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What foods do I need to stay away from so I can lose WEIGHT??????
Diet drinks vs. water???
how much exercise should i do a day?
Question about Abs...?
Am I tall..?
im 15 and 5'2 and 120lbs i want to get down to 115, any suggestions?
took my breakfast 20 minutes ago and went for blood test. The reading shows 119. Is it Normal?
how do i lose my belly fat in one week?
what food will cause you to loose weight?
Will i lose weight if i...?
No Carbs, so what foods are left?
A workout for a flat stomach?
i feel fat please talk to me?
i HATE running. what else can i do lose weight?
What can a person who is a type 2 diabetic eat, what can't they eat?
i am a 13 year old girl, i am 5.3 ft tall and weigh about 119 pounds ,how do i shed 18 pounds in 4 months ??
how much?????????????????
How much weight will I lose if I eat around 150 calories a day?
Okay... i am vegetarian and i hate animal cruelty, but i work hard to maintain my muscle; can i eat fish?
i have a major major weight problem and my mom even thinks im fat intead of helping me loose weight?
I'm trying to lose weight?
am im fat?
i'm 23 yrs and 5'4 in height.i weigh only 40 kgs.need tips on gaining weight.?
Is it better to do more reps with lighter weights or fewer reps with heavier weights?
5'10 model only 110lbs !!??
Will I stunt my growth if I workout?
is this a good weight?
What do I have to do to lose 50 pounds? I've started working out 4 days a week for 60min. each day.?
what's the healthiest way to loose weight?
im 125 and want to lose 5 pounds of stomach fat?
what will happen if i go on all liquids (healthy ones) diet?
How to lose a lot of weight? help!?
If i lose 25 pounds will i loose weight around my face?
are my legs fat?
hen u go tanning and u burn but it dose not hurt should u keep tanning? and will u tan soon after u burn?
What do you do to relieve stress?
Any tips on getting rid of a sore throat? Any meds or home remedies?
Im having my insulin pump hooked up tomarrow for the first time, does anyone have any advice for me?
Is there a 24hr blood sugar monitor I can use?
what happens when you mix alcohol with diabetes?
Do you have to poke your finger at least 5 times a day for blood?
How do I go on a diabetic diet?
HELP question about diabetes?
Is it okay for a 11 year old to have...
I'm a 16 years old girl and I'm so depressed.I really need someone to help me?
Ahhh my y!a addiction is so bad! It gets worse and worse...=(?
I wake up with little cuts on me?
Why do my hands keep getting so stiff?? I'm only 23!?
Is there a connection between diabetes and feeling cold all the time?
Guys, I need HELP about my dad and his diabetes?
What can I diabetic eat?
Is there a way I can adjust a Duncan Hines cupcake recipe for a diabetic?
Aren't you embarassed about your obesity?
What can i do besides cutting?
how can you tell if someone is addicted or using cocaine?
what exactly is ''hypoglysemic'' or however you spell it?
Please Help!!?
How to make breasts bigger?
I am 5'7 and weigh 128 am I FAT????
Is there any chance that I have diabetes type 1?
With diabetes how soon can you exercise after eating?
How do I live with Bipolar?
What should I do in Stress?
what would happen ??
My psychiatrist keeps asking me questions about my mother, is this right?
How can you stop yourself?
How can a depressed person make their life better?
What do I do if I hate my job, I'm broke and my husband is a drunk?
what motivates you to lose weight?
how much pounds can you lose in a week healthy?
I love to poke fat people am I normal?
Umm.. Awkward moment but I'm 5' 1" and 160 lbs. I'm like OMG overweight. Can someone help me please!
How many of you have MOOD swings like there's no end With diabetes?And how do you handle it?
HELP!!What hurts more?
Knee problems! Help. What can i do to get normal knees again?
Whats the worst pain you have ever been in?
what should my girlfriend do she swollowed her lip ring and it got stuck in her throughte?
exercise questions easy 10 pts.?
am i over weight or under?
i feel sucidal right now please chat with me please?
How do I gain weight?
am i crazy?
Do bipolar people enjoy roller coasters?
Am I Crazy? [ Best Answer 10 points ]?
Am I anorexic and or depressed?
If i stopped drinking alcohol would i lose weight?
Am I fat (picture included)?
what are some positive effects of taking daily vitamins?
Slender people only-?
Starving Myself......?
Migraine - I have a dentist appointment?
If I starve myself for a week will i lose weight?
What do you eat for breakfast that you feel energizes you throughout the day and gets your brain working?
I'm scared my parents will see my cuts, what can I do?
Do you think I'm fat?
What exercises are the most effective for losing weight?
do i eat too much?
How can I quit SMOKING?
Is this a normal weight?
Are push-ups good for loosing arm fat?
How Much Do You Think I Weigh? (Pics Included)?
Need To Lose Weight?
My daughter Claire is 5'7 and 187 pounds, no matter how hard She tries she cant lose the weight! Any advice?
PLEASE HELPP!!easy way to loose 25-30 pounds fast?
Why the thumbs down??? (please answer truthfully... i wont be offended)??? PIC INCLUDED?
What are some good snacks to eat between meals?
Why are people always quick to say "your too skinny" put on weight?
wut are some good ways to lose weight...and quick?
Can you lose 20 pounds in two weeks by doing meth?
is weighing 175 pounds too much fat for a person who is 5 feet 6 tall?
What are all the ingredients in Lanolin?
Can hayfever allergies actually be caused by hay?
Roomate makes strange sounds?
i'm 5'2'' and a girl. how much do you think i should weigh?
Can someone develop an allergic reaction later in life?
When should i start losing weight?
am I overwight, what do you think?
What is a nice pair of running shoes for someone with bad feet?
Heyy I am in a bit of a sitch.. I have a cold and I have to get better VERY FAST! Any ideas?
is it true that you need to carry around an injection with you ifyou are allergic to bees?
Lamb makes me instantly sick: I vomit, have the diar. problem and become dehydrated?
Is there a shot to stop allergies to dogs?
Anyone have allergic reaction to soy milk?
Why is my snot like water!?!?!?
Can you all of a sudden become allergic to something that you never were allergic to before?
what causes/how to prevent leg cramps while you sleep?
can you die if u take like 10 ibuprofens at once?
I am 19 years old, and I have a fear of dying. what should I do?
Help me! My nana is seeing dead people?
CaN SoMeOnE GiVe Me AdViCe?????????
is taking zyrtec-d and lipitor ok?
MAJOR ALLERGIES ;_;. I've tried Benadryl, some prescription stuff.?
Can a person be allergic to a dog?
Is an Epi Pen really this necessary for someone like me?
Do I look fat in this picture?
How to meditate and clear my head?
Is something wrong with this girl........?
how to stop worrying?
wow is something wrong??
How is it possible to be allergic to an allergy medicine..?
What can I use as a substitute for vaseline (petroleum jelly)?
I love eating bugs? HELP!?
Why do I get sick anytime i eat a raw tomatoes?
Is it possible to all of a sudden develop an allergy towards dogs?
I feel like I dont deserve to eat when I dont exercise?
what kind of tylenol is this?
What is a good cardio workout?
Can you guess how big/fat i am? ?
ok im14 and 140 lbs and 5'7 so do girls like fat guys?
Is this considered fat?
I haven't eaten in two days, and I'm very hungry.?
Running at night or in the morning?
how do i lose weight and fast?!?
Help Extreme Stomach Pains?
On a scale of 1-10, how much does ear piercing hurt?
allergic reaction to weed?
worried about my Daughter, Lathargic sleepy?
What is it?
Am i allergic to neosporin or band-aids or is this normal?
My ex is coming out of a mental institution and she can't stay with me. What do I do?
If a person has 2 DUI's in one year are they alcoholic?
Some good ways to fight Depression?
Could this be stress or something more serious?
HELP . . I need to lose 10 pounds before Jan.1, 2008. What can I do to lose the weight? Best answer 10 points?
could somthing to wrong with his brain??
i think my only option left is either suicide or a mental hospital what should i do?
ER or Wait Until Appointment Next Week?
why am i so ill?
just because im a cutter and i go to therapy does that make me physio or crazy?
Have you ever cried becouse someone stepped on your foot? is that possible?
Wearing tight socks...?
Horrible sun-burn!?!?!?!?
Shin hurting?
Solution for stomach ache?
do you think a 12 year old is 2 old to wear diapers?
Am I 1) Underweight 2)Normal or 3) Overweight!?
calling all lactose intolerant people!....best answer gets the 10 points!?
is there something that you can wear to help get rid of a double chin?
Suicide thoughts...?
Hi All;) .. Has anyone experienced being in the range of the sixth sense?;)?
wont shower and has not in 20 some years.?
How do i get over my ex-boyfriend?
How can I tell my parents about my possible depression?
is it wrong to kiss another guy when you are going out with a guy?
Why do I do this?Help?
i'm really easy to get red everytime i drink alcohol . please help !!!?
How do you get rid of a runny nose quick. I want to go out tonight and I don't want it dripping.?
what should u do when you have no money, no freinds and no life?
i am lonely cn you help?
16 yr old girl who needs some cheering up?
Does talking about your feelings make you feel better?
For people who have thought or tried suicide b4?
What can I do to keep my 17 year old daughter from a certain self destructive behavior?
What is the best allergy medication to fight severe pollen allergies?
tongue & skin burns nausea vomiting difficulty breathing?
Does working out make you short?
Bad Eczema everywhere?
i am 16 , 5'11, my weight is 165 and i can bench 195 on my third set and i can rep it 5 times. is that normal?
im anorexic.. i have questions..?
What is a good healthy diet plan for a 14 year old?
Am I fat? PICTURE included?
How many calories should a 15 year old, 5"3 girl who weighs 110-114lbs be eating?
im 5'5 and 120lb's and i feel really obese.?
Am i fat? serious answers only please?
choose the word that fits correctly?
I ate a pound of lard with hair and toenail clippings in it (it was a bet). Will I get sick?
What's wrong with me?
i feela sad?
Why do I care what others think of me?
Can I have a 'cheat day' in my diet?
How much weight should i lose?
is there any cure for a really bad blocked nose?
Help I can't stop killing dogs?
I am soo congested!?
When was the last time you cried?
depression and anxiety help!!! the problem is im ALONE?
Can depression cause anger?
Any positive thoughts that can help negative minded persons?
Feelings of worthlessness and depression will totally consume me...help me?
My father is verbally abusive to my mom. What should I do?
i take 5 valium my friend gave me he says to make me stress out? is it true i just feel so slow last night?
is the pain killer ibuprofen addictive?
my back hurts!?
I have migraine headaches and am thinking about seeking medical marijuana?
How come my left foot keeps going numb?
Is codiene and hydrocodone the same type of drug?
What is the trick for getting pills out of the little perforated squares where you have to peel off the back?
Lactose Intolerant? I think I might be and have a few questions about it...Please Read.?
i have a red eye, but it's not itch or teary at all. what could it be?
Ever heard of bleeding through the tear ducts?
Why am I experiencing numbness in my lip?
Please help me :(?
Should I change doctors/psychologists?
Is nearly every man on the planet an addict of one type or another?
I get nervous over every little thing, and its leading to panic attacks. What should I do?
My throat hurts, I tried...?
Something wrong with my neck?
What is the MOST pain that you have ever felt?
My husband and I just brought a mattess. Every night I go to sleep with a lower back pain and during the night
what wrong with me i have bad chest pains?
What is the height range that you would consider tall?
whats going to happen if i continue doing this?
Im 5'2 amd i weight 164pounds am i fat?
is it true that you can lose weight by not eating anything 3 hours before you go to bed?
How much should I weigh?
I'm working out, eating healthier and I'm not losing freakin weight! Plz help! I've been doing cardio & all!
i am 5'1 and i weigh 74 pounds and by bones are sticking out everywhere?
I'm 21, 5.3" and never weighted more than 98lbs. Anyone know a great way to gain say 20lbs? Thx in advance.
how can you get a six pack in a week when you are fat?
Am I a freak?
Why should I not kill myself?
i am not happy anymore beccuse of my skin disease?
Is it possible to be afraid of being afraid?
What would you do if you woke up and found Elvis in your house?
What percentage of the population do you think take anti-depressants?
i was raped.....?
What are some tricks to falling a sleep ?
I have a toothache and an ear ache?
my throat hurts really bad please answer?
PLEASE help i can barely walk my legs are killing me!!!?
how do i get rid of headaches without pills AND why do i keep waking up with them?
Extreme knee pain?
percocet question?
whats foods should i not eat to cause heartburn??
Eating 6 eggs every morning... Is that Unhealthy if you weight train?
who here has a six pack of abs??
pushups question?
i am 17 years old how can i grow like three inches in around 6 months can you sugget me some excercise or diet
Is this okay for a beginner?
how long do it take 2 lose weight if u starve yourself?
Do you think I'm fat?
I am loosing weight, I have been doing great all week, I just had some nachos did I mess up bad?
I think im gonna die in my sleep?
Does marijuana have long term mental health effects? e.g. bad memory, dead brian cells, does it lower ure i.q.
I have a hard time swallowing pills?
How many brain sell does smoking "herb" actually kill?
is it ok to email people on yahoo answers?
My brother's in such pain like he's in a social anxiety disorder! Help me! This is an emergency :(?
can you sneez with your eyes open?
Am I fat to you?
500 calories a day????
i only eat one meal a day i that bad?
I am trying to lose weight by right diet and exercise. i am getteing smaller but my weight is not changed why?
how much do you eat a day?
Is my weight okay??????
5'6" and a half. 102 pounds. i think im fat.?
Am I too tall for my age?
I am 16, and not fat but i want to lose weight.?
Why do people say that i'm shallow while i'm the sweetest thing on earth ?
Dear whoever knows the answer, Can I eat 5 pounds of garlic in a month?
diet pills ??
How can i have fun on the treadmill?
i dont seem to lose weight?
i'm 5'9" and 110 pounds?
what is the quickest way to gain weight?
I drink a lot of booze, what is a good diet for me?
Does anyone else suffer from migraine headaches?
what is a good weight free routine to build muscle?
why do obese people drink diet cola while still stuffing their faces?
i cant take it anymore?
what too do when you get alot of sleep and your always tired?
I feel so tired all the time, why? =(?
Verbally abusive mentally ill spouse?
I am a teenager and I want to kill myself?
call me crazy but i keep imagining that i can fly and i imagine it hard sometimes as if im gonna fly now?
What is a really good snack that i can eat?
i`m 15 yr old gal. can sum1 suggest me tips to grow my height?
Any good ideas on how to get some exercise when you can hardly walk?
why am i so hungry all the time???? please help me find a solution????
What is the ideal weight for a 16 year old female standing at 5'8?
Is being a little overweight ok?
still growing and developing at 18?
Am I chubby?
Weight loss?
I feel really freaked out....what should I do?
Will walking or jogging help me lose weight all over my body??
Why are the majority of americans overwieght now?
I weight 261 pounds. I'm 5'9". If you saw me walking down the street, eating, or having a good time...
How long does it take to get a six-pack?
what is ultimately, the BEST way to lost weight fast?!?
will someone lose weight if they eat like this everyday?
Is 22 a young age to die?
Need help...question for panic attack sufferers....?
I ate ALOT today?(easy ten points!)?
Is it bad to exercise at night?
What do you think about girls with abs?
what is the average weight for a 16 year old??
I need to lose 20 lbs...?
how can i lose 6kgs in 1week??
How much should I weigh?
Is it better to go to the gym in the morning?
how do i loose weight without exercise, pills or eating carbs.?
how can i try 2 get taller?
Does anyone have a diet plan that worked please send it to me?
why am I so confused in life?
Can stress/depression cause slight hair loss?
what is the best way to deal with a family member with bi-polar disorder?
What do you think is after death?
What is your biggest fear, and why?
My father is an alcoholic.........?
Can someone please tell me how I would go about seeing a Psychiatrist.?
how to loss weight fast?
Can't Stop!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this underweight, please answer?
1000 crunches a day?
How can I get six pack in a month or less?
desperate! help!........?
What are some things i can do to wake up on time?
How do I break my addiction to the computer?
killing yourself is that the answer?
am i gonna die cause of not sleeping enough?
suicide and cutting.?
I am so depressed and stuck on the past.?
Help with depressed mom?
Does lemon water really make you lose weight?
Are you trying to lose weight, gain weight, or are you happy with it?
is my friend fat????????????
what are some healthy foods that will make you lose weight fast?
QUESTION : What motivates you to lose weight?
Why am I not losing weight!? I've been dieting AND excercising!?
How do I know If I have allergies?
Am I going through a growth spurt?
For those with anxiety....When I have a panic attack or become very anxious (over the smallest thing...), I ge
I was looking for some advice in how to approach a teacher and tell her about my self injury?
Is it a serious mental health disorder to talk and answer yourself in your mind and outloud?
is it possible for a 14 year old to suffer from depression?
phobia or not?
Can someone live happily on their own?
What is the difference between being bipolar and manic depressive?
17 years old trying to lose weight (PLEASE don't say i don't need to)?
My age is 35 and I am 250 pounds. If I lose 50 pounds, will my skin be left hanging and sagging?
Honestly, what do you think of Jessica Simpson's weight gain?
what is your biggest fear?
nothing feels real to me?
Do you take antidepressants?
I'm a 34 year old man. I was just dumped and didn't see it coming. How do I begin dealing with this change?
How do I forgive myself for things that I have done in the past?
can you be allergic to sand?
How Come I Sweat But Im Not Musty? WHY IS THAT?
tinnitus flare up question?
What is the most thing that hurts people's feeling?
Why is my left lower back killing me?
so if i did heroin at noon yesterday, would i pass a drug test at 4 tomorrow?
What is the most effective way to commit suicide?
What would happen if I called 911?
Are diet pills the answer?
Is it true that if u eat less and exercise more youll lose weight?
if you could guess what my weight is i would really appriciate it, please answer! please i have pictures....?
Choose 1...Would you rather die from BURNING or being FROZEN?
Am I REALLY tall?
Social Anxiety Disorder?
whats wrong with me do i have a mental illness or what?
Does depression medications work?
What causes heartburn?
My stomach has been hurting for 5 days now!Help,whats wrong,n what do i do?
how do i lose 5 pounds in one day this is urgent please answer!?
I been going to the gym but i have a problem?
How do I stop eating oreos im not fat but im gonna be if i dont stop help anybody!!!!?
i am in 5th grade and i weigh 121 am i fat?
should i lose weight?
I'm female, 15 years old, 5'2" and weigh around 120 pounds, am I overweight?
should overweight people be forced to work out????????
How does cutting yourself feel like?
how to deal with deaths.?
What can I do? I feel so depressed at times and somtimes happy.....?
iv took 30 pain relievers and im 13 and im about2 go2 sleep could i possibly die?
Did I eat too much today?
How can I lose 20 pounds???????????
im kind of fat , im 14 and short (5'0) what can i do some diets!!?
How do I get rid of my allergies?
Allergy HELP!!!!?
Ewwy! Im so sick of this feeling in my throat!?
I don't have allergies! The last 2 or 3 weeks the left side of my nose is stuffed and i sneeze every morning
What pain medication works best for headaches? ?
help! i don't know how to lose weight!?
Is Green Tea Bad?
is drinking ALOT of milk bad for you?
Have you ever given up junk food?
am i to heavy?????????
does soda really make you gain weight?
How do you make protein drinks taste better?
is my daughter normal?
How come Some People Don't Have a Conscious?
What shows are good to watch when your depressed?
For people with anxiety or panic disorders...?
who is the best??? you, me or god??
I have a friend who drinks blood. What would you call that?
Why do i keep getting Charlie Horse at night?
what's wrong with my brother?
feel like theres water in my lungs and my breathing feels constricted..?
my 7 year old daughter has very low potassium(1.9)mmol/l and sodium138,protein6.5gm/dl.she has severe headache
Painful ear popping when landing?
PAIN: Please help!?
INFLAMED Gallbladder??
i just got a brain freeze...?
Can a allergy test reveal exactly what I'm allergic to?
What am i allergic to?
mucus in throat, bit of a cough, runny nose. what could it be?
Do you think my wrist is broken?
Do you count sheep to help you sleep?
why do people make such a big deal about getting raped?
Why do you get itchy after taking a bath?
Am i addicted to painkillers?
Please help my friend, We dont know what this is?
I have a problem with cutting (self harm)?
Is it normal for very old people(high 80's) to talk to themselves?
Is there away to forgett????
A question on depression?
Why I am not feeling extraordinary well every day?
Do you ever feel as if life just isn't worth living?
when i work out how come i dont feel sore?
I go to the toilet to poo and on its way out..it hurts a bit?
Can you help my knee pain problem?
my bladder area hurts really bad everytime i pee, what is this?
I'm on hydrocodone and I can't seem to concentrate on work; is this typical?
Really bad headache?
I stayed up all last night and now i have a head ache is this related? if so what can i do about it?
Can Dogs feel/sense human emotions? like depression...etc..?
Has anyone even been told they have borderline personality disorder?
Is it normal to think about suicide ALL of the time.?
What kind of death are you most afraid ?
What's wrong with my wife?
i donĀ“t find a reason 4 living,why should i keep on living?
phychiatrist please.....i can't afford a phyciatrist so if you can help me here that would be great....?
My troat is really sore?
I am 62 years old .I am having pain on my finger-joints.Any remedies?
Every single night around 9 o'clock i get this....?
Wrist cutting... is it good choice?
My back thigh muscle hurts when I sit?
Is taking 2 Lortab 10's per day considered a lot of pain medication?
I play with myself a lot is that normal?
What do I tell my bosses after calling out because I am truly and deeply depressed? HELP!!?
is it possible for my child to inherit a certain genetic disorder....?
What Is The Quickest Way For Suicide?
My cat died and i want to die aswell and be with him.?
Is there anything other than love that exists in this world which cannot be bought by money?
Is there anybody on here that feels depressed and dont know what to do sometimes.?
Allergic to "free & clear" laundry soap???
quick fix - allergies?
What do I do if I don't have an epipen?
I have this pain that goes from the left side of my neck all the way down my left arm. It is a throbbing pain
I know i have depression, but what do i do about it? im 13.?
am i normal? ithink about death all thje time?
I killed my imaginary friend off. Am I a bad person?
Omg! I found this on my sister computer, what should i do, tell my parents.....is she going crazy?
What is going on in the mind of this stalker?
how can i get over this phobia...?
What are anti-depressants?
Why do I cut myself?
question about bi-polar disorder?
I can't sleep for more than 3 hours at a stretch, What can I do?
Are all alcoholics the exact same? What do you think about AA?
Frozen Anaphylaxis...?!?!?
Allergic reaction to antibiotics.. Throat constricting?
I used an ostrich feather duster my eyes swelled up, I have a rash on my face, is this an allergic reaction?
i had a few joints of this legal stuff out of the hemp shop(not salvia) and a few hours after smoking........?
How can i escape the loony bin?
are conservatives suffering from a mental illness?
Should I listen to the voices in my head?
Suicide by pills?
do you think i'm weird if...?
What is best for foot order?
I am 16, have anorexia nervosa / social anxiety and can't get help and am really scared?
how to cure depression!?
Why should I not commit suicide?
depression help?
How do you cope with rape?
How do you know if you have an addiction?
My sister tried to commit suicide yesterday what do I say to her? I can't get over being angry at her for this
depressed whats wrong with me?
I feel like I have depression?
Why is it, that one can be intelligent, brain wise, but make bad life decisions?
Should I kill myself?
I have really low self-esteem. What can I do to gain confidence?
i just woke up this morning with a swollen right eye..?
hooked on yahoo answers?
Can someone stop me from cutting?
hydrocodone question?
what will too much ibprophen do to you?
What is the cause of these headaches?
ouch! ive got really painful stomach pains? why?
Help on how to stop cutting?
I have a comment, then a question...?
this is for the cutters only?
What is the most serious mental disorder?
How do I overcome an internet addiction?
I need advice asap (pshychologysts here..anyone)?
how to hide cuts from my parents.?
How do I get rid of the habit of procrastinating?
What do you do when you have the urge?
Is my deceased twin sister's psychiatrist morally obligated to share her medical records with me?
How do I convince them I'm not insane?
Would it be hard for a "normal" person to live with a passive aggressive,manipulating,head game player?
Do u get offended when a user has their emails open and u?
Why are so many people against suicide?
I hate giving shots, how can I toughen up?
Do you know what is causing my lower back pain?
Does marijuana really cure and benefit migraine headache sufferers at all?
hi, can u help me with my husband's problem? He has this uncomfortable feeling when he makes wee.?
Does anyone still wear moccasins?
what is the best way to get rid of a headache?
wats the best way to relieve stress?
I keep touching myself without even thinking. How do I stop doing this in public?
Anger Management problems?
Voices are telling me to kill myself. Help?
why do people at school...?
Does being in the mental hospital make you legally insane?
Abortion Pain?
how many Tylenol is equivalent to 1 vicoden?
Is depression causing me to be unable to sleep?
What are the downfalls of 8 year old son sleeping with mother?
Can you help me, I have a big problem!!?
Can deth (people that cant hear) hear themselves think?
How can i let it all out?
I am dying of boredom?
My sister witnessed a cat being killed and is traumatised. How can I help her?
I cannot open the methadone bottle prescribed to me. It says to push down and turn, but will not turn at all.?
why do people look in the mirror while crying?
if you try weed only one time is it possible to not get addicted to it?
Do you think a 4yr could be scard emotionally by...?
What should I do about daily headaches?
Help! My mom just fell!?
i been having a weird pain in my head for 1 year?
what do you think of a person who just truely wants to die? and has just given up on everything..?
is 800 mg of motrin safe to double?
i think i broke my brothers elbow, need help?
My ear really hurts?
i have trouble expressing myself?
I have a 7 year old with bipolar and ADHD that is?
Should i kill myself?
I have clinical depression; I'm 15, 16 this year and I've been prescribed medication?
How do you battle loneliness ?
Do you ever wish you were someone else?
Depression? Would you keep dating someone who has it? Why or why not?
Do you have an addiction? If so, what is it?
I can't seem to fall asleep?
what will leave????
how do i swallow a pill?
Pain and quality of life with pain medication?
any ideas on how to stop "cutting"?
longest you have been awake?
Why do people always make fun of me?
What is the best type of sleep medication for a child with ADHD.?
My so called friend betrayed me?
I'm a young teen and I get "bullied" (a little I guess) and I am considering suicide. What do I do?
how to cure a headache easily?
Why can't I just bring myself to go?
If you're admitted to a mental institution for life because you're unfit for society, who pays for the stay?
What is a good way to deal with pain and pressure in your facial area?
What are the best over the counter arthritis preventative supplements and pain medications?
Stiff neck?
Lower back pain?? Please Help!!!!?
Am I sick?
Aleve gives me heartburn?
I have a very important question involving pain medication?
my throat hurts and i cannot swallow anything?
how is cutting your self destructive?
Can you go to sleep with a full stomach?
Anybody else can't sleep?
Why do I keep surfing through Yahoo Questions instead of getting my work done?
my friend is having pains?!?
Can a 14 year old get heartburn?
Should I end this pain?
Is Tylenol A Aspirin?
my wife is in pain of a kidney stone what can i do?
I have TMJ, but doctors "ignore" it... help?
my fingers are tingly what is wrong?
y does my right wrist feel so weird?
why is self-injury bad?
Should a doctor diagnos a person with depression within 20 minutes of meeting the patient and perscribe meds?
Is it possible for an antidepressant to cause improvement in just a week?
why do we gossip alot?...?
Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder?
Ever have one of them Days ??
can suicide be a solution ?
it's really hard for me...is it normal?
HELP!! Horrible Pain on Left Side?
It has been a week since my last cup of coffee, exactly how long will the headaches last?
Question...10 points!!!!!!!!?
is jealous bad for a relationship?
How do i get rid of thoughts?
Is it ok to fuel my brain off of my anxiety and depression?
Does anybody know any good solutions for occasional anxiety?
feeling VERY suicidal?
Why do I want to cry?
What is the worst pain of ur life?
I'm in so much pain (piercing)?
is it bad to cut your wrist with your key?
took too many pills to get high now my stomach hurts everytime i walk but stops when i lay down what do i do?
About once a month or so I get sharp pains in my side before I urinate. What's wrong with me?
has anyone ever had to have there blood taken? is it sore ?
I'm 12, headache every night when i go to sleep untill about an 1 hour after i've gotten up? PLease Help
I have a hangover headache, but I don't drink?
Weird Cold ? My cheeks hurt ..weird?
Why do scientists LIE and say GM foods are safe?
What do these symptoms mean?
coumadin clinic in maryland?
Which part of the eggs have Omega-3?yolk or white part?
What's the proper way to brush your teeth?
Extra teeth grew in back of my mouth?
After I get my cavities filled will they give me trouble for the rest of my life?
Can being Anemic cause nausea?
research on the causes of and a possible cure for cancer focuses on the genes that control the cell cycle, why?
How can I get rid of ear wax and fast?
what does my daughter have?
Constant Shaking? What could it be?
really really dry skin! please help!?
I have always had white marks on my fingernails for as long as I can remember?
What causes these diseases?
is sea salt considered a salt substitute for heart patients?
What causes panic attacks, loosing weight and apparently heart attacks?
how to get your teeth white ?
Where did AIDS come from?
My tummy hurts. What can i do?
should i try weight loss pills?
Which store in the US sells Karela natural herbs?
Need help from someone that knows about Medicine Wheel...?
How much wheatgrass juice should I intake?
Whats her chances of making it..?
Is it possible to get strep while on antibiotics for somthing else?
Have Leukemia. I want to do something like that movie, "PS I Love you". How?
i have a so called boyfriend thats uses crack cocaine, he will be gone for days!!!?
REALLY want to quit smoking. Been a smoker for 10 years. HELP!?
How can i cut my arm off at home without feeling pain?
Should I get myself diagnosed?
How to apply for disability?
I'm so lonely and I can't stand it anymore?!?
I am so mad at myself....?
I need my mind at ease.?
Why does it hurt so much to hold things in?
How do you tell if your bi-polar?
Is this weirdddddddd?
Am i an addict? I'm not really sure.?
Which one is more diuretic - tea or coffee?
Is insomnia considered an anxiety disorder?
can you get surgery to switch your dominate hand ?
Does walmart vision center accept united health care insurance?
I'm not sure what's going to happen...?
What's wrong with my eyes?
can you have lyme disease with no rash?
how many and what diseases do all the shots in a lifetime prevent you from?
Do I have tonsillitis?
Are coffee and/or chocolate antidepressants?
Does exercising/cardio cause lungs to expel mucus?
Lumps on body? Please help!!!!!!!!!! :(?
Fear of passing a hard stool?
Does the flu shot prevent the flu?
would a warm bath help with a UTI?
Visual hallucination or something of that nature? Help!?
Can I have spread something to my wife?
Am I wierd????????????
What is your reaction to this?
My husband goes for his year evalutation after a heart attack and I am so scared, why?
Why am I not taking this seriously? It's like I don't care...?
Could you break your wrist without swelling?
13 year old 200 pounds?
how to know if i have a lot of body fat?
How much weight is healthy to loose in a week?
flat stomach for summer?
How much should a 17 year old 6'1 male weigh?
Am I at a healhty weight for my age and height?
How healthy did I eat today?
What is the white stuff on my teeth near my gums?
tmj mouthguard problem?
What weight-lose pills/medicines (over the counter) is safe for teenagers?
long term prognosis of ventricular tachycardia?
I'm dieting, why did I randomly gain 4.5 pounds?
Will eating protein increase muscle mass?
negative effects of lifting weights at the age of 14?
how long does it take until Bulimia start to ruining your teeth?
Is it true that 90% of Bad Breath is caused by, bacteria on the tongue alone?
getting 4 wisdom teeth cut out???? what medicine will i get afterwards? will they give me a valium b4 i go in?
How can I help my childs allergies?
how can i deal with stress?
I feel stressed.....?
How do you overcome anxiety?
would you call this an eating disorder?
I've been really feeling like someone I love is going to die.....I'm freaked out. Help!?
Performance anxiety in class?
How Do Get my stomach to stop growling?
Can exercising stop my growth?
my gum hurts can you help me?
Is this a mental illness!?
will i ever be able to control my anxiety and my unwanted thoughts?
adderall IR question?
What stigmas are there around mental illness?
What website can I order a dermal roller in the U.S. and how much would one cost?
anti depression for students?
my antidepressants make my back hurt and throat sore?
When I close my eyes in a dark room, I see colourful flashes. Is this normal?
Loss of blood will cause a increasedecrease in stroke volume which causes the <3 to beat moreless forcefully?
My friend is having chest pains randomly and occasionally shortness of breath. What's wrong?
Does anyone rub their feet and cause blisters in the indentations of their feet?
should i work out my abs every day or?
i have acne problems, and it is depressing me please help me!?
Chances of someone dying after two heart attacks in three months?
How much should someone 5'11" weigh?
what is this a symtom of?
Blood Pressure Readings?
will arotic valve selrosis get worse? im 37 female and have mild to moderate arotic valve selrosis?
Any healthy ideas for my breakfast, lunch and dinner?!?
Is it bad for my ear to be a little swollen on a new ear piercing?
How long will my wrist be sore after my cast comes off?
What are some examples of foods that help prevent risk of heart disease?
Do you think this is over weight?
how can i eat less without my parents noticing?
My muscels are so sore, please help!?
Cost of pain meds? Does this make sense?
what is the short abbreviated version of starlings law of the heart?
What is osa w 2nd degree heart block on basline psg is that a bad thing for a 10yr old?
do you have to pay for contacts and if so how much.?
What do you think the heart transplant criteria should include?
Is it bad to have a cigarrette while having a couple drinks if you have heart palpitations?
Is my blood too thin?
Two most common complications of statins, which you have encountered or seen?
what make triglyceride high in blood test?
Thumb Cuticle Swollen Help!!?
What is an easy/short novel to read with a theme of mental illness or disorders?
Where are other places a cardiologist can work at besides a hospital?
Important question. 10 POINTS IF YOU ANSWER.?
What are the reason that you might have high blood pressure?
Does P90X help with weight loss?
What do cilia cells do?
I can't get to sleep at night and when I do I have trouble staying asleep?
I go to bed too late, see! I'm still up!! ?
What is a cocaine "crash" or "come down" like?
What are some good home remedies for getting rid of mild coffee stains on my teeth?
My son has a heart murmur?
Before 5 CABG surgery , my Ejection Fraction was 35%. During follow up , Ejection fraction dropped to 20 %.?
Painless pulses/throbbing feeling in chest?
Can birth control cause low tsh levels?
is a bp of 177/98 concidered very high?
is a heart rate of 211 high or bad?
Does an irregular heartbeat mean your going to die?
Would you say this is ok or not?
to people intend to be anorexic or is it just something that happens?
What multivitamin should be taken on the hCG diet?
What do the top and bottom numbers on you blood pressure represent?
My mom's ECG report - Please help me analyse the same?
Finding other ways to get around it...?
I feel fat even though I'm not anymore, or so I think?
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor giving high diastolic reading?
i want to become a cardiac sonographer..?
How does stress cause high blood pressure and your blood to clot in your arteries if you eat healthy?
What is causing my heart burn?
i am 48 male, having ringing on my left ear more than 3years, virtigo, unblance, BP 90-130 and some times?
Help me, im very scared to know my blood pressure?
would you eat this if you were on a diet..?
Is it normal for a kid's heart beat to change rhythms while they inhale?
is ok for someone who suffer from heart disease to take hydroxycut diet pills?
Can anyone tell me anything about perpheral Artery Disease?
What do we do about this?
What kind of doctor do I need to see for my condition?
Ive had Ekg's, Treadmill stress test and EchoCardiogram and everything came back normal.... Im 28?
Can you explain to me homeopathy?
What can i do stop it.?
What kinds of health problems can be caused by blockages in coronary?
different stages of a broken heart?
will i die with left atrial enlargement?
Question about high blood pressure and heart disease?
Open Heart Surgery Questions?
I'm Scared i put my phone next to my heart?
Is it possible for a 10 year old to have a heart attack?
I need help with a medical condition?
I'm 13 and i am feeling horrible chest pain?
What does it mean if you're not getting enough blood to your brain?
Cramp in chest and arms going numb?
i have sensitive skin and need help with acne?
What food types exactly should I be avoiding if I want to lose fat and gain muscle?
Is it possible to wear two pairs of contact lenses at the same time?
HELP im in severe pain!!!!?
Improving my eyes by?
heart problem/question help please!?
zoloft zoloft zoloft?
Heart Valve Replacement Odds?
Will a pass a drug test 13 days after smoking?
i keep having heart palpitations what does this mean?
Am I about to have a heart attack, please read I am terrified(Is this the symptoms of a heart attack)?
I have an aortic aneurysm and need some advice. Please!?
Hi, I was looking at body shapers..are there any good ones that would be recommended?
does anyone know a good diet?
I do not look like I lift as much as I do, Why?
Looking for help to lose 55 pounds over the next 5 to 6 months?
How to get abs without crunches?? 4-pack?
About track an miles?
what are 5 symptoms of a heart attack?
Why is it so much easier for certain people to lose weight?
what would starving myself do?
How is a good way to fight those thoughts to eat junk food?
What exercise machine works best for losing weight?
Am I skinny too thin or normal? (pic)?
Is this a good amount of food for weight loss?
I have fiberglass in my skin?
Why is everything bad for your body?
Is there a way you can lose weight off your feet?
How to lose weight for a 14 year old?
Has anyone lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks?
Does Phen375 diet pill work?
Making video about Fat and Heath.?
Im short as can be and i HATE it! How can i get taller?
Is my weight normal??? should i lose weight? yes? no?
i've got a big blister type thing on my foot?
why do old people need to exercise?
Am I in the early stages on an ED?
What is the difference between grams of fat and calories?
Where should I buy my tea to make me lose weight?
What do you think an eating disorder is?
Help Im 13 and Need to Lose weight For summer ! :(?
Why does the fat go to the stomach?
Which Tea helps you to lose weight?
How can i lose 14-16 pounds in 5 weeks?
Is livestrong.com's calorie counter free?
Please help!!! How should chores be divided in this house of TEN people?!?! Opinions? :P?
What property of the heart muscles must be altered in order for an EKG to detect a problem?
I'm pretty positive I have OCD but my mom doesn't believe me?
Why do I sleep so much?
do I have a heart condition?
Random pains along chest and upper back, any idea what it could be?
Most of my joints click and im only 19? help?
Do I have a heart problem or is this normal?
Anxiety, GERD, or Heart Problems?
I put Converse shoes on my baby, but I don't know how to undo shoelaces. What do?
How do you clear your acne fast?
Do i have oral herpes?
Should I worry about my chest/heart pain?
12 year old girl blood pressure?
Help maintaining weight? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!?
How Can A Person Perform CPR If Necessary If They Cannot Get On Their Knees ?
How do you break it to your family that you have a fatal heart disease?
I have chronic chest tightness everyday and left arm goes weak. why?
Can i die from anxiety?
I need help with Bulimia.?
Why is it that when people have clogged arteries it's always the ones right next to the heart?
kinda worried thinking it could be a heart attack or just in my head?
Extreme toothache- need help!!?
Can Anxiety attacks cause MVP?
Heart problems? Should I quit?
what medical condition could lead to pathological fractues?
How can I demonstrate something on a pig heart?
can you tell if a person has a stroke based on their vital signs?
what should i eat to gain 20lbs of mass in 4 months.. i am currently 136lb and 5'11? thank you?
my heart doctor did the catherization toda and gave me a blood test to do Friday and Monday?
Is my blood pressure low?
is it ok to eat a lot after gym?
I have a really bad back are there any exercises that can help me rehabilitate it?
Why does my heart start beating really fast when faced with confrontation?
Which Dr. Would I see to Determine Vertigo?
Why did my doctor prescribe lexapro for my high blood pressure?
Can I smoke while taking propranolol because of tachycardia?
I'm pregnant and was born with a mild case of Pulmonary Stenosis Could my baby get it?
Help does this sound like depression or anxiety disorder?
How could i prevent a heart attack?
should I quit taking my nitroglycern 2.5MG S.R. capsules days before I have Heart catherazation?
What is the average cost of an x-ray at a hospital?
worry and panic is this normal?
Whats wrong with my stomach?
Approximately how much do contacts cost?
do you like transitions lenses? why or why not? do you mind the look when they are in between light and dark?
Will anything bad happen if i leave my 2 week contacts in for 3 weeks...?
can drinking one glass of wine a night cause chronic dizziness?
is it normal to still feel weird the day after a panic attack?
does working out really relieve soreness?
At what age did you smoke your first and last cigarettes?
Has anyone ever forgot how to talk while high on weed?
if you grind up 800 mg ibrubrofen, and smoke it will it get you high? Also will decongestant perscriptions?
How to get help with addictions?
Tender when cleaning?
can coffee block arteries?
Once anemia is cured, is it possible for my mitral valve prolapse fix itself?
My blood pressure is 155/60 with 102 pulse..naseaus and dizzy..WHAT'S WRONG?
Why is my heart rate over 100?
Arrythmias now and then?
Is cardio really helpful with lowering bodyfat %?
Does donating blood protect men from some cardiovascular diseases?
I workout 3 times a day and cant lose any weight. What am i doing wrong?
Why cant i breathe when i run?
Yellow/Gold Eye Shine?
My eye is watery and itchy whats wrong?
could this have damage my eyes?
Effects of teen drinking?
hi i wanna ask about my uti?
I have horrible eye vision?
I have raised liver enzymes, lowered white blood cell count, raised cholesterol and high blood pressure?
I've had Strep throat for three weeks without antibiotics, when will it go away?
Has anyone lost 50 pounds, after baby or even not having pregnant?
Why is my blood pressure go higher even after excercise?
Instant Lice Removal?
What is cardiac arrhythmia and how can water intoxication cause it?
What is wrong with me?
Is 8.5 blood sugar too high for the oral glucose test after 2 hours?
what does it mean if your child is rsv positive?
i think i almost had a heart attack?
How bad is a blood pressure of 66/46?
Constant tickling sensation in my uvula that prevents me from sleeping, what is it?
Are D dimer test accurate?
Can anybody tell me what's wrong with me? and what are these symptoms?
Which lady's only No 1 was Total Eclipse Of The Heart?
Heart pain being released after warm liquid feeling releases?
Is cholesterol a hormone and can it be produced by stress?
I was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope, and periodic low blood pressure?
Does eating too many oranges give you diarrhea?
Can a human be allergic to Chlorine?
Is this an infection? If so, how bad is it?
How many calories should i be eating? how about if i want to lose weight?
How can I get rid of Blepharitis ASAP!!?
How does ventricular tachycardia kill?
Im 13! & wanted to know: are heart palpitations dangerous! :(?
What is Basal Metabolic Rate?
Can someone briefly explain V-fib, A-fib, and V-tach to me?
The psychological causes and effects of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (broken-heart syndrome)?
should i get the heart gold or soul siver?
Could it be a heart problem?
amox tr-k clv 500-125 mg?
Heart rate question, is this normal...?
im 13 5'11 and i weigh 180 lbs how do i lose 40 lbs?
Iv been told i have an irregular heartbeat,what does this mean?
Atrial fibrillation and coumadin?
Weight loss tips to lose 20 pounds in 4 months or less?
Is this a good way to keep your contacts from drying when it's in your eye?
Subconjunctival Hemorrhage?
will solution take the germs off contacts if you had pink eye?
Is it okay/safe to wash your face after an hour removing your contacts?
what are the most hydrating contacts?
Do you think my Psychiatrist will change my medication?
my sinusitus makes me so tired?
Heart suddenly beating twice as fast and hard?
can i drink cold drinks while having flu and fever?
after the heart dies when does the brain dies?
How can i test myself for diebetes without my parents knowing?
Brand of cheapest Diabetic (Glucose) Test Strips?
what kind of molocule is insulin?
I have type 2 diabetes but lately problems?
Will allergy pills override my birthcontrol?
How do i avoid or breakthrough a weight loss plateau?
what retina problem would require a shot in the eye?
Breathing and activity is it my heart?
can a person develop heart problems by......?
does this sound like neuropathy?
Is there a really strong non-narcotic, non-addictive pain reliever ?
is it allergy or my eczema?
How can you raise your white blood cells?
How do you know if your heart is beating too fast?
headache blurriness dizzyness?
if you have bulimia how is your blood pressure likely to be?
What are white blood cells for?
what is maximum Heart Rate?
How to eat an Aloe Vera plant for Diabetes?
******What helps a cold?! PLEASE HELP!!!!******?