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A WHO guide to good manufacturing practice requirements?
Should I pop this blister on my finger?
Is Chlamydia airbone?
What’s the best way to fight a cold?
Why would my ankle swell after a knee injury?
what are the benefits of using a compression glove after wrist surgery ?
i dont know what injuries i had this morning?
If i am probably have mrsa on clindamycim when can i go swimming in apublic pool.?
when an fracture to the tibia / fibia occurs how long does it take before swelling and heat occur?
i fell at speed from a horse a year and a half ago and still have pain and numbness in lower back+pelvis help!
how or where can i interview a vietnam veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
Could I be bipolar?
Does depakote cause insomnia?
why cant i find a personal writing journal i can print on my home printer?
how would i know if i have died?
can zhi bai di huang wan harm my child?
If you have a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, how often should it be adjusted?
Good source of medical information?
death during surgery...what care a layman should take ?
What is the medical term for inflammation of the nerves in your face?
Can people that was born with Cystic Fibroses have kids of there own??
how does lupus affect children in Western New york, where can i get info on it?
Has their been a US case of Bird Flu yet?
Cavernous hemaniomas( around/inside right ear, right neck), possible treatment options?
When do you decide to go see a therapist?
Any insight on childhood depression?
what is the solution for forget fulness ?
Does the drug respiridal,haldol, or cogentin cause breast milk in female patients?
Does going backwardds on a rollercoaster mess up your brain?
how do i know that i should see the docter about depression? is there an online test to take or something?
how do you deal with sociopathic abusive behavior?
Has anyone had the side affects of cymbalta that are listed with the drug.I have?
what are the symptoms of allergic reactions to sulphur?
what is the treatment for post nasal drip(PND)?
I have a bad critical kind of allergy with scratching and small red spots on my skin through all seasons I hav
What is the adult dose and frequency for Robaxacet?
which is best pain killer for one kidney patient?
is tramadol stronger than vicodin es?
ear health?
When running fast, hurt on the lower right rib.?
What website can one get Vicodin or Oxy without a prescription or consultation fee?
Ugh! So irritating, help?
I'm designing a poster on hiv awareness, can you give me the description of pictures that i can use?
where can i go and get tested for a std in queens for men.?
What is the ratio of HIV/AIDS victims in Mississippi?
Why december 1 st is choosen as World AIDS Day?
how can I know for sure?
Any one know ant thing about 9yr old kids and protazac or any kind of depression med ?
Why do people lie when there is no reason to? Is it a disease or habit?
How do you when going through a hard time is temporary or you need to long term meds?
how can a person change the tough conditions by changing her aspect to the life?
what is the thing that makes you very unique?
Why do our ears ring?
Swimming or Running is BEST too loose weight?
i have a major pressure head ache at the back of my neck what should i do?
Is there any permanent cure for Psorasis?
How do you quit biting your fingernails?
My neck cracks LOUDLY about 10 times a day. Is this dangerous? Could it been a sign of a serious problem?
Why do some womens hairstyles seem to neglect the back of their head? Is it...?
How can I clear my nasal passages?
My feet are killing me. What do you think the problem could be. They hurt all over the bottom.?
What could cause abdominal pain, a bloated belly, many gaz and blurping in a 7 yo child?
Why would a newborn child get johndus?Why yellow skin?Whats the cure?
What are the two types of eating disorders?
what causes itchy hands?
how to cure my cold?
What is "gout"?
how to cure a cold?
What is the name of that liquid Doctors use to remove wart and other skin growths. It freezes them off.?
what do you call a nail condition which is flattened and discolored (white specks)?
so which do you like better? Eternity or Joop?
can i remove a skin mole on my face witout surgery; it is not cancerous.?
It is urgent, kindly answer this question plz......?
What are the basic needs nowadays?
What is the body's largest organ?
How does blood PH affect our health?
What is the best way to fight a cold?
Does anyone know the side affects of cortisone when taken over a long period of time ?
what is the solution for aids?
what is a good home remedy for constipation?
have you tried cymbalta, and did you live thur it. i barely did, tell me your expirence waiting for response?
is there any facts known that after a chemical exposure people get depression?
My brother has a bipolar disorder and the state WONT grant him disability. Any suggestion or stories?
Do hypnotist's work?
is tej a mum?
How would you react to a friend if you found out that he has Tourettes Syndrome?
Why am I still depressed even though I take anti-depressants?
What is the difference in side effects for heroin users, cocaine users, weed smokers and acid tripers?
I injured my ankle/leg two days ago I cannot move my ankle up,down,left, or right.Why??
i think its a sprain?
Help I have pain in my head above right ear everyonce and while and it is sharp!?
How to clean a wrist cast?
I have a torn meniscus and fluid on my knee. Should I have surgery?
have you married your childhood sweetheart? how did it turn out?
What is the healthy weight for a 12 year old?
How many calories reduced does it take to lose a pound of weight?
Can anyone help me with the best workout schedule?
What things compete with adsorption for nutrients? IE. I heard that caffeine will prevent adsorption of Vit C?
Sleeping Vs Weight?
what's the best way to get a 6 pack?
How do I get rid of the fat around my lower stomach?
any home remedies for deprssion and fatigue?
What is the best way to lose weight?
what kinds of food are most likley to cause stomach acids?
Where can I find pictures of Gaucher's disease ?
Does anyone know what causes Interstitial Cystitis?
hemidystrophy what causes this?
What is legion sclerosis disease?
ganglion cyst?
I have severe muscle pains due to fibromyalgia. Does anyone know what is the best treatment for this?
what does sciatica come from?
What kinds of food allergies are people usually tested for?
Alergery Care Docotors in louisville Ky?
When my 6 yr old son woke up this morning his tooth had come out. Is is possible he swallowed the tooth.?
how do you get rid of canker sores or mouth ulcers for good?
How do dentists repair a broken tooth that had partial root canal treatment?
Does pure baking soda bad for your teeth?
how to safe my teeth?
im 7mths pregnant and my back tooth broke is safe to go to the dentist.?
how can i view a yahoo memeber profile?
Is there any dentists that do pro bono work?
Is it true that a gay males hytothalamus is bigger than a straight males?
Has anyone here ever taken: depakote, lithium, abilify, zyprexa or topamax?
How can I improve my outlook on life?
Do you ever pray? If so, how do you feel afterward?
What is the best way to get rid of sudden anger?
What is Ritalin used for?
Need to know how to stop caring what my over-critical mother thinks of me? She judges all I do&is never happy?
What's the difference between ADD and ADHD?
Best way to get rid of sleepy irritated eyes (no sleeping though)?
what is the best cure for psoriasis?
Will there ever be a cure for Hailey-Hailey Disease?
How do I avoid a scar from a burn on my daughters chest? I used Silvadene till it closed up today?
is ringworm an indication of HIV?
what is best cure for eczema?
do you have lymphnode glands in the back of your head?
how can i get rid of ringworm?
How Can I prevent Geting AIDS?
hsv2 -not treated-what can happen?
were can i find a free clinic?
does the parazapper kill the HIVirus?
What stds can you really get from the public restroom equipment?
where can I get better mental health insurance for my children they have been turned down by Welfare?
is zoloft a good antidepressent?
Does an SSRI show up in a urinalysis?
Mental illness that causes insomnia and schizo-affective with bi-polar tendencies?
i usually forget things and loosing the fun of life ,i think about things too much i guess what do i do?
these days i have a conversation class in english ,the problem is i discover thatican't speak infront ofothers
What can make a group of 12 random people all happy?
How to get rid of mental lazyness with simple techniques ?
What can we do to sustain long time memory?
is hot water n onion good for yo brain,if so, how?
My hair is very dull how can i make it healthy like thick and clean?
i have scar on my arm since i was akid. Does an old scar be cured by mederma stuff. If not how can i remove?
Does an endospopy(can't spell it) hurt?
does your stomach grow bigger (expand) after you've eaten food?
Why are people (me) plagued with dandruff? How the heck do I get rid of it? I have tried almost EVERYTHING!!?
What is the small black spot in the white of my eye?
I have different color skin, What's wrong with me???
how many people die from a ruptured appendix?
Can the new STL procedure for glaucoma be done on someone with an existing glaucoma implant in place?
What is multiple sclerosis?
I feel that I may have all the symptoms of fiberomyalgia, any ideas?
if you were born with a birth defect... let's say 4 toes, will your children also get it?
Of the hepatitis virus, which is the most contagious and why?
how long will a person live if they have down syndrome?
what is Bells Palsy?
what are the differences between a humidifier and a vaporizer?
how can I cure my cold?
what would cause having blood in the eye?
what's the best way to fight a cold?
how can keloids be best avoided or treated? What are the disadvantages of pateries?
how do I qualify for medicaid?
what is the best way to get rid of hemmoroids?
What is a spoort hernia?
Is there a medical term for an annoying "think they know it all"?
How can I help a person who has suicide on their minds constantly?
Does anyone here have a problem with cutting and or have borderline personality disorder?
What are some common problems or side effects for the antidepressant effxor?
I've been on ativan (Lorazepam) for 6 years, and my doctor converted it to Valium, and i'm really struggeling
how to fall a sleep when you can't?
zanax ques again?
my ear is congested and ringing but my sinuses are clear after having a cold .how do i clear my ear?
Is it wise to work while you have viral pnuemonia?
cure for tonsilitis?
What causes pneumonia?
what's the best treatment for throat infection?
How can I stop me and my kids from getting sick all the time?
what should you do to treat asthma besides albuterol and steriods (natural ways)?
If you're a daily runner and now have bronchitis, how much running should you be doing?
what is epsin bar syndrome?
How do I help my children who are allergic to everything lead a normal life?
is there any medicine that really works for "rinite alérgica"? dont know the name in english.?
Has anyone had cortozone shots for a back problem, and have they helped?
HI, I have this stinging under the skin on my left arm, it feels like bees biting, What can it be?
I have pain in the left side of the body from the neck to foot?
my knee hurts!:(?
please explain the cause of headaches and which part of the head hurts when your sinuses are on.?
sciatic nerve treatment?
Really Bad Neck Pain?
theres this spot on my wrist, and when i touch it, my fingers get numb and tingly. any ideas on what it is?
Sprained Wrist?!?!?
is there a relief for nerve damage caused by trauma of surgery?
How long does a Knee partial ligament injury which took place playing basketball take to heal?
Is there a orthopedic Doctor in the house?
can u travel abroad with an acl injury ???
What will be the best treatment for Past traumatic stress disorder?
to all with bad knees?
Does anyone else have this? Major Skin Problem?
Does anyone know if there are any adhd help groups for parents of children with this condition in virginia?
Free help for the broke people.?
how to overcome hydrophobia?
How do you regain your sanity??
Why does it take so long to diagnose Tourette Syndrome & have tics for so long before diagnosing?
Why are people have different behavior?
how to keep fit in old age algimer desease?
As a Health Care Professional, is it ethical and legal to collect ear wax samples from patients for experiment
how long does it take your liver to process the alcohol from one beer?
What is the best way to get rid of canker sores? I have them all the time and can't seem to find out why.?
cause of mouth ulcers?
does antideppressant lowerimmune system?
who knows what adhesive arachnoiditis is? How do people deal with it? Is there any kind of cure, or new meds?
Will someone PLEASE lay out the symptoms of phenytoin poisoning in layman's terms?
risk of heart attacks?
treatment of cardiac arrhythmia?
Is lisennopril the same as Zocor?
Is it common for heart attack patients to have personality changes?
my dr, wants me to wear a heart monitor, why and for how long?
you believe telemedicine is going to resolve the problems of health in third world?
cardiac arrest, the insult to the brain?
Is there any connection between hernia hiatal and hypertension?
Chronic Hiccups?
what causes boils?
quitting smoking?
ive had a cold for like a few weeks now, its not a big cold but how can it be cured?
If you're a kleptomaniac, is there something you can take for it?
if smoking is dangerous to your health, why do they still allow it to be sold over the counter?
Problems staying asleep... Can anyone help?
Why should community garbage be collected often?
I want to know revese osmosis system removes the flouride from the water?
what is StriVectin-SD?
How to increase my height?
What is the fastest and cheapest way to whiten black underarms?
What is the best way to get rid of itchy flakes-dandruff?
what is the treatment for sprained back?
Does it cost to get your blood type at the doctor?
my question is how can i apply on how to get a free sponser wheelchair for my 15year old brother?
What are your experiences with mental health workers? Do you feel you got help, or a big con?
How to improve our self confidence?
what are the long term effects of pot use?
I have a eight-year-old daughter with bipolar nothing helps. Any suggestions?
I am looking for information that will help me identify a male pedaphile preying on a young girl I know.?
anxiety meds not working?
Do you think Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) should be legal?
does the hiv virus survive in urine?
how is herpes spread?
Ex-hus gave me herpes. Do I tell new guy immediately or wait to see if feelings develop-rejection either way?
urologist singapore in dec05 examined blood and opined no infection but i feel infecn. Can sugest .remedies?
Is it possible for a man to be a carrier of chlamydia and not actually have it?
Having a desk job can make u gain inches around the waistline (sitting down for 8 hrs)...how can I lose it?
anyone has good weight-loss secrets that don't involve killing yourself with starvation or excercise?
im trying to cut off my calorie intake, will nutra sweet be d best choice to replace sugar??
how to get rid of migrane?
is it normal for ankles to crack loudly when "rolled"?
how to remove salt from ham?
Can we eat raw pumpkin seeds?
Which is better to eat Vegetables or Fruits?
Is anyone trying to loose weight with weight watchers points?
What is the latest/best treatment for sclariderma?
Is there anything that you can take or put on your skin when you have shingles to help with the pain?
what causes canker sores?
best treatment for violence with pcp intoxication?
If a person had their first and only M.S. Attack 2 years ago, What are the odds of having another M.S. Attack?
how do I stop tinitis (ringing in the ears)?
how do you cure an earache?
How can I get my thighs to slim down?
What is a herps appliance?
How well do crest white strips work? I mean the original ones not the premium ones.?
Does the crest white strips really work or worth the money?
How often do you brush your teeth?
Sliding scale or reduced cost dental implants?
ive been grinding my teeth my whole life my teeth are all but gone i cant afford copays dental in what can i?
anyone know naythin about braces?
What is the best thing to whiten teeth?
I am afraid of the dentist. Any advice as to how to deal with this?
In AA, I heard that people usually relapse the most between steps 1- 3. Which step is the most problematic?
have you ever felt like you had the weight of the world on your shoulders? (stressed out)?
What make people kill each other ? handreds of milions been killed ; for what ? is a human an idiot creature ?
i have five years to live, what do I do with it.?
What is Trazodone used for other then sleep and depression? My doctor did not tell me.?
what's the worst thing that happened to you?
What color or combination of colors invoke a positive atmosphere for you?
Can I take Diphenhydramine and Loratadine at the same time?
What's the best medicine/cure for an allergy attack?
home remedies for hay fever?
What's the difference between allergies and sinuses?
can depression cause lower back pain?
why do we sleep?
Does drinking coffee cause fingernail discoloration?
Are there any pilates studios in Phoenix, AZ? Do they have pilates equipment? Where is it in Phoenix?
How do you get a loved one off meth. weve tried everything?
how long does it take to heal from a tummy tuck?
How do you fight a cold sore or fever blister?
what is the treatment Ramdevji is giving for ulcerative colitis?
What is Intersticial Lung Disease?
What is a stroke, and what are the risk factors?
Can you die of arthritis?
I'm doing research on cocaina addiction and need someone to answer tell me how cocaine addiction affected them
my daugther get migrines she is only 14 and has them bad she on meds but there must be something else i can do
What causes a brain shock when you are asleep?
Is there any cure for celiac disease?
What do I do after getting a stone in my urine?
what is the muscle in your head that you can flex?
I need to write a personal letter?
Is there a way to buy RX meds online with no prescription?
is intuition reliable?
Zoloft...anyone experience withdrawl?
how can I get help with depression from being in the world trade center on 9/11?
How to eliminate frustration?
What are the withdrawal symptoms of effexor?
what is libido?
How many of you are out there sick and haven't found a answer yet?
MekMan's Work-out plan?
why do we have acne?
why when i drink my face gets red?
how do i enhance my beauty?
winter tan?
Why is dandruff itchy?
Are there any other teens that have been really depressed?
Who are the celebrates with Histrionic Personality Disorder?
how do i know if it is mental abuse?
How do you know when a person is having an emotional/mental breakdown when they don't outwardly show it?
who knows anything about child OCD.?
my wife is depressed during her pregnancy. is there anything we can do to help her?
What is your opinion on capital punishment and why?
Can you still function when you've been shot by a stun gun if you really try?
If I have numbness in my upper teeth after hitting my face on cement, how long will it take to regain feeling?
What is the normal pressure on a brain?
what should i do if I think my cut is infected?
Will the numbness in my face go away?
how do you know if your foot is broken?
Has anyone ever broken their clavicle(collar bone)?How badly and how was it treated?How long to heal??
If you take a medication for an STD how soon are you cured?
Is there any way to treat herpes type II? plz help!?
can herpes outbreaks be stopped?
does magic johnson have AIDS?
i manstrubate once in a day.is it something to do with my concentration,studies,weakness?i am 21 year male.?
what is the cure for goiter?
I have a sickness in my stomach & I feel like I have to vomit all the time,& diarrea all the time.?
My mother just got diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. How concerned should I be about my health?
does anyone know how to cure the parkinson disease?pls help?
can "MS" be caused later in life by severe thyroids?
autism could someone explain symptoms or causes?
what is "cherubism"?
how do i treat a gaseous stomach?
What's the part of the human body most vulnerable to injury or disease? Why is it that way?
Is there a antidepression medication that does not cause weight gain?
Will a severe head injury cause someone's personality to change or become more agressive?
What could this possibly be?
My husband is recovering from cancer, why is it harder on me (seemingly) than him?
Why am I miserable all the time?
What is the difference between Indigo Children and ADHD?
is yeast made from wheat and does it contain gluten?
Is Dermographism caused by food allergies?
Do you have acne? If so, you may be allergic to wheat(gluten) and dairy.?
Any eye doctors out there?
I think i might have astigmatism?
What is avian flu and why is everyone so worried about it?
Whats the risk of getting HIV from a hospital blood transfusion?
when HIV infects a individual does he immediatly become AIDS patient or can he be cured?
where are the most common places yersinia can be found?
what percentage of people bodies can heal themselves of hepatitis B?
What is the best way to cure strep throat?
What is minimal inhibitory concentration?
claustridium botulinum?
what kind of things did people do to get motivated to lose weight im having a hard time?
I heard that you can gain weight by drinking alot of water...because you retain it! Is there any thruth in it?
What is the best way to loose 15 pounds in 4 weeks?
Do anyone here knows a good site r book about elastic bands exercises?
how to reduce my tummy?
What happens if you drink more than 64 oz. of water per day?
Does diet by blood type work?
what is the best way to fast with or without liquids?
refill water bottle on the cooler without spilling?
how to become taller?
How can I make myself taller?
what is a cure for TINNITUS?
how to treat an ear infection?
Best way to relieve anger and stress?
What is the best method to regulate my sleep cycle?
How Do you battle Depression??
How much does it usually cost for a therapist?
How do I know if im insane?
my daughter has ADHD ,what can i do?
I am very tense these days my mind is not stable at all?
why is chalazion cyst growing?
Is obesity considered a chronic illness?
what other disease has the same characteristics of multiple sclerosis?
How do you cure TMS?
does gout ever lead to amputation?
What does it mean when someone is vomiting up what looks like coffee grounds?
can Schizophrenia lead to that person murdering you?
I am in shock right now! Need another opinion,to make a decision in regards to doctor and staff behavior:(:(.?
what caused the plague?
Is drinkig drain-o a better laxative than ex-lax?
What is spontaneous combustion and why does it happen!??
Is there any non-surgical treatment at all for common eye floaters?
Can having animals in the house cause a new born to become sick more easly?
What is abortion?
how do I stop my new sneakers from that embarrassing squeaking?
Why do most cough syrups contain alcohol?
Does anyone else suffer from post traumatic stress disorder?AnXiety,And depression?
what are some pracitical interventions for classroom behavior modification with adhd children?
Anyone used Hypnotherapy to successfully treat a phobia?
what happens when you suddenly stop taking anti-depressants?
how can i not feel sad??
Underlying psychoses?
Can OCD have an actual physical symptom?
If there is a pschyo inside everyone's heart then y didnt we all start killing people while someother's do?
What is the best way to stay hydrated in extreme conditions?
Correct method of taking blood pressure?
I have been waking up at night with a quivering feeling in my chest. lasts for minute. Any ideas as to cause?
Is the "Life-straw" available to consumers?
what causes sty's?
What is cat scratch fever?
What is asthma's mode of tranmission? Does Asthma have a life cycle in an organism?
how should i feel after brain tumor surgery? its been 2 months now?
What diseases can be identified by PCR?
What is my disease?
I have been diagnosed with degenerative disease, could you tell me about the disease please? Thank you?
what sickness wolud we get if we did not a immune system?
what is glucose-6-phosphate dehydronase deficiency?
everything about chondromalacia?
what are the numbers for young americans (maybe 17-30?) affected by the HIV/AIDS virus?
How can I chat with people who have herpes type II?
My pito has been hurting real bad, its swollen and looks like a cauliflower. I slept with a he she/tranny.?
is AIDS transmitted thru FRENCH KISSING?
what is the best treatment for syphilis?
Can this cause brain damage as far as pshycological problems?
does anyone know how to get rid off insomnia?
My son has epilepsy please help?
How do I get over my new found fear of driving my car on freeways and bridges?
Paxil Cr for a month??
which would you prefer?ants in your pants or a flea in your ear?
What health supplements can I take to improve my memory?
What is a natural remedy for ingrown toenail?
Is it possible to overdose on THC...the intoxicant found in marijuana?
Do palmetto pills help reduce enlarge prostate?
can you tell me stress definition?
what means hypochondria ?
What's the best way to fast cure from cold ?
*HELP* I just got a sore throat last night and I have a Choir concert on Monday...? *HELP*?
How do I know if I'm allergic to milk?
Can skin/shot allergy tests cause a sinus or ear infection?
how do you relieve pain from broken ribs?
What is the muscle above the knee called and what are some safe ways to strengthen it?
what "cool" shoes are good for shin splints?
Can lumbar injury increase? Medical Professionals ONLY please...?
how do i make the swelling injuries to the head go away?
How often does a person have to see an orthopedic dr after they break their clavicle in 3 places?weekly,biwkly
Can i get help for domestic violence due to alcohol addition in p.g.md.?
are PVCs related to panic attacks and panic disorder?
is taking prozac a good idea?
How to get rid of homsickness?
What do you do if you need mental health help, but have no money and no insurance?
How many percents of Americans are smoking?
I'am doing a project and i would like to know if cystic fibrosis is a genetic diseases?
where can i get help paying my house and cay payments?
Where can i find more info about mute people? Not selective mutism, but people who are born mute?
what is the cure for scurvy?
Can anybody tell me about Autism?
I have Benign Non-Essential Tremors & I can't find any information on it. Can anyone help me? Thank you!?
What can treat ankylosin spondolitis so that more than symptoms are addressed?
My son is autistic and I would like to know how can I help my child?
looking for a store in Indiana that sells catalyst cologne by halston?
Why do I drool in my sleep?
How do you getridofa headache?
how cn i get the hair dye out of my hair?
if I am to stop taking all anti inflammatory meds before surgery can I still take tylenol?
am i weird?
Is it possible to be alergic to beans?
Why do i get fat by sleeping and not by eating?
Are Chiropractors legitimite doctors?
What is a good exercise to work out my stomach and get a firm stomach?
Would men prefer their partner 10 lbs underweight or overweight, super toned or a less toned?
What's the fastest way to loose belly fat?
what is the best way to loose weight?
Does yoga really help your body?
Help with my anxiety. The doctors keep switching my medication and I feel it is making it worse.?
My girlfriend was raped. What can I do?
i'm really stressed out right now and i drink one beer every night...is that bad?
Why are so many teens depressed?
What causes pervasive developmental disorder?
What do you think is the best electric toothbrush on the market?b?
Is there any gum you can have with dental work???? ( besides sugarless)?
just today, my tooth cracked and part of cavity filling is exposed. it doesnt hurt, is this serious?
I have a dreadful cold & headache, but now I have a toothache all on the right side of my mouth-is this normal
Teenage sister ... braces?
How long does a person have to wear retainers after taking off their braces?
I need to get some extensive dental work done !?
Can you stay home alone the first night after wisdom teeth extraction?
How do you keep your gums healthy? Besides flossing, are there foods that aid gum health?
Is there a cure for mouth odor.(bad breath)?
Will the antibiotic, Azithromycin, generic for Zithromycin, (a 5 day treatment, 250mg ea) treat strep throat?
What could cause profound hearing loss in one ear only for a small child, other than injury?
what does it mean when someone has a boil under their arms?
what is colidous?
Prediction of endoscopic treatment failure?
What is mononucleosis?
does chiropractic work for headaches?
Ho well does Bio Freeze work for muscle aches?
acne products: compare actimine to acuzine?
Why are Young Living Essential Oils so effective in natural healing?
Does chicken soup make you feel better when you are sick?
what is the best remedy for a hangover?
Is that Perricone diet good for people that have high blood pressure and hypothriodism?
can brahmi herb reduce blood pressure levels and is it safe?
what are ways to still the restless mind???
how do you get fatter when you are very skinny?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
If you have irregular sleep patterns how long will it take to get back to normal???
what is the federal law about a minor person selling tobacco products?
Can you get blue fever?
I need to find a walk-in mental health clinic in the US?
Anyone know of any good Stress Management Classes? Video, online or such.?
Why do people fear me? I have manic depression.?
your help please?
how can my man quit cannabis?
antidepressants without prescription?
Where are places to cutt on your body so that you wont get caught by anyone..besides your wriste?
is there a webpage where i can see what the test results look like after you get tested for dieases?
is bloodwork the only way to get an aids test done?
I am a 24 year old, white, HIV+ young male. My lymph nodes are swollen, any way to make the swelling go away?
How is Chlamydia acquired?
How common is it to be misdiagnosed with herpes?
brown discharge?
I have what seems to be hairs that feel like a peice of rope wrapping around face & head and even into mouth?
What product is the best to get rid of acne?
Any solution for eczema?
information on stawberry nose. very porous appearance.?
treatment of decubiti at home?
Are cold sores harmful 2 u?
is it possible 2 get a cold sore from licking my gfs p*ssy, and if so how long would it take 4n the cold sore?
I am obsessing about a cold sore, should i worry or am i being a hypochondriac?
how can i plant a marijuana in a hot place because im using it as a medication for my asthma?
Why is it when you have an allergic reaction the heart races? I thought I was having a heart attack.?
can you tell you have allergies if you have water coming out of your nose?if so what type of allergie is it.?
How long can you stay on prescription pain meds.?
Back pain from a car accident?
does any1 know of any good cure or way to get relief from reuhmathaide arthritis???
What is the best over the counter pain killer for a sunburn?
After femur surgery, how long does nerve damage take to recover?
Has anyone ever had multiple bone injuries?
outcome of tramatic lumbar disc fusion ?
Has anyone ever been maced?
Burst 5 blood vessels around l eye & 3 on the left, when I threw up? Is this due to high BP? Do I need a DR>?
I am often tired, i get enough sleep, eat fairly well, and exercise. what should I do?
what is the only part of the human body that is not able to repair itself?
are there 5mg oxycontin pills?
what do you give 12mth olds for constipation?
dosing of tussinex?
Can you die from laughing?
Why are there dumb blonde jokes and not dumb brunette jokes?
Do you have OCD behaviors?
What are the tests for Tuberculosis and what is the remedy and precautions?
What could cause tibial bone pain?
tingling in hands, stiff ankles, foggy vision, weight gain, and depression what is it?
after a complete hystorectomy will polycystic ovarian disease go away?
information on Yale-New Haven Hospital?
I fell off my motorbike and my hand slightly hurts if I press it, but it didn't bloat. Is it broken?
help for irritable bowel - any suggestions?
Can I know a site where I can chat with people who are parents of children who are bipolar?
how can i get help for my three kids with behaviour problems?
Is there any depression agencies in Indiana?
why does my right pupil dilate when i take antidepressants?
can i get some advice? please read....?
Are you calm and relaxed, exited and happy, sad, other?
is there a cure for "pseudo seizures"?
LIST things that are "up lifting" and inspiring?
Does anyone take the drug effexor? What kind of side effects do you have with this drug?
What are the symptoms of E. Coli?
Can Dog's tick spreds to humans?
I am looking for a footcare product called "charm pederma". Can anyone help me with a webasite, etc? thanks
Why aren't HMO's and the like willing to pay for preventative health care?
Does going out in the cold cause a cold?
Embrel has to be keep between 36 to 46 degrees. Where can I buy a batttery power cooler?
Has anyone has success on Effexor XR?
Why does Vioxx causes people to have heart attack?
Does the stem cells contain DNA information?
Is there a non-prescription cure/treatment for depression?
can a pinched nerve in the spine cause arm pain?
whats the best way to fight a cold?
what is the best treatment for the problem of BURNING FEET?
can i wear make-up or apply cosmetics products during my pregnancy?
can severe joint pains be ssign of something serious.?
Is it necessary to worry about rabies when a healthy-acting bat gets into your house?
what would make me dizzy?
My big regrets...?
Define Anxiety?
what could be an antidote for psychological problems?
Has your sister ever aggravated you?
what are the side effexcs of prozac?
What are the best medications for a 13 year old with Asperger's?
Other than MS, what could cause slurring of words?
How am i suppose to stop feeling Jelous when SHE talk to other GUYS ??
what are the effects of always taking alvidon tablets?
when one gets pink eye, and after it is healed, does it leave sores on the top of they eyelid?
carriers of Thalasemia?
how long before you know you have herpies ?
how do people survive with bipolar disorder?
How effective is a thyroidectomy in halting the progress of Thyroid Eye Disease?
is there a cure for hepatitis b what are the best diet for this?
what causes tingling of the nerves in the hand?
Can i transfer hpv to another person?
What is the Average Height and Weight of an American 13-yr old Girl?
Does accupuncture really work for weight loss?
Which is better,coffee or tea?
i need to know what kind of illness that fluocinonide ointment cures?
Best weight loss diet?
Why buy bottled water?
Why is our society obsessed with the "anorexic" look?
how do i gain weight?
Who do you think is the thinnest female celebrity right now?
what wxactly happens during Colon cleansing and what r the pros and cons.?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
we are looking for a diet soup diet that is not the cabbage diet anyone know where we can find it?
is triglycerides connected to HIV infection? (not treatment)?
i have taken a 1 dose of medicine per doctors prescription.(STD)?
how can i help with regards to AIDs in my country?
how do i interpret my hepatitis screening test?
can humans catch palvo disease from animals?
have you ever heard of hepsera?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
how can I be hep b positive when I was vaccinated 11 yrs ago and have been married for those 11 yrs, my husban
What happens if you stop taking your HIV meds then start them again after two months off?
i feel a namb in my right hand thumb,continous naming ,what could be the reason?
best way to cure a cold or flu?
how can i avoid germs on a plane?
Complete cure for myopia!!?
How can I know that a sunglass provides 100% UV protection?
If you are on the computer for a long time then take a long shower will it hurt your eyes?
can anti-depressant withdrawal cause body aches?
why do we feel full of confidence at times and least confident at sometimes?
i've been worrying alot lately and it's all about my family and who's going to die first.?
Does Trazodone antidepressant work and does it have any side affects?
how to get a family member committed?
what is it like living with someone with schizoaffective disorder?
What is the best medication for depression and why?
one day you are understanding, i am a gay. can you accept me?
does clucosamine 1500 mg for joint confort raise a person blood sugar when taken once a day?
Are painkillers less effective if you don't eat anything before taking them?
My Foot Hurts?
How can I get back in shape and gain my muscle tone back without the pain?
What is a good pain releaver for someone with an ulcer?
what causes charlie horses in our legs-keep getting them in the same spot-how can one prevent them.?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!! terrible arm pains and only 26 years old!?
what are the side effects of Avapro?
how many times can a person go through Defibrillation?
Can you tell me where Ap[ostolos Voudouris MD is located?
what does it mean if i have irregular rhythm of my heart pulse?
list all heart transplant hospitals in US?
dr.rajesh sharma adress?
what is memory gap to be specific memory gap among senior citizens?
Any idea what could be causing me to fall asleep after I eat anything at all?
shingles the cure?
Does having a history of serious constipation increase my chances of getting colon cancer?
Do you think I should be concerned with having MS?
What is diferticulitis?
effect of shrimps on high cholestrol?
how can I lower my blood pressure without medication?
Is your Flange your toes and fingers or just fingers or toes?
My girlfriend wants me to get a manicue and pedicure, should I ?
why do your fingers get wrinkled when you get out of the water?
is beauty important?
2g = ?teas?
what is the average age of human life?
What is REALLY the best cure for stretch marks?
why is starch used in ironing?
what are some after effects of a brain inured person?
timely death vs. untimely death?
What are your recommendations for a healthy mind?
Anyone know any non-stimulant treatments for adult ADHD?
sorry for caring about her, and tring to help?
What happens to your personality if you mix alcohol and xanax?
Will excercise help a bulging lumbar disc?
what can you do to make swelling go down- besides the usual ice and compressing it?
Waht can medicine can I put on a bleeding wart?
Hurt foot HELP!?
I pulled a muscle in my back and it's been days w/ no improvement. What else can I do to make it better?
Why do my front ankle tendons hurt after I workout?
what's the name for the white stuff the put on you went you hurt your uncle?
what is the best way to fight cold?
Are there any natural remedies or herbs to help diabetics?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
What is shaklee?
how do I find a good homeopath?
What medicine to use when a 7-month old baby has stuffy nose?
what is cod liver oil good for if taken orally on a regular basis?
Do deodorant crytals really work?
How do I get over a cold?
What exactly is a hickup? Is there a way to prevent them?
open heart surgery?
I'm a 35-year old male, I'm underweight for my age, I never worked out? Any advice would be appreciated
what is sleep apnea?
Why do thoughts keep on coming in the mind?
what is a cure for shingles and what are zynoxin side effects?
i am 6'3 and 200 pounds is that bad?
How long should I remain on Lithium if i want the beneficial grey brain matter growth it is said to promote?
Does anyone feel totally isolated from everyone and everything all the time?
How do you get a parent into psychological counseling if they do not want to go?
What is Aspangers Autism?
HELP! I'm tappering off of adderall. was taking 30mg 3 times a day. Now i'm on 15-30-30 tomorrow_?
what is the difference between paranoia and guilt?
Does effexor have a withdrawal period?
Any idea what would cause my lip to swell immediately after a sneeze?
What to do if anyone has hair colour allergy?
does alcohol increase white blood cells thus causing a higer risk of stds?
How to protect yourself from contracting Hepatitus B?
Has anyone studied the cure they think they have for AIDS?
can hernias cause bowel problems?
Do I have an eating disorder?
when mucus is in your poo what does that mean??
my 8-months old baby boy has a swollen left foot??
My husband tried to kill himself. He was then diagnosed bipolar. Is my 2 yr olds safty in question?
how to relieve symptoms of hyatal hernia?
Is there any proven "natural" or nutricinal way to treat Bi-polar Disorder??
How can you get rid of reoccurring mouth sores?
How long is too long for eyes to be dialated?
is panic attacks and anxeity the same or different?
Is it me or is everyone else around me bi polar??
Is it true that Rice and Bush are lovers?
what's this humming sound?
When was the last time you did a cartwheel?
Can you be obsessed with a person?
Does the following describe a disorder?
how do i resist the urge to eat?
Can being a vegan affect your health in a bad way?
I want to know of the best diet pill that I can pick up from the local drug store?
If i eat only breakfast in a day, is that healthy, and will i lose weight that way if i exercise all day???
What's the best way to get motivated to do something that you're not really wanting to do? Like exercise?
Which is better,a apple or a peach?
I know eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what if you don't like it?
how many miles should you walk daily?
Is having a regular-irregular heartbeat dangerous? It skips every 5th beat.?
Are recycled toilet papers good for you?
It is true?
what can cause a urine test to be positive forn alchol when none was consumed?
my ankle and area below the knee suffring from inflamation what is the renedy?
Is it okay to skip a night's sleep occasionally?
what can you eat when you have food poisoning?
I am 19yrs old and have JRT which is a rare eye desease where can I find more information on this desease?
What are the symptoms Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
when do noses bleed?
Can hyperthyroid patient without medication travel on plane for 10+ horus?
what is castor oil? Please name some brand names.?
is there a cure for Menieres Disease?
how do u get someone to admit they have a drug problem?
Why do my eyes water and hurt when I read?
Why do people grind their teeth at night while they are asleep?
dentists that accept medacade in the portjervis area?
when will my son start teathing?
Are teeth capable of replacing worn enamel?
My canines haven't grown in for a year... is this bad?
Plastic on my Invisalign braces is cutting my tongue, what can I do?
My 2 yr old chipped her front tooth been to dentist said not urgent but have to fix any advice?
I took complete x-ray at a dentist, but I don't like him. Can I ask him to give me the data for a new dentist?
What does Mentadent do that a less expensive tube toothpaste doesn't?
How to stay calm and cool at my work place?
When was Ritalin first approved by the FDA?
wich are some good meditation tecniques?
how can OCD be treated?
if ADHD possibly comes from genes is it possible that most of their children have ADHD?
How do you know you're schizofrenic? Answers greatly appreciated.?
What do you think about the new FDA approved Depression Patch?
How to do Sudarshan Kriya Yoga?What is the technique of doing this yoga?Please let me know?
Whats the best way to settle anxiety down with out medication?
What does it mean when a person has a very fast heart beat and blood pressure 94 over43? What are the dangers?
Have you ever had a professional massage?
What is Rieke?
is there any treatment for ulcerative colitis in naturopathy?
Are there any alternitave ways to help with whiplash from a rear end accident?
does echinacea really help shorten a cold?
Does chelation therapy work for heart patients?
Any one take LSD for kicks its fun?
what is green tea?
Is there a cure for leg cramps at night?
How to stop being a rapist?
How tall are you? If you are over 5'9" tell me.?
Chiropractors... silly voodoo men, or medical professionals?
what is the best way to propose a girl which u want to be a girl friend?
What are the best tips in taking care hair extensions on american women and what are the best ways to curl it?
how can i use olive oil to take care of my skin and hair?
Do u get white film in your mouth after brushing/mouthwash? Ever coughed up a yellow stinky ball? What is it??
How do you get over anorexia?
if you hear voices before you go to sleep, what would be the proper diagnosis?
what is dysthymia?
what's the psychological affliction where your life is a movie?
Xanax v. Ativan?
How do I stop laughing???
What medication can be used instead of Seroquel?
what is psychotherapy? what is private practice? what is the difference between psychotherapy and psychiatry?
apple intolerance?
Anyone suffering from seasonal allergies had the allergy shot?
Can allergies/ear infection cause fluid buildup along jaw?
what happens when you go untreated with hiv for more then 3 years?
what is the price for a pap smear test?
Symtoms for UTI?
when was approve the first positive case of HIV/AIDS ?
what will happen to me from tomorrow on if i got infected with HIV virus today?
Where is the subscapularis bone located in the human body?
whats the best way to take care of a broken collar bone?
what is good for burns from ice and salt?
Bruised metatarsals - how long to heal?
hairline fracture?
Do you or anyone you know have Tourette Syndrome?
do you have mad cow disease?
How do I get rid of a cold sore?
what is rsd in medical terms?
Is there a correlation between cracking your knuckles and arthritis?
How do you treat Fungus Toenails?
Have any of you had that "unreal feeling" and if so what diagnosis was made?
What are the effects (positive and negative) of consuming caffeine?
how do u get rid of a severe neck pain that ive had sicnce i woke up this morning?
why do i have backache?
what is the function of the spleen?
Are there any home remedies for a pulled muscle in the neck?
How many bones are there in a human body?
Less than how many hours of sleep a night would run a person 2 to 3 times the risk of heart attacks?
Why do I feel the "Need" to crack my knuckles and neck?? How can I make this "Need" go away?
how are you managing with bipolar?
How did going to school help you during difficult times at home?
Whats the best drug for occasional anxiety? im beyond excercise and meditation...?
Your experience with AMBIEN?
what are the effects of cerebral maleria?
Has anyone ever been put on benzodiazepaines??
How has Psychological and Mental abuse affected your behavior?
where is there free mental health care in cincinnati oh?
Is taking a daily high dose of Fish Oil benificial to someone who is Bipolar?
How can you help someone that shows sings of Schizophrenia, if they say there is nothing wrong with them?
what exactly is schizophrenia?
Are there any cognitive techniques with which a scizophrenic can treat himself?
Have you ever (or should I ask do you often) walk into a room and then wonder why you went there?
Anyone have a fear of static electricity or being shocked? Ex: you touch metal and get shocked. Thanks!?
how can you get infected with hepatitis A?
bilirubin of 2.5 is taht dangerously high?
Are there any consequenses for popping your knuckles on your hands all the time?
what is nursing all about?
symptoms of colon cancer?
please fill in the blank I would like to die because of.....?
why do the children eat soil..?
how to get rid of a permanent nausea?
effect of acetyl choline on autonomous nervous system?
What could be wrong with my mom's shoulder?
What can I do to alleviate the pain of eye strain from the computer?
any one know of a really strong non prescription cough suppressant?
Can drinking cause ulcers? Why does my belly hurt?
I have back pain from mid back to shoulder all the way to my fingers in the left side. small pain in chest. Wh
Can anyone help me please? Has anyone ever had plantar facitis? if so, how did you cure it?
is pamprin safe to take ?
when having bloodwork done what do these codes mean 784.0 and v82.9?
what does one need to remove black spots on the skin, by the neck?
What is a 'herniated disk' and what can be the treatments for them?
Can somebody help me with my acne problem?
can nerve damage be fixed back to normal?
if you had only one month left to live- what would you do with your time?
what is the best way to clear skin of acne without paying to much something over the counter?
does anyone know the fastest way to loose weight?
which is the bad fat, saturated fat or trans fat?
how 2 lose weight/dieting?
Do I need to lose weight? Do guys like skinny girls or athletic?
Just curious..What is the best way to control stress eating?
Where can I find the best pilates accessories, videos, dvd's, etc.?
Do eight glasses of water a day include other liquids?
Is water really good for your skin.?
what can i do to stop felling hungry between meals?
What is the strongest medication you can take for ADD in adults?
Anyone had a Mental Health Hospital stay?
I am afraid of suicidal thoughts, can anyone help?
I really want to know it !!!?
How to remain off nortriptyline?
i am getting an allergy type which starts with etching on my body then my LIPS,CHIN swollen.?
what is a remedy for mold spore allergy?
Do I have heart burn?
do they make a generic durg for asacol and tricor?
Why do my kneese pop when I bend them?
Is marijuana legal in Canada?
where can I get a picture of a pill on the internet to find out what type of medication it is?
I need a REAL website for perscription Rx but don't need a Rx to buy?
who did invent the drug Aspirin ?
Is there a natural/alternative remedy for diabetes?
need recipe for kevin trudeau's "no_hunger bread" can't find it at www.naturalcures.com, is this a fake?
What is the scientific basis for energy healing? I'm looking for an explanation, not an empirical study.?
Is it possible to contract HIV virus through oral ***? Any medical websites for more info?
Can a fellow get stds from a dirty toilet seat?
Can man catch an STD after getting a ********. What STD are transmitted through kissing?
I was wondering I have hpv do you think that it would be ok for me to get a tattoo. I have read everything.?
Help! have diagnose w/clamydia. Doc. said do not take heartburn med. It has been already 4 days and I suffer?
How bad are my eyes, if make contact books says -4.00?
which brand of contact lens would you recommend?
can watching too much plasma tv cause your eyes to burn?
can i wear my contacts to a water park???
are you an alcoholic even though you don't drink alone?
Fun Phobias?
how long does one have to live with stage 4 liver disease?
what are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?
popping feeling in the throat?
If you have hepatitis is it communicable even if it is already treated?
can you tell me who was the first victim of appendicitis?
muscle spasms in my back?
Can dehidration cause small cerebral infarcts?
what is pneumoconosis?
Is there a danger in smelling something that has burnt in the microwave oven?
Can I donate blood if I take low-dose aspirin?
I have at least 1 bad headache a day?
Is it bad to take 20 Acetiminophene(sp?) pills?
Has anyone ever had "Plantar Fascitis" (Heel Spurs) and what did you do to heal them, please help.
Are there any survivors of child abuse that want to chat?
what's your favorite feature on your significant other?
Can someone help me! Trying to help a teenager, any advice would be great.?
what can i do in order to have a good feeling for all moments?
How can you stop anxiety without a psychiatrist or medicine?
how can i change my body language,facial expressions & become confident?
can you go insane from boreom?
My sister shouts in the midnight.?
does anyone live with a diagnosed borderline personality?
how do i avoid getting coleuses on my hands from my walker?
How do you treat a 2nd degree burn?
How do you heal a shin splint?
crutches is it hard to use them?
Why is Alcohol Better Than Smoking In Peoples Eyes as It Has caused More Death and Hardships?
Is there a way to change your eye color permanently?
Do Health Insurance Companies Cover Plastic Surgeries?
what should be done in your community to improve access to healthcare what programs legislation or partnership
What is wrong when your hand is shriveling and you lose feeling and can't contol fingers and lose arm muscle?
what's the best treatment for bursitis?
Do eggs contain cholesterol?
is phnemonia contageous?
how contagious is shingles to children(as in chikenpox)?
what is red weed?
cold medicine?
what is sulfamethoxazole used for?
is it danger to health to drink your wife's pee ?
Is Giardia a dangerous illness?
I have two nieces and a nephew that are uncontrollalbe what should be done?
Should goodpaster196666 forgive me?
Why are brief moments of sadism so appealing?
is it possible to OD on antidepressants?
What is your most humiliating or embarrasing movement?
the natural way to increase seratonin and norepinephrine?
Got any good staying awake tecniques?
Why is cutting yourself so bad? If it is so bad wow and why should I stop?
i want to know if you think 13 is old enough for a body piercing [nose, lip]?
Is there a cheap way to get rid of stretch marks?
Why does my body crave sugar, when sugar is bad for it??
Why does an extern need malpractice insurance?
what is the average height for 12 yr-old Filipino children?
After I have my baby will my stretch marks fade to almost seeing nothing?
What is a good remedy for spider veins without resorting to injections or surgery?
When does one require the help from a dermothologist?
Where can I find magazine articles, and other stuff about schizophrenia?
if someone has a small stroke can they still work and should they still work?
I have Fibromyalgia , does it eventually cause limited use of limbs I arm is extremely pain full cannot raise?
What is the Youngest age to test for Attention Defecit Disorder?
How much longer will I have neuropathy in my leg following surgery?
Is Crohn's disease past down to your children?
When do you think there will be a cure for Diabetes?
definition,symptoms,diet and medical treatment of diabetes.?
What sugar blood levels are normal for a person with diabetes?
If I have a blood sugar level of 200 stable , and I take 5 mg of glibemclamide and 5 mg metformine is that ok?
What is normal range of sugar with Diabetics 2 using Insulin Pen?
feet retain water and I have been to a Doctor, but how long will it take for the pill to get fluid out of me f
Are there food (intake) guidelines for diabetics according to weight and gender?
does medicare cover diabetic test strips?
Does any teenagers have ODD and how do you deal with it? How about ADHD?
I need help understanding this 14 yr old. This is my last hope for an answer.?
what are some issues in mental health?
Why are we living???
Hi anybody knows what to say ourselves in hopeless moments ?a very effective word?
is chatting online good or bad?
cymbalta drinking alcohol?
Halo vision after Lasik Surgery?
are there any foods to stay away from during seasonal allergies?
best product for eye allergies?
how many people affected by HIV/AIDS in the United States.?
Dont know what to say to friend with syphilis....?