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If a Diabetic is called to the Dr within 1 day of a blood test is that a warning?
do they use dogs in sugar diabetes?
what ACTUALLY causes renal failure?
generic name: c-phen dm syrup (rondec dm syrup: brand name)?
Serious symptoms for Diabetes?
a patient complains of constantly desiring food and water, then having to urinate frequently.?
I have a problem with my contact lenses. Help?
Im having reacurring UTI Im a diabetic MALE 58 help !?
I need someone to explain diabetes to me in a simpleton sort of way?
I am looking for the method to prepare diabetes flour/ATTA for daily use?
Urgent! Thirsty, dried mouth and lips etc..?
can drinking coffee help get rid of intestinal parasites?
can anxiety cause vision problems?
why do people believe that only obese people get diabetes type 2?
When in a job interview, could you bring up your diabetes to answer a question?
How long should it take for a Doctors office to call you about Lab Results?
Does wearing glasses make your eyesight worse?
Can you have high health risks if you wear 1 day contacts?
will a high index lense of 1.67 be good on a +4.50?
How to appease red eyes?
My eye prescription says -050 sph for both of my eyes what is my glasses prescription in diaptres?
Do I need 3 pairs of glasses + contacts?
What does a purple spot in the corner of my eye mean?
Lasik Question for those who done it before?
how come i see some white circles when i look at lights or something shiny?
Never had contacts, just got coloured ones .. HELP ?
Are air optix contact lenses for anyone?
My boyfriend has depression...?
How to permenantly change your eye color?
Can you put prescription lenses into sunglasses frames?
Glasses to help out a little for reading and short distance?
Whats wrong with my right eye?
How long does an inflamed eyelid last for?
How do I reduce strain on my eyes from long usage of the computer?
How much is surgery for eye alignment?
I am 54 and constipation has become an issue for me. I need ideas or experiences.?
I have regular contact lenses. Not color ones, and I see alright, but not as good as with glasses?
What's wrong with me? Am I crazy?
Danimal Yogurt Container causes disfiguring?
what is a normal iron level?
Can high blood sugar cause chest pains?
I know its good to have clear pee, but even though it is clear it still hurts to go even after i get it going.?
do i have aids or hiv?
How long does it take for STD's to get into your blood after you sleep with someone?
if someone has PTSD what type of therapy do they need?
My dad who is 50 has just discovered that he has sugar disease, need help!?
Is something wrong with this?
how can i increase my weight?
How Long.....Diabetes?
What if I suddenly stopped taking Metformin?
Is sweet n low and splenda ok for type 1 and 2 diabetes?
Is it normal for non diabetic to have 102-107 blood sugar 2 hrs. after eating?
how do i know if i am hypoglycemic?
How do I know if I have diabetes?
Who offers blood glucose meters as part of their diabetic testing supplies?
its sore throut one of the side effect for having diabetes?
Can you get hpv flat warts and raised at the same time?
does any blood test tell you if you have hiv?
Blood type confusion?
high HbA1c, uncontrolled high blood sugars and ketones for ages...help!?
how can u know for shore if the high-risk HPV will go away?
Getting tested for Std's?
Im really scared!! I got a pap done and I am tested positive HPV am I gonna die?
AIDS and HIV question?
I cut my eye taking out my contacts. It has now been cut for about 5 months. How to I heal the cut in my eye?
Which type of lenses are good for my eye glass prescription?
if someone had a cold sore and it went away and only had a mark left is it still contagoius?
can u get syphilis this way?
How long will alcohol stay in my system? I am 6' 5'' 150lbs.?
Does Metformin make you lose weight?
What do you think of these symptoms?
I think I have diabetes and I?
whats the yellow crust that you get in your underwear? i know u gotta change your underwear but what is it?
URGENT! giving myself insulin shot..I THINKthe neddle touched a surface!?
Can just one drink of alcohol cause "blood sugar" to go up? (Once a day I mean?)?
I'm 51 and my glucose level is 128 , am I a diabetic?
drinking problem??????
What does a fasting blood sugar number 125 mean?
Would a fall on your back cause breathing problems?
I'm preparing for my first day of radiation?
Broken capillaries around my nose HELP?
Please answer my little friend has 167 sugar, and is only 70 lbs. ?!?
Blood sugar has been high! Every time I take my insulin, I swell up! Help!?
I need help getting my friend the proper care for this alcoholic neuropathy?
Type 1 Diabetes and Sleep w/ blood sugar?
does anyone know any teenage cancer patients? that would like a pen pal? PLeaseeee?? :)?
I REALLLYYY want a cancer patient for a pen pal! can someon eplease hook me up? One in America? thanks ASAPPPP?
Can all STDs be fixed? Or at least treated?
anul warts how do you remove them?
Is it ok to have oral with a girl that has herpes!!!!!!?
Life after chlamydia...?
Which red blood cell protein is abnormal in hereditary spherocytosis?
I took the Leukemia quiz and I got 70% chance of having it?
skin cancer? liver spots help?
Can people eat cheerios if they have diabetes.?
What are my chances of cancer?
how can i see a cancer specialist on the weekend?
can cancer patients accept a kidney transplant?
What are the best foods for a diabetic to eat?
Diabetes help please?
what are the long term side effects of metformin if prescribed in error?
Side effects of fasting for 24 hours were scary! What's wrong with me?
I want to find teens who have had or have cancer that live in my town?
Why do people say there is a 1 in 2 chance of developing Cancer?
what ethnic race is prone to liver cancer?
i think i have throat cancer?
is it possible for doctors to get mammogram results mixed up?
AML (acute myeloid leukemia) cancer,survival stastics.?
Concerned about armpit lump?
A drug used to prevent blood from clotting is called?
Which Vitamins are the best to prevent cancer?
my white blood cells were 6.8 is that normal?
Chlamydia - when drinking water or anything can you gave chlamydia to other person ?
will i ever be able to master all the rules of shorthand with diabetes and anaemia?
My cortisol and ACTH are pretty much non existent and I can't get any answers to whats going on?
Can a Diabetic person who is not on medication, eat cornflakes ?
If your anemic and dont maintain a healthy diet can you eventuallly develop luekemia?
Is it possible for a person with blood type allleles IA and IB to have blood type A?
worried about something in my stomach?
Will i get herpes after this incident?
I do skoal pouches occasionally how likely is it to cause cancer?
What could a lump in my neck be?
what are the symtoms of a brain tumor?
"If a person with no job .. gets cancer and is too sick to work..what will be available financially >see below?
how would cryonics or neuropreservation be possible (if ever) on patients or victims with brain injuries?
what is the medical clinical testing procedures for cancer drug?
Do they make a sugarfree yogart?
would anyone like a level 116 runescape acc? alot of 99s?
is a blood Sugar level of 199 ok after 1hour?
Diabetic: Insulin not working?
what % of american population has stds ?
If your doctor saw signs of herpes should she tell you?
Will a PAP show results of a STD?
If you end up testing pos for an STD would your partner automatically get it?
what is worse? a smoker or an alcoholic?
tell me about a desease called hepatitisB?
I have this wart like thing on the inside of my mouth left side towards back bottom of my cheek. What to do?
i was wondering if tinnys can put holes in your brain?
My sister has a colon issue, and we are not sure whats causing it. Help please!?
Would leukemia show up in...?
Is it possible to get skin cancer at age 18?
What is the color of a bone cancer and childhood cancer ribbon?
The best website to learn about leukemia?
What are my chances of dieing in my 20s if i have no family history of dieing young ?
Hair re-growth during chemo?
Does mint cause cancer?
What type of cells tend to be damaged the most during chemotherapy and radiation treatments?
can you servive lung cancer?
My mum has lung cancer stage 4.. how long does she got to live?
brain tumer? help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does radiation make brain tumors grow before they start to shrink?
how does a person get cancer/tumor?
How to know if an open wound is infected?
What is the best way to get rid of cold sores/canker sores?! PLEASE HELP!!?
"I need some advise" I am middle aged. My mother 74 living with me has stage 1V lung cancer..>>See Below>>?
Can blood tests uncover cancer?
Do I have a brain tumor?
SERIOUS, Ovarian Cancer, NEED HELP!!! ASAP!!!?
My sister has esophageal cancer.... months left approx?
Is there an official cure for cancer?
If anyone that had cancer can you tell me how you felt?
what are the odds of getting cancer?
"How "Exactly" Can I Find Out How Low?High ..An Oncologists Patient Remission Stats Are?"?
Should my husband write e-mails about me and my stage 4 rectal cancer without telling me first?
what to write to cousin with terminal cancer?
I had cat scan showed I had a tumor on adrenal gland 5-6mm in size is that something to worry about?
how many people get diagnosed with cancer a year?
Is quitting smoking worth it?
do i have labia cancer?
How do you know if you have swollen lymph nodes?
Will i get cancer if i live healthy and dip tobacco?
help me im freaking out about my brain!?
How do you know you have Mesothelioma and not other cancer?
what is the hormone of the salivary gland?
Breast Cancer??.....?
Breast cancer,What is the best nutritional path to take ?
How can i stop smoking completely? Can anyone help!?
What is in chewing tobacco?
How does BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 function in normal health, and how does the mutation increase the risk for cancer?
I have a feeling that I have a Cervical Cancer.?
What is the prognosis for my Dad since his mouth cancer spread to his lymph nodes?
Is it just a lymph node or could I have cancer?
bowel cancer the very first symptoms what are they?
Why do so many people in here hate me because I have herpes?
will acai fix my thyroid {goiter}?
Please answer, question about HIV transmission?
What kind of doctor do I go to to check for cancer?
Can bone marrow transplants happen between males and females?
leukemia and aids???????????????????????????
Life Expectancy in Leukemia?
I dont have cancer but what could it be?
How Did Magic Johnson Get Hiv?
Blood after fingering?
are there any stds that go away without taking any medication?
Treating a Cold sore, need it gone by tomorrow! help?
is diabetes caused by a pathogen, bacteria, or organism?
where can i buy xylitol in stores?
Type 1 Diabetes questions?
How does lymphoma affect the lymphatic system and circulatory system?
How to prevent getting cancer if you know it runs in your family?
Are the muscles on either side of your face different sizes? Cancer?
What does it feel like when you have lung cancer?
Do I have cancer (serious)?
does tobbaco help brain function better?
can you get cancer from 1 abdominal/pelvic ct scan?
HIV and STD testing....?
HIV TESTING!!!!!!!!!!?
Can u tell me what is diabetes ?
i think i have diabetes?
If I loose weight will my dark velvety diabetes type 2 spots go away or what can I do about them?
Does Ginger affect Diabetes in any way? Negative or positive and how?
Diabetes. help please?
Can You Pass HPV Back And Forth?
I THINK I HAVE CRABS... help me please..?
Can someone with an std have a job..?
question about herpes! and yes its really for my friend lol?
Could my friend have HIV....?
I already took my Tb skin test during school and i tested negative. DO i have to take that same tb test again?
Can you get an std if a girl gives you a ********?
Help me please! ORAL TIPS!?
Do I have an STD???????????????????????????????
Why are STD's readily passed from a male to a female than from a female to a male?
Can HIV be transmitted this way?
Why they ain't give us a cure for AIDS?
what should we do my husband and i both found out we are HIV postive?
my boyfrnd ws diagnosed wid hodgkins lymphoma 2 yrs bck,aftr undergoin chemo for 6 months..onths...thnk god he?
Should I get an x-ray done or not because of the cancer risk?
Ozone Therapy for slip disk -actual patient experience?
Please help me.. Might be cancerous?
Does sleeping on your stomach or belly give boys cancer?
could i have an std?..please help..:(?
I am a good man, would any women marry me if i had herpes?
Is herpes medication expensive?
Help. tell me what you think. tell me your story. IBS, or colorectal cancer? be serious!?
neck pain minor headache in the back of head... brain tumor? please read!?
what fruits and vegetables help prevent cancer?
Does anybody know a type of brain tumor/cancer thats common in children-teens?
what is the medication taxol used for?
where can I find a bone cancer awarness braclet?
Can wearing bras alot cause Breast Cancer?
Why is surgery no longer an option with some cancers?
Am i just paranoid or could it happen?
Where can i get chlamydia online?
What do these PSA numbers for prostate cancer mean?
Whats the best way to get remove prostate cancer?
Are most/all uneven colored moles cancerous?
Do you know anyone who had a miracle?
Which is usually the final stage of dying?
Does any one know if there is an organization, where you can donate 6 inches of hair?
Any long term lung cancer survivors out there? more than 5 years?
Can you have kids if you and your spouse have herpes?
Should I be worried? I'm kinda freaking out?
I think i might have gonorrhea...?
What is this? what's wrong?
Sudden Leukemia Weightloss?
How many people do you know of that have cancer and in what city do they live?
Brain eating vaccines?
could this be brain cancer?
My girlfriend got tested for herpes 3 years ago it was neg. 2 years later its pos. Did she cheat on me?
If you have an std can you still have kids?
Can you get herpes or a cold sore on your mouth if you smoke a cigarette after someone that has herpes?
Can you get AIDS from scissors?
how can i have chlamydia but she doesn't?
What STD's are and aren't permanent?
Can i get aids from a tampon?
Why are gay people at such high risk of getting HIV??
removing warts without medication?
Can you get throat cancer from smoking two cigarettes?
are there any free clinics in miami florida i can go to see if i have ant STD's ?
girls only! do i have chlamydia?
i found blood in my urine..can you guys help?
My friend is fourteen and he just told me he has brain cancer?
some tumors aren't cancerous?
Gift ideas for a caregiver?
if you tested possitive for hiv who calls?
What STDS can you watch from sitting on a toilet seat?
do i have breast cancer?
small cell lung cancer final weeks?
Is it possible that a woman who has no past history of cancer......?
What are the chances of thirteen year olds getting ovarian cancer?
do i have brain cancer?
does she have throat cancer?
Breast cancer? Am I just paranoid?
Why would it take a week to return a biopsy and are all biopsys for cancer?
Help with Leukemia.............?
Want to know if my father is terminal?
who does brain stem cancer operations?
4mm thyroid nodual seen on upper right lobe?
how can one cure itchy skin after swimming?
What happens if you touch pesticides?
Pelvis/lower stomach/side hurting,doctor visit needed?
Mom has Breast Cancer. What does this mean?
Could it be colon cancer?
question about radiation oncology!!?
Do most people die from stage 4 cancer?
Do our inside organs age like the outer body ages.?
Do I have nose cancer?
Can kids get cancer thats fatal or even cancer at all?
Bone Marrow Replacement?
Is it normal to be sent for a core biopsy after receiving inconclusive results on a biopsy and ultrasound?
what does a diabetic low or high feel like?
After diabetic coma.....?
what fruits are ok for diabetes?
The country known as the Sugar Bowl of the world is?
Do I have the signs of diabetes?
Insulin Pump Cap Problems?(insulin pump users ONLY)?
How can you increase your progesterone level without eating too much cholesterol.?
IR and itchiness, it is driving me insane!?
Numbness and Diabetes?
Is 275 consider a high reading from a glucose meter?
Dentist filled chipped tooth, and now I have SUPER sensitivity to cold...?
What are the chances of dying of old age in america these days?
My knee popped and hurts...HELP?
Is wheat beer better for diabetics?
what color should i get my thumb cast?
Why am I always hungry and losing weight?
does diabetes cause bronchitis?
what type of disorder is diabetes?
Changing insulin needs?
What causes virgina itching.......please note i am diabetic.?
have i damaged my ears completely?
Very deep wound healing... couple questions?
Do you think i tore ligaments?
My blood glucose level in the morning was too low....?
Do you ever think there will be a cure for diabetes?
I have diabetes and don't you think it would be beneficial to people if we used stem cell research?
Anyone know anything about Diabetes?
what do I do with these now? medical supplies?
Some overweight diabetics have been able to reverse their diabetes by losing weight. Are there...?
she got a lump its on her back in middle she is six?
can you use crutches when you have a sprained ankle?
Just a lil bit ago i started to feel a sharp sting while i was laying down?
What's wrong with my arm?
I injured my calf yesterday?
3 weeks off work for an arthroscopy?
Does spine damage can be healed?
Broken arm, no sling?
Pleeeeeeeeeeease help?!? :(((((((?
How can you stop a nose piercing from hurting?
What are some possible ways to get a spinal injury, or fractured ankle wrist or shoulder?
HELP HELP HELP! I super glued my lip to my nose and now it stuck!! How do I remove it?
How would you treat these injuries yourself if you didn't have medical training?
I hurt my ankle and need suggestions?
How do I know/What should I do with a sprained ankle?
So scared, surgery tommrow, please help me ?!?
Does anybody make anything to keep your cast dry in the shower?
Please help me, I will be so thankful :(?
Am I going be fine? Or should I see a doctor?
I have cataracts?!?!?!?!?
any suggestions on my wrist?
at cheerleading i think i broke my heel bone! its swolen and i cant walk on it! help?
I stood on a broken razor blade at work yesterday?
What's wrong with my hand?
i take 10 cc's of insulin (70/30)...can i put the insulin in some of my needles and put them up for easier use?
When you have diabetes can your period be different ? womens question?
Diabetes is caused due to malfunctioning of pancrease. So can it be detected by Sonography?
Need milk thistle info.?
A question about Diabetes?
How reliable are accu chek AVIVA?
What happen if i stop taking levothyroxine I'm not postsurgery i was diagnosed to be a hypothyroidism?
I need help getting my insulin!?
How do I treat a sprained wrist?
how do you know when it's time to get an att. ,for a workers comp injury?
i broken my wrist a week ago , i had pain the first 3 days but now i don't feel nothing, is this normal?
Best way to break an arm or leg?
My tailbone hurts and i dont know why its taking so long to heal?
Is it Sprained or Fractured?
Should I get a cast put on my badly sprained ankle?
Where can i go to the doctor at if i dont have any health insurance?
does fractured mean the same thing as broken?
the worst stabbing pain ever!?!? helpp?!?
dealing with a black eye at work?
Charley Horses While Sleeping?
I think I broke my ankle...?
How to break your wrist?
staying at a hospital?
please help! head injury?
Have i bruised, broken or sprained my wrist?
My Kneecap was dislocated yesterday during my football practice what should i do to heal it better?
Guys come and amuse me ?!?
Cannot fall asleep, HELP!?
can i ski after having a total hip replacement?
Can you move your toes with a broken ankle?
2 weird things with body parts?
Iv had a bruise for a month. Why isn't it healing?
hurt ankle help! I was running ant i twisted it the wrong way.?
i have a question about a swollen black eye black eye?
Can you smoke cigars on occasion if you have type 1 diabetes?
Strange things happening to me, am I hyploglocemic?
whiled checking for diabetes can they find other things in your blood?
Can Type 2 diabetes but genetic?
i dont know if i broke my toe its in pain?
I don't have diabetes, but what could this be?
Is there a cure for autonomic neuropathy with diabetes?
Can diabetic pills make you nervous?
If I'm hypoglycemic, does that make me at risk for diabetes?
My ears pop and i cant see! Is it diabetes?
Whats wrong with diabulimia is it like regular bulimia?
question about type 2 diabetes diet?
what acts faster on blood sugar, carbs or insulin?
nondiabetic but check blood sugar......Can PMS time cause higher blood sugars?
can you still drink alcohol with triglycerides of 939?
Will I need insulin to control my gestational diabetes?
do i have hyperglycemia?
do you think i have shin splints?
My Blood Glucose level is 80 half an hour after lunch. Is it low?
why am weak ?
How much insulin should you take if your sugar is 200?
How can meds for panic disorder be any different than diabetic meds, and people are going to jail for dui's?
What ADHD medication is ideal for an adult, type I diabetic?
burning tingling in ankle and thumb?
I hurt my 2nd Toe by hitting a hard surface. it is 4 months it has not healed completely yet?
I have a boxer fracture on my right pinky knuckle how can i still gain muscle in the arm with hurting myself.?
If I smoke marijuana will I die instantly?
how long did you keep wearing your retainer after your braces had come off?
What is best for the Teeth? No brands! No Flossing! I don't care about TASTE! -- BEST FOR THE TEEEETH!?!?!?
What is the fastest turnaround one can get from a dentist in regards to replacing a tooth with a crown?
How do you use dental floss?
Why do I grind my teeth in my sleep and how can I stop?
What are the best ways to keep my gums in good condition?
looking for a good spa in the SF bay area
If your co-worker is guilty of unsanitary hygiene would it be right to tell him/her?
Can eyesight be trained or improved? How?
Which is better for back pain-- ice or heat?
What causes hiccups?
where do I find info on diabetes?
As a novice runner, how many weeks/months do I need to properly train for a marathon?
What kind of yoga is best for fitness?
Where can I find a copy of the popular Dr. Atkins diet without purchasing the whole book?
What do you think about vegetarianism? Is it good or bad? Why?
What is ZMA?
will stress and being nervous mess up your stomach?
I am looking for a real good family Doctor in Menlo Park, CA. Anyone knows of someone they trust.?
Are pine needles poisonous if ingested?
Does donating a kidney shorten your life?
How do you sleep on your side without your bottom arm falling asleep?
how do i control my thoughts? or how can i filter thoughts i dont want?
How can gain weight?
if i have less than one month to train for a half marathon, what should i do to train?
how do i lose weight in about 9 months in a healthy way?
How do i gain weigh? what should i eat and do?
Succeeding at basketball?
iam little fat what is the best diet in your opinion?
Is drinking a LOT of coffee bad for the body?
What's the healthiest way to lose weight?
What's the safest and most effective way to control acne and reduce blemishes?
How to get rid of car sickness ?
how can I be taller?
where is baragwanath hospital?
How do people feel about yoga teacher rubbing oil on their backs during the class?
Can caffeine cause you to have headaches?
Britain's First Woman Prime Minister Suffering from which disease that affects the hands?
How can sleep well?
I had gastric by-pass surgery 4 years ago and am now in need of pain relief meds - I was told no NSAIDS?
what is the relationship between hypoglycemia and coffe?
Where can I find discount designer eyeglasses?
why is digestive system set up so we urinate and defecate out of two holes? why not use 1 hole 4 both pee/poo?
what is a normal blood pressure?
What is a milk tooth?
who is a high quality dentist in Indianapolis?
Does a root canal treatment pose a potential health threat?
Is it possible to find a dentist that can brighten my teeth and give me braces for free?
What causes bad breath and how do you get rid of it?
When did the insulin pump become availiable for general use?
How can you increase the formation of receptor sites on the cells to improve diabetic control?
sweetners for diabetes?
what can cause brown colored nose bleeds ?
does diabetes worry more about sugars or cabuhidrates in a diet?
My father 's been recently diagnosed with diabetis. Which are the best 'home sugar meters' available?pressure?
What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
I want contacts and my parents think i am to young to have them?
how to grow taller ?
My vision in terms of 20/20?
Can I lighten my toddlers hair and not ruin it?
my hair is thin and damaged. what can i do to make it healthy?
what is aloevera?
Is it possible to determine if twins are identical pre-birth (assuming they are the same gender)?
Where's the best places to buy contacts online?
what does a neuro muscular stimulator do?
Is it bad to mix alcohol with Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride, a sleep aid, which contains no aspirin or Tylenol
Can anyone tell me if the supplement holy basil is recommended for children?
is eating healthy makes you happy?
how many millitres of cooked soya beans would contain the protein equivalent of 500 ml of milk?
Dosage of vitaminD?
anybody outthere with a shoulder problem(s) tellme how are you doing mine is a nightmare answer soon?
Are there any successful clinical trials available for pancreatic cancer?
does taxotere cause hair loss?
Is the odor of cig smoke on a smoker's clothing harmful to anyone?
What is leukemia?
what is a bone island?
Should one check for testicular cancer everyday?
How does skin cancer looks like?
why do peeps sell tobacco if it kills?
What are some good vitamins to take to build muscle?
why can I not control how much I eat?
64oz a day of water is good, but how does one count other drinks?
how does drinking a lot of water help someone on a diet?
Is coffee good or bad for you?
Why do men lose weight faster than women?
How can I get someone to quit smoking quikly?
What is the best way to quit smoking cigarettes?
Why do we have nose hairs and buggers?
Is it true that when you eat celery, you burn more calories than you actually consume?
how does stress affect the way someone sleeps?
Where I can found about diabet medical information?
How much sleep can I get by on?
is Glutathione safe?
can anyone tell me where i can buy(less then $100) knockoff prada,chanel,louis vuittton handbags-BESIDES ebay?
what are the directions for the product strip nc one cleansing softgel???
what is death?
is it possible that i will have a lead mark under my skin after a blunt pencil was thrown at my forehead?
how do you stop vomiting and settle the stomach?
elderly people living with relatives?
What is the best disposable razor?
what is hypergrafia?
how do parents of bipolar children manage?
Borderline Personality Disorder: What is the cause ?
how to I combat withdrawal from prozac?
What is the secret to work/life balance?
why do I always think about death and are always scared that I am about to die...?
How can I check to see if someone has autism or not?
How can I become a faster runner without training outside in the cold?
what is the best way to go on a diet ?
What is a really good, natural food that is high in fiber?
my question is.. is cottage cheese an banana a good diet?
What is the most effective excercise method for losing weight quickly if you are 16 years old?
how many calories should a 130 pd person need to eat if they want to lose 10 pounds?
what is the best diet to lose weight?
what is the best way to reduce your appetite?
What is the best way to lose weight?
Someone I know has an addiction to Pharmaceuticals.What can they do or what can I do to help them overcome it?
What is the best medication for panic attacks and anxiety?
How can i improve my memory power?
What does it say about a person who refuses to use capitalization when they type?
how do you take over someone's affairs when they can't control their life anymore?
medicaid will no longer cover Seroquel,will mental health i live in Illinois?
How i know if am i crazy ?
what is the life expectancy of an 80 year old woman with stage 3 bladder cancer?
Do researchers have the cure for cancer?
If pharmaceutical companies had a cure for some or all types of cancer, and other diseases should they be?
is there any natural cure for cancer?
what causes breast cancer?
How long does it take for hair loss to return after chemotherapy?
how do I find the address to katie couric's colon cancer awareness foundation?
How do you get rid of bad cholesterol?
What are the sympthoms of macular oedema?
What should I do to bring down my sugar. My sugar is at 119 mg/dl. I don't want to become diabetic.?
Are you diabetic? If so, for how long ?
Is there any cure for diabetic type 2?
How do I stick to a diabetic diet and stay away from sweets. I am having a hard time.?
are canker sores contagious?
why is the flu worse in the winter?
what is ok to eat when u r sick with a flu/cold, besides soups, im tired of soup?
Is diabetes dominant or recessive?
What machines are used in euthanasia?
why do they tape over the patient's eyes during surgery?
Does anyone know how long it takes a sprained ankle to recover (as in, when can i run on it again?)?
What are some good ways to stop smoking cigarettes.?
Are Chiropractors actually good for you?
I need to locate an e-mail address?
how long should I spend in a tanning bed?
need to know if ibuprofen tabs/400MG. will cause eye presure?
can anybody give me a good web site that talks about nutrion?
What's the difference between osmolarity and osmolality?
What's the best cure for a sore throat?
what is the best way to stop snoring?
What makes urine the yellow color?
When will lexapro be available in a generic form?
Does neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) actually work?
What is "Inadequate Personality Disorder?"?
Am I crazy?
Is Nymphomania a genetic disorder?
what education is needed to be a psychiatrist?
can a baby be born not trusting her mom(paranoid)?
"Why does the five year old that i watch daily keep saying he wants to kill himself?
the best way to keep our mind positive all times?
Why do I have a problem accepting gifts?
average age of suicide for police officers?
can someone take xanax everyday to treat anxiety? or will you become addicted?
Dishonest? Paint your portrait.... <Bewildered Am I.> Why,?
What is a good method to test whether or not you child is dyslexic?
How does bipolar affect rasing children?
Will you still go out with a group of your friends if you find out one (JOHN) of them does the following?
Is there a cure for HIV?
what causes chlamedya?
How long does it take for AIDS to show up on a blood test?
if a person had chlamydia in their throat, is it possible for someone to get it if they drank after them?
how long does it take zoloft take to get in the body??
Is 5 htp good to treat the depression?
If you are crazy, do you know you are crazy?
Are online written prescriptions illegal?
how do i make a chicken glisten in the sun?
how does injections of haldol or prolixin help treat bipolar disorder?
are there suport groups for divorce?
My Mother is not getting over my Dad's death. Should I give some tough love or just let her be?
What is the term given to an overly aggressive immune system response?
why are cigarretes legal knowing they can cause cancer?
How many people do you know that died from smoking ?(not side effects of smoking but from smoking)?
Does caffeine help asthma sufferers?
any tips for chronic asthmatics?
Is second-hand smoke really dangerous to non-smokers?
what's best way to fight head cold?
why the shoes are in different shapes for left and right leg?why connt both in exact similar shape?
What is astigmatism?
How long do you sleep ?
What is the best way to get rid of dry skin?
What can I do to end my nailbiting habit?
Which is better for your body: orange or milk?
This is an Ayurvedic Healthcare Centre. Please find the website.?
what is coq10?
what is the human body's longest tendon?
Do you think chocolate helps cure depression?
can what i eat reduce the reccurence of tinea versicolor?
what to give a toddler to eat when sick and vommiting?
How come that tools used in hospitals especially surgical,are all silver.From the trolleys to blades?
what is alcohol sugar?
Does herbalife stuff really work?
is splenda bad for you?
Is seaweed good to eat?
How can I get more definition in my abdominals? They're visible but they are not defined (not a six-pack)
If I want to exercise in the morning, shoud I eat breakfast first?
if you ate fruits to replacce your meals would you get fat?
what is the best way to fight a cold?
Regarding bi-polar disorder, how long do the manic and depressive moods generally last?
what is functional dyskinisis?
I just wish I had someone to talk to about my marriage.?
how to boost urself?
can stress kill you?
someone smokes marijuana for 30 years and suddenly stops. What kind of withdrawal symptoms would be displayed
how do i get over being afraid of girls when having depression?
Is plastic surgery harmful/addictive for people with body dysmorphic disorder (bdd)?
how many people die each minute because they have AIDS?
Do you think they really have a cure for AIDS and they just aren't telling us?
are their still no cure for aids or how are they close to one?
at what time would the first aids symptoms appear after i possible got the hiv virus?
how can you tell if someone has aids?
can you get an std by pericings and tattoos?
Where do I get free help for crystal meth use in Phoenix, AZ?
When you sleep, are you dead, or just unconscious?
How can I increase my concentration and focus?
What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
can bi polar be contagous?
how do I get rid of my drug proplem?
Feeling naseau from Wellbutrin,what can I do to alleviate symptom?Feels worse than ',morning sickness.'
How do I deal with my issues without taking meds?
what are some methods of recovery from heroin addiction that have long term effectiveness ?
research on modular verses team nursing?
mental illness?
do you know what bi polar is i have two brothers that have it one is 17 and the other is 15 can you help me?
whats the name of the free brain pill on tv?
what is borderline personality disorder?
what are personality disorders?
Can cellphone cause cancer?
which medicine is better to combat deppression between the 2-flouxetine or paroxetine?
what is death obsession? what are the kinds of death obsession? how to prevent death obsession?
what is the best solution to diaper rash?
Is tobacco also a mind-alterring substance like marijuana?
Is Cow urine is of any use for human consumption ?
Fingernail Question?
what is the best way to cure dry skin?
how can i become beautiful?
So...is coffee good or bad for you??
what kind of pill has the imprinted number 771?
cold hands and feet...?
What is Medical Tourism? (post by Dr Medical Tourism)?
I want to know how to get health insurance for a low price and good health insurance?
How good are the "foam mattress"?
what is thephysiology of thirst?
how do you get rid of a hangover?
what keeps heart pumping? how it gets its mechanical energy?
how cure people that experience paranoid delusion/delution or something like that?
how to deal with adhd?
What is kleptomania?
what are the side affacts of taking zoloft?
how to stop taking effexor with the least side effects?
Are children born with autism or does this occur later in life?
Freud or Jung???
what is fulminant hepatic failure?
why isn't it that there so many hiv aids victim get from blood transfusions?
Where can one go to get tested for STD's and how much will it cost?
free hiv testing clinics in fort worth texas?
do all cases of hiv is attached by a STD?
How an individual can reduce his weight by natural methods ?
Up to how much weight can you lose from a crash diet?
why do we yawn?
How come my belly looks smaller when I first wake up than it does a couple of hours later (even w/o eating)?
What would be a good type of exercising routine to build muscle but still retain much flexibility?
What is the best way to lose weight?
What is the best exercise for inner thighs?
Kenee Pain is it for low calcium or of continues sitting at one place?
I occasionally feel like everything around me is moving so fast "literally", voices bcom louder, its crazy....
What's the latest on Psoriasis treatments?
Do stammering has any fix solution?
How can I fake sick at work?? I need to take care of some things, and I am getting NO support where I work.?
What is the virus called that is nicknamed "Red Death"?
what does I.O. mean in I.O. Provider?
What do you think the biggest misconceptions are out there about mental illness?
What is the name of the condition that a person gets when they are put down and made to feel worthless for yrs
Is there a "cubicle" syndome yet?
What is Down Syndrome'?
How can I beat the symptoms of bipolar disorder?
Panic/Anxiety Attack?
Which antidepressant will not make me gain weight, and won't make me lose my libido?
free clinicks for mentil health?
What's the best calcium supplement nutritionally and price wise?
were is the best place to buy adult diapers online?
what is a normanl blood pressure range?
which the best sport for a boy than it is in the pc all the day?
If You Had Only One Super Power, What Would It Be?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne quickly?
What percentage of Amierican men have a hairy chest?
dark circles and bags under my eyes. How to get rid of them?
Who reads Psychology Today? Please state if you are a man or woman ...?
My daughter (6) diagnosed with adhd and even with concerta (27 mg)... no real progress in school. suggestions?
how do i deal with and energy zapper?
I have a bad memory. Are there remedies for this problem?
How can a single mother cope with lonliness?
what chemicals is Prozac made of?
Help! I have a phobia of v(omiting)! I don't know what to do!?
I have no brain, I have difficulties in Maths and thinking. How can I improove it?
how do you control your anger manegment problem without takeing meds?
Are most people happy ?
I am 6 weeks pregnant and perform mobile xrays. What kind of restrictions are there? My machine is 100lbs.?
my baby arm don't work what 2 do?
What causes migraines and what can help to minimize the impact?
tell me about the negative effects of rodogyl?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
need info on paralysis of vocal cords?
What does your jaw have to do with your legs when you get knocked out?
Are there any good home remedies for soothing a sore throat caused by a cold?
Do you know of any reliable pain management methods for TMJD (tempromandibular joint disorder)?
pinching the head/ brain?
what can i do to avoid the endless headache that has bound me since 1986 when i was 3yrs of age?
Any pain remedies for heel pain (intense)?
Has anyone ever had RFL (radio frequency leisoning)?
What STD has no side effects on males?
What are the chance of a mistake on a pap-smear test?
how long does it take for a female to have her first outbreak of herpes after shes been infected?
whats the origin of HIV/AIDS?
can you spred herpies if you do not have eany outbreakes and take acyclovir two times a day?
why does a person's allergies change over time?
Any effective home remedies for hives?
What is the difference between a cold and allergies?
i have been having a metal taste in my mouth and a swelling of my eye and red marks on my neck could you
Is there an allergy medication specifically for dog dander that's better than others?
I am a permanent patient of Allergy since my childhood and i have to take anti-allergy tablets.Any cure ?
Why do some people hate themselves?
Prescribed Zoloft a couple of months ago. The mfr says it doesn't cause weight gain, but I have. Anyone else?
why do I get sad when I should be happy?
how do you overcome panic disorder?
is valium a good drug to help schizophrenia?
what is the best dosage for taking xanax?
Are their any new OCD treatments?
where can i find interactive material for adhd?
i want to find a web site or chat group by adhdhelpper?
How can U lose wait?
What are the benefits of soy for men?
How do I stop myself from binging on the nachos which are staring at me from kitchen?
Muscle Building?
What is the relation between heart rate and body temperature?
how many calories does it take to burn one pound of fat?
I have a red blood dot on my eye. what is it from. the white part of my eye.?
Can a plus size woman do yoga?
How do people in France dress?
Why my hair is turning white?
What is a good solution for seriously chronic chapped lips?
Should I be alarmed if my bowel is a dark color?
What are some ways to treat a ear infection with out medicine?
What is the best way to feel better FAST after having a stomach virus?
my hair is very very thick i have managed to get it seriously tangled its too much for me to cut out help?
Is there something wrong with me?
What happens if you use expired medicine?
Anyone ever been on Methadone? ..If so, what's your feelings about it?
Growing Pains?
Please can someone help me?? PLEASE!!?
What creates "mob mentality"?
What is the basis of irrational fears?
have you ever broke a bone?
What are some good tools for managing and breaking away from OCD?
do you feel like things arent real?
How common is it to have delusions accompany depression?
what kinds of experience did other people have with Paxil?
How does HIV affect the immune system?
what can i do about genatil warts?
Where is the best place to go for HIV/AIDS care with in the US or in the world?????
what are the symptoms of hpv?
Ive had a fever for 5 days, and i feel fatigue, and I was experiencing Diarhea. Do you think I have an STD?
how can herpes stage 2 be on your leg?
Can the HSV-1 virus turn into the HSV-2 virus?
What dogs have real hair and not fur?
what are the first major signs of the flu?
how do I find out about household alleregies or allergens ie mold, etc.?
You know when your snot gets all watery and just runs out of your nose? What IS that?
Why do we get cancer?
Faeces from pigeon can cause cancer. Anyone know what virus, how it cause etc?
What category is this interpretation:The BM specimen shows no abnormal limyphold or myeloid cell population?
last year a mass was found thru mammography in my left breast.it bothered me a lot.?
can you have pain in your ribs over a year and a half after radiation in that area?
is nutra sweet healthy?
Suggested histogenetic type probably leiomyosarcoma.. What is this??????
How does breast cancer form and what is the best treatment for it?
What is OSD?
How do you stop anxiety and panic attacks without medication?
How can I have better self-esteem?
Does Hyponosis really work?
I began dating someone who was recently diagnosed bi-polar. He's lied & cheated, do i support him or move on?
what is obsessive-compulsive disorder?
how to control mind?
Has anyone else here had a child that suffered anxiety, if so what was the best thing you did for them?
which is better exercise equipment, tread mill or elliptical machine?
Cleaning up a broken fluorescent tube?
Nicotine achieves its physiological effects mainly by?
Which color is soothing for eyes ?
What are all the diseases caused my smoking?
Ideas to help stop smoking...?
Are there any vitamins or anything to make my chest x-ray look better?
What is Alpha One disease?
What's the best remedy for a sore throat?
is acute broncitis heriditery? can a child get it from his mom/dad during birth?
Is it possible to switch from Allegra D to Claritin without the speed med in it?
can water relieve the asthma attack?
How do I get rid of mold on my walls?
My nasal canal gets dry and bleeds if I keep the heater on? Any Remedy.?
What are the latest treatments for Bipolar Affective Disorder? Is there news of hope in the future?
Is there any relief for stomach cramps and tiredness?
Are there any simple ways to reduce stress?
What sort of exercises/activities should someone with a forgetful mind practice?
How do you find out the amount of herbs to give someone?
i think i have a mental prob. where can i go to get free/cheapo tests??
what is the effect of obsessive compulsive personality disorder on memory?
what is the treatment for ocpd?
my daughter is 32 and has cancer and refuses treatment what do i do and how do i deal with the stress?
What do you feel is the most important part of the human face?
Who is the cheapest plastic surgeon in Wilkes-barre, Pennsylvania?
What hormones regulate protein in the body?
What is an MRI?
what is the treatment for melasma?
what causes coughing in asthma?
What medicines treat gluten sensitivity?
where can I buy "sumactin" for poison ivy?
i is it asthma?
wat is epidymo orchitis?
Is Yahoo Answers Helpful to you?
When to stop therapy?
How do I let go of old, old pain from childhood?
Is trazodone mood altering?
I saw a question that asked what OMD was in relation to mental health, did you find and answer and what is it?
dashwieler, thankyou for the answer, my sister is dillusional and people ask me if she is psycho, help please?
how do you make yourself get up and do things(i.e., clean house, go shopping, eat)?
i take cymbalta (eli lilly) can i get them for free ?
Anyone else diagnosed as borderline or manic-depressive? What type(s) of treatment do you get, if any?
anyone have any hints on dealing with stress?
what are the symptoms of depression?
What determine's ones personality?
How do I get over my fear?
Zoloft or Prozac?
I'm 5' 3" and weigh about 105-110 lbs...?
Bipolar or other?
Friend is on medication for depression.She changes them often cause they stop working. What worked for you?
Have you seen Momento?
Hot Stone therapy?
Acupuncture for Nerve Pain?
Please! What's wrong with me???
How can I relieve lower back pain?
what is the name of the condition where pain is perceived in color?
do you think diet soda helps cut down your appetite?
is masterbation dangerous for our health? (i'd appreciate a logical answer)?
How long after eating does it take to get sick if you got food posioning?
Where can I find examples of ergonomic exercises to perform at an office desk?
What is the best way to lose 50 pounds in a year?
how can i lose 40lbs?
Does drinking ice water burn calories?
what is the fastest and safest way to gain weight?
Why is Richard Simmons gay?
Can an allergy to dust mites cause skin scratches to heal slowly?
can you be allergic to a person suich as a brother, parent or sister?
What is the cause of my food allergy to pickles? How do I get rid of it?
Is 37 too old to make major changes in life?
how do people get allergic to animals (pets)?
Is the choice of gray as a favorite color in any way linked to mental disorder?
How do you start to like yourself?
what substance in a peanut makes it an allergen?
what's side effect for reactine drug? husband taking it for allergy?
My 11 year old son has ADHD, what type of home life would it be if dad may have Adult ADHD? I say volital.?
What is d % of people have Asthma n what is d % of possible death?Is Asthma a whole life disease till death?
if you can change one thing about your body or personality what would it be?
how do you help someone understand what your depression is and how long it should take you to recover?
how do you stop a community treatment order?
How can i bounce back from failure?
Why is it the people feel threatened by people with AIDS?
can doxycycline hyclate treat chlamydia?
Can you have a cold sore with out having HSV-1 or HSV2 ?
What is the difference between foam soap and regular liquid soap?
what do you do with your toenail clippings?
do people yawn in there sleep?
How do I get a perfect complexion?
what is the best way to treat keloids (common in african americans)?
what is the cure of drunk?
What is classic beauty and what does it mean to be classically attractive?
What is the best for a 4 year old female to partipate in weekly, and why?
what is blood in my stool an indication of?
What is the best natural cure for Cholesterol?
Why are you even more tired after you get too much sleep?
What are the known side effect of Lipitor? Are the benefits more than side effects?
Will I live a longer life if I move to an area with less pollution?
Sometimes one hemisphere of my head will feel numb and "fall asleep." Should I be concerned?
average american life span?
what can U do to stop a headache?
do brain cells regenerate? if so, do the regenerated brain cells actually function like others?
how can i improve my short term memory?
Can a combination of zanex and zoloft make you extremely tired with no energy? I take one zanex 0.5mg at night
How can I get really good sleep?
What are Borderline Personality Disorders in modern medicine?
At 45 I get a lot forgetful these days.Am I havin a memory loss.Someone help me.Its affecting me.What can I do
can depression be genetic?
What makes people stop from taking their own life?
Will lorazepam (Ativan) increase the effects of propoxyphene (Darvon)?
How do you get rid of neck cramps?
What does this mean please......?
should we smile or laugh with open mouth???????
Are there new mental health cpt codes for individual psychotherapy and for psychiatric diagnostic interview?
Have you tried singing when you feel anxious or worried?
How do yopu get rid of panioc attacks?
whatcan I do for anxiety attacks?
Is there a PHYSICAL diagnosis for depression? Like a concrete test/scan that insurance can cover.?
has anyone every taken zoloft before?
Can women with bipolar be good mothers?
wat should be done?
Are you allergic to lettuce?
what is the treatment for mouth ulcer?
What is the best allergy medication for someone suffering with a dog allergy?
i believe im suffering from depression can you help me?
what is philophobia?
If you take depression pills for year and will stop taking them, would your body long for them?
Anyone have (and can help) with an anxiety/panic disorder involving the bladder?
Help with stress?HELP?
Where can I find some info on the behavior of a Schizophrenic? I think that is what my son has .?
Does EMDR really work?
what is the best type of vitamin that helps stimulate and strengthen the mind?
std from getting a *******?
Is it normal for a women to have a light green discharge?
where exactally do genetal warts appear?
can you get aids from chewing someone elses gum?
what is clap?
How can one get a ear for music?
If u take tylenol every day will it become inaffective?
Is 'Sugar In the Raw' a 'refined sugar'?
is this generation struggling with more stressors than previous generations?
Can caffeine have any effect on the human body?
How often or how much can I drink Coke without it rotting my teeth?
What causes Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)?
One human cell divides to 2 identical ones which divides to 4 and so on. How does it eventually turn human?
Do people with Lupius tend to also have fibromyalgia symptoms?
How would you organize a camp for adult cancer survivors for two half days and one full day to include:?
What is a successful treatment for thyroid medullary cancer?
Is leukemia Fatal?
what hospital does dr kevin wietechia have privalges at ?
i can't get adult daugher to concent to getting a mri and biospy she has sarcoma cancer?
When do you know that a sore throat is actually more serious, perhaps cancer?
Anyone have any information on HPV, it's condyloma, and the related cancer?
what kind of foods should be taken by patients who is newly operated of cervix cancer?
what is the first aid for snake bite?
What's the shipiest Store to buy perfumes and fragances?
does it hurt to get your tongue peirced?
how do i get deep frown wrinkles out of my forehead without botox?
How does deodorant work?
My husband wants me to take depression pills when I'm not depress, is it ok to take them?
Finding IQ test???
If you don't get at least 4 hours of sleep and enter a REM cycle is sleep worthless?
Are there any parents out there with a child who has AUTISM ??
how do u find out if your son or daughter has bipolar?
Has anyone dealt with family members that have depression?
Am I bipolar?
does anyone know of a cure or something that work7 for selective mutism i have a 7yr daughter with this condic
what is allergic bronchitis?
Is "acquired" lactose intolerance permanent?
what is nasal jelly?
Is blackboard chalk harmful to the human body?
I have heard things about 'local honey' curing alergies. Can you explain this to me please???
can i take loritabs or anything with hydrocodeine in it if i'm allergic to codeine?
Do those rubber livestrong bracelets have any latex in them at all?
Injuries are depressing for athletes who are used to being active... What keeps you up (mentally)??
what is good for pms headache?
I believe I have a heel spur, will i be able to run again?
What do you do for a corn on your tiny toe?