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Can a 2 and a half year old develop diabetes?
could i have diabetes?
Is high blood pressure kind of the same as low blood pressure?
Are there any good solutions to make me want to do my insulin?
I need to pass a drug test tomorrow at 8am(cen) and i smoke weed. How can i do that at home and naturally?
Had an echocardiogram but confused?
high blood pressure meds not working?
Does smoking effects on your appetit??
Do all type 2 diabetics have to count carbs? ?
My Child May Have Diabetes, Should I Take him to The Hospital Since my Doctor is away?
Is it Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 where you need injections?
My brother in law has come to stay and he is diabetic - I need help with the diet?
please help with something that is bugging my son.?
am i alergic to milk???
how do you know if your nose is broken? i ran into a wall last night and it really hUrTs?!?!?!?
can you donate blood if you have astma?
Whats the best way to keep a lip piercing from getting infected?
My boyfriend gets nosebleeds a lot?
Why are my hands always cold?
accidentally swallowed cleaning powder with bleach?
Are smokers unaware how horrible their smoke is or don't they care how hard it is to breathe?
If I smoke just a few cigarretes every weekend, is that harmful or can I get addicted?
High blood pressure: DO's and DON'Ts?
blood when i urinate?...please help me out !?
Which is worse for you Cigarettes or Cigars. Becasue i like both but i don't want to runie my heath?
Can stress cause stomach pains?
Do bedbugs really bite?
can you bite through your skin down to the bone?
How to get a splinter out of my hand?
When you take a £10 note out of your wallet, do you get a lump in your throat?
Can smoking cause Sinusitis?
I peel the skin off the bottom of my feet. Can that cause cancer?
What can this symptom be I really need info?
ear blockage? I have a dried wax in my right ear, and I can't hear that well from it. Any way to get it out? ?
Diabetes Question?
How to get a flat stomach?
Will cokes make you fat?
What is my BMI? Easy ten points!?
is smoking matches bad for you?
Hearing voices, i think something is happening to me?
My toenail just fell in the tiolet.?
how to get rid of depression?
Does using Qtips help or hurt your ears?
Is it safe for a person that is diabetic to take diet pills?
What do I do about my Type 1 Diabetes & Swollen Ankles?
how to cure diabetics through aloevera?
What does it mean "Possible left atrial enlargement, right..blah blah.deviation, borderline EKG?
HAVING 29 teeth pulled in one day HELPPPPP?
A question for the men---Skinny women, pleasantly plump, or lots of Junk in the trunk?
My blood sugar is 443, how do I bring this down?
Boken Elbow?
Help with Self Injury?
Suggest some home remedies to drive away dandruff?
What can I do about my husband's snoring?
Is anyone out there allergic to Chocolate?
cough that won't go away! please help!?
I've just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but?
Does anybody have any rememedies for getting rid of head lice? Can't get rid of it no matter what I've tried.
what time should a seventh grader go to bed?
how to pass a drug test if u have marijuana in your system?
Do you like to sleep on your side, back or tummy?
What are some genuine benefits of smoking?
What to use to pass a drug test?
Why do people smoke???
why do overweight people grunt and sigh more than other people?
if allergic to cats will guinea pigs cause allergy?
Why don't adult teeth grow back once they've fallen out. It's more than ridiculous that they don't.
Diabetics and pot?
should i talk to the doctor. or just let him give me the shot????????
How do I explain to my new friend who is diabetic, that her choices are causing permant damage to her body?
Can you test for diabetes w/o doctor?
Anyone who's quit smoking!!!!!?
How can smoking effect the respiratory system and what illnesses can smoking cause?
I'm embarrassed about having asthma!!?
does this need medical attention?
i always bite my nails! i cant help it! how can i stop???
Got my cut glued instead of stitches, how long until i can get it wet?
I am freezing...how can I warm up in this situation?
I'm so SICK OF IT!! And I don't know what to do!!?
im growin an extra toe?
Diabetic help- blood sugars over 400?
Normal blood sugar level for teenagers after eating?
Besides brushing and mouthwash, what's the best thing to do to get rid of severe bad breath?
I am scared of the dentist! Help me!?
I'm not sure....help please?
I am really worried i have type 1 diabetes. What shall i do?
Possible Diabetes??Teen Diabetics? Adult Diabetics please answer.?
How many children i must have?
can you die from a jellyfish sting?
What are your best tips for someone suffering from Insomnia?
why do the rich live longer than the poor?
I have really bad chapped lips :[ What should I do?
What do i do about my chapped lips?
Is this blood pressure normal?
What if i smoked a bowl 3 days ago could i pass a test?
I can't sleep because I can't stop coughing and I am very poor.does anyone know any home remedy's?
How do you blow smoke rings?
Am I allergic to ice cubes in milk?
Is it okay that i only eat like 500-700 calories a day?
Has anyone tried Adam & Eve diet?
My doctor says I'm BIG for my height.?
Passing wind?
Why do people have to die?
I quit smoking... now what?
I really need help. I'm near desperate. Can anyone HELP ME????
Crotch itching and burning when i pee?
Is he too young to feel the effects of second hand smoke?
Reaction to food allergy, what the right thing to do?
i just held my nose while sneezing and my ear hurts?
I have to go to the doctor about something very embarrassing (i'm scared)?
what happens when my thyroid stops working?
Besides taking a laxative, what other options are there for constipation?
Where can I find a really good pillow?
Which is the best remedy for cough?
Why does it tickle when I look at my pointed index finger approaching my nose?
How do you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes?
I dont understand?
is it good or bad if blood sugar is at 411?
My Mom wan'ts me to get tested for Diabetis but i also have Headaches all the time. What should i do?
How do you control allergies?
What do you drink or eat if you are allergic to water?
Am I allergic to apples?
I'm really scared and I don't know what to do please help?
Why am I thirsty all the time?
stopped smoking pot & finding it hard 2 eat, why?
What's wrong with me?
Steps to grow naturally taller??
Is Kitty Litter harmful? Should I be concerned???
what happens if food coloring is put in your eyes?
Should I gargle with water after using mouthwash? What is the correct way to use mouthwash?
Braces-please help!!!?
smoke after tooth removal?
what is it like to have a mold of your teeth made for braces??????????????????????????????????…
Is it possble to be allergic to watermelon?
When do you sleep ?
Can this be a sign of autism?
Is it Diabetes?
Sometimes I have chest pain in my heart area, like a stabbing pain, is it normal?
I'm 15 & I'm 5ft 9" - will i grow any more?
will this do anything if...?
i'am 14 yrs old is it possible i have diabetes?
I'm 15 and just cut my wrist for the 1st time yesterday after school..?
i checked my blood sugar and it was 220?
I have always been curious to know if there is a difference between H.I.V. and aids; or is both the same thing
how do you feel better when you feel like you are going to throw up?
Could I have diabetes? D:?
can people die from high blood pressure?
Does it hurt when someone has a heart murmur?
Why am I coughing so much?
How can i get rid of herpes overnight?
What is the best pain management for diabetic neuropothy?
Should I be okay to continue eating grapes?
I get these Little white thing that comes out of my throat it really smells nasty!!!HELP!!!?
I suffer from allergy in eyes & body during summer/rainy season in south of China with sever cold. what to do?
what is a good natural cure for sinusitis.i don't want to take antibiotics...?
When taking a shower, why is it so hard for me to breathe?
hey! i'm 15. i'm a swimmer, dancer an' a student. plz help me!?
embarrassing question... bleeding somewhere you shouldnt...?
Ladies, this is not an easy one to ask!
my legs are cramping and hurting,all thru teh day and at night in sleep.Any idea why?
Could He Be Allergic To The Fish??? Help?
why am i allergic to ketchup?
why are some people allergic to cats?
I'm Trying to quit smoking cold turkyed it 1 day ago no meds how long will the moodyness and bad-?
does anyone know what costochondritis is?, I've just been diagnosed.?
Is lying about ur age that bad?
i cant get to sleeep? any suggestions?
What things do you do to relieve stress??
What is the fastest/safest way to rid your body of marijuana?
My dad is dizzy for no reason?
OK this is a strange question but........?
What would be your perfect weight?
Is my friend too skinny for her age?
am i overweight or not?
Is is bad to smoke after you get your wisdom teeth pulled?
How do I tell a co-worker he smells bad?
Can eating too much sugar cause diabetes?
What are the best allergy tablets for basic allergy relief?
whats the fasted way to get rid of a sour throat?
Has a Doctor given you a prescription you never filled?
My sister found out that she has type 1 diabetes?
can your blood sugar be normal at first then get diabetes blood level?
How to stop a bloody nose?
can you be allergic to weed?
woke up with a bite on me, could it be a bed bug bite?
Do shots hurt really bad?
Why do people squint their eyes when they can't see? Wouldn't that just make it less space to see out of?
is it normal to have this urge to pee everytym you wet your hands or when you get in front of ur computer?
what is the hanging thing in the back of your throat called?
Is it ok to suicide to make the people around you happy?
HELP ME PLEASE is it having the 6th sense.?
What laxative works really quick besides an enema?
what might help me pass a urine test?
How can I cover up the smell of marijuana?
Pericing ears?
what do you do when you get soap in your eyes?
my nephew is six yr old do take him in to do ladies room or the go in the mens with him?
what are diabetes????b PLEEAASSEE REPLYY. :) ASAP?
Do I have a cold? or is it just allergies?
how often do you sneeze?
what is the name of the stuff you rub on your nose for allergy relief?
I am having trouble sleeping, I wake up in the middle of the night, and cant get back to sleep. Help?
why am i gaining weight but not been overeating?
Why do i drink to ease my anxiety?
How to prevent our mouth from bad breath?
HELP! I CANT SLEEP - 10 pts best answer?
Sore throat!?
Does anyone else do this???
How can we protect ourselves from diabetes?
Has anyone ever had gallbladder problems?
Since there are cures for AIDS why do celebrities still ask for money to find a cure?
Why are you still awake?
is a half a pill of ecstasy harmful?
How do you tell your girlfriend to lose weight without hurting their feelings?
Where can I buy frozen and secured bird flu samples?
I shake when i get angry?
I tried to sneeze w/o closing my eyes and my eyeball popped out...what do i do?
How can I cure my blocked nose?
Lactose intolerance, maybe?
I have a metal allergy is there a way to get a piercing or a tattoo?
Hi I have high blood pressure ?
Heart Flutters (checked and cleared, but still curious)?
Should I go to the ER?
I am 33 yrs old diabetic.please advise what all fruits & vegetable i can eat.sugar level is 10.4?
i got custard allergy,what should i do?
How should my roommates doctor be handling her allergic reaction to PENICILLIN? ?
Is smoking more dangerous to your health than marijuana?
whats wrong with me? :?
whats the best thing to eat when you've had the squits?
Is it worth a good nights sleep????
how can i get rid of freckles?
what casues headaches vomiting and tiredness?
I'm gettin that feeling where you get a kinda scratchy throat...?
Have you signed up to become a Organ Donor?
My brother is Allergic to cats and he is coming to visit...?
toxic sofa?
how do I get rid of my cat allergy problems?
Would it be rude to get a cat since my sister and her husband are allergic?
Why am i having these symptoms?(In hot weather)?
Can't breathe properly...?
Is it possible that I have moved on to diabetes?
My Blood pressure is 115/61?
When prescribed medicine must you take the medicine at the times/before or after food as the doctor has stated
I'm ab+ blood group my sister is b+ blood group is there any chance we may not be true sisters?
why does a child hear more than an adult?
What r u addicted to?????
Before toe-nail clippers, what did people do?
I've been clogged up for days in my nose and throat.. and i just coughed and.......?
i have mold growing in my house what to do?
can air conditioning make you ill?
what is pulse rate in humen body?
this is only for girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
hi, i smoke a lot of marijuana and i want to stop,any suggestions?
what will kill a person faster? bingeing on mcdonalds, alcohol addiction or smoking addiction?
am i tall for my age?
dad/has/diabetes/strokes, emphysema,high blood pressure & cholestral. retinol therapy is he going to die?
I'm constantly feeling thirsty and hungry?
I think i'm allergic to something.?
Whenever I eat or when i go to bed my nose blocks instantly and i can't breathe well,any suggestions.?
My nose is soooooooooooo runny, please tell me how i can make it stopppp!!????
i've just found out that i might have diabetes please help.?
do skinny peoples arteries get clogged?
Blood pressure go down during exercise?
How does candy affect a person's energy level?
No joke. Does a diabetic's urine taste sweet?
I have allergies, I dont know wat pills to take, its getting pretty bad & I dont want to see d Dr. any ideas?
If i'm allergic to amoxicillin is it possible to not be allergic to penicillin?
What is everyone's opinion on this TB scare?
Can i consider myself a smoker?
i am a type one Diabetic can i give blood and become a organ donor?
is it possible to use heroin recreationally and not become a crazed junkie?
name the relaction phase of the heart?
soy milk or lactorse free (lactaid)?
Do you have to be Overweight to get diabetes?
Is it true that you won't get clean taking cold shower?
what is a normal blood sugar level!!!?
Why could I once eat prawns, but now break out in itchy lumps when I eat the smallest amount?
My Allergies are terrible... is there a way to get rid of them?
Why did my lip swell after eating a few Barnum's Animals crackers?
Metformin 500mg anybody without diabetes ever had them prescribed? Please tell what they do?
what questions would you ask a diabetic person?
i have high sugar does dat mean ill have diabetes?
I'm really tired all the time and i smell alcholon my bearth?
My Doctor said benadryl (Diphenhydramine) is a popular abused substance. Is he crazy or am I?
Would it be okay for me to smoke weed with asthma?
virginal infection?green yelloish colour?
Do I have diabities??????????
If my a1c was 6.0 am I a diabetic? And how do I know if I have type 1 or 2 or mixed?
if you had peanut allergies could you eat something with peanut oil?
I need help with diagnosing my wife's bedroom allergies! ?
how come everytime i smoke a ciggarette i throw up?
How often do I need to change rubber bands for braces?
Do you think I had a heart attack?
why does the mosquito seems to love biting me?
Does sugar from natural fruit sources (such as bananas) increase the risk of Diabetes?
How do I improve my insulin levels?
do you enjoy sneezing?
are these bites?
What's a cure for a very raw-feeling throat?
Alcoholism - is it hereditary?
How Can I Get My Dad To Quit Smoking?
Why are my toenails a yellowish greenish color?
does anyone know if there could be a connection between coeliac disease and diabeties?
how to tell if i have diabetes without going to the doctor?
seizure question?!?
where do you inject insulin? what part of the body?
Can kids get type 2 diabetes?
why Are The Blood pressure Readings in both Arms so different?
im taking a blood test on sat. for diabetes.will it show that i did weed before? ?
can a blood glucose needle hit the bone?
Don't you think smoking should be illigal? It effects the ones who do not smoke more then those who smoke!!!
How many hours should I sleep a night?
Could I be pre-diabetic?
what happens if you don't drink anything for a day or eat?
5 different heart diseases?
what type of diabetes is this?
Does my friend have Diabetes??
Why is my son gasping???
Can too much caffeine cause a heart attack?
Doc says test shows my triglyerides are over 800, I ate nearly a whole cake 24 hrs before test, did that?
If I didn't eat for 2 days wil I faint?
Should Diabetics Pedicure?
Any alternative for insulin injection?
How long can one last with blood glucose levels 300 to 600 range?
why do you see someone yawning & you yawn too?
How to quit Masterbating?
Who Tends to get herpes more?
how do i know if i have an std without going to the doctor?
I'm a gay virgin. Should I get the HPV vaccine?
How many of you have developed allergies as you've gotten older?
what would happen if we have two nose???????
Pains in my heart please help!?
My dad had open heart surgery about 3 months ago. He is having alot of pains in his arm and back?
Anything that will help heart muscle in elderly persons?
Chapstick addiction??!?
repeat Herpes or something else?
Do twins have the same blood type, heart etc?
My daughter just got this lump on her neck, it's kind of big and she says it hurts, time to call the doc or ?
Is my ankle broken or not?
Need help badly please?
What do you think happened?
sunscreen expired can i use it?
A late 50's lady suffers for half a month tingling feelings with pins and needles on her right hand til arm.
what are the symptoms of Diabetes? ?
i have a question to ask about?
Do gynecologists test you for STDs?
If smokers want to quit smoking but can't. Aren't they addicts?
What things can we all do to take care of our health and well-being at different stages of life?
Why do we let the devil control us?(I can't figure it out)?
What time do you wake up in morning & Go to bed at night?
Have you ever seen an INR go to 44? What is the highest you have ever seen/had?
Is this normal blood pressure?
How do I stop heart palpitations?
How can people give themselves diabetes type 1?
Is there any chance that I might have diabetes?
Can unhappiness lead to diabetes? my mom...?
"Hi" is greater than what number?
Is Aspartame[low calorie sugar substitute] is dependable, without any side effects ?
where are the first -aid supplies kept?
How do you catch diabetes?
What are some of the best foods a Type 2 Diabetic can eat?
what's the optimum blood sugar for a diabetic?
Is this an allergic reaction?
can a female still get hiv/aids even if she's wearing her panies?
Looking for diabetes-related websites?
I'm concerned about the possibility of having diabetes?
I have diabetes and I am starting to get dizzy spells is it ok or do I have to do something?
i crack my knuckles a lot. too much even. whats a really good way to stop the habit?
I was hit with a hammer on the top of my head its been 40 min and is still bleeding... what should I do.?
if quiting smoking makes you fat, are we to believe that all smokers are therefor thin?
these weird spots ? ?
what's the difference between 1/2 cc syringes and 1cc syringes?
I'm a type 1 diabetic and underweight. My target weight is 130 lbs. How can I gain weight?
My fiance has diabetes. What's the best diet for him?
Why am sneezing loads am I allergic to my pets or something?
why do we hiccough?
is breathing in a lot of bleach good for your health ?
Stretch marks?
Am I overweight ;( ?
am i fat (picture) i am 14 5'5' about 153lbs
kind of chubby or very skinny?
Are sodas generally gluten free?
Mouth STD's...........?
why does it feel tingly in your hands sometimes?
Why am i allergic to bananas?
how much cough syrup does it take to get high?
Autism and Gluten/Casein Free Diet?
My son throws up everytime he eats, and coughs all the time, what does this mean?
Which is better? cow's milk or camel's milk?
Why do we go to Burger King & order a double whopper with a large fries & insist on getting a diet coke?
what reasons would a heart surgeon have for not performing a bypass on 3 fully clogged aortas?
is alcohol a better blood thinner than asprin?
how can i loose weight FAST!!!!!!!!(AND MAYBE EASY)?
Ways to loose weight for 14 year old girl?
Meds that Diabetics can take to lose weight.?
How do I know if I have diabetes?
Is it true that diabetes never goes away even if you lose all the weight you need to?
I think i'm lactose intolerant, should i see a doctor?
How to prevent nose bleeds....?
Can't breath at night?
Have you consumed....?
Will I ever run the same even after fracturing my ankle?
why should I go on after my second heart attack and no reason to continue other than work?
anyone go thru a triple bypass ? my husband is & i just need some reassurance all will be well Thanks !?
ugh, feel gross help me! 10 points for real!?
How can I lose weight?
Quickest and best way to loose 25 pounds?
why shouldn't you work out before bedtime?
do you think I'm fat? 130lbs 19 years old female oh and 5 foot 2?
How do i know if im diabetic?
How many of you people need CPR & 1st Aid Training?
What should I do my dad has to have surgery tommorrow and I'm really worried.?
what to think about before falling asleep (read details)?
Is there a bread that tastes good & is healthy for diabetics or is their a better way to get fiber?
my girlfriend of 2 years found out she has type I diabetes. How do I prepare for this?
Husband is diabetic and doesn't care?
Did I Eat To Much Today?
Okay I'm sorry for how gross this is but I'm concerned..ANSWER!?
have you tried vicks inhaler?
Ok Im really freaked out someone help!! I just had surgery!!?
Should I walk with this injury?
[email protected] of sugar.com?
how many times a day do i need to my insulin?
hi,im on borderline diabetes,slightly overweight and trying to get weight down?
What types of food makes you cough?
What is the burning in my chest ?
Can having a cold trigger an asthma attack?
Why is TB (tuberculosis) so unknown not recognised in the uk?, even though it?
for a 5'7 14 yr. old whats fat?
Do obese people live a long normal life or...?
What will happen if a insulin dependent diabetic does not eat and does not take their insulin will their?
130 blood sugar is it normal or prediabetes.?
Please!!! help!!!Do i have diabetes?
how to get bigger legs?
should i loose some weight?
Can I make myself throw up just once?
How Can I Control My Type 1 Diabetes?
Hi, Are there any diabetes monitor which does not use blood sample? Is it commercially available & affordable?
My father is ill and isn't eating and he is barley drinking anything.?
do i have diabetes or am i worrying for nothing?
I smashed my finger, and its kinda numb, Should I go to the hospital?
my boyfriend is throwin up blood, and been sick for past 4 days, really scared?
What is acceptable for diabetic glucose monitoring in hospital?
If your a diabetic, do you have to get insulin every so often?
You're gonna laugh, but... where can i get clothes that behave?
what is the best cure for diabetes?
diabetes and how to lower sugar count fast.?
can you eat nothing but like 1000 calories of chocolate in a day and still lose weight?
How can i tell if im anorexic or not?
What are some natural treatments for allergies?
How do I get rid of a sore throat?
im allergic to water?
What kind of things can people be allergic to which make noses swell?
Blood in stool, a little pain during bowel movement, pain in stomach. Help!?
how many of you know your going to die at around a certain age?
I know there aren't many people out there like this.But why do some people get into grotesque fetishes?
Itchy ears after I eat bananas and melons?
What can I do to open my snotty nose?
why cant my daughter carry her epipen?
I Have A Terrible Cold.....Help???
glucose tablet? please read!?
what is a good way to get rid of blemishs over night?
is there a vaccine for poison ivy?
BLACK EYE,how to get rid of it?
how do the blind see?
how do u know if u have a kindney infection?
loss of oxygen cause loss of memory?
can your tongue be allergic to fake rings?
I've got an Itchy snout! How do I cure it?
what are these red spots on my 9 year old sons chest, back and arms.?
How can you get rid of severe chapped lips?
HUsband has diabetes......?
What's the best diet for type-2 diabetics?
whats a good cereal for diabetics? Im 65 years old.?
Ow it itches!?
Is this an Allergy..?
It's 2:52 AM and I cannot sleep ................?
whats the best way to get rid of my sunburn (ow)?
how can i get my legs with no marks?
how long does it take?
Is it true that if you eat after 7 pm, you are bound to gain more weight?
Is 594 a dangerous blood sugar level?
when i'm in the store and buying oatmeal and healthy stuff, i see older, heavier people behind me with tons
Will piercers pierce diabetics?
i have a runny nose...?
What type of insulin do you use and what is your dose?
are you supposed to shower after working out?
What do you think about my diet?
what's the best way of dealing with the embarrassment when you trip over a crack in the pavement?
i may have diabetes?????????????????
whats in diabetic medication?
How long does it take to get your blood count back up?
Blood sugar level?
Can I have a allergic reaction to homeopathic pills?
How do i lose wieght without my parents knowing?
do you think i can loose 10 lbs in 2 weeks?
Picture !! Am I fat?
Normal weight for a 13 year old girl About 5 feet tall?
How soon after breaking your collar bone can you play football? ...if you're 5 yrs old!!?
What can I drop on my foot to break it? Please answer!?
is it true that is takes over 2000 exposures to hiv before?
Is aching testis a sign of an STD? If so which one?
how to remove a wart?
Does Neosporin help reduce the appearance of scars ?
About a week ago my head started to get a little itchy, as time went on my hair started to shed?
why do my ankles itch, only at night?
is eye redness a disease?
Can I lose 10-20 pounds in a week?
what to eat after diarrhea?
16 and want to loose weight! helpp! ?
is starving yourself an eating disorder?
i want to get taller?
My boyfriend won't take care of himself....please HELP me, i don't want him to die?
Too many fruits may lead to diabetes?
how do u get dirt off an unwashed (for a year) body?
How to get rid of the Mosquitos? Please suggest healthy tips.?
Do you think this is an allergy?
What causes anorexics to faint?
what are ways to rapidly lose weight?
How can I lose atleast 5 pounds in 2 weeks and all over?
Im i fat i am 13 and and my height is 5'5 and weigh 110lb?
Am I fat or I am just being paranoid?
How many teeth do you have?
No Needle No Pain Insulin Injection,available?
Could this mean I'm allergic to crustaceans?
What can I not have on a no-carb diet?
how to get rid of really severe acne!!!! help?
I have a cold sore next to my lip. Its NOT an STD. I'm 12.?
???do i have lice????????????
What's the difference between a 'chesty' cough and a normal cough?
My 9 year old son has had a cough for over a month and it won't go away?
I have a HORRIBLE sunburn! Help me please!?
Okay this might sound like a dumb question to ask...?
Is it ok to chew gum with my retainers in?
can you get braces if your teeth doesnt have anything wrong with them?
how to get very fat or chubby?
14 years,girl,145lbs, 5'6?
im 14 years old, 5'6, and i weight 72 pounds.. am i over-weight?
what actually works to get rid of a wart?
what to use for bad teen acne?
If i had type 2 diabetes, how much insulin would i have to take daily?
Is anyone else up at this ungodly hour?
How Does Exercise Affect Blood Glucose Levels ?
If you are allergic to soap is there another product you can use? I mean dish & bar soap & liquid hand soap?
green coated stool what does it mean?>?
I'm doing a research paper on Diabetes and life expectancy. At what age did you lose someone to diabetes?
how does a diabetic monitor their blood sugar?
Type 1 Diabetic, pregnant, depressed and in debt...how do i get out of this?
How come I'm NEVER hungry in the mornings?
how much weight would you lose if you didnt eat for 7 days?
Am I anorexic?? (pic)?
How do I avoid booze?
Reliefs for dry throat?
It's late and can't can't sleep because my nose is stuffed. How do I get it unstuffed?
MY EYELID IS SWOLLEN 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can allergies be genetic?
Are there any homeopathetic tablets a person can take to fight Diabetes?
Excess sweating on forehead??
what's the best fat burner?
Is it true you can get aids by drinking out of a public water fountain?
I have herpes.. will I ever be able to have a normal relationship again...?
whar are the runs?
does diabetes mean your body has a hard time turning body fat into energy?
can a asthma attack send me to the hospital in an ambulance?
How do you take out lice?
Is it common to grow out of allergies?
How do I tell my boyf when I need to wee? He always says where did you go and I'm too shy to tell him?
How do I avoid eating?
if im 5'0 and weigh 110 am i really fat?
How much should a 11 year girl 5'4 weigh?
I've been eating ghee since 1 month for gaining weight But My weight does not gain.?
When you got diagnosed with diabetes did you get addicted to Diet Coke or Pepsi max or something?
I'm thinking about getting a pump. So is using the pump better than giving yourself shots everyday?
In Fasting Blood Sugar Test, will my test be valid if I don't eat anything from 10:00 pm till 9 am?
Should I be concerned?
What is the best way to get rid of acne for a guy?
Read details: would you be mad?
is a HbA1c level of 6.8 good?
Please tell my how to keep your friend near you when your husband doesn't have 1 leg?
Can you drink the night before a bone marrow biopsy?
Does any one know any actual black plague cures THAT WORKED?
does any1 know how 2 get rid of blocked ears? I've had 3 types of ear drops. but they dont work!?
Does any woman really want to be curvy?
have i got diabetes?
why must a person with diabetes inject insulin into fatty areas of body but not veins?
why am i always cold?
Panic,Hunger !!.I have just had?
What causes a baby to be born deaf or blind?
How do you know if you have a brain tumor?
Is it possible to get a doctor's note?
are NASAL INHALERS addictive?
What's a good over the counter medicine for sore throat and head congestion?
Has anybody got a cure for tinitus? It's driving me crazy?
Does proactive really work?
why are heavy people rejected when anorexic people aren't?
am i overweight?
Are you fat?
IS a womens size 9-10 Fat for 5'9" tall?
how to know if i have diabetes?
blood sugar Question 200+ readings?
By your own admission, what's your worst bad habit?
why am i freezing? how to get warm?
What about sweet fruits such as peach, mango or banana? Can a diabetic eat them?
Help with hyperglycemic/hypoglcemic/diabetes?
what to do if your blood sugar is over 300?
what are the gall bladder symptoms?
Does the rate of food consumption have impact on blood sugar levels?
My Mum is 94. I am worried that she may be dying.?
Should I feel guilty (OCD)?
Eat only protein?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a beer belly?
im 130 and want to be 100 but i only have 17 days till school how do i lose 30 lbs?
wat is the quickest way to lose wait and how?
How long your lungs when you quit smoking?
Is it common for some people to be allergic to perfumes?
i can't breathe well..?
how to do get really skinny in a week?
Is diet soda bad for your health?
how do I get taller?
help! i need a cure for my acne and no one's answering my question!?
Do braces hurt? I really want to know. I might get them.?
HOW do I stop eating when i'm full????
I am about 5'2, and I weight roughly 100 lbs, and I'm 13. What would a healthy diet be to lose excess body fat?
is it to early 2 start diet?
How can I lose weight when i can't stop eating?
What are the effects of drinking a lot of water?
how can i lose 70 pounds in two months?
Help! I'm suffering from allergies...?
Is it possible to have an allergy to Vitamin A Palmitate?
I have had asthma since birth. Nowadays my doctor warns me to keep my bedroom clear of any dust, dust mites,?
Islamic fasting: no water & no food durin daylight hours. Good for diabetics or not?
why is it that my husband's blood sugar level is highest in the morning?
HELP Do I have Diabetes?
What alternatives are there to sugar, I want to make a cake without one?
What is the best way to get rid of Acne?
I'm a Diabetic?
Is it possible that I have diabetes?
Does anyone live alone with Type 1 diabetes and how to you do it? I'm most worried about lows while alone.?
asthma question???
What is the best way to loose 5 pounds in a month?
is there anything that can get rid of a scratchy throat & a runny nose???
I can breathe through my nose, but how do I stop the drainage down my throat?
i am a diabetic person does anyone know how to decrease mmy blood sugar level?
I lost all my weight and my type two diabetes went away. Am I a miracle walking or is this semi common?
okay, i am 12 years old and i just got 4 teeth pulled for braces. What can i eat and what can i not eat?
How long has it been since you've visited the dentist?
I am epileptic and hear things right as I am falling asleep?
what are good drinks to drink when you have a UTI kidney infection?
am i diabetic?? low blood sugar?
Please Help!!!! My dad's toe!?
I have this wart on my finger that I've had since I was little?
Best acne medication I can get at a drug store?
Why am I having so many nosebleeds?
my stomach hurts blehhh..?
Severe abdomen pain...what's wrong with me?
What are commonly encountered foot problems in diabetes? what is the ideal footwear for Diabetics?
I have a really bad sore throat?
How do doctors test for diabetes.?
What are you allergic to ?
can red hawaiian punch make your bowel movement red like blood? help!?
for smokers only! please answer?
What's the highest and lowest your blood sugar has ever been?
Why can obesity cause diabetes?
Do I have Parkinson's Disease?
I'm worried I'm anaemic?
my blood sugar is 85 how do i get it above 200 please no mean answers thanks you ?
HELP! Graduation tomorrow morning, too SUNBURNT for gown!?
How do YOU get rid of the hiccups?
is it safe to smoke if you have asthma?
Why do I feel so tired, weak, and miserable all of the time?
Skinny *****? Is aspartame dangerous?
i had a small cup of tea with sugar and after 4 hrs my RBS WAS 101 mg/dl I'm a diebatic or not ?
do i have an eating disorder?
I'm bulimic help...?
Would someone with nickel allergy be ok with a watch where the face is gold plated? Hopefully the buckle too!?
My son has alternaria allergy (outdoor fungus),what kind of allergy medication do kids with this allergy need?
Why is my hay fever worse inside than it is outside?
How can I minimize indoor allergies?
Is it safe....???
Is a blood sugar reading of 238 too high?
Do I have Diabetes or not?
what is the treatment for diabetes?
Why do I get sweaty armpits?
How do I make my skin clear?
Is pnuemonia curable?
i have seen about 4 mice dropping around my home and i have recently heard about hantavirus disease.?
Is this fat/"chubby"?
Cold And Cough Help - Really Bad!!?
How to get my mom to stop smoking please please help!!?
Why do I keep coughing up flem?
What helps a dry-heaving cough.I can't shake this cough I've had,It's so bad I can't sleep!! Nothing's working
blood sugar is 55 is that dangersous?
how come some people dont understand that diet soda is mostly for diabetics than for dieters?
alcoholism runs in our family?
i bin getting alot oh Hives lately around my body and sometimes my lip gets swollen what can i do?'?
I'm trying to find a gift for a friend that suffers from vertigo; what would be a good gift?
Is it okay to take 2 medicin at the same time?
Is it unhealthy to only get 2-3 hours of sleep a night?
Best way to sleep?
I'm a fat disgusting slob?
I need to lose weights FAST!?
why are ketones bad?
i have diabetes and have had my ear's pierced about 3 month's ago but they have not healed yet. what can i do?
flu jab and diabetes question?
Diabetes "normal" blood sugar levels?
what does a hba1c of 9.2 translate into in average blood sugar levels?
If you don't drink liquids at all, will you still need to urinate?
Does this seem weird to you??
Can i eat after the dentist numbed my mouth ?! QUICK PLEASEE?
I've been smoking for four years now (yes i know its bad) how bad would my lungs look now?
is 2nd hand smoking worse then 1st hand smoking?
How injured is my hand?
I hurt my nose almost two hours ago and it's still bleeding...?
how you can break a wrist in bedroom [[ see details ]]?
What is Alzheimer's disease?
can bell's palsy be caused by a ceiling fan?
Ears Ringing After Concerts?
what if your blood pressure shows 188 over 92 is that to high?
Why does my sugar go lower..?
my grandma's blood sugar was 156 which is good but for some reason without thinking about it she took two big
For Diabetics: What was your Blood Sugar when you were diagnosed?
What can cause a coma?
What are some way to un-stuff my nose?
What type of allergies do you have?
should i drink coffee when i'm sick?
Any side effects from Soy milk?
I cut my wrists so how do i hide it from my mom?
Am i fat????
If ur on a diet is it better to eat weat bread or white?
how much are you suppose to weigh in sixth grade?
Which is worse to have herpes or syphillis?
blood sugar fasting after 12 hours?
hi my first time on here and relating to the fact of pins and needles in the feet!im diabetic and i get them ?
What should I do about this darned abdominal pain?
What are the symptoms of herpes?
Ringing in my ears? What should I do?
Popping Blisters?
Is it true alcohol will help if you're congested?
i want a ripped 6 pack quick!!!!!!? what are the best exercises?
What color braces isnt that noticable?
can you smoke cigarettes if you have braces?
What could this be on my lip?
I think I've broken my wrist, is it best to rest it or use it normally?
how easy is it for a guy to get herpes from a female?
if a person has herpes in their mouth does that mean they cant kiss a person or they will spread it?
Im allergic to morphine but not codeine?
Teeth Bleaching to get rid of stains?
I am getting teeth extracted and getting a nitrous and an IV anesthetic HELP ( +10 points )?
What are some extremely soft foods???????
What did Trebor make before gum!?
something is wrong with my mom, she has these symptoms like as if she's on a bad high?
My ear is blocked and I don't know why, what can I do?
should you bathe an infant if they have a cough & cold?
how to help with a swollen knuckle?
wrist breaking ............?
Diabetes runs in my family (both sides, Mom and Dad's), and I'm afraid I might get it. What are the symptoms??
I am diabetic and my fasting blood sugar is 133 and after 1.5 hours after breakfast is 272.?
What Should I Do? How Do I Test? HELP!?!?
What would happen if ....? (I'll pick best answer, 10points)?
Tips to get Taller???
is it normal to be 20-30 pounds at 13?
Is a Size 16(uk) Huge?
Am I fat? (see photo)?
Can someone explain to me why I sneeze when I look into light, wether it be the sun or even a light bulb?
Runny nose is yellow! What is it? How do I get rid Of it?
Allergic to cats? What should I do?
Can Tanning Beds Help.......?
Neutrogena rapid clear?!?
can one drink blood if faced with dehydration?
I can't sleep RIGHT NOW and im REALLY REALLY tired help?
Wouldn't there be a better chance of controlling the swine flu if mexico was in quarantine?
What happens if you don't take insulin shots?
How long does it take to get back blood results?
How do you Raise your blood sugar levels fast?
Do genetics play a strong role in obesity?
my sugar fasting is 110 what precautions should i take?
What size....?
how can i put on weight?
I am 13 and I would like to lose some weight. Please help?
HELP! I've put on 40 lbs in 2 months since I quit smoking!?
Does this mean I am allergic?
i havent ate or drank anything n 7days?
is this a allegry?
what's in cat fur?
i keep having dizzy spells, why?
lately ive had bright! yellow pee? ?
I black out constantly it seems like I dont go a day without blacking out at least 5 times.?
lump in arm pit?
what is the best dog to wake someone up? My husband has sleep apnea and almost burned the house down.?
Insulin resistance?
What is the average number of years left to live after one has been diagnosed with type two diabetes?
Could I have a chance at having the world record for highest blood sugar?
Can i lose weight by cutting down what i eat and drinking a lot of water?
How much do u weigh?
Why do girls always complain about being fat...?
Is this weight normal?
acne help HURRY!!!!?
I have a cold sore what's the quickest way to get rid of it?
...duct tape?
I always Sleep whats Wrong?
Please what causes constipation? It has happens to me more often, why?
im 19 why do i sleep all day ? I'm always tired and have no energy.?
I have a bad chronic allergic rhinitis, permanent blocked nose, can't sleep at night, doctors are not helping
Heat Vent causing allergies/ making me sick ?
Is it possible to live with your entrails out?
vicodin allergic reaction?
What kind of tests do they preform when checking for diabetes?
Is dizziness a sign of diabetes?
please help....please???
hi, could anyone tell me what it means when your skin becomes numb and tingly ?
Why i fell when i jumped out the window?
Why did I almost Faint?
Slipped... Need help!?
Ok i am scared and Need Help can u please please please please help me!?
How do you know if you have multiple sclerosis?
I'm 6'0 and 150 lbs. 16 years old but a little chubby?
eating 5x a day but still not gaining weight?
How is it that Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day and doesn't get diabetes?
what happens when a diabetic goes without insulin or food for a period of time?
>> What kind of test is done to check for diabetes?
could it be Diabetes??
I haven't went #2 in three days?
I fell on my Wrist Snowboarding?
My pug has some sort of allergy on his back, what can help?
whats a good allergy medicine?
How do you reduce allergies naturally?
how many hours sleep did you get last night?
I'm gagging when I smoke. Why?
Whats the difference between an oral and rectal thermometer?
I sleep enough, why I'm always tired??
How did 'Ringworm' get its name?
I'm 5'1" and 106lbs, am I fat? Please be honest ...?
HELP!! I have a P.E. test tomorrow??!!!?
I'm embarressed to run, but I need to start, any advice?
do u think i am fat?????
how do i lose some pounds?
What do i need to do to get a six pack?
Could I be Diabetic ?
I am a type2diabetic and my ring and baby finger are numb/tingle.is this a sympton?is there anything i can do?
What are foods that diabetics should avoid? How many grams of sugar can a drink have?
What is the best diabetes 2 diet to be on life long?
How can I help my friend?
Risk factors and unsual symptoms that may signify that someone has type 2 diabetes.?
feel shakey inside of body?
I'm really sore, should i workout today?
I can't suffer this any longer?
How bad is doing something like this?
What's happening?
Can eating loads of fast food cause discomfort in your mouth?
I'm flying business class with Malaysia Airlines, I have a nut allergy and the main dish has nut sauce -help?
I'm Sneezing badly...nose running...itchy eyes...10 points.?
Is your blood sugar higher when you are pregnant?
How do I get tested for diabetes without blood tests or needles.?
concerned about diabetes?
Is diet soda safe for a diabetic?
What can I put on my Mom's Cigarettes to stop them from lighting?
Is she overweight.....................?
Am I overweight? All answers welcome.?
hardest part of fasting or starving?
is it possible to lick your elbow?
what's good for chapped lips if you don't have any chapstick or Blistex handy? Thanks?
Why does my head get itchy when hot?
my grandpa smokes but the doctor says he has healthy lungs?
A brain tumor...........?
Symptoms Help! (Can't get into doc for a week)?
I have to pee real bad . but im too lazy to get off couch what should i do?
Why do air conditioners make me so sick?
can an allergic reaction cause a fever?
What can a child drink if he's allergic to milk?
How can you avoid having yellow feet?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
Diabetes runs in the family, how can I keep from getting it?
do you know of any natural ways of dealing with diabetes type 1(insulin dependant) Just been diagnised?
My dad told me to get a chihuahua for my daughter that might have asthma?
Is it right to get a cat if your son is deadly allergic?
What to do about red, itchy, watery eyes?
What are your chances of dying if you're shot in the head with a .38?
how to not get swine flu?
whats wrong with me?
which country has the highest number of aids patients?
I've got a mole on my face. I want to get surgery but i don't know if it will scar. Should I or not?
How do i get rid of acne scars on my face?
How come when ever I ate chocolate or things with lots of milk I get diarrhea?
Can Marijuana Cause Throat Swelling or an Allergic Reaction?
coughing for almost two weeks now?
babies and allergies to cats and dogs?
whats the best over the counter allergy med?
Am i fat???????????
am i fat??????????????????????????????????
How to lose weight to get this body?
I think I have brain tumor..what to do?
Is it safe to drink my own urine?
I just found out I'm hypoglycemic....?
Where can I donate blood plasma for money in the UK?
If my friend is taking 2 pills a day for diabetes?
Can Diabetic and heart patients take sugar less coffee or tea?
Symptoms of high blood sugar?
my grandfather was just diagnosed with type two diabetes what should he be eating?
What's the best cure for dry scalp?
I have what I can only describe as a hotspot on my thigh?
hiii i was just wondering if a doctor subcribes a perscription for acne do you have to pay for it ?
can someone answer skin conditions please?
Sinus Pressure??? Ugh!!!?
if you're constantly feeling weak and unwell, what could you be suffering from?
why do i feel disoriented/sleepy after smoking a cigarette?
Im 5'8 and weight 110 and Im 18?
what can i do to lower the blood sugar lavel??? i use insulin?
Is there anyway i can aviod diabetic complications from diabetes?
diabetes questions?
Itching so much I bleed.?
extremely sore throat?
Husband sleep apnea,won't get machine, sleep apart, want to sleep w/him.?
is this how you pee?????
What's the best way to fight off fever?
can a non diabetic sugar level be 423?
I need to loose weight in 2 Months!!?
whats the difference between a treadmill and running on the road?
how can i lose 30 pounds in 3 weeeks??
How high is too high for blood sugar count?
Does smoking and coffee help you lose weight.?
Please be honest, Am I too fat to be wearing a bikini ? Do I have a very big/fat tummy/belly ?
I'm 5'3 and 145 pounds. Is that overweight?
What's a cure for hiccups?
Rare disease, no cure, causes palness? help??
I have Itchy Feet... why?
Cures and remedies for eczema?
could i have diabetes? 16 years...?
I have not been diagnosed as a diabetic, but if my blood sugar is 135 what does that mean for me?
Blood Test results over phone?
I have a poison ivy rash. If I use anti-itch meds and don't scratch, how long can I expect the rash to last?
My Boyfriend is always thirsty. I mean ALWAYS. He can't go without water. He always seems dehydrated. Help?
I think I am having symptoms of something serious. . .What should I do?
Can this be appendicitis?
Low Blood Count?
is there such thing as a "social" smoker?
How to tell my parents I think I have asthma?
Whats different between a normal person's urine and a diabetics urine?
is untreated diabetes bad? do i have diabetes symptoms?
what is the best way to cure diabetes type 2?
How do I dispose of used lancets and test strips?
What is a good way to get that "jiggliness" on thies to go away?
Could I have a STD or infection??..PLEASE HELP!!?
what do my symptoms mean?
Can i smoke if i use to have asthma?
Flu vaccine. Have you had it? Did it work?? Was it effective for you?? ?
15 mos. fever 103.5 & vomiting x 3 + days?
what food should i eat if im aiming to get a big chest and big biceps?
are these symptoms of diabetes?
I am a diabetic and I've checked my glucose levels and I'm in the normal range, but....?
What is wrong with me I'm always thirsty and constantly needing the toilet?
I'm cold what should I do to get warm?
How many pounds would I gain if I consumed 851 calories?
Is this a good diet (trying to lose weight!)?
what are some treatments for diabetes?
Can diabetics give blood?
How can you look like a drug addict?
how do you die from diabetes?
Is anyone out there a Type 1 Diabetic? I need help with my daughter who will not do what she needs to do.?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
will this help me get in shape?
how much do i look like i weigh? (pics)?
I am too weak can you help?
i'm a15 year old and i'm 5'7 am i short for my age?
piercing infection HELP!!!?
What is this skin infection here?
acne problems!!!!!!!!!!!!?
why couldnt my aunt breathe?
im coughing up blood, and having trouble breathing, and i smoke.?
Any good guess on what I'm diagnosed with?
Has swine flu hit your area yet?
My wife has ....er...rash.....down-under?
Is there a pharmacy in Sacramento CA that you can buy new needles and syringes at w/o a prescription?
wHY dont people believe that type 2 diabetes can be controlled without medicine?
i'm blood type ab+ and my mother is a+ what could my fathers blood type be?
How to get rid of fat quickly?
What's eating chilli good for?
can you help me finding organization to give me free meter and strip (i`m diabetic) ?
I have numbness and tingling in my hands and feet my Dr is not worried I'm a t-2 diabetic?
signs and symptoms of shock in diabetes and its treatment?
I had an TB skin test performed on Friday?
I just started smoking cigarettes?
white people, when you get sun burn, does it actually hurt? I'm black so I dont have that problem?
Tell me something gross about fast and junk food to make me hate them?
What is a good age for starting to use weights?
I've eaten about 360 calories today. Is that enough for a whole day?
Am i allergic to honey???
Am I a diabetic or not?