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Question about anti-anxiety Med Buspar (Buspirone)?
I have blackouts when I stand up, along with confusion and extreme dizziness.?
When was the first case of AIDS diagnosed?
Everytime I bend down my stomach hurts!?
Why are coughs and colds always worse at night?
How many of you know what autism is?
Medical Mystery- Just for fun?
what is this? how do you know if you have pneumonia?
What do you think of anti-biotics? and giving it to children?
HELP, is it possible that I am forcing out part of my own anus, as I go to the bathroom?
what is the healthiest snack?
What is a good in home cardio vascular exercise?
How do you become a morning person?
slimming tablet that makes you loss weight fast?
Hi pls read weight problem give me some tips.?
healthy and slow weight gaining?
Are my exercises correct to reduce belly?
Help!!! Hoodia!!!?
Why do you like mentos so much?
Will deodorant make me fat?
I've read that metoprolol and verapmil can cause severe heart problems.? Can this cause cardiomyopathy.?
If someone has a BP of 170/90?
i had a pancreatitis atack jan 2 2008
FRUSTRATED AND SCARED- NINE doctors and cardiologists later and still no diagnosis... please help?
What is cardiac arrest?
what is a normal blood pressure for a 14 year old female?
69yr old mum told she only has 13% heart working?
actually this occurs when I'm tired or stress!!! its hard for me to breath well?
Is my heart beating too fast?
what kind of project can i do on teeth cleaning ?
What is a good home remedy to get rid of a toothache?
Has anyone had dental work done through a Dental College ?
How much does the top row of braces cost?
site for Dental House jobs in Safdarjung Hospital,New Delhi?
how to stop the bleeding after an oral surgery?
HELP! I have massive jaw pain?
my gum is killing me help?
My knees?!?!?!?
Whats my Skin condition called?
i HAVE to get rid of acne by one month!?
why does my scalp burn after i wash it from not washing it after a couple of day?
someone explain this please?
What is a headache?
I've been having intense pain at the back of my thighs and it extends till the bottom of my calves each time
how do you get fatigue and pain in legs to go away?
I have a huge fear of needles and I have to get a shot next week. Any advice?
Any advice for a hurting back??
how does it feel when your getting your tongue pierced?
Will my heart come leaping out of my throat?
how can someone get 100 points for best answer if the person that asked the question doesn't feel that was a r
Can Metformin keep causing diarrhea?
Blood Donation and Diabetes screening?
Diabetic Diet Plans?
On and Offf nausea and bloating/ consipation for a few weeks. What's going on?
How do i make mosquito bite swelling go away?
Can you go out into the sun the next day after a sunburn?
Why does a mosquito/mimo bite feel good???...?
Do you know what kind of bite this may be?
why are my mossy bites?
Do you need malpractice insurance if you're a Psychiatrist?
my husband attempted suicide 5 days ago, spent 4 1/2 days in the hosp, now he is baker acted, h?
What is it like to have a chronic mentall illness? My brother has OCD and he says it's like being half dead
what is the limit of accomodations in public school for a child with ADHD?"?
To all people who suffer from panic attacks...?
Why did my crack addicted brother do this...?
What makes counsellors and agony aunts wiser and more normal than the people they treat?
I have a hard time looking into someones eyes while talking!!?
Anger and Mental Health?
my life is ruined?
What is Lupis?
what is occult carcinoma?
My mother already have cancer, a few weeks ago blood was coming from her breast she is undergoing chemo now?
Latissimus Dorsi Flap Reconstruction?
Howcome when some women has allergies or the flu, their voices changes?
who is the best person to recommend an oncologist for breast cancer for you?
what's kinds chemotherapy treatments are there?
How does cancer kill?
Why do allergy tests take so long?
hi i have a bad cold with a sore throat and im 14 wat should i do?
Is Non-Prescribed Zanax Pills Dangerous?
Has anyone ever had success from home remedies for alopecia?
are expired centrum multi vitamin pills ok to take?
Itchy, blurry, watery eye?
Will Removing My Transition Lenses Change My Prescription?
My 16 year old daughter had an eye exam yesterday....?
How much does it cost to get an eye check up?
Sinus Infection.....HELP PLEASE!!!?
How long does it normally take Cohens Fashion Optical to make a pair of eyeglasses?
Are the benifits of falx seeds proven?
Have you ever ordered prescription glasses online?
Do anyone of you guys wear custom color contacts? Please I BEG you!
This question about blind people may probably be the stupidest.?
Worried about first time DXM trip?
Upper Respiratory and Viral Infection?
Tips to deal with stomach virus!?
Weird sleeping problems?
I smoke weed on a daily basis several times a day. I have to take a saliva test how long can it be detected?
Do students in their late teens and early 20s ever get their tonsils removed?
Practitioners and medication?
Does anybody know a site where I could download videos on "operating room nursing"?
dose any one have any information they can share on eating disorders?
Can you fart in a decompression chamber?
I was knee'd in the ear under water and i cannot hear clearly,slight loss of balace after hit?
the back of my knee is really sore?
My knee hurts and is slightly swollen. What can I do for the pain?
Sandpaper feeling in left shoulder blade?
What could cause a pulled muscle in the back if nothing in my normal rountine has changed?
broken heel??????????????
ankle problems from cheerleading?!!?
What are some signs of a broken foot?
cut on my arm help please?
Can a person have both hypo and hyper thyroidism?
autism question? PLEASE READ?
Is it a cold or a flu?
Can anybody help me with the following problem.......................?
Is a thin retina something to worry about daily?
anyone who has had appendicitis or their appendix removed?
HELP!!!!! What the heck is wrong with her?!?
I think I've come down with H1N1?
Intermittent explosive disorder (IED)?
Girls do you think that acne scars can makes a man more handsome.?
What can i use for Contact dermatitis?
I was told that tramadol has a very small amount of narcotic in it, is this true?
what are good home remedies to get rid of an head ache??
What could this be?
I'm sick...?
Everytime my friend bends down her knees crack, and that's been happening for 6 years. Will she get arthritis?
what can also cause irrergular periods ifthe spouse has checked out fine with his blood work?
can the heat cause an ashma attack?
how many does the average smoker have a day?
what does a pulmonary lung function test consist of?
i cant stop burping!!?
i was recently near the mountains and got sick from the change in elevation, now i am home and feel sick again?
Does lack of sleep for several days (5-7) have long-term effects on your body?
if you have sleep apnea, how long do you sleep each day without a CPAP machine?
Please Help! Am I gonna be fine?
Why does sodium worsen/create high blood pressure?
Coconut and Palm oil are saturated fats from plant sources but do not raise LDL cholesterol?
i need help with meds. (beta blockers)?
Can a person with a pacemaker on on the Lemon cleanse?
If a person performs a more streneous work without any health complications then is he out of risk?
Did i just have a Heart attack?
what heart disease could this be?
why does my heart pump so slow.?
should i goto the docter for heart problems?
What is the fluoride content of water in San Francisco, California?
Does anyone know what helps soothe the pain of spacers in your teeth?
i had my upper left wisdom tooth pulled a week ago, Im dying for some popcorn. Should I or is that a bad idea?
I have an extra tooth on my palate (33 in total).Is this considered a DNA anomaly?
What is a good remedy for bad breath?
Anyone clench their teeth at night when they are stressed?
Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery?
anyone know the deal with invisaline braces?
eye problems. what could I have??????
circle lenses' prescription?
Is it better to wear a contact lens that is slightly too strong or not strong enough?
Anybody have advice on putting contact lenses it?
My eyes are killing me...?
breast cancer treatment options?
Are changes in hair regrowth from chemotherapy (such as changes in texture, color, etc.) permanent?
can a pituitary tumour be found with a general mri without contrast?
Would you like to sponsor a 13 year old girl, recovering from cancer, to run the Race for Life?
PLEASE HELP!! What could i write in a card for someone who is seriously ill with cancer?
My friend's father had cancer. It has been removed. Side effects of radiation and kemo, he can no longer eat.
bleeding alot down below?
Does anyone know where I can find a reputable surgeon who performs septoplasties to improve breathing in your?
Help with cpap & allergies?
i am using Black rose which is slightly allergic around nose, if i use garnier black will it have the same?
I got a runny nose only on the left side and a watery left eye..just got it this morning..whats the problem?
Could epsom salts flush out worms as another option to antibiotics?
what do u think about homeopathy?does it work?
what sort of things happen during withdrawl?
since your body is designed to self heal, does your mind also?
Home remedies for a sore throat?
Why should evidence based practice be used in providing care?
If I don't go outside my home much and don't take fresh air of outside then what harm I will have to face?
How MANY people have died from the drug Rohypnol, if any?
What should I tell my friend who has just lost her brother and she doesn't know what to tell her Mom to do
I take care of my Mom alone?
how can i forget events based on death?
Why do I get nauesous when I read?
If i eat nothing but multivitamins will i still be heathly ?
Will I get sick From eaing so much Ice?
How many hours can you stay awake before it kills you?
tuberculosis test?
Why do I get random buttock spasms?
Where to get medical marijuana?
does the lipstick can cure the acne?
I need a good remedy for fever blister. I am using Abreva, but mine are always very bad!?
What's the best and fastest way to get rid of acne scars on the back and chest?
I am in my 30's and my dr. is recommending that I go on accutane?
special spot advice please!?
OH NO MY FACE!!! my face appears to be falling off?
Can I lose weight just by exercising?
How much weight could I lose by June 10th?
How can i get skinnier thighs ...............?
tips on losing those love handles?
I can't curb my appetite. I'm always eating?
How do you reduce food cravings?
how many jumping jacks to lose 1 or 2 pounds?
I have lost my appetite...help please?
if i do 50 pushups and 50 sits up a day for 20 days will i see any improvement?
i eat because im unhappy and im unhappy because i eat?
with regard to the kidney?
Whats the difference between xanax and a xanax bar?
Traditional Surgery vs. Balloon Sinuplasty?
Is this a cold or something worse?
what causes low vitamin d?
Any bad experiences with a colonoscopy?
bad stomach ache under ribs?
How can you digest and eat food if your stomach is removed by gastrectomy?
how do i make it stop?! :( :( HELP!?
How do i stop constant coughing?
pathophysiology of pneumonia?
What causes hiccoughs? I'm worried. I haven't had one for a really long long time?
when i think about breathing it makes me unable to breath is there a reason for this?
albuterol + yasmin birth control?
If I have to speak for a long time, giving a presentation, I sometimes start to cough/choke. Does anyone know ?
how much is safe to smoke?
I smoked weed for the first time in a year!?
Can Sleeping Pills affect regular Sleep? Or be addictive?
Foot pains please help?
My left foot hurts when i walk on it and its been hurting for three days wat could be wrong?
i have long nails, can i still put contacts in?
Will my vision ever improve?
Would opening your eyes in bath water remove bug stuck in eye?
Are eye glasses without top rims still called half rims?
One of my eyes bigger than the other?
my contacts are really bothering me?
what is this stuff??? OMG?
Am I in 6/9 vision range ? plz help me guys?
How can i fix some nasty nose-bleeding?
what can i do for welders flash my husband in pain?
spider bite vs rheumatic fever?
How long does it take for a belly button piercing to heal fully?
I burned my hand, need help?
I was stung by a wasp. It hurts around the area and has turned pink and it feels tingly. Am I allergic?
How can you cure a toothache at home, without going to the dentist, due to money problems?
Anyone have a bridge? What is it like?
why are my gums bleeding when i brush my teeth and even when i'm not brushong my teeth?
My teeth are the worst part on my face, what should I do?
Okay, this is a long question so get ready ...?
My old surgery scar has a clear sticky discharge coming out of a small hole that's opened up on the scar?
Im addicted, Idk WHY!?
Do beta blockers stop the effectiveness of an epi-pen needed to counteract a bee sting.?
Why does my right eye jump?
where can I get flu jab privatly in the berks area?
Allergy Scratch Test Aftermath?
I give myself hives, what causes this?
Any doctors looking for a job after they have completed their residency here in U.S.?
Can't sleep. What are some of your natural home remedies for kids and adults?
Natural ways to fight seasonal allergies without meds?
Can ORS correct the deficiency of potassium?
WHat's the most effective way to treat an anxiety disorder. What herbs are good?
Natural or prescribed anti anxiety meds?
Any medications to increase protein synthesis?
What are some good ways to relax?
i sleep more than 15 hrs a day,which tablet should i take to be awake ?
Are marijuana seeds that have been vaporized still viable?
is it a torn or pulled pectoral muscle?
How long until I can walk on an orthopedic cast?
Hm.....any ideas?
Sore Pinky finger?
The front, lower half of my legs are in pain. What's going on?
Can my back pain be caused by not wearing shoes at work?
What Are The Symtoms of All or Some Types of Eye Cancer?
__________ are chemicals found in plants that reduce the risk for cancer and heart disease.?
Does this dream mean I'm gonna break my arm soon?
the causes of cancer may include which of the following?
What To Do with My Rib
Trauma to head this weekend?
how easy is cancer to get?
Can liver cancer be genetic?
breast cancer work help?
I think I may have Asperger's Syndrome...?
Is clinical depression usually genetic?
Is this bad.. I don't know whether it's optical or something else so I posted the question twice :)?
What is going on in my head? Help please?
How Bad Is My Depression and Can It Be Successfully Treated?
Is it possible that my fantasy can cross the borderline between imagination and reality?
When you become depressed, do you eat more or less?
whats wrong with me ? im scared?
i need a good topic to write about that compares and contrast. preferably in the medical field?
what are the skinn related problems with diabetes and what are tne curing methods for that?
iron tablets or not help?
how do men who have diabetes?
how do I take raw cinnamon to help my diabetic condition?
I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and "high" liver enzymes,should I be nervous?
How do I handle type 2 diabetes? Are diabetes pills ok?
if you break your wrist, can ?
Could a glaucoma person who wears varifocals change to contact lenses?
What's wrong with my eye??? HELP!!!?
acne help,10 point:)?
Ibuprofen for cystic acne?
Skin problem......have there been any new reports on vitiligo?
How can i get rid of this type of spot?
why does my skin itch so much!!?
I breakout on my chest, shoulders, and back A LOT.?
How do you get warts?
I have a spot on my eye in between my eyelashes. Its very small and sore.?
Do people with Alzheimers have improved long term memory?
Sharp Stabbing Pain On Left Side Of My Chest?
Why do i constantly feel hungry?
Psoriatic arthritis - Is this bad?
does anyone here suffer from leaky gut syndrome or understand the disease?
Was my date on coke while we were out?
How sad do you feel for Liam Neeson right now?
Why can't I stop eating baking soda?
I am hungry alot, do i have worms?
can anorexics like, see ana as well as hear her?
Does dieting affect blood?
Has Anyone Been On The Special K Diet?
Does water help you lose weight?
Consumed too many calories today?
How to strengthen my will power to lose weight?
i want to loose weight as fast as possible..pleas give some suggestions?
Why do i get so hungry at night?
Make Yourself Look Skinnier?
How many hours before going to bed should a person stop eating?
I got pudgy this summer?
diabetes patient do lifting the heavy loads?
how can i grow taller?
Why is yawning contagious? Or is it?
I have hiccups at least four times a week. Has anyone ever experienced this or have any good solutions for me?
I need to lose weight!!!?
does anyone else get overtired in the afternoon? what do you do to re-energize?
why why why diarrhea?
How do you get acne free skin in just one night?
do you believe in this?
gall bladder!?
Recurring Chest Pains?
i have a problem in my hand?
RE: Ivy627's post on 05/22. How did your left foot bunion surgery go?
Back Pain--Please help.?
what should I do?
Relief from sinus pressure?
Can ace inhibtor cause coughing?
Confused about iodine and causes of allergy?
what is wrong with my sister's eye?
ALL CF ARE HEROS Keep on fighting for the life +breath all cystic fibrosis children + adults..?
If someone becomes very ill with pneumococcus pneumoniae, but recovers, would this confer a lifetime immunity?
Celebritys with muscle dystrophy?
How bad is mold exposure when it's growing in your car?
Has anyone used Mucinex Expectorant Tablets and do they work to loosen phlem?
what is the highest fever to have before you die? what is the highest?
when did face masks and respirators, first come into us in deep mined pits in sotland?
Have you lost weight with apple cider vinegar? Thanks?
To holistic medicine persons: how would removal of my tonsils affect chi in my body?
how do i get really bad muscle pain from volleyball to go away?????
Broken toe?
How do you know if you have an ingrown toenail?
muscle pull?
broken ankle? is it possible they are wrong?
My dad got injured from a construction site while working, is he covered?
Do I need stitches?
What's The Difference Between ADD and ADHD?
Is Depressions REALLY about a chemical imbalance or a mixture of things?
Are you suffering depression/bi-polar without meds?
Why did I dream about him?
feeling really detached from reality?
need advice please regarding my mother?
Can you tell me why when you are half asleep and you flinch because you imagine you are falling?
what's wrong with me?
Where can I find studies of cell phones causing radiation in table format?
is blood cancer (ALL) is cure able by giving chemo therapy, and what is the possibility to cure?
anybody had prostate cancer treated with radiation after years had recurrence of bladder cancer?
what type of food, can someone who suffers from leukemia should avoid?
Just found out my father has a stomach tumor. Can anyone share their previous experiences?
Laural Bush not reveling she had a skin cancer tumor removed.....?
what are the diseases of the pineal gland and how it works?
where to get help?disabeld person to see mother in pensulvainia dieing of cancer?
anyone know much about calangio carcinoma?
What causes ears to ring?
i have this big red dry scrachy patch next to my nose hole!?
What's up with my BF's clusters of red bumpy things on his chest and shoulders?
is it true that peeling sunburnt skin will leave a scar?
New tattoo...have had it for 4 days and one area is raised?
Why am I so Veiny???????
Does Chewing Gum Promote Brain Activity?
What is the best whitening product on the market?
does anyone know a good prevention method for mouth ulcers?
tooth ache...?
Braces? --Read--?
Why does my saliva from the inside of my cheeks feel colder than the saliva from underneath my tongue?
How do you start a class action lawsuit?
Does anyone know how long it takes for nicotene and tar etc to leave your teeth after giving up smoking?
Dentist: I Need a filling!?
help!! please!!?
How come every time i yawn my eyes water?
Need hlep i have a sore throat that won't go away?
What would cause rapid heart beat, dizziness and blurred vision?
I'm having severe pain in my stomach, it feels like it feels up with air, as thou poison is in my system, when?
I have bad acid reflux, and it's gotten increasingly worse lately. I'm in need of some advice.?
What could have possible happened to my body?
Can I give blood if I have had a transfusion?
need KIDNEY question answered?
stomach pains?????????????
I saw blood in my stool the other day and my doctor had told me i might need a colonoscopy.?
tips to reduce weight?
How can I lose 10-15 lbs this summer?
Lose atleast 20 pounds in 2 months... Please Help?
Is drinking Diet Coke really bad for you?
How to get skinny thighs?
Soy milk--good or bad???
What excercises should i do to lose weight?
do guys prefer hour glass or stick thin?
Do guys like their girls..?
wat can i do 2 grow a little bigger im da shortest kid in my class n im pissed off?
my hemoglobin level is 8 but my wait is increasing please give me the reason?
How to make a cut on my pinkie feel better?
what causes headaches?
stomach bug and how long before it goes?
Why do our arms move when we walk?
How to get a doctors note, real or fake?
Modeling Height......?
I have dry skin on my face and acne what do I do?
is TPR rubber latex free? will someone with latex allergies be allergic to TPR?
this is a weired question about what happend to someone?
Why do people do drugs/smoke?
what are havianas flip flops made from?
i am suffering from Ulceraive colitis. So please tell me about the research going on to cure it?
Spokane allergens?
Should I avoid any and all dairy?
Sharp pains in ankle??
Why do my hands feel tight?
Level 3 ankle sprain?
could this be arthritis? how do i know?
I bruised my leg pretty bad 4 weeks ago and what wasn't bruised turned solid. After 4 weeks theres still solid
What is wrong with my knee...?
ACL Knee Injury ?????
Can someone please help with what is wrong with my foot? There are pics for you to see?
mosquito bites..?
How long will it take to get 15 stitches out?
My daughter's fingernails on mainly her pointer fingers is like splitting in the middle.......?
wat should u do if u have a piece of food stuck in your throat but it's not bothering u?
since your not supposed to put a bandaid on the cut...?
what does my eye priscription means?
unprescribed color contacts, can they be dangerous?
How to convince my dad that contacts won't give me an eye infection?
Could this be eyesight related?
how much would it be to get a contacts exam just for the prescription?
Should I get contact lenses? what type should I get? Will my eyesight stablize?
what contacts would be best for me?
Can i get laser eye correction?
what is the criteria for positive TB skin tests?
I'm am planning to go and work to the US but I had tuberculosis and was treated. Will they accept me?
Do you know of any way to treat a disease known as "Sarcoidosis"?
Nasal Spray Causing Loss of Taste - Afrin?
does saline solution affect your ears?
what is a inexpensive moisterizer fo dry iychy skin?
I had my ear pierced in September now the hole is blocked and I cannot get my earring on What should I do?
best skin care product?
i am living with psoriasis of the scalp. does anybody have any advice as to what has worked for you?
Help Please!! what is the best sope for blackheads??
Itchy red legs?
any thing klike shampoo or what will keep him from itching and scraTCHING ALL THE TIME?
How do those foot detox pads work? And do they actually detoxify your body of harmful stuff?
what is wrong with seals face?
What causes leukemia>?a gene?
Does anybody know if there are any Breast Cancer Walking Teams in Collegeville, PA?
How do you work out the lower stomach?
So mustard has no calories?
HALITOSIS: Bad breath help me!?
I'm looking for a nonprescription bite appliance for nocturnal grinding.?
our dog wont eat after pulling of teeth its been a week?
does it really hurt to drink dark sodas if you have braces?
I'm thinking of getting porcelain crowns?
Are there any side affects to having teeth whitened?
oral help!..?
I have to get teeth pulled really soon and I'm scared can you help me please???
Previous Braces Wearers... I have a question.?
Can severe cases of autism be fatal to children?
Could i have multiple sclerosis????????!!!!!!!!!?
any suggestions on someone who has ibs/intercycical cytitis?
Anyone ever found anything that helps ringing ears?
What cures for blindness do we have now?
What should I do, I can't calm myself during a panic attack?
My dad is forcing me to take the jab, but I don't want to.?
How short sighted am i?
Why does this girl I'm seeing smell like cheese doodles?
Side effects of a hobo spider bite?
why nausea after being dehydrated?
Result of being burned with boiling ink?
does an ear infection go away by itself?
Is this a centipede bite?
Rubbing alchohol in throat?
has anyone got a big thumb?
Does anyone know of a web site that publishes daily mold and allergen counts for San Antonio, Texas?
Is Septoplasty a safe operation to have? It is supposed to open up your breathing in your nose.?
getting a liquid yellow drainage from my nasal cavity. is this a sign of a nasal infrection or is this normal?
does medical/health insurance cover if your teeth is damaged when you fell down ?
why does pseudoarthrosis occur after harington rod placement for scoliosis?
Is my thumb broken its really swollen and i cant move it.?
My arm hurts really bad and...?
black eye will not go away
I got a tatanus shot 2 days ago and that spot got very red and it is really painful, is it normal?
splinter under the nail, can I leave it in?
Why are my scars bleeding?
Monavie Juice...How much does this cost? Where can I get this? What can it do? What are the rules on selling?
How many points will 5 grams of carbohydrate raise your blood sugar?
would it be worth it to fill this prescription?
can you successfully use laser eye surgery to repair the eyes of those blind from birth?
Who is on the Ortho-K treatment and how is it?
What is your opinion on the best meditation or relaxation for long-term benefits...?
Energy based healing practitioners, what are energy fields?
What type of massage is good for stress reduction?
What is an herb doctor called?
what would i say as a thesis for veterinary acupuncture?
Is there any way to stregthen your immune system??
I Have Heard About This LSD Recipe?
Herbs to stop a period?
How much do "Big Pharma" shills get paid?
does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?
Why do people pretend?
why do we have birthmarks,and what is their function?
My tortoise has like a dry patch on his shell. It's like peeling off. I have no idea why?
how do u get rid of blackheads??
I have noticed recently that I have little red spots over my chest, tummy and back?
my naber is so crazy!!?
should i take my sister to the doctor?
scab came off, now theres a hole?
Why do i always feel faint and slightly dizzy when i stand/sit up?
Is chronic bronchatis currable or is it with me permanantly?
What does it mean when someone is getting constant headaches, really bad ones?
Why do I yawn several times in a row?
is it possible for someone to die of a broken heart?
I keep getting bad taste in my tongue?
Sniffing or Hufffing...?
Why Do I Keep On Crying About Nothing?
soz but is it true u sneeze at 100 miles an hour?
Curious...Do abdominal exercises decrease the size of your stomach or build up muscle to make it thicker?
overweight child?
hypnotism for weight loss, does it work?
Help! I need to loose 280 pounds?
What can I do to loose the 'love handles'?
Eating Disorder?
What is a good way to loose 10 lbs. fast?
I feel like the pull ups are working my traps?
stretch marks on butt?
oh no! what is this in my belly button!!!?
How much alcohol would you have to drink to get liver cirrhosis?
Lost Speech After Brain Tumor Surgery?
How worried should I be about Swine Flu?
anyone out there that has taken lyrica care to share their experience?
What are some brain disorders that television causes?
i think i might have a brain aneurysm but i cant see my Doctor til tuesday next week?
Shall I bother the Doctor about my stomach problems or not ?!?!?
Is it a problem if parts of my body are feeling numb for no apparent reason?
how can i cure my color blindness?
What is wrong with me?
episodes of chest pains and elevated blood pressure?
Hello, does anyone know what a doctor that specializes in hypertension is called?
What could happen if you were to suddenly stop taking Florinef after taking it for 2yrs?
Should I go to the doctors?
Husband has pain in hips and groin after pelvic angiogram.?
Please help I keep getting weird heart beats?
Is high cholesterol hereditary?
Heart Rate Question.......?
is there such thing called a natural high?
Person with normal vision looking through convex lens?
Eye Chalazion help............?
Is there any color contacts that come in BC 8.4 DIA 14.0 and -6.50?
Why breathless happen in winter season?
what is the correct or proper no. of white blood cells that reduces asthma?
What is this chest pain?
Are there any sufferers of tracheal stenosis in Australia?
how can i get my doctor to refer me to a pulminary specialist?
Where do I go for my Biopsy appointment in St. Michael Hospital I need to know what floor to go too & what ele
Agonizing pain at t-12 vertebrae and left rib. Cant walk or stand. No broken bones, what could this be ? ?
what would doctors prescribe for me if i....?
neck/spine injury from squats?
Hamstring injury help?
How did you break your arm?
i was hit in the temple at close range?
Workers Comp got canceled. I'm still injured and in a great deal of pain?
Whats wrong with me thumb?
What should I do with my broken toe?
what will my doctor do for me because iam a self injury ?
What's causing these symptoms?
Are these symptoms of tongue cancer?
has any body had a stoma reversal?
I have a swolen lymph node about 2cm (3/4 inch) onder my chin, I have done blood tests, ct scan and x-ray. ?
Does anyone on here have cancer? if yes what were your symptoms when you were diagnosed?..?
Am i at a good chance for Cancer?
que es cancer linfatico de la garganta?
jaundice patients during dental treatment?
Brush/Floss Order?
help me find a dental nurse course in london, starting march or so?
how do i get rid of a mouth sore?
i just had my wisdom teeth pulled friday...?
Why does someone want to be a dental hygienist?
In my dream, my front teeth fell out.?
Do I have decent looking teeth ??
Why is it bad to swalow your gum?
any supplements besides st john's wort to help irritablility and anxiety?
If I continue to deny the need to take anti-depressants, will I end up having a mental disorder?
Too scared at night to go to sleep?
what are alternatives?
she needs help...?
is paranoi a symptom of dementia for elderly?
Anyone else feel picking on someone is murder?
Does anyone have a mother that is mentally ill?
bug bites?
Which alternative therapy would be best for helping long term chronic constipation?
How to get rid of acne?
if someone lose 50 pounds can the body get strecth marks? ?
Skin Problem!! Help!!?
I lost about 45 pounds in 5 months and the after effect left wrinkles on my cheeks, how do i get rid of them?
how do you get rid of "black heads" i need something new!!!?
itchy red spots on my cheeks!!?
Why is my scar so much darker than the rest of my skin?
Do it hurt to get a wart removed?
what are hospital pharmacy forms and the use of it..thanx?
kids recovery after multiple dental extraction?
how to loose my weight?
What hotels can you apply at and not be drug tested?
How good/bad is ecstacy?
do i have bronchitis?
Using a Foot Massager with a Pacemaker ….?
im 17 i took aspirin what gonna happen?
if smoking is so bad, why dont they just stop making cigarettes?
Favorite Song to workout to????
Becoming a personal trainer?
Could there be other reasons for a high Cholesterol count other than diet?
How can I start eating different things if I am afraid of getting fat or gaining weight?
Help a depressed girl change her life...?
how can i tell the difference between a craving and real hunger?
Do you think I'm fat?Please be Honest!?
Why do all weightloss websites cost to see what they actually do?
is eating watermelon healthy at night?
Special K challenge??
can an older person (say 55+) get a form of Lasik surgery with a successful result?
Does anyone know how much a eye visit(- dilation) and a 3 month prescription on contacts cost at walmart?
How much are different color eye contacts just for looks not eye problems?u?
do you know if can i get contacts?
Question for anyone with Amblyopia (lazy eye) experience.?
My vision is cloudy, will it go away and is it serious?
Could my eye problems be anxiety?
Can eyes really see ???
from what age can we use minoxidil?
Natural Cures for Irregular Heartbeat?
I have Ebsteins anomaly but I cannot afford to get surgery. How long do i live?
I have been told that my right coronary artery is 100% blocked and that my heart has grown 3 bypass segments.?
How often should you get your cholesterol checked?
is it normal for my resting heart beat to be 95bpm?
when will my families first ebt card arrive?
Could this be a stroke? something else? my mom all of a sudden went blind in both eyes for about 3 minutes?
why do the pupils in my eyes never dilate?
sunburn and aloe vera help for a very burnt girl?!?
What do I do if my ear canal is bleeding constantly?
Only my left earlobe is bleeding! Why?
Everytime I eat, I get something stuck in my windpipe and in really bothers me!?
Foot Splinter Problem, Help Please?
Poison Ivy? I am struggling with it body and garden?
i have a burn on my breast...how can i make it go away quickly?
I cut my finger and i think that its infected?
Which cold medication will stop my runny nose without making me jumpy?
Help! I just started taking Advair and I'm very nervous?
What is causing this rash?
Hay fever and Sunburn!?
How do people develop allergies?
Which over-the-counter product do you recommend for teeth whitener?
Do aquafresh white trays and whitening strips work with braces?
Another question for you all about dentistry.?
im getting rubber bands for my braces! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will adult teeth grow back after having your baby teeth knocked out?
I'm on a waiting list to get my teeth straightened, going to need braces and also need to get my jaw broken
i have a question about toothpaste?
im going to a gig tonight and i need to cover a swelling on my cheek ( its a abcess ) what should i do?
can u loose custody of ur kids because of bipolar disorder?
How to cope with a bipolar sister?
A minor's right to refuse medication: does it exist?
Can somebody please help me .Let me no how they felt. When they tried to get off of hdrydone.?
Anybody still spin around in circles like a little kid, even though they are adults?
i feel weird..has this happened to anybody else?
my son has autism and adhd and is very angry with me all the time and is never happy with any think i do.?
Is anyone feeling isolated?
Question about dimentia (Alzeheimer disease):?
In a `zero tolerance NHS` where does `sickle cell anemia` stand?
What is this "squishy" ball I feel next to my ear at the jaw joint?
Is It possible that I may have Kidney Stones?
Incredibly severe abdominal pain i can't shake?
uhhhhhhhhhhhm, food disorders?
Ear infection, is there anything i can do?
Hard lump behind right ear.?
I cant control my hypoglycemia?
im desperate and need help please. im in so much pain?
Within what region of the spinal cord's gray matter are motor neuron cell bodies located?
My dad is currently undergoing chemo + radiation, recently he found a lump in his neck, possible side effect?
Do you need x-rays to determine weather or not you have lung cancer?
am i going to die from a lump on the side of my neck?
Im worried about my sister possibly having leukemia.
Desperate...question about social security disability benefits (please see details)?
Will someone with personal expirience with melanoma and BCC on the FACE please contact me...newly diagnosed
why do i bruise so easily?
i have really oily skin... help!?
what can i do for a ingrown fingeernail?
What is the best way to get rid of cellulite ?
Levaquin side effects -- about the rash?
Is there something herbal or even garlic that I can take that would make my skin undesireable to chiggers??
HEY GUYS!!!!!!!! how are boils form it always comes where hair is like Underarm?
Diets and looks?
Why and how does being overweight cause snoring?
What it is in tranquilizer that increase snoring?
what are the preventions if a child has primary complex?is it contagious to other children and adults as well?
Is it typical for a tracheotomy to be performed as a form of treatment for COPD? What is the success rate?
i'm going to have a heart and lung scan because of inflammation does anyone no any information or advise?
what is phenothorax and what are it's treatments?
Someone know's what Eurespal is for? My doctor gived me this..but i don't have any pamphlet/prospectus
Cold remedies please?
Is there any nonsurgical treatment for treatment of asyumeral bone cyst? Any remedies in alternate medicine?
want cures to fight a cold or phenomia?
is baking marijuana healthier than smoking it?
Vegan going into to a hospital,what things should I know?
Piles & Urinary incontinence(want homeo medicine)?
my contact prescription is -7.50, is this legally blind and what is it in 20/?
Im getting my eyes checked tomorrow at Costco. i think i need glasses are they expensive there?
bad eye contact ????????
What Could Be Wrong With My Eyes?
does it mean anything if your pupils are big alot or bigger compared to some other people?
what do you do if you sleep in your contacts at night, but then you take them out in the morning?
What Did it Look Like When You Did Shrooms?
Why can't you hear out your ear when it is ringing?
How do you treat an ingrown fingernail? It really hurts...?
How to cure salt and ice burns?
Jammed Finger?
First Aid course: part two?
Ear cartilage question??
Can you play basketball when you have a blood blister?
I have a strange mosquito bite. What do i do?
Can I lose 80 pounds by AUGUST?
Is drinking distilled water or using Rev. Osmosis filt. dangerous?
have you ever had a blood transfusion, how long does it take...?
is my dad in critical condition?
Is It Alright?
How do I adjust my girlfriends spine?
do people who are mentally and physically disabled make you uncomfortable or nervous?
my feet are big how do i make them smaller?
i was just perscribed xanax 4 times aday lexapro once aday and ativan once a day. it seems like a lot?
Burning Sensation Inside My Head (Brain?
i forgot to take my pill last night?
Have you ever had an allergic reaction to Klonopin (Clonazepam)?
I am looking for make-up or any brands that have no nut oils in them, from concealer to lipstick. Anyone know
Toddler Rash caused by Breastmilk/Breastfeeding?
Hairdye reaction?
does laser treatment correct shortsight,longsight ? How much does it cost?
What can I use to cure heat rash?
how do u fade burn scars?
Is it possible to become blind because of nearsightedness?
Which type of skin(face) I have???
What could this be, question about my lip?
Can yoga cure rash and skin diseases?
Is tanning safe if you don't go out?
Curious... Itchy feet at night time?
Can weak eye muscles cause you to fail the "eye test" in the field sobriety tests?
How long can i leave my contact lense in the container ?
Eyes feel weird when staring at a monitor?
I have a lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy eye?
Having Contact troubles?
my contacts just broke in my eyes?!?!?
Still have bad eye vision after glasses?
Xanax or Propranolol?
I have pectus excavatum with flared ribs. Will heavy abdominal work cure my flared ribs?
What is the treatment of paralysis?
What is the medical term for an inability to visualise images in the mind?
When you have a chronic illness/disorder, how do U stay positive & motivated?
Ali is in the hospital about to undergo a brain-imaging process that involves taking?
Can people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) have children, and 2) will they pass it to their children?
someone who turned into a druggie intestines are hanging out!?
if some one stabbed you in the kidney ?
how much does it cost to remove a wisdom tooth and how much to fill a cavity?.?
Wisdom Teeth Last minute nerves?
Will adding a little extra baking soda to my tooth paste do any harm to my teeth?
What does the maxilla make up?
my daughter is having 5 wisdom teeth removed wed,1 extra growing sideways. what should we expect & what to eat?
Extraction of fully erupted wisdom teeth?
just curious, how long do i brush my teeth?
Dentist Phobia?
I think I pulled my Thoracolumbar Fascia muscle?
invasive intervention for fallen arches?
i was recently injured my back at work lifting a heavy box and was off work for two weeks. my problem is that?
I have a somewhat bad pain in my hip after hearing it pop while playing soccer. How can I treat this?
Is my bruise permanent, and are there ways to heal it faster is not?
if you buy somthing and the store claims that its put together and it falls apart can you sew read details?
So I burned myself on the space heater......?
Is it possible to get an infection without having a flesh wound from a cut?
Back of my mouth hurts! HELP!?
How to make a sunburn stop hurting?
Really full heavy ear?
Midge Bites - Antihistamine?
Swallowing Nail Polish Removal?
I have a strange bug bite?
This morning, I was bitten by an animal (probably a fly) around my neck area (adam's apple) I swatted at it...?
I got a tick bite and I am wondering how to know if it is infected?
can gross spondylitis create syncopal attack?
how would you, best describe huntingtons disease?
is there any treatment for bronchitis? i had bronchitis, had antibiotics?
i would like to know the complication of bronchitis?
does anyone know if there is a link between sarcoidosis and vitamin d should stop drinking milk?
do you know of any homemade remedies for nausea?
What are the different types of XTC?
Can there be a permanent remedy for high blood pressure? Is yoga the ultimate alternative therapy?
Has anyone been taking Kava Kava for a while?
I ate a big bowl of cooked broccoli with olve oil and lemon now I have a stomach ache, well kind of gas and a?
Which is better to be a dentist or an anesthesiologists?
The owner of a natural store told me to take b-2, calcium, and magnesium for my migraines but I get sick...?
are my multi vitamins making me feel sick?
Magic Shrooms Question?
Test to make contacts and glasses?
can you get glasses that improve depth perseption?
eye contact lens help please?
what age should you be able to get laser eye surgery ?
i slept in contacts last night and woke up with eye drainage. removed lenses and eye is sore. do i need a dr?
Why does wearing sunglasses when watching TV or using the computer make your eyesight worse?
My eyes are going crazy!!!!!!! HELP!!?
problem with my eyes....?
my eyesight is -2.00 on both eyes, so its not 20/20?
Can I take other medicine while using Rhinocort nasal spray?
What are the side effects of stopping steriod eyedrops?
Dry cough, What are the usual cause of it? How can we control it? What it is the usual cure?
How do I combat my allergies for the spring season?
Stuffy Nose?
does post nasal drip cause bad breath?
What can you do to help a swollen lymph node near your ear?
Cholesterol medications?
Is it true that depression is connected to eating disorders?
Scared of gallbladder surgery?
I have gallstones - what to expect?
I get what feels like brain surges followed by a moment of dizziness, why does this happen?
I have this bubble like gurgling on the left side of my body, on the side of my ribcage towards the top, does?
What would make your stomach "girgle" all the time if you are NOT hungry?
Anyone Had Gout? What's the treatment?
What's it like to live with Tourette's Syndrome?
A good web site for diabetics?
how to cure diabates (refer tablets)?
Why am I so sencible with the problems that I have?
I have horrible social anxiety, what can I do to help it?
I'm 16 and have anxiety..need tips on ways to relax in public situations?
I love her but I can't live with her?
21 year old teenager?
What do I do? I feel depressed and empty at 32 years old?
Whats happened to my grandfather
do you find that happy people justify their happiness with things that dont make sense?
can parents force me into help for an eating disorder if im over 18?
What is the best essential oil to use for eczema?
What are white spots on eyelids?
Cell phones radiation pop popcorn?!?
Another skin question..?
how do i fight dry legs?
I have a rash on my skin that will not stop itching and have had bathroom issues recently...?
What is ayurvastra? pls any body know about it?
hard to remove athletes foot? ?
has anyone used the silvercure treatment for molluscum contagiosum?
will my ankle heal before school?
what does it involved having a bone graft?
Ringing in ear/infection?
what should i do while i have my neck brace 2 casts and sling?
I have a quarter sized bruise on my leg that has turned into a welt over 4 days. Any idea why?
blood pressure question?
Is my cholesterol normal or too low.?
I've been having heart disease related symptoms for over 7 yrs.?
common treatment for patent ductus arteriosus in a 2 yr old child?
recently in my heart area i've felt some rather sharp pain in which i've had to only breathe in very litle air?
Why come some of them float and some of them sink?
What type of band-aid would you recommend?
has anyone had problems with blood clots continuing to form while on coumadin and having the inr between 2 & 3?
i cut my finger an have had a tetanus shot within the last year.i just stepped on a nail,will i need another?
Which Hurts More? Regular Tongue Piercing? Or Snake Bites On Your Tongue?
I think I have an inner ear infection now.?
Is it a bed bug bite? help please?
do i have heartworms?
What is and HDL level that is TOO high?
help!(asking to all cardiologists)?
Ripped foot wart? help?
How to PREVENT black fly bites !?
I rammed my foot on a wood trimming in my house do i need stitches?
Is there a good herbal recipe for valerian, lavender, and kava?
does vinegar help your liver?
any home remedies for psorosis, i will not use the perscriptions due to bad side effects.?
Are there any herbal remedies to shrink an enlarged prostate gland?
Dual Action Cleanse, does this product actually work?
Meditation and colors.?
has any one ever smoked wild dagga?
weed!!! (good)or(bad)?
should you brush your teeth after drinking sweetened tea or coffee?
Is a tooth ache after a root canal common?
where is there a good dentist school in california?
How to remove plague off of retainer?
Question about whitening strips..?
healing process?
Regarding white teeth on TV. Porcelain laminates and caps can't be whitened. Do they have them replaced yearly
My teeth feel weird?
Bad breath?
What are signs of anorexia?
Do you cover your mouth when you yawn?
What do you do if a bee stings you? owww... it hurts?
Strange stomach and nose problems?
What do you prefer diarrhoea or constipation?
How do you know if you glands are swallon?
What will happen to my body/head if I lose weight?
oh god please help me oh god plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why cant people understand that I just became fat, and stop asking if I’m pregnant?
How are we able to focus on objects close to the eye?
Is this a strong prescription for my first glasses?
Dry eyes causing blurriness?
I have dots in my eye (like on the brown part)?
I think I might be going blind?
my eye power is 4.. am i going to be blind?
Does lung transplant help in interstitial lung disease/pulmonary fibrosis?read ahead?
what is the disease that causes respiratory failure in humans caused from pine sap from a pine tree?
what effect does emphysema have on the individual, their family and the community at large?
does aflac pay in full, or periodically....for an injury?
my 3 year olds new steroid medications and his behavior link?
how do they wean a patient off a trach ventilater?they said they were going?
is it possible to lose 15 pounds in about a month and a week?
Good Way to loose weight fast?
How many sit ups does it take to burn 300 calories?
Diet plans that actually work? [Easy 10 pnts.]?
Tips on controlling hunger pangs?
need help.. not possible to join gym or walk!?
Would I get fat if I ate 1800 calories a day 10 pts!?
Is it legal for a sports coach to make their athletes throw up?
Can someone tells me if we have Organization for Breast Cancer in Philippines?
Can smoking weed cause lung cancer?
How to help boyfriend who lost his eye?
Would being bulimic classify as hurting yourself or self injury??
Whats up with my ankle? BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN 10 POINTS!?
Why does my vein in my right hand pop out when I do the powerlifting workout for deadlift?
please help. camp on Saturday.?
i sprained my foot, could the wrap i have on it be making it worse?
do you have to go to the doctor if you think..?
what should i do if my kid gets fever after tetanus shot?
wrist troubles ***10 points*** ?
if i cut myself and dont bleed is that wierd?
I have red eyes from allergies.?
How can i stop nausea caused by nasal drainage?
.09 kU/L specific IgE levels to peanuts and shellfish. Class one allergy. What does this mean, is this common?
Stop sneezing & nasal congestion?
My wife had an embryo transfer yesterday, and now she is breaking out with rash/hives, is this normal?
how can i tell if my wife is getting sick or is just having allergies?
Is there a good enough moisturizer for eczema without going to a doctor?
I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE! head issue (dandruff!)?
i keep getting thrush( not in my mouth) every few weeks , can't use canisine cream,don,t wash with soap ?
I have a very oily skin that causes me to have acne?
Another Acne Question ; WHAT WORKED THE BEST FOR YOU!?
Why does my skin always burn first, and THEN tan?
What to do for acne? Feelin low :(?
what is on my finger?
How can I learn to accept myself for who I am?
I need to find a medication for depression, but i don't want one that makes me tired, or gain weight.?
how to get rid of the thoughts, when u literally know she is not gonna come back...?
I've hit rock bottom. I need your help and advice...please :(?
Could Autism and Schizophrenia be connected?
But now, can i remove the red pants?
I can't let things go, especially things i've done?
Can any one tell how to make my mind always be free?
Any one else have days like this; been crying buckets early afternoon and on and off since?
anyone feel confused and stuck with their life that they want to end it !?
Need Ideas NOW!?
I have mitral valve prolapse(I no longer take meds for it though) can i take benadryl for allergies?
Heart Disease project?
Does Ephedra weaken the heart muscles?
Could this be angina?? worried?
how can you bring up blood pressure that is dangerously low?
Can a heart condition cause pains in your legs?
billy mays' heart disease?
Did I have an infarction?
My dad is having some heart issues...I need some help please?
heart beating weird, has anyone experienced this?
Is there Chagas Disease in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica?
What are the systoms of stomach ulcers.?
I noticed a bump at my lower back near left side of my spine.What could it be?is it dangerous?
I have an infected finger. Amputation?
I am having stone in kidney. Can I use Berberis Vul Q & is there any side effect?
Alzheimers - caring for elderly parents?
diagnosis for one who has no remorse?
What does random nausea mean?
Help me please.. i feel like dying.?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Whether cataract can cure without operation? Whether this will affect both eyes in the future?
My eyes are always watering?
Can I wear other BC values for contact lenses?
help! can an eye doctor notice if you have an eye freckle, or heterochromia?
having a fear of wearing glasses?
Whenever I smile my eyes squint. How to make it stop?
Getting Colored Contacts?
what is good medisin in diabetis?