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Is flouride supplements needed for adults?
Is 23 to old for braces?
where can I get a list of low cost oral surgeons?
Is there a way to stop recesive gums? Is it expensive?
Does using antibiotics (clindamycin) make it take longer to recover from a cold?
Have you had your wisdome teeth pulled???
When I floss.. I bleed sometimes.. Why?
od any of u hav braces?
To the girl with the alcoholic baby daddy?
Where does the information that obesity is on the rise come from?
can people with PKU get on ssi?
What are the symtoms of migraine?
my nephew has ulcerative colitis what are some good foods for him to eat and help him gain weight without pain
what is the trouble chronic venous insufficiency may bring to those who have it?
Overuse of vitamin C, what are the effects of the body and organs.?
how much will it cost in US when someone got dengue fever..more or less how much? give me an amount please!?
what are the best ways to reduce cholesterol?
I'd like to know about this psychological problem: tricolicomania?
People are mad at me aren't they?
My friend seems to be a hypochondriac. How can I tell her?
greiving for a loved one should be natural but i just cannot?
What does seroquel the medicine do?Why do they put people on it??
klonopin is the other pills i am taking, 1 mg in the morning and 1 in the evening.?
What are the consequences of AIDs?
is there an hpv vaccine out there and where can I get it?
I am so kind, but in away I can get very crabby!?
Do you consider yourself a resilient person? Can bounce back from life's hard knocks?
why somepoeple talk with themselves?
how to manage anger?
St. John's Wort for Major Depression?
What is the average IQ score of a 13-year-old?
Why do people get lonely?
how do you determine regular anxieties of everyday life with more series anxiety?
what is the name of the "steam" that comes from your breath on a cold day?
how to online shopping?
Why does my finger turn black under my ring? It is real gold.?
fingerprints and hereditary dna doe that effect the fingerprints please guve some facts?
I have a very short hair since i was a little girl,it grows very hard.Do you have any solutions for that?
Why do people get gray hair?
can a macular of the eye get better on its own without surgery?
What's the best thing to do for smelly feet?
How do I find drug dosages calculations?
What kind of doctor removed your kidney a nephrologist or urologist?
what is phase 4 cancer?
I ve heard that if Sodium Laureth Sulfate is an ingredient in any shampoo,it can cause Cancer.Is it true?
Is it true that the heart is (I think) the single organ that never develops cancer? If so, Why?
Where can I find a support group for Overian cancer?
Ever have Cancer?
Is it true that you cannot give an out of state Bone Marrow donation???
Could someone have fatal allergies to horse hair and/or dander if they were properly medicated?
Waxing allergy and 5 hours to go! Help!?
Can an asthma patient be kept in airconditioned rooms ?
Does tin foil give any diseases?
is an organic food diet good for healing cancer?
mucus to glue?
Are Ionizer good for as Asthmatic?
what are the nursing diagnosis related to a deviated septum?
does heartburn have anything to do with asthma?
Is 70% lung capacity dangerous?
I have no insurance or $ and have RA, RSD, PMR, and cervical spondylosis. Where can I go for help?
What is best treatment for herniated disc and sciatica?
What is wrong with a shoulder that clicks when moved?
hi! im jay-ar i nid some information about AIDS especially how it is been transmitted to other. reply ASAP!?
how will i get rid of this stiff neck?
What is the disease labled nph?
can you really treat strep throat at home, without antibiotics?
depressed? bipolar? WHAT OS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?
Depression or chemical imbalance?
Can a person donate their organs if they have committed suicide?
your mind......?
Should I go inpatient?
Is there any scientific link between watching news and getting depression?
Has any one ever gone thru a identity issues before...?
Why do I get bruises soo easily?
what is the easiest way to cure bruises?
I twisted my knee now I have a hard time walking on it. What could be wrong with it?
Does anyone get a burning sensation on their feet while you are working out, or on the machines?
Anabolic steroids injection -- do I have an infection or abscess?
I have some sort of sore in my mouth. What do i do?
My chest hurts?
Does a black and blue mark on your back indicate a bruised muscle or a broken bone?
What could cause this back pain?
Is motrin 800 (mlg) good for a bad backache from menstrual cramps?
i am looking for requid the medicine?
Will sleeping in front of a fan or an open window cause a stiff neck?
Why do we sneeze? Why do our eyes close when we sneeze?
Is it normal to fear Bambi?
Is breathing automatic?
noise in my ears?
I need a chart to keep track of my prescribtions?
Have you taken a look at yourself lately?"?
Can Cephalexin be taken for a sinus infection or sinusitus?
Are you a morning person, mid morning person, afternoon or night owl person and why?
how to cure spring time allergies?
What is the cost of a laparascopic appendicitis surgery when you have no insurance?
How long do you need to exercise before your legs dont become crampy?
What happens to fish bones that we eat--do they get dissolved or pass through?
Can i do 200 sit-ups everyday? Or do i have to give my stomache muscles a rest on some days?
How can I get over my addiction of eating?
how many grams of protein does a single hen egg contain?
What organization or individual created WebMD.com? Please respond ASAP!?
Why do i get so agitated when I have nothing to do???
Has anyone ever taken Lexapro?? If so what have your results been? did it work? Any changes in weight?
My friend thinks he has some kind of disease or cancer, what do you think?
what is hotchkins disease?
Are the physical therapist doctors?
What does the appendix do?
pain in the glutes and lower back? what could be wrong?
will herpes ever have a cure?
I am trying to find the D Magazine issue of March 1988. Where would I find this reprint?
treatment of tonsilities?
I'm need to know if the virus of herpes is treatable & what the signs are for it?
what is the best treatment of ascariasis in 1 year old infant?
Waht do u do when you have Sinus Congestion/stuffy head, watery eyes that generally lasts not more than a day?
What are the top 8 states and cities rates are high in AIDS?
Does high liver enzymes mean you have hepatitis c?
Should I go to the doctor?
I'm looking for treatments for pancreatic cancer, trials, best places to go and Dr.'s to see .?
my aunt got lung cancer. she's dying. what should i do???????
What tests are good for detecting lung cancer?
information about treatment options for sino-nasal neuroendocrine carcinoma?
If someone has Leukaemia....why can't he undergo a complete blood transfusion and be cured?
My son just had a biopsy he has cancer he has new type now called ectomesenchymal dont know what it is help!!!
How much does a Cat Scan cost ?
Is it true that cancer is actually many different diseases?
what are you attracted to (for guys)?
Where can I find an English speaking opthamologist in Tokyo?
does your nose grow all your life?
does taking adderall increase metabolism?
Day after day my hair keeps falling,any advice please?.?
list of all female filipino workers in hongkong and their profile?
Why cant women stay away from beauty products?
how do i get rid off pins and needles?
tell me about stress thalium test to know the health of heart and also let me know how is it done?
How can you tell the difference between pink eye and allergies?
I am looking for an air purifier designed after the one on the space station?
Does pulmonary rehabilitation prolong life in people with COPD ?
How do you calculate the number of pack years for a smoker?
found two spot on upper part of right lung what can be the cause?
how to fight cold which caused by dust and cool climate? how can it affect me so often?
where did asthma happen first?
Can i inhale marijuana through a vaporizer if i have bad asthma?
what is theophiline levels?
What diagnostic tests are used to diagnose respiratory failure?
Anyone Lose a Parent ? Let me know how to deal i just did april 3rd?
Will I get more answers if I just say I'm lonely, someone talk to me, rather than trying to come up a good Q?
Why do people need to sleep?
To whom do I report almost every kind of abuse to a 35year old man with learning difficulties? Thanks.?
How do you overcome paranoia?
How long is too long to wear braces?
why do we have black spots on the gums.?
How can I fixa lost filling without going to a dentist........something that will last more tha a 1/2 a day..
What has been your best method for whitening your teeth?
why don't dentist's offices have doors on there rooms?
any secret for teeth whiteners? what dentist use?
Listerine Mouthwash causes Yellow Teeth?
Where can I find information about "day" teeth clenching?
I have an ovarian cyst i have been experiancing alot of sharp pains what do i do?
would like to know about hole in the retina of eye. how can it be controlled - diet and what exercises?
how do I stop feeling sick?
can you give me some info on a disease called hpvblood disease.?
Oh My Goodness My Corneas are on Fire, Who Makes Good Sunglasses?
has anyone have ?
Is there a big proplem with my eyes?
How much would it cost to see an Opthamologist ?
How to increase myopia (nearsightedness)?
i need to know how much should i need to spend for the eye operation...?
how to get smarter?
do bananas help you stop smoking?
I can't handle anymore!!?? :(:(?
Tell me about pancreatic cancer, what it does and how it progresses.?
If cancer found in left shoulder after surgery of brest cancer, what is stage of it?
How can you know if you have a good cancer surgeon?
how do I change from acidic to alkaline environment in my body to destroy cancer cells?
what does some soft lumps on an adult's head means?
what are survival odds for bone cancer?
how do u spell lukima?
Do I, or dont I have Carpal Tunnel?
i have numbness and tingling on my left foot, the outa heel what does this mean?
Is there any relief?
do you know what this is?
what is compliance aid and Topical medication?
For how long can a person take Glucosamine,Chondotroin sulphate tablets?
Anyone know about foot pain/growths?
what are the signs of a fracture because i think i fractured my wrist?
Is this a dislocated Pinky??
How to get rid of Stitch Spots?
what happens to the body at the moment of death?
can 3 unsuccessful back fusion surgeries contribute to inguinal hernia later in life?
what are supplements to help with colitis?
How do you treat a viral infection?
best childrens hospital in the country?
what is psychosomatic disease?
Where can a baby less than a year old get a liver transplant operation for free or get sponsors for it?
cure to lupus??
What are the causes of and remedies for dry eyes.?
Is My son at risk for another stroke, He keeps complaing of headaches?
I'm 5ft5, 280lbs, fast pulse and resp. Blood sugar is not bad. Need to lose weight, medical advise?
Any help in mixed state bipolar? I take Prozac & Lamictal since one year, it is good but not enough.?
My grandma is siening un the hospital and I feel myself blaming her caregiver who signed the pares to bether a
I have an adult friend that I know has ADHD but refuses to acknowledge. How can I help her get treatment?
Does Psychiatry still Perform the Labotomy ( cutting chuncks of your brain out ) ?
How many calories do you lose when you run?
i wanted to know how many calories i burn after doing 20 minutes of pilates.?
Whats the best way to tell your youngest college age child you have cancer?
where would i go to find information on drainage of the breast and what causes it?
what exactly is non-hodkins lymphoma?i know it's a cancer but....?
what is small cell metastasis of the liver?
how can i stop eating chocolate?i'm a chocoholick?
My husband needs surgery for cancer. I am looking for a way to take time off and also get some income?
How come I can't get rid of my "love-handles"?
Is there any org. that can help with treatment for illegales with hiv in usa?
If you have cased 2 of herpes is it still possible to have an outbreak in your mouth?
do u think a girl 11 is over wait if shes 95 pounds and 4ft9?
How do you get rid of cold sores?
Very concerned friend?
What is the best home gym for under $2000. I am looking at the Precor Zuma...anyone know how that is?
ThermoDynamX versus Lean System 7- which works better?
Can a pregnant person go to the gym?
What is the safest way to lose weight?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a cowlick in your hair? Or at least make one lay down?
Is it true that people vom U.S. eat and watch TV the whole day?
What determines if eyes are hazel?
Have you ever had a hickey? How did you get rid of it?
what is gerovital?
Scientific term for pee-ing blood? (From like damage in a car accident)?
anybody ever suffer from dry socket?
What is the average cost of a brain MRI in the US (or, if the information available, in Hawaii)?
How do I cure a Migraine without OTC Medications?
I coughed up silicone like phlegm. What is it?
where should I advertise to hire a scientist with cf to research cystic fibrosis in Boston?
does incentive spirometry decreace the incidence of COPD pts returning to the hospital?
Does pain in ribs mean there is something wrong?
Can tuberculosis be treated permanently?
what gas ? is produced when you mix muratic acid with clorine bleach?
Is there a reason why an atopic dermatitis is not responding to cortisone, and, is spreading more??
Any one suffering from severe sunburns?
my doctor recomand me frontin.what is for ?what kind of medicin shoult i use becouse i am depresed?
looking for psychiatrist acceptinb blue cross ins. northeast ohio?
What are the side effects of taking the drug serequol and coffee and caffeine pills?
what are learnign disabilities?
can a person be paid to foster an aged relative in Michigan? if so how?
What are the Psychological affects on rape vicitims?
What Should i Do .. HELP ME PLEASE ????
How can one calculate the money spent on alcohol and drug abuse over a period of years?
Missed dose of venlafaxine - HELP!?
Im haveing emotinal and friend problems ... wat should i do??
radiation and chemo. Has not slowed the growth of brain cancer, What are my options?
what is the survival rate of renal cell carcinoma?
How does one do that has renal cell carcinoma, diabetic and has three leaking heart valves?
what is the diff. between refined flour and enriched flour?
does your spouses insurance have to cover you if yu no longer have insurance?
I understand chemotherapy harms the body's immune system. What foods help the body's immunity system?
sore spot on scalp?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
Does anyone take Fish oil pills for arthritis, and does it help?
I need a cure for cracks in my fingers?
Is my baby too big?
Waht are sources of Vitamin D?
What is the difference between a DO and MD?
Has anyone ever heard of connection between Paxil and IBS or chronic diarrhea?
Has your doctor found pain medication for fibromyalgia?
What can cause pain in the upper right abdomen, and persistent vomiting?
what is the best medicine(tablets or syrup)for curing severe dry cough?
How does heredity play a role in schizo affective disorder or can it be inherited?
what are the symptoms of mono?
whats the birds and the bees???
Question about CBC Blood test?
what's really good for arthritis and really works? really...?
what does cranberry juice really do for you in your urinary system?
What is the best sport for people with bad ankles?
health insurance privacy act? (HIPA)?
I have a stinging burning rash all over my body.What could it be from?
Do you put the tolilet seat lid down before you flush ?
Need info on meds for ADD (need info on Zenitol and clarocet etc.)?
Does anyone else hear knocking and noone is there?
What is the best way of getting rit of a cold?
what's a quick medecine for high blood pressure?
Does anyone know about the book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About"?
I found a white pill. It is rectangle with 2 bars,sectioned in 3 . on side it has 5 on each bar&93&1003 on bac
tmj and asian herbal techniques to relieve pain and also does Letha Hadady have an article on TMJ?
I have an ear infection. I took all the amoxicillin perscribed. theres no pain any more,but i stilldonthearrig
Surcan, it is imported from Europe, I believe. It my be used to treat prostate cancer?
Wild Lettuce??
Can Chronic anemia disorder be from rh factor blood?
bloodstest to detect lung cancer?
what's my chace of survival if i don't take Tamoxifen after lumpectomy follwed by chemo -6 cycl & radiation
My friend's doctor has recommended one chemo treatment "just in case." Is there any reason/value in one dose?
What cancers are considered hereditary?
How much does your chance for lung cancer go up per ciggarate you smoke, brand matter?
Do you have any ideas on a Cancer or Hep C cure?
ca a 13 years old by be affected by breast cancer?
if i needed to switch from celexa to wellbutrin is it a difficult process?
why when people are bored do the start to ask themselves the most ridiculous questions they can think of?
Why do you feel miserable when you are sick?
what is the bad effect of water particles in the air?
My 14 year old son gets continuous sinus infections even after using anti-biotics, any ideas?
What is the normal peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) of an adult?
specify how the lymphatic system works?
define cardiopulmonary resuscitation?
Why are children more prone to respiratory illnesses?
how many of you truly know about Tourette syndrome?
when I turn my head quickly or look up I loose balance. What could this be?
what's the best treatment for canker sores?
I have policystic kidney disease. What is the best way to slow progression?
what is a home remity to get rid of a ringworm?
Why does my daughter belch all the time even though she don't drink soda?
Can HIV virus be transmitted thru saliva? In any case?
What are treatments for herniated Cervial Neck discks?
how long on average do people live who have Hepititus "C" without any treatment.?
Is anyone else allergic to anti bacterial wipes.?
I received this e-mail from my husband...your prayers and fund raiser ideas would be wonderful...May God Bless
Glass in my foot- longer then 24 hours. Can it still come out?
Do I have to return to work after hip surgery within 4 weeks, I am told if I dont my comp will stop.?
Chemical burns in mouth?
i have a spike coming out of my neck. um, is that good. im not lying?
I was wondering if there's any procedure that would stop nerve abnormalities of the lumbar plexus and?
I fell abouta week ago ,i hit my knee itswelled up andthenit wentback almost tonormal now its swelled up again
how long does it take HIV to show up positive in your blood?
If you have hep C and get a woman pregnant will the baby have hep C?
what is staphylococcus?how is it treated and it sings?
is there a vaccine for gangrene?
how can you get rid of your sinus infection?
Has anybody had annemia from hepatitis c treatment,please relate?
what products can make stretch marks gone? how will i make my skin look more radiant and beautiful?
Does dandruff create facial problems as well as scalp problems?
thats great, now i cant get the fricken contacts out of my eyes... HELP?!?
Whats the best solution to not getting pregnant?
How do you make yourself shorter?
Why are kids getting fatter?
how do contacts work?
how can i make her aroused using my tool?
what are some do's and dont's while undergoing radiation?
what treatments are there for non operable pancreatic cancer?
Why does society mainly focus on Breast Cancer for women? As a thyroid cancer survivor at 24 this upsets me.?
garlic i wanna do research please?
Just how risky is a PET scan to eliminate the possibility of cancer in the case of a high AFP reading?
i want to find an oncology doctor that worked for the Navy?
Does Michael Thurman's 6 week body makeover really work?
What type of dance lesson would you recommend?
Which is the BEST FRUIT?
where can I find a good 2000 calorie diet?
How do you Gain Fat?
Has anybody tried Nutrisystem?
whats the best way to build mass when u excercise without any equipment? (strength training)?
When someone looses a lot of weight, where does all the fat and "disposed" weight go?
How can I get a lose the teeny bit of fat on my stomach so it is completely flat?
Does green tea really help you to loose weight more quicky?
What's the best cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
I have throat pain for the last 10 days.According to doctor My throat has no infection.Why I have pain?
why does cold wind make the inside of my ears hurt?
What is the best way to treat sciatic nerve pain at home?
how to get rid of cubital tunnel syndrome?
how can i get mt back to stop hurting?
Following a time of great loss and emotional turmoil is apathetic peace a warning sign of suicide?
what exactly is 'the clap'?
When you have HIV what is the lump that can appear on your neck and is there a reason to avoid people ?
Is it possible that I have herpers and that my girlfriend doesn't?
Can you catch herpes from non physical contact?
What's the best treatment for a cornea scratch?
HELP DOCTORS !!! If u can understand This TB report Please tell me .... plzz?
is blood transfusion safe?
What is the difference between an MRI without contrast versus one with contrast?
Has anyone been attacked by fire ants?
how do you lose wieght?
What is hurting in my side a month after appendectomy?
can HIV be spread through sharing a joint?
What do I do about this TMJ that hurts so bad every day all day long/ It's from being abused by a boyfriend
how many kilo's are in a pound?
How to stop a alchoholic from drinking?
How does cider vinigar work to reduce weight?
What causes acne!?
What is dyslexia?
Does wearing glasses increases the rate at which you lose eye sight?
how do you cope with graveyard shifts?
Does caffeine increase the risk for panic attacks?
Do cell phones really cause brain cancer?
does carrot good for person with cancer?
what is lucima ?
what is the difference between non-small cell lung cancer and small-cell?
Why do certain people act so two faced.?
How long can you go without brushing your teeth?
What's the difference between Bipolar I disorder and Bipolar II disorder?
what is it called when your afraid of open spaces?
why do i feel like i have to answer and solve everyone's problems?
I heard that we sometimes loose things because we *want* to loose them, is it true?
Why do I feel more opinionated today?
where can I find grief counseling for the suicide of my brother? He was african american and we need help.?
Why is Bird Flu so dangerous? What are the symtoms of it?
What are parenchymal lesions in the lung?
what is it called when the cartilage between ribs becomes swollen and causes severe pain?
What are the syptoms of Asthma?
What are the things that affect arterial oxygenation?
How often should oxygen nasal cannulas be changed?
What are the different types of asthma how many different types are there?
what is the Best remedy for hayfever...I have REALLY itchy skin, feverish, Agitation, tired, watery eyes.?
im following a wheat and gluten free diet?
My Grandma 72 has been detected with Gall Bladder Cancer.?
who discovered cancer disease?
Is there a cure for lung cancer through alternative medicine?
disablity for bladder cancer?
I suffere from Irregular heart beat like palpitation can some body tell the cause?
what is brain plack?
what is the name of the disease that "turns the body to stone"?
whats the best cure for gout?
I have a mild case of reflux. I like to drink beer or wine with my dinner. Which is less acidic?
Are there any anti- inflamatorys as good as Celebrex?
My grandaughter gets severe pain an hour or two after she eats, what is causing it?
what are the effects of smoking to a diabetic person?
Are ther special health risks for a diabetic that smokes pot?
Can juvenile diabetes be turned around when diagnosed thru exercise and etc?
can diabetes be diagnosed before birth?
Can Diabetics have breast agmentation done?
how should a diabetic take care of cuts especially if they get bigger and also a discharge from colon?
what does it means , when you have protien in your urine?
What do you think about when you are on the treadmill?
How do I stop biting my nails?
what is the best way to gauge your ears?
What is mad cow desease and how does it effect humans?
how can i continue not smoking when everyone around me does it?
What can I use to remove a brown colored spot from my under arms caused by the burning of deodorant?
I want to loose weight can somebody suggest some tips?
How do I clean copper bracelet?
how are babies made?
My boots got wet and now they really stink. What will get the smell out? Sprays and powder haven't worked.
a person in what Professional line of work is most likely to suffer from depression?
How do I help a person wean off Wellbutrin. He is seeking a new doctor but only has limited pills left?
What is the best natural cure for treating panic/anxiety disorder?
Why cant I stop hurting myself??
how do u know if a child has bipolar?
Did you ever see your A$$ in a mirror?
what is the best way to deal with anger?
does damp weather really make muscle pain worse?
what physical therapy do i need to do for case of hip dislocation?
I sprang my fingers playing basketball what should I do?
what is the typical time needed away from work following carpal tunnel release?
Has anyone ever had a broken shoulder? How long to heal? Is it normal to hurt for 18 months later?
Better contact lens, Water content?
why cant i put my contact lenses in right??!?
i want to get non prescription contacts but the eye doctor has to measure me right sooo?
Do you get glasses from watching too much TV (and computer ext.) or is it pure heridity? Does tv play role?
Looking for info on laser eye surgery, any drawbacks? legth os surgery? pain?
Parents have you ever caught your children expirementing with each other? How did you handle it?
Is this depression?
how do you get over derpresson?
Is there a better alternative to Lexapro?
Where do red blood cells get born and die?
OCD question,help?
if u are manic depressive and have been on Lithium and Valproate could u plz describe the sideeffects u've had
ok why do i have anxiety or is it really anxiety?i panic only when im driving i feel everything is wrong!why?
What is a good cure for chapped feet?
it's three meals a day, and i want to know how long do it take for one meal to digest?
How do I know if I have depression without going to a doctor and can it be treated without meds?
any good and quick cures for severe sinus headaches?
If I've been using flouride toothpaste all my life and now use non-flouride paste, will my teeth suffer?
What is the difference in ambien and ambien cr and how does it affect you?
foods to eat that wiil bring your blood pressure up after chemo?
How many cancer cases that has caused by instant food ?
Would like information on Leukemia from a survivor.?
how is leukemia cured?
I'm wondering what the disease consumption is in today's medical terms. Is it Cancer or TB?
How do you stop snoring?
which is better for my back pain 10mg percecet or oxycotin?
I have a 9-yeard old boy who wets his bed sometimes. The issue is not psichological. Effective remedies?
What is the best way to deal with my sons Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?
How do i go about quiting vicodan? i can go a month without it but when i get a refill i use it up in few day
What is wrong with my hands, they don't work like they used to?
whats the best dental insurance in Connecticut?
Can an impacted wisdom tooth cause health problems?
Why do teeth decay when we're alive, but don't when we die?
are luminers cheaper then beneers?
what is the best toothpaste there is?
what do you eat that causes bad breath?
Why do you hit plateau's when your on a diet? And how do you get passed them?
I have arch pain in my foot while exercising.Also it hurts on the outside of the foot. Any solutions?
What's the best exercise or rotien to burn off weight? How can I got from 120 pounds to 100 pounds quickly?
How to lose weight after giving birth?
Im i obese? i weight 650pounds im 5'5? how do i gain more weight? my boyfriend likes it.?
Where can I find example menu for diabetics? How many carbs and calories for a man weight of 215lbs?
How can I calm cravings?
what are the best dietary suplements?
what is dropped lung?
how to prevent pulmonary tuberculosis?
i am looking for parents with children who had rsv but sent home with a different diagnosis?
My toes and part of my leg is numb and has been for about a year any ideas on why?
47 old male with severe stridor and respiratory distress. what is the immediate management?
where can i find info about the potential health risks of cutting galvanized sheet metal with a flame?
Can Oxgyen therapy cure a Viral Infection? And why? What do they Have in common?
in what year was the first STD discovered?
Is there people who can tell me the herpes synthomp?
Is there a blood test to know is i have herpes?
one docter told me i had HPV when i had got just pap test, then?
does anyone know quotes related to STDs?
My dad acts relly werid and is not relly a good dad.?
What makes you stronger and give you the power of fighting an going further?
Do you know anyone who has a mental illness that has been diagnoised and what is the diagonsis??
how can a young person kick away the depression?
any one taking Lamictal, Lamotrigine??
How many medications do I have to hit n miss before I find the right one?
How to make a child mentally connected? How to improve child's comprehension?
What are some major differences between an IgE-mediated skin reaction, such as hives, and a delayed hypersensi
anti-histamines used in treatment of various allergies & asthma are steroids .do they have -ve effect on body
Has anyone ever had a reaction to Synvisc?
Can a person live with cancer in their lungs for 10 years and not do anything about it.?
Lung nodules?
CA 125 Blood Test for Breast Cancer detection?
my friend has cancer...?
Breast cancer walk pledge sheet?
why do we still need to do colon resection for cancer colon in cases with liver metastasis?
How common is periventricular leukomalacia in babies that were born full term?
easiest way to get through the day when dealing with fibromyalgia related fatigue.?
i have joint pain and swollen joints and chronic cough, whats wrong with me?
Is sign language the same in languages other than English?
Have you ever been or have you ever known anyone who has been anorexic?
what is the best state for arthritis patients?
I am a 26 year old female that during the winter I break out with acne. How do I keep my face clear?
how do you get used to progressive lenses?
Why are womens' bathrooms always dirtier than mens' ?
Skinny minnie!?
What causes an Itch?
Does sean still like me?
Help Falling Asleep?
How many hours of sleep do you need?
i put fake nails on yesterday how am I suposed 2 get them of without hurting the rest of my hands?
Do you know any Poidatrist in the DC area who take Care First Blue Choice?
why the people like to drink liquer?
Why do I think about taking off all my clothes and then running?
Which was a better domain when faced with hardships in your life--home or school? Why?
what to do with my time???
I am feeling like there is nothing left to live for anymore, can you help me out?
which benzodiapine is better, clonzepam or ativan for anxiety?
Has anyone tried herbal treatment for anxiety/depression? Did it work?
Any comments on long term usage of Prozac? I have been taking Prozac for 9 year.?
How many of you are Bi Polar?
Are there evidence successful fighting of cancer by means of alkalising nutrition such as ash from birch etc?
stage 3 lung cancer?
what's the chance of recovering from stage 4 of breast cancer in hong kong?
what is myoma and its treatment?
If medical coverage with my company is capped at 1 millions dollers. Who will help with the bills beyond that?
how do you identify aHIV carrier?
how many mg of vitamin C should be taken per day for an adult to fight the common cold. Can you take to much?
how long does it take to have a nurse licence?
is there a four year school offering a degree in equine and human massage therapy?
does stress cause having a bowel movement to be harder?
How do you get rid of blood blisters on fingers?
Do people hiccup in their sleep?
What is the name of a syndrome that has a symptom which causes the need for attention from doctors and family?
my most recnt relationship failed. that led to depression then alcohol abuse.nowicantstophelpotherthanaaorcoun
do i have aids?
Child with ADHD?
what effects does tyroids have on your feet?
fibromyalgia and children?
what is aminocaproic acid?
I was diagnosed with endometriosis, are there and natural ways to deal with the pain? Can it cause joint pain?
What is factor 5?
what are some of your favorite recipees for a hangover?
is depression related to yeast infection or some parasites in body and brain??
Can you get the flu from second hand smoke?
How do you get rid of a bad virus?
What can you clean your house with after a scabies infestation?
How long will it take HIV symptoms to show?
I have a real bad Traveler's Dirreah What can i do to help it?
What is a 'staph infection'?
I am trying to find out what the Bacteria Infection called Mercer, (or however you spell it) is.?
if sinus cancer has entered into the nasal cavity and eye socket and the inside of the mouth whats my hope?
My GirlFriend is Suffering From Cancer.Can you give advice? Can anybody help?
What is the usual time for a check up after a bowel resection due to cancer?
Bone marrow trans in AZ for husband.Live in OK.Is there place for wife to stay w/no insurance and no money?
what is a colon?
what is herptic eczema?
is that possible to have herpes from long time ago and not have any breakout for at least 2 yrs?
can you develope gonorrhea years after the initial contraction of the disease?
What is the remedy for house dust mite allergy?
what is the worst thing that can happen with high IGE immunoglobulin E?
What is the reaction to inadvertently inhaling glycol fumes or to have it on your hands thus have a reaction?
I just had an MRI done for neck pain and my C-4 and C-5 are hyrniated. What will a neurosurgeon do for me?
Fell and landed on my repaired ACL knee?
How do I get rid of a Blood Blister on my finger???
when i got on the ride the samurai last year the safety bar didnt fit me tightly ?
after 20 years of depression. What can I do?
I have a severe nervous disorder, and had it now for a few years, tried everything to get rid off.?
Is it wrong for an old man , (57) to m********e ?
should i enhance my working experience?
what is osteopathy. how it works. what are the benefits derived. whether it is permanantly effective.?
Where can I find some perfessional info about "nephropathy"?
what is mild diffentiated adeno carcinoma, I have it.?
do chiropractors work?
I am looking for blood pressurs.?
Why people believe in pseudoscience like homeopathy?
What are leaches used for in medicine now?
Anyone know a home remedy for stopped up sinuses?
What is the fastest and easiest weight lost secret?
Do you go to a gym to work out, or have your own equipment at home?
How do i lose the belly bulge that is right under my bellybutton???
I have bulky thighs, my quads are huge, wot can I do?
what is the best diet to lose weight?
Any DIET tip[s on controlling appetite?
Is a video available off line for Tai Chi?
does fasting cause dementia eventually due to lack of glucose?
What makes hair get longer in shortes time?
What is the first thing you do after getting up from bed?
what, physiologically speaking, causes the hair to turn white overnight?
What effects does a Pacifier have on teething?
How can a man and woman have a boy instead of having a girl?
what is the tuition cost for the first year at UCLA?
If you recieved an organ transplant from somebody that had the same bloodtype, would you still have to take...
Help, I was on an antibiotic and got thrush. Now I can't seem to get rid of it. Anybody have a natural remedy
What is pagot ??
After removal of a thyroid, do you need to take any medication? How soon and what kind?
Can pepsi or any cold drink be one of the causes that lead to a high level of uric acid in the body?
Will the bird flu come to United States and kill millions of people?
Is there any "cure" for knees that grind?
can you pass out from a panic attack and also, how long do they last and what happens when you come out of it?
how does smoking cause emphysema?
My wife is suffering from Ulceritive colitis, Her Large interstine is fully infected, Any one knows the cure?
herb medicen,s?
when my grandson went to the hospital and had a xray they said he had air pockets in his colon what is that?
what do the scars from having a lung removed look like?
What is the best asthma medecine when Ventolin doesn't do the trick anymore ?
What is an enlarged hila?
Colon cancer, what are the symptoms? What is the treatment?
please i have breast cancer. please i need charity so that i can go for a surgical operation.?
i m newly diagnosedof prostate cancer,can someone tell me about its treatments?
Why would a PSA score go from <.1 to <.2 5 years after a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer?
what us the longterm affects of yellow juandice.?
Are there any at home exercises one can do to relieve back pain?
EFfective way of patient counselling in pharmacy?
I use pioglitazone tablets., I get constipation and gas trouble, Anyone suggests remed y?
I want to lactate again..as I loved it. Any ideas on where to go to have the hormones to have this done?
nid help with this..?
Some fun mentally stimulating games/activities...?
i took some pills....?
Anyone have ADHD or ODD? 14 yr old having trouble sleeping!?
What Do I do if im so depressed Iall I think about is wanting to disappear?
Is it possible to have a mental illness if you have never hallucinated auditorily or visually in your life?
i have cancer but accept my doctor nobody know that a brain cancer how can i tell thi sto my family or friends
Can medical researchers hold personal beliefs that God created the universe and life?
what is calcified meningioma of the brain?
How long after being diagnosed with cancer does a person start treatment.?
what is the drug alaxi? what is it used for?
Can leukaemia be herediatry?
Does anybody know about Langerhans cell Histiocytosis?
Are there any tried and true ways to stop psoriasis flare ups?
Can bleach be used to kill scabies on hair accessories?
how to remove adhesive tape on sensitive skin?
is a plantar wart suppose to bleed really bad when it gets a little cut?
about feet?
Pro-active...*desperate need of help*?
i get headache at least 3 times a week,what can i do to prevent that?
Is surgery the only cure to gall stones? If not, where do I seek help?
Other than a morphine pump, what are my choices for back pain? I've tried a lot of other choices!?
Who are the leading experts on Alzheimers disease?
what is causing this wicked virsus thats going around and everyone seems to have?
What is the best "cure" for Meniere's Disease?
I get feverish symptoms with body aches very often . can someblody suggest what I should do?
arthritis feeling?
do doctors really get paid off from insurance company's? and can anyone prove it?
bad headaches?
my feet hurt constsntly like i've been on them all day. Even as they hit the floor in the morning what causes
Why can't we open our eyes when we sneeze?
Any suggestions on how to get some sleep? I'm trying Ambien right now. Anything better out there ?
Is it possible to fight a cold at the first symptoms? how?
pain relief for pain in the ball of foot?
why does your nose get stuffy?
Is it proper to tip your colon hydrotherapist after a treatment?
I am taking 50mg/day of Zoloft. Will this show up on a drug test?
Do sinus problems ever let up?
How long will monosodium glutamate stay in my system?
Grass pollen allergy?
a biopsy of a friend showed came back with a diagnosis of large cell B lymphoma.?
Leukemia, radiation therapy and pregnancy?
sunlight exposal and skin cancer risk?
How often is it that a mother wit aids gives birth to a child without it?
Do you know any herbal remedies tried for AIDS treatment?
Is Lizette a disease?
what happen if you contact Syphilis and herpes?
where can i find cheaP VALTREX?
i have white grain in my penni, any idea?
are there natural cures for copd?
what is the remedies for pencreias swelling problem?
Athsma and inability to get DEEP breaths?
How can you increase your chances of pass a asmthma test so that it will be cleared off of your med. record?
I know that Chiropractic has many benefits. Does Chiropractic relieve symptoms of Asthma?
Are you a respiratory therapist?
What are the respritory dangers for humans from bat guano?
Friend is Suicidal?
i have 8month old baby,she has less iron content,what food i will give for her to increase iron content.?
i got red paint on my white winter coat, is there anything i can use to get it out?
Does anybody know how to gain fat instead of muscles?
Can you have a surgery to have 20/20 vision if you have a stigmatism?
waht is a pediatrcian's hourly wage?
what is a good face wash for blackheads?
I want to open a wholesale nail supply store?
where can I buy carbolated vaseline?
What is anemia?? Can you tell me about the different types of anemia?
Does anyone know what Addison's disease is?
whats the best way to deal with degenerative disc disease in the cervical spine?
when was the first time MMR was given (and available for public use) in INDIA?
i have very severe knee pain with no swelling?
what is the best carpal tunnel remedy?
What can you tell me about lumbar epideral injections?
what are some of the elements in the mines that may cause heart & brain diseases?
I am having a problem w/ my arm making a popping feeling what do I do?
Lower back pain and swelling getting worse?
wat is d cause of breast cancer?
Can you name a few vegatables N fruits which aid in cure for cancer?
how long does it normally take to get the reults of a PSA test?
Does anyone know where I can find the Anastacia Documentry about her Breast Cancer ordeal?
What are the warning signs of lung cancer and what does it feel like?
What is tha symptoms of Blood cancer?
why do skinny people pick on fat people?
how do I overcome my depression?
Does anyone with depression have great days too, or good moments throughout the day? or is it all a struggle??
how do i know if my partner is suffering from manic depression or bipolar disorder following babys birth?
what are the characteristics " a nervous breakdown"?
Ever heard of people picking or biting the skin on their fingers?
My friends are having alot of problems?
Why do our faces keep warm without clothes?
If one of your lungs collapse will it heal 100% without any damage?
does anyone know how to beat prescription narcotic addiction?
what is the best way to get rid of a cold?
My question again is does frozen chicken/Turkey caused bird flu, even when cooked ?
I quit smoking 2 weeks ago today,what can I do to reward myself w/o spending money?
what is the best teeth whitening kit?
what do i do if my rapid expansion breaks?
Is there an organisation in Colorado that would help an elderly person pay for urgently-needed dental work?
what is the difference between a D.D.S and a D.D.M?
i want to find a website that displays differnent dental repair options and the costs?
where is the cheapest place in jefferson county and walker county alabama to get a wisdom tooth pulled?
how does braces work?
Is there a product or method to whiten or lighten porcelain capped teeth?
what's the best cure for acid reflux?
what is eighteen disease?
what's the best cure for chronic hepatitis B?
I lost my smell in an accident a year before. How many years it will take me to get it back?
is joint pain caused by changes in weather?
I have arthritis in my hands and knuckles. what can I use for the pain. I play the guitar.?
What is Fibromylgia & what causes it?
I have TRACHOMA, PLEASE,tell me ,how it maybe CURED.?
how i know that i had schizophrenia?
My safe place appears to be dysfunctional.?
where can i find a really good website about how to loose weight? plz help!!!!!!?
If your digestive system is abnormal can it cause you weight gain?
Help with stomach fat! Im in decent shape, 5'11, 200 lbs but i have extra belly meat. How do I loose this??
How can I get a free blood pressure monitor?
i suffered from Palpitation but is non treatable but i undergo many test it can't detect anything wrong?
wanna lose the most poosible weight in 4 days! help!?
what is the best excercise to lose your belly fat???
How to lose weight?
How do you lose 10 kilo most quick and effective? 5 of them I gained within only this last week!?
Does sugarless gum cause cavaties?
who was the first eye surgeon?
How long will you live if you're 84 and have angina? An honest prognosis please, it's my mother.?
What does a stress test consist of and what sre the risks of having the test?
why does ambigious genetaila occur in new born infants and how to prevent it?
How is the skin eating disease contracted?
which weightloss works?
my daughter has strep throat, do i need to toss out all her lip gloss and lip stick that she has been using ,
what is the h_n_ designation for bird flu?
If someone thought they had HIV but has been sick with infections and cured. Do they have HIV?
Im keeping a food diary to control my food intake, as I have to drop about 30 pounds. Does it really work?
I would like to know the symptoms and causes of pestilence desease?
What is being done in the US to prevent asian bird flu epidemic?
What is Heparin Induced Thrombocytopaenia and how is it diagnosed?
My boyfriend told me he has lung cancer... what do I do?
Can Yogatherapy cure chronic diseases like cancer and AIDS?
What can be done for someone who had a stroke due to chemotherapy and is on a respirator?!?!?
what is aortic valve replacement?
How exactly does fish oil help keep the heart healthy?
I want to ask that sometimes my heart beats very faster without any reason im 19 yrs old is it heart problem?
what are the uses of cod liver oil?
Can transplant patients safely fly on airplanes?
what is the difference between an "A Fib" and an "A Fluuter"?
How do you get the sponge back???
how to detox your self?
side affects of relafen?
What else can i do for my 2.5 yr old asthma ???
Looking for tips on dealing with husband who has hearing loss?
its almost a year since i have retired- can you give me tips so i can read without having to fall asleep?
Is the salt good for health? Some doctors say it is good others that is bad. Which is the truth?
can you ever get over a fetish? ie...hosiery fetish?
what do you do to stay happy and sane?
How can we stop the mass ignorance about mental illness?
In a world where people actually kill little children, isn't it normal to get depressed?
Is it fair to diagnose a mother who has just lost her five-year old son with bipolar?
Is blood thicker than water and would you stand by your Family or a child molesting husband???
Do bipolar patients hear peoples voices louder than they really are?
list of celebrities with stds hiv?
Please define intermediary (insurance).?
how much do growth hormones cost?
what is a good cure for dry lips?
who is god? Is only wealth [money]enough for life?
How long can the beard grow if is not cut?
how long does it take for cocain to leave your system?
what is the best way to get rid of acne?
pathophysiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
how to download a dvd on use of spacing devices for asthma patients?
What can I do to recover from bronchitis faster aside from drinking plenty of fluids and resting?
Does anyone know just what cronic bilaterial interstitial lung disease is? My daughter was just told she has i
Can I get A cough or sick while Im on antibiotics?
Staph in my Blood causes dizziness,blurredvision occasionally,even with my medicine I use?
Should I sue my supplemental insurance for turning the facts around so they don't pay me?
home remedies for kidney infection anyone?
How do you get rid of eczema?
i have a thyroid disease. how can i lose weight?
My 6 year old is having hair loss, headaches everyday not eating and diarrhea everyday what could be wrong?
Do you think Wikipedia is a good medical reference?
Is Malaria Contagious?
Has anyone tried John Sarno's back treatment?
I have severe back pain and was told a bulging disc, any help on what to expect??
What could cause pain in your lower leg and move from one leg to the other?
How do I break in a pair of doc martens?
please help?
swanz cath?
who discover metal?
Lately I get a fluttering in my heart and a mild pain during tension. Am I going to get a heart attack ?
what foods can i include in my diet that will increase my good cholesterol "HDL" level?
how to diagnose unsatble angina?
whats the dtga"?
how dangerous is a heart murmur?
what to major to work with diabetes?
what causes diabetes?
I am looking for a site that deals with promotions of new products for diabetic testing?
under control diabetes, bad cold w/ fever, throwing up, and feels like kidney is hurting. can that happen?
where can i get no stick bandges for a cheaper price?
what is a normal blood sugar level for people with type 2 diabetes?
can a new pancreas be manufactured & transplanted using stem cell or closing technology for sugar patients?
i have diabetic neruopathy, fibromyalisa and atrhritis in my feet is there anything out there for this pain?
my mom has lost her appetite for a weak,can this be a sign of cancer?
Can you have melanoma of the bone?
what is the treatment for hodgekins disease?
how common is melanoma?
how to do handle clinical depression?
Does adderall make you more manic if you're bipolar as well?
what are the side effects of prozac?
Is it normal to be angry with your therapist if you don't feel you're getting better?
why is it that i feel lost all the time?
What schedule I drug may be approved for psychotherapy?
What is catatonia?
Why am I scared of the dark?
How do you know if you have social anxiety?
What is the symptons of thicking of the heart?
i have been prescribed a ATORVASTATIN. Can i have this during the day or only before bedtime?
Does anyone know what low voltage in the the frontal leads on a ECG means??
Suddenly I found a brown strip accross my middle (L/H)Finger nail, from bottom to tip? Is it a sign of somethi
what is nferior ischemia?
I have an irregular heartbeat and it causes my blood pressure to flacuate up and down i went to the hospitae?
HOw to do (REFLEXOLOGY)? and what it is exactly?
How long does nicotine from cigarettes stay in your system?
Why do I lose my voice everytime I get really stressed out or upset. It will last three days usually.?
How can chocolate effect our teeth,body? what can we do to avoid it?
What is the difference between a cold and the flu?
if some is experianceing hearing loss where can they find help ?
What can I do to prevent getting eye infections?
is supper glue harmfull if you use it to repair dentures?
I landed and hyperextend my knee joint. Now behind my knee it hurts and it hurts when I land. What do I have?
We've all heard of 1st, 2nd and 3rd deg. burns, the last being most severe. What's this new 4th deg. I hear?
I have limited use of my right hand following two open heart surgeries. Need answer!?
Can an major trauma to the body (i.e. broken hips) cause a hormonal imbalance which causes weight gain? Fix?
Is it true that getting your appendix removed affects your immune system?
i feel numbness and weakness in my leg.it gets swollen after a long stand.i apply liniment everyday to no avai
What is the medication PREDISONE prescribed for?
Any ideas on how to deal with IBS when at a camp? I know to bring my own food, but what else should be done?
tell me about hypertension and the latest breakthroughs.?
What is the difference between Anorexia and Bulimia?
Is the worst stage of Hepatitis C reversable?
Does anyone know how a birth defect like spina bifida develops when the person who has it is able to walk?
what can you do to get rid of symptoms of an uneven cognitive disorder?
what are the benefits of consuming wheat grass juice?
What are some remedies for getting rid of cold sores?
Tiger Balm?
can i use epsom salts in my hot tub only?
Hi, can you tell me a natural remedy or aid for eczema, or severe dry skin conditions?
herb botanic bitter bush?
i need to find a neurologist either in jackson, mississippi or memphis, tennessee.?
What is the difference between a General Family Nurse practioner and a PA, which is more qualified?
I often get severe cramps im my right side when i laugh I dont have to laugh long or hard.They can last hours?
alcohol allergy?
HO can i get rid of Maxilary sinus?what is nasal irrigation and is it efective?
Steroid shots for allergies?
Please, does anyone know to tell me the causes of WPW symptome? Also, I need to know if there are treatments?
what are the symptoms of heart disease in women?
Is there a medicine to lower your heart rate?
does prozac work for social anxiety and panic attacks?
Why can I just get my life back on track.....I'm not a little girl any more,I have three children of my own...
What can you do if you are depressed but do not have health insurance to see a therapist?
any info on florida state marchment act for drug addicts?
What is the reason behind body piercing?
multiple personality disorder?
If someone lusts after a child, but does not act on the feeling, is that person still a pedophile?
How does she feels , Please tell me ??
Is there any natural medication that increases the production of albumin?
How early is 'early ' when it comes to detecting lung cancer?
where can second cuousin get marrie at?
What is the best thing to get rid of black heads?
who made makeup?
How do I search to find if Doctor has any lawsuits currently pending?
I have been trying for two weeks to find out who to contact in the goverment about headlice in school?
I need to have the operations manual for Healthdyne neonate monitoting system?
I'm twelve years old. How do I get rid of blackheads on my face?
What is the best way to take care of a tatto when it is peeling?
Bad Habit!!?
Whats the right way of getting rid of...?
what is the standard container used for pleural fluid white blood cell count determination?
What is it like to be a Respiratory Therapist?
Case study on Aspiration Pneumonia?
Why would sneezing cause extremity pain?
Does anyone have or know(docs welcome to answer)?
How can black mold effect someone who has asthma,copd,and other lung diseases?
What std causes swelling and a sore on the genitles?
what are the ethical issues of HIV treatment?
It is said that 50% of HIV carries do not know the have it. Isn't it about time someone told them?
Getting Aids...?
Do cruises have good food options for dieters?
i want to know whats the best supplement to speed up metabolism?
I need to get in shape. What's the best way to do it? pills? Exersize? Diet?
yes im trying to find out what is the most accurate wieght in the early am or before bed?
What is the best way to motivate yourself to exercise?
Which diet pill works on women who have thyroid disease?
What are some fat burning foods?
how much fat does a large bag of mcdonalds french fries have?
Is lupus hereditary?
why do people who h ave eating disorder deny it.. until later. like lindsay lohan.. mk olsen. even hilary duf
how do you get rid of the eggs that are caused from headlice ?
Are there any cure(s) for Bells Paulsey (sp?)...Or any way to prevent it from coming back?
what is the rate of accurancy for albinism?
my 8 year old boy had a renal biopsy due to protein found in his urine.No one will tell us what this could mea
How can I find what a medical diagnostic code means?
is there a relationship between levaquin and hernias?
pain clinic?
i have 2 painful bunions can i get incapacity benefit for this problem?
What can I do to make my feet stronger?
Do you know a doctor who will help me go through a total cleanse/detox, incl. coming off all meds?
risks of hip replacement surgery?
eye hurts but nothing in it?
Can anxiety cause a constant irregular heartbeat?
how to change eyes color forver [vsunight///?
I want to order Acuvue Colored contacts but the diameter on them is 14.0?
What are some complications POST SURGERY OF CARDIAC STENT SURGERY?
Does weight lifting and aerobic exercise negatively effect someone on verapamil and aetenolol ?
Has anyone got angioplasty the second time in less than 1 year?
in spanish , what is hipocinecia anteroseptal?
how do you let go when you have a score to settle?
Is there a link between seizures and bipolar disorder?
Can antidepressants be used to help anger problems?
Has anyone used anti-depressants? What were the results?
What does it mean to have a flat affect?
Why do women have a phobia of reptiles?
Concentration Problem?
Are you depressed for the first ten minutes after you get up early on a weekday?
under very very intense stress anxiety ,is it possible for the brain-gut connection to misaline/sever?
does anyone know a website for lumps/cancer?
what are the early symptoms of lymphoma? Is is normal to have tiny swollen lymph nodes even if I'm not sick?
Has anyone suffered from choriocarcinoma?
What is the best way to start a fund raiser for someone with cancer?
Is everyone born with a type of cancer?
is antiperspirant deodrant harmfull?
what is c diff?
the latest test to detect Tuberculosis?
Can someone contact HIV/AIDS by eating or drinking?
will a bird flu pandemic happen?
Does Colloidal Silver work?
What is best for a sore throat and cough?
how aids is caused?
Dad cant sleep while on stroke medicine Atenolol... what can we do?
anyone have atrial fibillation? If so, what is the best way they have handled it?
what is the range of dosage for lisinopril?
Signs of cardiac ataxia in felines?
What is myocardium disease?
I need an answer from a medical question!?
left arm numb, cold, and left side of face numb?
what is the real cause of blood pressure problem?
If you have CS during childbirth and it refuses to heal or get infected what do you do to make it heal?
what is the best way to get relief from fibromyalgia pain?
my doctor was wrong..?
What disease could cause imobility and pain in the hands?
What is the best approiate to tell a friend that they have an alcohol problem?
The doctor has schedule me for a stress test and I was going to buy a treadmill should I wait .?
can heart disease be reversed?
Beginning symptoms of a heart attack?
is there a condition where the heart can be on the right side of the chest cavity?
I have scars on my legs, how can I get rid of it? its an old scar, I have this since I was a child?
In need of air conditioner and refrigerator for elderly woman in kewanee illinois any help would be great.THx?
should i get a lung transplant?
best place to live with asthma?
Can someone have symptoms of asthma although the problem is just being overweight?
Has anyone heard about the Advair discus (for COPD) being dangerous or fatal to users?
What to do, what to do.....I need some advice on this current issue...?
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