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about normal heart beat ?
can laying in bed make you have high blood pressure?
How bad is it if you hear crackling noises coming from your lungs when you sleep at night?
What is the best humidifier I should buy? Does it really matter or are they all the same?
People who wear CONTACT LENSES or EYE DOCTORS please help me?
Can I have Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and not my family?
Am I having panic attacks?
Panic Attack? Stroke? Heart Attack?
A girl i like has mrsa(mersa)?
Is it harder to do open heart surgery on a man or woman?
what would you say about a girl who sometimes avoids eye contact with you but still talks to u?!?!?
what are the best colored eyes?
How can i make myself have a fever IN school?
Is my little sister chubby?
which is worse for you if you have diabetes? A banana or white potato?
Life without Insulin?
Does anyone know anything about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
Am i mid stage as diabetic?
My shoulder is hurting whyyyyy? 10 points best answer?
Heart discomfort and nausea during exercise?
Do i have a thyroid problem?
do you think 'i have diabetes?
can strattera make your heart pace go up?
Are my Cholesterol Levels Good?
i might have a tapeworm?
had ecg showed had previous heart attack when would this have happened?
do your eyes go red when you eat weed?
The doctor said I may have a heart murmur. But I'm confused about the whole thing, please help?
why does my cat throw-up after eating with no dyes hairball control food?
Is there latex in some fruits? If so, what fruits?
My dog has an infection in his toe? And antibiotics have not cleared this up?
do orthodontists whiten your teeth after braces?
Is belly fat related to stress and heart issues?
My grandpa passed out and...?
If computers don't damage your eyes...?
is being in a dark room alot really bad for your eyes?
What is the cost of corrective laser eye surgery in India?
Who here has lost a lot of weight through diet & exercise...how long before you noticed weight loss?
Lightheaded and throwing up?
My left eyes tear duct is itchy?
Can HIV be transmitted when it's in dry blood?
My PAP smear came back abnormal with a High Risk of HPV - Does this mean I am guaranteed to have HPV?
will exercise help a damaged heart?
What is the most dangerous medicine in the world?
Question about colored eye contacts?
is this a good meal plan for losing Weight?
Whats wrong with my stomach?
My child has diarrhea,and ate a lot of chocolate and has been sick for 3 days?
whats a normal heart rate?
i havent had a papsmear test before and im 25.can it see if u have blood clots or lung cancer/diabeties?
A question about diabetes?
My heart stings to the point it's hard to breath when I move sometimes?
I think i might have broken my tailbone?
is a red face always a sign of high blood pressure?
Blood Pressure question.?
Innocent heart murmur. I was diagnosed with it. Is it possible that the hole might get bigger with stress.?
id like to talk to a nurse or dr for this answer since im not geting anything from his drs?
How does the cornea bend light?
am i developing diabetes?
Heart Attack Question?
Why does my heart feel so heavy?
is it possible to lose 20 pounds by summer?
My triglycerides are 79 hdl 66 ldl 126 total cholesterol is 208 are these numbers safe?
do i have a heart murmur?
Question on Prescription for eyeglasses?
Are there problems if someone without astigmatism wears toric lenses?
eye question/help !!!?
can getting stabed in the eye with a pencil give you glaucoma?
Is it possible for a teenager to have a heart attack?
Fast heartbeat from drinking?
Why are my hands always cold?
Why does my heart race?
why am i always thirsty and hungry?
Is this person at risk for heart attack or CAD?
why do we have saliva?
what are songs that remind you of poison ivy?
blood pressure of 84/46 too low?
Quickest weight loss exercises for teens?
low blood pressure in teen?
my heart (please help)?
i had my blood test taken and my iron level is 8.3 which is not good?
Heart beats really fast when i am resting, been to see the doc, he says that it is nothing serious.?
i need diabetes help?
Raising red blood cell count?
I have just been to a diabetic educator at a hospital and I just do not get it.?
Can I get Aids, Hepatitis and other diseases from acupuncture?
My sister fainted after vomiting all night. should we take her to the hospital?
I am confused about my glasses?
Sweet 16 and never had chicken pox - should I get it?
if choking was the reason someone died, would that show up in an autopsy?
Do doctors still do this?
What's the difference between nighttime and daytime cough syrup?
my husband over did it and his blood pressure spiked, he vomited and now is abnormally sleepy?
Could this be the beginning of a Latex allergy?
Stomach flu:( how do you know it's coming?
Hey I'm high rite now and i have a checkup for mitro-valve prolapse tomro?
Expired medication still safe to take?
What does it mean if your liver enzymes are elevated?
What are the risks of my Dad's health?
Have you found a solution to your palpitations?
Help with eye allergies. Can't take much more of this!!?
i just woke up with a nose bleed?
I ate some neosporin and I feel sick will I be ok?
Heat making heart pound..heart condition?
Do I have to do something about my blood pressure?
who is dieting cheaper than exercise?
if interns cause my problems for my newborn?
I talk to myself, is this weird?
how do you if a person as tapeworms?
so lately, the schools in my town have been putting up latex allergy signs, huh!?
is this the flu or just a bug?
What is the meaning? Forget to ask ?
Does niacin work for getting weed out of your system?
Is it better to sleep early or sleep late?
I get sad at night and Lonely and can't fall asleep?
Is it true you can create your own genes in this sense? Can you be tall even if your family isn't?
what is the world record for fastest heart rate?
Does anyone have a yeast allergy that acts up when they eat bread, red meat, or drink beer?
what blocks the affects of xanax?
Blood out of eyes, nose and ears?
Signs of a Stroke? Answer Quickly!?
When is the best time to take low dose aspirin?
My mother had a stroke and is back to drinking.?
How do I build my pecs to look strong?
Would severe chickenpox as a child increase my chances of developing shingles later in life?
My voice has went....?
Are hand warmers bad for diabetics?
Can i get my lip pierced even if i have a heart condition?
why do certain foods make my heart beat faster?
Can Acid Reflex cause Hart Flutters?
causes of a stroke. please help?
Ever had an H.I.V scare before or stories?
gregations of the kept you ards?
lose ten pounds quickly?
Do they test firefighters for HIV?
Herpes infection????
Is it possible for a HIV testing to be misread?
How do I get rid of a fever?
Why does my left breast hurt sometimes?
is yeast infection dangerous and how could we stop it?
weight loss for women?
When should I start worrying about my eyes?
how do i get rid of a coldsoar fast?!?!?
Is it possible to be so tired you can't sleep?
Should I go wake up my mom or will i be fine?
weird discomfort in leg while trying to sleep...please help?
could I have Sleep Paralysis?
It's 6am and I can't sleep.?
Does cracking your knuckles actually harm you and/or cause arthritis?
Should people with serious heart disease limit their intake of fluids?
How much bleach is too much?
Why is inactivity a primary risk factor for many diseases?
Can you have a heart attach with a pacemaker installed?
injection fracture, how differ cardiac input and how is it measured?
How do you prevent cervical cancer when already diagnosed with HPV?
my brain or memorary is or wrking in good condtion i forgot every thing plz rely me on [email protected]?
Help! Tingling in left arm, racing heart, dizziness, weakness in left arm, ....?
getting sharp chest pains?
acne scar help please- im 14 !!!!?
PLEASE HELP. Allergic reaction?
my heart huts..... what should I do??"?
My heart randomly hurts, it feels like if i breathe or move my heart will burst.?
Can Doctor Charge me $300 for Being Late to a Nuclear Heart Stress Test?
How come I can press on my vain and not get a heart attack?
With PVCs, don't you have a normal-strength heart, not a weak one...?
I work in a Telemetry Dept. where 1 person is responsible for up to 88 patients. Too much for 1 person?
can i do lsd is i have arrhythmia?
HEART ATTACK (Did I just have one????)?
Is premature heartbeat necessarily a problem?
Heart Question- when I put my hand to my chest my heart beat is really weird?
what does a high pt level mean?
Are there different kinds of hypoplastic left heart syndrome?
Is this normal??????
Triglycerides way to high?
Abdominal Palpation Question?
Heart Issues or anxiety or muscle related?
Everytime I smoke Marijuana my heart beats fast and the entire left side of my body goes numb. Help? Concerned?
Questions about tri pass surgery.?
Im 15 Years Old, Im Having An EKG Tommorow, By My Friends Mom, She Said It Lasts 30 Seconds?
My chest keeps hurting on and off?
Does anyone know anything about dizziness, heavy body, and fast heart beat?
Why does my chest feel tight? Please, please answer?!?
is heart attack dangerous?
i happened to take my blood pressure after girlfrirend made me angry?
found out that i have high blood pressure?
tight chest pain when sleeping, laying down and slouching?
46 year old man overweight has massive stroke....?
Waking up with my heart pounding?
My husband has had a bad heart for over 12 years due to adrianmycin (chemotherpy).?
Grandmother and Heart Disease?
How can I lower my resting heart rate 15 beats per minute?
Heart pain and dizziness?
how to make my heart stronger?
My dad had bypass surgery a month ago and now?
how does one get an enlarged aorta?
What? Enlarged heart?
what is the maximum heart rate a heart can beat per minute?
what is going on with my heart?
My heart issues are back?
would they detect a pre existing condition?
Why do COPD patients have an increase PAP and why does a high SVR signify a negative candidate for heart trans?
What would you do? please help as soon as possible?
Why is this happening after a year later of heart surgery?
Does It Affect My Health?
Feel like im going to vomit?
When will I get better from the stomach flu?
nothing seem to help get read of my red eye i been like this 4 days no i don't have high blood pressure?
does nicotine raise blood pressure?
What does it mean when for about 20 secs my heart feels like it beating like lightning and have trouble breath?
Heavy feeling in my chest sometimes?
Chest pressure & hard time breathing...PLEASE HELP?
Postpartum Cardiomyopathy?
I have a pacemaker & two mechanical vulves....is it SAFE to get a TATTOO?? (10 PTS)?
A friend has 'no-cardiac pain'. He has had his heart checked many time and his esophagus checked.?
Are these heating pad burns..or something else..?
y can i only get to sleep when a fan is on ?
CPR is the care given to a child who?
Is a heart attack characterized by sweating profusely and a weird chest pain?
Why important to give early defibrillation to an adult?
Do you have nausea with ulcers?
my blood pressure is 102/54 and my age is 44 should i be worried?
will my teeth move back?
how can i get my nose to be cleared..?
Question about Bradycardia?
Puppy heart murmur..can it get worse than it already is? (its not bad)?
Why is my heart rate so high?
Would really like some quick consulting for this heart problem?
Should I be COncerned about my vitals? - post eating dissorder PLEASE HELP?
what do doctors give for weak heart muscles?
how serious is my blood pressure?
Is taking naps equaling 7 hours as good as 7 straight hours sleep?
How accurate are those blood pressure machines thare located in your local?
How do you prevent yourself from getting the flu?
whats the difference between allergies and the flu?
ive been really tired lately?
s it safe to preform a cardiac stress test without getting a doctor's approval first?
How quickly will this cancer spread?
Life expectancy of person with pacemaker due to heart block?
Why shouldn't a patient with heart disease have their temperature taken rectally?
Vision problems, I really need help!?
The docter said my dad may need heart bypass surgery??? help?
can having an untreated thyroid condition kill a person?
What r the 3 main layers of an artery and a vein?
what can i take to help my arteries ?
is this ok and normal heart rate when washing cars?
what is the treatment for fainting?
how can anemia cause hypertension?
Cold Symptoms for over 4 months?
Exercise for HCM patient... ?
Is my blood pressure normal?
can an allergic reaction occur somewhere other than the place of contact?
How can I control my allergies better ( Without prescriptions )?
Is it bad to sit on my bed with my laptop on my knees? Does it cause cancer?
I'm allergic to my hair dye?
Various types of pain from a below-the-knee amputation resulting from diabetic neuropathy?
I have to take a drug test?
what percent of the american population has diabetes?
what to eat or drink when you do not feel like eating?
Unstable angina or Heart attack gonna happen?
A relative of mine recently had a pericardial window.?
What is the proper way of taking one's blood pressure?
Re-occurring chest pain in 19-year-old female?
I've just found out this isn't normal...?
Can anyone help me with why i see static?
My glasses are constantly dirty?
Why does my eye shape look smaller?
why is my left eye swelling?
How long will it take for pink eye to go away?
How long do hospitals typically keep records of work they've done on patients?
my hands randomly get really cold and numb?
When I blow my nose my ear squeaks and hurts?
I had my 3rd cigarette and Im worried?
why cant i swallow pills anymore?
sometimes wheni i go #2 i go #1 at the same time?
Arms falling asleep constantly, feeling dizzy when lying down.?
what happens if you take pin worm medication, when you really don'tt need it?
If you baby is a hair puller to you think they are Demon possessed?
how to stop picking my lips?
I'm freaking out can someone answer my questions?
When you quit smoking, how long did it take for you to stop craving a cigarette?
Why do I have a sugar taste in my mouth at night?
what the symptom of hiv aids?
How can you tell if you have an std?
While making out with a girl I didn't know to well, I put her bare breasts in my mouth....?
I have been sleeping for 48 hours... Even as I type this I want to go back to sleep...?
does it mean anything is my heart feels like it is being squeezed?
Are my heart palpitations serious?
How Effective are High Blood Pressure Medications?
whats the mortality rate in an open heart surgery?
Getting the MMR jab...again!? ?
Am I too fat to wear a bikini?
Blood Pressure drop during exercise?
is vitamin d safe for heart patients?
WHAT are the causes of the expansion of the left atrium?
What happens if you eat a maggot?
What is the course of cardiomyopathy?
what is the best seasonal allergy medicine?
Dermographism or Dermatographic urticaria cure?
does claritin clear allergy medicine cause you to lose your hair or is it my being anemic?
blood just popped out of nowwhere on my knee?
Why am I allergic to something I've been eating for years?
Gluten Free question?
what is wrong with my mom? :(?
How to get rid of chapped lips?
my eyes!!! please help me!!?
Over the course of 3 days, I took about 12 Benadryl to cope with food allergy.?
What's your favorite way of treating sinus pressure?
I'm scared to tell my mom :(?
what is dyspnea? please explain?
Can you get Medical marijuana for Thyroid Cancer?
Lump on my foot? and 2 lumps poking out the left side? help! (pics included)?
what would you do if you have a cancer and doctor says?
Are airport scanners dangerous?
should my dad do surgery or no ? for his pancreas cancer?
Don't people adventually die of herpes in the mouth known for hs1?
Picc Line a little tender?
When was Beast Cancer first came out (what year)?
Can someone translate my ct scan and tell me if it's bad?
What is this? Leukemia? Please help!?
What is the treatment for colon cancer that was removed 5 years ago but has returned in the lung?
Where in North Carolina is the greatest expertise in the treatment of Liver Cancer?
Are you suppose to eat before getting blood taken?
How do I make my stretch marks on my thighs dissapear!!!!!!!?
so depressed i wanna kill myself. seriously.?
Will wearing glasses for distant things most of the time ruin my eyes?
Grinding Teeth at night?
How to not be Sick for vacation?
My friend has a serious cigarette addiction.help?
How do they induce cancer into lab rats?
Should I bring a bottle of water into the steam room with me?
Am I Taking Too many vitamins?
My teeth are causing me pain :(!?
I just accidently found my financee got STD, HSV1 and HSV2. He said no after I asked him. What shall I do?
I have mono but i feel fine?
What are some sighs of leukemia?
How long to get rid of swine flu?
my ALT= 55which normal range is <36-U/L what does that mean?
Help I sleep to long :s 12-20 hours...?
how to treat someone who cannot eat food?
How do you use nose right for crooked nose?
Do you think I might have Strep throat?
AIDS day......donating blood question?
do tears dry white on the eye?
Doctors please help me interpret HSV 1 and HSV 1 IGG test results?
Does anyone have neurofibromatosis?
What are some tips to calm down a fever without medicine?
How is it possible for you (a woman) to be tested positive for a STD and your partner is tested negative?
2. Why is HIV testing and counselling important?
Can dry skin cause acne...?
Is there a chance that I have cancer?
Thyroid nodules? lots of answers help?
I am a 24 year old who is having breakouts--Please help!?
Went to get tested for HIV, they said nothing like that is possible?
does a herpes victim can still work abroad?pls. help me find the answer?
I got tested for STDS and the doctor never called me back. What does this mean?
Does stress affect on HIV test?does stress give false negative ?
are the german measles and rubella the same thing?
Do people with diabetes need to have the room temperature set at a certain degree?
what is a good diet plan for type 2 diabetes?
Rapid blood sugar fluctuation?
I've had herpes type 1 since I was little?
I can't sleep!!!! Any ideas on what could help me sleep?
bent over and felt like i was going to pass out?
Testical Cancer, Please Read?
why did one of my eye pupils get bigger then the other?
Are organizations like American Cancer Society & SusanG Komen for the cure interested in finding a cancer cure?
What is the reason of swain flu?
How can I make my eyesight better?
I think i may have had a cuncussion, but im not sure. some say that vomiting is a big symtom.?
What should I do if I have a cold?
the skin above my lip is red irritating and flaky why?
Could I be getting sick from my friend's cat?
questions bout why im always cold?
How to avoid carpal tunnel?
What can I do to help prevent another kidney infection?!?
How to STOP lice from even coming...?
im afraid i could get addicted to ritalin?
Do I have a cold or the flu?
What Fruits are good for Diabetics ?
Why do some people have worse colds than others?
Are my chances the same, higher or lower for getting salmonella poisoning if I had it before?
Long term affects of mono?
E Coli In the Kidney?
Can this be an STD or a yeast infection?
female herpes type 2 question?
Do you think this is tonsillitis or not?
ok i think i got the flu?
Healthy lunch food ideas?
where to buy rabies vaccine in USA?
Can someone please tell me if I have skin cancer or ringworm!?
Help me understand my MRI results... PLEASE what does my MRI say?
If my mom had cancer cells in her ovaries before she got preg is there a possibility I will get ovarian cancer?
my spine is putting pressure on my brain stem but im havnig very strange head pains and i want to make sure it?
Why is my white cell count continuing to rise but no infection can be detected?
Can anyone direct me to some statistics for stage IV alveolar rhabdomysosarcoma?
lump on breast need help asap?
Looking to host a cancer workshop... Care to add some ideas?
how do you get bone spurs on ribcage , chest area?
How can cancer treatment make healthy cells go bad?
Could I possibly have cancer?
Could you swab the portal of entry to detect the presence of Neisseria meningitidis?
What is that device that eyeglass professionals stick frames into, in order to adjust the length/fit?
Question about my contact lenses?!?!?
Am I Considered Legally Blind?
Can you give warts to someone if you hold their hands?
How to get better from the flu?
do i need to wear glasses all the time?
Lenscrafters and prescription!!!! VERY confused help please :)?
why does the immune system resond differently to viral infections?
what is gram negative sepsis shock and why is my brother in law dying from it?
boyfriend has head lice? D:?
How many people out of every 100,000 people in Chicago do you think have HIV or AIDS?
You know how teachers would lick their fingers when passing out paper? What if she has STDs?
why is my skin so dull and what can I do to improve it?
How fast do food poisoning symptoms occur?
when do blood sugar levels start to cause symptons?
Is it safe to consume glucophage while pregnant and diabetic ?
do sugar free lifesavers cause diarrhea?
With the intake of alcoholic beverages, damage to your pancreas can include_______.?
HELP! type 2 diabetes and losing severe weight !?
Could cold weather be making my sinus infection keep coming back?
How can I get rid of this fever?
What are the chances of getting cancer from a phone?
Will Lenscrafters make me non-correctional glasses?
please help me with..............?
Can tapeworm kill you?
Does being overweight stunts your growth?
20/20 vision in 1 eye not achieved by optometrist.?
do i have appendicitis?
Is Oxytetracycline used for ear infections?
gastroenteritis or something more serious?
What is the most effective antibiotics to cure GONORRHEA?
Can you get sick twice?
How do I get rid of a stye in my eye?
What is theorigin of AIDS?
Should a person who is infected whit HIV/AIDS VIRUS get married to someone that is not infected, what will hap?
Lung cancer possibility?
Doctor, or do i have a cold?
I have a sore throat and can barely talk and my wedding is in 3 days!?
pleaseeee help me? pretty please?
Just another puke question?
How can I lose weight fast?
high A1C? But normal blood sugars?
(Sugar) Glucose testing - which one ?
I think my child might have the flu. What should I do?
canker sore....second one in two months?
What is the cure rate for strep throat?
What is the best way to clear sinus passages?
i want clear-colored braces.. but my friend says that they will turn yellow. is this true?
If a pregnant woman gets a severe injury and suffers from severe blood loss, can she loose her baby?
Are you stuck with HPV for life or does it go away?
Eye herpes? Please help, worried to death!?
i cut my self shaving, and it wont stop bleeding!?
Can you get HPV from kissing somebody that had open sores from having their lips peirced?
Is this is really oral thrush?
what diseases are there where you wont eat anything?
Why is snot green sometimes?
Can the seasonal influenza vaccine be administered at the same time as varicella or mmr?
the three levels of prevention with hiv/aids?
Can I die from draining my ear cyst myself?
Are ankle sprains known for stunting growth?
What are beginning signs of Chicken Pox (Like very beginning)?
how to get a rid of cold sores?
are there any cures for acne scars?
How is yawning contagious?
Could I have lymphoma (groin lump/itchiness)?
its dark out and i ran out of milk, im 16,f, should i go out alone and buy some or?
Question for doctors or anyone that could answer?
I have eye floaters.. ALWAYS?
Help. What do these symptoms mean?
Contact slidingd down eye?
Seeing white spots when looking at laptop screen?
Will reading in the dark hurt my eyes?
Best natural pain relief?
How dose appendicitis start?
Is my Appendix bursting?
How many calories might i have burned from exercise today?
What age group does leukemia affect more?
is it safe to have 1 ct scan of the abdomen/pelvis to check for appendicitis?
I kissed multiple people this past weekend and when i got home i had a blister on my gum and now i have sore?
Will this help cure this to?
About swollen lymph nodes?
I'm a diebetic my numbers used to be high now they want to run and stay low in 30s what would cause this?
Any advice for the partner of someone who is a caregiver for a parent with cancer?
i have heartburn in my esophagus, is this a sign of cancer?
what breaks down constipation in the rectum?
If someone had cancer would routine blood work like cbc (white blood cell count) etc show anything?
can guys get crabs???
If I eat 1250 calories a day and burn 700 of them in gym how much weight can I lose?
If I eat 1800 calories a day, how many calories do I have to burn off to lose weight?
Can I wear my regular contacts over colored contacts just for a few hours?
Can i Eat something good after gall bladder being taken out?
how do i know if i have diabetes?
THYROID ISSUE: I am hyperthyroid and just started on Methimazole. Still feel fatigued. Does this actually work?
what is considered a small amount of blood when vomiting blood?
Type 2 diabetic for 2 years.I go to the gym 5-6 days a week, count my carbs and calories...?
What is the machine called with which a diabetic person checks his sugar level?
does cleaning yourself "down there" help prevent stds and infection ?
Can HIV be transfered through the saliva? ?
What is the most effective treatment for acne breakouts and blemishes?
could this be a brain tumor?
What is the chance that the tests won't see the lump?
diabetic using humulin 70/30 have reading 250 how long to wait for 2nd injection?
Does a type 2 diabetic have bad attitudes with people he love's?
What Could this be...?
"Non-diabetic" with a blood sugar reading of 234 about half-hour after eating candy...should I be scared?
how long does it take for a bite mark to go away?
Do i have a over bite?
Nausea: Could it be the liquid egg whites I ate?
I got something in my eye and i cant get it out!!?
What are the chances of a clean bone marrow biopsy?
Will I be able to find employment after breast cancer?
would something bad happen if you got iv fluid but it was made colder first like in the fridge?
Do I have lung cancer?
Swollen ear around piercing?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Snake Bites Piercing In the State Of Chicago?
i was sitting on the floor and got a spider bite, and now...?
First aid box items that have expired?
I slammed my thumb on accident on half of my fingernail broke?
Wearing contacts for more than 6 hours?
Odd case of blurred/double vision?
Celiac test results came back abnormal?
Prostate cancer question please read?
Volunteering at a cancer center ?
What happens if you take 7 ibuprofens?
how to treat a wasp sting?
How Do you finger yourself !!!!!!!?
My nose is almost always bleeding.?
Aloe Vera what if....?
why the fluid came out through the ear when the ear drum broken?how and where it is coming from?how to stop?
Is my 12 year old son dehydrated?
what are the chences to 24 years old to get brain cancer?
Blood in stool does it mean colon cancer ?
I can feel a pulse under my left breast, is that normal?
Can a UTI or yeast infection lead to cervical/ovarian cancer?
What are those white marks on your finger nails?
I need help please! Please read!?
Have a huge cut on my finger..?
Will money ever buy health?
how do you treat a face plant?
First Aid Responders?
What has this person injured? 10 POINTS hypothetical question btw...?
easiest way to break an arm?
I accidently swallowed an OPEN staple. What should I do?
I want to get rid of scars on my legs ? help me please?
What kind of spider bite is this?
What is the absolute best way to check if you have diabetes?
14,i tested my blood sugar first was 101 then it was 112 then it was152 same finger with in 5-10 min of eating?
Why do my eyes itch?? It's like a itch that I can't scratch or reach!?
i cut my finger really bad on a sharp blade how should i treat it?
i have a buzzing and swoosh noise in my ear what could it be?
What does bleeding to death feel like?
Signs of ear piercing infection?
just got into a cat fight with my big sister. I've got blotches of red all over my face..?
Should I remove my ingrown toenail?
my glasses number is (LEFT EYE) -0.50 ,-.075 AND (RIGHT EYE) 0.00 , -2.75,?
Help!! I just cut my finger?
i got snake bit in the face help now?
My dog got nipped in the eye and it is now swollen over and oozing. What should I do to take care of it?
Gross! brown stuff out of my ear?
Does it hurt getting ear piercings and snake bite piercings?
Should direct pressure prove ineffective in controlling profuse bleeding from a wound, what should I do?
how would i treat my hand after falling over?
What I feel my heart pulse in my back tooth(molar). Is it a sign of danger or anything else?
i burnt my finger! heelp !?
How do I stop these ingrown toenails?
Why do I get styes every time I wear eye makeup?
Is Meg Griffin an organ donor?
I weight 250 lbs and stand 6 ft tall... can I drop down to 190 in 3 months?
I need help coming up with a thesis statement for breast cancer.?
How would your body react in a specific way to a viral invasion?
why does morphine always make me get sick even when i take nausea meds?
what are 3 things that may cause cancer?
my mother is 74 years old and in poor health, I fear that she doesn't have much longer?
can you get cancer from drawing on your skin?
Oncologist treating breast cancer treatment without Tamoxifen?
Treatment for Mucocele?
can seizures cause high bilirubin counts?
ive just had a mammogram and im scared of result?
what are the statistics of survival of stage 2 ovarian cancer?
How do you know if your precancerous cells went to cancerous?
What are the sines of lung cancer I think I might have it?
Food Allergies....RAST test was fine.?
Am I allergic to Clorox?
How do you know if you have mono?
Is it possible for an allergy to suddenly pop up?
Can I wear white gold with a nickel allergy?
Could I be Allergic To Water?
I think I might have diabetes?
Can I be Hypergylemic if I do not have diabetes?
can you test yourself for diabetes?
Do you think I have astigmatism?
Can vertigo be due to my allergies? PLEASE?
why do i cough really hard after i finish my coffee?
whats the best thing to blow your nose on?
Uh I wore my contacts for 10 days and didn't put in drops or take them out. What should I do?
what food should i eat to remove and prevent eye bags?
Marijuana? How come Regs > Kush?
What insurance helps to cover allergy shots or surgery for allergy related problems?
Is it possible to sleep-workout?
On my way to the hospital. Sending via mobile phone. Really shou ldnt have drank that paint i got dared too hu?
how you quit smoking weed?
anyone know what could be the issue?
why do old people when discharged from the hospital get sent to a nursing home to recuperate sometimes?
How to fall asleep faster?
can smoking weed help you lose weight?
My boyfriend is allergic to cats?
Do you know what's causing this?
how do I get super skinny legs?
Would getting insurance affect my getting Medicaid?
Am I allergic to earrings?
Is there a worse food allergy than corn?
Question for Ultrasound or Echocardiography technicians?
Help on contact lens?
Quick short easy question about my eyes?
How much would an std test cost at planned parenthood without insurance?
how long after quitting smoking until i stop coughing up black phlem?
What is the purpose of a tickle?
Are naps sleep or relaxation?
im 13 and weigh about 73kg, am i fat?
when i take tylenol pm it makes me sweat perfusly while i sleep. am i alergic to it?
What can I do about this condition I seems to have?
What will happen if you drink a lactose free milk even though you're not lactose intolerant?
Alergic to ALL metals?
Frequent nose bleeds?
how many hours of sleep do i need,also is the bags under my eyes for not getting enough sleep?
What is wrong with my health?
I swallowed a a rusty nail and now I have trouble breathing?
I saw this wise old man whose hands kept shaking. What is that disorder called?
Why do i get sick from eating certain foods? someone help!?
What Medicines make you through-up?
why do welts form on your face after you eat?
What are some foods for lactose intolerant people?
im allergic to chocolate?
what is a good weight limted for a 13 year old gurl..?
How long would It take for nicotine hunger to go away, after you stop cigs?
Quitting Smoking...(cigarettes)...?
do i have hiv im only 14?
My cat ate rat poisen, and 2 days later after taking antibiotics she wouldnt get up. her hind paws look hurt..?
When i wake up in the morning, i start sneezing a few times. Why?
location of the adrenal gland?
breast cancer awareness?
inguinal lymph node swelling?
Can using typical halloween contacts put the size of your pupils back to normal when using mdma?
Outwards wandering eye ? Help me please?
circle lenses-toric lenses?
Are your eyes supposed to start stinging after staring long at something?
What's wrong with my ears?
How can a middle school girl loose weight?
HELP!!! i breathed in too much hairspray while styling halloween wig!!?
how many people in Africa have HIV?
horrid, horroble, rotton egg burps?
I have some Commit Nicotine Lozenges, but the expiration date is 8/08, are these still good? They are unopened?
Should I switch doctors?
how do i quit the smoking habit?
Please tell my why you think just started getting a fever?????????? Anybody can answer please?
Stomach cramping, hurts to stand?
Why do I keep vomiting once a month?
Why until now there is no medicine for leukemia?
Can I be covered under my dad's health insurance?
Left side of brain completely numb?
What is this fluid draining from my ear?
I have a really bad hangover...help!?
what does it mean when you can't fall asleep for a long time?
Woke up feeling dizzy?! what could it be?
Whats so wrong about the ''diet'' im using?
i get a runny nose randomly throughout the day...?
How much weight should I actually be lifting?
Finger trouble after chemo?
I realized today that I have this lump on the side of my head, can it be cancer?
what is the incubation period for leukemia?
Can you use pipe tobacco to roll cigarettes?
When should i worry about my blood sugar?
Are these signs of dehydration?
what side do a man sleep on in bad?
Sleepy all the time why?
someone wanted to use my pee...?
Did my ex boyfriend die of alcohol poisoning or a seizure? Confused?
I have been having really dark red blood when wiping my bottom... it has been doing this all day?
Is it possible to die by tylenol overdose?
Best Medical insurance?
Was this a migraine or a stroke?
help!!! why am i shaking??!?
I have a pill stuck in my throat?
How many hours of sleep so I need to have?
Have I lowered my lifespan?
Has anyone exprienced a rapid eyesight change?
Do you sleep with a fan?
Why does my ankles crack whenever I walk down stairs?
How does benedryl affect heart rate?
Are there cameras in exam rooms?
How can I stop a 10 yr old from biting her nails?
shouldnt it be my right to sleep?
HIV-1/HIV-2 help! Please!?
Has Obama's health care plan for medical insurance kicked in yet?
What can I change in my schedule so I can get more sleep?
Is walking around with a wallet in your back pocket bad for your back?
Can someone please tell me if this site is legit?
How can you fall asleep quick and easy?
Tips on falling asleep fast?
can anyone please help?
Can someone provide me with the REAL hcg website?
Do they do open-heart surgeries anymore?
is it time to go to the podiatrist again?
How long does a black eye last?
how likely in an older couple is it that if one person dies so does the other?
I have a question about HEADACHES & The BRAIN? Please Help?
My frnd took 16 diffrent overdose pills.white,pink,brown n greay.wat culd happen to her?
Should I just Prepare For Death?
How do I get my mom to take me seriously (i possibly have celiac's)?
what blood type can I receive if I am O Positive?
Does using sunglasses the whole day improve your vision during night?
Problem with my left ear, could I walk into an office and get a prescription that week?
If you are allergic to a mosquito can you die if they bite you?
I just quit smoking, i smoked my last one last night. my lungs hurt all last night and today!?
Can you get taken away if you have a bad house?
What can I do about a 2 month ear infection?
Does sleep have an affect on your iq?
How do you cure allergic rashes naturally?
I have a stuffed nose....Please help!?
what are the symptoms of a cat allergy?
I accidentally burnt a wire when I was cooking?
Reduce eye swelling due to lack of sleep and too much alcohol?!?
stomach pains are a very bad problem for me?
About Contact Lenses, Is It Normal To?
I cant seem to fall asleep?
Why Obama thinks he knows how to manage the health care system better than professional health care providers?
help with getting to sleep at night im to stressed?
Go to sleep now, or stay up?
Pain 3 months after tonsillectomy?
please help i need advice urgently?
Does cell phones, i pods etc. give people cancer?
how long does it take to get cigarette Smoke out of your system?
suggest ways how to avoid sleep?
14 Year old smoking cigarette?
I have insomnia, been going to sleep @ 6am. What should I do until I get tired?
Problem with contact lenses?
my left eye lid keep jump in what can i do to make it stop?
Is it bad to sleep with a heating pad on your stomach every night ?
The affects of poor diet and lack of sleep?
Can aspheric eyeglass lenses help nearsighted people look better?
What do the numbers mean for a Peanut Allergy?
why when i get mad i start to tremble an throw stuff?
Does MRSA stay in your body forever?
Is it possible to snore only sometimes?
is this normal, quit smoking?
Blood pressure number?
Can I take Strepsils for a strained voice?
Contact Lens hurting my eyes?
Why do I get sick and throw up every morning after I wake up? PLEASE HELP!!!?
How can I stay awake during class?
Scared I might have leukemia...white blood cell count above normal range!?
What if my cigarette is laced?
How does donating plasma work?
Hydrocodone Watson 349 pills ... how many does it take..?
My arms keep breaking out in scratches and red marks?
I woke up with a Red Mildly Swollen Eyelid?
angry with the world, hateful of alpha men?
What are all the symptoms of leukemia?
Has anyone here ever smoked WEED for about a month straight? Please Help?
Where can a pensioner get dentures in Sydney Aust. at low cost?
When your doctor tells you that you need a CEA and blood work, what does this usually mean?
95/53 pulse 36 is this dangerous?
I hate shots... what should I do?
smoked weed twelve days agoo...?
stomachhh hurts dont knoww whas upp?
Bathroom with Hemorrhoids?
How bad was my slip on quitting smoking?
feeling dizzy, hot like im going to pass out?
i sleep for so long its been for a week now and i was never like that.?
Allergies? or not allergies.?
why is my throat closing up on me?
Plants,clay,apple juice,tomato juice,beer,weine, all this make my eczema worse,Why?
i've had my nose ring for 3 weeks and it gets a little crusty from time to time. how serious is this?
Will taking Benadryl by mouth help what seems to be an allergy attacking my eyes?
what can i do for my allergies? medications and sinus rinses don't work?
Rotten Eggy Burps and Stomach Cramp!?
What are occupational risks to becoming a pediatric oncologist?
removal of viruses after a scan?
What is it called when milk gets stuck in your throat?
Scoliosis rib hump...?
scared, heart problem? help?
How to help poor circulation?
i am deaf in my right ear when im driving i need to be able to hear my wife are there some kind of headphones?
If you smoked 1 cigarette everyday...?
I was eatting a bowl of hot ceal and I think a piece of thin almost hair size piece of cardboard went down?
Why is my brother worse now then he was before he had his brain tumour removed?
What is the condition called when you are allergic to silver?
Is there a way to be allergic to coffee and not caffeine?
Is it possible to move your gland?? O.e?
I found large lump on cat's chest under left leg?
What toxins in my house caused 2 of my cats to get lung cancer?
Is the Journal of Hematology & Oncology a reputable scientific research journal?
Am I allergic to kiwis?
What is the duration for upto which the rabicisin vaccine works?
Having an MRI and scared?
The nails on my index fingers and thumb are very fragile compared to my other nails. Why is this?
What can I do about this skin condition on my nails?
How do you feel about - ObamaCare Already Causing 47% Increase in Health Care Plans?
my foot feels like it on fire?
Glycerin Suppositories?
What diseases can dogs get that humans cant get?
Why do my eyes always itch and burn?
waking up with a weired puffy eye?
What are the best cats for allergy sufferers?
My 3 year old son was just diagnosed with 7 food allergies: beef, oat, potatoe, wheat, milk, soy and corn. I?
What does it mean to constantly keep coughing?
Did cancer patients in the 1920s and 1930s use chemotherapy?
Leukaemia survivors please?
What are the causes of male breast cancer?
Help!!! I hate my nose!?
what is maximum daily dosage of acyclovir?
If diabetics have real low blood sugars does it cause damage to organs as well?
We need health insurance?
Why does my nose get stuffy in warm air?
Are there other dangers to tanning other than skin cancer?
Has anyone ever heard of this allergy?
What is the best non-filter air purifier for the price?
i have an skin allergy what should i do?
Feels like something is stuck in my throat, but it's not and I'm scared. Help!?
Does anything happen if you eat too many Tums?
Is it possible to get brown spots on your fingers when you smoke cigarettes?
I have a current service dog and my apartment needs a new note for him.. where can I go online to get a note?
how could you tell the difference between a viral and bacterial infection?
Is their any month of the year that you always catch a cold ?
I have microcytic anemia, will i die?
what do i do if im allergic to my hamster?
Can this be a uti? What else would cause this?
I have been crying all day, my eyes are swollen, and red all the way around how do i get them not as puffy?
does yawning spread germs?
Sinus infection or the flu?
I'm Sick..runny nose...help?
my dog can not eat dog foods with any by-products in it,wheat or corn,because?
Help am I allergic to my new cat?
i got ill today, just a cold, will i be better for halloween?
Does herpes lay dormant for 20-30 years?
Help with guys and STI's?
whats the difference between tapeworm and threadworm?
Why do we have Breast cancer awareness month, but no cancer awareness month?
What are six ways a body defends itself from illness?
someone said its bad for you to get a lot of radiation is that true?
coughing after quitting smoking? help?
Is is possible paramedics euthanasied my sister?
Is Prevacid an antiacid ?
Do I have a common Cold or Allergy? please help.?
Is this asthma or allergies?
do i have dengue fever ?
how many people have aids in the world?
can a person develop can electric charge from an infection?
How do I unblock my ears ?
How can severe cold caused by high eosinophils (12) cured?
Why do I get a runny nose after I drink coffee?
which air filter is best for me? allergic to dust mites i believe?
Regular routine blood test answer will be appreciated thankss..?
I had a bad seizure & fall yesterday. I went to the ER and I was administered anti-nausea meds....?
Please explain to me about hayfever!?
Why can't I sleep well? My eyes are bothering me lately?
If I wear daily disposable contacts for 6 hours one day can I wear them for 6 hours the next day?
Is it ok to change contact lens solution brand?
hypoglecemia, diabetes, or anemia?
Is it bad if you have diabeties and your sick?
How to get rid of soar throat fast?
Why Are my Eyelids/Eyes burning?
why is it bad to cut a diabetics finger nails?
Blood sugar WTF moment--huge jump?
How do I get rid of my blue waffle?
when someone dies from "complications due to surgery" is that the surgeon's fault?
What is the most effective weapons against polio?
how can you get thyroid gland cancer?
how long is an injectable antibiotic good for?
How can you tell if it's a cold or the flu?
Are these flu symptoms?
got wisdom teeth out and now stitches are coming undone?
can you get a flu shot if?
Is this really an allergic reaction?
Why do I always break out in hives when my boyfriend leaves?
Can a urinary tract infection be transmitted from an animal to a human?
My daughter hasnt peed all day and has an ulcer in throat?
is leprosy a contagious disease?
How exactly are lenses tinted? Was the plastic material always colored orange, or brown, or green inside and?
Are flu vaccines safe?
Can Somone Find Me A Video Online Of Someone Looking for and Then Finding Headlice?
I'm 8 months pregnant and I have a runny nose, and I'm sneezing all the time, and my body aches.?
i used to be able to drink milk but now i think i am lactose intolerant although i dont want to be!?
Is benadryl still good after it expires?
Help low blood pressure?
Can you check someone else's HIV/STD status?
is it possible that i could have mad cow disease read description?
Can 500 mg azithromycin cure chlymidia?
How does having an STD affect your life in the future?
How long will it take for antibiotics to kick in with a UTI?
How common is MS in children?
Why can I wear reading glasses as if they were regular glasses?
The inside part of my waterline is red, and it hurts when I blink?
Can someone help me out with contacts?
my eyes! my green eyes!!!?
Is pneumonia contagious?
im 13, getting cervical cancer jab in 2 days. really nervous.?
I am not diabetic, never beeen checked but recently ive been very tired and have frequent urination.?
Science Glycogen Glucose Glucagon and Insulin?
New affects of alcohol (specifically beer) on my body?
Diabetic relative diagnosed w/lactic acidosis, still eating sugar, what is the typical rate of decline?
I need help coming up with a team name for the diabetes walk....?
How can you make a 3d model of diabetes?
How much vitamin D to take per day?
What is the number your blood should be when u ceck it on a diabites meter ?
I think I may have diabetes?
can a family history of hypoglycemia give you a greater chance of getting diabetes?
My friend cant afford test strips?
Can people give animals their colds?
My husband lost a child years before we met;how can I help him grieve?
I have a sore throat,and I've been eating Popsicles all day.?
Fell asleep with contacts, HELP!!!!?
If I close my eyes and tighten my eyelids I start seeing black spots. Help?
My friend said she has chlamydia but..?
How exactly do contact lenses work?
being completely blind- research project?
How long does it take a sprained finger to heal?
can feel a "lump" ( something really hard) in my left armpit... Does that mean I have cancer?
How can I get tabacco smoke off the walls?
With all the money now dedicated to cancer research, why does the cancer rate seem to get worse than better?
Why do I have to wait so long to get my glasses?
I just had lasik eye surgery, can I go to gym and lift weight?
Contact lens question?
My right eye is a different colour to my left, Why?
my eyesight is -5.5.i want to have laser surgery .my age is 25?
Can you buy colored contacts at the store?
I have clear perscbtion conants in, is there away I can get them colored?
stage 4 aggressive cancer how long do i have left?
how old do you have to be to wear contacts?
i just got my contacts today and i need help taking them out?
Ok so i have 20 /20 vision in my right eye and 20/100 in my left eye so i were not to get glass?
I wear glasses but how can I see things without them or any other kind of Lense?
today i found out my right eye has "mild astigmatism" anyone have any info on it?
How do I know if I have hypoglycemia or diabetes?
What disorder if any do you think I have? besides the ocd?
What causes eyes to always look surprised?
whats wrong with my eye?
What do I do at a contact lens exam?
Urgent!!! Help with contacts!!?
Do i have partial heterochromia?
Can you get herpes from a mouth infection?
what are the health consequences of excess weight?
how best to take ritalin to sustain maximum studying?
What should I do and who to tell?
what are the chances my meter is wrong??..blood sugar reads 128....ate before bed but not this and feel hungry?
Type 1 diabetes during pregnancy?
ex-cutter getting urges?
What could be the problem with my eye?
Something wrong with eyesight?
How do i switch from glasses to contacts? Also do you think i would look better with them?(link in description?
How bad is my astigmatism?
Can you see as well with your contacts as you do your glasses?
can a tear in the retina be fixed by surgery?
diabetic hamster diet?
Can I wear contacts that have been sitting around for months?
Occasional Eye Flashes now a Streak of Light, Retinal Problem?
I have jagged semi-circle lines appearing as flash lines in my right eye, whats up?
I accidentally took atropine, can I still undilate my eyes?
My dog licked me in my eye last night, should I go to Urgent Care, or wait til Monday to see an Optometrist?
can you wear contacts in a water balloon fight?
contact lenses question?
How to heal eyesight?
why are my eyes are always itchy?
one eye is suddenly droopy?
Do you think it is fair for someone...?
i'm Anemic but now i have to see an Oncologist?!?
What Are Colored Contacts Like?
Is it possible to remove a tint from sunglasses and replace it with a completely different tint?
Do you think I have visual snow?
What are some ways color blindness limit people?
Can you wear contacts lenses at the snow?
Why do I have such mood swings?
Blurry painful eye and teeth hurt?
How to grab your eyelashes to put in your contacts?
What's wrong with my eye (see details)?
Do big pupils/irises/eyes/ require big eye-contacts/lenses?
What are the best quality frames and lenses can be used for elders?
can u people help me choose eye glasses frames?
Are Contacts bad if I plan on getting Lasik later on?
What happen when I develop diabetes during pregnancy?
Anyone out there needs help?
how long can you wear these lenses?
can i get sick off cheap naruto contacts?
flashing lights in the corner of my eye?
can anyone tell me if the 39 dollar eye exam from eyeglass world, only if you buy their glasses?
Help why is my contact lens stinging?
Does chocolate cause ance?
Waking up, my left soft contact stings my eye?
Can any one suggest a good spectacles for my eye ware?
Blood vessels in my eye keep breaking and it hurts feels like little slivers poking my eye anyone know why?
should i care about people ?
Can exercising improve or help your eye vision?