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if you were to sit on a toilet seat by accident with dried blood, is it still posssible to get HIV?
Is it possible to get AIDS from either kissing or having been finger.ed?
How to get rid of genetal warts without going to the doctor?
What are the effects of HIV virus on the defence system?
i'm 16 years old, and i cant hang out with guys! please help!!!?
how does someone deal with paranoid thoughts?
should the field of on-line psychology provide on-line diagnosis? present an argument in support of it.?
who else has some sort of anxiety that you have daily and what do you do stop it?
I had an online meeting with my counsellor today, thats good right?
is it alright for a phyciatric patient to go out with a nurse , believed to be his soulmate?
my dads just had spinal surgery and i am stressed does anyone know any ways to just let go?
non-degree mental health jobs/Columbus, Ohio?
How long to you need work on your abs?weekly, daily?
Where can we find Potassium?
Will an apple a day really keep the doctor away?
What is the diet one can follow 2lower his high blood pressure (80/145)& sugar(Fasting blood 9 &otherwise 19?
How many grams are in a 1/8 dry measuring cup?
For the last couple of weeks i've been experiencing a bloated, full like feel in my stomach?
is there any potential side-effects of splenda?
Any tips to avoid cheating on your diet at parties or get togethers.?
Apple veniger is useful in losing weight process by taking 2 spoons after eat . yes or no ?
what are the red blotches on skin? they do not itch or hurt.?
with shingles can your pain be anywhere else besides that area?
what causes itching and burning in the ankles?
what is the cure for Allopecia Areata? I've been suffering from this for 4 months.?
curing warts?
its winter now. And my skin gets dry. ive already use body lotion but it didnt work. How to keep it moisture?
igot dry lips for past 8 months what should i do? i am ffrom india?
are there any home cures to athletes foot?
How can you cure Psoriasis?
Can a hospitals' Pathologist LEGALLY refuse to send blood work to another out of network lab. He can't do test
what is a virus? where you can find it?
what can I do about being lightheaded and fatigue with a daily frontal headache and numbness of the face?
Sores on Tongue?
what is a stomach virus?
how do you cure cellulitis?
When you know you've done something wrong, and everyone is in your face, how do you get out of it?
what best lifts ur spirit when u r mood off?
Why do people discriminate others that are left handed?
how do i stop the tears?
What part of the brain triggers anger?
have you had 3 deaths in a short time.?
34 and suicidal thoughts i know not normal but why do i alway's think like that?
Any one with Borderline PD....?
how to develop my psychological resources?
Any tips for Sciatic Nerve pain?
Where can I find an online prescription reference book?
I feel pain and difficukty in swallow for 2 days when I drink cold water?
i have recurrence of athlete foot diseases.what shall i do?
What is it that causes a dll aching pain in the lower left side near hip but not to close to it, pain goes to?
I had arthroscopic knee surgery about 2 months ago and my knee keeps (buckling) giving out on me.?
What do you think about Steve Irwin's death and how it happened? :-(?
how many survivors are there of unrelated bone marrow transplant(dx AML&ALL)biphenotypic leukemia?
If i have breast cancer will my breast hurt.And if so how big will the knot get? Will it hurt all the time?
how do i quit my smoking and drinking?
what are the final so called stages of cirohsis of the liver?
explain to me more bout hydrocephalus?
what can you tell me about the drug zomata?
what is pancreatic cancer?
Dose Yoga really cures incurable diseases?
what are some treatments for gall bladder problems other than surgery? Accupucture? Fasting?
How do you get rid of strechmarks?
chiropractors legit doctors?
what is audiology !?
What is that terrible smell coming out of the baby's diaper?
Do they still make colored toilet paper?
who is the best foot docter?
is it possible to buy contact lenses without a prescription, say, online?
I'm scared to death of loud noises - especially thunderstorms. Plus gunshots/balloons/fireworks. Help!?
How old is "Middle Aged"?
i sometimes wake up at night and find i have been sleeping with my head propped up on my hand/forearm/elbow?
Do they really cut a chunk out of your hair when they hair drug test you?
Ankle injury from a fall in Dec.05?
how do i know if i pulled or tor my right quad muscle i?
When i was a jr or sophmore in hight school i ran the mile all 5 laps without stretching first?
If you were riding your bike and hurt yourself but didn't bring a phone or anybody how would you get help?
how to cure muscle pain?
why do people have bedwetting when they take a glass of soft drink or milk before sleep at night ?
how to relieve sour stomach?
best treatment for irritable bowel syndrome? what about rifaxamin? anyone tried it? does it work?
ear infection?
Is there cure yet for trichotillomania?
how can I cure gout?
What is bird flu?
what is the cure for tennis elbow in alternative medicine therapies?
Help 911 !!!!?
what and where can i get epilepsy treatment?
why people sketch while talking through phone?
i have throat sore problems,swalling,pain,problems in speak,thin voice?
are antidepresents over prescribed?
How do I win Custody of my kids?
how long will it last my daughters been this way for about 12 hours,she think people are talking about her?
Is any remedy is possible for Migrain Pain?
How do you translate "Ciclofosfamida anhidra" from Spanish to English?
Is it true that leaving hickies on a girls breast will give her breast cancer?
Can deoderant cause breast cancer?
I want to know about a person in their 4th stage of lung cancer.?
what are the causes of thyroid cyst?
what are the signs of having a throath cancer?
What is the recommended frequency of visits to teh dentist?
two insurance plans: tricare & metlife dental. which one is used for wisdom teeth extractions.?
What's the correct way to clean one's teeth?
Are there any household products I can use to whiten my teeth?
Does a chemical reaction take place if you mix Baking soda and peroxide? If so, would it be poisinus??
Why does breathe stinks when you get up? Whats the best way to avoid it?
Does anyone have any ideas on how to pull your own teeth? ouch?
i have got brown lining on my upper teeth on area just below gums, rubiing brush is not able to remove it.?
why do some people have allergies and others don't?
Why is there a blister / swelling directly on my eyeball?????
anyone know of a device that will beep to remind you to get up and get moving off the couch?
what is the skin covering the elbow called?
do antihistamines such as sleep meds and vistaril lower blood pressure and heart rate?
What do I have?
Are Cigars attictive like ciggeretes?
Whats wrong with me???
where can I find out about financial aid for cancer patients?
Is Leukemia hereditary? Is it Contagious?
Describe the long term complications of Leukemia?
can dogs smell cancer?
prognosis of infitrating duct carcinoma of breast grade 2?
treatment of prostate cancer?
what is cancer?
What are some ways to reduce stress?
how long for efexor to be out of my system?
idnt undastand me?
can a stutter be caused becaused of a beating?
My freind is very deppressed just now i want to help her and i know she wants to talk to me but she just cant?
Do you have Panic Attack disorder?
Where can I find a good informative site on mental illness in children?
Anyone wean themself off of Prozac? How did you do it? I can't find any articles...?
distinguish between an illusion and an ambiguous figure?
are genetal wrts curebale? if not why are there products on the internet that say they can cure it.what helps?
what is the lenght of time to get over gonnorrhea?
I just had polymerase chain reaction (pcr) hiv test negative at 4 weeks 6 days, almost 5 weeks?
If a man has..?
what are the four bodily secretions that can contian aids virus?
What are the causes of disease?
what are the reasons and remedies for ringing sound in ears?
How do you cure hemorhoids?
Why do my ears keep popping? How can I treat it?
Is it safe to be on a plane after ear tumor surgery?
Do you smell funny?
I'm pregnant. The father is an alcoholic. Will this affect my baby?
what causes foul smelling burps?
does chronic sinusitis cause dizziness?
what comes to mind when you think of braindigg.com?
how can you cure fibromyalgia?
what is posterior fossa syndrome?
What is pink eye? How do you get pink eye?
What is the difference between a colonoscopy and a sigmoidoscopy?
How many times does a person's heart beat per day?
chemotherpy for ureteric cancer after removal of growth along with ureter &kidney?
all types of cancer are or can be hereditary?
how`s the medicine react to the human body?
What is the first symptoms of Mouth Cancer?
Brain Cyst?
do the hormones in meat cause cancer?
Is "lung cancer" cureable at the age 53 for female patient?
Where can I find a site showing categories of the glycemic index of foods(low, moderate, high)?
Does a lot of sleep make you gain weight?
Which is more healthy Nabisco Chips Ahoy or Pringles Original?
what is the average weight for an 11 year old girl?
Do anyone know any bodyweight exercises site?
why cant u skip a meal?
Anyone have any success stories using Pilates?
what is the best excercise to do to get a six pack?
My muscles twitch a lot..what can I take for this?
How do I get rid of the mucas? For over a year, there are times where I can smell and taste cold/mucas...?
I need some good remedies for bad snoring.?
Is there any kind of massage I can give to a chronic asthmatic?
Ladies...have any of you had a Depo-provera shot? If so, any side effects???
What are the advantages and disadvantages of colon cleansing?
are chiropractors legitimate doctors?
wat's the name of the tablet which is in hexagonal shape, light yellow in color n used 4 abortion?
what type of excersice makes u fit and built names of notable fruit s that makes u strong?
where do people get ms treatment in mexico?
Is there anything to take or do for side effects of Wellbutrin? (dizzy, confusion,insomnia,ringing ears)?
can i have some case studies of bulimia?
I always affraid to study,what phobia it can be?
what does someone mean when they say they are "autistic"?
Is it true psychosis if the hearer knows voices arent real?
Leaking of blood in Brain- can it lead to person's death? Please reply- its v serious?
can the insane know theyre crazy?
What are the signs of mental breakdown in women over 40?
I am a 27 year old single mother.I am partially daef is there somewhere i can get cheap affordable hearing aid
how do you measure the size of a breast?
Ex-Smokers,How did you quit? Patches?Gum?Cold Turkey?What worked for you?
what is the name of the machine that is used to help with bronchial problems?
Are night time (only) smokers or smoking addictive?
hospital job for teen? please help?
Why do people smoke even though they know it's bad?
what experimental procedures are there for treating lung cancer?
i was dianosed with lung cancer and they removed my entire right lung ,the surgen said i could never go back?
What is the average survival time for multiple myeloma patients diagnosed in Stage 3?
lump in back of throat does not hurt but gets bigger hard in touch same color of flesh also cough for 6mts now
How long before you think clinics are treating addictions to yahoo answers?
what is the function of the thyroid?
How can you get rid of a upset stomach due to sinus drainage?
what is a retrograde fever?
What is Diptheria?
How do I make my stomach pain stop? It's sore right beneath my right ribs.I've had tests done with no results.
what do i need to do to donate a kidney to my father? my father is diabetic, is there any risks?
Are there any remedies for tinnitus at all?
Any adults taking ritalin for add?
TREATMENT for depression?
In Orlando, how would a single person go about getting personal PPO medical insurance that covers mental healt
Is it safe to take trazodone and effexor xr together?
how to increase seretonin naturally with foods?
Has anybody heard of Selective Mutism?
What is the typical seroquel dosage when used to treat schitzophrenia?
what vitamins are good for the brain?
Any home remedies for allergic reaction to hair dye, face and eyelids swollen?
what is the active ingredient in RENU? which infected peoples eyes and caused the manufacturer to halt?
Does losing my hair mean anything to my health?
will a laser treatment help quit smoking?
i would like to about cancer. what is it.i have few friendspass aways of the cancer?
Hi, can anyone tell me any of their signs of ovarian cancer? Thanks, livecountrylife?
Does anyone know the symptoms of a brain seizure coming on, such as,e.g. shaking ,sweating, etc?
What is the most effective treatment for synovial sarcoma? (it's a rare type of cancer)?
What do you need a metal plate in your head for?
I had an ankle injury years ago and I need to know why it still hurts?
Knee Problem?
i need 70 thousand rupees?
Do you have to wear diapers and plastic too.?
What are the autistic tendencies signs in a 13 year old?
How can i get rid off the fear from the dark?
my stress....?
I take Prozac. Can others tell me if it makes them sweat more than usual?
I have depression and waiting on the thyroid test result should I...?
What causes people to be turned on by bizzarre stories?
How do you know if you should file a complaint against a former psychologist to the licensing board?
is ritalin ever used to treat depression?
Ive been on effexor xr for about 3 months?
I need statistical data on bipolar disorder any ideas where to find it?
what is a good diet for a vegi person with problem of ulsor?
i need some pictures of marfan syndrome any suggestions where to go?
If you pierce your tongue do you have a chance of getting an infection?
why is william's syndrome a genetic disorder?
What causes IBS?
have neice with celtic disease,[no gluten]is not getting enough protein,does not eat red meat, any suggestions
labrum acetabulii - what is it (human anatomy) something that is connected with legs?
has DETROSITUL any side effect like making fat?
Looking for what aftercare would be after Infantile Scoliosis Surgery. Fusion with and without growth bars.?
What is the difference between kyphosis and hyperkyphosis/?
What are the psychological effects of people with AIDS?
what is syphilis?
Why are males more predispose to Hepatitis B?
Are there any high schools that are currently offering STD screening?
Is shingles contageous and how is it transmitted.?
What are the symptoms and causes of blood infections?
Are you or someone you know suffering from Epstein-Barr virus (causes mononucleosis)?
can a person thats been infected with gential warts live a normal life?
In what ways can herpes be spread from parents to other members in the house such as children?
Ageless Question; What Trade/Career is Considered to be the First Called in a Disaster?
is a boil under someone's arm can be a symptom of hiv?
What to eat when you have AIDS? What sport to practice?
is viral meningitis contageous?
What causes lung cancer?
what is the importance of brocolli?
helth is esophageal cancer really inoperable? or can some sort of operative treatment or other cures be possib
Is there a web site for nurses to look up chemotherapy protocols and administering guidelines?
How to know when its time to make a last visit to a cancer patient?
my sister is 29,broke & undergoing chemo. I want to donate my hair to make her a wig.Who can make it for free?
disabity insurance?
Is it possible to quit the Air Force during basic training or right after?
What causes nose bleeds?
What is the best way to get rid of a cold? of a cold?
How much should you tip a masseuse?
What is the most water an average male can drink in a day without dieing?
Why do we yawn 2 times most of the times?
Have you ever donated blood? Why or Why Not?
I am 20 and I think I'm losing alot of hair.Any suggestions to stop this?
How serious is it when I sleep on my arm wrong, wake up, and have no feeling or control over it for 5 minutes?
how do you make babies?
How can i stop smoking pot for good?
Does anybody know after taking antidepressant tranquilizer will put on weight?
Thanks for answering. He rubs them a few times a day for a few days now. Also has a slightly runny nose.?
How do I get respect?
How good is Ayurveda and Yoga?
Are there any herbs that can help with a duodenal ulcer or to reduce acid?
How it's called the phobia of serpents? Is it treatable?
are chiropractor real doctor?
what is good to use for kidneys infections ?
Does Honey and Lemon Create Vitamin C.?
What does ER,HCT,SR,Inj, mean with prescriptions?
how do you convert from prescribed medicines to holoistic medicines? Or herbs?
where to purchase medical marajuana around the san jose area?
I have been diagnoised as having mini migraines and put on topamax daily. My eye's pulsate all the time? Help?
what are some acute paranio symptoms?
Does anyone know of a Bipolar Support Group in the Fort Worth or Tarrant County, Texas area?
do youu think less about the people who looked for psychological help, therapy,any kind of ttreatments,etc.?
does Serenity work for depression?
how do you get over social phobia?
When do I know it's a problem?
chest pain?
Toe Problem?
what is the best and quickest way to releive headaches and stress?
can voice recognition software help my carpal tunnel? Does anyone use voice recognition to type? How do you it
Does anyone have Rheumatoid Arthritis or know what can help me with mine? I have a pretty bad case!?
what is the average age women get breast cancer?
Is anybody from a Fort Worth Hospital reading this?
can a pill or tablet be used as a suppository?
can anyone tell me why my father is having such a hard time with his chemo treatments?
how can i tell if i have a corneal abrasion or some eye infection?
Question about contact lens....?
What are the best brand of contact lenses?
I have itchy eyes lately and I'm curious about the best eye drops?
Why does eye color change over time?
Why does new eyeglasses always make eyes woresn then the pervious eyeglasses?
im a patient with keratokonis.... is there any laser treatment as of now????
What can acid reflux do to you, if not treated?
has you every woken up in the morning and it felt like you had a huge piece of sand lodged in your eye?
are md's allowed to speak to patients in rude belittling irrelevant ways?
When i run out of Bottled water to drink , Can i drink tap water microwaved for a minute or so?
Social Anxiety Disorder?
Is it normal to get static shocks all over your body?
Where can I find current case studies on Botulism?
How do blind people know when they are done wiping?
If you have an immune deficiency can you have problems with depression?
What are side effects of Avapro?
Why is nausea a symptom of a heart attack?
There is a Medical conference, Jan. 21, 2006, Ritz-Carlton, St. Loui, Mo. Where and how to register for the me
How do I gain weight (because I am underweight) in a healthy way?
Is it true that , that the only way to tighten tummy skin is surgery?
How many calories should a woman have each day if she is trying to lose 20 lbs in 3 months?
what is the high fiber diet?
im hungry what am i supposed to eat but i want to build my body.. i want muscles not fat in my system..?
Why do obese people ignore the obvious?
Whats the best way to lose weight?
how can i lose weight without having much time and not changing the way i eat?
how fast can the symptons of dementia show up?
hating feet?
I'm losing my confidence, what can i do?
How can I be an ex-cutter and STAY that way?
any one know about social phobia?
can I have both-ocd and asperger's? I have ocd since the age of 7.?
where can I find a list of doctors that use natural healing treatments?
how can you avoid prostate cancer?
does cofee lower the risk of cancer?
My dad has a tumor on his spleen. What is the likelyhood of it being cancer? What are the chances for survival
Let's say ur a cancer patient w/few months 2 live, how do u wish 2 spend ur remaining time???
my mom has gastric cancer(stomach cancer) is she going to die?
how do you treat breast cancer?
if a person has cancer and then gets pregant will the pergancy make the cancer grow faster?
class action lawsuit-Risperdal?
Can allergies make you lose your sense of smell?
Has anyone had any experience buying a hearing aid on line ?
What should i buy for myself as my reward for quitting smoking?
I have cystic acne? Is there a remedy?
What can I do about my vinegary feet?
Is there an over-the-counter medication that can be used in lieu of fluocinonide?
i am trying to find out if blue cross blue shield covers methadone clinics? Please Help!!!?
what are the signs of a yeast infection and a urinary tract infection???
macular degenerative eye disease?
find a drug rehab center in upstate ny?
what is the disease when you lose your hair all over your body it begans with an A???
Can the Diseace be Prevented? How?
must I pay for poor nursing care in the hospital?
is bipolar hereditary?
Is anybody know after taking Zoloft will increase your weight?
Did anybody come across this disease call Pins And Needles?
How much does a skin biopsy cost?
What is the relationship between environmental factors and cancer?
Can anyone guess?
what are the cna responsibilities caring for a patient with breastcancer?
Where did the word cancer come from?
My girlfriend was just told she has thyroid canser,i need to know what her chances of living are?
what is the cost for the cure or treatment for breast cancer?
Does touching a cactus do any harm besides the hurt?
How come every time me and Janet talk, we fight?
Why Arab country less in AIDS?
whats a good cure for a blister on the ball of your foot?
Who else on here takes xanax for anxiety?
how Can you get rid of childhood deppression?
How do I find rest after my father has passed away?
i have bipolar is there anyway i can ever be cured from it ?
any alternatives to medication?
Are mental institutions cruel?
does anybody have any tips on overcoming social phobia cause i am having a hard time overcoming it.?
Has anyone here been bullied before? And if so, does it still affect your daily life?
ADHD and Natural remedies-Focus and Attend?
How do you get rid of canker sores, and where can I buy the product?
is a doctor required during an opiet withdrawl for loracet? Or can i white knuckle it @ home with xanax ?
Pill bottles are all the same color do you think pharmacies should use different colors?
How can I tell my parents that I don't like when they smoke around me?
is it a urban legend that visine in a beverage will make you drowsy?
How do we make soap without boiling?
How can you stop hair from having static?
what is a good medicine for a sore throat?
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. New guidelines?
Elifa test for HIV + ?
madicen of aids or hiv+?
there is a new vaccine for sida?
why is james blunt so high in his song "You're Beautiful"?
Has anyone tried reflexology for migraine?
is g-13 a medical marijuana plant created by the u.s.of a. goverment or a fantasy?
What is the best way to make hair grow faster?
Does Guaifenesin therapy work for IBS? If so, where can I buy over-the-counter strength tablets?
what is auscultation?
what's aroma therapy?
what is the best durg for the treatiment of asima?
Female internal organs of reproduction?
Should you tip your massage therapist?
Should my urine be bright yellow while taking Migrelief?
What is the best thing to sip when you have a cold?
Can anyone suggest Home Remedies for whitening my teeth?
is there any cd's available about rct so that i can use it to explain it to my paitients?
Why do we hate dentists?
What can I take to soothe the pain from triple wisdom teeth and an abcess? Doctor only says take Tylenol?!?
Should you brush your lips?
to brush tongue helps to prevent bad breath?
here goes my 2 points, my father has bad teeth, wil i inherit same problem?
what is a cheap way for me to get a whiter smile?
why do my teeth bleed when i floss them?
Very bad nasal polyps,-Surgery 3 times,-Always come back,-Nose bleeds,--Help anyone? Herbal, Natural, ect.?
Hi, I have had swollen tonsils and feels like my ears are plugged for awhile now, but no pain?
what year was the bone marrow transplat invented ?
what is the ribbon color basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer)?
How can I get a CAT scan or MRI?
Does cancer hurt on a daily basis?
what is the complete blood count,platelet count and serum chemistry of a patient with hodgkin's disease?
How does one accelerate a disease process?
eye disease?
What are the different types of hepatitis and how is it that people get it?
what is chlamidiosis?
was there ever a rbies outbreak in the U.S?
my free T4 and free T 3 are in normal range but TSH is very low, why?
Is this true?
Remembering things.....?
Can everyone give me an example of there own MORALS?
withrawals of effexor? My head feels like it has pressure have you felt this?
Why are women in the workplace so "catty" and nasty?
what is yoga?
how to divert my mind because my minds is not fixed?
Pain Killer Addiction....?
Why men are healthier than women?
Burning face, jaw pain and red spots on body?
what is good for blood circulation problems?
What causes neck pain?
i have stress headaches all the time. What can I do?
Why is Caffeine a major ingredient in many headache medicines?
is this a skin Disease?
Can someone recommend treatment for rosacea besides metrogel?
Does chronic fatigue syndrome really exist?
what are these pinkish red spots all over my lower legs??
What can youdo to help relieve eczema?
My skin burns and iches, will it ever stop?
any good home remedies for excessive underarm sweeting? or good deodorant?
eating fast food?
Does the cokes like "coca cola, pepsi, ...." with zero calorie label make you fat ?
Why is it bad to lose more than 2-3 pounds per week? Wouldn't it be really bad for people that get lipo then?
I'm lean and want to improve my body. i have the habbit of [email protected] I do it twice a week. does it affect
Any blackberry 8700 shareware for personal training?
i sometimes get a severe itching in my inner thigh area when i start to run what's the cause/remedies?
Why does my side hurt after I run for 30 minutes?
how do i find aerobic classes near me on line?
When i laugh i pee in my pants IM 16 do i have a problem PLEASE HELP?
How do you know if you're crazy?
Do you ever get so angry at yourself that you want to hurt yourself?
Suicide prevention: websites, useful info, quotes (to be contd.)?
i am a man but i feel like a woman traped inside?
will i ever feel like myself again?
Does anyone suffere from anxiety disorder? If so, what can you tell me about it?
Is nail fungus contagious?
what am i sick of if my head aches every day?
I sweat profusly because I am going through withdraws from opiates what can I do 2 stop the sweats?
liver elevated alt sgpt how to get it down?
Can you sue a doctor in a civil suit for malpractice?
Is red wine bad for gout?
How much urine do you need to collect to test for UTI?
George arlington has a sick child and is asking for monetary donations. Truth or Fiction?
Can FDA issue approvable letter to a vaccine without a human trial?
are terminal cancer patients allowed to live alone?
What if I have colon cancer,what can I do?
what does the word remission mean when referring to cancer patients?
Why the guilt the day after got drunk?
cure for Glioblastoma multiforme?
The question what I always had...when I was younger I used to hiccup after when I would cry?!?
My Hair is breaking off, why?
what is the best remedy for dark spots?
Is potassium choride healthy?
I feel my nostrils get bigger after I dig them. Is that true?
what are mycotoxines?
What naturally helps Rheumatoid Arthritis?
I say for Axis 1 disorders, psychologists are worthless and you can only get help from psychiatrist, agree?
Can someone give me some information about Bi-Polar disorder?
Why do some ppl tend to like dark/depresive stuff?
Why do you get the sensation to jump when you are high in the air??
How do i stop feeling useless and lonely?
Why do I get the feeling that people that had hardships in their lives are wiser than cozy grown-ups?
what´s a deja vu?
What are symptoms of social anxiety disorder?
Are long finger nails prettier than short finger nails?
How do I make myself sneeze?
I'm looking for other alternative's instead of medicine for my daughter, who is ADHD?
Is it possible for my 5 year old to have a yeast infection?
how to get rid of acne?
Why do you have to take a dump after smoking?
How long will I live?
can you sneeze without closing your eyes?
Why does cancer treatment work for some and not others??
How long can a 47 year old live with multiple myeloma?
im tired all the time. sleep during the day which i never did before. bleeding alot . vomiting?
.Would this be cancer?
How do you cope when someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer twice?
what percentage of patients undergoing chemotherapy experience nausea?
my friend had a backpain when checked find cancer in stomac its all over now vomiting blood.how long she live?
how do i find out about getting caregiver status for taking care of ill parent?
What does it mean when a diebetic starts to itch all over?
how can we help cure diabetes and what is that?
What are the best supplements for a person with diabetes type 2?
could a person with diabetes test positive for alcohol after drinking a lot of apple juice?
sharko foot , what is outcome if not treated?
What is the healthier sweetener sugar or corn syrup?
What ingredient is in sugar free candy and other snacks that cause constipation?
I have no insurance and need help paying for my insulin. Are there any programs that can help me?
What is Byfetta?
home treatment/remedies for infection?
How do I get rid of this hangover?
how do you make a tea bag?
is it ok to take pepto bismol & advil together? I heard you should'nt mix the 2???
Does homeopathy really work?
do you get bipolar from something tramatizing?
Non medicinal cures for Sinus congestion/sinus headaches?
is there any danger in wearing a magnetic bracelet when you have a stint implant?
How can I cure dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint?
What causes no blood flow to joints and what is the outcome of it?
did i break my thumb ? or bruise it?
Looking for a good knee doctor around the Fenton area. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance. -Scott?
Has the D'Vinci Code any relevance in the Practice of Medicine?
Please suggest a medicine to kill all sorts of worms in the alimentary canal.?
How can I get my glucophage prescription refilled without a doctor's visit? I can afford one or the other.
what is the reason for haemoglobin deficiency?
Has anyone had good or bad experiences with their health insurance?
why we must wear safety shoes at industrial area.?
Can you get herpes from a toilet seat?
what stds have cures?
Is herpes contagious? How about syphilis? Is it true that syphilis can be contracted by walking barefoot?
how can i regain my faith in the universe?
What is the difference between the diagnosis of Sociopath and that of Psychopath?
Do most people who are bipolar work or are they on disability?
My girlfriend has schziophrenia. What can I do to help?
How do I become an NHS qualified counsellor, EFT, and Hypnothrapist? EFT, and Hynophrapist?
Is Celiac Disease a food allergy?
Is there any candy that doesn't have corn syrup ?
Why is cigarette smoke legal if asbestos is illegal? They are both class 1 carcinogens.?
i need alot of help learning about cancer?
my 8 month child has swollen lymph nodes behind both ears.?
if my gf has cancer .how should i approach her about waiting till after radiation treatment to have a baby?
Part 2-To believe or not to believe...?
what can i do to stop forgetting things?
I've had Laryngitis for 1 week I keep clearing throat and it comes back can I play cards with 4 people tonite?
If a person has an allergy to yellow#5, what can they eat.?
how to tell if it is really a seizure?
i need information on a book i read called passages regarding alcholism and drug addiction?
Who is the best knee specialist in the Silicon Valley?
Are there any alternative treatment methods for uterine fibroids besides surgery?
What is portion distortion?
how ashes affects the health and the environment?
can the gall bladder re-grow after being removed?
What is a good help-line in Australia?
are you a procrastinator?
what's wrong with this result of medical check up?
Is there a homeopathic treatment, or cure for cronic bronchitis?
what exactly is a base deficit?
i found 1 year back that i am suffering from asthma, is there any permanent cure for it?
how to manage HAP in ICU?
I have a sinus infection. I have been told I need to go go the Dr to get antibiotics to clear this up.?
my nose is bleeding from last 2 days due to cold i guess.what should i do?
Is it bad to give a massage to an active cancer patient?
does salt lead to lung cancer?
What would cause me to have hypothyroism even when I am on the higest dosage posible of synthroid?
anyone been healed of illness or disease using...?
what are symptoms of colon cancer or ulcerative colitis? are they cause gastric problems,back pain?
what are the meanings of the different stages of cancer?
can a spinal adjustment cause an illness?
i need to know the name of some medication i found?
what is the best place to live if you have fibromyalgia?
pain in whole body?
I am seeking lortab, lorcet, percocet, vicidin, Hydrocodone or Acetaminophen?
siatic nerve!!!??? Dont know how to spell it!!?
When your 58 and your hubby is 62 and you are both ill, do you ever think life is over?
how do i get back on when i stopped the world and got off?
whaqt are the symtoms of o.c.d.?what causes it?
I have an son with AUTISM in Massachusetts....People moved in with ten dogs next to him.ACO is no help(HELP!)?
How Do I Know If I Have ADD?
does anyone have any weird phobias?
When was the last time you cried, and why?
wat is the bird flu and wat r the symptoms?
what is chrome's disease?
i'm still hoping to find a good fibromyalgia dr in n.e....help please?
What is diverticulosis and is it fatal?
child high and low body temp?
how many people die of Aids in an hour?
What is a urinary tract infection (UTI) and how can a person get it?
I understand there is an over the counter medication for ringing in the ears?
I need to find something that will take off orthodontic brackets. Is there a dissolvant on the market?
why does brushing our teeth regularly helps prevent carvities?
Does bridge work hurt and how long can you resume back to normal? My sister is getting two next week.?
what is the natural and the cheapest way of getting rid of bad breath besides brushing often?
what is the best way to treat toot ace?
how long do mouth ulcers last?
Do Crest whitestrips premium really whiten your teeth?
What causes the tooth enamel thin?
do they have a non profit organizations for people with brain tumors?
My CT scan shows bleeding in the colon, is that why they are doing a colonoscopy, why an endoscopy also?
Can pranayama prevent cancer ?
what causes the stomach to swell if you have kidney cancer?
can u show me signs of breast cancer?
Is it possible to have stage 4 lung cancer and have normal lab results such as CBC and BMP?
Does cancer infected to other people?
how much does it cost to employ a midwife for a typical pregnancy?
What should i do about this pain in my neck?
how to remove my scars on my legs?
Where can I find Berg's table of purifying(acid binding)foods?What is Bergs full name?Where can I get more inf
Are there any detrimental health effects of marijuana?
What's the right essential oils for intuition?
How to kill back pain?
Whats the best insurance for the self employed?
Permanent vs. semi-permanent hair dye?
what is a garage girl?
Any good cures for Hangovers?
Is fear simply a response to stimuli for you or is it an actual emotion?
how long should a new mom breastfeed her baby?
Any help for abdominal pain?
detail of what phlebotomist/donor specialist?
shari's health food store in babylon long island?
What is a good over the counter medication to help me stay asleep, not just to fall asleep?
I have been poisoned with Baytril from Bayer Corp.,What can I do to correct this wrongdoing?
I'm feeling like I'm getting sick and I'm leaving to Scotland tomorrow, what do I do?
What is the best way to treat constant dry eyes (otherwise, they're fine)?
what is the best way to fight a cold?
is it anxiety? what kind of disease is this?
How do you get rid of fungus under toe nails?
What is healthy blood pressure for men and women aged 25-35?
how much weight can a person lose in12 days???????
My heart rate monitor is telling me I'm over 85% of my max...?
after I eat I get very tired! whats out there to help?
Talking about bodybuilding, What´s the best choice to get ripped? 6 repas, 12 reaps, 20 reps, or more?
Does adding a Personal Trainer into your workout really make a difference?
What is the average weight for an 8 year old?
what is a good way to begin exercising?
how do i get rid of my "love handles."?
How do I recover from Bulimia?
has anyone ever taken adderall? if so, do you like it?
Why am I so depressed at times I feel like I can't go on??
I need more information on Post-traumatic stress disorder?!?
If thoughts can trigger emotions, what triggers thoughts?
what is the highest IQ score a person can achieve? also what is the average score?
Would you kiss it and make it better???
how can i stop dwelling on my mistakes?
Can A Person With PID still can birth children?
How many people catched aids in the past 10 years?
What STD or ??? causes intense itching all over your body?
I have noticed small brown dotes on palm of hand and other parts of body not many but what could this be?
Just found out I have HPV, share your experiences with the disease and significant other?
Is this eye allergies?................?
Can I be allergic to flax oil which is supposed to be good for "allergies"?
For People Who May Have A Soy Allergy What Can Be A Substitute For Soy In Asian Cooking?
if you have a cut on your lips and kiss someone that have an AIDS are u prone to get the virus?
whats some remides to get rid of a cold?
if someone's glands are swollen in their neck can they feel it when they drink something?
Can I drink alcoholic beverages while diagnosed with tonsillitis?
how long is pink eye highly contagious.?
Anyone know about eardrum problems?
How can I increase flexibility in my knees?
why is it that when you pull G's, all the blood flows to your lower body extremities?
Could it be a hierniated disc?
is chewing betelnut injurious to health?
How long does it take for a lip to heal?
Why do I always feel dizzy after a spin?
phone # for $5000.00 schizophrenia testing?
what are the requirements or how does one go about establishing an alano club?
What is cataracts?
how does the human body produce its own ethanol and why is it more in person than another of the same weight?
Are their any simple rememdies for fibromyalgia?
How long does it take for Prozac to start to work?
what is Reynolds Disease and where can I get more info on it?
Does anyone know a home remedy to kill H. Pylori that really works?
i have being wear glasses for 7 years?
Where can i order contacts and pick them up and not have them delivery?
What are the symptoms of cataracts and how are they taken care of through surgery?
Info on splittling eyes apart?
Do you hate your life at times?
Does anyone have Fast pulse 150 and hypertention?
my girlfriend is bipolar and she is trying to change my ways and she wants to be around me everyday 24/7?
How should I calm myself down from rage?
what should i do?
What are the simple ways to manage stress?
Can you make me stronger than Superman??
does milk products cause mucus?
what if u have grey spots on your throat?
What exactly is a cold virus? Why does it make you sick?
I am asthmatic and my fiancee is asthmatic, what is the possibility of our children being asthmatic?
how long does it take to recover from bronchitis?
can taking asthmas medications cause problems in dental surgery?
what is broncitis?
i have a bleeding sist on my over and i have abnormal periods really bad pain 90% of the time?
My father has been dx with lung cancer is there a program that may help him with some of his medical claims?
five survival rate for lung cancer?
Has anyone ever heard of breast tumors in an infant?
Can Crohns disease have no other symptoms than vague pain and blood in stool?
what is a biopsy?
what are the first signs of lung cancer?
ankle pain?
is it true?? that vitamin B makes u pee?
Biting Nails?
Can you give ideas on types of soft foods that I could eat......see,I just had my last molars pulled---?
Lately I've been getting these dizzy spells. My friend says it's becuase of low iron. Is that true?
does drinking cold water predispose to tonsillitis?
are there any dating services for adults who wear diapers?
Had any success using Glucosamine/Chondoitin; and what brand is best?
My neck is killing me. I feel like I can't even turn my head around to look to my sides.?
How long do Oxy's stay in your system for?
Can anyone help me diagnose this throbbing pain?
i have a constant pain in my right leg, where my ankle and foot meets. What can it be?
i have problem with my left hand, It is not flexing properly, fingers are jammed , is it carpel tunnel, what i
What are the warning signs and risks for a brain aneurysm?
What is the best solution for chronic depression?
If kids have been emotionally abused by their parents is it likely they will emotionally abuse their kids too?
how do i know if i have ADD?
Do you think that people who was left in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrine should seek counseling?
My sister mgiht be mentally ill?
Help please I don't know what to do?
looking for federal grant to get help with hushbands cancer bills and to help keep our house. thank you?
how many types of cancers are there?
what is mild dysplasia?
how do people got cancer?
is there a health plan for someone that has had breast cancer. I am looking for an insurance plan.?
Refer me to a diet pre radioactive iodine therapy for thyroid cancer.?
After mastectomy when/how to know whether a breast cancer patient REALLY needs chemo? and/or Cobalt?
Is there anyway possible to avoid the torment my body suffers while trying to kick a 30 year Meth Addiction?
Why does it hurt when I clean my ears?
ADD and learning disabilities?
what are the home remedies to get rid of kidney stones ?
Can pinhole glasses be store bought? If yes, where?
i want to have a baby but i take methotrexate i have not taken any in about two month when is it good to try?
who has ate a frog before?
Can a person out grow bipolar disorder?
Ibean to the doctor and she give me some tablet but it bib not help?
Why are my nails a yellow color?
Is there a kind of medicine that you can make at home for gaining weight?
I have really really thick hair is their anyway I can make it a lttle thinner??
What was ur reaction when u saw 'the first white hair' on ur head??
period what happens?
Help! I don't understand!?
What does it feel like to have lung cancer?
. What drives you to participate in the "Relay for Life” from the American Cancer Society?
what is the best herb for breast cancer?
what if someone has asthma and has been dionosed with leukemia?
How Long Does It Take to get pregnant after stoping the Depo Shot?
medical term meaning abnormal discharge from pharynx?
what are symptoms of cancer besides lumps or strange looking moles?
Why do western cultures overeat/under eat, wage wars, self-harm and rob/rape or attack each other?!?
What should i do to stop from getting physical pain?
Is there anything wrong with splitting up your sleep into two separate chunks a day?
do u have any obesity people in your family?if so how many?
How do I get past letting other people's feelings about me bother me?
What does bipolar mean??
Where did AIDS come from exactly? How did it just come up out of nowhere??
I recently found out I had Chlamydia.?
Where can I buy Vascon-A Eye Drops?
Anyone know anything about idiopathic anaphylaxis?
My child 3yrs a has allergic problem with almost all foods,scrching all the body at night any cure?
What is wrong with my sons's eyes?
can a child with allergies to dogs and cats become immune to ones they grew up with?
Is there a way to control seasonal allergies through diet?
Is sniffing to much Hot Choclate Mix dangerous?
If you swallow your own blood will you end up peein it back out? or what lol?
Will eating glass shards kill you?
How bad is severe dysplasia??
What's the best cure for a cold?
why do doctors think they know it all?
What is the fastest way to get a six pack(abs)?
are lemons good for a cough?
what are the different types and examples of non communicable diseases?
What is the best 'cold' remedy?
Can I file for workers conpensation as a precautinary measure? Just in case an injury gets bad.?
I saw a commerical about NHP a disorder foung in the brain I can't find the web site?
should i be concerned if my 1 year old daughter was bitten by a duck?
Anyone heard of a new pain medication called Protine ?
Excessive coughing especially at night time?
Is it safe to have sinus surgery in your 20s?
What is the daily douse from the ciprofloxacin HCl 500mg for an adult?
how do i stop the hiccoughs?
If I have a slight runny nose, do I necessarily have a cold?
signs of bypolar?
My doctor took me off seroquel and I haven't slept for a week... what to do?
I seem to be waiting for my husband to get better when its not going to happen.How do I get over this feeling?
i am very very scared of ladders/staires since one year how can igetrid of this problem,its ruined mynormlife
What is one of the dumbest things you have seen someone do.?
When can you say a person is mentally ill? We all are "crazy" (in a way).. Where is that border u can't cross?
How can you help someone that's too self-reliant?
What type of doctor do I see to help sort out stress and other problems?
what would you recommed for some one who has injured their back and have to lie down for long periods?
I was hit in the eye with a grape sized object over a week ago. Today I'm experiencing pain when focusing near
hey i was doing something with my techer one day and he pulled my left wrist and it poped?
surgery recovery?
can i just use the treadmill with out a good warm up?
shoulder pain?
I have pain in my wrist/hamnds when typing. I am 24 and no carpal tunnel symptoms?
Does anyone know about the restrictions on physical contact with people after taking radioactive iodine pill?
will i die if i get anul cancer?
Is anyone or someone you know going through chronic lymphocytic leukemia?
after you have cancer in the colon,how long before it gets through the colon and into other places?
How can someone who gets an annual physical exams missed being diagnosed with cancer?
Who discovered breast cancer and why does it have that particular name?
the best diet ? fast and good i'm vegan?
What supplement is used to increase metabolism (lucosumine sp?). I know it can be obtained at Albertsons?
Is there any way to make my bo*bs bigger?
Does anyone know where to find a diet plan that really works?
Why do I keep losing weight but my waist will not go down any further?
Is applesauce good for a diet ?
What things can I eat that aren't fat, and they still taste good?What's fat food and whats not fat food?
What/How is the fastest way to get a six pac and get a muscular upper body if your a young guy with no gym?
I suffer from severe depression but can't afford therapy or counciling, what should i do?
How to stop a brainfreeze?
Iam in need of desperate help!!!?
Something's wrong with me. I have been sleeping for 3-4 hrs a night for two weeks and am addicted to internet
Why does NO-ONE HELP?!?
How can we improve our intelligence..?
How can you get over a dificult moment when you have no strenght to overcome it?
how to improve memory ? any technique(s) to remember maximum, easily?
What causes appendicitis?
Cough regulerly repeating only in night, Reason?
what liquids affect most the kidney?
I was born without the sence of smell can anything be done to rectify the situation?
Do you believe tha addiction is a disease?
Who discover arthriris?
What could be wrong with my friend ? He has trouble swallowing food ?
how to treat pain and tingling following thalamic infarction?
is cancer that bad?
what will stop a rash and itch from taking tarceva tablets?
Does hyperkalemia relate to chemotherapy?
what is the normal color of stage 1 and stage 2 cancer?
Is hookah worse then smoking cigarettes?
Breast Cancer....how to go about getting tested?
i have a coating on my tounge that looks like thrash doctors have told me i hae a geographic tounge?
what should I know about lung cancer? A friend of mine is dying..............?
What is the best treatment or prescription medicine for ECZEMA? I noticed my face skin turns scally white.?
how can i slove my skin problem in a daily easy solution?
How long does chewing gum stay in the digestive track after swallowing it?
Did anyone ever have restalyne injected into their face to make it look youthfull?
What is the best men's cologne?
my hands and feet are constantly cold what's the problem?
Why does it hurt when you drink water in the morning?
does organic hair dye exist?
What's the best website to look up pharmaceutical drug information?
Does Law and Order SVU get your blood flowing?
Another poem by me?
What is the affect of dysfunctional famalies upon teenage dating?
Will Klonopin affect having children?
Can I take sudafed and ibuprofen together or would acetaminophen be better? I need something...?
Foot pain.. I have sharp stabbing pain in my foot above my arch towards the top of my foot. it tennds to be?
Pain in stomach?
HELP!Please tell me how to wean off of methadone at home.On for2yrs. down to 10mg 2xdaily.3kids,have to be ok?
Does everyone working on computers eventually develop carpal tunnel, tendinitis, repetitive stress injuries?
Post Nasal Drip - Why does my throat clear a lot of mucous after I play guitar for over an hour?
my 2 year old boy eye has swollen up all of a sudden like he has had an allergic reaction what could it be?
Iwant to know how to isolate enzymes from blood?
how long after i take claritin will it start to work?
If sunflower oil causes cancer in dogs; wouldn't it also do the same in people?
how many chemicals are there in a cigarette?
why does my right arm ache?
What are the warning signs that you might have cancer?
is cryptorchidism in human being really turns to malignant? cause? cure? im afraid!!!?
My mother has been operated for breast cancer IDC grade IIIB, what is risk of her life?
why do people take up smoking?
When we should consider Trach collar in a patient who are intubated or on ventilator for respiratory distress?
why do i have mucus caked in the back of my throat?,thick,8-10 months..?
cholelithiasis and cholecystitis?
can you catch newmonia is it contaguse?
What is Cystic Fibrosis?
I have irritable bowel syndrome. It take be a long time to pass motion, my stools are not hard, I eat enough?
Who do I contact for the early intervention program for infants in Arkansas??
what do i use to relief joint pains?
why fertility treatment is not covered by OHIP?
what are some foods i can still eat, while i have gallstones?
what is asmatics lung capatcity?
what is galactosemia?
what's the most recent cure for Multiple Sclerosis?
What is the chance of an adult (over 20, never had it before) of getting chickenpox?
Is it bad if my resting heart rate is 155 and I'm only 22?
I need a service rep to contact us about Avapro?
info on caroidiod artery disease?
what is congestive heart failure?
does oil intake effectiveness on blood lipid?
What is an enlarged aorta?
when should someone have surgery after there cardiac stent operation?
what is the cast of suite life of zach and cody when maddie says shes rich but shes not?
the name of someone passing hiv/aids in portland,or. Facing felony charges?
Well i work at a daycare and i work i0 hoyurs a day and when i get off i dont go to bed early and sometime i g
Can you have chlamydia from the age of 4 and not no about it until you are older like age 19? Is that Possible
Does anyone know about facial tics in 12 yr boys?
Im trying to get my disability,how can I get it easier?
can yeast infection turn into chlamedia if untreated?
my husband says that he hasn't cheated but i found out that i had chlamedia what kind of bacteria causes it
what complication can result from untreated chlamydia?
what's best way to get to sleep when you have a cough from post-nasal drip?
My husband has had test and they say that he does not have chlamedia but my test results say i do maybe a mist
My wife's blood pressure is 80/60. I'm worried thats what causing her headaches and feeling always tired.
Where can I get solution to my itching ear?
What are the health benefits of gingko biloba?
I am so sick!!?
what can i take to reverse increased urination as a result of taking ginseng?
What are some treatment options for a herniated disc in the lower spine?
Why do some people have cold hands and cold feets?
can deaf people scuba dive? will the presure affect them?
blood clots (dvts) in the arm of 22 yr old?
at home cure for constipation?
When I'm sleeping, my hand falls asleep if I lay on my side. Is that a bad thing?
help me locate a hospital in nyc specializing in gastroenterology & internal medicine?
how to know that a simple mole is turning a malingnant one (melanoma)?
Could Melanoma skin cancer cause pain in the joints?
why you should get detected early for cancer?
what are the symptoms of cancer of the lyphnoids?
how do increase in white blood cells damage the body?
what is it like to die from lung cancer?
how do you convince someone who wants to commit suicide not to do it?
celexa (Citalopram hydrobromide)20mg can this pill be cut into 4 .. 5mg dosages..is it scored for this purpose
what hormones are released when/after throwing up?
child sweats too quickly what is wrong?
how does someone improve nearsightedness (myopia) naturally? ive heard of eye exercises. does it really work?
What is VUCG a medical examination.?
using corticosteroids after braintrauma comparing with using nothing?
whene i eat any thing i feel pain in my stoamch , like gas in it , iam worried what it can be ??
64yr adult male of african decent, has swollen hands and feet. cannot make a fist and cannot bend fingers esp?
Why are some people so scared of people with epilepsy?
what is blood gas?
what medication is used in treating hepatitis c infection?
can aids transfer to two clean partners and how?
How long does blood have to be exposed to air before it is infectious?
What is an enterococcal infection?
If u have galactosemia wich chromosome does it affect?
what are the early symptoms of hiv/aids? how does a person knows he/she has pnuemonia?
where you can get help in the community against aids?
what are the diagnostic testes for meningitis ?
what's wrong wit my shoulder?
how do u get rid of back pain due to bulged disc?
Has anyone ever had to have surgery for a broken clavicle fixed with a plate?
I was in a car accident a few years back . I've been to a chiropractor for several years?
what does the word abnormal mean as far a a wrist injury or any other injury?
Does sleeping less than 8 hours during childhood through adolescence affect you during your adulthood?
Push-Ups #1?
Is there ANY way to get bad smell out of shoes/boots???
Can autism be cured?
How do you become healthy and skinny at the same time?
What is wrong/what does it mean when you throw up blood after running too much?
Progressive lenses - Are they worth it or will I still want 3 different pairs of glasses?
What r the ways to have no constipation?
Can allegies affect liver enzymes?
did anyone have peanut allergies but grow out of them?
constantly scared of having a repeat anaphylaxis attack. what can i do??
How can i get rid of my skin allergy?
cabbage soup to lose lbs in ?? days?
Should people that come from a society that do not have dairies consume dairy products?
How can I lose weight and what is a good diet for me I am 13 years old and weigh 222 pounds can you help me?
how do i lose weight effectively?
I'm in great shape.. but it's my stomach that i need to work on, so what's the fastest way to get a six pack??
How many times should you go to the bathroom in a week?
plz can u tell me if children with ADHD can grow up & live independently or do they need a lot of help.?
What are the behaviors of a selfish parent?
Is it possible to cure depression urself, without the help of a psychologist/psychotherapist?
panic disoder how to get over it?
Tell me about Solutions to Recovery.?
i think i need help?
How to cure fear(fobia) of driving car?
I am diabetic, and have only one kidney, as well as having Parkinson's.?
Due to a compromised immune system, boils erupting, numerous loc. on body.?
In patience with diabetes what is a natural way of controling sugar level if it goes up to high?
How do insulin injections work?
can you give plasma if you have diabetes?
What would cause water blisters all over a diabetics legs and what to do about them?
iam suffering in spondylities?
Is Acute Bronchitis contagious even after person starts taking antibiotics?
How to treat allegy in a 4 yrs old boy?
Is there a shortage of Albuteral Inhalers?
natural cures for pulmonary fibrosis?
symptoms of pneumonia?
I have COPD.and i take Avair,Albuterol and o2 at night.?
how does pneumonia manifest itself?
what is the 5-year survival rate for stage 3 ovarian cancer?
What is the bad effectes for using the Mobile?
How many people die each year because of leukemia?
does anyone have or know any info on immunoperoxidase?
If I have 3 months to live,what will you do to make me happy before I die?