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can i have dental treatment if i have a metal heart valve in?
how do aerosols in the home affect emphysema sufferers?
Asthma & Reactive Airway Disease?
Can an adult develop attention deficit disorder?
what is the effect of valsalva maneurver on heart function?
what is the treatment for high triglycerides, even taking cholestrol medicine not helping?
Can anyone define, Subclavian steal syndrome, in layman terms?
I am on a lot of psychiatric medications....could this be exacterbating my tachacardia?
My mother had ptrotruding stomach and when she went to hospital she was told that she was pregnant?
Is anyone here historonic ?
What Is Oscar Slothers?
what is dandruff of the eye and what is it caused by?
does zoloft increase anxiety?
Best state to live in and why?
How do you know if you have herpes?
i have a real bad headache wat should i do to stop it?
Do burns go away?
analyse communication skills used to minimise barriers for an interaction with a disabled person - examples?
What happens when you go to a GI doctor? PLEEZE ANSWER REALLY SOON BECAUSE I AM GOING IN LIKE 30 MINS! AHHHH!?
Whats your worst fear and why?
Can you fake high blood pressure?
Electric in the heart?
my 17 yr old friend has been diagonised with left ventricle hypertropy. how serious is the problem?
Does use of mobile causes Brain Tumour????
My mom has liposarcoma?
how likely is it to find a compatible unrelated donor for a bone marrow transplant at the age of 20?
Cancer question - sore throat - treated with carafate, anyone heard of this?
Have there any been any successful treatments of cancer that do dot involve radiation therapy.?
What is an osteolytic lesion?
what do u do when u fall in love?
Isn’t it cool that you’re as tall as your outstretched arms?
How have peoples experiences with the Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS) operation/surgery been ?
Will an increase in calcium increase my height?
Why do we blink our eyes?
what causes a blister on an 8 yr old's finger?
why does it feel like a lot of pressure in the top front part of my head when i look up??
My allergies are making me sleepy. I yawn at work. What can I do?
Want to try and stop taking Zyrtec-D and/or Singulair. If I do, should I wean off of it or can I just stop?
What's the most common personality disorder?
If you have depression, howdo you make friends?
How to overcome nostalgia?
Answer this if you suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder!?
what is the best antidepressant for depression?
What are good ways to boost your self esteem?
Is your house a safe place to be?
why do we feel sad even without a reason?
Sleep disorders?
Has anyone had a heart attack? Describe to me what it felt like, the pain, the fear, misc.?
Heart Attack ? AngioGram needed ? Future Treatments ?
Why does an athlete have to exercise longer or harder than an unfit person to achieve his maximum heart rate?
What are the symptoms and causes for lumber sciatica syndrome and what are its do"s and dont's?
Should urine be more acidic or alkaline in order to prevent Urinary Tract Infections?
how do you cure of anxiety and panic atacks without psychological terapi?
What's a good way to get over flu symptoms fast?
What is Lupis, how do you get it, is there a cure?
Has anyone really tried it? Does that "HEAD-ON" stuff really work on headaches?
What is the best cure for nausea?
Is there any ointment that can be used to shrink a chronic fisure?
cures for anorexia?
macular degeneration?
Whats the best way to get rid of a headcold? The fastest?
what are the symptoms of gerd?
Need more info on Master Joe/Kung Fu-healer on Ripley's Believe It Or Not.Is this 4 real? tonethetyger?
What is Chromosome 2 Defect with missing bands 31 and 32?
How do you tell someone in a nice way that they have ADD???
The effects of depressants on a person's central nervous system?
What is the most common place to find HIV/AIDS?
when a bee stings you, what kind of acid do they leave behind?
Pain in my leg?
What is the best way to get rid of migrains?
where is gonorrhea foud across the world?
Can dried blood stain or dried fluid stain which is infected by HIV be pass on to the non-infected person?
HELP! Has anyone heard of / had / heard of cures for Obsessive-Compulsive Postpartum Depression?
what effects does OBSESSIVE COMPLUSIVE DISORDER have on effects of lifestyle?
Do you think religious fanatism should be clasified as a mental illness?
I want to run away from everyone n start new life. Any suggestions?
why do i feel like pulling my hair out even though i dont have any?
what medicine to take?
hi my uncle is suffering from non hodgkins lymphoma in india is there any charity treatment for this in usa?
where are some common sites that secondary lung cancer can metastasize from?
how much damage does casual smoking do?
if someone has concer, can he or she buy health insurance?
What are possible treatments for Prostate cancer stage 4 with Gleason 8 and spread to L5 bone?
what is average life expectancy of a heart transplant recipient?
Can you give a list of foods that affect heart rate?
Pulmonic Stenosis?
Does anyone have or know of someone who has Myxmatous Mitral Valve with regugitation? Any information?
Does anyone have any suggestions for people with Neurocardiogenic Syncope?
what is the best thing for growing hair?
Which exercise bikes are better, upright or recumbent?
what do I need to eat if i´m O blood type?
what is the best for slimming my waist that is affordable?
what can i take to lose a quick 10lbs?time is of the essence?
how can i loose my tummy fast because it is just boring me?
how can i lose 10 lbs in a short amount of time?
What is the best multi vitamin on the market?
Where can I find a site to give me to how many carbohydrates are in regular fruits and vegetables?
How to trim belly without excercise ?
What is Pneumonia Communal?
what are some typical symptoms of cystic fibrosis in an infant?
what is the used of pesticide?
can toxic mold cause ms?
is there a hospital in the US willing to accept and train a pulmonologist from the phils for subspec training?
Any horror stories about Kaiser healthcare to share?
Good remedies to help stop a stomach virus?
where can i get shark cartilage?
L484? Pill? Can't figure out if this a Vicodin.?
I have a ruptured disk in my back, how can I help the pain?
Where can I find the eye contacts that put a weird looking design on your eye?
my eyes are so bad ...?
will washin ur face right after stayin in front of ur pc for long hours damage your eyesight?
Partially Color Blind?
Does anyone else see tiny little "sparks" when you look at something light blue for a long time?
What causes fluid around the heart?
Do you have any information about Drug Development?
can you defribilate a drowing victim in cardiac arrest?
what are some complicated disease's that are caused by organisums in the humen body?
QUICK, name the correct medications and treatment for controlled a-fib with CHF?
why do my eyes water up so much?
anyone aware of job opportunities for physcian who has surrendered his license,and is now a recvering alcohlic
How to get a new primary care doctor?
what is coughing fit?
what is the cost of Cochlear Implants?
caring cna looking for caregiver position in tampa area 10 yr experience Quad,Als,Alzheimers and more.?
Increased liver enzymes?
What happens if u take 2 much loratidine?
Is there any childhood accute lymphoblastic leukemia survivor over there who would like to share his story?
do you have any miracles you'd like to share?
Does anyone have kidney cancer or bladder cancer??????
polyps...and I'm only 15...?
Can fat necrosis initially developed after a TRAM flap reconstruction of the breast continue after 3 years?
What causes those eye twitches that occur especially when you're trying to read or concentrate on something
pleasesuggest therapies for autistic child at home?
what does it feel like to pass a gall stone?
fundamentals of electro encephalography?
How long can you live with AIDS while taking medications?
What medicine, vitamins, or natural herbs can I take for joint pain?
I'm wondering how long it takes you to relax when you go into a social situation?
What is Your Favorite Prescription Medication?
I self injure... many people call me a freak and shun me out of there lives...?
How do you overcome your fear of blood?
Was there anyone,who you really wanted to give a true peice of your mind ...?
I was talking to my friend on my cell when it was charging, and then she said doing that can cause brain cance
conffused i don't know what to do!?
I fell today and bruised my ribs; what can I do to help it heal, feel better?
Right Lower Back Pain HELP!!?
I have dislocted ribs what are the symptoms how long does it take to get relief?
My mom says popping your joints are bad for you. True or not?
How long should it take a knee contusion to heal? X-ray showd up nothing & it's mobile but hurts when touched
why are some people born with a gap in thier front teeth?
What is the best way to find an orthodontist who will not rip me off and does good work?
Treatment for Mouth Ulcer?
Root Canal?
after you get a filling from the dentist, should your teeth be sensitive? and if so, for how long?
How do man's teeth indicate that he is an omnivorous animal?
what's the difference between an endodontist and a periodontist and an orthodontist?
How do I choose a good dentist?
Any tips for getting used to braces?
What is the best nickname for a p*nis and /or [email protected]!na?
my boyfriend is so jealious,and he don't allowed me to go out. what can i do?
Nail-biting....how do you stop?
How do i become more popular than i already am?
what is the best way to wake up in the morning and not feeling bad?
How do you lower cholesterol levels with nician, what are the dosage levels?
does anyone take dilzem sr for controlling heartrate?does it make u put on weight and cause tiredness?
How long does it take to return to normal after a cardiac cath?
Low acid foods for someone with neck cancer?
What is Malignant Mesothelioma?
How Can You Increase Your Energy?
has anyone ever heard of an ailment called sacricitis?
pharmacy disks for easy suicide?
I'm tapering off sertraline (Zoloft). Any words of wisdom on how to get through the withdrawal symptoms?
Egg allergies?
when do you know if its safe to stop taking meds for depression?
where can i find info on radio frequency ablation for tumor on the kidney?
what causes low white blood cell?
how do i take care of my tracheostomy?
Inuit people only eat fat, meat and fish. Why don't they get heart disease or scurvy?
what causes the feeling of numbness in the fingersand toes?
can a person with aids drink alchole while taking the aids coctail meds?
in lab values what does HCT,HGB,RDC,RDW and MPV stand for and if they are low what could that mean?
can any child get mumps although she had done 1st vaccinne at 18 months and she is now 9 years old?
I contacted mrsa when I was in the hospital and I was wondering if I will always have it and can I pass it on?
Can a yellow-fever vaccination have any bad side effects? Are all y.-f. vaccines equally effective?
what are the first signs that someone has aids?
can someone be a carrier of an std but not have it?
How do I get rid of Thrush or yeast infection in my tongue?
What is SPV???
Rsik of stroke?
Is chelation with EDTA an effective way to get rid of arterial plaque or just so much bull?
what is a v-tak?
what is an ulcerated heart?
Is it possible to find a live maggot under a persons skin?
What causes mouth ulcers and why do they appear whitish and as if skin has been lost?
what does greenish discharge from a post biopsy wound that never heals means?
why isnt common sense that common?!?
what is a good medication for social anxiety?
what is a legal substitute for hydrocodone?
how many people are diagnosed with depression in this country (US)?
I'm taking 2 antipsychotic medications. why 2 instead of just one? Risperdal consta injection + seroquel?
what is autism intervention?
Do all Tricyclic antidepressants cause bloating and weight gain?
how can I stop myself from eating a lot and being stressed and depressed to death?
what is the best treatment for severe depression/anxiety disorder?
Just curious - how many RT's monitor this?
Where do I find info about children allergy? My -5 yrs old- son is not getting well from his cold in 6 months.
Is there anyone else having problems with irregular colds and allergyies?
laughing causes coughing?
Pain when I breath?
is it really dangerous having high blood pressure?
left ventrical w/qrs widening?
How to prevent diabetes?
I check my sugar in AM its high then all over the chart,ending PM normal?
can Diabetes be controlled without medicine. If yes how?
How many Glucotabs should one take for a low blood sugar attack?
Who discover the heart stint. Can they pull it out if do't need.?
I want to buy a new bp monitor which one is accurate?
when you donate blood does your blood pressure go down?
How many arteries are in your neck-my mother in law just found out she has one completely blocked, a few years
How to manage schizophrenia patients and how to make theirs and our lives better?
How do I strengthen my brain filter?
i feel like crying all day i am constantly accusing my boyfriend of infidelity i cant stop?
In what ways do you deal with anger?
is a 111 iq good?
What is the best medication to treat Borderline Personality Disorder?
What are the benefits of undergoing psychotherapy for a person on psychiatric medicines?
My renter is using dope and I am gethering info. Is it illegal to have dope in your home or in your auto?
what kind of drug is a dirty?
What can I do about my carpal tunnel syndrome? What are some at-home remedies?
How do you cure post nasal drip?
I am on pain meds.?
how do you figure out your BMI?
What can I do to relieve the pain I have in my neck, shoulders, and biceps? Nothing is torn.?
what is the best way of gaining weight without eating so much?
i'm good with my body but i have big breasts, they get noticed and i get uncomfortable. what do i do?
What is the most effective way ro lose weight?
whats the best way to bulk up or add mass?
if i want to run a marathon this time next year, how should i start working?
What is the quickest way to gain weight?
Is there such a thing as "eating right for your blood type"?
my nails are hard and peal when they grow.how can i soften them?
what is hair?
How many inches do you usually grow in a year?
How to make my dark skin to be whitesh or atlest littel fair from now? lease help me in this?
Is chewing ice a sign of being anemic?
For make-up, what eye colors should I wear on my wedding day?
I need medical records on me from 30 years ago?
do power lines emmit anything harmful?
best oncologist group in dallas/fort worth.?
what is mhiplash?
if part of your liver was donated ,is there any way that the remaining liver will go back to its normal size?
does anyone know anything about cbc test?
My father in law is 91. His blood pressure is 157/57. How low is too low?
heart murmurs and pregnancy?
How does fish oil help keep your heart healthy?
How can my pulse be high, but my blood pressure normal?
72 year old man with myopathy ischema and severe post nasal drip with lots of mucous. short of breath?
I have a problem with long term anger/depression.Tried Zoloft, no help. What should I try next?
i suffer from anxiety i take antidepressence sometimes they dont help any ideas to help me?
Howdo i deal with exam fever?
Has anyone been on Lamictal to treat bipolar?
How do I over come burn-out?
Im not sure about this....what should I do!?
What do you think about before you fall asleep at night?
does anyone know what l-lysine is good for?
how do i shrink breast and uterine fibroids naturally?
how can i order my medication without a presription?
what are the steps in creating an insect repellent lotion?
How can i reducxe the dandruff of on my head?
how do u treat a snakebite?
How do u get rid of spots from shingles?
what is good to get rid of posin ivy?
Is there a topical cure for nail fungus that acutally works?
How can you lessen the appearance of a spider bite scar?
is going to school to be a X-ray tech hard?
Has anyone ever had "Ear Candling" done"?
What are the best home remedies for ring worm?
why does my face have 693 warts on it?
Can duct tape really get rid of a wart.?
aw no! Im 14 and going bakd what should I do?
I keep breaking out with hives,is it stress related?
What are some home remedies for shin splints?
how do you get rid of ringwrorm?
what sort of skin diseases result from not being clean?
Why do some people get allergies when their older?
how to repair a worn miniscus?
I have chronic tendonitis in my elbow. Does anyone know if those patches actually work or not?
Need to take the alternative stress test due to reconstruction of ankle?
Can you get HIV if you share a cigarette with someone who is HIV+ and your lip is bleeding?
who can tell me anything about human Human Pamplona Virus. Would i know if i have it?
is it normal to have a little white discharge if you hold in your urine a lot?
What should i do if i have hernia?
What causes double vision?
What can cause swollen ankles? They look like Fred Flintstone feet!!!?
How can you prevent Pertusiss without a vaccine?
i am wondering if it is possible to have gallbladder problems if tests come back borderline.?
What is the origin of Meningitis?
Can you go without Thyroid medication?
coughing for 1 months, visiting 3 klinik doctors but still not get well, keep on coughing for months ,what to?
how cn i get rid of d drk shadws around my eys????i hve tries cucumber already...and hv slpt erly nothin hpns
Is there a way to prevent head lice, and if not how do you get rid of them? I have a 5yr old with them.?
How does tobacco affect your health?
why do urine sometimes have an onion smell?
Multiple non calcified lung nodules?
Bird Flu- Some scentific and medical help please.?
Can anyone give me any information on Crystalized Granuloma Disease?
whats the highest co2 level recorded in a human body?
Are calcium deposits inside your lung and lymph nodes a concern?
What do I do when I have difficulty in breathing ,have a sensation of a lump in my throat as if there is mucus
I need to find a sample case study on bronchitis.?
my son has CF and the state we live in does not allow medicad to pay for a lung transplant. do you know what?
does anyone have any information on a long term alcohol treatment center?
Why women are playing masked ball, fancy-dress ball, masquerade? Why they do not shoulder themselves?
What IS the best question, en Espanol, for this answer, "( inverted exclamation point) Tengo frio, por favor!"
where in america can you find a mental institution who help some people without insurance for free?
do you think it is true that mostly smart people suffer anxiety and depression?
how do i help a depressed friend?
does anybody here take lexapro and if so, do they find it to be effective?
duz your gum ever stik to your teeth??
I have been without my retainer for over 4 months?
how much does upper jaw surgery cost?
Which stains teeth more: coffee or tea?
My teeth r a little yellowish! i want them to make it white. i brush daily twice. how can i make it more white
Is mercury still being put in our teeth fillings?
Do you believe in dental paste?
Do oral "waterpick" products really work at dental/gum problems, or are they more hype?
What do you do when you have braces?
You know how for each month, it is known as "...Awareness Month"? What is each month?
i need info on a cancer called mucinous an enola?
does anyone know about eshap treatment for recurrant diffuse large b-cell lyphoma w/cd-20 antigens?
renal cancer that is in stages iv, what r some things to do to releive the pain,its in the hip and spine?
Can a large overdose of ionized radiation (15 rems in one year) cause colon polyps 25 years later?
what are some causes of unexplained tailbone pain that gets worse when sitting?
Is it Insomnia or something else?
how much caffeine can we drink a day and how much caffeine is become addiction?
anyone knows a medication sounding like Larika? I need correct spelling?
Are you supposed to feel faint when you lift your arms over your head?
is there books on ala non?
Does anyone know about a man who a successful heart ablation in maybe Atlanta, no sure of the hosp or city?
what is cerebral atherosclerosis?
how do you start a heart foundtion?
Breast Implants, anyone have fat cells transferred from one part of the body to another?
How do you get and how do you prevent Razor burn?
what are the half moon things on your fingernails called?
Is it possible to drown by drinking water?
How old do you have to be to get gray hair?
Why can't people with tattoos donate blood?
wats d simplest way 2 reduce our body weight?
Who can help me pay for the cost of my manual wheelchair?
How to eliminate stress from our life?
How does one deal with a spouse suffering from bi-polar mood disorder?
islaughing process helps to our body & mind?
What is the best over the counter sleeping aid medicine? I'm having sleep disorder maybe due to stress.?
What am I supose to do if I have an ANOREXIC 18 y.o. daughter. How am I supose to behave from now on?
what is the difference between bi-polar and bi-polar2???
Is ADHD a federal Disability, that I can get benefits for?
How can I improve my memoray at office work like a Secretary.?
if aids affected person give lip to lip kiss spread aids?
how important is dialysis?
i just had an intercors 2 days ago.can i find out soon if i have aids?
Is it true that Bird Flue is like an airborn AIDS?
How do you get Hep. C?
How can i learn more about H5N1 virus?
What is eczema?
what do to with my migraine?
Very Brittle Finger Nails?
I had a blood test. My AST and ALT were twice the normal range. What does that mean?
I have this medical problem of always phlegm discharging through my throat. I am looking for a solution.?
Is there a scientific connection between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hepetitis?
Where can i find an organization that helps cancer survivors?
"White" appearance of Breast and both Kidneys' on CT scan.?
How do I help my sister get through her breast cancer treatment ?
How efficient is the cancer diet on low grade prostate cancer?
Are most pituitary tumors are malignant?
Is sun alergie dangerous? Can it cause skin cancer?
how do patients with hypertension and diabetes behave clinically and metabolically during fasting in RAMADAN?
i go to the heart dr tomorrow because my heart beat is very irregular what are they really looking for?
how do you diagnose celiac disease?
wat is bi polar?
What is the end result of a person that doesn't take medications for being bipolar?
What are the risks of drinking while on PROZAC?
Can you become addicted to depression?
where can I go to get someone to listen to me?
How can I recognize that I am beginning to get stressed?
what free therapy is available for depression?
what is a genius?
does leprosy symptoms ichy? and what is the symptoms of this?
iodine allergies?
I have chronic headaches. My work is stressful.. does any body know how should i manage?
How much sleep should you get at night?
Why am I so warm?
what's the best way to fight a cold?
What temperature should the water be in a hot tub?
where did the word hamstring come from?
whenever i drink milk in the morning, my stomach hurts, and...............?
What is the best way to get rid of black heads?
Why do my ears ring? (Like 3 or 4 times a year)?
Only for women: have you ever lifted/carried a guy?
how do i stop a loved one from drinking too much soda?
Words of motivation for exercising regularly?
tips on gaining more weight fast, while still working out?
what are some godd ab exercises besides sit-ups and crunches?
how long does fractured bones heal?
I really need help with a workout. This one will not be easy.?
What is the average weight for a 13yr old?
where can i find information about workoutlogs meal plans and exercises for clients?
Can a man catch P.I.D. Pelvic Inflamatory Disease? If so,How?
Is there any possibility of cure for Hiv and Aids in near future?
how do u help somebody whose afraid of taking the aids test?
what is the estimated time frame of a complete discovery of the HIV/AIDS healing drug or even the vaccine?
Hyperemic edema of the larynx and epiglottis that rapidly leads to respiratory obstruction in children?
What Are The Symtoms/Signs of Pnemonia?
How to adjust BiPap Settings on a Tranquility BiPap by Healthdyne (later taken over by Respironics)?
can nasal congestion contribute to sleep apnia?
what are the rights of the patient?
how can I prevent a deep cut on my nose from scarring?
I heard we got it backwards - people fall and break a hip, but really they break hip + THEN they fall...true?
I have tiny little warts above my lips.. how do I heal them?
what is spondylolisthesis L4:retrolisthesis?
should i wear a tennis elbow brace during my workout even though i don't feel any pain?
is there a complication in surgery in a patient with myasthenia gravis?
What are the symptoms of HIV?
Is there a cure for migraine?
are there any negative side effects to salvia?
what is the best cure for a cold?
How do i cure a cough that is not treated by cough medicine?
what are the best medicines for manic depression recommended by best psychiatrists?
What should I do if I have warts on my hand and I am a massage therapist?
what is epilepsy???
Is Thimerosal (ethyl mercury) related to autism? How is mercury removed from the body?
headaque relief?
consequences of hematuria?
about nova cane shots in your back?
how can you correct bell's palsy?
Can thyroid disease have a big effect in my weight??
can someone explain bells palsy?
does radiation from computer can cause lukemia?
I think that i have cancer becouse my teeth have a sour for four year.Please tell me if you know something.?
methylglyoxal has good effect on decrease of cancer.what are the sources from which i can get that? reply?
If someone has had Thyroid cancer, are they more likely to get another type of cancer.?
Anyone had surgery or know someone who has had a PFO (hole in the heart) closed?
is it possible to how many damaged veins in the heart without a dicovering surgery?
If you have WPW, how active are you? Does it affect your daily life?
how do you know if angioplasty is no longer working?
is this true?
Is it true that coffee stunts growth?
What if someone won't leave u alone, and they threaten u, what should u do?
My eye doctor says my eyes require prism & claims you can't get contacts for that, only glasses, True or false
what causes a charlie horse?w what causes a charliehourse?
Which is better? waxing or plucking your eyebrows. Do you have any tips on pluckin or waxing eyebrows?
My daughter,who is only nine months old, her hair isn't still grown any idea?
I have just started a new job and am anxious about making a good impression. However, I feel abnormal.?
risperdal consta?
what is manic depression exactly?
What is d wierdest thing u did in ur life?
Can the reduction of Paxil leave one with apetite problems?
i am out of antidepressents and i am hurting emoshional. my doctor will not right me any more untill... advise
What are other's withdrawal experiences from wellbutrin and celexa?
anyone tried paxil?
Do Your Joints "Snap Crackle and Pop"?
What adverse effects does hydrocodone lorcet...?
Do I have appedicitis?
im suffering frm a stomach problem.whenevr i lie down my stomach starts paining n pain goes off when i get up?
what medicine does idprofin cancel out?
re-using mineral water bottles are hazardous?
what is the scientific name of west nile virus?
I'd like to know what I can do to cure a sinus problem I have had for several years.?
What is Ascending Aortic Anyuerism?
My blood pressure is high but it is controled due to medications. What action if stay in SPA for 30 minutes ?
Does anyone know anything about Vitamin D defienecies?
What is the level of hemoglobin that would indicate that a patient would need a blood transfusion?
my son have severe scoliosis, do you know any institution who can help us coz we're financially brock.?
family support during drug rehab?
is mega dose vitC really helpful for heart disease?
How do you calibrate a mercury sphygmomanometer?
What is the permissible cholesterol level for a 48 year old, 5'9", 68kg?
what are the symptoms for a heart attack in a diabetic patient that is 35 years old?
What is the treatment for chronic kidney disease stage 3, with patient being hypertensive and diabetic?
how long does an angeoplasty procedure take ?
What is the efect of radiation on tumores?
it is safe to just quit takeing remeron and lexapro.?
where is bi polar disorder?
is there any effective cure for body odor except suicide?
Do you think that every person has the disease of depression, although at different level?
What is wrong with Stephie? Is she crazy or just HIGH?!?
What can you do to help?
What has your experience been with DEPAKOTE?
Do you think anti-depressants keep a person from reaching their full potential in life?
What does it mean if a sore throat persists for over a week?
what makes you itch?
What are some remedies to alleviate tinnitus?
figure me out?
how can i get rid of congestions by allergies?
What is the best way to get rid of a sore throat? I start a new position tommorrow and I want to be 100%.?
will yoga really help you lose weight?
Are tempurpedic mattresses worth the price? Do they really help people with bad backs?
I am allergic to Amoxicillan......?
help...I'm allergic to my dog?
what is the latest method of managing HIV patients other than the anti-viral therapy? The progress made so far
What is Dr. Joseph Jemsek's email address?
what can elevated levels of MCV and MCH mean in an aids patient?
how do you treat staphylococcus simulans infections?
what is rabies?
what causes malaria?
Who discovered Malaria?When?
What are the symptoms of meningitis? How can it be treated?
what is the reason that 50% of the HIV case in the USA are African American?
How to over come hickups?
I like Gatorade products but am no athlete....?
Did we need a prescription for the machine that it is used for respiratory problems?
pounding when I cough?
How do you know if you really have asthma? It seems to be a catchall for any breathing problem.?
can anyone give or name the total cholestrol free oil?
what is the correct way to take pulmicort?
a place to anounce aboute how to have a son or to be?
can a home health aide bocome certified as a cna?
Medical Literature for doctors reference's?
what is the odds of getting Williams Syndrome?
Does anyone have anal cancer?
If a doctor told me not to worry about a basal cell and I had half of my nose removed is it malpractise?
Were can I find a complete detail report on Luquimia ?
can a person die from an overdose of clonazepam ?
Is it dangerous to show more than 15 symptoms of Borderline?
I'm looking for support groups for family members & spouses of mental illness patients?
im master in reflaxology,acopraioser,coulor therapy,& maker of natural madicen?
unemployed individual needs psychiatric help?
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs. Medication?
The WELL of SELF DESTRUCTION? is it true?
i can see sparkles?!?!?
Eye Problem?
is it true there's a surgery to change your eye color?!!!!?
pink eye drops?
Eye Contact Trouble?
is there any cure for hyperhyderosis having few side effects?
What body organ were 44, 989 U.S. citizens on a waiting list for by April 30 of 2000?
What are the treatments for rhuematoid arthritis?
What is strepticcos pnemonia?
What is t. coli?
what is Schizophrenia? How and why does this occur?
I have had some numbness at the top and back of my head, could this be from having some problems with my neck?
Have can i lose 20 pounds before May 20?
When I lose weight, where do the pounds go? Does the planet become lighter?
consulting a doctor for weight loss -- is it really necessary?
I want to know Yoga?
when will i get marry because i am very worried about my marriage my name nisha date of birth 17.01.1974?
Why is that when we sit in airconditioned place after exercising or sweating a bit, we feel sleepy?
I know it's bad to drink regular soda, but what harm could diet soda do to a person on a diet?
how does caffeine help with weight loss?
i am 14 and want a way to lose weight fast. if i dont see quik results i lose intrests. wot sites can help me?
my husband hit his thumb and is has swollen up can osteomyelitis be the cause and if yes what are the tx for?
When im jogging on the treadmil, my left knee tenses up and I can feel sharp pains in what I think is my joint
What blood work would be done to help diagnose a patient with a shoulder supraspinatus tear?
I have had heel pain for some time now tried everything dont think its planterfaciatiatis?
I enjoy your newpaper column, but could your intelligence be better used by finding a cure for cancer?
If I have to take radiated iodine, where do I get it?
What steps are necessary to diagnose lung cancer?
what are the symptoms of breast cancer?
who will help to get the insurance com. to pay like there supposed to?
where can i get tested for aids and hiv what center is close to where i live?
What are the origins of the AIDS virus?
Autism Question...?
What an exmaple of a safety hazardous?
how do I treat a stomach fetish?
what does this mean when a person has a second personalitie when they have depression?
Why does depression feel like it is tearing you up on the inside?
Anyone with a personal experience of bulimia?
Can undiagnosed diabetes cause panic attacks and/or anxiety disorder?
Why is it when I buy a pair of pants I only get one?
I'm scared of seeing my doctor. It really freaks me out.?
How do I get rid of my anxiety and depression?
I have a head ache , back heep ache, runny nose , caugh , eyes are red, tearing eyes. How can i getrid of all?
Is there any chance for a 15 year old scar to disappear from my leg?What's the best scar remover?
How to prevent balding?
whats the best thing to take for vomicing my dad has hipatites c and the shots hes on make him real sick?
What is the best way to prevent acne and clear acne scars?
only women plz. .... how do get rid of...?
How can you get rid of blackheads in less than a month?
Will hair disappear completely from our bodies in the future?
whats a good way to lose weight in the face?
can your eye color tell what mood your in?
what is wrong?
help!!!!! I am taking topamax 25mg for pain been taking it for 4 days and got 3hrs. of sleep the last 2 nigh?
today I suddenly woke up and found out everytime I swallow i have seering pain in my throat what should I do?
How do I get this splinter out of my foot?
ankles and feet hurt all the time but I stand on concrete everyday all day what helps to get it to quit hurti?
Who do I see, a podiatrist or an orhipedist?
can people who have undergone a splenectomy due to beta thalassemia undergo root canal treatment?
i need to find a dentist in wv that will remove braces because a bill hasnt been paid at orthodontist?
Why do we get wisdom teeth in the first place?
I need to see a dentist. I have no insurance.?
I want to have new teeth but no dentures or implants. Do you have self adhesive teeth for cosmetic use only.?
abluish color to the gums only at the bottom and inside the lip indicate?
where is a dentist close to georgia that does extractions and dentures all at the same time?
Can infected gums cause heart problems?
How to make teeth whitening?
what is the best way to overcome drowsiness?
why is my ear popping when I'm not at a high altitude?
Why are my fingertips peeling?
what is a green drink?
What causes an itch?
Looking for Health Insurance Plan?
what negative side effects are the result of using crack?
How do I quit smoking?
I have been trying to find a company that will help/supply a medication that I cannot afford. Any Suggestions?
what is the letest medicine for diabetes?
Do diabetic patients feel more cold than people who don't have it?
How do you avoid getting diabetes?
What should I do if I have more lipid blood factor high more than 5000 index to cure ?
what are the symptons of the birdflu?
How can i know if a blood vein is blocked?
with emphysema how shoud I excersise?
How can you clean your hair?
What are some symptoms of schizophrenia?
how do I overcome socialfobia?
may i know how can i get rid of depression that i have? i can't study lot, what should i do?
what is schlerdoma?
What do you know about Lou Gerigh's disease?
i m getting pale spots on my chest ,might be some fungal infection ,wat can i do 4 that?
How can an adult tell if they have the Mumps?
Do humidifiers help dry skin?
I have a distorted sense of smell that started a month ago. Any cure?
What changes are needed to my food habits to keep blood pressure under check?
What is the medical condition "bullous phemigoid"?
how long can an typhoid infected person carry the germ?
what is the best medicine for the burns, specially when it become scars? please i need a result..?
how do i treat my vertigo problem?
i have fungi rashes that come in december to janury,then in may till june wat do i do it started wen i was 3?
my step daughter has scabies, I was wondering if animals can catch it?
what is Hemangioma of the Leg?
What is the procedure for radiation therapy?
Can a calcification in the knee be mistaken for osteosarcoma, or vice versa?
I want to know about colostomy and how people deal with it ? Are the accessories available in India?
my father has blood in the urine and dr.s said its only infection,shouldn't he see a diff. dr for cancer?
What do I do if I am a low-income mother with a mental illness and have no medical insurance?
If you have ocd and don't treat it what can happpen?
Can someone imagine their physical pain that they feel?
How do you get rid of emotional baggage?
Can a regular doctor diagnose and prescribe medicine (like adderall) for ADD/ADHD?
im 19;can i win my SSI if a psychiatrist says i cant work; possible ADD; and stress; cant live independently?
Have you ever had to quit anything?
How can I tell if I suffer from manic depression?
Adult ADD and medicating with amphetamines?
What is Ayurveda? What are some good websites and books on Ayurveda?
what medicen is out that u can get to quiet smokeing.?
what fruits of vegetables could you eat to help to digest carbs?
Organic insect spray you can make yourself...know any?
what are the side effects of getting prednesolon?
what is the reason for pain in the heels of the feet both feet .?
what is the cure for my problem?
How Do u know?!?
cure for luceama?
Want to buy raspberries fruit 's power. Where ???
Is it bad to eat too much barbeque? or burnt meat? Will it cause cancer?
what is evans syndrome?
How can a person tell if they have ocular herpes? What signs are visible? Is there any treatment?
if a person has a fever is the body actually warmer or colder than normal?
how to preventate bitting inside mouth?
Are you supposed to feed a fever and starve a cold or starve a fever and feed a cold?
why do eyes get so watery ?
When taking penicillin for strep throat, is it okay to ingest dairy products?
why most people of the world are sordid in HIV disease?
What is oscar slaughter disease?
Does an employer have to take my vacation time to make up sick time I don't have since I am disabled 20%?
why do you think are diaeases spreading very rapidly?
a family that has a diaseas that they have to walk on hands and feet?
What are some behaviors of a person with bi-polar disorder?
my gf needs to talk to some1 but doesn't have ins.?
How can a teacher not give a slow learning student the time of day?
Why do people always try to ruin other people's happiness? Get a life!?
What dose a brainsurgeon job beside looking at brains.?
is there a blood test for ad/hd?
how many breaths a day do we have?
Are there a lot of social misfits in school?
I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and take medications. Can I qualify for social security and stuff?
What are the best remedies for getting rid of kidney stones?
Have you or someone you know had Bell's Palsy? Did it come on after exposure to RAID?
what causes stomach cramps?
Why do paper cuts hurt so much?
How can I not oversleep my alarm?
Cure for imsomnia?
Is a glass of wine bad for someone who has diabetes type 2?
What's your key to being content with your life?
Running a fever - 102.0, to be exact.?
looking for health symptoms of exposure to black mold (stachbotrys chartarum)?
what is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight?
when is xenical going to be released as over the counter.?
What does yur hair smell like?
How Do you know when you are losing weight?
Im skinny and i wanted to know some foods i could eat that will help to help me gain weight?
How can I lose weight if i am a vegetarian and I have a thyroid problem?
I have a husband that is a bodybuilder. I was wondering if Nandrolone Decanoate is a steroid and if so. . .?
Beside walking and running are Crunches good for losing weight and are they more effective?
what is really a good weight lose pill that works with exercise?
What is the average weight of a 13 year old?
what USA medication has the same effect as drops opthalmo-septonex (eye drops for conjuctivitis?) thanks.?
what does a boil look like after busting?
should i be worried that i can't feel two of the toes on my right foot ?
nose rings?
How valid/real is the website called virusmyth.net/com?
What is the best Weight Loss pill?
In high school,do you literally have to take showers naked?
If knees were backwards, what would chairs look like?
Question on Vaccination 4 HIV?
how does hiv/aids affect african american teenagers?
how many people die each second from HIV/AIDs?
in which year was aids/hiv virus was found from a human being?
Is it safe to box after a Septorhinoplasty?
Which statement is true,wounds heal faster in summer than winter or faster in winter than summer.?
Workmens comp?
Glass in my heel..ouch?
how do you get rid of a charlie horse in your back located behind your shoulder blade?
Niece's wrist bothering her?
is there any relation betwen nasopharenjitis and cold wether?
What's this respiratory flu that's going around and how should this be treated?
any iv meth users out there developed a continuous productive cough (phlegm) that resembles body tissue?
Can Pulmonary Tuberculosis be transmitted via saliva?
Would intrapleural pressure be positive or negative when blowing up a balloon and why?
Why is the tracheal epithelium pseudostratified?
Can Low Level Laser help with cancer?
What are the odds this is stomach cancer? A mass that's causing a blockage in the stomach area.?
why do people use hydrazine sulfate for a cancer cure?
if human lungs get cancer from dust particles that are inhaled , do the lungs of birds suffer similarly?
How can I stop stressing and enjoy life more?
why do we hang around people who make us feel bad?
What are some characteristics of severe autism in a toddler?
Hypersensitivity to sound?
Can you induce hallucinations w/o medication?
How can i leave negative past experiences?
Sometimes I feel so numb and I dont know what to do about it, can someone please help ?
i have stage fearr/fear to talk infront of 10people.?
What's the difference between Wellbutrin XL and Wellbutrin SR?
1. Are educated Blacks less likely to know the need for getting a colonoscopy after 50 than educated whites?
* long term effect of buckshot let in the human body*?
in regards to cancer, what does LCIL stand for?
Is there any pill to take to shrink a brain tumor?
Please tell me in which supplement,I can find GAMMA TOCOPHEROL, 50 or 100 ml. It is basically Vit E.?
I have a really bad pain on my neck and down 2 my shoulder,please help?
Celebrex and OTC pain pills.?
pain in the right side of my body above my hip?
the top of my foot really hurts when i walk. it gets swollen sometimes too.any ideas?
what chemical does the brain produce to ease/relieve pain?
what can I do for the pain of bone degeneration?
has anyone ever untied there bellybutton and if so why?
how to change an introvert person to become extrovert?
What to do with repressed emotions?
i m going thru a bad phase and i m depressed and lost . i ve nobody to talk to .i cant even think clearly .?
Methadone for bi-polar?
What do people do to get rid of love handles or fat round around their sides?
What is the difference between the small intestines role and the stomachs role in digesting food?
Ihave what feels like elec shock in left side of neck close to shoulder?
How long does it take to get your CNA ?
How do you get rid of congestion in your nasal cavity?
i have a back ache wat to do?
does angiography scar remain on body ?
what are the couse of CHF and What should be done to minimize the risk on CHF?
what's an echocardiogram?
Is there any correlation between eating a high fat or cholesterol diet and hypertension?
what causes a mechanical heartvalve to stick?
Is there a way to easily detect basal cell carcinoma early?
What does the 3 arrows & number 1 under the mineral water bottle stands for?
Can side effects from chemotherapy cause severe joint pain in the shoulder.?
can you tell if you have lung cancer from a back x-ray?
what is hodjkin's disease?
How do you prevent gray hair? Can you only cover it up?
Do you smell/stink when you come out of the Dead Sea?
What do you use when your exzema flares up?
does skin bleaching really work?
Where can I find cheap medical scrubs besides ebay?
Is there a cure for schziophrenia?
How do you get rid of blood warts or can you?
Bipolar disorder?
Has anyone lost their father in the teenage years? How did you deal with it?
what were the implications (importance) of Erik Erikson's psychosocial theory?
what vaccinations or shots are required for an american citizen to visit hong kong?
Are a person's eyes identically the same size? left and right eye exactly the same size of each other?
why the males feels the females r sencitive and attractive ?
my Friend took an overdose of insilin is there any hope she will come out of the coma?
Who is bipolar and what meds are you on?
my domestic violence abuser finally was deported. why is it that i still let him manipulate me over the phone?
What is the difference between neomycin and clindamycin?
Do you have anything embarrassing in your medicine cabinet?
does any one know what is siss? its a medical question any medical person know what is this?
Is a grade 4,a.s.a. anaesthetic risk,life threatening?
How do you get into see a specialist quicker than 3 months for grandson 3 yrs old?
dose anyone knows a good way to coop with ADD?
why do lungs collapse?
what factors determine whether nasal cannula or facial mask is used for supplementation oxygen?
Where can I get videos about teen abstinence that i can put on a powerpoint?
How old do you have to be to learn CPR?
How can you speed up the release of water enough to obtain a sufficient amount of water to survive life?
should i work out in gym with a cold?
Why am I always tired?
Should I drink Advil for a pain in my leg?
do human beings have more than six senses?
good web site for suplements?
i have wart on my finger that ive been treating w/dr scholls,,,?
Are tanning beds really that bad for you?
large,red, hard knot located on the back/neck?
Ever had scalp problem...hair falling and itching,tried medication and still not working ,help?
my son does not have hairs on his body. he is 3 years old and its since birth doc say its hairshaft defect?
shingles..what can Iput on the blisters for relief?
generic name for hydrocortisone?
minor thalassemia?
With all the people in ITALY watching the games . ( they found bird flu there , could it be brought here?
Ok if you have a bad case of the chicken pox what can you do to cure it?
what is aids-meaning,history problem,solution?
Does One Have To Have A Fever In Order To Have The Flu?
Can you get HIV from precum?
Strep Throat Home Remedies?
My sister is very ill and in the hospital i have a few questions please see details..?
What are the ingrediants in PURALIN Arthritis tablets?
when we leep why does it feel like we just fell asleep and woke up to fast?
does anyone feel dizzy or panicky sometimes?
what is the best weightloss pill on the market?
how do i get my hair healthy moisturized and straight?
ancient treatment of flu - ways of?
is Laser-Hair-Removing the best way of hair removing and does it have any loss?
How do you treat carpal tunnel, or how does a doctor?
Are Chiropractors legitimate doctors?
How early can you get Breast Cancer?
would a blood test detect cancer somewhere in the body?
How do you rate your desire and will power to stop using tobacco products?
Milk protein allergy?
Where can I get images of different insect bites?
Have you been denied a worker's compensation claim because you have MCS?
i have a lump?
what are signs of a patellar tendon injury?
I got bit by a horse and not sure what to do?
Heart skips beat?
Can PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) be dangerous?
moose insurance?
what is MEU?
what is the death rate from heart attacks?
My son has a leaky aortic valve?
my liver enzymes are high.......tell me about it?
Which multivitamin is best?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a big stomach after childbirth? Does sit ups really work???
wat exercise is best 4 building uper body strength?
How many calories can a 330lb man burn when walking for 1 hour?
Have you ever seen a fat squirl?
Losing weight in a short time?
What is the best way to start out?
Are there quicker ways to tighten your abs other than situps?
How long does it take to run the mile on average??
Does anyone know of a solution besides ,.surgery, to decrease excess skin left behind after a weight loss?
where does the voice in our head come from?
Anyone familiar with a medical condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? And...treatments that work?
what is the name of the eye anomolie that resembles asteroids in the eyes?
My blood test ALT leve is at 60 and AST at 21. I do n't drink at all. Do I need to worry?
is the flu dead?if yes explain why is it deadly.?
ihad a sinus infection and a stomach virus that cleared up but now i have a horrible bitter taste on my tonuge
if you have low blood pressure and kidney disease on dialysis how can you raise low bp naturally?
causes of high platelet and low hemoglobin counts?
What are the signs and symptoms heart disease?
Should I be more concerned about a higher diastolic blood pressure reading then a higher systolic reading?
what is HDL and LDL full form?
what are corns ?
do u think ur life is affected by politics?
wat can i do for my hair loss.its in genes i m 20 yr old girl.my hair have become very thin.i m afraid?
What's the best way to get white teeth? I've tried strips and pastes but they only last a few weeks, at most.
hey gals! wondering if any of you would share any of your diet secrets? diets things that worked for you?
Does cracking knuckles negatively affect anything?
wat fuds r best 2 increase my weight?
Helathier: diet or regualr soda?
does wifi cause cancer??? please answer cause im freaked about what it will do to me?
Adenoma vs Hemangioma which is more common?
What happens to a person with late stage lymphoma.?
Infected by Virus going around Barracks?
Why do some people are having difficult in breathing at night?
How do I relieve the congestion and my clogged ears?
pulomanry fibrosis?
what is the concept of bronchial allergy in ayurveda?
what is an end stage nose?
how do u define " a person with strong character " ??
Can someone please help me???
What are your suggestions on things to do to keep my mind occupied and free from worry?
Is there life during bankruptcy?
Is it bad that the person you hate the most is yourself?
what are the symtoms of aids??
What are the synptoms of a staphilococus patience?
Is HPV curable?
what is the best treatment for IBD(inflammatory bowel syndrome)?
what is the ultimate power of drinking water?
does anyone know a sure way to gain weight?
I have a problem with seizures. How do I get disability or some help?
Does anybody know where I can get help for a premature baby in LA b/c WIC doesnt support the formula he needs?
tiny wrists!?
consequences for not drinking enough water?
What is he path taken by red blood cell?
Has anyone else lost their parent/loved one to pancreatic cancer?
The name of the Saint that if you put his picture next to sick it is said he can heal them? Please help....?
did youknow swiffers cleaner bad for animals?
what if the state of NM tells you that you cant get their help?
if someone dies from a cocaine overdose would rigamortis set in imidiatly?
Why would a Dr. prescribe 5 antidepressants, anxiety med., nerve pain med., narc. patch, other pain med.,all?
i have a liver probelm and i need some answers bout the bset thing to do for it?
why does my urine smell like rubber?
how do you treat pink eye?
I have shingles in my scalp for the past 20 years. Unlike shingles on the waist,they are not visible outside.?
Has anyone tried cymbalta? My husband just started on it and I wanted to know any good or bad experiences.?
Would you allow yourself to fall in love with someone with severe mental afflictions?
Whats a good way for someone with a slight learning disability to learn better social skills?
can you get social security benifits if you have bipolar or depression??
I feel very lonely and sad sometimes , for no specific reason , Why is that?
Is it true that if you listen to a tape when your asleep you memorize it better than when you are awake?
Why do I still get the Sunday night blahs like I did when I was in school?
Anybody take Lithium?
why are people getting so fat? Don't they care about what they look like.?
Do you always get instant relief after a chiropractic adjustment.?
I am constantly dehydrated?
what can i do to sooth my feet from the burning and sweating i experience daily?
how come whenever i close my eyes to go to sleep i feel them go cross-eyed. when i open them, they uncross.?
back spasms?
what are the causes for tingling in upper lips?
i need help ?
what are the symptoms of having a cracked rib?
i am looking for the word gentil violet ,it have to do with healing from bacteria.?
Aesthetician income potential?
why is it that a spinal cord can not heal at all after an accident?
how do you find your health records on line?
What is the best way to swallow a big pill?
how can i tell if a elbow is dislocated ?
Please Help?
Best Face Cleanser??
Can exessive mucus (post nasal drip) cause heartburn?
What meds or help can I get for emphysema?
how to control the bad breath and nasal tract mucous formation?
I haven't been able to inhale completely for the last 2 months and it's getting worse. What's going on?
Why does your snot turn green when your sick ?
What is the life expectancy of patient with copd?
how would you react to a very close littel cousin had brain cancer?
Can adriamycin (chemo) cause long lasting, chronic, whole-body pain/neuropathy?
Are Tramadol or Xanax used to treat bone marrow transplant patients? What are the most common medications use
Is it possible to have cancer of the blood without it showing on x-rays?
Anyone else experience....?
Who is likely to get Acupuncture?
Can anyone tell me how effective is "body reflexology" and for what cures ?
is it possible to breathe out of your eyes???
I have a bruised foot but i want to play in a basketball game today.What pain medicine will get rid of my pain
How did I get polyps in BOTH ears behind eardrums that keep me from hearing well?
what can i do to make my face clear?
how can i get help to manage my food intake to pesserve agood health.?
what is the pill splitting device ?
Forgot if I had HEPATITAS A and B shots. Is it OK to repeat shots.?
In the HIV/AIDS medical world - is the "viral load" derived after blood screening - what is called HIV?
what causes ear aches ?
i have a yeast infection or something?
stomach flu, any remedies?
I'm 35 and out of time. Do you think it's a good age to try and go back to school?
How do I delete my Yahoo account?
I worry about my best friend's mental health. What can I do?
Has anyone ever fallen for thier therapist? How did you overcome the feelings?
"transgender" LEGAL- Does postop transgender surgery have to be announced in a local papaer?
Can you still be depressed if you have been on medication for years?
What is the difference between BiPolar type 1 and Bipolar type 2?
Young people think twice before you decide to harm yourself because your life is worth more?
What heart condition?
Does anyone know if 664 supraventricular ectopics in 24 hours is life-threatening?
how many people with aids/HIV also suffer from leukaemia?
Now my room's still messed up and You know Why?
Can HIV be passed on by saliva?! like if someone drinks from the same cup as i do or a kiss on the lips?!?
I have a question about Chlamydia?
why does eating a high protein diet give you the worst gas?
does anyone have any low calorie,low fat, and low sodiun recipes, that are tasty as well as good for you? Pls?
what is the best way to lose weight besides exersicing?
how do i lose 20 pounds in one month?
In diet measurement how much is one serving?
Running problems.?
What is the best way to get a fantastic shape?
then what is a safe alternative to steroids for gaining weight?
i need to know,what is the name of the book that mihaela bilic wrote about diet?
anyone know how to beat colastomy cancer?
My father was just diagnosed with skin cancer.?
anyone had PRK -ghosting/double vision probs?
Is this okay??
How long to keep contacts?
Is there a way to protect my contacts from getting dents on them?
Right now I have glasses and want to get contacts, I really need the daily disposable ones.?
Is rice good or bad for high blood pressure?
I wish I could write back to some of you but my comp wont let me. I am handicap this JUNKY is my care giver?
How long does a doctor in the state of Alabama have to keep medical records?
what do you do to find things you misplace?
How can I cure my internet addiction?
does anyone know what hemachromatosis is?
does anyone here know if cancer shows up on regular xrays?
is the patch ortho evra dangerouse?? is it possible to loose weight because of the patch?
Any tips for getting through the weekend with out not smoking?
i want to quit smoking-can not wear the patch?
What can you eat 24 hours before your colonoscopy?
Quit Smoking.... HELP!!!?
What is dyslipidemia?
Is hemp oil better than flax oil for optimum health?
what is the best way to lose a fat belly? Is crunches a best way?
does anyone have any information to share on the antibiotic bactrim septra, sulphameth/trim, cotrimoxazole?
Medicare part D?
Can an MRI show that you have brain damage?
How many piercings do you have?
how to remove burnt marks?
is it bad the cut yourself all the time for no reason? Other than your stressed out?