hair.?
without a mirror, wich body part is the hardest to see? elbows, back...?
what is the normal eye power? Right (OD) Left (OS)?
do you like blue eyes better or brown?
What is the ugliest part of your body?
Why do the tips of my toenails turn black?
HELP. My hair is short and nappy and thin. How can I make it grow?
asthma attack & blackout?
wear can i find the American asthma society home page?
what is a plural occlusion?
how do you stop eyes itching with hayfever?
ears, eyes and nose question..?
why add noisy rackets to shepard smiths show?it is annoying, especially to us who wear hearing aids. its crazy
how to get happy life?
What would you do with the money saved from not smoking over a three month period?
Nail polish remover and my friend...bad combo??
Have you ever thought you are crazy? either the way you act or how you handle situations?maybe I am loosing it
How can i break a habit?
what is you're pain pill of choice??
Is this normal with allergy shots?
I tore my ACL in my knee years ago. What are the pros and cons of reconstructive surgery?
Want to see something dat will make you cry?
is it possible to feel the pain of a 13 year old scar from a rusty nail incident even after havin a shot?
Back, Neck, Knee and Arthritis Pain?
What are some possible reasons as to why a person would get sharp pains in their knee?
How do you think about" do exercises for your's stomach muscles that good your health and prevention of cancer
elevated immunoglobulin A?
does an increase in thrombocytes indicate cancer??
What is the world record of a person living with a transplanted heart?
how to calculate heart rate on EKG?
No one near to me ,, isit True ??
Is your gut feeling usually correct?
What are your views on adoption?
what does boys search in girls?or their deamgirls?
What would you do for love ?
Clinical depression?
cancer symptoms?
I had cervical cancer almost 2 years ago, I had surgery and the Dr. removed everything but my ovaries.?
Life expectancy for people with Polycythemia Vera??
How do I know if I have lyme disease?
what is endocarditis signs?
what is Lyle's disease?
Anyone Believe The Bird Flu Will Infect Humans?
tonsillitis symptoms persisted for 3 months. doctors not helping. I need advice?
Can well done poultry andor hard boild eggs spred bird flu?
My daughter may have been exposed to pinkeye. When would symptoms appear if she has it?
why do woman go through so many health problems?
feel sleepy most of the time,what shall i do?
how do I get rid off exam stress?
What's the best way to get rid of a sinus infection without going to the doctor?
Can someone tell me who buys Lycopene in USA and also their current importing price/Kg. ?
can ashes from a wildfire have an effect on you or your children?
I've been spotting in place of period for 3 mnths and now passing clots for 2 wks bright red blood dark clot
STDs via BJ?
why am i having lot of outbrakes?
Does an HPV test scan for all the different types of the virus?
Someone has been needlesharing had a negative test worried about nurse reusing syringes and stuff?
What is skitzofrenia?
Self harm. Normal or Weird?
Is anti anxiety medication right for me and which is the best?
WHAT IS TYPE A, TYPE B AND MIXED PERSONALITIES? and waht are their different characteristics?
how could i get in touch with Beyond Productions of the Discovery Channel?
has anyone tried cymbalta the new anti-depressant? they say theres no side affects?? also, how long does...?
what is the term for someone who is obsessed with their possessions?
Can you get withdrawal symptoms after taking a low dose of Zoloft for only 2 days?
What symptoms of brain cancer?
Has anyone ever had atypical hyperlasia in their breast?
What does Short QT Interval on ECG means?
Can exercise such as jogging cause an abnormal ST Segment ?
what are the possible complications or risks following a heart bypass surgery?
I have orthistatic syncope?
Dean Ornish?
What do you think is the cause of this severe swelling?
iam a female and i have a big stomach and i noticed that one side of it is bigger than the other?
Does anyone else practise self-accupressure massage and for what symptoms and with what degree of success?
Gall Bladders??
How do I use medicare? I had a stroke 2 years ago. Do I pay a co-payment?
What's the best way to put in and take out contact lenses?
Does Penlac or Tea Trea Oil actually cure nail fungus?
Does anyone have vitiligo, or do you know what is is?
testimonials for acne vulgaris?
My lip's swolen, and I just recently have been getting cold sores. What is causing this?
why do i sweat on my palms and feet.what's the remedy?
Is there a known Cyst/Medical condition that shows these traits?
What are symptoms of UV radiation overexposure?
What is the best way to treat blisters?
my palms have been peeling of for over 4 yrs. what may be the cause.?
I have a friend who has LOW SELF-ESTEM? What should I tell her?
My daughter just recently had the upper part of her ear pierced, it has gotten infected. What should I do?
how much milk does a cow give in one day?
Plastic/cosmetic surgery?
How can I cure/prevent a cold?
Will pulmonary tuberculosis scar be removed?
what causes an itch?
my hands and my feet sweat alot what can do to stop it.?
is it asthma?
What cause someone to snore?
Are inhalers supposed to taste funny?
Did any of you ever get to the point that life is truly worthless and want to die? How did you get past it?
Do Autistic Children ROCK? OR WHAT?
How do you help around the house with your 2 hands when your parents are out of town?
where can i find patient teaching information on psychosis?
I quit smoking and gained 40 pounds... YIKES!! how do I get it off?
What's the best diet to loose weith in 1 month??
Is apple cider a good way to diet or burn fat?
is better to walk or run?
where can i find a site that shows what foods are OK and what foods are no good?
How do I get in shape in time?
What is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to loose about 75 pounds?
i workout but I don't sweat and after 1 week lost .6 lbs.IM not dehydrated. why don't I sweat or lose weight?
how is a workout plan for a person with heart disease?
How long does a stent last?
cervical cancer?
Is there a cure for skin cancer and if there is,where and when was it discovered at?
Why do we have a wenis?
what does it mean to sprain or strain of costochondral junction?
does flossing really do anything? does it help?
how to keep my 8 years daughter's teeth healthy as she has some tooth-ache always?
what is a dental nurses role in the dental surgery?
Help Me Smile?
Mountain dew and dental decay.. what is the best way for me to save my teeth other than quit the dew?
How Many People Pee, and Brush their teeth in the shower.?
Is gum disease curable?
where do you find free dental care for poor in sc?
What are some ways to help the pain of braces?
what is the best natural remedy for hypothyroidism?
How do I get rid of leg cramps?
What's the best all natural remedy for losing weight?
how does colon hydrotherapy help?
What home remedy is good for sinus congestion?
Do people that are diabetic ever get better, so that they do not have to take the pills? Like Glucophage?
What is Siddha Medicine? Is it the oldest system of medicine?
How do you get rid of strep throat?
how do i detox myself?
Let's band together and help this baby girl.Kindness on Yahoo answers?
I just noticed a growth on my collarbone near my adams apple.?
Acute Myelogenous Leukemia?
what does paucicellular mean?
Is there any type of cancer that can cause someone to be paralyzed in the legs?
treating prawn and fish spike injuries?
Trauma. Comment on it, talk about it, what is trauma, what do you think of when you read the word trauma...?
How do you figure out how much sleep you NEED?
Do you recognize these symptoms?
which is the pill would have the stronger medication in it 30 mg or 37 mg?
Has anyone had or know anyone who has had the lapband surgery for weight loss?
what are some of the causes of acute cpnstipation?
What are the nutritional facts of an apple?
Why is it so hard to quit smoking?
How can a student lose 20lbs without resorting to diet?
Heart problem? Why does it sometimes feel like someone is reaching inside of me & trying to rip my heart out?
the uses of computer in medical laboratory?
www.angioprim.com Are the claims really true? Partly true? Untrue?
Why is ONLY big tobacco liable for damages?
Can hiv, be passed through a fingernail scratch, there was not any visible blood?
STD that killed a girl 23 days after she slept with guy she met in bar? HPV? true?
Can syphilis recur or relapse even after treatment?
is it possible to get AIDS or HIV just from a blo job if the female is infected...?
Tough question about AIDS!!!?
My eye hurts because I just got contact lenses. What should I do?
are there chances of incressing heights for the person above the age of 25?
cold symtoms?
looking for open mri in or around spring hill fl?
Would you lie to answer a 3 question answer?
what is high blood preesure?
can anyone give me info on pulmonary hypertension?
What are the preventions against Respiratory Alkalosis?
coughing whats happen?
If a house was in a fire and smoke damage occured to it, can it have an affect on asthma.?
What happens when non Hodgkin lymphoma stage 3 comes back in 8 mo .?
how one feels that he is dying?
what makes cancer kill you?
how long is the large intestine in a average women?
stage3colon cancer can you servive it?
where can i find quizesto take for personality disorders that psychologists give their patients in the office?
Which Country has the best treatment for schizophreania?
How to remove my angriness and shyness and annoying my mother?
Anyone know about he drug Effexor?
How can i get myself to sleep a little less?
How can I calm everyday nerves?
Is it Good, or Bad, to have an "Athletes Heart"?.?
what is nifedual?
Blood Pressure Medicine?
Does the color pink really make a person feel weaker?
What is the best way to get over a severe case of a fear of criticism?
Has anybody ever thought there was a reality show about there life?
is there a cure for brain fog i have been suffering from it for over a year now?
why does only 1 side of my sinuses..stuff up?
Where do I find websites about cancer?
What can I do to lose about 5 pounds and keep it off.?
is that all b12 does is give you energy???
What does a B 12 shot do for weight loss?
Exercise my stomach,thighs, and arms?
How do u lose weight fast without starving myself, just exersising?
How do you get those perfect abs?
how long do you exercise on a rowing machine?
what is EBV VCA IgG?
if you have hepatis c and get a headache, what medicine can you take that won't hurt your liver more?
apendixe mal practice?
How does one get infected by Bird flu ?
Do egg spread bird flu?
what is new in paediatric infections?
how can i know that i don't have bird flu without doing any analysis?
Referred pain/tightness in upper back means...?
does eating dry green peas lower cholesterol?
How can I make an ear ache go away FAST???
what can i do to be a better human, in any ways that exists:spiritual,intelectual,fizic,psiho…
Why did my grandpa start eating 25% more food when he retired?
what supplements can i take to strengthen the immune system?
Why does it seem like EVERYTHING gives you CANCER?
If the left kidney is removed due to a tumor;?
My blood result was that i have low RBC,platelets&WCC + lymphocytosis + 2% atypical lymphocyes.Is that normal?
testicular cancer?
is there such thing as a COMPLETE cure for cancer?
so many people with cancer?
I have senioritus, how can I cope with it until school is finally over?
Prednisone. Help decrease side effects of mood swings???
What is it called when a person gets angry and they kinda blackout. do a lot of damage, but then dont remember
How does a painkiller/reliever know where to go in the body?
Anybody? tips for back and neck problems?
how does suboxcin work?
If you made over 100 million dollars a year making movies, and you had the urge to adopt a baby,?
Why does my knee always crunch?
Are there any home remedies for a pinched nerve?
How do you treat "crepitus"?
What is acute asthma exacerbation?
what are some home remedies to cure mucus? quickly?
what are the causes of heat stroke and how can i cure it?
Can taking Ventilin inhaler for Asthma, to relieve mild bronchitis end up giving you Asthma?
Does anyone know some good physical therapy for displaced ribs?
i had a mild tramatic brain injury 4 years ago scans nuro testing shws zip 3yrs tearapy how do prove i've h
how to reduce swelling?
What types of surgery are available for shoulder dislocation?
Where can I find a U.S. map showing demographics for myocardial infarction?
how do i stop biting my nails and skin (around nails)? i've had the habit my whole life, i'm 36.?
what do shingles look like?
what's the difference between a 2nd and 3rd degree burn?
Any advise about curing Pilaris Keratosis Rubra?
what is skin asthma?what are the causes and what is the cure?
what is the fastest way to get rid of cold sores?
I would like to know about the curable treatment for psoriasis which is serously affected all over the body?
Does someone know a name of herbal supplement/s/ for kidney disease?
Any hope or treatments for Tinea Versicolor?
My mom is 75 and she needs to have a biopsy done to her kidneys,should she do it?
Is it possible to have a healthy baby if you are a diabetic?
Does anyone know a good website for diabetics, one that has an easy diet to follow?
need help to purchase medicin?
When was diabetes discovered ?
what is blister on your face a sign of?
What is the policy on ADD, in the military?
Tell me everything I need to know on electroshock therapy?
How exactly can you treat this!?
When people cut.. they say it makes them feel better...?
would you change your name into number - if it means staying civilized ?
wut about frends....?
Are Black Lights or UV Lights bad for your eyes?
Will I not be able to wear contacts once my prescription goes up to -9.00? I'm at a -7.50 now!?
my eyes go blurry and water a lot....?
Are colored contacts expensive or cheap?
Are there something wrong with my eyes/vision?
about leukemia?
Has anyone had any success with taking Kytril to reduce nausea while undergoing chemotherapy treatments?
nutrition immunology?
whats the best dresscode for a really slim chick???
how much should a 12 year old girl weigh??????? ;)?
Do you let other people wear your shoes?
Do men get brazilian waxes?
we are looking for affordable healthcare insurance for my husband and i we are not wealthy but we need?
What is a good conditioner for coarse frizzy hair that is tangly that smells good?
why that I always feel tired when I awake from sleep?
In New Mexico how many hours does a cometologist need before he or she can get their license?
Men: what do you think about stretch mark on a women's body? Does it bother you, are you turned-off by them?
Can over exposure of garlic or parsley make you suddenly have an allergic reaction/itchy?
Itchy Ears!!??
Is anyone out there using VIBE Multi Liquid Vitamins?
LDL = 170 and Cholesteral = 243, and ALT = 80. How bad it his?
what is a good cough reliever to use from home?
Is heat or ice better for a muscle sprain?
Is ginsing good for you?
a natural cure for stomach ulcer?
what is the treatment for hamstring contratraction?
Will knee replacement work on rheumatoid arthritis?
What is the best cough remedy for children?
when to use chemotherapy in women with breast cancer and hormonal receptors positive?
how can i get help paying for a petscan for overian cancer?
Has anyone else had Hodgkins Disease?
Approximately how much does it cost a breast caner patient?
what is gingivitis? how to prevent and cure if no dentist available?
how much do dental implants cost?and dose it correct the shape of the mouth?
how to get a perfect teeths?
Whats the the Best way to Whiten teeth at home?
what is a pediatric dentistry?
Why do my gums hurt when I forget to brush my teeth?
Does getting your braces taken off hurt?
any product that can be used to maintain fresh breath the whole day???
How do people on marijuana act?
How long does it take for cholesterol medication to work?
What is the most common cardiovascular complication?
has anyone heard of bacterial itis? Do you know what it is?
How long can someone live on a respirator, when they have CHF and renal failure?