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I took a fall at work and injured my shoulder , hip and back at work.?
My broken toe is not healing?
Infected Tragus?
EXtreme thigh pain. Help.?
Best way to get rid of bruises?
OK this goes with another question i asked about my wrist due to a weight lifting injure?
my mirror fell on my head?
I have a gash on my forehead and it got infected, is it normal that the gash has grown since the infection?
dentist anaesthetic and permanent numbing?
What is the difference between a #8 and #9 dental tool handle?
What is good for your teeth?
Braces Question......?
How do people who wear metal braces brush their teeth?
Teeth looks differant?
How do I get my boyfriend to brush his teeth?
brushing teeth with soap?
my tongue piercingG.!!?
How can I get rid of this embarrassing callous on my knee?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
what is the cure for lipoma?
How come whenever I wake up from night sleep my skin seem clearer?
Does anyone suffer from "neurotic excoriations"?
Does anyone have a 5 day acne solution?
Natural Remedies For Skin Moles?
Why are big company's lieing to us and then selling us expensive products to cure or help acne...?
definition of optical illusion?
What Foods should a diabetic avoid?
what is the best remedy for nerve pain caused by a cervical disk dislocation?
has anyone got any info on the criteria to become a bone marrow donor?
is 5'1 and 175 pds big?
any good online pharmacies out there?
Do I have borderline personality disorder?
What should the rabbit do?
Do you find it hard to remember where you put things?
are thier any home remidies to cure piles and fischer?
What is the best medicine for pet allergies? Are their any cures available?
can you get cancer from burned rice ?
Hammer Toe Surgery?
i have had various ruptured veins, but my symptoms don't match anything i can google.?
Anyone out there?
whats wrong with my feet?
what causes hiccups?
need help from people with sleeping disorders?
I have Crohns disease why does my back hurt?
swollen liver not due to drinking?
how do i increase my iron level?
what can lower blood sugar?
why would you get 3 different readings on a blood sugar test when done at the same time in the morning on?
LPN and How do i get more home health patients?
I want to get questions on chemistry of carbohydrates?
Could Low Blood Sugar be my Problem?
Serious help please!?
Is this normal for my blood sugar?
having diabetes and making changes with no support system?
anorexia and emetophobia ?
what shoes should i get for working in a hospital?
The good effects of coffee in our health?
knee problem??
im so bottled up and angry?
How old are you and what is your resting heart rate?
how much does 20mg of ramipril lower your blood pressure?
is satwa medical centre open during night time?
What is an attenuation artifact mean on a cardiac stress test?
Severe, frequent, stabbing heart pains a typical symptom of MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse)?
how does the exchange of gases take place between the walls of the alveoli and the capillaries?
Chest pain and shortness of breath?
can a person die or get cardiac arrest if he holds his breath or if he simply cannot breathe?
Cardiologist out there? about tattoos and heart patients?
Is a Blood Pressure of 89/60 bad?
Can someone die of Heart DIsease at age 16?
Tongue Biting and tongue sore and lumps
Salary of salaried (not self-employed) dentists?
What is the entry level salary for a dental hygeinist?
Does anyone know any teeth whiteners that work for sure??
What is the difference between a #6, #7, and #8 dental tool?
cavity filling now my retainer does not fit?
does it hurt really bad to get your belly button pierced if your 12 my mom said i can but im worried?
I Really Want Braces beacuse...?
Recently an elderly woman offered to pay for her own treatment ,was told by the NHS that she would have to pay
Argh stuffy noise...tips?
how can i help in pollution control?
I am a Respiratory Therapy Student and I am wondering how most schools teach blood gas draws?
Can chronic pancreatitus be cured?
Can anyone tell me the TD-50 of Nicotine? Thanks?
what is a cat scan and how is it performed?
is pulmanry embolism life threatening?
It's been 23 hours since my last smoke. Why am I feeling fine?
What powers the human heart?
how safe is use of stevia as sweetener inspite of the other artificial sweeteners?
What's a really good home remedy for constipation?
Can vicodin, in large amounts (1 to 4 thousand millagrams a day) harm a 4 month old breast fed baby?
there are many kids part of our life, whose parents are divorcing, what are healthy ways for our family2reach?
what is better (or worse) for you, butter or margarine?
radial head prosthesis surgery recovery?
Can anyone who has been diagnosed with Adult ADHD or ADD explain their experience with diagnosis? & other info?
My heart starts beating really fast like palpitating?
I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder and I've attempted suicide numerous times..?
I took the "abortion pill" less than a week ago and now...?
Are these panic attacks?
My world is crumbling around me?
Is it true that people having larger heads are more intelligents than others?
i don't understand why i'm like thiss :(?
Eye Problem!!!?
My knee? I do not think there is anything seriously wrong but i wouldlike to make sure?
Freezer burn??
neckpain, extream fatiuge, muscle knots?
Just started Accutane and had some questions?
Does manuka honey really cure acne ?
How to get rid or acne NATURALLY?
acne scars and how to make them go away?
I have moderate acne on my face, particularly the chin area.?
Acne Scars???Please help?
Nail polish remover and cold sores?
dry skin on my forehead what can I do to get rid of it?
Do cucumber face mask is really good for my skin? I have oily skin and acne also.?
Why is wheat the most popular grain? Why are so many people allergic to it? ?
Can I use my antibiotic that I used for my ACNE for a sinus infection I have?
What is the difference between WHEAT intolerance and GLUTEN intolerence?
cinnamon is gluten free rite?
how do i get rid of a very itchy throat?
my 11 month old ; egg allergy?
Can u get an allergic reaction only around your eyes?
what would motivate you to investigate the toxicity of your body? what would you do about high toxicity?
How do i get rid of my dandriff?????
Can you tell an enlarged liver and spleen?
message for doc frank?
liver disease/failure?
EXTREMELY high level of Alkaline Phospate in children?
Can you help spread the word about SMA?!?!?
My knee has been hurting alot lately, and it does a weird cracking noise when i bend it.. what could this be?
Does apple cider vinegar go rancid,...?
any experience with treatment(s) for multilple myeloma?
Does carbon from charcoal to make BBQ can cause cancer?
i am general surgeon in oter countery andi wantto working in orage county in usa?
any doctor- neurosurgeon around?
Which type of diabetes is the worst of the two?
Is it safe for a diabetic person to use metamucil?
Is there a good possiblity I have diabetes?
Question regarding the onset of diabetes 2?
Gestational diabetes & Type II?
can anyone tell me the diet for a diabetic person apart from bittergourd? what about a cup of coffee?
Do diabetic vampires have to be concerned about the blood sugar level of their victims?
i have type 2 diabetes and have been trying to get my blood sugar level down with diet and exercise?
What happens to a girl when she drink breezer for first time?
Cut on Chin - Need help to cover it up?
Cant sleep help?
My period got short and became bright light red suddenly. What can be the reason for that sudden change?
Can the caffeine-effect wear off?
is it safe and healthy to clean the ear drum with a q-tip when cleaning the ears?
How long does the prescription drug Augmentin stay in your system?
The awesome power of the banana?
Kidney infection?
why are most of my dreams night mirrors?
how do i know...???
Will stiffened arteries cause chest pain and discomfort?
This Heart Condition...?
Can I eat grapefruit while taking Isosorbide?
My blood pressure is now 110/65 after taking medicine . Do you think this is normal?
When should I start worrying about my blood pressure?
when can alhocol be consumed after CABG. I had CABG on 1st December 2009. I had been a drinker since 20 10 ye?
My Mom thinks she had a heart attack, doctors are unsure because tests were done after the fact?
normal sugar level in infants?
Where can I do 3D echo cardiography at or near Mumbai/Pune (India)?
I have been coughing for almost 3 weeks straight?
Fluid and Electrolytes: Balance and Disturbances?
compare drug abusers and smokers? are there patterns of use related to each other?
What can i do to reduce shortness of breath?
strept throat?
What's a good dust mask that allows good breathing and doesn't get hot?
how many cigarrettes is one blunt equal to ?
What are the dangers of smoking clove cigarettes? Besides the obvious health risks of smoking???
my calf legs are itchy ,now and again.?
where can I get comparative drug prices online for my medications?
Herbal Screen is an herbal mist made from a combination of ______ extracts?
When you first start taking a multivitamin?
Is it normal to....?
How is it possible to sleep only 2-3 hours per day like they do it in www.ybermensch.com site?
I have just been looking up borderline personality disorder?
How long can a panic attack last?
What is the disorder.. when a girl cuts herself?
Bipolar woman, what happens next?
Has anybody ever tried any "natural" remedies or treatments for depression?
How to live with someone's depression...?
REally wierd sleep problem (dream) please help.?
How do i know if i would be missed if....?
My big toe hurts wen I try to walk on it. What is it?
Do you still wear a stocking because of a blood clot?
what's up with my elbow?
How do i not get injured so much?
What could be the cause of this? (bruised kidney, rib, etc..)?
MY foot hurts tonite what ......?
fell on my foot?
i have this thing on my foot and it hurts alot should i go to the doctor's?
I have pain from my hip to my thigh and it feels numb at times when I walk. Coud this be a nerve problem?
How to cure Itchy Ears (''excema'')?
Skin Bleach?
back acne ?!?!?!?!?!?!help ~!!!advise !..?
How can someone get rid of black inner thighs?
What's an itch and what happens when you scratch it?
Long-time skin issue?
how do i reduce underarm wetness?
Could these be Bed Bug bites?
If I go long enough without taking a shower can it cause my body to itch?
What is it called when you are allergic or intolerant to all grains?
What is making me break out in hives?
allergies to metal and latex! can i put a glass quartz retainer in my monroe piercing?
Can a low dose 2MG of Abilify cause an allergic reaction?
When you are dehydrated, does it hurt to breathe through your nose and a dry throat that is kinda burning?
is diarrhea an allergic reaction ?
how to make non-allergic perfume?
where could i go to buy Ascof Lagundi cough syrup?
Could I be really sick by the color of my snot?!? (i know its grosse, but im concerned.)?
diabetic and exposure to the cold due to no heat?
is diabetes insipidus the same as type 2 diabetes?
does high blood sugar causes skin itch?
how did swami control his diabetes?
Why would big baby born of gestational diabetic mother have polycythemia?
If poor eating habits deteriorates your health, why do people continue to eat unhealthy?
diabetes question please help?
Am I a pre-diabetic because of my neck?
are you in school and suffering from IBS?
What is a hiatus scan & how does it work?
deformity of humeral head?
what is an Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?
Great Tinnitus doctor in NJ?
Is it just me, or has anyone got a cough & cold atm?
if someone dies of a anyrysm, or was gona die..?
I am 14, almost 15. Can I Take Air-Borne?
For the EMT's (all levels) What's the dumbest call you responded to?
does allegra work for sinus infections and pressure?
what is prednisone?
What causes the symptoms (coughing, chest pains, coughing up sputum or blood) for Tuberculosis??
What are the effects of inhaling ether?
Simple definition of Bronchitis?
besides med. what the best way to get over this?
Does any one know what will happen to you if you smoke mugwort?
controlled drinking accepted as treatment for alcoholics? why can't they have controlled MJ smoking too?
what is the normal weight of a two months old baby?
11yr old neice vomiting at bedtime,could she have motion sickness, at bedtime. an inner ear makes her vomit?
what is the window of opportunity for getting a girl pregnant? Can she not get pregnant outside of this window
Iam 18 year old girl and I am weighing 35.5Kg.What is the normal weight and what do I do to increase it?
How many times did you smile today?
male wants to be an Auxillary nurse?
My husband attempted suicide.?
Is there anything to do about tourettes?
They always say "there's people out there who can help" but what if there isn't?
How do i get rid of Anxiety?
Would it be suicide if?
Am I sick and twisted for thinking this?
Why is it that nobody sticks around in my life, why do people always give up on me?
can a counselor "tell on you"?
Is it normal to be a little dizzy 48 hours after a head injury that required stitches?
Palm slapped upside the head.?
how long does it take to be released from the hospital after a broken coller bone and rids?
How do I come up with a physical therapy program for my broken leg?
I'm looking to get my nose done, does anyone know of any good surgeons?
Fractured Finger Stiffness After Recovery?
what surgery will be done?
My finger hurts and is really painful?
Ephedra based diet pills leading to hypertension. Constipation. Caffein rush feeling?
What causes the pain during a heart attack?
wat sould the heart beat of 18 week prone?
what is considered high blood pressure?
Took Adderall - hours later (4h?) went to sleep -- woke up with my skin numb all over...?
How does ejection fraction reflect cardiac output?
What could be causing my heart palpitations?
How come i have palpitations from smoking wet its a drug pcp and now i cant smoke weed because my heart goes u?
Heart skipping beats for no reason?
Do i have a heart condition?BEST ANSWER?
What works best for acne?
Why did my eczema come back after using a 2 week treatment cream?
What body acne washes work?
What helps get rid of, or at least fade, stretch-marks?
How do people get boils? Why do they come back once they have gone away?
Oh F*** a sort of very tiny hard lamp in my right breast!?
Do sprayable antibacterial products cause allergic reactions?
Is this an allergic reaction?
Nut allergies and Safe Drinks?
Please help solve swollen face problem!!!!?
Red dry patches appeared over night, legs and back, Help!?
why do fizzy drinks make me choke?
Feel like I have snot in my throat?
The Common Cold VS. The Flu?
Hi, is a physical therapist considered a doctor? Do you call him/her doctor?
How do I stay awake for a long amount of time?
I've been very stressed lately?
Please answer if you know what medication this is?
I'm Feeling Sick? What Should I Do? Is It The Flu?
which is the largest organ of our body?
Is it a problem to have a 3-beat heart beat instead of a normal 2-beat?
what causes gingivitis??? help is there a cure...?
do braces hurt?
How does mouthwash react with bacteria in the mouth?
Tooth Extractions :( ??
my wisdom tooth is growing and it hurts?
cool braces BEHIND your teeth?
anyone ever had a sore mouth from being to the dentist?
What would you like to ask?
I brush my teeth every morning & night thoroughly yet I still have yellow teeth. Is this because I'm Chinese?
Urgh, horrible abscess, any help?
is there any exercise to cure tinnitus?
Painful lump under my right arm?
I have found a lump in my stomach and i dont know what it is?
Why do I have constant vertigo?
What is your permanent Health Affliction?
How can I manage a medical problem with out my mother?
Mummy's and daddys' who have given separate injections...? Repost?
Uh oh- friend with food disorder?
in kidney,how Uptake and release of glucose to blood glucose pool happen?
injured foot about 2 months ago, skin below toenail is still purple i'm diabetic....?
concerns about possible type 2 diabetes.?
Question for diabetics? Wondering if this only bugs me?
my grandpa has had type 2 diabetes since he was 15. my other grandpa and uncles have type 1. will i get it?
What is a good a1c for a non-diabetic?
Is this number ok for a 10 year old who is 3 ft 11 and weighs 46lbs?
Chihuahua... kennel cough?
I have a 12 week old kitten. I was told he has phenomena. He is on antibiotics and a decongestant.?
what does asbestos do to your lungs?
is anyone else concerned about how this guy Speaker? contacted the TB in the first place?
Is Dry Air Bad For Your Lungs???
Nasal Congestion?
What is the best way to prevent scarring during stitches?
Can a multivitamin cause stomach cramping and diarrhea?
how to reduce tummy apart from doing exercise ?
Why is it pronounced EKG when it is spelled electrocardiogram?
Can anyone explain shy the later i go to sleep the earlier i wake up and vise versa?
is it possible for some1 2 stop bein bulimic all by them selfs if they been doin it 4 little over a week ?
how many american couples are infertile?
If you couldn't understand what is real and what is imaginary were you schizophrenic?
ever been lost?
support group for people that are taking EFFEXOR for depression?
am I depressed?? I can't focus and feel pretty lonely.?
How often do you laugh out loud? Do you laugh more or less than you used to?
Who, if anyone, would you like to trade places with, and why?
Typical Day For a nurse?
Broken Arm?
I recently had a 2nd arthoscopic surgery on my right shoulder. it still hurts like be4 my surgery...?
Strained groin injury seems to get better then worse? Help?
Is there something wrong with my shoulder?
How do you think scoliosis forms?
F90 Helmet?
foot injury? is it fractured
Why do rashes form? What causes a rash?
Is Fraxel Laser treatment for scars and marks worth it?
Multiple purple spots on one of my legs?
How can I get rid of keloids on my skin?
Can ANYONE tell me what my daughter might have?
what are natural ways to remove acne?
How do you get rid of the veins in your legs.?
What happens if you have no eyelids?
do you have an itchy minge?
How long can one travel in a plane after a cataract operation?
Can adrenal fatigue cause hypoglycemia?
Diabetic Toenail Fell Off Fungal!?
Whole foods? Slo carbs? I need a source please?
do you know from where i can buy an insulin spray?
what is a normal dog blood sugar?
gestation diabetes [ help]?
Do you think this was hypoglycemia?
I think I have Diabetes!?
underage smoking dilemma !
I have a flossing question?
Braces and maybe infected gums?
My wisdom Teeth?
Is 4 cavities a lot? not in one visit, but overall
how much is teeth whitening?
how do they wire a jaw shut?
Dental help please?
If an athlete experiences low blood pressure,thirst ,dryskin,and mental confusion what ?
I feel so sleepy during the class hours in college? What is the reason and how to cure that ?
What does a surgery to remove the thyroid consists of, recovery time, is it an outpatient procedure?
How Can I Have Regular Bowel Movements?
do you know anyone with RSD? now known as CRPS? It is a progressive disease of the Autonomic Nervous System?
Numb/Tingly feeling in fingertips and hand, getting concerned?
Has anyone had problems with the drug Levaquin?
Hallo ! I have 2 sons and they are sick with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy sickness. Is there any cure for that?
Do I have symptoms of a brain tumor?????
How much does a chest X-Ray cost with no health insurance?
Working out wihout supplements..?
I tried the one nostril method to stop using afrin ,but it didnt work .. any suggestions?
Why can't I stand smokers?
Help Please I got hiccups _how to stop_them?
Occasional deep gasps during an asthma attack, then just quiet breathing - does anybody experience that?
what are slo-phyllin capsules?
effectively use a wide range of skills to demonstrate first aid procedures usedfor emergency situations within
fear of general anastecic?
i believe my toe to be broken. What can i do about it. besides the hospital?
what are we going to do for our seinors to help them with their medicine cost?
Serious Help Please..How Can I Tell If These Two Girls Have An Eating Disorder?
need a phyical thypist.a live in if possable. FREE ROOM AND BORAD SOUTHWESTHOUSTON [email protected]?
Ear Infection home remedies?
are honey and vegtable glycerin moisturizing or drying for your skin?
please answer? advice needed!?
What's the best colon cleansing program out there? Already seen doctor but would like 2 try a natural approach?
would you take this action?
Has anybody ever had acupuncture? Did it help you?
Has a chiropractor helped anyone with a 36degrees curve in their spine?
Where can I find a natural supplement for potassium?
Is there anything that's probably in my spice cabinet that could Enhance my mind and/or appearance?
What is post partum depression all about?
the type of things to say so that the conversation won't run into dead ends?
Not to be nosy but what is your dx? I have anxiety as does my husband and daughter.?
Is there a way to loosen up my mind?
Ever tried coming off Diazepam?
how many of you have experienced sleep paralysis?
how can you handle people who perceive you as afraid and timid because you have ptsd & bad anxiety & panic?
I Am Ready To Kill Myself.?
If you get stitches, will you have a scar for the rest of your life?
whats better for acne scarring, chemical peel or microdermabration??
What are good healthy food to Help cure acne?
Why is jojoba oil good for the skin?
How long will it take before my acne is clear?
I have a formal event friday, how can i get rid of razor bumps in my armpit quickly?
does anyone know a cheap, fast acne treatment?
I have been experiencing red, swollen, itching hands for the past 20 years, what could this be?
help...am i going to get blind?
Does smoking weed cause acne?
Dermatologist HELP with skin?
How can I get rid of this rash on my neck... i think it might be eczema but i was wondering how to rid of it?
Allergic reaction due to make-up.?
Minor allergic reaction to Tylenol 3 with codeine ?
gluten free diet and hives?
Possible food allergy? Anyone else had similar experience?
do you think i should get allergy shots?
Smell of Food caused tingling lips?
How to stop nose bleeds?
what is the best toothpaste for coffee and tea stains?
About a baby tooth coming in wierd?
What's the average cost for root canal and crown in Los Angeles with dental discount plan?
How do Iget rid of crankers/sores?
Parathesia after wisdom tooth extraction?
Why should a tongue piercing be left in the mouth for oral surgery and not removed?
Need LOTS of MAJOR dental treatment and I am terrified of dentist...what can i do?
If You Don't Use Sea Salt & You Use Mouthwash after Your Tongue Pericing will itheal Normal & Not Get Infected
how do you stop kids from grinding their teeth?
ummmm help plz really its bad?
Where do doctors /specialist surgeons accept payment plans for surgery without at least half down payment?
Hypoglycemia and the symptoms?
I am quite scared to know if I am diabetic, although some of the signs given are very apparent?
is there a strong linkage between sugars and level of triglycerides?
What is sugar alcohol in sugar free popsicles?
can type 2 diabetes patients have carrot juice?
is Hipoglycemia a main indicator of type one diabetes?
medical terminology what does uss comfirmed mean?
Blood Suger Levels for Type1 Diabetic?
how to elminate anxiety discomfort?
Coughing a lot... need to stop?
Chest congestion and anxious!?
Housing accomodations for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?
My Dad has emphysema and has been on Advair for over a year. He has completely list his voice, ideas?
Did I pop a blood vessel on my vocal chords?
In ICU, since intubation is so unpleasant, why do they not rather use a trach as standard procedure?
i recently quit smoking...?
Is it possible that Asthma was given to me by my mom smoking?
8 diseases the gov't can quarantine people?
Why does lavender essential oil give me a headache? I thought it was supposed to cure headaches?
How to increase will power?
Are there any common foods that contain paracetamol?
How much calcium should i take in a day?
Other ways to combat inflammation in my shoulder?
know any easy ways to meditate?
Poking the demons with acupuncture?
What are some new advances in the treatment of Crohn's disease?
Rheumatoid factor titer question?
can you test negative and still have celiac disease?
How do you get rid of kidney stones?
Life expectancy for stage 5 kidney failure?
What does beaded hair feel like? Does it hurt at all as hair grows? Is there a treatment?
How do I cure my nauseas and prevent vomiting?
If you have an incurable disease, what will you do?
Noone knows what she is talking about...?
are pancreas tumors regional?
What are the first signs of lung cancer?
Thyroid cancer......radioactive iodine treatment......?
Could the rich & powerful come together to fight diseases, possibly find a cure for cancer such as W Buffet?
My aunt has breast cancer and Lung cancer also?
Cancer Treatment Centers of America?
hey i heard that if you freeze a plastic water bottle you will get cancer. Is it true?
I was looking at 28 days later and I wondered if scientist could create a rage virus?
my mom died from cervix cancer and am a bit paranoid. is it normal to have a discharge in my feces?
home remedies to get rid of coughing?
Can you develop allergies later in life?
I'm still sick and need more advice on what to do asap!!! Been sick almost a month.?
Sun allergy or something else?
Extreme allergy or just bad batches?
Is it possible I'm allergic to fruit?
Is it possible that I am allergic to apples?
Is beer nut free?
causes of purple knee?
Dislocated Elbow?
Pinched nerve?
How can I get rid of skin dis colourisation?
i am starting to get a cold sore...Does Burts beeswax lip balm help?
how to get rid of acne? (home made remedies)?
Small White Dots Under eyes?
How do you get rid of acne?
I have terrible skin and acne please help?
how to get rid of black marks on legs after shaving?
Small, firm bump on back of neck, underneath my skin?
White people of Texas, How do you survive the heat and sun without geting tanned?
Prescribed xanax for hypoglycemia?
What is b12 deficiancy?
Blood glucose reading?
I'm hungry, but my blood sugar is high. What can I eat?
I think i have diabetes what am i ment to do?
My doctor told me my glucose level was 1.01, what is the normal range?
Do they still sell insulin pen PenMates?
what should your sugar be?
can i donate blood if im a hemophiliac?
on the hematology report what does RDW stand for?
How many shaves can you expect from a razor blade.?
Who strongly supports abortions? Just curious...I am not saying whether or not I do or don't.?
What does it mean when I don't dream anymore?
Does LEDs work for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder or just full spectrum?
Are pulmonary edema and a pulmonary embolism the same thing? If not, what distinguishes the two?
What do you do after the 3 days are up with the Nasal Decongestant?
can you help!?
I went to the Doctor For Coughing?
I am an ex-smoker. I can hold my breath while pushing out with my lungs, and I still can blow out smoke?
How do I get my friends to stop smoking, when i shouldn't know that they are?
Neighbour doing pot?
Can a 10 year old girl wear dental braces? In both upper and lower?
wisdom tooth removal- how to reduce the swelling!?
Does braces hurt enough to get.....?
What is the record of longest gum chewer ?
im 14 and growing a new tooth?
im getting braces soon tips? [the longer it is will get best answer]?
What sort of chemicals might a screw have that would cause bumps on the roof of your mouth?
What do I do about my younger brother's crooked teeth?
What's the best vitamin for nerves and shaky hands?
is there a benefit to taking red yeast rice as opposed to a prescribed drug like lovostatin?
Is curing disease contrary to a drug company's motive for profit?
Nervous giving a speech? will b vitamins help?
Is there a natural source of Tyrosine?
Syllable/Sentence letter counting? OCD?
My husband has to take a drug test in the morning....?
Why Can't you Crush or Chew Tablets?
why do i still feel high after 2 days?
What is the path of electrical conduction through the heart?
I have a friend with a heart pacemaker,he is only 45. It it normal to receive shocks a couple time a week ?
What causes heart fluttering/skipped beats, what do we do about them?
What is it that beats your heart?
My heart beat is irregular?
High Blood Pressure? (Help)?
Rapid pulse,Feelt like I was gonna die, hallucinateing,and not opeaning eyes...?
What do you call a hole in the heart?
how to maintain hypertension?
Inhaler Help?
Do you think this would be a good idea?
Whats th BEST way of making you happy?
how can i get a letter/report removed from my doctors file?
Chronic obstipation?
Does the FLU make you halucinate?
Eating dairy after a new tongue piercing?
Is It Bad To Take Medication Your Whole Life?
Do you like to chew gum?
do lungs repair themself?
Are there any informational books on Brain Cancer?
Breast Cancer?
What kind of doctor performs a biopsy?
lump in neck?
does anyone have hand and feet sysdrome from xeloda chemo pills?
What;s the difference between a bone scan and a PET scan?
Is this a breast cancer?
Questions about Lupus? ?
Can i go to a doctor to get depression meds without going to a psychiatrist?
How much does it cost to treat schizophrenia?
Oversleeping disorder?
Is Chron's related to Ulcerative Colitis?
I was told it is unhealthy to breath air thru your mouth while sleeping?
What's wrong with my fingers?
I have horrible headaches every day now?
Weird burning feeling on skin?
Anyone ever fracture a vertebrae or any Spine docs out there?
How common is it for an damaged Cerebral Shunt to heal?
how can i repair my hand it is broken from shoulder joint?
What is the cause for tight pelvic muscles?
flat feet problem?
What's up with my wrist? SIMPLE 2 POINTS!! Help, though?
How can i make the swelling go down on top of my eye?
A diabetic person using insuline must keep it refregerated?
Can a parasite cause diabetes?
diabetes? i have a jean mark for diabetes, can i go blind?
I took 70 mg of ketorolac tromethamine. Am i in any danger?
what can alcohol do if......?
I think i may have diabetes!! Plese help!?
Is 9.1 sugar level high? test was done around midday and i only had a sandwich in the morning.?
wat is cause o f death of srinivasa naidu?1023?
What to do about scars?
How do you get rid of sunburn FAST?
What causes dark circles under your eyes if you are still young?
I think I might have a bad skin problem (PICS)?
How do I get rid of bacne?
I think I have a nose/piercing infection, please, please help??
how can i get a pretty tan withoutttt getting all burnt & itchy?
What is the best natural diuretic?
what is the fasterst way to get muscular?
I am seriously tryig to lost my "mommy" tummy and good advise?
how many days before a urin test ,i have to stop smoking marijuana?
how long does the Xtreme detox cleansing drink work? anyone ever use it?
Why don't I have an apetite??
I am having an epidural for lower back pain. When I go home, should someone watch me or be there?
I have a vein on my upper forearm that is hard .I am 55 should I be worried?
Where can I find information about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in relation with ADD/ADDH?
I have a very intense personality, so I am told?
Why is my body clock acting so...normal? This is too weird?
I am not a very social person.?
what could help me feel better?
Depressed people - have you ever been to a place so dark you didnt even know it existed?
Do therapists pretend to care about all their crazy patients because they get paid or do they really care?
im tired of feeling this way?
Does INVISILINE braces work?
How long does it take for swelling to go down after I've had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled?
How many ways are there to stop a tooth ache, mention them.?
Question about braces and teeth filing!!! HELP!?
My jaw or tooth on the left side of my mouth really hurts!?
Is it possible to get my fangs shaved down?
whitening my teeth at the dentist?
tongue help! emergancy?
ear infection ? ?
I have a few times a day the right hand cold and the left one warm. What is it?
Cough Help Please?
any home treatment for cough and cold?
Why is it that every time the issue of smoking being hazardous is brought up....?
How do you know if you are beginning to have throat cancer?
Is tuberculosis dangerous?
pain in lung...?
I need some information on aspartame? ?
Anyone ever use the Kinoki Detox Foot Pads?
Is drinking Aloe juice helpful in healing from surgery?
How can I help soften the blow of my first cold in 6 years?
Inner ear infection and very concerned?
Homeopathic Doctor/Please communicate?
MDMA (ecstasy) therapy?
What is your personal goal for the next year?
did you watch 'Marijuana Nation' last night?
Ear allergies? Sterling silver or.....?
How do you cure a blocked Ear?
reaction/side effect from cortisone injection?
Why am i allergic to fruit all of a sudden?
will zinc oxide help a mango allergy?
Should i be able to go to school tomorrow.?
my nose ring is stuck! help!?
how can I rise my HDL level significantly?
What possible hazards can be expected for my untreated bradycardia(advised pacemaker implantation ,a month ago?
Can enough junk food make you have a heart attack?
anxitey fear of heart attacks?
My Fiance has a high restign heart rate, is this bad? and what can be done to help it?
how come I hear my heart beat esp at night?
Cholesterol and Heart Attacks?
If your total cholesterol is 264 and your triglycerides is 108, HDL is 73, VLDL is 22 & LDL is169 is that bad?
can i ask a girl to please show me how to do a SBE please?
what is the best thing to use on a sunburn?
Diagnosing a pain in my back?
Is a crushed disk the same as a broken back?
What type of injury is this???
Sports Manager health Crisis?
I have a pain in my calf and don't know what it is?
ugh! i have a cold sore and its the first time any tips and help?
bone spurs? what to expect?
Bleeding under nail OUCH?
What causes diahrea (sp?) and what are the side effects?
how would the cri-du-chat syndrome effect someone if.....?
What are some common symptoms of Fasting Hypoglycemia?
I'm 16 and I have kyphosis,physical therapy didn't help, what should be done next? please read and help?
How to break the ice about multiple sclerosis when trying to pursue a relationship?
breastmilk as a pink eye remedy?`?
Weird feeling in my stomach D: ?
How long do anorexics go without food?
HEALTH class question..answer pleaz?
What is considered "several hours" of fasting for a blood test?
I am diabetic. Front of my legs are discolored dark purple. Is there any product on the market to help cover.?
Is stem cell implant in pancreas help in restoring proper function of pancreas?
How do I set the time and date on a One Touch UltraMini glucometer?
i've heard that eating a banana can stop a nosebleed. Does anyone know if this is true?
How do I stop the binge and purge cycle?
How do you deal with Stress??
Itchy Head?
Insomnia and the hole in the Universe?
asthma attack- hyperventilation??
i have motion porblem. i unable to go toilet daily. plz give the solution to go daily motion.?
My aunts neck popped and she couldn't see or hear? Is this really serious?
What makes you strong inside yourself or outside?
What can clean pot out of your 140 pound body for a urine drug test in 2 days time?
What's Involved in a Physical?
i have a red bump under my tongue what could it be?
I want to get rid of anxiety with out taking pills???? any ideas??
My dad had depression and it got so bad he ended up taking his life...?
I need advice..Someone?
Does the 12 step program (to kick alcohol addiction) work if somedays you want to quit and others you don't?
Am I BI_POlar?
Who has OCD?
can you feel......................????
Do people with schizophrenia have more friends than we do?
get rid of oily skin?
How to get rid of a canker sore.?
Can i get my skin lighter?
How to get rid of scars?
Quick fix for a sty in my eye?
What should I do with my POISON IVY?
Is there a quick and easy way to get rid of acne?
The weather here has my skin dry and itchy. What do you do to lube up?
Where can I find a list of children's vaccine ingredients on the internet?
your lungs?
Why do we get cricks in our neck and how do you make the pain go away?
swollen lips?
mailing address in Youngstown, OH for American Cancer Assoc.?
why use matlab gui in medical or radiation treatment?
Thyrogen injections for Thyroid cancer?
How can I tell if I have colon cancer?
Skin cancer: how do I avoid it, and how do I know if I have it?
Can i stay with my friend while he is getting chemo?
translucent bump be skin cancer?
Is their any evidence correlating computer use (source of EM radiation) and cancer?
Does anyone have an auto immune disease that is eased by dietary restrictions?
i want to get my teeth whitened, any recommended ways to do so? (In Australia)?
Question About Fluid In Ear?
What is causing these allergy symptoms????
what to do about the most intense clogged nose ive ever experienced, I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!?
how do you cure nettle stings to a dogs nose,ears and neck?
What will doctors do to see if you have spring allergies?
When do you know a cat is sick?
why are my eyes always red?
Red spots on roof of mouth?
what is Collateral circulation and what?
Low Blood Pressure Question?
Is it heartburn? Please help, I have never had heartburn?
All of the sudden rapid heart beat and shortness of breath.?
Can High Blood Pressure make me feel exhausted all day. Even if I sleep more than 8 hours a night?
blood clot question after 3 months?
two famous people in the last month had a aortic valve placement who was it?
Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome?
Is my blood pressure ok?
Should I get this bite checked out?
Why does stress make my scar hurt?
what my auto injury worth in wisconsin?
What to do to make my shoulder stop hurting?
remedys for a black eye?
Can the effects of ecstasy be reversed?
How do deaf people know when to wake up in the morning?
i cause batteries to leak when i touch them. what is up with this its not normal.?
Is this Cause I'm Growing up?
I have a bunch of weed seeds and I want to get high. Can I smoke the seeds?
Researching on the internet?
I worry too much and I was wondering if anybody could give me a book or website to help with worrying?
I have a desire to read books, but I have no motivation to actually read them. Is this a chemical imbalance?
Im fed up with going red all the time!!?
Help I cant stop binge eating!?
Hypochondria, i need help!?
I'm finding life a scary place.
Is this right or not?
When I'm depressed my heart really aches .. why's that?
If You Die In Your Sleep Will You Ever Know You Died?
I broke my wrist last August and since then it makes a grinding noise when i move it. Is this normal?
What purpose does the epiglotis serve?
how can I get mold out of fabric?
what is the purpose of the National School Lunch Program?
i have a red blotchy bumpy rash all over my body, how do i treat this. it started after i finished taking a me
what effect does sugar have on your system?
If you have a sore throat but you know its not strep or tonsillitis what can it be?
Good techniques or methods of giving up smoking?
how to get rid of acne scars fast?
What is a good soap for acne?
How can I make sunburn pain go away? Also, how long does moderate sunburn take to go away?
How do I help this hormonal acne?
Homemade mole removal
why my ankles swell everyday?
Whats the black stuff on my thighs and armpits?
can my insomnia be connected 2 my pregnancy?
What exactly is nausea...?
can a disease have more than one cure? can you provide an example?
My child has severe autism will the pain ever go away?
What is it like to get an ultrasound of the ribs?
Hypothryoidism, Birth Control & Getting Pregnant After?
Strange medical question...?
This H1N1 is the biggest "boondoggle" in the history of modern medicine. Well! the Cholesterol scare is worse.?
Am I just sick, or...?
have you heard about Boston -C that can cure cancer?
Cancer fighting foods?
is it possible for a person to have cancer, heart disease, and other health problems alltogether?
Does anybody know about Leukemia Feline Virus?
What could be the cause of my chronic cough? It sounds like I'm wheezing when I'm coughing.?
indole 3 carbinol for healing breast cancer?
Terminally ill parent?
can u get cancer if u eat something with cancer ? i need answers !!!!?
What is the best natural remedy with little side effects to relieve social anxiety?
No matter i study i can't remember what i read. any suggestions?
Can I dissolve my gallstones over time with a home remedy and/or change in lifestyle and diet?
What is a natural treatment of stress symptoms?
im 15 years old and my height is 5;3 and i want to grow few moe inche taking homeopathy does it really work?
Relief of Constant Headaches?
What is the difference between Chiropractic and Physical therapy?
how can increase my hieght? plz give the detail of any medicine or product or natural way?
Chiropractor needs x-ray before anything done?
Does anyone know a home remedy?
Can a gold allergy cause hives?
How come my allergies will not go away?
How can I get my eye to stop watering?
Have u had anaphyactic reaction to bee sting and had immunotherapy?
Off wheat. How long till I feel better?
why am i sneezing so much ?
Not actually sure I am allergic to wasps?
The nose, and boogers.?
Which teeth whitening product is the best?
i am really conscious about my teeth,, whitening kits ive tried please give me advice?
Disadvantages of bonding?
How bad is this dental work going to hurt?
Can receded gums grow back? If so, what can I do to help them?
will my teeth get stronger after i remove my brace?
I was fired for turning my dentist boss in for doing drugs?
Why would someone grow out yellow teeth?
how many teeth do you have?
what religions are against certain health treatments ?
question about my sick 3 yr old?
lipomassage/ m6 lipo for twelve year old?>?
Stress-related Seizures?
how long does it take for someone to die when they drink alcohol everyday?
Bulimia pains dunno what to do?
I'm constantly tired no matter how much sleep I get?
why do people smoke ciggs?
do you believe that a burp is an educated fart?
B blocker poisoning information required?
Is there any corolation with dilated cardiomyopathy and fibromyalgia?
can grapefruit effect enalapril usage?
Help need info on venous anomoly?
what is the heart rate during a heart attack exact range please ?
Do I have a heart condition?
What just happened to my heart?
MY HEART stops beating or feels like it skips a beat?
I have hypoglycemia???????
Anyone with psoriasis being treated for diabetes?
I have diabetes and my carb coverage with insulin is not good. I need 1 unit of novalog for 5 units of carbs?
Type 1 diabetic with vomiting.?
Is the sugar content in both green and red apples is the same?
How bad is it to drink 4 or 5 Cokes a day if you have type 2 diabetes?
Is anybody affected by Multiple personality disorder?
Bipolar and ADHD?
How do get over her and get out of this depression?
Help me with my energy issues?
How do you manage anger?
krishana a super person only not a av tree person ,if u believe in me write yes r no.?
under what conditions can a vet be sued?
Do Dr.s do x rays to find kidney stones, or ultra sounds?
I have a burning sensation under my ribcage on my left side?
What should I do to treat a strained neck?
someone PLEASE tell me that vertigo is temporary! someone with experience!?
Is Parkinsons Hereditary?
can ovarian cysts cause depression and major mood swings?
My hands are always shaking... =S whats wrong with me?
Can you correct your vision without surgery?
If i get my paramedic Degree in New York, Can i go to another state and work?
salt water flush cure acne!!?
How do I get rid of my chest and back acne?
Question about sweat (on tip of nose)?
Big bump on the inside of my leg...?
how do i get rid of a big spot on my bum?
Who/When was chemotherapy invented?
Are hickies harmful in any way?
Is salt an acid ? since cancer patients should avoid acidic food may I know what kind of food are these ?
I have a mirocobiology case and I need help.?
medicine for incapability to hold urine?
If a person gets a PET scan, do they still need a colonoscopy?
What percent of people diagnosed with breast cancer die from it?
Does anyone have an ebook of "The Hidden Story of Cancer" by Brian Peskin?
Cancer Diagnosis Question?
Where can cancer be seen in the body? ?
Does painting yourself increase your resistance to sun burn and skin cancer?
Do hotdog's give brain tumors?
My mom is being tested for Multiple Myeloma?
Is mainstream medicine coming full circle?
How would you make a female cancer feel comfortable around you? or how can you?
im 17 yrs old i have a lump on the side of my breast my grandmother died of breast cancer should i be worried?
Can you have Bronchitis and pneumonia at the same time?
Is sinus infection the same as sinusitis?
how can i get rid of this cough?!?
Why do YOU smoke marijuana?
does anyone know a good site to purchase kratom?
is there any way to end aid is by useing condem?
You Asthmatics....Would You Rather Be Educated and Not Medicated?
does anyone know of something that can speed up my metabolism?
What does it mean to dream of crows?
A question about smoking?
That feeling in your stomach... *love is in the air*?
why is insulin not always used wiyh type 2 diabetes?
help is this diabetis it runs in my family bad
if you have your sugar tested and its fine in six months could it show you are diabetic?
Ways to improve blood curcleation?
Can someone explain what these symtoms could be?
Honeymoon phase............?
my glucose is 290. does it mean i have diabetes?
I've been hungry, tired and mega thirsty lately. what's the deal?
affects of hives?
What to do with the sleepwalkers?
Food allergy question?
Has anybody ever had an allergic reaction to Flonase that involved weeping eyes, runny nose, etc.?
I'm having issues with my allergies and contact wearing?
My boyfriend throws up if he can't breath out of his nose. Is this common and what causes it?
going to allergist tomorrow and recently found out i have edema, is there anything in particular i should ask?
Sinus infection, Allergies, Common Cold?
I feel so lonely, even with people around me-what can I do?
EpiPen Advice?? When Should I use it?!?
How do I deal with depression in a mature way?
water keeps dripping from my nose and eye?
Bags under my eyes in the morning?
I need to win my ex fiance back after cheating on her, before she moves with my baby!!?
Has Amy Lee ever self-harmed?
Can a psychiatrist admit you to the psych ward for having suicidal thoughts ?
Why did my mom do this?
Can anybody help me please i have suicidal toughs?
I have a painful spider bite; Can you tell me what bit me? [pics]?
Getting my braces on was a process- is that unusual?
Dentist charging for a copy of my records?
I need to have 6 veneers replaced and only want the best to do it, what type of dental specialist...?
Pain in the ear and jaw...?
I chipped my tooth just wondering how much it will cost?
Dentist - What to expect?
I am getting a tooth pulled.....?
Do you relax with your mouth open or closed?
whats good for dry mouth in mornings?
What are the side effects of MMR jab in children? Is it true it causes Autism?
Puffy Eyes and shortage of breath--sign of stress?
I stopped taking paxil cr abruptly......had no choice 30 mg or so?
why can't maggots be used more often in medicine as are leeches?
How do you know when a wart is completely killed?
what is a good cleanser for combination skin? + skin care routine.?
How do i get rid of acne and black heads?
How do I get rid of ingrown hairs?
whats the best way to rid myself of acne?
Dandruff or psoriasis?
I have these red bumps around my ankles and they itch really bad, what are they and how do I get rid of them?
im 14 and i have a white lump on my tounge what is it ?
old bruises under eye ?
IV messed up nerves in my hand???
I know it sounds childish but if you've had a lumbar puncture what was the pain like on a scale of 1-10?
How can I reduce a burn scar?
ankle hurts??? 10pts!!!!!!!?
My stomach and lower back have been hurting...?
Leg looks deformed after falling.. is this normal? Picture?
coccyx problems?
PinkyRing finger numb?
When was the last time you got your foot stomped on by someone? did it hurt much? who stomped on your foot? ?
side effects of lobelia inflata+zanax?
Bacterial Infection in chest?
Can a Doctor or Nurse who work in a Hospital please answer?
How long do swollen lymph nodes last?
what are the diseases in the respiratory system??
What's wrong with me?
How to Be Prepared for an Asthma Attack?
Athsma pump. Dangerous if you do not have athsma?
serious question?????????
is anybody having panic attack feeling and tingiling in the back of the head?
Can any one help me diagnose my symptoms?
Medical Professionals: What is increased leptinemia?
what are some good eating disorder related songs?
Does this sound like vertigo or something else?
Sleeping troubles...?
how i control my uric acid without taking any medicine ? What should i take in my food ?
Is It Bulimia when..?
Do people in comas snore?
Any drug addicts out there that can help me on this one??
can acupuncture help arthritis?
Whats cranial sacral therapy?
What is your favorite essential oil to use for the health benefits?
vitamins E?
Has anyone here ever used colloidal silver for an infection? Did work well? If It worked well, what brand?
How many nanograms of THC are in two hits?
What are some Good E-Cigarettes ( Electronic Cigarettes)?
Share your experiences with Chinese Medicine: Where can I learn ABOUT Chinese Medicine?
A little orange(pink?) pill with an L on them? What are they?
please help severe headache what does he do?
chest pain from anxiety reaction, how to help it naturally?
Once you have panic attacks/anxiety attacks from marijuana, is smoking marijuana always going to stay that way?
My mom just had a panic attack! Can you help!?
Holy Sh*t... What's going on?
Why is marijuana so popular as a drug?
How does an MRI tell the difference between tumors and other masses?
Is the childhood cancer ribbon gold or light blue?
do i have brain cancer?
Could it be skin cancer?
from a medical stand point..how long does it take to get lung cancer, some people smoke and their fine?
what is pulvinar?
why do people who have bowel cancer blled dard red blood from thier bum, and why do they sometimes have diarea
what am i seeing in the following picture?
how to improve personality?
Mom with Borderline Personality Disorder?
do i have depression?
What shall I do about my hubby I'm positive he is losing his memory big time and?
can you find joy in this world after hurt?