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how bad is this injury? skateboarding question.?
Question on collar bone?
Do you have screws and plate in ankle and still run with them in there?
I can't bend my right thumb?
herniated disc in my neck?
how can i heal scars?
Did I do serious damage?
what does knee popping your every step mean?
acne how do i prevent it?
what type of foods are good if you are trying to stay acne free?
what if you have oily skin, what do you think would be good for that!!!?
my skin hates me.....?
whats better limeware or torrent download, or are they the same?
How Can I Make My Skin The Same Color?
What should I do when a doctor lies to another doctor to hide a mistake that delayed my moms urgent treatment?
What is the best therapy for my shoulder pain?
Pinched nerve or something??
My lower back/spine is hurting me very bad and I'm only 18?
When a E-Cigarette says each cartridge is 15 cigs, how long do they last. takeing a average toke.?
is drugs bad if u do it ocasionaly?
whats is the best medication for hypothyroid experienced personally?
diet pills.?
Is there a naturopathic equivalent for a systemic anti-fungal?
What are the best herbal remedies for anxiety, and depression?
What are some natural ways to make yourslef taller?
Has anyone ever used a jucier machine for constipation?
Depressed? Any other the counter medicine?
Homeopaths only please! What do you know about Spectrum?
what are the three types of age?
what are the side effects of acid?
Swelling in back of throat with no other cold symptoms?
Help with lowering blood sugar levels?
Quick, easy remedies for current insomnia?
Do you know anything about shingles? Have you ever had them?
Is this sinus operation worthwhile? Is there a new procedure?
My daughter has this strange condition...?
How do you attempt to deal with the sudden loss of a pet?
Where did the blood come from?(bulimia)?
Name 5 reasons why people take up smoking and 5 reasons why they start smoking?
Tumor? Help please.?
what vitamins help your skin?
how do we get BLISTERS?and how to cure it?
what is a natural way without using toxic cleansers to get rid of acne?
Ive just been perscribed doxycycline for acne,should i be concered about the possible side effects?
What's a good moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin?
Random itches all over body?
Help anyone, redness on face not getting better, please read.?
once you have been bitten by a bed bug, how do you treat yourself,home,furniture?
Thrs is a lump bhind my ear on the side of my ed im realy scared bcz im only 14!it hurts only bn there 2 days?
is this cancer or what?
help my friend is starting chemo again??? why?
80 year old just starting dialisys what is the life expectancy?
Heart problem and getting tazered?
What is the difference between TIA(Transient Ischemic Attack) and CVA(Cerebrovascular Accident)?
i am pulmonary stenosis patient and i need some help?
Wierd heart beat/feeling????? Please Help!!!!?
Blood pressure of 89/60/100. What does this mean?
Can your heart hurt your brain by going too fast?
What happens in a hypnotherapy session?
Any home remedies for active TB?
what is treatment given through feet?
is epsom salt essential to getting rid of sore muscles?
what is the treatment in homoeopathy?
Does drinking alcohol help fight an infection?
My grandma is 70 and she has parkinson's, what multivitamin should I get for her?
are there any herbal suppliments or vitimins that can help with depression?
Is it good to shower if you're sick?
What is the best weed to smoke?
what is the most relevent test to diagnose non small cell lung cancer?
How long does aterol stay in your system after 2 doses within a week??
Please tell me, what is the word for the action of scrubing the teeth in sleep (usualy with producing sound!)?
how can i create a poem about gullian barre syndrome?
Why do your respiration go up as you exercise?
Why do I have to breathe through my mouth as a result my mouth is Always open is there a solution?
HELP! Can i keep my stitches in for an extra 2 weeks???!!
How long does it take for the Novacaine to ware off for an ingrown toenail procedure?
my lower back hurts?
I can't bend my ankle...why?
ow ow ow ow! how do i fix a knot in my shoulder?
Bruised rib or pulled muscle?
I got stung by something that i stepped on and it was like on my foot for 5 seconds and it flew away?
my back is sore my bones in my back feel like they are crunching on each other?
OMG PLEASE help me I think I got glass in my toe?
i pulled a muscle in my calf..?
i pierced my lip the other day, and its kinda swollen & hurts a little bit, is that normal? what do i do?
why does this headache make me want to throw up?
Can you get a blood clot and die from sitting too long in the same position?
so my friend has a question...?
Headache Medication samples?
Does it.....??????
Fast ways to get rid of a cold/sinus infection?
I unable to wake up early. Pls help?
Herbal Essences bad?
Can sleeping on your stomach be bad for you?
Looking for doctor to prescribe Methadone?
How do I know if I'm "Tight"? Is there any way I can check, alone, at home, w/o having to go buy something?
Is it ok to smoke weed or drink soda with a sore throat?
why don't i feel happy?
Where do we get moth eaten ulcers?
Does anyone know of any statistics dealing with the asymptomatic (no symptoms) transmission of herpes?
Painful lump in my armpit?
Do you think cancer or AIDS sufferers should be able to use marijuana legally to ease their symptoms?
bells palsy advice please?
Has anyone ever heard of a disease like this?
If you know alot about Brain Aneurysms will you answer this?
My poo is kind of a disturbing shade of green...?
hi every one hey i need help i have this bump in my stomic and it hurts when i even sit on it...........?
how much does it charge if i go to a dentist for tooth whitening?
i need help with deciding what to do - braces or not?
Do orthodontists look over your chart before an appointment?
Best way to whiten teeth?
Help brace problem!!!! ?
teenage teeth .........?
I have blonde hair and blue eyes, what colour elastic should i get on my braces?
How to turn teeth white??Help!!!!!!!!!?
I have a bump inside of my lip?
Could toothpaste kill you?
How to get rid of bed bugs bites scars ?
What is the best treatment for fungal infection in the cracks of the feet. Is psorasis incurable?
Sores that become puss filled, ooze & then scab up-- HELP!?
How Do I know if a laser hair removal place is using FDA approved lasers?
Ahh, what do i do with my FACE??
Why do gold rings leave a black mark on my girlfriends skin if she brushes them against the skin on her face?
how do i get rid of the itch from my eye it is very itchy i think cause i rubbed it too much?
how long should you lay in the sun if you want a good tan?
is asparin good for u?
Swollen Lymph Nodes For Almost A Year?
Why is legalizing marijuana still an issue in regards to helping chemo patients control their nausea?
Inspiration help?
What does skin cancer look like?
dying from a stroke?
is liquid methadone less addictive than the pill form?
What's the best thing for my acid reflux from sugar?
Are TENS machine really safe to use?
how to overcome extreme poverty?
Does anyone know if cranial sacral therapy works? Has anyone had this done?
anybody know any home remedies for well...anything?
How do you improve circulation?
Essential oils and aroma therapy-fact or fiction?
What causes cells to become insulin resistant?
Can a doctor detect if an unborn baby has type 1 diabetes?
Isnt type 2 diabetes just too much sugar consumption over time? Soda, candy etc.?
what diet for patient with seizures?
My mind has totally changed, I'm losing weight physically, while eating, I'm getting to the end of my rope.
could i have kidney failure?
hypoglycemic.... 5 stars best answer?
whats a great tasting dessert recipe for a person with diabetes type 1?
Pins in wrist?
Am i allergic to school?
What is the scientific name for bogies?
Sweating in social situations?
Portacath broken! please help !?
I have a low temperature, is that bad?
How do i keep from giving up?
I had a piece of earwax that.. please help me!?
WTF just happened to me?!?
I'm sick, help please?
Urethral Spasms? Help please!?
I read that milk causes autism, is this true?
my husband has a polyps and has a scan,he is afraid of cancer..i want to reassure him.?
how do u get diagnosed with lupus?
What's wrong with me? (Medical)?
I'm pretty sure i have a UTI, HELP!?
What are the chances?
how do you get rid of blackheads?
Is it possible to become physically dependant on lip balm?
What causes itchy toes?
Have you gone for food allergy testing regarding your acne?
how many days should my dark circles go or lessen if i put cucumbers on them 15 minutes a day?
Help! I think I have bed bugs!?
How do you get rid of spots quickly, effectively and naturally? please help its really embarassing :S?
Rosacea Question?
Proactiv in use...help!?
Anti Persporent Freeze Blister?
how to ease the itching of leech-bites?
my knees hurt when i play basketball?
Is it normal that I can bend my back, back, at a 90 degree angle, without any pain? (I am 13.)?
Weak wrists. Any advice?
i just picked my nose and can't get the booger from under my nail what do i do ?
is it possible to break you ear?
Pain relief creams that are not smelly?
I'm in college and I'm trying to figure out what i want to do with my life. I LOVE learning about herbs.......?
Crest ProHealth Toothpaste?
My gum is hurting in the back of my mouth. Is it my wisdom tooth?
Getting 2 baby teeth extracted - Will the gap close?
What are some things I can eat with braces on?
I'm getting braces tomorrow, im 15 and my eye teeth are very high. what will they do about them?
What's it like after getting your braces removed?
i have to get my tooth pulled?
Just had wisdom teeth cut out this morning?
Who discovered diabetes inspidius? I want to know the history for this? Can you please help me. i searched?
What are the two main processes involved in kidney dialysis?
what can a diabetic people eat when they are on weight watchers?
Are these sighns i might have diabeties?
If you have just been told that you should watch your sugar ....?
I feel that I am never full even after a big meal, is there a medical reason for this?
Explain how blood flow occurs in the heart?
Trouble with low blood pressure?
how ors solution helps in cases of low bp? .?
can you have clogged arteries at 18?
Chest pain?.. don't think its a heart attack would like feedback!?
How do they recharge the batteries in a pacemaker?
my age is 59 i have. bp my chest. xray shows that. i. have. cardiomegaly but my echo cardiogram is normal now?
I need some help please and fast for heart problems or panic attacks.?
anyone please help!!!!?
was it a stroke or what? please help me?
Do cough drops help lost voices. IF not, what can I do?
What is a glycoprotein and what does it do?
illness that micmic pneumonia?
Whether severe gastric problem will cause death after foaming out blood through mouth and nose ?
4 ways a EEN can assist an patient with acute respiratory distress to promote a clear airway?
should i go to the ER or wait it out?
Is there a connection between Asthma and adoption?
Are there any Cardiologists who can please tell me what is the meaning of "Hyperemia in Intravenous Cavity"
i don't have a problem, just a health thing. my friend has this thing called tb, and i don't know what it is.?
what are symtoms of breast cancer?
I have H-Pylori and I'm scared I need advice?
Numb fingertip?
My right arm is so painful at the moment that I cant even peel the spuds?
Is an oatmeal bath really effective or is there another solution?
what does poison ivy do?
Prevent heat rash from tanning bed?
i need a new answer to this question...strech marks remedy?
Wierd burning skin sensation! - Stress?
does the belly button ever end?
Help? I Cant sleep at nights? Any Home Remedies?
Does the alcohol in perspiration repel mosquito's, ae an alcoholic?
What are the benefits of castor oil? What is the best way to take it and the doseage?
What could this be? This is the cycle-I wake up fine, but as soon as I have a bowel movement I immediately?
How does pain killer meds make you feel?
where can i get a vivarin coupon?
Does anybody know anything about colon cleansing? Or has tried a specific pill?
What are some medicines made by tree's?
What's the best remedy for a cold?
What are the symptoms of late stage kidney failure?
I have been dizzy on an off for the last two months, some headaches, mild confusion, doctor told me stress?
Does any drug exist for treat ms?
I've been doing the master cleanse and now have BAD pain under the left side of my rib cage?
17 years old with tremors?
What's wrong with her?
Is this a relapse?
How can you successfully fake an illness?
Tongue piercing experiences? Soreness, swelling?
i have chronic mastoiditis what can i do for the pain ?
my lower back is killing me how can i get i feeling better fast?
How much do braces cost?
I dont get braces...how do braces work ?
Extremely sensitive teeth?
Getting Braces on soon?
Gum correction surgery questions?
braces on my bottom teeth?
I have had braces for 5 years. When should I get them off?
Please help me!my mouth really hurts!?
do you wear retainers at night?
is there a way to excersise you voice so you can change it?
what can make me grow taller?
Something is wrong with my?
today I noticed that i could see my pulse throbbing on my wrist.?
Belly button piercing help?
why do people sleep at night?
Alcohol Enemas?
A Serious Question About Drugs.?
If you were knowingly .....going to die a painful death....?
Is getting a Blalock-Taussig shunt a form of heart surgery?
do i have a risk of blood clot, if i take ibuprofen after small hernia repair?
Lower teenage cholesterol?
heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat?
Did I suffer a heart attack?
my father had a heart attack,?
my husband had a heart attack on 7-6-08 they put a stent in?
what will be the condition of the human body after a heart attack?
my chest feels wierd with a shaking effect plus strong pain that gags me.. heart?
Diabeetus testing supplies?
What does Glucose do to you?
I am going to go to the doctor but I wondered if anyone could tell about these sysmptoms:?
I am a Type 1 diabetic and boots charged me!!?
Can anybody tell me what the out of pocket cost is for Symilin?
Insulin pumps?
I had a surgery on my right humerus bone 3 mths back. My upper arm muscles still ache. What exercises to do?
Foot and leg pain, achilles tendon area.?
Supplements for for leg veins?
Help, I need a good Worker's Comp doctor, I live in NYC, can anyone help?
Do i have a broken foot?
My hand is in alot of pain after today.?
if you cut off your fingers, how long can they last on ice in order to be reatached?
what are the longtime effects of the drug azathioprine of a child who is nine years old?
is a higher heart rate normal for people with one lung. ?
Is this bronchitis?
I’m 64 years old, and having minor asthma. I have problem in hearing in my left ear, what can the cause be?
if im a second hand smoker what are the possible effects of this one to my health?
previcox possible side effects?
whats the best shampoo/conditioner for dry hair??
I think I might have got an infection from the nail salon...?
What is a fast diets for kids?
What can I do about the "corn" on my mousing finger?
Any ideas for getting rid of noticable acne overnight?!?
Recently started getting spots and greasy skin, any suggestions why?
I need help with dry, cracked feet?
I have really dry skin on my legs what should I do? Please help!?
I currently have a central line, so that I can I receive antibiotics at home. Is it safe to ski with it place?
How long does it take to be diagnosed with BIPOLAR? can you be diagnosed at the ER?
What is the quickest way to heal a cold sore?
I would like to know what hemacretosis means?
Every time I eat something it burns going down... but not in my throat. What could it be?
why does my heart feel heavy?
Can anyone help me? I am uninsured and absolutely sure something is very wrong with me.?
if you had a kidney transplant and a few years later wanted a kid could you have 1 ?
Overly sweaty hands?
what am i sick with?????
Is there an alternative for?
In Homeopathy, does the starch also have a memory?
Degrees in alternative/holistic medicine?
Arthritis cure is a end or just a start?
PCOS & depression. Any alternatives besides precription for depression?
I have a twisted vertabrae that is pinching up a nerve. What can I do? (directed to chiropractors)?
What's the best way to attract wealthy massage therapy clients?
My sister has MS is there a natural product that can help her? Thanks?
Would this jar work to keep weed fresh?
Would like advice on type of hospital blanket to purchase for donation.?
went too far with a cotton swab. what should i do?
Is there a such thing as being over hydrated?
Why do i get sick when i smoke?
Why am i so hungry all the time!!?
what does a high LYM count mean?
heart palpitation and heart murmur?
what food is known for bad triglycerides?any information will be appericated..thanks..?
Do I suffer from Blood Pressure or Heart Disease?
Heart Pain?
What does a flat t wave mean on an ECG?
I am male 65 yr. old and have had a swollen left foot this week. Please advise, blood pressure normal.?
Palpitations, pvcs or twitches?
Why is my heart skipping a beat?
preventing canker sores?
How do I know it's my chipped filling?
What are the best foods to eat for the health of your teeth?
I'm having a tooth taken out, how much does it hurt?
I'm sixteen and ive didscovered i have a wobbly tooth (i have braces)?
ANSWER!! Dentist appointment!?
Are There Any Good Techniques And/Or Products For Whitening Teeth?
how to get rid of bad breath??
Glowstick liquid stuff just went in my mouth!!??
can a coccyx bone heal wrong? (tail bone)?
What exactly does Objective Medical Finding mean?
Is my hamstring sore? pulled?
Is my pinky finger ready to play basketball ?
Why is my face swollen on one side?
i have had 2 l5 s1 lac surgeries..i now am looking at a fusion! what is the recovery time and i am a plumber!?
what color is the awarness ribbon for cervical cancer?
How does a normal cell turn to be a cancerous cell and develop?
I'm looking at an MRI report and of course do not know what it means!?
one symptom of oral cancer?
What type of holistic healthcare do you enjoy most? as a practitioner and as a client?
Medical Terminology! ( Please Help )?
natural remedy (can be home made) for scar removal ie remove dark marks left after acne?
Has anyone tried voodoo acupuncture? You don't actually need to have the needles place in you.?
What are the specific differences are between MSM & Chondroitin?
Laxatives not working?!?
should i take an iodine supplement?
If someone with AIDS put some of their blood in a glass of soda and you didnt know and drank it will you get A?
Does the place legalbuds.com really work and really sell me weed?
Cold Sore help :(?
make up tips?
How does measles get past the skin?
what is the cause for dark circles around the eyes and how can you get rid of it?
Rash Q....?
lately i realized my scabs/cuts/scrapes, are healing much slower than it did when i was young?
uneven skin tone?!?!?!?
alopecia areata questions?
what is ketoacidosis?
signs that type 1 diabetic took too much insulin?
What can I take to help lose weight, have diabetes ?
I'm a non diabetic and need to buy the cheapest meter?
Is it possible for me to have hypoglycemia?
What is a good AIC level?
Am I a good candidate for the G.I Diet?
Diabetes risk and ethnicity?
uncontrolled diabetes?
qualifications to be Rheumatology?
How does bulimia cause heart problems?
why heart does not get tired?
How do alterations in the ECG help diagnose the three specific diseases of the heart?
Does Cardiomyopathy always lead to Heart Failure?
Can your heart actually break?
Im having crazy things happening to my heart?
what is the normal pulse rate for a male?
are heart flutters and missed beat normal?
Does Rayaulds Syndrome mean I will get weak ankles?
to achieve a low state of arousal, you need to?
is this normal?
What causes a bruise to harden and feel numb?
Weight Lifting Question?
What do you think I should do?
my finger got hurt in basketball?
toenail?!? help!!!!!!!?
After Three wisdom teeth out 24 hours ago!!! Can I smoke While i apply gauze and squezze slightly?
what to do about toothache pain until dentist can see you?
bad breath?
Brushing my teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide?
I just had a dental implant 2 weeks ago and it is becoming loose?
having wisdom teeth out under general ana?
How can I care for my chipped tooth?
When you're broke and have a toothache, what do you do?
I'm getting 9 teeth pulled Friday. I have some questions?
WTF!!....... DENTAL!!?
Why am I sick? What am I sick with? Worth 20 points.?
What does a deaf persons inner monologue sound like?
Carsickness ?
Getting rid of cigarette smell and how quit smoking?
Girls Time of the month?
does anyone know where I could find one of these?
what are the simtomes of swine flow?
how to overcome shy-ness?!?
Do I have a a problem, details inside?
Piss Test Soon! Weed! HELP?
I have got a cold.Is there any good remedies?
Supplementing the dangers: What are the Dangers due to the use of Nutritional Supplements?
how to lower high blood pressure the natural way?
Samatha mindfulness of breathing meditation: ?
What would be some good starter books for Qi or Traditional Chinese Medicine?
What are the best digestive enzymes to take?
why do some people think taking vitamins are bad for you?
apple cider vinegar?
Cocaine damage to my nose??help?
I'm sick and congested, I have some bud, will smoking make it worse or help clear it?
Any survivors of colon cancer?
Can deodorant contribute to cancer?
Cure for cancer = Nobel prize?
Moisturizer for Chemotherapy?
reflux make you nauseated? upset stomach?
If someone is paralyzed?
Could this problem with my ear be related to a nasty cold that I had?
Anyone take Remicade for their crohn's disease?
Ear is plugged, feeling pressure in the head.. attempted to home remedy it.. Help?
can anxiety make you feel lightheaded or dizzy during the day??
Long thin stool?
i had mono a week ago the then i kissed someone and now they are sick. But I'm not sick and i got rid of it?
does anyone know how to pass a urine drug test.?
Is it true that Apple Vinegar is good for oily dermatitis seborrhea in the scalp?
what is the remedy of dry skin during winter?
my scalp is always itchy and i want to know what it is and how to cure it.?
Does proactive really work?Does it dry out skin?
how to get rid keratosis pilaris?
I have a bad case of an ugly face,. how do i fix it without plastic surgery!?
i have fluid in my ears what will the dr give me to clear them up?
why is that chronic diseases states such as renal diseases,cancer and diabetes are risk factors of pneumonia?
URGENT:how to recover from cough at once--already took cough medicine for one week?
Coughing brown/blood Phlegm/mucus and cold.?
Do I have asthma (with details)?
Does smoking weed damage your vocal chords permanently? Or your lungs?
Will this have a effect on my apearance?
One side of my nose always bleeds, and now people have noticed that i now breathe heavy. Why is this?
2 year old gasping for air for 5-10 secs. ?
have you ever been on this antibiotic?!?
When I stopped taking Provigil my blood sugar skyrocketed?
can diabetics eat pistachio nuts?
How much does humalog and lantus cost?
can two people share a glucose meter?
Why would a diabetic get admitted to the ICU?
for all you stutters!?
How quickly can a soccer player get back playing after an uncomplicated dislocation of his knee cap?
I just fell down the steps. My hard headed son couldn't wait until I told him when to start spraying the steps
Hiking. When I decend, my toes rub my shoes???
Very painful groin muscle.....what did i do and how do i get treatment?
What do I do!?!?
Getting punched in the nose a lot... Will my nose flatten?
i am in a wheel chair do they make breakaway door threasholds so i can get in the house without the big bump?
How do you care for a black eye?
Ways to help without pills or medicine?
what is best for migraine pain for a teenager to use?
Is energy healing, or vitamin or herbals, able to treat a back injury from an accident, as diagnosed on MRI?
What was that "miracle water" that I saw on TV the other day?
Sore inside nostril and Sinus Infection?
What kind of cream should I use?
Question for the "Partyers"?
Would re-taking Zinc with B6 as an adult be beneficial to mental clarity and health?
Is there anything to make farts less stinky?
are braces removed after you die?
Can someone help me get over my fear of my wisdom teeth surgery?
Question about wisdom teeth. Can you help me?
Does getting a cavity filled hurt?
How do you remove that white suff from your tongue?
how can i cover or get rid of the red under my nose after a cold.?
does polynueropthy ever go away?
for acne suffers, has anyone been perscribed klaron lotion or novacet lotion and has it helped?
what is a good home remedy for acne?
Does anyone use Biore face wash?
Don't people realize that Obama is muslim?
How long do people who have pancreatitis live?
In 2000 I had a benign polyp removed it is now 2008 have I waited to long for another colonostomy?
How long will this neck stiffness and ringing in my ears last?!?
What does a low MCV, MCH and MCHC mean in a blood test, wat problem wud this indicate?
Bowel Problem...?
Do you think my son could possibly have tourettes syndrome?
how to get out of autism. Is there any way to come out off?
am i anemic?and if you are do you know how sever i might be?
im i worring over notthing?are is it serious.?
What do i have?!?!?
HELP ASAP: My BF got Antibacterial Face Cleanser in his eye?
Mert nincs roman gripa es?
What are my medical options?
What do u do if nail polish gets in your eye?
how do you tell the difference between a blood clot and a pulled calf muscle?
What's the best thing to do about shin splints?
How good or bad is Australia's average life expectancy compared to other countries?
I have a uti. Been on cipro for 5 days.Still have pain in kidneys. I also had chills and rigors last night.?
do nytol tablets really work?...?
Taking Vitamins everyday change anything?
Blacking out from not eating enough?
Am i getting the flu?
is it healthier to have a cold shower instead of hot ..and if yes then why is it?
Does anyone know how long after I quit smoking Marijuana will I feel like crap?
I dont smoke weed anymore..?
How to bath with a folly catheter?
what are the earlier symptoms of kidney failure?
Does this sound correct to you?
Type 1 diabetes and a tattoo on the foot?
does diabetes form alcohols in body?
anybody heard about mr. sheikh ismail at drug for treatment of diabetes?
Why does my blood sugar level drop so fast?
I have a question about hypoglycemia?
If a person's blood sugar is 100 in the morning, but pretty low at night?
Yesterday I came to know that I am a diabetic, and the problem is, my marriage has been arranged?
Is 118 blood sugar level is normal for a 25 year old female?What should be the right sugar level for her?
What are the modern methods for detecting sickle cell anemia in patients?
What doese distended mean?
Kinds of cancer in the neck?
Is this breast cancer?!?
pleas read neck lump?
Really scared of getn my Thyroids removed?
is this breast cancer in a man?
How effective do you think homoeopathic medicine is in relation to bronchitis?
Any relation between Thyroid Disease, Swollen Lymph nodes between the lungs and Granulomas?
How can I make my husbands snoring not bother me at night?
Help , sleeping problem / asthma gas problem?
Chest pain what could it be from?
cold allerjeee solution????
My 82 year old has a bad nose bleeding?
why cant i stop smoking?
what do i have when every time i run my chest tightens up and it is hard for me to breath?
How do i get ride of smokers throat? + im quitting soon, please help me.?
Using crystals for healing?
Is this normal to experience when taking raw organic apple cider vinegar?
Other than B vitamins, what other home remedies are there for perleche / angular cheilitis / stomatitis?
fish oil and folic acid?
What is Omega 3 deficiency?
what is infantiego? How do you get it?
How can I email Kevin Trudeau directly?
Can you make "spice" (the herbal incense that gets you high like dope) into a tea and get the same effects?
What is the best way or product to cleanse your colon?
how often should paddling pool water be changed.?
nobody knows what's wrong with me! This are my symptoms:?
spine surgery for the second time..?
What colors promethazine syrup comes in?
Sharp random headaches in random spots on my head?
Is it normal to have symptoms of mono for three months?
Lactulose intolerance?
Doctor said I may have Dementia?
Why does it always feel like the last thing I swallowed is stuck in my throat?
What is the best natural remedy or cure for eczema?
how to get rid of mosquito bites fast?
If you have had any Laser treatments for your acne...Can you please tell me your experience?
is there any cure for old scars?
Poisen ivy!?
How long does it take for hemorrhoids to clear?
What can I do for extremely i mean extremely dry cracked rough feet?
Question about tanning and acne medicine?
i dont know if i broke something?
How long does it take for your pinky to heal if you dont have a cast or splint on it?(if its broken)?
anyone who severed their nerve to provide...?
How do you keep from getting a hernia?
numbness in legs?
How long can a strock last?
Which is better for hypertension treatment Loortan or codilovan?
Elevated D-Dimer and other symptoms?
high blood pressure 141/73?
90 year old has serious heart problems. What is his prognosis?
What kind of Doctor takes care of you in the Hospital?
heart pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How do i lower my LDL Cholesterol?
Please help,really scared,what do i do in a situation like this?
please help i'm soo scared ?Will i have a heart attack soon ?
Well I know I don't have cervical cancer. But I have precancerous cells that's why I have to get the biopsy.
Is it bad to sleep next to electric wiring?
Does stress lower the immune system?
Is smoking organically grown marijuana good for your health?
what's the best thing to take for an upset stomach?
If your feet 'sleep' long enough can you loose use of your foot?
does quitting smoking make you grumpy?
Does body wax have an expiry date?
What do you think about smoking weed?
Tooth extraction: How long does the appt take?
Why is it that dentist's say vomit ruins the enamel on your teeth when...?
How to safely whiten teeth?
What should I do about my first wisdom tooth?
where do wisdom teeth grow and at what age?
Orthodontist notes same as doctor's?
A3 tooth color?Good or bad?
What happens after when you get put to sleep at the hospital to be operated on a tooth?
Can having your tongue pierced make your teeth loose?
Has anyone ever experienced, first-hand, any side effects to Cell Food?
what are the best vitamins to promote healthy skin?
If a yogurt has lactobacillus, will it say so on the label?
what are the benefits of a woman taking Dhea?
the cold that just wont quit, home remedies?
Is it benficial for men to take evening primrose supplements, or is it only for women?
natural breast enhancement pills?
What can i do for adrenal fatigue and panic attacks so i can sleep?
is this normal for someone coming down from heroin?
how and why do thyroid nodules form?
Treatment for stomach ulcers?
my son is skinny and he's g6pd baby. do g6pd babies don't get fat at all despite healthy appetite?
diagnosed with MS 1 year ago and have not started treatment. What are the danger's?
What's the worst symptoms of Celiac Disease?
I need help in getting rid of my cervical vertigo. I've had it for almost two years now.?
Does anyone else smell something that is not there....?
has anyone had the novasure procedure?
Left ear went deaf, then started ringing for hours?
what is the rebies`s disiese?
What is a good product for PUFFY eyelids?
is there any herb for Nail fungus?
How to reduce redness on face?
skin stuff???
Help! I have no idea what this is!?
My mom's right arm has been itching in one place for around 3 weeks. My mom took an antibiotic, but?
i'm fed up of having blackheads!?
can anyone tell me some simple tips to remove dark circles i have them from past 3 years?
Do Drugs For GERD Raise Blood Sugar?
how do bacteria help people with diabetes?
could my 7 month old be diabetic? ?
can you draw disability on type 2 diet.?
Two questions about needles?
Are there users here whose dog has canine diabetes?
What are the symptoms of seliacs?
i bumped my nose on a door...?
Does an ACL tear require replacement?
how long..?
how is it possible that u get a bruise and u don't know where or how u got it?
My Ankles are hurting from football wat can i do?
I got my ears pierced 3 weeks ago, yesterday It started swelling up and now its huge and and it hurts?
Please Help! = D?
I have a pin in my toe, how are they going to get it out?
Is it bad for your joints to use ankle weights while walking?
How can I whiten my teeth cheap in a day or two?
My 3 year old has a little hard clear bubble on the inside of his lip. What is it and what causes it??
I'm going to have all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth surgically taken out and I'm scared?
too much calcium in the blood what is the cause?
what does a blood pressure reading of 177/44 indicate?
16 year old heart rate 250 when she runs, Should I be worried?
what is a hiatal hernia?
Muscoskeletal pain or Heart attack symptoms?
My mom has high blood pressure and is weak. She can't take of things around the house anymore. Suggestions?
what are some signs of Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?
Really need help with HCM?
medicationssssss!!!plz help?
mucopurulent conjunctivitis?
what causes migraine headaches?
I have Addison's Disease but have not begun treatment yet and my heart is becoming weak, will it recover?
Is there anyone out there who suffers from chronic pancreatitis? If so what medicines or treatments r u using?
dose of dydrogestrone in pregnancy?
How is galactosemia a genetic disorder/mutation?
Restless Leg Syndrone... Please help.?
I have tourettes what do i do???
i have difficulty sleeping because there are some worms in my as_h__e, i have never been in this kind of?
Is it possible to break your tailbone in a car accident even with your seatbelt on?
what is a good anitdepressant that works as well as zoloft without the weight gain side effect?
what can i do about childs cough?
what damage can to much cough syrup do to you?
Without a spine, you couldn't _______?
why cant i eat before surgery?
When you're sad, why do you get a lump in your throat?
Can some one offer help?
I'm giving blood for the first time tomorrow. Have any tips for me?
Is there any home cure or any product to get rid of acne/acne scars?
i have 5 little red bumps on my left side of my hip area, can someone help me out to what it is?
ok.. my friend has bad acne?
Cystic Acne?
How to help reduce eczema in winter?
Why am I itching/What condition could I have?
Sunburn blisters? HELP !!!?
500cc NaCL with Heparin 25000 units to infuse at 1200u/hr. what rate do you set the pump?
Pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus this is my first time to make one. Help.?
How much insulin would you have to take to ensure death and how fast would it work thinking of Actrapid?
Newly Diagnosed Diabetic?
Diabetes and your Pancreas?
what if u dont have cateracts removed?
what is phagocytosis?
Can enlarged Tonsils & Adenoids causes a anxiety attack?
first time having panic attack does that mean its going to keep happening soon?
I have a chest cold (or something) and I have to sing in a concert tomorrow. HELP!!?
What the risk of having seizures?
Who are the scientists who study Cystic Fibrosis?
Has anyone heard of Funnel Chest syndrome?
How can I stop smoking?
My boyfriend always has bad gas is it bad for the environment, can it make me sick?
Why do smokers complain when smoking harms them?
is it the same a lung cancer and a tumor that grow in the lung for the metastasise of other tumor?
cancer question?
Bone Marrow Biopsy?
can you give me info about skin system/organs????
Will my teacher be ok?
Scientists studying 'Methods of using electron active compounds for managing cancer'?
what is the life expectancy of liver cancer?
looking to donate my hair....?
Is it possible that they are canceling each other out?
Any other good cold fighters besides vitamin C?
In becoming a Holistic Nutritionist?
Can vitamin C pills really help to boost the body immune system?
What's a mild, preferably natural laxative that I can take while I'm away at camp?
Best remedy for Anxiousness? No anti psychotics or Anti Depressants either.?
I would like to know from all Conventional healthcare practitioners?
do you think stevia is safe?
I usa medical marijuana and dont want to smoke it anymore, can you use vegitable oil to extract it?
Am I immune to ecstasy ? Help !?
Cracking Sensation behind the neck.?
How does the body regulate blood pressure?
What is this sharp, sudden, and quick pain near my heart?
how long does impending doom symptom last before heart attack?
can degenerative joint disease of the knees cause congestive heart failure?
Does anyone else have vasovagal syncope?
How serious is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?
What are the best drugstore whitening products?
cholesterol question?
heart problems and im 13?
weird heartbeat?????????????????/?
Why does it feel like my heart feels tight?
i am having a angiogram soon with maybe stints put in,do you think my chances of having bypass surgery also?
Is it bad to have your heart race after bypass surgery?
Why does my 66 year old uncle wet the bed 7-10 times a every few days?
Does the temperature you brush you teeth in change the way the toothpaste works on your teeth.?
my bf doesnt brush his teeth!!!?
can oral surgeons,,,?
what does it feel like to get braces off?
Exactly how long in the tooth was Victor Meldrew?
At age 77, what is my life expectancy?
Which organ doesn't require insulin for metabolism of Glucose in it?
Diabetes question. Someone, please, help?
How do you know when you've had a hypo?
Friend with Diabetes... soda?
are people with diabetes easily angered?
I drink plenty of water throughout each day, but my throat always feels dry and...?
If I had diabetes, would my urine smell?
Please help me with my scalp?
has anyone got a good cure for hayfever.?
Medical or culinary use of Blackened organic banana peels?
my face!!!?
I have two PERSONAL questions about my friend.(Yes really my friend!)?
how do you make home made itching powder?
eczema can be treated 100%?
Am I getting sick from my air conditioner?
chest pain, after screaming?
Gamma Knife can be used for brain tumors of which size.?
what is the recurrence rate of Bladder cancer?
How do you Sharpen your?
What is in a cigarette?
Why does my knee do this?
What are some easy ways to stick to a diet?
Why here in the Cancer Section so many people what to know if they have cancer?
Tamoxifen and foot pain?
Question for people who have fainted before?
mouth cancer?
i need help clarifying something about giving blood?
i had my appendix removed yesterday?
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling like this?
Totally disgusting question regarding stool smells?
Whats is Bell's Pulsy? Why it Happens? Does it have cure?
What home remedies relieve coughing?
What does it mean if you have a bump under your ear and at the end of you jaw and it hurts only on one ear?
I need some help with my blood test cbc readings some red blood cell are low and mono is high, anemia or not?
Help! my shingles is in it's 20th day!?
Can OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) also pertain to drug addiction and alcoholism?
is love a disease?
has anyone out there got the genetic disorder NF1 please reply?
How can I avoid shaking hands without having to always explain the painful arthritis in some of my fingers?
I quit smoking 17 days ago, but now i started to feel weak towards cigarettes and fear i cant carry on?
What would happen if you injected yourself with alcohol?
People with Crohns and MS at the same time?
Calcium carbonate vs. calcium citrate?
i am a legal medical marijuana patient and i am looking for some decently priced meds can anyone help?
Apple Cider Vinegar benefits of drinking it?
What is a good substitute for Talcum powder?
do all canned vegetables contain yeast?
anyone tried Salvia..?
Does FDA approved mean that a product works, or just that it won't hurt you?
what role does cholesterol play in hypertension?
3 stages of the cardiac cycle?
Effects of taking atenolol/beta blocker unneccessarily?
What's more dangerous,high blood pressure or the meds doctors give you to (help)?
What's a good excuse for dialated pupils?
Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome?
Had SVT and WPw and also had ablation, but problems again?
Irregular heartbeat?Should I be worried?Only 17??
Why is my heart beat coming from my ear?
When's it okay to go back to smoking after wisdom tooth extraction?
Do 3 month braces work?
I'm getting braces on soon?
my lip ring smells funky....?
is there a way to prevent morning breath?
Bottom of mouth cyst..? Please help !?
Is there a way to 'counter' anesthesia?
How come when you wake up, you have bad breath?
What should we do to have healthy and white teeth?
HYPERTHYROID ISSUE: I am hyperthyroid (TSH 0.01) but have gained +30 lbs. If given medicine, will I gain MORE?
My boyfriends daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. Do you?? - help me understand!?
Is it ok to eat little sugary or deep-fried items now and then, for pre-diabetics?
Can't stop peeing but not diabetic. What's wrong?
do i have diabetes, just want to be sure?
Just took 7 dramamine, am I in trouble? Just induced vomiting about 15 minutes after the fact, am I good?
Could I possibly have diabetes?
my girlfriend is a diabetic type 2 i need advice?
OTC relief for a sinus infection?
Is it possible to get a free peak flow meter?
Has anyone heard of or had a nodule on or in the lung?
Did I have an asthma attack or was it something else?
why do people walk in sleep . what is the remedy ?
If any body know about it ?
Raw throat from coughing so much?
how do they test you for asthma?
Natural ways to lower cholesterol?
How can we find out medicine for aids?Will cancer be usefull for finding medicine for aids?
How do nursing homes treat the blind?
I'm still afraid of the dark, and I'm 14 years old! I get scared so easily! How do you guys cope with fear?
hi i am a father for 3 month baby boy diagnosed as a G6PD Deficiency i need to know only the cure ?
Chronic Mono / Epstein Barr - any ideas on how to fight it?
Can someone tell me the name of this disease?
Can you tell me what carsick means and can u give me a story about you or someone you know who got car sick?
Any remedies besides compound w for warts?
Why is Hydrocortisone clearing up my acne?
jock itch????
Is the supplement CO Q-10 good for your skin during tanning or is it just for cardiovasular health?
Patch On Forehead!!! please somebody help!!!!?
Red bumps on my stomach!?
are skin staples or sutures better for a cut to my elbow? How to I prevent scarring?
What is the best exercises to rehab a severely strained knee joint?
how long for my achilles tendant to heal?
Can you identify this cancer report?
How many different location is there for radiations treatment?
how throught cancers will happen?
Does anybody know the name of a medication that will.....?
could this be cancer
How much will i expect to pay if I get chantix???
Anyone has a child who has hydronephrosis?
What is the greatest threat(s) to the wellness to teenagers concerning the topic of breast cancer?
How do check your breasts for breast cancer if you have implants?
Liver problem symptoms?
Experiencing extreme dizziness standing up, sitting down, laying down... what could it be?
What is helpful for constant nausea?
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome caused by a navel piercing?
ecdometreosis ( on the outside) any info on this disease?
i am 46 years old and believe i have m.e. for years i have been going too my doctors with depression and aches
Would you donate a kidney to a complete stranger (please read)?
crack addiction?
I have a question about Dandruff?
how to cure ringworm?
Achieve flawless skin?
how can i dry up my oily skin?
what you think of a girl with acne? ( For Guys)?
How can I cure acne without buying any products such as Proactiv and Clean and Clear?
what is the best way to get stop acne from happening? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
can any one give me some information on detox foot pads?
Is this a symptom of COPD and/or Congestive Heart Failure?!?!?!?
How and why are Americans getting too much Omega 6 in their diets compared to Omega 3?
Can blood pressure be lowered without taking meds?
What is the normal blood pressure for an 8 yr. old boy?
13 year old and a heart attack?
how long can a heart attack victim survive without breaths and only compressions during cpr?
Just had a dble bypass, on 2 Sept, I am feeling much better. but?
When to go to the ER?
Is their anything wrong with my heart?
Have u ever eaten beating cobra hearts?
I get patella tendonitis when I run.?
Stress fracture foot is cold, other foot is not, is that OK?
punched in the face, odd sensation when applying pressure to area near infraorbital foramen?
Which phase of clinical trials is broken down in SAD studies and MAD studies?
alternative treatment for cyst in eyelid?
how migraine can be treated via natural plants and ayurvedic means?
Can anyone suggest a healthy or holistic alternative to deodorant?
What is the best way to help you sleep without sleeping pills?
Does any body knows how reduce bad cholesterol w/out pills?
How to treat Misquito bite...?
Do you believe in Homeopathy?
do you need prescriptions to take sleeping pills?
Does anyone know what it's like to die of stage 4 papillary carcinoma thyroid cancer? (matastisized to lungs)?
can my husband use epsom salt as a laxative if he doesnt have a stomach due to cancer?
requesting a 3 day breast cancer info packet?
HPV...just diagnosed need help please?
Just got breast mamogram, now what?
School breast cancer fundraiser?
I would like to raise money for the cancer society but I don't know what to do?
does a lidoderm patch (lidocaine) have opiates in it?
is their any other treament for testical cancer other then removing it?
whats the best way to get rid of blackheads?
how you remove lice from hair(an easy way?)?
open pores?
How long does it take for tea tree oil to get rid of acne?
How do I get rid of black heads?
Why do I get yellow stains on latex gloves?
Has anybod had boils on their armpits?And or been to ucla harbor general in torrance?
17 With Head lice! HELP!?
What is causing my stool to be dark green?
Is there any connection between stomach disorders and autism?
Is there a connection between anti depressants and symptoms of restless leg syndrome?
What's wrong with my nose?
What is Asperger's Syndrome?
How bad does my arthritis have to get before I can claim disability?
Is it bad to have tics when taking an adhd med?
this is very sad but i need advice?
Whats wrong with me?
all of a sudden my stomach has balooned?
Does mucus buildup in stomach?
DXM / Robotussin recreational drug use?
Feeling sick for 10 months, got any ideas?
Only had 40 mins sleep.?
how long does weed and extacy to get out of your system. and what are the risks in taking extacy?
what is the life expectency of someone with aortic steosis?
Can norvasc cause bradycardia?
Transposition of the Great Arteries?
ok another mad one for you to answer?
my husband had a stroke at 29 and after he had it he has been having headaches so bad that?
what is it called when a person has 2 arteries coming out of just one chamber of the heart?
pains in the heart and fatness?
How long does the heart have before the arteries clog up from greasy food?
Heart rate???????????????????????
besides Kava, what is a good alternative to anti-anxiety medication??
Reiki attunment side effects?
What are the health benefits of Alkaline Water?
Third time's the charm? Maybe?
Chronic mononucleosis? What to ask my new naturopathic doctor?
Medical marijuana...?
Are the effects of smoking K2 different from marijuana? Are there any injuries or deaths from smoking K2?
Does Brushing with Baking soda really whiten teeth?
What is average time for having braces on?
what should I do before wisdom teeth extraction?
Whitening teeth at home?
teeth issues, gum is pulsating?
How much does Invisalign [teeth straightening] cost approximately?
Braces Impressions?
how can i get braces that dont cost thousands?
Info on teeth straightening?
braces? do i need them?
Doctor told my 7 years old niece that she is diabetes type 1 and have to be on insulin.?
what the possibility of me having diabetes?
Uncontrolled, untreated gestational diabetes. Why?
What are the ethics of animal insulin?
Low cost healthy eating for a Type-2 Diabetic.?
what if I have a high DHEA?
Diabetic, Pregnant, and on Lantus?
I'm sure I have diabetes. My dad had it. I saw when he started to have sugar problems. Now I'm sure I have it.?
High blood sugars = extra dreams?
Breast cancer - Tumor became more aggressive, tripled in size after chemotherapy?
What statistical study is this: questionnaire to all female patients if they had mammogram in the past year?
Cancer & HPV-Did I cause it?
I found a lump in my inguinal lymph node area?!?
how do you know if you have testocular cancer?
how serious is cancer cells in cervix?
Do I have skin cancer?
can a spot suspected of being skin cancer have puss in it?
Itching on my thighs, but little indication of why?
Who knows anything about natural acne treatments?
is dianette good for acne?
How to apply liquid retin-a?
I bought the Clean and Clear Acne Advantage control kit 2 days ago does it work?
How do you get rid of dry skin off your face?
itchy bumpy rash mostly on shoulders and back and plams and fingers.?
i have a natural tan and i wanna get my skin lighter can i do anything?
why we have to not drink so cold water?
Is it worse to be splashed with a very concentrated base or acid?
If you have PCOS can you feel the cysts on your ovaries by pushing on your stomach?
Is smoking sheesha less harmful than normal cigarettes?
Do people who are born deaf have an "inner voice" ..?
Does Anyone Know of a home cure for a sino-ear infection???
i need information about stargardt disease?
could your bladder explode if you hold your pee?
im going into hospital today for an operation :s?
Low pulse and blood pressure machine?
What can cause sudden rapid heart beats?
Olive oil and cholesterol? ?
is thickening of the heart wall common?
what would go good with a drwaing of a heart?
Does sensitivity to coffee mean a weak heart ?
Once in a while,my heart flutters really fast and i can feel my heart pounding really fast.?
Would Someone Faint If Their Heart Rate Was Too High, Or Too Low?
natural cures for yeast infections?
what homeopathic remedy for cough in baby?
why does my back curve can i fix it?
Can you cook with St John's Wort?? Would cooking remove it's benefits??
What are immunosuppresive drugs made from?