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I have had problems sleeping lately and was wondering...?
dealing with withdrawls?????
Its my first time smoking pot.?
Why can't i sleep???
Motivation for quitting smoking?
What can I do to help me do #2 when taking painpills and getting constipated?
Need to pass drug test!!!!!!!?
how many people have peed outside? is it normal?
I have a drug test on thursday and i smoked on saturday, how do i clear my system in such short notice?
question for daily smokers...?
I have ALOT of white hair and I'm only 23 yrs old.. What causes this??
am 20year old girl my prob,is reguarding digestive system.i have always constipation.help me about food to eat
quick way to relieve the pain of a sore throat ?
I have chronic lower back pain due to Sciatica, I need help from people who have overcome this problem.?
what home remedy helps secondary yeast infections?
How to pass a hair drug test that tests from a month ago?
I need natural products to build your immune system and beat cancer?
Why do chiropractors get you to come in for adjustments 3 or more times a week?
why do my hands always hurt?
Is their a gadget to help people not to forget their child in the car?
why drug addicts walk funny but do not fall down ?
I'm starting to spend lots of time at home, I'm getting fed up of going out, is it right?
what makes your eye twitch?
what will happen if u consume pottassium synaid?
Is it true that its bad when you take a shower with hot water?
Which are more dangerous? Stimulants or Depressants?
Is it true McDonald's puts sugar in all their food??? Does that?
I need to lose weight?
Will having Gastric Bypass,help with Sleep Apnea&Diabetes?
Diabetes and Alcohol: Tips/Advice?
How many spacers did you have before you got braces?
Any good home remidy ideas for curing white teeth?
I'm 23, Is it too late for braces?
For those of you that had braces, how often did you go to the orthodontist?
Antibiotic question......?
why do people even smoke pot?
how can i get a nice mellow natural high without smoking pot?
I feel dizzy when I stand up?
I Can't Sleep?
I got dizzy after a bowel movement once what could this be.?
Why can't I sleep?
How did you Quit smoking?
is it safe to use hand sanitizer instead of soap and water after going to the bathroom?
This doctor is trying to tell me that I may have Diabeties?
I have a REALLY BAD flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
AIDS and straight people?
Is it possible for someone to catch a cold by cool air?
should i go to school tomorrow?
do u know were u can buy lavender oil and how much it cost ???
what to do for constipation?
what is the best time of day to take one-a-day vitamins and calcium/magnesium/zinc supplements?
i am a 37 year who has been smoking pot for 10 years and want to quite, where can i get help?
home remedy for cleaning you colon?
I pick off birthmarks?
I have stretch marks due to my pregnancy 4 months ago, how do I get rid of them?
How can I get the blackheads off my face?
I have a huge pussing growth on my left bosom. What should i do?
my boyfriend has dandruff what is good to get rid of it?
dry dry dry VERY dry skin!!??
Okay this is about high blood pressure..important?
Does Cholesterol cause heart disease or is it a myth?
tips to whiter teeth?
has anyone considered getting false teeth so you dont have to brush anymorE?
Do i have swine flu? Doctors help please!!?
In response to the swine flu,why hasnt all air travel been stopped?
Which foods unclog intestines?
I'm always cold! I'm a runner in good shape but even in 80 degrees I have a sweater. Why?
why do so many people ignore that fact that their children need to exercise more?
What is happening, im not feeling well?
Should I Be Scared Of Getting Braces?
what is the best way to protect the tooth enamel?
What kind of toothpaste do you use?
I have a black area on my gums, its inbetween my 2 back teeth. Has anyone seen this before?
I brush my teeth, but still i manage to get bad breath, how can i get rid of it?
crest whitning strips?
Best Mouthwash?
whats wrong?????
to sleep or not to sleep?
is it true that you can smoke weed or digest weed in shops of canada?
I've been sick for weeks could you help me find what I am sick with?
If woman gets the Humane Papilloma virus from one man, can she give it to her next partner?
Can germs go through a phone?
How do you get rid of a Halloween hangover?
What should I expect to feel when I smoke my first cigarette?
is smoking cigarette bad after going to the gym?
My boyfriend says I can't call the police on him for hitting me because he's famous. What should I do? HELP ME
How to unclog your arteries?
Haven't slept in a week, I'm so sleepy, 15 years old?
My shoulders are really sore from working on the computer all day. Is there something I can do to help?
How do i get rid of my warts i have on my hands && fingers?
i don't know why?
Razor or and electric shaver........?
what is this on my face?!..............?
my child has nits will they live on bed line in?
Odd rash, no medical insurance, any ideas?
Does cigarette effect your skin?
does your acne worsen when you have bangs on top of it?
Why am I burping alot?
Can you tell me why you like or dislike going to the dentist?
My teeth hurt when I eat something cold?
Are Braces really that bad?
Tomorrow I'm getting spacers, and I'd like to know, how is it getting them in?! Does it hurt?
Does bleach whiten your teeth?
What type of foods should I eat after I get my wisdom teeth pulled out?
What are the best colours for braces?
how do i prevent cavities since i throw up all the time ?
how much does it cost to get braces removed for a day?
Shrooms? Magic Mushrooms?
Are there any herbs that make your blood pressure go down?
Where can I buy Xanax online without a prescription?
how can I find a guy to give my wife an erotic massage?
This is a dumb question, but is the swine flu treatable?
Any theories on why only those in Mexico have died from Swine Flu?
who's school is out for swine flu today?
is there a website where i can go and just look at medical stuff? like...sickness disease pregnancy..ect?
Yuck, Wisdom Teeth! Help?
Is it okay to use straight hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash & not cause harm to your teeth?
I PROBALLY am gonna have to get Braces, and I just want to know some stuff about it? :).?
SOMEBODY ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Braces?;] Help me please?
Chronic severe back and leg pain? I dont do any strenuouse activities, It gets so bad i cry at night.?
Pain in Lower back??
Anxiety/panic attacks? Help?
so anyone just a little worried about the swine?
Have you ever had pink eye?
All of the following may play a role in the development of alcohol dependence EXCEPT:?
help!!!! i think i might have pink eye!!!!!!!!!?
I fi have a sore throat should i go outside in the cold weather?
Please help! Does anyone know if you can get the staph infection in your mouth?
what is the remedy or cure for a sty?
no matter how much i sleep i am always tired what is wrong?
how long does a cold sore last when treated with aberva?
i have an ear infection my ears are clogged up how do i get them open?
Do Braces hurt?
What is the the most worst thing to eat with braces?
Why is mono called the kissing disease ( descriptive )?
What can be done to prevent swine flu ?
How do you know when you have the Swine Flu?
how can i prevent from getting swine flu/swine influenza?
i have a really bad flue and headed and i do want to go to school wat should i do?
Swine flu case count, death count?
Ecstasy after Adderall?
hair falling out?
Why do some woman have lot's of cats?
What is the best antidote for depression when recovering from drug use?
How do I get rid off stress?
Does ANYONE here UNDERSTAND how horrible and agonizing it is to suffer from depression?
how you get rid of your bad temper sometimes? At least I know when I am fine, I would be okay.?
My husband is on pain medication that has made him constipated?
Peroxide to remove a new tattoo?
How many people actually think marijuana is a bad thing, forget about what D.A.R.E. spoon fed you?
home remedies for flu symptoms?
swollen gums?
What is the best way of having a natural white teeth? My teeth are getting yellowish color!?
Does getting braces hurt?
Does getting teeth pulled hurt? ?
gum bleeding?
Name something that you might offer to someone who has bad breath.?
homemade whitening for teeth?
Do I HAVE to get a crown if I got a root canal?
what are the foods that are rich iodine?
I was just bitten by a fairly large spider, How can I identify what kind of spider it is?
How do you get rid of a very painful hemorrhoid fast?
Clean Ear Wax (10 pts)?
Has anyone every taken their small child to the dentist?
braces in 6 weeks,color suggestions?
Does it Hurt when they put braces on?
How does a person with dentures get used to the plastic feel at the roof of the mouth?
i get braces tomoorow does it hust to get them put on?
I have 6 cavities in my mouth, I will have to get fillings..?
should I tell the dentist if I feel very nervous on the day that I am suppose to get fillings?
smoking weed for first time?
whats the best natural remedy for nausea?
How do I get rid of my headache, I am sick of taking pain killer, is there any traditional medicine for it?
I want to know from people with personal experience about weed?
Why cant you donate blood if you were born in germany?
What could this be?
Diagnosed with diabetes. Tested blood level 312 to 42 had a seizure. Can't see Endo for months. Trouble?
What is the average weight for a 16 year old 5'8" female?
What is it called when someone is choking and you have to cut a hole into their throat and stick in a tube?
What's the secret to a beautiful smile?
Am I sick or what?? Should I stay home from school?? I need quick answers please.?
Dads cause of death?
Should I get a flu shot?
Help!!When I woke up this morning I found a thread like white thing in my mouth!?! Could it be a pinworm?
How do you think the H1N1 flu got started?
Would you get the swine flu vaccine?
what foods are recomended for when you have mono?
is dengue fever a contagious disease?
sneezing server at college cafe?
Do you think i am too old to still.....?
wat does depression feel like?
Can you have bipolar and still be a psychologist?
How do I stop thinking of ending it and being so depressed?
what can I do about hemorrhoids?
Why would thicker blood cause a heart attack?
How many beats per minute is too much for your heart and you die?
ok, lyk anytime i swallow my throat hurts...dos ani1 kno wut dis is? is it a sign of any sickness?
What is a good type of vitamin to take for energy?
How to get rid of constipated without taking medication?
Whats good for dry hair?
How long after starting antibiotics for a kidney infection should back, side, and abdominal pain go away?
Who is responsible for fumbling and dropping the ball with regard to the swine flu vaccine?
I feel really sick?
Can you get HIV through a ********?
Can the Gameboy get the Swine Flu?
what would make a persons eyes appear watery and glazed would a drug cause this symption or would some medicat
Is there something I can give my 1 year old to boost her immune system, and prevent her from getting sick?
If I have to read one more question about the swine flu I am going to vomit. What should I do?
Do you REALLY need eight hours of sleep? I tend to get by on six with no noticeable effects. Any thoughts?
im already 20 y/o & i stil hv this bad habit of biting my fingernails all the time...how cn i withdraw from it
what is worse a heart attack or stroke?
Some mornings, I feel like I've been punched in the chin?
My mom stabbed me in the back with a fork! Help?
Someone in the medical field please..?
How plausible is it that the pharmaceutical companies created the swine flu?
So Should I go to the hospital?
Should you starve a cold and feed a fever, or feed a cold and starve a fever.?
What are some skin diseases?
How many cigarettes smoked per day does it take for a person to be considered a smoker?
What causes muscle cramps in the legs and sides of the chest etc.?
I sprinkled Boric Acid to kill roaches. How long should it be effective?
Should I call in sick to work if i'm getting over a cold?
Diabetes.....what is the reason for pain in extremites in people with diabetes?
what is the swine flu?
Wisdom teeth coming out Thursday. OK to go to school on Friday?
My pharmist says a person cant overdose on Xanax? IM still concerned about the beer and Xanax,like i have?
If your into alternative medicine, you'll like this question...?
Does anyone know how much an ecstasy pill costs in Los Angeles?
whats the best detox/system flush out there? and i dont want answers like "drink water" or?
what happens if i take 1/2 of ecstasy?
What are some ways to cure a severely painful sore throat?
Do you think Fish, Omega3, or alternative medicine can cure Bipolar?
what is tumeric powder?
Does eating too much asparagus make your pee-pee smell funny?
what would happen if you use a hearing aid without having hearing loss?
How do i fall asleep fast?
can i get a flu shot if I am sick?
I had syphilis 1979, Was treated with Penicillin. Now a blood test came out positive. 1:320.?
Should I be concerned about the swine flu, I had a flu shot in November?
Do blood tests can identify any type of diseases?
What is the "Rage" Virus?
Someone PLEASE Help me! Im desperate ! and very scared?
Why Do You Need a Flu Vaccine For H1N1 When Your Immune System Can Develop Its Own Antigens?
Is HIV and AIDS temporary or permanent?
i just ate...will i be ill?
husband sawing logs and i cant sleep!!?
Have you ever felt sad and couldn't quite pinpoint the reason? Kinda like an unsettled feeling. I'm not talkin
Which pain is worse?
if you are diabetic should you get a tattoo?
The 11:11 effect.?
how can i get my mom to quit smoking?
I cant sleep!!!??
Do any antidepressants work the day you take them?
Does drinking lots of water actually help to clear up spots or is it just some sort of myth?
what does it mean if i have rashes on my knees and elbows only?
zits under the skin??????
what can i use for my acne?
If you get a huge zit on your nose, can you resist popping it?
whats worse alcohol or weed ?
How Often should you use epsom salt or sea salt as a laxative?
What do I do if I think my daughter is depressed?
I need help and im not even joking?
Why is it cheaper to become an MD than an acupuncturist or herbalist?
Can a Pharmacist deny you, your prescription?
What part of the body has the most muscles?
Why is it that I always get migraines on Sundays?
What do they do at a check up (physical) at the doctor?
what causes you to not pee right away?
i have a fever, but i feel fine. should i still go to school?
what is the best laundry soap to use on cigarette smell?
How far should a user sit away from a 20 inche size monitor?
I think I have ADD, but I don't want my parents to know. What should I do?
Which kind of doctor should I see for problems with my veins?
I think I have a problem?
i want to quit smoking but i dont know!?
My hands and feet are cold all the time. What could be causing this?
I have a problem where my hands shake sometimes this even happens when im alone and picking up small things?
Short of breath, soreness in chest and back when take deep breath?
Please help my girl friend...I want to stop?
A question about being double jointed?
My 9 year old sister has started sweating(B.O) Is this normal!?
question about swollen lymph nodes?
How can i stop biting my nails?
I'm getting my eyes checked tomorrow. What should I expect?
What are 5 routine things you do before you go to bed?
Can you get pregunt while swimming or under water?
supplements that give energy?
85/62 BP.. should I go to the doctor.?
What can cause a blood pressure reading of 180?
how can you cure ringworm?
Aren't moles (on skin) horrid!?
will this get rid of my bruise?
How come there is no cure for the common cold? If there is, why is there only medicine for the symptoms?
I do not know what's going on, and I am scared.?
How do blind people know when to stop wiping??
How do I get rid of...?
does anyone know what can make you vomit all day.?
I cant breathe?
is there anyone wants to loose weight?
have a question been wanting to verify . is my ribcage normal ?
Anyone know what causes your toenail to split in 1/2?
Heal sunburn on face?
Do I have a foot fungus?
Effective Lice Treatments....?
Really dry skin in winter?
Does anyone know a real cure for eczema, that will really work???
I'm pretty sure I contracted HIV...what can I do?
How did AIDS get started?
Which one is harmful ..hepatitis A,B,or C ?
I need to be admitted to a mental health hospital, but I'm not suicidal, yet.?
I feel tired all the time...?
I just got caught smoking weed by my parents?
Yeah, I was wondering what would happen if I take a cold shower and then fall asleep in a cold room?
Can I raise my body temperature?
I`m 14 and im smoking and drinking and i feel really BAD.?
Sick all the time?
I am a singer. But my voice gets raspy very often. Unable to sing well.?
what causes strep throat?
Uhh I have the swine flu .?
How many people are actually afraid of the Swine Flu and want the vaccine?
how to cure a bladder infection at home?
Whats your opinion on the H1N1 vaccine?
How do i get rid of a cold?
Self Harm?kind of urgent?
why is it NOT ok to drink milk while you have a fever/cold?
Why do my knees crack everytime I bend down or kneel?
how many people smoke cigarettes?and why?
my 13 year old daughter is dizzy, falling down and having weird taste in her mouth with tongue tingling?
Can you really get arthritis....???
When those of you don't have air conditioning,and it's hotter than heck, what do you do to cool off?
Tainting food with insulin?
Older doctors vs younger doctors?
What is the best way to get rid of swimmer's ear?
What are some natural and effective ways to manage stress?
What's the most effective sleeping medication?
Are mushrooms hallucinogens or opiates?
has anybody tried zicam cold remedy? does it really work?
What's your addiction ?
Why am I stressed all the time?
What would be required of an HIV+ person to receive Social Security Disability benefits?
oral thrush?
6 year old with fever and headache?
do i have swine flu?!?
is there a possibility to catch a cold by getting wet from rain?if so why not from a bath?
how do you know if you have an ear infection?
what is mononukleosis?
my throat hurts a lot. what can I do?
cure for diarrhea?
How do I get sleep?
What's your best hangover cure?
Every night when I try to fall asleep this happens. Help?
unexplainable phenominon?
do sewing needles rust?
why do i crave salt?
Test for chest pain and shortness of breath?
do i have high blood presure?
My mom has high blood pressure and I've heard her say things about having a stroke?
how do you treat a ripped off leg with out going to the hospital?
is my leg broken?
Excessive sweating??
How do I get rid of lice?
Bad sunburn/:?
what is lice?
does getting into the pool have anything to do with getting a boil?
I've been eating raw garlic w/o washing it first. Is that bad?
Smoking alternatives please?
I'm a 17 year old boy with 137 SYS blood pressure and 79 dia?
Do you have to go to hospital if you've had a fit?
pro lapsed mitral valve?
Could stress cause high blood pressure?
how long i will live if i don't take any treatment for high LDL? I am 44 years?
does an ekg show if there is anything wrong with heart?
my left eye has been twitching at random times and its been doing it a lot today, whats wrong with it???
anyone on Laxapro? does it make you tired?
does it count if u only smoke when you have to?
do you bath in the morning or evening - or both?
My newborn seems to have reflux, its like adult acid reflux, anyone know what i can give him to help it?
is sleeping on your left side bad for your heart?
I wake up with a little headache almost everyday and it wont go away til I take Excedrin- whats causing this?
My mother has to give a fasting blood test next week and I'. worried?
I get nosebleeds often, with blood clots. Anyone any idea what it might be?
How do I get rid of acne?
What does it mean when you get blisters on your skin from sunburn?
Has anyone tried the non-prescription treatments for eczema?
Tiny red dots all over body?
poison ivy?
has anybody ever gotten stoned and then went and got a massage?
Is it necessary to take vitamins at the same time every day?
Has anyone tried a natural flush for gallstones? Please help!!!?
What is the best way to detox your body from unhealthy food and whatnot?
Is it possible to break your own neck?
how do you keep yourself happy and away from stress/depression?
sleep over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
The 911 dispatcher said, "Oh, I don't know if there is an ambulance in your area". What should you do?
Would you stop smoking or not?
My baby is getting tubes put in his ears.?
Why is it soo hard to fall asleep flat on your back ?
whats happening to me?
How many days is it possible to go without sleep?
How do you remove ear wax that has plugged up an ear?
Does anyone who what a TIA is ?
My daughter's arm muscles are hurting from playing the piano. What could be some possible causes?
Should I go to the hospital? Vomiting still after 4 days after concussion and clear CT scan?
can anyone who knows a bit about shoulder pain help me?
Please, serious answerers only.....?
my blood feels wierd?
i got hit in the eye with a socer ball and now i have a blind spot. please help me?
How do I go to sleep?
What is the best home remedy for a headache?
anyone else have this problem or know how to deal with it?
your best way to wake up in morning!
Questions for the ladies?
VEGETARIANS: if everyone stopped eating meat wouldn't those animals become extinct?
I have an itchy bottom..?
weird mouth sores?
I just found a lump underneath the skin on my right side of the bikini area, what could it be?
I have MS, recently diagnosed. What can I do to help myself?
What set of facial care treatment is good for sensitive skin?
Can any one tell me the name of sleeping pill that will give a good sleep?
i have a really bad rash?
How to prevent looking like you just woke up?
Any suggestions about taking Ecstasy?
which is a better high?
How do you get rid of parasites in your body?
List scientific research in homeopathy medicine?
I need the best possible acne solution out there!?
can anyone tell me some home remedies to get rid of white heads on nose?
I have constantly cold hands?
Hydrogen Peroxide?!!!!??????!?!??!?
What do you put on really bad sun burns?
What pain is worse than the one of Childbirth?
what are some symptoms people had before getting diagnosed with diabetes?
Is this a good fasting blood sugar?
help i cannot stay awake?
Can you get the flu from a flu shot?
How long can weed stay in your system?
Why are my toes always numb?
how can i lower my blood presure down down?
how many hours does of sleep?
any suggestions on bedwetting? my 5 and 7 yr old both wet the bed every night!?
my husband is not sleeping good at night. for the past 2 weeks he is waking up 2-3 times a night.he is 33yrs.?
I think I'm on the verge of suicide...I need advice?
how bad is my blood pressure 148 over 114?
pain on right side of head plus flashing lights are seen out of right eye most pain back right side and ideas?
Sleep Help!?
Stethescope Question???
What happens if u swallow a chewing gum ???
I am always bound up w/ my bowel movements. Any advice for a prize winning poo????????????
What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word healthcare?
is it weird to sleep naked?
weird dizziness?
good ways to..?
Can anyone plz help!?
What should I use for my acne?
I think i was bitten by an spider.what should i do?
What works best to heal really dry, chapped lips?
What are some good (hopefully quick working) remedies to cure extremely dry/chapped hands?
Bad acne, but REALLY dry skin. My face is starting to get really flaky from the dry skin. What do I put on it
Does sweating cause acne?
My heart is always racing. Should I see a lung doctor or a heart doctor?
Is the 'bps'(beats per sec)of heart and 'pulse rate' at the wrist one and the same?pl elaborate.?
Am i going insane?????
What kind of burn do I have?
Swimming Too Deep Hurts My Ears!?!?
OMG im in so much PAIN!?
i keep getting huge headaches and i get dizzy alot ?
Eye Infection?
What is the best skin care regimen for acne?
When you see someone with acne what do you think?
acne problem! please help?
what condition do people have when they need dialysis, Serious inquires only!!!?
Is it normal to get 5 or so headaches a month?
Sleep i need tips on how to get to sleep faster?
Have I finally lost my marbles?
I don't know how much longer I can take this..?
Depression at the age of 15?
help me Stop the Cutting!!!!!!!?
how do u know the person is gay ?
unhealthy addiction?
I have just lost my father...?
please help me!!?
why is pee yelow please answer me?
How big of a role does stress play in the causes of diabetes?
Can a parent get some kind of SSI or some sort of $ if thier child (under age 10) is diagnosed with diabetes?
Problem with my heartbeat?
How does the circulatory system work?
I am 5'7" and weigh 100 lbs.....could I be a model?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
very strange fear....
Why is depression worse in the morning?
How do you stop cutting yourself?
why do people not commit suicide the correct way?
is there any way to get rid of ance cuase i need to get rid of ance so if there any why help me please?
How do you get rid of head lice?
how can I get rid of oily face?
what causes itching and alittle buring of the viaginal?
someone tell my why im so itchy?
what is the best way to quit smoking?
Do tetenus and meningitis shots hurt?
How can I get rid of a zit?
kill or cure?
Completely exhausted but cannot fall asleep?
i sleepy but i cant sleep,everynight,,,help me please?
Bruised/blue/purple fingernail?
my blood sugar is 148? is that good or bad?
itchy red circular thing on my chest?
whats the best way to get rid of extremely dry skin?
i have really dry skin! what is a good moisturizer?
I have an itchy scalp with small crusty patches. I've had locks for 2.5 years do you have any suggestions?
Okay, since I started eating now, I don't know when to stop...?
Will the spray paint I huff show up on my pre-employment drug test?
i just slept 20 hours. ?
what method could i do to help me fall asleep real quick?
Heart Beating Fast after starting new medicition (Prilosec 20.6mg)?
What has protein and is yummy?
whats the best time to have bowel movement?
if i smoked cigarette 1 time, and also?
To males and females: Do you wear your underwear while trying on bathing suits and underwear at the store?
I feel yucky all the time, worse after I eat. I get light headed and nausiated. Short of breath?
how do you help a friend who you think suffers from depression?
Does this make me suicidal?
am i diabetic?
Do I have high blood sugar?
Bad breath?
Has anyone quit smoking cold turkey?
friends and smoking?
Tips on quitting smoking...?
Causes of random bruising....?
How can i advance my relationship with God?
How do I get rid of hangover?
i have a spot in my left eye its there even when i close my eye, like you look at a bright light kind of spot?
What is the best product that helps to get relief from Eczema?
Could a 4 year-old dislocate the elbow of her 2 year-old brother?
is it true that if you dislocate a bone, then it will pop out A LOT after that?
What's the best soup after being sick and your hungry?
I sometimes have difficulty sleeping. What's an easy way to fall sleep without taking sleeping pills?
What kind of doctor should one see about a hernia?
I ate a dollar bill,whats the worst thing that could happen?
Do woman pick thier nose,?
How do people get to the point of Panic/Anxiety Attacks?
what do you usually do to relax??
when i go to the bathroom......?
Im wondering if Om having gallbladder problems,I often get a pain undere my ribcage and my adoman is kinda?
am i overwieght?????
Workmans comp offered me a settlement!!?
when you are diabetic, do you usally lose weight?
how to quite drinking alcohol?
Type 1 diabetics that were diagnosed before or during their teen years?
Should I put bourbon in my insulin pump?
i popped my neck and when it popped i felt something like burst and now i cant move it to the right.....?
Has anyone lost a toenail and it never grew back? Mine has been gone over a month and isn't growing back.?
in woman, what body organ is right next to, but a little below the hip bone? I have a dull pain there?
What's a good make-up to cover acne?
Can you get Heptitus from someone who doesn't have it?
What ever happened to the swine flu?
Is 600 blood sugar too high?
Masterbating question?
my husband just tested?
When should an HIV+ person tell a potential DATE of their status?
Are violent and sporadic mood swings a sign of clinical depression?
When I kill myself with sleeping pills does it work?
what is my problem and what can i do?
My lower back is KILLING me. What can i do?
Can a headache be strong enough to make you vomit?
40 % of Americans over the next two years will suffer from swine flu. Scaring?
what does it mean if i see a worm after she uses the bathroom?
Serious Question...please read and give advice?
Parents won't let me get H1N1 vaccine?
would you let a person with AIDS watch your kids?
I'm on the tail end of the flu but I keep losing my breath?
How Many People Have Died From Swine Flu? And How Many Cases Are In the U.S? How Many Cases are In Mexico?
Can you catch the normal flu from person to person?
Let's say you had 24 hour notice that a rage type virus was about to breakout....what would you do?
How to tell if you've broken your foot?
i'm between 5 and 5'1" and 125 pounds is that overweight??
What is up with my toes?!? Pics included!?
Are your problems worse than mine?
Do antidepressants really help?
how can i change the mistakes i make?
Is there such a thing as cordless heating pads?
I have lower back pain on the right side, right above the pelvis...?
what treatment options are there for appendicitis?
Oh, my Gosh, no!!?
health questions...can anyone help?
I feel itchy after natural call everyday on my hole.?
Can smoking marijuana over a prolonged period of time cause a rash?
What are your views on self harming?
where is the SWINE FLU???!?
Ache In Left (ithinks its kinda by my overies)?
I have a phopia of shots, but I have to get three in October. Any tips to deflect the pain/not be afrai?
Can depression make you feel like you don't love someone anymore?
Ok I've been really creeped out about this whole swine flu thing?
How can I profit from swine flu?
I heard apples are bad for diabetics. Can someone confirm this for me?
is my blood sugar low or high?
im worried about my ankle?
why do we get fevers when we are sick?
Do Antidepressants make you gain weight?
Could you get aids by only kissing???
My family is sick and it might be the new swine flu thing.?
Is there Mercury in a 9 month old baby's flu shot vaccination?
What do they do for a test for diabetes?
Do I have this swine flu?
i stepped on a rusty nail i don't think it when in that deep it bled a little bit do i need a tetnus shot ?
I got a really bad bruise.?
I tore the muscle in my leg playing football, what should i do???
Can i take my son swimming with a sprained ankle he is 2 yrs old? he has a waterproof wrap on his ankle?
When will the numbness go away?
Cure for pulled muscle in lower back?
I'm sore what should I do?
Is it bad if I have a couple glasses of wine a 2-3 times a week?
Is the swine flu vaccine dangerous ?
When you take a pap test, do they test you for everything? Other than std's do they test u for hpv?
I'm 18 and I haven't gotten the chicken-pox!!!!!!!?
whats good to drink when you have a sore throat?
My doctor prescribed me Metformin 500 mg 3 times daily.. When do I take it?
Question about Insulin Pumps?
In which type of diabetes can the body no longer regulate blood glucose levels?
A friend is experiencing dangerous side effects from energy drinks. is it the caffine or sugar that causes it?
Im 14 and diabetic and i hate it! Is this normal?
Can i get DIABTIES???
Disease spread through cities in the 1800's mainly because of?
everything fell apart for me last month, and its getting worse. what do i do?
When I touch myself I feel so happy ! could anybody tell me why?
Is it rude to commit suicide and not leave a note?
my niece is 5'6"-5'7" and 13 years old. she weighs about 170 pounds. is she overweight?
how much do you weigh?
do i have swine flu???
After I kissed my bf for the 1st time a few days ago my throat has been hurting. Why?
A couple of Flu questions...?
just another paranoid swine flu question....?
If someone pushed you off a cliff unexpectedly.?
I got hand sanitizer in my eye?!!?
self esteem help.... very persnal problem...only serious answers please?
what's the difference between brown sugan and white sugar?
I am diabetic and i was wondering what happens if someone like one of my friends were to take my insulin?
Do you think my weight is average or below?
Please look at my spider bite?
Is it worth it to return?
why are most boys so fake?
Is there anyone who is would talk to me?
are most of these questions asked by kids,teens,early twenties?
How can one suffering 18 yrs of depression ever expect to be happy? Meds, talking, friends/family dont help.?
I have just had a blood test and my sugar level is 13.9?
when a person do a deep lip kiss to a hiv person then he or she became a chance of hiv? ?
how to lose 20 pounds in three days?
I try to eat healthy but my friends don't?
knee cracking?
Whats that burning sensation you sometimes get on the back of your head?
do u consider 134 fat?
How Can I Lose 10-12 Pounds in a Week?
My height ?? will i still grow?
what are those people with red eyes and pail skin and light hair called?
Acne scars and blackheads?!?
How can acne be cleared? What's the best way to prevent them?
The perfect cure for freckles?
What is an excellent acne cleanser?
Does natural sugar have the same effect on you as refined sugar?
I have diabetes? But what is it?
What celebrates have diabetes?
Why do I keep seeing the number 39?
EMERGENCY QUESTION my dad just got a horrible cut with a knife and fat started to come out of it. why??????
My husband has rolled his ankle twice now playing softball, what could he have done to it?
Am i a diabetic??? Read and Help please.?
i'm 15 years old...how can i get taller??
How do you get rid of a hickey?
How do you get rid of dry skin?
How can I remove my acne?
will putting Sea-Breeze on your head overnight, will it hurt your scalp?
how come i don't tan?
What's the best treatment for type 1 diabetes?
Can a diabetic with normal blood sugar ever enjoy sweets without having an elevated blood sugar?
weight loss help?
has anyone lost 30-50 pounds?
does a 200ml glass of orange juice count as breakfast??
I'm starving, I haven't eaten since 9:00a.m is this like a phase or something?
how to gain an easy 10 ponds?
Is It Bad To Mix Sugar With Milk?
do you know a good diet plan for fast weight loss??
Do I have diabetes? OMG please help?
25 year old male with a fasting blood sugar level of 100. Is this a major prolem or can I fix it?
I Just Found Out I have Diabetes?
what is masterbating?
Embarrassed to exercise........?
im 13yrsold and i weigh 170pounds and im going to the gym everysingleday how muchdoyou think illweigh.in sumer?
I've let myself get to over 200 pounds, is it possible to change?
how can i lose weight fast..i honestly dont care if its unhealthy or not?
best exersize for lossing weight?
Doing pushups and lifting weights bad for a 14 year old?
Can a person with type 1 diabetes ever become hypoglycemic?
I'm in pain, please help!?
Is it illegal to give someone stds on purpose?
loosing weight?
Height & weight please?
Question about Diabetes...?
If your diabetic you pee a lot?
how can you lose 40 pounds in two months?
Do you believe that water is a must for losing weight?
fasting? tell me your experience!?
diabetes pump??
Help!I'm 13 and I desperately want to lose 10-15pounds. I've tried anorexia and consideredbulimia.Anyadviceplz
does dirinking water with food make you fat?
what's a healthy way to gain some weight?
How tall were you at the ages of...?
Helppp Meee!?
How should I hide my scars on my wedding day/night?
Is there any tips for managing and preventing dry, flaky skin?
How risky are pedicures?
How do I get rid of my acne?
how to get rid of a hickey?
need to get rid of bacne in 2 months?
How to get rid of a wart!? Please help!?
What can I do to clear up my acne?
does anyone know why my fingertips burn like fire when I touch something cold?
Whats the best way to remove head lice?
How do I solve my serious Acne problems?
Ezema HELP!!?
what kind of stuff can i use on my face to make all my acne disappear?
if you just drink water??
whats the best way to clear your mind??
i just accidentally a coca cola bottle, is this bad? ?
Best home remedy for a scratched cornea?
Can you really sunburn in the shade on really cloudy days?
I just cut my finger off. What should I do?
Cut myelf while shave my unibrow. Will it scar?
First time blood sugar check on meter just reads "Lo"?
Does anyone have experience with traveling with Type 1 Diabetes?
If you have a cold sore on your lip is it best to keep it moist with medicated chap stick or dry?
Why acne just keeps getting worse(bigger and inflamed), What can I do to prevent acne?I dont know what else to?
is it normal to get acne around forehead for a 10yr old girl..nearing puberty signs..is tht rite?
Flea bites everywhere, on ankles?
What is a good moisturizer?
What is the fastest and safest way to lose weight?
Come on you guys click here it's just a quick question...?
how can i get over flu or cold without using medican? any foods of juices?
My 10 y/o daughter has acne what system do you recommend?
I need to get rid of a hickey fast!?
Small red dots on 8 month old
i have a really bad sunburn help me?
What helps to get rid of scars and spots???
what really causes spots(acne)?
I'm trying to lose weight -- am I restricting calories too much?
Help Me!!! I'm Scared of everything!?
how do I wean myself off from eating my earwax.. it's becoming an addiction?
How do I know if I have bedbugs? I have two really itchy swollen bites on my right ankle and foot.?
Can applying Johnson's Baby Oil on stretchmarks make it less visible? Pls. answer, Thnx!?
what is black skin on heel with discharge?
how do i get a good tan?
cure for stretch marks???
What are the cause of diabetes?
i am putting on weight. with my wedding in just 62 days away, I'm afraid that it wont look nice. please help..
how long would it take to die if you starved yourself?
shingles- is it contagious?
how do i cure a kankar sore?
Underarm Sweating.?
has anybody used tea tree oil?
Acne: Is it bad to apply Clinique (dermatologist tested) foundation to cover my acne during the day?
Will water make me skinny if i only drink it and not eat.If not what will and that is not expensive.?
i am 5"8 and 113 pounds?
I dropped 16 pounds but people cant see the difference
my wife won,t loose weight, she 5 '4 180 pounds, i tryed everything and she get mad if i ask her to loose?
I'll tell u my height and weight and u tell me if im fat?
how can i get rid of bagginess underneath my eyes? something that works well overnight maybe?
low self asteme due to facial hair?
I work late shifts and sometimes I want something to snack on. What is the best thing to eat when working late
if i take in 500 calories a day then..?
If I eat fruit and drink water for a week, how much weight will I lose?
how to get rid of "baby fat"?
I have sever acne problems, any advice...?
best way to cure dry chapped peeling lips?
Question about mosquito bites?
1 mole removal question!
Is there a lotion that REALLY helps dry rough skin?
What acne system REALLY works? Really good?
A bite..... Should I go to the doctor?
What does the medical term "grossly normal" mean?
Stung/bitten while sleeping?
Any tips on becoming Happy? I'm feeling sad.?
What age do you have to be to stop losing friends?
HELP!!! I need to lose weight fast!!!?
Can you lose/maintain weight and still eat sweets? and what about how I ate today?
My mom's telling me I need to lose weight?
My lips are so chap!?
How do you get rid of major sunburn the best/fastest?
How can I remove blackheads?
Is drinking dairy really a common cause for acne development?
helppp really really itch.?
Why is my own body staining my clothing and towels?
Anyone here w/ severe acne & scarring? What's the best treatment?
I suffer with sweaty hand does anyone know what i can use to control it?
Mosquito Bites.. why do they turn into nasty infectious scabs?
Removing plantar warts at home?
Dry ice can remove scar?
Why do White people have weak skin?
acne problems??
How can i practice giveing a girl a hickey without biteing them like count drakula?
What kinds of food will worsen acne?
whats a good way to get rid of acne?
I'm terrified of developing skin cancer...?
I've been interested in weird questions lately......can I ask one?
I just took a bite out of a moldy piece of bread?
Does peroxide do anything for acne?
What is puss? is it just white blood cells?
acne scars?
My skin burns?
i have a mole and it verry blak it looks like a star i never had it is it skin canser? and its black and red?
HELP! My brothers have lice!?
Using Lantus, what's the best injection site... belly or thigh?
Do you go to jail if you put visine in someone's drink?
Does ProActive really work?
Does anyone have tips on how to prevent and treat "chafing"?
How can I lose weight safely?
Is this a good weight? 10 points for best!?
ate a lot for dinner?
In severe pain from menstral cramping, help?
how 2 prevent white spot around mouth?
i have chronic dry skin. what can i do to get rid of it?
what is the best solution to cure acne? I really give up to cure my acne.help me!!?
how do I get my natural skin color back after getting sunburn?
I'm gettin small black spots on my toenails and I don't know why.?
Where can I get insulin?
Do I have diabetes? ?
I just found this website that my daughter saved as a favorite on our computer and it scares mer? read detail?
My toddler has a reacuring sore on her lip, what is it?
Are your feet big or small,in your opinion?
I have a terrible sunburn!? Please help me!!?
I'm 19 years old with terrible acne?
sunburn?? FAST please!!?
Self treatment for ringworm?
is it normal for a 17 year old boy to have chest and back acne?
do i have an eatting problem?
"do you think being 12 years old and only being 68 lbs. is bad because thats what i am!"?
ok I don't understand?
is it too much? please read!?
what do you think is he best facial piercing for a man?
When was the last time you took a shower?
How to avoid armpit from sweating?
Funny embarasing moments?
does getting a shower every morning cause more acne?
What is the easiest way to get rid of acne?
I have a small growth on one of my breasts, it is lighter in color with 3 or 4 white spots, what could this be
what can i do to lose weight faster?
my mom died from stevens johnson syndrome does any know any thing about this?
does first degree burn leave a scar?
acne/skin problems?
Hm .. how do I get rid of my disgusting acne??
I have a cold sore, is this bad?
How can I get rid of acne quickly and cheaply?
What is causing my Charley horses at night?
almost my whole body hurts becuase of my job... help me?
What is cracking corn, and why doesn't anybody care?
I'm afraid of needles, and getting an IV. Any tips to keep me calm?
What is the most helpful tip wou can give me to quit smoking even after using Nicoderm?
What Do People Think About Nurses?
Do guys think that its gross if girls have a little bit of acne?
could someone help my sunburn?
What causes those white specks that you sometimes get on your nails?
Do you know any methods to get tanned faster?
2000 mg tylenol safe?
How can I get rid of a headache fast?
why do i have sharp chest pain?
What is the fastest way to turn a tummy to a 6 pcs abs?
Should we outlaw fat and unhealthy bodies in america?
What's the best thing to eat after a work out?
Do you know how to loose weight?
i am 5'5'' and i weigh 102 pounds is that over weight?
How come I have dandruff?
can anyone please tell me what is the best thing if you have extreme poison ivy?
I noticed that my lips are redish almost black in color. I am a smoker.?
Does urine help get rid of acne.?
anyone any natural remedys for dandruff?
do mary kay products really work?
quitting smoking?
Whats the best way to lose weight without starving myself, or excersizing?
why would mayonnaise be on the list of foods not to eat?
Where did my anorexia and bulimia go? I want them back?
If I'm trying to lose weight, will lifting weights hurt or help? ?
What are some good ways of healing a swelled foot?!?
Dark circles under my eyes...?
How can I get rid of acne of my chest and back?
How do I get rid of this bad B.O.?
What the helI did i do to my leg? And how can i fix it?
I have a ring stuck on my finger, and I'm freaking out?
Do you ever feel like even though people depend on you that you don't have a purpose?
Have you ever burned your tongue?
how do i keep smoke out of my room?
URGENT: What is wrong with me?
whats a good home cure for toenail fungus?
HELP I have dry skin on my hands and feet?
What do u do after a boil pops?
help my eyes are puffy!?
I want to loose 40 pounds....is this REALISTIC?
if someone has a flat black dot on their cheek, is it a mole or beauty mark? it's small and flat.?
Why am i afraid of the dark?
How can I keep a burn from scarring?
what is causing this on my face? (PICTURE)
My hands are peeling..help!?
My tongue is healthy ?
How do you get rid of cellulite on your legs?
How can I lose ten pounds in a week?
What is the fastest way you lost weight?
Can some of you suggest me a good diet?
what are belly flattening foods?
how to lose 10 pounds in 30 days?
Do you think i'm too skinny?
Any tips on lossing belly fat?
does stitches hurt.?
I am looking for some good used exercise equipment, such as a gazelle does anyone have any sug?
NEED help hidding my weight loss!?
What's the best way to get rid of mosquitos?
Tongue Peircing?
If i soak my feet in milton solution every day will it get rid of athlete's foot?
my dad has a sore on his lip and it keeps scabing over but wont go away it has been there for 2 years. help..?
does water dries your skin?
back acne HELP!?
Is scalp acne normal? What should I do?
She got it but I DIDNT?
can garlic cure yeast infection and how should it be used?
how do asians eat alot and still look thin?
am i under weight?
whats the real whay of getting rid of fat,when diet and exersise won't help?
I am .fat...no no realy...I am fat..so how did you lose it..?
What is the best way to gain weight?
Please help me Im very depressed I want to know how to fight it if one of you help me you get 10 points help!!
Help me please am i going crazy?
Are you more scared of bats, spiders, snakes, worms, maggots, or mice?
Can skin be transplanted from one person to another?
How do you get rid of an ichy foot?
head lice?
my daughter gets sunburned but refuses to wear sunscreen?
Which age would you like to be?
whatdoes it mean to gain a lot of weight in a short time. the whites and around my eyes are yellow feel tired?
what is the difference between a bee sting and mosquito bite? ?
my boy f blood sugar is 436 now and about10:30 am he went in to er and it was 495 it did go down to 299it is u?
Is it possible to have diabetes at age 16 ? If so, what will happen? I am going to get tested tomorrow.?
What are Signs of Diabetes?
Why is it I am so sad?
what do you think is the matter with me? (mentally)?
Does coffee add to my stress and anxiety, i have starbycks 3-4 times a week im 18 and a guy?
Have you ever self-harmed yourself?
should i kill myself?
I'm incredibly skinny and need to gain weight is it alright if I eat Mcdonalds like 4 times a week?
Did you loose 5-7 lbs in 2 weeks?? How did you do it?? What did you eat/didnt eat?
Can you tell Ihave lost weight (pics)?
For the ladies: How important is it for you that a guy be in shape?
My cousin just ate 10 big macs and 5 large fries all to the last drop will he gain weight from this?
*Best exersice routine??*?
Could someone be misdiagnosed as diabetic? What other reason could cause a 'temporary' spike in blood sugar?
how can i get rid of a hickey quickly?
help ME please answer!! I'm begging you!?
How can I reduce acne with just a few bucks?
What are some good ways to make a sunburn stop hurting?
how to change my skin color?? more whiteeeeeeeee???
Can any one please tell me about acne treatment?
Is it possible to have type 1 and 2 diabetes at the same time?
What can happen if your blood sugar levels are above 350?
can a human drink human blood?
wat is the best wya to loose weight?
how can i loose 5 pounds in a week??
what is an antihisthamine?
Can you help me with my poison ivy?
bug bites, poison ivy, or what?
Boils on the skin?
ACNE! has anyone found something that actually helped them?
how do you lose 20 pounds on 2 weeks?
I am almost never hungry?
do i need help?
what all can you eat on a low carb diet?
can i lose weight by danceing?
How many footsteps are in a mile?
Is 98 lbs healthy for a sixteen year old?
I'm 16 and around 5'10ish and I weigh 120 pounds and I'm a guy. WHAT DO YOU THINK? =P?
what do u do when ur step mother and dad call u fat?
i am a diabetic & i itch all over from time to time, how can i control this=drives me crazy?
Will insulin hurt my baby, I'm 30 weeks prgnt?
Pre diabetes best diet?
I need amputee pictures!?
very confused?
Is there any way to eliminate stinky feet of children?
why does my lips feel so hot and it look swollen too.?
Soothing Bug Bites?
Why US is the fattest nation on earth?
Is a size 6 considered fat?
best way to get a six pack?