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why is it said that laughter is the best medicine?
How long after treatment is started is ringworm of the scalp contagious?
Metadate side affects?
what is the average body weight for a 12-13 year old female?
When quitting smoking, what tool is best used to help: nicoderm cq or the gum etc.?
why do I wake up with a headache when I take a nap during the day??
What side effects should one expect with chemotherapy for stage-4 colon cancer?
what is a hilar mass?
Does anyone have or has anyone heard of GIST (gastrointestional stromal tumor)?
how can I delete the history of searh engine?
Now that more people are takig retuxin are there any new side effects showig up that were not expected?
hi 20day ago somebady tell me i have cancer ,after that i go to doctor but they say no.. how i forget?
how can i feel self confident and be fat at the same time?
how can i get my docotor to re-prescribe me ritalin. i need it again for studying, i have trouble focusing?
Is there a test you can do to see if you have short term memory loss??
can a comatose patient still be awake from his unconciousness?
how can i know that am a virgin?
what do you tip for a mens haircut?
Why is my feces brown even if I eat food that is not brown?
What type of physician would you see for hair falling out?
What are some symtoms of ulcers?
Are dental schools taking patients ?
After having an orgaism why do I sweat?
what do i do for blemishes for afro american skin?
What are some ways to clean out your urinary system?
An average human being comprises of 6 trillion or 60 trillion cells. Which is the correct answer?
my baby is 2 and her eyes are crossed,surgery is the only way to fix them the dr. say. should i do it?
i have very dry itcy eyebrows its actually on the skin underneath the hairs?
how can i get rid of a sore throat really fast?
does anyone know how to get marijuana out of your system in 24 hrs?
Is it true that cracking your back & knuckles is bad for you?
twisted ankle?
I was playing softball and had a collision, now I'm getting headaches, is it a concussion, how do I cure it?
How do i know if i have arthritis?
Ice or Heat?
how long will it take to fully recover from a meniscus toren in the knee with surgery?
Unbending knee causes pain?
where i can find school of emergency medicine in philippines?
Is acid reflux and atrial fibrillation related?
How safe is Angioplasty. How much time does it take?
How common is it to aquire a femoral av fistula from a cardiac cath?
I have a 9 yr old son w/spina bifida. Suggestions for skin breakdown/pressure sore problems?
once in awile I see a lightening type shape in my right eye. It's almost like a neon sign. Any ideas ?
what does an anemic person mean and what can be done about it?
how did people attempt to keep the Pestilence from spreading?
Is it an illness when an adult man can not put attention on something for more than a minute?
Does loratab side effects make u tired the next day ?
i need help and your advice??
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my index fingers?
Does anyone have a method to help alleviate achilles tendonitis pain?
anyone suffer from carpal tunnel, what works?
Help- serious chronic pain - need most effective pharmacutical medication please ?
Is a werewolf / robot relationship considered bi-racial?
what hapeen to tubal to gation in female?
how would someone know if they had gonariah?
How do you know if you have gonorrhea and chlamydia?
What are the odds in relation to thyroid cancer?
List all the techniques for quitting smoking that you know of...please Im looking for ways to quit myself.?
Oral contraceptive pills cause breast cancer?
I need help in marketing and selling my product that was created for the medical world but i need help getting
is Macroglobulinemia contagious?
How does a pacemaker work?
Are there any exercises to get eyesight back to normal after a stroke?
what is the cure for missed beats?
what is HDL cholesterol ?
What are the effects of hyperbaric oxygen treatments on congestive heart failure?
Free Plavix Resources?
I've always wondered, how does one get rid of cellulite on one's thighs (I have mucho!)?
What is a quick and safe way to flatten my tummy?
How can I improve my balance in a handstand?
how much water should u drink a day?
what are some good effective leg exercises?
what stretching exercises can relieve lower back pain?
how can you lose your body fat?
the safest weight training apparatus?
what are the nutritional facts in a strawberry parfait?
I am going to have dental work done, what is a root canal, a crown and a bridge? How are they attached?
how can u get rid of a tooth ache?
what is the best way to whiten your teeth?
I am a single dad raising 3 girls. I have real bad teeth and cant afford to have them pulled. Any suggestions?
what electric tooth brushes do you recommend?
how did people get their teeth pulled in the 1800's?
how much do dental implants cost?
Where do you find inexpensive dental work?
At what age is best to get braces?
He has three small blue tattoo dots and an indentation in his chest. What did/does he have?
does smoking have any effect on chemotheropy treatment?
who does Leukemia affect?
is FIBREGLASS water TANKS healthy?
What it is that is common to high blood pressure, heart ailment and diabetes? Are all inter connected?
What causes a person to sweat if they have ventricular fibrillation?
If I ate a lot of choolate the night before a cholesterol test would it be higher?
what is sinus bradycardia?
cholesterol lowering?
do these splinterike things under my fingernails have anything to do with my heart?
What is somatitis?
What is a Seizure (Epilepsy)? what are the natural cures,what is the prescription, are there foods to cure it?
how to cure stammering?
What are the symptoms of being lactose intollerant?
What is the cause of occasional eye twitches or "flutters"?
How does one figure out if one is getting ALS and cannot afford the diagnostic protocol?
Do Chiropractors help immune system problems?
what is good sick food?
what is spaoradic ALS?
What is mild right hilar prominence mean on a chest x-ray?
Medicare Part A or Part B or Part A and B? 65yo with asthma, occ. ER visits, sees Dr., takes meds. Which?
Respiratory Therapist?
I would like to understand the readings on the Nellcor Puritan Bennett 760 ventilator & where to locate info.?
Are cedar and juniper trees the same? Or in the same family of trees?
why did the drug lyrica cause anaphalactic shock?
is there life after death?
what is crisis management?
does the drug diovan cause hair loss?
Can you tell me what color excedrian migrane pills are?
i just started breaking out, I dont know what to do on my face to fix it. I get married in few weeks?
who invented tampons?
How do I get rid of calluses?
what are your thoughts on plastic surgery?
why won't my african american hair grow?
what is the best way to get rid of a strep throat?
how many times a day does a human heart beat?
What can I do, I got hydrogen peroxide in my eye ?
Have u ever fainted?
What's the best cure for a hang-over?
can we have free health care in usa like canda?
Does alcohol interact with Prozac?
Why do people get so upset on this site?
panic attacks?
would like a general list of medications used for Schizophrania?
What is the greatest quality enormous wealth or inner peace?
What can I do if I think my wife has a mental defect? I think she may need psychological help, what can I do?
I'm a highly sensitive person trying to build myself up..?
Is hepatitis B curable?
Can anyone explain VRSA to me in terms I will understand? What is the best treatment?
what is the best flu medicine?
What's the best remedy for in grown toenails?
should 1 sue for a ER doctor to misdiagnose an appendicitis , only to go home and have it burst 3 hours later.
I have Chronic HepB, Hiv+ and recently MS, Is MS common when you have HIV?
Is it normal for some undigested food to be in ones' stool?
What can you not eat after gall bladder removal?
what if you get to hot and you start to choke and cant breath. What do you call that?
IS There any cure to alzheimer disease???
Is parkinsons desease fatal?
what is the real cause of autism?
what about A child with a fontonel pressure taking zaditen?
how to stop coughing?
how should i know if somebody has done black magic on me?
i need more information on triple chambered pacemaker?
what is calsified aorta and is it dangerous at age 37?
Has anyone dealt with multiple myeloma?
how dangerous is cancer of the Liver?
do you help the fight every way you can?
what is a diverting loop ileostomy (double barrel)?
American Cancer Society Relay for Life event?
why is chiropractors not recognize in the goverment community as certified doctors?
Which is better Chiropractic Care or Medical Care?
How much does "Dahn Yoga" classes cost?
Does Proactive really help acne??? I'v tried everything?
are chiropractors real doctors?
what is good for a persistent cough?
levosimendam what is it?
What is the best way to recover from Candida systemic infection?
is hpv permanent and can a women with it give birth to a healthy baby?
how long does it take for cervical cancer to form?
what is the quickest and easiest cure for chlamydia infection?
Can pap smear test determine all STD's like HPV,HIV etc?
Water on the knees, what are the medical procedures?
Does anyone experience side heel pain?
Is anyone aware of any studies comparing pain relief when using Rx ibuprofen vrs. OTC ibuprofen ?
what is the prevention for diabetes?
i fell on my head years ago. is it to late to repair the neck damage? it's been 41 years.?
Is your boss mentally ill?
Can being abused as a baby affect the rest of your life, even if you can't remember the abuse?
Anyone have a phobia of static electricity or being shocked? Ex: you touch metal and get shocked. Thanks!?
My wife has a fear of flying. How do I build her confidence?
I have trouble sleeping at night.what can i do to fall sleep fast?
I have depression and anxiety. Anxiety is badly hightened with serotonin reuptake meds. Any other med types?
Andrea Bocelli canto Della Tera makes me cry, should Istop playing it again and again?
Does mariuannna have the same efect in your body as alcxhol?
Why dont people sneeze when they are asleep?
what is the best parasite killer for children?
fluid at night?
What should I do to stop wetting the bed?
what is dressing?
what is chromes disease?
My pancreas has been hurting a lot lately. Is this a common problem? What should I do?
Rare condition a friend of mine has developed?
I have DVT Does anyone else have this and what do you do to help yourself except take blood thinner?
my daughter has obstructive apnea what is it?
Looking for info about dissociative diorders?
help! mom's deleted herself!?
Where can I get free/cheap family couseling in Tampa?
When you shut your eyes and relax, they roll up into your head .....?
why do people add and add stress to people with problems? which cause a break down?
Have you ever felt like you wish something bad had happened to you just so you could justify feeling so bad?
Does every one get lonely?
what are some risks of atteral?
What is the life span of different kinds of beds that people sleep on?
rash between my legs (odd question)?
are full throttle or full throttle fury energy drinks bad for you?
What can ease the pain of your headache feel like?
I have a really bad back, what is the best type of mattress that I could use?
How much more does a Nurse Practitioner make then a Registered Nurse?
what are the levels of care on jejunal tumor?
where does breast cancer generally metastasize?
My son's girlfriend is undergoing chemo for a "cancer causing agent" in her body that will attack her organs.
my finger is swollen and i cant get my ring off.i dont want to cut the ring how can i get it off?
Hi, Any body has idea about Laser eye operation to remove spectacles.Is it useful or has any side effects?
What might cats be allergic to?
what causes bad flatulation?
What is a remedy for hangnails?
what is phenabarbatol used for?? ( i may have spelled it wrong )?
If the lower right hand side of your back (not midddle but not lower) is hurting...what is it coming from?
How do you lose weight?
which weight loss drug works best?
what is the best diet you ever tried?
How do you get rid of streatch marks?
What is exercise physiology principles?
Where is a free weightloss planner online?
How many pushups should I do i a day?
how much is a membership at neolimits pro fitness?
what are the allergic manifestations on the skin of mitomycinc when given intravesically?
Is colon cancer at a young age common?
Is it normal for someone who has cancer to have a bloated stomach?
Can frequent ankle or bone related injuries cause cancer?
what can't cancer do ?
kidney cancer?
is it not recommended to give a cancer patient a facial?
what happens to you if your heart skips a beat?
What time of day is the best time to check your Blood Pressure?
what is acute cardiopulmonary abnormality?
can chronic heart failure or heart mitral valve prolapse be reversed?
i want an explanation of syncopal episodes?
who is the pereson who reads mind and the way it function?
I am a Cutter How can I stop?
what is the sound of one hand clapping, is it maybe like the tree falling when no one is there to hear it?
Hi! Can anyone give me an answer for how treating my sleeplessness?I dont want to take pills.Thanks!!!!!?
has anyone had problems with diffrent anti-depressants?
what to do if someone is having an attack of anxiety?
How can i improve my concentration power?
A head cold versus a sinus infection???
internal bleeding?
what causes 49 y/o has spell at 11am-2pm, cant focus eyes,lethargic,no pain blood sugar ok happens every 3-4da
For women who battle endometriosis, how effective is birth control in treating endometriosis?
what is chrons disease, how is it caused and is it deadly?
I've been feeling nauseous for the past year, but I'm not pregnant. What's causing it?
i had gastric bypass 3 yrs ago since then i have had skin removal and have had 2 incisinal hernias?
How to naturally treat Premature Atrial Contractions?
chronic pain in legs.legs swollen and discolored.some blister, unable to sleep at night due to the pain in leg
what level of troponins in a NSTEMI patient is indeterminate?
5cm (size of a lemon?) Aneurysm on my ascending aorta?
has anyone being on crutches ?
Why do I get little twinges of pain for a split second sometimes in the evening over my heart?
what's a hole in the heart? and how is it fixed?
i cant sleep can any one help me?
what are the chances of favorable decision with ALJ after denial with disability determination section of so.s
How do you define "self esteem"?
How can I stop having suicidel thoughts?
Is it normal for my celexa to not last all day?
How do you develop motivation to accomplish something?
how to treat social phobia?
Is it normal to cry for no reason, when you don't feel depressed and aren't sad?
when was asthma first discovered?
it started as a pain behind my ear yesterday now it keeps moving over my head n wont go away.is it a migraine?
how long does a cold last?
Will cracking my toe joints eventually lead to arthritis??
what is the best way to quit smoking?
how do i know if i have irritable bowel syndrome?
I am an insulin dependent diabetic. Is it true that a bubble in the needle or syringe will kill me?
if you have killer abs, can you give me some tips for lower ab workouts?
Is it possible that I have herpes and my girlfriend not but thats the only person that I've been with?
Genetal warts: I had this. got op theartre treatments(burn them by lacer)but they emerge again & agan.?
Has anyone tried beta mannan for HPV? What were the results?
Can one catch AIDS by having a ******* from an infected person?
Does your gums turn a different color when you have dry socket?
how do braces work?
How often should you change your tooth brush?
why do good toothbrushes cost so much?
whats the best kind of toothpaste?
what are veneer's?
Are clear retainers good for straiting teeth?
mouth bleeds while sleeping why?
how to get licence to work as adoctor in costarica?
gas bubble in chest?
Can a Hospital Nurse Answer This?
OK, LISTEN...I dont know whats wrong with me but my tummy ...is saying one thing and i know another?
How do you get rid of muscle pain in your legs?
Does anyone have experience with Back Surgery by Dr. H. Evan Zeiger Jr in Birmingham, AL? I'm Scheduled!
what's wrong if I have a fast resting pulse rate? My doctor says it's been like this for the past two years?
Why are people with congestive heart failure not supposed to fly in airplanes?
flow chart pathophysiology of hyperkalemia?
I am taking Warfarin and my INR is 2.4.would taking cinnamon affect this reading?
are there heart medications that are known to cause lower back pain?
is left axis deviation dangerous?
does anybody know what pulminary hypertension is and the prognosis?
cleaning cool mist vaporizer?
what are classical signs and symptoms of bronchopneumonia?
ANy one who uses a Nebulizer? what excercise can you do comfortably to increase lung condition?
I have been feeling this pain in my head all day today and feeling very dizzy like im gonna pass out &nasal co
Efficacy of Gentamycin & Ciprofloxacin In Pseudomonas Aeruginosa?
an essy on Rehabilitation related to patients in a hospital?
why do i feel sick,scared and dizzy since i have had a proprioreceptor reflex on my neck?
what is the treatment for bulging discs in neck of 3mm each?
Why does it hurt sometimes when I yawn?
current list tricare providers in the philippines?
I would like to get some feedback from people that got cervical cancer ?
mri reading tumor?
does eating tomato's reduce your chance of getting cancer?
i need info on callouses on the vocal cords?
How bad is to have blood in your eces?
What is cpk or ckp?
is the intranasal spray faster than intra muscular injection ?
what is hydronephrosis?
How to get rid of strech marks?
How can my child gain weight?i want her 2 be at lest 120 pounds?
Did it hurt using a tampon for the first time?
Does the scent of lavander help you sleep @ night?
for a guy being dressed in a suit and tie. do you match your socks to the shirt? or pants?
What is your opinion of Arbonne skin care products?
why do people have hair everywhere? (body)?
What are some suicide ideas that people heard of ?
does anyone have night terrrors you go to sleep only to wake up minutes later from them?
Need advice on an anti-depressant medication change?
i have a father whos half crazy and mean. he says thing that are not true. what should i do about him?
what is the remedy of cough cold and throat infection?
what cause ear infection in children? and what is the best cure?how we can prevent ear infection?
Aids can be possible by mouth kissing or kissing vigina?
do you starve a fever or is it feed a cold or is it the opposite?
Does Hepititis effect the Kidneies?
No just two little drops of breast milk but i was my mouth after i drunk .?
Is there a cure for MRSA?
What are prehospital treatments for bacterial meningitis?
starburst vision?
How does 95.00 for contact lenses sound?
which of the flowing has a solid color not lined color effect?
eye problem called juxtafoveceretinaltelangiectasis?
I have Wolf Parkensons White and I'm scheduled for a Lie Detector Test is there any complications to the test?
what causes pain behind the third rib?
define the heave abnormal sound of the heart.?
what are the main side effects of colinidine drug?
does cetrizine for allergies have any side effects?
After you taper off prednisone when do your corisol and energy levels return to normal?
how does one get past the torment of losing your beloved daughter after caring for her years with her illness?
If depression goes untreated, will it eventually just go away??
my bro has 3 personalitys 1)himself 2) dash (a little dog) and 3) + a irishman called shamus wot du i du?
What are the odds of a 23-year-old with lymphoma that spread to the brain beating it?
what are the regs on LPN and a picc tube? Can LPN give meds through them legally?
About breast cancer& pregnancy?
Is having a small hole in ur heart since being a little kid till now serious??
pain in the chest?
What can be done with an irregular heartbeat on the bottom of the heart?
baby has a perfect round sore what could it be?
is proacive really worht it?
how to hide large pores?
is there a home remedy for eczema?
What causes acne?
cure for psoriasis? information about this diseas?
How do I get rid of this rash in my crotch area?
what's the best way to get rid of "cluster" warts?
what type of foods/ portions equal 100 calories?
I eat even when I am not hungry. How do I stop doing this? I have no self control.?
if i am breastfeeding, what should i do to lose weight?
which weight loss drug actually works?
what is the difference between burning calories and burning fat for weight loss?
Can you give me some simple exercises to do at home without any equipment?
Any tip to reduce migrane attacks ??
what is amtrax?
Anyone had fatty liver problems?
i was on prednisone for 9 days how long before the upset stomach and diaherra stop?
what can cause seazuries?
what is the important couse in headache?
what is CPK blood test?
what can a physiatrist do for my herniated disks, and FMS and chronic pain?
What is decompression syndrome?
Is HASCVD a heart attack?
after skipping (vigoriously)for a few minutes, i feel pain in my chest (left side). something wrong with me?
in laboratory test in hospital, what is SPGT?what is it relevance to heart disease?
Where is the best place to get cardiatric care in New York City?
Our grown daughter has nothing to do with her famiy. How can we move on and deal with our loss?
how to recover my memory and preciseness which i feel i am loosing gradually, when i'm only 27 years old?
bipolar research?
Do you feel like your watching your life go by as if it was a movie?
Anyone on Lexapro 10mg for mild OCD/ GAD how is it working?
Will I end up like my bi - polar mum?
Is there any home remedy for a head cold?
how can i sit up straight?
Re:Non Drowsy Antihistamines. Do they really exist?
what are the expectations of a child being admitted to the hopital other than being afraid?
Does anyone know the side effects of working in Pest Control?
how much is a one night hospital stay?
anemia,what is it?
What is the role of Neutrophiles? What causes their increase in the blood?
i want to know about syphilis in detail?
could it be possible for someone to be born with herpies and never have an outbreak?
why do i have difficulty filling my lungs with air after quitting smoking?
I just found out I have COPD. With long-term Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis,Why was it not detected sooner?
what is bubbles on the lungs?
how do you find someone that you have lost track of you know the name and old address?
does cytotec and Misoprostol have the same effect?
ihow do i write a resigning letter/?
How can a 4 year kid be fed perfectly who does not want to eat ?
Does meat really make you fat?
How can I make Chamomile oil?
do black people have white dandruff?
is it possible to correlate the creatine kinase level to the extenet of tissue damage?
Is it possible to actually reduce plaque buildup in arteries, or can you only stop it in its tracks?
I would like information on heart defibulators?
Do you know if aortic regurgitation can be a reason to reject an application for immigration to Canada?
what is consequence of obesity? How well do diet modifications work?
Do you know of anyone diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, who had an unsuccessful Whipple Operation and lived?
Can impacts on the body that cause bruises cause cancer?
what does contact inhibition mean in relation to defect in cellular proliferation?
Have you hated your life because it was really hard 4 u to answer too many questions or anything??
y r thighs so big?
is there any other medications for ingrowing nails than removing?
What causes warts and what is the best remedy to get rid of them?
Hi, did any body knows how to recover from Disk in the back?
when does acne go away?
I know someone...?
I am full of gas. I've tried Beano, starvation, lots of water...nothing helps. What can I do?
Gaining Weight?
Help . how can you treat a knee injury?
How can Type 2 Diabetes be prevented? I need a medicaly accepted answer.?
Question for diabetics. What do you think of this situation?
what is the name of a physcian that specializes in the diseases of the blood?
Is there some place that helps with medical cost for people with no insurance that has diabetes.?
What is the way to recovery from Diabetes Mellitus?
Whats the best frozen dinner for a diabetic to eat?
why people get diabetic?
Tell me about Vitamin B-12.?
what is difference between Wellbutrin SR 150 and Wellbutrin?
i think there is some really beautiful people out there, people who really care?
what the best way to conquer a mental illness?
trouble dealing with stress!?
How can I develop confidence ? and stop to shy ?
what can I do to deal with lazy, demanding sister who wants everyone else to do for her?
How can I spare the stinging thoughts out of me?
Where do you get eye corneas for transplants?
On an auto immune diseas is it a guessing game and how is it diagnosed?
Has anyone ever gotten a rash from wearing a pedometer in their waistband?
where can i find a school where i can do on hand training in the medical field,get a degree and get paid?
what is the sure way of controlling anger?
what i do if i have minor miniscus tear?
I've been blowing orange snot into Kleenxes for three days. Should I be worried about this?
What is Hormodendrum Hordei?
Beer for a Celiac.?
Allergic to seafood, red, rosy cheeks, loud speaking voice, and emotional outbursts. What is the cure? Help?
OWWIE!! Anyone know how to use crutches going downstairs?
Whats wrong with me knee?
@ what age do we start seeing the signs of carpul tunnel?
Has anyone out there been able to play softball after having vertebrae fusion?
can degenerated disk dissease be caused by an auto accident?
What do you mean if the answer of finding on my skull is intact crinitial vault?
what does HWP stands for insurgery of the spine?
what is the nursing intervention for alteration in gas exchange?
when was the very first heart transplant, who did it, and where was the hopital?
I would like to know about Flax seeds?
how much psyllium to take to lower cholestrol. How many grms of fibre in a tablespoon of psyllium?
What is inotropic?
Does acidic blood always get cancer?
I had a colonoscopy recently but would that be the same as a colon rectal cancer screen ?
My friend has a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.Problem no insurance,srs no help, ssd no med. plan for 2 yrs.?
are funds going down or up for cancer soicety?
any cure for myelodysplastic syndrom?
lately i have felt overwhelmed with depression i have never had any problems with this sort of thing?
How do you forfill your deepest obsession and desire?
Why has it been so hard for me to remember things lately?
ADHD-inattentive Concerns?
is having paranoia good?
what is bach flower essence and where can i buy it?
what is the best and safest way to stop taking Wellbutrin after taking it for couple of years?
how do u get rid of bad things in ur mind?
I have a friend that I think ,might be using me, How can I tell?
coronary artery decease?
I had CABG 5 weeks ago and my taste is still metallic. Anyone else have this problem this far out?
what are the symtoms for CHF?
Does Chewing gum and smoking at the same time cause Cancer to your gums?
Could it be cancer?
if you are a teenager can you still get cancer by any means?
Do aspartame and splenda cause Cancer/Brain Tumor?
i was diagnoised with brain lesions 8 months to live what to expect?
Does anyone have or know of someone with..?
What r the chances of smoking realluy causing cancer?
when a stent is inserted in a coronary artery, can it move? Will you have pain if it does move?
reducing cholestrol excessive triglycerides?
Low Blood pressure?
Arnold Cheraria?
What is the definition of acute depression?
can coconut falling on one's head lead to tumor in the head?
what are recreatiobal activities for the Aged,disabled and convalescent patient?
How is Hepetitis C spread from person to person?
what are the effects of a nuclear bomb explosion on the human body?
can u help find drug treatments for nusrses in ohio?
what is the care of a fever to an uconcious patient?
what exactatly is vestibular hydrops and how can it be treated on my 9 year old daughter?
best treatment of ,and role of beta interferron in multiple sclerosis?
How do I determin if a question is best answered by a vote or should I seek a professional opinion?
Can being in front of a computer monitor for several hours daily be harmful to the eyes?
are Varicose veins a health threat.can it lead to a heart attack?
Can I become a T'ai Chi master through videos, books and daily practice?
I'm running a low grade fever tonight, but I feel fine - should I exercise in the morning?
How many calories does it take to gain one pound? Does this differ based upon your weight?
which one helps more in reducing weight: hot water or cold water?
i cant seem to keep my promise to myself....?
how maney calories to eat in one day?
What is the best diet pill out there?
how can i put on weight?
What's your favorite exercise device?
Who actually eats breakfast?
What is histoplasmosis? and how do you get it?
Does Sleep Apena cause mental issues??
whats the best remedy for halitosis?
what is upper respiatory infection?
side effects of Fentanyl pain patch?
URGENT!!! PLEASE HELP! I need to know about lung tranplants...?
what's the cure for AIDS?
How does Bird Flu transmit?
aged 32, how long can i live with hiv?
What are the strategies towards Sustainable Domestic Water Supply?
will AIDS attack through mosquitoes and sallon affected blades?
I have never got chicken pox be4 (i am 24 now), but I have been exposed to someone who got it.?
Can you get herpes during a blood transfusion?
Does Herpes and Boils look similar? If so what do they look like?
How do you determine if your STD is cured?
where can i find places to get tested for aids and other stds?
Stressed out by hpv?
What is your cure for cuticles?
how do can you treat a human from rat poison ?
what is life?????
How can I get my husband to clean up behind himself?
Is there a free website that will help me study for cosmetology boards?
If we can hear all sound frequencies, what would be the most irritating sound sitting at your quiet home?
what are some home remedies for head lice?
How do I get over it, and do I have the right to be mad?
I need self motivational tips? (recovering from social widrawl and substance abuse) ?
do people really go through mid-life crisis, if so how do you know if your there?
I'm not able to make a decision,am i a weak person?
My brother is schizophrenic. I feel like I've lost him already, Is there a cure for this horrible disease?
Does anyone else feel like they're starving as a side effect of taking antidepressants?
do i suffer from asperger's syndrome??????
Does anyone have any information on the topic of enlarged heart? My fiance' was recently dx and is worried
What is perifial aretery disease?
Does weight lifting raise my blood pressure?
can flovent cause an irregular heartbeat ?
does sleep depravation cause hypertension?
Has anyone here had angioplasty or a stint put in,.how painful was it afterward and how long for recovery?
What is the detailed medical use of radiation for treating cancer? Specifically breast cancer?
How come do smokers suffer cancers comparing to non-smokers?
Question on lymphoma?
What excally is prostate cancer? Cause my brother in laws father has it, and my papaw died from it, cause it?
MSG in other than the US?
Triggers For Cluster Headaches?
state the type of reaction which takes place to relieve acid indigestion?
Is Robaxin 750 mg's stronger than Soma's?
does mud help the pain of a bee sting?
Is there anyway to lessen Morphine withdraw?
Do they make adult tylenol liquid that is sugar free?
at which time the arythmias of thrombolytic reperfusion of coronary disease will occur?
how is left subclavian artery bypass done?
what is a p v c arrythimia?
whether it is good to continue medicines which control lipids,sugar etc if after reducing it required levels.?
why does my body ache after i eat?
is taking candesartan, coenzyme Q10 & simvastatin everyday for a year for hypertension and atherosclerosis?
i need to no do i have ocd?
what is kienbock's disease?
I just had back surgery and need some help with post surgery do's and don'ts?
What is the best medicine for rheumatoid arthritis? Low side effects please. Nothing seems to work for me.?
what causes matted fur on cats?
Why when i meet guys they automatically look at my breasts? Do you know why?
Strange headache on zoloft and other side effects, anyone else?
i am really afraid from the antidepressant i am taking (effexor) but the doctor said that i have to?
Is it possible to feel out of sorts after missing a dose of celexa?
What is the most perverted thing you have ever seen?
How do you get rid of a negative attitude and rebuild self-confidence?
Recently a close frined took his own life and no one knows why?
If you found out your mate was cheating, what would you do?
My left eye is red - but not my right - i've been taking care of a few sick nephews. - What could it be?
health issue?
What is ib profin used for?
does anyone know if blue cross blue shield covers methadone clinics?
Has anyone tried Activia yogurt to help regulate their digestive system, like the commercials suggest?
pronounce phoropter?
what does it mean if your sed rate is slightly high?
Explain why a health care provider cannot guarantee medical treatment?
Do people make mistakes based on their personalities?
Is there any way to relieve back spasms?
I need an Orthepedic doctor in Portland?
Broken toe HELP...?
How can you prevent your knees from popping?
Benign back tumor- massage or no?
If A Bruise is a blot clot, can it by any means kill you?
What is the rate of restenosis of coronaries comparing the use of drug eluded & plain stents.?
what does a dilated ventricle mean?
I am a 55 year old male and I have to get a full body scan by a dermatologist looking for any possible cancer.
Did anyone have Hodgkins Disease? If so, did it come back again?
does leatrile really worcks, how?
how dose cancer get over with in a few day or mouths or a year. How dose it make people few abotut cancer.?
Do plants get cancer?
how can u get sick?
I am trying to understand what hppens when cancer metastasizes and the treatment concers when this happens.?
what are the extra cardiac vascular complications of rheumatic heart disease?
wher is the best hospital or doctor for hart vale replacment?
Can we get more information on Dr. Cres Miranda of the Nevada Heart and Vascualar Center?
Does a heart catherization show more detail than a cardiolite stress test?
Bathing and Grooming Practices across cultures?
why dont we ever run out of tears?
How do you release your tention/stress?
What is the very best facial moisturizer?
Can you die from being shot in the arm or the leg?
can you die from anorexia nervosa?
I want to be beautiful, a real beauty, is there anything i can do, given that i cannot afford makeup and all?
What is average life expectancy after diagnosis of emphysema.? Does lung capacity EVER improve with emphysema?
could you give me rsvp ( a sickness)web site?
Can 7 months of sec hand smoke seriously injure me?
why is the color of phlegm green, sometimes brown?
To Respiratory Therapists....Do you still use IPPB therapy?
How do i read a Sleep apnea report?
Why do they test the fluid from a thoracentesis for amylase and glucose?
How many people die of human flu in a year in the USA?
is there any relation between serum ana levels and occurance of stroke in patients without lupus?
Why do people with arthritis and other ailments's hands contort and hyperextend at the fingers/knuckles?
Besides surgery, what helps peyronies?
what is vertigo?
what is hemofilia? i want the answer in malay...tq?
can someone tell me the symptoms for anxiety and panic disorders?
How do you encounter the endless stress that your only son is giving you?
question on sincerity?
I want to be totally self-confident, what is the easiest way ?
r their some stds that can be healed w/o treatment?
concerning hiv and aids, what is cd4 count?
What is the HIV/Aids rate amongst ex-drug users?
i need help?
how does wearing eye contact feel?
eyesight test results?
I cut my cornea. How long must I wait before I can go in for a regular exam?
long sighted-ness?
Does anyone know What the ingredients are which make up chemotherapy?
Burning sensation in right breast?
Is there any remedy for the patient with bone cyst in Alternative medicine.?
doctors only (read for details)?
Cirugia Corazon?
Is Angina dangerous to need immediate treatment ?
where can i get information on what a personal support worker does to help a patient who had a heart attack?
what is global hypokinesia?
Is it a good idea to remove wisdom teeth?
If you need your wisdom teeth out can it cause ringing in the ears (roots in sinus cavity maybe?)?
what works best for a toothache?
Who and when invented tooth brush?
Does orange peel kill the bacteria that causes perodontal disease?
how often do you go to the dentist?
What foods have the ensyme lysine in them?
my sister is complaining a tooth ache?
Will plain hydrogen peroxide whiten my teeth? (gargle with that and water)?
My daughter & Triptorelin (Decapeptyl 3.75mg)?
What have your experiences been with IgG allergy testing? I was recently tested and 31 foods came up positive.
why do we get allergie from the food?
In an Autopsy Report?
Knuckle Scars?
ever been punched totally unexpected in the stomach before? only want to hear from real experiences,?
Why do I get a stomach ache when I smell toothpaste on an empty stomach?
I just started taking methadone for pain. How should this medicine make me feel?
What home remedies can I use to help a very bad sinus headache?
Is it possible to drink too much water? I'm drinking about 9 glasses/day.?
How much does a tummy tuck cost?
which is good for health -wine or beer???
I'm a female & started doing squats for my legs but they are getting bigger not smaller when will this shift?
anyone looking 4 a 13 yearold male in maine usa?
What are some symptoms of bipolar disorder?
Are you aware of any natural remedies for depression?
do you know a good place to find out easy belly exercises?
How can I touch my tongue to my elbow?
what's clinnical psychology?
what is the best way to change yor sleep patters?
i want to learn about hypnosis?
How many fat calories are you sosposed to have no more of per day?
Dont know whats wrong wit me?
can the brain regenerate cells and make new connections after years and years of hard drug abuse?
is it okay to take MucinexD medicine with high blood pressure medicine?
How Do coping responses influence psychological health outcomes?
For hypercholesterolemia I take fluvastatin 80mg/day for 7 months. Advise any better drug to lower liver risk.
what tests are performed on patients prior to being added to transplant registry?
Why do my legs cramp up when I walk?
um..i gotta queston?
What is the best cure of a hacking cough?
what is the difference between physical therapy and athletic training?
If Massage therapy courses do not include sensual massage.does that mean it is harmful for the body?
Should the U.S. switch to a social model for providing health care (like Canada)?
Has anyone heard of DMSO??
NOLVADEX do you anything about it please?
Can a person that is about to die of lukemia live a relatively normal life like traveling around the country?
st. jude's protocol for ALL?
how to prevent breast cancer?
How can I get a list of doctors in my area (Los Angeles: San Fernando Valley) who accept MediCal insurance?
Is Alzheimer's hereditary?
Has anything happened today that has made you so mad that you just can't contain it anymore?
i constantly feel starving, i think i have an eating dissorder???
IF things turn out so bad & i feel i hate the world & everything !! what do i do ?!!?
Anyone else suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder?
I don't want to go anywhere anymore. I just want to go to work and come home. How do I get out of this cycle?
I met this guy years ago on the internet, is he Esquizofrenic?
is expired tylenol dangerous?
How do you cure runny noses?
web programmer + calcutta + freelancer?
What's the best way to recover from overexertion while shoveling snow?
Cosmetic Surgery - Which procedure would you have done?
what is the diffrence between lortab 5/500 and 7.5?
What causes callouses on Knuckles ?
can low to moderate alcohol comsumption cause eczema?
how do you get rid of ezecma?
What is the best way to get superglue out of your fingers, before and after they dry up?
my underarms&neck is black how can i get rid of it?
Do you have any tips against acne/spots, that worked for you?
no question just a response?
What is the best way to deal with ezcema, mostly on the lower legs?
What cpt codes for photofacial treatments are covered by insurance?
What exactly is multiple sclerosis?
Should I be worried re: my teens clubbing of her toenails? She's 15. Fingernails are ok. Bad Headaches too.
what is the medical diagnosis when you are sleeping, but your mind is awake and you can't move any muscles?
How does Aedes Aegypti infect human?
How can I get my aunt to stop smoking when she has quit and went back on it?
In 2004, how many 12-17 year olds have used marijuana?
what does high IgG and IgM values mean in immunoglobolin blood tests?
what is suprapatellar osteophyte-it was found in my xray of the knee?
what are some ways to help with the hacking cough brought on by COPD?
Attn respiratory therapist?
Unexplained intermittent metallic taste?
What is the best way to fight bronchitis?
advantages of non heated large volume nebulizers?
how do you make a broken bone heal faster?
Bumped my shin. Now have a scabbed sore that won't heal. What ointment should I use? Bandage or not?
Has anyone ever had an ankle fixated by an Orthopedic Surgeon?
Please explain why an outside broken bone of the foot is called a dansers broken bone?
Any medical professionals out there??
How do you use more of your brain?
How to handle a husband with a anger problem?
Borderline Personality Disorder, does hypnotherapy work?
In what age do the symptoms of schizophrenia show up?
Does anyone have Depersonalization Disorder?
can you help me pleaseee?
childhood stress?
What are the best jobs for people with bipolar disorder?
what is the history of coronary heart disease?
how soon after a heart stent is fitted can you drive?
I need to download form stating "no artificial life support for me" to give my kids. Where?
Why wait so long for a pacemaker?
Is there going to be further research on cardiomyopathy?
Are antibiotics effective against AIDS?
Is throat chlamydia or gonorrhea transmitable by tongue kissing?
How well does HIV survive outside the body?
Is anyone allergic to Mustard?
How hopeful can a patient be with stage IV non hodgkin lymphoma onchemotherapy ?
what are the long-term health-related conseguences of tobbaco use?
Do skin cancers develop on on scar tissue?
Is a" presumed "fatty tumor something to be concerned about?
Whats the best way to get rid of Mono?
What's the chance of me getting cancer if 3-4 people in my extended family have/havehad cancer?
HPV and cancer?
how can i help my best friend feel better?
what are the risky behaviors that influence AIDS infection?
how much is the pancreas average size?
my hands and feet hurt?
say someone sick handles and coughs all over a piece of paper. How long would those germs last on that paper?
does galstones return after surgry?
what is avian flu?
my friend has a permanent cough and has to drink cough syrup everyday is there any permanent cure for this???
I'm sick & can't stop coughing...help, I can't sleep at night, and my throats is raw!?
does yoga have any side-effects?
The eye Dr told me i had a tilted iris but i can't find any information on the internet. Can u help me?
what home remidies help mouth sores like chancre sores?
does anyone else have thos wite heads on the middle of the chin?
What does walgreens do if you dont pick up your prescription?
I have just been diagnosed with athletes heart. What can be done to protect my heart?
what all-causes mortality means?
AED/ Pacemaker Usage?
smoking v.s heart?
Someone I know who has hypertension always complain of neck/shuolder pain and needs for these areas to be mass
is there any subsitute for Zyprexa Zidis? It is very drowsy.?
how can you tell if you are psychotic?
How do you start becoming the person you want to be, when it seems so hard to change?
What kind of a specialist/doctor would I need to look at possible carpal tunner in hand?
Lortab or Xanax which is better for sedation?
Pain in the hands &feet joints?
My doctors Rx pads uses to have the words triple i, not anymore, why was I accused of ....?
other than menstral cramps what would cause severe lower abdominal pains?
if you have no insurance, and a kidney stone, how much will the er cost?
What or how should one feel after kidney surgery? Will you need someone to care for you?
what is the best and latest remedy for mouth cancer?
Is moderate ductal carcinoma curable if detected early?
what causes body tremors?
Where can I get a wig made for my grandma using my hair?
What Are Amyloids?
Does marijuana preserve the myelin sheath in demyelinating diseases?
Parkinson's Disease ?
What is the cause of persistent hiccups, and how can one avoid it?
is there a way that bulimics start gaining weight after throwing up for so long?
what is an intracranial lesion?
protocol for dobutaimine stress test?
red blood cells small and light in color?
Can a sudden cardiac arrest on a woman causes her period/menstruation to halt at the same time?
i checked my blood pressure and doctor said it is a bit high, i've palpitation does my BP relates to my palp?
Can you pass out in your sleep?
How do I deal with depression?
What is the effects of autism in children?
my sister is harassing my elderly father, what should i do?
How does a procrastinator motivate themselves to get stuff done?
Pleas Help me please help please...?
why can't we all just get along?
I've asked this before, but I only recieved two answers and they weren't very good, so...?
who invented the eyeglasses?
is it a good idea to massage a bruise?
I need health coverage for my family from now til Apr 1, when my company's insurance kicks in. Any ideas?
whats the best way to drop the nicotine habit (without) using money?
how can i break a habit?
Have they developed a way to keep hair from getting gray yet?
How do I make a 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash? I see them sold, but would like to make my own.?
how do i get an object out of my rectum?
how is muscle atrophy caused and who is prevelant to getting it?
The Doctor said Mom may be having TIAs. He explained that is mini strokes. What do the letters,TIA stand for?
why do sum ppl get backs under their eyes when they wake up?
is skin depigmenting safe?
How can I make my varicose veins less visible?
I have bad sinus condition along with an ear that is blocked/whooshing sound sometimes I get dizzy?
Mass found in lungs. biopsy taken and waiting one long wk for results. What could it be?
a fridge blow up where i work and i exposed to the gases am i in any long term danger?
Can you donate blood when you've got alerigic asthma?
best cf doctors in usa?
My mom has diabetes, what is a normal blood surgar reading to be in a safe zone?
what will happen if blood sugar drops too low?
Are there any insulin medications, other than the injection, currently on the market?
what is the impact of sleep apnea on diabetes?
Which glucose meter has the LEAST expensive test strips?
i have gestational diabetes. can anyone give me tips on how to handle this kind of situation? thank you!?
what are some symptoms of diabetes?
what should your blood sugar number be 2 hours after eating?
What does leaking heart valves mean in a 23yr old female?
I am looking for a place in San Luis Obispo California to donate my hair to. I've already gotten it cut.?
do you believe in wholistic health?
How long does it take for Biopsy results?
Any man out there with "Prostate Cancer" receiving an injection to control the cancer ?
what is a melanoma?
continuous drop of water from one nostril?
What is the sternutatory reflex.?
need a 3d picture human heart?
What is folactic acid?
what is a galloping heart beat in a adult?
can you catch herpes from a hot tub?
What are the biological and chemical basis of the pathology of treponema pallidum (syphilis)??
what std makes you go blind.can it be cured?
If you come in physical contact with AIDS infected person, how much time it will take for virus to infect you.
My private area hurts AFTER i pee. NOT during, but like when I go sit down or something.what is this?STDmaybe?
Why can't everyoe with aids be segregated like lepers until the disease dies out?
My son has chronic abdominal pain. He's been in the hospital and to the doctor several times. Any answers?
Is Fibromyalgia proven and actually a medical condition/disease?
Alcoholism-has anyone ever beat it without a 12 step program?
What can I do about a extremely painful back spasm?
random knee pain?
MRI Help: I need to get an MRI for my knee. I also have shoulder pain. Should I have both areas at once?
whats the best medication for panic attacks?
Need info on Bipolar disorder?
what can i do as a parent, to get this 42 yr old man arrested for raping my 16 yr daughter?
why is it so easy to be bad?
how can i stop being so negative?
What is the average Bp when exercising.?
what does retrocardiac mean?
what is mmoi/L?
What body systems are affected by CHF?
In layman's terms, what are ST Depressions? Thank you?
can a person survive if they have bone cancer?
Is there any better drug for AML leukemia than Mylotarg ??
can severe constapation be a sighn of prostate cancer? it's an older relitive of mine.?
what happens when a person has stage 3 lung disease? Can it be cured?
what is arimadex?
Is it true that benign cancerous cells can turn malignant even if treated?
How can anxiety be cured ?
why do people throw and break glass objects sometimes in anger?
does the medicine abilify cause weight gain?
What is a good way to get motivated,when you have severe depression,and other Mh problems?
It''s getting worse every day. I go into total panic attack mode at thought of leaving the house.?
Can depression manifest itself as lack of drive and interst at work?
is there a mental disease that causes people to eat paper,chew paper an pull out there hair,alot?
How long does a root canal procedure usually take?
Should my 17 year old son have his wisdom teeth out?
Does anyone know how to whiten your teeth in an inexpensive way??
Where does one go to get a grant for dental work?
What is the most permanent wayto whiten teeth?
Is there a better time of day to have dental work done?
Why teeth gum changes color?
DO "Whitening" toothpastes really make teeth whiter? Is there any brand that actually does?
How can I clear sinus congestion?
If a client was on a MDI, corticosteroid, preventative, parasympathetic,and sympathetic, what order are given?
2D echo cardiogram result show left ventricular end diastolic dimension decreased from 76 to 65mm.Is ds gud?
Does your body still produce blood when your immune system is down?
How does your hospital treat ards?
My father has been diagnosed with pulomnary fibrosis due to his job of 20 years ; do we have legal recourse?
My husband had open heart surgery and then developed ARDS 5 hours later, that was 3years AGO. Input from DR,RN
What is does recombant mean?
Why does eating bananas make you want to go to the toilette?
Oasis Wellness Network Anyone?
Does/can Fluorescent light cause eye twitching?
Centro Botanico de Mexico, Colonia Doctores?
Does your hair grow when you're in a coma?
What is a good thing to help babies with an ear infection? To stop the pain etc.. anything will help!?
What is a good and permanant solution to slip disk?
anybody about ticks?
Are there any medical tests that can be done for hormonal imbalances ie. blood tests etc?
does your body get used to pain pills?
in which way the baby breathe in the mother's stomach?
help it hurts?
what is the main cause of lumps on the back of the neck and hairline?
Support group for cancer patient?
etiology of lung cancer?
what is valley fever?
hi. when AIDS attacks human beings.what r the causes for it.?
What can I expect in the long term with a 3 year old male with Trisomy 8 Mosaicism Syndrome?
where can I find a skin cancer specialist in Pasco County Fl., that takes United Health Care Insurance?
how do i get to sleep i just can not get to sleep?
Where can I find a list of good liposuction clinics in Taiwan?
What would happen if you made all your blood go to your head for one hour while upside down?
Are there any restrictions on the sale of ipecac?
how do you get rid of cold sores?
My Wife face ocasionly have colvution on the right side, made her don't feel comfortable, have some treatment?
Does the length of our sleep affect the way teenagers grow, especially around the pre-teen years of 10-13?
Beard area on my face has become very rough. how to set it right?
what are cysts?
what can or how do you treat keloid scars?
why are my hands always sweaty?
what can I do to make hives go away? I get them every time I scratch, or rub my arms, legs, or thighs.?
Can you get a cold sore in your nose?
How do I prevent a burn from scarring?
What is this?
what are the causes of hirsutism in newborns ?
if you have a history of heart trouble what are the dangers of pregnacy?
Is Congestive heart Failure a condition like strep throat or a disease like heart disease?
can a coronary artery bypass be done using the coronary arteries from another donor?
I am looking for a handout with blood pressure information for a health fair I am going to be putting on.?
a form of coronary angiography report?
How to get help for people who don't know they are depressed?
How do you think one can overcome ghosts from the past?
wats a good way to work out??
im thin, what will i eat in order for me to gain muscles, should i drink milk once a day?
How can I tone up my abs and chest FAST!?
how can you lose weight really really fast?? Is it at all possible to lose 10 lb in a couple days?
Do you know of any remedies to get rid of the unwanted belly fat after a pregancy?
i tried many diet programs , ended with very weak muscles which doesn't allow me to do any exercise - help pls
I'm poor and don't eat very much, how come I'm overweight and not losing any??
Can previous intake of antihisimines prevent anaphhylaxis? Can taking a Claritin provide a buffer to shock?
Is there a place where there are NO yellow jackets?
Hi, Don t you think that marriage is the best way to fight AIDS?
what is the pathophysiology of frequent urination?
I honestly believe that I have found the cure for the Avian Bird Flu. How can I have my formula tested ?
what is the normal life span of a person with hepatitus c?
what is Introductol Papalomce?
Where can I find information on cancer research for a research paper?
If cancer treatments don't work, what will happen? Will it be fatal?
3years ago I was told i had a swollen lymph. Its is solid and still the same.. should I be concerned? Its hard
what are the chances of a medical lawsuit for misdiagnoses?
About 5 yrs ago I had skin cancer how can i prevent it from coming back please help?
what is carcinoma of head pancreas with mestatases?
Does gum give you cancer?
what do out beaks of herpes look like?
If one is infected with virus HIV for 5 years, what are the symptoms will occur?
which type of coronary stent advisable to implant? plain or cobalt coated or drug eluting, which one is good?
is there a specific difference in having a heart attack and an angina?
what is first degree av block?
What is the list price for a Boston Scientific Maverick PTCA Dilatation Balloon Catheter? Ref # 38080-0832?
What is the best way to prevent kidney stones when taking furosemide?
a chart of the organs of the body?
What is acid rain and how does it develop?
What are the best things you can do for your arthritis?
What is Codependency?
My wife is majoring in pshycology and has just been diag. manic depressive, how can i help? is it dangerous?
I love the taste of hamburgers, but stop after the first bite realizing what I am eating, litterly.?
Why did I bother waking up today?
Is having an imaginary friend at age 14 strange?
is there a phobia of mail?
Dose any mother here have a child with a lerning Disablity that cant take care of them selves?
Why can't I donate blood plasma?
where on the web can I find free posters and photos of the heart and heart rhythms?
dose having a small heart attack cause a Harding aorta block?
what causes harden aortaheart?
swelling and paining ankle in a person with heart problem could be a bad symptoms of gravity of heart disease?
Do power drinks cause heart attacks?
How soon after knee replacement surgery can a person traver by plane?
how can you tell a break in your ankle from a sprain?
how do you disolve scabs?
I sprained my risk on my bike , any advice on speeding up the recovery process?
I need help with some relief with my arm.?
does anyone know what to do if your shoulder is hurting..i think i injured my rotat cuff?
I ruptured my ear drum last week, can i still fly this weekend?
Does anyone know of any websites helpful in cancer info?
How does a tumor feel?
Is leukemia a virus or bacteria?
I read an article on the www. a few years ago about a family that got sick from their hottub. Can't find Help
what is a honeycombed lung?
what site can i get nursing diagnosis & nursing care plan?