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Do you think that purple is better than green?
why is my skin becoming more and more yellow in color?
does getting your braces off hurt?
What are the Chances of me getting my braces off...Tomorrow?
Is this a very high Prescription?
I took Ibuprofen and I think it caused my feet and legs to swell. What do I do to get the swelling to go down
Severe Constipation - Can Anyone Share Medical Advice?
tightness on right side of face?
Colonoscopy - Please help!?
Today a girl in my class had a seizure...?
My braces have cut into my mouth, which have now turned into painful blisters, any remedies?
Is there a home remedy for periodontal (gum) disease?
My 57 yr old sister is showing symptoms of Alzhiemers disease. How to cope?
Our son has a rare condition "incompatible" with life.We do not know the diagnosis, can anyone help?
My son has been getting a fever of 103 every 10 days. It lasts for 4-5 days. Any ideas?
My daughter is having problems with her Kidney's?
what are some diseases the have the same or similar symptoms to Chickenpox? ?
How many people do you know who have died from AIDS?
My child is 12 and has pink eye, should I take her away from school?
Could I have appendicitis?
My 4 year old has had a fever for 4 days. no other symptoms really?
Is smelling your feet everyday hazardous?
I just coughed up a fur ball, what does this mean?
What is the best way to rid head of congestion from cold? Don't want to really soak my head over steam water.
Why can't I close my eyes fully?
Braces Advice...? 10 points.?
can i pull my wisdom teeth myself?
Please help me. I've just found out my grandma has cancer. I can't deal with it.?
can you qualify for disability benefits if you are legally blind in one eye?
I got braces yesterday and they hurt!?
mesquite bites how to stop them?
Getting Teeth out :(?
Can you get canker sores if you hit your gums with your toothbrush?
i drank mouthwash......?
What should I except with braces?
Will I pass my drug test?
whats anxiety like??
How do you treat ant bites?
What's the best way to get rid of heartburn (besides medication)?
Is this true about glasses?
My eyes burn really badly, can't get my contacts in, had a habanero pepper last night?
I'm sick. Any recommendations?
what do i do if my eye fell out.?
Is my little toe broken?
How do you heal a gun wound?
I think someone is in danger please reply?
My grandpa just died today....?
People with contacts! Have this ever happened to you? Do you know why? read more!?
Is it bad to wear contacts at the age of 15?
Is it time to replace my glasses?
How doI pass a urine test?
Can I take my retainer out for a few minutes?
first time glasses wearer. Is this normal?
Why can't I replace my prescription sunglasses after 2 years without an eye exam?
does contact lens solution help rid of red eye?
what causes buck teeth?
Family conflict about braces help?
Bad Breath?
good teeth whitening food?
What are some procedures or insturctions that someone can use to chew gum and not get caught/?
Do I need a dental exam every year?
I'm sick with a stuffy nose. ugh! I just want to breathe... what should I do? (Other than a shower, or meds.)
What's the best way to cut down smoking?
pain after broken wrist?
how do you stick your finger down your throat to vomit?
any advice on quitting smoking?
How can I get rid of zits?
hey.i am getting braces.?
Is it possible to brush my teeth too much?
What's it like getting a tooth pulled?
how old do you have to be to get braces because my cuz said you have to be 15 and older?
I see black things floating in my eyes?
cloudy urine....?
My father.....?
How to deal with Lupus ? What is it ?
WHY When i turn on my heat in my house i get dizzy, lightheaded and stuffyheaded and feel like vomitting?
Why are my hands and feet always cold?
Can a dentist detect marijuana in your mouth?
Braces hurts so muchh?
What happens if one of your spacers fall out before you get your braces put in?
My teeth feel like they're coated with something?
WIll this help my teeth be whiter?
Do braces hurt???????
how do i kill a nerve in a broken tooth?
I got braces on Friday and the wires on the back are bothering me help?
What is the best way to stay awake at work in the morning?'?
Can someone please answer me without saying 'Go to the Doctor'?
How does one tell if he/she needs glasses?
Why do my glasses give me a headache?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
What's good for mental stress?
What is the quickest and best way to get rid of a cold?
What illness is this?
I will only have 5 or less hours of sleep tonight how can i make the best of it?
fatty liver?
DENTIST and root canals, just how much pain I'm I gonna be in, please tell me what to expect?
this morning my eye was covered in yellow gooey stuff...?
Contacts vs. Glasses?
Why does my bottom right eyelid twitch?
What would be the best medication to help unclog a stuffy nose?
please answer.. Can you get an std if the guy doesn't c*m when you give him a bl*wjob?
what do i do for my ACNE,?
i have a sore throat and it hurts when I swallow, what can i do to make it better??????
My heart really hurts... (not emotionally, but physically)?
teeth? ?
How often do you replace your toothbrush?
Getting my wisdom teeth out (scared to death)?
what will do for the removal of bad smell in the mouth?
Why pain of the teeth stronger in the night?
I am getting braces this summer and I am sort of nervous and scared do you have any tips for me with braces?
My teeth hurt like crazy when i eat something sweet?
If you use mouth wash, do you still have to floss your teeth?
Is there a way i can adjust my teeth w/o an orthodontist?
Does anyone get a 'sore throat' as result of seasonal allergies?
how long do u brush ur teeth for?
How often should you get a new toothbrush?
If your tunge gets cut will it heal like skin?
With or without glasses? Help ! [pics]?
not a water drinker help?
wtf? i brush my teeth 2x a day and they're still not white?
How do I get gap teeth?
Should I pull my tooth?
smoking ever since 3 years old?
Have a SEVERE TOOTHACHE cant afford to go to the dentist now ORAJELworks for minute what can I do for the pain
Have you ever eaten toothpaste?
does it hurt to get braces off?
If your tooth hurts three weeks after you get a cavity whats wrong???
whats a mucous plug???
i have tooth sensitivies, and i tried ProNamel, but my teeth are still sensitive. How can i get rid of it?
will lip piercings ruin my gums?
What color should I get my braces?
Will wearing eye glasses worsen my eye sight after a while?
My six year old's NEW teeth are coming in yellow, Why?
Anyone ever use baking soda or is it bread soda to whiten there teeth?
What does a prescription of - 5.25/-5.50 vision mean?
How do you get farsided?
What are some good ways to stay awake?
Is it true that an average person swallows 8 spiders in their sleep?
IS it bad to have some one else's vomit in your mouth?
Why do I sweat, even when it's not hot and I'm not exercising? This just started.?
Next time a receptionist says to me...?
I had my first cigarette today and i see the dentist in 11 days if I stop now can he tell? I had 2 so far?
when you have a root canal done, Is the root still there after the treatment?
do getting braces hurt??????
What can I do to solve my girlfriend's neck pain?!?
what can i do i am alwayes sleepy even thought i sleept for 24 hours i still want to sleep ?
Can anyone Help me? I have severe constipation?
How do I find out if my mother has high blood pressure or low blood pressure?
i have a horrible stomachache what should i do for it?
I can't sleep!?
How do you get abs?
I've been beaten by my cat flea. What shud i do?
Do I have heart problems? my heart rate at night is 64 and right now it's 78!!?
Just out of curiosity, if I don't take penicillin before my dentist appointments, what are the chances of...?
How can I pull out a tooth, without having a lot of pain?
Wisdom Teeth Question
I think I have a heart problem, but my doctor thinks I'm making it up?
i am so thirsty!?
My medicen dissolved in my mouth by accident and now it burns really bad...HELP
Are you sacred about getting the swine flu?
If I were to eat nothing but grapes & drink water for 2 weeks, how much pounds would I lose? If any.?
how to get slim in a month without my parents knowing about it?
At what happens the air is injected our hands vein?
Have I got something wrong with my heart?
If I'm an alcoholic am I always a alcoholic??
What is an easy way to feel happy that doesn't require money, women, alcohol, ect?
Is it normal to feel really relaxed after smoking a Cigar?
Can you make yourself get a migrain?
What is depression exactly?
How long would it take to get marijuana out of my system?
Do I have AIDS/HIV ?????????
Is the swine flu really all that bad?
Am I over weight ...?
Is it possible for people that are color-blinded to see some colors.?
Will i get aids if i travel to africa?
should i go to the hospital?
Has anyone ever had ringworm? I heard that people can get it too. What's the treatment if you get it?
if im 5'6 how much should i weigh?
i'm 13 years old, am 5"2 and weigh 117, should i gain weight or lose weight?
if you or someone you know have overcome bulimia...?
Projectile vomting in the morning.?
Does milk cause phlegm?
What is Tourette Syndrome?
my stomach is making weird noises after i drank some water?
To young to lose my teeth?
How much are braces for only one year?
Question About Braces ?
How many cavities have you had?
does getting your braces hurt?
is it normal for your gums to swell around you teeth when your wisdom teeth are coming in?
Help with a wisdom tooth extraction!!?
my friend has these red like sores on her all over she itchs it like crazy?
what can i make out of baking soda?
I'm teething at age 48 -- what's up with that?
Spit or Swallow?
I have had a sore gum for over 6 months?
is there a lollipop thats good for ur teeth?
Can I stop a depression pill (Lexapro) without asking the doctor?
What's wrong with me?
5'4.12.165-185 lbs. I need help loosing weight. Tips?(I want to die)?
Eating disorder?
Does getting your teeth pulled hurt?
If you run something under water, say a toothbrush, does that kill the germs?
How many times are you supposed to brush your teeth every day?
how can you get rid of a bad toothache w/out pain killers or novacaine?
how do i stop my kid to stop nail bitting?
Do you prefer manual or electric toothbrushes?
agh this is so freaking painful?
I think my son pulled loose a permanent tooth!?
Braces question?
I need to know this question before I go to bed.?
I am a male and have horrible fingernails. there like nubs. HELP!?
Dark Circles under eyes. Please help.?
Nail Biting Habits. Help! ?
Gap in my teeth, turn off?
I'm getting Braces. I'm eleven and clueless(except for what the dentist told me) Help?
Where does fat go once you've lost it?
has anyone had a good wisdom tooth removal experience?
I have mono, is it okay to go in the hot tub?
i have come into contact with swine flu...?
is swine flue comes from pig does it?
Resting When You Have the Flu?
What can cause convulsions or seizures?
I can't sleep; too depressed. Scared of things. Please?
i got bit by something last night?
My little bro has a cough that won't stop! Ideas?
Is it bad to sleep on your stomach?
I drank too much tonight, don't feel very well: what can I do to get out of it?
Left side of my face, neck and shoulder are swollen?
is effexor?
Does Anyone else feel like this?? plz read?
Extreme Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?
If people brush their teeth everyday, then what dentists should do?
only three more days til extractions?
What is wrong with me?
is it bad to crack your nuckles?
i stopped smokin crack 3 weeks ago. yesterday i did hair drug test for job...how bad is it going to be?
Can a cigarette a day hurt you?
when having hospital surgery to remove an ingrown toenail! how do they put u to sleep!!?
Why is it so hard to stay awake?
If one of your dear ones was dying from cancer...?
Cut finger.....?
can you go in water the day you get your stitches out?
good ideas on braces colors?
My ankles are kinda...sore lately?
my big toe hurts.help!?
what can you use to stop a headache?
how long should a cold last for?
Is it true that breathe mints can..?
How do you get rid of dry skin?
If you only have one eye ...?
High Blood Pressure Symptoms?
Acne question? We've tried a lot...?
i have to pee every 5 min whats the probem?? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!?
what is a sixteen year old normal heart rate supposed to be? per minute.?
Tattoo Post-Treatment?
my seven year old son's new upper tooth is growing through the front of his gum. The baby tooth fell out.?
can they really tie you up in mental hospitals, or is that just hollywood embellishing facts?
how do you become left-handed if ur right handed?
are there any home remedies to get rid of warts?
bright yellow urine?
help 10 points!!!!!?
Do you brush your teeth for the full two minutes you're supposed to?
in reality, how often do I need to wear my retainer each day?
can you super glue a crown back on ?
Why do i feel ill and unhappy/stressed during monday to friday but happy and healthy at the weekends?
Am I having memory trouble?
I put my weed through the wash, it stayed in the baggie, it's wet, will it be any good when it dries out?
Does HPV go away on it's own?
My friend has a broken knee and is always on crutches?
is it bad for me to crack my neck?
My 4 year old wants her ears peirced, which is better? hollow needle? or the gun?
I just got braces this week, I've noticed one tooth has shifted up. Is this normal?
Why dosen't my nose ever stop running?
I am scared! I made a huge mistake?
Why is my anemia not responding to iron supplementation?
Can you have a seizure without shaking?
Hi guys. Can i get some help with these symptoms.?
What would happen if an obese person got stuck inside an MRI machine,how would they get them out?
do prescription medicines work faster if they are taken with a glass of beer?
OMG I just accidently swallowed a bottle a nail polish!!!!?
what is the best way to get someone smoking crack to stop smoking it?
anyone had 4 wisdom teeth pulled at once?
what is the best type of toothpaste to use if you have braces?
Does it make you gag when you...?
why do you get fillings?
Why is marijuana illegal?
I want to die painlessly.?
How can I empty my bowels fully?!?
Can anyone explain more about what a Colonoscopy is?
I have pus in my urine. What kind of antibiotics should I be taking for this? I have no medical coverage...?
I have terrible problems with dandruff any suggestions?
Is this normal?????
Is chapstick embarrasing?
do all orthodontists have colors for braces!?
Is it good to have all 4 wisdom teeth taken out at the same time?
When I drink something cold, why does my teeth hurt??? When I eat sweets, i have this weird feeling as well?
i just pierced the top of my ear today....?
How to get whiter teeth?
Is it ok to eat a hamburger thats a little red in the middle?
what are these white marks on my teeth?
Do braces hurt??
Poo coming out of mouth?
Is blood ever blue?
Is there any thing that will lower blood pressure naturally?
i don't understand?
My eye keeps twitching.
Is my blood type rare?
What's happening to me?
why do i get hives?
should i bathe every month whether i need it or not?
is this answer actually true?!?!**??!!?
Why do I have back pain @ 13?
why am i irregular, meaning having a bowel movement?
Do braces hurt the first day?
My toe keeps getting numb ever sense I sprained my ankle, something wrong?,?
Canker Sores?
I'm trying to quit smoking pot. Anybody got any tips?
What can i do to help me sleep??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!?
Why do doctors say to drink lots of water when you are constipated, doesn't it just make you feel more bloated?
My head hurts when I shake it?
low blood pressure question I am 29?
I have CHF, Type 2 Diabetes, COPD and Hypertension. Will my health prevent me from having lap band surgery?
How to stay awake if coffee doesn't work?
What over the counter medicine is there for diaherra?
My fingernails, that are normally a pinkish color are now purple and really thin, what causes this?
my 4 yr. old urinates too frequently........?
do i have something???????????????
Bad SCOLIOSIS!!!! Help mee! need answers?
Are you a "Gumaholic"?
Lump on the top of my childs head?
I have severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks,Social Phobia,is it safe to swich immediately from ativan to xanax?
What can we do to stop the swine flu from spreading?
Should I commit suicide?
what the best OVER THE COUNTER medicine.....?
Can you really be naturally high?
can poisonous mushrooms be used to treat cluster migrains?
everytime i smoke a cigarette i get sick?
asprin + marijuana? (bad idea or what)?
is it true that too much water can damage the kidneys?
Can you tell me what this is called and how to treat it? I don't have a car, but I do have some medicine?
Is it possible my daughter ahs Munchausen's and is now involing my 3 year old grand son?
if four out of five people suffer from diarrhea does that mean one enjoys it?
What drug. . .?
How can you cure minor liver problem caused by alcoholism?
Do I have an eating disorder?
I need Help with Acne?
My partner has HIV and is not on any meds. We want to have a baby but I do not want to contract HIV. Help?
getting my braces off tomorrow....help!?
How do you cure depression?
HELP I'm stressed what can i do?
will ecstasy ever be legalized?
How much is a "half" of weed?
Someone once told me.....?
head cold, home remedies!?
is smoking weed good?
Does smoking marijuana lower your iq forever?
Why do i see better when i close my eyes?
Would you listen to that song "you're beautiful" over and over again for two years for 3.5 million dollars?
I don't want to go to college. I just want to live a school free life.?
My 70 year old Grandmother is Sick and Crazy. Should I excuse her lies because shes sick?
aww i hate this....................................…
how many joints are in your hands?
Name something specific a doctor checks during a physical exam?
Why can't I wake up in the morning?
Why do we need nurses?
what do you do if you have a broken spirit?
Can you get a yeast infection from?
i snore. i'm disturbing my wife, and probably the cats too. any suggestions?
I'm 16 years old and tomorrow I'm getting a regular physical so I can join the soccer team at school....
Why am I tired?
I'm sorry this is so gross, but?
What are some songs about suicide or self-harm?
does anyone have info. on antibiotic therapy?
Which president had polio?
I've been diagnosed with sinusitus?
random dizziness? help?
what is the phobia of needles called?
skin condition (hands)?
Why do I keep getting sick?
I can't sleep. Is there any ways you can help me?
Will I look okay with braces?
Does chewing gum after meals help prevent plaque & tartar buildup?
Super sensitive teeth?
when do you take your child to the dentist?
all i want to do is sleep all day.. i'm depressed because i can't get out of this house?
BrAcEs ?????????/?
Is it OK if you swallow a little piece of gum on accident?
How important is flossing & why?
Bleeding Gums?
Swine Flu Prevention Face Masks, do they work?
How and why is Swine Flu deadly?
Can you get an infection when you are on an antibiotic?
i feel depressed an suicidal?
what is wrong with me?
Swine flu swine flu swine flu?
how do you get that sand in your eyes when you are asleep and where does it come from?
clik here please!!what does this atand for?
harmful effects of not getting enough sleep?
If you lack sleep, do you do worse in school?
I sometimes skip aday in between baths. My 6 year ofd daughter as well. Is this Ok?
Using antibacterial softsoap to clean toothbrush?
Why do mosquito bites itch?
If cat fleas really bite and carry diseases what happends to me?
can u get leg cramps from standing on your feet too long?
What's scoliosis?
I have had this horrible diahrea for almost 3 days. What can I do?
what causes an ear infection??
braces i have one tooth that hurts like crazy and the wire isnt bent or bracket broken or anything?
(EMERGENCY) How do you pull out a non loose tooth in one day?!?
do you floss after or befor you brush your teeth?
What should I do about a boyfriend who doesn't brush his teeth?
is actually being a doctor hardwork?
What is hydrogen peroxide and where can I get it from?
What can an echocardiogram diagnose? What can it miss?
Is it possible a young person could have a stroke?
do you think I should change my name to London or Paris?
When you get seriously ill, what do you do?
do any body might know whats wrong with me?
I have an axe, but no wood. How can I get wood?
Do u tend to make a fist when relaxing?
Do you think nonsmokers....?
Why Do MEn wear Boxers???
How many prescription pills can be taken at once without any reactions to one another?
Will I get replacement teeth?
do i need braces[[[[[[with picsss]]]]]]?
should I pull my boy's baby tooth or take him to the dentist? I say I can do it myself.Wife says go to the doc?
Wisdom teeth?????????????????????????
Secondhand Smoke (true or false)?
Do doctors make too much money?
How do i get taller?
Does shaving hair with a razor really make it grow back thicker?
Getting high on weed?
Proactiv vs Skin id. Which one?
my daughter's front teeth (19year old) seem to be losing the enamel, what is this caused from?
what happens if u dont brush ur teeth?
Getting braces tomorrow. Preparation? What to expect?
I can't swallow pills and need to take ....please help?
After having braces do you have to wear a retainer for life?
how do u clean weed out of your system??
How to control stomach acid naturally...?
What do you like to smell?
What happens when one Siamese twin dies?
Could this be a concussion or just in my head?
What causes constant clearing of the throat?
Do you think that this years flu epidemic could be linked to bioterrorism?
I have been coughing up blood for around 4 months it seems to be every time i get a flu ?
Help please, am I allergic to milk!?
What do you do when you can't fall asleep?
How to enjoy little things in life ?
y do breath stink in the morning?
Help, I just got braces and it hurts to eat. What can I do?
i just got braces..!!!!!!?
Do you ever chew gum and then bite your tongue ?
I had two teeth pulled? Dentist recommends an implant or my teeth will shift. How long can I wait?
If you are allergic to solid yellow gold will you necessarily be allergic to white gold?
why does my ear hurt when i swallow?
To sleep or not to sleep. Is 2 hours worth it?
quickest treatment for a common cold sore? Thanks?
please answer my question?
How do you keep fresh air in the house?
How many hours of sleep does a 20 year old male need every night?
why am i feeling so sick?
I'm dizzy, feverish & tired but I don't have cold or flu-like symptoms or stomach pains?
What do my symptoms mean?
How can I quit smoking?
Does any know any rare disease names?
is it bad to mix coffee and sleeping pills?
my hands and feet are always cold and they get numb a lot?
What does blood in stool and burning mean?
what is lupus?
Why are there so many people all off sudden with acid reflux disease?
POLL: Have you, or someone you know had the swine flu?
do i have an infection? what could it be?
for women only please?
Ouch! I need some help!?
when does puberty start?what are the exact changesafter puberty?
I need some help with my personal hygiene?
Help!!, i just got back from a restraunt and i feel like s_hit, i got wings and a sweet tea?
How do you get rid of charlie horses? What causes them?
What has been the most physical pain you've experienced?
do you look down on pot smokers besides people who need it for medical reasons ?
For experts only, can a person be cleared to play a sport if thet have a heart murmur?
Is there any certain age, heart disease can start, or increase a chance to get it?
How many cusps are found in the biscupid valve?
I feel a pinch under my heart area whats happening?
does anybody else find this weird? or do you also do it too?
how often is one supposed to get a new toothbrush?
what is another word for toothpick?
how long do you have to have braces?!?
Why do I clench my teeth in my sleep?
Help! Pink eye must GO!?
what causes sleep deprivation, appetite loss, AND nausea?
What risks do 12 year olds and under have in a hot tub?
anyone got any ideas with what i can do with my life?
88 Years old with diarrhoea for 4 weeks!?
If your taking antiboatics is it safe to get a tatoo?
Help! Can't sleep n have trouble controlling my anxiety...?
will Cinnamon lower blood pressure?
I need to get rid of?
Question about blood pressure please help me and answer please!?
Heart Palpitations what can cause them?
Where is the best place to use the bathroom?
I'm 5.7 feet tall and 143.3 lbs.what do u think???
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
I quit smoking marijuana, now what?
Can someone advise me about how to quit smoking marijuana?
Help me is this bad or serious!!?
How can I appear to be eating without actually eating anything?
Is brain damage possible to suffer from after an accident?
why am i always so cold?
please help i have a kidney stone in the midle of my uretha?
my daughter who is 14 passed out for few seconds twice.All her tests are normal and she is healthy.?
how much time after taking paxil does it get to your brain and start working?
Has anyone heard if you are a lefty it will shorten your life span?
Is it normal to feel sweeling after having your wisdom teeth removal?ans for how long?
What's the best way to distract myself from my emotional issues?
What can you take to reduce the symptoms of a cold?
Get over a cold fast?
What are ways that I can control my temper?
Which massage for my husband?
where did the aids virus orignate?
is it illegal to smoke in a car with a child in ny?
what controls the body's temperarure?
Can you get Hepatitis C from drinking someone's blood?
I feel like ii have a flu/cold., could ii have the swine flu.?
if i happen to swallow a mosquito carrying a dengue virus would i get sick?
What are some ways to prevent catching the swine flu?
My father is 90 yrs. old, he's in the hospital dying.?
Getting rid of a caffiene headache?
Why are herbal supplements have a "NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS" indicated on their labels?
What is a heart skip/flutter?
I have snoring problems, any fixes?
does warm water clean your hands better than cold water?
Is it normal to forget breathing for a few seconds?
what does this mean?
What should I do if I think someone I work with might be anorexic?
Recently When I Moisturize my face it gets really dry??
Help for my mother giving herself insulin shots.?
My blood type is A+ is that rare?
what happens when diabetics don’t follow the correct dietary guidelines for the diabetic diet?
Help me cure my sore throat please?
are there any natural weight loss ideas? i have bi polar and keep gaining weight on my meds?
What are some of the things you can try for nausea?
The best way to build up your immune system?
Did monkey really start HIV?
Is it true...?
How will you prepare for swine flu?
NEED TOO GETT RIDD OF A COLDD SOAR BY MONDAY ?????????? PLZ. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have really dry,rough hands!?
Kevin Trudeau, Natural Cures??
my friend's symptoms?
Does this sound like fibromyalgia???
do children with diabetes have a shorter life span than those who dont?
How do I stop smoking?
Ok.. does it hurt to get a root canal? And I was also wondering about braces?
Im eating lemons and my teeth hurt now. what do I do?
Do you smoke marijuana at midnight?
How to treat a second degree burn with household items?
Can I fail a drug test from being in a room with a lot of weed smoke?
Rolling papers?
Head and chest cold remedies?
Apple Cider Vinegar?
how do you get rid of the common cold?
Vicks Vapour Rub Works On Stretch Marks?
If I used Hydrogen Peroxide on Q-tip to cleaner Ear's Will it damage my Ear's?
How to raise your Glucose Level for a blood test?
Can that foot pad really remove toxins from your body?
whats good for excessive armpit sweat?
Are there any alternative medicines for acne?
i swallowed 12 fish oil vitamin pills?
natural remedies for headaches?
Did you have your second cup of caffine yet? What are you drinking for breakfast?
My bf is bipolar and ADHD, What do i need to know about this?
How can I tell if I have Down Syndrome?
after donating blood how can u avoid fainting?
i have been having breathing pr5obleams for around 4months now my chest feels very tight please help?
I think I might have pinkeye!?
Please pray for this heart baby?
Whats the difference between chakras and chi?
help plzzzz easy question?
my gran is 92 and has dementia she has lost the ability to talk over the last few weeks now she isnt able to?
I have severe chronic pain I am on high doses of medicines ,such as Oxcycodone,and other pills. I am having wh
Do I have something wrong with me?
Help Please?
What is something that could kill and 18-20 year old girl?
Is low blood pressure bad?
how can you tell that you definately have OCD??
What can help for an extremely light sleeper?
does smoking weed make you loose weight?
i have a gap between my 2 frount teeth what can i do about it ?
Teeth whitening?
tooth hurts?
does anyone know good home remedy's to whiten teeth quickly.?
Does it mean that my retainers are loose if I can push them out with my tongue? Or is that normal?
how to pass a urine drug test?
How do I get myself to sleep sooner?
cod liver oil for menstruation?
is my brother diabetic?
Nose pericing care and pain wise?
Why are all dental hygenists pretty?
Question about diabetes, help!?
My blood sugar is 180... what does that mean?
my boyfriend is addicted to pain pills. He's tried to quit a few times. He takes less now than he has?
If you take more than one Advil would it work faster?
What causes cold sores?
What is wrong with me?? Please Help!!?
I have vertigo. Can I still ride rollercoasters if I take my dramamine?
how do you quit finger nail biting?
i have chronic depression but i don't have money for a therapist what do i do?
My friend is attracted to pedophiles! Help?
how can i do this?? 10 pts for best answer!!?
What are the effects of eating a chocolate chip cookie I suspect has marijuana in it?
how do you loose weight in 2 weeks?
HELP!What do you do you do for a baby that has constipation?? ?
I'm really starting to get scared about this!?
Too Short?! Eh, help.?
What can I do when my stomach is hurting like crazy?
Why does the TV help me fall asleep?
if they made a pill so you wouldnt need sleep would you take it?
How many of you are planning on getting a flu shot?
dose marijuana help you lose weight?
my stomach has been hurting and my throat too it even hurts to swallow anything plz help?
how do you feel about being an organ donor?
could i have herpies now?
Does anyone else think that adhesive bandages (e.g. Band-Aids) are hard to open?
Nobody is answering this question..Why?
What's the Best time to Work Out???
I'm a FAT kid. how do i lose weight?
Why is it taking so long for my grandpa to die?
Has anyone ever tried lightening their hair with lemon juice ? How did that go about ?
I hate my life. I'm miserable. What do I do?
first time smoking weed ANSWER ASAP!!1!?
If you inhale or smoke a chemical will vomiting get it out of your blood?
do u like that they are banding somking i dont smoke but my dad does?
how to stop taking painkillers?
how to get guy pregnant how?
Do you know anyone that can have just one drink and change into a completely different person?
What are some signs of pregnancy other than the normal?
Sore Throat Remedies?
Is vitamin D good for the immune system?
natural ways to control or get rid of diabetes?
I have a cold sore! I HAVE A PARTY TOMORROW! ): HELP!?
why don't they make colored toilet paper and kleenex anymore?
I cannot sleap unlessI read or watch TV - Know any ways to remedy?
is Xannex a REALLY good drug for anxiety???
What is colder, brisk or nippy?
If you sneeze with your eyes open can they really pop out?
what are some methods to clear my eurine fast?
What can I do to prevent having a headache in the morning?
what is the natural way to prevent diabetes?
Does anyone know of any "natural cures" to treat ALZHEIMER'S?> Thank you very much!?
make up your own pharmaceutical drug?
Recreational marijuana use has come to an end...Help?
what is astigmatism?
How would you describe weed to someone whos never done it?
What can a high temp fever do to you? 101-105?
if u've been doing it 2 much! nd your gf is always bleeding evrytym u do it!wat does it mean? wat should i do?
I got a huge flu and feel very sick. What do you take in those cases? ?
Could I Have Toxic Shock Syndrome?!! PLEASE HELP!?
what do i take for a urinary infection?
Is there any solution for stopping AIDS terror in Africa and the entire world?
what could cause tingling pain down my left arm?
What's on my lip?
How can i teach my son 8, to swallow pills. Needs them for an ear infection.Really struggling. PLZ HELP ME !?
I'm sick with the flu any home remedies??
can you die from kissing someone who smokes?
What's the real deal on the Bird Flu?
I think i have a urinary tract infection but the doctors said i do not, what else could this be?
Whats that condition called when you try to poo but can't and end up peeing rather than pooing?
Swine flu symptoms?????
hiv stuff need an answer?
urgent question - Found Under My Armpitt?
Fatigue is ruining my life. Are you aware of any facilities, experimental treatments, or clinical studies?
is anorexia a disease?
what kind of doctor do i see if i have of blood in stool?
i have my yearly check up tommorow at the doctors?
How long does marijuana stay in your hair?
are vegetarians in better health than those who eat meat?
Can you get high from taking ginger?
Will prune juice work just as well as laxatives?
please tell me some name of sleeping pills medicine?
I am severely sensitive to all the toxins/chemicals in our environment-everything from people's perfume,?
where can i get Acai berry from?
Better off with tea tree oil or vinegar remedy for nail fungus?
What are other sources of potassium besides bananas?
Help! I woke up with terrible toothache, and don't have any oragel. Any quick home remedies?
Is It Cheating If You Brush Your Teeth Before Going To The Dentist?
Why does my heart hurt? and beat faster?
Rhetorical question about Swine Flu...?
Can you treat scabies before you get a breakout?
What sicknesses will put you in bed for about two weeks?
Do i have appendicitis?
ummm...some problem with my hand?
I think i might have broken a bone.?
What time do you go to bed & wake up?
How is a headache caused?
Food for someone with Diabetes?
How do you clean a pierced tounge?
How did Bryan Adams die?
how safe is the pass out game?
How do you get fat?
I need to get to sleeeeep. Help??
What would u call ur baby if you had 1 boy or Girl?
Can alot of stress make yoy sick?
Is it possible that you can go through your whole life without getting the chickenpoxs? i havent had them yet.
How long does it take to get 5ml of blood from a blood test? I'm getting my first one today and Im scared :(
Need some medical advice scared.?
if i eat only once a day, what deseases can i possibly get?
Kidney Stones?
Acid reflux!!!!?
Omaga 3 Fish Oil Help?
I am a Vegetarian and I Want to Know a Good Multi-Vitamin?
How long should I wait to drink alcohol after going off a medication such as hydrocodone(vicodin)?
What are the natural produce can fight against cancers?
Is the Bubonic Plague also "Black Death"?
how can i defecate easily?im constipated but my stool isnt that hard..its just im having a hard time defecatng
can ciggeretes make you gain weight?
what is a blader enfection...how can you get it...and get red of it?
is it wrong ?
Is it true that second hand smoke is harmless?
Why do I keep getting a cough?
price of vasectomy?
Why is the incidence of autism rising?
Extreme fatigue and blurred vision?
This is serious, is it possible for a normal person to go temporarly insane due to too much sugar?
I can't smell anything at all ?
Im Not Sure If I Need My Tonsills Out Or Not Can You Help Me?
SORE THROAT please help?
My daughter has a fever to 105.she had low appetite n ddhe judt ate a little bit.. should i take her to clini?
Can you 'catch up on sleep'?
Its 3.30am and I'm still awake?
How do you get taller?
what does dnr stand for ???
what are the symtons of food poisioning and do you have to see a doctor or wiil they paass?
Do you use toilet paper or wipes after taking a dump?
Ohhhh I Itch!?
I have a sore throat. What should I do ?
How long will it take to fully recover from smoking pot for the first time?
Is anyone out there awake? If so, what's keeping you up?
Can a 14 year old boy take pepto bismal?
I don't care if i hurt myself.?
What color is an albino person's feces?
I woke up with a cold sore.How do you treat them??
am i really short or something?
how many body piercings do you have?
what can i do to be taller?
What do these Blood Pressure numbers mean?
Can you help me with my sleeping problem?
what does it look like when you have poisen ivy?
Headaches due to lack of coffee?
whats wrong with me?
How do you keep from falling out of bed while sleeping?
I think I want to hurt myself,can you help?
i still like the boy who dumped me what do i do?
what do i need to bring to the emergency room?
At what age is a woman not considered to be a "young woman"?
is it safe to take motrin, benadryl and immodium at the same time?
Help about the Swine Flu?!?
I just got my swine flu shot?
How long do people usually have braces on?
i lied to one of my friends?
in your opinion is alcohol or weed a less danger to society?
why do people smoke?
can u get high by eating marijauna?
am i fat???
A kid grabbed me at the bottom of my throat with one hand, and I was wondering if I could have lost?
i just ate 2lbs of saw dust. is this going to hurt me?
any cure for death?
Has anyone grown 3 to 4 inches after the age of 15?
six weeks to live?
i think i have swine flu n im not getting any better wat should i do?
Can this be swine flu or just a cold?
thoracic aortic aneurysm ?
my girlfriend has diabetes and she tries homeopathy. any experience?
Just how bad is whiskey and vicodin?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
What are some good ways of relieving stress???
Why do they sterilize the needles for lethal injections?
can i go into hosiptal and ask for an x ray done?and when will i get the results?
how to stop my gum addiction!?
My root canal tooth hurts. Why?
problem with dentist?
I Just Got Braces Can I eat..?
Can you rinse with listerine for longer than 30 seconds?
How to treat gum infection without antibiotics?
Can I tell my orthodontist I don't want bottom braces?!?
Does it hurt when u get your braces taken off? like on a scale from 1-10. ten being the most painful ect.?
How can I convince me parents to let me NOT take the H1N1 vaccine?
any tips on quitting biting my nails?
How do you prevent snoring?
I'm extremely thirsty but I can't pee.?
Is there a draw back to swallowing a chewable vitamin whole? I can't stand the taste?
I can't finger myself?
How can I not have to pee during a road trip?
Does citibank test for marijuana?
Is it safe to stand next to a microwave oven while it is operating ?
I have the common cold...help?
can i sue my orthodontist?
is diabetes considered a 21st century disease?
nose bleed for two days?
What is a normal time for an adult to go to bed?
what is the average height for a 15 year old i just turned 15 and i am 5.5 1/2 is that short?
What is your addiction?
i can breathe through my ears?
Can I eat chicken noodle soup if I have diarrhea? Or should I just not eat?
how many 1mg ativan should i take to feel good someone has done it before i know so answer.pillheads n all?
Whats Wrong With me?????
Hearburn ? What can I do that doesn't involve taking a medication?
How do I get high legally?
Natural remedies to help with my 13 month old son's cold?
H1N1 VIRUS? (SWINE FLU). Could I Have It?
What is the fastest and most effective way to stop a toothache until you can see the dentist?
4 impacted wisdom teeth throbbing pain loose stitches?
Is something wrong with my teeth?
Can you eat popcorn when you have braces?
my braces are killing me.?
My husband has a killer toothache...?
when is too old to get braces?
"Novacaine" ????? Was this normal??? what can i do now?
Do i wear panties at night when i go to bed?
Im taking a DRUG TEST and i only smoke is weed, need some serious help!?
how can my boyfriend and I experiment?
runny nose watery eyes?
Why does my hand keep going numb?
does your ability to run have any thing to do with anything with how well you can breath?
How can I stay awake for like two days?
How long can one be legally dead without being just dead?
Whats in a cigatette?
is it normal?
how can i stop smoking?
My mom won't stop Twitching, Help me please?
I have small white spots on my nails, my sister says this is because of lack of calcium is she right?
eye twitching a symptom of stress?
you can u have a cavaite hole in ur teeth?
I am having my wisdom teeth removed soon. I was wondering how soon does the pain and swelling go away?
how to stop bad breath?
can you smoke weed and still get good grades?
what can i do if i'm addicted to nasal spray?
at what age you feel old?
My boss has this awful cough....?
What can smoking weed lead to?
Is it bad to take your vitamins with a cup of tea?
Can anyone recommend something Natural for Anxiety?
Will i fail my Drug screen If....?
If you clean a syringe with bleach, does it reduce the risk of transmitting disease?
I sleep a majority of the day and am too lazy to do anything with my life, is there somethign wrong with me?
hey, i need help, and now?
Constant severe headache?
Are You Scared Of Dying? I Am....?
i think i need acupuncture... where should i go?
drug test tomarrow. help!!!!!?
Is vomiting bad for your body?
can i help ease the pain in a cats menstrural cycle?
I keep falling alsleep even at work. Why?
If I eat a donut 10 minutes before having blood drawn, will at affect my test results?
PLEASE help! I just SMOKED some WEED?
What's wrong with my leg?
I'm Sick How Do I Get Better?
What can I do to make myself stay awake?
Chest pain, rapid sporatic heartbeat, and extreme tiredness.... symptoms of...?
If you smoke cigarettes that you roll yourself, does it reduce the risk of smoking-related health problems?
whats the worst injury you've ever suffered?
how bad is .335 for alcohol level?
help help!!!?
AIDs were brought over to Africa in a test tube?
I have what I think is a blood blister on the bottom of my foot, should I pop it?
I am 17- year old girl and I am 4 feet 11.5 inches tall. How can I get taller?
Is there something seriously wrong with me?
is smoking cigarettes REALLY that bad for you?
JACK KEVORKIAN...Whatever happened to the doctor that helped people commit suicide?
Ho do u get rid of hicups?
stretch marks?
do i need a doctors note for work for having a pink eye?
Is swine flu infecting cats and dogs?
Is it normal for your mom or dad to come into the examination room when you're having a physical?
Is it true that your bowels release when you die?
What's that white mark that shows up on our finger nails?
I was just wondering.... (please answer even if you dont know or care)?
Why does your stomach hurt?
my friend smokes weed, hes getting drug tested this weekend! People are saying if you drink green tea helps y?
Whats the best way to smoke cannabis?
How to get rid of a sinus infection naturally?
absolute best way to quit smoking?
Do you know of any alternative health programs to reverse 4th stage breast cancer..please give details?
any good remedies?
What are the best natural remedies for kidney cancer?
How is the prescribed marijuana medicine supposed to be tooken?
How long does the swine flu last?
If you are around someone who sneezes and they don't have a cold is there any way you could get a cold?
What would happen if you burp, cough, sneeze and hiccup at the same time?
I get cramps in my feet .?
Why have my eyes been hurting when i move them since i woke up?
How do I know when the stomach flu is over?
should i see a doctor?
What are some ways to stay occupied while having to stay in bed for about a month?
How long the healthy woman should sleep? I sleep from 12 in night to 11 in morning and I still feel tired!?
i was at a party and i made out with a guy, the next day my friends found out he has herpes.?
how do you get rid of the hiccups?
what is the hardest bone in the human body?
how do you break bad habits?
WHy cant a woman leave her house without make up???
i cannot be sick next week help me!?!?!?!?!??????!?!?!?
what is your zodiac sign and what animal are you?
Always tired, sleep for 12 or more hours a day. What is wrong?
how big is a ounce of weed?
what is a natural colon clenser that you can make at home?
how long does it take for multi vitamins to start working? Do they increase your energy?
What is a good supplement, herb, vitamin guide? online or off.?
I've got a COLD SORE and I'm getting married in 8 Days! Remedy needed!!!!?
How many people have a hard time standing or walking right after an orgasm? Is this a girl thing only??
I'm home alone and scared?
whts the average age?
how do u get rid of dandruff?
I have a urine drug test in 1 week i havent smoked marijuana in 5 weeks but b/f i was a heavy user will i pass
which contact goes in which eye?
How often do u "go for #2"?
ok so what is a girl squirting when she squirts?
If a person is Hiv+ & also has general herpes-when will they develope AIDS-Does Herpes make Hiv delope faster?
anxiety or heart problems?
Bieber fever........?
Can I expect to do well in college if I have Lyme disease?
Should I be worried about the swine flu?
Do drug company logos in your doctor's office bother you?
Is getting my nose pierced a bad idea?
What helps you get rid of stress?
What do you like about sleeping?
how do i make my breast bigger naturally?
(GIRLS ONLY) why dont girls shampoo there hair everyday?
Anyone know about Gallstones? Does the Gallbladder need to be removed?
im in a bind and need to pass a urine test SOON! i need some tips on what to do to clean my system out????
Does the product 'Airborne' really work?
how can we give self Treatment in Reiki ?
Generic massage oil recipe that you can then add your own scented oils to?
Heart murmur???? what to do?
My pulse rate is between 101 and 104 is that high?
My blood pressure is wierd?
What exactly is a eating disorder? Like what is bulimic? and stuff?
What's the point of living if we are one day going to die?
If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?
what is wrong with me??... i get headaches all the time, i am constently feeling?
Serious Emergency!!! Crazy glue on skin.?
Whar's the most undignified way to die?
Drinking a lot of water can be remove HIV!?
True or False?
can i use equate tripple antibiotic ointment on a healing tattooo??
I cannot sleep at nights, everytime I get ready for bed I am wide awake and walk the house all nigth long.?
I've been sick...?
can't sleep help??
What is the best natural remedy for an upset tummy?
when my bloood pressure drops to below 80/50 while i sleep , will my heart just stop beating?
can my doctor see if i have been smoking weed?
Help, I don't think I'm human anymore?
what food is good for cholesterol?
i get severe head ache when i am out in the sun...what should i do to prevent it??
Why do my husbands sneezes smell so awful?
What is the best way to stop itchy bites from mosquitoes?
Can you catch Autism?
How do i quit smoking when i have no money?
can a blood type "O+" change to "O-" in a person?
This is gross but how do get rid of cold sores on the lips and mouth FAST?
got tips to fall asleep?
how safe are contact lenses. Does one really feel the have a foreign object in their eyes.?
Please help with this?
Should i call the ER?!?!?
can you get an std from your dog?
Am I too old for the HPV vaccine?
How much money does a cardiovascular surgeons make???
I have blood in my mucus? why?
how can I grow tall like 7 ft or like 6'9".?
Every time I drink a solid amount of alcohol i get acid reflux . Is there anyway to avoid this?
my room mate put x in my coffee waht should i do?
Is your blood really blue on the inside of your body?
Is this normal?
Is there an upside to being a sorry-looking dude?
Does your man like you to wear make-up ?
Is 5'7 tall for a girl????????
Root Canal?
I have a toothache and can't get into the dentist until Jan. 24th. What can I do to stop the pain?
I'm soooo scared! I have to get like 3 root canals! :O?
If chlorine is poison, then why don't they put a warning label on Splenda?
What`s another word for chiropractor, in the medical field?
Can smoking Marijuana be harmful to your eyes?
What kind of massage do you recommend? Is 60 mins too long?
okay....needles, if you share a needle and your both clean what happens?
Can anyone advise the reasons behind NOT having your child take the H1N1 vaccine?
Question about swine flu exposure?
o cigarette die hards actually not know that everything about them -clothes, house, breath stinks?
is smoking weed modertly bad for our health( like once in a week)?