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Does it hurt if you pour peroxide in your ear to get earwax out?
I am 22, my body is really sensitive to cold weather. I 'shiver' pretty quick. Does that mean i have a - - -
Is the mold around my bedrood window making me sick and tired? What about the walls in bathroom? wall is soft?
What Injuries Can You Get At A Zoo?
Accidently poured hot water on my hands?
How do I get my 6 year old to sit on the potty?
why i can sleep long.?
How much does a walk do to one's mental health and stress?
What is so bad about me?
Is this woman goofing, or do you think she is seriously wacked-out?
i need something to make me happy?
What do people do with their time besides drink?
its 5:30 i have school today but i havent slept at all?
do agressive people reflect a strong personality or not?
Can anyone explain this? It's beginning to freak me out and I want someone to calm me down?
How do you feel about dying?
How do I get over my mothers death?
What can I be allergic to?? Completely perplexed.?
Is everyone in the world allergic to poison ivy? VOTE!?
I'm Allergic to Bananas, any solution?!?
Please name some antibiotics medician for allergy.. Thanks!?
Mommy is taking me for a Blood Test. I'm scared, and don't want it. PLEASE HELP ME I'm 13.?
Blood Pressure Issues?
Will Heart Surgery help my dad?
High blood pressure symptoms?
Chest pain related to a heart attack?
what is pain on your lower back mean?
im getting ready for surgery?
what could pain in my lower right abdomen mean?
PLEASE HELP! idk what is wrong with me?
My feet hurt whenever I run!!! Help!!!?
Hypochondriac's Delight - What do you think you are dying from?
is pot bad for you?(20 characters)?
What can you do to stop crying?
words of wisdom for me!! going into hospital later!?
Something that's worrying me?
How can i get rid of headlice properly?
Are they closing the schools in Northern Ca. due to the Swine Flu?
i drank my boyfriends blood and he dosent have anything can it still harm me?
can i get ink poisoning from writing on my hands?
Do you think it's funny that every question in this category is about the swine flu (N1H1)?
Can you catch malaria if you are bitten by a mosque?
how did you break a bone.......?
Am I a Freeaakkk...???
Sprained ankle over 3 weeks ago, still no better. Could ligaments be torn?
I've just fallen off my bike :(?
Why hasn't my ankle healed its been a year?
I'm 16 and have AIDS.?
can i get HIV aids from shareing a drink?
who's the president of the philipines?
what can i use for my burned finger to stop stinging??
What do you do when you can't sleep?
arthritis in my right hand thumb pain is terrible. how to stop it from hurting?
Lost my singing voice 2 months ago and it didn't come back...I'm 35?
If your doctor finds out you self harm.......?
is this ocd?
Does anyone else do this, or am I just weird?
I feel like giving up, and I just need someone to listen...
How can I vent pent up anger?
Blackmail is making me ill, please help someone?
how do deal with a death?
I don't want to live, I don't want to die. Where do I go? What do I do?
Pins and needles in finger tips constantly?
why can't i chew my own arm off?
What's the best way not to think about smoking when trying to give up?
Is it true that the Spanish Flu of 1918 started out small like the way the H1N1 strain is spreading around now?
How was swine flu a mass hysteria?
Should I take the swine flu vaccine?
I have cough, does this mean I might have A(H1N1) virus?
I possibly have swine flu im 14 and serious Everyone Answer Especially those in the medical profession.?
Sinus Infection, Sinuses, Mucous & Drainage..?
is it possible that my son is allergic to nesquick the Chocolate powder you put in milk and not to Chocolate?
I seem to be allergic to all cosmetics. Is there an organic line anyone knows of that I might try?
i have itchy bumps, what are they?
Is it bad to sit with one's legs crossed?
How many packs of cigarettes should I cut down to, to ensure I won't get cancer?
Who's got a hangover?
why do most teenagers Drink & Drive?
how do i get my cholesterol down?
16 year olds head and heart,..?
Is it normal to have a fast heart beat?
How do I get rid of a cold?
does anyone know what to put on a bad sunburn besides aloe?
How do you treat a jellyfish sting?? HELP?
when you are bleeding around your ear, what is it called?
How to treat a burn from hot water?
how do you kiss?
I swallowed a lemon seed while drinking a cold drink. I still feel it in my throat. What can I do? Suggestions?
What should you do when you get you tounge stuck to a pole when it's cold outside?
how do you get rid of the burn in your throat from vomiting?
Why has Tavist Cold and Sinus Medication been pulled from the shelves?
i think i have bipolar?
help me plz...?
Why can't I accept myself?
how can i stop worrying???
I want to end it all...?
Do I have a mental health problem like bipolar??
I have a small lump about the size of half a marble on my skull....?
I have a bump on the right side of my throat it doesn't hurt or anything but I'm worried?
Extremely sick! Please help!?
how 2 get rid of pale skin?
Who thinks 50 years ago, less people suffered with acne? or is it similar to how it once was?
Is there a natural cure for psoriasis?
How to get rid of a foot wart ?
Does chapstick have an expiration date?
Dizzy for over a week?
Was this the right thing for me to do?
What causes burps????
Does anyone get headaches each day?
dark circles under eyes, lack of hunger, sleeping alot what do these symptoms sound like - anyone?
What was wrong with my toes.?
there's a bad pain in my left side near my kidneys. how do i know what it is?
Should my one year old son and I have the swine flu vaccination??!!?
I'm 21 years old so why do I need a flu shot?
Is it tru a new strain of the Swine Flu (H1Z1) is turning people into Zombies?
I accidently stepped on a nail?
What are the differences between the Swine Flu and the common cold/regular flu?
Cut with a rusty tool but I've been immunized against tetanus... Do i really need to go to doctors?
Is it possible to be a caffeine addict?
What is the best allergy medication when you have watery eyes?
Have you had allergy testing for migraines?
Why does sunlight and other bright light make me sneeze?
how to remove a mold?
Allergic to CARROTS ========== ???
My son has allergy rhinitis?
If you are naturally born too emotionally sensitive, what can you do about it??
if i go to get stitches can i be put in a hospital? (Plz no rude comments)?
I am on medical leave for a month just found out that everybody thinks its a joke?
would you say this is mental illness?
How do you reduce stress?
Anxiety remedies?
Boyfriend of 9yrs is no longer happy in our relationship. I think it's my fault I suffer from depression.?
Why does my head still hurt?
what is the treatment for bruises?
help me!!!!! anyone!! please!!!! easy points!?
What exactly causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?
Should a 19yr old dying with liver failure Due to alcohol be given a liver transplant.?
What is something to put on burns that will help?
how long do i need to lay out in the sun to get rid of my acne on my face?
any tips for me?
after i've been out drinking...?
I am in my 60's and still bite my fingernails. I am told it's a good way to release tension. How to stop?
For medical professionals, could Steve Irwin have had a chance to survive if he didn't pull out the barb?
how to get rid of a cold fast?
If i breathe hard..what does that mean?
ohmygosh.so i have a problem.i get embarassed REALLY easily and i immedietly turn red :[?
three year old wont stop vomiting after virus is over. feels fine, no fever. what could this be?
Is this nothing, or am I sick?
Could this lead to an eating disorder?
been out in the snow my toes are freezing now there going black and got pins and needles in them?
When something hurts really bad how many Advil will you take at once?
My name is tony and i have had a headache for 2 weeks now, and I'm getting worried. What do i do. PLS HELP!!!
how do you get rid of a headache without any medication?
plz this urgent can someone help me out?
I found my mom with a meth pipe.. What do i do?
Iv'e got man who is vommiting blood, and can't keep down much food or liquid.?
how can i stop smoking?
my daughter recently started taking singulair. She is 7. I read the ingredients seen phenylketonurics?
can't stop hiccuping, help!?
best exercise for someone with angina...my hubby not me!Doctor has told him okay to do it the exercise that is
My Mom needs PLavix , can't afford,who can help?
severe heart problem..HELP!!! PLEASE!!?
What is open heart surgery like?
Patient has possible heart attack symptoms - what tests are done in the ER & how long do they take for result?
I slipped and fell on the sidewalk today and now my right arm feels weak?
itchy bed?
i'm allergic to water based lube?
Both my ears are blocked, how do I get rid of the pressure?
What 's left for me to do to get help with my allergic symptoms?
hi im going switzerlan i wanted 2 know do i need 2 take malaria tablets or any creams etc? thank u!?
can i get the chicken pox again?
What are the symptoms of swine flu, from beginning to end?
How worried are you about Swine Flu? and do you know anyone who had got/had it?
Stomach flu vs Food posioning?
how can i lose my voice fast?
I have A Cold?
How do you dispose of unused prescriptions?
Where to smoke marijuana underage?
My wife and mum for that matter say i'm too thin.?
I have a problem that i perspirate a lot even if i am sitting in a/c sweat always comes down from my forehead?
Do you girls agree that size doesn't matter?
what is it like to have stiches?
What is the best way to remove impacted wax from ear?
Help with Mosquito bites?
How to get a ring off a swollen finger?
Was told I had a spider bite but not so sure?
how do you know when someone has shingels?
when will the pain go away?
Does soaking in milk help you?
I have a dandruff problem and i need help getting rid of it?
ACNE! please help..i cant take it. easy 10 points?
help !! something weird (i think )?
How do you know if you have high blood pressure?
What could be causing my very rapid hair loss?
is there any real cure for Alzheimer's?
Syphilis?????freaked out totally!!!?
does getting a cavity filled hurt?
i am 13 and during football practice my leg started hurting it was right below my knee what is wrong with it?
Can you help me with my migraines?
Any 3 things did hurt u the most?
What's the purpose of a belly button?
Honestly?, if you saw some one slip and fall, would you stop and help?, or walk on!...?
I had colonic hydrotherapy.........?
why do people smoke cigarettes? i doesn't taste very good.. and it makes u cough. its hurts ur throat..?
What is the most common broken bone?
Please please help!!?
What is explosive diarrhea?
What temperature is classed as having a fever?
can i get super aids?
by doing blood test,does it report that i do mastrubtion?
How many people have died of the swine flu in the United States so far?
how long does a bug stay in yr system i heard it was 24 hrs but I've had mine longer n its a menace?
Can A low intelligent person get high blood pressure?
I believe I have heart failure...NHS and A&E aren't interested.. what should I do?
what are causes of breathing problems?
Why can't people stop smoking when they try to stop it?
Dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath, occasional headaches. Do you know what's wrong with me?
Light headedness from smoking?
should i try smoking weed again?
help with asthma!!!help?
really really bad head aches! please help!?
How can I get rid of this horrible stiff neck?
Iv'e got cramp, I think it's called Yahoooers a=s whats the best thing to rub into it?
Why are my hands always so cold?
I have a infected toe. its red around the spot and nowhere else. what do i do?
what could be a reason why i'm itchy after showering?
How do i disguise cuts on my shoulders?
I now how to bite a pinkie finger clean off. what is the first thing that you think of when you read this?
How Can You Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy,Besides Washing It Every Night?
Don't you hate it when your yawning(stretching) And someone runs up and tickles you?
I have been drinking hard alchohol since noon and I am still wide awake. What's wrong with me?
What's more painful...?
I threw up randomly last night?
which anti-deppressant is best for this type of deppression?
i feel so down and nothing is helping?
I`m addicted to jaffa cakes..are there any helplines.?
I can't do it! Life is asking too much?
Might have swine flu?
chicken pox, what I can do and what I shouldn't do for my 6yr. old child?
flue and cold systems should one of the systems be coughing up blood?
If someone has a sinus cold,Can u catch it?
how worried are you about the swine flu outbreak?
I'm EMBARRESED 2 ask my DOCTER this...?
i get annoyed easily..?
i play with my length nearly 5 times a day what can i do to stop my self?
why do i still wear diapers like a baby?
Can you come back to life from a vegetative state?
Do I have the flu?
I have a blister on my finger from burning myself and it keeps getting bigger should i pop it?
I smoked weed for my first time 2 days ago. I have to take a drug test tomorow for work. Am I going to fail?
I'm 13 and have really dark eye circles??
oh no i have poison ivy! it's itchy and i need help!?
my toe nail is reaching just under 4inches now do you think its time it had a trim?
what are the symptoms of true love???
Brown Recluse Spiders??
I have a brain tumour and cant make the decision whether or not to have it removed ?
what's the cost of heart surgery bypass?
D: my heart is acting funny?
Why do I want to get hurt?
i want to kill myself again?
i am so unhappy?
Where do I go from here?
What sets you apart from the rest?????
Does caffeine make a headache worse? ?
My throat hurst bad i dont have strep what so i do?
Can heavy stress make you extremely irritable and short fused???
What Are Some Funny Things I Can Do To My Gf While She's Sleeping?
How do you get rid of head lice?
Earring hole hurts&stings a little when i put earrings on.?
Stop cut from scarring?
Omgshhh help me ; I'm so scared (+10 points) ...?
Why SHOULDN'T and SHOULD I get vaccinations?
Do I have a tumor!!!?
If someone gets chemo and their cancer is cured, does their hair eventually grow back?
My Mother has brain cancer what can make her feel better?
Q4: Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer?
If cigarettes is bad why do factories still make and sell it?
Ok I need serious hlep please.I'm 17 and I think I might have breast cancer.?
how to quit smoking cold turkey?
Is it bad for your lungs if you don't inhale while smoking a cigarette?
why dont i get high i hold it in for a while and i try to put it in my lungs ?
What can a daughter do for his dad? S.O.S?
second hand smoke problem , any method to "fix" my body?
I have very bad breath that doesn't seem to go away and it is affecting my relationship.?
Why people dehydrate when drink sea water?
least painful way to cut yourself?
Does anyone know the first aid for biting the inside of the lip?
What is a interesting disease ?
How do u know if your Hiv?
Do cigarrets kill the flu virus?
what are the syptoms of swine flu?
Should I avoid public gatherings because of Swine flu?
do u think the flu virus going to be over?
Swine Flu what really is it?
i'm depressed what can i do?
Please help me! I am scared of having my cervical cancer jab!?
say you've just been diagnosed with a terminal illnes, what would you do?
I had Melanoma, people say it wasnt "real" cancer?
Hospice : Are you familiar with it?
I smoked to much weed and i want to know of any household diuretics (other then coffee) or anything else ...?
What is the proper way to dig out an ingrown toenail?
Besides aloevera, what can help relieve and soothe sunburn?
I got bit by something today on my leg. What would it look like if it was a spider bite?
Do you take alot ot supplement? What are they?
What can you put on a bad sunburn?
IS it true that my leg will turn fat if I sit for a long time?
i had blood come out of my ear this morning what happened?
Ok so yesterday I got bit on the hand by this zebra looking mosqiuto?
Why do people "not" want to learn First Aid?
Any tips for managing the pain of a very arthritic hip. It is really sore at the moment?
Headache problems.?
Should i leave this world?
Back pains when jumping on trampoline?
when should you NOT give first aid?
Face so dry, peeling and flaking, stinging.?
please please please help me?!?!?
What's the best way to get rid of dandruff fast?
I am a substance abuse counselor but I sometimes drink and enjoy the occasional joint. Is this inappropriate?
Is self-harming a big deal?
How do I help my roommate who has run out of medication?
i feel light headed but other than that im completly fine. help?
Heart problems..?
how can i get high without drugs?
Help! Bad headache!!?
I am new to braces,lots of pain, any advice to help with pain?
Hi, I'm getting braces on today and I was wondering if it hurts when they put them on?
Giving blood! SO SCARED?
what is the LEGAL substance available to combat tiredness?
is this abnormal???
Whats the longest you can go without a shower and stay healthy?
does anyone know a health or nutrition word that starts with the letter Y & Q?
My son has a blister on the bottom of his foot. Any ideas on how to treat or heal it?
What happens when you put ice and salt on your skin?
my dog bit my hard enough to draw blood, what should i do?
any good tips to overcome migrane?
What do I do for my daughter's blistered sunburn?
What kind of bug bite do I have? It looks like an overgrown mosquito bite with a large pink ring around it.?
what to do about a stinkin butt.?
What can cause a constant dry mouth?
Why is it bad to drink water when your tummy is upset?
Don't you think that chemotherapy is just a waste of time?
How many hours of sleep should I get each night?
I think im turning into a vampire! hellpp!!!!?
if real vampires drink blood how do they not get aids?
what's the best way to handle fibromyalgia?
is it possible to do this?
What's the point of smoking?
is it bad to smoke weed or cigarette's when you have pneumonia?
what does it mean when a doctor's notes describe something as being "remarkable" or "unremarkable"?
I can't breathe when I try to go to sleep?
I have asthma & bought an air purifier that produces ozone at 7-10 mg per hour. Is this harmful?
what caused an itchy rash on my stomache that only appears when exercising?
Wat can i do to get my head to stop itching fast!!!!?
Please help! I've had a plantar wart on my foot for around 8 years and nothing gets rid of it...?
What's a good way to crack your back?
do you know anything that helps ease the pain of sunburn?
HELP! should i go to the doctor?
Someone please help me. I need advice help SOMEONE.?
My Orthodontist can't write a prescription for pain so what can I do to get prescription pain pills?
Cures for shyness...............?
Please Help Me.....Please.?
I like to cut myself...I enjoy the pain?
Why am I always tired? ?
my mother has 4th stage breasr cancer it spreaded to the liver and bones is it cureable?
ok my dad past away this summer and i have had some dreams of me geting cancer? What does this Mean? ?
Hair getting white very early age. Any medicine/therapy/advise to keek that black?
Does anybody know a person who has cancer or died of cancer?
Gluten Free Diet Help?
Any good tips on how to fall asleep?
how do i clean tobacco stains off my fingers?
Giving up smoking?
Why does my hair itch so much lately?
Lump in my ear it must be destroyed!?
When an eyelash or something similar gets in one of my eyes--or in both eyes--how is it removed?
How do i prevent heat exhaustion, and is this heat good for my one kidney?
Can staff infection develop under a tattoo and make your thumb swell up and hurt?
how do toe nails get ingrown?
Why I am I hurting here so much?
fingertip swollen red and pain helpppppp?
I read on net that men can breatfeed is this true I say theres noway?
Prevention of sunburn peeling?
hmm...help please?
Blood in Pee, burning. Do i have an STD?
WORST STOMACH PAIN EVER. Worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life. Allergic reaction perhaps?
My allergic girlfriend.?
Why do people have 'allergies'.What causes it?
my husband has been throwing up and has had diarrhea what would be the best thing to do?
Arrrrrggh! My three year old has ring worm!?
My son has a fever of 102.6, what do I do?
President Obama wants to make it mandatory that all americans get flu shots?
Help me! 10 points for the best answer?!?
Today I tried to kill myself, can anyone help?
Im killing myself , can't stop me.?
Why don't tatooists or people who engage in body modification go under anaethesia?
i cut my wrists how do i hide all the cuts?? i have 16 cuts?
what if someone told you that they had a knot on there nuts and it's been there for about a week?
I took 2 Lorcet(hydrocodone) and 1 valium within 4 hours I won't OD...will I?
Why did I get these cramps in my calves? How do I stop them and get rid of them when I get them?
my son wakes up late at night with stomach pain and vomiting three to four days a week. What is wrong with him?
My earlobe is infected, what should I do?
i have a common cold and i smell something really bad?
This is such a sad loss and could of been prevented?
What's the best sure-fire way to get cleaned up for a drug screen without buying any of that head shop stuff?
Would you rather lose your leg.....?
Has anyone got any strange phobias?
what's moving inside my stomach??????
How can it be that EVERYONE's normal temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit?
Can wood preservative cause any lasting damage to one's intimate parts?
Anyone got any tips on how to give up smoking?
how would you come at a 9 year old boy about smoking weed?
What to do if there is blood in my sputum?
When I run I can't breathe... Asthma or something else?
Can I lower my cholesterol just by diet and exercise? or I should go for medication?
Do energy drinks cause high blood pressure?
Do Vegetarians get Heart Disease?
my mum had blue lips..?
I quit smoking, now what? I'm gaining weight and I don't know what to do with myself. (clean 30 days)
Why does citrus fruits make cuts burn badly?
whenever I eat an apple there is a bump that comes up in my throat and it hurts really bad..?
I've had an allergic reaction and broken out in what I think are hives.....?
Why can't I eat dairy products or gluten?
what is the best way to lower a child's tempature of 104?
Can you fly with a perforated eardrum?
why do i keep having bad headaches everyday???
i get headaches nearly everyday, i would go to the doctors but i'm not a big fan?
What is wrong with me?
does my boyfriend have swine flu?
How to cure someones gayness?
What are the symptons for swine flu and how can you avoid it?
NEVER had NAUSEA so bad!Everyones sick in my house w/tummy flu affected everyone diff DON'T HAVE INSURANCE
THROAT HURTS. Need remedy.?
Was Lou Gehrig the first person with Lou Gehrig's Disease?
how many people in the US have Swine Flu ?
Help! I have premature salivation?
I'm really sick, and wondering what could be wrong with me? Should I go to the ER?
what's wrong with my eyes?
UGHNESS, what is wrong with me. uuuuuuuuugh?
I have a cold and can't taste or smell?
Red, swollen insect bite?
I accidentally cut my ear off what should I do?
What is the proper way to cut your toenails?
How safe is it for a 4 year old to "go under" for an operation? (anesthesia)?
Ex-smokers How did you stop smoking?
what does the liver look like?
How do I stop my nose from bleeding?
what is the best way 2?
Why is my hand swollen after being bit?
I just burnt my arm. How can I make it quit hurting?
How do people break there hand ?
Now I am old I cannot believe it is here...you never think that you?
Can you get an STD by drinking out of the same cup of somebody has one?
Why is it that when I pee, it burns and blood comes out?
My heart always seems to beat really fast even when im at rest. Does anyone know what is wrong?
What is Cardiac Arrest ?
High blood pressure remades.?
Im having some chest pain, should I be worried?
i need poison.................................?
How do I control my hunger after smoking weed?
Having alcohol after pain killers?
I think i have ocd how do i know for sure?
Whats wrong with me? Please help!?
When I typed 666 on the computer my throat starts to hurt, why is this?
Which otc medicine do you think works best for pain?
Help me with my brother..?
Why do my hands shake?
swine flu................?
will the swine flu turn me into a pig?
what is world's most infectious disease?
The Swine Flu...A Nation Wide Quarantine?
if i inject myself with a little bit of HIV, just a little bit, will i be immune to it?
are roll ups worse for you than ciggerettes?
Sore Throat Problem ... Need answers now?
Do people with emphysema have difficulty inhaling or exhaling?
The right side of my chest has been hurting since yesterday..?
One doctor told me that males breath from stomach and females breath from chest can you explain it to me?
Can a splinter be fatal?
why am i hurting here! please help?
ive had the same headache for 5 days- why is this?
Help me! please!?
How do you care for a small burn?
If i stop smoking weed how long will it take 4 it 2 get out of my system?
Something in my nose?
What's the best (and least painful) way to draw out a splinter deep in the skin?
personal stories wanted!?
what do you do for a bee sting?
how do i get rid of an ingrown toenail?
My B/F got stung by a sting ray what should we do??
how can i get rid of louses from hair?
I've had these itchy red bumps for months!! Help?!?
I have been to the Dr. for this, but my private area gets irritated, sore.?
I'm 14, and lately, I've been getting head aches?
....i hate myself...?
Any natural remedies that will help me battle depression and anger issues?
I Hate myself! help ?
Anyone else here live in a small town?
i might need hernia surgery and im scraed i wont come out of anesthesia... help plz!?
WHY ARE PEOPLE.................?
I have extreme leg pain at night that wakes me. What can I take to ease thePain?
i bite people??????????????
Does it hurt when the doc removes stitches?
My child finger had got slammed in the door and the whole nail came off what i need to do for healing?
Is there a 'better' time to take vitamins? For example: day, night, with food, after food...?
What is the best method to get a person to stop smoking?
My ear piercing is infected. Yellow pus comes out, but it's not very goey.?
i have to take a cpr class. what exactly will i have to do there?
I bite my cheeks, how do i break this habit?
Have deep self inflected wounds. help?
After braces on top and bottom, do you get a retainer for both sets of teeth?
Braces, yes or no, please answer! 10points?
Does it hurt to get braces on?What colors should i get?
to any or has/had braces?
how many people have straight teeth, crooked, chipped,gaped,yellow,white?
Root Canal & Crowns?
Which disease can be treated now, which weren't able to be treated a hundred years ago?
i'm having this problom for the past 3 days i have been having blood in my stool well i dont kno if its in my
I want to lose 50 lbs. I'm 5ft. 175lbs. Does anyone know what I can do? I have a low active thyroid.?
What do the numbers mean in your vision?
THIS IS NOT A JOKE! I've had diahreah (or however you spell it) for a week straight.?
How to get rid of killer backache?
How to reduce swelling?
Why do I have occasional spells in which I have trouble seeing clearly?
Does anyone know of any physical damage to the brain of shaving off all or most of a young persons hair??
If AIDS is incurrable how come Magic Johnson hasn't died yet?
Should my boyfriend take an HIV/AIDS test?
what's the first thing u do when you wake in the morning?
can anyone tell me ways of breaking my wrist?
How much do blood tests hurt?
Bunch of simple questions! Who can answer all gets best!?
HeartBurn!! 24 weeks pregnant?
how can i prevent nervous sweating in my armpits?
How do u get rid of razor bumps on legs?
I have a HUGE problem with overactive sweat glands. (Armpits)?
what are fingernails made of?
Do head lice prefer greasy or clean hair?
Still feeling suicidal. It's crazy. What's going on with me ?
How do you cope when all goes wrong?
What is wrong with me? Am I suisidal?
I don't know what to do about me?
i've had a cold for a week and lately as i cough i throw up, is this normal?
What's an effective way to quit smoking?
i have a really bad sore throught and phlegm, and im really hungry, what should i eat since i have this?
Is it really impossible to lick your elbow?
Should i smoke weed or no?
How to get rid of Heart Burn?
what does acute alcohol ingestion mean?
whats something you loved when you were younger but cant stand now?
I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Assistant- how much can I expect to make after a few years?
Wisdom teeth removal?
Gas Pain Please Help?!!!!!!!!!!!?
can hitting my head cause permenant damage?
ive been bitten by two very large fang marks...spider?
What should I do about a sprained wrist?
plz how can i break my arm or wrist?
Pain in my right hand?
Why shouldn't a person take vicodin long-term?
Do i have heartburn.?
Can I take it or should I wait?
How many hours a week do you work and how many is too many?
My blood pressure is 102/60. Should I be worried?
Why can't I stop yawning? I am NOT tired!!!?
eating disorder please help?
what if I accidentally drank black mold because water was trapped in a bottle?
What's Wrong With My Friend?
Constipation & Gas Trouble?
I have a small hard lump on my lower leg. It is painful to the touch and......?
Will unscented Dove soap clear up my acne & such?
What's happening to me? It's scary.?
I'm Ill and i don't know what to do!?
Im right handed, how do I get better with dribbling with my left hand?
How Do Get Rid Of Headace Without Taking Tablets ?
What is the best medicine that helps people stop smoking?
How to grow taller? Best answer gets 10 points?
have you ever asked "When is the Baby Due?" mistakenly to an obese person?
How to break your arm?
I haven't gone #2 in almost a week!! What do i do?
ive stopped smoking for 4 hours now?
I just got braces yesterday and they hurt really bad! Help please?
How can you make your breath smell nicer?
i just had a massive binge?
high blood pressure help?
can a heart murmur kill u?
My friend is grieving over her boyfriend. How does she get past the anger stage?
Why don't depressed people just try being happy, see if they like it. If so, great,if not, at least they tried?
How do I make my sister happy again? She thinks she's in hell. I really wanne help her. Thnx?
Can I be allergic to french fries?
My son was around cats 4 days solid just fine but the following day his eyes got swollen, could he be allergic?
is this allergy related?
Help! QUICK! Allergic reaction! What do I do? HELP QUICK!?
Can people be allergic to Opal?
i have a pinched nerve in my lower back what can i do to fix it?
How did a registered nurse get their job?
Ouch! I have been using my laptop all week,my left arm is disturbing me like a shock.?
Is there any tablet that can prevent sleep?
What is the difference between a cold and a flu?
Has anyone ever heard of Talking the fire out of a burn and how it is done? Thank you.?
Ever cut yourself on a piece of stickytape?
Blisters on toes?
I just got bitten by a spider?
is this normal??...?
Do you think aids was man-made?
I'm only supposed to have popped out for cigarettes. What am I doing posting a Q here on Y/A?
I was diagnosed with high cholesterol (7.8) I do not eat much fat and eat a lot more than my 5 a day fruit &?
Colour of an alcoholic's urine???!?
how to sprain your ankle on purpose?
Why does my tailbone hurt?
I've been getting dizzy,Help?
Please help, this really hurts!?
help im in so much pain! my stomach hurts sooo badly!?
How can I relieve my stomach ache and slight cramping?
why can i never get high when i smoke marijuana/weed?
is making yourself sick bad for the body?
My wenis is itchy what could be wrong?
do girls like guys with acne?
I got braces yesterday... it get's better right?
Which hurts more: wisdom teeth extraction or getting braces?
What can you do about bleeding gums?
i have a toothache and it hurts really bad. what can i do about it?
OKay so im getting my wisdom teeth taken out, what can i expect?
Tell me one reason to go on living, please?
Does depression cause people to be easily irritated, and over react?
Whats wrong with me?
What do you think about Dr. Phil?
what is a kleptomaniac?
im a cutter?
Reformed Cannabis addicts..?
When you go to the dentist should you be petrified ! ! ? ?
How do i get rid of the hicups ?
I Have An Ingrown ToeNail Infected. How Do The Doctors Numb My Toe Please tell me the truth please?
I'm not really a smoker...?
Worst pain you've ever experienced?
Sleep positions?
Do you say 'I'm fine?'?
can i ask to be put down, by a doctor or something?
Why do I stay asleep for so long ?
If i smoke weed a few times, maybe once every 2 weeks, that wont really hurt my health will it?
we have no money right now to go to a hospital, but my mother n law is suffering strokes what do i do?
Should he go to hospital?
I am 58 male. I flunked stress test and had cardial cath which showed no problem. What's up with stress test?
Can anyone PLEASE give me some advice about my blood pressure. It's off the clock and I'm a teen athlete!
have you got an Inny, or an Outy ??? belly button?
Do you like milk? will you grow taller if you drink milk?
do you pull the skin off your lips with your teeth?
if i no longer smoke cigarettes will be lungs heal or do they remain damaged?
hey how can my skin more dark?
How can I make my acne go away within a week?
What is the best way to treat a 2nd degree sunburn? I don't think that aloe vera is working.?
anyone know of any good over night acne treatments?
i want to die!please help me?
i have nothing to live for.?
Well folks, I am sat here and seriosuly considering suicide.?
What is the point of living? life is cruel and painful.?
How competetive are you ~ in life, in sports, with others, with yourself?
my first white hair...?
Should children / teenagers be made to wait for opperations that would improve their quality of life?
what happens if you have to pee?
What kind of illness do I have?
has anybody every suffered from anorexia or bulimia?
is it true that honey can help allergies?
my head is sneezing and wezzing what do i do?
What are you allergic to?
can dogs with allergies take benedryl? If so what is the dosage?
At what age did teeth usually get full grown?
can i do anything about the spots on my teeth?
Have you had your wisdom teeth/tooth out?
Have you had a root canal done? If so, did it hurt?
My son has really bad teeth?
Milk tooth falling out but root is in gum? Normal or not? advice?
I chipped my front tooth.. PLEASE HELP!!?
Do braces hurt when getting them on?
I get really pissed if the dentist is late........... What could you do to make me feel better?
How can i heal my ankle?
What is the best cure for a headache?
I've got this problem with my eyes...?
WHo else has gotten the swine flu vaccine ?
is it alright to eat bacon with the swine flu going around?
Chicken soup and colds/flu?
What's more dangerous: swine flu or kung flu?
What is causing my inner thighs to turn yellow?
What are all of these tiny bumps on my face?
Acne problems..help?
Why am I sleeping so much?
Help, Iv Got a Pencil stuck in my rectum!!?
Do Guys Like girls *ahem 's* shaved?
when will i grow??? Help plz?
does anyone know of a website that you can enter your symptoms and get a diagnosis of illness?
I'm always tired and thirsty?
Who's tired of Non-Smokers?
Constipated badly?
This is serious please help?
Does anybody know how to..?
Mother is 86, has CHF is not doing so great what should we expect?
[Urgent] I am seventeen, my heart is throbbing and hurts relentlessly, what should I do?
Does eating prawns cause the cholesterol level to rise?
Is this serious, what should i do?
I'm blood-type O-. If I get into a horrible accident that requires a blood transfusion, am I screwed?
no smoking in public & work places?
ouch!...how do you help a toothache from hurting so bad!!?
quick question?
really bad menstrual pains?
Are you afraid of injections?
I have a sore.....?
Why does my face go red when I play video Games?
I can't stop the itching on my back and stomach after tanning in the tanning bed.?
Should I go to bed?
My sister is sick...?
Is the swine flu vaccine safe?
If you have contracted swine flu, and had the vaccine, can you get it again?
whats wrong with me? 10 points if u give me a good answer?
i have scabies i'm washing everything! does freezing combs shoes work?
What's the best way to get over a cold?
How to make my chicken pox on my face heal quicker?
Why can't I grieve?
Would you take pain meds, if you have severe pain?
What is the best mattress for a bad back?
How can I wake up early in the morning? My alarm clock never wakes me up!?
what does it mean when you put your index finger and pinky finger up?
I have a question about poison-ivy. . .?
i am 14 yrs old and i have excruciating pain during my period right now. Can you please tell me how to fix it?
wot is the best way to help scars heal quicker?
how to make ur sunburn stop hurting?
help! how can i get a splinter out?
can someone help me with some tips about quitting smokingĀ¬ gaining weight? Read details please.?
Why is it that alot of times inside my chest on the left side I get sharp pains, is it my heart?
How can I get rid of a sunburn quickly and easily?
AAAAAAGGGGGGHH I can't sleep and it's 1:20 am? ?
My lips have been so dry lately! What can i use that works well?
First Time Drinker who is REALLY sick?
Has anyone got a good natural cure for dry chapped lips?
what to do with sun damaged skin?
Ive got 2 warts............................help!?
I still wet the bed :(?
why is there always carrot in it when you're sick regardless of what you've eaten?
I smell really bad and don't know what to do to get rid of it ?
Doctor says I am depressed ,but why don't i feel it?
I'm suffering alone at home with severe Edema & CHF post MI - I value your thoughts.?
Nausea!!! Please help. 10 points for best answer.?
anxiety ??? please help
i bite myself?
What is the problem with me (what kind of sickness/es I have)?
will depression ever go away?
What can I do to cheer up? I'm never like this!!!?
hi any ideas on things to make me feel better?
I can't sleep I am an insomniac!!?
how to handle drepression?
I was touched in the wrong way when I was little why is every memories coming back now!?
are you scared of dying?
I feel dead today please help.?
Anyone been bitten by a white tail spider?
I can't get my ring off my finger! My knuckle is larger than my ring now and I just can't get it off!?
I have a pain behind my right earlobe. And it hurts when I press on it. What do you think it could be?
Why have i been waking up with dry throat every moring for the past 2 wks?
Am i allergic to alcohol?
how to remove an ingested fish bone on a child's throat?
Allergic to cod liver oil capsules?
Strange Feeling in my throat?
Does the Nose Right work?
What are Hives? I've heard this so often but I don't know what it means!!! Sorry...?
Am I allergic to McDonalds?
I think I sweat too much?
how can I rid blackheads on my nose? please help!?
I know this sounds really gross but I was touching this guys behind hole and some stuff got on my finger! Then?
my husband hit me in the forehead with his fist and now i have a big lump there. will i wake up in the morning?
Why do I sleep so much?
Can I drink out of a Oxiclean bottle?
What tablets do you take to strengthen human bones ? ?
Is it true that the liver can heal itself after prolonged alcohol abuse?
sharp pain!!!!HELP:?
My friend is drinking with anxiety medication?
Any good quick fix cures for insomnia?
What causes people to smoke cigarettes?
What happens when you have low blood sugar (59?)?
i think i have pink eye. it's starting to grow. should i go to the ER or wait for a doctor's appointment?
I am thinking about suicide, my life is not going anywhere what should I do?
Am I a medium?
I'm I Dying Right Now..?
i feel really down and depressed?
what are you most afraid of?
what happens after the death?
Is it good to be brutely honest at any cost?
i keep crying?
Burnt with cigarette lighter. Help?
my boyfriend lied about having cancer?
How can I get really clear skin?
acne!!!! it has fcked up my life, how can i cure it ?
What common household items can stop itching almost instantly?
how do u get rid of acne and prevent it from happening again....??
I was sitting in class today, and my heart stopped, and i stopped breathing? READ?
The name of a hormone that begins with the letter 'A' please. Supposedly narrows the?
what should the heart beat be?
I have been on high blood pressure medication for months, but doesn't work. Any help beside the medication?
Is it wrong to eat you boogers?
Causes of headaches in 11 year old?
Why am I gettin anus pain...could it be because of my Work..?
TMJ syndome???
Help!, lower right abdomen shooting pain, had period week ago, am not pregnant PLEASE say its not appendix?:(?
please help me!?
Whats the most painful thing ever?
i really need a lot of peoples help.im not sur if this is normal or not.?
I think I have a problem... what's wrong with me?
HELP IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does it bother you when you are asked are told"You don't act like a cancer patient"?
HELP! What is this??? (image)?
mole on back - something to worry about or am I just being paranoid?!?
How do you get rid of acne?
Naval Piercing - Mine is infected and very sore - What is best to clean it with to rid of the infection?
do you like my acne?
Can diarrhea effect a person's chances of having a growth spurt?
What Was The Last Thing On Your Mind Last Night?
Please help me, my boyfriend might die.?
My son is complaining of stomach pains & his temp is between 94.5 & 95.5. It is not cold where we are.?
My grandfather has alzheimer's, should i trick him and take his money?
Quick! MY eye is swollen cause of allergies! and proms tonight!!! how can i reduce swelling!!?
What can be done about cat allergies?
How to get rid of a blocked nose?
DO I have lactose intolerance?
what is the difference between allergies and hay fever?
Home Remedies Needed for a Minor Burn!! IMMEDIATLEY!! PLEASE!!?
i just got stung by a bee/hornet thing what di i do to make it feel better?
Can you put hydrocortizone cream on a cat?
how to cure bee sings HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HURTS!!!?
what is the best way to sleep?
Tight Vagiana problem?
What's wrong with my tongue?
i think i have a migraine?
how are u all feeling 2day?
What kind of dog would be good for someone whos is allergic to them?
hey people, i have a huge nose :(?
Can Tylenol #3 cause Anaphylaxis? I think I have Anaphylaxis but I don't know what caused it.?
I found out I'm allergic to gluten. Can I drink alcohol?
I have the swine flu. How long do I have to stay away from other people?
Is it normal to have a fear of vomiting?
How often do you get sick?
I think I have swine flu, what do I do?
how do you prevent hepatitis?
my dad has died im gutted advice please?
heart skipping??
13 year old having heart pains?
Could this have been a heart attack?
What do you think of this person?
Could i cry out for help by trying to kill myself?
My dad's brother and sister both died of lung cancer in their 20's. will i get it?
does 'kills 99.99%' really mean kills 100%?
What are the causes of Lung Cancer?
Went for a smear test and worried about the nurse's comments ?
I feel like I'm wasting the doctors time..... am I?
Why isn't smoking banned?
Contact lenses?!??!! help!?
I'm throwing up, please help me!?!?
has anyone recently lost a family member to cancer?
Where can I volunteer as a First Responder?
what to eat and drink when an 8 year child is having infected tonsils?
how do you heal the sting of a burn after ice, water and cooling gel have failed?
my skin is really dry... what kind of wash can i use to help it.?
What is a good solution to dry, peeling skin of the fingers?
how to cure acne?
are antidepressants a hoax?
Quick People. I'm on Augmentin (co-amoxiclav) , can I drink alcohol?
16 year old female... do i have a hemorrhoid?
IBS out of control, reliant on Immodium - any suggestions?
My back hurts constantly. I have not slept well in the past two weeks because of it?
I am allergic to most pain med's. I have a kidney stone and I am in sooo much pain. Any suggestions on what to
Ok. So I jammed my finger?
my dad has terminal cancer and this will most likely be his last fathers day. what should I get him?
Desperate to find an antiperspirant deo that doesn't contain...?
This question is for anyone with cancer or has had cancer:?
I got my septum pierced...?
terrible sunburn!!!! pleeeeeeaaaaaaase help!?
I cut some of my finger nails too short!?
What is it called, when you like to drink blood?
My boyfriend just swallowed a little magnet..?
Should I just leave my wound open ?
Why do mosquitoes avoid biting certain individuals?
if you smoke at 16?
My teeth laugh at me?
Will i get any taller?
Help Me Stay Awake And Alert!?
I'm having trouble swallowing pills.Can anybody offer me some techniques that have worked?Thanks!?
Help !! cats owner with asthma?
BAd allergies?
Is there anyway I can overcome these allergies?
When I got my ears pierced the 1st time 5 years ago, I was allergic. Am I still allergic?
Why am I so Hyper Sometimes?
It's the end of the world?
What should you do when your imaginary Friends don't like you anymore?
I'm a 6'2 guy! Am I a freak?
this is an emergency! please help me!!!?
Can I have pudding after I get my braces put on?
Can your tongue be white whenever you don't brush your teeth?
I have a question about braces...?
What teeth whitening product would you recommend?
My daughter is losing her first tooth...?
Why do i have bad breath?
How do you explain to someone not to smoke?
what does it mean when you get dizzy all of a sudden and you feel like you are about to pass out ?
how do girls.........................?
How can it be that there is no cure for Cancer YET?
What's worse a fit or a stroke?
what is it called if your heart beats fast and hard?
how can I bring up my blood pressure fast, when it is way to low?
what would cause these symptoms?
What are the early symptoms of anorexia?
I'm a dark-skin black girl, are there any products that can lighten my complextion?
what could this be and why is it on my head?
my fiance thinks he needs to go the ER?
Why are teenagers getting more stressed every year?
If smoking is so bad, why don't they ban cigarettes?
Do you trust the FDA?
what is the best way to release tension?
ringing in my ears...?
Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of a headache , when you don't have any meds to take for it???
I've had bad headaches for 5 years now,anybody know of and any good cures??
My stomach is bothering me, how can I heal it?
Why people smoke when they know that they'll get sick and " quit " ?
I have a very serious case of dry, chapped lips. What can I do to prevent them from happening?
Will I get fat?
Why does liquid hand soap have an expiration date?!!!?
do you think that it is dangerous for a diabetic to snort coke?
how do i heal a infected ear?
How do you handle depression?
I have bad dizziness and feel like I can pass out?
Is this what heartburn feels like?
dealing with deppresion??? ?
My head feel's weird is this normal or should I go to the hospital? what could this be?...?
why can't i sleep at night even though i'm so tried?
My finger was "crushed" last night -- don't think it is broken, but should I go to hospital? It is swollen.
Anyone have surgury on anything? Did you feel anything?
we ended up taking my girlfriend to the hospital for throwing up blood can she survive?
Is the thumb a finger? if not why isn't it?
Am I sleeping to much?
My stomach won't stop making funny noises?
Am I of Average height?
does anyone know what is wrong with my wrist?
When you have chemotherapy ?
can you pray for a miracle for my aunt guadalupe vasquez.?
How many of u women support breast cancer awareness?
My grandma has breast cancer - how soon can it spread?
I want to start smoking...?
what's your best acne control products or methods? strongest antibiotic? (No accutane..)?
do GUYS care if GIRLS have acne on their face?
doctors or nurses answer plz?
why is aspirin bad to take while drinking?
i have a load of worries that make me sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!!?
bleeding nose????? help me!!!!!!!!!!?
what happens if you spray hairspray up your nose?
egg white help, new to all this.?
Help! My husband is having an allergic reaction?
why does my mouth go numb when i eat potatoes?
why there's no medicine to cure AIDS?
Started a new job, but I'm ill. should i go in sick?
I'm so tired all the time - does anyone know what's wrong with me?
Why am i sad?
GOD take me to heaven now..anyone ever felt like this?
Is it "normal" behavior" for one's husband to kiss the wife of his really good friend on the lips?
Has anyone tried counting sheep to get to sleep?
Please I can't stop crying...?
How do I convince my mother I'm not depressed?
How do you wake up not tired?
what do i do for a spider bite?
What are some ways that help people get taller?
Is my ankle broken?
Which hurts worse SHIN PAIN or BACK PAIN?
Should I care about myself?
Do all people get wisdom teeth?
how to pop your jaw back in to place?
How can I file my own tooth?
I have been to the Dentist & I have 3 Teeth removed!?
When brushing your teeth, do you?
I'm 23 and I just got braces, it is making me really depressed?
if cigarettes were good for you, and not addictive, would you smoke?
Can I hit my brother in the stomach even though he has asthma?
My cold has become cronick?
Has anyone had surgery for sleep apnea?
ok ,so i got this burn (second degree) and i was wondering if it was going to leave a scar.
can someone tell me a quick flush to clean my system of meth?
lactose intolerant or something else?
Why aren't my pumpkins growing?
Too many nose boogers ? ? ?
Is there any gluten in oats?
Why does my throat burn after eating ice cream???
i breathe through my mouth while sleeping because it works out better than my nose but my mouth dry out,why?
Witch is best treatment for our 3yr old daughter suffering from Asthma?
A type of cancer??
what is cancer? i want to know?
Lymphoma?? Pease Help !!!?
my mom is suffering from breast cancer?
could i have the SWINE FLU?
I think I have the Swine Flu?