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I get hicups 24/7...Whats with...How could i make them stop..What causes them...?
Anyone else have sarcoidosis?
What does acetaminophen cause when given to CF patients?
Last few days, noticed I've been gettng short of breath, while apparently doing nothing.?
Does anyone know an herbal remedy for MANIA?
What is the best medicine of the soul?
Anxiety and Depression?
Bi polar or what.?
how do you build self confidence?
what am i supposed to do when i get stressed out?
help! cutting myself to feel human!?
What are the signs that my mom's Alzheimer's is getting worse?
why is this ?
how to treat small second-degree burn?
What are the things you have to avoid when diagnosed with ventricular septal defect?
How to make E-R diagram of telemedicine project?
Why do my heart area pains when I am upset?
what are the health risks for my 10 month old who has an enlarged heart?
can it still be a blood clot w out redness or swelling?
Heart attack or digestion problems??! URGENT!?
I need to find a chart, that shows age people have heart attacks?
Heart Attack Symptoms? HELP PLEASE!!!?
cutting scars excuses......?
Can a sinus infection make your teeth hurt?
Is there a clinic where you get in and a doctor spends as much time with you as you agree is neccessary?
I'm 15 can I take aspirin? I heard if your young you can get this disease?
who likes bathing in milk? i everyday bathe in milk.. in ma bathtub full of milk.. then i get drenched in..?
Do "ion detoxification machines" (the foot spa kind) really work?
Do you or have u used herbal supplements for thyroid problems?
What is the study of fungi?
Toe nail infection, need help!?
Greco-Roman age herbal medical resource?
is it better to take apple cider vinegar before a meal or after a meal?
I want to be a doctor?
Jala Neti - Nasal Washing. Anyone do it?
iam allergic to sulfates should i use gentamicin sulfate for pink eye?
Betaine HCL in Singapore?
Best treatment for Hives?
Possible allergy to hair?
I sneeze with my nose plugged and my mouth closed?
where can i get wheat germ in delhi?
Sick or just Allergies?
Have you used kirkland detergent from Costco? Does it make you itch?
I keep having to blow and blow and blow my nose again?
fasting blood sugar-92, menas any problem?
help I just had a major sugar binge!?
Does a type 1 diabetic females monthly cycle affect her blood sugar level?
I am diabetic and I want to gain weight. How can I?
I have a slightly elevated glucose tolerance level?
During type 1 diabetes pregnancy were you ever admitted to the hospital and why?
will i take a shot of insulin when my blood sugar is below 70mg/dl?
Anxiety disorder?
I know I'm depressed, irritable more like it, which med is the best?
if i suspect ocd is there a way i can change my behaviour without assistance from others?
2 people with mental problems under 1 roof??
crack cocaine adiction, rehab, relapse, now using pain medicines?
Instant Anger Management solutions?
is this normal?
severely depressed people only?
how can i read palms?
What is good for 31 year old skin with fine lines but a problem with large pores and blackheads?
What do i use for relief from "itchy" mosquito bites!!!?
what do i do to get CLEAR skin?
bug bites...please help!!!?
skin problem :/?
whenever im in the bath i get itchy?
is there any vitiligo chat site?
is this normal after taking cocaine?
If a piece of the colored rim of a toothbrush head for an electric toothbrush falls on the inside of the?
Could heart problems cause dark circles under the eyes and fatigue?
what can lower my blood presure?
Would I have survived 2 days if a heart attack was coming?
myy blood pressure is 140. is it high?
Recent hospitalization for chest pain but have a few remaining questions.?
Which is better: Angiogram or Cardioscan ?
if you give the wrong perscription to a patient with either hypertension or hypotension what can happen?
Is this a normal reaction to a stress test?
Is this good or is this bad?(About heart)?
how can i get rid from yellow teeth by home remedies?
Does charcoal make ones teeth whiter if not then what can bleach my teeth?
How can I stop grinding my teeth? Why do I do it?
Braces Question??
How long did you wear your braces?
Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?
Do I have a second tongue??
I have a wonky smile and i talk to the side?
Neonatal Resuscitation Program in texas?
Sick and need diagnosis.?
What is this medicine?
what can menthol do to you?
I have a question about Asthma?
Chest pain or Right Lung?
Habit of breathing through nose ?
I cant breathe and i think theres something wrong with my organs?
how can i find cure for my gastric ulcer?
My brother has a blood clot in his leg...?
can anybody tell me the best way to combat constipation and water retention?
Constant black spot in vision??
ALT quetion?
Brain tumour?
Do i have a brain tumor? HELLPP ME IM FREAKING OUT?
What is this..its scaring me?
Down's Syndrome passed on?
I broke my elbow in 85 and have to plates on my humerus whats the benifits of removal of plates?
how soon can i play sport after getting stitches?
Growing pains, please help?
What stretches can I do for what i have?
How can you tell if a piece of glass is lodged in your knuckle?
Toe Help...?
i have a bursitis?
which is the most common method for diagnosing cancer?
First signs to look out for when Dehydrated?
Question for anyone who has had some kind of anemia?
Why is one pupil bigger than the other?
Stomach pain while lying down (left side, below the ribs)?
Why do I feel sick everyday?!?
Why I sneeze when looking into Sun?
how does urine turn yellow even when you drink all colored drinks?
How to get rid of flaky skin on lips?
fiberglass in skin itching like crazy any quick fix?
help for Dry lips?
i think i have an in-grown toe nail. how do i get rid of it?
Can psoriasis of the scalp cause this?
People who have encounters with shaving the nether region?
What is a scabbie? Or scabby? The disease?
what to use for major outbreak of psoriasis?
what are the reasons for the chest pain for a diabetic?
I am a diabetic in starting stage. My FBS is 133. I follow the following diet. Is this okay?
Diabetes and Insulin Pump...?
Do any of you Type I Diabetics experience blood sugar spikes after you eat cherries?
a leaking kidney i have anyone know what it means plz x?
Has anyone with type 1 diabetes had the swine flu vac or going to have it?
Diabetics Only Please?
I have read that people with diabetes should not take fish oil pills. Have you heard this? Do you believe?
I am a motorcycle rider in Augusta, Ga and am looking for a diabetic motorcycle club. all help is needed.?
Heart Problems: My sister is having pvc's and is on a beta blocker...?
what damage is sustained in cardiac muscle from blood deprivation?
What is an MVR blade (as used in opthamology)?
Blood pressure of 160/102 high?
high resistance flow in left uterine artery?
Totally paranoid of getting a blood clot!?
could this be a min stroke?
who is the best heart surgeon in india?
Do You have a heart murmur and if so how bad does yours feel and describe your symptoms please?
what is arthritis?
Home Remedies for Sore Throats?
What is the best natural remedy to dissolve kidney stones that won't pass on their own? Please help!?
Is there a chocolate flavored sore throat medicine?
what is a good non addictive nicotine substitute?
any suggestions on a vitamin or herbal supplement to help increase my energy and concentration?
How protect dog from ticks without using pesticide or other detrimental products?
Is there a different way to get rid of skunk smell besides tomato juice?
Question on relaxing techniques for bowel movement?
Killing a mouth ulcer in its early stages?
can tooth enamel be restored or prevented from thinning?
Bone graft for dental implant - is it safe? effective? success rate? big or small operation? alternatives?
how do i get rid of a bubble on the inside of my lower lip?
Do I really need these advanced toothbrushes?
how can u whiten teeth?
i just got my wisdom tooth 4 of them got out. how do you store them appropriately?
What happens at a first orthodontist appointment?
I accidentally glued my fingers together and they won't come undone.. help?
What is the life expectancy of people with polycythemia vera?
Loosing weight gained through thyroid problem?
What is lactose intolerance, and is it cure-able?
how to get rid of a sore throat as soon as possible?
My stomach is continously hurting since one year ?
can a seizure cause death in infants?
Am I overdoing it?
What were your symptoms when you had type 1 diabetes and didn't know it?
Why do i get these episodes? (long but please help)?
help please. im really sick.?
Back of knee tendon injury?
guitarists - how do you sort out persistent elbow ache?
Ankle injury question?
has anyone regained function/feeling in the hand...?
i em 14 & i have a bump in my nose how do u get rid of it without surgry?
why am i hearing voices?
i have a friend (14) who cuts himself, drinks, runs away, and has thoughts of suicide. how can i get him help?
I can't take this loneliness any longer and I don't know what to do anymore?
Committed a mistake. Need help?
I'm always afraid of what's other people think.?
What is cervical cancer??
Worried about a friend smoking pot? ?
Swollen & Painful Lymph Nodes at Underarms?
radical neck dissection?
looking for an online support group for my sister who has cervical and uterine cancer.?
Had first Chemo treatment on 18th.?
do i have breast cancer?
cord blood banking... do you know a good site to research it?
Does anyone know of a good sleep apnea machine for the money?
what is the blood gas values to determine hypercapnia & hypoxia?
Has anyone every heard of people snorting up water into their nose and spitting?
who else is trying to quit smoking withe chantix. i still want to smoke. i almosst feel violient about it.?
Can diabetes alter perception.?
Where can I find Yacon Products ?
Do you think nutritionist is better than doctor ?
what does an insulin pump do exactly for ppl with type 2?
I'm a teenager and I am showing symptoms of Type 1 diabetes?
Need help/ideas for a team name for our Diabetes walk.?
Mary is in acidosis. What hormone drug should be administered? Why?
DIABETIC Dog Question?
Can acne medication actually cause more acne rather than preventing it?
Does Dalacin T really work on treating acne?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
Any home remedies to get rid of warts on hands?
Toe Nail Fungus - where does it come from?
How do you get rid of itchiness on your thighs?
tatoo care and treatment.?
how to dry up a zit thats ready to pop?
Do spiders have sweat glands?
Do i have ADD!?
Can anyone help me regading Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME?
How long do chicken pox last?
Why does attitude affect healing?
you have to be a complete desperate nonce to take meds like chantix when the side effects are so awful?
How do you get rid of eye bags?
I woke up in the middle of the night and was really ill... what was wrong with me? Full Story --->?
what causes hick-ups?
i cant sleep almost everynight!!what should i do??
when you are sick...?
Is there a time limit from exposier to Agent Orange to the onset of Multiple Sclerosis?
what are the long and short term effects of schizophrenia?
Are doctors and psychiatrists incentivized to prescribe certain medications so they get paid more?
Too much Zoloft?
Thumping Sound In Ear?
Do deaf peoples ears ring?
Chronic rib pain?
Why do I get caught by strong sore throats so often???
Is there a cure for Tinnitus?
Why do certain activities increase your heart rate?
Is it normal for a cardiologist to NOT be able to perform catheterization surgery?
Is non-hydrogenated margarine still bad for your heart and arteries?
Broken heart syndrome?
i get a tingling sensation in my head then my eye sight go's bright slow heart then fast heart rate?
hypoglicemic episodes 7 times a day...?
how is heart rate and breathing rate are controlled?
Is it normal to feel your heart beating in your back?
Permanent Retainers, Is an impression needed?
is a water pic better than flossing?
why doesn't Medicaid cover Dental?
What can you do if your breath stinkys and also when you breath through your nose without seeing a dentist?
I know there are 2 ways to brush your teeth in the morning, before eating breakfast, or after..but...?
I had oral surgery last Friday to remove 1 wisdom tooth, and I have a black and blue eye from the drilling):?
Seeking dental care in foreign countries?
Dentists and orthodontists answer this plz!?
Will toothpaste help my zit on above my lip?
question about garlic tablets?
how long does it take for an dislocated ankle to heal 100%?
i have bad knee pain and am limpin and hav 2 play footy on saturday,what is the best way 2 recover in time???
How can you tell when you need to get treatment for broken skin?? (stitches?)?
I was hit in the ribs and have major pain in the area of blow but there was never a bruise and it wont go away?
Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish?
I was swimming in Colorado yesterday and was bitten by a fish. what do i do?
Do I have a pinched nerve or a severed nerve?
Please, I need help!!! I bruised my eye... I think. Someone threw a hacky-sack and it hit me in the eye. Some?
Break Your Arm ot Hand Fast?
Is Tourettes Syndrome a Psychological disorder?
What are the syntoms of bi polar depression?
confused on atypical and major depression as well as medication?
Mental health uk?
On average, how many hours of sleep do you get on a normal weekend night?
Do I honestly have depression? Im so confused with myself!?
Did anyone else have selective mutism as a child? Has it had any effect on you as an adult?
Will the stigma attached to mental health ever boil down to being as common and as unfeared as...?
What do you think of people who become obessed with you from Y!Answers?
I was told my ct scan shows a cyst in the maxillary sinus?
Any info about STomach tumor. Please help!!?
Where i can get 40" long hair for a cancer patient in india?
Ct/Mri scan tommorow and kind of worried?
what is the cause(s) for non-Hodgkin lymphoma or even how it spreads?
Smoking as a global problem.?
Do you think I have Cancer?
I have two lumps on my right breast. Went to doctor and will have a diagnostic mammogram done but in 5 weeks?
can children get ovarian cancer?
does everyone have cancer?? like it is all in your body its just a matter if it opens or not?
When is it time for bunion surgery and how long is the recovery?
I need help ASAP!! Please Help!!!!!?
I think I might have scoliosis?
my left eye twiching for years!!! i have slight stiffness behind my left eye whts happening?
Why do patients with Addison's disease become hypotensive?
Is enlarged parotid gland disease fatal?
If i have head lice and use a hair Straighter. will anything bad happen?
Has anyone ever had their parotid gland removed?
Heel spurs?? anyone??
What is the best remedy for toenail fungus?
Is there a cure for vitilago?If not how do you stop it spreading?
What causes and how do you cure bumpy fingernails?
What can you do to prevent or treat ingrown hairs?
How can i prevent face spots?
what is the best way to lighten skins dark areas without having to spend too much.?
Dose any one sufffer from Chronic idiopathic urticaria and angioedema?
NOSE BLEED linked to cold/flu/tonsillitis?
Feeling Sick off And On Throughout the Day?
i gave my friend adderall and shes getting blood tested?
if i have been smoking marijuana and need to pass a drug test in 2 days what can i take that actually works?
Have you ever broken your wrist ?
Crying all the time but not really sad?
Friendship Troubles...=(?
NON-smokers, did/do your parents smoke?
What if someone farts underwater, and I accidentally swallowed their fart bubble?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of a ent specialist compared to a nose plastic surgeon?
how to wear shin sleeves?
My step-son pulled a muscle in his neck playing on his scooter. What I more can do for him?
how to know if your nose is broken?
whats the best way to heal a strained muscle?
help!!!!!!! my 5th metatarsal is still not meant as it should be?
What does it feel like to pull a tendon?
other than antiboitics, is there a natural remedy that will cure bacterial vaginosis?
Holistic Medicine....?
Why are some people able to quit smoking cold turkey? I'm using nicotine replacement gum and it is still hard.?
Chinese medicine/acupuncture to help infertility?
Fish oil- take one;twice a day.. can i take it together?
how can I perform a parasite colon cleanse?
I want to learn hypnosis. Is it easy and where can i learn it?
What makes a good Chiropractor? ?
can i take liv 52 while breastfeeding?
what colour braces have you had?
Are invisalines better than braces?
When you cant afford the dentist?
How can i ease cavity pain?
nervous dental patient getting anesthesia for the first time.?
Orthodontist who accepts medicaid?
Just got 1 wisdom tooth removed..?
What kind of toothpaste whitens the best?
one of my teeth is getting covered by gum and i brushed it alot so it bleeds?
Do your braces come off faster by..?
i have got a chest infection and asthma is it contageous ?
bases of the lungs are more ventilated than apices?
medically necessary septoplasty...?
How badly has smoking affected my lungs since im asthmatic?
cough that has lasted a month?
Cant hardly breathe when i run?
What are SOME functions of the respiratory system?
wart removal under 10 days?
How can i get rid of my blackheads and keep my skin oil free?
Light Brown Marks Covering Middle Chest Area?
Does Dermablend really work to cover shadows/dark circles?
Hailey Hailey Disease?
is café au lait spots hereditary?
Has anybody taken Suboxone? How long after the last fix do you have to wait to take it?
is it worth trying Ageless Remedies?
Can RX pills be crushed and then swallowed with water ?
Does echinacea to boost your immune system really work?
Has anyone heard of or taken Black Seed Oil?
how to treat a sore throat?
i want 2 know about an injection Luperolide acetate which is for endo.please tellme the pharma.?
Is one reason"soft"drugs are illegal is otherwise they may be alternative for people on zanex, prozac,etc?
HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
does Calorad MG work?
If someone with diabetes, is it fine to eat mashed potatoes? What other good types of good to eat?
What happens in a fasting blood test?
Attention to All TYPE 1 DIABETES people, parents of type 1 diabetes people, or people who know someone persona?
What's a normal blood sugar level reading for a person without diabetes?
blood sugar. does anyone have a dr. who is advising to take janumet and glimepride during the same day?
My creatinine level was 2.37. I am a type one diabetic ... what should I do ?
How can I stop my stressful laughter?
Glandular fever.. Ive felt sick for 3 months?
Can you die from being too skinny?
Sugar question, please help :)?
Has anyone else ever done this while taking a nap?
Why do I wake up so early after a night of drinking?
why do you push air out of your mouth when you sneeze?
Is this kind of weird?
Does Sprite Really Help Your Stomach when it hurts and How and who came up with this?
from where do doctors get growth hormones?
Any local health fairs offering PSA blood tests?
Who manufactures the Rife GB-4000 frequency generator?
cancer in the optical nerve?
Help explaining ganglioglioma?
does low iron cause bloody stools?
Can someone please answer this question about Lymphoma for me..I am clueless.?
How to prevent from having a pull/sprain muscles in chest due to upper body exercises? ?
about 3-4 days ago i noticed my eyelid was swollen...?
If you aren't supposed to be in physical activities because of an arm injury, do you think you could swim?
punched in the nose, how to clear up the swelling/bruising?
What can the doctor do for a back sprain?
Looking for a massager...Help!?
I can't move my big toe...i dont how it happened but it feels numb!?
Do I have a busted, fractured or broken knuckle?
what's the difference between undershot and underbite ?
I need help with my toothache?
So how exactly does the whole kissing with braces thing work!?
how do u get rid of tounge bites on the side?
I'm getting my impacted wisdom teeth removed?
White spots on teeth?
how to get your teeth whiter when you have braces?
My teeth are all discolored. Should I get them whitenened?
Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?
i feel burning from stomach and undergone with all tests but nothing found problems.what is reason?
Can concussions cause permanent tinnitus (ringing of the ears)?
Does homopathy heal endrometiosis disease?
Im always cold. Can i possibly be enemic?
Anxiety or wat?
Will it ever stop!!!!?
Pee While Sleeping!!!?
Anyone have any fast-acting cold cures? PLEASE HELP!!?
Is Adderall or Ritalin stronger?
does patanol eye drops contain cortisone ?
Have you had bad experiences with homemade shampoo?
Alternative to Valium?
How is the spleen connected to the lips PLEASE ANSWER!?
Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplementation?
Alternative to Antibiotics?
How can I find a good Tai Chi teacher or form, what matters?
Treatment on Shingles/ Nagin?
Does Kojic Acid soap really help in lightening the skin?
My dog is chewing on the area near his tail pulling hair and there are red bumps like flea bites what to do?
How can i remove dark circles under my eyes?
Blister won't disappear!!! HELP~!!!?
Painful itches when dry after shower?
Nose Piercing Trouble?
what can be done to reduce sneezing drastically or stop it altogether???
Ive got a deviated septum, but hte deviation is at teh bone part of the nose, can this be fixed by surgery?
dear sir i am patient of asthma from 1 year please tell me herbal medicine to cure 100% thanks,(from Razaq?
How do I deal with extreme personal flatulence during a job interview?
why do i almost throw up after smoking a cigarette sometimes?
How is blood doping done???? Do bodybuilders still do this to get a better pump due to higher blood volume in?
Good cake/pie gift for a Mom-to-be with gestational diabetes?
Can having a lot of dates result in diabetes?
How high can a Non Diabetic's blood sugar be like 15 minutes after eating carbs??
Is diet coke ok for diabetics?
when you check circulation by pressing skin, what is that called?
What is sugar babe?
Is being in a coma like being stuck in limbo in the movie inception? What does being in a coma mean?
is there any help for diabetic neoropathy ?
Bad Heel pain and no idea?
sprained ankle???
Strange Muscle Spasms and a Thumb problem?
Pulled Muscle?
Tendinitis in my elbow wont go away??
i just got my ears peirced and one hurts TERRIBLE and the other one is hurting alittle!?
i think i've trapped a nerve?
should I wear my post-op shoe?
help me please!! im in desperate need?
are there life saving techniques that can be used when breast cancer has spread?
Does Roll-on Deodorant cause Breast Cancer?
Should I worry about these swollen lymph nodes?
does CT DYE cause any damages or effects to the body?
People who wear braces: what are the negative things about metal braces?
What would be better for my teeth? Whitening or veneers?
Possible Denistry conspiracy?
Should I bleach my teeth after removing my braces?
braces- teeth cleaning.?
Why do my braces take so long?
What is the best tooth whitener?
My 2 year old's breath stinks! What can I do?
what color should my braces be?
Yesterday I got my braces...and my teeth r PAINFUL!?
what is that makes sage SO precious to our health?
Homeopathic Remedy for worry?
natural way to concieve?
Anyone know of a natural (homeopathic medication) for ADD Adults?
can any one clearify all three are in 30C or 30 X and Phytolacca is Phytolacca Decandra or Phytolacca berry?
Natural cure for hot flashes?
what is the best way to make a simple home made pipe?
why the hell is weed illegal?
can food allergies cause eczema?
Does anyone really know how to clear up ance scars?
Cost to get a mole remove?
what is that foul smelling drainage coming from a boil.why do i feel relief when it bursts?
how can you get rid of?
food poisoning?
nose job, chin job and mole removal at 18.?
is this an orgasm?
Are my blood cells sickle cells?
missed heartbeats are they serios?
parts of heart and its function?
Any information on Passing Drug Test?
I am using Propanalol 40mg tablets (Inderal 40mg)...?
Which medicine is better as you think Atenolol or diltiazem ? Which time is better to take the madication .?
Blood pressure 133/78 - is this ok? I'm not sure how it is read.?
My heart or my mind ?
Is it unusual for an asthma dx to be made without spirometry?
Can a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream cause a defect with-in the circulatory system?
what is the physiology of the respiratory system in relation to energy metabolism?
chest problems .. any ideas ?
pain in lower back>ribs when coughing or laughing or lying down?
septoplasty caused a bump?
What kind of humidifier is better for a singer and why? (Cool mist or warm mist)?
What could be causing my chest pain?
what may happen to your lungs when you ran a long way in a very cold weather while breathing rapidly?
How long does pneumonia take to kill a cancer patient if it is going to kill?
Sharp pain in back of my calf?
Shoulder pain.?
What is wrong with my back??
can anyone sugest a good support for my wrist?
I feel on my shoulder today and i hav s hooting pain going up my back. My shoulder is really tender what to do
Lose weight gained from Depakote while still on two mood stabilizers.?
Drinking a lot of water not peeing?
What could protein in my urine mean?
what is the most ocd thing you do?
Is the Sunshine the best drug?
what are the good and bad things about contact lenses? do they make your life heaven or hell?
Any good ways of getting to sleep?
If you think that you were bitten by a black widow, what would you do?
How do you fake a fever? help?
Can anyone tell me what these symtoms mean?!!!?
Is it safe to cook with alchohol while taking Metformin?
what is type 1 and 2 diabetes?
could i possibly have diabetes?
Bit of a question about treatment for Type 1 Diabetes?
I'm 5'4" and i weigh 110 pounds, Am i underweight?
why donate to american diabetes association?
can you take protein when your 15 years old?
My diabetes Type-1 or Type-2?
where to buy homoeo medicines in sanjose?
What is homeopathy? Does it really work?
Is Thyroid ever ending by Allopathic, Homeopethic or Ayurvedic?
help!!the hiccups,any cures?
how to get help rid of a migraine headache?
Does the denigration of doctors/science by quacks and the paranoia of quacks enhance the placebo effect?
Had enough?
What is the best way to get rid of old prescriptions?
has any one taken kava?
Doctor thinks I have barrett's?
ok, i have a serious medical question...?
can you be hospitalized due to insomnia?
Why is my feet and hands constantly cold? It seems like I have no blood circulation....?
I have an uncontrollable shake in my right hand when I hold things..? ?
how do you cope with chronic tinnitus?
Can anyone help me with this?
i am an addict of chewing of tobacco for 25 years.is there any medicine to give up tobacco?
braces and retainers question please?
Do wisdom teeth stop moving, then after a couple of years start moving again?
How to get whitesh teeths with home made remedy ?
Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work To Make Your Teeth Whiter?
Is it better to brush your teeth with cold water or warm/ hot water?
Lip piercing with braces?
Question about dental hygiene?
Is brushing your teeth in the shower bad to do?
Anyone have an extra out of place tooth?
Can you make out with a pallet expander?
Lump On Scalp?
I have black bumps that looks like moles that have started to appear on my skin. I have dark skin.?
rhino and acne solution??
How do you get rid of zits in the next 2 hours?
Can windex kill acne?
my facial skin is outrageously dry all of a sudden...what can I do to moisten it, no lotions are working!!?
help mee please!?
i broke my wrist 2 days ago, what excercise can i do to keep fit?? because it isnt that bad a break!!?
I have what I think are vericose veins from having DVT or bloodclots in my legs. Will they ever go away?
Is my cutting an actual problem?
how long does it take to heal a first degree sprained ankle?
is my thumb fractured?!?
should i get a nose job to fix deviated septum and cosmetic appearance resulting from a broken nose?
Please Please Tell Me What You Think About This Poem...?
what is "dilated aortic root at 3.5cm?
which behaviors reduce the risk of heart disease?
what is the survival rate for open heart surgery?
what can be done for an calcified inferior vena cava ?
Is Ectopia Cordia a cardiovascular disease?
is a blood pressure of 155/101 high?
Do you know any information regarding Strokes?
Please help with advice or tips on my rare panick attacks with things being stuck?
Can you be in the army with a heart condition?
the front line staff in the nhs (Nurses, Doctors, Ambulance crews etc)?
What do low granulocytes mean?
What cause knots where my ears are pierced?
Where can I buy a medical scale like they use in a doctor's office?
Is 11 a low iron level?
:/ i very scared for my cousin do you think you know whats wrong with him!?
What is your second experience on ecstasy like compared to your first one?
What is going on with me?
How can i make myself puke?
What are the benefits of Maca Root Supplements?
best foods to eat for adrenal health?
Have I an intolerance to wheat or yeast?
Sweating Problem?
I'm looking for herbal/homeopathic meds for my hypothyroidsm. Any suggestions?
Is baking soda a good remedy for excessive sweating armpits?
Why might you prefer to buy herbal remedies to seeing a herbalist?
How do you get rid of a boil?
I am not looking for a diagnosis but opinions. A few months ago I began having health problems.?
Facial Tics driving me bonkers!!!?
This is weird.?
carotid artery???
You think I have ADD, Autism, or with these symptoms could I have both? Or could these be related to ? ?
Do i have ocd or something similar ?
when do you think i should tell my rents i smoke cigarettes?
Ankle Pain, not sure what happen to it?
Ive got 3 broken ribs and a fractured Ankle.?
what dose it mean when your fingernails turn purple and you get cold?
i hurt my knee about 2 months ago the docs dont really know what it is do you??
has anybody on here broken their thumb and ankle?which hurst more...?
Do i have arthritis of some kind?
How long would a bone that was fractured be sensitive for?
I can't move my finger what is wrong?
will the hospital put a cast on for protection?
coconut oil or tea tree?
Hidradenitis Suppurativa?
My friend has these weird bumps on her fingers that developed overnight. They burn when you touch them...?
skin too stretchy?
I've been bitten by mosquitos on my face and have an allergic reaction - I itch and it's spreading!?
really bad scars on my arm, used to cut, i can't stand them anymore..?
I have acne and oily skin in the worst way.?
Red spots ALL OVER!?
Help me make Blackheads....Dissapear?
No Insurance and been diagnosed with melanoma eye cancer?
what are EARLY symptoms of lymphoma?
Can treatment for severe dyskaryosis prevent you having children?
a dr.in Italy wrote a book titled fungus is cancer is this true?
How many types of breast cancer are they?
Bone cancer starting in the leg???
has anyone here not completed a course of antibiotics and not any problems?
Can you change the color of the rubber bands in spacers for braces?
How to Stop Bleeding 60 Hours after tooth Extraction?
What's the process for getting off braces?
What happens to the flap of gum over a wisdom tooth after extraction?
Would you pay money for a motorized or sonic automatic hand held battery powered flossing machine?
How to whiten my teeth fast?
how long do u have to wait till u can smoke again if your getting your wisdom teeth removed?
will my health insurance cover the costs of a failed suicide attempt?
How fast does a 10mg Crestor Pill take to lower your Cholesterol levels to safe levels?
can I ride a roller coaster when I take small roller coaster I feel as my heart is going up?
Help on test anxiety?
why does my heart beat in my stomach?
My chest hurts after taking vitamins..?
Broken heart..... Symbols?
Blood Pressure: Is 136/91 high???
Can asd closure be carried out together with a tachyarrhythmia correction?
My heart beat varies in force frequently and I can feel it?
How many people have died from heart valve transplants?
What happens when you take NyQuil when your not sick?
My boyfriends hiccups won't stop?
is it true that when you sneeze randomly someoen is thiking about you?
What are you a lover of?
acupuncture or acupressure?
I have major anxiety, lower back pain and migraines. my buddy said I should get medical marijuana?
I went to a chiropractor for a pintched siatic nerve in my back he took an x-ray and done an adjustment he?
I need some help with this Herbal combination please?
What is the best mulivitamin i should take daily? Should i take a multivitamin?
Why are we having nightmares living in a new house?
What do you think about a question including the statement 'no skeptics please'?
is the u.s. ready to accept alternative medecine?
could dr's diagnose you and give you a certain time to live if you've got hemophilia?how serious is it?
Alzheimers - i don't know much about it so...?
Can taking painkillers affect thyroxine levels ?
I get dizziness frequently, HELP?
i have a lump at the back of my neck which i was told was a lymph node...?
Effects of marijuana on certain people?
A mysteries disease that I have since 2005 what is it?
these are the symptoms?
collarbone broken from football?
I got a bruised lip. HOW DO I GET IT DOWN QUICKER?
what reduces blemishes????
best anti-aging and anti-cellulite products?
I have a minor-case of eczima. Does anyone know any 'home-remedies' to get rid of it? Any advice is welcome!
How can I get rid or lessen my back acne? It's gotten intense the last 3 mnths, well sence I moved to Raleigh
somthing like a rash on the back of my ear?
Skin problem!!! help!?
recessive genetic disorders....?
What are the roles of all the people involved in the care strategies for people with diabetes?
can i combine prednisone and reglan?
Where can you buy Mulberry Zuccarin in the Philippines?
I am diabetic patient, is it advisable me to eat an orange or apple a day?
recommendable life insurance company for individuals with diabetes?
I love having "Redbull" and "Boost" and "LSV" and "Stimulation Drink" and "Hell" - But I'll get Diabetes...?
is the pancreas a gland?
Does bitter melon help lower triglycerides?
does phil heart center conduct bypass surgey?
If I have tachycardia but the ECG results come back normal what are the causes?
Has your heart ever felt like this?
Has anyone heard of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome?
reading an ECG/EKG? What will i need to know?
Why does my heart feel strange and what can I do?
i faint two times,can be that i need potassium i am 77 years old. thank you?
i walk could walk on my sprain ankle, is it okay if i walk on it for now on?
Ewww! I have a wound on the palm of my hand and it's leaking clear stuff... Normal?
Can I chew gum with a retainer?
Has this happened to you?
simple extraction tray for tooth 14 & tooth 15?
do braces hurt more getting them on or off?
I am going to have glasses and braces?
ways to safely whiten teeth ?
Invisalign Braces?????
Help! Are my teeth gunna fall out?!?
Is it healthy or unhealthy to chew gum, and why?
Question about a huge overbite.?
Vinegar really does cure Hiccups ?
Gingko biloba is a native of what countries?
Is there any type of over-the-counter sleep remedy?
Cures for my ear infection?
Herbal suppliments for mood stabilization?
Where to buy Homeopathic Medicines in Manchester area?
whats the best way to get rid of a swolen sore throat?
have you ever tried salvia?
What causes headaches?
What is autism?
Does anyone know what the starting slaray of a dietitian is ? ?
I need to stop someone that is abusing prescription drugs by getting them from multiple doctors, PLEASE HELP!?
Is it true that an ear infection will go away on it's own?
Do I have a virus or a worm or food poisoning?
my mouth produce toomuch water from last 4/5 months.i feel shy to speak with others.pls help?
Please Help me by evaluating my TFT?
Stomach Medication Question?
Why do we have eyebrows?
Can we buy tamiflu online?
I constantly get headaches!?
How can I overcome my phobia?
how do i change my bad habits?
learning to love my body?
Explain Corn in the Feces?
Is my brain very damaged from smoking weed?
EMG did anyone of you pass this test with the needles inserted in muscles?
knee fluid... what could be wrong?
I have bubbly or fluttering feelings in my upper right abdomen for 14 days now.I can also feel my heartbeat.?
Explain what ARTERIOSCLEROSIS is and how it develops and how a heart attacks occur.?
Can an irregular heartbeat cause nausea?
Is a sinus tachycardia a type of supraventricular tachycardia?
if u have a heart defect but it has been repaired will you have an abnormal ekg reading?
If you had these tests performed and still had chest pain what would you do?
A character has asphyxiated after hanging himself, but his heart is still beating?
Today, my heart randomly started pounding...?
I need some answers...?
I have a rash under my breast?
Should I get ProActiv?
what is the difference between a sty and a cyst?
acne problem?
Has anyone been cured of Prurigo Nodularis?
does the skin areas affected by acanthosis nigricans give out a rancid odour?
Itchy red welts?
By my nose its always red, what can I use to get rid of it?
I have dermetitus on my fingers..it causes my skin to dry up and all my goodness in my skin falls off.......?
what is a vigina skin tag?
Help with examples of healing music.?
Grapefruit for cholesterol and weight loss?
How do I find reliable and true natural health info online?
Herbal remedy for inflamation?
How do you feel when you take NyQuil Liquicaps?
Is there a herb that can help you stop smoking . I do not like the patches and gum?
my nan suffers from rheumatoid arthritis whats the best pain relife or cure or anythink to help would be great?
Has anybody got any really good meditation music site(free ones)?
any home remedies to help me to go to bathroom?
Can you give me one reason to not smoke Cannabis, if so i will never smoke it again...?
Is it true that fruits are still good for diabetics?
Us there anything remotely similar to retinal detachment?
Since I am diabetic, what are some foods I can snack on?
does zymbalta work for aniexty 6 to 8 weeks?
Am I predibatic? My Glucose level is 105 mg/dL.?
Why Is My Blood Sugar So Low?
I think i might have diabetes?
Please Answer, low glucose levels???............?
blood sugar problems?
Why is painful lung action a common symptom of lung cancer?
Bladder Cancer question?
Tommorrow my brother is getting admitted for prostate cancer operation, what precaution to be taken?
what are the National Cancer Institute services?
What should I do? I'm really scared!!?
I have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia,caused by agent orange, how long will I Live?
what would be the Anticancer Diet for women suffering with Breast Cancer?
Low energy activities for children?
For the past 7 years I have given £8 a month to Cancer Research. For the past couple of months I have?..?
Is there any scientific evidence that marijuana helps cure cancer?
How long does it take to get braces on the top and bottom? Does it hurt? What colors are the best?
Is there a home remedy to remove white marks on teeth?
Are you supposed to rinse your mouth after using listerine?
how do I fix my breath?
I have been incorrectly injected in the skin with hypochlorite by dentist - now have skin paralysis/burns?
Teeth Whitening!! !?
Getting 4 teeth pulled, i'm really scared?
how can i make my teeth realy white fast w/o buying any thing?
Tooth and sinus issue?
Can you get headache's from severe stress?
I got stung by a red wasp. Its not swollen but its red and it really hurts, feels like my hand is on fire?
Can i still be a contortionist after my surgery for scoliosis?
what protein are affected if a person has progeria.?
Are there any cures for psoriasis ?
Side effects for radiation for a brain tumor? I start radiation next week.?
My mom's eyes are yellow and puffy?
How long does it take to get food poisioning?
is it true dat when you pop your knuckles you can get arthritis when your older?
How Can I Get Rid of My Cold Fast?
why do i feel like im the only person with really bad anxiety =[
i need a web sight on bone bruise on the knee?
stitches wont stop bleeding!?
How long should a sprained MCL take to heal?
I live in Napa, California. Can someone tell me if their is a place in napa I can go to that accepts medical?
Nurse or Doctor responses only!?
My foot has been hurting on the outside part of it. What could it be?
Do you have any home remedies for an adult ear infection?
what foods/vitamins and or minerals are good to keep hair strong?
Does alternative medicine offer any solutions regarding arteriosclerosis and removal of plaque from coronaries?
Why believe in homeopathic medicine?
where can i find my local chemist?
If i am taking Adderall will i show up positive for Meth?
Why are alt med regulars so nasty?
Is it safe to go to sleep after taking ecstasy?
Does Heparin increase INR?
fifteen year old girl 140 lbs blood pressure question?
My heart rate is low?
Heart problems-17 years old no one will listen?
Is banana cake okay for someone to eat if they had a heart attack?
i do not like to stay home because i think i will have a heart attack & no on know is it silly (high blood pr?
Walking 30 minutes every day in addition to everyday life movement . Will this over work you heart ?
lemon juice on face?
I need some serious advice on TCA acid and heeling time for a self performed tattoo removal with 50% dilution?
Are there any on-line sites with real doctors to answer health questions?
bumps on my arm?
Part of the bottom of my tongue is cut. What is it?
Is red colour cancer is most dangerous, black is relatively stable?
Do you know if one's chances of getting diabetes increases after having the gall bladder removed?
Can diabetic neuropathy for type 2 diabetes be cured ?
How much does treatment for diabetes cost?
How does having Diabetes affect your mood?
Since December 2009, my grandson aged 4 years is diagnosed as Type 1 diabetes and also coelic desease.?
Is this a normal blood sugar level?
How much does it have to be when you take the blood Sugar test?
How can I not be stressed when my blood sugars are high/low?
i have type 1 diabetes?
Is 102 a good blood sugar reading for someone who just ate a big meal but still feels hungry?
Help with a teeth problem?????????
Can Spin brushes thin your tooth enamel...?
How does a dental implant work with braces?
Getting a SARPE soon, any tips?
Feeling weird day after wisdom teeth surgery?
whats the easiest way to wear a retainer?
Can som one tell me the name of Medical Nitrous Oxide Suplier?
r u supossed to b numbed when takeing out pins that was placed during surgery.?
I had laser surgery recently to treat vocal cord cancer. Now I have granulomas. Are they related to scarring ?
What causes Ringing Ears?
what does it feel like after i get my wisdom teeth removed!?
Why don't we all just have our teeth taken out at birth and replaced with fake teeth?
Can homeopathy cure cancer, Alzheimer's, MS or HIV?
Can you have arthroscopic knee surgery more than once on the same knee?
Every so often I have a sharp jab of pain in my lower left back.....?
Why am I so thirsty?
1st day trying to get sober?
Whats down syndrome?
Bulging Disc Treatment ( cure?) ?
What are some of the signs of a concussion?
I was injured from running in gym. What should I do??
I had a spinal tap on sunday then a couple days later i got a blood patch because I got a spinal headache?
If you don't have any family and you have a serious car accident/health crisis, what are your options?
has anyone tried frs energy supplement?
what are the food we should take for increasing height and ayurvedic medicines?
How do tea tree oil for keloids look like?
Where can I find sea buckthorn berries in Canada?
Can Acupuncture really help you?
question for experts only (drugs)?
What is the best thing to mix with Apple Cider Vinegar besides honey?
Whats the best way to soothe or cure a sore throat?
What is the fastest and most efficient way to heal a canker sore?
when i awake up i am getting back pain?
I wake up repeatly in the middle of the night, sometimes every hr. lookin at the clock! What's the problem?
body/joint pains?
Cancer and cell phone towers?
My friend might have lung or breast cancer.?
What colours would be a tumor and cancer?
Does anyone out there have non hodgkins lymphoma(t cell)?
after gattin my arms waxed, i get acne on my upper arms. hw 2 get rid of it.?
can some please give me a home remedy for canker sores and cold sores/fever blister or way to get rid of them?
i have sore and itchy armpits and persistant body odour?
How do UV rays cause skin cancer?
how to clear up eczema?
I Really Need Acne Help.!?
how do you cure an ichy sculp?
i have this big bump on my leg. i shaved over it and now its like a scab?
why puffiness coming below the eyelid?
Why Can't I swallow pills?
Help with a question about food hygeine?
I'm dehydrated...?
Doctor/Nuticients/ Eye/hair/please guide?
Why is that we heard are voice....?
My ear hurts and its ringing?
How to Stay up late??????
I need to help my boyfriend stop smoking weed now! help?
Why do I have to pee every 30 min.or hour?
Achilles tendon?
my ear is peirced for about 2 years or more. and it had one pair of earings in for a while without cleaning th
Medial Meniscus problems or Articular Cartilage Problems After Meniscus surgery?
I was in a car accident. I have no insurance but the other driver did...his insurance co is accepting full res
Pinched nerve in foot?
how bad does a broken bone hurt to you ???
Please! can anyone help me to get a use car,I need one but don't have a down payment ?
will an Enlarged Aorta heal itself?
can child AED pads b used on adults?
Is this an emergency? Heart arrhythmia that's not going away after an hour? 23 y/o female. Please help?
When twins are born, will a heart defect afflict them both?
heart problems please help?
Has any one had any effects from the NewColoriris procedure?
how is embombing done?
Can someone explain blood pressure to me in English?
Heart sometimes feels like its about to stop?
Does anyone know of options to correct tooth erosion ?
What medical condition prevent use of dentures?
My tooth has been sore for 2 weeks?
How can you get rid of tobacco stains off teeth,...?
Having decayed teeth cleaned -scared?
lower jaw surgery questions?
How do I tell my dentist and not have my parents find out.?
Is it hard to take care of your braces?
Is it hard for a male Dental Hygienist to find Work?
Can skipping meals cause ulcer?
What makes the diastolic blood pressure run high?
extremely lightheaded?
is it ok to do this???????
Would Hangover severity reflect liver condition at all?
is chondroitin/glucosamine harmful to liver?
I got the second vaccine for hpv and there is a lump on my shoulder?
Is this a sign of insomnia?
Got really dizzy, cold sweat, shaky. What is that?
Hypoglycemia testing?
ok getting confused i am a type two diabetic . i have a accu-check the reading i as told should be 7 or lower
I have type 1 diabetes. What are the effects of working out and doing cardio while having high blood sugar.?
About two weeks ago I have been eating watermelon I put a little salt on it . I started developing ankle pain?
my bp sugar r controlled.i am 73.i had vertigo i hv been taking vertin since 4 months. and since 2 months i hv?
Can you still have kids?
what are we allowed to eat when you have gestational diabetes?
Is there any real hope for me?
suffering from piles and fissures 2nd degree want to know remedy?
How do i make the most of the chiropractic care i receive?
can zinc overdose cause permanent damage to the body?
What foods keep the eye's sparkly white?
can you smoke undried catnip?
What are some effective herbal cures for heartburn and indigestion?
Why doesnt the government force the drug companies to produce medicine to create pharmaceuticals that?
TCM I passed out and a chinese lady rubbed something on my face to bring me round - what was it?
does citolapram get you high?
cancer of the pancreas how long does he have left?
What should be the ideal wall thickness for a CT Scan Room ?
When is it safe to be in the sun and not get skin cancer?
What are some good non-prescription medications for acne (besides Proactiv)?
How do i get rid of head lice and nits?
How is mosquito's best friend?
Sunburn home rimady?
Really dark Elbows and knees please help how to lighten them?
What is a thecal sac?
what is causing my neck problems?
If a monkey was to bite you...?
Blood Pressure confusion?
Can I get a medical waiver for this SPECIFIC type of heart murmur?
How come when i feel extremely sad my heart begins to physically ache?
If you had a coronary artery block of 30% and $40%?
Can a panic attack cause symptoms for another issue?
What is a heart murmur? The Dr. found one today. Is this serious. He didn't seem to worry about it.?
Heartburn all the time?
To athletes - cardiac problems - Is this something you've ever experienced?
how would i know if i had blood clots in my arm or leg?
WHO should be responsible to know your medications?
Damaging Effects of Shrooms/Magic Mushrooms?
Does Ritalin / Adderall affect teenagers height?
Is coffee really bad for your heart, especially those with high blood pressure?
What are the differences in dosage between Ritalin and Adderall?
advice on how to quit smoking?
i stay up late for no reason.?
Hy i am 16 years old teenager boy and i want to grow taller??? i need ur help...:|?
high dose of marijuana.. left me feeling like this for 2 weeks now?
How do I get rid of my fear of growing old?
what is the usual treatment for diabetes in the U.S.?
How much does blood glucose blood work cost at a hospital for somone without insurance?
diabetes type 1, does it cause weight gain?
how high can blood sugar gets after a meal?
when i have 410 in high blood sugar and i have pain in my pancrease....?
Do these sound like accurate results from my meter?
Was this too much sugar?
Can I become licensed in NY to become an RDA after being convicted of a DWAI?
What can you do if your teeth have a tetracycline stain?
How do I get my teeth whiter?
baby teeth extraction?
my front middle teeth help ? :(?
taking advantage of dentist numbing?
I'm getting braces tomorrow morning at 8:30 am!?
whats going on with my bottom teeth?
How come our tongue can't get itchy?
Do you think need Braces?
thorax cancer?
Could my mom get chemo or radiation therapy for small cell lung cancer with other Health conditions?
How much does a brain weigh? what do white blood cells do?
can drinking coffee give me throat cancer?
What is prostate cancer?
Have anyone of you guys heard of the many chemicals that cause breast cancer? I saw it on the news today.?
I have epilepsy, what should i do to prevent seizure?
Tourettes Tic Controll?
why is my 8 1/2 month old son still having seizures?
low sodium cause?
What are some chemicals found in heroin?
How do you get rid of a hang-over? How come it's lasting for more then one day?
question on surgery?
Is this related to the Common Cold?
i go to the bathroom often to urinate is something wrong with me plus here are no symptom like burn and so on?
six months pregnant having a chest congested cough?
do a lot of people die from pneumonia?
i cut my ankle shaveing a week ago and its sore on the sides of it ive been useing neosprin do i need a dr?