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Where can I go to post questions about dementia for experts?
how do you know when someone is using cocaine?
can't pass gas?
Weird pain, what is wrong with me?
Is it ok to take St Johns Wort + Xanax at the same time?
what should i do to control my anger?
donating blood question, for those who have donated!?
Why do people ask for medical advice here like idiots instead of consulting a doctor like they should?
Eraser burnsssssss????????????????
is it possible to get hooked together kissing with braces?
Qn for Dentists: If a tooth is infected, is there always swelling?
What are the best ways to whiten teeth?
How much will it cost to get rid of TarTar or Calculus ( Teeth )?
Has anyone who has had a brace experienced some movement after having them taken off?
does it hurt to get braces off?
Why is it so hard to drink something after a filling?
If 9 out of 10 Dentists agree, what's up with the 10th Dentist ?
can adults effectively use children's toothpaste?
I want to improve my mouth's hygiene, I have a few questions.....
i can't get rid of my moderate/persistant acne! help? im 17. what worked for you?
Weird bump on my lip. What is it and how do I get rid of it?
I have no brain....!?
Im supposed to take antibiotics twice a day, but how many hours apart?
Can i take these supplements on the same day?
copper cure arthrities pain?
meletonin for insomnia?
What are you supposed to think when you meditate or do yoga?
Adult vaccinations - harmful affects?
Why do most people say Smokin weed is bad for you?
How do you cleanse your aura?
what is the best kind of fake weed?
pleasee answer.... life threatening!!!?
What is the latest it is healthy to stay up regularly at night?
Always tired?
what eas quick effective are there to get rid of headaches i hav no medcine on me..?
Serious... please answer soon. I am a little worried?
do i get too attached?
Euthanasia...... Does it HAVE to be painless?
curious question?
what is a pervert what do they do?
Why do I sometimes have piercing pain on my left chest ?
about to see a specialist for overactive thyroid?
What should I tell my doctor for a Valium/ Xanax prescription?
Undiagnosable stomach pain for years?
Has anyone with IBS ever experienced extreme shortness of breathe?
My morning blood pressure is 108/63, Is this normal?
9 yr olds liver and spleen enlarged what question do i need to ask GI? please read?
My liver enzymes are quadruple what they are supposed to be. Anyone had this before?
what is my chances of winning a social security appeal?
My brother has autism and.......?
Allergic Reaction to Benzoyl Peroxide?
Little red bumpy things on the top of my arms?
Can I be fired by a company for failing a random drug test even if i have a cannabis card ?
Quickest way to fully get rid of THC in your system?
Can beta glucans really fight cancer?
People who have had lymphoma?
How much energy does it take to say something?
why do people dribble/drool when they sleep?
How can online Tenn. Hearing Planet sell hearing aids sans license in CA w/unlicensed salesmen "audiologists?"?
I'm tired a lot.?
How did you feel after getting glasses?
i eat ice and i heard that its because of iron deficient. what is that?
When you drink something, how much does it take to go all the way down until you piss it out?
How to get rid of bad morning breath?
Invisalign braces?? Only for certain ppl? HELP!?
What's the best toothpaste and/or mouth wash for healthier, whiter teeth?
Can you OD on tetracycline?
Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean my acne?
Does drinking plenty of water helps improve the condition of your skin?
Why am I getting acne so bad and how to get rid of it?
Where can I find information about poison sumac?
How long does it take for 14 Hickeys to dissapear of of the back of a neck?
Small pus filled bumps on palms of hands & feet?
I am plagued with milia on my face. Can anyone suggests something that REALLY works. Please I'm desperate. B
how do i treat anxiety and increase serotonin naturally?
When people meditate each day does it keep them from spacing out?
What can you tell me about a natural diabetes "cure"...?
whats the best thing for a hangover!??!?
Any ways to stop a cold/runny nose, besides drugs? Natural ways, like plant remedies, foods, or drinks?
I'm an alcoholic, does anyone know of some medicine that will help?
has anyone with Multiple Sclerosis suffered from severe neck pain?
Should lawmakers require all girls between 11 and 12 to receive the HPV vaccine prior to entering the sixth gr?
If a mosquito bites someone with AIDS, and then bites someone else, Does that person get aids?
I have some questions about Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD).?
Do I have an eating disorder?
Once you have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, is it for life or is there a cure or reversal?
Anyone have/had Avascular Necrosis?
Is there an eating disorder where you just don't feel hungry?
Lump in my arm from the cervical cancer HPV vaccine...?
Can a leukemia survivor ever donate blood/bone marrow?
patient sued a doctor for malpractice how might the fact that the patient got sicker because she forgot to tak?
Child Leukemia? What can I donate? I really need help ASAP, please.?
What are the best types of food to eat if you have cancer?
Do straight guys smoke basic cigarettes?
Does eating marijuana give you cancer?
i hate needles should i have the cervix cancer prevented jab?
How can you make your voice deeper?
Do you know any good safe home remedies for psoriasis?
How does sea salt help for the healing process of belly piercing?
How can I have rosy cheeks & add a rosy glow to my complexion naturally?
Is it safe to tan as long as I don't get sunburnt?
weird bug bite looking bumps appearing on my skin!?
Does anyone know of a good product or solution for psoriasis?
Small bumps on the top of my legs and on upper arms?
Whats the Difference Between Clear braces and Normal Braces ?
What are spacers for you teeth?
Teeth whitening new commerical...?
Which Dental College is better for doing M.D.S.- Santosh or I.T.S. Dental College?
cavity problem...molar?
Will the local anaesthetic work? (dental question)?
I keep on biting the sides of the inside of my mouth with my back 4 teeth. why is this happening?
How do I stop biting my lips?
i need help with my tooth?
how to not be afraid of the dentist!????!!!!?
thc problem, Any help?
What have you found to be the best way to relieve tension?
Paging Dr. House: weird symptoms with sense of smell and temperature?
what is a hereditary pryopoikilocytosis?
Ritalin for adults & strange reaction?
rapid heart beat and constant yawn after panic attack?
When you put the vaccine for Hepatitis B how long does it last you?
Cyst behind my ear has burst 3 weeks before surgery?
How long do I need to wait to donate blood after having a tetanus jab?
what to do with someone who has had bulimia and is now developing it again ?
Unperscribed Antidepressants?
Did you know a 70% Isopropanol (W/W) mix will kill any virus?
Has anyone used Jurlique cosmetics products? How did you like them?Do you consider them to be all natural?
Why are goosebumps called goosebumps?
Why do some overweight people have stretch marks while other overweight people don't have them?
In neurology, what is a train of 4?
how do u make ur stomach not growl in the middle of class?
I lost my eye due to a rare form of cancer and I was just wondering?
Where can I find a decent, well-written article on parabens as preservatives?
Why does my voice sound gay and how can I change it if I can?
So, has anyone ever had one of those irritating little bumps.......?
What are the survival percentage rates for a woman with stage three c breast cancer?
what the percent of getting testacel cancer again?
What does a pediatri oncologist nurse do?
How does psalm 139 encourage people who are battling cancer?
How does the body response to Brain Cancer?
Do I have cancer or is it something else?
i would like to know more about VHL if you know anyone or have it please talk to me.?
Does radiation cancer kill you and how can you get it?
what do you think about my opinion on cancer fund raising events do not read if easily offended?
What is the best way to get natural-looking, whiter teeth?
how do you get rid of canker-sores?
How fast do braces work?
Would the dentist notice if you were bulimic?
i got a habbet of pushing my two frount teeth at night how can i stop the habbet?
I have a bump on my tongue.?
how do i become a dentist,how can i do it,am i making a good decision?
when was the last time you brushed ur teeth?
How long does acid reflux stay with you? (Ive had it for 2 days now)?
how do you know if you have a blood clot?
Are Arthritis and Gout aggravated by having Oats?
My son has hydronephrosis a kidney problem covered in cysts?
Do I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?
Vein In Head (Feel the Pulse)?
bell's palsy question?
Hi we recently found a large hard lump under the right ear of my nephew?
I need an answer about fever?
Can a human use Terramycin Ophthamlic ointment for swollen infected eye?
any home remedies for acne?
Has anyone ever used the Nuetrogena Wave?
How do I get rid of these zits?!?
What are these little brown dots on my face...(read further)...?
I have dark rough skin on my knuckles and elbows.?
what are causes of blotchy dry skin?
Has anyone with Alopecia Universalis had regrowth with topical immunotherapy?
My cat bit me, now I have the rash?
Bronchitis or Pneumonia?
Can you overdose on cough drops?
Need Help!!?
how can i increase my brain storge abilty ?
is it possible to be addicted to drugs in general?
my boyfriend says you should pick spots. is he right?
When i wake up for school 6 am, i cant eat or drink anything or else i get diarrhea and gas, plz help?
im begging someone out there whos more fortunit than me pleas help pleas?
Attitude effected by loud noise!!?
Is vitamin E supplement good for a woman?
Are there any side effects to Olive Leaf Extract?
why do the alties have problems interpreting data?
any nuturopaths here, need to know the truth about coconut oil?
Which is the best medicinal plant for human well being?
Can I take Tylentol With Codeine and Vicodin within the same couple hours?
why do people ask about pot in the alternative medicine section?
What are the signs of breast cancer?
what are the chances of livin throw a meningioma sergery?
Cancer info (graphs,piecharts)?
what are the symptoms or breast cancer?
help me with my fiance's smoking?
My mother has a spot on her chest and it may be cancer, should I be worried?
swollen lymph node? help please?
Lump in muscle. Please help me here.?
does cracking your neck kill brain cells or cause strokes?
my partner suffers with infected eczema it flares up every few weeks ?
Daughter has an itchy, raised rash on her elbows and back what could this be?
How do I treat my acne?
How do I get rid of acne scarring after my acne is gone?
Thing like a whitehead but not....?
Can I still wear my contacts if i have a sty ?
Why can't you get a tan on your palms?
I have this big scab.......?
What is this on my leg?
What are the age restrictions on whitening teeth & what is the cost?
I accidentally hurt my gums while brushing and now they are swollen :( Help?
i need some reasons about why kids SHOULD BE ABLE TO to chew gum during class?
What would happen if you use Bleach Soft scrub for teeth whitening?
Could I have a cavity?
Will I be able to go?
best way to whiten teeth?
i have a gap between my teeth so how can i make smile pretty?
How to be an Oral Surgeon?
How can I get healthier and whiter teeth?
Is Marinol prescribed for Glaucoma?
how long will it take for my conjunctivitis to go away?
renal ultrasound???????
Sleeping is going wrong?
How do you get rid of eye booger/mucus?
What is the difference between a midget and a dwarf?
Please help me, I am desperate...?
what is the normal white blood count?
Is fear of not "eating" enough is considered an eating disorder?
please let me know the good and bad points to serc-16 betahistine dihydochloride medication?
what does castor oil smell like?
I'm looking for total alternative medicine practitioners in US?
Which of the following Herb's/ or tea's best helps you for stomach nausea?
Experience using homeopathic products of Madar (=Calotropis gigantea, Giant Milkweed) against obesity?
Does ingesting Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide make you healthier, by increasing your internal o2 level?
What is the exact relief from obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety.Do Anybody knows the exact reply?than?
what happens when you mix tequila with xanax?
is there a way or a lotion that temporarly NUMBS THE SKIN in certain areas? i need it for laser hair removal?
does anyone know is male enhancement drugs work?
Does loud snoring indicate deeper sleep or does softer or no snoring?
how long does it take to fully recover from a septorhinoplasty?
Child cravings...good or bad?
I've had a tickle in my throat for the past week and it keeps making me cough ....?
My brother "bleeds" purple from his feet after drinking?
why do we have different colored eyes?
is Sauna Bath's good for you?
I have a oder that I cant seem to get away?
how to get rid of spots
effective homemade facial masks?
anyone know what could cause red spots to brake out all over your body?
does anyone get blister like things on the soles of there feet ??
Shaving scar on upper lip. How do I get rid of it?
my pelvis hurts all the time what should i do my doctor do test but cant seem to find nothing what going on?
Itchy red burning bumpy rash under left arm pit only, and in the thigh/groin area.?
What alternative medicine is helpful for polycystic ovarian syndrome?
is soy/soya really that bad?
Any natural ways to shrink or remove fibroids?
Litherland Town Hall Walk In Centre - Vacinations?
can herbal incense' be detected by drug dogs?
How to fix bow legs? and what do u think of them?
is limonene or linalool bad for your health?
Do any of you know what's the herb "yeruseenggi" (in tamil)? i read in an article that this herb?
What is a good diet regimen for a lupus patient to follow? What foods should be avoided?
Candida has spread to the lung?
I was born without a thyroid gland how does this affect me?
Cure for Autism? Why is this a problem?
What's wrong with me?
Do people really believe that fibromyalgia is a real sickness?
does anyone know about mcad?
Is anyone here(or do u know any1) overweight with one kidney? I have a question..PLEASE?
Bioskincare, Keloids?
Can clotrimazole reduce acne?
Strange reoccuring red patch on the back my son's leg?
Gymnastics blisters.?
Hard whitey yellow Lump on root of hiar when falls out?
How to get rid of stomach stretch marks?
How do i get rid of acne?
What is the best and easiest way to sort out acne/spots?
how do i make sure that i don't have ANY ticks on my legs?
do you get body lice from being nasty?
Can ADHD be treated or helped by drinking coffe or anything with caffiene?
which is more painful.. emotional pain or physical pain?
Why do i get frequent bloody noses?
How More Advanced Do You Think Medicine Will Be In 2020?
I have a 2-3 inch blonde or clear hair that grows from my forearm, what is it?
Who knows where I can find free adult diaper samples?
What will make me feel good again?
hey is 12:00pm to 9:30am enough hrs sleep for a 18yr old?
how can i make a fake breast cancer model?
is it likely I have breast cancer?
so does marijuana cause cancer?
How old was Woody Guthrie when diagnosed with Huntington's disease?
What could it mean if someone has sharp pain behind one eye?
What are the odds of getting ALS(Lou Gehrigs)Disease at the age of 15.?
Does Alzheimer's or other dementia cause the following?
What does going under general anesthesia feel like?
How to save my dying marijuana plant ?
why does a healing wound get itchy? can anyone suggest a remedy please.?
what are the best remedies for "at home" wart removal?
what is the best cure for toenail fungus?
i saw some acne wipes called stridex are they any good?
i have a nail infection for years i tried them all including vicks the infection starts at the tip of the toe?
Accutane ..?
Rough, Dry Skin?
I have an all over body rash, like little bumps - why ????
liver cancer: what is the treatment called cerasphere from Mayo clinic?
lung cancer (metastasized)?
Are spitting too phelgm and blood considered a sign of overian cancer?
in ct scan everybody get cancer ,then whats the percentage?
Dont have insurance, may have cancer!!?
how do you get lukemia?
If lymph node are swollen on one side of the body, and not all , then is this more likely to be cancer???
How manny people die from breast cancer every year?
How does one cure a terrible cold?and really quickly?
Pityriasis Rosea?
How do I get rid of scarring? or minimize it?
microdermabrasion at home kits?
how to get rid of scars on legs?
tell me about the treatment for piles with out operation?
i have a boil on my side thigh ?
I need help with my stomach problem.?
Could this be shingles/chickenpox?
I know why my ears are hot, but how do I stop that?
How long does weed/alcohol stay in your system?
Why does the sun?
Does spearmint get rid of acne?
Does anyone know whether they've found a cure yet for Vitiligo?
Does anyone get small clear bumps on their top eyelid?
I have these bumps on ym uper body what is it???
Differential diagnosis for supraclavicular mass that is NOT a lymph node?
Do i have a problem with my brain?
bowel problems after gallbladder surgery?
sleeping at day awake at night?
...I..Gotta Fever!..and I'm lookin' for a cure!..What do you...think..will cure my FEVER?!?
can i use 6% hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth...? or is it dangerous?
is there anyway to get straight teeth besides braces?
what is the next step after you get ur teeth molded for braces?
Wisdom Teeth appointment?
Why do people hate braces?
i suddenly have a very bitter / sour taste in my mouth.?
anyone who has or had lingual braces?
what color should i get for my braces?!?
Why do I have horrible taste in my mouth from toothpaste?
Ear ringing,it's call tinnitus?
Social Anxiety- supplements and medication?
Can smoking marijuana help with a headache?
whats a natural product to sooth a soar throat?
best way to get rid of bags under eyes? home remedies if possible?
What should I charge as a Reiki Master?
quitting melatonin supplements?
why does one room or another bother me?
Does any1 know what this could be? {details inside}?
What is the best way to get rid of fever blisters?
why do i have diarrhea this long?
I think I have the "Sixth Sense".. Please help me!?
Neck cracks all the timee?!?
Easy 10 Points? BRACES?
Bad stuff about alcohol?
Why do his legs hurt when he stays up really late?
Where did this come from? ?
How To Read My Herpes Test Result?
Why do I always get headrush?
Is their a web site where i can find out what ilness I have?
What happened to me today?
Can you get your tonsils removed for no reason?
SOCIAL SMOKER???????????????????
Stomach Problems for 2 years?
I woke up this morning with vertigo. Could this be stress?
started getting bad headaches in July, MRI,CT scan both OK. Neurologist says they are migraines..BUT....I also
Will standing on your head increasing blood flow to your head get rid of dark circles?
Are green stools a bad thing?
When am I gonna look normal again???? I have Bell's Palsy?
Anyone out there with a disease called RHABDOMYOLYSIS?
Where to sick help if you stammer?
Does anyone else have restless body syndrome I am calling it?
Can two ppl with braces really get stuck together?
is ok for dentist to remove dissolveable stiches lower gums after having lower teeth removed after four days?
how long to wait to use crest whitestrips advanced seal again?
How can I find a dentist in northern Florida that accepts Medicaid?
Can braces mess your teeth up even further?
Four new solid porcelain crown are showing black along the gum line, what is it?
white dot and redness around it on my gums?
What percent of people do not have to get their wisdom teeth pulled?
Can you undo a small cavity?
Why do tooth picks smell wierd?
What are some natural ways to cure somach aches?
Is there any medicine for developing BREAST in homeopathy ?
HELP!! I need to know which far infrared sauna to purchase. There are so many out there!!?
What is the first step to becoming an osteopathic?
How harmful can Simply Sleep be if it is taken more than the recommended dosage?
I'm buying this magnetic therapy thing?
Weed alternatives/herbal highs?
Whats the best way to get rid of hiccups?
what color braces should i get?
Question about ACT Total Care?
Does a retainer (for after braces) make the metal detectors at the airport go off?
what is the best way to provent cavities?
My teeth hurt like CRAZY...!?
Where can i find maxillofacial surgeon in mumbai?
should i have been given antibiotics after my tooth was pulled?
Is it ok to chew gum with my retainers in?
what color should my next braces be?
do you have big teeth ?
when do drugs become medicine?
Hot cocoa has more antioxidants than green tea - does this mean powdered hot cocoa?
drugs and alcohol rehab career job?
Does sleeping too much cause your mind to feel groggy?
Ways to get sick ........?
Why can't you kill yourself from your own strength?Why do you stop before the end?
what can you drink that will kill you instantly?
How to raise an exceedingly low white blood cell count..?
What can go wrong if you "drink" bottled water through your anus?
Is it true that teeth never stop moving?
will my orthodontist know that I purge?
Question about Dental retainer?
what is my wisdom teeth surgery going to be like?
What is the significance in this?
i just got BRACES yesterday!? HELP!?
does getting a cavity hurt?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
What is the acceptable number of dental xrays a person could have per year?
23 Cavities 3 Root Canals? HELP!!!?
where can i find good reiki instructor/master in Delhi?
Chinese Herbs; what can I take for energy?
Lemon juice in water?
Question on taking to many supplements?
what is the very best way to increase the speed of your memory?
Has anyone ever tried Kinoki Footpads?
Surgery to straighten teeth?
pregnant and have the worst tooth ache.?
I have a space between my 2 front teeth I want to correct without wearing braces. Is that possible?
Why are you afraid of going to the dentist?
feel like gum scratching...is this a sign of tooth decay?
My tooth is really loose and i can't seem to be able to pull it out what should i do??????????????????????
Wearing double elastics?
Why did my brace turn yellow?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What is willard water and how is it used?
what is the best natural remedy for ...........?
Homeopathic medical book?
have you ever taken green tea pills? what did they do for you?
tell me holistic health institutes in delhi or ncr?
Tips for getting rid of headaches?
Bigger butt, flat stomach?
Sometimes I get a stomach ache when I eat, whether it's something little or small?
what's a good medicine when i have sore throat?
Im addicted?
Why do I sleep at certain times during school?
is headbanging bad for me?
What is your poison (pick one)?
what disease + marijuana = death?
What is the cure for dark gums?
Help with swollen gums?
Teeth help! retainers?
Is it stupid to use crest white strips even though a person smokes?
whats the science behind the typical honey and lemon home sickness remedy? ?
What's the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
What does the label (on herbal medicinal bottles) "No approved therapeutic claim" mean?
Natural Anti-Inflamatory for an Asthmatic?
Does reflexology really work?
Where does '420' come from?
Herbs for hitting the big-O...Girls only...Help!?
How long is the recovery time for impacted wisdom teeth removal?
Has anyone gone to a dental school for braces?
cost of 2 crowns in california?
Will brace cause bone loss to adults? Can bone grow back after I took off the brace?
How would tooth-paste taste plain with no added flavors?????????????
What is the best color braces?
Small Black Hole in my Tooth..Is it a cavity?
Diseases caused by not brushing your teeth?
Does DOXYCYCLINE work for acne?
What is this moving lump doing on my ankle?
I wore Large earrings for a few months &now a piercing is slightly larger?
Should I be concerned?
I need help quitting tobacco?
How long will THC remain in my body?
How can someone who was born with vision problems overcome the fear of driving.?
How long does it take for crack to get out of your system?
Drug Tests... What Shows Up...?
what are some home remedies I can use to get through naracotic withdrawals?
Does anyone have chronic headaches? Looking for a homeopathic or herbal remedy that really works!?
Which detox program should I use?
What is your opinion on Naturopathic Doctors and do you think it is a profession worth looking into?
any alternative medicine that can help u quit smoking?
I have just got into crystal healing and meditation, and started a yahoo group- how do I get ppl to join?
Do you know supplement or herb someone can take for B.O?
What is the best Air Purifier to buy?
Ferrous Sulfate vs Ferrous Gluconate?
what am i alergic to?
I have low vision (20/70) and clinical depression and anxiety, but SSI keeps rejecting me. What do I do?
I'm 23, and for the past year or so I have become such a nervous person. Is this a phase?
I have a phobia of sick does anyone know that name of the phobia sick?
A neighbor of ours had fallen?
Is it wrong to have/need 2 drinks before bed every night?
doctor please!!!?
Men, foreskin / toilet question?
Is there a natural way to straighten your teeth? Anything but braces?
Question about Braces?
I've have lost some enamel- how do i get it back?
Will retainers fit if your teeth have shifted at all?
Braces..do they hurt?
Is it possible to add length to your tongue?
HEALING arts / technologies?
How does an amputee find relieve from phantom pain??
Does anybody have a remedy for an on again off again headache?
bowel cleansing ~ pros cons and recommending cleansing ideas?
In Oregon you can get a Medical marijuana card how do I find the docter?
Did airborne work for you?
i went to the hospital to donate an organ but they would not take any - why is this?
Constant problem with eating disorders (pica), and other oral fixations. How can I ween myself off?
What is the difference between glucosamine sulfate and n-acetyl glucosamine?
Ways to get rid of a Migraine fast and easy?
Is it better to sleep 2-3 hours before going to school or not sleep at all?
What is something healthy to eat before bed?
Is homeopathy useful for healing broken bones?
anything about meneirs disease?
Bates Method - any successes out there? Share stories please.?
Bad blood circulation is giving me Lobster hands! What can I do?
Does anyone know of a natural treatment for the symptoms of UC?
my ears are driving me crazy with bad itching and pain is their any home remedies for itchy ears?
How do i beat a urine test using home remedies?
What is the REAL procedure of getting braces?
how much does it cost to have my teeth whitened at dentist & is it true you can't have this done if you have
Deep cleaning and scaling... after it's done and numbies go away are you in pain?
How do orthodontists put in spacers?
Would it be a good idea to rinse your mouth after drinking a black soda?
Anyone had LANAP?( Laser assisted new attachment procedure)?
I'm pregnant and I have painful tonsil stones!!! Remedy?!?!?
Should I wait until all my teeth fall out of my head before I call 1-800 dentist?
Do you have to have nice teeth to be thought of as pretty?
What can I do to get rid of this horrible cold without going to the doctor?
Logical explanation for wetting the bed?
how to wake up?
How much would it cost to get my teeth fixed?
Getting braces removed..?
Is it normal to have several tooth extractions and a partal placed on the same day?
14 years old and getting Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out?
I think my adult tooth may be a bit loose?
I have incredible pain from two totally different teeth?
Does getting your molars cut out hurt?
Were Mack the Knife's teeth really as pearly white as they were reputed to be?
homeopathic or natural remedy for UTI and staphylococcus epidermis?
Which is the simplest book to learn the basics of Acupressure?
gout. Can any one give Siddha/Ayurvedic/Homeopathic medicines for Gout?
any homeopathic/Chinese herbal medicine for pituitary gland reactivation, especially after the age of fifty?
What are natural remedy for over/under active thyroid?
Can You treat fibromyalgia naturally?
how can i extract juice from fresh aloevera?
Please share your experiences with liver flush?
Freelife Goji Juice is said ti have a "Special Spectral Signature". How can this be?
how to remove dental caries without using the dentist drill?
As an adult, can you "build back" tooth enamel? Is fluoride only preventative?
how much do braces for teeth cost?
how can i whiten my teeth a little bit in two weeks??
I had my wisdom teeth extracted last week and I think I have a dry socket but I'm not sure?
How bad is Mountain Dew for your mouth?
What's up with McCain's teeth? They look seriously yellow?
demo lenses in glasses?
how do u treat acne scars?
whealth can not buy health and health can buy wealth do you agree with me?
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