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dysmenorrhea can cause cancer?
headache that has lasted 3 days?
what are the chances I have leukemia?
prolonged use leads to what?
Prostate Cancer Helpp!!!!!!?
what is the survival rate of stage 3 colen(is that how you spell it?) cancer?
I feel the need to want to visit Cancer Suffering Children. How can I do this?
How do you get rid of acne scars?
Acne problem help...?
How can we get rid of?
Strange pustule-like ingrown hair lump?
how to rid of acne problem?
....:::HELP::: ...I Have small bumps all over my body. Not acne,.. PLEASE HELP?
I need help with my acne problem?
How much does a really cheap cremation cost ?
How can I take the sweat smell out of my shirt underarms after washing?
Is ear wax really just dirt? Than why is it yellow? where does it come from?
Fainting when someone dies?
man turns into a zombie in europe?
What was the latest you stayed up?
Does having a numb face mean that the cocaine is purer?
Older kids wearing diapers?
Does anyone else have this?
can you die suddenly from a heart murmur?
What would cause dissyness and lightheadedness?
give the anatomy of heart in details.?
I had a fasting blood test to check my cholesterol and it came back 55/86 as a result for a liver test.?
11 years later after my accident I need to know who my attending physicians were,an i don,t know what to do.?
My physician ask me to take 50000 I.U of VITAMIN D ONCE A WEEK BECAUSE I AM LOW IN VITAMIND.?
My mom just found today she has an aortic tumor, what's going to happen now???
Muscle atrophy symptoms and relief?
what organs does shingles affect?
can lactose intolerance dissapear?
is there a substitute for medications when diagnosed with bipolar?
What is wrong with me? Abdominal pain/bloating?
I have to get a TB test?
I have galstones...............................…
i have been feeling really dizzy and have been really hungry and thirsty i dont know whats wrong ?
brain tumor im scared!?
How long will a lymphnode normally swell after an infection? How big is a Lymphoma Lymphnode Swelling? HELP...?
cervical cancer vaccination incomplete?
t i have mono with lymph notes the size of grapefruits, i need to get better FAST, any ideas?
if you think u have bone cancer is an x ray an accurate test?
Is cancer considered a multifactorial trait? Explain?
How often does cancer go undetected with no symptoms?
tongue tied see a speech pathology?
What is the most common sign of colon cancer?
Question on chewing tobacco?
What is the quickest way to get rid of mosquito bites?
help i got chemical burn on my face!! salicylic acid?
I went to the beach and got sun burnt, and now I'm peeling, what should I do?
When i wake up in the morning and turn on the lights i see blue dots?
Does milk really contribute to acne?
Can marijuana cause dark circles around eyes?
weird lump just appeared?!!?
what does poisen oak look like?
I got nail polish on my arm and leg?
Crest Whitening Strips?
Meningitis Vaccination?
Please help - very nasty stomach bug?
What effects does drug use have on our skin?
Why do I sometimes blackout when I stand up?
I've been having trouble getting to sleep at night.I've been staying up until the early hours of the morning..?
Does putting someone's hand in warm water while sleeping, make them pee?
how long would it take a person to cut through their own leg with a butter knife?
Want to start smoking.. PLEASE HELP WITH INFO. 10 Easy Points!?
Whatt Cann I Doo and wt u fink happened!!!?
Heart palpitation of Muscle twitch?
Is there a link to heart problems if you transfer from hot tempertures to cold tempetures quickly?
Girl Age 16!! Dizzy Spell... Hot... Shaky After...!! Help!!?
What does heart valves mean?
How does the heart stop? ?
I am searching for international heart foundations and found http://boes.org. Is this still active today?
how is dopamine a cardiac drug? Whats it used for?
What happens to a person who have a stroke...?
Extremely frustrated and worried over blood results, can anyone help?
Has anyone buy from an online pharmacy called meds-easy?
how do i get rid of the shakes?
High liver enzymes what could it be?
Weird tingling right side of head above ear?
im 15 i miss alot of school with kidney problems what can happen if i continue to miss more days ???
blue-green vomit with black flakes.?
If your parent had Huntington's, would you get the test?
m.s stats? erm m.s anything? ?
is this food poisoning? or is my stomach just disagreeing with something?
what is a thyroid nodule?
How do I set up a fund for my sister with cancer?
uncle just passed away how do i take it?
whats good for acne??????
Ringworm or Psoriasis?
My face is really bumpy?
what causes your finger to turn green when you wear a certain type of ring?
Is there a way to numb your skin when cutting yourself?
Non-surgical finger callus removal.?
What are some way to fight acne?
Whats the least painful way to pull out a tooth?
Suggestions for Band colour around braces?
why are all my teeth sore and feel like they are all going to fall out?
what is the best medicine for diabetic patient?
What is a remedy for Hiccups?
Is thers anything natural you can ingest that would stop uterine bleeding from fibroids?
Do people who use chinese medicine ever use western medicine also?Is it ok to see a western doctor?
alternative treatment kidney cancer?
can you please give me address of any reputed ayurveda doctor or homeopathy doctors in singapore?
um...how can i get high without the risk of dying(not in the long run)?
how much is too much black strap molasses?
How to treat a stomach bug in a 5 year old ?
My Anxiety Disorder....?
weird problem with my fingers?
How do I treat a strange burning pain in my leg that's lasted a year?
Will drinking lots of H2O get rid of toxins?
What do you do to relax?
i need a group for a/a and n/a since i can't go to meetings?
Tamiflu- what does it cost in irish pharmacy?
what foods are high on acid?
I have small lumps on my ear lobes - what are they?
Why is the liver an important organ?
Can you really get sick when it's too cold?
Is my daughter having some form of seizures?? Autism?
Name 2 diseases caused by alcohol abuse?
Im Mohd Sameer Form lucknow my mother is sufferning kidney failiur . i need help my 09453273694?
how xanax harms woman anatomy?
Can energy drinks cause heart problems?
atrial fibrillation - mom had her pacemaker checked today, it indicated fibrillation 5 times in 6 months?
theories related to risk factors affecting health that causes certain disorder or diseases such as stroke,etc.
heart rate of wolverine??
what caauses flemgm at the age of 100?
I was wondering if any1 experiences the same as me. My heartbeat beats an extra beat but slow every now and ag
are high enzymes a sign of pancreatic cancer?
Painful Cracks on heels, Help! ?
Linear Patterns on Thighs...?
What could be causing this?
how do you reduce pain of a skinless back of the heel due to blisters?
Side Effect 'time line' of Accutane?
I Have Acne On My Cheeks?
What was the most cavities you had filled in one sitting? Are they silver?
braces? help?
Veneer Warranty Not Honored-Go Back to My Dentist and Ask for A Refund?
I extracted my lower wisdom tooth 3wks ago but now feeling pain in jaw and inside my earing as try to chew?
Is it possible that it isn't my fault that I have a cavity?
mouth slamming shut?
Should i get braces at 15 years old?
Sooo, I fell asleep with a Crest whitening strip in my mouth...?
What is the function of glucose and lactose ?
My father's blood type is AB- and my mom's is A+ but I am O+. How is this possible?
Diabetes Type 1 questions...?
I see a lot of cases os Insulin resistance?
Help please... what food can and can't eat someone that has diabetic""?
What Could Be Causing My Foot Problems?
Can one take probiotics everyday? How to know when to stop and when to start up again?
I need a legal drug substitute for Alcohol??
Questions about vitamins? Can I get vitamins with ADD at GNC?
Does anyone out there use apple cider vinegar with honey for health reasons ?
Would could be wrong?
Whats the quick and easy way to make THC without growing anything? Or a liquid that wold have the same effect?
If herbs are dried, will they be as effective as live herbs?
Health question / suggestion?
How does one ounce of weed compare to other objects?
Can sunscreen damage your skin?
what are the best ways to treat a concussion?
What's the use of Ear Wax?
help with health project?
why am i so tired lately???
How to relieve all this stress and pressure im having?
how does "jittery" feel like?
Can you die from inhaling helium?
I hit my temple on a corner of a table?
What does viagra do to a female?
What foods are high in iron?? I'm anemic?
What type of disease is this, if it is one?
Drank vodka on New Yrs Day and now I get stomach aches every morning?
What is dementia really?
Medical mystery?
My Husband was diagnosed yesterday as having fibrous dysplasia but we don't know much about it?
do you think i have an eating disorder?
what causes pancreatic cancer?
Relationship of scalp sebaceous cysts and brain tumors?
Anyone had any experience with High Grade Small Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma?
What is asifidia wprn in a sack around the neck?
Any breast cancer (or just cancer) walks I can sign up for this spring in maine or new hampshire?
Are brain tumors sound sensitive? ?
My grandma has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant?
my brother died 1965 at 2months old,death record says from electrolyte imbalance,i have colonrectalcancer?
chemical peel/laser treatment for active acne/acne red marks?
how well do these medications work on acne?
really bad recurring eczema on my arms- skin has split?
How to get rid of blackheads and reduce oily skin?
How to make acne go away?
My skin is discolored & i dont know what to use?
Question about honey and cinnamon for acne?
does the product bio-oil really work?
Ummm....... My foot is orange Why, and how can i fix it?
how can you heal Scoliosis aside from metal or wooden braces?
Where can i find information on what kinds of things healthease dental insurance covers?
I'm on medicare. Do I have dental benefits? If so, please provide the name of the dentist on 91306.?
Is my dentist telling the truth?
Chewing tobacco use?
Front teeth extraction for braces?
Nervous about braces....?
when was the last time you lost a tooth?
how much do heart surgeons get paid in the uk?
How much and how fast could my cholesterol be lowered?
once you're on ssdi what is the chance of losing your benefits in the future?
blood pressure for 70 year old?
mitral valve prolapse .....?
Is this heart burn?
please could you tell me what a heart fibulator is?
is it normal for a whale's heart to stop beating when it's asleep?
Are there verified studies that measure the effectiveness of Bio resonance therapy,in any field of application
Have you ever taken any HOMEOPATHIC medicine/remedy like Graphites?
I have taken calcium citrate for a few years and have noticed that I tan much easier?
Anyone had acupuncture?
Alternative treatments for horrible cramps?
Can zinc or acidophilus or magnesium stop body odor?
Would having your tonsils removed get rid of getting a lot of sore throats and having a lot of excess mucus??
is taking 3 tylenol 325 mg each good for me?
Have you ever gotten your days and nights mixed up?
my son has been asleep for 2 days now, is he alright?
What is the best and easiest dosage to take when trying to get off of Methadone to have the least withdrawal?
what to do when it hurts to poo a lot?
A painful death????????????
Protein-S Deficiency Anyone ever heard of it?
ahh. i'm realllly stressed?
Fibromyalgia related?
I hear weird sounds in my head at night.?
After a common cold how long does it take for your blood range to go back to normal?
Can someone tell if Celexa is an ssri?
Do I have mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
If people were allowed to be euthanized who were terminally ill...?
Team Name I need to come up with a funny team name for the arthritis walk...?
Which would you choose? Gross obesity or death?
Tip of my tongue is numb?
How do I get some sleep?
how to make my mom quit smoking? :(?
What can I use to fix my face of acne & scars?
Why is there dry scaly patches on my skin?
Does ice help acne/acne marks in any way?
Is peanut butter bad for acne?
Cefadroxil 500 mg capsules acne?
Has anyone had this - patches that feel raw?
Athlete's Foot question?
How long for a completely removed toenail to regrow?
teeth whitener?
Periodontal Disease surgery soon. I need info, please!?
do your teeth become loose after putting braces on your teeth?
false 1hr blood Glucose test?
What are short and long term effects of diabetes TYPE ONE?!?
Type 1 Diabetic Having Weird Lows?
Diabetic recipes that freeze well?
I am 28 weeks along and just found out i have gestational diabetes. My level was 222?
I have a question about diabetes?
Diabetes going bad?
Lumps in my back? Worry or not?
What exactly is Homeopathy?
How to get rid of sickness/ flu-like symptoms?
Diarrhea ?
Why do i keep feeling dizzy, tired and cold?
What are diabetes symptoms?
biochemical failure??????????????
What happens if a cats diabetes isnt treated by insulin?
Triglycerides and carbs?
Is it possible that i am a Diabetic?
What types of vegetables help whiten teeth and what other non bleaching ways can a person whiten teeth ?
Whats the healthiest way of whitening badly stained teeth?
How are you supposed to use baking soda on your teeth?
Teeth abcess,will it cause swelling in the upper neck and on the cheek?
getting braces?!.......?
How do you get rid of bad taste in mouth?
I just got one of my molars taken out..How long will it be bleeding for? I got it pulled at 2pm?
can anyone get defenition or what s SCISSOR BITE? in human dentition?
wat braces do u guys hv or hv experienced?which are best, and which are worst?plz tell me!♥?
what does positive margins mean on biopsy?
my father 75 yrs.with MM. After Radiation,now taking chemo. from which report can i know stage of disease ofMM?
What are the symptons for colon cancer?, how do u know u have it?, does age matter?
Resveratrol -what effect on breast cancer ?
I am non-religious; my husband's mother is dying, what to say to her?
im an active person, but im on 20mg prednisolone. Should i worry about weight gain?
why does vaccination not eliminate a disease?
i am getting no relief from irritable bowel syndrome. what to do?
Can heat intolerance be linked to a pituitary problem?
Medical Advise? Unknown Sickness.?
Can people get medication through nasal drips?
ok again,but do i have a ruptured/infected apendix?
I think i'm developing insomnia.?
I don't realy like to talk about this but I need to know...I have OCD...I got diagnosed with it when I was 2..?
why do people in A.A. say alcoholism is a disease when GOD flat out says it's a sin ?
How Blood pressure is increased by following factors?
Has anyone heard about heart guardian the cholesterol block from austin texas?
HR max and cold white feet?
I was told today that my son has a blonde fundus? Can someone please explain that to me?
Can some one explain this procedure to me ?
after walking for an half hour what should your heart rate be?
what is post infarct cardiac ?
Is there any over the counter medication to sleep better?
Has anyone used Azo to clean their system of THC?
natural cures to migraines?
Misai Kuching Juice: Cure for ALL!?
can you get addicted to allergy meds? can you suggest something else?
What would it be, Drugs or Food?
what herb do you take to curb sweet cravings?
Anyone else try using CigArrest recently yet?
why has it taken so long to explain the blood vessel diabetic damage mechanism?
i had glaucoma since 5 months?
I think I have diabetes?
Smokers: If you've started smoking in the past few years, why?
Can i get high off donatussin cough syrup?
Could someone stay alive on life support forever?
I just drank 15 Dr Peppers, Help me...?
Is it possible to have breast cancer and not have a lump?
How can cancer spread without lymph node involvment?
what cancer caused the most deaths in the united States?
Uterine Cancer or Ovarian Cancer?
what are the causes of breast cancer for the women, if not from the genes?
iam 20yrs old 2yrs ago i foud a lump on my testiculer. before that i like feel female isit testiculer cancer.?
Leukemia questions please help?
how do you prevent kidney stones?
What's the best painkiller for headaches?
could the outbreak of autism in somali refugees be linked to their eating GM relief foods?
I'm sick, what illness do I have and what can I do to feel better?
has any one ever had bell's palsy?
Any experiences of using the treatment Humira?
This guy in my class had a seizure attack today?
A physical abnormality in my brain?
Is it possible...?
what is OCD and do i have it?
side effets to alcohol?
Is it scientificially proven that stones such as amethyst etc. have powers?
Home remidies for a sore singing throat?
healing crystals for epilepsy?
what is the best cure for hyperthyroidism?
How do you make turmeric paste for application to cuts/boils?Water doesnt seem to mix well w/ turmeric powder.
what is the best herbal treatment for prostate problem?
When performing a massage...?
How to get rid of knee pain?
what does brain cells dying feel like?
Why Harry Benjamin Syndrome keeps not relationship with transgenderism?
My big toe hurts...any ideas?
what causes tiredness, lack of energy and low self-esteem?
Does this sound like I have ms or something which mimics it?
Why am I always anemic?
What Is Liver Failure?
What the hell is happening to me?
Is this part of Fibromyalgia?
I'm in my early teen days and I don't know who I am. I wanna know how to find myself and who I am. Do you know?
what happens if you do surgrey and you have diabites?
when a person binges does all the calories come up when they purge?
If clear urine = hydrated, why when drinking alcohol...?
Total core or Ab king?
Why do I feel tired all the time?
Why do I get super exhausted after sneezing multiple times?
Is it highly unusual to still be feeling the effects of weed a day later?
Is big weight loss while being sick healthy?
We are in a recently flooded area. We are under a boil water advisory for drinking or food preparation?
I have trouble falling asleep, and ideas?
Why do I still crave cigarettes?
Can my 80 year old dad get high?
can somone help me please iv got cancer thyroid cancer?
Small ball the size of a BB in my left ear lobe plz help?
if a nursing home patient on a wheel chair needs to go to the hospital, and the family members can't go ?
best treatment for nerve damage in the foot?
how much would it cost roughly, for the braces that you can bearly see?
can you clean dentures overnite with baking soda?
wisdom tooth pain?
Some questions on Invisalign, help?
Is there a good way to restore lost gum line?
What is the best choise of anesthesia for a dental implant procedure?
Is it right for a dental office to refuse 2 see a patient?
Tooth pain with temp crown?
blood type?
What constitutes a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes?
What are the problems arised due to diabetes?
what physician treats diabetics?
Can Muscular fasciculations be caused by having high glucose in a diabetic person?
Why am I going to the bathroom so much?
How would i write with my blood?
How much does a voice play role in personality?
When you get" butterflies in your stomach"What exactly is going on in the body?
How long should you jump on a mini trampoline?
Why do people call it 20-20 vision?
how much water can i drink in a day?
I have swine flu... am I going to die?
Why am I always so cold and she is burning up hot?
Sorry to ask again. ibuprofen overdose.?
how can i know if i am still vigin or not?
What should i do with this gift?
What is being done to 'cure' cystic fibrosis?
Menier's Disease....incurable?!?
where can i find a biography of someone with hemophilia?
Is there something wrong with my kidney?
Would so much antibiotics make my kidney failure?
uninsured with weird fever(104), rash with bruises, joint pain and water retention?
I get this weird nauseus feeling sometimes...?
Diet Pepsi caused internal bleeding?
How Does Someone With Sirenomelia Reproduce?
Can anyone help?
Anybody out there who can swear by transfer factor's effectivity?
Does the dentist scare you?
Can I eat extremely hot or cold foods with braces?
What symptom if any when your teeth feel numb and pain in your legs?
is the world geting worse?
What is Cortisol's receptor and where is it located?
i have only one symptom of diabetes that cant be explained any other way, do i have it 0_0?
What are Bach flowers Remedies?
does anyone know of anything homeopathic to treat psoriasis?
What parts of the body does mulptiple sclerosis affetc?
Can A Nineteen year old acquire thyroid cancer?
I dip once a day and drink alot of milk can this prevent cancer?
Tell me the good suggestions about the prostate cancer?
how do i tell my mum i think i have cancer ?
One of my friends has just found out he has tongue cancer...?
is there any research showing that a high PH body chemistry reduces the risk of cancer or viral diseases?
What do you think about Kevin Trudeau?
Jabbing feeling in my stomach when exercising?
I want to get nice rectangular non prescribed glasses?
How can I stop getting scared at night and fall asleep?
What is a good time to go to sleep/wake up for an adult?
How Do I Stop Kicking My Legs In My Sleep?
why does my throat get itchy when i eat some fruits?
Why Does everyone think that weed is wrong?
My girlfriend and I smoke a lot of marijuana please help?
What food can you eat with a sore throat ?
What are some tricks to get clearer skin?
what to do about my palms always being freezing cold?
Is mineral oil really that bad for the skin?
how to get rid of acne fast?
eyelash growing on eyelid?
little red dots on my knees! help!!!?
Whiteheads all over my upper arms..?
If there any solution for hideous stretch marks?? I hate them and I want to ger rid off of them.?
Can someone please diagnose my illness?
Is There really a way to cure Yeast infection naturally, at home?
Is osteoarthritis and osteoporosis something just women get?
What are some things you should discuss when confronting someone about an addiction?
Should I go to a doctor over this?
does anyone know what might be causing my random dizziness and headaches with other symptoms too?
How do I tell if i have intestinal parasites, and what kind?
my 13 yr old friend has kidney cancer!?
Do all people with diabetes loose weight?
im on metformin glipizide lantus and novolog why are my levels staying high?
Is 5 hour Energy safe for a Diabetic to use?
How do they diagnose hypoglycemia?
Why do I always feel thirsty? Is it diabetes?
Kidney infection? Didn't show up on the test. What could it be?
Does sugar alcohol good or bad for your health?
Should a diabetic who "bottomed out" eat more carbs or more protein to avoid it again?
Why do I shake after eating?
How do you cure a sore throat? Without perscription meds.?
Has anyone used hypnosis to help symptoms of ADHD?
I need some good homemade recipes for a cold or flu remedies...?
Is it possible to regain eyesight?
can you tell some more interesting things about reiki?
Can you tell me more about lycopene and its health benefits?
What are the chances of secondary polycythemia turning into Lukemia?
My girlfiend told me she was "hpv cancer"?
My best friend has stomach cancer?
Am I at a higher risk of developing cancer?
i have read that grapeseed extract can kill leukemia cells?is this true?my baby has mixed phenotype leukemia?
i have been using (protopic) ointment. i heard that its give skin cancer?
do i have lip cancer?
Blood in toilet ! Again, what could this be?
how can i be there for my friend while her mother is dying from breast cancer?
Poll: What do you think is the best remedy for getting rid or decreasing strectchmarks?
why banana is rejected for a patient with chronic renal failure?
Sneezing after exercise?
situps hurt my back...?
Abstinence Belts for men?
I wake up in the night and my heart is racing..what could be wrong?
can anyone answer this?
is she an alcoholic? how can i help her?
Where can I buy prescription drugs online without a prescription? Need a site that's not a scam and is legit.?
Why are there so many questions from people who cut themselves?
What does it mean when one's liver's enzymes are elevated?
Those who test negative for celiac disease yet are suffering from gluten intoloerance?
How to get rid of GERD?
My liver really hurts?
Could this be a sign of a stroke?
What could it be ? I have a weird tingling feeling coming from right kidney?
Cold sensation in my right leg off and on for a few days....please read more?
Random nausea what's wrong?
What to do against hypertension?
HELP! my boyfriend is a drug addict.. =[[?
What can I expect when I get my wisdoms out?
Is it true that you shouldn't consume dairy after wisdom teeth extractions? If so, why?
How do you deal with a sudden sensitivity to pressure on one tooth?
I just had my teeth extracted today [4 of them] taken out, and i have a question?
Can a tooth ache/bad tooth cause head & eye aches?
my mouth hurts?
Million $ Smile????
Can bad breath come out of your nose?
what do you think of crest whitestrips?
Dental nurse's help me win argument with my boss!!!!!!!!?
What natural things will improve blood circulation?
is an antioxidant complex good for you?
What is the best natural cure for gall bladder stones?
Where to buy Nature's Blend Dietary Supplement MSM ?
Does anyone use Tiger Balm (or similar product) for headaches?
Des shavers always work on legs what do u used sow u'r legs can look nice and don't have the dots on your legs
Apple Cider Vinegar is Good for You??
What is it about chicken soup that helps sick people feel better?
what remedy is there for perfume and deo skin reaction?
if you have pre-diabetes can you train hard everyday in a sport?
fasting glucose level higher than post-prandial level?
Prediabetic or not?
Just diagnosed diabetic. What now?
How o reduce blood sugar?
when you blood sugar is high is that bad or good ?
Are there any recalls on avandia or adavent made by park davis?
Anyone have diabetic gastropareses?
I know i need help?
my husband can't sleep! he was just diagnosed with lymphoma?
I'm scared I have a brain tumor.?
Does a M-spike mean you have cancer?
Swollen lymph node in armpit...?
is a plastic surgeon better then a Orthopedic surgeon or is genral surgeon better then all of them?
Cervical cancer patient misdiagnosis 2002?
i turned 16 in june, my daughter turned 1 in july, i'm from england, can i still have the cervical cancer jab?
They found a possible Cure for Cancer?
Does this sound at all like a type of cancer?
what does a blood clot in your arm feel like?
Has anyone's IBS ever just disappeared?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS] Help?
moderate to severe stomach pain with burning sensation?
Numbness in leg and doctor doesn't know what is causing it.?
Left side base of skull pressure headaches?
where can I find diphosfate? It's a drug. I've read that it can cure/help multiple sclerosis.?
is it hard to having relationship with epilepsy?
Is ice cream gluten free?
i herd about sleep paralysis and im scared to go to sleep?
Do you think "drug testing" is accurate?
Where can I buy Prilosec OTC?
is there any alcohol free moisturisers that i can buy?
How do I explain my mother's leg amputation to my 5-year-old daughter?
I cut myself?
Terrible Panic Attacks?
Do i have an eating disorder?
My finals' coming and my throat's acting up. I feel like I'm gonna get sick =/ HELP!?
Red Bull can cause Death?
What are an example of organic emulsifying agents for skincare products?
is it a good idea to take a multivitamin?
Where the best place to get Kefir grains?
HELP! what is a good way to cure a cold fast?
My right ear is stopped up because of a cold. Any home remedies?
What is the best way to clean aromatherapy bowls?
ITS 16:00 an im hi at work and got lots to do but cant be bothered!!!?
Does the early stage of brown recluse bite, look like a cold sore?
Whats the best organic treatment for Rosacea? If not one whats the best treatment period?
What is a good product or way to get ride of acne.?
on thursday i did bleaching and facial in a saloon. But bleach was strong .?
This is disgusting but I have to ask it. How can I treat a blister on my pinky toe?
What could this be?
what s the procedure to avoid tooth decay?
Which foods can stain teeth?
Is there anything else that can be done to keep my teeth healthy?
my 13 yr old has a severe abscess tooth dentist is worried it could rupture anytime how do i no if it does?
inflamed wisdom tooth gum?
why do my teeth hurt so bad?
I have a question about dry socket.?
urgent question!!!pls do answer!!!!!!!!?
Help, I just got braces!!!!?
In which body cavity would you find the following organs?
Who was the football player that died of Common bile duct cancer?
Painless growing hard lymph node on neck, could it be cancer?
People with breast cancer has better odds of survival now than before what changed since then?
If you go tanning only a few times just to get tan, will it still be just as harmful and cause skin cancer?
can u get a brain tumor from skin cancer?
do i have skin cancer?
Why do people say God cured there cancer when it was actually the doctor and themselves for fighting it?
What be a good name for a relay 4 life team?
What are some herbs that enhance psychic awareness?
1/2 tsp marijuana converts into...?
has anyone here had any experiences where ignoring illnesses, they disappear?
Have you noticed that the smoking ban?
Getting off the weed...will it affect my study?
Ampalaya Ampalaya where is it available?
A highsalt diet that restricts protein,phosphorus,and magnesium & increase fluid intake is a treatment for?
what are the rich sources of carbohydrates in maintaining sugar level?
i alway's have Nausea?????/?
what to avoid when you have cholelithiasis?
Can a person get off medications for seizures?
Thoughts on the Omnipod Insulin pump?
i think i have diabetes?? ANSWER PLZZ?
what is the cause of recurent hypoglycemia for the first time in the same day in non diabetic patient?
what are the differences between symptoms anxiety and brain tumor?
anything for severe sinus pressure and headache? ever day.?
A Diagnosis for my dad??????
I am having stomach problems?
is this good or bad i am having extreme dizziness and my legs and arms are going numb?
um i just ate 10 paracetamol?
Where can I find articles on the common diseases prevalent today and prevention tips?
food poisoning for 5 days now!?
im 13 years old and i smoke?
Help Yellow teeth!?
What medicine should I take for a toothache? PLEASE HELP!?
Should I Get Clear Or Metal Braces?
indian recipe Dandruff?
Does Mederma work?
Does anyone have an update on Treeman?
how do you get rid of milia?
Help! Strange facial rash!?
what ACTUALLY helps with acne?
Help theres a mark on my back?
questions about lymph nodes?
Help from health care professionals please!?
Is there anyone who has had thyroidectomy?
Long but serious question.?
Is it true that microwaving food is unhealthy?
Those who have Asperger's. What medications / doses do you take (if any)?
Mystery Illness, HELP?!?
does anyone know the symptoms for urine infection?
Anyone have short term cures and tips for dizziness caused by Anaemia?
need help to pay for tests to prove MMR caused autism?
Relative with Alzheimer's Disease angry a lot lately?
Epilepsy tablets........?
Is this neurological or what? I'm kinda worried.?
Possible to be bulimic without knowing it?
Why does cheese come out of my left ear?
What is a good inexpensive tooth whitening product that works?
Pain after braces? When will it start?
Has private dentistry been set up to extract money ?
What are the benefits of flossing daily?
If you have braces and you get them off how long do you have to keep on your retainer ?
How old were you when you got braces and....?
Weird Taste in mouth? What is it?
What causes diabetes?
Am I a hypochondriac?
where can i buy diamicron mr 30 in singapore?
Talking to the children?
pins & needles in legs, extreme tiredness,?
diabetes? can i have it?
is 55 a bad blood glucose reading?
How do you get in the hang of writing your numbers down?
What to do about messed up ear?
How do I fix my eyesight?
Feeling tired all the time?
How does one go about becoming a brain surgeon?
My mom needs some help to stop drinking?
Vesicular Infection?!?
Does My Doctor Have A Crush On Me?
my eyes are very sensitive to light?
I need to get myself sick how? ?
Any cure for acid reflux?
20 yrs female ,migraine ,on attack vomiting & unconscious any line of treatment welcome?
My shoulder is very numb after surgery. It's been two years now. Is there a cure?
Question about alcohol consumption with multicystic kidney disorder?
Does caffeine affect people with Dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency physically?
The blood in my neck feels like its bubbling and it hurts. What is it?
108 days sober and I want a drink, my meds aren't helping?
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus...is there anyone like me?
Bizarre stomach pain? Help?
What alternative medicine I will use?
What is holistic medicine?
Anyone with experience of gallstones?
Natural remedies for insomnia?
Getting that feeling that I might be getting sick, how do I stop it?
I need Herbs for colds?
Emergenc- C multi vitamin drink?
Question about Suboxone 8mg!?
Are there any home remedies to get rid of lice that would be safe on a two year old?
i have a diabetic dog and heard quercetin could help his eyesight but dont know how much is safe for him.?
How many medical professionals in the diabetic field?
what are the chances of fertility when you are diabetic?
any information regarding Dr J P Jain palam gaon delhi diabetes killer, one who can cure diabetes.?
listerine as bug replellant?
Ridiculousy itchy head!?!?
What can I use to make this acne go away?
Red dry skin around nose - had it for years?
cheap braces???!!!?
How do I get swelling to go down?
One of my wisdom teeth extraction holes is larger and scarier than the other 3. I can see my jawbone! Help?
any ORTHODONIST online right now?? i really need your help ?
HELP!! Geting cavity filled in a day, IM SCARED!!?
braces change your face?
Wisdom teeth!!!?
How long could a person survive solely on a diet of bread and water?
How do you come off Prozac properly?
I need help with Insomnia?
How come so many people I know are drinking and doing drugs?
Which is better? Homeopathy or Allopathy? If homeopathy why?
Natural Help for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
What type of foods have Niacin in them?
Is becoming a nutritionist/chiropractor a good idea?
What herbal supplements can I take to increase my alertness and brain function?
Can homeopathic treatment cure Burning Feet Problem caused by diabeties.?
How do i buy a medical product online without using a credit card?
Some questions about weed :) ?
is homoeopathic cure any diseases of humanbody ?
sleeping pills ..............?
why is my mom coughing up blood is it because she has pancreatic cancer?
Cancer vaccine today?
how many stages of cancer are there?
UTI? Kidneys? Colon? So many issues....?
I have an adnexal mass (tumor attached to the ovary) and no insurance in Florida?
Does my friend have breast cancer?
Why is colon cancer considered to be the only cancer that can be prevented and cured?
is breast cancer painful?
Is Tuberculosis a deadly disease?
stem cell treatment ms?
What could cause Swollen Ankles?
Need A Sure Fire Home Remedy for an INFECTED Ingrown Toenail!!!! HELP.?
what to expect from chiari malformation surgery?
What Could These Symptoms Be!?!?
my dad has all these syptoms?
Question about being Brain Dead?? Coma?
Sunburn on your head?
how do i get rid of dark knees?? any quick remedies?
can hickey cause any real harm to ur body?
Is there a non-disposable pen for injection of lantus insulin?
What should I cook?
Is Milligrams the same as Equivalent Units?
Can diabetic patients take lot of papaya. Will it increase the sugar level.?
Can emotional instability be a symptom of diabetes?
I have a insulin dependent chihuahua to which I give her 4 units twice a day. ?
Blood flow in legs and feet!?
how high should my blood Sugar be before I go to the E.R?
Reiki or Angel Reiki?
What are some natural remedies for dealing with Social Phobia?
What is the alternative treatment for glucoma?
What is the difference between "Potency" and "Power" in Homeopathy?
Writing a guide. What would you want to see in a Natural Remedy Guide?
Question about garlic cloves in ear?
Detox drink or supplement?
Has anyone heard anything about "Mary Jane" soda with Kava?
Medical doctors just prescribe pills and make u feel worse!!?
What does it mean to have a deep crack down the centre of your tongue?
Tooth Exploding Sensation?
I want to take my braces off and get invisalign?
Brush with baking soda bad for you?
Can you get porcelain veneers done on your lower teeth?
Can Dentures be 'modified'.........?
can i do my brace (teeth) in the philippines, and do the follow up adjustments here in US?
Can a deaf person get dizzy?
I'm losing all my hair with stress and its stressing me out!?
Are we all blind AND stupid on the healthcare issue?
I'm having a barium enima later today?
Can it be harmful to put lotion on EVERY DAY after showers?
I am so sick of breathing? It really annoys me?
Why are your feet ticklish?
does cracking your knuckles give you arthritis?
I have Gas and I cant stop furting what do? my stomach hurt.?
How close are we to finding a cure for cancer?
Has anyone heard about he aloe vera honey cancer cure?
which chromosomal mutation results in alagille syndrome?
How much blood does colon cancer produce?
when a person has cancer really bad in my sisters case she has visions, sees a person who has passed away?
Could it be cancer...?
Cervical cancer jab top up?
I have a square lump above my left ball (14, Male)?
I am tapering off of a xanax/klonopin combo for panic to just xanax solo and am wondering about doses?
Is there anything to be concerned about if one pupil is slightly larger than the other?
problems with urinating?
I have what feels like fatty lumps on the back on both hips, above my buttocks....what could this be?
What can happen if you don't accurately take your antidepressants?
Major stomach pain..?
stomach isssuuueeesss?
Smelly pee what can it be?
Do you suffer from panic attacks?
Do i have a sleep disorder? 10 points?
Is it possible to get ovarian cancer if someone's ovary's are removed?
Is bad memory in one's youth (late teens and twenties) correlated with Alzheimer's later in life?
what is the treatment of hermaphroditism?
were to start with cancer?
I wana suicide-please help me?
does bacterial vaginosis cause cervical cancer?
Prostate Cancer Realities?
what do u do if uu have cancer and no insurance?
i cant tell if this is thyroid cancer or not?
what causes internal bleeding?
What causes a Stroke and are they Hereditary?
I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and they told me I have to learn to live with my limitations?
Should I be worried when the Orthopedic surgeon I have an appointment with is named Dr. Popham?
Spots on a CAT scan of the brain?
My little brother is extremely short and is undergoing depression?
Has anyone else ever taken topamax?
Are you getting the H1N1 Flu shot?
I"m 29 year old female with that is 132 over 72 with a pulse of 67. Should I be concerned?
What is O.C.D. ;explain?
What foods contain the vitamins that help hair and nail growth?
what will happen if you drink a ton of caffeine after donating plasma?
I have a really really sore throat - unbearable!?
What Does Amniotic Fluid Taste Like?
can you get high off of hormones?
HELP!!!!!!i cant wake up?
I got a real bad habit.. Help me?
What natural remedies are there for a sinus infection?
homeopathic remedies for nerves from stress?
What is the best chesty cough mixture?
Suggested uses for peppermint oil?
too much pills????????
What is your experience in taking homeopathic colloidal silver ?
Anyone know a good site to buy kratom powder from?
I have symptoms of a UTI or Kidney Infection. Is this an emergency or can wait til this afternoon to see dr.?
What other reasons are there for red-blood urine except a UTI?
Could my anxiety be causing this ?
how likely is it that 2 people can have the sickle cell trait?
I have alopecia and im worried about loosing all of my hair. help please!?
Why Am I also feeling bubbly like I have diarreah?
Feeling very anxious, stressed, have ovarian cysts and acid reflux, husband alcoholic....?
does anyone here have coeliac disease?
Kidney stone Problem Please help?
Can you get an STD from a virgin?
Chemotherapy is usually given to "strong" cancer patients, is this not a contradiction in terms ?
Breast Cancer Symptom?
i'm 21 and was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer...?
Is this a possible sign of breast cancer? (please tell me no)?
Why is it called toothbrush if we brush so many of them?
What is the best way of getting rid of a head cold without visiting the doctor?
What Damages Does a Corset cause to the inside of your body?
having my tonsils removed?
Whats the fastest way to gain your voice back after you have lost it?
energy drink vs coffee...?
what do i tell my doctor to get sick leave for work?
why should I not smoke weed?
Best product to get rid of cellulite?
did people have acne in the medieval ages?
how do you get rid of acne?
What's under your visible skin tone???/?
how do i get rid of blackheads fast?
Papules under my eyes...what are they?
what homeopathic remedy for turret's. is there such a thing as paraceden?
homeopathy for keratoconous?
Why can marijuana make people paranoid?
question about acupuncture and chronic migraines and tension headaches ?
Anyone have online resources for different breathing techniques?
gallbladder do you know what i can take to flush out and pass the stones out?
Do copper bracelets work for arthritis?
What are the symptoms of Swine flu?
what illness could i have?
please answer! blurry vision? whats going on? i will give all my points to best answer!?
Muscle Spasms? What could it be?
why do bulimics take Ipecac?
will the ringing noise in my right ear eventually go away?
I was diagnosed with schizoprhenia but I have a hard time finding others sufferers who I can relate with..?
why am i always exhausted?
Ive been up all night with my right hand and wrist burning, tingling, hurting and going numb..........?
can cancer shut down veins/arteries? is a lesion the start of a new tumor?
What are some symptoms of lung cancer? Please I think someone I know has it but im not sure.?
cyst on cerebellum any info?
my mom has been at a stage 4 cancer for 9 years how long does she have?
What are you NOT supposed to eat when you have a sore throat?
What is the best way of losing fat on my THIGHS and TUMMY?
xanax in urine...?
Anyone have experience with boils?
If one goes to a doctor for assistance in kicking painkiller addiction, do they get put on a "list"?
Ouch...What is this?
my cousin handed in a fake prescription...?
I lost my voice how do i get it back?
Whenever i eat or drink something i feel bitter in my mouth. what's wrong with me?
Shouldn't we be saying "No" to Fluoride in our drinking water?
Why are they called wisdom teeth?
is there anything wrong with brushing your teeth only once a day?
When should I switch dentists? May need root canal.?
If I used a whole tube of arm and hammer toothpaste in a week...?
Do you need to get your wisdom teeth removed?
theres a bump on my gums?
Is this a cavity??????????
today I went for tooth filling and I think the drill machine touched side of my tongue and it hurts?
Hyrax expander removal?!?!?!?!?
Does using diet as a method to cure yeast infections work?
what's the best natural way for clearing a stuffy/runny nose?
how do you spell ditajow - Chinese remedy for bruising?
what kind of alternative health practitioner could tell me what foods are best for me?
Do you use an Activated Charcoal Supplement?What are the benefits of taking it?
How do epsom salt soaks work?
Can someone give me the quick version of why high carbohydrate diets would be more "aging"?
Is there a cure for arthritus?
What was the most weed you ever smoked in the same high?
Hypothyroidism iodine and synthroid?
Alzheimer's..... Can anyone tell me the early signs.... this is really important?
please I need an opinion. Am I bulimic?
Medical experts Plz ans: My dad is suffering from ulcer and liver inflammation with pain?
Does anyone know any GOOD medicine for gastritis?
What color is the nuerofibromatotis awareness ribbon??
what are the signs of dying?
Have you ever dealt with anyone who has aspergurs syndrome?
Is having the case of a 'lazy eye' a defect or a syndrome?
Moles question. Have you ever had warning signs with one but everything was fine?
What can my doctor give me for my acne marks? Will they go within 2 weeks?
Sunburnt Face?
who best to go to for getting age and acne marks off of face;cosmetologist, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon?
Why do I bruise so easily?
What could be the cause of numbness in scars. Why would the numbness spread years after the surgery?
how to get rid of unwanted hairon a teens body?
What's the best acne cream for Black heads?..?
my crotch is like red and spotty?
what is a good natural remedy for diarrhia?i been sick with a bad cold and this since friday?
why might conventional doctors accept reflexology and acupunture opposed to homeopathic remedies to illnesses?
How does massage on the abdomen aid digestion?
Drug-free for two years party, please help.?
Help!! I have a malarial shaped hole in my body's energy!!?
How much does a spiritual cleansing cost from a license and bonded psychic in southern california?
Removing a Bad Luck Spell?
Indica or Sativa marijuana?
Which are your 3 favorite products original from china and why? (e.g. medicinal, natural)?
Im Confused..! Why People get Confused..! How to overcome this Confusion..!?
Why the English population (UK) is not easily accepted medical treatment with injections?
can one have abnormal test results and have nothng wrong?
Why is it every time I go to a Movie Theatre I get Nausea's? ?
I need medical advice ASAP!?
If I smoke a cigg what will happen?
Insomnia after 2 weeks of being vegan?
Have you ever had a...?
I have two liver diseases and fibromyalgia: Is saccharomyces cerevisiai a danger to my healt?
My boyfriend is a recovering addict and I don't know how to help?
How young can you be when you get Fibromyalgia.?
Yay or nay on vaccination?
Byssinosis is a disease affecting which part of the body?
what are some causes of instant death?
Ok i was a big pill popper when i was 15 and other drugs as well but i still have cravings am i addicted??
How to tell my father I smoke weed?
I have 11 toes?
can bartholin gland problems cause alot of discharge?
Did jade goody donate any of the publicity money to cancer research ?
how does kidney cancer spread and what organs does it generally invade first?
New trial for my little girl to beat cancer?
how to get rid of dark circles..........?
im allergic to aloe..how do i get rid of the stinging in a sunburn?
is there any exercise to make my short upper lip fat?
How did you get rid of your toenail fungus?
Safe and effective at home peels for acne scars?
My six year old daughter's palms peel after she is in water?
I rarely get acne, but all of a sudden my face is exploding with it!?!?!?
I have artificial nails... I snagged one of them and it pulled off half my real nail from my skin... ?
why does mustard burn your tongue?
will my gums start to get better when i quit smoking?
Im getting braces soon ; do they hurt ?
What's more effective, brushing alone or mouthwash alone?
i just got my wisdom teeth out!?
Natural remedies to stop premature grey?
drinking instad of smokeing ganja?
Are Dr.'s over diagnosing sleep apnea to increase the profits of CPAP machine manufacturers?
antibiotics in heat?????
I need some answers.?
How do u get people to understand fibromyalgia?
What causes Panic Attacks?
i have terrible O.C.D!?
what do i do to get a kidney stone?
Why does my toe twitch?
is there anything doctors can prescribe to reduce the appearance of large veins??????
hot and bothered...I cant stop sweating?
What is the best way to get rid of back acne?
I have chapped lips and when the skin grows back it peels off how can I stop this?
Why have my lips spreaded?
How do you get rid of "sunken in" black heads?
plz tell how can cure from piles by homemade items...as the place where am leaving have no facilities...?
wierd pin sized hole on tailbone?
how long does fentanyl stay in your urine.?
I have a friend with stage four cancer. What happens if it keeps coming back after chemo?
What is the incontinence rate for prostate removal by Dr. Ahlering?
Question about possibly breast cancer......?
when you have breast cancer does the lump hurt when you touch it?
Is it bad to write on your skin with markers?
If you rub a cancer lump will it get bigger(Inflamed)?
are there any side effects to a rhinoplasty?
bad congestion & bad cough for 6 weeks now..how do i get rid of this?
What are the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on the Liver?
Why is it that according to the state of California everything causes cancer?
I'm sick, what could be some remedies for the common cold?
Anyone Ever Had Problems With Drugs?
When your an EMT?
how long after diarrhea can you eat normally again?
Why do people say cracking your knuckles will make them bigger?
I have 2 infected teeth, safe to chew?
How do i get my teeth really white?
Turning yellow teeth white, is it true?
I had my bottom braces put on today! please help!?
How much do Lingual braces cost? I just want them on the top of my mouth and wonder how much that would be?
I want to file my teeth into fangs...?
how could i get my teeth white.?
does cefadroxil contain sulfur or cephalexin contain sulfur also?
My mom h nocturia,its treatment?Any home made remedy?
whats the best way to get all the toxins?
Homeopathy increased my height! How does it really work?
very sore throat and i have a show in 4 days! im the lead!?
This is actually a serious question i dont want any silly answers!?
is there any home remedy 4 skin pigmentation?
Dry, Rough, Peeling, Unattractive Palms (Feet are even worse)!!!!!!?
Purple Spots on Inside of Thighs?
Poison ivy?
Burning dry nostrils.. What to do?
YAZ and Endometriosis?
Can hypothyroid with a high TSH cause high blood pressure?
I have Fibromyalgia, this past week I havent been able to walk or stand, could this be early signs of MS?
Acid reflux questions?