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Specsavers contact lense fitting-what if i cant put them in or out? please help! :)?
i am asthmatic and i take syrups and not an inhaler is it okay?
Looking for good fat food ideas for a Milk/Egg/Peanut allergic Toddler?
could i be allergic to my steaming radiator?
Will mold spread from one apartment unit to another?
Can you be allergic to being nervous or put on the spot?
What can alter your thyroid TSH levels?
L-Alanine,L-Arginine,L-Aspartic acid,L-Cystine,L-Glutamic Acid,L-Glycine,L-Histidine,L-Isoleucine,…
what are the symptoms for Colin cancer?
Is there a difference in the way it feels...?
A RARE GIST(gastrointestinal stromal tumor) CASE HELP??
what is the guarantee that you will cure cancer?
colon cancer??? im really scared, guys.... x_x?
My friend is having Kemo Theropy and i am worried as i dont know what it is. What is Kemo-Therapy?
I do not know if my last question got posted or not. I just want to know with anal cancer why do I get?
What exactly constitutes 'arts and crafts time' in an insane asylum?
can somebody tell me the name of the sites for online counselling for stress,it's taking a toll on my health!?
is what my horrible aunt doing normal? I need help!!?
Please help! I'm getting emotional over Halo! Just please.?
A question about my extremely depressed sister..?
im 35 weeks pregnant and have mitral valve prolapse. does anyone have this or know anyone who has this and?
Heart skipping beats? Can't breathe properly...?
Telmisartan and Bisoprolol?
Does simvastatin actually clear the arteries out!! of cholesterol build up.?
High Heart Rate for teen?
That feeling on a rollercoaster drop?
My husband and I do not have insurance, and he needs to have chest surgery. Is there some kind of coverage?
Discounted or free mamograms or cardiac screenings?
where did this belief that LDL causes heart disease com from when those?
Is this a normal spot to feel your heart beat in?
how much does invisiline cost with standard work provided dental?
looking,for denture school,s in oshawa,that does denture,s? much cheaper than regular dentist, ,dont have any?
How often should I use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to whiten my teeth?
Anyone have FastBracess?!!!?!?
is it true that baking soda can cure rotten teeth ?
Front Teeth Question,Anyone else had this...?
can i request to be put to sleep during a root canal
Can I fly after dental implant surgery?
How to lose 50 pounds fast?
what are the best workouts for college students?
why does your stomach get cold after you work out?
How can I get my hair shiny again ? Which vitamins help ?
Are Kinoki Foot Pads a scam product?
How many waist inches is a size 0 ???
Does turning the shower on cold really burn off 100 calories?
what would happen if you were totally ripped and then just stopped working out?
How to get fast in running?
How do i cure an infected scrape without going to the doctor?
Please help with a recurring diaper rash?
how to get rid of an infection in a piercin?
iron burn remedy?
Woke up with what seemed like a mosquito bite but now its an itchy and when I touch it, it feels bumpy???
what happens if you swallow alot of peroxide?
Itchy Bite/Lump with black thing on top?
Have you ever heared of jayed knees?
where can i see a list of catabolic disorders?
how do u cure nose bad breath?
how do i stop my son from coughing alot?
Has anyone had any experience with asthmatic babies?
for contacts power lenses?
Left contacts in overnight...?
Gauze sticking to road rash?
Is my ankle broken/fractured or is just badly sprained?
Should i keep pulling a jammed finger?
My knee isn't healing after surgery, what next?
howw to ......?
Can I lay down after getting a concussion?
Has anyone ever had any problems after a chest x-ray?
I had blood drawn.. now I have a knot in my arm!?
How do I heal a fractured ankle?
i just slipped on my floor at my house and my head cracked open what do i do?
How do you say "trichology" and "trichologist" in German - as in a specialist that deals with the scalp?
What can I use to make acne scars go away?
Does anyone know how to get rid of the marks and bumps left from bed bug bites? Gross, I know...?
african american acne cleanser?
sudden profuse sweating?
Can I send my son to school if he has ringworm?
Severe skin pain without a rash, itching or redness?
I need help with my type 1 Diabetes and also Psoriasis!!!!!?
Can takeing vitamin D supplements make one tired?
Will strengthening my 2nd chakra help my libido?
Which one is better for allergy,Homeopathy or natural treatment?
How many hydrocodone do you need?
Do you think 5-HTP pills work for anxiety and depression?
Rescue Remedy??
Why can't I rest when she isn't here?
Sinus Xrays?? Deviated Septum? Polyps? Chance of tumors?
what is the gluten free cassien free diet??
Is it possible to pass on an allergy to penicillin to your child?
Hi,Im 32weeks and i have been suffering from a sore,swollen an sometimes itchy fanny. Is that normal?
Help, My hair keeps smelling like cigarette smoke and I don't smoke?
I just got a Choclate allergy in high quanties. what can happen if i do get to much?
Pl anybody tell me abt CONYBIO soap can i get it in USA?
why does life become soo difficult sometimes?
Can Chocolate improve productivity or mental clarity?
I feel so self conscious- I dont know what's wrong with me!?
How can i explain to my 4 year old that I am depressed?
Why are people afraid to speak in front of large crowds?
I hate myself, honestly im not even that bad but think about i just cant get myself to like me, any ideas?
I dont want to live anymore ?
Im always so bored!?
Anyone trying Selenium with their Chemo?
whats a lymph node?
reasons for understanding the topographical anatomy of internal organs for clinical medicine?
if my lymph nodes on my neck are bigger than they usually are, does this mean my body is fighting a illness?
two-time child cancer survivor looking for prescription assistance information?
why do i feel so ugly 5 years after breast cancer?
Mystery illness!Optic neuritis,gastritis,reflux,dizziness?
what besides appendicitis causes lower right stomach pain?
irritable bowel syndrome?
How to control bladder?
Can Levothyroxine make your brain deteriorate?
What is this odd, tingling feeling/sound I get in the back of neck when I am very hungry?
Why do some people insist that autism is directly caused by vaccines?
why do my arms,hands,legs and back go numb all the time?
my two year old son has a blister of some sort on his top gum, im concern of how he got it and how to get rid?
eyelid severely swollen..PLEASE help me...?
Problems with my blood?
Brown recluse or fire ant bite?
if you pop your fingers will you get?
Which is better Freestyle Freedom Lite or just freestyle lite?
what are the symptoms of diabetes?
Where can i find Insulin Resistance pills?
Pls. advice. glucose-118, HBA1C-6.8, BUN 6 cholestrol 203, HDL 33 CHOL ratio 6.2 Triglycerides 300?
My first blood test showed 117 , the second one showed 93, both after 8 hours of no food?
Can all Type 2 diabetes be cured?
I am a diabetic, who doesn't eat dairy or eat eggs ( it has always been a texture problem)?
Is hiatal hernia's permanent?
My mother told me today that her doctor told her that her potasium levels are to high. Heart problem from this?
How do antidepressants cause low blood pressure?
Is a resting heart rate of 196 dangerous and how long can the heart last that way?
How do you remove plaque from your heart?
70% stenosis in LAD and 60% stenosis in RCA?
could it be heart failure at age 19?
What's a really good crash diet that has worked for you?
how can i keep up with my diet?
Are there no profits in preventing ill health?
is it possible to lose 2 pounds per day?
Is trolling good for the heart?
Should I think with my heart or my brain?
I'm 5"3.5 and 139 pounds. Am I overweight ?
what kind of stretches can i do to get my back flexable?
What is the best work-out for a 14 year old girl wanting to lose 10-15 pounds?
What are the 7 Don't that you should follow to maintain good health, after eating a meal?
Do guys find women with 6 packs attractive?
i feel like becoming anorexic to get back at all the things people said to me! helllllpp!?
Would this solution be ok for colored contacts?
do hard contact lenses dry your eyes? how much are they?
I've been getting Eye Problems?
should i be worried about a further test at the hospital as my eye test was on the border line for glaucoma?
Do Albino's Eyes Change To Light Blue?
im seeing differently?
i need help on my lazy eye?
Please read, my eye is weird? lol?
What to do, wood got into eye.?
COLOR EYE CONTACTS---any body know what color contacts their are?
taking inhalers for emphysema 1 time a day how long can I take this before lungs become imune to medicine?
does dehydration affect the lungs?
can a spouse collect benefits if she is drawing her on social security disibiltiy she is 64 husband is 75?
Lung biopsy showed lungs look like pebble path but biopsy came back negative for 3 types of cancer. Ideas?
I have a cold, and I am trying to avoid getting a cough.?
how do you clear up a cough naturally, and just for a night?
how can i unstop a humidifier?
Dr. Flordelino Lagundino is a Radiologist from Virginia, can you check his address or phone no.?
Compact fluorescent light break. Now feels like somethign is in eye?
blood vessels popped in foot after running?
top and bottom of my foot hurting?
ok how do i kno if the verrucas gone?
I recently broke my Collarbone and right after I did it I blacked out and couldnt hear, does any1 know why?
How do you treat a strain?
is it broken?
Broken Bone?
Hit hand against wall.Swelled w/in 1minute.Is purple,black,blue.Spasms in forearm now & hand sore and finger?
tinnitus in left ear getting louder?
How can i stay awake??
How do micro waves effect humans?
Will taking prescription meds, such as Benedryl or Claratin......?
Help! I need to get into a regular sleep pattern!?
Should they stop making cigarettes?
Every morning when I wake up, I got running nose.?
Any ideas of what i might have?
what does it mean when i slept in my contacts for a few hours and now my eyes have red spots on them?
what is a person called when they are very very physically flexible?
What your favorite gum?
How much is Invisalign teen?
How long are you actually supposed to chew chewing gum?
Question about teeth ? ? ? ?
How can you make your teeth really white in about a week?
how many teeth should an adult have?
what is the best teeth whitening product?
Is something wrong with my tooth filling?
whats the best way to get rid of spots and blackheads?
Red raw, Itchy elbows?
For a few days now...?
I have white marks on my skin like my skin?
Does anyone have a solution for ingrown facial hairs?
are they still contageous??
Do you have Eczema in your ear's...?
is the skin around the stoma prone to infection after colostomy? if so how to prevent?
what is the prognosis for patients diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2A with deep vein thrombosis?
Arimidex - please any ideas how to combat hair thinning and achy knees?
How does bladder cancer occur?
About how much money do smoker`s spend a year?
I'm Scared!!?
how do i remove a verucca?
Is it a bad idea to smoke a butterfly (or any Arthropod), or to make a tea out of it?
when does your eyes stop growing?
i was stung by a bee in me head and i cant get the stinger out. it is in the back of my head. ?
Anyone else here have a fused vertebrae....?
whats inositol good for?
What is natural remedie for fleas in cats?
Natural remedies for lupus?
Ritalin for Narcolepsy?
What is a home remedy?
Are ELISA igG tests accurate?
do water pills help you lose weight or inches? how much?
what are some drugs you should NEVER mix together?
can you get high off of depakote?
Is this a normal affect from marijuana?
Whats the difference between a Phycriatrist, Psychologist, Therapist and councillor?
why is communication important in a health and social care setting?
Do I have a mental/personality disorder?
My depression is addicting me 2 coffee... how do i stop??
What happens when you take an overdose?
How do I take a mental break. 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
Been a drug adict for some time now. But now i'm stable on 120mls of methadone and dont take anything else.
what do you do when you friend was abused and wants help?? How do I help? Help please!
Anyone else want to die here?
is it possible to be allergic to leather?
Hayfever, How can i stop it naturally??? continually sneezing and itchy throat?
Would taking an inhaler for asthma help when you are having a hard time breathing due to allergies?
Am I allergic to Avocado?
is lasik eye sugery cosmetic?
Contact lenses; Which is better Daily. Biweekly or More?
Does Bates Method realy works with resolving Myophia problem i tried palming technique and i saw a litle bette?
Can I order contact lenses online using a prescription for another brand of contacts?
Heterophoria Symptoms?
Why do I always have 'something in my eye' and how do I get it to stop?
Question for an optometrist or eye specialist. can you give me some advise?
Umm freaking out...something wrong with my eyes!?
my eye doctor makes me mad!! D:?
What is actually happening to your stomach when it growls?
What's the best fitness game on the Wii for weightloss?
How do I lose the small belly fat covering up my abs?
Under the age of 18 using hydroxycut?
what are some good, free online weight loss sites to go to?
I'm too embarrassed to jog?
Why is salt bad for you?
how do you get curves??
Has anyone ever had swollen lymph nodes caused by a tooth abscess?
what is the causative agent of ADHD?
What can schizophrenia be mistakenly diagnosed as occasionally?
Info on Amantadine Poisoning?
Medical Symptoms Help Please?
Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) really a disease?
Constant FATIGUE and WEAKNESS????
Is a lisp and a tongue thrust the same thing?
another question about possible broken arm?
Bump on my lower lip, is it a cold sore?
Have you ever put your WORST foot forward?
eye hurts'?
What is it called when someone pinches your shoulder and makes you faint, and is it real? How do you do it?
Torn ACL???
Fell On Knee!! help?
I Almost Got Jumped....Sh*t ..?
Fluid in tip of elbow?
is somnoplasty a good choice for sleep apnea.?
how could a respiratory tract infection result in respiratory failure?
Lou Gehrig's disease?
What would cause me to have strep throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma all within two months?
how do i get rid of asbestos in my attic?
Is the Combivent Inhaler being withdrawn from sale.?
Does anyone have Bronchiectasis? If so, how have you done with it?
how long does one live after discovering chronic kidney failure?
are there any bad side effects to taiking omega 3.6.9?
What are non-diabetic reasons for high blood sugar?
Is there anywhere I can buy a lancet?
what does it feel like to go into diabetic shock?
Diabetic - What are some Good Drink options?
what happens at a braces consultation?
how was your experience with braces was it good or bad?
Wisdom teeth question?
I am 19 and I have very crooked teeth. Are braces the only thing that will fix them?
Dental implants in Mexico?
What shade/color braces make teeth look whitest?
How can I make my teeth whiter naturally?
If I dilute a mouthwash, will it lose its strength?
Is this a safe dental procedure for a 4 year old who grinds his teeth?
what are natural remedies to help a mosquito bite?
Insect bite please help!!??ASAP!!!?
Besides getting good support shoes , and pain pills what can help Heel pain?
Ant bites that may be infected...?
Bee Sting home remedies?
blister on top of my finger..?
After burns?
my mom got stung by a bee?
Can you get a contact lens prescription based on your glasses prescription?
Is there a way to correct my asymmetry eyelids without surgery or costing a lot of money?
Recently bought Colored Contacts, and i put them in by placing them on white part of eye .....?
does anybody know anything to get rid of (boils)?
PURE MED SPA? south cali.?
oily roots?
how will i get rid of oily skin????
Does taking long,hot showers destroy my skin?
How does one cure the sweatiness and stink out of a women?
Small query about a certain spot/acne?
Chinese Medicine: If the Spleen has a Qi Deficiency, will it hurt its ability to transform Qi into Jing?
this anxiety really hurts chest?
Has anyone heard of the thermogenic product called Oxy Pro Elite?
How does tea soothe a sore throat?
how much castor oil should i take for a laxative?
is it safe to take morphine and valium together?
Personal experiences with Acai Berry???? Have you tried it?
if I take all the medicine in my cabinet and go to sleep?
Is There Any Way You Can Improve Your Eyesight?
Is Bipolar a disability? legally?
suicidal but not depressed ?
How long do you need to stay awake until you start hallucinating?
What is the strongest chemotherapy drug/treatment?
Does high calcium in patients with lung cancer indicate that the cancer has spreaded to the bones?
Does onset of cancer increase WBC in our body?
Why do some people abstain from trying and/or using tobbaco products?
Does anyone here have a thyroid nodule that is solid and cold? What are the chances of it being malignant?
For health care specialists or those with first hand knowledge only. Hubby has Multiple Myeloma.?
What is a brachial (or branchial) (not bronchial) cleft cyst? One of my friends has one and is very worried.?
colonics in ohio?
What the hell is Spandex?
How can I grow taller naturally??
Does cherifer make you just grow faster, or taller in the end?
Major problems with TMJ?
Do you think i might be sick?
Everytime I walk my ankles make clicking noises. This happens constantly. Why is that? Any body know why?
How could i feel safe and secure within?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a cold?
What do you call a person who eats another human?
Temporary Tattoo caused allergic reaction?
What are some of the best products to use to get RID of doggie dander? Head & shoulders?
Yesterday, I said something to my immediate superior that might have offended her.?
what is an cat and a dog is.?
i had an infection in a cut one my knee, have now finished four days of antibiotics....?
Swimmers Ear!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I keep failing and spraining my wrist. What is going to be the long term effects?
Tabulation surgery / Attorney?
In gym class, a student pushed me into a locker and I stubbed my toe. Is it broken?
can u still move ur arm if u have a torn rotator cuff?
The moving of bones for shoulder and neck altering death?
I was in a car accident over a year ago and have been in physiotherapy this whole time. My physiotherapist?
I just got hot oil on my palm...what should i do?
Weight Watchers Point Finder Slider?
glowing ,fair skin within 15days?
Healthy eating on a budget?
Do you think that many children are overweight simply due to fast foods, OR...?
What can I do to get fit for Field Hockey?
If Being Fat was Stylish, would you WANT to be??
I am 30 pounds from my goal and having problems with family and friends?
how do i get nice visible abs?
how to evercome insomnia?
Can migraines be caused by dehydration or hormone levels?
Is an hemangioma the same thing as an aneurysm?
What is a good cure for percussion?
my mum just had a brain tumor remover, when it was tested they said it was genetic, what does this mean?
I feel dizzy after my date last night. Have I been drugged? ?
At What Point Is Smoking Hookah as Bad as Smoking Cigarettes?
My 6 year Old son has blood clots behind his eyes. What does this mean? HELP!!?
for the incontinent what is it like?
How much damage could you do to a knee?
I'm attracted to girls with glasses but they are so hard to find nowadays, why do more girls opt to wear?
Are High Index Lens dangerous to wear in half rimmed frames?
i'm getting lasik and the only thing i'm really concerned about are the speculums?
How come I kept waking up last night?
What Florida Statute governs trauma care?
Vitamins Need some advice?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of excess water weight?
Is there a website that compares drug interactions?
Do cortizone shots work?
give me a topic about transplantation?
I have some numbness in my right thumb. What can cause that?
which Drug can cause instant sleep and what is the dosage?
if your wisdom teeth are loose and you cant afford a dentist can you pull them out yourself?
Seeking parents who have children that go to the dentist.?
How much money is reasonable for a professional teeth whitening?
If you have gotten your wisdom teeth removed.?
smoking with teeth pulled!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What has been your experience with periodontal disease and deep cleaning therapy?
part of my gums are white?
Is having your wisdom tooth pulled painful?
Do you brush beore you eat or do you eat before you brush?
what are the symtoms of walking pneumonia?
What is the role of iloprost in persistent pulmonary hypertension in neonates?
what cause respiratory disorders?
why is it that when we get a cold we get stuffy nose?
My husband just had a CT scan and the results showed a 3.3 X 2.3 cm lesion in the right lobe of the liver.?
For anyone with asthma, what Christmas trees are best for you? I was told silver tip, but not sure.?
Should men take a vitamin supplement that contain iron?
Does anyone use Ginseng Tea...?
Whats the best way to clear an ear wax clog?
what are all the different types of xanax and give me an order of the mg?
Is there a vegetarian alternative to lymecycline?
if i took biotine supplement pills 2ce a day?
human growth hormones?
is fat in rice? why doctors deny to eat rice to diabitic patient?
chromium increase Insulin??? hmm..HELP!?
Possible research paper topics on genetic testing?
Can you drink with diabetes?
Fellow suffers; will you help an old man find something?
Can you get gallstones from fatty foods? ?
my dad has glaucoma. can you please suggest me some sites were I can buy some sunglasses suitable for him?
What are my chances of getting diabetes?
I just drank out of...?
What is the BEST scar remover?? help!!?
My tongue is peeling or shedding? Sour Candies...?
hormons and acne??? 20 year old guy?
Acne HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is Proactiv the best acne treatment for mild ance?
I have bad acne on my back,how can i get rid of it so i can wear revealin shirts without sweater in the summer
is there any cure to alopecia.plz answer?
Has anyone tried the nuetrogena facewash?
Do you think ADHD/ADD is over diagnosed?
What are some weird things people do in their sleep?
Is your social anxiety so bad that often you feel very nervous and?
help help i need help bad very very very very very very bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddd…
Why am I unable to control my crying?
I've been thinking about killing myself?
do viusid and oncoxin work for colon cancer?
Could the study of genetic aberrations such as alternate genes in women for breast cancer and ovarian cancer?
Since scientists have cracked the genetic code for breast cancer, how will that change treatment?
can Shin splints be cured by working out the Calf Muscle?
what can i do for a fractured tail bone?
I broke my ankle and never followed up with a specialist doctor...?
knee help!!!?
where could i get a surgery for free or for under a couple hundrd??
I had a cortisone shot in my knee today. Is it OK to ice it, or will the ice interfere with the cortisone?
What's wrong with my neck?
i put my weight on my right knee, now its hurting when i lean on it.?
Broken hand situation!??!?
When do the effects of prednisolone(corticosteroid)start wearing off?
A friend gets a "tickley" nose like hayfever when he drinks lager but not bitter. anyone know why?
Anyone have strange reactions to allergy shots?
Allergy help please?
Please help me...I have a swollen lip?
why are Italians more prone to be lactose intolerant?
Pain behind one of my eyes. Any suggestions on what it could be?
How to improve eyesight natural, carrots?..eye excerises?
Where can I order contact lens cheap online?
What is wrong with me and my eye? OCD? Idk!?
How many people get diabetes each year?
What is a stomach ache?
Do you know something about the fresenius adm 08 for ultrafiltrations?
can any body tell me benefits of practising yoga?
what happens if pm pain killer (tablets) is mixed with cologne?
i was dissembling a flash camera and i electric shocked myself. will i get a heart attack or fibrillation?
hypertrophy effects and leaking Valve effects?
I'm so worried. Can any of you help?
Blood pressure 219/166 in ankle?
Female 28, before I start a work out my heart rate is 130, warm-up 160-170, workout it is over 200 is it ok?
High Blood Pressure question, please help!?
What is this? Heart Problem?
Beta Blocker Rebound Hypertension and how long did it take til your symptoms went away?
DRINKING 2 AND A HALF AMPS in 5 hours= heart attack???
I'm having weird heart beats?!?!?! o.o?
what happened? mini stroke?
Ab exercises?
What should I eat for an energy boost and to keep me full?
Chest workouts : How to work out the middle chest muscles?
Losing weight???
Healthy eating habits?
how do you get your abs to be visible without tightening up?
im 4,11 and weigh about 120 i NEED to loose at least 15 pounds???
Kid-friendly meals when on diet?
Can teeth naturally straighten if you get wisdom teeth removed?
Is Cardiovascular exercise like Jumping jacks and jumping lightly or jogging good to do When you Molar pain?
Help!! Tooth pulled- How long to rinse with salt water?
Will fillings in between my teeth be visible?
I need to buy good dental equipment.New or used in Canada(Toronto area or Quebec).?
Please can you help about wisdom teeth.?
leaving whitening strips on all night long?
My gums are swelled =( HELP.......?
how do i stop drooling in my sleep?
Stomach Cramps and diarrhea?
What is the cause of that "falling feeling" you sometimes get before going to sleep?
Thyroid questions... LOTS INSIDE... thanks for reading....?
Is it possible to lose one’s contact lenses inside one’s head forever?
Which drugs do the most damage with the least use?
Is it time for you to go to bed?
Excuse me, I can see your epidermis!!?
Has Anybody experienced nightmares from any type of asthma medication?
What is bronchobascular markings on the lung?
Do people with Restrictive Lung Disease die soon?
how much water do it take to clear your system out from smoking .?
How do you find a good caring family doctor. I went today to see my Dr because i have been sick all week fever
Alternative medicine should be a standard treatment?
How to get rid of a cold ?
EPILEPTICS- Is it possible to know if you're going to have a seizure?
Do you know of a natural alternative to deodarant that works well?
experience with a different culture's?
Should I get tested for Multiple Sclerosis?
If a child is tested for kidney match for his father, would it show if he was not his biological son?
Where can I get training to become an herbalist?
Do you think I have Lupus (SLE)?
Kidney stones and severe arm pain. Parathyroid issue?
Does anyone know about this House Bill 40 in the state of Texas FOR CAM including Reiki and Reflexology?
Is syringomyelia hereditary?
I had a strange phantom pain..?
Making pacts with friends in regards to quitting drugs; is it a plan doomed to failure?
Does chelation really work?
Need Help Questions on Salvia Divinorum?
Is there any DOCTOR out there please help!!!?
nexium side effects--Has anyone experienced significant itching and temporary rash with the use of?
has anybody used clinque Derma White Intense Brightening Complex or any clinique derma white range product.?
Whiteheads & Psoriasis on combination skin?
Serious scalp problem question?
How does fungus get started on your body?
I go outside in my bikini to play volleyball and football?
ring worm on leg?
when on Roaccutane what did you...?
is it normal for a surgical incision to stink?
I drank lysol Help!!!!!?
How does one build self esteem?
why cant we remember when we start to sleep?
What it is called when you have an experience that u think ,that you live it before?
Do people dream when they're in a coma?
how to deal with an OCD flare-up?
Do you ever feel like unhappy?
Talk me out of suicide?
I'm dying here. Help me, I think I'm going crazy?
i think my psychiatrist is getting hand-outs from drug companies?
Did you know that Meat raises lung cancer?
What are some good cancer fighting foods?
How long can one live after being diagnosed with a GIST?
Is radiotherapy that bad?
my sugar level is 102 fasting?
is diabetes a reversible disease?
My dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes... I need help finding any mean plans, or ideas, menus..?
What to do if my blood glucose meter reads up and down.?
is it true that lack of sleep can cause diabetes?
what types of food are healthy for someone who has diabetes type one?
I started taking glyburide for gestational diabetes 2 days ago, and today I am throwing up every hour?
Problem with Byetta shot?
Please Read If You Know Alot About Diabetes!!!!?
I think I may be Hypoglycemic?
why babies have stomach pain early in their life (0 to 3months)?
How long do disposable razors last for you?
what is a healthy pulse rate?
What is the percentage of people who die from old age?
Why do you feel like yawning when you see someone else yawn?
Massive allergies after changing temperature?
What happens if your Lenphnode is swollen?
Is it normal for young children to have recurring moisture buildup in the ear behind the eardrum?
How do i stop the bottom part of my eye from getting red?
i have spent $50 trying to get my nose unstoped over the corse of a week and i cant hardly breath i have?
flu and allergic reation to medication?
Is Heart Disease a chronic low grade Scurvy?
What is peripheral neuropothy and what can be done so it will not get worse?
what does it mean when you get these shocks in your heart / chest?
Feeling in heart area like an empty stomach?
How do I know if I have Athsma or am unfit? + q's on heart problems?
how long after dilation?
I need help reading an Echocardiogram 'report'?
Should I be worried?
My lip is VERY swollen. how can i help the swelling go away by tomarrow?
Crutches vs Wheelchair?
Broken Foot?
i fractured my jaw in a car accident last friday im 15 how long would it take to heal?
Responsibility of local council for clearing footpath of ice/frost?
Roller Coaster tycoon # Fans!?
I got my lip peirced about 4 weeks ago, and over the past 2 weeks or so, its been pussing, is it infected?
Eating right after a lifetime of bad food habits?
What's a good cardio routine for at home?
What happen if you eat the same thing everyday?
The best way to loose about 8 pounds?
100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups program?
I'm pretty young, and getting serious about fitness and health. But I'm embarrassed?
need suggestions to take right decision?
Can I still lose weight if I eat whatever I want?
For Anyone Whos Size 6 in Uk or 2 in America?
Should i wear my glasses everytime ?
I heard that i may have a vitamin defficiency since my vision goes black for a few moments?
Might i be colour blind?
best cpap machines?
can emphysema be treated with stem cells therapy?
Is an oxygen level of 85% really bad?
How bad your child's asthma need to be to have Pulmicort Respules prescribed?
which trach tube is better for home care bivona or shiley?
this is for those that have sleep apnea. How do you get used to the cpap machine?
needed a occupational health doctor?
health and social care pratices?
Do healing crystals really work.?
Steam distillation of herbs & plants...?
Is there any effective treatment for prostate problems other than allopathic treatment?
It is better to take Vitamin C in capsules or tablets?
does subliminal hypnosis work?
Taking 6 200mg Advil Caplets at the Same Time.?
A question for acid users?
What kind of psychological problems can being overprotected cause?
Are there any alternative treatments for bi-polar disorder?
Anyone who is dealing/dealt with dementia of a loved one?
I'm crushed under failure. depressed terribly. what to do?
How to go from shyness to being more social ?
omg help me please!!!! asap?
where to find live advice chat online? just people helping people, not experts..?
What do you think drives a person to feel so lonely that they commit suicide?
Dermarest Plus methol gel a relieve for bites and stings - purchased St. Lucia. Where can I buy please?
blackhead problem?
Can Seborrheic Dermatitis spread on other parts aside from the scalp?
what is kilb (disease)?
How to find volunteers to floor time play with my son having ASD (Autism)?
Why does my mood ring make my finger green!?
What happens to a person suffering starvation when they are suddenly given food?
Hypothyroidism: Have you ever had trouble getting it under control? Did you find a solution that worked?
could this be serious?
Cut finger and strep???
rain drops on head causes hair loss?
what to bring?
my hair is dying????
Do braces lock i am sorta concerned?
is root canal advisable for front tooth?
Has anyone had their back molars lengthened?
My dental filling came out?
what is the best method for using hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash?
I'm spitting saliva constantly how do I stop this?
How many teeth do you have?
braces and rubberbands?
What can i use to make my teeth look whiter?
an hour for my tooth out im in agony?
Is there is any adverse effect of drinking a glass of water that has been anted?
Where can I find information about seniors medicare benefits?
I had gestational diabetes and had my baby 3 months ago. I still have high blood sugar. Am I diabetic?
Diabetic question PLZ HELP?
how do you cheat a glucose test?
How do Oral dehydration drugs work?
"Honey" Is it as bad to eat as sugar?
How bad is a blood sugar level of 143mg/dL for a 15 year old boy?
My Husband Has Been Having Bad Night Sweats?
is it safe to take an epsom salt bath while pregnant?
What is the correct way to wear a knee support?
buying pain meds online?
Dose Meth stay in the babys system even if the mother is clean?
Do twins have the same fingerprints?
about valium?
what should i do first regular excercise or yoga ?
Tonsils and adenoids removed, is it okay to go to Six flags?
I need to clean up in 1 hour for a drug test!?
When do you think my urine will be clean?
I'm afraid of the Wind!?
Why do I get so hot all of the time??
Why shouldn't we go to bed on a full stomach?
what is kaposi's sarcoma?
irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) or stomach cancer?
breast cancer?
Is it true that red meat causes cancer?
Confusion with painful left arm axillary lymph node flare up?
Do you want to raise help awareness of Leukaemia?
What is the colon's function, and is it worth the risk?
Can Celexa (citalopram) cause hives?
Cheap eyeglasses?
If you go to Lenscrafters to pop out your lens and put a prescription lens in there, how much would it cost?
What is the cheapest place to get an eye exam for contact lenses?
thick yellowish build up on cornea of the eye?
Could it be her tear duct again?
Should I have an eye test?
Is playing video games for 1-2 hours a day bad?
Regarding eye donation?
Child with chest pain?
Problems with Heart Monitor!!?
What is the difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest?
Is there any hope for my father.?
CAN I EAT SALT just like that for HYPOTENSION?
Random roller coaster feeling/adrenaline rush?
I feel sudden thumps in my chest area, can it be my heart?
Im quite worried....Please help?
My heart hurts.Is this bad?
Tricep muscle locked up?
I fell on my little finger and now I can hardly move it... is it broken?
When I was cracking my spine?
how to lose extra kgs?
How to reduce uric acid in blood by food?
how does spinach help your body?
why am i always hungry?
Feeling tired A LOT!?
how do i stop being a comfort eater?
I really like being sore after a workout?
How can i lose my belly fat? (picture)?
TB reliable CURE, remedy, relief ?
hepatitis c and chronic renal failure?
How to take preventive steps reduce ulcerative coloitis ?
I have more details to ask about asthma?
What happens when i stop breathing?
Should I consider acupuncture?
Suggestions for stones and essential oils to be used while meditating?
Does too much intake of sugar cause one to be sleepy?
How can i ease the pain of Patellar Tendonitis?
need to find fat and sodium calorie intake chart and carbs?
How much do you weigh? girls only?
Why does my 7 and a half year old extend his jaw constanly?
Chewing lots of nicotine gum and toothache?
how to stop a tooth from hurting?
how is smile correction done?
TMJ, Arthrocentesis post op complications?
receding gums wtih pain?
Are electric toothbrushes bad for your teeth?
How come I have bad breath?
making your teeth white?
Can a diabetes type one use honey how many units of actrapid insulin must be injected for 15 grams of honey?
Ranitidine "Zantac" Question?
What could be wrong with me?
Is swelling a symptom of Fibromyalgia?
what happens if amount of Lymphocytes in blood increases?
Mother in law has had numbness?
I'm always thirsty..?
Sumptoms of al samer?
How does one know that he is passing digested blood in the stool?
I got my nose pierced about 2 months ago and now have discovered a small bump next to it.?
What are the consequences of bulimia?
I want to be 110% positive of what it is.?
Will I eventually lose my voice completely ?
How do you kill toenail fungus?
I've Got Diarrhoea!! Whats The quickest Non-cost Cure?
is waxing bad for the skin?
Any herbs that can get ride of dandruff?
what can i do about a skin infection caused by a guinea pig who also has a skin infection?
How do I know if my warts gone?
Oh please help. What Can i do to get rid of it?
acne scars?
Does anyone know how to get rid of those darn skin cracks near the edges of my fingernails? I've tried every
How can i get rid off my eye circles?
Cat Contacts keep rotating?
What should i do my contacts stuck in my eye?
Can your eye color change over time?
What is wrong with my contact lenses?
eye contacts prescrition finder.?
Where is the blind spot?
Who Buy's Used Eyeglasses?
Are color contacts actually bad for your eyes?
Do you get eye floaters?
Diagnostic Ultrasound School? Can Someone Help?
Have you survived pancreatic cancer?
What hormone is synthesized by the hypothalamus?
Is there a medicine (not suppliment) made of medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Shiitake, Agaricus, Maitake?
Is it true all body cells replace themselves every seven years?
Dog Cancer?
where was kidney cancer discovered?
How do I find the motivation to keep exercising regularly?
5 - 6 small meals/day?
Ideal weight for a 5'8" teenage girl?
Love handles?
How to gain weight. How to make myself to eat. ?
If I jog 1 mile everyday for the rest of the summer and eat three healthy meals a day will I become skinny?
I need to lose belly fat fast?
how many of you will stop and think on the 11 11 for 2 minutes?
Legs that touch?! GUYS/GIRLS?
Can anyone give me information on this mental childrens' game?
My son is Not listening to me, And he carrys on writing this poems, after i Demand that he stops?
Thoughts, emotions and mental images of "OCD"?
People who suffer abuse/depression/suicide/self harm?
Ankle problem... help?
Pulling a muscle in your foot.?
swimmers ear or ruptured ear drum?
scoliosis surgery?
tibia and fibula are hurting really bad right now, how can i make it better?
have you ever had this happen? 10 pts.best answer?
How to heal a jammed finger?
is high cholesterol levels in blood heriditery?
What is Cardiac Pathology?
broken heart songs...................................…
I recently had a baby 3wks ago,it was a normal pregnancy. But now my blood pressure runs like 130/100 ?
What heart conditon could cause these symptoms?
My blood pressure was 198/112 then 176/110 then 189 /122 taken by my doctor All blood tests came clear?
What dieseases could animals get that would make them need a heart trans plant?
Sometimes my heart hurts?
Alcohol increased my heart rate. Why?
I wish my skipped heart beats would really stop. PLEASE READ?
In need for an excercising program...Can you help me??
i love food.. but i have trouble loosing weight.. i either yo yo diet or eat too much!~!!! what do i do?
i`m trying to find a wooden human urn in uk?
something i cant beath ( doctors)?
is it alright to scratch a black scar mark and make it a fresh scar again?
Why do public toilet seats have an opening in the front?
What is...................?
How does the body know which cells to make or replace and how does the body accomplish this?
Why do i feel so tired most of the time?
How do I lose my babyfat?
If someone is sick wat do u sagest??
how can i get high with no drugs ????
shroom question , this is freaky?
Is this normal?
Where can I buy safe tea leaves?
Does anyone know where I can get a free map of the trigger points of the feet and what they relate to?
How can I detox my body after recently quitting smoking?
can you get sick from too much vitamin d?
How deadly really are illicit drugs?
'The Town of Allopath' Video, What do you think of it?
I've been to a list of specialists that don't know what's wrong with me maybe you can help me and save a life?
Do you think that medical marijuana is legit or an excuse for many to use drugs?
is UV ray teeth whitening dangerous?
Tooth extraction problems?
How many appointments are needed if you want braces?
One of my back teeth is crooked, will I need braces?
6yr old's hurt tooth?
How do i get my teeth whiter?
Two of my teeth recently turned gray almost black in color, please help!?
Cracked an upper molar tooth that had a filling - what to expect from Dentist?
Did you brush your teeth yet this morning?
My sister has this big red bloch in her eye ...?
How come when i blink my left eye, the bottom lid slides right.?
How do I tell if I pass these eye limitations? (cycloplegic, astigmatism, or anisometropia)?
Do I have myopia and do you have myopia ?
any natural way to treat eye floaters?
Do you ever connect with your third eye?
My eyes are very dry...I can't stand it?
How is eyesight measured?
why do i find looking at my eye floater so pleasurable?
Is the Proneb Ultra compressor/nebulizer the best for a toddler? Better than the Pulmo-Aide by DeVilBiss?
will a sneeze stop hiccups?
what does apnea mean???i thought it meant loss of breath...what is the medical term for it??
what is wrong do i just got a cold?
what is a class 4 narcotic?
What should I say when I see my NEW neurosurgeon?
what is a canker sore?
what is the best way of getting rid of head lice?My child has it and I cannot get rid of it with otc treatment
Can a pet allergy cause eczema?
Dry Skin on my Head?
Looking for home remedies for psoriasis?
Why are some people really dark skinned even know they have no dark skinned relatives?
Help Emergency!?
Does Emetrol work for nausea?
Insomnia vs Sleep Apnea
What are the ways I can cure my acid reflux naturally and with medications?
how long to take Doryx antibiotic? I know it's twice a day but I dont know how long.?
My hand shakes involuntarily and I don't know why. I'm only 25. What should i do?
tourettes advice please?
What happened to me? Did I have a seizure?
Is hypnotism real and what would it feel like to be hypnotized???
How does kissing release endorphins?
Could this be caused by too much celexa?
Is it possible for a 21 year old to have a vivid memory of when they were 7 years old?
Is 1mg of Risperidone and 1400mg Epilim enough medication to prevent Bipolar manic episodes?
how to stay away from psycho mother without feeling guilty?
Have you ever tried meditation?
Depression and Pot?
After masterbation, i feel headache, ache in eyes. i also feel memory loss. is it due to masterbation.?
Do people ever treat you like a criminal JUST for having a mental illness, even if you've done no wrong?
is having a newspaper fetish normal?
Why do I get a sore tongue more frequently nowadays? This hasn't happend to me before?
whare can i find std test documents or what they look like so i can see if they are fake or not ?
What do you do when your allergies are really bad?
Skin irritation from tomato sauce?
Does it make sense for an allergist to want to give a food challenge test on something you show signs to?
What is the difference between an air purifier and a humidifier?
I work in a industry where there are lotrs of chemicals around,soon i have been getting an eye irratation and?
My nose is extremely red and irritated?
Does pomegranate juice give you diarrhea?
losing 15lbs of water weight?
anybody know where to get CoQ-10 dietary supplement cheap?
Do push-ups increase muscle size and strength?
I need to lose 10 pounds in 2 days is this possible if so how?
Does anyone know any good weight loss plans?
Overweight child and parents don't care!!!?
Really bad cellulite, but I'm not overweight and I exercise?
Is this a good size and weight?
What is a sacroiliac sprain,and is surgery useful?
i have a bad bruise in my forearm ?
a day ago i went to the fair and i rid some roller coasters and ever since i've been having some pain in my
Can a broken tibia/fibia be caused from twisting of the leg and not blunt trauma?
About half my left side of my left foot is black and blue but there isn't much pain is it more than a sprain?
I have fractured my knee n ankle twice it feels like i fractured it again i cant walk what do i do?
have you ever cut your finger off?
Blood sugar drops to point of blacking out. It never goes high. Now more symptoms of heart pain and numb ...?
Low blood pressure causing problems what can i do?
is it best to take felodipine & fosinopril together, or separately?
what is Non specific T changes in ECG?
irregular heartbeats?
my question is buried in the back I don't receive anymore answers what could be done?
Medical Help on my heart?
what impact does lifestyle diseases have on families? REAL QUESTION IS ON THE MORE DETAIL THING!?
What are the chances of recovery?
What does it mean when eyes change colors?
Strabismus surgery...?
Does white eye in dogs photos hold the same warnings as with humans?
What is wrong with my eye?
Am I addicted to eye drops?
where do you get non-prescription colored contacts, and about how much do they cost?
Do eye doctors carry all brands of contact lenses?
I have a corneal abrasion on my eye and 2day my eyes are extremely sensitive 2 light. Should I be worried?
I think there is something wrong with my eyes, what should I do?
What effect will getting my braces removed 2 months early have on my teeth in the future?
Are there any vision insurance plans out there that are insurance and not discount plans?
Should i see a dentist ? regarding impacted wisdom tooth?
what are good foods to eat 3 days after you get your wisdom teeth removed?
i'm scared of braces?
I have a strange white thing attached to the back side of my mouth. I know for sure its not thrush What is it?
stains after braces??
Grinding Question?
Why does my jaw crack/pop?
hahaha im getting the retainer i got?
How effective is the herb St Johns Wort, at treating the symptoms of depression and anxiety?
What New Age or meditation music is highly reccomended and relaxing?
Does anyone know anything about the electric-charged cigarette? What is is like? Does it work?
Devil's Claw...has anybody used it to treat Sciatica?
How does Aromatherapy work exactly?
I heard of a thing called tickle therapy does anyone know what that is and how it works?
What kind of drugs can I use to keep my grandpa quiet?
How often should you get baptized?
Is happiness merely a matter of hormons?
Do I have depression? ?
Why is it that people under hypnosis follow suggestion so easily?
How to get over somebody I thought was THE ONE?
A little long but PLEASE read and answer...? ?
Anyone else really struggling with their depression or loneliness at the moment?
I can't sleep of late because of nightmares, can anybody help?
very depressed need advise asap?
how come everybody hates me?
are beta blockers good for anxiety?
what is the normal blood sugar level?
My blood sugar level has been over 350 for 2 weeks?
I live in Australia and have borderline diabetes. Is it true that I can go on a "care plan" to see dietician?
Can anyone tell me about this new Byetta drug for diabetes?
Cons about Alternative Medicine??
Is anyone else using there spare computing power to help find a cure for cancer?
Purpose of Lance Armstrong Foundation?
Is it the norm for a chemo patients having trouble swallowing whole foods, even though there are no mouth sore
I recently had a biopsy on a spot on my hip. It came back no melanoma but they are sending me to a cancer?
Has anyone here had herceptin after breast cancer?
Do i have cancer?
how to treat mild food poisoning without a doctor visit?
What is this?
haven't slept in awhile how to fall asleep?
Am I getting old, or is it something more?
What did you accomplish today?
how to cure acne?
Honey benefits?
Best way to get rid of zits... fast!!?
what are some good cures for hyperhydrosis?
What causes an itch?
What is the best way to clear up your face???
i have this sore.. PLEASE HELP?
11m old son sticking fingers in throat often?
I know of a neighbor who has large bumps on his face. What might they be. Are they contagious?
why the blood vessels in my eye expand after wearing contact lenses?
can i get a contact lens with different eye sight?
How bad my sight.......?
Is there some laser treatment to erase dark spots and red vessels inside the eye?
what do you do about "eye floaters"?
Is it bad to take naps with contacts in?
will styes Make you go Blind....?
can you feel the veins in your eyes?
what are these weird glistening things I saw?
Innocent heart murmur questions?
bp raised to 300 & patient in coma with heart pumping through ventilation & a clot in head. will he survive?
Panic/anxiety over heart...?
symptoms of heart problems please?
What are some common complications with a graft bypass, AKA artificial artery?
How can a child survive with only one heart chamber?
Irregular heart beat?
Heart Recovery time why is it taking soo long?
sign of something severe?
How do you give yourself a stomache ache very easily?
how long will it be for my sunburn to heal??
Ankle Manipulation under anesthesia???
My arms hurt like hell!!!?
why has my stress fracture come back?
hurt ankle?
Lower Neck/Upper Chest Injury?
how can you break a bone easily?
What do you do if a fan hits your forehead?
If I shoved a car key up my nose.....?
how can i lose 10 pounds in 2 months?
Best diet plan to lose about 30 pounds?
What exactly is MSG? Is it bad for you?
Would you consider the big guy on "American Idol" in premium shape or not?
Ladies....wanna lose weight?
my girlfriend is extremely skinny, with very high metabolism.what can she eat?
My "curvy" figure and how to deal with certain comments.?
how long does it take to lose 20 lbs when anorexic?
what are some fast easy ways to lose weight?
Are you there yet? Check this chart?
what is bi-polar & symptoms?
How can I treat chest pain caused by depression?
do you think there's any such thing as over-optimism?
I think I am going crazy?
How Do You Treat Depression Without Medications?
I need help, my driving fear is keeping me in the house??
i have fears that society will outcast me, judge me, reject me, ostracize me because of my long mental health?
Fed up with life?
What is SARS?
When will I get BETTER?