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natural herbs for asma?
Why are so many people against homeopathy?
Can somebody help my friend, please?
Cleaning lungs after quitting smoking.?
Dentist ---doctors????
If you could be reborn would you choose the same life?
Ok, here's a dental quiz =) Lets see if you pass the test!! I will give 5 stars to the first winner =)?
what in a urinalysis tells whether or not sugar is in your urine?
Tooth Just Now Pulled. What can I eat??
What is going on with my gums...I am 9 mos. pregnant and the extremes between teeth are bulbous & swollen.?
Anyone had their wisdom teeth out and had these problems?
What are the pro's or con's of being an Dental Hygenist or Assistant?
i have a bump in my mouth!?
how do you get diabetes?
Why Do I Have Yellow Teeth?n How Do I Get Rid Of It?
What is to be expected at a NHS orthodontic consultation?
Strong bones?
I was curious does anyone know any dangerous side effects of the medication they give to children with ADHD?
About how much does it cost for a funeral in the chicago area? ?
How will you help to find cures for Leukemia & Lymphoma?
what does taking a bath with epson salt do?
How much does a chemical peel cost?
Do you know anything that will prevent cold sores? I have heard that eating raisins will prevent them.?
can you lose hair all over your body from telogen effluvium?
Weird burn marks on shoulder and back of neck?
Why do my legs itch after shaving?
I kissed this guy on saturday night (yes, he was a random, and I was a bit drunk) and I've developed bruises?
my eczema on my fingers?
Brown spot appeared on lower arm?
I am a person with controlled hypo thyroid still I feel lazy and depress almost all of the times. What to do?
what is sjogren's syndrome, and prognosis if you have it thanks.?
Cause of recurrent head rushes?
Spastic Paralysis, Fredricks Ataxia, RSD, Any connection?
stomach ache?
Do horses help children with autism?
I have a 3 1/2 year old son, they put him on 3 10mg tabs of ritilin a day, is this harmful?
I need to get over my cold?
What are the consequences of increased and decreased BP & cause of hypotension?
Hi, i was diagnos with high blood pressure.?
Is the a link between super ventricular tachicardia and an enlarged heart?
dialate faster...?
Do you need to fast for a fetal echo cardiogram?
Premature ventricular contraction? please read?
Taking glucosamine sulfate makes you GROW TALLER!?
can we found unconjugated bilirubin in urine ?
Is colon cleansing safe?
Food Allergy or something else?
How many doctors smoke weed?
The effects of Marijuana and music?
Did i overdose on tylenol?
Tooth extraction: How long until I can eat normally again?
Root canal questions?
I have a huge canker sore, how do I make it go away, fast?
My throat and mouth become so dry when i talk for long time.?
Best foundation and concealer for acne, acne scars, and dry flaking acne?
What side effects have you experienced while on accutane?
my boyfriend has acne....what can i do to help?
Have any good tips on getting acne free skin?
Quickest way to cure eczema?
What ways are there to get rid of moles?
hard lump on leg, when squeezed, pus mixed with blood comes out?
I keep itching and itching all over my body, and I itch even worse during the night.?
Nail biters: Is there any way to stop bitten nails from hurting?
Who has the hardest job: doctors or nurses?
How do I get water out of my inner ear?
What is growing out of my finger?
Can ovarian cysts prevent your period from coming?
How long does it take for lung cancer to develop?
what sort of substances can cause leukemia?
does SMOKING interfere with CHEMOTHERAPY...is it bad?
I was wondering if anybody knows about a facility for back problems, where one can stay and receive treatment?
cancer surgury/ recovery time?
what is the point in burning the filter of a newport or any other menthol cigarette?
I woke up with a lump on my breast?
could this be cancer? please read?
I just dislocated my shoulder and would like information on how to get my shoulder the way it was before.?
How far off the end of your nose do you have to balance your glasses in order to see correctly?
how much wine is good for cholesterol a wk?
Do heart palpitations need to be checked out?
why does a restrictive disease cause low voltage on the ekg?
How can I check the level of plaque in my arteries?
Heart Problem or anxiety?
Is it true that when being a long time in a heart-lung machine your heart is started with a small shock?
Could this be dangerous?
is 47 beats per minute too low at rest for your heart beat?
is this normal i used 2 smoke pot all the time then stopped now i started agn and it makes my heart beat fast?
How long after Wisdom tooth extraction can I start singing again?
how much can i get for donating a sample of my liver?
If they hanged me and it was broadcast worldwide, could you want to copy it?
Anybody out there ever have a pituitary tumor and had it removed? Tips, advice, etc.?
any advice?
Epilepsy Medication Question....?
iv got a small painfull lump at the back of my throat on the right and side?
cure of weak eraction?
What u think about implant and bridge teeth?
Are clear braces really better than the metal braces? I am an adult and didn't have the opportunity to get
What causes canker sores and how can i get rid of them?
Random jaw clicking!?!?
ways to make my teeth whiter?
What is the easiest way to pull out a tooth?
For whiter teeth, do i brush 100 times a day?
backne.(back acne)(acne on ur back)
What do you think the best acne medacine is?
What could be the cause of my husband's hives?
Are sty and Chalazion the same thing?
Is there something I can do to get rid of facial scaring?
How to change the look of my skin?
why do i have such excessive body heat all the time?
Itchy anus???
what does metastatic stage 4 cancer cells mean?
Has anyone heard of a masectomy bill trying to be passed?
Did anyone watch the show on Discovery Channel last night? Living With Cancer? A TV exec., Elizabeth Edwards
Purple spots a sign of breast cancer?
What causes poor eyesight?
Could I have been mis-diagnosed for all this pain I feel?
Soy - Good or Bad? I heard soy is bad for people with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I've also heard that's a myth.
my feet started swelling for no reason. could you tell me what causes it?
Staph Infection Questions?
Can brains become infected?
How do I prevent sleep paralysis / frequent nightmares?
Question about my friends health.?
Going to see Dr in Aug very scared have ana (anorexia nervosa)?
The streets will be filled with the blood of the non-believers?
WPW- wolf parkinsons syndrom... help please!?
Unisom (Doxylamine) and the heart?
whats the difference between heart and cardiovascular disease?
Cells of the heart's _______________ maintain the beating rhythm by self-exciting at regular intervals.?
Is it possible to ride in the back of the ambulance with a patient?
Blood pressure different in both arms?
my mother had been adviced pacemaker i am confused?
does anyone know what early repolerization is?
my poodle seems to be having trouble breathing. Is thiswhat an enlarged heart sypton and what can I do?
OMG do i have infarction?
Does walking help stabilize a vagus nerve problem?
Help, can someone shed light on my situation, friend said sounds like diabetes?
Best bread to prevent blood sugar spike?
What happens if you drink diabetic blood?
Is a person with diabetes restricted from eating much?
what causes bad circulation and can you improve it?
Pump users: Have you ever had problems with your infusion site?
Why do I feel weird when I'm hungry?
what is a football mouth guard for????
What can be done about receding gums on the NHS?
What is the best Dental Insurance for braces?
Does anyone have an alternative form of dealing with gum disease? I had scaling and root planning already but?
will the dentist make me remove my wisdom teeth before braces?
What's the process of getting braces? I'm so nervous! PLEASE no rude comments! :)?
If dentist gives me laughing gas & then I find out I'm pregnant?
Do you feel/remember getting your wisdom teeth out?
My orthodontist told me to stop wearing rubberbands on my braces. Does that mean anything?
How Do I Convince My Parents To Let Me Have Braces?
What is the difference between Pharmacy Technision and a Pharmacy Assistant?
When cleaning your ears, why do you occasionally feel it in the back of your throat?
What happend when you have a panic attack?
Can an antibiotic leave a bad taste in your mouth ?
Ho many years of heavy beer drinking does it take to destroy all of the villi in your intestines?
nose bleeds before bed?
what can i do to help me grow taller?
How to deal with oily skin and dry skin at the same time?
Does the AcneFree clear skin system work and if so how long does it usually take to clear skin?
how can i get rid of my red complexion?
Severely itching legs! Help! Can't sleep!!!?
does anyone know of an affective cream to help severe psoriasis?
How to get rid of big VERY painful acne on forehead?
I am tired of my bad skin.......?
Bleh , dry skin help ?
guys aged 18-25ish please! do you care about stretch marks on woman?
Would anyone know of a link between neuromuscular disease and multiple sclerosis?
How long can it take for symptoms of food poisoning to appear?
Lower blood pressure?
Does anyone know what this is? (Medical term)?
how long can our bodies cope with consitpation?
Is it normal to recieve a Heparin injection before surgery?
autism question?
What's the movie that Kevin watches in "Home Alone"?
can grey matter in the brain be recovered or grown again?
i take chemotherapy?
has anybody survived a colon cancer recurrance?
If you have an elevated PSA in a prostate test, what are the odds that it's cancer?
what is breast cancer?
Cervical cancer threat?
is deodorant bad for.....?
i want to donate to the National breast cancer foundation?
hi my name is kandi ,my freind has liver and colon cancer i would like to know how long can he live.?
just a quick question about my health?
i have bed bugs and dont want to sleep in my bed. is sleeping on the floor a bad idea?
what does it feel like to be high?
is wearing shoes filled?
What is a good diet for low sugar patient. How would he/she know the sugar is low, cant check all the time.?
What's the diagnosis?
Does this mean I am diabetic?
My insurance won't cover my Avastin shots.?
are there ill effects of eating paper?
What do I need to do regarding low iron.?
How to get a sugar rush?
Is it bad to eat ants?
How are the concentrations of LDL and HDL associated with the risk of heart disease?
TSH results what does it mean?
cholesterol erasing tea?
I think i have low blood pressure?
I have Heart Palpitations and is really bothersome.?
my mom and sister have heart problems, could this make me more susceptible to heat exhaustion?
will i get Cardiomyopathy?
Have any of you ever heard your heart beat in your ear when going to sleep?
Is kawasaki Disease Treated?
Is there a good product I can use on scars to make them go away?
Best way and or products to get rid of acne and acne scars?
I'm buying Vitamin E 4 scars and I want the most potent. What does IU mean..It is 4.8 oz w/ 56,000 IU?
acne question????????????
Dr. someones itch relief from nerves?
How do I get rid of my "writing bump"?
Big brown spot on back of tongue?
Weird small itchy bumps on fingers?
What alternatives work on your panic/anxiety...(continued)?
Is a Raw Vegan Diet healthful for diabetes and high blood pressure?
Where can I buy Colloidal Silver in the Philippines?
i live in australia any chances that i can get sleeping pills without the doctor prescription?
Hot and cold feelings?
What happens if?
factors influencing an individuals concept of health???
Would blood flow faster where there was no gravity?
Am I really in denial....?
I have a runny nose what should I do?
So... Blah????
Which illegal drug kills the most people per year in the US?
Why am I not dreaming?
Please help me with these results?
why would someone who doesn't eat much (not enough) need to urinate very often?
I want to know about a drug form austria called thomapyrin?
Does taking painkiller often causes more headaches?
Can the light of God cure every illness?
can a kidney infection cause kidney failure?
overactive thyroid?
Hyperthyroid not Graves disease?
xanax and alcohol?
I did CPR on a fish in the middle of the road today, what disease may I get?
Do you have an eating disorder and envy the ones that have a different one?
ttg ab, iga and antinuclear abs?
i am now at high risk for my pregnancy.?
Is it true that cancer is caused by a Fungus similar to Candida?
cancer survival rates?
Where can I find a good job for my mom who stays at home due to having cancer but likes to work?
What would you like to ask?Have you or anyone you know ever suffered from Salivary Gland Cancer?
I had a cat scan done?
Dance/Cheer Breast Cancer Fundraiser ...how to start?
My friend is sick and I'm trying to figure out what it is?
A cure for cancer, bad idea?! You're opion!?
i have a lump in my breast and it hurts. is that a sign of breast cancer?
if u died with braces on could they fall off?
I'm getting braces in a few weeks, does it hurt to get them on ?
Getting a root canal tomorrow....?
Are loose teeth and a fever often associated?
Where can i find a dentist in the houston area that is either free or low in cost?
Can I brush my teeth with baking soda?Is it safe?
Is there a way to grow back gums on teeth?
Why do we have wisdom teeth? And why do so many of us need to get them removed?
why get braces when your teeth shift back?
Bumps?!?!?! Best answer 10points?
will niacin lower blood pressure?
I've been having chest pains, but what tests can check for heart problems?
Blueish/Purpleish fingernails?
How do you cure a broken Heart?
How do i overcome the fear of thinking i will have a heart attack even though i'm only 22?
My heart beat is abnormal?
what does it mean when your trowing up blood?
Do I have hypertension if this happens to me....?
cant a heart rate of 164 kill a 33 year old?
hey,i hav oily skin nd acne are there any natural home remedies for acne that can really work?
is lemon juice mix with rose water effective to remove acne scars?
getting rid of acne help?
Acne HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my acne is terrible does anyone know what can help?
What can i do to eliminate the acne on my face?
dermatologists... how do i get rid of back acne?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
Balding or is it a fungus ?
Can I use ground ginger for for medicating nausea?
is Trazodone similar to Xanax?
Has anyone used Paw Paw or Graviola to fight cancer?
is milk thistle a herbal scam?
There must be a solution to stop making silly mistakes...?
Homeopathy and Cancer?
could the brain survive without the body?
HPV - your views now?
Am i overweight - male aged 17, weight: 81 kg and 175cm in height?
Can i write the haaad exam for dietician?
If your glucose intolerant do you need insulin?
What would you do as a type 1diabetese if your Blood sugar is 200-25o mg/dl before going to bed?
Worried about diabetes?
Can You get diabetes from not eating?
I crapped out blood before??!?!?!?
Hi, is Systemic Lupus Erythematosus considered a dread disease?
My older cousin was diagnosed with liver cancer,she had it for some time, she also showed signs of having it.?
Is paralysis from a stroke temporary or permanent?
kidney stone?
Are there any other conditions that could be mistaken for rheumatoid arthritis?
Are the symptoms the same for kidney stones as they are for a kidney infection?
I am going to the docs on mon as my anxiety is really bad and I just want something to take the edge off it?
Which dental crown is more long lasting?
Can you get rid of cavities after you get them? [without fillings/removal]?
Does a root canal hurt more than braces?
What is the best type of night guard for teeth grinding?
toothpaste!! when it's striped, how do they keep it from mixing and becoming one blob?
what are some easy ways to get rid of bad breath?
Questions about braces...?
My bottom gums hurt after I eat an apple?
what all do they do to your teeth when they take off your braces?
Should i ask my dentist out?
Definitely weird!Is this any kind of prob?
Swine Flu... Tamiflu Question?
What do I need to put on my Medical ID tag for my blood type?
Im about to get my medical marijuana card. Does this mean i can fail a urinalysis and still have a job?
Deviated Septum and possibly what else?
girls, help me pleease!?
Are nootropics ("smart drugs") legit?
What did they do to cigarettes to make them fire safe?
Is it ok for me to shower?
what are the symptoms of high blood pressure? ?
What is it called when the doctors..?
Chest pain; my heart has been feeling heavy for the past 3 months?
Can you have severely clogged arteries but at the same time have a normal blood pressure?
I have high blood pressure?
Cardiovascular risk of ritalin and marijuana?
What is wrong with my Mom? (chest pains)?
Anatomy help about cardiac output?
who was the first person to come up with a person exercising when they have had a stroke?
Does honey really help blackheads?
What is the best acne facewash?
Way's to remove blackheads?
Why do I get ringworm outbreaks?
How long do I have to use cocoa butter on my scars?
Red.. Bumps? on back and chest?
How to cool down a sunburn on my face?
I have tiny black spots or holes? on my face, i do have acne on my back too, how can i stop it on my face?
Do you ever have false memories/blackouts?
Is there a specific phobia for fear of having a child with a disorder?
I have constant stomach pain which I am sure is from the fact I am always anxious.?
What type of autism does my little brother have?
What are some symptoms of Mono?!?
what if you have swollen feet and ankles?
Abnormal EEG?
im about 16 years old with a lisp is there anything i can do about it without having to go to therapy??
HI I have been suffred for long s time of burning especially all my stomach, mouth, nose and my head?
how do hormones control blood sugar levels?
Why would fasting Blood Glucose be consistently higher than Bedtime levels?
why is my fasting sugar level higher than post fasting level?
Diabetes help?
i am a male with diabetes; for the last 3weeks at night my body aches all over even my skin hurts.?
haveing uric acid in blood.(7.8)pl suggest diet, my age 59.can take egg/?
am a type I diabetic patient on insulin........?
vitiman store question?
can a yeast in. lead to cancer?
i asked "what is the danger of tanning beds," everyone said SKIN CANCER ...?
How likely is it that I have cancer (scenario included)?
please give reasons for colchicine (if i'm not mistake) that used in treatment of cancer? thank u very much =)?
could this be a type of cancer?
has anyone ever heard of a stage 2 skin cancer patient needing serious surgery? (look at details please)?
what is it like to live with leukemia?
i just quit smokeless tobaccoo and?
If you have lung cancer, and it spreads to your neck causing a lump there, are you pretty much a finished man?
Is 150.80 high blood pressure?
What happens to your brain after cardiac arrest?
How does cholesterol relate to Coronary Arterial Calcifications (CACS)?
could one physically feel the difference between atrial and ventricle fibrillation?
Are diuretics an issue for someone with a sulfa allergy?
my blood pressure is 87 over 70 is that good?
I exercise daily and eat healthy everyday and have a pulse rate of 50 is this the best pulserate u can have?
Heart burn!! Please read!!?
could this be another blood clot?
15.2.92 at 10.40a.m. delhi how to get confidence i am doing b.com h 2nd from du?
Do acne scars fade overtime?
home remedy for making skin flawless and removing acne scars?
what should i use on my face evryday to remove pigmentation?plz dont suggest face pack.?
What to do about acne?
I have Back acne and was wondering if someone had any answer to get rid of it?
Deep blackheads, removal solutions?
Please look at this picture and tell me what I can do.?
Help finding pediatrician open to the ideas of alternative medicine/being open to more than just medications?
How can I live until I'm 200 years old?
websites offer free online homeopathic clinic offer free consultancy and prescription with remedy for free?
what are endorphins?
I'm coming down with a cold, should I cancel my dentist appointment for Thursday?
What do blood centers test blood for?
Should I treat my 'lazy eye'?
why "green" cloth is used in operation theator?
Question about worms (Serious answers only please!)?
When im asleep im still conscious is this a symptom of anything?
what were some of the attitudes towards autism in a time like the 1950s?
a question?
To all of you who have had a built-in retainer after braces- How long did you keep yours in? Did it fall out?
Cavities. help. how to prevent it?
HELP! I'm worried...?
I want to be a dent.hygienist, but im bad in chem&bio so i dont know what to do.Should i go for it? help plzzz
i'm getting my braces off soon.. and?
Is it bad to swallow gum?
I have some qs on brushing my teeth... i really need people to answer this!! ?
What are the long-term and short-term advantages/disadvantages of drinking alkaline water?
has anyone here done research on the possible cause of diabetes being a "parasitic fluke"?
what is the name for having too much sodium in the body and what problems does/could this cause?
Where to buy RED WINE tablets in chennai?
need articles about heart disease?
When I watch a suspence movie, my left side of my chest hurts, why?
Will I have a heart attack?
Why does my heart hurt? Docs help needed.?
Do i have a undiagnosed heart condition ? PLease help me?
What should I expect at the Cardiologist?
How do you get your pulse to go down?!?
Heart beating fast in public surroundings or shower?? Why is this happening?
Please help me with my results of D Dimer?
How can I treat these little dots of acne on my nose?
I have a mole that has a hair that grows from it,is that?
my lips have blistered and gone all chapped and dry!?
Hi i need help maybe a little?
What are 'Eye Creams' for? And are sun-creams good for asian skin?
If you have been on accutane what was your experience like?
Why do i continue to get poison ivy on my face even when im not around it or in the house?
hey i need your advice i have bumps all over both my thighs.. tiny red bumps and on my butt!!!?
why the heart tissue dont take secondary metastasis ?
What if a patient has a medical DNR, but the family disagree with it and is fighting to have the DNR terminate
How to get rid of chigger bits?
cat bit my finger last night... swollen&painful this morning?
tips for naturally relieving headaches?
antioxident herbs?
What is the compound present in a banana that makes it useful in healing headaches?
Over the counter Sleep Aid pills.?
Question about Omega3?
Drinking alcohol while on a multivitamin?
If you have a cold are you contagious the whole time?
My sister is a transformer HELP PLEASE!?
Am I having panic/anxiety attacks?
everyones opinion is welcome for this question about weed...?
my face swells when i cry?
Anybody know about menstrual cups and where I can buy them in India?
Would u rather live with scars down ur face, or just let nature take its course?
Is it possible for a female....?
Acid Reflux syndrome?
Memory loss and aneurysm surgery?
if a child has a kidney infection can they go swimming?
can anyone tell me a cure for reflux that is constant?
how do you die of insomnia?
ineed help IMMEDIATELY!!?
Soft stool?
pilot training?
what are the fastest ways to beat the common cold?
alprazolam high?
When using 'CREST WHITESTRIPS', should one brush their teeth BEFORE or AFTER applying the strips?
dog teeth?
How do you get rid of a severe toothache?
teeth whitening?
name all the different type of toothpaste u know?
how do i brush my teeth every day and remmember and make it white?
Do you rinse you mouth using a glass or straght from the tap/faucet?
my filling cracked...what is my dentist going to do?
how can you make your teeth whiter without buying anything? and doing it safely!?
Is it possible to have both eczema and psoriasis?
Feeling sick,eyes itchy? What do i have?
does baby oil really kill lice ?
why does roaccutane cause muscle aches?
How do I get rid of Genetic Dark Circles aorund my eyes?
Excessive Blushing can anything be done?
I have frostbite on my thumb...?
how can i get rid of my huge spot....?
WTF is this dry, red, chappy patch on my arm?!?!?
What can cause your fingers to fall off?
how do i know if my son has a tumor?
how likely is it 2 develop breast cancer around the age of 15?
Please somebody answer. Does anybody know anyone with lung cancer who survied?
Does this sound like thyroid cancer?
second hand smoke.......?
is yohimbine a dangerous herbal extract?
is vegetarian omega 3 as effective as the kind obtained from fish?
what do I eat or take as supplements to cure a low testosterone level? Prefer food based.?
What do you do about headaches? Is there a way to cure without medicines?
If you are to choose which study would you prefer?--which is more interesting to do?
Anti-Aging Supplements?
what is the best natural herb for male ed?
About usana???
My 3 year old has just been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome....?
WHY do I choose to stay a drunk instead of going back to AA?
I have pain on the left side?
Polymyositis and Scleroderma........?
I seem to have a persistent, but false sensation. How can I get rid of it?
If alcoholism and anorexia are diseases just like cancer, then does that mean i can go to a meeting to cure...
Why does it feel like there's something stuck in my throat when i swallow??
I have an eating disorder....?
is licorice supposed to help calm you?
my nephew in another country has low white blood cell count.Whats the treatment and dangers?
Can you have high blood pressure and a low heart rate at rest at the same time?
What will the cardiologist do?
what does MAINTENANCE MEDICATION for hypertension means? Is there a duration of taking the medication?
92 resting heart rate bad?
Is a blood pressure of 130/80 normal for a 23yr old guy?
hi m 24yrs old, married female. and my heart rate is 120bpm, m havin a normal BP and Hb is slightly low 11! is?
When I look at anything, I see a layer of noise on top of everything..Is this normal? If not what is it?
What equipment is not yet available for people w/ disabilities that would provide inclusion in the outdoors?
Why do I always sneeze twice?
Isn't it odd that I am suicidal , though yet at the same time , I am terrified of HIV and Cancer?
Daughters dad's Funeral is Closed Casket?
My mom complains that her feet feel like they're on fire nightly...?
why would a 15 year old girl 102 pounds have high blood presser???
drug, honey?
i want to stay short?
what causes dissyness and light headedness?
Can you delete the results off a OneTouch Ultra 2 blood glucose meter?
Is lactose (milk sugar) considered a simple sugar or complex sugar?
if I use a diabetes pump to regulate type 1 diabetes, do I need to move the siting of the pump every few days?
do i have low blood sugar please?
i was just diagnosed wtih mild hypoglycemia (non diabetic) ?
What's excessively thirsty?
could you turn off the blood in bad company 2. someone answer?
What product for acne ACTUALLY works?
New tattoo is healing weird?
keep on getting lumps on my scar!!?
How many of you outhere has or had psoriasis?
How can you stop your face from turning red?
Can you get ink poisoning from letting ink stay on you're skin?
How do you get rid of a double chin?
I have these wierd marks on my butt?
Today I accidentally scratched a mole off my face. How do I stp the bleeding?
i really have a problem...?
Are there any negative side effects of chewing alot of sugar free gum?
Do you think dentist just charge too much for their work?
Have you ever taken Vicodin Extra Strength?
Teeth going crooked after braces?
I have a white tongue?
Hairy tongue?
help! i swallowed my bracket!?
Fundraising ideas during school?
how can i tell if my child has lymphoma cancer.?
youngest age to change a colostomy bag ?r=1236804139?
How do u cure a Tummy ache??
Agnust Castus?
how do i cure nausea ?
How much aloe vera juice should I drink each day?
Is there anyway to supress or help speed along coughing without using commercial medicines such as Robitussin?
Simple list of herbs and their uses?
Worms in humans...?
negligence for wrong medicine?
Can you overdose on three 500 mg vicodins?
lemah jantung, pengaruh fisik dan menanganinya?
Sharp pain in the rib cage & irregular heartbeat. Are they symptoms of heart attack?
what does high triglycerides mean?
I am suffering form high cholesterol level, is there any possibility for getting heart related disease?
What are the characteristics in a patient that a cardiologist would look for to perform a valvulotomy?
Is this a high pulse rate for a 17 year old?
Should I see a doctor about my heart?
rapid heart beat in 14 year old girl?
my uncle had a stroke. the doctors say he will be brain dead will he?
I just recently got a chicken pox vaccination.....?
Does anyone have an autism checklist?
What are the cell like objects that I can see floating in my vision?
how does transplant used to treat kidneys?
what is polyps?
How would you know if you have autism?
what causes the feeling of passing out and blurred vision when being completely still?
How do i stop sneezing?
This is so weird. After I eat sometimes my left foot feels swollen and full of fluid and kinda numb. why?
why doctors are reluctant to prescribe insulin pump therapy?
Insulin test? What is it for? What does it mean?
Looking for special diets for people with stomach ulcers...?
Question about Insulin and Glucagon?
how do you know if some one....?
i dont like fruit & vegitagle.are u provide fruit & veg chart who help me in reducing weight?
how do I get rid of redness on my face?
How do you get rid of acne in less than a day?
Can Salicylic Acid Scar?
Who has gone to a dermatologist?
Best cures for Acne - what are they?
Rashes Pop Up only when I scratch?
Best time to shower with acne?
how can i get rid of my skin desease.?
can someone give me a list of foods that are good for skin and hair?
can the narcotice valium cause forgetfullness?
why do people blush?
My Mom has Lung cancer, and I have some Serious Questions:?
I Want Know About Leiomyoma Disease, Its Cause?
Does anyone know about the natural vision improvement program.?
How to stop bad breath?
Cleaning nicotine stains?
Novacaine....how long will the effects last?
if you've had an impacted wisdom tooth brutally ripped out, did you pop the extra 300 for anesthesia? worth it?
Chewing gum.. Good or Bad?
What's the best way to white your teeth 5 or more shades?
How much will it cost for Normal braces and Invisable onces (In english £)?
On a ECG. What is the reason for electrical recovery experienced on each cycle?
inportant enzymes in meat?
im i having a heart attack? angina?
palpitations, what could cause them?
is right bundle banch block severe?
I'm 15 and have to go for a Echocardiogram. Should I be worried?
Why would a cardiologist be reluctant to honor a patient's request to do a cardiac cath through the arm?
Does anyone know of alert bracelets for bee sting allergies?
what are the roles of district nurses giving care to a diabetic patient?
Diabetes Question?
is there any wart remove tablets or capsule?
Homemade acne clearing recipes?
What is a cheep way to cure ring worm?
Why do i get itchy for no reason?
why do i attract flies even after taking a good shower?
Head seeping?
Help me lose my acne by October 16?
Blackheads!!!!!!!! i hate them, i know im not the only one!!please help!!?
does someone knows anything about the essiac? Does it really cures cancer?
I need Dr's advice on a narcotic screening?
I am on synthroid ,some small nodules in the past, U/S shows thyroid has got larger since last scan? Why?
Is Michael Jackson dying of skin cancer?
how does a person get acute lymphoblastic leukemia?Are kids born with it?
give up cigs and get fit?
Should Herbal Remedies Be Regulated?
What is the best way to get rid of muscle tension?
headache cure for 15 yr old male?
essential oil question,please answer!?
Does anyone know a good remedy for dry mouth? Preferably herbal...?
How can I get rid of FACIAL REDNESS naturally????
Ar there any special combination of fine herbs other than http://www.youherbal.com for hair loss?
what is an enema?
my toe hurts at the base when i walk?
braces ????
i had a root canal done monday and my gums are white are they susposte to be that way?
Does this necessarily mean I'm anemic?
What are benefits of quiting smoking, Why is smoking bad?
Need to fall asleep earlier......any advice?
What's it called when you yawn and spit shoots out of your mouth?
When you u use the toilet...?
Have you ever used Dagget and Ramsdell cream for dark knees and elbows???
Why do you get so tired even when you have done nothing?
What is the biggest cause of headaches ?
WHAT is public health??
can you be allergic to sunlight?
my scalp is peeling baaad plzzzz help!!!?
How should I treat seasonal cold sores?
Aprox how much does it cost to get a mole removed?
why do you get skin tags?
Questions regarding mole removal?
How can i get smooth and flawless skin?
Wet shave or dry shave? what is the best?
after anal skin tag removal surgery it looks as though there is still a tag, is it just swelling?
Pituitary Tumor Treatment?
Discomfort feeling under my arm and breast?
need to know where i can find free wigs for cancer patients?
How long does a person with cancer of the uterus survive ?
Homeopathic medicinr for Brain damage?
please answer with your best knolage?
E-mail circulating for Amy Bruce, cancer patient requesting forwarding and Make A Wish will donate aide?
Does Anyone Else Out There Have SYRINGOMYELIA??
When a person has a brain anurism, what do they feel? Do they feel a lot of pain?
what is serotogenic pathway?
Does anyone know if it is ok to take xanax's while in Nursing School?
Cystic Fibrosis Infant Screening?
Weird Bumpies on my tongue...please help...?
28)a rare from of cancer that has become common among men with HIV infection is...?
My 3 yr old is having seizure symptoms daily but doctors don't know whats wrong w/her HELP!!!!!?
I think I may have a serious head problem?
Is there any all natural remedies to get rid of sinuses, runny noses, stuffy noses and excess nostril mucus?
Any natural remedy for a sinusitus infection. Antibiotics makes me feel awful?
Has anyone tried the Ultimate healing books by Arthur P. Johnson. Thanks & Have a great day :)?
Epsom Salts Laxative Potency.?
I was thinking about becoming a chiropractor ????
Does Regain Drops Really Work?
shankapushpi oil ( taila )?
How can you get that new shyness mist?
whats the best drug?
what would feel better on my teeth?
I bit my tongue and it bled, how long will it take to heal?
l live in nj and have no insurance need to get insulin and can't afford it?
I need my acne to be gone!! Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!?
Can I go to a dermatologist?
stretch marks laser surgery ?
after barely exercising face turns purplish and stays that way for an hour or more?
Accutane nose bleed help?
Post-remission skin discolouration?
How do I tell if I have ringworm??
what causes inside cheek biting?
Small bumps on my arms?
My lips are so dry and sunburned, any thing i can do to speed up healing other than vaseline?
Could Invega cause thyroid cancer?
Gastric cancer at age 18?
Do you think i have Hodgkin's or Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?
How do you know if you have colon cancer?What are the signs?
Any ideas for a lightweight cool material to make scarves for people losing their hair from cancer?
Abdominal Liposarcoma...anyone know anyone who survived it, had it, or how long one can live with it?
10 pt!!!! Interview on prostate cancer: For those who know someone who had the disease.?
Exposure to wood smoke?
do i have testicular cancer?
what is novocaine?
how do you know which teeth are wisdom teeth?
Chipped a tooth. Help?
i teeth need fixed, i might need braces, i am 16?? too old. ?
What are ways you combat Lactose Intolerance?
PLEASE HELP ME! Vicodin and liver problems?
How can I make sure this is a reputable online company ?Its called drugstore.com online pharmacy.?
OKAY THEN, how do you have an OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE???
I aM bOrEd!?
How often do you call in 'sick'?
Holistic Therapies for Hand Tremors?
What is the best homemade sore throat remedy you've tried?
I am soooo confused on alkaline/acidic stuff?
Do you know what can I use instead of EPSOM SALTS? I want to do the gallstones cleansing but I can´t get the..
Celebrex alternative ?
Can anyone tell me about nettie pots or cayenne goldenseal snuff?
Are any of these medications dangerous to mix?
what is a natural cure for ed?
Help my wife - swollen feet - She is 70 years old, heavy but not obese.?
What is the impact of high blood pressure on low socio economic populations in AUSTRALIA?
liver problems from redbull?
I have been thinking too much for the last 4 years. (ie) I always used to think while doing anything.?
All these symptoms and no diagnosis...help, can u give me ideas?
anyone taking/taken aciphex??
what is an average red blood count?
Sell Kidney?
My eye is leaking bloody puss... Is this normal?
How is the new sweetener Truvia different from stevia.?
Has anyone know where I can buy a blood glucose home test kit without strips?
Are these signs of diabetes?
quick question about urine testing?
I think I have Glaucoma and im only 17....?
I need a diet for a teen girl with wacko hypoglycemia (: SHORT?
does delaying 15 minutes in testing blood sugar result in a higher or lower reading on a monitor?
has anyone ever took flexaril and it ran your blood sugar up?
My daughter was diagnosed with a heart silhoutte, what is this I cant find any information.?
What can I do to keep from atrial flutters?
Is 100mg herbessor and 20mg inderal (2x a day) suitable for stopping atrial fibrillation? Tq.?
Heart medication for a murmur or palpitation?
Heart Rate Speed?
Warfarin/Cumoudin makes My Grandmother Sick.?
How long does a coronary bypass last?
does pregnancy clear acne?
why does your toenail turn a slight yellow after you take off your polish?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
Are any of you using cosmetics containing Retinol?
Burdock root tea for my acne? Please help?
Acne question!! please help!?
Why do we itch? How and when will it occur?
Kinda gross, but why is my skin peeling SO MUCH?
Any Home Remedies To Make Daily Face Wash.?
Is there such thing as for at home teeth straightening kits?
i just got all 4 impacted wisdom teeth out today and am having a lot of pain and swelling?
which is the best hopital in NCR for detal remedies specially oral and maxillofacial surgery?
how much does it cost to pull wisdom teeth in California?
What color of bands should i get for my braces for a wedding?
How much does it cost to get all four wisdom teeth extracted?
Brushing of your teeth where do stand? What do you use? Any special tips?
what happens if you don't brush your teeth?
jaw surgery experience?
What does making out/grinding feel like?
I have had treatments for cervical cancer, find blood in my stool from time to time.. what to do?
what are the symptons of pancreatic cancer?
oncology doctors, nurses?
Roommates mom has cancer. help!?
Why I pea rad all time?
Cancer? Please help...?
i get cold a lot, . i thi k i have cancer or something. what can i do ?
does breast cancer and fried fish oil have any link?
If someone faints, at what point do they lose consciousness?
My wisdom teeth are comming out and it is so painful?
Alcohol and memory?
Why do my hands shake at random times?
what do you prefer?
Why do the Ear, Nose & Throat specialists in England relate their specialty with Eyes?
Would this be symptoms of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction?
Cymbalta- Any positive comments?
Bad pain where spleen is located and mono symptoms?
What are the signs and symptoms of Fibromalgia?
How would you know if a back ache is from your kidneys?
Does anyone know anything about stomach pains?? its important!?
odd things happening to my brother help?
Ever had a diagnosis like this by your endocrinologist?
does anyone know what they do if u have a kink in ur bowel?
what is the best over the counter sleepaid?
What are the side effects of the generic prozac?
is there any alternatives to birth control other than abstinence?
Is there a natural remedy for hemorroids?
Do you think Chiropractors are helpful? or the result is only temporary?
Has anyone who has been through Reiki training experienced seeing ghosts/spirits/gremlin type people?
Is it true that .......?
i want to try the acai berry ?
Is it common for a 15yr.old boys blood pressure to be 153over 86?
Can you exercise if you have chest pains/light head from anxiety?
Treated high blood pressure?
for people that have ,pacemaker?
what should be my diet plan? hight 166 wt.72kg.age 45 History bypass before 13 month.BMI 26.for 22 what wt?.?
how can i check blood pressure, heart rate?
my good cholesterol is 308 and my bad is cholesterol is 200 but my triglycerides is normal what should I do?
i want to buy BP wrist watches?
Quadruple heart bypass?
How can I get rid of my acne faster?
Please suggest solution for scalp dandruff?
Has anyone ever noticed Michael Jackson's skin discoloration before he released BAD?
I have a dark dry patch on my lower back?
Mole removal questions..?
What should I use for dry skin?
Why does my skin turn red whenever i'm hot or in a stressful situation?
What's your favorite acne product?
Ah! Stupid me! I popped a zit last night and now its a HUGE SCAB! help meee?
is tooth paste a liquid
I'm 26 and my wisdom teeth still haven't come in, is this normal?
Discoloration, pain, and sensitivity... cavity from dentist visit?
Wisdom teeth removal?
need dental help. i need a dentist for this question?
What is the best toothpaste?
Why do my teeth hurt when I weight lift hard in the gym?
My friend's throat is swolen large and red and has white sores?
Web site for differential diagnosis?
SYMPTOMS,treatment and proper spelling of fiber myousha?
What is the disease called when your feet are always hot and get numb?
How To Cure Insomnia? I always have sleepless nights!?
Do i have mono?
I try to make myself vomit but I couldn't, how do you do? The finger in the back of your mouth doesnt work!
How many diabetics in the U.S.?
I am T2 diabetic since 12 years.Is metformin safe, my blood reports show low testorene,insulin and B12.?
How to improve the haemoglobin content?
I have been dizzy all day! What does this mean?
Should I get tested for Diabetes? ?
By some charts I have read and heard that 99 is the hightest fasting number?
They say when u think u have diabetes...u?
Swollen lymph nodes, what is it?
My friend's husband has CML...?
can you get Brain cancer by listening to your ipod?
How can you tell if it's a lump or if it's a bone?
If you have had a brain tumor could you tell me what your long term side effects are?
different types of herbal tea remedies and what there used for????
Does anyone have the authentic symbols of reiki?
Does anyone know the name of a doctor in Hawaii who cured all the patients in a mental hospital?
How do you feel about Oxycontin?
What is a homeopathic remedy for a wet cough ?
Why don't pills really effect me?
Beta blockers-does anyone know a natural alternative??
Im looking for a real recipe for making khat(synthesised) that works and not sime dodgy pseudephedrine pilrecp
Could my dizziness be caused by an ear infection?
Chronic fatigue doctor in St. Louis?
What precautions do I take after treating lice?
Do you still have your appendix?
what happened to this kid in my class?
what to do if you're ALWWWAYYSS tired?
Does pot work the same whether you smoke or eat it?
is smoking marijuana good for you?
Can you believe the kind of stuff that is in the 1200 page HR 3200 Sodomized Medicine Bill?
what causes muscle twitches and spasms? im my neck arm leg. and side of abdomen.?
coping with chronic fatigue?
coffee and hair loss?
what will happen to a person with LOSS of BLOOD PLUGUE?
Can a person continue to drive a vehcle after having detached retina surgery?
what are the risks with kidney transplants?
I get headaches a lot and I was wondering, why?
What do you make of these symptoms?
What is streptococcus cremoris?
What's a good over the counter cream available in the UK for psoriasis?
SkinID or Exposed Acne Treatments?!?
how do you know if your pores are clogged or if you have spots or acne? DECRIBE PLEASE!?
How do I get rid of acne scars?
Can you get ink poisoning by writing on your skin with marker or pen?
Doctors help? *10 points*?
what is meant by Left ventricular impairement? is it same as left ventricular failure?
I was medicaly discharged from the national guard because I was diagnosed with coranary artery disease.?
Leaking heart valve?
Uh I can feel my heart palpitating? It doesn't hurt or anything. What should I do?
is there a foundation that help baby with a heart defect?
Is this normal, why does it happen?
Is Baba Ramdev a myth or reality?
Natural Treatment for shingles?
what's a good way to clear your sinuses?
any great remedy for terrible painful callous on both heels? i cannot find a remedy...please help?
I have a bulging disk in my spine that causes sciatica etc I'm 32?
does anyone beleive that moving cut onions under the eyes can stimialte sleep?
Even though I am draped, I think my male massage therapist may be sneaking inappropriate looks?
where is there a place to get rid of diabetes please can you help me?
would like to know of a way to pass a hair follicle drug test for marijuana?
what kinds of food is good for stomach cancer?
can i use medication that still has the seal, but has exceeded the expiration date?
Brushing teeth with canker sore?
tooth implants????????????
is it okay to do a quick brush with your toothbrush....?
High pitch ear noise after concert. Question about it.?
Does anybody know where to find the success to failure rate/statistics of SCOLIOSIS surgery?
what is tourette syndrome?
do i have tourette's syndrome?
i have scoliosis and i know what it is, but what does 15 degree moderate scoliosis mean? is it bad??
What is this lump?
I woke up with a migrane...whats the deal with that?
I'm Filipino and i also speak English but I seem to forget how to say both languages what's wrong with me?!?!?
how much to physical therapist make?
How can I get perfect clear Skin in one week?
Any cure for cold sore?
Just got over Shingles......?
treatment for eczema or spots?
can drinking chamomile tea help prevent acne?
What do guys think of stretch marks?
what iz da best and quickest way to get rid of a tan?
How do I get rid of dark circles FAST?
What is the best remedy or medicine for a very tough cold? It's so tough that sometimes I get claustrauphobic
Web site which allows people to send cards to sick and dying children?
Do wrapping paper for weed cause cancer?
What is PDA in which the human lungs doesnt pump blood?
Should I go to the ER?
why does blood pass through the heart twice?
I'm kind of scared ...I have a heart murmur?
Could blood thinners or cholesterol meds be lowering my immune system?
Aspirin with Phytosterols?
My chest where my heart is hurts sometimes?
what can cause your heart rate to rise if your not doing anything? my cousins heart rate was 130 in the hospit
Has anyone heard of silver fillings in a child's mouth causing seizures?
Listerine Whitening Strips?
got my braces off...?
How do you know when your wisdom teeth are finshed growing?
i just got my wisdom teeth pulled out and...?
Does anyone know about IBD & feeding tube help w/meds & food?
How close is there is the cure for Aids and Cancer ?
tonsilitis again?
what is a panic attack, how do you work on getting rid of them?
I have one pupil that gets large and lopsided periodically. I have had this problem since early 20s am now 50
What are some symptoms of intentional food poisoning?
My mom is 80 y/o. Her feet have been swollen and hurting for about 4 weeks. She went to the doctor and she put
what should one do when he has constipation?
What do you think, am I pretty?
Upper back spasms at work, help!?
How do you quiet a cough?
How do I stop my Eye from twitching?
Is it normal to have some nights where it takes hours to fall asleep?
i bumped my forehead how to get rid of knot on my forehead?
where can i buy a grinder for pot/weed/marijuana?
home remedies for a clear face and....?
how can I remove milia without going to a doctor?
Difference between a heat rash and a sunburn blister?
What is the yellow crust that comes out after getting a mosquito bite?
Hidradenitis Suppurativa Surgery (buttocks & creases of legs)?
Serious Skin Caner Question?
Good face wash for sensitive/acne prone skin?
what does the white specks u get behind your nail mean?
Opinions? Advice? Help?
do mobile towers cause health issues?
How do I train my body to go to sleep before 1 a.m in the morning?
how do u get rid of a cough and a runny nose?
why cant I fall asleep?
How should I, as a girl, deal with my deep voice?
puking bloody stuff and painful, sluggish heartbeats........?
this is stupid of me...Help me please?
why are people buried 6 feet under?
is dr. batra's homeopathic treatment is safe???? plz help?
Can somebody suggest the BEST medicine to control cokroaches?
homeopathy medicine for improving eyesight in kids?
Does Saw Palmetto berries really help with hair loss?
What is a good good recipe for weed tea?
Have you tried William Bates' method to improve eyesight? Did it work?
Do dentist still use mercury for fillings?
Do braces interfere with martial arts?
How to make my teeth whiter?
omg braces help?!!!?
When do you get your Braces on or off?
Why are my two front teeth turning dark?
Braces questions. Please help.?
My teeth are crooked and I have a gap between my two front teeth ? will this go away im 13?
Should i wear my retiainer all the time?
How does eating effect blood pressure?
What is the classification systems for the severity of asthma?
Lowering my blood pressure temporarily?
how can you take a heart attack in your sleep, how is that possible?
What is a normal pulse?
main artery in your arm?
How would you assess or test water retention in the body ?
is calcified granuloma dangerous ?
What types of diagnostic tests?
eating shrimp can be good or bad for a colon cancer patient?
is gastrointestinal and esophagus cancer the same thing?
how did you find out that your child had leukemia?
BOWEL CANCER?? 13 year old girl SCARED CRAZY!?
What do you say when a child has cancer?
I had kidney cancer in 07 . Kidney was removed. Then in 09 had brain tumor removed. What can I expect next?
In 1989 I had thyroid cancer, five years later I was diagnosed with colon cancer @rectal prolapsed colon.?
what foods should I avoid if I have acne?
itchy pustule acne at 18?
how to get rid of acne?
i have scabs in the n am always picking and putting in oil but it doesnt seem to work what could be the reaso?
Why do sunburns always feel warm to the touch?
sunscreen question????
cure for sinuses?
what are good remedies for arthritis?
Vitamins, are they really worth the money?
My hair falls a lot. What can I do about it?
please answer this question?
What happens if you're found after overdosing on pain killers?
what benefits does taking extra virgin olive oil internaly, and what is the dosage?
What are the benefits of kombucha tea?
what are some home methods that work to get weed out your system?
Any one out there have Multiple Sclerosis?
How long does it take to really recover from an eating disorder?
tinitus - is there a cure for tinitus?
Is it possible to have mono twice?
eating disorder?
how to prevent red lines in eyes?
would you let the Dr. give you baby a vaccines that has Mercury in it?? even when 1 out of 100 develops autism
hi i have vertigo and i was wondering if there is any treatment for it besides pills?
Does novocaine/lidocaine work for everybody?