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do you get sick from?
Why can I go months without getting sick, then get sick with EVERYTHING at once?
Weird thing that happens to me?
What diseases have cures?
OMG am I dying??
can oral candida be caused by taking lamisil?
What do you do in public if you fart?
stomach pain?
What are the symptoms of severe sleep apnea?
how would you come to terms with a lot of illness all together and how would you cope.?
anyone w/ an eating disorder...hav people in your family who are overweight??
Isn't advertising?
Is pain behind the eye related to sinus pressure or orbital decompression surgery from over a year ago.?
how long will it take for a lazy eye to recover?
Does astigmatism go away?
Why do Acuvue Oasys lenses cause dry eye?
Is Patch therapy effective for Amblyopia in a 41 year old patient?
Can I wear contacts even though I have a crossed eye?
People who use contact lense, help please!!!!?
I have brown eyes and want color contacts.?
Can you get Colored Contacts at Shoppers Drug Mart?
Is nicotine gum dangerous? I think i may be addicted to it.?
Lung Volume Reduction Surgery.?
How those the pneumonia organism attacks and spreads?
My 17mo has a bad cough and cold, she just had two vaccinations today, can I give her cough medicine?
i am aneamic since childhood and my hemoglobin stays very low?
I'm looking for info on sarcoidosis. Can anyone help me? I need to find a specialist who knows about this.
Cleft Palate (nostril informity)?
do peanuts cause acne?
Has anyone tried the University Medical Acnefree Sensitive Skin System?
Can i use bio-oil for acne scarring?
Have you got any advice?
What skin tone is this?
What's this tiny, firm, blister-like bump on my finger?
red marks on my face?
i believe i had a small cyst on top of my head,I have pulled it out and it is the size of a small sweetcorn?
How to get rid of Eye Circles?
Where can I find a blood sugar monitor that reads in greek.?
other factors to endo?
how should a 12 year old diabetic lose weight?
could i still have/get diabetes?
Does anyone know a place i can find a Diabetic logbook online?
how are iron tablets made?
blood glucose testing. ?
signs of blood sugar issues?
Do I have Diabetes? Signs of Diabetes?
Obesity and Knocked knees?
Whats the best way to whiten my teeth? thanks x?
i have impacted wisdom teeth and my dentist said insurance thinks removal is cosmetic? why is this?
Do I have a infected tooth?
URGENT! Tooth/ Gum pain- is this my wisdom tooth coming through? PLZ HELP?
Bad Breath?
Tooth hurts when I sit down and lay down aaaahh?
I have my gum stuck between my upper and lower part of my teeth.?
Rotten and Decayed teeth?
Can cervical cancer prevent flow of the menstral cycle??
Transfusion of Platelets?
My sister-in-law has inoperable cervical cancer. Do you know of any holistic or good alternative treatments?
iv Ascorbate?
Complicated question, and very loooonng. Please see below. Thanks.?
How long will a fractured hip take to heal? It is small hairline fracture.?
how to cure tennis elbow?
Does a virgin freezes when put inside a refrigerator?
How come I get tired in the middle of the day?
This is so sad.?
Seizures in children for no apparent reason? Anyone have any advice?
Remedy from reflux?
What can I expect when I have my gallbladder removed?
Would you please tell me what DVT is?
why do i suddenly smell an amonia aroma?
Misdiagnosos of Aspergers syndrome?
testicular hernia?????
Is it ok to use saline solution instead of opti-replenish?
need help with contact lenses?
Colored contacts?? Information plz. only people who have or know about colored contacts1?
Blood pressure question?
how much does a resident cardiologist make annualy?
Pain in upper leg due to taking niacin?
How common are pulmonary flow murmurs in adults?
i want to know if anyone know of a way of getting a blood thinner free (palvix).?
Question about strokes **important**?
Do you experience skippings heartbeats or PVC's?
Should we go to the hospital?
What kind of life time line would you give a 75 year old who have inoperable aortic aneurysm.?
What are possible causes of swollen lymph nodes?
hello. for the past year i have had trouble breathing?
How do you use nebulized albuterol without a neb?
Why can't i breathe normally?
my daughter aged 5-1/2 yrs had 2 episodes of wheezing in the past 1 month. Is sha suffering from asthama?
Questions about smoking?
4am in the hospital now; 35 just had tonsils out. Can't sleep because now I am snoring? I didnt snore before
do you think she will be ok??
Please help the doctors are all baffled!!!!?
Can myopia be cured?
is my laptop a petridish?
Can expired ibuprofen make you sick?
How can I get over my fear of pills and tablets?
Diarrhea issues............?
if the body is fit then = a healthy mind,or does the healthy mind come first for a healthy body?
Do the shampoos to remove THC/marijuana from your hair for drug testing really work?
I need sleep...?
Why have I never needed a poo during the night?
My Daughter is constipated an crying on the toilet I gave her Olive oil but she through it up can someone help
Advice and Ideas on Glueten Free and Casein (Dairy) Free Diets?
How do people get asthma at birth?
What's the best allergy medicine for cat and dog allergy?
Never have had allergies before... is it possible to start overnight??
What do I do with this allergic reaction to vodka?
what's better cold or warm water for oily skin?
Can You Get Rid Of Acne Scars? &&If So How? Help Please=]?
how high should the SPF in your facial moisturizer be ?
how can i get rid of acne with home products?
Should scars still hurt?
How can i stop itching?
Rosacea if you experience it please help!!!?
okay. so i have acne.. and im taking..?
Is injecting cortizone into my facial cyst a good idea?
Anyone want to give me a good genetic disease?
can being an alcoholic cause a person to get migraine like headaches that last between 20 minutes and 3 hours?
Is it good to eat choclate,coffee,spicy, and greasy foods after having your galbladder removed.?
for those diagnosed w/Tourettes?
What could this weird twitching be that's just above one side of my upper lip?
Is this OCD?
Panic Attacks?
How do you treat bone spurs?
What can i do to stop horrible back pain?
Sneeze when I look at a bright light.?
Help my nose, please! What can I do to promote healing and stop the need....?
How do you spend a perfect day with your boyfriend?
What would u do to go inside of people's heart if u were a Doctor?
Area around iris red after wearing contacts?
what do the numbers such as 20/20 represent?
my legs have been swelling, would large doses of my pain meds cause this?
How can I get rid of my back pain?
Do you think this man was really 138 years old?
which all organs are affected and how in Acute lymphoblastic leukemia?
How to focus while dealing with depression?
How would you attempt to correct irrational thinking?
If a guy was raped in his sleep by a girl, would it wake him up or know it when he wakes up?
What can you do when you've lost the will to live?
Im suicidal and i told my friend..what would u do?
HELP!!! I need white teeth ??
Have you ever broken a tooth on one of those Blackcurrant & Liquorice sweets?
How do you whiten teeth with braces?
Why are my teeth Transparent?
Teeth Whitener?
Every time I brush my teeth, I inevitably feel like throwing up. Why?
Cheapest, most effective way to whiten teeth? I guess i could throw in most effective too?
Dentist, I'm going to die?
how does alcohol affect your kidneys?
i keep hearing great things about drinking Green Tea? what exactly does it help with AND?
Do I have the flu??
Have you ever accidentally got high on something?
What's the ONE most important thing one can do for one's health?
my drug addicted friend needs help..?
life threatening expiration date?
how often does the average person wee a day?
do you think its dirty to ....?
Borderline short PR syndrome on EKG?
My brother in law has Aorta Aneurysms, where the whole length of his main aortic nerve has bubble with blood.?
Is My Blood Pressure High Or Normal?
what is the cost of pacemaker in Mumbai India?
If you think that you might have plaque buildup in your arteries?
Do I have a heart issue?
Is this CT Angiogram result normal?
What is to the right of your heart?
heart rate advice please?
Has anyone ever experienced side effects from taking 1,000 mcg's of Vitamin B12?
is there codeine in tramadol?
Is there anything to alternative medicine other than the placebo effect?
Is cornflower tea good for healing reflux?
What is moderately safe to mix together?
how to get rapid relief of a common cold? with home kitchen remedies?
who is the best company to use for free prescription drugs if I don't have any insurance?
What is so good (or bad) about Marijuana?
Does anyone have a natural allergy solutuion that actually works?
what vitamins will i take to protect me from allergic rhinitis & ashtma?
Genetics and Autism (People who have degrees please!)?
Could someone explain about anemia HB blood count and Iron infusions please?
Can Chemotherapy treatment result in memory loss?
What is plantar fasciatis?
What do the "floater's" in my vision mean?
It is Possible for 2 people with Downs Syndrome to produce a child that has all 46 chromosomes?
My tummy is acting weird?
Brain Tumor??
Someone Help Please?
can contacts lenses do serious damages to eyes?
what if i want plastic eye surgery?
what is normal for people with contacts for astigmatism (toric lenses)?
saw flashing colors when i blink, and a huge headache afterwards?
Why does it take me so long to put contacts in?
the doc said my 11 month old has asthma?
is running in cold weather good or not?
Why i always have a runny nose every morning?
why do the lungs need a very good blood supply?
CT Scanning result info. of mosaic pattern?
i collapsed couple of days ago anyone have any ideas why i am feeling like this?
what is Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo?
What type of precaution should taken for preventing risk of Cancer desease?
What is Bronchitis?
how do u tell if u have a yeast infection?
i have a nose bleed but it's not coming out of my nose it's draining down my throat. Should i be concerned?
what do i have to do to get on chat line?does it cost?need to talk to others who have lost loved ones.?
Why are the top of my ears red?
how to get rid of blemishes?
Does honey & cinnamon help cure acne? Has anyone ever tried this, if so what where your results?
What was acne like in the Middle Ages?
What is this purple spot on my face?
whiteheads worms, is it true?
what will happen to a blind man if he do drugs?
Why is it that Diabetes affects the way a Diabetic person dreams?
should doctors perscribe contreseption for teens under16?
How do I stop binge eating? not very healthy, and hard to stop.?
What are some home treatments for dealing with pain due to diabetic neuropathy?
What does this mean to you?
Is it hard for diabetics to find a good healthy drink with no sugar or dangerous artificial sweeteners?
When do you start to feel high sugar levels?
Could it be diabetes?
how long does it take to recover from mild con cushion?
What can I do about a blister on the back of my ankle?
can i ask any doc a question?
can i play basketball with stitches?
did i cut my cast off too early?
I had ORIF 7 weeks ago and I am now in a boot walking with a crutch. Is this too soon? HELP?
both my hands are numb for a while becuz of too much work at the pc.are there any drugs or relief from this?
What's wrong with me?!?
Can our dogs have schizophrenia or other similar psychological disorders?
What should i do about my depression?
OK, I admit it: I'm bored. Bored with life. Bored of being alone and bored of being broke.?
why do i keep forgetting nouns?
amphetamine (speed) what are the effects of using this daily over a long space of time?
will you get in trouble?
you ever feel ike you just dont belong anywhere?
Panic attack or anxiety attack?
My mom commited suicide, now what do I do?
do you self harm or ever have?
Contact lens solution: any advice?
why do they sterilize lethal injection needles?
Ive been having really weird stomach issues..?
who was the first person to have a artificial heart?
I want to quit. Advice?
Why do people get "goose bumps"?
If you overdose on a drug is it ever a good idea to self induce vomiting?
if i sold one of my kidenys would i be able to live normally ?like nothing happened?
fertility issue for lymphoma male patient?
Please give the symptoms of colon cancer and how can you prevent?
What is the uncontrolled dividing of cells called? What factors may be responsible?
Is there anything OTC that helps with lung cancer mucus?
Is it true that the father of macrobiotics and his wife died of cancer? and how did that affect macrobiotics?
Is it possible to get voluntary cancer screenings and how?
Should i get screened for penile cancer?
how serious is mild trileaflet aortic valve sclerosis? Please answer ASAP. Thanks?
what term means the blocking of an artery by a clot?
Is my cholesterol too low?
Could Muscle Relaxers stop a heart attack?
Can being sick affect blood pressure?
HELP Need Answers should I call the ER ASAP?
My girlfriend has congestive heart failure please help?
...........low heart rate...........?
What is the best medicine to take for a severe head cold?
Something is swollen on my neck under the skin on my right side.?
What is the life expectancy of someone with Scoliosis?
can people with Crohn's Disease people tell me some things like what its like to be on methotrexate injection
drinking and losing brain cells?
wut is this Benadryl 30mg / Mylanta 60ml / Carafate 4g?
Will a person die if they have gastricbypass surgery?
Anyone deal with Panic and Anxiety Attacks..?
What are some tips for boosting your immune system?
Do you become reliant on Lexapro or other antidepressants?
I just quit smoking, Is it safe to take multivitamins with Vitamin A or beta carotene?
Can I take apple cider mixed with apple juice?
how old do you have to be to get acupuncture?
Should research be conducted to discover whether Lindsay Lohan's kisses have healing properties?
If laughter is the best medicine should I volunteer to visit the hospital and laugh at all the patients?
Which is more addictive Crack or Meth?
Does smoking pot really make everything all better?
Eye infection or allergies?
What are the common causes of allergies in southeast Kansas this time of year?
could i have an ear cartilage allergy?
can anyone tell me if...?
why do eyes twitch?my left eye does it every few days and its driving me crazy?
What is it called when your eyes reject your contact lenses?
how long can you wear a pair of contacts lenses for without changing to a new pair?
smokes question????????????????????????????????…
about eye laser operation?
My contacts lens seems blurry and not clear when i put them on?
eye color question....?
what happens if i wear my daily contacts for more than one day?
does nicotine cause vasoconstriction or vasodiolation?
does anyone know how many OZ's of water are in a gallon.?
I quit smoking 80 days ago. Since day 20 I have tingling in my fingers,?
how do you shave hair at the place where..?
Elderly patient w/COPD, CHF, SHINGLES history has developed round pinkish?
I Hate Sinus?
how common is it to be diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age of 42 yrs old?
Coughing white foam and other issues, can you help?
why do we breathe?
how many times a year can I have Chest X-ray?
What is Anemy?
Out of control Acne!!!!?
dry skin help!?
Nitric acid to remove acne?
How to make rashes appear on my skin?
What can you use to stop the itch of mosquitos?
ear and my hole that is large?
HELP! can u guyz PLZ PLZ answer this question?
When will my acne disapear?
Why do I have a piece of hair growing out of my forehead?
If you go to a dermatologist on your fist visit, what will they tell you or do?
Did anybody use the Invisalign Cleaning system (Cleaning Crystals) to clean Invisalign aligners?
What happens when you don't replace a tooth you have had pulled?
Tooth Whitening?
What is the best way to whiten your teeth without hurting them?
Where to find jobs as a dentist?
Is my tooth dying? and do i need a Root Canal? my tooth is changing colour, its going darker???
How come aquafresh toothpaste always comes out in a stripe?
how can i get rid of 'tennis elbow'??
Swollen, painful thumb; what to do?
I need some advice on rehabing a partially torn minescus!!!?
is my ankle sprained?
What does a broken rib feel like?
my buddy steve got hurt bowling .. he tore his bicep while throwing the ball . is this normal ?? ?
should i be able to walk with a torn ACL?
i've had a bruise on my shin for over a month now and it doesn't seem to be healing. is this normal?
High School Wrestling Knee Injury?
What do I do if I have a bump on my head?
What other illness's possibly causes the same symptoms as diabetes?
What is the name or class of medications that are used to increase insulin efficiency at the cell level?
What is the diff. between glucose intolerance and diabetes ?
doesnt anyones blood sugar spike after eating and carbs/sugar...diabetic or nondiabetic?
Can i become a marine with type 2 diabetes?
How can I get insulin? I have no job or insurance.?
Is having 20.2 mmol/L normal for a diabetic?
Anyone who was diagnosed with diabetes under age 14?
what are the casues that people would be wondering to do cosmetic surgery?
Ear Problem!!!?
Stomach pain with backache?
what are some ways to relax?
Eye strain symptoms, what are they ?
how to stop my left eye twitching?
How long does it take to receive trial pair contact lenses?
I need eye test site ?
The corner of my eye (closest to nose) is itchy and puffy,?
What's with this shaky vision?
Non perscription eye contacts?
What would you call this eye colour?
What are eye exams like?
Does anyone know the symptoms of autism? And how do they test for it?
Calf swelling?
If teacher has celiac disease, whose responsibility is it for exposure to gluten?
what does it mean if you have a enlarged liver?
Dizzy and don't feel right...?
Should i go to the doctor?
Do I have a sleeping disorder?
my hand and feet palms hurts and burns?
What are the side effects of Prozac?
I don't think I've got a PERSONALITY!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?
Why do I have a fetish for blood?
Cold & Hay Fever!!!!!!!?
What am i allergic to?
How do I remove dark spots from my lips? They are the result of a shellfish allergy.?
any good remedies for hives?
Am I allergic to my dog's saliva?
what is the best way to prevent bloddy noses in the summer?
what are fingernails?
insect/bug bite. I was outside tailgating at a football game?
I just recently went off sugar, can you be addicted to it?
Do you have a guilty pleasure?
How do i get rid of my bags!?
harmone that regulates basal metabolic rate?
I live in Kenya but we have no kotex, why so expensive?
The Importance of Multiculturalism?
Which is better to help tmj, craniosacral therapy or chiropractic?
Has anyone had a colonic irrigation to help candida?
Can I purchase or obtain hemp oil (for cancer "cure")?
any recommendation on a natural digestive cleanser?
What is spice gold?
can anyone tell me the benefits of oil pulling?
is it possible that this "weed" was LACED?
Choking type question, first right answer gets ten points?
New ways to take Salvia?
how does methotrexate render cancer cellsnon-viable? name the specific enzyme route?
i need help answering this question?
I had a mamogram and report was microcalcification clustered.I will have a repeat test.How often ,there nothin
Do Californians have a high % of cancer because of all the nuclear testing in the nearby Arizona deserts?
What are the major causes of air pollution?
why do people snore?
I'd like to know the significance of "predicted"values of FVC AND FEV1?
Is pneumonia contagious? If so, how?
where can I find a chart showing % of O2 per liter/min and the mask or cannula?
Does breathing ocean air help if you have ammonia?
feeling in throat?
Why does my gran sleep with her eyes open, she is very ill and i think is on a morphine drip.?
i found out i have copd .i quit smoking but now iam putting on alot of weight.any one know about copd?
My dandruff is driving me crazy, how can I get rid of it for good?!?
why is acne so hard to get rid of?
How long should i expect to wait until i see results from accutane?
Does Doxycycline work for acne?
How do you get rid of skin tags?
man skin care solution.?
Are bonded retainers more popular now?
food for removed wisdom teeth?
Will an a infected tooth cause a sore throat?
My Jaw keeps locking....?
Whats good for a toothache?
ortho. said i'd be getting my braces off but they don't look that straight?
i just got 2 teeth pulled?
Do you brush your teeth before you lick a stamp or envelope?
is it okay to........?
is specs removing operation are successful?
where can get prescription nerd glasses?
Who has had Laser Eye Surgery?
Eye concentration problems?
What happened to Eminems eyes?
Is there any way to correct color vision without surgery?
I have a little black dot in the middle of my vision?
Has this happened to you, you close ur eyes and then you cant breathe, move or open ur eyes?
contacts please help read this question please please please??
toothpaste...in my eye.?
what is basically a sprial fracuture??
What is the treatment for a knee sprain?
How hard would someone have to bite before they break the skin and draw blood?
Help please it's a tad urgent.?
Has anyone experienced sudden, painful RSI?
I am going to a podiatrist on friday... finally going to find out what is wrong with my ankle.?
Finger Nails messed up?
Injury question for a torn rotator cuff?
1.ever had a iv inserted?
this is embarresing: i cut myself in a bad place (imma guy)?
I took the antibiotics treatment for helicobacter pylori but it didnt work,can it be cured 100% erradicated?
Napoleon Complex: What are the symtoms of having it?
Why is my toenail orange?
A friend of mine had a seizure, now is in a coma.?
information on the haaba syndrome?
Never feel I've had enough sleep...?
What does crack smell like when it is being smoked?
This may sound stupid but...Does "poking your nose" make your nostrils larger?
will the sun fade my scar?
colon cleanse?
Why do I feel faint when i Look at high Ceilings?
what's the amount of brain cells lost with certain drugs and does drinking kill brain cells?
how will i grow tall without drinking any vitamins. i can't afford it.?
Can Someone Help Me?
why dose people have to die when they did not do anything?
why do we have nuts in our dumps?
what is cerocis of the liver?
I am looking to find info on what normal weight ranges are for boys that are 8 years old?
UK: Is it wise to make an official complaint about a care/ social worker to the Social Services?
Question about Effexor XR...?
How do i stay strong and confident?
borderline personality, compulsive liar, bipolar, mental problem?
This should probably go in relationships...but for the last 2 mths this mentality has been making me sick.?
Every time I begin to get close to someone?
I have a very weird way of percieving the world and I enjoy making fun of people in my head.. how can I change
I have a daughter who is addicted to meth, how do I find local meetings for myself and my family?
I am so scared, don't know what to do.....?
Is losing weight the only way people with diabetes type 2 are able to erase their dark velvety spots?
how does body respond to low blood glucose levels after exercising?
Misdiagnosis possibly?
how to avoid my drowsiness?
can someone with gastroparesis have the lapband surgery?
what sites can i look for food for diabetics? i spelled it wrong. how do u spell it also?
Blood sugar 168 & got a message from Dr saying I am diabetic...No fast, prior to the test. 2nd opinion?
Is this bad for a diabetic to eat?
a person who eats too much would be called what ?
what brand of sleeping pills can you recommend for people who had insomnia?
Natural Blood Pressure reducers?
What are the best alternatives to Xanax?
Can I buy Homeopathy Medicine Without a prescription in Delhi?
The Strongest Non-Prescription Painkiller?
What are good foods to eat while you're on antibiotics to boost your immune system back up?
Overdose of pills/allergy pills?
How many of you are high on MaryJiWanna?
allergy shots for non verbal patients?
what is the difference between food allergy test and?
Is it ok to take Fish Oil Pills if allergic to Shell Fish?
Help I have allergies at work! ?
Allergic reaction.... ugh....?
can i possibly be allergic to aspergillus niger?
why is the drug pcp called angel dust?
TB testing positive result?
What is the difference between co2 and pco2?
Will this prevent me from becoming a wrestler?
what can happen to a baby when taking 3.5 ml of antibiotic and don't need it.?
My nails are getting worse day by day.?
is having a Blackout in a fight normal?
What frames should I get?
Im getting contacts soon and am 13...can you tell me all about it please?
How do you treat acne on the back?
Skin irritation!! (blisters,rash and bumps)?
Get rid of zits? homemade, no toothpaste.?
Do you think I should try Accutane?
I have A LOT of blackheads..?
What's the fastest cure for ring worm?
Infected ingrown hair follicle, or something else?
I need help its about dry skin after clean & clear?
how can i get rid of a black head in my ear?
PLEASE HELP - Dealing with Hickies?
Is 12 hourse to long?
Under active thyroid symptoms please??
How long does it take for a water pill to take into effect?
urinary tract disorder maybe?
Can Hypothyroid cause purplish colored heels and lower ankles?
Does this should like GERD/acid reflux?
What are the main Characteristics of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactive disorder?
Any ideas about a swelling just above the knee?
is my bone broken its purple and it hurts to flex upward this has been for 3 days?
what is the treatment for bone chips in foot?
I broke my ankle and refused surgery on it?
How to get rid of a scar?
Why do i feel a pop in my knee?
What do you think i should do?
went to the hospital last monday?
I am having a knee problem, could you guys help me out?
My back has been hurting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How Do Anesthesiologist gives you anesthesia when having teeth pull?
What life expectancy can be assigned to a patient with atrial ventricular high grade block and bradycardia?
Is signs of numbness in your arm again after having a mild stroke a week prior something to worry about?
i ran out of my high blood pressure meds and just restarted saturday...?
When someone suffers a cardiac arrest and the doctors try to revive them, at what point in time do they?
Eating Disorder Awareness Campaign Ideas?
how can i stop thinking too deeply?
preparing yourself socially for uni?
How to beat anxiety and depression without seeing a psychiatrist ?
I'm always hyper around people, how do I stop being immature?
Are people with adhd smart ?
Every time I read war poetry I start to cry and grow mournful Why?
Please answer I need help?
Is it psychologically damaging to believe you are evil by nature?
How do I get off my *** and do the work needing to be done?
Does drinking water really help thin out face?
What is this pill?
smoking weed?
what are homeopathic remedies for cancer?
Is there a natural way to get rid of keloids?
Remedies for withdrawal headaches?
So I wanna get high but be safe about it, can anyone help?
herbal cocaine what is it?
Please can you help me to cure my daughters sickness?
What do yall know about natural cures?
whats the best weed ever?
What makes a food fast acting when it comes to diabetes?
DIABETES TYPE 2 and "itchy sores" Ringworm like?
does chromium picolinate lower blood sugar?
my grandpa has really bad arthritis and diabetes?
my daughter might have diabetes? what are the signs that show you do have it?
NPH insulin? Once or twice a day?
I took a two hour glocose tolerance test.....?
Is glycogen a lipid? Can anyone help?
Progressive lense manufacturers - which are best?
Toric Contacts or Accueview? I have astigmatism. how about you?
My distance vision is fine, my near (reading) prescription I think is +2.25.?
What kind of evening routine will help me get sleepy at a decent hour?
what is nephrogenic systic fibrosis?
How long does symptoms of bronchitis last? Is it true the cough gets worse as you get better?
What's causing the pain? (chest pain)?
Am i getting sick?
I have a sore throat & runny nose. & I have a date toniite... HELP!?
why am i feeling out of breath?
How many of every "ten" cases of lung cancer are traced to smoking?
what are the chances of getting throat cancer 4 years out of a lymphoma diagnois?
i want complete list of neurosurgeons of india?
What happens next? Stage 4 Glioma?
I am not sure if lymphoma is a possibility or not...not sure what to think?
how do u cope with a very close member like my dad who may not make it from having stomach cancer? Help me?
Colorectal Cancer?
oral surgeon?
What are my face scar removal options?
How can I get rid of acne?
Why are my eyes so itchy?
extremely dry sore itchy chapped lips?
Need help with my Acne problems?
Every time I wash my face it gets sooo dry, but if I put on moisturizer I break out. what should i do?
my armpits are really weird. can you help?
How do people get cold sores?
Anyone ever had a plate put in their shoulder for a proximal humerus fracture?
Muscle Pain?
I have a weird black bump on my hip that hurts to to touch. What is it?
how do i know if my nose is broken or not?
Have you ever had something stitched up and it left little to no scar?
Did i break my thumb?
Returning to work after panic attacks?
How do I get rid of red eyes after getting high?
what are the symptoms of "High-Blood or Hypertension" and how can we fight it?
Where to stay while my daughter is having surgery?
i can't sleep!!?
Do you remember that one symptom on "House" the TV show?
What can I do about the numbness in my toes?
Can neurofibromatosis affect breastfeeding?
Strange, very mild pain between left hip and belly button?
wakeing up feeling like i am having trouble?
what is the best way for my teeth to get white?
Can i get braces again?
a women wnt for root canal;after 2 days work;it wnt flop?
crest whitening strips?
Can I make my own toothpaste?
What does a dentist do with our teeth?
To brush my teeth with vingar.?
Biopsy done on inside of both cheeks of mouth ... How common is this procedure?
i have a hole in the top of my mouth that is getting worse, I don't DO DRUGS has anyone got any suggestions?
What types of arrhythmias does Amitriptyline cause?
my fiance had surgery,and his heart stopped for 15 plus minutes. what are the chances of brain damage?
What does it mean that my blood pressure is 91 over 63?
Is Inderal a "strong" beta blocker or there are beta blockers wich are superior to inderal?
What are the causes for high Systolic blood pressure?
Is there a specific heart disease that can paralyze you?
how do you start a heart?
is this possible to be this type of drinker?
How do you know if chest pain is a heart problem not something more serious?
What's with my heart rate?
Beer for people with allergies?
jelly substance came out "normal" after stool test anyone else with similar propblems?
My nose whistles when I breathe in. What can I do to stop this annoying noise?
REALLY bad allergys?!?!?
I was diagnosed w/ Eosinophilic Esophagitis, caused by allergies to my cats. What meds may help w/ symptoms?
What's wrong with me? Skin is acting weird.?
Can A Regular Juicer Also Juice Wheatgrass?
Does Apple Cider Vinegar really work...?
Which statements about homeopathy is true?
Need help with finding a good form of Magnesium?
What is the best treatment for thyroid?
I'm sick, what should I eat?
Have you ever had an experience with shrooms? How was it?
what is in heroin and what does it have in it?
What is Acai Berry???????
How to get rid of toxins?
Fiance Type 1 Diabetic, children too?
What type of diabetes do i have? i only have to use the glucose meter and poke my finger!?
Sugar Alcohols on Nutritional Labels?
What would be considered "high fat" for a meal?
I need some recipes for diabetics?
research studies about cofee?
picture of an eye?
urine and jellyfish stings....?
Shall i get a medical assistant job with my medical doctor degree from Burma?
Visited another planet...now feel ill (hypothetical)?
How long do u think a man should LIVE?
are bananas good to eat when you have diarrhea?
Will they ever find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis?
how much will i get for my kindney or lungs?
What's is spastic parapherisis?
my friends mom is sick...?
2 weeks back i went to see a doctor as i was having breathing probs?
does anybody else suffer from churg strauss , i have recentley been diagnosed as maybe having this !?
I cant breath from left side of NOSE?
i'm trying to give up smoking....any advice..tips...goodwill messages...im struggling xx?
how do i get a cactus thorn out?
Does anyone know what causes Palmar Erythema with a diagnosis of liver cirrhosis?
What's your lower back bone called ?
How is laser hemoroid surgery? In how many days it will be normal after the surgery?
Urgent Help - My sudden hateful personality - Do I need a PSYCHIATRY?????
How can I deal with my fear of vomiting?Please help!!?
nightmares :( HELP?!?
Is body dysmorphic disorder real..does this sound like it could be it?
pain in the ***?
Is Smoking Weed Bad?
I cant make eye contact during a conversation. whats wrong with me?
How to INSTANTLY calm down If u become INTENSELY angry at work?
how can you get over something that has happened in the past and you experience flashbacks?
do you think that the way you choose your profile picture desribes ur personality??
Why do i always feel so sad and lonely?
help im really scared this is really scary!?
My skin is horrible! Can you help me?
Does tea tree oil speed up piercings healing time?
i have little red bumps at the back of my arms + they are not spots?
Whats the best way to get rid of stretch marks and wrinkly skin from being overweight?
How do i get rid of my dry, dead skin?
keratosis pilaris question?
First day of school, acne problem, help?
Can you name some natural antiperspirants?
Address of Sidney Kimmell Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital?
Can lymphoma be detectected through a blood test and chest x-ray?
WHT goes into eye shadow to cause skin cancer?
How do the surgeons perform a mastectomy?
Why would a person still need sugery if chemotherapy has dissolved a tumor completely?
How many medical opinions are necessary to declare a patient to be terminally ill?
i have a demroid cyst w/ hydrocephalus;if it is benign can it be cancer?
Cancer Progress Questions...?
For people who've relapsed, how'd you find the 2nd (3rd? etc) time around?
where do we go after dying?
What is the difference between kidney stone and gallstone? What is the difference in treatment?
Is it necessary to take Mineral water in Kidney Stone problem?
has anyone ever had positive test for helicobacter pylori, had it treated drugs, then only to have it return?
How do you deal with a Huntington's Diagnosis?
Since the medicines for Acid Reflux virtually shut down all acid production in your stomach, would this not...
does anyone know about Ataxia?
How can I know if I have been microchipped?
stamaring is a disease.and how it is cure.i am suffuring from 8 yr.is it curable.?
i've got whiplash? help please
Cause of Night sweats for 5 months, off work - any ideas?
muscle soreness!!!?
Can you reset a bone after it's been broken?
sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night, my arm or leg feels dead, its just hanging there?
How do damon braces widen you palate withouth using a palate expander?
how do you know if you have a dry socket after getting a tooth pulled?
Wisdom teeth = swollen face... what do I do!?
Baking Soda & Peroxide Turned My Gums WHITE!!!!! What the heck!?
Have you ever had a tooth filling ?
How do u tell some one their breath stinks without offending them?
Which teeth are more important to you, the ones in the front or the ones on the side?
i think its my wizdom teeth help please im in pain?
Does anyone have a kiwi allergy?
Is is possible to make a homemade IV drip?
Why does this happen when I eat these foods?
Could my son be allergic to my puppy?
Please help with mango allergic reaction?
Am I having and allergic reaction to skittles? It feels like my chest is caving in.?
my throat wont stop draining ANSWER NEEDED SOON?
Medicinal Herb Question involving the use of Sandalwood and Acne?
What are the problems with normal medicines and prescriptions?
any cures for a stuffy nose?
Why is Elavil supposed to help depression when it causes it? ?
meridian chart for acupressure?
If the doctor prescribed me something to stop bacteria, is there an alternative?
How to overcome the following problems of a delivery patient?
If a doctor suspects me of smoking pot or drugs in general can they blood test me?
How reliable are pulse monitors?
Beta Blockers, Bisoprolol hemifumarate?
what is the probability of dieing from a 1200 mg over dose of Nadolol (beta blocker)?
Will taking chlorpheniramine maleate (Chlor-Trimeton) daily for my allergies have any effects on my heart?
Pediatric Nurse or Ultrasound Technician?
Left Atrial Enlargement/Hypertrophy? (inverted P wave)?
What is the public health significance of stroke?
I am 25 years old and have heart Palpations Help Please!?
why is infant conscious choking rescue use chest compressions that are exactly same as cpr chest compressions?
best self-check Blood Pressure test kit / monitor kit ?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of human insulin over animal insulin?
my husband is a diabetic type 2?
What are some good cereals for a diabetic person?
Metformin... How long does it stay in my system?
How does diabetes affect conjugal life?
I have been diagnosed as pre diabetic and when I eat a lolly I get immediate palpitations?
Type 1 diabetics, have you ever been in this situation with your parents?
Am I a Type 2 Diabetic?
Lymph Node Removal Anyone got any info?
can i take thermoslim a dietary supplement while taking warfarin.?
define flexibility?
Where in your brain is the medulla oblongata located?
I am experiencing serious heade ache. PLease advice me i dont know what to do again.?
i have black spots on my leg, i bearly noticed..they are not bruises because they don't hurt, please help :(
Please give immediate help w/excess intestinal gas.?
Can alcohol drinking cause stomach pains?
Could you get an autistic cat?
Undiagnosed bipolar prescribed Seroquel?
Is it normal to be unhappy as a teenager?
Why am I crying for absolutely no reason?
Is immunotherapy the key to cancer cure?
What are the symptoms of Cancer (liver cancer)?
swollen ankle...?
can anyone tell me what it means to have high liver enzymes?
Bladder cancer & lung nodules?
I know while tanning u can get skin cancer but does tannig increase ur chance of not getting skin cancer??
ok to do an enima with colon cancer?
What cream helped you to get rid of acne ?
Can a razor cut on the upper lip turn into skin cancer?
I've always wondered...?
Cold sore + hydrogen peroxide?
what are the home remedies for dandruff?
is Accutain the right choice now?
How do I remove a scar?
do you have to be allergic to poison ivy to catch it?
anyone personally had severe or moderate side effects from ACCUTANE?
What does the cilia and mucus in your airway passage do?
How does the skeletal muscles tie in with respiratory system?
when the test your blood can they detect steroids from an inhaler?
My mom had a weird lung sickness. Now her finers tingle and the finernails are swollen. What's up?
who makes more money? A respiratory therapist or x-ray technician.?
Help please, my left lung hurt this afternoon...?
what is the best way to get oxygen to the brain and in the blood?
Cigarette smoke?
How do you get your back bones stronger without hurting them?
calcium supplements for broken bone?
carpal tunnel syndrome - after 3 weeks?
all of a sudden i got a sever pain in my left ring finger. i can bend it forward but not back at all? help?
got hurt @ work 2 yrs ago,got discharged,don't work there no more,pain is back is what can i do now?
i hurt my foot the other day playing basketball, and i heard a snap the doctor said it was a bad sprang.is it
Why is my right big toe numb?
so i hit my head really hard?
Two years ago I was fired from a secretarial position in a hospital I want to reapply. Should I ?
Uh oh... Someone help me!?
whats an easy at home idea to whiten teeth fast?
I'm worried about spacers?
How do I pull out a tooth (with no pain!)?
Jaw pain and stiffness after tooth extraction?
How to make your teeth whiter?
What are ways to pull out a tooth!?!?!?
Can chlorophyll/chlorella directly boost hemoglobin levels?
Can anyone think of disorders that have suddenly “boomed” with the publicity of their existence?
what kind of doctor treats hemorrhoids?
during eating which raptile drops tears from its eyes?
That "tingling" sensation.?
i have swelling on little finger of my left hand and no injury happened. it seems to be getting worse?
why does the nose of a long term alcoholic grow all large and bulbous?
Elbow locks up when I extend it.?
How can I learn to swallow pills?
Does anyone know of good restaurants for DIABETICS in Las Vegas on the strip?
I am 6 feet tall and weigh 165 pounds. I was diagnosed with severe hypertension 181/121. Why?
What type of classes do i have to take to be a Nutritionist?
im pre-diabetic.and started diet.ive been snacking on bannanas is this bad.?
My boyfriend has diabetes. Want more info on this?
I ate potatos nearly 4 in number .I am diabetic .Is it safe?
Every morning when I wake up my feet cramps and wants to turn around which is so painful. What causes these ?
best cat allergy medicine?
Can I still keep a hamster if I'm allergic to cats?
Does anybody know why my daughter burps smell like rotten eggs?
What are the symptoms of being allergic to sugar gliders?
Teenage is a personal understanding or understanding your parents?
Do you believe in Multiple Personality Disorder?
how do I sit at the computer and avoid back strain?
Is it safe to use high voltage static electricity to treat illness of the body as used by DrTron(Electronic de
my husband went to doc about 1 mo ago for a regular checkup.the doc sent him to get a stress test which he?
how dose it feel to be loved?
How to get rid of acne/blemishes/scars fast?
OUCH! I have super itchy skin!?
Is it acceptable to substitute a medicated cream for a medicated ointment with the same active drug?
I dont know how too get rid of acne..?
Diabetes 2 -- sores on body (itchy sores)?
What is the purpose of the cuticles below our fingernails?
How do I get rid of zits Fast, without waiting too long?
What would you reccomned to a 13 year old girl with acne who's tried EVERYTHING?
AHH wart on face..? warts spreading.?
who has done the colon cleanse?
What causes cancer of the uterus?
where can i get different cancer awareness rubber wrist bands?
How to find a job after cancer?
Testicular Cancer?
tell me about ewing's sarcoma? do u know any body who gone through this disease and survived?
Broken ribs - how long until swelling goes down?
Head injury?
Bone bruise of the knee?
Joint pain at night?
Tell me about your (or friend / relative) experience with a fractured heel. Looking for personal stories.?
Question About Sitting Position?
my 4 yr old fell off the sofa and hit her head?
How much do braces hurt and what color is the best color?
My dentist showed me a little white spot on my gum. Has anyone had this? See below for more info........?
Can anyone explain what causes persistant 'head rush' incidents?
ears how do you unplug your ears from a cold or the flu?
I have primary biliary cirrhosis and overlap/crossover syndrome?
Is drug & alcohol addiction legally considered a medical and/or a mental disease?
what that can mean?
Should I ask for money back on my vet bill?
What is wrong - Throat pain on one side after yawning?
could this be a health condition???
corners of mouth cracked and sore-is their a medical illness associated/?
which is worse for your health, being obese or being a smoker?
Lunesta anyone?
Best prescription or over the counter medication supplement for fatigue (other than caffeine)?
can i just start taking 5000 IU of vitamin D or..............?
My body doesn't do well with digesting vitamins and stuff.. is there something I could eat?
why people choose alternative medicine?
low dose aspirin and heart attacks?
How can I improve my eyesight naturally?
several questions including do you agree with author & childhood lobotomy victim Howard Dully's points below?
Have you made any friends on Yahoo Answers?
lowering blood pressure?
If you have an enlarged heart can you take the nicotine gum?
side effects and risk doing heart test?
I skipped a period is this a symptom of Anorexia?
Too much calcium intake?
What is thefull form of ECG?
Can someone give me some advice on what I should do? (heart related, maybe?)?
whats the best thing to bring a 17 year old guy after his open heart surgery?
do potatoes raise cholesterol and tryglicorites ?
Hello.. i am 28 and i have highbp and taking tablets(Nebi AM). can i join a gym for body building?
Does mucinex help with itchy throat or only cough?
Epiceram skin barrier or fluocinonide cream?
My wife is allergic to zocor. It's a statin drug. Should we assume she's allergic to all statins?
What is a medical condition that makes someone allergic to almost everything?
Can you help me to find out if I'm allergic to the sun?
My mothers nose bleeds when she lies down and coughs.?
are some dogs allergic to kitty litter?
Is sodium bad for you?
when do you check your blood on the blood sugar machine?
can i eat out without affecting my diabetes?
Is there a difference between cold and a flu as far as symptoms?
Any advise on the issue of snoring?
how do you feel after using cpap?
in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ARDS,,what will happen to the lung compliance ?? increase or decrease?
My chest hurts when I breathe in.?
July 1st Smoking Ban?
we like to smoke, smoking the cronic?
Ankle aches?
could i have broken my foot two years ago?
For a story: what would be accurate symptoms of a minor broken bone?
I have a really painful bump on my leg
When I run my shins hurt, whats causing this?
How long does a slipped disk in your neck take to heal?
Is my wrist sprained, strained, broken, or neither?
what are sclerosing polidocanol injections?
How do you fix scars?
Little red blood spots, can anyone help or advise please?
HELP!! PLEASE PLEASE!! =(( I have a glass splinter!!! :((?
why do moles suddenly appear on your body/?
why do i have acne/ how do i get rid of it?
Are there any remedies for Nail psoriasis?
skin irritations? can you help me?
would you go out with a girl that had rosacea?
What can help whiten my teeth?
question about braces?
Best way to clean around wisdom teeth?
Is it an abscess?
Looking for Mexico Dentist recommendations across the border from Yuma?
Spacers again?
Doesn't it look weird if the Crest Whitestrips don't cover your back teeth?
will gargling with peroxide do anything to your teeth?
What's the beast way to kill mouth ulcers ?
Why is my blood pressure so high?
Why is my mother's blood pressure suddenly low?
My ca-125 test came back at 44.?
i want to travel by air with blocked arteries?
Can marijuana be bad for my heart?
is atherosclerosis the same as p.a.d.?
for the past 4 days i have been having a sharp pain on the left side of my chest above my heart?
Should I go to the doctors?
I have a defibrillator implanted,can I use a tanning bed?
Why blood pressure suddenly drops?
What herbal medication is best for someone who has been diagnosed of breast cyst?
If a tablet contains 50 mg losartan potassium and 12.5 mg hydrochlorothiazide how many tablets do I take?
how can i get infomation on a mayoelectric hand for disabled person?
i need to get my sat and act scores that i already take.?
waht does vitamin d do for your body?
Do you feel as though medication is used too quickly and frequently in regards to mental illness?
Is there anywhere in the world where euthanasia for the depressed is legal ?
Low Processing Speed but "above average" IQ?
My brother has some inferioerity complex, muscular dystrophy and kind of szcizophrenia .dont no what to do.?
Lexapro for Breakup that lead to depression...?
Why would my crazy mental terrorist mother even ask me this question? Is she trying to get money before im 18?
Am I crazy?/???//?
Why are there so many posts on yahoo asking 'do I have bipolar'?
What is the best way to prevent a hangover before I start to drink?
natural remedy for heartburn please?
What are the differences between a homeopathic doctor and a naturopathic doctor?
Is this acupuncture malpractice?
Does Certain Dri work better than Secret Clinical?
herbal healing?
So I need some information, pills?
Gout Pain Is Killing Him, U Know, Anything To Do?
how can i free and build up my chi energy?
a question about marijuana?
what is gastric restrictive with gastric bypass stomach roux-en-y?
Xanax help!?
Are there any dieases that were previously terminal, now theres a cure?
I had a double by pass in May and after surgery I noticed my right eye is drooping and the pupil is sunken.?
Does it mean you have IBD if ??
Migraines all the time?
Do you think there's a correlation between picky eaters and people with a heavy duty gag reflex?
Is this bump on my neck a lymph node?
What Are The Drawbacks Of Having A Sun Allergy?
Now in my 30's I seem to have developed an apple allergy...?
what is the difference between allegra d and zyrtec d?
is this an allergic reaction??
Are we sure eating corn is good for us?
Eye: COMPLETE red on bottom - Bruised undereye - what is this?
allergic reaction?
What is the best treatment for epilepsy combined with diabetes?
i eat too much of sweets and my mom is diabetic can i also be diabetic.?
waht does it mean when i urinate blood ?
what is the rationale for giving injection through subcutaneous route?
Is there any way to upload data from an Animas 2020 Insulin Pump to a Mac?
i am on byetta i take it twice aday5mcg i am not a dibecta yousing it 4 weight loose is it safe 4 me.?
insurance for Fibramyalia?
Is it extra bad for Type 1 Diabetics to smoke ciggarettes?
Does canada sell ephedrine legally still?
I am self-employed and been out of work for 3 weeks due to a torn calf muscle. Dr. given me a sick note why?
Can anyone think of any funny ways of curing a phobia?
how to stop smoking marijuana?
after visiting the beach for the day i found on my stomach a sort of mite which i pulled off?
Does green tea help with a hangover?
If I put my silverware in boiling water, would it kill 100% of the germs on them?
What time do you go to bed and what time do you get up?
What is meant by "these seizures may be produced by an inherited abnormality in the CNS"?
Are we immunised against tuberculosis?
Health Question?
I have been having a strong cough 4 times aday avrage , for almost 40 days?
Help! Chihuahua Choking Issue!?
Pulmonary Emblosim?
help me with this pnueamonia please?
does beta blockers lower your potassium?
i read in a book that when air bubble is injected in any of the vein's it causes heart blockage. is it true?
Anyone else under 40 thin with high blood pressure? Have you found medications, etc. that work?
is this heart rate normal?
chronic hypertension?
spasm feeling under left rib cage?
Short pinching sensation in chest?
Will walking up too many stairs give me a heart attack?
everytime i play something and really play i dont sweat but after im done i get a major migraine?
Stress Fractures.........?