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What happens if you take glucose and you aren't diabetic or hypoglycemic?
What causes diabetes? People who really know please?
how has technology changed over the years? i need anwsers now for test thing!?
Why are cases of diabetes increasing in North America?
Question about Diabetes...?
Honeymoon phase of diabetes?
What kind of scientific proof/recommendation is needed to give assurance that the HS is indeed effective?
can you have hypglcima or diabties if no one in your family has it ?
What's a good alternative remedy for catarrh in nose & ears?
what is a good home remady that actually works? for example not vinegar?
How long will it take for the homeopathic medicine to cure astigmatism please let me know?
is there any more alternatives and to avoid exacerbation of Tuberculosis?
Is taking essential Magnesium good for you?
What pay rate should I ask for?
is it legal to do a allopathy practise for a BHMS - homoepath consultant?
How many Oxycontin would it take for me to overdose if i chew them?
If you have a non-invasive portable ventilator,can you take a shower?
What is Acute respiratory distress syndrome?
does any one have pulmonary Hypertension from taking diet pills?
i went to wwwFitAmericaMD.com and can not find Personal Profile button?
what is kroup?
Anybody's recommendations on a good way to lose weight?
about to work out, any suggestions?
To speed metabolism what's faster: 1 hour or two 1/2 hour workouts each day?
best way to lose weight in a month?
whats a good way to get abs?
I want abbs fast??????
My friend said i look curvier from the last time i saw her, but i'm working out every day and losing weight?
what is that "obey one rule" weight loss thing about? any one know what that "one rule" is?
Does drinking a lot of water make you...?
is this an Infected bug bite?
What do i do if my ear swells after Gauging?
Do U remove the ring before u clean a belly piercing.?
White skin over a burn?
I think my tounge ring is INFECTED! help??
Help! Burnt thumb now have a sore blister?
UH OH neeigggggghhhh?
what are the dangers of having diaper rash cream come into contact with the babies lips?
I have an open injury in my leg,it was fine for few hours,but now pus forms on it...what should i do?
Help i have dry ,itchy red patches of skin on the side's of my mouth?!?
is it safe to put honey in our face?
How to get rid of bad verrucas!?
Did you used to have bad skin has a teen?
Could using non-permanent hair dye, and not letting it touch the roots of my hair, cause hair loss ?
how do u cure sun poison and severe sunburn?
I have some brown spots under my breasts and I'm not sure what they are...?
Food allergy, stomach pain, itchy, stinky breath, leg pain, flatline on percentile charts?
Allergic to spirits?
Can anyone give me info on allergies?
whats exactly in blood of a person that has penicillin allergy?
How do I stop my runny nose?
my eyes are burning help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the first signs of old age dementia? Is there a personality change?
What are the signs and symptoms of depression?
is it wrong to be scared of dying?
Hearing voices, should i listen to them or ignore?
Could use your support?
Could someone please give me some advice?
Why do people with BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER ACT OUT,IS there any hope anyone out there can help?please!
Does my math teacher like me?
Do you hate getting your picture taken?
PLEASE answer! Driving me nuts! Best answer is 10 points, help please.?
Tg TgAb blood test?
Men Breast Cancer?
PET scan? price for a consult?
What do I do now?
How much does it cost to put a new prescription in old glasses?
what does it mean when your seeing shadows in your eyes?
How much do eyeglasses cost at Lenscrafters?
something wrong with my macula! help!!?
Has anyone had LASIK surgery?
Should I wear contacts on New Years?
Do you have any tips on taking out contacts?
Having 4 teeth pulled?
A question about the week before you get braces.?
can wisdom teeth grow back after you've had them removed?
Is it true brushing your teeth with soap will help them remineralize?
Is there a brace alternative (teeth)?
Orthodontist. Puffy Gums. Help!?
How long should you wait before brushing your teeth after a meal?
when you hear the word "mouthwash", what color comes into mind?
What triggers neurotransmitters?
Why do my knees feel bad when I do squats and lunges?
Does anyone ea take Hyaluronic acid supplements?. .are they effective?
What is the best phentermine pharmacy online, without a prescription?
Is what I do okay? Or do I need a bit of guidance :)?
Will I pass my drug test?
Why do I bruise so easily?
does smoking marijuana daily leave your mind in a fog?
anyone else on the sniff last nite?
My blood pressure is 147 over 109 which gives me a pulse pressure of 38?
Can stress effect your cholesterol level?
Does high blood pressure make you sweat?
What can lower blood pressure FAST?
another quick question?
What does it mean if there is a slight pain in your heart, mostly when doing physical stuff?
as a nurse, what is your job for the patients?
fast heart rate tips?
heart trouble, i think?
I have 5 stents in my heart ins will not pay for my plavix?
How can you tell the difference between gallbladder problems and acid reflux?
what is ulcerated colitis?
What is the best medication to take for acid reflux?
Kidney pain with some unusual symptoms?
Is hemoglobin level of "6.0" dangerous?
Why can't females get Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?
Is there a cure for lead paint poisoning?
What should I do if my TSH is only 0.01? Do I need to take pills ?
Could I be autistic and no one has noticed?
Where can I get a flu shot in Waukegan, IL?
where can i find lots of info on cystic Fibrosis?
What are the mast cell stabilizers?
My five year old asthmatic has a really bad cough, what can I do to relieve her cough?
About how long does Pertussis (whooping cough) last in a healthy adult?
i have a lung nodule and have a burning sensation in my lung what is all of this mean?
what kind of symptom/ problem is this? How can it be treated?
Ideas to avoid constant illness and/or boost the immune system?
do most people with over pronating foot have high arches?
why do my bones pop, im 16 am i growing?
do you think this is true? hyaluronic acid pills make lips bigger? read article i found on website inside..?
zinc tablets?
How to make HomeMade Organic Soap?
Is there natural medicine for this type of problem?
Bloated and sluggish?
Woke to pain in calf muscles. Standing on legs helped a bit, but my calves feel very tight. What could have?
Advice From Cutters or Doctors?
coca cola medicine really?
Smokers: Were you smoking a lot before you knew it?
what will be the best homeopathic medicine for worm problem of my two years daughter and what will be dosage?
What motivated you to give up smoking?
2 messed up scales, do you think im still losing weight though since measurements going down?
how many calories should a healthy 16 year old girl take in?
how much should a sixteen year old 5ft 3" girl weigh?
How can I cut my pill in half without crushing it?
How do obese people use toilet paper effectively?
how can i get a body like this?
Bee sting after effects?
Could I need a knee immobilizer?
Can I go swimming with a first degree burn?
Can someone identify what kind of spider bit her?
Is there anything I can put on me to prevent poison ivy?
humira injections procces?
how do you make liquid glucose?
softened water pass through ro system what will happened for calcium and magnisium?
After exercise feel fatigue, look colourless pale drawn?
Why isn't the medicine working for me?
Y is my vision blurry?
Isn't the math the same?
Sply medicine for the Sugar patient?
My father has Diabetes do I Have it too?
Damn blackheads?
How do I get rid of mosquito bites fast?
Green Tea And Acne?
blemished skin?
Is there any way to get rid of acne scars .. fast? any homemade ways??
for anyone with acne does proactive work ?
scar treatment?
what is the difference between chemotherapy and radiation theryapy?
What are the different types or cancer tissues?
What is the cell proliferation marker Ki67?
where I get international funding for a charity for children with cancer?
My Mom was diagnosed with Lymphedema, how serious can this condition be?
what is the best way to stay healthy and live your life with a spreading cancer?
how do i increase more interest and concentration towards studies?
Will I lose weight if I switch to Geodon from Seroquel?
Am I right to be scared for taking so many pills per day?
Does anyone have any suggestions on dealing with grieving?
Do you dread the holidays or enjoy them?
Social anxiety disorder help.?
Do I have Bi Polar?!?!?!?
I feel really sad, lonely and depressed, and don't know what to do?
can allergies cause heartburn?
a friend of mine has ferrets and just discovered she is allergic to them?
Is there any relation between circles under the eyes and a milk allergy?
Has anyone had an adverse reaction to Claratin D?
tickle in throat?
what is a nose badday?
Mucus in nose?
any one with a medical background help my grandma had knee surgery and she is now having muscles spasms ?
can lack of calcium be caused by emotional problems?
I need these blood tests interpreted: Autoimmune?
Can doctors tell if a baby has progeria when it is not yet born?
Do they test your blood for kidney tests?
Can someone help me get information on Huntington's disease?
Should I bother going back to the doctor over headaches after what he has said?
Is there anyone out there that has become disabled due to Fibromyalgia along with a few more health issues?
Am I suffering from sleeping disorder?
Why is it that when I try to pee, my pee is white and there isn't all that much?
When you calf muscle tightens have you pulled your hamstring?
swelling to the stomach?
how do you heal strained vocal cords?
Workout injury, what do you think it is?
Has anyone out there had radial nerve proxiemia.I was in a 4 wheeler wreck & I smashed my arm 5-1-08. ?
how do you make a cut leave a scar?
my kneecap bones feel like its 'locked' and out of position?
Injured back?
what will happen..?
How many veins are on the superior end of the heart?
Is there a rehabilitation plan for mitral valve prolapse?
Is there another term for calciumized heart?
is sudden increase/decrease of heart beat normal?
How would you know that your QTc interval is prolonged without an EKG? Are there any physical symptoms?
sudden heart palpitations?
is it possible to have a blood pressure of 60/40 and be ok?
i am having some major chest pain i am dizzy and my heart rate is sky rocketing what dose this mean?
i got low bp 56 over 97 how bad is it?
what can I do for ear swelling?
where can i find kendall curity plastic spot bandage?
I'm not sure if this is an ingrown toenail or not..help?
Can you get sunburned spots?
Nail pushed into finger...?
mosquito bite on the eye?
What kind of bite is this.?
What are the side effects when your released from prednisone?
What are the recommended dietary requirement of a cystic fibrosis?
can prolong use of oxygen damage the lungs?
why does my nose always run and run when its cold?
Lung cancer?
does the bones have any thing to do with oxgen in the body?
Are "fat calories" in addition to the regular calories, or do they tell how many of them are from fat
What are the dangers of drinking diet soda with aspartame or splenda?
Love handles question?
how do i get a flat stomach?
Can someone offer alternative foods to lead a healthier life style?
when I eat less in attempt to lose some weight all I think and crave about is food how do I stop?
How should you breathe when running?
Does eating lots of chicken make your breasts bigger?
Will where I go for undergrad affect getting into dental school?
Question about getting a gold crown on a back molar?
Dentist Career Question?
I have yellow stains on my teeth what to do?
How long should I wait to smoke after having major teeth extractions?
Why do so many use fluoride in their toothpaste while it is poisonous?
This is a question for Dentists. I am 29, and have advamced perio disease, is it the end of the world for me?
I dreamed that I had really white teeth and I was always smiling, what does it mean?
What happens to your tongue when you sleep at night? I think I chew on mine,I wake up with a sore tongue?
how do get your body temperature up to a fever?
Can my daughter who is 18 and at college get any disability benefits?
My mom is ALWAYS sick and the DR's dont know why????
Life Alert?
What exactly does a complete doctors physical involve?
Is it possible to have arches that are too high in your feet? (more inside)?
Yawning problems.?
Why do people?
Need a new executive chair. Any recommendations?
Am 20 yrs old boy,suffering from hair loss and dandruff,please help me.which therapy i should use??
I been diag with psoriasis .pls help?
I suffer from Rosacea, how can I get rid of whiteheads and enlarged pores?
Are mosquito's back?
Why does UV tanning make me sick?
better solution for acne?
How should I prevent Lice?
will snorting my acne pills make them work better?
sun burn please answer?
How many times do you have to wash your hands for your hands to be clean and for how long?
Why do I start bawling every time I see Speed Stick brand deodorant?
I don't know what to do anymore...?
Lack of sleep affecting my depression?
Help Self harm?
How do depressed people feel inside?
Am i doomed to have this depression forever?
Does anybody else have a fear of using a phone?
I want to punch my customers, is this normal?
I'm a cutter. Should I tell somebody?
Why can't I ever get death off my mind?
What is the lowest blood sugar can go before you could die?
i think i have diabetes i heard that premies are at high risk of getting diabetes is this true?
Benign breast tumors versus benign breast cyst?
is it necessary to be off work for 2 weeks due to phlebitis?
My Boyfriend has epilepsy!? What do I do...?
What medical test is this called?
Singular Kidney question?
could i have fibromyalgia? or is it in my head?
What can I do about my crooked spine?
why does my tewlve year old keep fainting?
what is schizencephaly?
Can you swim with a ear piercing infection?
I used one of the ear swaps yestarday and know my ear is clogged!!??
I did not see what stung me, but I had 2 spots, 1 I think had the stinger. Can a bee sting twice?
How can I get my thumb to stop burning?
i burn my hand with a straightener and it look like this :[?
how much contact lense boxes does the eye insurance provides?
Whats the limit for laser eye surgery? like the prescription limit.?
How long am I suppose to wear contacts lenses?
Is my eyeglasses too strong?
Eyes Dilated Question Help.?
Can you eat carrots to improove your vision while you have poor vision?
shoulder injury of not?
I burned my foot on the curling iron
Odd elbow injury from volleyball?
How long does a sprained ankle take to heal?
a dog bites a large chunck of flesh from a man's leg. The large, open wound will likely heal by what process?
Thigh Flexor Muscle??..please help?
How to prevent scaring on a serious cut Stop the bleeding
I stepped on a sticker and removed it from my heel.?
i burned myself how do i cover it up?
I just cut off my finger!! Please help me!?
Oxygen Levels?
Tell more about Vericose Vein surgery and alternate option for it?
What could be causing an unusual intermittent tingling/twitching sensation in my chest area?
Orange phlegm?
Black Mold?
If you have had pneumonia once before, are you more susceptible to having it again?
I need a definitive answer.....whey protein before or after a workout....and why?
having high blood pressure & when to worry?
Can you change your heart rate at will?
If a patient has Mitral Stenosis how will this effect left/right sided failure of the heart?
Is it possible to be in peak physical condition and still have high blood pressure?
How can you tell if your heart is swollen?
what will happen after a mechanical valve is implanted?
How bad is a pacemaker as far as living your life?
Im 15 and my heart kinda hurts?
Im doing RF ablation for my heart, do i have to remove my cloth?
Does anyone have a bottom denture?
Tooth Paste?
what should you eat when you have braces?
Toothpaste is used on more then one tooth, so why isn't it called teethpaste?
Power Chains....Braces....Rubber Bands....???
do i need legal advice?
Throwing up in Public Restrooms?
i need help with my tooth!!!?
When you wake up in the morning is your throat as dry as a nuns mick?
medicine .... colonial times.. remedies ...help ?
Does anyone know if there is herbs or foods that increase...?
Is there a difference Health wise between Wheatgrass powder or squeezed Juice? Which is more recommended?
How will msm combine with my hair vitamins and prenatal vitamins?
Why are probiotics making me feel ill?
What can you tell me about "Himalayan Salt"?
Does Niacin really work?
Do Decongestants make you hyper?
is massage therapy school hard?
Cant get high off weed?
my nails are full of ridges,,why is this?
Burn bubbles? What to do?
does "tend skin" work?
What kind of lotion should I put with SPF?
How do I get rid of bags?
do u guys get these(skin problem)?
Do you retain more information and memory if you study before you go to bed?
What do you take for your anxiety disorder?
My memory is getting worse by the month... I'm only 17 years old?
Asperger's Sydrome, Diagnosis and "Employment Support Allowance."?
Please help me, dealing with anorexia nervousa (sp) ?
How to get over being a hypercondriac?
Are there animals with mental retardation?
What's happening to me? Am I going crazy?
Im 14 and in grade 9, i have ibs?
I am a perfectionist but always feel like a miserable failure?
Short And Long Sited Eye Glasses?
how much does an eye check up average cost?
Have you ever heard of someone's vision doing this?
does it effect my eye?
Desperate - How do I clean my eyeglasses?
How long should a lump remain after having a chalazion removed?
Does anyone know what this could be? is it normal? (pics included)?
feels like there is something scratching my eye?
my optition said that in one of my eyes my vision is 6/24, Is this better or worse than 6/12.?
What is best way to remove ear wax from human ears?
keep having palpatations , why?
Sleepless and suffering?
what is pollups and what do they look like and what causes them?
please help me?
Can sleeping in contacts worsten your vision?
Why is it that roughly this time every night (it's 22:17 here in the UK).....?
how long can you wear your contact lenses with proper care?
what would you do if someone your suppose to be involve with always criticize ... you?
what do doctors use to make the surface slippery?
liquid coming out of a bug bite ?
Is there anyway to get rid of a blister overnight without popping it?
So what do i do with a Heat Rash?
My ear is really bothering me!?
Can i pop a blowout? How long does it take for a blowout to heal? When can i try and put it in again?
Are pilot fineliners toxic?
I have a step daughter fading away from a brain tumor.I know this works 4 lung cancer. what about the brain ?
for a breast cancer victim, what other parts of the body is affected?
please anyone with information on mucinous adenocarcinoma cancer...?
anyone have info. in cervical cancer? my daughter's been diagnosed w/ 1st stage pre cancerous cells.?
someone has cancer is going through chemo, can they inject phenergan pill after dilute and filter?
If you have MS and been on rituxan did it help you?
is this skin cancer?!?
Does dotting your fingernails with sharpie cause cancer?
How is alveolar pressure and composition effected by a punctured thoracic cavity?
breathing exercises..?
question about pneumonia...?
How do I Stop a chronic caugh and Bronchodilators?
Whats the worst thing to hear in asthma pt. ?
I think my friend has an eating disorder, what should I do?
Will using a rowing machine tone up my stomach muscles?
Does anyone know where I can buy lipotrim either online or at health shop?
If I want to lose 30-40 lbs how much exercise should I do and what kinds?
How many pounds do you have to lose to drop an inch?
How much do you think a 13 year-old, 5'4'' girl should weigh?
What's the best sports bra available for large breasts?
Working out when sore?
Too much computer time causes anxiety or panic?
My sisters blood test are showing and inflamation of the liver, is thie serious?
Allopurinol for gout?
Lack of Appetite, Weight Loss, and Nausea.?
why do I feel pins & needles in my left hand, ring finger?
will my lithotripsy hurt?
Do epileptic auras and depersonalisation feel similar? If not, what are the differences?
What is YOUR Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) like?
Why do I Feel Like a Failure at Age 14 ?
can i get a hepa b by kissing an infected person?
How will I know, if I have a heart problem?
how you calculate heart rethym for a telametry strip?
what is the other name for lisinopril in the philippines?
heart beat in my right ear?
Why do their hearts beat so fast?
did i have a mild heart attack?
This is for the person who said they got off of amiadorone in 5 years.?
Is recalcification of teeth possible?
Why did my baby's tooth disappear???
whitening paint for teeth - NOT a paint on whitener?
How do i recover not brushing my teeth for a long time???????
What is this little crater I found on my tooth? How get rid of it/ fix it?
dry mouth?
I Know This ? Has Been Asked Alot But.....As Orthodontist Are Putting Braces On Does It Hurt?
acne solution anybody?
what should be done to reduce body heat ?
What kinds of foods cause Zits?
what is this? how do get rid of it?
The sides of my mouth keep splitting!?
Itchy rash on my face?
okay... I have horrible eczema on my feet and hands, but my best friends wedding is coming up...?
Why does my acne never go away?
How do you get rid of dark arm pits?
is there a store where i could buy inexpensive, nonprescription, coloured contacts?
How do i tell my eye perimeter?
red color contacts (for brown eyes)?
Zoomed out vision, what is happening?
i am going to specsavers for an eye test do i need to get frames there and then?
My son is 3 years old and throughout the day we notice somewhat thick yellowish discharge in the corner of eye?
Everyone With Contact Lens Look Here (A Must See)?
How does vitamin Magnesium help the body?
im constipated in a bad way!!! Whats the best over the counter meds i could take to unblock my tube?
good sore throat remedies?
What helped you quit smoking?
have u ever smoked a joint?
how long will a wasp sting hurt?
memory erasing ?
How can I better cope with my stress?
Do I have Anxiety? Please help me ...?
Why is the entire mental health field crap?
How do you stop liking someone who has hurt you?
how many mental illnesses can a person have at the same time?
Have you ever thought about suicide?
How do you feel about life?
Is it bad to stay up all night?
How do I get rid of knots in my shoulders and neck?
mild knee pain, help please.?
Jenny Craig?
When trying to get 6 pack abs, should I do the same exercises EVERY day?
how long should you walk for to lose 1000 calories and 20 carbs?
cold bath.............
Does a gallon of milk weight the same as a gallon of water?
how to get rid of back fat???and arm fat?
Should I drink more milk or water?
How can a fourteen year old girl get fit in two weeks?
i need help losing 15 pounds?
My grandfather has high levels of sugar. Plz help?
If my basal metabolic rate (BMR)...?
Why am I Peeing Blood?
Can food allergies affect my my breastfed baby?
What Makes Some People Susceptible to Allergies?
I'm allergic to?
Is it possible that a milk chocolate can be a source of an allergy-like to have a running nose for almost 2 yr
Is there such thing as being allergic to tests?
spinal cord ependymoma?
why cancer cell devision is uncontrolled?
neighbour has cancer has red marks under her skin on her arms?
I have read about supplements that clean out the colon. Is this necessary? How does one do it?
True or False: Chemo therapeutic drugs can only be prepared in a vertical flow hood.?
I am terribly afraid of developing breast cancer again?
the e word in your white blood cells is like 1.929 and his legs hurt him so bad?
nicotine in tobacco+breathing rate?
What's the best natural cure for stuffed-up sinuses?
Pregnancy and Mucinex?
how long does a person stay lethargic after having surgery then placed in S.I.C.U? AVERAGE DAYS?
Is there a website for people who only have one lung?
ALS question(yet another)?
Can an employer really deny you if you test negative on an alcohol urine test?
What happens to a person's medical records when they die?
How does Anorexia and Bulimea Effect You?
Can toys be cleaned by time?
Which do you like better? Ambien CR or Lunesta?
Another addiction this is bad!?
How can I give myself quick energy with no crash effect afterwards!!?
too much love can kill you?
im a hypochondriac i need help, how?
two days ago when I got up my thighs were very soar.. what does this mean?
Is it normal to have minor pain and swelling 1 month after spraining an ankle?
Has anyone ever had a stress fracture to your fifth metatarsal?
What does an MRI show?
4 days ago i broke my toe. Can i play sports?
I really want to do gymnastics and i do a bit but my hands are weak?
What happened to my ankle? please answer soon!?
What happend to my hip? It kinda snapped when i leaned over..?
i got beaten up by a crew and...?
does any one know the sample RX for 5 different astigmatism types?
which optometrist in sydney has the nerdy ray ban eye glasses?
contacts right way?
what lens power should i pick if i dont want my colored contacts to affect my vision?
What do I study if I want to become a lasik eye doctor?
Development of cataracts and surgery?
i need them to be in order from head to toe starting with the head?
colored contacts question?
Skin problems?
Has anyone ever received steroid injections to get rid of bumps caused by scar tissue?
What SPF should I use if I want to still apply sunscreen but tan?
Does placing a banana peal on a boil really heal it??
Approx. 10 yrs ago while over seas I had two toe nails removed due to a fungal infection. Now I regret it.?
i got a pretty bad case of psoriasis see detail for more?
What do you think causes this?
is it true sleeping with your make-up on is equal to not washing your face for a week?
Immune response once you've been vaccinated ...?
How can I remove fatigue from my brain?
i have breathing and voice problems please help!!?
How long until the ringing in my ear stops?
What would cause the stomach to not dump food into the intestines?
My ear smells like a hamster cage. What could this be?
How to tell someone you're a recovering addict?
Vomiting blood while drinking?
what does it mean if you have not very good short term memory?
i need to know if im depressed, and if so, what to do?
What are the new CPR guidelines?
I suffer from Atrial fibrilation (irregular heartbeat)?
standing heart rate elevated?
should I be taking a statin. My cholestrol total is 5.61 in Canadian numbers.?
what does the ECG indic ate?
I ve had 109 oz of fluid today, and No food for two days...racing heart?
my blood pressure and pulse rate?
if u have any brand name of these 3 drugs combination 1) atorvastatin 2) metoprolol and 3) ramipril..inform me?
What are some natural remedies for sinus infections?
Is there any kind of herbs to be added to fast foods to reduce its side effect ?
whats a good home remedy for a tummy ache?
Do you think that my findings and experiences with Ayurveday prove that it is true?
How long and how much would a person consume garlic for the treatment of roundworms and other parasites?
any natural way to boost height? (no matter how much)?
Looking for a holistic way to STOP nail picking and nailbiting.?
whats this pill?1 help pleasee?
how do i lose my tummy rolls?
how to get rid of cravings and hunger...?
How many calories does doing 50 crunches burn??
I want to reduce my tummy fat. any exercises? any particular foods to eat or avoid?
Summer toning my body?
uncomfortable with heavy weight.. help?
Do you think I have ruined my diet today?
any pro ana buddies?
If you are in a car accident, and forget what happened immediately before, will you ever recover that memory?
i think i scratch my cornea..cuz this morning,my right eye was hurting,and it sort of hurts whenever i blink.?
back of leg pain?
Fever or somthing more serious?
I recently just got a swollen finger/pinkie and i want to know how to get it better as fast as possible.?
I've lost feeling in most of my pinky finger, why do you think that is?
My thumb is numb and stiff.?
i just got kicked in the back will i stop growing?
Tetnious shot?
does antihistamines can still cause allergic reactions?
What about allergies?
what home remedy can i use for a stopped up nose, im tired of sprays?
Can anyone recommend a low-dose sleeping pills?
Dust Allergy?
Is this have to do with Sinus?
New Orleans Syndrome?
do the devices used for sleep apnea cause dehydration, or mouth dryness? and if so, what is prevention?
I need links or sites about respiratory diseases incidence among children?
what is the tickling?
Help scratched up legs heal faster without scarring..?
What can I do to treat a big bug bite?
what happen if a bed bug bite you ?
really bad sunburn?
I Have got an itichy eye, help please..?
what do i do if my friends ear is bleeding and they can feel the blood ?
if you have a blister on your lip would u use carmex or toothpaste or both! which one is faster?
what is the outer portion of tooth covering the crown?
Has anyone ever used the White Light teeth whitening system?
Would a dentist who placed a transmitter in someones filling, then LOST THE FILE be cause to lose their licens
Help please ! Any advice?
Teeth cleaning question-deep or regular cleaning?
What is a funny bone ?
How to get rid of acne scars?
does an exfoliating face wash removes acne scars and light pigmentation?
Is ringworm raised or flat? What are some ways to cure it?
this is getting irritated help me please?
How to stop dry, cracked heels?
oily skin....!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a skin question?
Bites after i sleep, but can't find any signs of bugs?
how do I get my mum to stop all her "Munchhausen by Proxy" rubbish?
What do I do about this cutting problem?
Am i weird for making people always laugh even if its at my expense usually??
Anyone think this is creepy?
What form of chocolate will cause the least weight gain?
Is it healthy to drink milk right after working out?
How to be model thin???
how to get rid of excess water in your body?
Will running help me lose weight fast?
to lose 5 pounds a day how much do i have to run?
Is Goat Cheese healthier than cow cheese?
Are all addictions bad? Or is there a such thing?
How to make yourself less hungry?
how dose amaryl affect blood sugar and insulin?
Diabetic Diet: Is it a good idea for a diabetic to eat refrigerated fruit cups?
If the doctor prescribes the wrong type of insulin and it can not be returned to the pharmacy what should I do?
Drug Testing HELP Please?
diebetic wants to know which is better on sugar beer or whiskey?
One Touch Ultra Mini blood glucose monitoring system?
Does diabetes make you tired and sleepy allot?
Help i'm constantly thirsty, what should i do?
My fasting blood sugar was 6.2 aka 111, i get really thirsty all the time, and physically weak all day.....?
Should I be concerned?
Possible lazy eye in preschooler who to see ?
seeing odd flickering light?
if i buy non-prescription contact lenses (the colored ones) do i need both right and left lenses?
white sparkle in vision?
For Colored Contacts, which sph power range should I use?
Need help. Burnt eyes with Easy-off?
Can it hurt my eyes (with contacts) to sleep in them for 5 hours?
Can I take a shower with my contacts?
what could cause being under weight chronically and involuntarily?
How do I know if I have appendicitis?
can multiple sclerosis be passed down to the family?
What else could this be?
just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?
Is Skinny Pant Syndrome ( SPS) Actually a Disease?
I Have A Black Toenail?
Jalepeno Peppers?
Tonsils that smell?
What can I eat??
can you sneeze when you sleep?
So sick of being sick!!! Anyone else live through this?PLEEEEASE help!!!!!!1?
i just got braces....?
Can you do a colon cleanser and still go to work?
is allium cepa or kali bichromicum safe when breastfeeding? and combined?
Have you tried VALERIAN as a NATURAL over the counter supplement muscle relaxer?
Does homeopathy really help improve health, or is it crockery?
Reflexology for seniors?
How long to St. John's wort herbal supplement capsule take to kick in and what do they feel like?
What has been your experience with Hoodia Gordonii?
how long does it take for a pulled muscle to heal?
the toe area on my steel toed docs got all scraped up.How do i fix em?
symptoms of high blood pressure?
what is the difference between pulse beat and heartbeat?
can a full blood count detect heart problems?
How can supraventricular tachycardia affect your voice?
how can stroke cause right-sided hemiplegia?
How does depression tie with Heart disease?
What does a heart attack or stroke feel like? Need answers really really fast!!!!?
I'm 12 yrs old.I can feel my heart beating in my throat rapidly, hardly. My head hurts so much Please help?
How do you control your heart rate?
Mosquito bites tips plz?
allergic to bee sting??
how to wash burned skin?
glass shards?
does the walgreens store offer a credit card of their own?
who discovered ovarian cancer?
Which centres in the UK offer radiotherapy/hyperthermia?
cause for blood in urin.?
Support groups for people who have refused radiotherapy?
how long a patient after recurrence of glioma 3 (brain cancer) will live?
when I try and type The m comes up as a question mark the colon and semi colon-come up as an m shat can?
Is it peanut reaction?
I have been tired alot lately and I dnt know why??????????????????????
A question about allergy shots?
Im having and allergic reaction to the button in my jeans?
how to boost the self esteem and make life more meaningful?
Please help getting rid of scar?
can you drink vinegar? and if so does it help clear acne?
PLEASE read if you have ANCE!?
is it okay if u feel itchy when u apply baking soda on ur face?:-{?
Can love fade away and disappear?
Do you think I might have skin cancer???!!!?
Can My Doctor Help Me?!?
how do i get rid of my tan?
My boyfriend has warts on his fingers, if he fingers me, will the warts get transferred to me?
Due to respiratory and metabolic acidosis?
I have had a chronic pain in my right side/lung for a long time. Plain English?
put water into nose when head facing ceiling . will water get into lungs?
With emphysema, stage 4, how are others getting along?
is homeopathy better than allopathy?
In asthma, why do goblet cells produce more mucus??
Baking soda, is it bad for teeth enamel?
Receding Gums?
can you use mouthwash after you put spacers in your teeth?
Can you wear 2 times the rubber bands for braces at night, and none in the day?
anyone know of a way to get dentures with little or no dental insurance?
Anyone had cosmetic dental work in thailand?? Howd it go?
i am SO scared! PLEASE HELP?
Who has a toothbrush and paste at work ?
Is it harmful to swallow gums? Bad for digestion system?
What happens when you go to the eye Doctor for your first pair of glasses?
Is there a store where I can buy big eye contacts?
I have 2D vision - Does the world ALWAYS look like a 3D movie to people with 3D vision?
What is your Personality Disorder Test ?
Why do people take mental illness for a joke & not seriously?
anyone ever had a mischa barton / britney freakout and called the cops on themselves?
How can I lose fat/muscle on my legs and thighs?
what to drink to loss wight can you drink coffee?
How much weight will i lose this summer if.........?
If you burn off 500 kcal, can you work out how much weight you would lose (roughly)?
Is it possible to get abs after pregnancy?
Which is better? Yoga or Pilates?
How much weight did you drop by Simply stopping all caffeine and carbonated drinks?
Want to lose weight for vacation...?
Is this true about multi-vitamins?
Am I too skinny or normal? (for a guy)?
who first discovered that insulin had a positive effect on diabetes?
How does not changing the code affect readings in a onetouch ultra 2 glucometer?
Help please - Diabetes?
Does type 1 diabetes qualify you for SSD or SSI?
What is wrong with me?
Where do you inject insulin?
my daughter needs sum honest answers about the pump :)?
I can't stop losing weight, what is wrong with me?
Stretch Marks...?
Is It Normal To Have Pain After A Stress Fracture, 5 months after a back brace?
How do I stop my injured coccyx from hurting? How long does the pain last for?
What are the best excercises that I can do to regain strength in my leg?
I have an elbow injury, Can anyone tell me what it is?
second degree spraned index finger how do i go about getting a hard cast on it instead of a finger splint ?
After taking some body hits today my vision went blurry and my hearing started sounding like white noise. wth?
What should I do...?
What are the most common symptoms of a sting on a Great Dane?
I feel an ear infection coming on.. is there anything i can do to maybe prevent it from fully developing?
Bee sting 3 weeks ago, and there is still discoloration around it but no swelling. Should I worry?
Strange itchy and burning rash on back,diamond shaped,like a angled perfect square?
stung in the foot by a bee?
tongue problem?
It started out with this cystic acne. ?
Has anyone been diagnosed with or know what dystonia is?
Is there something wrong with my liver?
Should I try Lunesta?
Doctors Please!!!!!!!!!?
Is this a problem related to anorexia?
Cancer Cure....?
Why are my feet/ankles swollen?
insomnia/ trouble sleeping?
Is eating unhealthy because your too skinny an eating disorder?
help with bowel system!?
what are some of the natural ways to cure aniexty?
Is it bad to take 1200mg at once?
Alternative medicine for migraines??
I have trouble sleeping no matter what what otc sleeping pill is the best or what do u recommend?
Smoking weed and playing guitar?
my tooth hurts really bad and i cant go to the dentist any home remedies?
Is it ok to take enemas on a regular basis, I take them at least twice a week.?
Does cranberry juice really help you go?
Does Kava make you tired or stimulate?
What is the treatment of choice for papillary carcinoma thyroid discovered in a hemi thyroidectomy specimen?
get a lung removed from lung cancer, how long can you expect to live?, generally in good health, before cancer
Is there enough "awareness" for cancer?
Would user Tanya C email me or answer this?
stinging nettles remedy?
Need help with Horrible allergies causing eyes to be itchy,red and swell?
can you take benedryl with singulair?
i'm allergic to wood! Help?
are there any one here?
where can i get the Lumineyes laser eye colour change procedure done?
Please look at this picture and say whether they are eye floaters or not ?
Is there a difference between opti free contact solution and a store brand solution?
I am having trouble with eye.Kuwait hospitals postpone my apointment saying wait?
eye problems since january .?
i just got contacts today but idk if wats happening is normal or not?
What wrong with my eye?
Eye Problems. Can you help me please?
What is wrong with my eye?
pealing sore hands. not sure why, dont think its an allergy any ideas [read details]
What supplement can you take to alleviate dry skin?
How to clear up skin fast?
how do i clear up my acne?
Skin problems?
I think im dying from my sunburn im having weird symptoms please help?
what exactley are Birth marks?
Can people with pacemakers use mobile phones?
i have been getting chest pain,any ideas?
how do you find out if you have WPW? (wolff parkinson white)?
is drinking coffee a health risk for me since I have high blood pressure?
Why can't I take a bath for a week after a heart catheterization?
what is wrong with me :( ?
Is it normal too see your pulse under the breast bone?
medical question..............?
how can you lose 20 pounds?
How long should i spend a day doing Pilates exercises to get flat toned abs?
How much do you spend a month on your exercise program?
how to tone my thighs and arms and get a flat stomach?
is it true that the new finding that carrots make you go blind true?
what is the standard no. of eosinophils in blood?
what are the stages of pulmonary fibrosis?
Does smoking marijuana slow down your metabolism?
Is this a good day of eating!?
How can i lose 10 pounds in one month ?
How can i lose 3 lbs every week? Im 15?
What causes an adult to sneeze some daily, runny nose, cough but not a cold?
why do i have sleeping problems, shortness of breath lying down, swollen neck glands, loss of taste, and gas?
what is best treatment for 4 yr old kid with throat fibrosis & where is the best treatment centre?
Am I normal???
My top 2 wisdom teeth were fully grown and removed. When can I start eating solid food?
Dry socket self help?
I have had an apasectomy after a crown got infected i now keep getting a yellow filled blister what is it?
Braces & vampire teeth?
i am having trouble on wat retainer color i should choose?
Dental Amalgams: What countries have banned them?
What in your opinion is the dumbest show on television?
can my mouth absorb odors?
Has anyone ever been it a depression?
I'm in a deep depression and everything i do seems to be hard?
Why do people who OD on drugs...?
what kind of food's can I eat that won't bother my ulcer?
If someone drinks 4-6 beers every night, are they an alcoholic?
Is there any permanent damage for sniffing a permanent marker for a second?
anti-aging products?
Can you see the worms that pass through your body from a cleanser?
small blisters only on my pinkys??
Who is sick of problems with the health care system?can't afford prescriptions, doctor vists, procedures...???
when you eat something hot why do you get a runny nose?
what is the least painful way to die?
How do you know if a cut needs stitches?
I need help treating a sty?
Swollen Bug Bite?
My right eye feels dry and was crusty when I got up today. Not sure what it is. ?
Had stiches- 7months later still not healed?
How do I know if I cracked a rib? ?
knee injury?
What's it mean if the line goes from a flat horizontal to spiked verticle line during a nerve conduction test?
Did my dog hit a nerve or something when he bit me?
Weird... ouch... my foot????
What shpuld I do for my hand?
what is this? odd symptoms?
Is there already a case of cancer caused by cellphone in the Philippines?
how can I tell between the epididymis and between a weird change(tumor) in the testis?
I cant unscrew the nails opn the glasses?
what is the cost of a cantact lense of far eye problem?
Contacts in eye drop liquid?
To someone with a lazy eye.?
why are my eyes red? lol?
I see floating rings at night?
hai friends.. due to over heat at the top of my eye become bulgy and so pained... give me some methods yar....?
what are some signs of people having diabetes?
How does the body control sugar level to stop us becoming diabetes?
Does a diabetic person get pregnant?
Please spell it out for me.......?
what can people taking coumadin eat without any side effects?
cant somebody explain to me what is elevated lerilouvin?
Am i at risk for diabetes? I have hypoglycemia?
what are the cares to be taken while traveling a diabetic person?
What happens if i get a pickle stuck in my ***?
What should someone with hypertension do if their blood pressure suddenly becomes too low?
I get dizzy and sometimes faint?
Constantly having a stomach ache?
Is it a good idea to do bowling when I juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?
What could cause a young adult to be so hot all the time, that they have to have all the windows in the house?
What do you think is wrong with me?
what drug is better to be on when getting into a fight?
are there any risks from taking hydrocodone while on Paroxetine?
What, if anything, is the difference between a cold sore and a canker sore?
I am about to have the trial (Test stimulation system) NEUROSTIMULATOR surgery and I am scared to death. HELP?
Can tramadol or any other prescriptions such as Vicadin show up as THC?
why do we scream when in pain? is it a reflex?
If there is nothing wrong and you wake up and you Hallucinate how can that happen?
a little disgusting but, why are my feces green? this is really bothering me.. please mature answers only!!!!!
swollen lymph node can be as a result of medications allergic reactions?
What to do with constant sinus infections?
is there significance or health clues to food allergies? i've become quite allergic to cinnamon.?
8 year old runny nose?
I can't brush my rabbit as she runs away?
Why montelukast must taken in the evening?
do acne scars fade? If so, what is the amount of time it takes?
Can a chalazion become cancerous?
what is the best way to get rid of a biopsy scar/hole?
getting rid of blackheads?
I have alot of blackheads on my nose and chin. Can someone tell me how to make em go away quick?
Skin question concerning feet?
Why does it feel good to scratch an itch?
Are there any ways to treat toenail fungus w/o going to the doctor?
Is this a sign that the verruca is going away?
I have an ear infection and the ear with the infection is swelling up. Why?
Is it safe to put hydrogen peroxide in the ears???
which is the best medicine for high blood pressure?
Is it possible to increase R.B.C. count of blood so that you feel more energetic?
What can i put on scrapes to they wont hurt when i get into pool water?
i have a friend with down syndromw and i go with him and his respit worker on staurdays-please answer?
What exactly IS tennis elbow?
Pulling pain in my ankle any help!?
Will my cut turn gangrenous if I leave it too long?
my ear Peircing closed?
burn on my hand?! helppp?
i got this hard bump inside ofmy left nostril it hurts when i touch it what is this what can i do to heal?
I am recovering from tennis elbow, and I think I am ready to play again. Is there an easy way to tell?
what happens from mixing perks and alcohal?
How treadmill is used to detect CAD?
how do you pronounce lovenox?
I take high blood pressure medication and it is still high ?
What do I do about low-blood pressure problem? Is there something else wrong?
Exercise with Neurocardiogenic Syncope?
Will activities in hotter weather increase normal heart rate?
What does it mean when one feels the sensation of having one's heart pulled down? Is it a condition?
My stomach moves with my heart beat?
My EFGR test came back twice as LOW- range of 49-55-I am 77 yrs old. Should I be concerned?
anxitety attacks.. help?
Why can't I let myself be happy? Just need to know I'm not alone.?
Is there such thing as sympathy PMS?
Is exercising at night beneficial for your mood for the next day? Or is it better to do it in the morning?
Is there any way to increase your memory power?
How do I stop feeling so mentally immobile? ?
i dont feel like im living in reality. help please!?
what i should do to keep my mind one pointed?
Can someone describe the feeling of euphoria on heroin?
Do I need crazy pills or something to help me? I think I'm crazy.?
why my astigmatism not yet cure?
Which is better? Doctor's office or optometrists at the mall?
My eyes are itchy dry and generally sore whats wrong ?
Could I pass the USMC eye exam with an eyesight of 20/70?
My mom is having several black floaters in both her eyes it has been going on for 3 days now. Any ideas?
if youve used 1800 contacts.?
what is best remide for throat infection?
How long does Pneumonia last for?
Have you ever circled the drain?
Has anyone ever had this?
I am suffering from post viral syndrome, does anyone have any advice or suggestions on improving it?
Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get a hida scan results back?
ive been exposed to a asbestos dust cloud on a work site is thier any medical action to be taken asap?
braces...??? HELP!?
How do it keep it fresh and soft?
Dry Socket?
I want to be a dentist, but I don't want to own my own practice?
Why do my teeth hurt after I eat a lot of candy?
How much saliva do you make in a day?
Oral Surgery Coming Up. Need Advice?
how can i control bad breath?...plzz help me !?
Damon Braces Questions................?
Will I lose weight??
is something wrong with mme?
Why cant i sleep?
If you're a kleptomaniac, is there something you can take for it?
what are some easy ways to get rid of stomach achess please help me =]]]?
How much bleach would a person have to drink....?
i just threw up...?
i have dark hair but why is my beard red??
How do we get lint in your belly button?
I fart too much. Is it due to my diet?
Are some people born to be melancholy?
Is there anyone out there that uses the CPAP machine?
Is it true that by applying an open flame at the point of a snake bite poisoning could be avoided?
Is there any reason why an absolutely normal person should not drink Soy milk.?
Are there any true friends friends anymore?
profuse sweating?
Who is cold sick and what can I do about it?
Do you come to know if you fart in your sleep?
I need a doctor to answer my question help! sore throat!?
Remedy for Joints that 'Click' alot?
What are some natural cures for acne?
green tea?????
What natural food or herb acts like a diuretic?
does music have medicinal value or is it just a pass time?
what's with the wall in my head?
I hear that you should be careful drinking too much herbal tea. how much is too much, and why?
Colloidal silver recommendations?
Somebody know where may i get methicol? is a natural medicine to liver disease?
Whats the best way to quit smoking pot?
Is it bad to always get knots in your shoulder?
broken scaphoid???????
i hit my leg really hard and expected a bruise. but instead its a big bump.. why?
Injured hand?
Something on the bottom of my foot popped out?
i have a spot on my foot that i got after the first soccer game i played this year?
Basketball Injury?
I can press my wound in. But not areas beside it..?
ok so my finger prints....if i get my finger prints taken then later....?
Recurrent skin problem-Ringworm?
I have weeping scabs on my scalp.?
rash on ankles?
itchy skin that causes rash and welts...?
who removes foot corns?
any make up for men to cover acne scars?
Itchy rash on center of chest bleeds when I scratch?
what type of cream is good for the face other than neutrogena clean and clear and proactive?
What is OCD and what are the symptoms?
I was wondering what is autism?
Alzheimer's disease is most closely linked to the deterioration of neurons that produce:?
What causes some genetic disorders?
Sickle Cell Anaemia...HELP PLEASE?
help!! do i have food poisoning ?
What would be a good symbol for epilepsy?
How to tell family that you sweat too much?
What causes people to see floaters?
The inside of my right nostril is sore and kinda swollen on the inside?
Does laser eye surgery make your eyes perfect?
Can astigmatism turn into a lazy eye?