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chest pains?
how can i breath better when the weather is humid?
When you smoke pot, the cells that carry oxygen throghout your body are filled with carbonmonoxide, right?
is it save using collagen oil injection in breast?
change in enhancement characteristics of a childhood “astrocytoma with piloid features.” ??? ?
Do you faint from having breast cancer? are there any behavior changes? if not, what are the symtoms?
Sunscreen causes skin cancer?
does anyone know what the pathophysiology of warthin's tumor?
cancer cancer cancer?
Smoking Deaths vs. ???
types of polytrauma?
Have you ever felt so tired of life you didn't want to do ANYTHING?
Question about my 3 year old daughter...please help?
PLEASE ANSWER!! I am really scared, what if I'm getting depressed??!!?
Numb, Sort of pain in the top of my body?
How do you heal sick lifestyles?
what is wrong with me?
why does my stomach hurt when im not high?
What are the risks involved with a 10 month old baby getting a cat scan of the head?
If your at trhe dr and your stomach is hurting why would they give you Zantac?
When I Eat Nuts The Inside Of My Ears Get All Itchy?
fracture ankle?
Anyone had a nerve root injection for a bulging disc??
I broke my arm, and...?
Am I having back spasms, or did I pull a muscle in my back?
i dont no what i have done to my ankle help?
will my stretched ear close up within 5 hours?
i think i twisted my ankle?
really need help i recently posted a question and got mixed answers but i still dont no wot to do please help.?
im in pain!! please help, burned feet on hot pavement ..?
cuts wont heal, sign of diabetes?
which is the best insulin Humulin R or Humulin 30/70?
What are the chances that I have diabetes?
Are the only ways to take insulin via a pump or injection?
Baby shower diabetic foods?
Blood sugar won't stop rising (not my fault)?
Why sugar bad for you? Also, why is fake sugar even worse for you? I would like a biological answer please?
Does it hurt alot?
Do toothless people still have to worry about gum disease?
What is the stuff that sometimes seems to grow from the gun after tooth extraction??
White Bumps on gums?
Whiter teeth?????
How long do white composite fillings last for?
Have braces affected your love life?
What is the best way to remove a band-aid, when it is stuck to the wound?
HELP!! i have a stupid friend!?
I want to know physical side effects from anti-depressants in general & Prozac in particular?
After laser eye surgery, why are CONSTANT drops so necessary?
beer or ciggarettes ???
Do you have days that you feel like you are going nowhere and getting there too fast?
Red Wine and amounts?
What product can help clear up acne scars and even skin tones?
is there any solution to get rid of scars on face due to heads(breakouts)?
i need someone to answer that has had experience with these procedures..?
How To Clear Up My Face From BlackHeads, Spots Ans Skin Peeling?
How can your cartilage shatter? What happens if it does shatter?
Back Acne?
I've got acne all over my cheeks, its red and sore and i can't stop picking it, how can i stop!?
how to cure/treat dandruft?
Will the Omega 3's I'm taking help with my alcohol cardiomyopathy?
weird heart condition. help with name?
Explain ACE inhibitor used as a anti hypertensive also act as a diuretic?
Questions About Strokes, Please Help?
weird heart issues!! help?
Heart Hurts when Inhaling doctor says....?
Can i take exctasy if I'm on abliify and depacote?
Heart beating so hard it becomes visible?
Will this damage my heart?
I have tried acupunture but it made uncomfortable can acupresure work on my heart palpitations?
Problem with B5, any suggestions?
Is it safe to take all these supplements on the same day every day : Milk Thistle and B-12 and Valerian Root?
Has anyone ordered proactive and received pills along with that order? IF so, what were the pills called.?
sleeping pills r they safe?
My gas is deadly!Help?
What are alternative for Vitamin B12 for those who are allergic to Cobalt?
what are the risks in having my shih tzu who is 13Yrs old neutered?
Severe allergies and no health insurance, what do you do?
dandriff problem help?
Is there a way to get rid of a stuffy nose fast w/o medicine?
How do you make your eye really really red and irritated?
Is there anything that will make me stop being allergic to cats?
Is it bad to swallow yellow cake?
Do you think medication is the best solution for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)?
Is My Dog Schizophrenic?
Is Thee Anything I Can Do About Disliking My Face?
Help! I really need help with my fear. Please Help!?
Mother, may I sleep with danger?
What if you lost the will to live?
I just really feel like I don't care anymore is that a big problem?
Do mental hospitals brainwash you?
Has anyone dealt with PCL tear injuries? What are the benefits of surgery over rehab?
What is the approximate cost of hamstring surgery (re-attaching of torn muscles)?
Tell me your story of breaking a body part (esp. your arm). in detail!!?
how can lipoma ( benign tumor - fatty tissue) be get cured permanently though it is harmless?
I have a very high protein level in my urine. Why does this occur???
Lump by glands, should I go to a doctor?
Would you raher be blind, deaf or mute?
You a organ, blood, or bone marrow Donor?
What's the difference between bile and vomit?
home remedies for stuffy nose?
Laser to stop smoking?
Two weeks after using CPAP Resmed, why do I feel the same?
do you me need to stop water pollution?
I am having a throidectomy after xmas but have to have a vocal chord & larynx test on friday...?
Can DCIS Breast Cancer be caused by stress?
how much is the Velcade?
what are the current trends and management for cancer?
what are the longtime effects of combine drugs of tuberculosis on men's fertility?
How do you test a mole for cancer?
Is Nasonex addictive?
Is there anything you can do to detox yourself?
Can you put Phenol on skin to keep it from growing?
discuss how the functions of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and excretory systems are related.?
Has anyone heard of a company called Free Medicine Direct out of Florida? Gotten your money back?
does the CPS help or harm families?
how can I get rid of a painful Wart off my finger? It hurts alot, and its been there for 3 months.?
what is the minimum legal age of solo`ing a flight (solo flight)?
Is your face skinner after consuming sugar or carbs?
nature made diabetes health pack?
Dentists only, what toothpaste do YOU recommend?
I need white teeth by next month help please!?
Sonic Toothbush?
How to cover a hole in your gums?
Why do my gums hurt?
does whitening strips work???
Eggs and teeth are made of almost the same things. What are they??????
I have a really bad cavity?
Why do I feel so ill even though I only have a mouth abscess?
do you still sell cough drops?
How do you get rid of cold sores fast?
What could be wrong with me?
I tested positive for marijuana in a cotton swab test, i have never smoked in my life.?
how come when you sneeze your head goes forward and not backwards?
am i going deaf?
Anybody ever pass out before?
Smoking marijuana hurt heart bad HELP??
what was the drug ecstasy originally for?
First time smoking weed questions?
Neutorgena's T-Gel shampoo help clear up tinea versicolor?
Acne Moisturizer?
Where do I apply Head-On?
Why did my skin get darker???
32 mosquito bites! Ahhh stop the itchingg!?
razor burn?????underarmss...
I am 15.....Getting quite a lot of spots on my chest....Should i worry?
How is the best and safest way to NATURALLY tan?
tinnitus! any cure?
Wellbutrin (anti-depressent) or not?
Is it safe to use Olive Oil in the Episiotomy Affected Area? How Olive Oil help to cure the Episiotomy losses?
what is stem cell therapy and how does it work?
what natural herbs should somebody who is angry?
are there any remedies for snoring?
For the past 6 days I've had a bad sore throat. Last night my sinus completely blocked up! Is there a remedy?
Can a Person Allergic to Almonds have Almond Essence?
How to get rid of sneezing problem?
can you be allergic to......?
horrible itchy eyes allergies?
Oral Allergy Syndrome and culinary school?
Is it possible to be allergic to Prismacolor markers?
What are you allergic to ?
Is there any way to get rid of my allergy?
Is this an allergic reaction? help PLEASE?
do's and dont's of a healthy brain?
Can citalopram cause nosebleeds?
Why do I feel so wierd HELP PLEASE?
need some advice to get through this. some help plz?
Why am I always so tired?
i know this may seem late but i need medical attention.serious answers only?
Why do people sleep with the light on if they are scared?
Cutting, Self Harm, Self Mutilation..Help ?
what happened eye?
Is there any way to cure swimmers ear without going to the doctor?
Whats the best way to heal a sprain knee?
is it possible for a toddler to tear an ankle ligament?
What happens when you have a work mans comp claim for a back injury and the doctor and layers aren't helping
I need cosmetic surgery doctor?
Did I sprain my ankle or what?
cars crash?
Why are people who are heterozygous for sickle cell disease generally healthy?
Is fibromyalgia a disease that a person diagnosed with it can be approved for SSI /disability social security?
Wheezy breathing and yellow mucus help???!?
Does my brother has bulimia?
Whats the best way to help prevent a FLARE-UP for IBD?
What disorder is this?
guessing Swollen Salivary Glands in my horse?
why I always feel extremely tired in the morning?
why cant people with kidney disease use deodorant?
I have Aspergers Syndrome and I dont think any girl would want to be with me?
lung pressure?
My husband is tired all the time and has no signs of mono he is on a sleep apnea machine already what could it
personified lungs....HELP!!?
i used dettol to disinfect my dad's CPAP tube,,,but the smel doesnt want ot go away,,it's pretty intense,,,and
what causues hicup?
What is it like to be an x-ray technican?
NEED medical advice PLEASE. 1 week head and chest congestion, head swimming. What's wrong with me?
what does it mean when you taste blood?
headaches? could they REALLY be brain cancer?
What is the difference between overweight and obesity?
Do vitamins and supplements really work?
How can you auto-apply and intramuscullar inyection?
Has anyone used Autopulse while treating a caridac arrest victim?
Photo Animation Softwares?
How do I enter reality again?
How do you get rid of swollen upper gums?
is there any dental insurance that cover ongoing braces.?
Crown question?
dental crown for my 6 year old?
what helps get a swollen face back to normal after after getting your wisdom teeth taken out?
Amalgam Fillings?
Is there a difference between carbamide peroxide & hydrogen peroxide??
How much would it cost to straighten one tooth as an adult?
Getting through life without ever visiting a dentist!?
have you ever heard of 'dental shock'? what has your experience been?
How to treat fungul Infection between thighs?
My toes are peeling and I don't know why?
how do get rid of scars?
How to get rid of acne marks?
Does toothpaste work?
Daivobet? Psoriasis ointment -has anyone?
I really need answers about Accutane?
I think I have a mole?
Whats on my toe it hurts?
What type of wound...?
Belly Ring's & a Unique Bump?
Is my ankle sprained?
i have pulled a muscle in my bum playing football and it won't go away
Ingrown Toenail?
What should do with my daughters jammed pinky it been like that for 2 weeks it still hurts?
My knee gets hurt really easily what should i do?
What happened to me? IM SCARED?
wen i cut my hand it was pretty deep but blood didnt come out at first,it was like a dark orange,wot was it ?
What do you do when you have ripped your big toe nail half way off?
Is this hayfever?
Got my hair dyed and got sick...reason?
Does allergy shots hav steroids at all?
Please help-brother had severe allergic reaction?
What are the odds I am not allergic to poison ivy?
help! my 3 months old shih tzu bit me!?
dog allergy is giving me all kinds of complaints?
Asthma medicines making me jittery! Is this normal?
is emotionally unstable personality disorder the same as borderline personality disorder?
Am I going Crazy or something!!! HELP?
any home remidies for nasal polips?
blopres high blood pressure medication?
Chronic Anxiety?
thyroidectomy, and want to stop medication and start herbal therapy can anyone help?
Does anyone have any natural suggestions for calming and getting rid of hemorrhoids?
Is is ok to give a 5-yr-old sleepytime tea? Chamomile in it as the sleep aid. If so, is it ok to use often?
I want to grow taller through homeopathic medcines?
Meditation tell me more?
Inner ear infection in hot weather?
What can blood work tell you about your kidneys?
How can I help my weak, tired, achey body?
how many hearts beats should you have in a minute?
How can an alcoholic quit drinking?
i have bronchitis's how do i get rid of it asap?
How to reduce Uric Acid from Blood?
Camel Crush Recall and Disease?
Iron Deficiency Anemia?
What happens when you take 7 hydrocodine 500mg each?
Occasional Chest pains when breathing?
What causes pain just below the right breast?
Pain in the right side of chest?
what is AIDS ,and how it can be prevented?
What does it mean when urine is found on your kidney and you're a diabetic?
anyone out there taking adipex?
what is a "normal" cholesterol level?
heart thump in day time and sometimes before sleeping?
what are the benefits and risks of nicotine?
Is policosanol good to lower bad cholestrol?
How long does the effect of an ephideral last after surgery? I had a stent put in and a cage around my aorta .?
HELP! Heart murmur. Why?
Medical help me please 10 points heart/lungs/bloodclot?
so sick of this crap?
13 with high cholesterol?
Which pressure indicates that you have high blood pressure. Would it be systolic or diastolic presser?
does anyone get the premonition or hear a voice to not eat sweets or else you will eventually die. I'm 41?
Lymphoma diagnosis pending?
Prophylactic Mastectomies?
Does anyone have any current info about breast cancer being caused by a virus? Symptoms? Detected? Fatal?
Can you help me with a few strategies with my diet to help prevent cancer?
My left breast is quite a bit larger than my other. I am 56 years old and had a mammogram on 9/10. My doctor?
How do stains work?
How do you get your braces to stop hurting?
why do I have swollen gums?
Electric shock in my tooth!!?
Okay my next visit is to get a root canal(s) done, actually (2) right next to one another, is it?
does anyone know how bright shade A1 tooth crowns are?
is it true that we can use hydrogen peroxide to whitenour teeth?
How do you replace the head on an electric toothbrush?
anyone had to have a tongue thrust appliance?
really weird... how do know if both arthroscopic knee surgeries may have failed?
When am I going to lose the nail?
Car Accident?
i jammed my thumb. What can i do to help it heal as quickly as possible?
brake fingers by jamming?
Sprained foot/ankle?
Shoulder/Back injury - ideas?
cold heavy tingly hand?
My is killing me but NO DOCTOR!!! ?
How do I get rid of a wrinkled fold upper eyelid?
Does Wart & Mole Vanish (WMV) really work?
how do i reduce the redness of a zit?
Would TAP WATER diluted with fresh lemon juice be as safe as bottled water??
hair is changing colors.?
Why do I get manic when I ovulate?
GAD, Buspar, and Zoloft?
is mental strain necessary in daily life
Prozac: does it really causes addiction?
how to get rid of the purple under my eyes?
Have you ever tried staying up all night for a temporary lift of your depression?
School problems???????????????
How would you classify my acne?
how are itches formed?
does the timing of sleeping really maters?If you need 7 hrs of sleep u r getting it anyway?
What is obsession (clinically)?
the shady that is being abusive in here to night is a troll
what food allergies cause dark circles under the eyes?
It's Food Allergy Awareness Week!?
is it because i have eye allergies?
why does onions make our eyes watery and pain?
Itchy all over after shower at my parents' house?
Is it possible for my nose to swell up in the morning?
my 9 year old sons been getting nose bleeds for about a month now there pretty bad ones they last maybe 15 min?
Aspergers and alternative treatments?
can kelp help with hyperthyroidism?
Does smoking herb clean out your system? Does it help lose weight?
i have a really bad coldd?
Does anyone drink Mangosteen and find it has helped their eyesight and general health significantly or at all?
i have piles in my .... i feel shy to to a doctor what is the therapy/?
What muscle do you use when you shrug your shoulders?
What is the definition of a healthcare market?
what would cause fast uhealthy weight loss in cats?
how can i get rid of the hiccups?
What happens if a valve in a vein doesn't close completely?
How can I get myself to fall asleep?
Explore how we might make children's lives healthier so that incidence of cancer and accidents would lessen.
where to find a hearing aid?
What is ALGIFOR? I'd like an answer in English, not German or French?
i have an ingrown toenail?
What is the best definition between addiction and dependence upon a drug?
After having the "flu" my sense of taste and smell are impaired.Help!?
what are the diabetes symptoms in children?
i need to buy a glucose monitor kit to check my mother's diabetes. what's the best brand and how much? THANKS!?
I get dizzy after i eats sweets. What could be the problem. Can someone help me?
what happens when you get diabetes? can you prevent it and can it be cured?
hi can anyone tell me what causes a dilated gall bladder bile duct i,m really scared?
Sugar alcohol and calorie question.?
insulin pump injection site problems?
Why is my blood sugar crazy?
I am trying to come up with a creative Irish-themed name for my JDRF walk team. Any ideas?
how bad is it if you have blood in your ****?
underactive thyroid?
Does anyone else experience an occasional loud popping sound in their head?
Social Anxiety Disorder???
my sister died of SIDS, does that mean it could run in the family?
Sclerosis? Multiple Sclerosis?
can you see this on a brain scan?
Funny noise from my full stomach...not hungry. Sounds like...well idk a bird?
Health question: Shaking Hands?
Wellbutrin and Severe Constipation??? Help!?
I heard smoking causes chest pain, but on the flip side I heard stress causes chest pain too.?
Is there any legal action you can take against ur landlord in NYC for exposure to mold/mildew from roof leak?
Post-nasal drip?
Is Pneumonia disease increasing or decreasing in U.S. or in the world?
If you have apnea and loose weight can you /has anyone out there............................?
Alright, who gave me this headcold?
why does a patient have to be conscious for a lumbar puncture?
Are There Any Ways To Keep From Being Tired?
Can Amitriptyline help with anxiety?
Using Marijuana while on Prednisone?
I have a fever, buring up right now. On bed rest what else should I do?
I am having Bad Gas Daily, what does it mean?
can black people get sunburn?
Snorting sand is it bad?
why am i waking up everyday with horrible headachess?!?
what could i be sick with?
When do we cure the cancer?
Abuse-type drugs start by increasing the concentration of what?
lung cancer?
help, husband just had whipple what can he eat?
what are lymph nodes and is it possible to take biopsies of them?
how can he check?
Colposcopy and monsel's liquid?
I have been getting a lot of new freckles and some moles, I heard that it was a sign of cancer, is this true?
what population gets leukemia?
Will I still be able to talk to or see my girlfriend if she gets hospitalized for anorexia?
Does it matter what time of day you go to bed?
What is the cause of low blood pressure and high pulse?
Fasting before a cholesterol / lipid panel?
would the nitroglycerin patch and atenolol harm the kidneys?
apple cider vinegar?? lowers cholesterol?...10 POINTS?
I feel like burn below my heart?
what do blood tests show?
am i dying? low heart rate, feeling weak?
how long can you live with copd?
hydrocortisone as a moisturizer?
What the best thing to get rid of dark acne spots?
I have acne and acne scars on my back since i was 16. Now, im 23. Isn't there a treatment i can get to rid it?
What has having psoriasis been like for you?
I have an oddly high heat/fire/flame tolerance and..?
How can I get rid of dandruff on the back of my head?
spider bit what do i do?
is there no cure for I.B.S? ?
Allergic to alcohol..any help?
what is the best medicine to relieve sinus pressure and pain?
what causes nose bleed?
Could my allergies be causing dizzy spells?
Can you get chest pains and difficulty breathing by allergies to mold/and or dust?
Is this an allergic reaction to kiwi?
is this a food allergy?
Do people with tree nut allergies have an allergic reaction to dates?
Any Suggestions? Hypoallergenic dogs, etc.?
Could I have a food allergy?
What is chakra cleansing?
what is the remedy for high cholesterol in homeopathy treatment?
What is the best organic natural shampoo/conditioner?
whats the best home remedy for curing severve back pain?
What herbs/alternative therapies have been successful in helping manage your PCOS?
EFT therapy?
How do you get rid of poison ivy?
can you write while you sleep?
Where can i buy BIO OIL?
what are the uses of aloe vera?
What is the effect of water on our body?
how do you fix that pain in the arch of your foot?
would U help me with my science fair ??
What can I do about a migraine headache ?
WHat colour shall i paint my living room so that it is a warm cheerful room?
I keep throwing things when I'm asleep?
How can i have a good sleep?
A question on Lexapro?
how much do Chiropractors charge for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
What's your WORST injury?
Is there other things you can use for you hand for possible carpal tunnel?
How long to wait before i get a cast?
Whats the best way to get a bruise to go away?
how do i promote healthy growth on a muscle?
if ace bandage is applied to tight what damage can occureand how long before damage is done?
Can picking at a scab be annoying?
Help Please, Insulin Dependent Diabetic for 24 years and pregnant!?
What's the silliest thing you've ever been afraid of?
Is Deja Vu common?
which is the last time when italians people have invaded england?
How do I get over OCD?
this is not an eating disorder..but is it anything?
Is there some kind of mental illness which makes some people sabotage their own happiness?
how do u stop crying?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!a beautiful site???
cutting help?
Doctors or pre-med students is rhinitis contagious?
help please?
is there any cure for tuberculosis?
Advair 250/50 question?
why do i keep having sore throat everytime i wake up?
lately I've been getting major chest pain what could it be?
what's a bleezy......???
Easiest and Least Painful way to die?
Signs of final moments of dying Besides heartbeat and breathing. Railing? and?
Why do i get headaches when i'm in the sun?
Effects of sitting in front of the computer too long?....?
Want left eye removed?
if one is clean and they smoke marijuana one time, how long will it stay in their urine?
What does a meth lab smell like?
what should i do about my toenail stinking?
what does the alkaline phosphatase levels detect after a breast cancer has been treated?
how come gravity makes thing stay on the ground and fall?
Breast Cancer?
Reoccuring lymph node?
I need to find a pediatric/gastrointestinal specialist for my grandson who is 14 months old that excepts medic
I have just found out my sister inlaw has breast cancer,i am trying to find a nice poem to write in a card.?
Dr's. or Nurses~ what are ALL the symptoms of colon cancer?
Can a doctor put you on a test trial of medicine for possible Hypothyroidism?
How do I find out if I am eligable for goverment help??
what to expect in end-stage kidney failure/ Septic Shock?
dizzy spells/light headed feeling?
What is a defunctioning ileostomy?
How do i stop my OCD?? (germs)?
Why Am I So Thirsty?!?!?
Do you REALLY need to have a tetanus shot before surgery?
Sleeping, then I can't breathe, then my eyes open but I can't move at all (paralyzed)?
what do you sujeset to get rid of boils?
do i leave acne treatment overnight?
what removes blackheads completley?
Dark under eye circles?
Is it early stages of Rosacea?
little red dots...?
I have a sty! need advice!?
So on one side of each wrist i have a dark black spot with flakey skin?
how can you prevent sweaty hands? ( when holding hands)?
What are these sores that pop up all over my hands?
what would happen if someone drinks fleishmann's yeast, (used for cooking)?
How long does the cold virus live on an inanimate object?
reading is my hobby but my eyesight is decreasing.what shoul i do?
How do I find resting heart rate?
Plz tell mehow can i grow taller and bigger?!?!? =D?
why is the right kidney lower then the left?
numbness of the lip and jaw after a root canal?
what do they do on the first trip to the orthodontists?
can someone tell me about the damon system?
Dental Bridge Cost?
Post/Crown after root canal???
how can i cure my extreme tooth sensitivity?
How does chewing gum help you relax during a test?
Have you ever had a broken nose?
Could a nose piercing gone wrong cause ear problems?
I have a fractured thoracic vertebrae....anyone had this? (mine is stable and compressed), how long....?
My right arm has been aching lately. Any ideas why?
What kind of damage can you do to your shoulder if you dislocate it 3 times?
Possible Shin contusion or bruise?
30 weeks pregnant?
I got hit directly with a softball on the inside side of my right knee. I iced it for twenty minutes...?
i pulled a muscle on the top front of my leg?
Got hit hard in the thigh, hurts to walk?
What is the best homeopathic medicine for someone who has been prescribed a seratonin reuptake inhibitor?
Natural remedy for Strep throat?
magnetized water and magnetic therapy?
How many natural supplements?
Candles... aromas to help with cravings?
Crushing Melatonin?
is there any legal non-prescription drugs that will help me sleep lighter?
hi does anyone know a good technique for meditation?
What is the best form of meditation to rid oneself of emotion?
Is self-injury ever treated like an addiction?
Is it possible for a parent to have separation anxiety disorder when child goes to school?
what happens when you tell your teacher that you self harming?
Why can't i remember my childhood/past?
Why am I always crying for nothing?
If you or anyone else you know have bpd please answer?
i've asked this twice..but it still hasn't posted-last try then im done..please help?
who can i talk to?
What is the BEST way to relax my MIND?
What do my cholesterol levels mean?
what is a heavy heart feeling?how to get rid of it?
my dog has had a heart attack, what to do?
21 yr old that survived 2 stabb wounds to the heart?
Costochondritis or heart problems?
my LIPID Profile result?
Can too much caffeine cause a heart attack?
is it too low my blood pressure?
what is the most common route of antibiotic administration and why?
Should I worry about my pupils shrinking when I use my albuterol inhaler?
what kind of allergy meds do u take?
migraines and food allergy's?
Severely allergic to dust mites. Will a filter help?
What foods contain Phospholipids?
Are there people allergic to apples?
Blocked nose problem?
can a person be allergic to the sticky part of tape?
Am I Allergic?
Why do people have spontaneous nose bleeds?
is glucose sugar true or false?
Does chocolate cause constipation?
is blood alchol higher after death than before?
what is reducing sugar??
which type of diabetes causes sleep deprivation?
do i have diabetes or any other disease?
Need Diabetic Insulin Pump Supplies-No Insurance?
What would happen if a diabetic person ate sugar and why?
Random swelling of body parts...?
If bacteria in the blood doesn't clear with antibiotics, how long will a person live?
Has anyone experienced a difference using generic Adderall?
I have muscle tireness all over my body. MRI will help? and lots of radiation affect me from MRI??
How Often should you get your thyroid checked?
Have you ever heard of this with Multiple sclerosis?
I have an inoperatable AVM and having the gamma knife procedure......help!?
My ear was swollen now crusty. (sorry gross I know)?
Does Metformin cause you to get tired?
Is this compulsive overeating?
Is this fibromyalgia??????
I have a nose on my hip...?
Do i have worms?PLEASE ANSWER!?
Ovarian Cancer Tumor on Intestines?
Major cause of early menopause in cancer patient especially CA of the breast is what?
For anyone ... what should I do about my mom's cancer treatments?
I have sickel cell trait, can I have babies?
ONLY people that have gotten bands for braces before?!?!?!?
gum infection?
can you make some kind of tooth veneer out of a wisdom tooth?
correct way/location of rubber bands (for braces)?
Why is it necessary to get teeth removed when getting braces?
How hard is it to get into a DENTAL SCHOOL?
Braces:hot or not?!?!!?1?
Best Method Of Teeth Whitening?
two ear lobe piercings?
Does Topamax really help you lose weight?
What causes uncontrollable shaking and shivering after anesthesia?
I have been feeling dizzy for like 2-3 days now, What is wrong with me?
Breathing Problems..?
Patting someone on the back if they're coughing?
Can i buy ritalin without prescription in US?
Why am I so forgetful?
tomorrow is 420!!!!!!?
Have you ever farted really loud by accident.?
How soon after using drysol..
How to get rid of oily face?
PLZ HELP i cant stop itching!!!!!?
major skin problem HELP!!!!!!!!desperate for help!!!!!!!!!?
How do can i get rid of acne in one day?
How do 'they' treat a boil? Do 'they' still lance them? Is this very painful?
Do your legs ever get REALLY itchy when you take off your jeans?
Boil under my arm?
swollen leg?
Can anyone agree that the freedom chair is useless.?
Was in an accidet about four yrs ago was in hospitol for four days double vision every since am 65 yrs old?
Can someone please tell I'm looking for a specialist concerned with the blood?
any body ever had radial head replacement surgery?
What can I do for a lump on my foot?
do enlarged livers go back to normal size?
What is a home remedy for coughing, sore throat & congestion?
Beginings of toe fungus?
Are there natural substitutes for anti depressants,and ADD meds?
Reiki - I am thinking about trying it. My husband & I have been trying to get pregnant for 18 months with no?
apple cider vinegar?
Is there any natural medication for epilepsy?
Did you know, Marijuana KILLS TUMORS!?
does anyone know if eating to much tomatoes can make the pain of arthritus worse?
where can I find an on-line therapist?
Does anybody else out there have autism, anxiety, depression, and a bit of ocd?
Is it true that anti depressants make you gain weight?
Is anybody here to help?
what are some symptoms if a sinus infection?
streptococcus pyogenes bacteria???
Asthma question?
Pneumonia questions?
Do I, or did I have bronchitis?
Best way to cure a cough?
Can some one tell me about the disease called sarcoidosis?
can inhaling the vapor from a hot glue gun mess your lungs up?
when your addicted to vicks noes spray will anything happen to you?
Girlfriend has severe stomach cramping..or spasms?
Causes for dilated pupils, I'm not on drugs?
which website gives the best information about fibromyalgia syndrome?
Unexplained rheumatic pains all my life?
Please help my daughter has a arachnoid cyst posterior fossa just need some info on it (Someone who has been?
urine smells like an antibiotic?
Do you have Multiple Sclerosis?
Swaying dizziness for the past week?
i eat lots but dont gain weight, bad digestive system?? HELPPPPPP.....?
what are the symptoms of lung cancer and is it curable?
Is ITP associated with Hodgkins Disease?
oncologists in New England USA using IV Ascorbate therapy for cancer?
What is done in a Bone Marrow Transplant?
Trouble Swallowing?
can anyone give me some insight or hope in the cancer of multible myeonoma,i,m curently in treatment?
I need this book fast! Kidney Cancer by Robert Figlin, Can anyone help me PLEASE!! And for little money!!?
whatis the last thing i do be for i die?
How can I get rid of spots in a quick period of time without spending money?
How can I get soft skin?
So does that new skin id stuff work?
Help...I just picked a mole?
What do you do when you have faking skin and a burning feeling on your face?
My mom has some kind of foot fungus on both of her feet. Her feet are very cracked, and hard. Does anyone know?
what will make your feet not stink?
Any homeopath doctor in plano texexas?as or dallas t?
Effective OTC Energy Supplement?
Overcoming side effects of these allergy pills?
Have you ever tried Thought Field Therapy?
Oh My, Ibuprofen & Stomach lining :o?
what is lingham massage?
How do I treat eye floaters naturopathicly?
what is an abscess in the mouth? whats the symptoms?
Do aqua fresh whitening trays cover your whole mouth?
Can we get braces overseas and consult a dentist back in our country?
Throat Pain/tooth missing/help?
How long should a dental filling last ?
What is the difference between D.D. and D.D.S.?
Anyone unhappy with their veneers?
knee problems?
where can i find voice activated supplies for paralysed people?
Rotator cuff surgery?
Neurosurgeon only- Cervical Spine injury C4,5,6 prolapse, can you recommend?
Fractured Radius?
Can I exercise with a sprained ankle and foot without causing further damage?
I got hurt at work,How would i go about short term or long term disability claims? I could never walk the same
where can i buy paractin in the uk?
What would not cause blood pressure to increase?
how does blood flow through the heart starting with the left atrium?
Stinging sensation in chest area and around. What could this be?
hard to explain heavy heart feeling?
Imagining Heart Problems...:(?
Question about cholesterol?
Need help about leg cramps and blood clots.. help please?
My heart rate is 100 BPM. Is this abnormal?
blood pressure is 161/84 and pulse is 74.?
I'm worried about my mother having a heart attack or a stroke!?
Is it normal to sometimes lose compassion, empathy and feel no guilt or remorse whilst doing something wrong?
i think im scared of people?
Is it normal to crave blood??
Would you trust a psychiatrist?
What is the name for a foot doctor?
My toenail is coming off and I didn't injure it in anyway...help?
Should i get free Glucose strips?
What is the differences in symptoms between?
Am I at risk for diabetes?
what is the best diet for a person who is type 2 diabetic?
I've been checked for the last few years for diabetes because family members are diabetic.?
Why Won't God Heal Amputees?
does honey slow the brown down reducing concentration?
I am 37 and by blood count is at 8 what could be wrong , and should i be worried i fit and healthy?
blood count of 8 what could be wrong?
does the blood taste sweet if you have diabetes?
Does sunscreen really cause cancer?
Can Marijuana(THC) get into your system from second hand smoke?
Does anyone know what this can maybe be?
Sometimes I get sick when I drink, other times I can drink like a fish.Any suggestions as to why this happens?
How Come I Have Sleep Problems?
just a quick question!!!?
hey, can anyone help me with nose bleeds?
Is this a fever?(99.3)Sick or Allergies?
Am I PetitE, i dont think i am?
In regards to sleep. What is REM rebound?
heyy i need some help.?
Tickly and Chesty Coughs - What's The Difference?
Sinus infection symptoms?
What can I do for all the mucous in my throat?
wgats the best way to pack in smoking?
can you join the RAF if you have Asthma.?
Why do insect bites itch horribly?
Is it possible that I have ringworm?
Herpes or not???
how do i get rid of this wart on my finger.?
What is the FASTEST way to get rid of a cold soar? PLEZZZZ!!!! 10 pts.?
Is there a cure for cellulite?
What is best prescribed by a doctor for scars and wrinkles?
Blood work showed an elevated liver enzyme. What may cause this?
Can fever be a symptom of kidney complication other than kidney infection? Possible sign of kidney disease?
what is McCray's disease?
Pain in the stomach and vomit. What is wrong?
How difficult is it for someone who has Aspergers Syndrome to become a law enforcement officer?
Are these symptoms of a brain aneurysm?
My friend was sent away to be treated for anorexia what should I send in her care package?
Help, I have restless leg Syndrome and i NEED to move my legs and i cant sleep!?
Is there a tested, proven Protocol that successfully cures Multiple Sclerosis , that is not a scam?
does IBS can be completely cured by Homeopathy?. allopathic doctors deny it. wich is true?
Alternative remedy for bloatedness?
what is the best multi vitiman?
what over the counter medicines are best for chronic pain?
who believes alternative meds help heal or cure and which ones?
What can you recommend for my benign prostatic hyperplasia besides drugs?
What can give me a boost?
how do u floss your teeth with braces on?
I'm still hurt after 4 days after my wisdom teeth out. Is that normal?
Sharp pains on several rear teeth ?
I work as a waitress am unemployed no insurance. My front tooth broke in half. What to do now ?
If you go to the ER with a toothache?
I might be getting a root canal soon...does it hurt?
What are the first steps of becoming a dentist? and what colleges should i go to?
My tooth is hanging and I am trying to pull it and not coming out!?
How much money does an oral surgeon make a year?
Do abnormally short periods of sleep affect our lives?
depression and anxiety?
how do I know that I'm an addict?
tell me 5 reasons why i should not care about what ppl think?
hahah..What were you afraid of as a kid??
advice needed. Tomorrow I start a new job. I will be working in a home for the mentally handicapped?
Are you scared of Death?
how long can u go????
i feel like giving up...?
What are some project ideas concerning sickle cell anemia?
I get a "fluttering" feeling in my chest sometimes. It just happened. Any ideas?
had a pace maker fitted in November how should i be feeling now ?
How many times does a human heart beat in a year?
Is it true that when you lay on your left side, the weight of your body smashes your heart?
I Have been known hypertant since 2002, Now I am 37yrs, suggest me can I be on diuritic?
PSVT experiences, please share. I am afraid of it.?
i need some answers about a stroke victim?
What does a normal ECG look like?
My son was bite by a rattle snake and has had 6 debridements I want to know if blood spinning platelets helps?
symtems of lactose intolerance?
Diabetes and hemoglobin: What is the relation?
contents that should be included in genetically engineered insulin?
Has anyone found the One Touch ultra mini blood sugar testing meter to be inaccurate?
how do i check for Diabetes and do i have to go with my parents?
What does it mean benign cellular changes?
does anyone know a good website that has journals of breast cancer survivors?
Consuming tobacco in any form a sure cause for cancer?
how long does nicotine stay in your body after you quit smoking?
Leukemia without bleeding but with bruising?
Can laxative abuse cause colon cancer??
Why do people east of the Mississippi River at a high risk for cancer, then people west of the M.R.?
WHat are the signs/symptoms of pheunmonia in an 8 month old?
Ceftin antibiotic?
My friend has a punctured lung. Will he be okay?
I'm occasionally smelling a burnt dust smell?
I was perscribed Augmentin 875mg (sinus infection), but took only half w/a 2-day lapse. Should I finish them?
Lung Trouble?
they have found some nodules on my lungs....what is this?
home remedies for acne? or acne scars? ones that work well plz?
Are tanning beds safer than sunshine?
Baking Soda and Acne?!?
Fungal nail infection?
tricks to get rid of my cellulite?
-; so im reallly reallly scared?
do you know what this skin problem is?
I have black dots on my nose and also my cheeks.I used so many creams but no result.Please i need solution .Th
achene problem?
if a blind man look at the sun does he suffer like we do?
Will Nasal Irrigation with a water pick help a clogged ear?
I need help with dehydration stuff?
what are the physical health benifits of a massage?
Beet Juice to Lower High Blood Pressure?
Is being a Chiropractor a good career and is Palmer Florida a good school?
Are i am taking right dosage for Phyttolaca & fucus vesiculuous?
What to do for a sore throat?
Has anybody stopped smoking using a allen carr clinic.If so,how does it work.?
My lips always burn. Is there a natural way to cure?
How do you get rid of a stitch when excercising?
Why am I still so tired?
Is Weed really bad for me?
Is it ok to pee in the shower?
How can I sleep early again like I used to?
Stephen Hawking....?
Who said this, "Strokes are preventable and treatable. Prompt treatment... " Who is he, a doctor?
Mono? Sleep exhaustion? Sleep depravation?
What foods can you eat when you have Gout?
Constant naseua, sleepiness, stomach pain, and headaches?
Can a person born blind experience visual hallucinations?
If you have Fibromyalgia, tell me what has helped you?
is food sterile after baking?
What about allergies?
could it be allergies?
Does anyone know how to stop eyes from watering?
How can i get rid of dust?
Insect Sting and allergic reaction?
Please help, my allergies are killing my eyes.?
Can a regular echocardiogram detect an aortic dissection?
Echocardiogram showed a "shadow" on my heart. I'm 27 and kinda concerned.?
Is my blood Pressure high or low?
how do you lower your heart rate fast?
Is this a normal blood pressure?
heart beat skipping ? help please?
If i drank alcohol last night will my blood pressure be high today?
What are the first symptoms of lung cancer?
conditions leading to the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols...?
How long does it take to get results back from a biopsy?
is walking through bracken dangerous? the leaves are supposed to be cancer causing if you eat them but is it s
melanoma tumor in the neck? can you get it removed at 9 am and go to work at 1 pm? same day? work 9 hrs on?
What do you say to someone with cancer?
Are you willing to send a Birthday card to a young concer patient?-FOLLOW-UP?
would low diabets monitor battery give a faulty high reading?
Does the health care reform help a disable person get medicare any sooner then the 18 month waiting period?
what is the side effects of drinking vinegar?
how to get free sms from marketbhavishya?
Does picking your nose give you diabetes?
Have any of you done this tutorial on diabetes?
have medicare and want a job?
when i stick myself @ home to test sugar i don't bleed!?
Do cranberry pills make you pee?
I easily get emotional, how to change myself?
Do you have any harmless quirky habits that are approaching the OCD stage?
How to stop from falling into depressive stage of bipolar cycle?
Concerned with my child possibly being ADHD and the MEDICATION side effects?
i keep losing my train of thought?
Help with my antidepressant please...?
How do I get my self-esteem back after people have been so mean to me?
im so emotional!!. serious answer please?
So... in my early twenties I was an addict to coke and the big H...?
Ugh! I dont want to be down today...?
How well do Crest Whitestrips work?
what would be the best choice for health and dental insurance?
Dental assistant in virginia what can they do and cannot do as dental assistant!?
How much does an extraction cost for a baby tooth?
How much do braces cost?
My friends worried about her teeth..?
my jaw hurts. and i have no idea why. HELP!?
I would love to have a pretty smile but I do not have insurance.What do I do?
Any advice before I get my braces off?
my bestfriend used my toothbrush?
How do you use tea tree oil to treat acne? thanks?
What are the typical medicines from china?
I cant stop sweating?!?!?!! help!?
Ear Stapling!? I heard about it on the radio the other day, does it work? I want to hear personal experiences?
Has anyone heard of any herbal remedies for PCOS to help you conceive?
How do I powder sage?
where is best hospital for infants who are terminally ill?
Anybody know how to get rid of zits?
Why aren't cats affected by ticks? other than irritation of the skin that is. But, humans need to have them cu?
how long should you wait for scars to heal before you do a chemical peel?
Has anyone had radio surgery mole removal?
what are some good treatments for acne?
My athletes foot hurts ALOT, is this a bad sign?
underarm wettness?
Medical quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Anemia Question?
IBS goes away then come back!?
Weight Loss?
Is this too long to wait for diagnosis? Possible Crohn's Disease?
Turrets Syndrome at 25?
whats wrong with me??i feel sooo illl....?
I have grown a 12th toe?
If you could cure one single disease, what would it be and why?
I have an pneumonia but I don't know how long I should stay home from school?
Vicks Inhaler?
Do I need to seek treatment for pulmonary artery pressure of 47 recorded during echolcardiogram?
Is Pleurisy something major? Anyone who has gotten it before or so?
when i blow my nose theres blue stuff . anyone know why?
why do I get a "something stuck" feel in my throat when I use sugar-free gum?
What exactly are hiccups?
My hair falls out a lot..am i lacking a nutrient/vitamin?
It feels like a Chronic Cold. When will the madness stop!?
I need some help plz?
quit smoking?
I have been having trouble sleeping...?
I overdosed on a drug?
I'm sick and I am reallly bored! Any ideas of what i can do?
Will zoloft make me want to be around people?
What is the average life expectancy for chefs or the industry?
How do I stop getting calcium kidney stones?
had a cold 5 days ago. Would i still b sick if i had cancer?
Is klinefelter syndrome fatal if then in what stage?
plzz tell me the site for fulll text articles on green tea and skin cancer?
What percentage of Lottery money raised in the Princess Margaret?
is there a type of skin cancer that will not alow you to go into the sun?
cancer question?
Can cat saliva or a cat's snout contain contaminants that can give you cancer if you use antiseptic mouthwash
My Blood Pressure result?
I'm having an operation in 2 weeks. Anything I should/shouldn't be doing/eating?
What would you recommend for me to do with my heart problems, or is this even serious?
What do people with a pacemaker feel? Why would they get one?
What is the reason for my heart monitor?
MY heart beat is fast? why?
Can an ACL ever be normal again after surgey?
ok have life threatening condition could die tomorrow, but no one in medical seems to care ..?
had stitches out on inner knee but now its opened up after 2 days and is getting bigger.has any1 had this?
Why does hydrogen peroxide help treat cuts?
Has anyone expierienced cankor sores as a side effect in the mouth from Cymbalta?
broke lumbar spine in 3 places and both heel bones....?
Should a healed broken elbow look bowed?
I've got problems with my wrist......?
legs have been hurting! what can i do? ?
"rash" after king crab?
i have a cut that wont heal how do i fix it?
I got shot with those noisy guns. Will I be alright?Plz answer me!!!?
Paxil withdrawal?
How Can I Be More Optimistic?
psychotic depression?
What does it mean for someone to crave being attacked?
Depression cliches, so annoying!?
Help I feel so hopeless!?
How to stop being friendly?
Why is it so hard to go on with life? Why should I? I have no money, no life, and no friends?
How does quartz work for healing?
What are the health benefits of taking glyconutrients?
Has anyone tried spinal decompression,(not a surgical proceedure).?
have you heard of the alkaline diet? you don't eat anything that is acidic?
Where can I find Elderberry tea or flower in Miami?
Is there natural food like fruit vegetable which can be used for replacement of viagra or cialis?
is the nature's cure better than the medicines of the present day?
Have you ever tried a crystal stone like Rose Quartz or Amethyst or others for an ailment? did it work?
Tanning after erbium laser treatment?
botox question?
Clearasil deep cleanse?
If I quit foundation entirely will my skin become clear, i currently have acne, and blotches.?
Does whey protein cause acne??
my legs look horrible! i need help please?
10 Points! Whats the best prescription medicine for acne... I'm 30 yrs old and breaking out all over !
Hey sorry,but i have a friend who has a really bad itch on her virgina area.How can she get rid of it?
diet for indian gestational diabetic pregnant patient?
what is conjuntive heart failure?
I have insulin resistance, also know as pre-diabetes.?
My Creatinine Serum is averaging 0.44 to 0.55 and it's flagged as low on my lab results. What does this mean?
At my 2 hour GTT test my blood sugar dropped to 55 what does this mean? My fasting was 99?
Pregnancy and diabetics?
Can you donate blood half way across the world?
Could I have breast cancer?!?
my white cell's are high but the doctor did not say about any abnormal cell's he told me to come back?
where in a human long bone would you find the conncetive tissue that's heavily laced with blodd vessels?
friend trying to quit smoking...?
lump under left armpit?
Can braces help TMJ disorder?
How long does it take to get braces/retainer/invisilign?
I've got stitches in my gum, please help.?
can taking immunosuppressants increase the likelihood of getting a dental abscess?
How will i know if i have dry socket?
Spots...and toothpaste...plz help?!?
how to lose a tooth as quickly and painlessly as possibe?
What should I do if my teeth are straight but my "vampire teeth are higher up"?
I got braces yesterday and right now my teeth are pretty much killer..?
Sprained ankle?
Is this normal for a 3rd degree sprained ankle?
Breaking arm process...?
What do I do?
IMPACT! relax - loose OR stiff - flex? CRASH!?
Suffering from low back pain for the past 3 yrs with bulging disc-no improvement yet?
A walk in clinic??????
Cracking your Nuckles????
Is dairy the only food that thickens mucus?
Is freon gas is harm full?
Is Cipro A Good Antibiotic For Sinus Infection?