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can you help me ?
I stopped cutting about a yr ago but i've recently started again?
my head itches every time i eat spicy foods am i allergic to spicy foods?
PLEASE HELP MEE!! i won't stop bleeding!!!?
what are the latest methods in assessing blood pressure?
this is for school....what medicines cant diabetics use?
Has anyone out there had Gastric Lap Band Surgery?
how many people have died from e.coli?
what does it mean when your nailbeds are white in color?
Why does my crotch sweat alot?
I have a wisdom teeth question? Pockets forming?
How can I close the spaces between my teeth without braces?
About my retainer?
how does a cavity feel on a front tooth?
i have a large red soft lumb in the roof of my mouth it is burning and is killing me?
why should a pilot do not have dental problem ?
My Cavities didn't hurt?
great home remidies for whitning teeth quickly???
were u addicted to coca cola with braces?
pain in left arm - upper?
Tightness in Chest while exersizing...?
I've had a soar throat for more then a week now...?
What is a good all-purpose cleaner to use around a COPD patient?
wht is the volume of air that is breathed in & out during a normal respiration?
Oxygen level?
i have a little pain in my chest what is it?
why do you need to asses the patients treatment using bronchodilator drugs before administering nebulizazation
Why do mosquito bites itch?
How does the stomach/bowels detect a large presence of bacteria.?
Pressure under both ears when outside...?
Recurrent boils in my armpits, groin, and under breasts?
What is the best way to get rid of eczema?
What do bedbug bites look like and what are the symptoms?
HELP. what cures a smelly scalp?
brain tumor. worried sick?
I heard that there is a site that provide names of homeopathic medicine if we write problems or diseases?
Warning: Detailed Question... Worm in human stool?
kidney transplant and dogs?
i have white toes on my big toe and one of the white spots is peeling?
Stop blushing in front of people?
what do you think about this product, please?
How do i cure a stye ?
i think i have a kidney infection...?
Knee Surgery?
What exactly can I do with a bone bruise?
answer please?
Feels like a blister on the back of my anklebut my skin is fine. The ankle tendon part hurts with the shoes on
Lip piercing and swelling?
sunburn feeling on the skin of my left leg,started 4 days ago and getting worse,?
Broken nose.?
I was let go from. I had an injury in training. They didn't think I could make it. Is that discrimination?
what couldve happened?!!? really serious!?
I'm using a new Medtronic Minimed Sof-set Ultimate QR, and I have a few questions.?
what happens if glucose levels in the blood are low?
i was hungry/stomach growling i tested my blood sugar and it was 130 (i ate an apple an hour prior) i totally?
eating before a blood test?
What did type one diabetics do in the 1800-1900s?
I like getting controlled?
How long can prehypertension and hypertension be left untreated without serious damage to the body?
Is artificial sweetener good for high blood pressure?
how do a frog heart and a human heart differ in their responses to temperature?
How can I pass a nicotine test?
What to eat Before Lipid Profile Test?
I get occasional heart palpitations and have been to the doctor?
heart keeps pounding fast?
Heart failure or heart attack, it hurts right? Like if ur having one it cant be mistaken?
whats a normal heart rate?
Suicide/Self Harm/Depression quotes or poems?
I have Asperger Syndrome, will I ever find a girlfriend?
conversion disorder?
I need an excuse......?
What part of your brain gives you a euphoric feeling?
What should I do? Depressed..?
Who is better when performing the ultrasound, the radiologist or the ultrasound technologist?
shoulder problem?
My Eos (absolute)-015933 is .6x10e3/ul, what is definition of this test?
I always thought a tumor was cancer cells?
i want to know what are the requirements for an oncologist?
LEEP procedure...help?
What does the massa intermedia of the thalamus do?
is there really ever going to be a cure for cancer?
how bad are cigars compared to normal filtered Cigarettes?
How does liver failure cause yellow eyes?
I have an extremely over active gag reflex,?
improper food storage can lead to food poisoning?
how much time a food in our stomach to be completely empty and take a food again. is 3hrs. normal?
Why are my eyes always so watery?
Constant pulsating stomach hunger pains?
Is nystagmus treatable?
Should I see a doctor?
i have underactive thyroid, will i DEFINETELY be fat if i don't eat all healthy?
What scares you about hospitals? the machines, layout, sick people?
swollen right neck lymph node?
What is the difference from Marijuana, Hash, and Oil?
is this normal for tonsillitis?
How long can a human go without water?
What triggers panic attacks?
why cant i get high anymore?
Is this normal for a 2 yr old?
Does anyone else love the feeling....?
if I fart into a jar and put the lid on quickly?
i fell in target and fracture my ankle i also has partial torn ligaments in my knee can i sue target corp .?
my gran daughter keeps complaing and coplaining about her ankle?
My injury won't heal?
Workman's comp run around?
Dose the air force take people that have a spinal cord injury on there medical records?
Knee pain?
whats wrong with my thumb if i have these symptoms?
I just got a really bad cut on my leg and I'm afraid it will scar what should I do?
slight bleeding after head indury?
How to get rid of acne?
Does birth control really work to get rid of acne?
Rash all over body (sides,chest,neck)?
Why do I wake up EXTREMELY itchy in the morning?
If I'm black, why are the palms of my hands white? And why don't white people have have black palms?
what is the statistics of diabetes fast?
Please help me with suggestions about food and type 2 diabetics?
Hypoglycemic attack, can a person be "awake" but VERY angry and aggressive?
I am having blood test in the morning to check for diabetes.its a fasting blood test can i smoke ?
Why head ache and irritation is there for a person suffering from diabetes?
Blood sugar of 83 about a hour and a half after eating?
Question about diabetes test machine?
Why is it important to monitor a drunk person for seizures and heart activity?
My mother recently had an abdominal aortic anureyism. She is now on a respirator and was have dialysis?
what is your overall input on heart disease?
Info about PaceMakers?
Where can I purchase a copy of the ICD 10 CM?
why can i feel my pulse?
Chest Pains and Nausea?
hear my heart beat?
Options for constipation?
Feet always cold.....what should I try?
Is it okay to drink large amounts of collodial silver ?
Is there any alternative to dialysis?
Can Melatonin have any side effects?
Has anyone ever heard of birth control pills causing cancer?
Where can I get a qualification as a homeopathic person?
Coconut oil made mom sick?
is it normal to get really depressed in the winter but feel fine during the warmer months?
How can I help a depressed student? He was doing well and stopped coming to school int he last week"?
Is continual belittling jokes at someones expense a form of bullying?
Have you ever called a suicide hotline?
Do I have depression?
here in england do you love "bobby" as in italy we love "sbirri"?
What is wrong with me? I always feel like someone is watching me. Am I paranoid?
am a 15 year old girl and .......( long detail , please no mean answers..)?
Rapid Braces? are they safe?
Foul odor and bad taste after wisdom tooth extraction?
What does MOD mean in dentistry?
Is teeth grinding (bruxism) always related to stress?
Why is it when your sleeping it`s called drool but when your awake its called spit?
I have a toothache and I bought clove oil. How should I use it?
im getting my braces off tomorrow. does it hurt?
I clean my tounge well, but I still get some wierd goo on it within a few minutes How do I know if it's clean?
Dentist that can convert canines into vampire fangs?
I want front veneres, Am I vain or do I have a valid point?
How can you tell your allergic to wheat/ gluten? (eczema suffers please reply)?
do antihistamines weaken your immune system?
watermelon allergy or reaction to a sunburn?
I am suddenly having an "allergic reaction" to boiled shrimp and crawfish. Headache, stomach ache, etc?
I took one of those SIBO/H. Pylori Breath tests at the hospital and threw up...?
Horrible allergies in the morning???
What causes this sort of sneezing?
My friends toddler likes to eat all household products?
why do eye capillaries break when crying?
what does this sound like she has?
Speech problem? Help I guess....?
What causes low IQ if it's not genetic?
If the inside of your eyelids are pink, why do you see black when you close your eyes?
Is there anything you can do to "fix" flat feet?
How to get cinnamon out of your throat?
so i smoked pot about ten days ago and i had to take a drug test today for walmart. will i pass?
what other two body parts besides the bone marrow produce white blood cells?
which is the dose of essiac in a pt with breast cancer & how i prepare it ?
Does anyone know what it means to have occasional ovalocytes noted in a blood smear?
does campfire smoke cause cancer?
Oral cancer??
What kind of ankle brace do you suggest?
A podiatrist told me I walk on the sides of my feet. i never realised this before?
How you know your foot is fractured?
Why is my ankle sore ..? ?
My heel of my left foot has been killing me...Please help.?
Lol is this bad?
Can Hemophilia symptoms?
Do you have to move in a fit?
Left side of the body is not functioning due to Stroke.He is 35 years old. Does phsiotherapy make him walk.?
I have severe swelling in my feet in ankles.?
Can hypercapnia cause brain damage?
Can someone explain Exploding Head Syndrome to me?
swollen veins?
How much does it cost to have a colostomy bag fitted, i had all of my colon taken away in 1990?
does any one have a cure for a Sleeping problem?
I am able to crack both of my wrists, and my left legs ankle. Is this okay? And can this lead to something bad?
How to faint durring gym class?
Pain in my lower leg help asap?
What is an easy way to heal a broken heart?
heart requirements?
Do horror movies cause heart attack for a normal person like me ?
Plz help 10 points for advice thank you?
leg pain and blood clots helo!?
when you took a heart attack years ago, you were in a hospital bed for a long time?
My wounds take longer time to heal and I easily get wounded and develop bruises. Do I have diabetes...or?
Hus. has diabetes High BP and High Cholesterol but he doesn't seem to wanna take care of his self drinks Alto?
what is the best medication for this?
What Ingredient in Pills make them dissolve?
I need to know the detection period of Valiums in urine and blood?
Physically addicted or mentally addicted?
How does hypnosis work?
how to get your mind off of everything.?
Did I get an anxiety disorder because of my mom, and getting bullied in middle school?
I have a freind thats in mental hospital but she is getting worse?
Help with self-control?
Сould you cure anybody with your love?
Is it wrong that i want to die?
This has happened before where I have severe itching and i break out in hives. Could it be from stopping meds?
Is the modified food starch in Hebrew National Hot Dogs gluten free?
how can u stop runny nose?
How do i get a gluten free restaurant guide for canada?
omg lump wat is thiss?
Why do I rarely feel tired? I hardly ever sleep, and when I want to sleep, I can't.?
How do I give myself the heimlich maneuver?
How do I cure my hang over?
Marijuana and asthma?
what is theophylline toxicity?
Can asthma keep you awake at night or from sleeping soundly?
when i can find asbestos licnes in mass?
What could be causing my cough?
I have bronchitis Really bad. I was just wondering how to get rid of the symptoms as fast as possible. Thanks
Sore throat!!!?
hey how is everyone doing?well im having problems wth my neck im posive for tb(Tuberculosis)but it is dormant?
how come everytime i want to yawn i cant?
Phantom gallbladder pains?
Is it true that alcoholism is a disease of the mind?
I have Celiac Disease.. I know some good foods, that are Gluten-Free. But? Anyone know anymore?? And where?
What can cause severe diarrhea?
bingeing and those who have binge eating disorder?
What could possibly be wrong with my leg/ankle--I've had edema for about 4 years, now pain?
Mum might have swine flu. Not quite sure what to do.?
How to wake people easily?
Crooked toes and fingers?
Question about thrush and exercise?
what is the least expensive medicare supplement carrier in California?
Where can I find a trusted Glycemic Index Chart?
can mental illness be related to diabetes type 1?
Diabetes Insipidus in dog? Any other treatment that works? NEED HELP!!?
sometimes i crave sweet foods & get shakey without it, is it type one diabeties? tested for type 1 & all good?
Type 2 diabetes: is honey good for them?
Gestational diabetes at 30 weeks?
Is there any other way to prove that a person is type-1 diabetic.?
is blood manor really all that scary?
Retainer question...?
What Should I Expect After the Removal of My Braces?
Can you bleach artificial teeth?
two cavities on my incisors.....help?!?!?!?!?
why do my gums bleed when i brush my teeth??
My Mom is in pain?
Big Red Gum Pain!!!!?
help me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
so what happens when u swallow mouth wash?
im a 40 yr old male and i have severe ear infection?
Knee and shin problem...plese help?
i have a cramp/pulled muscle?
Computer Addiction Injury?
What can I do to bring down the swelling?
What;s wrong with my legs?
sprained foot cruthes? ahh helppp?
so, i hurt my leg at kentucky kingdom...?
i think i might have a broken tailbone?
Aspartame and brain tumors?
What is the cause of both lytic bone lesions and hypercalcemia?
what is the role of nodal metastasis in cancer?
what is more horrifying, leukemia or pancreatic cancer?
Is this lingering scrape like lesion on my back something to work about? Skin cancer/carcinoma? ?
What is Hashimoto's Thyroid?
I need to hear from someone who cared for their Mother who had endometrial cancer?
what can be the panacea for all ?
Metallic Taste In My Mouth, Headache, Stomach Pain/Burning?
What determines how your voice sounds?
sleeping problems?? please help.?
what is a h- mole??!?!?! please help! whats wrong with me?
How to stop hallucinating, if it starts again?
Why is it so hard to control yourself when your tired?
Why do I feel like throwing up every day?
Why do I get a bad twitch and a rash on my arm when I am eating dirt?
How old do you need to be to buy nicotine gum from BOOTS?
Would everyone send strong loving prayer out to my girlfriend jennifer who is very ill and in the hospital?
Are other people sometimes to blame for lifestyle diseases?
How do I lower my blood pressure?
what electrolytes that require fasting or no water intake for electrolyte test.?
my husband had a holter machine and it read,,,, 1 tachycardia episode <100bpm 50 bradycardia episodes <60bp?
what foods or actions cause high blood pressure?
Is this a normal heart rate?
What is wrong with me?
so i think i maybe be having sypmtoms of a heart attack? but idk if its just panic attack or something else?
My hand beats like a heart?
What condition could my neighbours' parents have; they don't know how to use a cell phone, a pc, or any?
has anyone out there ever suffered from an eating disorder?!?
What stopped you from committing suicide?
What does it take to be happy?
I need a great website for holistic health information...?
is hgh dangerous? and what makes it illegal?
Know any remedies for sinuses?
Need homeopathic doctor's prescription?
have you sent healing energy or prayed for someone and it worked?
Something homeopathic for stuffy nose and sore throat?
Can a severe allergic reaction cause urine to be cloudy for a while?
can i take vicodin for my allergies?
MSG allergies!?
what are allergies from and how do you know if you have them for sure?
Foods high in calcium?
Do you know how I can prevent it?
benadryl to help go to sleep... is that bad?
I have a question about my eyes?
How long does it take for Levaquin to cure a UTI?
Latest findings show that cosumption of purified water triggers Thyroid imbalance. Is it substantiated?
Polycystic Ovaries? Help...?
Is it normal to feel your heartbeat in your head?
Swollen hands and feet?
acid reflux. plz help doctors!!?
Why do people who can't hear as well only have hearing aides in one ear?
Have you banned from donating blood because you spent time in the U.K. ie b/c of the mad cow disease thing?
I heard the funniest thing today, Well at least i think i did lol?
Burn/abbrasion on knee and ankle.?
Severe lower back pain?
I fell on my back and when I sneeze, it hurts?
What is the best water based product to use on or in your nose when using oxygen 24/7?
Does anyone have a good remedie for snooring?
When searching for chest lyphnodes ( possible related illness') , any suggestions on key word searchs?
How does caffeine affect breathing?
Do tranquilizers slow down your breathing?
Does anyone know the cure for Stomatodysodia or halitosis?
Is this common for asthmatics? What else can I do?
what happen if p56 lck level is increased ?
what would the best reason for random passing out /blacking out be?
I am diabetic and having 272 sugar after 1.5 hour after food?
where can I get free or low cost dental care?
What exactly goes into removing impacted wisdom teeth?
I was using Grandma's dentures to pull a nail out of the wall and cracked the upper plate. How can I fix it?
How can I stop myself from gagging so much at the dentist?
A safe way to whiten your teeth?
Dental Terror: Help!?
How do you achieve white teeth naturally?
what aromatherapy oils are safe to use in a diffuser for a baby
Did a Reiki healing course? How would you describe yourself before, during and after the cleansing period.?
im GERD patient?
I had to much green tea and i got a sudden onset hell fever for a day?
Is Lipton Tea bags 100% natural is it the same as green tea or offter the same benefits?
Are there any internet forums dedicated to the discussion of herbal remedies?
what are the best supplements for improving memory/concentration?
Should i be smoking weed.....?
what are the survival rates for Richter's syndrome after treatment and what is the treatment for this?
does juse help tumors?
Can a local tumor in the lung spread to develop bone metases without affecting the rest of the lungs?
Stiff knee=bone cancer?
Arguments against genetic screening for breast cancer?
Depression - "special support clinic" ..?
What are panic attacks?
When will you die of AIDS once you got it and don't even think of curing it???(1 or 2 years)?
Have you beaten Breast Cancer?
people I am scared here. I have a huge chance I have anal cancer, as I thought it was bowel. I have the HPV?
Has anyone had a failed relationship with a borderline personality disorder partner?
is 96 a good resting heart rate?
how does defibrillator work on heart?
how do women usually recover from a heart catherization?
Unusual chest pain on leaning over?
is my blood pressure making me feel unwell?
Does drinking a beer or 2 every night raise your blood pressure?
Help with this question about heart attack?
Where can I go to renew my CPR card?
My echogram results!!!!!!!!!?
are my cholesterol results bad?
What are the symptoms of acid reflux disease?
How long is prednisolone good for?
how do i tell my doctor (surgery)?
what can you eat when you have sevier acid reflux or galblader problems?
trypanosomiasis is a disease but does it atark's dogs.?
Ok so i'm not to sure, but maybe.....?
In your opinion, are people suffering from eating disorders resonsible themselves, or?
Baby has a rash since Saturday?
Does it sound like i've developed an aversion to Bananas?
Why do my hands itch?
I am having allergy issues; I am 40 year old female.?
Is this an allergic reaction?
How are people allergic to cats and not dogs?
i have a heart arrythmia, i cannot take any decongestants, anyone know methods for congestion w/o pseudophed?
I'm don't think my friend believes that I'm allergic to nuts?
Does this sound like pulled muscle or something else?
What can i do about my sprained ankle?
How can i prevent shoulder injury?
Possible fracture of the Scaphoid?
I had a prolapse operation 4 years ago and its back again.?
Earlobe Infection please help me!?
Please help I think my foot might be broken?
What is this weird bump on my wrist?
Good home remedies and comfort measures when suffering from a 'cold'?
How is Yoga used in Alternative Medicine?
apple cider problem?
Does anyone know much about reflexology?
Colonic--What is the abdominal sensation you get?
Supplements for Glaucoma – has anyone tried this???
Do you have to be over 16 to buy..?
Can you tell me all your problems so I feel like I am helping out ins some way?
where can i find more information about manic depression?
What experiences do you have of educating the police on mental health and/or alcoholism in a training session?
This is very frustrating. I can't seem to get anything done properly. Is there any way to fix myself?
how do i control my temper?
OCD, early indicators?
How can i hide the fact that my parents are alcoholics?
can you beieve this?...?
what are all the symtoms of breast cancer?
Lump On Breast?
11 Month old, doc says low platelets possibly. We took a cbc test/ Why did she send us? I am worried?
Could i have cervical cancer?
What to say?
Do dentists have an evil trick?
How can I find a dentist in my area who performs the Deep Bleaching method?
hydrogen peroxide???
my son has a abscess tooth he is on a antibiotic but what can he do to relieve the pain?
Should I be worried about braces? I am 15.?
What's the best way to whiten teeth, and not just temporary?
The thing in the back fell off my tooth.?
Does a tooth become loose because of gum recession?
I hurt my jaw and can't chew. How long until it feels better? Has this happened to you?
shoulder problems.. [detailss!]please help!!?
Occasional sharp pain on left side of chest, lasts for around ten minutes, made worse by breathing. Any ideas?
got a good exercise to relieve pain muscles in the neck?
how long to wait for my sprained mlc to heal?
Knee turns red after shower/ bath and I had surgery earlier why is it turning red?
Could you break your arm this way?
What do you think this dream means?????
Shoulder Surgery?? ( Had a sis in my shoulder)?
What color cast should i get??
I should feel sorry for having being epileptic ? my lanlord kicks me when im down?
is sore throats a symptom of diabetes?
what does medicare cover?
Do I have diabetes? Been very thirsty for the past week.?
I'm thirsty all day long !! & I've been drinking water every 5 mints!what should i do?or whats wroung with me?
Diagnosed with diabetes now what?
can being hungry or low blood sugar give you the shakes?
Why do I feel like I have to throw up EVERYDAY!?
Must insurance companies honor your prescription for a sleep study (polysomnography)?
a question about asbestos help!
I can breath when i smoke??HELP!?
Why do steroid inhalers cause thrush and infections of the mouth?
My dad is 81 and lost his sense of smell. He can taste good yet but has always had sinus problems.?
What does giving Oxygen to a patient really do for them?
medication problems..?
What medicine should I take for Chest Congestion and Cough?
Irregular heartbeat and hard time breathing? ?
Does this sound like allergies?
Does benadryl-D clear rashes?
My three year old has a REALLY bad runny nose. What's a good over the counter medicine to clear it up?
I have a serious problem with my sinusitis, can you help?
sneezing alot , burnin eyes?
If I have sinus problems can I get a nose job?
what to do if you accidentally drank a antibiotic that has penicillin and you're allergic to it?
How Come when u pull A nose hair your eye get Watery?
so if u were to go and breathe in nitris oxide?
Is sniffing nail polish considered as glue-sniffing ?
Does it irritate you to read "just go see a doctor" as an answer to your question?
Has anyone had any experience with successfully removing stretch marks? What did you do?
The sedated me without my consent, was the hospital in the wrong?
Question for the drug addicts.?
Please Rate me!(pic)?
HELP!!!!who knows anything about drug od?
any noises first time smoking weed?
What ways can ecstasy can be taken?
How can I raise my good cholesterol?
Could someone tell me what it means....?
how safe are by NHS (medical records) at my GP?
Can getting your tongue peirce actually paralyze you?
how does the skin can promotes and stimulates calcium absorption in the intestines?
Where can I find custom orthotic sandals?
Organic remedy for Psoriasis?
Most effective ephedrine/edphedra based diet pill?
What are some natural things to help regulate blood sugar?
what is a good product to clean your urine off residues of marihuana? I have to give a test tomorrow!!?
What do you feel like when you take/smoke these?
Extremely Wierd feeling!?
does anyone know where you go to become certified in addiction counseling?
What is it like to have MPD ?
What happens to your body when you overdose on pain pills and xanax? short and long term effects?
How did you overcome your depression? Can you help me out?
Drinking on Xanax?
Any anhedonics rediscover fun in a stressful world?
headache, dizzyness, lightheaded, no energy.. whats wrong?
heart palpitations and weakness. Very scared :/?
suicide help?
How can I avoid burn out at work?
Stomach hurts every night when I try to sleep?
where can i have large toys for my austic grandson, have to be big , he also has the eating disorder pi pica?
Can punching or squeezing the back of the abdominals cause kidney failure?
My whole right rib cage sticks out further than my left. Does anyone else have this or know what i should do?
I just found out my psychiatrist is seeing a psychiatrist?
What happens when you go to the hospital for depression?
Is there a "normal" blood pressure?
What are the signs that someone is high?
How do you find your WHOLE Radial Artery?
risperdal?? Any thoughts or experiences on this drug? ( I have heart disease in my family, 52 yrs. old old?
What is the cost of Coronary Angiography Surgery in mumbai & which is the best hospital for it?
If your child is hypertensive, how often do they need checks?
What is wrong my my heart?
I had cardiac bypass surgery 5 months ago and I am still in a lot of pain.?
Cardiac Surgeons I need your help!?
....blood pressure....?
Pins in husbands knees??
If Lost 18 units of blood after damagin an artery in childbirth, what are the chances of a full recovery?
getting out of my car i felt a small twinge of pain in my left knee, it got worse within the hour?
Best Way to rest a pulled hamstring? 10 Points!!!!?
I hurt my foot, do I need to see a Dr.?
How often should gauss be changed over an open wounde to avoid TSS?
the inner sides of my knees hurt?
Symptoms of a cat who has diabetes?
can a man with renal failure get a woman pregnant?
Over the counter diabetes tables in the UK?
Do cell Phones cause Brain Cancer and Brain Tumor?
How does the one cell that starts cancer become bad in the first place?
stomach cancer?
Wondering if anyone can help me find a website for one of my cancer patients? She says it's lilly.org.?
I am a 59-Year old male. I am having total leucyte count (TLC) of 2600 which is low.?
My brother has asthma, would cats affect him? How can i help? My brother is 6 would it help to wait?
I have an allergy to nickel, is there nickel in brass?
If I add lactaid to cream will the lactase in the milk process the lactose in the cream?
allergy to food or what?
can there be like a lactose intolerance type of thing with other foods, like nuts?
how do doctors eventually find out what you are allergic to?
I just discovered I'm allergic to silver - treatments?
how do u get an epi pen prescribed without a known allergy?
my itchy throat makes me cough?
Fire smoke and Asthma?
Upper Respiratory Problems...Need Help?
Is this a panic attack???
Heath Question??? Please answer...thank you !! :)?
Can I pay SS in for past years? My doc told me to start my disability for COPD.?
what do you do when you swallow your food the wrong way?
when will i stared my perido?
What are some low cost options for dental work for the elderly in Texas?
For all you oral surgeons, What exactly is jaw allignment surgury?
Jaw Pain...?
Ulcer/hole in mouth?
Is there a dentist out there?
What can the specialist do about TMJ??
Stinky Spit.....HELP!!?
bad breath?
what can I take for my sinus infection?
How Much Damage Could I Do? HELP?
What does frequent thirst mean?
Can you get addicted from one cigarette a month?
plz. suggest some easy home remedies for snoring. Does homeopathy medicine help?
Is cod liver oil a good supplement?
Has anyone ever went to an alternative medicine doctor?
Most " non-hospital" effective ways to treat sinus infections?
can physical electricity be transformed into Chi (QI) and vica versa? is this what Tesla worked on years ago?
Why am I always overheating?
I wonder if the Gov can access the list of registered users of medicinal marijuana?
Help... I need some quick remedies to rid of this cold...?
I get an electric shock in my navel when I french kiss my boyfriend, everytime... what is this???
Whats the difference between medicare and health insurance?
stomach stretch marks?
what are the side effects of cocaine( physically and mentally)?
stomach problems..maybe stress? Help!?
When you do chi exercises, are your palms supposed to turn red,hot,or even tingle. Just wondering........?
People over 30, is this normal?
Is there any simple way to be taller?
im 18.female. ive got really bad pains in my stomach when i urinate.?
Similarities between Bipolar I and Schizophrenia?
What are the effects of excess adrenaline due to an anxiety disorder on the body?
What's the definition of a Nervous Break Down?
what can I do to keep my mind preoccupied?
Panic attack sufferers question: Rescue Remedy effective or just another suggested helpful tool with panic?
Do you want your mental health medical records to be seen by anyone? More info below....?
Bi- polar??
why do people (adult men) with bipolar get so angry?
How do you treat gluteus maximus muscle injury?
my son had his left shoulder dislocated 2 times within 3 months. first when he was swimming, next when he?
If I have to have my ankle rebroken because it is healing wrongly, does it mean that I start from zero in?
Opened a door onto my toes 4 days ago and theres no swelling or bruising but i cant move my toes....broken??
PULLED GROIN - happened back in January.?
Numb pinky toe???? ????
how to make your growing area stop hurting?
HELP..head bupm/gushy out of no where.. i think?
What should I do if I have an ingrown toenail and everytime a doctor gets it out, it just grows back? Go back?
Can you do a serious injury by standing on your ballbag?
why is vicodin contraindicated for those with severe scoliosis?
Can you reverse celiac disease?
What agent is bipolar disorder?
Could there be a possible reason for feeing very cold other than the weather?
Why do my feet hurt so much when I walk sometimes?
Am I dying?
Is this symptom an ear infection?
Digestion problem?
where can i find pics of people with liver disease?
Which of the following is NOT a feature of potassium deficiency?
Could the diagnosis of Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia be wrong?
Gall Bladder Stone and Heart Problems?
Is 97 bpm too fast for an adult's resting heart rate?
Can standing for long time (Job) cause low blood pressure?
are heart murmurs common?
Medical and hospital questions?
can i have a heart problem/ condition that dose not show up on an echocardiogram?
Is there any pills for allergies conditions?
Can people that are allergic to pecans also be allergic to the wood of pecan trees?
I have a horrible allergy attack today?
Does the size of the cat depend on how strong the allergic reation is?
do you have a shellfish allergy?
why does my skin itch after I take a shower?
Only one of my nostrils is itchy?
need advice badly, i have mama and papa cats and their new 1 month old kittens.now i'm getting sores?
Aromatherapist.... What formula/s have you used to Augment Erotic Ambiance?
Where to buy Herbs, Resins and Oils wholesale for really cheap affordable pricing?
How do you manage Rheumatoid Arthritis?
bad headache help.?
Mold- I ran out of white vinegar... can I use apple cider vinegar instead?
I Just Saw a PSA About Influenza, Can the Vaccine Cause the Flu? Is the Common Cold Called "The Flu"?
Are there Different Ways To Meditate?
is there a way that i can make eastern and holistic medicine a career?
Medicinal Marijuana vs. recreational Marijuana?
Confused feelings and who to see?
prognosis of relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia?
Why do some moles cause cancer and where can I get information about them? Thank you?
Experience with topotecan?
What can I do to raise money for my Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk?
Does anyone know of a good site which rates dentists in your area?
I have a cavity on one of my back teeth but?
do you get braces on the first time you visit the dentist? or do you have to wait?
tooth whitening?
Still have crooked teeth but this is really bothering me.?
will i be able to go to any dentist?
How do you tell someone you don't know really well that their breath smells very bad??
How much arsenic in the body is toxic?
TB - If exposed to it, or it been injected, how long before you see symptoms?
Doctor over cautious?
Bronchitis & asthma question...does anyone else have this problem?
can a 12 yr old girl still play the sax, with asthma and panic attaks??
How does suffocation kill people?
Examine the graphs provided of the blood glucose values for the diabetic visitor?
i have gall stones and i need to change my diet,can you suggest a good one?
Medical help for my day? PLEASE HELP!!?
What's causing my frequent urination?
Its 4AM and I cant sleep, I can't take a bath because it's too late, how can I get to sleep ?
anyone as i had varicose veins sorted on there legs? one of my legs is hurting me can they be sorted?
Could a gunshot wound to the upper arm cause your arm to be mobile, but unable to feel?
Can eye glasses relax eye muscle strains becaue I have recently stressed out an eye muscle to the point that I
Ingrown toenail recovery?
how to improve memory?
How Do We Know People With Aspergers Dont Just Have Dormant Social Skills That They Are Prevented From Using..?
What's the best MEDICATION treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder?
Does anybody else suffer from social phobia?
My sister is nervous?
8 years later and I still cant cope with the fact that America chose Kelly Clarkson over Justin Guarini. HELP!?
Is anorexia......selfish?
Do you consider cutting to be a form of addiction?
Do you think it's sometimes ok for people to kill themselves?
I'm 14 and really depressed. What are some ways to stop it, at least make me feel better?
How do I get rid of eye bags?
can you develope petechiae due to crying?
Pericing while on Antibiotics?
Painfull blisters on the instep and bottom of my foot......very itchy..feeling skin?
Athletes foot?
Is it possible to have a permanent tan?
I have these small red colorations on my skin???
i have developed a very sore eyebrow...i dont know why but, it feels like its on the skin and its so painful!?
Will I get a reaction from a glo stick?
Feel sick/faint when standing in crowds - any ideas why?
Is huffing addictive?
i have been told my immune system is a little bit weaker.What can I do about it?
Why does my stomach hurt after staying up all night or just too late.?
Body went numb, what's the cause?
What are signs that a person might be using crack cocaine?
Why is it that whenever i eat a lot, i fart a whole lot?
I was sweating like a pig last night in bed, it was bloody warm. anyone else had trouble sleeping? I mean?
Do energy drinks increase seizures for epileptics?
Kidney pain? Too much protein? How to relieve it?
Has anyone had their gull bladder removed?
acid reflex??? and ideas?
Hate that I even have to ask this question.. My Dr. think I may have alcoholic liver disease, and I'm only 23?
Any sure fire, no medication, ways to help me cure my insomnia?
Why am I so twitchy and shaky?
What is this weird bump on my forearm?
Weak bladder? What can I do?
im having a hard time pooing?
Can a person raise their eyebrow when facial muscles affected by CVA?
High Blood Pressure continues to hurt me...please help?
My Blood pressure jumped to 140/101?
Has anyone heard that an irregular heart beat can cause ear aches? It's rare, I want info online.?
Should I be fasting before a lipid profile?
At what age could someone have a heart attack? (Any prevention tips?)?
I found out that I could have a blocked artery today from the VA Hospital.?
Is Whitney Houston really dying? I thought she get clean a while back? Did her drug problem give her heart?
if you have had a stroke, heart attack, or some kind of heart problem, please answer this yes or no question.?
Help i dont know if i am allergic to anything?
How long does it take to cure a throat ache?
I have allergies and am taking medicine, but eyes still watery, itchy and nose is very runny...?
FOOD ALLERGY:obsessive iching?
long term ways to stop cat and horse allergies?
What can I use on my face to help an alergic reaction to shower gel?
i think i may have a slight reaction too oranges, help?
what is the best cough, cold, running nose. medican bottle ?
Hello to Dentists! I had a lower porcelain crown done on one of my lower teeth overseas. It broke-while I ate.
HELP!?! whats the skin called that joins just above ur 2 front teeth onto your gums ???
BOST treatment for gums - anyone had it done and was it a sucess?
? about braces?
Why do Root Canals cost so much?
why cant they just make one toothpaste that dose everything.?
How long do you let that dried-up toothpaste stuff accumulate on your bathroom cups before you wash them?
Does anyone have any ideas?
braces help?
why do people breath smell so bad?
for what purpose FEOVIT SYRUP is used?
Yaz -- Side Effect?
Has anybody had real/personial experiance with sinus tarsi syndrome?
i have a cold and find it hard to breathe?
If one uses an expired asthma inhaler to relieve an attack will it work still?
What can cause white spots on a childs lungs?
asthma attacks?
Second-hand smoking?
What does numbness in your leg that does not go away a sign of?
Is Green tea good for you? And if so in what ways?
Can you get a brused bone without seeing the bruse and How?
water temperature for health and normal showers and to clean dishes etc.?
does i have the Policistic Ovary Syndrome coz the bulimia?
How exactly do you "kill your brain cells"?
why is it ?when ever it gets cold realy cold , we dont feel like doing nothing but sleep,and do nothing.?
can someone tell me why people are interested in becoming bodyworks or yoga teachers?
Have you had surgery to repair the cartilage in your shoulder?
Should i really have the problems i have since breaking my talus bone almost Two years ago?
knee injury?
Bruise like pain but without an obvious mark?
i want to know anyone who has (not who hasn't)?
what will happen if you damage an artery, let's say due to a deep cut?
how can you tell if you break a finger?
Why can't I find a thesis or information of optoacoustic technolgy for breast cancer diagnosis? Anyone can hel
Brain tumor - is this realistic?
Is it true that cancer can spread if you are opened up and operated on?
Is there any evidence to suggest that anti-depressants can cause long term side effects/health problems?
What jobs would be suitable for someone with anxiety and social phobia?
Personality Disorder Question?
This life thing has turned out much tougher than I expected. I could do with some words of wisdom to encourage?
I think i might need to go to a Mental Hospital but what do they do?
i got a problem where i suddenly lose control of myself and cause arguments for no reason? appreciate any help
I'm bipolar, my parents don't believe me. What do I do?
My life is so rubbish at the minute. Anyone else feel the same way?
Social Anxiety and dating?
what effects the " HBA1c%" for diabetics?? what raises it ?
How do they treat diabetic neuropathy?
Can you recommend a camp like structured program in Az to lose weight suitable for diabetics?
I have raised ALT levels which are getting worse from 99 to 155 to 284 then 324.?
A study of 60,000 children showed that those who chewed 10 pieces of Sticky gum, sweetened with sugar, every?
How useful is the holistic model in explaining experiances in mental distress?
Anyone take supplements for anxiety, panic disorder?
how does science help in medicine?
Can prayer have an effect on illness?
i want a homeopathic treatment?
What are some natural things that I can do to have more energy?
where can i find suboxone and/or subutex without a prescription?
acne scars?
how can i stop oily skin!!
Does clear nail polish get rid of warts?
What is the cause of pyoderma(skin infection) and how can it be treated and cured?
I had ringworm and now have white scar spots ?
if i put lime juice on my acne scars to fade them, do i have to go in the sun for it to work?
What's up with my red cheeks?
Is threading very painful? Please help! First time!?
plz help me out,is there any cure for vitiligo .is there any way out of it its very imp to know plz help me ?
Why do I always sleep?
What causes anorexics to get bad breath?
Would lasix cause a UTI to worsen? or would lasix cause this kind of pain?
how do i cure my anxiety?
Feeling sick after Hepatitis A Vaccine?
I need some help with this, can someone help?
I've been self-diagnosing myself all night, someone help!?
does anyone know what a small hard lump under the skin where the hollow of your throat is? I'm freaking out.?
is there such a disease that lets you like someone if you get to know them better?What's it called?
What foods can you eat to help recover from a cold?
Stomach problems? (nervousness)?
how much 200/30mg ibuprofen/pseudoephedrine can i take?
How long is the human body designed to live?
Got to have a colonoscopy, very scared. Help?!?
How much sleep should a 17 year old get a night?
is cocaine an ingrediant of adderall?
How old do you have to be to donate bone marrow?
still something strange going on...? tapeworm?
How quickly do cholesterol levels increase/decrease?
How can you prevent cornory artery disease?
Cardiogenic Shock -What To Do?
my cholesterol is 273 is that good , if not what can I do to lower it?
dvt questions please help?
Is 114/68 a good blood pressure?
do i have the right to donate my my heart while still living?
Wake up Cardiff, anybody had tennis elbow?
what is the difference between heat stroke heat exhaustion and dehydration?
I'm SO scared?
Serious pain and bleeding?
Medical condition stennosis? how to treat it?
What are Alcohol related diseases?
Allergic to corn, soy, and wheat..?
what is ovarian cyst and how can it be dictected and treated if found to be present how can it be dictected?
how can a skinny person do an internal body cleanse without losing too much weight?
allergies or cold???
Can an allergic reaction occur a week after using antibiotics?
can someone be allergic to lightning?
Why are scientists just focusing on finding cures for peanut allergies and not soy and others?
is promethazine and codeine the same thing?
Is it possible to build up an allergy over time?
I got my allergy test back and need some help?
Do I have allergies or a bacterial infection?
Can i have a hamster in my house if i am allergic to fur.?
Why does your forehead get hot when you have a fever?
Do I really need a root canal?
getting braces removed! help?
I have a 3 year old with a sore in his mouth. What is it? What can I do before we get to the doctor?
My teeth are super-sensitive after getting my first fillings, is something wrong?
Am I a problem patient if I?
What is a good procedure to do in the morning to make your breath a lot fresher?
is it normal for my 10 yr. old to have this happening?
is there anything i can do if my teeth are sensitive?
braces help?
Is osteoporosis the same as bone degeneration?
you can get cancer from cell phones, here is the legal case?
I have Thyroid cancer was diagnosed on Aug 28th ?
What type of addiction is harder to break?
What is the Best thing to do to help YOU release STRESS?
Why were there cameras?
when it comes to mental heath did we come a long way ?
do u have any weird habits?
i am depressed and so sad what should i do,,leave everything and run away ???
What kind of health problems can occur dealing with a sleeping pattern change?
how do you quit sugar?
Is there any curative/preventive treatment for "chickungunia" virul fever in HOMEOPATHY?
What are the side effects of consuming alcohol?
what is lachesis, the homeopathic remedy?
I have ROSACEA (redness, inflamation on face) - How can I cure this?
What is the Best deit pill out on the market right now and i don't want to spend a bundle on it ???????
Salvia..My experience was weird to say the least.?
what's your sure fire hangover cure? I am feeling absolutely stinking.?
symptoms of diabetes?
What organs help controls the flow of insulin?
what foods to eat when you have high cholestercol and high triglycerides?
how would this affect my blood sugar? (i'm new to this)?
is hb1AC test available in India for Blood sugar?
could people with diabetes eat Mung beans and why?
Type 2 Diabetes Questions?
When was type 2 diabetes discovered ?
blood sugar is 140 when I woke up, and 243 after breakfast?! is this normal?
i have bad acne and i want to get rid of in within two weeks.... can someone give me some suggestions?
how to get rid of acne?
I recently used self tanner and discovered I had hundreds of little white bumps I didn't know I had.?
Facial Hyperhidrosis! Need help!?
what is the white dot that u get under ur fingernail?
How to maintain luscious healthy lips?
why do i sometime feel that there is something crawling and itching me when i dont have lice and dont do drugs
Do I have a brain tumor or something?
Low Hemoglobin but Normal Iron?
Unexplained seizures?
Do I possibly have PTSD?
Did I have a seizure?
my dad can smell burning constantly but no one els can?
smelling burning rubber?
i'm having a problem with nosebleeds?
Can you donate blood if you have given a guy oral within the last week?
Arthritis, what is the cause? can cracking your Knuckles really give u arthritis when you are older?
tongue piercings?
Can anyone help me please? Re: broken back?
Is this a Seizure?
should i go to the doctor after i had a bad bench pressing accident ?
I fell last week on ice on my back. Pain in back, legs and now left side severe, hard to get up and stand. ?
my knee strarted hurting right after i went for a run?
please, someone who knows about musculoskelatal issues..?
hwo deep would you cut your throat until you died?
Looking for locations for the St. Johns Ambulance first aid training?
what are the causes of effects?
What are the best ways to relieve persons with asthma when they get the attack and become weak?
What can i do about this awful muscular pain in my neck?
What are possible causes for frequent nosebleeds? (up to 4 times a day)?
ok, is it dangerous to put alcohol on your body every day?
which is th best way to keep a high heart rate lower?
tommorow i have to get a blood test does it hurt cause i am being traumitized by the thought of it! lol?
What are somethings to help allergies?
am i allergic to coconut?
can i do my own skin allergy test?
if you are proven to have food allergies?
Non allergic washing powder?
Do I have a cheese and shellfish allergy?
Are Gerbils safe for people with Asthuma and Allergies?
how long does caffeine stay in the body?
Any solution to being emotionally drained after working all day?
What happens when you avoid sunlight for an extended period of time?
How do we fall asleep?
Any suggestions to ease chronic knotted muscles at back of neck?
Apart from the Panic, do you think drowning would be painless?
Is there something wrong with me?
i need help sleeping?
I Have a Question About My Cold?
You are the captain of a miniature submarine that is being sent on a voyage through the body...?
What's causing my blocked noses?
i had a Lung biopsy?
Please help us to gain recognition...?
what are the long term effects of being on cellcept and methotrexate?
What could be wrong with my lung?
anyone with ms?
What happens to your brain when you have a fight?
Any one out there with, or familiar with, multiple myeloma have any good advice?
What is the current life expectancy for both women and men in the U.S.?
what are the signs of shin cancer?
How do you know if you have breast cancer?
does anyone have information on Kevin C. Yao, neurosurgeon at NEMC?
how to deal with company when you're a natural loner......?
how do you feel about mark from Smart committing suicide?
How could I get some needed sleep . . . . . .!?!?!?
Why do people sometimes have fatal heart attacks after a meal?
what is the difference between contrast ventriculography and radionuclide angiography?
What is the normal heart rate level for you when you exercise?
can working in a freezer bring on a heart attack?
Is my blood pressure low?
Can I get SSI if I have a heart transplant?
Did my Atrial Septal Defect cause my Blood Clot?
Is it normal at age 13 to have heart palpitations?
Is 106-75 Bp too low......?
WTF just happened to my heart rate?
What would happen if my sunburn gets sunburned?
what causes blurred vision in diabetics? (10 points)?
plzz help me with this..Since insulin and glucagon are not brought into a cell, why don’t their concentrations?
Low blood sugar? (scariest episode for me ever in a year this morning)?
Do You Know a Good Endocrinologist in Los Angeles?
I have just recieved my minilink realtime transmitter.....?
Can I take just my Humilin R for a couple days?
What is wrong with me? (Read more)?
im always thirsty, why?
would the doctors have to amputate foot? and Im diabetic?
Teeth... laser bleaching.. ?
i have nerve issues in my tongue...need help! Approx 18 mos ago, my dentist while numbing my mouth hit a nerve
My tooth is all of a sudden...?
Braces question?
How do you stop clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep without using a mouth guard?
Good Things And BaD Things About A Tongue Ring?/?
What is the best treatment for the fracture of the hip?
What can be done about a broken blood vessel in the eye?
Is physiotherapy or surgery better for shoulder?
Anyone know of a good cosmetic surgeon in the Longview Tx area. I want a nose job, rhinoplasty?
Have you had an appendectomy? How was your recovery?
why is it called the funny bone because there is nothing funny when you knock it?
Do you Believe in Homeopathy? Should Homeopathy Treatment and Medicine be ban? Why?
What homeopathic remedies would you use for a baby with an ear infection?
Does it matter if you take Magnesium supplements with, or without food?
Is the war on supplements and natural remedies justifiable?
Missing the first three Chantix Pills?
What is it called when people who read eyes for diseases not just eyes diseases?
Adults Only: Cannabis or alcohol?
Isn't this article PROOF that the governemtn and the FDA are letting CORPORATIONS POISON US?!?
What is it like tripping of acid?
How can you remove stretch marks?
I have chicken bumps. ?
I hate my skin!!! Several imperfections, can you please help?
how do speed up the healing process if a burn from a tanning bed?
OK, I have to ask the embarrassing question. My contacts are going to laugh at this because they know what a?
Does baby powder help stinky feet,or is there a better way?
i had contact dermatitis on my lips now there black is that a concern?
how to describe staff nurse as trustworthly?
Any way to help or keep Kerotosis Polaris away?
taking vitamins?
Is it dangerous to have not taken antibiotics for a sore throat that has just cleared up after a month?
Is there a good "ask the doctor" site where you describe your symptoms and get possible ailment answers?
what is a cluster headache?
What's an easy way to relieve a headache?
how long is it ok to be in a tanning bed? and how often?
can bee pollen royal jelly be mixed with a hot drink, or will that spoil the enzymes etc.?
Is Benadryl dangerous if taken in large amounts?
I cant stop coughing.....?
is there some kind of test to find out if u r allergic to dogs?
allergy to spinach and aubergines?
What might I have caught?
Drying and bacteria concerns for a cool mist humidifier?
my throat hurts whenever i swallow & this happens to me a lot like every 2 or 3 months .?
Ingredients in Gabapentin?
Do I have Hypothyroidism?
My dad is an alcoholic. Can alcoholism be genetic?
I think i have OCD do i?
i can make my eyes shiver without moving ma head what is it called ?
Which disease is worse: cancer or diabetes?
How do you know when if you have an inflamed appendix?
worm shape's in my poo...?
i have white figer syndrome/reynauds?
There was a little blood in my urine this morning?
what lab test detects antibody's in blood syrum?
hi,my brother in law has got sinus problem,which medicine is good for him?
Can you get get asthma at any age?
Is Drinking greatfruit while taking flomax harmfull?