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can diabetics eat popcorn or corn bread? it turns to starch doesnt it?
Heart Attacks?
how much should a 5ft 5in girl weigh?
I hate my stomach!!!?
What can I do to help a stuffy nose?
*bulimia help.. i've read that it can lead to irregular heartbeats..?
what do i eat to lower my cholesterol?
how to control high blood pressure? ?
I'm a medical doctor i work in an hospital where majorly we treat tuberculosis patients. Recently, we started
Does an echocardiogram rule out any possible heart problems?
Is drinking alchol bad for me if i've suffered a heart atack in the past?
Alcohol turns me into a monster...?
do u think any of britney's behavior can be related to post-partum depression?
i m 21yrs old boy..diabetic since 7yrs..i m very skinny..i desire to have a muscular body..?
I go to the restroom alot and get thirsty alot but I'm not sure if I have the symptoms for type 2 diabetes?
could i have diabetes?
Do you think that there is a cure for aids out there somewhere but they're not telling us?
Why such a bad reaction with milk?
What if my systolic blood pressure is high (140) but my dialostic is normal, what does this mean?
What causes a random fast heartbeat?
Am I at risk for a heart attack?
if you lick a pig do you get swine flu?
Please answer ... do i have diabetes? please help me !!!!?
I am scared of my heart but my mom tells not to worry?
what do you think caused Michael Jackson's cardiac arrest?
What should I do? My 20 year old preganant daughter, has had a heart attack?
Is my pulse Rate good or bad?
i am feeling ill?
Is everyone with asthma allergic to cats?
whats the most effective way to cut your wrists?
Heart beat through my shirt?
do girls care about acne on guys?
In order for food to be gluten-free, does it have to say on the label "gluten-free"?
is there any good medicine for diabetes ?
Could this be diabetes ?
Can smoking marijuana give you a headache?
What to drink to prevent kidney stones?
Why? I'm still young?
Is it necessary to eat every single day of the week?
how fat am i (picture included)?
help for acid in throat?
How do i comfort my friend who's brother is in the hospital from a drinking and driving accident?
does this sound like allergies to you? or something else.?
My Dad has Heart Failure, Just had an angiogram and it showed no blockages and was clear. So what now?
I don't feel very well. Can you diagnose this?
epidurals or natural?
How many toes do you have?
How do I get rid of a cloggy nose?
My dad's hands are very very dry on the palms and crack and bleed, they are very itchy.?
I have been diagnosed with diabetes but it's not really bad do you think it's a good idea to get my tongue did
Are there any dairy products that are safe for diabetics to have?
Is it important to drink fluids when...?
i'm scared about swine flu!!?
tell me medicine for cold,cough & headache?
what colour eye contacts should i get?
i need to have a riped chest and abbs and built biaseps by saaturday what do i do?
How long does a bladder infection last?
Is meninges the same as meningitis? ?
Do you know Name of New Drug for Diabetes; U don't have to inject is; I saw mention of it recently on TV.?
Glucose meter? Please Help!?
blood glucose reading of 4 before breakfast is this normal?
What to do when you have tired eyes?
How can I get rid of a cold quickly?
I have snot coming out of the left side of my nose, it smells awfull?
question about herpes?
I woke up in the morning and my right eye was glued shut, I got it open and my eye is red?
im 16 & have had sinus & allergies since i was small my head feels funny & im stuffy?
Eye question????????????????
Pain In My Eye..........?
Can I get an STD from master*******?
Can anyone suggest and over the counter sinus medication that won't speed up my heart?
Do i really need an alert Medallion?
how come i keep on sneezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Has anyone ever heard their own heart beat in their ear ?
I have a chest infection and have been prescribed anti biotics. Should I use a sauna?
Does AIDS spread through food & drink sharing?
Will getting the flu shot help prevent swine flu?
would it be possible for my school not to know that i got the SWINE FLU if this was the case?
working out in stilettos? smart or not?
What should be done when a person suffers a heart attack as in preparedness,first aid???
Do you feel sleepy during work?
Girls - is this the nicest feeling in the world?
My partner suffers an allergy (we think) everytime he goes outside?
So twenty minutes ago I got hit by a car and landed on my head. Nothing hurts though? What do I do?
Can i kill dust mites? If i can wat can i do to kill them?WORTH 10 POINTS!!!?
How do i get Abs?
industrial piercing swollen on the 3rd day?
How do I get rid of the calcuim spots on my finger nails?
is it true an apple a day, keeps the doctor away..?
GIANT mosquito bite!?
I can't urinate & don't have medical insurance. Does anyone have any home remedies?
My neck and shoulder is very painful when I walk and my head tilts to the left - what should I do?
HII..I took 1350mg of thyroxine at a go..please advice me its side effects..thankx?
what causes pink eye?
High blood pressure tablets ?
Is my heart rate too high?
if you have a cold sore does it mean you you have herpes?
what valve is between the left ventricle and the left atrium?
I got a really bad sunburn and peeled it. Now it burns horribly when I put on aloe vera, what do I do?
HELP!! I got my t.e.s.t.i.c.l.e.s stuck in the waffle iron and cant open it what should i do?
i cant go. i dont want to live this pain anymore. how can i go on?
Im Cold and cant stop shivering..?
Pencil lead mark still on my palm?
How To Go Down The Stairs On Crutches?
Wot is scalp psoriasis?is it curable?
need help getting rid of a sty?
Is 122/60 with a pulse of 68 good or should I go to the hospital?
do you think as been stated the goverment made aids to kiil certain people?
in hospital we admit to patient in I.C.U WHAT is the full name for i.c.u?
The end and side of my nose really hurts. How could this be when it's not been knocked.?
Can a 18 year old donate a heart to someone who's 16?
what kind of excersice could you do if you dont run ?
Help...I keep on having accidents. ?
I broke my ankle 5 days ago?
Is my ankle broken,fractured or sprained?
what will happen if you don't get stitches for a deep laceration?
What are the best ways to treat a sunburn?
Does this count as Self harm?
Help and support coming off cannabis?
how can i get rid of a sliver without using tweezers or needles?
How to get rid of a hickey?
How did the Aids Virus form?
i've got ear ache?
does kissing on lips affect the lips....?
Is 157 lbs considered fat to you for a 5' 5" female? explain why.?
Run or Bike? What do you prefer?
My friend weighs 5 pounds less than i do but i am skinnier and shorter how is this possible?
how many times are you supposed to go to toilet in a week(not for a wee)?
I'm only 21 years old,and I have seriously dark circles,how can I get rid of them?
I have this rash on my breasts...?
whats good food to eat when you've got a cold ?
do u thiink i'm fat?
my girlfriend discharges white stuff at times.like it was on her panties.?
nail biting?
How can i get rid of?
Can weed affect me alot?
I have ache inside my right ear,,I think it was caused by wind..how will I heal it?
Why does hot weather cause problems for people with respiratory disease e.g. emphysema?
when getting an HIV blood test does it also identifies the other std's?
would you honest female's answer this.?
both my boyfriend and i got cheked out for std's. got the all clear. now he's sayin he might have chlymidia
Can a 12 year old use Eye drops when they say "Not aloud for Under 12 years?"?
Where can a 15 year old get tested ?
I haven't gotten a cold sore in a year did the virus leave my body or something? Or can I still get them?
Can eczema came back?
Will everyone get swine flu in uk??? and is it in the usa?
I need help - I'm worried, can I have some help with my problem please?
What should I do for my burn?
anyone suffer from anxiety?
what do you think is the cause of the explosive autism epidemic?
Do you think I am fat?
i think i pulled a muscle in my neck....?
should i re break my swollen middle finger or keep it like that forever?
Do you think I'm fat!? Why can't I stop eating:(?
Can I get a yeast infection in my mouth from performing oral on my wife?
What is the bone/tendon behind your ankle called?
Help I've Turned Into A Sugar Cube!?
Are my toes excessively long?
Do I have swine flu or just a cold??!!!!!!!!!!!??????
my right side always hurts and i'm always coughing up green stuff why?
I was playing my Wii and then i turn my head back up and i get literallly a huge shock in the back of my head!?
MY GIRLFRIEND suffers from manic depression, anytime i try go out alone she ends up picking a fight?
will sandpaper and bleach cure ringworm?
How do you get over an eating disorder?
i've just eaten a whole bag of oranges, can i get vitamin C poisoning?
I sorta wanna start smoking?
In my left hand, my little finger and now even my ring-finger are getting numb.?
Cure a cold? QUICK?
I just fell off a building...?
theres a hard small lump on my neck?
i am in 5th grade and am 5,5 height and weight 112 am i over weight ?
i had routine blood work done, and my dr. said i had a elevted white blood cell count. what does this?
my blood pressure is 130/90. what should be the normal blood pressure for me as iam 36 years of age?
i started with blisters on my lip and now it's weepie and swolen what next!?
My resting heart rate almost doubles for no apparent reason. Is this normal?
how can i get rid of my acne?
How do I make a Profit off the swine flu?
Is it true that they're now saying the swine flu won't be as bad as they once expected?
risks of getting the H1N1 shot?
is the swine flu really that dangerous? is there a chance of a global epidemic?
i just decided to quit?
blood pressure................................…
can you have a heart attack at 15?
i gave him herpes. what do i do?
I'm getting surgery soon. I want to know where the iv is put and when the breathing tube are put in?
What does 'two to be taken twice daily' for tablets mean?
How long does it take to get used to putting in and taking out contacts?
So I bought vicodin...?
Where can i buy Epsom salt?
does cutting yourself underwater hurt?
ive just took 11 co-dydramol tablets will it harm me?
PLEASE HELP 10 points goin tell me whats wrong with my fingerr!!?
I have terreble back pain........cant stand up.....lie down or anything.......what can i do.....pleace.....?
How to get rid of a coldsore fast?
if u r 14 weeks pregnant is it bad 2 take a percocet 4 back pain? already took tylenol didnt work.?
walk 30 mins a day???????
What is Benedryl use for? I know this is medicine but what is this use for?
Pinples. What to do?
How can your heart feel like it hurts?
88 year old uncle requires quadruple bypass surgery & mitrovalve replacement what is his chance of survival?
heart attackssssssssssssssss?
my back is hurting. what should i do?
What's the name of that pain reliever that people take to get high?
why must I be caffine and nicotine free for 24 hrs prior to a heart stress test?
Do alcoholics have to drink in order to sleep?
non-diabetic....my blood sugar was 43 after not eating for?
my grama said I can get fat from drinking water?
How can I gain weight?
Do we really need GP's??
If you kiss someone that doesent have a coldsore can you still catch herpes???? please help im freaking out?
My friends brother has AIDS?
Why a blood clot in the coronary artery is likely to result in a heart attack ?!!...?
Chest acne disaster! Cure needed urgently!
Will I ever be able to loose weight?
How can I heal my liver?
Is there a good cure for arthritis in the fingers?
I'm addicted to coffee. How long will it take to shake the habit?
If you smoke,which cigarette do u think is better marlboro or camels?
What are the signs that you are becoming anorexic?
I want to quit smoking, any suggestions?
Is it safe to take ibuprofen and paracetamol tablets together?
Where is the worst place to get an?
Is it better to sleep with one pillow or two?
Can anyone please help me!?
i have this weird kinda pain in my chest...again?
Stretch Marks on teenager ?
can you by medication from the chemist that help you stay awake??
i have low blood pressure?
Can you get arm muscles from doing push ups ? ?
weight question???? PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!?
Are you fat? How fat is too fat? by the way i am not fat. Are you?????????????????????????????
i hate being skinny....?
My wrist hurts... ?
what causes nose bleeds?
Help my husband is in chronic pain what is it docs arenet helping?
Pain killers don't work?
How is being a vegetarian bad ?
what is the best way to disguise my gas (flatus) ?
My stomach feels all warm and uncomfortable after a cigarette? Feels like heartburn in my stomach?
help the kids have nits?
Why am I always cold?
What is the best acne treatment?
Really close to obese?
How much should I weigh?
What is my ideal weight?
what is the best way to get a flat stomach?
A lump on the neck...has anyone had this?
Why do we itch?
Oooo.. I have a really painful stomach ache. What should I do?
My left ear is really hurting. I think I got water in it the other night but I can't hear any water?
My 11 month old has two broken ribs and she won't eat because she's in pain?
Sore arms............. ?
What is wrong with my husband? He is 25 years old with severe abdominal pain. We have been to several drs?
How can i build my immune system?
help! urgent! asthma remedies?
Can i take penicillin for a REALLY bad soar throat/cough?
urinary tract infection?
How do I stop eating so incredibly fast? Help!?
ppl say eatin hot food can put a hole in ur stomach, its true?
is drinking to much water dangerous ???
Does anyone else take tramadol tablets?
my mum has a really bad pain on the left side of her abdomen?
Can you lose your sense of smell? Like being blind or deaf?
Should I try weed, only once?
Is it true that if you hold your eyes open while you sneeze, your eyes will pop out??
Do you need a shower or bath right now?
How many pints of blood are in the adult human body?
My sister has pinworms. She's 11 and doesn't want to tell my parents because she is embarrassed.?
How do you get rid of a bad back without pain killers ect. ?
My heart beat seems irregular?
which body shape is more attractive?
whats an easy way i can quit smoking for free?
If someone ate 400 calories?
I have a beep test tomorrow?!?!?!?
Help me! Fat or skinny? Female, 5'8'', 132 lbs?
I want to loose 10lbs in a month and I know it is possible for me to acheive only if I stop eating sweets?!?
please answer?
I'm suffering a leg pain (in the thigh) that goes on and off every couple of minutes... what could it be?
numbness on one side of hand, any ideas?
Ok well I wanna die............................?
BACK PAiN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Eye laser surgery: who can have it?
do your ears crackle if you move your jaw up and down?
what is the punishment for using more than one doctor to prescribe you pain pills?
I work 6 days a week & I suffer from migraine every weekend & about 3/4 times weekly, how can I prevent it?
I can't sleep!?
what does it mean when your constantly knawing on the sides of your mouth?
Which would be worse for you?
Why do I feel like this?
if someone dies from after having a heart attack dis that still death by natural causes?
Blood pressure showed 90/60. Is it normal?
Heart Problem?
Heart Stops Working??? Woah?
what can a person do to keep muscle cramps from happening?
Help me! i think theres something wrong with my hands?
what is wrong with me?? i need medical advice?
is it alright to just not eat for ages to lose weight?
Am I overweight?well am I fat?
i stopped smoking seven weeks ago?
I've had a cough for 7 weeks..do you know what's wrong?
i'm underage and have been smoking cigarettes for about 3 months, i've gotten to smoke about 5 a day..
This is hard to explain. My eye sight goes dull and I feel dizzy?
How to get rid of that ongoing headache?
Pain Killers....?
Why won't workman's comp help us?
Marijuana... good or bad?
Where do sheep go on a Friday night?
Should I go to the gym tonight?
I ate 2 small boxes of raisins, are they healthy?
Do you sit up striaght?
Do men like to use Johnson's baby powder ?
Why do people inhale deadrant and things like that?
im having really bad pain.?
my heart is beating too fast after eating noodle?
Do You Think I'm Underweight or overweight?
Will i stop growing at this age?
Can blind people cry tears?
how long should i wait before kissing my boyfriend after my tonsillectomy?
Is it possible to die from crying too much?
regarding Benadryl and Nytol...Please help me ASAP?
what is the meaning of life?
when i breathe its really painful..like I'm being stabed..?
Help me Please? I've posted this twice, but no answer :(.?
I stopped smoking about 10 days ago because I wasn't feeling well. Now blood in mucus...?
I have sunburn on my face, will I end up with a sun tan?
what is cardiac arrhythmia?
am i going to have a heart attack?
Pain on right side near bottom of rib cage?
I kissed a girl, can i get any std?
can i get aids if i pierce my ears at claire's?
is this bad?
Could it be a Vicodin?
i'm nearsighted. if i use my glasses all the time, even when i read up close, does that make my eyes worse?
What is the difference between a cold and a fever ?
feeling down and out.?
Why am I having knee pain?
i have a very hard sore lump in my nose does any one have any idea would it could be?
How does a teenager get cigarettes?
So this weird thing happens to me. I'm 14 and I might just randomly start thinking of like an episode of a?
What does it mean when you wake up in the morning and you are stiff and aching?
What is a good stress reliever?
At what temperature does one stop work in an office?
Can I pass a drug test if I only smoked once?
How can i tell i lost my virginity?
How much sleep should I be getting?
My Daughter is expected to die soon.?
I heard someone had a tumor removed that had teeth and hair in it. Where can i find info on how that happens?
what color is healthy blood?
My 17 mos. old daughter has had diarrhea for 5 days?
how do i put on weight??
I Lately have been eating without being hungry. whats going on with me..?
I'm 14 coming up on 15, 5'8" am i still going to grow??
anorexia problem?
Okay I've gained weight. =( Will I lose it this way?
Are there any home remedies for migraines?
Will a doctor give me a prescription for pain killers for a cut open lip?
What's yesterday if today was tomorrow?
Is alcohol belong to used to washing face ? for the acne-prone skin.?
Do I have OCD... and why would it matter if I did?
How do you preserve your own urine to be used in a couple of months for drug testing?
Hic-cup! ughhh?
is it normal to have headaches everyday?
my eye hurts so bad?
Are you afraid to die?PLEASE answer-everyoneee!?
HELP -- QUICK How do i put out a grease fire?
Best acne solution? Any suggestions?
What's the best way to reduce muscle spasm / pain in my neck shoulders and back?
whats the normal weight for a 14 year old girl?
I think i have an STD but I am only 16.I want to get tested but don't want my parents to know. What can i do?
what can i drink if i am pregnant and i am having heartburn?
wat goes up and wat goes down but not move?
Is this normal for a 12 year old!?(Whats wrong with me)?
What's the thing that make u crazy?!?
Is it bad to prefer being asleep to being awake?
How do I treat a cold?
Please suggest the fruits can be taken for 1 1/2 yr baby?
I have this sharp pain?
hi i have a lump in the left side of my neck it woves around its just under my jaw bone?
I have sores all over my head?
Alcohol Problem.. Any advice?
Having a Blood Test. Very scared of Needles. Will it hurt ? PLEASE TELL ME?
First time cigarette smoker?
Is Red Bull bad for you?
can i remove my two week old ear lobe pierceings?
Does antiperspirant work 'downstairs'?
Does anyone know of a brand of toilet roll available in the U.K.?
why am i not loosing weight i am still gaining?
How many cals should I eat?????
my friend burned down a building...HELP!?
why am i so tired and keep crying for no reason?
why do my knuckles get sore?
i'm really scared of thunder stoms,help!?
is there any herbal tea for making ppl sleepy and calm?
So i'm deathly afraid of the ocean... whats your phobia?
If you die can I have your shoes?
I burnt my arm! help?
What's an ideal way to destress without spending money when doing a full time job, being a Mum & doing a degr
Am I fat? I am 5'9 and weigh 126 lbs.?
i can't stop smoking marijuana because i love it too much..?
What are the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS from someone touching my camera and giving it back?
Are you American?
how do you know when you're addicted to smoking?
I Think I've Got Anxiety?
Is drinking 4 bottles of vodka a week a problem?
i asked this girl to be my girlfriend a week ago and she hasn't answered. wht do i do?
If I eat a deep fried twinkie every day will it affect my health?
Am i "fat" for my age??? Please Help. :)?
What is a good way to lose weight?
i hate my life!!!!???...?
Help.... I think i'm becoming addicted to this site. Or turning into some weird sort of agony aunt?
why do i cough lots of blood up im 15 and smoked since 8?
Contact Lenses -- I have questions about them?
Do you find yourself attractive?
DO U think this is grosss?
Does anyone have any home remedies for a BAD cold. please read details...?
Did I take too much Tylenol? Will it hurt me at all?
What are good, fast ways to get rid of migraines?
Would smoking help me lose weight again?
How can we all fit physical exercise in our daily schedules?
Need help finding a good sports bra?
Is it possible to hide bulimia from a doctor?
soo scared someone help!!!!!?
Cutting - I'm 44 yrs old and I am now a cutter?
Wow. I'm not sure where to start..?
ive been crying since last 3 hours and depressed. i want to relax..?
Why don't I go to bed at night.when I'm tired? ?
pains in upper arms mostly in left also tingling in fingers?
IS there a way to loose wate without exersizing?
How do celebrities lose weight so fast?
Will i be fat when im older ?
Am i overweight,or normal?
Anyone got any (relativley sensible!) tips on loosing weight quickly?
Do I have fat thighs/fat wide hips?
Is there any hypocrisy amongst the alt medders?
Why did some people said man created the Aids virus?
effective treatment for psoriasis?
how do i loose 40 pounds really fast?
What is the best way to lose weight, and am i fat?
can someone guess on how tall i will be?
what's the easiest way to lose weight?
I'm constipated...is it a bad idea to dig it out with a teaspoon?
i have tendonitis on my shoulder for about 2 months how much longer does it last [ive been to gp]?
What do you think it is?
any good things for chicken pox?
I used a blade which was used by another person to shave. What is the immediate precaution i could take?
A question on Bipolar?
I feel suicidal everyday???????????????
What's the cure for loneliness?
My friend hit his forehead on my knee, will he b okay?
How to treat a jammed finger?
help!!im so confused & upset?
could i get hivAIDS?
i feel terribly fat... if i drink a lot of water will it make me throw up?
anyone have good tips on gaining weight??
What is it called when you have two personalites?
why does the inside of my a.ss itch? and what can I do to relieve it?
Why do we have Chins?
Do any of you wear depends??
I cry when I look at my body.?
can you get face herpes ?
what's up with my eye?
Buying first pair of glasses online - good idea or bad idea?
what's a good cure for depression?
pain below my ribs on the left?
i work with a heavy smoking boss,told him how i feel abt 2ndhand smoke,bt jst ignored, wat's best to do nxt?
Sinus pain?
My love one just tried to commit suicide. What is the best way to show her I love her?
Are you fed up of pain - let it all out here?
I scratch my self till I start to bleed. I can't control it! why?
how much shoul a 19 year old female at 5'9 weigh?
Can you name foods..........?
Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can anyone suggest a diet plan for a 12 year old?
ok, i've tried hard and not drank any alcohol all weekend, why do i still feel bored/depressed/lonely?
Am I anaemic?? Please help!?
My boyfriend just gave blood...?
I Kissed Someone Who is HIV +?
Please help me! It's urgent! Am I going to die?!?!?
why could it not be me?
I couldn't sleep last night, is it better to stay up until tonight or try to sleep now?
Hi, when i go for a walk i start t o get a stitch like ache under my front right ribs. does anyone?
upper arms hurt alot?
I have headache for almost 3 weeks, could it be migraine. Normal painkiller won't help, any other good remedy.
am having trouble breathing suffer with asthma fingers are tingling phoned doctor cant seee him till 4 ?
The scale says I lost 5 pounds since 2 weeks ago....?
Can I lose 90 pounds in less than a year by riding a bike and eating less?
I need a easy, quick, and inexpensive way to lose weight, does anyone know how to lose weight?
Do you think using a computer 4 hours a day is unhealthy?
attempted Suicide?
i fell in love for the sheep in the farm of my neighbour, im shy to say that to him, what to do?
Smoking Addiction? How to quit? Please help :(?
is this a viral infection?
I need to know the vampire symptoms because i might be one.?
if I had my eye lid pierced.would the surface of eyeball wear out a spot or hurt my eye in any way.?
Some painkillers claim to go straight to the pain-how does it know where the pain is?
Two advils don't stop my back pain. What would happen if i take three?
Staring at computer screens affecting eyesight?
Yes,,,Im pretty sure Ive broken my pinky toe...but?
What are the things you do when you're depressed?
I'm almost 18 and I'm afraid of the dark.?
how can i help a bad cough without medicine?
home remedies for a wart, ahhh please help!!!?
spots Spots SPOTS!?!?
pharmacist only, My doctor's liscense got suspendended, I have 2 scripts for hydrocodone. (Help)?
I have a sharp pain in the arch of my foot near the ball of my foot?
Does any1 know the full form of 'AIDS'?
Why can't I go to sleep at night?
I was diagnosed with sciatica a few months ago. How long before my leg and toes stop being numb?
Does SAD (seasonal affective disorder) really exist? If so what's the best way to cure it?
If someone doesn't care about their own personal hygeine,does it mean anything?
I hurt my knee when I landed wrong and now it collapses about once a week. Will this ever stop?
My mom's hands are swollen, fingers numb & they hurt. She can hardly us them. Any suggestions?
help im in sooo much pain!?
Any good back stretches?
Should I consider painkillers like Vicodin instead of Aspirin, Tylenol, etc. Reoccurring headaches?
cramps, but all the time?
What is the best way to quit smoking(and stay stopped)?
Peeling sunburn?
y do humans feel compelled to pick thier nose and eat it?
Hey guys, a serious question??
I am UK size 10 5ft 3 dont feel fat but my bf has been going on bout my friend who is size 0?
Is eating people wrong? Why?
my girlfriend suffers from depression and gets suicidal when we have a bad fight & blames me, wat can i do?
I am in menstrual pain like crazy!!! help me. It's not cramps, just pain in the pelvis area...HELP ME!!?
concerned about my ear?
What is your favorite herb and why?
needle phobia?
stomach pain after using sun bed?
Have you ever walked barefoot home because your feet hurt so bad?
what's wrong?
Diabetic is HIGH for 2 Weeks Type 1?
Are breathing problems common in anxiety?
When smoking a pipe, do you inhale?
sad songs about depression?
kitchen remedies for arthritis?
Suggestions for snacks?
what does everyone weigh (adult women)?
Can i grow a inch and a half by the end of august?
My lungs hurt after I smoke?
how can you prevent fleas from biting humans?
How can I get rid of Blackheads & Large pores Thanks!!!?
why cant i spell right .my letters turn out backwards?
sugar worse than cigarettes?
What is the best OTC pain killer to take for a toothache?
I'm at party tommorow & i'm wearin hot pants and i have like 2 little bites on my leg How can i get rid of um
I have really bad body odor?
how can i change my ginder ?
how to get rid of a hickey?
Big toe dead?
is there a cure for flat feet?
ive had trapped neck nerve for 5 weeks ,physio tramadol ,codydramol ,diclofenac dont help ,please help, thanks
Why do i have chest pain?
how long does it last?
my brother says hes dizzy, he has a headache, and is nausea, any ideas as of what to do?
Pins and Needles in arm at night?
my ear is not right?
how long does it take sunburn to go away ?
How can I make Tylenol work faster???
When DR's. ask you to rate your pain from 1 being the best to 10 the worst.?
what is this??
I have trouble with taking things too personally, what's the best way to toughen up?
My elderly mother can not stand up on her feet. Her legs are in pain. What do I do?
it smells weird between my legs.?
i accidently iced my foot too long, and now it has a small case of frostbite, what should i do?
what does it mean to have a crash after eating or drinking something?
i'm 15 and have my own imaginary world?
Do you suffer from a mental illness & someone has told you...?
Asthma in children?
How do I stop licking my lips and get rid of this red line around my mouth?
Okay, if someone get's a cut and it start's to turn yellow, what does that mean?
Scared to death?
i just gauged my ears and there infected and i was wondering how to get rid of it ?
I am diabetic. Please let me know whether rice and idly/dosa are okay for me and if yes, what about quantity.?
IN PAIN help how do i stop my leg from hurting?
I've developed scabs on my head, help?
how can i become fast?
Help, how do I stop my back pain?
Left Shoulder Blade Pain?
i have really bad cramps what can i do?
Ears pierced. How much does it hurt if it hurts at all.?
I've got a really horrible cold!?
Tips on how to get up early during the week to exercise?
how many ponds are there in 1 stone?
My left knee is making a "crunching" sort of noise when I walk - it's also v.painful - what can it be?
how can you tell if you broke your knuckle?
Okey Dokey, what's that little gelatinous residue that forms in the corner of your eyes called?
is it possible to get an STD if it's the first time for you and your partner?
pain in top of head like sharp pin please help never had this before?
omg my knees just started to hurt and they are really sore.?
I broke my wrist a week ago in 3 places and have k-wires in for 6 weeks, should I be taking calcium tablets?
Pain in my coccyx and down the inside of my legs?
How can i get rid of scars i've had for ages from teenage acne?!?
How Can I Lose/Keep Off Weight?
How do you get rid of a cramp in the leg?
What are these symtoms that I am having?
Help for an arthritis sufferer?
Doctors fear. Quick!!?
Use of vinegar for diabetic ,cholesterol ?
i have been getting lots of headaches this month,why?
im 16 i am 5'3 and i weigh 140 pounds am i fat?
Multiple Sclerosis Test?
Ive always got cold hands and feet..whats wrong with me?
PLEAsE DON'T MAKE ME ASK THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
what have i done to my arm ?
What would happen if someone took 3,200 mg of Ibuprofen everyday?
I have a really bad headache and i'm in school. Does head-on actually work??
headache plz help!!!?
which is more painful, emotional pain or physical pain?
Gas trapped in intestines. How to get it released?
pain in middle finger?
should i mix these 2 pills?
headache relief???
I feel a bit on edge and snappy today, Why do you think that is? I had a good sleep, I have no problems.?
i have gonorrhea and i dont wanna tell my mom, so how do i get the treatment for it without telling her?
If I go to an eye doctor does not think that my vision is good, can he have my driver's license revoked?
does anyone know if is's it possible to take tablets to stop my monthy cycle?
Are you content with your life?
Does my sister have Diabetes?
Is My Cut Infected?
Why does it hurt guys so much when they do the splits?
when people say that you smell fishy?
How can I keep myself off the computer?
Somethings wrong eith my bf's eye, help!?
Contacts?10 easy points?
why does my left eyelid keep shaking slightly by itself?
Can you die from to much icy hot?? Please answer fastIm worried!?
What could be wrong with me?
I need help, my wrist hurts, and i needa know what's wrong!?
The pain is killing me?
This afternoon's dragging, can anyone suggest a mind altering substance I can make from office supplies
my mum said i might be autistic!?
Can diabetics have milkshakes?
How can someone be hypoglycemic but no doctor can find proof?
it feels like there is something stuck in my throat?
Bulimia... how many times does?
I've only been a member for a hour or two. I'm getting obsessed with answering questions.anyone feel the same
a cough or chest infection?
Right, Iv'e had enough of your belly aching, What do you want to do?
am i am a bigg fatty fatyy bom bom?
So weird, cant sleep. Hard to explain?
am i short or tall or normal?
Please help me!! Crying and scared to death!!?
latley I've been feeling so down I feel like committing suicide...?
Fit Or Fat???????What do u think???
help!! there's a spider in my room!! what do i do!!?
My friend is going to kill itsef by jumping off the roof?
I think I have a 2nd degree burn?
Am I Overweight? Or What?
How do I lose my belly fat?
whats the longest amount of time you've gone without sleep?
who decides who's crazy?
Childhood accidents, are they all reported? NHS UK only?
what is the best cure for back pains besides medicine?
in winter if i do not go for bath daily, what would be the impact?
how much sleep does an average BRAIN need to function well???
How long does it take you to wind down & fall asleep?
My Wife Is Diabetic, her bills won't stop, but we can't get help...ideas?
How do I stand up for myself?
Help with violent relationship?
I accidentally cut myself and it won't stop bleeding!?
I'm trying to gain weight so should i stop using treadmills?
Is there a way to lose weight while still being as lazy as I am?
If I starve myself for a week will i lose weight?
Am I fat? o:?
Knee injury... how do I make it better so I can run again?
i am 13 years old and and may have diabetes.?
how much insulin should a 10 year old girl (70 lbs) get a day?
How can i resist temptation?
I am peeing blood what do I do to help?
my daughter is 12 years and she is not tall. for her weight she is short. what to do now ? suggest?
does carnation instant breakfast make u lose weight?
Help Im scared?
Is it alright for a teenager to sleep 6 hours?
im a 6th grader and i weigh 140 am i fat????????????
Are stress and anger the same?
is my finger broken if i can move it up and down but not side to side?
Blackout...arm hurts soo much!?
I have such a tummy ache, what herb should I pull from my garden and make a tea with it?
i recently got a scar in my eye?
whats wrong with my toe? please Help?
I broke my wrist 6 weeks ago!?
I've got a cast on my arm all the way up past my elbow and it's so itchy it's CRAZY! What will help?!!?
Gestational Diabetes Question...?
I have low blood sugar do you?
I have been 2 my doc 3 times 4 treatment of chlamydia?
What do you do when you feel like you have nowhere to escape to?
How do I get answers from millions of imaginary people?
Is Bitter Melon (Karela) helpful for Diabetes Patients?
if i drink diet coke will it?
I'm a bass player....and my wrists are agony. Help please?
Can Toe Rings Deform Your Toes?
How does a 14 year old girl that weighs 175 pounds lose weight?
Does walking really work? Can you REALLY loose weight walking?
steriod use in the gym?
what is the best way to beat depression?
I have a lump in my neck what could it be? ?
Does anyone have a natural cure for mouth ulcers
why do people gain weight in their early twenties?
Why do i keep coughing?
I got my third ear lobe piercing like 3 months ago but I don't want it anymore so I let it close up?
doctor keeps asking if im pregnant?
my glasses prescription?
How many sit ups do i need to do to burn a calorie?
what do you eat daily?
Do modelling agencies only accept size zero ?
Put That Down Fatty!!!?
Do you think I should lose weight? (pics inside)
I am 41 year old.My weight is 102.why i am fat.?
Muslim doctors with europiean female patients?
i cant fall asleep?
Im almost 5'5 i weigh 120, is that too much??
high pulse rate.Pls help?
getting blood taken?
pierced ears have a little crust around them?
i'm a diabetic?
When someone is diabetic?
Hi I had a blood sugar level of 48 about an hour after I ate. What might cause this?
I recently smoked pot about 5 times but it's been 6 weeks since I took a hit. Will I be ok for a urine test?
I can't sleep what can I do to get to sleep and sleep through the night?
I weigh about 340lbs and need to lose around 100lbs, what is the best advice to go about doing this?
is it okay to have a height of 5'6 for a 14 year old?
do i have hiv pleas help?
Blood pressure Question? 10 points will be rewarded?
What are some ways to lower a person's sodium intake and what foods are low in sodium?
What positive steps can we take now to prevent health issues in the future?
i was told that i can loose fat by banging my stomach with my hands and it gets dissolved. Is this true??
Does anyone know a good website to find answers on the heart ?
I am 19 years old, female. Every 2 weeks I get heart palpatations, heart pain,then nausea,chest shakes?
Can drinking too much water be bad for you?
when a person commits suicide,?
I think i have high blood pressure?
Why dont kids listen. I told my son to put a jumper on over his teashirt as it is so cold. No he said im fine?
New Swine Flu anybody worried?
my mom has the flu, how can i make sure i wont get it?
Can you die of sore throat?
Is it possible to get punched on the head and get a bruise and die like days or weeks later?
Preventing the Flu From Infecting Me?
It's late, I'm starving. What can I eat that wont make me fatter?
How do nitrates reduce angina?
is a cholesterol reading of 6.0 considered a risk?
Help. I'm addicted to the internet. I need a new hobby!?
What is a painless way to get a band-aid and a piece of doctors tape off?
How do u lose muscle? I'm too big!!?
True? You don't lose weight if you don't eat enough?
what's the best thing to do to combat insomnia?
how many hours to swim dialy?
How can you lose weight without leaving your house or buying expensive equipment??
What are the best meats to eat while dieting?
will stopping drinking pop...?
Is someone who is 5'2 almost 5'3 and weighs 117 fat?
if i lose weight will my legs get smaller?
Ive smoked pot twice in the last 2 months, will it show on a hair test?
Am I having a heart attack?
cutting myself ?
are there any natural antidepressants?
My sister has question-diarrhoea, anyone know of a cure?
Why is it, when u r sat in GP's waiting room, & u c some one u know, u ask "how r u?" & they reply "OK!"
why can't we eat spinach?
Is diet Coke bad for you?
How do I keep my eyes from looking bloodshot?
Am i abnormal because i have stretchmarks at age 14?
Guys ang girls, am I anorexic?
Would this be bad for me?
What do you do if you're fat and you're no good at sports???????????
HELP!! I have too many worries and I can't sleep without crying?
I Sweat To Muchh :S?
Why do "at-risk" people need to have a flu jab?
What's the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?
It's lunch time!! What are you having?
what do you take to get you going in the morning?
What can I do to undo the effects of smoking...?
Can you lose weight by eating more often?
ok, i drank loads last night!, really bad hangover what do i do!?
How can i gain weight fast.?
Is there anything you can do for a recent burn on your face from a straightener so it isn't permanent?
Whats the best way to get rid of diarrhea?
what is a good workout plan for a 13 year old?
I have swollen glands & feel sick, what can i take for this?
Does one eye see in red and one see blue?
I just found out my Father has HIV. I feel bad that I'm slightly afraid of being near him, what should I do?
I'm fat I'm 4'9' and 110 and I am 18?
when weighing yourself...?
how to lose weight in a month..?
Am I fat? {tell the truth}?
What can I do to distract myself from eating?
how can i loss my weight without any workout..?
If you are overweight is it best to avoid running?
I am 5'6...overweight? Not sure...?
To say that Marylin Monroe was chubby is ridiculous, yet so many people seem do so. What's your opinion?
how to stop smoking, and how to avoid it.?
What is the difference between Warfarin and Plavix?
What can I have for a healthy snack?
should i have the swine flu jab?
Is this too much for dinner?
Is 118 lbs over weight for a 5'6 girl???
Do I legally have to disclose to my partner that I am HIV positive?
Cold + swollen glands?
what can we do to prevent h1n1 flu?
how worried are you about swine flu? Im pregnant and it's starting to worry me now?
Will bleach kill hiv/aids?
what do you drink with your dinner?
Cystitis Help?
Does vision correction with laser work?
My 9 year old sister watches LOADS of TV, what can I get her to do to stop her?
are low calorie yoghurts fattening?
How can I beat hunger pangs?
Do people with big eyes have good vision?
Best weight loss.... 1) treadmill 2) morning walker 3) abdomen exercise?
Questions about Smoking?
Do you feel guilty or miserable whenever you are unable to go to the gym?
overweight TEEN????????????????????????????????????…
how to maintain healthy skin? does drinking a lot of water help?
is it weak to ask for help?
My sons had his MMR jab yesterday is it normal to swell & be quite hard?
is there a cure for hepatitis c?
How can I stop myself from coughing?
whats wrong with my knee?
Is eating raw oatmeal bad for you in any way?
Hiya guys, did i eat ok for today?
If I ran for 2 hours a day+jump rope for 30 min and didnt eat anything for 5 days.how much weight wuld i lose?
Can you catch std's from a toilet seat?
not eating?
i am a tea-addict and am looking for an alternative hot drink. what can you suggest, that also has the...?
i`m in bed with a bad cold i have this bad cough, do you know what i can take to feel better?
Weight Loss??
What is the correct and healthy way to lose weight ?
Do video games cause obesity?
kidney infection?
I cant get the water out of my ear!?
i weigh 127 and i am 5'4 do you think i sound fat?if so how much weight should i lose i want to weigh 100lb
Does my boyfriend have the right to control my diet?
Is there a medication a 15 yr old can take to lose about 20 lbs in like a month or 2??
Is it okay to call someone fat when no one's watching?
If someone is very fat.what can he/she do about it?
Adults .. stop eating crisps?
underweight overweight or fine (this is the fixed one!)?
My dad is a scientist......This is wat he told me...... Do you beleive it?
A Smokers Question ? Please Answer!?
Any cures for insomnia? I want to go to bed but I can't sleep!!?
So apparently, we are sitting on a powder keg of child obesity! It wouldn't have anything to do with.........?
how can i get a six pack buy june?
EKG question?
Have you ever eaten a crayon?
its too cold over here?
Am a 17 year old girl. My tummy is very fat.How can I make my tummy thin.?
what can i do i think i have herpes ?
How do I get rid of the flu??
Is it ok to take a warm shower, if I have a runny nose, and a very low fever?
Do you ever want to eat when you are full or not hungry?
cholesterol levels.?
If Someone you recently slept with told you they had herpes...?
If I give a boy a blooowwwjooobbb can i get stds/aids?
is there a diarrhoea bug going round in uk?
URGENT. i am bleeding?
Does anyone but me think it's gross/creepy for my husbands mother to kiss him on the mouth? He's 46.?
got bitten by my dog, whole arm cold...?
is it legal for a 16year old girl to donate blood to the Blood Donation Unit?
Serious people who want to lose weight????
i bite my Nail's all the time and i need to stop because i need to be more professional?
In the UK do unemployed people qualify for a free eye test?
I have my first counselling session tonight and I'm so scared, what was people's first counselling session
Any tips on how to get more sleep??
how to increase lung capacity. any Idea and any experience.?
How Long does a love bite take to heal / and is there any thing i can do to hide it or get rid of it faster ?
please help me asap, i hate being ill?
what is a good remedy for a cold sore?
I got fingered last night, and i woke up and developed a cold? Could I have an STD?
i need 15 items to put in a first aid kit?
anyone had swine flu?
does anyone no about i think its called displexer its somethink young children get?
Burned by hot glue gun? What should I do?
I cant get my contacts in and im embarrassed of my glasses. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
I asked a question yesterday about a cold sore?
Now will you eat pork?
im confused about my weight?
I'm 5.5 ft and weigh 8.5 stone. Am i overweight?
How many of you wish, that you could lose weight?
I was wondering , if I get constipated alot if enemas would help me if not used several, times?
how can i prevent bad hangovers?
Should I go see doctor? I have the flu thats going round, but I'm worried about additional symptoms I have.
i thew a stick at sombodys eye and now hes in hospital what will happen .. ?
Do you wake up or open your eyes first?
Where is the best place in the world to have Laser Eye Surgery?
Is Swine flu lethal???? Please answer if you know.?
Is it ok to be intamint with somebody who had mrsa ?
Omg, swine flu in birmingham!!??!?!?
I was told I have scabies. Can someone please give me some information + see if it can kill you or not?
am i over-exercising??
What is a good weight for me?
If i just cut meat & junk food out of my diet will i loose weight
How do you work out w/o sweating? I hate what it does to my hair?
What's a good and healthy breakfast?
Ear problem please help?
How can I make my arm cast smell better?
Should I smoke??????
how do i stop smoking cigarets?
I need stitches in my hand,what will they do in the emergency room?
What are some things you can do to help sunburn heal faster?
If You only eat once a day but vomit that... PLS ANSWER?
Am I fat? Normal? Skinny?
What would happen if I only drank slimfast shakes 3 times a day for two weeks?
If you benchpress, will you lose weight?
What are the chances of me having an STD, particularly HIV, if guys have pulled out?
this is a weird question but..?
i'm so scared of flying planes....anyone have any ways to get over it?
I think I am depressed and I am eating alot and gaining weight! I can't stop eating! Any help?
Pain Thresh hold! How do you think this is determined? Are we born with it or do we make our own?
How do you look younger and healthier?
Why don't people get better?
Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers?
loosing weight please help?
13 and 120pounds 5'4 i have been eating a lot i feal STUFED ...?
sleep without cannabis?
ive had hicups all day?
I've had a vry very mild cough for the past year, and I'm a non-smoker . What could this be?
Is rice made with flour?
How do I get tall ?
im 15 years old and weigh 194lbs. what should i do?
How to lose TWENTY pounds in TWO months?
Is it true that it is more heather to drink warm water then cold water ???????????
an i fat plzz answer?
help me lose weight... i'm 5' 4" and 196lbs?
Do people who eat breakfast really lose more weight?
My Knee Cracks Nearly Everytime I Bend It. Is This Bad?
I think i broke my big toe.. what do i do?
Help with contact lenses?
am i fat.......?
I just ate my tv, am I going to gain super powers?
Why am I not losing any weight/fat?
how can youlose 60 pounds fast?
Alli and anal leakage?
Celery had negative calories, what does that mean exactly?
How do I become this skinny? pic supplied.?
If i drink hot lemon juice all day will it do me any harm or some good.?
Is It Bad For Your Health To Run Everyday?
How long does a chest infection last for? When should I go to the doctors?
I stepped on glass 3 days ago & now its healed over & i can't even see it. Is it safe to leave it in?
is commiting suicide selfish?
How does ADD medicine make you feel? Like a zombie, or have more energy?
Women are not meant to lead/be President. It's too much stress for them. TRUE OR FALSE?
A Bug Went Into My Mouth!?
I am 5'6" and 200lbs, am I fat?
I lost 3 pounds in one day?
How can I loose ten pounds in two days? honestly please help.?
I am 119 pounds..5'1 i really want to loose pounds and im beginning to think i cant...?
What is my weight supposed to be? I am 5'9 and 13?
Is 754 calories a day alot?
do you go to gym:)?
So who else has given up, or is trying to give up, smoking?
Swine Flu in Tijuana, Mexico.?
Can anything be given for a sinus infection? Is it worth seeing a doctor?
Which way do you sleep?
What are the signs that someone is regularly smoking weed?
if cannabis isnt addictive, why is it so hard to quit?
Is 40 minutes for a ******* ambulance emergency too long!?!?
If reading in the car makes me feel sick will I feel sick reading on a coach?
Can fat people go skinny-dipping?
Do you think i'm overweight?
am i overweight for my height and age?
Is it fat to be 116 pounds at 5'6"?
what are effects from lack of sleep?
What's a mom to do????
Apparently you are meant to poo / past waste / stools twice a day? Is this true?
Can i gain a six pack be joining the gym?
is it bad to eat 80 calories a day?
What is better for weight loss?
does it look like my belly is fat beacuse i drank alot yesterday or is it really fat? <Picture>?
What is the drug EXLAX?
my height is 5'6" and i want to increase more my age is 22 is there any possibility weight 65?
I need a deoderant...?
Why do people eat things that they know are going to make them over weight or "FAT"?
will fat free cottage cheese and yogurt make me fat?
can i lose weight by doing this???
i weight 90kg and i am 30yrs old am i over weight?
is this ok for gaining weight? anorexic?
Which do you think is worse??
Can heavy drinking cause weight loss?
Are roast veg in olive oil bad for you?
Help! Have i got swine flu?
Jogging in the Morning?
i want to lose a bit weight , what should i eat to keep healthy?
Can you catch herpes if your boyfriend has a coldsore on his mouth?
GUYS curvy, skinny ,or fat ?
im 32 and all i eat is junk food ie fast food etc no veg or fruit do you think it too late for me to change?
Will a decent malt whisky prevent swine flu?