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I've been to the doctor for this cold, was on strong medicine. I'm still coughing and weissing.?
what symptons do adults who were premature infants have now?
How does someone get pneumonia?
Can depression cause terrible chest pains?!!!?
asking for a trial about fluticasone vs beclomethasone (efficacy,safety,..)?
Is It Normal For A Teenager At Least 16 To Have Their Gallbladder Removed?
Connection of Migraine and Thrush?
7 weeks after gallbladder surgery..Question??
Is there an Eating Disorder Awareness Day ?
ugh why me acid reflux???can you help?
I am writing a speech on anorexia , what do you think ?
Have you ever been unsuccessful staying sober after being an active member of AA?
what is your story? (addiction & beating addiction)?
Is there a white,round xanax?
taxotere+chemo+side effects?
what can shadows on a brain mri indicate?
Passing kidney stones twice a month?
Does anyone know where I can find the full text research article on lupeol and how it may help prevent cancer?
do i have brain cancer/ brain tumor?
help!!!!! breast cancer question?
Anyone have C.L.L? (Chronic Lymphoma Leukemia)?
Hard knot/lump in the back of neck !!! ???
What is Hindu? What is man? Why all are going to hospital for treatment instead of controllig their food?
whats the price diffrence between braces and invisaline?
what is causing my mouth ulcers?
I have a loose permanent tooth?
what does a white spot on upper outside gum indicate?
What should I do now?
What is this salty taste in my mouth?
how can you tell the dif between a babytooth and an adult tooth if they are still in your mouth?
Natural Remedies for PMS?
Compare the health benefits of goji berries vs. acai berries. Like, which has more anti-oxidants, etc.?
Are Colonics a good idea?
advantages and disadvantages of colour therapy ?
Vitamin D and Vitamin D3?
does anybody know if the herb graviola extract does what it suppost to claim ?
Tired of feeling tired, any suggestions?
Can doctors be stripped of his right to practice medicine in the UK?
Am I safe from withdrawal seizures?
IS THIS NATURAL??? Should this be checked out?
why is it that when taking vitamin your urins sometimes turn dark yellow?
what is the best medicine for back pain and chest pain?
Is Lazer Eye Surgery or LASIK safe if one is to do without spectacles?
does marijuana interfere with homeopathic treatment?
if man was meant to digest chemicals, why have we not got smoke stacks on our heads?
what are the important health issues in the philippines as of february 15,2006?
How can I prevant bombs during my pregnacy?
If someone desires to have an illness like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder when they are healthy?
I suffer from bi-polar disorder. I have suffered tremendous trauma?
Can I have a hug?
How to not take offensive remarks to heart?
I hurt my socks feelings?
where do you go when you die?
Is Sulfur a true remedy for acne? Are their side affects with taking a Sulfur supplement?
blister juice?
how to get rid of acne scars?
Why there is a hair whorl in our scalp?
blistered sunburn?
has anyone developed unexplained hives.....?
am i going to scar?
A little girl bit my sons ear, (no skin is broken) how serious can it be?
i have a zit.... down there?
Canker Sores?
How can I improve my circulation without walking or swimming?
should I use Ice on my thigh or a heating pad?
i have my ankel in a cast! in 1 week i will go bk to see if i have to keep it or not
after work yesterday i got a ringing noise in my left ear will it go away?
Crutches and exercise?
Patellar tendonitis in both knees?
how do you crack your nose?
Do I need to make a eye doctor oppointment?
Why do i need glasses? is the doc ripping me off?
Opinion on Marijuana?
did I die or just passed out? I could swear I died!!?
How many calories equal a pound?
I need to loose 30-35 pounds in two months before cheer tryouts any sugestions??
does this make sense?
Junk food?
how to lose 5 pounds quick?
How can i get abs and tone my body by summer??
i need some help with my craving?
Should SKINNY GIRLS work out at the gym?
How can i increase my height?
Why do women wear the tightest and shortest shorts....?
Does airborne work to prevent illness?
What is a good method of Hydrogen Peroxide treatment in eliminating Candida?
I have a 2 yr old that is sick. i know no medicine is best, however the Tylenol helps the aches and pains?
Hi, please give me the telephone number and address of Dr. Mulkraj Das(Touch Therapist) in Mussorie.?
Please help me QUIT!?
Is Acai berry safe for a person with hypertension?
How much does a lung transplant help with cystic fibrosis?
The effects of very light smoking?
Iam confused! what could it be?!?
When you kept inhaling every 5 minutes do it means you have shortness of breath?
If you quit smoking and there is no cough?
Help we won't stop coughing?
can someone help me with this?
Mold Exposure?? HELP!!!?
Teeth Whitening with Dramatic Smiles?
I just got braces yesterday, can I change my brackets to that clear ceramic braces next month?
how much is a bottom retainer?
Best teeth whitener?????????????
how to get your teeth whiter without paying anything ?
UHHH braces!!! Need some info?
How did you feel after you got your braces off?
Hate my teeth a lot. HELP?
How to understand someone with generalized anxiety disorder?
Are people who live in warm climates (like Florida) happier than those who live in cold places like the UK?
Why would I cry and have a tempertantrum at a college health clinic because they took my money and told me ?
I can't control my thoughts. OCD?
Do you think the mental health field is a bunch of quacks or people trying to help others?
Help me please:I worry WAY too much??!?
what is the causes of uric acid high and remidies of same?
can u pls suggest us that if the levels of TSH=150,T3=0.41 and T4=2.2 what it means.how to cure it.?
Legg Calve Perthes in a 4yr old?
Trozodone Desyrel overdose?
Medical: What condition / disease is this?
post surgery - ileus?
My moods *as well as other things* have drastically changed in the past month. Always happy & upbeat I am.....
Is this a part of growing up?
Is there really a cure for Down Syndrome?
Just had Yag laser surgery and my vision is more cloudier after the surgery?
Can you retrain your eyes?
Are optometrists in the UK required to be immunised against some diseases?
My eyes went from -0.75 to - 1.25 in a year, is this bad?
How has acne affected your life?
DRs, or Medical experts, Dr OZ advised to use masking tape to remove warts is this a good idea?
Planter Warts?
Any answers about dead skin patch on corner of my eye?
does proactive really work????
Have I oily skin or am I over doing the washing process?
Has anyone had a Weber C fracture of ankle?
my dad went hunting monday. and today realized that his right tricep. Arm muscel is like gone. ?
breaking wrist?
Over-strained muscle question. Help with healing needed.?
I had rhinoplasty for medical reasons. a month ago?
how do you treat turf toe?
xray there has to be one person out there tht can give me a gd answer plz plz plz help?
my upper lip is swollen how long will it take for it to go back to normal????
how can u get rid of allergies for good???
Is it possible to be allergic to Vitamine E?
Looking for a milk substitute for a child allergic to milk protein, soy and eggs?
Whats The Best DRUGSTORE .... Seasonal....ALLERGY.... MEDICINE?
My Nose always clos up its hard for me to smell is there any home remedys that will help?
Heart arrhythmia limitations?
What foods are rich in LDL(Low Density Lipoprotein)?
What kind of Arrhythmia (Irregular Heartbeat) is this?
Is this a normal blood pressure?
Cardiology High Stroke Volume > Any Echo Techs out there?
I have got major pain in my chest,near my heart.?
Left with a broken heart?
my red blood count has been high for a while says the doc, so why do i have 2 go c a hematologist. whats wrong?
how do i loose stomach fat?
How to lose 20 pounds in 14 days??????????????
If i excersise MORE and i only consume 1500 calories a day will my body go into starvation mode?
how can i lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?
Right now i am a size 3 and weigh 115 lbs...what would i have to weigh to be a size 0?
I want to lose weight..i'm slowly gaining an eating disorder.?
Homeopathy for osteoporosis?
What is Black Cohosh good for?
Looking for homeopathic cures for headaches?
How do you make a herbal tincture?
Anyone tried the Healing COdes??? How did they work??
Why do having stones on me makes my head ache?
Best tips to quit smoking?
What does meditation do for you?
Is Leukemia a genetic disorder?
Cancer prognosis?
I have a bump right behind my ear, please help me!?
I cant believe 1 in 2 people don't know that being overweight increases your cancer risk.?
Is it possible to become a medical/dental assistant in the state of WA with misdemeanors?
what does cavity fillings between teeth look like?
Do crest white strips work well?
Why is there a bad taste from my wisdom tooth coming in?
how many people wore their braces in the time their orthodontists predicted?
Is it really important to wear your rubber bands with braces?What will happen if your bite is off by a little?
Question about getting my braces off soon?
what is the best way to clean your retainer?
Who has better prices for glasses?
can i get transitional lenses that have 2 different perscriptions for distance?
Where can I get a eye exam and eye glasses for as cheap as possible?
How bad is my eyesight ?
Does radiation from electronic devices (TV screens, DS, PSP) cause eye floaters?
Please help, I'm so scared. (Best answer)?
what's the lowest magnification you can get for over the counter non- prescription reading glasses?
what are floaters and what do they tell you?
is it okay to work out when you have a runny nose (no fever, no coughing though)?
Acne Help ??
They say that milk helps you grow taller...?
Why do I have Stretch Marks?? Im only 18 and a guy? How do I get rid of them?
Why is my doctor trying to do this?
If a girl has her period?
Why does vicodin make me feel light headed?
Why is happening????????
How long does pseudoephedrine last in your body?
What drug smells like rotten baby powder?
Diabetes: what does "glyburide 10 mg p.o. OD" mean?
What Vitamins Does Drinking Coffee Deplete From The System?
I havre been having blood sugar problems PLEASE HELP!!!!?
should papaya fruit not to be consumed by pregos,why?
Does anyone know anything about Stem Cells?
i am having sugar of 300 in random sugars test. I am diabetic from 8 year?
DLA what am i entited to?
Die From Drinking Blood............?
Graves' Eye Disease - treatment?
I get lightheaded frequently?
What does a gallbladder attack feel like?
Taken off thyroid pills, feel better now
When you have rabies do you feel like eating pepole?
When you have an illness does it help you to read as much as you can about it?
How long do you have to be locking your knees to faint?
I'm looking for any one who has lupus anticoagulant?
What is the name of the Mystery Diagnosis episode with the mold?
Do I still have bronchitis?
last night i woke up gasping for air and could not breath what could it be?
for the last few weeks it feels like i got something caught in my throat?
Is this a normal cough?
is he home from the hospital after admitting himself with pnemonia?
Holding your breath...can you die?
wat cream can clear acne redness?
Has anyone tried "Nature's Cure", the papaya extract one? There's alot of mixed reviews about it. HELP!
Does anyone know about bed bugs? How long does it take to react to them?
help im 14 and my school starts in 3 days and i got this ugly red acne i need to fix right now! plz help!!!!!!
I have a bump on the back of my ear where the earring hole is and I'm realllllyyyy worried. what should i do?
Folliculitis problem?
head lices /nits?
how to cure blemishes?
My doctor prescribed clazol in lieu of plavix and aspirin for me. i never experienced claudication.?
nauseous and heart beat in stomach?
Resting pulse of 117 bpm?
Help in understanding my cholesterol results?
the popliteal artery divides into two arteries known as.....?
Question about husbands limp after stroke?
what might happen to the beating of a heart if the blood concentration of Ca2+ were abnormally increased?
My mom complains of pain can it be a heart attack?
i have a high resting heart rate...?
I have pain in my knee!!!!????
Questions to professionals only: How long is the average time for return-to-work for a mid femoral fracture?
I recently pulled the bicep muscle in my left arm, will it?
I'm 16 and my knee hurts when i straighten it, what do you think it could be?
I ripped my ear trying to stretch/gauge it. What should I do?
Is this cut that bad?
Is there anything I can do to repair the skin over my middle knuckle?
AAAArghh back pains?
homeopathic help for snoring?
If one has osteoarthritis, and is looking into natural remedies, is it a good idea to include Butcher's Broom?
Alternative medicine for children?
What is it that Michael Jackson used to go white skinned after being born otherwise?
Would anything happen on me if i..............?
Anyone ever try those "Legal Herbs" do they get you high??
This is an extremely critical inquiry that could wreak huge ripples in my lifestyle...?
Colored Contacts for DARK brown eyes?
Need help with eye surgery?
If you have had lasik eye surgery can a dr. tell by looking at your eyes?
i want to make my eye iris(the middle part of my eyes) colour as light brown?
What is good for wisdom tooth pain?
Can hair rubber bands space teeth to?
Can you get braces for a jaw problem ? or would it be some kind of expander...?
So i just got braces yesterday and..?
My braces are coming off tomorrow !! what does it feel like ?
Pain after root canals, normal?
i was washing my teeth this morning and all of a sudden when rinsing my mouth out i started vomiting bitter?
my mouth become dry at the time of starting my sleep. what i can do for this pl help.?
how do you stop drooling?
If you take statins you should not eat grapefruit?Is this true and if so why.?
my husband is a diabetic type 2?
How do you get diagnosed with ADHD?
What is bi polar and how is it diagnosed?
Is it bad to internalize everything?
How can I stop being nervous and shaking when I am public speaking?
Are there inheritable genes that are associated with committing suicide?
Is there such a thing where you have a belly button phobia?
I'm getting addicted to drugs again?
My life is hell and its heading no where?
is it insane to paint with blood?
What is your comfort in your affliction?
how can we reduce the amount of excess dopamine in the brains speech areas?
Dry cough after running?
Blood questions?
if there were two identicale twins would they both inherit a desease?
cheapish acne cream?
what food should psoriasis patients avoid?
How is the best way to treat acne?
My son has acne but refuses to use any of the cleansers or treaments I've gotten him. He wont even use soap!
Any way of curing vitiligo?
Best solution to acne?
History question?
do YOU thnk there will be any cure for me?
what happens, when people smoke, while having pnuemonia?
What is the white mark under my fingernail? ?
spots need 2 get rid of them?
What should I expect at my SSDI hearing?
Frequent urination a problem ?
Can fibromyalgia be cured or alleviated by treatment for spinal myelopathy?
What are symptoms of low iron, diebetes and hypertension? someone please help?
Can xanax lower blood pressure and what causes these spikes I am having?
Anyone with hyposensitive vestibular sensory processing disorder? I'm SURE this is my 5-y-old's prob.No dx yet?
Are you afraid of the increasing number of diseases in the world?
How to improve my near sight..I use specs?
can an optician determine the prescription for an existing pair of glasses?
are eye lenses cheaper than normal glasses? and how much do they usually cost?
As an unemployed person on jobseekers allowance, do i qualify for free glasses and eye test?
My right eye is 20/20, but my left eye is not as good, what are some ways of fixing this?
Is it okay to take a quick (20 minute) nap with contacts in?
Why do I have white dots at the bottom of my eyes?
Where can I go to have a bionic retina transplant in the U.S.A.?
My eyes change colour?
I got my eyes examed today, and my "optical pressure was boarderline high"?
Humidifiers vs. health?
Could someone have an allergic reaction to smoke machine smoke?
i sneeze in summer also & non-stop. WHY ????
i cant stop scratching!!!!!!!?
Why does my cat have black gloop by his eyes?
Guaifenex: Allergy Pills Question?
how to remove block in blood vessel with out operation?
What valves are between the ventricles and arteries?
what is reduced cardiac function?
do ultrasounds on the heart tell if you are at risk of a heart attack?
High cholesterol level?
Has anyone had an aneurysm before?
question about heart murmurs?
Heart Pain What Can Be?
hipogidroses medical condition?
i need to know how you know if you are haveing a heart attack?
Antibiotics, Taking Amoxil 875mg then dentist prescribed Clindamycin 150mg for tooth, can i switch?
how can i get rid of smoke stains from my teeth in one day ?
Antibiotics for Halitosis / Bad breath?
Erupted tooth that will not come in further, help!?
Jaw locking problems? need help!?
Wisdom tooth removal left roots in there? part 2?
why are my teeth green?
can a oral surgeon at a dentist,do the same as a oral surgeon at hospital ?
i have just got my braces...?
How to tell you have bad breath?
Is the health care market an example of perfect competition?
I have nausea after taking any type of pill, no matter what time of day it is. Why?
How many mg's of omega 3 fish oils should one take daily? How many mg's of calcuim should women take daily?
Do you believing in the ability to health yourself with your mental intellect?
Have you had LASIK? Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share?
How come when i eat peanuts, i feel like i can't breathe and i get a rash?
Does deodorant really cause cancer?
10 pts. for the person who can list the most symptoms for anorexia.?
which of the following is also called a ductless gland?
Can pineal tumors cause psychosis? Are Germinomas cancerous?
what is "breast cancer"?
what are the effects of permanently damaging the rectum and the bladder?
Do you know someone with Leimyosarcoma?
recently i noticed a lump in my groin area and its been bothering me.?
How can I improve my diet quality, increase the calories intake and loose weight at the same time?
(10 points) Phentermine 37.5mg has anyone tried it?
Stomach exercise...? Just wondering..?
SERIOUS QUESTION... What do you think of Los Angelos banning fast food restaurants from...
What should I do about my girlfriend's weight gain?
lose 10 POUNDS of FAT by MAY!?!?
Has anyone here tried the special k challenge?
I need a hug. Do you think I am fat?
is it C or E?
Sometimes I get a dizzy feeling(almost like butterflies) in my chest and feel like I can't breathe properly
please help?
If air in the pleural space is a pneumothorax, what is it when there is air in the thoracic cavity?
is there a problem about calcified granuloma?
i ran out of my inhaler and...?
If you suffer from sleep apnea, is it possible to be violent in your sleep and not remember?
Problems with xanax, chronic migraines, and GERD.?
why are the homeopathic remedies belladonna & ac acetic incompatable?
Herbal Remedies for Anxiety/Panic?
St. Joh's Wort?
Any good herbal remedies for skin rash?
where can i get tea tree oil for my ingrown toenail? and about how much would it cost?
What are some herbs that help with the following?
Is it possible that I'm a mind altering drug?
Anyone ever taken the health supplement SAMe?
How can I get rid of marks on my face after squeezing my spots?
Does proactive work ages 10 and up?
Does tea tree oil help with body acne?
Red bumps all over me?
any1 know any good home remedies for acne?
thyroid meds?
7 years of Narcotic pain Medications for chronic back pain, How do you stop The withdrawals?
What are some signs of alcoholism?
What is best way to cure/remedy arthritis?
Do Amish use antibiotics?
I think I have trichotillomania....?
Blood drawn about a year ago, and I didn't have diabetes. Could I have developed it in the past year?
Affect of salt on circulation?
Question relating to epipens?
What is the cause of Type 2 diabetes?
Is high and low blood sugar common before diagnosis?
Diabetes -loosing fat and body glow why?
routine blood work at my annual physical?
Im scared i might have diabetes...and i dont know how to tell my family ! please help !?
can u help me with diabetes?
Is it possible to have a food allergy but the symtoms don't show unless I excert myself through exercise?
I am allegic to wheat and wheat gluten.Any tips on healthy ways I can gain weight aside from eating alot?thnx?
allergic reaction to shrimp?
I got stung on the leg and its been a week and its still swollen and red what can i do?
what are the reasons for sudden muscle contractions?
Muscle pain!?
What is the best way to remove the fluid from my ear?
if a surgical pin is working its way loose and causing irritation.?
Does snapping/popping your neck make it easier to break?
what is a true rib?a false rib?is a floating rib a true or false rib?why are floating ribs easily broken?
What is the easiest toe to break and how would you do it??
I had a nosebleed this morning HELP!?
Echocardiogram results - ventricular hypertophy?
Does my body functions change after a heat stroke?
how serious are my heart palpitations?
Can Heart ejection fraction improve after Bypass Operation?
Can you get a CDL if you have heart disease?
I might have marfans?
$70 in the next 4 days?
What can cause a massive heart attack or stroke?
if a person has suffured a minor stroke is it possible for that person just begin to cry for no reason?
what is a good heart beat for an 11 year old?
I need a web site for Ophthalmology exercises ?
How much would it be to get a new lens for my glasses?
i just got acuvue colored contacts and i'm having a hard time trying to figure out which side is which?
My Eye color might be changing.?
Inflamed/Red Eye After Surgery?
Is This eye vision bad and what is blind like what number?
Does anyone know what a neurosonology sonographer is and if this specialty deals with radiation? ?
What does "ectoplasmic extension" in prostate cancer mean?
What is the difference between I125 (radioactive) and Iodine (non radioactive)?
How do you find out if you are a bone marrow match?
What kind of insurance can you get for a person who has cancer?
Do people with lukemia survive past 5 years?
what is rate of cancer in nyc?
What is syringomelia??
hughes syndrome/ blood clotting issues/ pulmonary emboli??
Milk causes your cough to be worse with phlem/mucous? Old Wives Tale or Not?
could i have bronchitis?
Red inhalers - do they work? I think they are steroid ones?
Are there people out there who have severe asthma?
what is edema?
can i take cough medicine with claritan oral?
For the past 36 hrs or so everything I drink makes me have to pee?
what is the best remedy for larengitist?
What is the best exercise to flatten one's belly and firm up in general?
what is the reason for theroat itch frequently also sleeping time have distrub others ?
What is the biggest reason for this over prescription of antibiotics?
what is nvp in blood tests?
how often and what should i wash my c-pap face mask in? thank you?
Has anyone ever tried Black Cohosh for menopause?
What can be done to diaper wear pearbag?
Anyone ever tried Glytone Acne Treatment?
Ayurveda treatment in chennai?
where can i purchase proactol pills?
Calcium supplements?
Where can i get saw Palmetto in India?
i bought an herbal incense thats called space, original orbit. i heard you can smoke it and get high?
is it safe for a 9 yr old to take the centrum forte?
What happens when you drink beer with an antibiotic? (keflex)?
How can I pass drug screening?
Is it safe to use Advair 3 years after it's expired?
How do I get rid of a stuffy nose?
how can you get rid of a double chin?
Does cracking your fingers/nuckles alot really cause arthritis?
I have to pee constantly and when I go I only go a little bit, why is that?
i feel sick when ever i wake up
How much does braces cost?
tmj problem. i thought the braces would help but they didnt that much?
Wisdom teeth pain - haven't got them pulled?
It seems like my teeth are starting to look see through...?
widsom tooth operation?
Do Teeth Whiteners Damage Your Teeth?
i'm 30 and my back teeth are already breaking off. I take good care of my teeth, why is this happening?
can someone give me a blow by blow of having wisdom teeth removed? UK?
Why did dentist ask if I breathe by my mouth?
What effect did potatoe blight have on the Irish people?
Celiac Disease, If MY son Carn't eat Wheat, What Grains Can He Eat?
What is the kidney's main waste product?
Thyroid problems?
Acid Reflux or anxiety? Or both?
Stomach Problems Why I am I always full feeling? even when i don't eat alot of food.?
What are they signs of Lupus and what kind of test do they do to find out if you have it?
Have you ever heard of someone with a disorder to eat non food materials?
Unknown Malaysian Disease
How can I get rid of these acne looking rash bumps? They're on my hairline, jawline and under my cheekbones
Why on earth is my question always deleted!? Advice on laser skin resurfacing?
acne scars?
pores ????????
best cure for abcesses?
I have a 20 year old son with bad skin and embarrassed to seek help. Can anyone suggest quick fix treatment.?
how can you make bug bites go away fast? or at least stop itchy & being so big and red??
How do I fix my glasses?
Does "AMERICA'S BEST" eyeglasses accept INSURANCE?
Okay, I'm still confused?
This is a question for people who had PRK, NOT LASIK!!!!?
I recently started seeing a shadow/reflections to the far right out of my right eye with or without glasses.?
Twitchy top lid of my eye?
Is the age eleven to young to get contacts?
I used my 1-day contacts for 3 days does that damage my eyes in any way?
visible carotid artery ..?
Cardiovascular Disease Questions For A Presentation! Please Help!?
Can anyone tel me what are good foods which should be used to strengthen your heart to avoid an attack?
Cardiac Pacemaker for these issues?
my blood pressure is a 158/110 and army tested 8 times?
Okay, I need help it's about my heart!?
pretty seriousquestion here. I am a 40 year old female whos resting heart rate is about 40 beats?
Whats wrong with me? My hearts beating really fast and?
can you have a stroke from a panic attack?
my heart beats very hard and i can see my beats in my chest. i am 27 5'11" and 190# i work construction,active?
I fractured my pelvis, will i be able to play football?
How to strengthen the wrists?
Why do my fingers always get swollen coming up to exams?
will health insurance pay for a bump removed or shaved on my nose?
I was headbanging and now..?
Broken Finger?
Did I actually injure my leg?
Will I get tetanus infection if I tore my toe with a track spike?
Whats the worst damage you've done to yourself by exercising?
What should I do to prepare to sue for malpractice?
signs and symptoms of anintection?
what will happen if sugar level in a body goes down beyond limit?
Hormone Test For PCOS?
ever heard (stiff hands from diabetes)? it's called cheiroarthropathy.?
My doc put me on metformin because I am insulin resistant but?
How can i help with my dads diabetes?
my mom is a diabetic what should i do about this?
why do I always feel bad?
i am pregnant with a very dangerous mans baby! mature answers!?
mental help?
Is Aveena body wash or cream good for the treatment of chicken pox or shingles?
what is the "acid mantel" on the skin and what is it's function?
how long will it take my ear to not hear the high pitch squeal my pc tower is making?
Do you know anything about having an anesthetic for surgery?
could you please tell me a good website for aids testing and politics for college paper?
1-i feel dizziness when i move my head or stand up .2-eating style in person with one kidney?
What happens if?
where can i get a CASE STUDY of a smoker? Thanks in advance....?
Why are packs used in septoplasty ?
What's the most likely cause of my persistent cough? I had a cold/bronchitis 1 month ago.?
every morning i wake up i have a little bit of wheezing?
Is there a disease in which you can't taste anything and/or smell anything.?
Does green tea help with colds?
What benefits does green tea have foir your skin ?
best cure for a cold?
priobiotics after taking apple cider vinegar?
is tere anything i can take?
If herbal remedies are so great and have been used for so long, why don't they get the attention they deserve?
is it true that people are selling there left over medications on line?
Penicillin... take before or after meals in general?
does anyone have braces on ?
Periodontal disease at 28 years old?
How do i make fake braces?
Is it possible to take an iPod into a dentist room?
My jaw makes this cracking sound every time i open my mouth? what is wrong with this?
Peeling of the Lips after Brushing?
Does anyone know how to find a local dentist office or clinic?
Whats a quick and easy way that dosent take much time to get your teeth whiter?
getting headaches often?why?
what in the world am i doin awake at 430?
Is there a place where I can get glasses copied off my old prescription?
Dot in my eye help me?
What can you say: Biopsy will only spread the bad cell.In this case for breast.?
I've got sore eyes!?
My skin is weird, its a combination of oily and dry and blackheads! HELP...?
anyone on minoxidil 5% treatment?
Has anyone used methatrexate for psoriasis?
Can your cell phone contribute to acne?
is there a such thing as internal itching?
Has anyone used any of these hair growth inhibitors to permanently stop unwanted hair growth?
how can you get rid of strech marks?
what are mouth ulcers,what causes someone 2 get ulcers ?
How bad is it when someone goes into a coma for neurological reasons?
17 yrs old-diagn. 4yrs ago w/bipolar after 1 episode of depression -is it possible shes misdiagnosed?
What kind of foods can I eat with mono and swollen glands?
This will sounds gross but I had an "accident" after eating, why?
i can't differentiate between hunger and craving. i think something is physically or psychologically wrong?
I have kind of a strange question about a medical diagnosis in my dream.?
Are tetanus injections painful?
I have a hugely swollen...?
got burned all over my leg... how do i help the scarring?
If your appendix ruptured is there still a chance it did not cause any scarring?
Need help identifying cause of scar on man's groin.?
I twisted my ankle and heard three loud pops. There is no bruising or swelling, my guess is a sprain?
How do you know if you got a bad spine/back?
I fell on the ice outside of my apartment. Is that something they are responsible for?
how do you top and tail, a bed ridden patient?
My friend fell in his uncles drive way on the grappple and broke his nose.
Help I cut my little toe off with scissors.?
Why am I always feeling tired now?
how to get rid of a cold?
Is Impotence covered by disability?
What is Hormones?
Before and After--Marijuana?
Is there a way to stop sleep walking?
Why aren't nurses ever appreciated, we work weekends, holidays, 24 hrs we should rec' the most stress award.
can Marijuana help me?
I have a serious Binge problem. What should I do?
Depression/Dad with brain injury...HELP!! p.s. a lot of reading?
altered nutrition related to vomiting?
Is there any apparatus to find out the calorie content of food stuffs?
Bug bite = hospital?
when you get a cold where does all the snot come from is it stored there if not how do we produce it?
Phew, how could such a little baby make such a smelly situation?
can someone tell me why you have to close your eyes when you sneeze?
My eye hurts after wearing colored contacts?
Something wrong with my eyes?
I got up this morning and my right eye is puffy and itchy?
is this normal? When I wake up I see specks like little pixels..?
How much do blue contacts cost and where can you buy them?
my contact lenses rip after one use?
My eye degree is high ..?
I need a good but gentle and understanding Cosmetic dentist, does anyone know one?
does the crest whitestrips daily whitening work?
What is the Structure of just plain Flouride? or Sodium Flouride which is a compound?
How can i get rid of my toothachee?! =[?
Whiter teeth.......plz help....10points best answer?
Wisdom Teeth Question?
has any been to hungary for dental treatment?
how long after you got your wizdom teeth pulled?
teeth gums asap help?
I need this tooth out, WITHOUT going to the dentist. Please help people!?
what is best medicine for asthama please advice?
I need some autumn recipes that are good for diabetics... any fresh ideas?
Dogs with Diabetes... question?
gallbladder sugary?????
My mother lives in MD has been denied ss&medicae and is severe diabetic. Is there any help for her?
How long does it take for them to find out the results to my diabetes test?
I have a Diabetes question..?
what do i have? what is casing meto have this symptoms?
Is 'Pranayam' (breathing) will help in Spinal problems??
Calcium deposits in my lungs?
Nasal problems (congestion, PND, and runny nose)?
Ex-smokers - how long until you didn't have cravings anymore?
More questions, was "What does this medical jargon mean" please help if you can.?
Have you had good results with chantix to quit smoking?
I choked on a small piece of food at dinner and now my chest feels funny. Could it be in my lungs?
I think I breathed some food into my lungs because it feels stuck. It wont come out. How can I get it out HELP
I'm looking somebody who suffering from sickness atrophic rhinitis?Email me please!?
why some people eat slow?
hi friends.i have a really big problem with my sleeping.?
I have a very tense boyfriend (advice?)?
acne scars?
has anyone had a chemical skin peel?
How do I heal a burn that I got from using nair??
I get splinter like flecks in my nail beds from time to time, what are they?
what does it mean when a pet is obsessive with licking you constantly on your arms and legs?
can i un-tan myself?
any body noes fabitreto?
Why is my skin so itchy?
I have cardiophobia, what are the symptons of clogged arteries?
rapid heart rate, any input welcome. thanks?
Why do Heart attacks causes people to lose hair.?
is there any website where i can find information about landmark cardiology trials?
Heart "rumbling" at night especially...?
fast heart beats.. and pulse at night !!?
How long do I have to live? (stage 4 congestive heart failure)?
Can someone give me feedback on an ECG results?
Heart suddenly starts beating fast for no reason?
Are you passive/AGGRESSIVE?
Does Benadryl help Mango Allergy symptoms?
What's the best way to get rid of Nasal Congestion and NON stop coughing especially when laying down ??
What can cause sterilisation in humans?
could this be allergies?
i have watery eyes and i dont like it..?
Pointers on making it through acl surgery (arthroscopic) and recovery.?
Is it possible to ever completely recover from a hamstring injury ?
Is it normal to have lots of pain and swelling weeks after a sprained ankle?
Have you ever broken a bone?
How long will the cast stay on?
Are permanent brusies dangerous?
What is causing this sick feeling around my groin area and will a Jock strap help?
Fell down when flexing too much, what happen to me?
could my foot be broken?
How and when do seizures happen?
Something to help with dizzyness?
Do these symptoms seem serious?
Cold Symptoms (ear ache-fever-sore throat-very tiny headache) HELP!!!!!!?
What could be causing this pain?
Is drinking mouthwash at 3 AM cause you ran out of liquor and everything is closed a sign of alcoholism?
What causes my face to turn red and feel like it is burning?
Worst sickness you had, I'm talking like stomach virus sick!?
Explain the trip to the eye doctor for glasses....?
Should I use lenses for eye sight?
How many people wear glasses?
Where can i buy the sunglasses contacts?
Do you see what I see sometimes?
Pro-Optical customer service?
I have a couple contacts question?
free colored contacts?
How long would an allergic reaction take to show up on penicillin based anibiotics?
whait is a Hypertonic Seizures?
locate the inferolateral Buttocks?
how can i gain weight? im 5'5 and weigh 7stone and want to gain half a stone?
Should I be worried about this?
how do i get a friend and some finance to pay my tuon fees.?
Why do rainy days make people's arthritis flair up?
What would help to remove PCB"s from the Kankakee River?
when would you give a patient with spinal cord compression and PSA of 2000 ketoconazole?
dogs-bone cancer?
Where should I look for to research hospice care at home? DuBois PA, 15801?
Why is Velcade not available in England on the NHS when it is in scotland and wales?
What are all the different kind of lung cancer?Names please?
Info on brain tumors?
I have a Lump in my cheek? Does anyone know what this could be?
any clues you may have on this one let me know?
Does excess flaxseed oil suppliment give you thyroid problem?
A medicine ball is what?
is it safe and effective as claimed to take diluted hydrogen peroxide in the morning?and what are rhe benfits?
female friend has nausia, (not pregnant) What is a quick remedy, preferably homeopathic?
What feng shui tools can I use to divert bad energy?
antiaging drugs?
The use of herb please give me advice on chasterberry?
Why is it necessary to have braces on my front teeth when I only need my back ones corrected?
Does Sensodyne ProNamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste really work?
Do you know of a all natural home remedy or poultice I can use or make to draw infection from a absessed tooth?
cost of go to the dentist?
I have a bad abscess on one of my molar roots, and now I'm sick?
Invisalign Braces, my gums hurt?
how do they pull out teeth?
How many times a day should I floss my?
i am a addicted gum chewer..?
I am getting braces, but what color?
the diabetes ca causeneruoscondition?
3. A 54-year-old man is a non-insulin-dependent diabetic and obese. He smokes 20 cigarets per day. His blood p
Any tax breaks for those that take care of a disabled parent?
I can't find a diabetic medication case made by setono HELP?
i am a 58 year male with blood urea 36 and creatinine 2.0 mg/dl. Is it ok?
In a healthy patient paralyzed as a result of a car crash, should a ventilator be adjusted to maximize........
What does a number of 300 mean on a lung funtion test?
can you get high on some nasal sprays?
Does Deviated Nasal Septum regrow after removal?
lung capacity and anxiety?
JOHN M, please take an email from me in relation to the question about sudafed showing a positive reading.?
How long is a cigarette?
how old were you when you stopped smoking?
Questions about eyes, images, and lenses - help!?
My eye feel like a bruise when I blink.?
Wearing contacts for a week straight.?
One of my contact lenses is noticeable due to its size..?
my husband is in iraq & hes going blind in his left eye & hes getting it checked out tomorrow...?
Are there and good contacts out there?
Colored contacts! easy 10 points. please answer?
Is it normal for colored contacts to be foggy?
Why am i blind for a second when i sit up?
where can i get eye transplant surgery? i want mine swapped for eagle eyes!!!?
Anyone ever had acupuncture for hives? What kind of cost was involved and what was it like??
Green Tea for Acne?
What the heck are blackheads and whiteheads!?!?!?!!?
Neck rash or acne problem. Any advice on getting rid of it?
What's the quickest way to cure a hickey?
quick poison ivy relief?
I sweat too much?
in epilepsy in a grand maul seizure that lasts long....and might end up with death!!?
How do you get motivated to do stuff that needs to be done?
can you take diphenhydramine hydrochloride with hydrocodone?
Has anyone had a child (or anyone they know) have a reaction to ranch salad dressing?
Whenever I cut onions, my fingers will start to itch very badly! Am I allergic to onions?!?
Smelly Post Nasal Drip & Enzymes?
What is the difference between lactose free milk and soy milk?
Why have I been so tired lately?
I have started to get bags under my eyes and i have a desire to rub my right one a lot?
I hate the smell of smoke part 2?
What are the symptoms of a grumbling appendics and appendicitice?
I have trouble sleeping? Can anyone tell me of a natural sleeo aid that works fast?
When I have a good laugh,the bottom part of my ribs hurt.It feels as though its tightening up.Why????
what are the symptoms of high blood pressure?
can anyone tell me if you know of a free online reminder, i have to make sure i take my medicine ontime every?
wrist support?
What medications can cause immediate withdrawl symptoms while taking methadone?
Interesting Metabolic Disorder?
Is there a link between autism and chicken pox (vacc. or virus), epidural, or spinals?
Bone spurs?
If a person has blind spots in the eye, are they unique for each person ?
what kind of help can i get for nerve damage to my feet?
WEIRD SYMPTOMS - Do I need to be freaking out over this? Help!?
why cant i have a bowel movement without laxatives? I dont have $$ to ask a doctor. HELP?
ok this may sound stupid but?
Is middle ear dysfunction serious?
needing kidney transplant but have no insurance?
how long dose it take to heal from a broken 2ed and 3rd metacarpal with plates and screws?
what to do with a muscle strain?
How long to heal a compound fracture in your thumb?
broken foot? plz help?
Will my nose ever be the right shape again?
Plz help me! Anyone can answer cuz it's not specific?
Has anyone ever broken there tail bone??
My pinky finger :(?
technical explanation for water on the heart?
What is considered a high blood pressure? If it is high, how does one lower their blood pressure?
Are u worried or stress about anything rigth now?
will simply losing weight lower my blood pressure?
which are the sea foods NOT GOOD FOR HEART ?
i was wondering if anyone here has taken angioprim with good results?
Why am i getting heart burn so much? ( almost every day of this week)?
Has anyone had Rectocele surgery? I go next week for mine. Would like more insight on this.?
my daddy has an enlarged heart but whyyyyy?
When should I worry about my pulse being too high?
Is laser hair removal expensive?
i weigh 166 pounds im 5'5.5" and im turning 14 so i was wondering if i weigh too much?
How can I get taller?
How can I stop being a total klutz? Please, its getting dangerous?
Can the oatmeal be a good in my face?...and why?
Would a Psychiatrist or a psychologist treat Eating Disorders??
I can't sleep at night?
i need to speak to a pharmacistis..Can anyone help?
how come i will sleep on one side of the bed and be on the opposite in a totally differnt position?
how do you deal with a spouse/partner that is terminally ill?
How many lymph nodes are in the human body and where are they located?
Are there any safe and effective alternatives to Alprazolam (a.k.a. Xanax)?
Remedies for toothache soreness?
new root canal, and got gum pain put on med for infecion. still hurts what can it be?
why do i hear a clicking noise when i walk after wisdom teeth extraction?
Clipping braces wire in back? Yikesss!?
Is fluoride good or for your teeth?
healthy permanent tooth fall out?
Natural teeth whitener?
How exactly should I brush my teeth with baking soda?
What is this in my mouth?
Will you tell you friend they have bad breath or body odor?
when i look downward my right eye has more white showing than my left eye! does anyone know whats wrong??
Nerd Prescription Glasses?
What are eyeglasses called that have only the upper halves for distance and no lower halves?
went on a rollarcoaster and my glasses fell off...?
Is it true that a constant lack of sleep can lead to cataracts?
Can it damage my eyes if...?
What is the best types of treatment for person with Astigmatism and bad farsightness?
contacts problem HELPPPPPPP
whats the difference between type one and type two diabetes?
can anybody tells me what food is good if you have high cholesterol, uric acid and sugar level?
Is it ok to take meds with softdrinks?
what are the fuctions and duties of administrative staff in hospital.?
by the year 2030 developing countries will grow by what percent?
What are the best sneakers for foot problems?
Why isn't it easy not being cheesy?
I want to be a vegetarian, how should I go about it ?
Pop your................?
Am thinking of buying Acneticin for my acne? Does it work ? If no please tell which pills do work for acne?
What is a good gentle cleanser/exfoliant to use while on retin-a treatment for my face?
ugly face help?
Has anyone had any experience with Grovers disease?Would love to hear what worked for you.?
how long does it take an average person to quit smoking?
Sleeping and Napping?
I have one cig left,I plan on quitting after I smoke that....any helpful tips?
Are you due to visit hospital?
I need ur opinion about schizophrenics symptoms?
what is this called and what is the treatment?
how do i know if i have appendicitis?
what illness is this?
the term meaning any pathological condition of the spinal cord is?
I Wonder if there is a person with medical knowledge to answer ?
My brother was just diagnosed with this do you know anything?
How do I convince my parents to let me talk to a doctor?
What happens if I eat food that my cat may or may not have licked??? I will microwave it first...?
What psychological disorder should i use for my paper, i do not understand...please help?
Men, why won't some guys say the words, "I love you"?
HELP!? whats wrong with me? :(?
I have a 9 year old neighbor who is very depressed. How can i help him?
is this normal? or does everyone get this?
why are my pupils constricted?
How long does it take prolonged stress to develop into a heart disease?
Retaining fluid - congestive heart failure?
My nurse wont fill out the intermittent leave form for my pregnancy for FMLA, what do I do?
does high blood pressure make you have anger?
QTc interval of 430 in 11-year-old daughter?
Why was I told that it was normal for a person my age to have a leaky heart valve?
irregular panting in 5yr old labrador,why?
Which was the mose serious lung disease? Pneumonic version of the Black Plague, or SARS?
Is a thoracentesis the same as a Spinal Tap ?
Asthma ease...??
Scarring from cold? I coughed pretty damn hard hacking up that phlegm. I even used very forced wheezing.?
has anyone ever related coffee or caffiene to a chronic cough?
My four month old is sick.?
What is the snapping sound in my chest?
Switching from marlboro menthal lights to marlboro lights.?
i have a 10 mo. old who has been sick since he was a mo. old. He has a constant cold. now has pneuomia!!! WHY?
how to have health walk ?
What was it like having your tonsils out as an adult?
medical care in other countries?
why is it when someone else yawns, you yawn to?
is it possible to drink again---after alcohol issues in the past, after 9 mo. sober??
This is an odd question but is it safe to drink your own blood? In moderate amounts, of course.?
Will Amoxacillin give you a false positive for cocaine on a urine test?
I overdosed on canine pills, will I die???
Why does my head ache very often?
What creates the sound of your voice?
strained elbow?
Stinging sensation in left eye?
How successful is laser eye surgery?
Taping My Knee For Hockey?
Scar removal?
Something wrong with my eye help?
Colored contacts on dark eyes?
Eye Floaters ... Really worried?
Went to the opticians today ... Is my eyesight bad?
something is stuck inside my eye?
Any idea whats wrong with my legs / calfs ?
Hurt my lower back, does anyone know what this can be?
my eyes went blank and i couldn't move?
what does a hospital do for a broken finger?
Any at home remedies / herbs to cure a fever?
Regular vinegar or apple cider?
I have tinnitus, does Sonarx work?
How much more dangerous is cocaine when you have a pacemaker?
What are some good ways to stop smoking?
are therea any natureal ucres for depression?
Have any of you had acne?, and actually got rid of it what worked for you?
How can i whiten my teeth at home without using hydrogen peroxide?
Is anyone else concerned that the new Aquafresh Iso-Active toothpaste contains lye?
Question about braces?
My lips are TORN UP from my braces! What do I do?
Can any dentists or specialists help with my question? I need a smile makeover.?
What is Scarlet Fever?
How long does it take to recover from having a tooth removed?
can anyone explain me what.... accommodative Disorder is...?
How can I convince my parents to take me to the orthodontist?
Severe Heartburn?
My insurance doesn't cover braces, and I need them badly!?
Best Toothpaste? 10 points best answer!?
Tips on getting my teeth whiter?
How to I get a pearly white smile?
Can someone please help me with my Tinitus?
are all brain tumors caner?
My brain became very very slow. anybody suggest, what should be done now?
what is the reasons for this?
so i gaged my ear cartilage?
Doea anyone know where I can get a good holistic massage in Bristol?
How do you treat a dry and itchy scalp, other than dandruff shampoo?
How can i tell the difference between a cold or allergies?
What is the best cure for a serious case of laryngitis?
I want to get a tattoo of a red apple but I heard some people are allergic to red ink. How would you know ?
How can your nose be so stuffed that you can't even blow it but it drips when you stand up?
I throw up when I drink storebought powder hot chocolate. do you think powder apple cider will also make me?
What is this?
Can physical therapy cause abdominal pain/cramping?
What is this Spine/disc popping all about?
What Are Goose Bumps?
how can you tell if road rash is infected?
Other than Proactiv, what is the most effective over-the-counter acne wash?
Can anything be done to lesson the appearance of stretch marks?
Is there any good treatment for this psoriasis?
Clear black marks?
can waxing your legs make you bleed?
why is BP and temperature checked before and after performing hemodialysis?
Is there any free help for people who live in Florida with major depression and anxiety problems?
smoking cigaretts vs pot?
what do u think of "alternative" treament to bile duct cancer?
self esteem problems?
Body issues:i know i should be happy, but i can't except myself?
Depression poem?
My husband's aunt has had bone and liver cancer for 2 yrs now. She's been stable and on and off Chemo...
Am I at greater risk for developing cancer from having x-ray tests over the years?
Can I get ELS entry level separation instead of failure to adapt with me being enlisted over 8 months?
Getting out of a panic attack!?
What is dwarfism???????????
where can i get free strips of onetouch ultra min glucose meter?
Why is my Animas 2020 pump acting up?
How does the FDA go about approving a new drug? How long does it usually take?
I'm trying to Sleep, and my brain keeps thinking.?
Anyone know anything about tick bites ?
if milk can be a cause of diabetes is there a difference between pasturized mill and Whole milk, naturally?
where can i get i glucowatch?
Could it be Juvenile Diabetes?
Does it sound like I have depression?
Am I Left-handed, Right-handed or ambidextrous?
What is a SLAP lesion?
200 gm sugar is equal to?
If I came up for a cure for....?
What do you do when....? Bipolar Question?
Is it possible that I have diabetes?
am i stupid or not.......................?
i'm going through a mental stress, would you please help me?
Dawn Of War II Serial Problem?
question about heroin,stupid really but,,,,?
When you die, what happens to your blogs and web pages and photo albums?
People who are contemplating suicide?
DON'T CLICK THIS LINK! Don't you dare.........?
1 of my eye lid has more fold than the other?
Long-term/recurring eye pain?
How bad is my exophoria?
How long can i look at this healthily ?
ok, i have green eyes. why?
help ordering contacts?!?!?
i got some cigarettes a week ago, which i stored loose in my pocket. They got a bit bent...?
My eye is pink! and a bit puffy!?
Possible wrist fracture, but no cast, why?
Hearing problem with my ear, can't explain it.?
i dropped a drill battery on my big toe above the nail its swollen n purple what do i do? do i pop it or what?
How do I cure Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
I pulled my groin!! Help! Info!!?
My heel is starting to hurt on my right leg and when i put weight on it the pain shoots threw my leg.?
Help doesnt seem right?
HELP 21 year old dizzy nearly fainted blood pressure 14.7 and7.6 pulse 97?
Can birth control pills cause heart problems?
Whole milk leads to artery clogging?