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self injury?
Hi!I feel my heart is always crying with blood tears.I feel a big sadness.What can i do to bring peace in soul
Anyone know of research about teachers who develop mental illness due to the stresses of the profession?
Can you please answer me this?
Would you join an online depression group?
how to get out of a physicatric ward?
Hi!I feel i can't learn for my exams because i am very stressed and i can't concentrate.What can i do?Thanks.
my depression has destroyed my family! medication, therapy, nothing seems to help, how do i save my life?
what causes itchy trachea?
Is there any kind of massage to help relieve chronic asthma?
where can you get an hha for free if the insurance doesnt cover it?
I get sick all the time and people says I need my Tonsils out but daddy keeps fighting about it. What do I do?
what does RSV stand for in medical terms?
Everyother week I get sick with a cold or something, how do I prevent from getting sick with this?
what are the sign and symptoms of bronchial asthma and its diagnostic procedure?
how fast can a blood test detect if someone has hiv after being infected?
is it possible that a girl can have any type of STDs if she bleeds from her vangina?
If instruments contaminated with HIV infected blood are not sterilized,what are the chances of getting AIDS?
what is the cause of depression?
****** How To Switch Off/On Our Thoughts?? ******?
Anyone got any advice for me?
what are the main reasons why people have schizophrenia?
What are some symptoms to Manic Depression?
If someone attempted to kill someone they were obsessed with what would happen to them?
How to make nice rapport with the Nursing staffs while in doing medical residency? Any special tips for FMGs?
how do you deal with anxiety attacks and panic attacks?
7 year old grandson has ben vomiting intermittently for over a year. He seems to have shrunk in height.Causes?
how do you get rid of swollen sinuses and redness?
My son had an asthma. He was fully cured when he was 6.. Now he is 18. Will it be any relapsed later?
Does soy milk contain estrogen that will affect my 1 year old son's hormones, growth, or development?
Carmex or Blistex?
how do contact lenses work since they don't change thicknesses like glasses do?
what ıs the average height of a 24 mounth baby (female)?
Why don't doctors ban plastic surgury addicts?
What do you think of the proverb, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"?
whats a quik way to lose fat?? in a pretty simple workout?
How do you deal with neck pain? I have a pain in the neck ,literally. Does anything help?
Have you ever heard of a discular lesion in your neck? What could that mean? Thanks.?
what is orthopedics?
what does a normal pelvis x-ray look like?
How long does it take to recover from a concussion?
how do build your body in quick time.. i mean in 1 month?
what is the best way/diet to lose weight.?
How can I lose 30 lbs easy and fast?
Can stress cause hair to thin/fall out, what supplements can I take to help?
What is a good natural way to lower cholesterol?
what is a good way for a teenager to diet withOUT exercising?
Help, Running a Marathon... 1st time?
How to eliminate lower back pain?
what countries have free health care?
Why do we need good nutrition?
What is the most comfortable disposable contact lenses?
Does laughing and soothing music help the body heal?
Are you for or against stem cell research? Are you healthy?
what if someone keeps fighting with people who were in his life before?
my brother, a retired teacher living in san antonio had a stroke. is there a organization that could help with
I am addicted to lexapro...how can I get off of it?
Does pot grow new brain cells?
how do i get over my fear of flying?
What do you do when you feel worthless, and when someone who loves you shows sympathy, and it makes you mad?
what is depression??
How to deal?
Anyone suffering from withdrawal from anti depressant medications?
I ask you:What make you be stronger in life?What give you the power of going further?
How can I get over being jealous of certain things?
Does anyone have cyclothmania?
At what point does one officially go from drinking after work most days to being an alcoholic?
How would YOU personally deal with someone who is suffering horrible bouts of depression?
Does depression cause a person to pick fault out of another person?
What are some things you can do to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D.?
Does anybody know a good cure for depression?
Why do girls think they cant get pregnant in the back of a camaro?
my nose is blocked by heavy flu what medicine should i take?
about 6mo ago i started getting pain and burning in my right shoulder blade now i have numness on my right si?
I'm allergic to soda. Is this common? Is there anything that can be done about it?
what is phenylketanurics?
Any info on steroid injection swelling/infection?
What ance solution can I use to treat my acne at my age 16?
What is the best way to help prevent artritis pain??
What are the best treatments for the croup.I have 3yr old?
why do we have fingerprints on our toes??
I have a fear of raoches and I want to know what that fear is called....and...well.how to treat it...?
why do we get old?
i am a 23 years old man.my height is 5.4 inch`s.how to increase my hight ?is it possible ?
i want to take bath but it is so cold tell me what i do?
what are the main reasons of depration?
Mother is A Criminal..?
what does victim, rescuer, and perpetuator mean?
What do you think about Freud's theories? Do you believe them?
Does depression and sadness with weight gain kill you inside?
does anyone have information regarding patient abuse at the orient mental hospital in ohio?
i dont know english very well, i did study some in mexico. i only have 1 year in us.?
which room in your house where you can show who is you really are?
My friend is always being negative, what can I say to stop it?
Head Pains?
Chest pain?
Is it possible to pull muscles in your head I have been having a burning sensation in my head sometimes numdn
Anyone suffering from achilles tendonitis?
looking forinfo on a product called atavan?
My sister just got tested for dieses and she has chlamydia, we also slept with the same person 2 years ago.?
what are symptoms of a std?
how can u treat hpv and will it go away ?
Can you get herpes from sitting on the toilet?
Do you think that in the future there will ever be a cure for herpes?
how long does it take for hiv/aids to show itself after contact with an infected person?
can I get herpes from a toliet seat?
what is upper gi endoscopy?
do people REALLY hurt others' feelings?
What is the most effective way to stop smoking?
Will a peson who loses hair as a result of nutritional decline secondary to Gastric Bypass, regrow the hair?
Why do we yawn?
Does taking calcium tablets help the bone grow faster...say from a broken toe?
Knee injury. Crunchy & cratered. No pain w/ walking or stairs. Pain w/ kneeling, some touch. Should I see doc?
if you got electrocuted could that possibly cause you to have a seizure?
What is this terrible pain in the back of my knee?
If possible, how do you keep the inside of your cast from smelling. Keep in mind im wearing it for 1 month.?
What is the status of this season's flu outbreak? Is it as bad as expected?
Can u claim disability if u have copd?
lab exams for lung/chest gunshot wound?
intestinal blocage,in cf patients?
what are the recommended anti cancer vitamins?
WHat kind of sit-up is the best and most effective?
can you really get rid of a fat stomach?
what can make me loose weight fast?
For Fat People: Are there people who consistently eat right and excercise and are still fat?
how to reduce my weight?
how do i FAST properly?
What is the problem if I work out daily and following that I have no bm for a week. How do I correct this?
how to get rid of very bad thougths you have in your mind?
What does excess extacy use do to ones brain?
One of my friends was told to leave their bedroom light on while sleeping to help his depression. Why is that?
how to deal with bi polar?
why do all the skinny anorexic girls around me say they r so fat when thier not?
I believe I have an implant in my tooth and being followed by people, My wife says I'm scizophrenic.?
have you ever bought Px pills on the internet?
how do i stop being nervous? does smoking affect it?
i hv been suffering from earache because of severe cold. what is the antibiotic i should take for remedy?
what are the symptoms of soy allergy in adults?
Does anyone know if regular mold is harmful enough in walls of a home to create a health hazzard for my kids?
is rhinitis communicable?
What is the best alternative treatment for ADD in adults?
Just want to know if its normal for an allergy rash to turn purplish?
What can i do with my big fear of life?Do you have it?Sometimes fear brings me in panic loosing every lifehope
can depression be treated without meds?
Is it possible to mis diagnose a person as schizophrenic?
How many of you believe or dont believe in bipolar disorder and why?
Exactly how does prozac and wellbutrin work in the brain?
Which is the best way for self meditation?
How can you increase your memory?
What is the best way to get over the need for sun on a dreary day?
what is a healthy family?
how long does it take to fill cavities?
why do people hate the dentist?
What are tooth implants?
How do I remove a piece of floss stuck between my teeth?
i have a loose & infectious molar tooth, can it be cured without extracting it?
How do I whiten my teeth with things at home?
i was born with TERRIBLE teeth anad i want to be a singer!!! you cant be on a cd cover with my teeth.?
does anyone know of a dentist that takes medicaid, anywhere?
has any one almost died?
Why do hair start to become white at a certain age?
How to get rid of a skin disease?
my boyfriend and i saved up enough money and he wants me get implants ,but i want a car what should i do?
Is General Surgery worth it?
Is there a way to make hair grow faster? (w/o the use of expensive products)?
why do we wear underwear?
where would you check to see if a victim has a heartbeat?
when fingers or toes become frozen, this is called?
anyone know if it is legal for a medical office to have another offices under?
Pain when i swallow and my back whenItake a deep breath. feels likeIhave air stuck in weird plces.what doido?
who makes the best pillows?
what could be wrong with my back??
Exercises for carpool tunnel, and help with tennis elbow?
Can a six year old have obsessive compulsive disorder?
what is the anacardium-personality ?
is there any anonymous sites that offer free help for psychological issues?
what it takes to be happy?
how do you overcome a fear of flying?
Could someone help me with this matter?
Inner brat?
Does depression also effect your short term memory?
Why does my Arm go numb and hand numb when sleeping? Hand life less.?
Joint Aches and Pains?
Can i have two health insurance?
can ibs make your back hurt?
what type of vitamin does celery have?
How do I get myself to sleep early and wake up early?
What vitamins or dietary supplements help most in preventing a herpes outbreak?
is it true if u do it bye the booty u wont get a STD?
How do you know if you have herpes? what are the signs?
Where did STD's Originate?
what does an inconclisive hiv-1 antibody test mean?
why are females more likely to get an STD than males?
Can i find jobs on the need?Where?
if some one has allergy from sugar how he solve this problem?
what are the symptoms of bird flu?
Anaphylaxis. Question 2?
how do you treat swollen burning lips?
my adult son's uvula swells occasionally, can dry air cause this?
does watermellon cause diarhea?
Why does your nose run when it's cold?
When you're not feeling well does a low temperature mean the same as a high temperature?
infected thumb?
How do u quit smoking with out being so moody??
how long does the average american male live?
which vitamins help boost your immune system?
Does Airborne really work against colds?
what do u when you have strip throat and u don't wanna go 2 the doctor?
where the cheapest place to get eyeglasses in kansas city mo?
Guys help me with my eyes plsssss.......?
Eye/Contact Help!!!!?
my lower back has been hurting for about 3 weeks. I play soccer, but have stoped to rest Lback. Please advice?
what exactly turf toe and how do you get it?
I have taken Motrin over the past 20 years for a herniated disc when it bothers me and when I get headaches...
What can cure my back injury?
i'm looking for a hospital or doctor's office that i can get a MRI done at in los angeles on flower street
is it hard walking with cruthces?
waht is h5n1 vairous?
Are there any online support groups for spouses of bipolar people?
panic attack?
nursing care for the sars?
What is the American equivalent of an Indian psychiatric medication, trazinelt (?spelling)?
can i have some information on self harming?
Does taking cymbalta run a higher risk of suicidal tendencies than other anti-depressants?
information on Parential Alienation (PAS)?
dose anybody out there have Bipolar?
Which is more healthier to eat; hardboiled eggs or scrambled?
what is the best yoga dvd I can buy?
Would anyone recommed a weight lose surgery?
What is the quickest way to loose atleast 30 LBS within 2 months or less ?
Are there any natural diet suppressants or fat burners?
how many calories in a taco bell 7 layer burrito?
is a mile a day enough to run to start losing weight if your diet remains the same?
how many calories do you need to burn to lose a pound?
what are some of the best quick snack foods to eat when trying to lose weight but are hungry?
do people really hate overweight people?
I have a question about drinking booze, I have been blacking out, I have no memory of what happened. WHY?
Can OCD be mistaken for ADD?
why do you give a patient in the hospital 5% dextrose if they are haveing withdrawls from alcohol.?
why is it that I have a hard time remembering what I just finish reading a minute ago?
How to stop procrastination habit?
How would you handle stress without going crazy from everything in site?
What is Narcisstic Personality Disorder?
how many times is normal for a couple that is married to make love a night?
Minor sunbrns are usually --------- degree burns.?
A person goes into ----- when organs don't receive enough oxygen.?
-------- is a condition where too little blood is getting to body organs.?
What do you think about Yoga?I do try this at home!?
i need to find travel fox brand of shoes?
What Are these dark stripes on my nails ??
Is there a home remedy to detox from nicotine ?
bullimic or not?
Painkillers and Side Effects?
Can gluten cause an allergy to non-gluten containing foods only?
Is There Any Connection Between Cronic Sinus Problems & Back Pain?
food intolerances and loss of touch?
My car windshield window was shattered. I'm having allergic reaction to the fiberglass help?
whats is allerjic Rhinities?
why am i afraid of being alone?
Explain Bipolar disorder.?
What is the medication Citalopram indicated for?
Is it true that signs of autism can be develop during pregnancy?
what do you know about seroxat? how can you get rid of it?
what are some good medications for bi polor disorder?
does anyone have a good idea for autistic child who has speech an activity to do to keep him interested?
How to be more Happy?
What is Dr. Michael Gershons email address?
what are the symptoms if one has AIDS?
STD Doctors?
what does a nonresponsive hiv test result mean?
is doxycycline effective in treating chlamydia, in men. please dont answer unless u know?
Degenerative Bone Disease, Need Help?
How did the phrase "charlie horse" originate in relation to sudden, painful leg cramps?
Taking Elavil for about 6 years. Want to quit. Do I need to cut off gradually?
my doctor is on vacation. the covering Dr. is refusing to write my prescription is this legal ?
Has anyone have muscle pain that has neurofibromatosis?
How come I get a headache when i work out?
What's the difference between an ache and a pain?
i am suffering from anxiety and stress, any advice on what i should take?
i dont think i can take much more, dont know if i want to?
What is your favorite painkiller?
what is the best way to get rid of heart burn?
how do you tell you boss she smells?
How do you calm a dry cough?
how can we become a psychologically healthy person?
Should I watch TV in the evening with lights on or off?
what are the vitamins to ensure liver health for an alcohol drinker?
What is the main concern when having a two inch benign mass removed from the frontal lobe?
What is a good remedy for a head ache?
What is the scientific name for a habitual liar?
Do I need a counselor...?
How is bi-polar disorder dx'd? What profession? Tests?
what's a phsycopath?
Are there any services that will provide free counseling to those who can't afford it?
drag for panic attack?
can i get over bipolar disorder without pills?
what are thoes things called that people wear on thier teeth that look like they have gold teeth? Nelly has um
what are the best type of false teeth?
bad breath!?
Do you floss before or after brushing?
what is MSBA?
How can i get cheap braces?
Why do some people have bad breath no matter how well they take care of their teeth?
What's most important to you when choosing a dentist?
how is a damaged ligament in the knee treated?
How do you tell if your finger is broken?
when you get stitches they give you a shot by the cut. What is it?
How can I relieve pain caused by a shoulder blade pulled away from the chest cavity?
do you bite your nails? or are they long and beautiful?
learn how to be flexible really fast?
cover a wound with a sterile-------------.?
Minor sunburns are usually----- degree burns.?
how many hours of sleep are you sopose to have?
I get cold sores about every 2 months. Is there any way of preventing them?
Wine and good health?
What is the best way to remove a kiloid?
How do I get rid of "Love Handles"?
What's the safest product available to boost metabolism and facilitate weight loss?
I would like to flatten my stomach and loose some weight around my waistline. Can you tell me how?
I just bought an elliptical machine. I want to lose 20lbs in a month or two. Any suggestions?
Thoughts on Whey Protein?
How much does the fattest person in the world weigh?
what weight-loss drug actually works?
if you have lost a lot of weight, how much did you eat each day?
What is the treatment for muscle cramps?
Why people dying with pain in their last age?why govt. not providing facility to die painless in last age?
What will my doc do if I tell her I'm hooked on vicodin, higher dose than she prescribed?
Someone Knows a perfect home treatment for reflux(GERD), medications or deit does not work on me.?
Knee surgery?
severe knee pain?
what can i take to help concentrate in school?
How can I get over my obsessive compulsive disorder??
How do I know if my childs imagination is too extensive?
Are Omega 3 supplements good for the brain?
Is Risperdal addicting?
What is the best treatment for children with autism?
Even while on antidepressants why I do I struggle with binge eating? Can someone help shed some light on it.?
is down syndrome passed down from generation to generation?
Can you get Herpes from an outbrak of shingles on your back?
What are the risks of getting HIV or any STDs from a virgin who has done oral?
What year did the STD Nonogonococcal Uritharistis come around, where and who was the first human with it?
what is the possible effects of taking expired zyrtec?
what does the "D" in Zyrec-D stand for?
eveyday everysecond itching everywhere! he only 5-years,even doctor can't tell why, anyone can help me?
How can I find Allergy clinics in Massachsuetts for uninsured people?
How common is anemophobia (fear of wind)?
Is there a website that helps people who are addicted to chat rooms?
Now REALLY, how dangerous is it to mix grass with antidepressants? I've been doing it for years and am OK!
Is Psychiatry a science?
What causes altziemers?
How can I tell if I am getting altziemiers? or just stressed out? I'm 46.?
What can you do about Depression?
Where can i find a full Mental test online? and free!?
Can anyone explain to me a Tilt Table Test ( TTT) and a EEG?
what causes someone to fall asleep when they aren't tired?
whatt is a heart murmur in a child and should I be worried?
what's the best medicine for pain in the ankles?
I'm taking thyroid medicine and have a cold. What medicine can I take safely?
people who smoke, does the smoking realy help you releave, are it rips of your and others heart?
How does one relive lower back pain?
what is the best weight loss tip?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
Any one know of a place where I can find information on Natural Medicines?
Earache pain.?
is it true that stress may cause memory loss, and if so does this mean a lot of stress or just a little?
I am feeling the headache in half front portion of head & always weakness in the body.?
Air purifiers make smog? Why is this lie allowed to stand?
Do you get a lot of ear wax? Do you like it? What causes it?
Why does yawning seem contagious? 1 person yawns and everyone follows?
can anger be part of bippolar?
im trying to find the name of a new drug for bipolar disorder it starts with an A. any one know it?
smoking cigarettes and taking adderall is this bad / common?
Do you still think that getting married and then to have children is some kind of MUST?
why does my son grind his teeth in his sleep at night?
Once I eat some kind of snacks, I cannot stop eationg until finish it. What can I do for it?
How can I have a boyfriend with me being bipolar?
Is emotional oversensitivity a symptom of any particular mental illness? Help me not care what others think!?
I broke thermometer and got mercury on my hands. How much can get on one's skin before affecting one's health?
what are the symtoms of headach and stomache?
Has anyone ever gone to the eye doctor regarding "eye floaters"?
How painful is a navel piercing?I've always wanted one .I don't have a high pain tolerence.?
Is it normal to stand up or to sit down when wiping oneself?
Does getting Botox in your underarms to stop them from sweating really work?
is being forty pounds overweight unattractive?
What triggers puberty?
Is there anyone out there who is in Psych school who'd like to talk on messenger and get into my grey matter?
What the best way to get know yourself better?
How can I get relax in a short time, for a short time also, during office hours.?
do u really think u can answer my question?ok then tell me who can cure a very severe schizopherni.on earth?
How do you know if someone is psychotic?
How do I get over shyness?
What are some ways to not be so stressed all the time?
what is the drug of choice for bipolar patient that does not respond to lithium or Remeron?
Why is it when you talk to God it's ok but when God talks to you people think you're crazy?
Why do I cough more at night?
what is the best medicine for a cough?
what are safe mold levels in the home in spores/m3?
i have a sore throat hacking cough, and it burns to breath in any ideas what i might have?
what causes a cold?
How do I use the Asmanex Twisthaler?
How can regain my sense of smell? I lost it almost six years ago.?
What is the adult dosage for Amoxicillin?
How do I tell if my ACL tore?
Why does peroxide foam and bubble when you put it on an infection?
What causes canker sores (not cold sores) and what are some treatments?
What should you do if you get a stick up your nose?
How can you care for a strained groin muscle and a broken foot without doctors advice?
Broken toe?
why do I sneeze so loud?
what is Nerium oleander?
what is herbal remedy for allergy skin irritation all over the body?
Do I have STD?
what do u know about HPV?
what is STD?
What is HIV in full? What are the causes of renal ailments? Is gonorrhea cureable at any stage? Thanks?
is it really a cold sore or is it herpes?
I am trying to discover who i am and what i want out of life?
How hard is it to get a Paxil Prescription? Where can i get one?
1. Can DMAE help in improving concentration? 2. What is recommended to improve concentration?
can you tell me a recognised model of reflections to evaluate a therapeutic nursing intervention?
where can I get help for mental health in Warren Michigan?
If I give some symptoms, can you give me your best guess?
has does alcohol and bipolar disorder effect each other?
Dayton Ohio crisis hot line for Bi-Polar?
I think I repress (displace) my psychological problems. How can I cure it?
average 14 year old girls weight?
how to loose weight?
are there any fat burners out there that really work?
how to have a thin waist in one week?
What is Citrus Naringin and how does it affect the human body?
What exercises can I do while I am recuperating from ankle surgery?
What are Pilates?
what are the benefits of using a sauna and steam room at the gym?
i'm 27 years, female, 67kgs in weight, how much calories to lose per day to lose overall 15kgs in 2 months?
How can you get dental care without insurance and with limited funds?
what causes the white film on my tongue?
What can you do when you have an aching toothache (wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled) and no insurance?
Is plaque removal essential for healthy teeth?
Why does Paul Wall have a blangin grill?
What is the best over the counter pain medicine for a toothache?
i had a crown put in and the tooth rotted under it, should this have happened?
have no dental insurance or job where can i get dental care in nc?
what does the term ' wet brain' mean?
what kind of pills is that has 6 sides and pink color?
what is nausea?i always feel like throwing up. i have problems that cause me sleeples nights, what shall i do?
Can anyone give me advice on how to handle social anxiety disorder w/o medication?
Wheres the best free online personality test?
Can anyone give some advice about getting off of Wellbutrin safely, and how quickly it can be done?
How effective are the memory capsules?does it really improve one's memory?
Is it true we don't use 90% of our brain?, why?
what sort of organisations should an narcotics annonymous person ask to finance a session?Yahoo provide answer
What is a good natural way to lower blood pressure?
how do i increase my concentration?
who is the best general surgeon in the dallas/fort worth area?
were do babys come from?
What is the Difference between Tylenol and Asprin?
Again with the painful side.?
What are adrenal glands?What are symptoms of adrenal dysfunction?
What type of Doctor would be the best to see about Adult Attention Disorder?
Is that true that your personality reflects in your handwriting?
Dizzyness....depression......ana.. mia... so on?
How can I stop being depressed for no reason?
what is a good legal drug to replace weed with?
Depression, jealous, and rage....are these all symptoms of a menstal cycle?
Is hypnosis real?
what are some signs of depression and where do I go for help?
What medications are used now for Manic Depression?
Can drinking to many diet cokes cause an ulcer?
How can a person get rid of a sty (in their eye) ?
what is clotrimazole?
what do tomatoes do?
what are the cancer risk tomatoes?
how do i stop smoking?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
what is fungus disease and how it is treated?
Why do they use feeding tubes for aspiration patients?
Does anybody know if there is a smaller version of the epipen available in the UK?
what are the facts about pus, blood, and toxins in cows milk?
What are the symptoms of a peanut allergy?
what is the best treatment to get rid of sinusitis without surgery?
what is RSV?
Is there any evidence that asthma is worsened with the drop of estrogen right before menstruation?
What is the best way to get rid of a cough ,and the phlem that goes with it?
i accidentally breathed in the spores from green mold. will i be ok?
What is the meaning of my insatiable hunger for fiery explosions?
Is there any solution for schycology?
I keep shaking my legs while as sleep and also stammer at times. What doe this mean? How to get rid of these?
how i can find a psycologist on line?to chat?
how do i become less depressed?
When referring to stress, what are Axis I, Axis II, Axis III, etc?
paxil? good bad what?
how long i should take buspar and how to stop and how i know that i became will and didnt need more buspar?
Is it hard to sleep during a sleep study?
what are the causes of std?
How long does it take to kno if you have Hepatitis A, B, or C after contracting it??
What Is V.D.?
anyone know where i can get pain meds without insurance,maybe an individual?
What are the causes and cure of severe back aches?
my legs hurt so much. is it b/c i have alot of muscles on my legs?
i need to know what apill that ihave is?
Anyone ever had similiar symptoms and if so ever found out what it is or could be?
Help and facts on contact len's!?
How does laser eye surgery help fix your vision?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Blurry Contact Lens?
Is there any Federal Statute precluding one from being a firefighter if he or she has an artificial joint?
Is it ok to fly with dislocated ribs or will the pressure make it hurt worse?
What can i do about shin splints/splits ( where your shins hurt like a mother when u walk.)?
i broke my finger in the car door!!?
what is marcaine?
Is there a difference btw being depressed and suffering from Clincal Depression?
Is welbutrin a better medication than effexor?
If you are under age 25, describe the treatment that caused you to stop drinking or drugging?
do I smoke too much pot?
is there a cure for schizophrenia?
How can I become more time efficient?
memory enhancers?
Why am I depressed and confused?
What apart of usual medicine is the best way to cure schizophrenia?
Can a blood test determine depresson?
why do my hands get all sweaty when I'm stressed? How can avoid it?
It feels like my lungs are sore and its been going on for about two months, what could this be?
Do blood pressure raise in day time and fall in the morning/evening?
Do people know that they stink?
Have you had laser eye surgery I have an astigmatism - does it correct it?
What is Vertigo and what causes it?
Can you mix Paxil with Prozac?
colonoscopy, why no red or purple liquids?
What are the side effects of the followings:?
sometimes I see a slight part from the futre and when it happens I remmeber seeing that scene ,so what is that
i get stressed too easy. i start to shut down. help!?
Do you think "CINDY SHEEHAN" suffers from self -recrimination, but blames President Bush?
True or false...ST JOHNS WART ...helps depression?
I suffer from Obssessive Compulsive Compulsive Disorder, I am on medication for it?
Can a person truly be fearless?
I like get grant for reserch aboat erthquakein bam(IRAN)can any person help.?
Has Anyone out there Heard the Voice of God? How is it Like, and Whats Effect on You?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
How can I have fun whilst getting fit.?
greatest vitamins in the world is it legitimate?
Why people don't care about themselves, talking about eating and exercising ?
How much should a 5 foot tall 16-year old weigh?
my daughter is in 6th grade and she weighs 130 lbs.. some people tease her. what should i do?
What is the best way to lose weight fast?
what is the normal amount of weight someone should weigh, if they are about 5'5"?
my 2 year old daugter has very short eposodes where her eyes shake from side to side with lose of balance?
what is the best way to fight a cold?
Is smoking 5 cigarettes a day OK?
how do know someone has had a seizure?
How do you know if you are having a nervous breakdown?
What is the quickest, most efficient way to quit smoking?
how to make a good sleep?
I am having a reaction from my allergy shots on my arm, I got my shot yesterday.?
how do kidneys response to a decrease in blood pressure?
How does anaphylaxis trigger death?
Why do I work alot better at night and am lazy during the day?
My friend Piers is really angry. What do you recommend to help him calm down?
speech therapy in Hyderabad of India?
What is the solution to insomnia?
What are the disadvantages of hypnosis?
I'm begining my 2nd month a on Wellbutrin 300mg/day and nothing so far. How long does it take?
PAXIL for 6 years?
Why do we need sleep? And why is it so limited to night and day?
My friend is anorexic wot do I do?
What do you think the best self development books out there are?
Whats a good immediate remedy for a toothache.?
do you know of a really cheap dentist or school in the houston area?i need cheap dental work?
removal of stones from saliva duct?
Does any one know what the best thing for a tooth-ache is...?
yellow teeth...................?
what is wisdom teeth?
ineed free dental work any help?
What are the differences between a STD and a STI?
What are the chances of a newborn to be diagnosed with HPV?
In Yahoo Alarts, can we use Boolean operation such as for example "HIV" or "AIDS". Thanks/
where do std's/aids come from?
What's the difference between Allegra and Benadryl?
Which is better treatment for psoriasis - Raptiva or Enbrel?
Can you get a wart from touching someone's wart?
What's the best way to get rid of a rash on the ankle?
How do you get rid of fungus under nails?
Can you really get warts from kissing a toad?
Do you like brunettes, blondes, red-heads or black better?
Why are yawns contagious?
what is best pair of pants a slim person should wear that would go with their figure best?
what is the best way to learn to speed read?
If you shave your eyebrows off, will they grow back?
How does a strand of hair turn grey overnight? I could understand if it started out grey and grew..?
How do I hide my moles or get rid of them without surgery?
can i cry when wearing contact lenses?
Has anyone had vision correction using Verisyse?
Having some pain?
I've damaged my knee...painkillers...?
miagrain help?
I have been taking Darvocet for about 6 months, and my doctor has stopped prescribing it.?
Pins and needles=arms,legs, hans and feet.please help!?
I am a girl, I have a jealousy issue and get mad a lot. What can I do?
i am depressed, what are my options for treatment?
i have lost my mind...?
Please help me , what should i do when i dont get along with my laboratory group ?
help me my son may have some type of add?
What are some of the simple meditation exercises to relieve the tension?
What can I do to help a friend with a recent death in his life?
Is there a way to get rid of bad hangovers from drinking alcohol while being on Wellbutrin and Prozac? Help.?
Swelling on vertebrae?
Why do i get headaches if i do lots of pushups too fast?
Is it easy to work in a pediatrics practice?
heel pains.please answer.?
What to eat or what to do ?? for having a perfect memory?
how to get out of depression,i have a b.p problem,my brain nerves (above ears) are just like going to burst ?
how do i find out what i wana do with my life?
does pot cause panic attacks?
how could I make the effects of a soft Asperger's easier? what kind of therapies exists? or things to read?
How can I swallow my pride?
How do I survive though a suicidal period and what steps should I take?
can county jails keep your prescription medication from you?
Is there a place to get free counselling for depression?
Can not enough sleep at night cause depression?
What are some of the symptoms of a Wheat allergy, not celiac desease, just wheat allergy.?
How can I reduce the level of melatonin in my brain?
What can I do about my short attention span and lack of memory?
What is it called...?
If you experience trauma so bad as a child,is it possible you may not even remember or know of the incident?
1.is there any cure for schizophrenia?
when a person has a difficult time with denial re: problems, how is the best way to face it and deal with it?
does cold and no sun cause depression?
Bipolars only, what is the wildest or strangest thing you've ever done while manic?
will staph infection ever go away ...help ..?
can you die from herpes?
how many people in the world have STD's?
Does anyone have links to medical pictures to the inside of an anis/butt? Please help.?
Can HIV be transmitted through an infected gum or tooth inside the mouth if there is no bleeding occuring?
venereal disease can stop the human growth?
Is there a natural way to get rid of blackheads on my nose?
how fast is a sneeze?
If would be an option TOTALY LIGHT or DARK, what would be the best for our body? What problems will appear?
What is the name of the thing dat looks like a little bell on your troat.??
have you had any surgery?
Why do we shiver when we're cold?
What is the best way to let your nails grow strong and healthy, and not break alot?
How many spiders do we eat per night?
Where can I learn more about bipolar disorder?
Does anyone know of an anti-anxiety medication that has MILD side effects?
I have issues I need to face, I find myself distracted, I want to face my issues, but need guidance as to how?
What do you call phobia where people are afraid to leave home?
Iam Suffering From Depression,can i find any remedy for that with in the house?
Do you consider someone with bipolar disorder 'psychotic'?
how i can destroy effect naltrexon(antagonist) when i ate it?
is this a medical case?
Has anyone had side effect from using Effexor XR my dr. has me taking them and I'm concerned about effects.
why does alcohol cause hangovers?
Everytime I take my shower, I realise my hair is dropping in large quantity. It happen since 1 month ago. Why?
Mirtazapine side effects?
whats the best way to get rid of a cold?
How can i reduce facial hair?
What is the best way to fight off the flu without a shot?
What is the best treatment for sleep apnea?
What are the ingredients in Jell-O?
When they do those DNA tests, why do they swab people's cheek?
Is it possible to lose a contact in your eye ??
i have soar ribs on my left side and my chest hurts to touch too but i dont have trouble breathing what is it?
what are some symptoms of mono?
why does the stool float sometimes and some other times it sinks?
hoew to make blood pressure raise?
symptoms of mono?
How much green tea should I drink each day?
what is hipokinseia?
What are some good exercises to enhance cognitive recognition?
What is a good herbal remedy for stress?
are there any natural herbs or vitamins that can help with dpression?
help with profound hopelessness?
how to overcome serious anxiety attacks?
What is it with personality type that likes dark humor? or what is it with that.....I wonder what is it??
Why can't I get over the fact that my boyfriend thinks other women are attractive?
I start shaking and my hands get terribly cold when something like following happens tell me the reason?
What are the best dogs breeds for someone with dander allergies?
how to lose my weight?
is chocolate addictive? how can i stop eating it?
how is drinking water good for your health?
Will drinking water help me lose weight?
i need a good diet plan ..please help?
what is the best way to burn fat but not lose musle mass.?
is 130 lbs. a healthy weight for being a 5'7 female?
How can I speed weigh loss?
What are some ideas to lose weight fast?
my baby 4 y.old has cerebellum atrophy but his appearance is normal he's neither walk nor talk help him plz
How do I get over caring what people think?
How to make my kids to respect their Mother with psychiatric problem?
what are the health risks of regularly missing sleep?
what are the main causes for dizziness and confusion without having any physical pathology?
If a person with a mental disorder is stll able to function normally, should they be allowed to live normally?
Why is the name of the phobia for the fear of long words Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia?
What type of food is bad(UNHEALTHY).?
My mother is Paranoid, its so matured despite some medication?
hip pain trouble?
Keloid revision?
i have a minor laceration on my nose and have steri strips on. I would like to know when can i take them off.
How soon can i apply make up to a laceration.?
Why do my braces hurt so much?
Where do my teeth get their "Wisdom" from?
How much did you pay or did your insurance company pay for mallixiofacial or orthognathic surgery?
how do you prevent/cure cancer sores in the mouth?
do braces hurt????
What are teeth made of?
What is the best teeth whitteing system? And not expensive?
is eating alot and i mean alot of candy an addiction?
i got hit in the face with a truck last week, my tooth is a little loose-doyou think it will fall out or be ok
how do you create a cast for your arm?
2 year old child with 103 tempature?
In California, do I have the right to get my lab results from a hospital before they are sent to the doctor?
can pain happen if you receive a hit in the chest where the vagus nerve stimulator is?
Have you ever torn a ligament in your knee, how long does it take to heal?
Why do my joints hurt? I'm 35 and way too young for pain! lol I have dislocated each kneecap. What can I do?
What type of pills canyou take to help gain weight.?
what are other ear peircings do people get?
Is relaxing in the hot tub considered bathing, or do you still have to take a shower?
When cleaning socks in the laundry, is it better to have them inside out or inside in (like normal)?
I lack self control, any ideas for working on this problem?
If my boold type is O+ what blood type can a child of mine not have?
What part of the body does Ritalin harm?
What to do it I have cold and cough?
Is there a substance I can apply to the bottom of my shoes to prevent them from slipping on sleek surfaces?
what is the best way to fight off a cold without using medicine?
Why do your hands and feet start to prune when submersed in water?
A friend of mine has meningitis and aids r they in any way related?
why cant we cure AIDS?
16 years old with PID..I have questions.. I'm scared?
How long does it take to develop cervial cancer without getting treated?
Why do women cry more than men?
What are some symptoms of depression?
Why do people choose to live miserably their whole life?
How different must you be to be declared insane?
Are most cutters girls?
How can I focus better while studying?
Has anyone every heard of a child preceiving objects as "moving away" from them when they look at something?
How can you stop stress, sadness, depression, and anything else as a student that tries everything but fails?
I have really severe back pain...It Hurts To BREATH?
I try acupuncture for pain that hose not work all ,any one try.?
whats the best thing to do for a sore shoulder?
I would like to know if 4 ibuprofen pills are equivalent to 800 mg iboprofen available by perscription?
Bursitis & rotator cuff inflamation...?
Horrible foot pain while working, help so I don't lose job!?
What are the causes of Depression among women?Can Depression be treated? and what is the best way to treat i?
what is epilepsy? how some one can over come it?Who is the specialist doctor to deal with these cases? Thank u
Why am I such a scary cat?
Should a person drink alcohol when taking antidepressant medication ?
what are the symptoms of over dosing on anti depressants?
Do you think MMR is responsible for some types of Autism?
Talking about eating disorders, which one is more deadly: anorexia or bulimia?
does anyone take a medicine called anafranil?
anybody taking a really good antidepressant?
need meds for ezema?
Any help for aging thin cancerous skin that's sensitive to almost everything?
How do I treat a mild case of herpes that resembles on a cold sore on my upper lip?
can depilatory creme or powder be used with complete safety and efficacy around one's own rectum?
people who have shingles, can they give someone chickenpox if they never had it?
what is the cure for taenia cruris or jock itch?
why some people get skin itch when they work with pc?
Are there any home redies for dry scalp?
Do you know without mineral substance, all vitamins will become ineffective?
has anyone ever had severe food allergies to dairy and eggs and any food with these in it?
What do you do if you're blind and allergic to dogs?
What can i do...?
I can't sleep well. even w/t the ambiem my doc give me. My mind won't shut down. Any ideas? been up 18 hrs. :(
is atarol very dangerous for you? Can a person who doesnt have ADD take it?
are there any negative effects of music therapy?
were you ever afraid that someday you will lose your sanity?
I can't able to keep secrets with me. But I must keep secret. How can I prepared.?
Does anyone live with, or know anyone living with Tourettes Syndrome, and what is it like? Pls be honest.?
Does anyone here get panic attacks?
My arm is numb due to nurve damage in my neck, it has been like that for approximately two mouths, musti do.?
Why do we lose our voice?
i have a upset stomach?
how can i keep myself from throwing up?
is it true that human mind reads only the first and the last letter in the same word?
Is their more to life than being really really really good looking?
what is the best way to prevent hair loss and regrow them?
After doing EPS/RFA to cure my PSVT, I again got many attacks. Doctors suggest to repeat RFA. What should I do
When arteries lose their elasticity and can't change diameter what results? anemia stroke high BP heart murmur
My grandma is in the hospital her blood pressure is 200/150 and her enzymes are messed what does that mean?
Is caffeine harmful to recovering heart valve patients?
what does it mean when the doctor tells you that you have week heart muscles?
I have high blood pressure, I am on meds, if my pressure is running hi how long before I contact my dr?
What can i do against cardiac arrythmia thats caused by my psyche (stress, etc) ?
what is polyneuropathy?
what is parkinesonism?
What is a Doctor of Osteopathic medicin?
Will you get sick from going outside without a coat on?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
OK-What is the best way to fight a cold??
I can't turn my head, what do I do?
what is the myelination connection between the prefontal cortex and the limbic system?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
5'8" Female Hourglass Frame What should I weigh?
Health benefits of pomegranet juice?
What kind of fruit is best to eat after heart bypass surgery?
my weight is 90lb.?
What makes you get up in the morning and exercise?
Does Kahlua have caffeine in it?
How many women are still trying to lose the baby weight?
How can you break the habit of eating when you bored?
I want to wakeup early mornings at 6 o’clock but always it goes to 9 what should I do?
if compared to computer' hard hard disk, how many GBs can an average human beings brain hold?
what is the second major leading cause of Alzheimer's Disease?
how to solve my disorder sleep?
Am i really going deaf?
How do I become more patient in a conversation?
how would you decide if a peice of tissue came from the brain or form a peidce of muscle?
My friend cuts herself, Can someone you tell me more about this borderline personality disorder?
what is the cure for herps, ad what is the best drug for fast relieve?
how meny ways can you get chamdia?
how can you get jenital warts?
Remedy for lower back pain?
natural ways to cure veneral warts?
someone please help me out with my hip pain?
my daughter plays with her daughter in throwing her baby head in to a pillow will that injurner tha baby?
my shins hurt so bad even to the touch why is this do i need to go to the doctor?
My knees are killing me since I went skiing!?
If you have a back problem and you get a shot of pain medicine in the side of your leg thats hurt can it causo
i am having some mental stress with my friends ???
what is the current (2005/6) percentage of Americans that have sustained traumatic brain injuries?
Is there such a thing as a perfect mind?
what are the side effects of sodium valproate?
what can i do for my extreme fear of heights.????
can antidepressants have long term memory risks?
how did people in the middle ages view people with mental illnesses?
is it ok to crush zoloft instead of swallowing it whole?
When ppl did die, where their blood go?
I'm doing this science project for school and it's about obesity.?
Does Ibuprofen contain aspirin?
What cause headaches?
How does an Advil or Tylenol know where you need it to work?
is it true..?
SIde effects of anti-histamines in long term use?
Allergic to Water...?
my eyes are really allergic how to cure?
Hi fellas, can anyone tell me what is the future of Medical Imagistics vs. Surgery.Which one has more future?
What is the best makeup to wear if you have Rosacea?
what is aids (hiv), what is hiv?
How do you pass a pist test?
I have a daycar. One of my kids has HIV positive. What I have to do for her?
male vericose veins?
What is rosacea?
When do magority of the people in America go to bed?
Can cellphones cause brain tumors?
Do white hairs really grow back?
Where can I buy Serindipity 3 frrozen hot chocolate perfume?
Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?
what is the amino acid?
what is the meaning for marriage?
How Do I get rid of warts?
Why do fingernails turn black when bruised?
why do therapists fail in treating patients with borderline personality disorder?
I am weaning my son off of haldol. He has been on it for 9 years for tourettes. will he go thru withdrawl?
Why is life full chances & choices,with every choice leading to more chances and every chance to more choices.
how can I be less stressed?
where can I compare anti-anxiety medication ?
How can I help my friend through this?
what is it means when some one do not look into your Eyes when talking to you?
Can individuals with ADD control their behavour?
what is the best way of reducing depresion??
Where can I get color contacts cheap?
dry eyes plz help me ???
Where can one find rimless, 6X, reading glasses?
eye lid tape question?
I want to know about alzimers desease its primary stage. Is there any method to regain memory back? any medici
What are the side effects of Lithium Carbonate er?
how many tablets before it would be very dangerous? (overdose) please help. thanks?
I want to be a Psychologist when I grow up!?
has anyone ever been on Wellbutrin before.?
how do you REBUILD a relationship ??
define augsberger syndrom?
How do I get to the site to see about my lexapro the Dr. prescribed me? The site is www.nimh.gov?
what are the best activities to lose weight and tone up that can be done at home?
Tips on slimming down...?
i am 13, 5' 7", and weigh 145. Am i totally overweight?
how do i buy anabolic steroids?
What are the best workout songs that you have on your Mp3 player?
which diet pill works best?
Does cheese really cause constipation?
what are the sympthoms of HIV?
Did you know, according to the CDC, 65 million Americans have herpes?
Is it possible to have herpes and go for years without symptoms?
what is herpes?
My son has had tubes in his ears i have a question about ear plugs?
lots of red spots appeared on my grandma's shanks like contusion without any rash Then they changed to brown
Does anyone have an allergy to Oak?
Are there any home remmidies or over the counter medications for hemmeroids?
can ibprofeun make migraines worse?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
how much can u get on disability if u have a disease?
how to give up smoking?
what the best way to fight a cold?
i suffer from retaining information is there medication to help with my memory?
Recovery after brain trauma?
How 2 Heal?, moved chair(awk position) pulled rear rib muscle. I didnt hear a tear, but horrible muscle spasm?
Advise for bangs to the head?
Can anyone please help?
Do you have a guilty conscience? Have you forgiven yourself?
what to do when you feel unatractive to women??
am I an Insomniac?
Information on fear of abandonment?
I want to know if and how they cure OCD and What are signs of OCD?
why do i have to be inflicted with bipolar?
Does anyone know the best way to cure the fear of heights and flying.?
Can you use the hypnosis to solve simple psychological problems instead of the usual psychology's methods?
what is the best way to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads on your face?
I have been told that when you have a cold, you should not drink milk. Is this true?
liposuction in toronto?
What is the best treatment for canker sores?
how can you remove "neck waddles" naturaly?
how can i avoid being beet red when drinking alcoholic drinks?
What can I do to make my lips less dry and chapped (besides chapstick)?
how many freckles do you have?
how do i get bigger breast without surgey?
My 69 yr old mother is a pack rat. She has great taste in things but there is just too much. Any suggestions?
How does suicide impact the USA?
Why do people brag or boast?
I am 54 years old and am having trouble rembembering peoples names, am i losing it?
what r the long term affects of rittilan i had to take it at age 5 till age 15 while my brains were mush?
How do I integrate a shelter for battered women in a homeless shelter?
How do I tell my elderly mother she has Alzheimers? How have you done it?
Is sertaline a hyponotic drug?
How many hours in a day do you spend worrying about something?
Sorry for the grossness, but I may have a urination issue..?
What is good way to get rid of a migraine headache?
four year old never wet on his self since his been potting trained at the age of oneandhalf now he is help ple
i have a bottle of vitamin E which expired mar06. Is it stil potent? How about minerals after expiry date?
Emotional problem?
I can't stop biting my finger nails! Any guaranteed ways?
Has anyone had an emotional affair and was able to save their marriage with their husband?
what does it mean when youre a really happy person, love life, love everything around you but......?
Is it REAL abnormal for a 48yr old man to fantasize about his girlfriends 26yr old daughter?Website info?
i often think that really bad things will happen to my family or loved ones,what is this and how can i stop it
Is it normal?
What do I do?
Misanthromorph. People who hate everything in general. I'm i the only one?
Are thienobezodiazepines the same as benzodiazepines?
How do i keep from getting depressed when on antidepression pills?
Why are men smarter than women? It doesnt seem fair? Help!!?
what is wind rash?
Where are the best medications in rest of the world for Asthma Control?
I have severe skin itching and when i take antihistamines it stops but come back after 4 to 5 days. what is th
What is the best way to get rid of Molluscum?
how can some one without herpes contract herpes form someone who does have herpes?
a cure for aids?
Ever since I was diagnosed with an HPV infection...?
What is the best book on depression?
how should i discontinue resperidal?
Where can I find Doctors that specialize in Bipolar Disorder in my area??
How do I get in touch with another person who answered the same question as I did? Do I just e-mail them?
Does Lexapro help with Social Anxiety Disorder?
what is bipolo?
my son had an operation for a descended testical, is it possible to develop behaviour problems after the opera
Why do people go through phases?
At the age 10 yrs my daughter's 8 milk teeth only have gone and new came.(all extracted by Dr). Is it ok?
what is the most effective teeth whitening product? One that is affortable.?
What is the alcohol percentage by volume of a bottle of mouthwash?
Invisalign or traditional braces?
do you keep all those baby teeth of your children when they fall off?
I had my wisdom teeth extracted around 15 months ago, why does my jaw still throb and ache?
what is a dowel? and are rrichmonds crowns?
Can you use crest whitening strips if you have 3 teeth that are lose and might come off in 1 month or so?
Do I *have* to get a flu shot?
who Know about Hemophilia disease?
tell me about starting synthroid?
What's the difference between swelling and inflammation?
Is there a home cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
why does coffee make me sck in the morning?
What causes a person to develop high pressure?
what is Tourette Syndrome?
How can I lose 5-10 pounds in two weeks but stay healthy?
Does anybody know anything about intuitive eating?
How could i burn a few pounds in a small amount of time.?
I want to buy accesulfame-k in Tampa FL, where can I find that?
what is the safest way to lose ten pounds in one month?
can a woman physically lift a man?
Is olive oil suitable and healthy for frying?
why do i have red hair and nobody else in my whole entire family tree doesn't?
why do only women get periods and men don't?
I want a reference of a good dermatologist for acne treatment?
Does anyone else peel their finger or toe nails? Have you found a deterrent?
Does anyone know if it is safe, and effective, to use Rogaine on eyebrows?
how come one's eyes get bloodshot when they smoke pot?
Why are my joints dark ???
What do about my boyfriend snoring?
how do you deal with depression?
how do u deal with low self esteem?