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How can coronary heart disease affect you..?
possible Deep Vein Thrombosis?
Has anyone here taking 'Toprol-XL prescription medicine?Please read inside?
ever science a few days ago whenever i do any physical activity,my heart starts beating weirdly?
how much do pulse r71 battarys cost?
An irregular heart beat?
renal artery 100% occlusion,,¿ a smaller artery on it's own bypassed?
Are these red marks on my hand a sign of poor circulation?
how to reduce work tension?
Is Rolfing Just A Fad Or Does It Provide Significant Results?
Drugs to induce long lasting behaviour change?
what is the best medicine to buy for tailbone pain that i can buy over the counter?
is there an herbal cure for ed?
What is the best way to get rid of a stye?
HELP PLEASE !!!need to know any thing and everthing about ..[HEAD LICE] ...help me please despret mom!!?
Drink(Booze) while taking omeparazole?
is it possible to have fybromyalgia?
What is the disease that causes both loss of hearing and vision?
What is a panic attack?
Going under for a minor surgery?
It is normal to have a little blood in mucas after pneumonia?
How to cure asthma effectively?
Hearing Loss and Roaring Sound in Ears?
what is the most effective snore spray?
I think i have strep throat but i dont know can u help me out?
my son has severe wheezing problem,i give him nebulization, but?
Lung diseases: I have a lung disease called Bronchiectasis, they have tried most everything to help me breathe
why am i always so cold?
does cough syrup slow down your metabolism?
Does anyone know a good over the counter medicine for allergic reation to lip gloss or food (olives)?
itchy palms wrists swell swollen ?
I have a german shorthair that licks on metal.and is losing hair on his ears. Is he missing some mineral??
Can having a root canal result in dizziness?
I strained my neck, it hurts alot, please help!?
am i addicted??
lasik operation ,lasik surgery,or laser treatment for eyes?
How to get rid of this thing in my eye?
a site for natural remedies?
What are the medical abbreviations or terms for skipped breaths and difficulty breathing?
Is there any way to get rid of dandruff with out using a special shampoo/conditioner?
Does anyone know of a toll free number for an "ask a nurse" for general health questions. Thanks?
How do I help my mother who makes it impossible for others to sleep because of her snoring?
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal or maybe just a huggy pillow?
How to be in a teen beauty pagent? How to lose 40 pounds?
Would you rather have hair on your palms,or on your gums?
what causes my palms to peel?
What the best form of vitamin or vitamins is good for promoting healing/ recovery?
What is the reason for considering the dermis as the true skin and not the dermis?
Does drinking water give you clear skin?
What is a good herbal remedy for acne...that really works?
I'm not sure about the type of skin i have.. it's like a mix of dry and oily. sometimes i get acne on my face
allergic skin reaction?
My skin is cracked on all of my fingers and is starting to bleed. Any idea what it is?
Is it true that...?
Benzo (ie Xanax) Withdrawal?
Is this really a form of OCD?
what are some ways to deal with panic attacks?
Am I Going Crazy/Bipolar?
are ghosts real or are they fake?
Is there anyway to help me from NOT having an Anxiety/Panic Attack?
Damon, Ceramic/Clear, or Metal Braces?
How to get rid of an interdental lisp?
Is it ok to drink a couple of beers while taking Amoxicillyn (pennicillin) for a dental infection?
I want my teeth whiter?
Would love advice about apicoectomy ?
What age should children start to floss their teeth?
how i avoid bad smell in mouth?
Sneezing after a mint or minty gum?
my medicaid expired and i need to go to the denstist.?
are my teeth straight yet?
how can i get diabetes?
Anemia, what are some signs and symptons of it?
diabetes mellitus question?
Is it really that important to drink A LOT of water when you're diabetic?
what does having too much sodium do to you?
When I got up this morning I tested my blood sugar level and it was 197, is that bad?
going toilet twice in an hour?
My wee is very strong,the doc put me on "sinvastin"2 weeks ago.
I get so dizzy, what should I do?
treatment for separated shoulder?
What could have made a loud crack when I twisted my ankle besides breaking a bone?
what side?
Tingling in my left hand?
Is this the worst skateboarding injury ever?
I was knocked out outside of a club bc a random kid assumed I was "beating up" my best friend. What can i do ?
Do I h ave a concussion?
Are my shaky hands, something to worry about?
Does prolapsed (fallen) bladder patient need surgery?
anybody battling SLE?
How to loose weight with hypothyroid?
I have sinusitis?
Does that medication Head ON that you put on your head for headaches work?
is there a doctor here???
I feel like there is something stuck in my eye for 3 days but nothing's there!!?
how can i make myself need glasses?
Do you think colors really affect us?
I have a sore throat & I feel a lump about the middle of my neck?
Are there any good herbs/natural supplements for social anxiety?
Anyone know much about the mind calming treatment called Reika?
What are the instructions for the "Papworth method" breathing exercises?
blocked ear?
osteo arthritis... is there any way to relieve the pain?
I'm having a fight with my friend about magnets!!!?
How are the sinus allergies in Hawaii?
Possible allergic reaction?
what is in the flu shot that some people can't take and etc.?
What causes that "smell" when you're congested?
dry cough for alonggggggggg time?
If you have Celiac's, is your rash reaction in 24 or 48 hours? Pls explain?
MSG causes lump in the throat?
What antibiotic do dr.'s use for sinus infections?????
are ciggaretts worst than hookah and why?
Eustachian Tube remedy?
What is the machine called at the doctors where you breathe and smoke comes out of it?
Does anyone have any info on this,nothing to eat or drink with fludid on the lungs?
Can anyone tell me what is MANUKA HONEY?
what is a scab?
How do you cure stretch marks?
what are some good medicine for nail fungus???
Help, please?
I've got an acme problem?
how do i prevent/cure bags under my eyes ?
Whats the easiest way to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris?
question about face mask (homemade..)?
Help! I just don't like going school?
How Long do you have to not sleep in order to hallucinate?
What mental health support do you receive?
Self-harm -- what will me GP do/say?
Why Do I Feel Suicidal?
Is it normal to gain weight while you’re trying to quit smoking?
does smoking make a benign cancer malignant?
What are the benefits of exercise as a treatment for cancer?
ovarian cancer.. please help..?
How many clicks can I get for breast cancer charity, how near to the goal were they ?
How did you feel when you got the all clear from cancer?
how do you get diabetes?
What kind of path lab test are recommend for diabetic?
Is 50 mg of propyl thyracil= 5 mg tapazole?
whats the causes of mouth ulcer and diabetes?
What can be done for diabetic neropathy?
do you take xenical before or after a meal?
Is glycosylation part of a normal metabolic process or it is something negative?
Can you die from type 1 diabetes?
i'm a diabetic and in need of a serious change of diet i'm 50 yrs old and overweight i just dont know where t?
Is it normal to gain weight from getting many IV's after surgery?
how did you quit smoking?
How can we sleep better?
What are These Symptoms??? Help Please?
Why is it that over the counter drugs taste so much worse than prescription drugs?
my husband suffers from myasthenia graves which is affected in his left eye can scaler energy pendant help?
Does temporary benefits card cover eyeglasses?
Special senses...Vision(the eye)?
Did the guy at America's Best examine me for contact?
If I reduce the brightness on my computer, will it make my eyesight better?
What is the lowest vision that they will perform lasik surgery on?
Will corneal abrasion recur?
Sleeping early dosnt work!?
Why don't my contacts stay centered?
How do I remove Krazy Glue on my eyeglasses?
When will I be able to work out again?
Torn cartilage in knee?
A swollen big toe/puss?
Hurt Tailbone?
I had problems with my leg when i ended my run today, is it okay?
doctors or people who are smart with medical plz help?
My brother got in a..?
Do you ever have this pain in your stomach???
I have a black nail?
hearing loss due to earplugs?
What is a normal cholesterol level in a blood sample?
How to deal with mentally ill person who wont sleep at night (I work the night shift)?
why do kids, adults, and most teenagers crack under peer pressure to do things that they know are not right?
My Friend's daughter is 11, she is worried that she is over weight ?
My roommate bangs about 600mg of morphine a day, he always ends up dope sick, what do you think he ought to do
what is the best way to remove skin tags?
How is the best way to get rid of a headache?
my friend is having a REALLY bad trip on shrooms :[[[
How to control panick attacks while taking medication?
does salt increase pulse rate?
What was the treatment for heart disease 25 years ago?
How does the consumption of meat affect your chances of getting a heart attack?
What would be a good gift to give my mom after heart bypass surgery?
What does extremely LOW blood pressure mean?
I had an abnormal EKG today. Can being nervous affect this?
is there a nurse in the house? i have a blood pressure question?
Is 119 a normal heart rate for a 127 pound female?
Braces: since the day i put on braces,they dont hurt(been 3 days) just tight feeling & sensitivity...?
How much would regular and/or Invisalign Braces may cost for only my top teeth?
why do your teeth turn yellow after waking up?
how can i get brighter whiter teeth fast?
Does Methadone cause your teeth to rot?
my two far back bottom teeth molures one on each side have a hole in them?
Will having tonsillitus effect a hole where i'v had a tooth recently taken out?
How can I get my teeth whitened fast?
Can you straighten buck teeth by pushing them back with your hands?
Bad smelling white stuff in my wisdom teeth hole?
what are the causes of low albumin level?
Older Boxers get cornea problems it's said. Any details? Cures?
Can anything bad happen if I filled a bathtub full of olive oil and bathed in it?
Is smoking related to male impotence?
can a person who has epilepsy get a job?
What r the sypmtoms of Multiple Sclerosis in a 19 year old male?
When you have the sad moments that make you cry, WHY the heck does your nose get stopped up?
Will toasted pumpkin seeds get rid of intestinal parasites such as roundworm? Or do the seeds have to be raw?
do you think reiki healing is affective?
All Natural Cures for Migraines...?
nerve pain - how I can relieve pain naturally?
What is the best way to stop smoking and tobacco in general?
When was the last time you've used either an illegal drug or a drug not prescribed to you?
How to treat eyes allergy discharges?
It got significantly cooler 3 days ago. My nose has begun to run, well get stuffed up...is it allergies?
I woke up today and my left eye lid was swollen, why is it like that?
Can you just be allergic to brewing yeast and not of have gluten problem?
One of my nostrils is always clogged. What is wrong with me?
The presence of a partial vacuum b/w the pleural membranes in integral to normal breathing movements.?
Can z-pack cure a sinus infection?
Black mold exposure in house, getting respiratory problems now, how long before it can cause permanent damage?
Does any1 have a specific name of a person who can help with fybbermialga and cronicfatiqe syndrom?
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery? Has Anyone Had It? What Were Their Experiences?
what is O du positive blood?
Question about Bronchitis?
what is a swallow study?
I need to know guidelines about workers comp?
related literature on first aid treatment?
I sprained my ankle. Do I need...?
how can a person can get slim whebn is the person is sitting in the office whole day?
I need a printable fake doctors note to give my boss for being "sick" for a week. Where can i get one?? help!!
whats the best facial lotion for dry skin?
Solution for eczema?
Skin tags????????????????????????????????????…
Is there other ways to afford plastic surgery NEEDED?!?
Is there a cure for Eczema?
Are there any vitamins or anything that will help heal open wounds faster?
what is this thing on my lips?
i have lot of pores in my face,so how do i get rid of it?
Can glasses correct sun damage?
How do you know if you have steel in your eye?
What are some positive ways in which you can use anxiety?
I need a new obsession.....Any Ideas?
Does this sound like depression? Or am I self diagnosing.?
Used to have a drinking problem - started drinking again today?
How to be a kid again?
Why don't I have any real friends? I am still having conversations with myself?
Have you ever tryed to commit suicide? I mean that. If yes for what reason?
How Do You Get Someone Sectioned?
Why do "Normal" people just bore me to Tears..?
what is the role if P-32 in the treatment of Polycythemia?
Do parabens cause cancer,perferably a nurse or a doctors opinion?
websites on smoking opinions?
does any one out there suffer from hair loss in women due to hormonal imbalances what products should i use?
help, i need someone's advice!?
Diabetic Patient - no health insurance?
should i marry a diabetic patient?
Do I have Diabetes? Are these the symptoms?
What causes diabetics to go pee frequently?
Where can I go to get meal plans for my diabetic condition.?
Has anyone ordered from the website americandiabeteswholesale.com?
why many people got soaked when i say i want to Sela my kidney for clear my debits?i am in saudi arabia?
What is going on with your jaw when it pops?
Are you allergic to yeast?
what exactly is the chinese cupping practice in chinese natural medicine.?
What is a good way to get rid of a strong headache besides pain pills?
What's good to eliminate Candida?
What are the best ways or supplement to improve peripheral vision?
What's a good homeopathic way to help reduce anxiety?
What is a good and fast sleep aid?
Is a Colon Cleanse safe? What do doctors say about it?
What are the 10 leading causes of mortality or morbility in the Philippines?
What do you think lately after reading about the ineffectiveness of Tamiflu and the side effects of Vioxx?
How can I help my wife deal with her Ulcerative Colitis?
After eating, I feel weird, could it be low blood sugar?
The Four Needles of Death?
How long can you live after kidney failure if you recieve no treatment?
Help me!! if u know something about Alzheimer's disease!?
what does it mean if there's white things in your feces and your feces are a light brown?
Is it normal to feel pain during root canal?
Why are my gums bleeding?
Whenever I eat Chocolate my teeth hurt?
My teeth shifted after braces?
Tooth hurts ONLY when I brush it...?
Can a dentist notice cocaine use or marijuana smoking on your teeth?
what happen if you almost have no teeth ? And your only 16?
Mouth got numb from the dentist, quick ways to make it unnumb?
I have worn glasses for 10 years now, but recently....?
Dirt got in the eye, whats the best way to remove it?
Why are my eyes so bad!?
Am I going to become dependent on glasses?
Eyes getting blurry in music class?
Can i wear my old glasses instead of my new one? Will anything bad happen?
My Vision, What does it exactly mean? Can anyone help me?
Which is worse for eyes: looking at a reflection of tv on a MIRROR or just looking straight at TV?
do color contacts come in one size or they have diffirent size to fit all people s eyes?thx?
is my blood pressure dangerously low?
21 weeks ultrasound done-detected with single ventricle problem?
Low/high blood pressure or anemia?
Chest pains getting more frequent?
LOW BLOOD PRESSURE HELP low 200s over low 40s?
is my blood pressure good?
Is it ok to take sleeping pills if you have heart palpitations?
Ridges on Scalp (cutis verticis gyrata)?
Do acne scars go away?
how do i stop my skin to turn black from swimming?
how to get rid of acne?
what would you do if you had a zit on...?
Has anyone ever wanted to just go to sleep and not wake up?
Cheer me up....10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
Your views on encouraging eating disorders?
I feel like a nobody!?
Don't be harsh on people who are genuinely distressed!!!?
I love......................?
My best friend might kill herself tonight PLEASE HELP ME!?
am I funny??? allora???
stomach aches with zoloft?
does anyone suffer from side effects taking statins if you do what do you reckoned?
What are the penalties of getting caught using someone else's urine specimen for a pre-employment drug test?
Ugh. I have the stomach flu. WHat are some things I can do to get rid of it faster?
What do hospitals do with the dead body's of a person who just died?
how much is lasik surgery? how long are you out of commission to work?
Does anyone know how long it takes for tetracycaline to get out of your system?
How to make yourself upchuck in a healthy way?
emergency please help?
isit possible for a 14 year old to get breast cancer?
What are some Lifestyle/behavior factors to Lung Cancer?
Could I have cancer?
Is it possible to have cancer without having a tumor?
Colonoscopy question. My husbands mother, died years ago of colon cancer.?
Is it at all possible to get a tumor or cancer from getting beaten, or from recieving severe physical harm?
Do I have Cancer in the back of my mouth?
whats wrong?
WHen i Breath in i get this SHarp pain n my chest.This happens Sporadically and it last for maybe a mintue.?
if you got poked in the lungs kinda hard could it cause it to collaps?
Are you a heavy smoker or tobacco chewer?
Can smoking a lot of cigars every day be harmful for my mom? She inhales cigars and feels dizzy pretty often??
oxygen respiratory systems?
how can i fix a broken or craked rib?
I did aerobics class after not doing for atleast 8 months my legs hurt like hell specially back of the shins?
Will i recover in time ?
Slept in contacts last night, woke up and eyes were irritated?
How does laser eye surgery work, what do they do to your eye?
Lasik surgery? How does it feel?
How do they make eyeglass lenses to fit your prescription?
blurred peripheral vision, then headache?
ok, so i seriously think there's something wrong with my right eye?
Blurry vision when i take off my glasses?
what color is my eye?
can anyone suggest a name for natural bath and body products made with coconut oil and vitamin E?
Ganoderma mycelium as a natural source of organic germanium?
Does anyone know of any products or natural remedies to help with kidney stones?
how to cure sprain as possible faster?
does anyone know if there is a place in Suffolk that offers an apprenticeship in alternative therapies?
Is there really such a thing as "legal weed"?
Kids with food allergies?
changes in foods?
Cough and allergies (see details)?
I had bronchitis last week now i feel i like i have a sinus infection is this possible? please help im in pain
can cinnamon lower cholesterol?
Has anyone used vitamin B2 to prevent migraine headaches?
Does tobacco itself have harmful elements?
real dark , foamy and smelly urine , is caused by what? and is it a symptom of an STD?
Frostbite, Frostnip, or just over icing??? help!?
has anyone broken there radial head - (elbow)?
help stomachache and nausea suggestions?
What could be causing a month long migraine (no exaggeration)?
What exercises are safe for someone with spinal stenosis (L2, L3), spondylolisthesis, AND osteopenia?
Does anybody know what kind of bug I have?
I feel a stabbing chest pain of sudden onset,with slight shortness of breath, Pneumothorax?
nursing help?
has anyone actually beaten candida?? if you have, pls share on how you did it.?
What can I do to help someone who is experiencing a panic attack?
I drink 350-400ml (12-13.5oz) of Gin every night in the last 4 years, when I am going to have liver Cirrhosis?
can you help me with this question?
Epilepsy diary?
I have a partial denture and one of the teeth broke off. Where could I get this fixed?
Electric Toothbrush...?
why are you not allowed to drink alcohol after an extraction?
What happens to braces without Orthodontists to maintain them?
Are the OTC/Drugstore brand mouth guards (for bruxism/tmj) helpful?
The left side of my jaw keeps locking, what do i do?
Orthodontic Consultation?
HELP my jaw pain?
How to get pearly white teeth?????????? ?
My teeth kill!Help, 10 Points to the best answer?
does acne medicine promote wrinkles?
Some sort of fungus under my thumbnails??? help!!!
aloe vera for baby eczema?
how do I heal cracked heels?
Potato juice fades acne marks?
what r some of the ways to get rid of scars?
How can i get rid of cellulite?
Itchy rash around puffy lips....PLEASE HELP!?
why didn't botox work for me this time?
I think i have deppression im 15 years old? dont know how to tell my mom?
Will taking my anti psychotic medication Invega help with my dellusional thinking?
Should I feel guilty about having bipolar?
Do I have a phobia?
is there something that can improve my concentration?
If you were suspicous of someones question, that you strongly believed that the writer was threateing suicide,?
Does it automatically mean I'm crazy cause I have no friends and prefer to be alone?
who do you fantasise about?
in which one of the following is blood pressure the highest?
Are there any supplements that increase your HDL or good cholesterol?
is it possible for your blood pressure to be 255/117?
what is the difference between asthma and emphysema?
What type of early screening test do I ask for when I go to my dr. appt tomorrow?
Can cardiac sarcoidosis be cured?
The average cholesterol level of patients admitted with a heart attack was 174 mg/dl ( Satchdeva et al )?
my aunt recently had heart surgery when they opened her up they found and object left from a previous opp.?
my heart feels weird...?
what are ortho K lenses?
Will my sight deteriorate to the point where I have to wear THICK glasses?
Is my thumb broken the nail is blue,the joint pops when i bend it, and it hurts alot!?
UPPER back and shoulder blade stretches?
broke bone twice in same spot?
Feeling full and feeling like there is a rock in my stomach? help?
someone help, i dont know what to do?
right ear pain?
The tops of my hands hurt, and my knuckles hurt? would could it be?
Paediatrics/Nephrology/Thoracic medicine?
what are the differences between asthma and bronchitis?
Flu Virus or Cold Bacteria - How to notice the difference?
Have bronchitis for over a month dry cough after 3 meds now still not feeling good what can I do ?
Cost of CPAP machines in different countries?
Mold (please help)?
how badly can indirect smoking person be in danger?
My mother was diagnosed with cancer and was given a time frame of approx. 16 mo is there any financial help?
Can anyone suggest a wish foundation I could ask for my Mom who has liver cancer?
What is the best possible way to get rid of a cyst on your brain?
Breast exams while breastfeeding / nursing??
what are the chances of a teen developing cancer?
6 days and I have a sore throat!?
What are the positive effects of drinking coffee?
quit smoking 10 days ago and now I have runny nose and headache, are these normal symptoms of quitting?
is panadol addiction bad for you? can you die from it?
I'm 5'84 feet and 132 pounds... Am I too skinny???
Yerba Mate Tea?
It's almost back to school for me, and things are not the same for me?
I tried to give blood for the first time today, but they couldn't find my vein?
why are guys attracted to fake women?
What was your first experience-smoking weed like?
Ear pain and ear leakage mean infection? Or trapped water in the ear? Slight fever noted as well.?
does heat produced or radiated by electric equippment( like bed,warmer)can affect(negative) our bodY?
What training do you need to become a paramedic?
What are the dangers in drinking a lot of juice?
does a skin graft hurt ? i have some places on my arms that are spots and some are dark?
How often should you go "#2"?
Has anyone been healed from stuttering with energy healing?
what is the best for nerve regeneration/healing pain as far as pain killers/narcotics go?
Is St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) anti-depressant herbal medicine, available in India? Where?
Can I still take a multivitamin supplement if it starts showing black speckles (I assume due to oxidation)?
natural or home remedies?
Breast Enhancement Pills?
allergies or cold?
does anyone have a great food allergy website with product names (esp. wheat/dairy and yeast free)?
Description of Cholinergic neurotransmission?
does anyone know what an allergy to sulfa can do to someone with m.s.?
Do I have pink eye or allergies?
Is it possible to allergic to your own facial if your a man?
Help! I'm worried!!!!?
How to get cure from E-Coli in Urine culture without Antibiotic?
How to cure constipation within hours?
Anyone else on Prednisone ? Do you have side effects like I do ?
How to toilet train a child with Asperger's Syndrome?
i feel a little sleepy almost all the time especially when reading even after sleeping for long hours?
Does anyone else have MS??.?
If I zoom-out the text in the webside, will it prevent me from getting the myropia?
Soothe XP, Systane, Optive?
Contacts Prescription Question?
can you get better vision than 20/20 if you get lasik surgery?
How do we know if everyone sees the same colours?
Do contact lenses make your eyes worse?
Ok so i lost my contact case and i don't have a spare?? what can i put it in?
Can I rub my contacts for better cleaning when using a non rub solution?
Why are eye floaters so ugly?
How has the endocrine system gone wrong in these conditions: Diabetes 1, Diabetes 2, Goiters, and Gigantism?
What can I put on my skin to reduce redness?
do i have glaucoma or not?
Is there such a thing as permanent acne? How long should regular teen acne last?
Swollen feet, ankles, and bright red spots all over my legs, what could this be?
How can I make my feet smell less bad?
how to remove callus quickly?
Does anyone else get red legs/feet when they take a hot shower?
How do You Go to Sleep Fast without Any Drugs?
Autism / Asperger's Questions?
How to stop procrastination?
My family are constantly arguing with me?
Why do i always feel like this? I feel like giving up now?
how many of you have tried to comitt suicide?
I want to know your experience of a mental hospital!?
Do you think I have necrophobia? ( fear of dead things)?
What should I do if nearly all of my teeth are bad/have cavities?
How long do you keep a retainer until you change it?
got wisdom teeth removed...now my throat hurts?
How much do braces cost in total?
What happens DURING an IV sedation?
Braces pain help please?
why does your tongue hurt after you burn it?
Had teeth pulled out!!COMPLETELY NERVOUS?
are purple braces ugly?
What is a good toothpaste brand ?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?? PLEASE HELP!!!?
Is it impossible to get life insurance with medical marijuana?
Do u have any solutions for spitters and smokers at public places?
Cant eat when I'm with my Girlfriend.?
Minimizing the effect of alcohol?
How many ribs does a man and woman have?
how do i build calluses on my feet fast?
i am suffering from lonlyness.?
How to quit drinking?
what stores carry heart rate monitor watches?
Do I have reyes syndrome?!?!?!?
Is it dangerous to use an i-pod when you have a defibrillator implanted above your heart?
Chest pains a major problem?
I had my throid taken out a year ago, i have been having chocking feeling, cant breath, heart beating fast,?
I'm scared I have a blood clot in my leg?
How many Nitroglycerin 0.4 mg tablets can kill an adult person who doesn't have any heart disease?
My heart beats some time fast that means only one beat .. i have gas problem please give thae solution...?
rate my looks please?
What are the pros and cons of contact lenses?
What are good aloe vera ointments/gels for cuts/wounds?
Does anyone know anything about NF?
someone told me about something called sailfood could you tell me about it and where to buy it?
what is Bruce Lee's best film?
what happens when you get cancer and what usually causes cancer?
Can re-using a plastic water bottle really cause cancer?
how long do you have symptoms of testicular cancer before you get sick?
Any one tried Johanna Brandt , The Grape Cure as an alternative treatment to cancer?
Has FDA confirmed the Dapoxetine?
why he can't swallow and treatment?
Skin cancer?
Lung cancer and the relative topic?
Antibiotics for UTI.?
Anyone use Candistroy?
Can pain pills cause your blood pressure to go high?
are there any natural sleep remedies out there?
Under what brand names is seconal sold in india?
It has been confirmed that I have a problem with wax build up. Do I have to get an ear wax removal kit?
What is the quickest way of getting your voice back...after a sore throat?
End of Party Season - Need to Save my Liver ??
can you develop an allergic reaction, like hives, from long term use of pain medications..?
Kellogg's Cornflakes.. is there wheat or Dairy products in them?
Nose AND Ear questions. PLEASE help me!?
Allergic Reactions... Help!?
I have very itchy ears?
Why do I feel nauseated when...................?
What exactly causes sinus to get congested?
What kind of infant cough medicine do you reccommend?
my right ear has been stopped up for about a week and im coughing and i have a stoped up noise?
what is the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic system?
What ages can people get ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease?
does have bad teeth removed help sleep apnea?
help question about my breathing?
why after wearing contacts i see more red veins in my eye?
where can i get a free eye exam in the bay area?
How do opticians re-tint sunglasses?
What is the best remedy for a chronic insomnia?
Does anyone have any experience with pseudotumor cerebri?
how do you explain swelling in ankle and face for no apparent reason?
Any surgeons (esp. intestinal) please help?
Paramyotonia Congenita?
Help! I have water retention today. How can I get rid of it quick?
Last summer the nephrologist for my wife persuaded my wife for dialysis and kidney transplant thereafter.?
Umbilical hernia. is it serious?
Can Alka Seltzer give u whiter teeths?
how much do braces cost?
How do braces fix an overbite?
Help!!! Sunken cheek after wisdom tooth removal :(?
I'm having all four wisdom teeth removed?
My tongue is yellow after I brush my teeth?
People who have had braces please?
Should I go see dentist for TMJ?
Do you see a lot of blood as a Dental hygienist?
Please tell me everything you know about diabetes in your own words..?
Are potatoes good for you if you're insulin resistant?
what kind of medication should i be on?
about difference between rbcs.?
Where did gabe saporta get these glasses ?
Am i showing signs of Diabetes ?
May world economic crisis lower insulin price?
I want to get bariatric surgery?
diabetics: question about metformin?
why do people think they can pass gas on airplanes?
How do I find out what heart rate I should be at for burning calories at my age and weight?
Does Paxil cause Diarrhea?
Can you take an antibiotic and cold medicine at the same time?
can sleeping with the lights on impair your vision in the long run?
How can I stay safe when using ecstasy?
Where do you draw your patience and calmness with a handicap or disabled person you are caring for?
How can I get through the rest of this day without crying?
recent amputation--- see the details?
Can you become allergic to anythign i.e milk, gluten at any time of your life?
What could be wrong with my heart?
Chest and heart symptoms...?
Is it for sure if an ECG test tells you dont have any heart problem?
strong heartbeat followed by a faint beat?
What kind of heart disease could possibly infected a woman at the age of 20?
heart stint after pain?
should i worry of this high blood pressure?
what does it mean if your pulse is low?
my sons resting heat rate?
Where's the tricky boundary between Insanity and sanity?
Regarding Drugs Addiction......De-tox?
Are medications really the answer part II?
American people, I have a question?
Seroque makes you mean?
I think I'm a loser? Will I always think this low of myself?
how do i get rid of scars from acne, and discoloration?
Does anything really get rid of stretch marks?
How do you get rid of zits?
Red flaky itchy eyelids?
how do i get rid of the little white spots underneath my eyes? i get plenty sleep and drink lots of water?
How do you cure razor bumps.....?
why do i get hives on my face at random times?
how to get rid off bag under your eyes?
So I have NEVER had acne before, and I woke up this morning and it's EVERYWHERE. WHAT THE HECK?
is epsom salt a good treatment if you step on a finishing nail?
why would my foot feel like its on fire sometimes?
brother with bowel cancer?
what is the percentage of people in the world with cancer?
______= Carry lymph to and from body tissue?
what is acute myeloid lieukemia?
Where can I buy or order a bra for breast cancer patients ?
my father is diagonised with prostate cancergleason score 5+4, please guide me proper treatment i am frm india
Does any one know of any alternative treatments for type 2 diabetes?
What is Candida, and what problems can it cause?
Colon hydrotherapy?
Anyone that knows about NC Reflexology laws...
What are good alternative medicine websites?
What can I use to make a screen for my pipe?
Meditating - better with or without incense?
What's a cheap place on-line or off to buy herb seeds for medicinal purposes?
How do OTC sinus/allergy meds work different from prescription ones like Zyrtec, Allegra, etc?
I have been sick for a while?
Where can I purchase refrigerated bee pollen in the New Orleans area?
I am allergic to penicillin and..........?
i am small panic attacks i just found out im allergic to gluten !!!?
What is a simple but effective to decrease the number of people having cancer and diabetes?
Has anyone had a gentamicin injection to killl the balance function in your bad ear?
real bad tummy pain, loss of appetite, bad leg pain, gone on for 2 weeks now, what could this be?????
What medical condition would this indicate?
IBS and bloating can anyone give advice?
What's wrong with my arm?
what do you think what is wrong with me?
What in the world does this mean? I've heard of many health issues, but never this one.?
Feel nauseous and body aching?
My doctor will not listen to me?
If you had an asthma attack and you don't have an inhaler available, how can you help that person?
which are the principle organs of the respiratory system?
If your chest feels congested but you cough up bright red blood instead of mucus does this mean sinus problems
help me, i cant sleep well..?
How long do i have???I have C.O.P.D.-Emphysema.?
my niece is 10 ,she has diorreh for aweek now,doctor said its viral infection?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! how does the human body deal with excess fats, carbohydrates, protien, vitamins, minerals
Could wearing concealer cause acne because of my skin not being able to "breathe"?
sick help me?
Diarrhoea after dinner?
I was just mugged and physically attacked.Police took report but I can't calm down or sleep. Suggestions?
What if a toddler ingests dextroamphetamine?
If i start smoking, what's gonna happen?
My girlfrind says she wears size nine shoes and size 5 somewhere else. Where does she wear size 5?
drug testing questionnnnnnn for all you silly druggies?
what are the symtoms of pneumonia?
what is the damage continual gas inhalation causes?
how can i get the website of nursing agencies for cna/gna placement?
I've got a bad case of dry/cracked & chapped lips. What can I do to get rid of it? Chapstick won't work.
Why are there so many drug commercials on TV these days? Does this bother anyone else?
dental cavity..help please?
What color braces should i get?
I am having a tooth out with sedation on tuesday.....?
Can any dentists help me? I need to ask a few questions. or at least someone who would know about xrays?
how to make your teeth crooked so you get braces?
I have another Braces and Kiss question!?
Is there any way to make the numbness of a shot in your mouth go away?
Root canal i am scared any advice for a 12 year old?
Why does the US government poison us with flouridated drining water??
Measuring SBP by auscultation and palpation?
Heart feels like it skips a beat?
My echo. was normal, but......?
anyone had an electrophysiology study?
Good blood pressure or not?
Disipela or Dizzy pela?
is cardiac enlargement dangerous?
How many people on here suffer from Atrial Fibrillation?
What are people with Asperger Syndrome like?
Funny pics!?
Whats the difference between straining a muscle and spraining one?
Upper Arm Pain Forever!?
my arm hurts a lot! its under my shoulder. on like the back part... what should i do?
have you ever had the "problem" to go like every 5 minutes at the WC?
what's next after a cast removal? HELP URGENTLY!?
should i still play basketball?
Theres something wrong with my hand?
bruised very painful ribs?
Help! I fell and it really hurts! What should I do?
any ways of getting rid of teenage acne that actually work?
how can you get rid of "body acne"?
How do I treat my Keratosis Pilaris naturally?
How can i get rid of mild acne on my forehead?
problem with smooth away?
what must i do with my sweaty armpits?
"A friend has acute myloid lueakemia(a life threatening cancer)" Does he have a chance to survive?
Chemotherapy results for astrocrytoma survival rates?
has anyone out there had colon cancer?
what is spinal cancer and what are the symptoms? what is the treatment? what are the olds of getting it?
Second hand smoke -- my neighbor smokes and it filters up through the vents. Am I or my kids in danger?
How accurate our full body scans?
my mom developed a lump in breast,....?
Is switching contact fluid safe?
I damaged my eyes from the sun, and now I am seeing things?
sleeping in extended wear lens do ur eyes get red when u wake up?
Can your eyes change colour?
need help ASAP with contacts?
What si This Thing On My Eye When I Pinch It?
What do blind people see?
whats wrong with my eyes??
Taking osteo bi-flex and have diabetes...?
Husband is hypoglycemic...?
Diabetic neuropathy pain management?
Is diabetes hereditary?
Moms of diabetic children?
How long I have to wait to reduce my blood sugar level?
Thanks to all who answer my question about diabetes.?
could i end up with type one diabetes?
Home remedies for ear mites?
Aromatherapy for nits and it's drying out my hair!?
can anyone tell me how to mix bentonite and flax seed?
how much would this help the skin?
What is best home remedy for cold sores?
What kind of massage, reiki or reflexology can be done on someone whose kidneys are working poorly?
OKay this will sound like i am crazy and on crack or something?
Throat tickles after sleeping?
Are allergies to apples as well as raisins common?
i hav an allergy,it itches and is patchy and dark ...any cure?
Poison IVY question?
My legs have been aching and twitching. One leg has a painful lump in it. Any ideas whats causing this?
i started with one bite..and i scratched it..now it's like i have itches and bites everywhere.?
does watching tv closeup ruin your eyesight?
I am an adult that suffers from night terrors.I thought it was only common in children.What else could it be?
why does snoring happen the same time every night if you go to sleep at the same time every night?????????????
What blood type is the most rare...?
Will I pass a drug test?
do braces hurt ?
Suggestions after getting Wisdom Teeth out?
How to make the gums in your mouth stronger and not easily bleed? when i brush my gums, it bleeds alot?
How long does pericoronitis last for?
what is the whole process of getting braces ?
When do I need deep cleaning from the dentist?
Is there something wrong with...?
I hate mint...but I want nice teeth? ?
Why in the world did my new dentist tell me I had A LOT of cavities and come to find out I only have THREE?
Has anyone gotten Zoom Whitening done on their teeth? Did it hurt?
mutiple choice about nutrition?
What on Earth Can I do to raise my HDL Level?
What is complete heart block?
A heart patient - medical alert id tag help...?
How long can you wait if you heart stops to get help? Is it something like two minutes? Four minutes?
i had rheumatic fever and it was cured , is it possible to have it again?
im 17 and i feel like i had a mild heart attack?
I Think I Have Poor Blood Circulation...?
How to prevent/stop glare at night?
contact lens base curve is 8.7 can I wear 8.8??? what will be the effect of the difference?
The Best Optometrist?
are there any monthly brand contacts out there now?
Do I have hyper or hypo thyroid My test cam in high 8.33?
Toe nail fungus?
I have an autoimmune disease that the doctors have not pin pointed yet. How long do I have to wait to see....
I need help getting my son to gain weight.?
What is the best treatment for a locked knee?
Tetanus Shot?
my legs feel swollen on the thighs and shins feel like they are sleeping. Is this caused by poor circulation?
Mono virus question?
what do you think about smoking marijuana for restless leg syndrome?
what are the initial symptoms of all types cancer?
Bowel cancer: what gender and age group does it affect the most???
smoking industry?
what is brainstem infract?
Information on a cancer drug called SUPENT?
Can red meat really increase your chance of cancer?
interested in donating to american cancer society?
How to cope with death after having some time?
What is mesothelioma?
what a healty food that good for asthma patient?
how do i change cpap pressure on a viasys orion machine?
I had a air purifier with - ozone-explode?
Guillain Barre- mor einformation please?
What cause's the body to get laryngitis?
what causes fecal breath?
how to heal from a sprained ankle fast ?
I had my naval pierced over nine months ago but it has never healed. It's never been infected, just not?
Are brace knuckles legal in ireland?
Is it possible to injury an ankle while having a bad dream in my sleep?
Sprained Wrist?
Fell on arm... hurts my pinky and finger when i type...and when i rotate my arm it hurts?
my finger is swollen,its all black and blue underneath and i cant bend it i need something to do?
is there anything you can do to get rid of bruising faster?
How long should I wait?
OWW! im in so much painn ouchh!?
Acne help? [Picture].
Toddler skin rash on face?
Will I ever be free of Psoriasis and Eczema?
What exactly is cutaneous lupus?
How can i get rid of a wart on my pinky?
A flea bit me. Will I be okay?
Does everyone has to have a birthmark ?
Is it safe to open prozac capsules?
Can deep tissue massage help my lower back pain? My chiropractor is all booked up and I won't take pills...
the dimentions of a handicap accesible doorway?
what is good aspect in chocolate?
whats the healiest and fastest way to loose weight?
what excercises[yoga]should a diabetic person should do which will be helpful to attain good health.?
can i donate unused medications and to whom?
can young children develop allergies from not taking full prescribed dose of antibiotic?
Does anyone have children that take chewable SINGULAIR daily for allergies?
Am i allergic to alcohol?!?
can a pulmonary sacar can be cure?
who was the first person to find out medecin for feaver?
would allergies cause?
my nose r usually fully or half blocked up everyday..?
I have something in my eye?
what is it that is happening in your body when you get a shiver down the spine?
Why did I get nautious,shortness of breath, and very dizzy after I did leg workouts?
Do sunglasses Make it clearer?
How Do you overcome nerves while speaking in public?
I smoked pot a week ago, will I pass the drug test?
Do you have any health problems?
why does our body temperature rise when we have a fever?
Xray questions?
Do I carry the autism gene with my family history?
i have a hearing problem since i was a kid. how can i have a cure?
Amitiza for constipation?? Anyone here use or heard of it?
I have been in recovery for about 3 1/2 years now and I still almost daily get an intense urge?
What is wrong with people?????
how to identify wheather i have develop type1 or type2 diabetes?
What role does glucose play in providing energy for the body?
what if you eat alot of sugar but not gain weight?
What is random blood glucose test? What is the permisibl level for diabetics and non diabetics?
MYmother is diabetic an she suffers allot of swollen feet.is there,s something can help her to relive her fast?
what is the normal random sugar level for non diabetic?
Could it be that i have diabetes?
how much should i sell my dsi?
How do you read a contact lense prescription?
Can you still get lasik eye surgery even if you have astigmatism?
Can anyone provide insight on my problem with progressive lenses?
non stop eye strain any surgery's?
cosplay with colored contacts?
Is it normal for eye to bulge out after a hard sneeze?
Is there any risk after bursting a clogged eye pore?
Can I still use this contact lense?
I have have a droopy eyelid for a couple of months. How well do eyelid muscles heal on their own?
Has anyone else had to wear a full length knee brace?
Need help understanding the results of my daughters MRI?
How fast does a fused disc heal?
Severed Extensor Tendon of Toe?
What could this be on my knee?
is my arm broken???please help?
Bad Backs????
Does anyone know somebody with borderline personality disorder?
What is the difference between clinical depression and bi-polar disorder?
I'm having really strange things happening to me!?
Ever sense my mom died I CAN'T SLEEP and cry almost every night?
Are we over medicated for our normal human conditions?
Have you ever got a really strong feeling that something bad is going to happen?
How do you change your thinking from wanting to die?
My sister got mad at her fiance and through the remote?
Anyone know of mental disorder for loving animal too much?
The bullying still gets to me no matter what I do? Please help me?
why do peaple have to die of cancer, for all the year we have research it??
What are some of Australia's Heart charities?
i want to know about heart tonic angioprim.is it best for heart?
how do you make your blood pressure go high or low?
what is important to follow, brain or heart?
Environmentalist? Or Heart Surgeon.?
Why do i feel faint after exercise?
FOR WOMEN how long after ICD pace maker where you?
please help. i have a very bad memry. im 14?
blood clots?????? any help?
do paneer and rasgulla r high in cholestrol?
Tourette Syndrome; Diagnosing??
information on medicine detrol?
Does anyone know what wegeners vasculitis?
Will hemiplegia lead to loss of certain brain functions?
What causes a person's appendix to burst?
What do you no about alopecia?...i need some help?
What is good for a sore throat!!! I'm dying!!!?
anyone know of anyone who would donate a kidney to me?im in the process of getting on the transplant list.?
what is haemoglobin E trait?
how can you tell if someone is high from meth?
What brand & model air freshener have you used or recommend?
Is there any treatment for EDEMA OF THE POSTERIOR LARYNX due to chemical exposure?
where can I buy chantix for a cheaper price than the actual chantix website?
Advanced COPD and now a heart attack?
What is tehbest way to remove sticky phlegm in my throat some says drink water too much is that working?
Does black bat cigarrette contain marijuana?
Recently i weight only 110 ive had shortness of breath and just exhausted barely can breath its in my ears?
operation to increase lung capacity?
what are the eight essential sugars the body needs to fully function renewing the cells as in youth?
Does sneezing a precursor to a bad health?
My back is sore from shoveling snow yesterday, what is the best thing to do to relieve the pain?
my sister pased o in sept of stroke,bronco-pneumonia.urinary infection should we sue nursing home?
Can you get stitches on your tounge?
It's coffee really bad for you?
To smoke or not to smoke?
I want to apply for a secretary position at a pediatric hospital.What medical terminology do i need to know?
Should I go to school today?
question about amnesia?
What causes your ankles, feet, hands & wrists to swell during hot weather?
I had a few lines of Coke last week (first and last time) but ive had a runny nose ever since?
weed issues?
What can be used as a Natural Antacid?
How to soothe a cold?
After taking suboxone for 7 days, will i withdrawl from anything after the 7th day?
Apple cider vinegar and honey doesn't work?
What are some foods that are healing and beneficial for your body.?
What kind of yoga should I do for endometriosis?
If a product is FDA approved, does that mean the product is proven to work?
need help! why cant i get away from drugs? they say change your friends?move away?what do you think?
Anyome knows where I can buy lactaid caplets in Mexico ?
Is it an allergic reaction?
I think that my eyes may be dependent on Clear Eyes to keep them from getting dry??
allergy question?
It looks like hives, dark red bumps all over!! Ears and face swelling?
I am very sick any suggestions?
Would placing acne cream on my throat affect my breathing?
Is Expired Visine Bad for your eyes?
how do you treat rosacea and psoriasis?
questiosn about acne?
How long does soap scum stay within the surface of your skin? How do you prevent it? What does it even do?
acne scarsss please help !!!!!!?
My acnes are very old and bad and make blood under my skin.what is the best cure?
Spots on forehead i can't get rid of!!!?
What's The Best Way To Get Rid of Dark Circles?
how i can avoid from getting scares?
What´s the difference between gangrene and an hematom?
After a bowel movement, is it more sanitary to wipe with a baby wipe or dry tissue?
At the end of a normal expiration when outward air flow has ceased...?
what is the natural substitute for B complex tablets?
Do you think i have diabetes?
Do I have type 1 diabetes?
im close to being diabetic! help?
Does anyone have any information on taking acidophiles for gas? I was told to take 2 with each meal .?
Do you have to get braces to get a retainer?
Why are my gums so red and inflamed and why are they growing over my teeth?
Native American teeth, pits on the backs of teeth?
Is this emergency room bill normal?
When I close my mouth I have an EXTREMELY weak chin, will braces fix this?
white lines on my teeth help?
How can I make my teeth white by just using toothpaste in the least amount of time???
I got my braces off!! Put need help!!!?
how to turn yellow teeth to shiny white?
How do I get fangs? Not vampire fake-*** caps?
Question for lawyer?
How To Get Rid Of Muscle Sores?
is depression genitic?
I was told by a chiropractor in 2006 that I was showing signs of carpal tunnel....?
Question about Asperger's ?
i was hit in the timple really hard and it is very sore. it didnt swell any should i have it checked out?
Feeling Really Depressed, What Can I Do?
I've Burnt my hand and have it in a bag!
Purposely dehydrating myself, as a cry for help... Please talk me out if it?
cut my arm too deep please help?
KNEEE PROBLEMS, any advice???
I have anger issues really bad.One little thing makes me upset or mad.What should i do?
When your mind wanders..................?
Heard of Herbal medicine named Tinospora(From Wokhart),for Multiple Myeloma?
Anyone knowledge of radiotherapy for cancer treatment?
what can you do if you have kidney cancer? ( I don't have it)?
over time will cancer risk be more in future generations?
How long do external hemmoroids usually last before going away?
How do eyeglasses cause motion sickness?
looking to buy a few copper healing braceolets ..I liv ein Waltham Ma any stores that sell them?
My brother was stung by a portuguese man o war jellyfish 2 days ago?
Cause of sudden increase in Heartbeat when working out?
Is an elevated heart rate over 100+ for over 2 days bad news?
What is resting heart rate?
The human heart (Atria)?
explain the mechanisms which calcium sensitivity may be altered in cardiac myocytes?
Best facility in Pune,India to treat Heart artery blockage?
How can you protect yourself against the risk of dying from a heart attack?
my heart beat hovers around 60-65 is this normal?>?
What is a normal blood pressure for a 15 year old female?
You cant say heart rate is 72 if you measured from wrist?
how many people died from heart disease in 2008?
If stomach acid is so strong, why doesn't it burn through our stomach?
Sound like a cat purring in my left ear?