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What are all the signs of diabetes?
Does smoking cigarettes make you lose weight? And does it make your skin turn darker?
Best Friends wife weighs 326 lbs , how does he communicate to her that shes fat?
should i be concerned??
I am 5' 8'' and weigh 124 pounds. Am I fit?
does 161 pound consider over weight?
What can I do to help my Wife?
how do you get a cure for long term ringworm in a child's head.?
Calling all TYPE 1 DIABETICS! (Only type 1)?
is ther anyone out there with diabetes? If so please tell me your expierience?
Can having diabetes give you constant fevers?
Symptons for Diabetes? Or something else?
do i have diabetes? how do i get it to go back to normal?
what is the average weight for a girl who is 5' 7"?
I'm 15 trying to lose weight?
how to bring down swelling of face?
Lump under skin!?
What should i do??????????????????
My ankle has been swollen for a month now?
I broke my finger, should I go the hospital or the doctors?
Can exercise lower sugar level in the blood?
To control the blood sugar, what is the daily menu for diet control (for breakfast, lunch and dinner)?
am i anorexic?
Could I have diabetes?
do i have swine flu.?
What happens when you eat chocolate & drink coke at the same time?
Is my doctor allowed to do this?
Is the smoke from firewood bad for our health?
blood sugar?
What are the average costs and co-pays for insulin pumps?
I am wanting to hear off people who have had diabetes since they were youngsters??
Confused, please advice?
What Is the best skin product you've ever used and where do you find it?
i'm 14, not very tall (about 5 ft.1in), 126 lbs. am i fat?
can you motivate me to stay away from food?
is 900 calories a day too little?
why does your heart beat faster when you excercise?
Is poison Ivy contagious?
alcohol...allergic reaction?
Can diabetics have diet soda?
I'm a teen girl & 5 feet tall?
It's hard to stick to dieting and exercising plans. Any helpful ideas? I want something easy to stick to.?
Why are my eyes so red? And I blink a bunch.?
I can't sleep unless...?
I`m 13 and weigh 133 pounds, Is it normal ?
Trying to lose weight...?
should I go to cheerleading practice or ride horses?!!!!?
Is smoking too many cigars bad?
what are some long term effects from aids?
I was Wondering if you people what know what this Condition could be?
Indoor heat is giving me a sore throat, runny nose,+ watery eyes. Can I live with heat w/out feeling like this
This Question is for people living with diabetes, its urgent so plz help me out.Its for an awareness project?
Is it possible to lose 60 pounds in 3 months?
True or False? Glucose that is not used right away is stored as waste in the liver and muscles.?
why does a pneumothorax cause a lung to collapse?
smoking out of a can?
I'm having an asthma attack and all I need is an albuteral inhaler and I'll be fine but no stores are open...
do blood tests hurt at all?
Why do people have allergies?
can you have a upper Endoscopy and be awake with no sedation?
I can't stop smoking weed?
Why won't God heal amputees?
Is it true Sodium Bicarbonate is good for Diahria ?
Im so scared of diabetes please help dear lord!!!!?
I think I have diabetes, I'm really scared and about to cry?
My friend says Blood is naturally yellow? Is that true?
stabbed my throat with a sharp crisp and it's sore now...what can I do?
I need to get skinny for a person?
figuring out your blood type?
why did the banana go to the doctors?
does it sound like i could have diabetes?
Thirst, a sign of diabetes?
can you have DRY EYES in one eye, mine is sore, gritty, sore and aches anyone else have this. serious replies.
Can it be ringworm?
I have lots of scars all over my body...?
Are you underweight, overweight, healthy or obese?
Do i really have an eating disorder or is my family over reacting?
im17, 5'5 and 145 pounds, am i fat?
Allergic to bees- family member wants to start beekeeping?
I think I have mold in my shower. What should I do?
What is a good diet plan for pre diabetes?
why do diabetics have sudden hungar attacks??
Back pain and diabetes?
what are the signs of diabetes?
What's with the idiots who tell kids they don't need to lose weight?
Girls...If u cud choose ur dress size, which wud u choose? and what are u now?
are you more likey to put on weight if u dont eat all day till like 7?
I have hard bugers in my nose that haven't gone away and they hurt?
where & how does bless you originate from, after you sneeze?
Can I get an STD from shaking hands with a woman?
Is this true about the Swine Flu?
sneezing ?
Help my boyfriend is allergic to cats and wants me to move in without my cat!?
Will I get it?
i think i overdosed,please help?
What's the best working medecine for getting rid of a cold?
I need help with this please!!!??? Snoring...?
How Can A 13 Year Old Girl Lose Weight For Cheerleading?
is there a cure for diabetes yet?
So I'm Insulin Resistant... fantastic?
anyone got a GOOD solution to nail biting?
How can I get rid of my scalp problems?
is diabetese curable?
my brother has diabetes and he is in the hospital he keeps throwing up some yellow stuff what is wrong with hi
Why is she constantly thirsty?
Since my mom won't let me diet, how can I drop 10 lbs. without my mom knowing I'm dieting?
How often should I do push ups?
im trying to gain weight?
i keep sneezing am i getting a cold?
Why am I constantly sick?
How much does an x-ray cost for a broken nose?
how do you know you had a asthma attact?
Could my daughter be hypoglycemic?
What's The Best Way to Get Over A Cold?
Is Swine Flu Contagious?
Honestly please, do i need to loose weight?
I need to get on a diet!?
Don't you hate it when skinnny people say "Im fat!" just for attention?
Ah, what should I do?
my child has got tiny black worm like bits in his soiled nappies,anybody know what this may be?
Why do you sneeze by looking at the sun?
I have Crohn's Disease, high BP, Diabetes 2. Can anyone suggest a good diet? Can't eat salad and fruits.
I need to know if there are any teatments/cure for diabetes that aren't insulin shots or pump stuff.?
my fasting glucose is 111. 3 years ago it was 96. should I be worried?
How is blood transported around the body?
is it true that asthma can be cure by fish therapy of hyderabad?
what's the best way to stop smoking?
does too much lotion hurt ur skin?
ACNE, I have tried everything. I Need solutions.?
what could be causing my low blood sugar attacks?
I have a few questions to ask about being a diabetic. First to start we thought he was having a heart attack?
what is hyperthyroidism?
Diabetes is an indicator that the liver may have shut down. True or false?
my blood group is B +ve and wife's A +ve where as our son is O +ve. Is it possible?
what is the medicine a child can take for autism?
my boyfriend has swine flu can i go see him?
If I want to bite my finger nails, but at the same time I don't want to, then what should I do?
yeast infection please help?
Why should I start smoking?
How to get rid of Acne???? Please Help!!!!! Please?
Eczema on your hands - soap advice!?
what illness do i have?
will the yellow of the eyes go away and the swelling in ankles if my husband stops drinking?
HOw tO ReLiEvE Allergies fast?
My blood sugar was 145 right after I ate, is that ok?
whats the best thing to do for a cold?
I am at the late stage of stage 3 of COPD. Generally speaking how much time do I have left?
i can't breath?
yo..i tried cigarettes for the 1st time a couple of days ago..i smoked 2..now days later im craving one...?
Lately, I felt like I am gasping and breathing rapidly like after u run a long distance. Why?
What happens if someone with bad diabetes refuses to amputate a dead foot?
wht shal i biy mi gf?
what should someone do that can't afford insurance and they have diabetes?
Can you PLEASE explain to me diabetes numbers.?
what is the difference between IDDM and NIDDM?
I get these chest pains that are really painful but docs can't find anything wrong.?
I can't sleep!! HELP!!!!!!?
Do I have asthma??????????????????????????????????…
my son has had 4 nose bleeds in two weeks?
This recently happened to my friend's parents- Would you do it?
Second Hand Smoke and My Health?
im having trouble passing urine when i need to?
What's wrong with my stomach?
How do we prevent Diabetes?
My ONETOUCH says to apply blood. When Ive already applied it. What do I do?
I am a diabetic, and go dining out frequently. What would you suggest me to do not to sabotage my diet?
i have a cough that won't go away. anyone have a clue?
Snoring cure ..what would be the best treatment for snoring?
I'm 27 and i never had asthma before, I was intubated twice in 1 wk I need someone to help me with my fear?
Does smoking kill anyone?
Have you ever heard of an allergy to barbecue sauce?
Stop freaking out about the swine flu!!!!!?
I'm a vegetarian and I want to lose some weight. Can you help, please?
what can I use if I'm allergic to artificial sweeteners including splenda?
I tested my blood sugar and it's 105, does anyone know what the normal levels are?
What are the signs of diabetes?
Can someone with diabetes please give me some warning signs. Please don't send me to a website-I've been there
will they know that I smoke?
Adult panic attacks- help!?
Can't breathe then have coughing fits?
Blew my nose this morning, blood?
Remind me why I quit smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
When i drink coffee with milk I got...?
need help quitting smoking.?
What is the best way to loose weight FAST! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i'm sick and dont know what to take! HELP.......?
What can i do to make my asthma worse quickly?
Asthma medication question!?
i have a question about being sick?
Are There any quick ways to get rid of acne?
What are the main ingredients in rat poison?
all shampoos&conditioners, including hypoallergenic, give me hives for the past 3 months. help?
Is it wrong to drink your own urine?
um ya.... i guess i need help with this?
Why does alcohol affect weight loss?
how do I gain weight?
i gained 10 pounds ?!? why?!?
How do I get my mom to take me to a doctor?
i got fingered when i was drunk, Alto of people heard about it even my mom so what do i do?
I want to get rid my mom's constant asma attacks?
How do I quit smoking?
My daughter has a serious weight problem how do I help her without hurting her?
How to sleep?
I'm feeling quite low at the moment and have been for the last few days?
I'm allergic to cats.. is there anything I can do or take to make me immune?
My mum has really bad head sweats. Can anyone recommend a cure?? (She's diabetic)?
do i have diabetes please please please helpp again?
What are some signs/symptoms of having diabetes?
Why do fat people kid themselves into thinking walking will reduce weight?
How to get rid of bacne?
When I go out in the cold?
Cough that gets worse at night?
With Chronic Bronchitis or COPD, what color & texture is the mucous or secretions from the lungs ?
what are some next day side effects of smoking pot?
Will a child who is allergic to cow's milk also be allergic to yoghurt?
Help My dog has allergies!?
I have too pee all the time...?
My husband swears he's been told that he has "better than perfect" vision. Is this possible?
Alcohol makes me deathly ill! Why?
if blood sugar is almost 600 how do I lower it right then?
Feet fell asleep?
How do I get rid of a cold really fast?
ok i need to go to the emergency room now, but i have no ride?
What's the best thing to eat if you feel like you're going to pass out?
How can you tell if your getting diabetes by your feet?
What would happen if a person with Type 1 diabetes didn't take their insulin shots everyday?
Tips on getting up in the morning..?
I haven't slept all night and I have to go to school in a couple of hours. Should I even try to sleep?
my mum has been diagnosed with diabetes what are the best drinks for her not alcohol what juice ?
If you only got 300 cals a day but you still took vitamins would that be okay?
swine flu symptoms please help?
what should i put on a sunburn?
What are these bugs on me!!!?
is there a way you can prevent getting really dark in the summer?
My BMI indicates I am overweight... What now?
my man said that i am fat., what can i do to loss weight?
In what position do you sleep in most when you are sleeping soundly not tossing and turning?
Am I allergic to chocolate?
how do you lower your sugar numbers????... I really want a good answer becuase my momther has diabetes.?
i just took my sugar and it says it is over 600 the meter has a warning but dont know what to do?
schools just for diabetics?
is ther anything to get rid of scars?
>>>>>>>>EMERGENCY<<<<<<<<<< What are the earliest signs of Mono?
What Happens When I Swallow Someones Spit With Blood In It?
i have had sore throat for over two months now and i have tried tried lozenges,salt water gargle,humidifier,an?
Am I underweight?I work out a lot but I don't know if I am underweight.?
Should I stop eating for a while so I can lose weight?...?
Is working out every day bad???
It feels like there is food stuck in my throat.?
having a lot of headaches (allergies)?
Can you be allergic to fruit but not vegetables?
My son is sick with the following symptoms: watery eyes, runny nose/blood, and fever. Should we worry? ?
A Question about a cold sore???
why my boyfriend finds other gals attractive????
Do you still have to check your blood sugar levels if you are type 2 diabetic?
Is 121 over 63 high blood pressure?
I think I am having gallbladder issues?
Why don't women wash their hands after using the bathroom?
How does smoking give you wrinkles?
I cant stop eating junk food what should do????
How can I lose 30 pounds fast?
Will I lose weight? I feel so fat!!?
I'm about 6'0 and 167 pnds. Does that seem right?
Most effective over the counter acne medication?
How to loose wait fast?
how can i stop eating? i weight almost 70kg now!?
I've lost 10 pounds but see no difference???
whats an easy way to get a flat stomach?
my nose has been running a lot..... it is really red any advice ASAP?
Can someone pleaseee help me?!?
HELP!! i got a cold :')?
what happens when u don't eat?
I want to quit smoking!?
Is Diabetes Painful?
Is diabetes a permanent disease?
So...how is everyone's blood sugar this morning?
Can it be an allergic reaction?
SURVEY: will you take the swine flu shot?
I am 22 and have had stomach pains every day since I was 10. Doctors don't know. can anyone give clues.?
to eat or not to eat?
How much should I weight? Am I overweight?
Is this a good body for my age?
Am i skinny or fat or fine?
AC and Sore Throat/Cough? Any connection?
PLEASE HELP! i cant smell or taste a thing :'( doctors or nurses answer if you can?
Always wear clean underwear, you never know whats going to happen?
Don' t you think it would be better if we knew when we die?
How do I get my boyfriend to quit smoking weed?
my ear hurts really bad it has stiky fluids coming out and my ear makes a crackling sound?
Is the only way to get a cold sore caused by coming in contact with some one else who had one?
my skin is dry.how can i change it to smooth skin?
Acne sufferers, how did you get rid of acne?
how can i gain weight?
Is it a myth, or does smoking help you lose weight?
How can i stop myself from always feeling hungry, mainly in the evening time?
What bit me?
if someone with aids spends the night with someone without aids what protection should be taken?
Swine Flu: Will it kill us?
what is a good way to burn calories?
Is this too heavy for a 14 year old?
How much weight do u think ill lose in 15 days if i eat only veg and drink water? & exrcise as often as i can?
smoked 3-4 cigarettes a day for the past 6 months?
Why are there marks on my scrotum?
how do i get rid of back acne quickly?
is there anything wrong?
I'm thin and am unable to gain weight. How can i make been thin look good? I hate the way i am so bony.?
i want to be able to wear a two piece swim suit any tips?
Did I Eat Enough or Not Enough ?
What's the lowest weight and the highest weight you've ever been at your current height?
Poison ivy! Deadly or not?
Whats wrong with me ?
There is a hot girl in our shop at the dry cleaners and i am wondering if her feet are smelly?
dry skin ? ?
Am i fat?????????????????????
i'm 15, 116 pounds and 5'6, is that average?
i wanna lose weight what do i do how do i?
HOW CAN I LOOSE WEIGHT PLEASE HELP ME i'M FLIPPEN OUT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Any advice for seasonal allergies? Local honey doesn't seem to help.?
May contain Nut derivatives...is it imperative to be written down in the menu?
my kid suffers frm dandruff?
How did you give up smoking?
I'm 16 and I do jogging 4 times a week. Will I grow taller?
i drink coca cola too much my friends says that's bad for my heath is that true?
Is this fat for a girl?
Is it safe to use diet pills if your 13?
I have a veruca on my toe. Anyone got a quick way to get rid of it?
Does chocolate cause acne?
can new clothes cause u itchness?
SNOT in My Throat!!!! How Can I?
Which medicines are generally available without prescription?
my boyfriend of a year has left me with herpes?
How do I lose fat after 40 years old? Any tips on fast weight loss after 40?
if i eat one meal a day and exercise will i lose weight?
What is your healthy breakfast of choice?
What's The Best Way To Lose Weight?
Drinking and smoking?
please help. Am i still having an allergic reaction?
i want to know about sinsus disease remedies?
How can I deal with my bulimic roommate?
i want to gain weight!!!?
Wrist Injury, PLEASE HELP! 10 Points best answer! Thx!?
Can you get hay fever from smoking cannabis?
I have a cold of sorts, and whenever I blow my nose, there's blood. How concerned should I be?
can the doctor prescribe anti biotics for?
How could you find out if you have Hiv or Aids?
i can't pee, Help please please please! im really scared?
How many out of how many americans are overweight or obese?
How to stop myself from eating when i am not hungry?
How long will it take me to lose 10 pounds doing this (SHORT question)?
How can you get rid of acne?
Is it broken?
My right eye hurts when I blink?
how to treat minor burns?
Nose gets stuffy EVERY night?!?!?
I have a 'spot' on my lung,doctor says do not worry.Should I be concerned??
I want to try and smoke a pipe tobacco?
why dont i like smoking weed ?
How long will I live if i smoke cigarettes a lot?
Could I be dying from liver disease?
is cold water hand washing sufficient?
what does swine flu do?
Please Help ID a pill I found in my son's room this morn. Thank You?
What is fourth stage of liver failure?
how to break your arm?
When do you use an epipen?
whats wrong with me?????????????//?
I feel sick after I eat! Help?
what are ways to git rid of bags under the eye?
What does tuberculosis do to you?
i have mono. but i'm way to scared to tell my parents because i am only 13. what do i do??
Do I need to go to the ER?
Can any type of antibiotics cure Gonorrhea?? Please help!?
are you worried a bout swine flu?
Uhhh I have a snotty blocked nose. How do i get rid of it?
Which is worse second hand smoke or first hand?
How to get rid of dry chapped lips ?
Need help with adult acne trouble?
How can I get rid of my back acne?
I have experienced asthma symptoms and have had several attacks, but my parents deny it. What should I do?
i have inhaled door oil it is called knotting i was wondering can it kill you or damage you in anyway ?
Do inhaling dust cause asthma?
Does smoking kill/damage the cilia in your lungs?
how can i gain weight in a month?
I've been working out for A FULL WEEK and I haven't lost a pound, what do I do?
I'm really skinny, but I eat so much, why is that?
What are Signs of an STD?
Is it possible to have an STD even thou?
i cant go to the toilet...?
How to get sick fast?
does anyone have any home remedies for asthma?
My son is 4'7, 12 years old and weighs 92 pounds?
How can i flatten my belly?
Why do people go on all these weird diets instead of just eating healthy and working out?
how to burn fat quickly?
Whenever I eat carrots, I get puffy and bubbly lips that itch like crazy! It's gross!?
is this good for losing weight?
One last questions before I go to bed?!?
Has anyone used a neti cup? How was it? I think I want to get one, but I am not sure.?
There is certain age of my life, 21-24, where I do seem to have a memory block. I'm now 35. Is that normal?
Accidental stabbing...?
I got hit by a car last week, whats the worst thats happened to you?
What is the best way to stay motivated while dieting?
How can i loose about 40lbs in 2 weeks?
Don't u hate obese people that act like they're happy to be fat, rather than working on losing the weight?
is it bad to smoke weed and workout?
Does anyone else do this?
hair on my tongue??????????
can you get sick from not sleeping enough?
Help!?! I flushed my guinie pig down the toilet, what do I do?!?
im going to have an endoscopy! Am i able to be put Asleep ? what happens ..im Scared :(?
Anyone know a cure for a sore throat?
How does smoking affect the Respitory System?
im 15 years old and im only 5 foot 4, how can i grow taller?
I cant sleep at night. Can some one tell me what's going on?
how can i sleep quicker?
can a 11 years old use Skinbright to turn brighter?
Why do i go to sleep with socks and wake up barefoot?
what's a quick cure for foot odor?
spotty skin. please help!?
What's the best way to treat a coldsore?
How to get rid of dry lips?
what does someone with a gluten / wheat / soy /dairy allergy eat?
Is 119 an OK weight for a 12 year-old girl?
I had a panic attack and now i'm terrified. Please help me.?
Im quitting smoking...Any tips for me?
Hives at random, doctor puzzled?
I think I've lost a contact lens in my eye!!!?
Is my finger broken or not?
Smoking help... need to quit but don't really want to!?
Why hasn't my eye stopped twitching in four months?
Is it normal to.............?
i need to go to bed early.... ?
What sickness do I have?
Will smoking cigarettes decrease my athletic abilities?
My 65 year old Father who smokes was told he has a large Malignancy in his lung. Does he have Cancer?
Is it possible to be allergic to ALL fruits?
How can I get rid off acne, using household products?
is smoking really bad for you?
Funny smell??????????
I was playing football last night when i hurt my ankle.I had to be carried off and the referee thought that?
How to get rid of a hickey, or at least hide it well.?
How can i get rid of black heads?
What should i drink to feel better? My throat is killing me and my nose is so runny.?
what can you do for eyes that are really itching from hayfever? now!?
I'm lactose intoelerant, ate pizza last night and woke up this morning sick. What will help?
What will happen if I chug an entire bottle of Children's Cold & Allergy Medicine?
what would do if your boyfriend just told you that his barber says one of his customers has died of AIDS?
a question about an ankle that has been sprained for 11 months...?
My ankle makes this popping noise, but it doesn't hurt? Im a soccer player n been playing for about 9 years..?
is it possible to tell if someones gay from a blood test?
Blood in Stool and Nausea?
Migrane & throwing up?
i argued with my gym!... what can i do to get fit now?
How do u hold a ciggarette when u smoke it?
how do you get pneumonia on purpose?
could mould/damp make my daughters asthma worse?
Can someone please tell me if these foods have gluten? ?
Sore Throat, Fever, Headache? Allergies?
Does eating sugar before you go to bed make you have a hard time going to sleep?
i smoked a cigarette for the first time yesterday - did i do any damage?
I can't sleep... Any ideas and tips how to fall asleep...?
hey i fell down?
How can i give up smoking?
what will cure my sinus infection?
what side is your gallbladder on?
can you go blind if you don't wear your glasses?
Only one hand is cold... why?
How do I cure my sun burn quickly?
Why do these girls do this?
What's the best way to lose 10 lbs.?
My BF's dog bit my wrist last night and?
Which would be less harmful....using superglue on a wound or doing stitches with a needle and thread?
Is there a cure for skin asthma?
What are u allergic to??
why have my sons eyes gone yellow?
someone 5'1 and 98 lbs?
my friend is 5'7 and 78 pounds...will she die?
my 2 yearold has pneumonia , the doc just gave him antibiotics is this going to work?
my 8 mos old son has a cough & congested nose. is boiled oregano safe for him?
What can I do for a really Sore Throat?
My 16 year old daughter is extremely tired and us having nose bleeds. What could it be.?
Could I be allergic to alcohol?
I need a homemade, quick to make acne treatment?
what causes the death of a person who jumps off from a high building?
Why are my eyes red when I wake up no matter how late or how early?
Other names for artificial sweetener??
Am I sick or is it allergies?
What Should I Eat To Get Rid Of Constipation?
is it safe to take prilosec for acid reflux every day?
I've got an illness called multiple sclerosis and i just wanted to no if i'm able to get any benifits for it ?
Help, What's left that I can tolerate with acid reflux?
have you ever seen someone have a seizure ?
Lose 20 pounds in 3 months ?!?
how do you bleed alot of blood?
HELP!!!!! 10 points best answer!!!?
Ever had a massage???
I was snowboarding today and landed right on my tailbone. What to do?
Knee pain whats wrong?
Your brain and sleeping. breathing?
Help i peeled of a scab and now its all pink and looks bloody its on my face?
Why do i have asthma attacks when upset?
What did I smoke, it was in a clear plastic tube?
orange jelly like mucous???? help!?
i been smokeing cigaretts for 10 yrs.?
Men. How painful is it when you get hit in a 'certain' area of your body.? What would you compare it to?
What's the worst injury you've ever had?
HELP ME - Smoking weed problem?
im i fat? im 13 years old and weigh 97 pounds and 5'1 ?
what's the quickest way to lose weight?
My skin is really dry, what can I do to get rid of the scale-like things?
does drinking water and not eating chocolate prevent acne?
I have a question about a sore area on my skin...?
where can i get crutches from?
Are casts a turn off?
does it hurt to have stitches removed?
My hands haven't stopped shaking?
Could I get an xray done without being referred by my GP (UK)?
Is it ok for me to lift weights?
Am i fat? :( Honesty please!?
Can drinking water help you lose weight?
What kind of food I should eat early in the morning to stay healthy?
do u think i'm fat?
what should i say to these two teachers?
i cant sleep help tonight or any other?
What is the best home remedy for an ear infection for a 8 month old?
my elbows are...?
What can I do about my swollen throat?
My son had an allergy test done & is allergic to dog dander (high level). I have a lab/rot mix what do i do?
What could be causing whole family to have itchy head--it's not lice...?
I swollowed a peice of paper, accidently, HELP!?
I am 19 years old. I am 5'4 and weigh 110. Is this healthy?
are you a cerial killer?
If someone slept through a meal time, and didn't eat that meal, would they get skinny?
HOW TALL ARE YOU??????????
Do you think she is fat?????(PIC)?
what is good to stop snoring?
If I'm allergic to Amoxicillin, does that mean I am also allergic to penicillin?
Eyes turning red and watering due to makeup?
am i fat? im 5'9" and weigh 180lbs. plz tell how to lose some fat and get a six pack?
Can water really hurt you/your body? If that's all I drink?
Just Because I am skinny people always think that I'm anorexic, can you tell me why?
What exactly causes death when someone jumps off a bridge?
How can I let go of the past?
How can I relieve my feet from wearing heels?
How to get rid of Lice?
I am in my mid 20s and I've wrinkles and fine lines on my forehead. Is it normal?
Are there any remedies for hayfever or allergies in general?
What causes your face to turn red & burn like a sunburn after eating potatoes or apples? thanks!!?
Am i fat? im 15, 5'6" and 140 pounds.?
how can i quit my habit of driking coca cola!!!!!?
Do people lose their looks by the age of 27-30?
why do people think calling a fat person fat will offend them?
Why do i feel really sick after eating anything?
What are the affects in Food Poisoning?
Coughing Up Bloody Phlegm And Being Sick?
i have asthma can i have a puppy?
Can you be allergic to alcohol?
Haven't ate in two days...?
Totally blocked ear how can i unblock and stop the ringing?
I'm fat and miserable! Anyone know of a successful diet?
I'm 13 years old...am I overweight?
I'm thinking of starving myself?
Here's a question for people who have had crutches?
Why is it necessary to fast before an operation - even one on a foot or a hand?
Help my fake an injury for a girl?
i have a really saw throat, its hard to swollow if im not on pain killers & i have a blocked nose, a cough?
Is it breathe or breath?
i am a smoker and i want to know why i cough alot in the morning?
Did I have a panic attack? If I didn't, what happened?
Swine flu.....................................…
I keep getting random nose bleeds lately, why?
is it ok to swallow your own phlegm? or is it better to spit it out when possible?
Is an occasional cigarette bad?
I'm concerned about my boyfriend's breathing?
If I fell out of a fourth-story window and landed on a car would I die? What if somebody was under me?
My son's left side color bone got some injuriy in accident, he seems to be ok,do I need to take him to doctor?
Have You Ever Had A Broken Eye And Had To Wear A Cast On It?
my side ribs and muscle are tensed up and it hurts when i cough...could i be in labour??
Can I get sick from a computer virus?
what's the one thing that can make you smile in any situation?
does proactive work ?
How many pounds can i lose in a week?
Am I bulimic?
does any one know how i can con my doctor into prescribing me steroids?
I fell something wet in my pants and people say it smells.what is it?
What can I do about a sleep disorder I've got? Insomnia?
my boyfriend just woke up being strangled?
what are the allergic reactions to amoxicillin?
If you do not smoke but you are being surrounded by smokers,what would happen to you?
Four-day long cough?
I think i have Swine Flu?
random question about bandaids anyone?
How do I break my ankle?
Ouch! Please Come here!?
Which foods are good for my hair?
I am 19 and weigh 324 lbs should I become anorexic/bulimic? starving can't hurt at this point right?
have you ever broken a bone, if yes what bone and how bad?
I'm having trouble breathing...?
i m 17yrs old im fat tell me some remedies to lose my weight?
Food??????????????????? :0?
how to become slim within few days?
Is losing 15-20pounds Noticeable?
I just quit smoking and I'm really hungry. What can I do?
stomach pain, not going away really scared!!!?
How can I get rid of a boil on my daughter's behind?
Whats the highest for a 13 year old weight?
What foods give you LOADS of energy?!?
how can obese people say things like?
Can just cutting back on regular food and walking help to lose weight?
What is the best way to lose weight?
how much weight would i loose if i stopped eating 4 a weekend?
Has anyone else had hair loss with weight loss?
Is it safe for a 10 year old child to drink a monster?
Spots on back!!?
why does my husband bruise easy and why do they stay a long time.?
Which acne product would work best?
is dandruff something to be ashamed of?
How do you get rid of oily skin?
do i have head lice?
My mum's really hurt her knee...?
im 5'5 and i weight 106 am i fatt?
if i'm supposed to take doxycycline twice a day, can i take two at a time once a day instead?
i have a serious case of ingrown facial hairs.....any solutions?
Can anybody tell me a good recipie of how to get rid of celulite??
canker sore?
Why should you remove a wart?
Food and Acne?
is biting my nails bad?
I am 13 do I look fat?
Am I fat ? I feel so fat, my belly is huge ... ?
am i eating right or wrong?/??
why cant I sleep in on a weekend?
could someone mistake smoking pot and mistake it for a cigarette?
If you were to suddenly go blind, what is the one thing you would miss seeing?
what is the test called to check for std's?
am i overweight?
Does Acnefree really work?
Lemon juice and acne/acne scars?
Eczema cure needed?
How do you get rid of acne scars?
What is the best fruit for our skin on our face?
How can I get rid of a mole?
Would it be ok to use a tanning bed just for 15 minutes each time?
How do I sort my problem with my new flitflops?
Why do I grind my teeth in my sleep?
my daughter has a fever of 105.4!?
is 5'9 and 139 lb fat for a women?
whats the poison control number does any one know?
What is anaemia?
Medical survey! Has everyone on medication remembered to take the tablets today? are you certain?
How can you determine that your skin is normal?
How do I get rid of burn scars?
I bought a pair of shoes at a thrift store. How do I sanitize them?
Hey, what do you guys think of spots on the back?
Why are older people more likely to get HIV and AIDS?
i cut my arm and now it wont stop twitching?
should I put the Vick's vapor rub on my chest or in a humidifier and breath in the vapors under a towel?
i am 13 and I'm 5ft 3in and weigh 130 pounds am i overweight and is you age factor in this?
Can you Die From Swine Flu?
how many hours of sleep do you need a night?
Is there a safe sleeping pill that doesnt require a doctor's prescription?
how much damage can one cigarette do to your body?
when you die in your sleep are your eyes open or closed?
Hows the best way to fall asleep?
(10 points) What is THEE best acne treatment out there?
Tricks to stop mild acne?
is anyone else tired of people recommending proactive?
if you had pneumonia, do you end up with permanent scarring on your lungs?
How can you smoke and not smell like smoke?
How much do you weigh, how tall are you and what is your age?
my last ditch attempt any suggestions?
will I drop a pant size?
Why do I get dizzy every time I stand up?
Am i schizo?
am i skinny? im 5'8 and i weigh 115 pounds....?
What is binge eating?
Am I normal weight?
Ive lost 9 pound in 1 week by eatin 300 cals a day is that good?
if i go anorexic how many days will it take to lose weight?
I'm so tired all the time - does anyone know what's wrong with me?
How Can I feel more awake in the mornings?
Is Mcdonald's healthy food really as healthy as it's advertised to be?
What is the ear-lobe for?
Is it bad to crack your fingers?
aDDICTED to painkillers - bad?
is it healthy to go one week eating nothing but fruits and vegetables.?
HELP: Am I Overweight or Fat?
did i under eat today?
its it good to be starving your self ?
Is it safe to put antibiotic ointment like Neosporin on your lips?
Body Acne.. PLEASE HELP!?
My Best Friend Has Swine Flu?
Would having a cold stop me from having general anaesthetic, and cancel my operation?
Other than sleep name something you do when you're tired?
what is diff between hivpositive & aids.?
What is a natural remedy for a stye? (I'm not sure I'm spelling that right)?
bleeding from mouth..where is it coming from?
I feel hungry all the time, i'll tell myself not to eat because i just did, but its like my body takes over me
what will happen if some one take a whole bottle of advil p m?
my friend who is female passed wind and had black goo excrete from her bottom and is a little worried any idea
if you get head sches a lot is it bad?
Is it bad to put to quit my job if I just put in my 2 weeks 3 days ago?
how to unplug my ear?
do antibiotics cause you to feel high?
My right nostril keeps bleeding?
throwing up blood.............?
Help!!! I have social anxiety!!!?
I can't breathe through my nose?
okay, ive been clean for about 2 weeks.?
i was hit right above the elbow with a few water bottle...?
is 5'10 too tall for a girl?
Can you get any std's from drinking another persons drink who has aids stds or herpies?
I found i had an STD and I might have got 7 women pregnant,I think i got the STD From one of them.?
Have you ever coughed so hard that it seems like you're going to pass out?
Why do we need to sleep?
i cant wake up in the mornin and i get 8 hours of sleep. help?
Is running with scissors really THAT dangerous?
Should I apply heat or Ice ?
What's a good get well present for a 70 year old grandmother in hospital after a major operation?
When should I tell my parents about my broken toe?
I drank 5 bottles of window cleaner, will I be okay?
important question! is it possible...?
I hurt my back a few weeks ago and sometimes when im sitting or laying down, my left nut hurts. Am I ok?
Has anyone who had a cast.....?
can you remove dressings from a wound on your face after a day, if you've had stitches?
My girlfriend was tested and has type 2 (HSV-2) herpes. We haven't slept together yet, what do I DO?
do you think this is funny ? - swine flu prank?
How do i get rid of eczema?
Sun protection for children?
What is the best shampoo for dandruff?
i have 2 moles on my forehead!?
Is there any way to get rid of scars?
If someone is fat, and they are always complaining about being overweight...?
my mother's boyfiend has hiv, she says he barely has it though, that there isn't that much of the virus in him?
(Mature people only) Is it possible to contract HIV if...?
Is Nyquil suppose to make you tired?
How to break a wrist?
How can you break your own wrist?
Stabbed with lead pencil?
Does anyone smell their ear wax?
at home remedies for a very bad cough? please help its soo bad.?
If one is wrongly diagnosed with asthma?
can you drink alcohol with asthma?
I took 20 mgs of hydrocodone and now i Can't breathe. What should i do?
How long does it take to die from sleep apnea? (Mature answers)?
whats wrong with my ankle!?!?
what are chiggers ??
Is bio-oil a good purchase?
how far is 10,000 steps?
Is it normal for a teen girl to gain ten pounds in four months?
I am on a diet and can't stop craving food!?
When is the best time to weigh myself?
What's the best drink to have when you're sick?
Please suggest how to quit smoking?
Do you think it is sometimes necessary to put aging parents in nursing homes?
i gave a guy a ******* and now my throat is red?
Is asthma hereditary?
i drank tylenol PM!!!?
The doc's don't know, does anyone else do this?
help! i have acne!!!?
How Do I Tell My Brother To Take A Shower?
My right eye is watering ?
I fell off the treadmill and my wound won't heal?
Wearing contact lenses during sports?
if you eat a lot and don't get fat, you will get fat later in life?
Where does the fat go when you lose weight?
I'm 17, 5'2 and 118 lbs, and I wear a size 7, is this normal, am i fit or fat?
Is this pizza healthy?
Is it harmful to lose 10 lbs in 10 days?
i can't breathe properly...?
I'm half-way through my antibiotics and my throat is still sore 5 days later!! What is it??
what's the term for a condition in Africa when a childs stomach grows huge?
milk &lactose intolorant children?
*what did i do?*?
Is MojoMan sick?
My father showed me a horrific email recently and I can't get it out of my mind!! Help!?
My daughter, age 5, has small splits in the corners of her lips (mouth). Is it a vitamin deficiency?
BLACKHEADS!.....a pain to get rid of!.......any quick fixes out there???!!!?
how could I remove white patch from my skin permanently? please suggest?
face becomes greasy by the end of the day?
Do I Have a Brain Tumor? :(?
I have just found a mushroom growing in my bathroom, Is this dangerous health wise?
iv found a lump!!!! help please im worried?
i keep getting these white lumps on my tonsils?
i hurt my ankle help please?
what kind of sickness is herpies?
if you pulled something...?
How do I stop my broken arm from itching while it's in a cast?
Do I have Mono or Pneumonia?
Breathing problems - chest feels restrained?
help on understanding sickle cell anemia?
Should I be worried about my friend's smoking?
Are there any side affects to quitting smoking cold turkey?
i have had a pink eye for about 3 days.how do i cure it?
i have serious bacne and minor scaring but i have no idea how to get rid of it? i've had it for three years.
I am desperate to stop smoking, help!!!!! No nicotine replacements!!!!?
If You Were To Consume Blood...?
Fastest way to lose weight?
I need to lose 20 pounds in 6 months?
what is the average weight for a 13 year old?
what is my height suppose to be at this age? 10 points for the best answer?
how do you stop yourself vomiting when you drink?
I hear a low volume high pitch background sound when its quiet. Is something wrong?
What is the best way to remove rough and hard skin from your feet using household items? ?
does EVERYONE have acne on their f***ing chest!?
2 questions...What's the best acne treatment and the best way to get rid of stretch marks and scars?
How do you get rid of the horrible mosquito itch?
does anyone know how to get rid of blackheads?
Whats the quickest way to get rid of a cold...?
I'm wheezing and coughing after I run. What could this be?
Can I eat chicken on my diet?
how to lose weight fast?
How come anorexics don't have 6 packs?
What do you put on your face if you have sunburn?
My son's asthma?
10P What do you have to do when you are coughing BLOOD?
My roommate snores while sleeping and that means, I can’t sleep. Any solution to this problem?
i cut myself...?
To go to the doctor or not?
how do i get rid of hicups?
Will my ears grow to not stick out like they do now?
Guys would you date a woman if she had Crohn's Disease?
Can love be an illness?
Would you date someone with herpes?
Is there any danger of infection from recieving oral from a girl who recently had her tongue pierced?
Am i average weight?
why would a lighter colored skin be more prone to skin cancer compare than a darker color person?
people who have used bio-oil for scars?
what is the quickest way to stop smelly feet even after you keep washing them?
I smoked weed 5 days ago and it is still in my system i feel very strange this is maybe fleshback what can i d?
My friend's "sinus removal"?
If I smoked and damaged my lungs,can my lungs get better if I quit after some time?
What's the best way to give up smoking?
Very Sick Child! Doctors don't care?
Is a lump in your cheek anything to worry about?
Anorexia? my friend thinks her daughter may have it?
I use to drink red bull, i stopped. Now i cant stay awake through school. Whats wrong with me?
Help me, I feel horrible. Please?
how many hours do you sleep a day?
Should I remain a vegetarian?
Is this weight too heavy for an 11 year old?
i;m 15 and have size e breasts?
Does getting a mole removed hurt?
I have been ill for nearly 15 weeks, and the doctors don't know whats wrong?
When I grow old, will I wear my trouser's rolled?
How do I get rid of my cold! QUICK!?
Can a person with Parkinson's Disease eventually die?
Okay, I have bladder infections every few months. I don't like doctors--what should I do?
How deep do you need to cut myself to leave a scar?
how much word would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
How to tell my mom to stop smoking?
Should I go to work with a chest infection.?
Would it be appropriate to ask my doctors for a refund if he misdiagnosed my condition?
I'm 17 and there's no hope for me?
I itch 'down there'?
can you die from a spine injury?
I always keep my cellphone underneath my pilllow while sleeping, how harmful is it?
Oral herpes or acne?
My boyfriend has a smokers cough..?
Everytime i wake up , i spit out phlegm and a little blood mixed with the mucus comes out ,is this very bad?
help please!! i am suffering from kidney stones which started about six hours.?
well i'm really sick with something unexplainable and i really need answers for it. my symptoms include...
What do I tell a 13 year old girl who wants to STARVE herself?
is eating plain lettuce with lime n salt healthy?
I'm trying to get fatter and chubbier, whats best for that?
how to get rid of a rash?
MY acne is getting worse what is there to do!!?
Has anyone just started using proactiv?
the skin on only my left thumb is peeling. what's up with that?
using toothpaste for zits?
What can you do for a broken big toe?
Cant sleep because i have a cold.?
My daughter has to have a double lung transplant and I'm very afraid?
Is Pneumonia Contagious?
what happens if you smoke and you have asthma? but its controlled?
why is vegetarian food better than non-vegetarian?
Why do some old people have black spot on their hands ? (?
How to get rid of warts ? (Cheap way)?
i gotta dry skin soon after shower,wat i gonna do to prevent?
how do i get rid of a sty in my eye?
How does one develop a kanker sore?
I have Hepatitis C , progressed into Cirrhosis. And now possible Lupus.?
i have been hooking up with this boy for a week now& i just found out he has mono, what should i do? plz help!
After i finish my lunch i feel like sleeping?
why does my heart race after i eat?
could i get aids from crawling on a high school bathroom floor?
how can i get rid of the smell after i smoke?
what are some relaxation techniques (final for public speaking class)?
what causes restless leg ??
when you're having trouble falling asleep?
is 5'7 a good height?
need your opinion!?!?!?!?!?
Whats wrong with me ?
Question about the Stomach flu?
how would you feel if you died from a horrible disease that killed you dead?
Can you eat cheese if you're lactose intolerant?
i got hit in the face?
whats are the cures for a hickey?
What's a good acne medication that is somewhat affordable, safe, easy to use and effective?
what can i do about a popped zit?
Can you please tell me how you quit smoking?
Haven't seen the doctor since I was 10, maybe?
can your appendix hurt for two weeks?
Am I wasting my time doing situps? PLEASE HELPP?
i still feel hungry right after i eat?
I Want My Friend's Body!! [[*PICS*]]?
whats wrong with me.......?
Is Sleeping to much dangerous ?
Can I take these medications together, or will there be an interaction? IMMEDIATE HELP PLEASE!?
what does it mean if your left ear is burning?
any cure for lazyness?
It feels like the glands in my neck are swollen and its hard for me to turn my neck and swallow! What should i?
Serious burn off of a lighter?
someone please help i really need it?
How to stop smoking if you like it?
I'm having trouble breathing. Should I go to the ER?
how do you get rid of love handles?
do you think im a good weight?
What's the best treatment for Herpes?
Any suggestion on how to quit drinking cold turkey?
HOW can I fall asleep FAST if I am NOT tired?????!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i need to get over it and im so f*cking scared?
Iron deficiency: pills make me feel nauseated?
Help! My face turned purple?
Nose bleed: Hold your head up or down?
eczema. What causes it?
I can't sleep at night?
Do you ever get really anxious or nervous?
Why am I always thirsty?
If I smoked 6 cigarettes a day for 3 years, how much tobacco would be in my lungs?
I need some support losing weight!?!?
How can i fall asleep faster?
Okay this girl i slept with told me she went to the doctor and he said she had HPV does this mean i have it?? ?
please dont laugh this is serious im scared how would i know if i had herpes?
What is the cure for AIDS?
my boyfriend was found with std and said that he didn't cheat but got it from hotel towels.Is this possible?
An iron just fell on my husband's head?
Iam 14 and am really skinny?
Pulled muscles: heat or ice?
Who has lost weight without spending money and how?
im 16 and im 5'8 and i weigh 183?
How can I get a FLAT STOMACH and/or Ab's in 3 months?!!?
Does this sound weird???
is eating 700 calories a day ok? im trying to lose weight fast.. is this harmful?
ice or heat for injuries?
My wife was doing some exerciseing & is hurting in right lower part of her back what is good heat or cold pad?
I've got a deep sharp pain in my back. It's not a muscle. what do you think it is?
I have a terrible itch under my armpit for many days? I didn't change anti prespirant, what can I do?
why do I feel so sick after working out?
Hi there, I am a 13 year old girl who is 5'1 and 80 pounds. I want to know if I am too skinny. Thanx!?
is it ok for a guy who is a little chubby to jog without a shirt?
I'm 15 years old. I've been having 500 calories a day.Is that dangerous for my age?
are subway subs healthy?
i have a bad chest. what should i do ?
Every one is so shallow?
Giving up Smoking????????
is they any reason my head hair itch's quite alot?(if i don't have lice.)?
Have you ever performed self surgery?
whats the mental disorder where you cant help but be a pack rat?
I can't sleep at night, help?
I feel really ill anyone know whats wrong?
how do u know somethings broken?
my mom has aids how do i cope?
how to get rid of very chesty cough?
When smoking was the in thing!, what was your favourite smoke? I used to love, Senior Service cigs?...?
Why do people so desperately want to be on crutches?
if you smoke weed, can you take midol?
if you have lice,, will having you head under water for a very long do anygood?
does it hurt to lose your finger nail?
What can I do to stop excessive burping and chest discomfort?
My stoumack hurts alot and i feel like throwing up what should i do?
my toe of my nail just came off...what to do?
How can I reduce swelling (apart from ice packs)?
is this too fat for a bikini
how much weight will i lose in 2months if i eat about 1000 calories a day?
What weight should I be to fit into a size 5?
Am i overweight?
If you're having an asthma attack, what should you do?
Why antibiotics are no longer as effective as they were inthe 1950's?
My husband 42, is suffering from severe nose block so bad that he cannot sleep at night. Help!?
Omg omg I'm terrified I think I have head lice?
how do u get rid of zits I HATE THEM !!!!?
I have muscle pain at my left back (lats). I've tried cold/heat treatment and Alleve/Advil. What next?
what can you do for severe sunburn?