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im 16 and im like 5'3 or almost 5'4 and i weight 116 lbs is that normal?
Does running burn fat or turn it into muscle?
heavy problem!!!!?
I'm Fat =(?
im a 19 yr old male 6 ft 225 lbs. how do i lose 100 lbs in the next year?
Why am I not loosing weight or don't I see any changes or is it in my head?
Do I burn calories when I walk but without sweat?
Skinny As Rail:( need to pack some weight, but how?
How do you know if you have AIDS?
Help with herbal remedies for water retention. Do they work?
I just ate 5 slices of pizza help!! QUICKKKK?
what are the size effects of anerexia?
who has the best body?
DOCTORS OUT THERE? breathing problems?
can you overdose on Aspririn and Tylenol PM?
digestive problems?
how long does it take for an ear infection to drain out of my eardrum?
What are the legal implications of knowingly passing on std's?
Why do we seem lighter when we weigh ourselves in the morning?
I'm tired of being WEAK!?
i am on diet and right now i am really thinking about food wht should i do ?
how to lose 5 pouds without going on diet or taking pills?
why is the thought of food always in my head???
Skipping meals to lose weight?
Anyone have a breakfast idea that's as satisfying a scrambled eggs, bacon and toast and yet is healthy?
what do you think of the size zero?
Is there one food that I could eat all I want of and not gain weight and tastes good?
Do you think a size 12 is fat?
Are my legs chubby? (pics included) Serious and mature answers only please?!?
How can i get skinnier?
Am I Anorexic...?
Do you think the government released the Swine Flu?
Is swine flu curable?Are there vaccines for this disease?
should i stay home because of the swine flu??? HELP!?
how do i stop my sister from smoking ????
How can I help my 9 year old be interested in herself. She is 65 kilos and gaining. She won't eat veggies HELP?
It's about pap smear?
what do you do when you get stung?
can i get herpes my touching dry gum?
Where can I find a place to get tested for STD's without an appointment?
Have you ever stopped smoking
Can You Get HIV From Kissing?
can std travel through saliva?
Can you loose weight by eating less and using Laxatives?
I HATE Water...any healthy way to make it taste of Something?
Make a prediction? (Yes) (No) (Maybe) Will you gain or lose weight by the end of 2007?
gain weight.?
Do i have the swine flu?
Why am i fat? I am on a strict Diet?
what is the healthiest milk for you?
Am I too fat to get a man?
If I eat less than 100 calories a day?
ok if your 12 almost 13 and you weigh 130 pds and your 5ft is that FAT?
Is it possible... (Weight Loss)?
Low calorie diet, no excercise - will I lose weight?
how can i lose a lot of pounds fast?
i have a wedding in 2 weeks, how can i lose 5-10lbs by then?
Can you get HIV by giving a head to a guy?
I have had a tickly cough for a couple of weeks i've tried benylin dry cough bottle and it's not working.
do people have to take swine flu jab?
Is the Swine Flu spreading in New York still?
What can be done to stop MRSA?
what foods should i eat before running 4 miles?
Im 15 years old - What can I do to lose belly flab?
how can you lose 10 pounds off your stomach?
How to lose 20 pounds before april comes around?
is she fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How often do you eat takeaway food?
Is there a point when u are so buff u cannot get anymore buff?
how long does it take to die from herpes?
can u get STD's or hiv from somebody that is a virgin ?or can they still carry them?
my left ear wont pop i've tried everything i put hydro peroxide and holding my nose and blowing what should i
do a person can kno that they ave Aid by muscle cramps in the legs?
could i have caught gonorrhea from a toilet seat?
My boyfriend says that you can get AIDS from a public swimming pool. I say that's crazy. Who is right?
Do these eyeglasses look OK on me? I like the frames alot; is the color, shape, and design of the frames OK?
Why do I feel tired all the time?
I have a Piercing I have it for 5 months blood still come out Why?
Should smokers get FREE treatment to smoking-induced diseases (e.g: lung cancer)?
my ankles and legs are so swowlen what is the cause of this. I am sixty years old I am a smoker and a drinker?
ok so i'm 17 and i think i have a STD?
What would it be like if we had one eye?
There is a big black and white circle in the centre of my sight?
Can you get hiv if you donate blood?
I smoked pot for the first time, is this normal...?
do you think i need glasses?
If you were to go for an alternative therapy treatment, which type would you go for & why?
What is your best hangover remedy?
Advantages/Disadvantages of Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine?
What is an easy way to get rid of foot oder?
"I don't want to die, but I feel no fear towards death". Are these normal words coming from a 30 year old?
can your eyes go back to normal?
Is it true that sitting in front of the t.v does not spoil your eyes?
Should I stick with contacts or go back to wearing glasses?
I cut myself like an hour and a half ago and its still kind of bleeding. how long will it take to stop?
How Do You Get Tonsillitis?
mosquito repellent???
i cut a little piece of skin off and im scared?
i drink every day to cover up my baby being ran over and killed by my mom, but i feel so bad i have 3 other ki
why should u not drink the bong water?!?
best way to get rid of the flu?
I self harm and want help, but dont want to get sent away?
wide cut on my forearm..what should i do? [part 2]?
Why is it so hard for smokers to quit?
How repulsive is it, when a person has any kind of eye disorders( lazy eye, strabismus, crossed eyes).?
What is the longest length of time you have slept for consistently?
REALLY bad ingrown toenail, what should I DO?!?
What percentage of people have HIV?
AHHH The squirrels are pounding on my window asking for TOOTHPASTE AND COOKIES!!! What should I do???
Help!! I am actually going to kill myself...Help me please?
Scared to stay home alone??
Hi, I've been experiencing "Migraine Headaches" for quite some time. Is there any ayurvedic remedy for it...??
what is bad about pot?
I Feel ill?
How effective are the Nytol tablets at getting you to sleep if you are not feeling tired??
can a kid or teen be f##ked up because of his parents?
Is there any natural way to get rid of Gout? I have been on cherries & blueberries for the last 3 weeks. Help
Could u get herpes from a bathtub?
I just got contacts yesterday but I want to know how do I take them off at night?
what are the best ways to quit smoking?
can a guy who smokes weed, & quits 7 days prior to a UA, still pass?know about StripNaturalCleanser. any good?
How do you carry your glasses without a case?
Is it true that people with the rare blood Type-O cannot contract STD's including HIV ?
How do i stop self harming?
Do I have meningitis?
How stop diarrhoea, is it any medicine or home remedy for it?
Whats the cure for a very bad back?
Punched in the eye what should i do?
Does it matter if you swallow a chewable tablet instead of actually chewing it first?
Should I stop smoking weed?
marijuana vs anti-depressants. which would you choose if your doctor gave you a choice?
How Can I Help My Boyfriend's Headaches?
What's your craziest injury story?
whats better,acupressure or acupuncture?
I cut my finger and it won't stop bleeding, what do I do?
How much do perscribed antibiotics usually cost?
I took 2 hydrocodone and feel SICK! Help me D:?
i smoked a napkin, will i die?
is pot, weed, what ever you want to call it, actually bad for you?
After a Car accident : Chiropractic or MD?
What's the best NATURAL painkiller ?
Ok... weird question. One of my ear holes is larger than the other. Is this normal?
my friend shot me in the eye yesterday with a bee bee gun and i cant open my eye?
Have you ever been so upset about something that you can't sleep?
I've had a cold for about a week and the inside of my ears are hurting tremendiously! how can i make them stop
How to get my ear uncongested?
I really need some sunburn help?
What do I do for a child with a 103-104 degree temp?
how many countries have swine flu and has it reached Turkey yet?
What's a good alternate remedy for a hangover?
how do i get a splinter out of a 2 year olds finger?
Can you get aids from a pool?
Hmmmm. Does anyone know what causes the hiccups?
Help,a lump on left side of the neck! ):?
I tink my hubby has sleep apnea. He doesn't want seek treatment. What can i do?
Do you have Herpes Simplex Virus?
Who takes away someone when they die ?
What is HIV/AIDS, and are they the same or different?
can black people get lice?
how effective is st.john's wort? i have heard it loses it's potency after a while.?
Why do married couples not get aids?
Do Optometrists check your retinas when they give you an eye exam?
Is it okay if you take a 1-2 hour nap while wearing contacts?
If you have a new partner are you worried about stds , would you ask them to get tested?
What are the best home remedies for and sore throat please I've done tried everything.?
I told someone on Q&A to go Kill Themselves??
herpies.. just wondering?
What's up with my temper?
Can my mom legally put me away?
You know the pro-biotic drinks is there an alternative for people that can't have dairy products?
Alternative medicine for adhd at home remedies?
How do guys get checked for STDs? Is it just drawing blood?
Is this girl wearing reading glasses or regular eye glasses(pic)?
Am I visually impaired?
Cystitis?!?! Help!!?
Is Gental warts a sign of HIV?
Aids is still on the rise in Africa especially among youth whats failing?
Any one have any remedies for a goodnight's sleep.My hubby works nights and i just dont sleep .?
Suicidal people on YA?
Is there a way to recover from flu without medicine?
What is the chances of getting chicken pox twice?
do's hypnotism stop you smoking or is acupuncture better?
How can I teach myself to be more layed back?
Besides surgery, is it possible to improve your eye vision?
if an HIV+ person cries & his tears falls on the healthy person skin & get absorbed,can healthy get AIDS?
a diarhea like green ink .. what it means ..?
what to eat after vomiting?
how to fix a studdering problem..?
My Homeopath sold me potions that haven't worked and I feel like I have been scammed?
What's the best way to get rid of hiccups?
my dad is suffering from arthritis pain from very long time.he cn't sleep.pls help to find any natural medicin?
My boy friend is using oxycontin?
How do guys get tested for S.T.D.?
I Have hiatus hernia and have cut down on bread any good substitute?
We have VERY bad eyesight, does that mean our children will to?
how to get a splinter out from under my skin on my toe?
Why do i feel like vomiting?
SWINE FLU ? !!!!!!! HELP?
Sore throat home remedies?
Help with my anxiety please?
i just vomited up about 5 heaves of blood and almost blacked out, should i go to the doctor?
Got bitten by a hobo. Should I see a doctor?
Can the doctor wait for an ear infection?
How do you cope when you have too much work to do? ?
wasp sting what can i do x?
should i quit smoking pot?
Why aren't the governments closing airports to prevent Swine Flu?
what do ya'll think this is...?
Can sleeping for 10 hours make you even more tired? I can't stop yawning-feel so drained of energy/brain power
i need help ......?
How long does the burning sensation on a sunburn usually last ???
I accidentally slept with my contacts in. I have to have them in today, but do I need to take them out?
Is this technically bullying?
I was neighbor of a very known American serial killer; I'm scared!
As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes what's the other two?
i got a question about alcohol and anxiety?
When you wear Contact Lenses is it a good idea to buy eyedrops?
How do I stop myself getting so ANGRY?
do cigarettes contain alcohol?
What is your opinion on these health drink things. probiotics and good bacteria things,Do they help you?
Can I just use eye-drops as contact cleansers?
do you think im too thin for a guy? (pic)?
Why do I feel the need to always be gramatically correct online?
i have alot of questions about herpes?
I need some support, and please don't say anything to make it worse than it is.... This is bad enough?
Do you think i need reading glasses?
I have such a sore throat & loaded with the cold ............?
my sister in-law's children eat cat poo out of the kitty litter. how harmful could this be?
how to avoid a hangover??
How Do I Not Start Smoking?
i am 39 and been making my self sick after i eat now for 7 years and am worried getting chest pains?
i dont want to be alive?
if i want to get surgery can i get surgery to look like this when i get 18?
How can I give up cigarettes for good?
flashing lights in my eyes?
herbal remedy for depression/bi polar?
If flu vaccination exists, why do we still keep getting the flu?
I have a problem with my mother-in-law, she has hepatitus C which is contagious.?
What are the pros and cons of smoking weed?
what colour are my eyes?
Yesterday I went to visit a friend at the hospital and this morning I found out they had the Swine Flu.?
Please, wont you help me end it all?
I've got a cold!?
Steroids are they really bad?
do people really get over something that they regret doing?
swine flu questions got the shot today?
Can the h1n1 shot kill you?
Can insomia kill someone?
What's a really good medicine to treat a sore throat?
does imagination has any limit?
How Can I tell if my ear's infected?
i keep being sick help me?
What could i have? ill?
Can you explain what happens at the eye doctor ?
can you catch a cold from the air?
What makes you really Hyper?
why do the lungs need a good blood supply?
how old were you when you first started smoking?
What is the best remedy for croup?
Why do they dilate your eyes during an eye exam?
Do all cigarettes have fiberglass in them? If not which kind don't?
Something really horrible has happened, I just don't know what to do. Please help?
No headache, no fever but it hurts in my chest when I cough?
How long until 2 bowls of weed is out of my system?
Traditional/Old methods for treating burns?
How do I tell people that I tried to kill myself?
how to forget smoking ....?
I keep waking up at 3:30 am why?
What are some alternatives for incense?
What is the cause of death when a person jumps in front of a train or a bus?
What do you say about these symptoms?
OCD! I'M FREAKING OUT! will i get hurt or die or something bad, please help?
Is it bad to get your cartalidge pierced while you have the flu?
do i have "pink eye"?
Should I get the H1N1 Vaccine?
Why to pennies "stick" when placed at the temples of your head? Has anyone ever heard of this?
How to treat insomnia healthy?
I'm 14 years old and I want to kill myself. I really Don't want to hurt my family so I'm going to the hospital?
Ha. How do I deal with all these?
How can I stop this!?!? 10 points PLEASE ANSWER!!! ?
What's the most frightening experience you've ever had?
Im 13 would i be able to go to the doctors to get depression pills?
Why does it always seem to be low intelligence/rough people that have swine flu?
how can i get ready for someone's sudden death?
Im not feeling good.. Do I have swine flu?
Is this actually considered self-harm?
Am I sick? And if so, what is it?
I cant get a sleep tonight so what i should do?
what does hypertension mean?
Reiki- please no skeptics?
does swallowing give you any infections or anything that I should be aware of?
What is Jaundice?
Can anyone give me advice on my phobia of vomitting?
CHiken pox help??? remedies?
I'm really scared about the swine flu thing. Does anyone know anything that might make me feel better?
Is anyone else concerned about the Swine Flu Pandemic?
Why is life so hard..im only 20!!!?
How long will it take for swine flu symptoms to show after contact?
does HIV spread by....?
Do you think mental illness can sometimes be a good thing?
how to increase confidence while speaking?
Are you on medication? What for?
Do you think that you can avoid consequences by killing yourself?
my english husband thinks that no one gets strep throat in england, is this true or just b.s.?
When is it time to give up life?
Ihave sufferd with depression now for quiet some time. And all i get from my kids is snap out my parner too?
i don't like to sleep alone...., can you help me..//??
What does it mean when i'm coughing up green mucus?
No one has died from Swine Flu in England so whats the worry ?
I have strep throat and can't keep any liquids or foods down.....help?
Is there such a thing as a 24 hour flu or bug?
Weird Soar throat issue. Please Help?
please help me......!!!!!!!!!!!!! swine flu?
Out of ten questions posted consecutively on here 8 were questions about ?
if i smoked a spliff the size of a ciggarette every day would it mess my mind up or just help me to relax?
What are your thoughts on medication?
Please help, really painful sore throat?
Tightening of Throat--Please help!?
Is this some form of depression? Why does it happen?
help ive been daignosed with TINNITUS today!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to stop smoking weed.?
Chicken pox?
i'm coughing up blood?
ive been smoking for just under a year now and im 17 is it possible to have emphysema or lung cancer?
is smoking Pot/weed bad for you ?
at what age does asthma set in. my dad has asthma and i don't know if it's hereditry. i am 28?
I have a 6 month old and he's been having trouble breathing. When i took him to our family doctor he told me
What is wrong with me?
Do you think I have swine flu?
Are hemorrhoids cool?
I got my h1n1 vaccine yesterday..and I feel sick. is this normal?
The swine flu there is no protection from it.?
sore throat HELP PLEASE!!!!?
Is 3rd hand smoke dangerous too?
what can happen if arteries in humans become clogged or narrow?
Any info about the swine flu? Where is the most people sick? Where did it start?
I was very perplexed this morning watching the news about swine flu. Does anyone know if pigs that have swine?
Are cysts dangerous?
Best ways to give up smoking....?
Why USA is predicting about 90,000 deads because of Swine Flu?
Can you catch AIDS through bedbugs?
Why do people become depressed and commit suicide?
what is best medication for a persistent cough?
What does it mean to be sick with ammonia?
my mum needs a lung transplant can i give one to her?
I can't breathe can someone help me?
I'm so depressed sometimes. and im only 14!!! help?
My boyfriend has a cold, will i catch it from kissing him?
Is it possible to development O.C.D or is it a condition you're born with?
Do I have swine flu? (Not a Joke)?
Swine Flu Face Mask Question?
can depression lead to insanity?
Is it unhealthy to smoke out of a clay pipe?
What can happen if Asthma goes untreated?
how do you heal a really bad cough, and a sore throat.?
i have the flu, do i go to school?
My husband keeps saying he is going to neck himself,should i believe his suicidial tendacies?
Why are people that have bi-polar disorder more likely to cheat?????
i am stressed out and need a cigarette but i have took an asthma attack?
Does your lungs completely heal after you stop smoking cig's? how long does it take? How can I stop?
I have pain in my chest. What could this be?
will not being able to breathe kill me?
I am afraid of people,what should I to overcome this fear?
can having a sore throat cause diarrhoea and sickness?
is swine flu in cardiff help please?
i have a a runny nose,sore throat and feeling really lethargic after flying to come on holidays should i worry?
is a 300 peak flow reading for a 40 yr old 5'6" female non smoker poor?
the effects of smoking weed?
Is the swine flu anything to panic about?
who thinks that the media are over-reacting about swine flu?
Little white spots on tonsils?
Anorexia Question?
Can bad breath be caused by things one eats?
if you liked a guy and he told you up front he suffers from seizure disorder. would you still stay with him.pl?
Urinary tract infection?
Does anyone else get itchy inner ears?
i need some help and be serious?
I sometimes wonder...?
can you have hiv a year after a negative hiv test?
how can i end depression?
suicidal thoughts, depression...help?
How can I stop my dad from smoking?
what's morning sickness????
Help I feel sick after I eat?
Can Alcohol Cause Eating Disorders?
Does anyone have bipolar? What meds are you on?
Is it true that mentally disturbed people become more disturbed when there's a full moon?
My cutting is getting worse...?
i need a cure for mixed anxiety and depression any ideas?
Imaginary boyfriend help?
Would you date someone with a borderline personality disorder? and Why?
Do otherwise normal people have occasional psychotic episodes?
How to come out of depression ?
Does therapy help people to function better in live? Do they get happier?
how to get rid of stress and anxiety?
Hi I am 71 years old and i have been impotent for over ten years,?
I can't look people in the eyes?
i think i am depressed?
bored and depressed! whats the best way to be happy again?
How can I sleep longer than 3 hours a night.?
I have this odd question.But please reply!
I have symptons of Cystic Fibrosis. Is it possible to start show the symptons in my 30's?
How many here take medication?
I've given up smoking and I've turned into a raging demon, any cures?
Sharp chest pain..And I'm 14?
can you ever overcome being shy?
I think I'm having an asthma attack?
Can you get sick from inhaling bleech?
need advice on what to kill?
Suicide - whats your story?
whats going on with me?
I'm tired all the time?
am I a little CRAAAAAAZY? or is this a normal thing to do. ?
Has anyone tried suicide and failed?
how to put pennise in tight vegina.which is d better process.?
a friend is having chest pains?
I don't have a bleeding nose, but every time I blow my nose, large chunks of blood come out, why?
What are the symptoms and treatment of emphysema?
Is mental illness hereditary?
what drug will i be given for anxiety/stress?
Am I depressed? or just sad?
I wouldnt ever do it but y do i/people have the urge to jump infront of a moving train??
Lately I have had really severe anxiety. I feel like I should be in the hospital but I don't know what to do.
What mental illness does this sound like?
What is the different between black and white?
So my dad thinks depression is a myth.?
im feeling really depressed what shall i do?
i need help? i cant cope with the pain?
You guys have any hiccup tips?
doing a speech on drug abuse what should i focuss on (what should i talk about)?
Difficult swallowing?
can sever grief/ Mourning cause Asthma attacks?
dose anybody know about why people hit themselves in the head?
Is it bad/unhealthy that I'm attracted to "troubled" people?
poll for physchology study, please be honest.?
gave up smoking?
I keep getting a blocked nose at night time...why?
daughter's friend with CF is dying and is not allowed to see her.?
how do i stop feelin high after smoking pot?
is deep breathing good for you?
chest pain - is their something wrong?
Feeling sick in the morning?
what are tb tests, is it a needle?
Mucus? help with being stuck in my throat?
Does cigarette smoke and weed smoke have the same effect on your lungs?
Help mucus stuck in my throat?
What are the side effects of taking different kinds of medicines at once?
why is my bowel irritable. i know the common answers which don't help?
i am 19, my right tonsil is swollen what should i do? (See added details)?
my cousin is addicted to painkillers?
I think I have a balance problem that is related to my ears. I tend to stumble when I'm talking?
why is there a ringing in my right ear?
Are vaccinations safe? Aren't they linked to autism?
What is slapped face syndrome?
what to do when some one has an epileptic fit?
I am really pretty I can help thinking, I get things because I'm pretty, cud it be truor am I being silly?
I have white fur on my tounge, it is causing bad breathe. How do I get rid of it?
What's Wrong With Me?
my girl friend has problems breathing at night time before bed time?
I haven't had a bowel movement for 2 months.........SHOULD i CONSULT A PHYSICIAN?
What is "death"....?
i cant take his snoring any more!?
help my 11 year old has been vomiting for 24 hours how do i get rid of the acid burning her throat?
i get UTI's a lot and I'm only 16 years old.?
How Long can someone live by drinking water only, and not eating...?
i have bad depresion at the moment and feel like i have nothing to carry on for. help me !!!!?
I've been going.... er... number 2 a lot. more than usual... what's up with this?
as a new doctor Is it all right to make voodoo spells on my patients to improve their love lives.?
swollen eye? anyone know what this could be?
how many people have floaters in there eyes?
I am very short..really sad..please come & help?
i have a big head!!!!?
What is a dog's normal temperature?
Blood in stool?
What can my kidney pain be?
Which is worse, bulimia or smoking?
Why am I always cold and sweaty?
how do you get rid of bags under your eyes?
Question about overdose?
Isn't it better to get rid of all pigs in the world?
Is it possible...?
Should I take up smoking?
do you stay up more than 12 hours a day?
What can I use when my braces are cutting my tongue?
I'm getting Braces in two weeks.?
How do I quit grinding my teeth at night?
We got a letter from our Pediatric Dentist yesterday saying she won't treat our children any more..?
PLZ I need help with braces?
my two front teeth??
I'm going to get my driver's license today?
Am I too young?!?!?!? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!?
I'm getting braces this year..What can I expect, as far as pain?
Does getting a baby tooth pulled hurt?
My sister just started eating ice...isn't that a sign of anemia?
Could i put my contact lense in water?
um what does grinding mean?
I smoked Pot an dipped last friday, I have a dentist appointment saturday, can the dentist tell?
Why do some people today have an eye patch(they aren't trying to be a pirate)?
am i fat? please answer :)?
when you got your braces off...what was it like?
How long can I wear contacts for?
Can I get colored contacts without my parents finding out?
How to get rid of cavities?
I got my wisdom teeth taken out on wednsday and i have a hight temp?
Can a friend be in the room with you when you are getting your wisdom teeth out?
i have BROWN pee?!? what's wrong?
what color should be my braces!!!?
My tooth is painful..do you think i need to get ''root treatment'' ( i dont know is it roottreatment, english)
why is it that some dentists have dr. infront of their name and some don't?
What is a good age for getting your teeth wihitened at the dentist?
How do you stop your braces from hurting...i just got them yesterday?
Is it bad (for my eyes) to use my laptop in the dark?
getting braces today? advice?
Help! What's wrong with my daughter's eye?
Am I Going About To Go Blind?
helppp mee, am i too fat?
How can i get whiter teeth quickly?
If you have braces, can you kiss?
Is it ok to eat my fingers and my arms?
What will kill bacteria from a tooth infection?
my eye keeps twitching?
Haven't been to the dentist in a while. too scared. do u think I should go?
3 yr old niece keeps blinking her eyes? is this something that i should have checked out asap?
Can you whiten your teeth in the tanning bed?
For braces does it hurt when you have to bite down on the metal bands? do they go into your gum?
School starts back in two days, and I think I'm getting sick! What to do?
Can you put more than one contact lens into an eye?
HELP......... i want to die?
I slept with my contacts in..?
I don't have time for brushing my teeth sometimes. What's a good alternative?
What type of doctor would I see for Restless Legs Syndrome?
10 points if you answer truthfully :)?
what is the name of the medical condition were u can t urinate when people are around?
Can you get injections somewhere other than your arm?
Where can you buy St. John's Wort, and does it really work?
I accidentally swallowed something that was in my cup of koolaid, but I don't know what it was. What could...?
sometimes i am afraid to talk to people because i have bad breath?
Is there a cure for aids?
Yeast Infection question please!?
Will walking to school in the mornings help you lose weight?
Is my husband diabetic, just had a 205 reading?
i am diebetic and i am alergic to insulin and pills.my body doesn't use sinthetic any thing. what do i do?
Does anyone know about Lantus insulin?
Is this a sign/symptom of diabetes?
I haven't had dental work in 20 years, is it too late for me?
If I kiss a gay is there a chance to get AIDS?
Are Sour Patch Kids bad for you.?
teenage boys especially! do you think I'm fat?
Ten points to anyone that can help me with...........?
Could I have a problem??? Or is it just normal?
How do I get rid of head lice fast?!?! HELP?!?!?!?
My orthodontist never explains things.?
I have sometimes burning sensation during urination. What is it due to? What is the solution?
Why isn't the sky green with purple polka dots?!?!?!?
extreme FEAR of DENTISTS, can't bear the pain?
Am I Really short ?
I'm 13 years oldand I want to lose weight??what do U think??
How much weight do you lose if you don't eat for a few days.?
am i fat??? please help me!?
is 5feet 4 inches tall for a 13 year old girl?
am i to self centered?
I smoked weed twice and I'm worried ill get a drug test for high school
My sister has really bad breath and i told her .... more inside?
Whats the chance of me getting it?...?
bladder infection?
What is the best 5 gum?
I'm 15 years old and I don't you if it's too late for me to get braces.?
Do wisdom teethe hurt getting out?
Can i get high by smoking duck tape?
I'm 5ft 3, are any of you taller than me?
Who's been using my toothbrush?
How could you tell if someone has cancer?
Hi. i am 12 yrs old turning 13 and i am 5'0 evreyone else in my class is 5'2 or taller am i short for my age?
im 13 and have all my molers but i have a tooth coming in behind them what is it?
BRACES COME OFF TOMORROW :))))) Any tips??????
Floaters, black spots and shadows?
How many times should you brush your teeth a day?
MY MOLAR IS KILLING ME!!!! Ten points best answer!?
Is it better to get a root canal treatment or just get the teeth pulled out?
How can I get rid of stress?
medical advice, my wife went to the ER after a car accident. she had big cut on her elbow.?
i pirced my own lower lip im a guy and if i take it out for lik 30 min tommorow will it close?
does it hurt or not?
i really want glasses but don't need them. is there a way to worsen my vision so i can get them? thanks!
What are people who smoke medical marijuana going to do when they get lung cancer?
Help me! easy 10 points!?
Is this a healthy lunch for someone on a diet?
How would a 5 foot 4 inch girl who weighs 170 pounds look if she lost the weight and weighed 120 pounds?
please HELP me out!! i don't know what to do anymore:(?
is she overweight ?
About ten years ago I got shot in the leg with a pellet gun and the pellet has been there since. It hurts?
is it bad to smoke pot when you have a cold?
How do I fall asleep, naturally no pills:)?
How long will I have to wait to eat normal food after getting a tooth pulled?
Locked Jaw please HELP !?
how do you grow taller?
What product would you recommend for trying to get whiter teeth?
hey guys! i have a prob. i am gettin braces june 10. i am afraid that the things that hold my mouth open hurt.?
Silly Question- why is it, when you get a new toothbrush, the first time you use it, your teeth and mouth ....
Is Pen Ink bad or toxic?
I have a throbbing toothache! Will I need a root canal or just a cavity?
what food is good for braces?
Does braces causes marks on your teeth?
what is the wisdom tooth for? ?
I am getting braces in 2 weeks do they hurt !!!?
Do u have to loose all of your baby teeth to get braces?
I can't do sit ups.and when i make i only make 5 and i get pain on my ribs?
Is it ok to have your rubber bands off your braces for like a few hours a day?
How Do I stop chewing my nails?
TWITCH!!!! In my eye?
Why am I so cold and how can I warm up without spending a fortune on heating?
I am sick and haven't eaten in 28 hours. How bad is this?
I am bulimic and just found out I also suffer from anorexia?
are you a virgin or not and don't lie?
Is is possible to bring down elevated blood sugar with diet and exercise?
Why are SO many people against smoking pot when it doesn't hurt any 1 & has medical uses?
Am I overweight ?
will drinking bleach help loose weight?
What can I do to get rid of bad breath?
Can you get braces on the back of your teeth?
If I take a small dose (1 pill) of MDMA (ecstasy) today, will I be fine by Sunday-Monday?
what can i do to make my eyes white?
i have a question about a medicin that i dont know if i should take plzzz answer?
swine flu....how to keep calm?
Can I see a dentist without insurance?
how do i get pink eye on purpose?
Does anyone else think this new swine flu is a bio attack?
is it bad?????????????????????????????
just got my braces off and need help?
I might have swallowed one of the elastics from my braces?
I have to pee all the time and don't know why.?
When to should baby see a dentist?
What's the longest amount of time you've gone without brushing your teeth?
does getting a shot in the mouth hurt?
Does it hurt when they take off your braces?
What are the side effects of weed ?
What are the chances you will die of ecstasy?
my husband took 40mgOxycottin,1000mgVicodine,30mgAdderal… within 7hr and is vomitting pure blood says hes ok?
could tightness in the chest and lungs, although you're asthmetic, be a sign of lung cancer?
is it tumor..cancer or ulcer..plz help me!!?
is it true that chuck norris's tears can cure cancer?
How do I hide the cuts on my wrists?
I think my husband was poisoning me?
Why am i still feeling wierd after smoking weed and drinking five days ago?
My grandpa got his tongue pierced, is that normal?
What was your worst injury?
How can I speed up my recovery from a broken wrist?
im going to walmart vison center for my 1st eye exam ever and im 16!?
Colored Contacts Anyone?
I kinda got ground black pepper in my sisters eye.?
Can someone tell if you're wearing contact lenses?
Is it OK to use water on your contacts?
How do I tell my parents...?
I have Strep Throat and it hurts. Should I go to School?
Bird Flu..are you AFRAID?
What are the symptoms to 'Athlete's Foot'?
[email protected]@@###$$$%%%?
13 year old, my weight.?
how long should i wait to smoke after getting teeth pulled?
How long does it usually take for a sunburn to go away?
What does it mean when they say this?
just got braces, and they're killing me!!! help?!?
How do I tell my best friend her breath smells really bad?
Is 14 too late to get braces if I have teeth where the front two protrude over bottom lip? I'm 6 ft as wel
Is it possible to get used to allergy medicine so it doesn't work?
Is there any tricks to NOT throw up?
how do u get red of cold scores?
What can I take besides Tylenol?
i have 2 have a root canal and i'm really scared.does it hurt?
itchy skin, no sign of anything, is it allergies?
home remedy to whiten teeth?
is it possible to suddenly become allergic to peniciilin even if youv taken it many times before and been fine?
sneeze me?
Help! Tomorow I'm going to the DENTIST and I'm super SCARED. Advice needed!?
Have a really bad sunburn on my face... This is the fourth day of healing.. How can I help my burn?
Is there a "Natural" alternative to deodorant?
what helps you to stay awake?
I'm soo fat!?
I stopped drinking sodas, but what i am drinking, is it practically the same thing?
Am i fat? my cousin paul say's i am?
how can i brush my tongue without gagging?
I'm going to smoke weed for the first time. will it be fun and will i get addicted after the first time?
Is it true?
What are the consequences of not drinking water?
I like pain. Is that bad?
I just got braces today and, OW!!! What can I do to make the pain stop?
Am i addicted to masterbation...?
Dad is diabetic. He will check his blood sugar only once daily. What time of day is best to check blood sugar
who was the first person to get aids?
can ur teeth grow over 24 ft long?
Left chest and arm pain.... please answer?
i worked out 2 days ago, mainly my legs, and now they're so sore i can bearly move .?
how come my breth stinks?
if you know that you'll die in 10 minutes, what do you want to do?
What parts of the body can be affected by diabetes?
whats the the worse that can happen if i dont remove my wisdom teeth?
my teeth are not crooked but i have an overbite..do i need braces?
i'm 20 years old and i have really bad teeth and was wondering where can i get help?
i'm useless?
Does anyone know what's wrong with me according to my symptoms? What should I do?
What I can/can't eat with braces?
How do I pull my tooth?
I'm tired of living, but too tired to die. What should I do?
I have alot of cavities should I continue to eat sweets?
What's the coolest answer you can give me before I get home?
Tooth Ache. What can I do without going to the dentist?
Did you brush your teeth today?
I'm 13 and I'm already suffering from suicide thoughts and depression? Can someone help me?
What would you tell someone who's trying to commit suicide? What is it about life that is so precious?
anybody sleepy???????
My heart hurts after eating the D's (McDonald's), am i going to die in my sleep?
i drink a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk each night before bed. it helps me to sleep. will this hurt me?
How long will I have to wear braces?
I am 26 and getting braces. Does anyone else around my age have braces?
What are the dangers of wearing Ripped Contact Lenses?
How can I make my tooth more loose? ?
Really weird...I eat my plaque...?
I need dental help, but can't afford it. What can I do?
Braces question?
I need your opinion on my braces.?
i just got tongue Pierced and i can't eat anything but my tongue is real white is that normal OR not?
Why does my molar hurt when i chew?
i mean, i've had my 2nd to last tooth removed and my gums wont stop bleeding, how can i stop it?
Do Braces Hurt? If So How Bad?
nervous about the dentist!?
While dieting what can i drink? ?
How can you take out contacts?
i think im depressed. can anyone help?
Am i fat??
How long will it take to lose 100 pounds?
If you wanted to lose 10-20 lbs?
Does shopping count as exercise?
why is blood typing important in blood transfusions?
can a person with brain damage or in a coma..?
am i fat. i am 5'11 and am 83 pounds. am i fat?
I am 13 and overweight. About how much weight should I lose?
I am very fat tell me how to be slim but don't tell me jogging?
What's your favoirte toothpaste? And Why?
What is wrong with me!?!?
What happens if i don't get my wisdom teeth pulled, even if the dentist recommended i see an oral surgeon?
I have a slight underbite, i am considering surgery but it's a last resort?
Lose Tooth?
the organ has to be 55oz. whats the body's heavist organ?
What must I do to get rid of this throat infection? please help me..?
HELP! Something got into my eye and is now stuck?
I have been waking up the past few mornings with a minor nosebleed. Why?
Does anyone know what that one disease is called when you cough out blood?
I need a quitting smoking email buddy?
what causes one-nostril breathing?
what should i drink with sore throat / runnie nose?
Why do women, even the slim ones have the constant notion that thier overweight?
am i overweight people??
I need to gain weight (20 characters)?
Does skipping one day of exercise matter? ?
if i think i have gingivitis should i contact my dentist right away or can it wait till monday?
how do i get braces off quicker?
each time I'm done taking a shower my skin start itching what should I do?
why are lots of people dying from pneumonia?
Is it weird for a 20 year old to get braces?
I want to die because of this problem, I don't know what to do?
How do you do this?
What can i do to make my teeth whiter?
getting braces monday, lime green?
How come bacteria haven't developed a resistance to toothpaste?
When having a root canal, is it possible I can have it done with just Novocaine?
I'm having extreme pain with my period and cant take narcotics, any good home remedies out there?
I am so scared...............?
What's the best way to whiten teeth? (10 points)?
Teeth~ do you think 27's too old for braces?
I'm getting braces in September or October . Will it hurt when they put them on or the days after ?
do braces hurt when you get them?
Should I smoke canabis while infected with pneumonia?
How do i cure a sore throat?
Am I Fat Or Too Skinny?
I am on a diet, should i eat a whopper or a fresh homemade salad?
how much would a 5'5" girl who wears size 0 or 00 weigh?
..........BRACES??? Help?
How can I make my upper arms less fat?
To all hay fever sufferers...what relief can i take for my ITCHY nose?
Why do I have so many cavities?
Are Altoids good for getting rid of garlic breath?
Im getting braces... I don't know what to expect?
Help! Tomorrow, I'm going to need to go to the dentist to pull my tooth out!?
How do i heal my wrist?
Can my wisdom teen start coming in at 15?
When will there be a cure for schizophrenia?
I'm having Adult Acne & got them only last year. Any advice, please.?
I just got braces and they really hurt. What food can I eat?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of getting your wisdom teeth out?
I'm in so much pain, but I don't know what to do!?
When you grind your teeth in your sleep what does it mean?
How to clean my toothbrush?
How can i stop ginding my teeth when i sleep?
What's a cheap but safe way to whiten your teeth?
Why. And how do teeth feel pain?
serious pain in my mouth?
What are some old remedies to help constipation?
suicide and sad....?
Is constantly brushing my teeth healthy?
Is it better to brush your teeth before or after you eat breakfast?
How much to dental Hygenist make?
Does taking your Wisdom Teeth out compare in any way to Orthodontic procedures? (see details)?
Can you get false bottom teeth and not have false uppers?
I've gained 15 pounds in the last 10 days. HELP?
How important is it to get the H1N1 flu vaccination?
Teeth Whitening Tips?
How bad do braces hurt on a scale from 1-10. im getting sum and im a little scared!?
Only People With Braces Answer..?
is it normal for tooth to hurt the day after you get a filling?
what is the right ecstasy dosage?
My son has Cavities and his only 15months old?
Do braces make you weird?
Any place I can go for medical emergency without health insurance.?
Wisdom teeth extractions...?
Getting braces tomorrow and need some help?
Braces! Help!!?
how can i prevent myself from grinding my teeth and what can i do to protect my already worn down teeth?
How can you sterilize retainers after they've been in the trash/lost?
My throat hurts... from throwing up?
Have you ever been on antidepressants? if so what kind & were their any side affects that you noticed?
How many people people die of a eating disorder?
Can anyone please help me,I have a big constipation problem.....?
I'm having bloody stools, and a burning sensation in my rectum--what's wrong here?
i took 4 advil pm pills is that gonna hurt?
is there a cure for being ticklish?
I have an astigmatism and the doctor said i dont need contacts for astigmatism....?
what you are not suppose eat when u have braces?
Is it safe to chew chewing gum everyday ?
Whats a good rubber band color to put on braces?
what turned micheal jacksons skin white?
it's something that works like braces.But it's not braces.It a clear thing that goes in your mouth.?
braces question????........?
what addictions do you have?
my eyes feels like somethings stuck in in it but its not whats wrong i took my contact out but it still hurts?
Underneath my rib is killing me!....?
What do you do when you don't have health insurance nor money to go see the doctor?
whats naproxin?
How does someone get stretch marks?
I am getting braces soon, do they hurt?
does it hurt gettin braces?
Can getting your wisdom teeth pulled mess up your teeth?
will salt in mouth prevent gagging?
I only brush my teeth once a day, and I haven't gotten a single cavity...?
What Is The Best Teeth Whitening Products ?
Is it possible to become suddenly allergic to dairy?
I have spring allergies what can i do to make my eyes less watery when i walk to school in the morning?
Swollen,itchy foot, what can this be?
How do I make the pain of braces go away? I just got them.?
please please please just help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
when do your wisdom teeth grow in?
Dentist students get 'practice' in using severed human heads? True or False?
Why do I have serious pain in my leg?
colors for braces? advice?
Teeth not fitting right in my mouth?
At what age do your wisdom teeth start coming in????
What's the colour of your toothbrush?
On my last exam I had high pressure in my eyes, what should I expect during my next eye exam?
My friend is highly allergic 2 weed. He wants to do hookah. Since he's allergic to weed can he react to hooka?
How do I get Alcoholism?
How do you stop a cold in its tracks?
i sweat really bad. how can i stop it? ?
how many broken bones have you had?
I was laid off a month ago, on unemployment and my son is sick with a high fever.?
Should i see a doctor?
how do you know if you injured a kidney?
Is the drowsiness caused by benadryl similar to the drowsiness with zyrtec or claratin?
Is it true that green eyes are a sign of that you have toxic eyes?
wisdom teeth pulled. How can i make the swelling go down?
Whats wrong with my ankle? Please help?
I slammed my finger in a door about 3 months ago and it is still brown/ green what should i do about it?
Does anyone have an opinion of this site?
i'm getting braces on tomorrow?
smokers teeth...?!?
How often do you floss?
contacts or glasses ? which is better for. . .?
How common is this...?
When you are prescribed a medication do you check on the internet for side effects of that prescribed drug?
Are braces painful to get on?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
How long does it take to recover from having wisdom teeth pulled out?
How do know for sure if you've outgrown an allergy?
can anyone please tell me what this thing is called?
I'm sad... What do you do/think to feel better when you're depressed? EAZZY 10 PTS!!! plzz help?
Will your teeth really fall out if you dont floss?
What are causes for tiredness?
why do you think teens need to learn about drug resistance?
Drunk bedwetting?
How to help dehydration?
cloudy urine?
Do people with light color eyes see diffrent than people with dark color eyes?
is it possible to get non precription contacts?
Teenager: Does your eyesight stabilize when you get older?
Is it normal for an 18 year old..?
How do you relieve stress?
I'm 12 and i weigh like 126 lbs!?
2 Skinny, Or Just right?
Do you always need rubber bands on braces?
Do you brush your teeth before going to the dentist?
i just got my braces on today and i need something soft to eat, ideas?
how do i lose 10 lbs in ten days?
I'm 100 lbs. and 6 ft tall...am I fat?
I have braces and food keeps getting stuck in them. How do I eat the food I love without the hassle?
Why Do My Gums Bleed When I Brush?
Wisdom teeth questions?
I just got braces! andd i have some questions.?
should you use mouth wash before or after you brush your teeth?
Tooth ache.?
what is the best home remedy for a tooth ache?
Is it wrong to be a weirdo?
Please help! Swine Flu emergency!?
What color should teeth be?
what is the fastest way to lose weight?
I've been having very bad migraines since 1997. Do you know why?
iam a food addict! once i start, i dont stop!?
I'm freaking out. Don't laugh. :( I'm 14 and just lost a tooth, is it an adult one?
i once a week slept with the same girl,she's my girlfriend.is there any chances that we can have any disease/
anyone else know that hiv is a government disease & the drug they use to treat it is wut kills the infected?
i have a job interview and a drug test is needed how long does weed stay in your system?
Why do my toes get cold and guys don't have this problem?
How long does it take to put in contacts quickly?
broke a nail way too short?
I'm getting BRACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
spider problems????
When using crest whitestrips, do I need to brush my teeth after using the strips?
How do I convice my mom I didn't lie when I didn't?
Astigmatisum and contact lenses?
Please Help! Glasses question?
I am 22 and have exotropia (or a lazy eye, basically..)? Advice?
Does anybody have any irrational fears?
What is it called when a lot of things gets on your nerves so bad it makes you crazy?
I'm allergic to barley should I go on a gluten free diet?
Is it okay if I directly add drops of lemon on my opened eyes?
Any ideas on what could be causing this? For the last week, I have been extremely exhausted and light-headed.
How do pepole act when they can't get their marijuana?
how can i get rid of a cough, it feels like i have dust in my throat.?
my right eye went blurry 2 months ago,I got glasses now it is blurry again. i am 56. can it be cataracts?
Dark or light braces?
How long does it take for your pupils to go back to normal size after they have been dialted?
Am I too young to get lasik eye surgery?
My eyes appear to change colour. Is this normal?
my tooth hurts?
How often should you buy a new toothbrush?
Quick ways to get rid of acne?
Is this a mosquito bite??
Will the glass hurt if I let it get in my eyes?
How can I fall asleep easily?
alcohol vs weed?
Do 15 year old girls still grow in height?
What to do if I'm allergic to my math teacher?
Do teeth extractions hurt? How about the initial numbing?
I have a beautiful smile except for a little gap between my upper front teeth. What would be best to fix it?
Which gum lasts longer?
Braces questions?
Chipped Tooth?
what happens if you chew alot of gum? like every single day?
Im gonna get braces soon. will it hurt??????????
My neighbor says the back of her mouth hurts, throat burns, & fever went from 101.5 - 102.7 in 30 minutes.?
can nerve damage be fixed or they stay like that forever?
What is a functioning alcoholic?
what are this symptoms?
I have a severe case of eye floaters-not the once in awhile kind, but they are there in droves all the time?
For the last 2 days, the lower eyelid of my eye has been having muscle spasms..Could someone tell me whyy?
Are there ways to get rid of back acne?
What is the best color for my braces?
im getting braces in 2 days! help!? easy 5 pts.!?
the fastest way you lost weight?
Acne help FAST!!(PLEASE read!)?
Are we over reacting to this swine flu thing?
does wearing glasses actually weaken or strengthen vision??
im only 18 i have no insurance or watever, how should i get contacts lenses? where should i get em ?
Did the supervisor at my job have a right to tell me not to spray down my desk with lysol?
Why Do They Tell You Not To Put Ice Packs Directly On Your Skin??
Um, Eating Marijuana?
Dry contact lenses and eyes.?
Why do people say weed is bad for you?
Can I wear contacts on a 14 hour flight? Acuvue Oaysis 2 Week Contacts.?
contacts slide in my eye?
What do I have to eat in order to start get muscle?
i just got a tooth pulled ..help !?
So hydrogen peroxide does work for toothaches?
what happens to you if you inhale an inhaler and you don't have asthma?
i can't buy a contact lens, because they say, that my eyes got different grade. why? is it true?
Help w/ cancer treatment???
Has anyone ever heard of an allergy to Champagne? ?
Why is my eye twitching?
any contact lenses you can buy using glasses prescription?