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High fever with nasty phlegm?
how can i get my stop sweaty palms?
I have dry, flaky skin under my eyebrows and around my nose.Is there anything I could do to cure it?
How could i stop sweating so much?
Can I use a lemon's juice to clear my acne on my face?
So I have a "seasonal acne"?
what is it called when you sweat on half your face?
best way to tan back? In sun daily?
How does licking your lips dry them out?
Can liver cirrhosis be a hereditary disease? what are the main symptoms of the liver cirrhosis?
What video games are most likely to cause epileptic seizures?
Do you think Tourette's Syndrome is real?
How high should your temperature get before you worry about the fever (part II)?
My boyfriend has liver disease - can anyone tell me what to expect? (symptoms, etc)?
Too often urination?
Can you get ink poisoning if you get stabbed with a pen?
HELP - CHANTIX: How long do I have to take this stuff!?!?!?!?!?
do natural mineral waters lose their minerals after opening the bottle?
Did anyone ever try using Brain-Sync cd's?
how do I fix a dry nose and sinuses besides saline nasal spray?
Has any one ever used homopathic medicine for hypothyroid?
colloidal silver?
Nyquil made my cold worse?
What vitamins are the best?
I'd like to know the full contents of esogetic oil. can anyone help please?
Can you cure heart disease?
what is the advantage of the heart as a double pump?
Can a person with congestive heart failure able to give birth to a child?
Heart Murmurs in Adults?
Mom's stress test results life threatening or not?
Chest pains; possibly heart related..?
Blood pressure 103 over 86? This is high but what can I do about the lower number?
Question about story I saw on television...?
high blood pressure help me?
Combining Muscle Relaxors and Pain Meds: Could there be harmful side effects ?
Pressure on the top of my head... help?
Help please. Why is my ankle still hurting after 3 years?
Bulging Discs?
Why am i keep on feeling sharp pains inside my ear?
Why am i getting these pains when doctors see nothing?
How do i get rid of throat pain from strong alcohol?
My Dr. wants to prescribe me Somas....I'm not too sure about it!?!?
causes of verticle diploypia?
Any places for decent (nominal) eyeglasses with eye test in Toronto?
I' have a white fleck in the eye. What can cause this, and what can happen?
Where can I get RGP Contact Lenses in London?
can i wear a contact lens in my left eye and not have a contacts lens in my right eye?
trial contact lenses ?
is my laser too strong?
There's something in my eye. help!?
trial contact lenses for made of the same thing they sell you?
my nephew was stung any ideas???
is this bad, poison?
New piercing and possible infection?
where can i find a snake bite kit in calgary?
first aid organisations in the uk?
bit the inside of my cheek in my sleep and now it hurts and burns so bad........what can i do?
How do you get a splinter out! ?
IF a person doesnt wear their retainer?
if i wear a retainer while throwing up, will it protect my teeth?
my jaw pops?
Braces Question?
Is this really true about the Listerine mouthwash?
Gum Disease - Keeping Pockets Clean?
Can you name every step/path/way/product/etc to keep a/create perfect mouth/teeth?
Do you think a lot of dentists want to pull wisdom teeth just for the money?
molds before braces.?
what really causes diabetes? if i eat a lot of sweet stuff will i get it? thanks?
Has anyone heard about not being able to buy a TENs Machine Without a Doctors Letter if you are Diabetic?
what is favourite food to diabetic beashent?
Do you know how long you live after being diagnosed with Moersh-Wolmann Syndrome please?
High dosage of Lantus?
Swollen Hip Joints, w/ severe pain
What and when should I do back excercises after falling?
How do you keep up your strength when you have an injury?
Making a scar fade?
Random Cracking where my Ribs meet my Chest bone?
How much does an x-ray, a re-break of a toe and pain medication cost at a doctor's office?
Do I have a head injury?
I fell down the steps...?
Today I saw a Doctor he did a cat-scan?
finger injury?
Sweaty palms/underarms, fast heart rate, shaky hands, trembling lips, breathing difficulty, weak limbs, etc.?
How much Magnesium can you take per day?
I can never wake up when my alarm goes off? I need help?
How can i boost my metabolism?
How did Ricki Lake lose all that weight?
Life is too short to worry about dieting??
I've just started a diet and have a question!?
i need help from some really healthy bodybuilders...nutrition?
I want to lose some weight and change my look, I'm 5,11 but I weigh I think maybe or over 300lbs. any advice?
what pant size would you consider "fat"?
I have 3 problem areas...please help!?
look, please tell me if i am overweight. be truthfull. please answer (more deatails below)...?
Moderate inhomogeneity of the mammary parenchyma bilaterally?
how do you get tumors?
How much does Filgrastin injectable costs ?
could it be thyroid cancer?
So what do u think?
If as a teenager I enjoyed smoking and burning things like plastics, matchbox cars, other stuff? Cancer?
what are the treatments for pancreas cancer?
Is Bipolar disorder hereditary?
i think i have social anxiety?
how to NOT complicate things by over-thinking?
Can reading make depression worse?
Do I have Bipolar?
Is anyone else having bad long term effects from ecstasy?
what can i do to get away from this?
How to become a phone addict?
what available for mental health patients and families in barnsley?
Im Always Angry..?
i have a asthma question?
oki need help?
What are symptoms of a sinus infection?
Sick for two months?
Severely asthmatic and embarrassed?
I need help on a paper about chronic bronchitis?
What is the chance of getting emphysema if you have not smoked in 30 years?
need answers fast on black mold!!!?
How can you tell if your sunglasses provide UV protection?
can lasik surgery help an eye that has hemorrahged?
Acuve Contacts: Why only 2 weeks?
Changing Conact lens brands: How to convert - SAG to BC?
If food goes in your eye, where does it end up?
Where can I buy colored contacts?
how can u improve ur eye-sight if u r a electronic addicted person?
Why do your eyes burn when you have been crying all day?
DREAM : man in black putting something in my mouth and numbing me?
Why does my vaporizer spew water with little steam?
Allergies question?
What are the risks of using Henna Ink on your skin?
Anyone tried university medical ance treatment before?
Ok so beds get bed bugs so what do water beds get ?
dents on my nails?
Can you give me any advice on fading stretch marks?
I have bad acne and it is messing up my life?
White puss when I squeeze my nose?
Natural Herbal Remedy for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?
How much is "heavy" when I'm told no heavy lifting after surgery?
My coccyx... PLEASE HELP!?
Hurt on the Job.....Should I try to file a third party Negligence suit or not!?
how do you know when to use heat or ice for an injury.?
Bathing with an ankle cast
Can you get a concussion if you don't hit your head?
do i have nerve damage?
Could I have broken or jammed my finger playing basketball?
Is this infected(pics inside)??
Medical Transcription:can i change: take this off her diagnosis to: remove this from her diagnosis? Would you?
Cronic Constipation please help?
What's wrong with me? Aplastic anemia?
What can I do about the gallstones I just found out I have?
Haven't had a bowel movement in about 2 weeks?
Is diverticulosis normal?
What Can i get my friend with Leukimia?
What should I do about ADD?
What would happen if an earwig bug crawled in your ear?
HELP! How can i unplug a clogged ear?
i was cleaning my ear last night with a q tip and woke in the middle of the night with a plugged ear ?
Yo yo help help ?
Welts after jellyfish sting?
How do I get dermabond out of my hair?
ok ive been having nausea and a rash broke out and i don't know whats wrong can you tell me if im ill?
somthing stung my foot this morning...and its a little swollen and itchy?
How sick am I?.. Well I am sick, right?
I have bad pain?
Of those people who use Lyrica for poly neuropathy, did you know it causes massive weight gain and edema?
Very puffy eyes that hurt when I move them?
suspected chikungunya infection 3 month back. Even now horrible joint pains and morning stiffness. Pl advise?
Does XANGO really work?? Will it stop some hair loss??
I have a neck ache?
Vicodin withdrawal with short term use? Symptoms?
Pain and numbness in fingers. Pins and needles all over arms and hands.?
How do they put striped toothpaste in tubes?
how can i fix my sensitive teeth problem?
What colors should I get for my braces?
toungue hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Braces Cost?
Why did orthodontics prices quadruple?
How much would it cost to fill my gapped teeth?
people with braces.or had braces. help.?
How much does an oral surgeon make (that just pull wisdom teeth)?
Can your teeth crack from going from hot to cold?
WHY wont my ears come UNPLUGGED?
Aloe Vera juice? Is it healthier to drink the juice or the gel?
How can you maintain your posture?
If I have white coat syndrome for BP reading would taking a xanax before give a more accurate reading?
Constantly getting ingrown hairs.?
is taking two Vicodin bad for your health?
how old do you have to be to get a medical marajuana card in los angeles california?
help with physical education?
whats bothering you right now?
going bed now nite nite?
Can people without astigmatism use contacts for astigmatism?
Is it true that astigmatism can be cured?
What kind of eye drops do paramedics carry?
how is it that social security disability deemed my fiance legally blind, but?
How much would a ...?
Sometimes on of my eyes gets blurry...why?!?
How can I get protein deposits off of my contacts?
How much do contacts on average cost?
How long does it take to put together perscription glasses?
Is this normal for my eye?
How passive smoking affects the activities of our daily living?
Is black mold in the shower really all that dangerous or poisonous to the human system?
Trouble breathing for 3 days now and chest pain?
what are panic attacks?
Hooka vs cigarettes...which is worse?
What is the best medicine for a cold?
Problems with breathing?
Pain in my chest: heartburn or walking pneumonia? What should I do?
How does sleeping or not sleeping effect the physical health of the eye?
What is the best way to get my Man to quit smoking ?
What do you do when you are very tired and can't sleep? I have not slept in 2 days!?!?help?
i've been doing ab exercises and my stomach is getting firmer but is staying round! it wont shrink!?
What is the best way to form a six pack through workout.?
Is it true breathing through a straw gives your stomach a workout??
Will i still lose weight if ..?
What is the best way to get rid of a " Jelly Belly"?
HI.Has anyone here ever used or heard about HERBALIFE??
How to slim down?
i dont wanna throw up anymore....help?
Does PCA really exist?
If a malignant tumor metastasizes from the lung to the brain using the bloodstream which type of cells....?
why in head it is called tumor where as in other parts of the body it is called cancer pl explain?
what is hugkins(i cant spell it) cancer?
Has anyone used the drug Xeloda?? Please respond with side effects & effective Thanks?
food for diabetic type 2 patients?
there was this women she was from scotland she has blonde hair and its short and she had cancer she sings.....
Answer these two short questions about Colon Cancer?? Easy POints!!?
I need a itunes giftcard number for my friend shes in the hospital St. Judes and shes has cancer? please help?
How do I stop feeling emotionally distant to some people after cancer?
Applying for SSI and having diabetes?
Can anyone give me facts about cigarettes?
I have just read on here that getting the cervical cancer vaccination is up to the teenager?
how can i stop worrying about everything?such as my career development, weight, image, money, relationship etc?
Why do i keep getting Deja Vu?
How do you not over analyze so much and not worry what others think?
when a person has a pancreas thats not working and using a insulin pump why does this person still have pain ?
What is bi-polar disorder?
will byetta make me throw up?
Question for people who self harm?
Has a person ever hurt you so badly that you...?
I have panic disorder.im wondering if other ppl that have this feel like i do?
Can you share something with your therapist and then say you don't want talk about it?
when u have a panic attack do u feel time goes really slowly? why could this be?
what are the basic health concerns about mold and mildew?
Itching in palms and feet for last 5 days.I m taking `Allegra'What is the possible cause and suitable treatmen
Indentifying Hives?
Is it possible to be 'sensitive' or 'allergic' to electromagnetic fields from houshold appliances?
How do you deal with an ascending aortic aneurysm?
Vascular Technician / Medical Diagnostic Sonography?
why does the blood pressure go down when the heart rate goes up?
aortic spasms happening?
heart lab that i need 2 print out?
Should i continue with sports with heart palpitations?
questions about loss of blood circulation?
Skinny/healthy 14 year old...Heart attack?
SMOKING , how bad is it?
about 2 times a day i feel chest pain and my heart starts to rapidly beat several time and goes beats normal?
Can someone tell me some natural cures for acid reflux and GERD?
Any suggestions for sciatic nerve pain?
What's the strongest painkiller I can buy over the counter? UK?
What are some good herbs or herbal teas to use when one is feeling rundown and needs energy?
what is the meaning of mucus?
How can I get into a clinical trial for a partial amputee?
Please help me, the anger sharks are swimming again.?
my forearm was fractured last july. Now it is healed but - muscles on my elbow tigthened, any self therapy?
During my workouts I get blinding pain in the back of my head?
pulled tendon or ligament in my foot? Im not sure ,and need help!?
How to get rid of spots?
What is the difference between an ulcer and a cyst?
acne fighting?
do you have to use raw honey to get rid of acne?
iv had a red itchy rash for 2months, is this aids?
i have a small soft bony structure on my left extreme side of the breast close to the armpit..what it could b?
how do you get rid of a bug bite quickly?
Does Accutane work?
how best to treat nappy rash?
Why is my eye always dilated?
Opinions on Lasik eye surgery?
what do you call glasses that are computer and reading all in one?
How bad is my vision?
can blood stain teeth?
Revive a nerve yourself?
if you are a dentist or know about this....?
Teeth Whitening !?
Would I Be Eligible For Invisalign?
um need help bad.BAD?
How do I get rid of this gum stuck in my throat?
Help! My Tongue Is Green/Yellow?!?
Are you supposed to use Listerine before or after you brush?
what is the best for pain--oxycodone or hydrocodone what is the difference?
would sleeping on a hard surface help or make worse back pain?
What is the average on which Hydrocodone and oxycodon are abused?
Can anyone reccomend a good Organic mattress?
I have a form of tendonitis in my hand and its very painful, i feel like i'm bouncing from doctor to doctor?
How Long does it take for ear tubes to relieve pressure in ears HELP?
Canadian Tylenol/codeine pills continued?
Percecet online?
What's wrong...!!?
Tell me about fibromyalgia?
Opinion on genetic counseling and risk assessment?
I need to pick a Genetic disease to do a project on. Any suggestions?
Endoscopic Brain Surgery?!?!?
Does anyone know of a good sleeping aid that will not knock you our for more than 7-8 hours?
I slept with a girl who has Downs syndrome, does this mean I'm gonna get it too?
what does smoking cigarettes taste like?
TRICHLOROETHYLENE contact to skin?
what do chigger bites look like?
How do I get rid of my blood blister!?!?!?
strange bug bite....?
Burned Finger i am a Cajun making pecan candy and the hot cady got on my hand and it really hurts a swelling?
I have this like solid ball in my ear???? HELP???!!!?
is this statement true...?
target heart rate for the best burn?
What is a good source of calcium...?
How can I get a flat tummy?
what is a good weight for someone 5 feet 2 inches?
want to know how i lost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks?
Why is junk food unhealthy ?
What are some great ways to burn fat and what foods should i eat???
Has anyone of you have or had an eating disorder?
Should you drink cold drinks while coughing?why?
Is there any way to stop wheezing without an inhaler?
is shisha/hooka bad for you?
Chest Congestion Question?
cant breath???????
can anyone tell me if this is a cold?
Dry Cough and sore throat...what can I do to make it better...fast!!?
i have meeting about stop smoking ? they will ask me some question same ?
how can you stop an anxiety attack?
I have a diabetic question!?
My bloodpressure has been rising?
okay could i be a diabetic?
How did you SUCCESSFULLY help your bipolar spouse/loved one?
I think I have depersonalization disorder??
Depression medication without prescription?
Anyone missed out on many life experiences?
Why do people treat teenagers as sub-humans?
Addiction- drug deaths or stories?
Do I have social anxiety?
Megan Fox has schizophrenia?!?
How to tell people I self-harm?
Urgent! Sprained Ankle?!?
Speech Problem, need Help here...?
Help with a sprained toe?
Is this a sprained wrist or just sore joints?
IS this a groin pull or just a sore muscle?
How did you get your most strange injury?
is my toe broken or just bruised?
Guess Were I have Been A Two Month Ago?
Blew my nose lightly after tympanoplasty, did I ruin the surgery?
Is there any effective and permanent cure for hyper acidity?
what is viravan syrup?
Will rhinoplasty cure my sinus headaches?
Can Alavert (loratadine) and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) be taken together?
healthy and risky effects?
I have a problem of...?
I am becoming balder day by day and getting shivers about that as still I am young.Can some one help me?
When you go in a pool, why does your nose run?
getting your tonsils removed, true or not?
I think I drank dishwasher liquid?
me and my friends decided to make me pass out.?
Why would a person pick scabs and then eat them?
If you found a small man living under your big toe nail what would you do?
Help me please :) .?
how do you treat Fibromyalgia?
What is alternative medicine? Does it really help?
every how many hours should take the mefenamic ponstan?
I want to know your experiences with hypnotherapy.?
Has any candida treatment and/or diet worked for anyone? Details please. I've studied that 95% have a?
An way to get normal sleep pattern?
What's the best game to play at the doctor's waiting room?
what are some natural treatments for depression?
Using Old Contact Solution?
what is ophthalmic lenses for eyeglasses and what are they made out of?
What are some tips for a new contact lense wearer and makeup?
Can I wear contacts underwater?
What was your experience when you put on glasses for the first time in your life?
If i don't wear my glasses will my eyes get worse?
If I'm legally blind will I go totally blind when i'm older?
what is the generic name for sensodyne toothpaste. i cant find that brand here in Angola. ?
Clenching your teeth due to anxiety?
teeth ... should I be worried? ?
bleeding nonstop 11hrs from surgery?
how many teeth do humans have?
Scale and Polish question?
why chew-gum does not stick in our teeth but stick on our face?
Can a dentist make a small tooth look normal size or give me a fake one?
my tounge just fell out what should i do!?!?
where does blood flow to after it leaves the left atrium and passes through the bicuspid valve?
The Heartbeat is regulated by...?
How long can it take for my Blood Pressue Meds to work?
I was told my heart is only pumping out 30-35% of its blood and that normal is 50%...?
What is the process of getting an enlarged heart because of working out? is it likley? is it dangerouse?
I am a man of 37, I have been experiencing irregular digestion for over 6 month now. My stomack is noicy with?
What does it mean when the doctor perscribes nitro?
on lexapro, and at times. my heart hurts..?
Do i need to go to the doctor?heart/lung pain?
tmj symptoms?
Crazy crazy headaches for months now?
Is bruising bad?
what is grigeosamine? I have heard it something one can take to ease joint pain.?
upper right back pain that hurts to breath?
why does it feel like this?
My scab is falling off but it is really pink underneath is that ok?
is this a cyst or a bug/spider bite?
Have you ever gotten so drunk?
What Chromosome number is Tourette Syndrome?
Urinary Tract Infection?
My big toe hurts so bad?
Could i have a blood clot in my leg?
Throat problems? Visible epiglottis?
How can i stop being bulimic, without professional help?
what is it when you have swollen feet and legs?
urine infection?????????what shall i do for now? its hurting?
cerebellum multiple choice question?
Does anyone know much about MS?
Why does my eyeball move?
What is the difference of cost between a coloured contact Lens and a plain contact Lens?
-3 in one eye is bad. Would two eyes -3 be as bad?
did i damage my eye????????
Is this normal for me to be seeing?
Is honey and green tea good for acne?
Anyone use Proactiv for rosacea?
how many people got spots after coming off the pill?
my joints are black colored....i mean the pigmentation is dark?
messed up skin on ankle?
My face has been hurting since I shaved. Today I woke up with white dots on my face. They hurt! Help?
Do you hate it when people ask about your acne?
What are these things on my arm?
Brokn nek-rlatd plz! mom 85 y. broke nek.imobile nek down.bed sores.colar+ al medicl care. z she suferng? wen?
Have I got a hernia or a groin injury?
The back of my ear.?
hey my knee is swelling what should i do?
how do I tell if I have a concussion?
I injured my finger over a week ago, is it to late to get an X-ray now?
i think i have a sprained hand?
is it on t.v today?
Ive had k-wires in my thumb and wondering...?
Will this work?
Can i really lose 30 pounds by May?
How many calories are in the noodle part of Ramen noodles and how many in the seasoning? Websites that show?
Is there a book that would tell me about the fitness equipment at my gym so I know how to use them?
how to get a flat stomach?
What is the best weight loss program?
How can you lose 5 to 10 lbs in 2 weeks (but while being healthy at the same time)???
six pack?????????????
200 crunches before bed and morning.?
Does anyone else agree that under size 10 (UK) is just to skinny ?
nasally cold! voice sounds weird!?
Help singular trouble?!?
Hmm.. Could I have asthma?
roommate in university snores like crazzzy ;_; help!?
How to recover after H Pylori infection?
natural help for internal hemorrhoids. side effect after taking Levaquin antibotic?
Abscess Tonsillitis Complications????
what are some oral antibiotics that treat acne?
Are synthetic multivitamin and mineral pills worse than natural ones?
whats a good herbal store or website in canada? looking for Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood and clove capsules.?
What is EMC-virus and mengo Virus 2T?
Worried about my daughter?
What does it mean when you can't stop dreaming about him?
Do you think I'm stupid?
Horrifying dreams. I wake up unable to move, or speak. I'm in physical pain and I have a hard time breathing.?
I forgot how to type!!!!?
how do i access my own inner healing powers?
how does laughing improve the immune system?
herbal rememidies for walking pneumoinia?
how do i make colloidal silver into a paste?
People acting like cats?
why does it make me so sad?
UK road rage question - how do you deal with aggressive drivers who threaten to get 'confrontational' ?
Relation To Sensitive Teeth From Whitening Products Or Toothpaste?
Whats the benefits of being a dentist working in a hospital than working in your own private practice?
Is Baking Soda Good For Whitening Teeth???
How do dental professionals avoid carpal tunnel, muscluloskeletal strain, and other health issues?
i have 1 chipped front tooth and want vaneers to improve and give me confidence will nhs dentist do for me?
where,how,i can get teeth whitener,price also?
Right, toothpaste....how the hell.....?
My toothpaste crusted over?!?
One of my brackets came off and I'm in a bunch of pain. what do i do?
i have a question?
How strong of a mediciation is Levaquin?
Why does my nose get stuffy when I lay down and unstuff when I'm sitting up?
Are some barcode scanners at supermarkets dangerous for the eyes?
what does it mean when you're sick and you blow your nose and it smells bad?
Do you have to eat lead paint for it to make you sick?
If you had myopia (near- or short-sightedness) and you got a...?
Sudden loss of appetite and feel sick!?
i' think i'm getting sick but i "HAVE" to stay well any tips?
I need help, im giving up weed.?
polygraph testing on a diabetic?
Did you know Tab was short for tabloid, another name for pharmaceutical?
I take Mysoline for my Epileptic Seisures?
What is sodium nitrite?
i have been overeating for about year and half now i have been?
What is a water tablet?
Would you donate to a cause you don't believe in?
Right eye blurry, help plz?
Why is my eye not fully colored in?
My brand NEW contacts feel uncomfortable? Burning sensation?
if im getting contacts already how much more would it cost to get colored ones?
Migraine attacks , how to reduce them?
What is a hystocopy? Is it like a laperoscapy?
Medical Marijuana?
Wanting to know if others have same experience..?
My headaches start from my kneck up like a mohawk evry other day. am I sleepng wrong or do i have kneck problm
My tummy is upset when i go to sleep and when i wake up why is that?
pain in my knees!!?
Tempurpedic beds??? Any good???
Im taking augmentin (antibiotic) for an ear infection.. would it be bad to take 1mg of xanax along it?
Spider bite?
Sun Burn SCAB on my FACE - Helppppp!!!!!?
Help...earring stuck IN ear !?
My face got sunburned.Burn is gone, but it's blistered and feels like a scab.How can I make it go away faster
I need advice ASAP! Please!?
Is it harmful to eat Italian seasoning by the spoonful?
What do Trainers think about ISSAonline program?
I need to lose weight.?
what are some good cardio workouts to do at home?
How to lose fat from THIGHS, BUTT, STOMACH, and Arms?
Hip Hop Abs...?
i've been skipping meals, now im sick most the time when i eat. Whats wrong with me?
I"m starting a diet, but i hate vegetables!?
What should I have for lunch today?
what is the easiest way to fracture your ankle playin sport?
Broken ankle?
How long does it take for your nuts to stop hurting if you lie on them at night?
What could the pain be?
how do i heal a lip piercing ?
Sudden pain in right wrist?
How long does it take for a pulled muscle to heal?
self harming HELP!!!!!!!?
Husband has TBI with seizures.?
Injuries? Please Help Me!?
I have serious numbness on my right side of the body but NOT my face. What could this be?
If you test negative on a blood test for Celiac Disease, can you still have it?
How to get relief from Irritable bowel Syndrome?
What are possible reasons for always having cold hands?
Is an upper GI endoscopy considered "surgery"?
Sick after Hep A vaccine? is this normal...10 PTS...?
What is the difference between Sleep Aponea & Narcilepsy?
What is wrong with me? I now have joint pain?
I feel like I just got punched in the stomach?
Violent shakes in my hand?
pictures of allergic reaction to amoxillin?
Why does Head Ache occur when there blocakge in Nasal Cavity?
Is it possible for food poisening or a food allergy to make someone sick for a whole week?
Not Celiac, but still symptoms?
are you or yous bible thumpers?
Why do I get this stuff under my nails when I scratch my head?
Does oust, or lysol kill lice?
Best Face Product...........................?
Can anyone recover from bad acne?
Handicap parking permit and asthma?
what is wrong with me?
anxiety attack????? HELP!?
Why should I have my tonsils out now at nearly 50!?
if a building has asbestos in it, is the water affected by it, the water that comes out of the h2o fountains?
What is Kennel Cough?
Claritin and Robitussin (cough & cold) CF. Can you take these together?
Secondhand smoking info?
Burp feeling in my chest!?
Is there anything I can add to my salt mixture in my Neti pot?
How much would an eye exam at Lenscrafters be without any insurance?
the reason im being a fanatic about eye color.?
Windshield washer to clean eye glasses?
High astigmatism + not sure what BC + what lenses to order?
can i make it in the army with 6/12 vision with right eye? (without glasses)?
Is wearing contacts not good for you?
About eyes, Please! For all. Common problem.?
Eyelash inside of head?
What does an (AQ) test involve... (Autism/Aspergers)?
How to help someone suffering from heroin withdraw?
What do you do when you feel depressed?
How can I tell my parents I'm depressed?
what keeps you going when you feel depressed?
Will I ever get better?
Is low self-esteem the same thing as self-hatred?
I think I'm addicted to Yahoo Answers?
Is it possible to fill the lost enamel?
Why is there a clicking in my jaw?
Why does my mouth still hurt 4 weeks after wisom tooth removal?
I'm getting braces...HELP!?
I need more instructions on how to whiten your teeth with baking soda!!?
do you have to know a lot of math to be a dentist?
Do dentists fix their own teeth or do they just get another dentist to do it for them??
Whats The Most Recognisable Colours For Fixed Braces?
I tweaked my lower back. It only "TWINGES" occassionally. Do surface treatments work for this?
Have you tried that new fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue med?
Signs your gauged ear is infected?
Does a person's size determine how some medicines work for them?
Has anyone been,or is anyone on Subutex?
how can i help my father's Arthritis pain?!?
My neck hurts...?
does anyone know how long with drawls last from pain killers?
whats wrong with me i'm sick?
does a mosquito stop biting after the first bite?
Spider bites...?
infected ear!please help!?
What should i take?
What are you suppose to do when you get frostbite?
How do you make a diaper out of underwear and toilet paper?
Is there any such thing as therapy for a broken tailbone?
Any at home remedies for canker sores?
How much does a diabetic glucose test cost?
Why does my fashion tint fade from my glasses?
where can i get some colored contacts?
do they test urine for a physical card by the DOT?
Contacts Help??-Vision is Blurry in Right Eye?
is it possible that stem cells may lead to a cure to chronic diseases like diabetes?
is there a way to check and see if I can wear contacts?
Will glasses help?????????
Should I get contacts or not?
question about nystagmus?
I took my tongue ring out to help a sore heal how long til the hole closes. i got it done 3 months ago?
What eye color do you find most attractive and are limbal rings attractive?
Bad School Field Trip Experience?
how does alcohol cause heat loss?
Is it possible to have no CYL and axis reading?
Has any one use The BD logic blood Glucose testing kit? Is it as pain free as they say?
which eye sight is worst??? having a +3.75/+4.00 or +2.75/+2.75 prescription?
whats a good way to prevent from gettin a bruise?
Is this a pulled muscle in my back?
what is a normal glom filt rate for a 76 year old woman?
How to get nutrition while pregnant and with no appatite?
What is a blood sugar crash?
Where can i find wheat gluten free products for resonable prices?
Lately I've woke up twice with a really fat lower lip. My chin has swollen at other times. What is wrong?
Where do I find details on mold spores I am allergic to that are Aspergillus, cladasporin, and mucor?
Has any male out there had a penile dysfunction dis-order from using the drug Lisinopril?
I have bad allergies and i can only take bendryl and it makes me drowsy, Does anyone have Any options?
Can anyone recommend any natural remedies for hot flashes?
Change of meds prescribed to homepathic remedie?
Any fast acting home remedies for a UTI?
Do you think homeopathic capsules really work?
Natural ways to cure bi-polar? Do you know of natural mood stabilizers?
recommend any sleeping tablets/herbal tablets? i cant sleep.?
Besides Kava...what's the DEATH RATE on RX drugs vs Herbs ?
hwo can i secretley help my mom stop smoking?
Does a pain management doctor specialize in medication or what?
Does stress cause flatulence? and constipation?
why am i sleepy all the time--i sleep 9-10 hrs a night?
What do you do when you "Just Can't Sleep"?!?!?
how do u know if you have a low or high pain tolerance?
is it against the law to have really bad body odor in public?
how would infection in nasal passages and pharynx spread into the sinus?
Where did Hookah began from?
is it normal for pleurisy to last 5 months ?
this may sound stupid but does smoking green help anxiety attacks ?
Do you guys have any idea what's wrong with me? (Breathing issue)?
Air Hunger/Dyspnea? Please HELP!!?
For 2 days now I've had shortness of breath......?
Why aren't I losing the weight? HELP!!!?
Working out and eating right with slow progress in weight loss?
What are the right foods to eat on daily basis and which ones should I avoid?
Have you given up smoking or thinking about it?
what is an easy way to lose 5 pounds fast?
what is a good way to speed up your metabolism in the evening?
protein shakes???
Is there a way you can increase the amount of dopamine receptors in the brain?
i have short sight for 8 years. when i remove my glasses for reading, i see the book blur. why is it?
is there anyway to control excessive underarm perspiration?
Any one know a web site with good ways to quit smoking. Hate it but can't quit.?
Have you ever been kept alive by a feeding tube?
I get horrible muscle spasms in my foot! hurts sooo bad! help me!?
Why do bridegrooms and brides faint and collapse so much in wedding videos ? Seems more grooms than brides..?
Why some people can snap their fingers and some can't?
I am 5'4 - I want to be taller?
heart problems with my baby?
Child having a transplant?
Pain in chest and arm numb and tingling? Please read more details!?
How long did it take you to fully recover from open heart surgery? Not how long do doctors say.?
What can I take to stop bruising while taking blood thinners?
Is my active heart rate WAY too high?
At what elevation does it make your heart work harder?
Is it bad to work out if the person has an enlargement of the heart?
What is the average liver count for a woman age 57?
doctors in Ontario reputation and complaints lodged against them?
Has anyone ever survived brain cancer?
Can a certain kind of cancer pass through four (4) generations before some one could get the same cancer.?
I have a rare thymic carcinoma. I need a treatment advice and help.?
has anyone else had a liver resection surgery recently....?
what could white cell count 13.9 mean and 9.7 neutro blood count?
can u get cancer from standing in front of a microwave?
lumps on my forearm above my wrist what is it!!!!!?
Is it normal to not enjoy food anymore but instead eat just to survive?
Do I have a Mental Problem?
How does a person with Aspergers Syndrome find an employer to take a chance on him?
strange things keep happening?
Sleepless nights?
Lower back pain as a teen, because of sports?
Hip Replacement Surgery?
What can I do about 5 buldging disks' in the top of my neck?
back of leg below knee has permanant cramping?
My ears itch when I drink cold drinks...?
I need Scoliosis Surgery :( ?
How do i take care of my sprain right Wrist? should I have my Chiropractor look at it ?
Where online can I find help on how to write a report identifying risks of a workplace? Health and Safety?
Why is my pierced ear bleeding?
What is the cream they put on fighters cuts to stop them from bleeding?
how to cure a swollen lip.?
removed splinter??
sumting bit me wat could it be?
Garlic and IBS....is there a connection?
What is this?? Please help?
Could it be the beginning of Alzheimer's?
Why does my left ear keep making a strange noise when I touch it?
After effects on the nerves after septcaemia.?
Why do medical professionals insist on calling people suffering from a disease 'patients'?
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome--- Have you suffered, or do you know someone who has?
Does this kid have asperger syndrome?
I always feel like something is crawling on me or biting me how come?
My tooth aches a little, what could this mean?
After you graduate from dental school, can you become a dentist immediately?
1 of my veneers have came of my front tooth, have an interview early tomorrow help there are no dentist open.?
My tooth bonding is too dark, what do i do?
Can a crown be modified once cemented?
Why can't i bite my nails?
Why does my jaw keep clicking..????
I think I might have gum disease?
Why are some Dentists really careless?
How long does it take for a rotator cuff injury to heal?
How To Heal Pulled Muscle?
I have really bad stomach pains?
Do I have a bad wrist injury?( Please help odd injury easy 10 points!)?
I sprained my back on Monday?
help my head?
what should I do now with Hemorrhoid ?
should i ride out my tree nut allergy?
Eye allergies to Zyrtec?
How many times do you clean the filter of a humidifier?
can apple cider vinegar "the mother of" be use as an eye drop? it appear when I drink a little of it it
My frd is suffering from Sarcoidosis plz tell me all abt this desises and he is takeing the medicene(DEFCORT)?
Is there a natural supplement available in India that can boost dopamine and serotonin levels in the body?
Does Urine Therapy Have Any Scientific Backup / Justification?
When you start taking Movicol, what will happen? does it start straight away?
I am taking Green Tea Capsules ?
How can we preserve ASHWAGANDA green leaves(Ayurvedic medicinal) for subsequent use when not available in lawn?
using fish oil supplements in children with autism?
What is the best way to cure a hangover with out pills?
Did marlboro cigarettes used to sell cannabis joints?
what are early symptoms of type II diabetic retinopathy?
I have cancer and a diabetic too. Is drinking bottled flavored water good for me.?
Is durum wheat pasta okay for diabetics? Is it a low carb meal?
I am suferring from epilepsy since the last 24 years and also undergoing medication.I am joblesssince 6 years.
what is better for your health: sugar or salt?
Alternate site testing?
will having diabetes make you smell??
how can i make my thighs thinner?
Atkins diet?
how to gain muscle mass?
What protein powders would be good for supplementing regular diet?
How do you flatten your stomach and below?
Whey protein alternative?
I exercise, but can't stop eating?
how can i lose 30 lbs in about 2-3 months?
how can i control dry eye problem?
"Twitching" of the right eye?
Where can I find Orthokeratology lenses in Taipei?
Contact lense problem.?
I got contacts today, but I'm having trouble putting them in...Help?
Has anyone ever tried Gentle Molding? Its a LASIK Alternative and I am considering doing it?
lifewave patches what are they and do they work?
Whiteheads and blackheads/How to remove them with home remedies?
I have 4 days taking Zinc for my acne, by when should i start expecting to see results?
how can i get rid of blackheads on my nose and the large pores caused by them?
i love to pop my blackheads how do i stop this habbit?
Why are people afraid of small, uneven clusters of holes?
Scab picking...by 7 year old daughter?
i sweat a lot on my back?
Can being in pain worsen depression?
pain and numbness?
Why did the cookies I purchased on the airplane cause severe yeast infection?
Help ! Stomach pain?
I'm extremly worried... can anyone help?
to all those athletes?
Calf pain!?
Abodominal pain mid section on left side?
what are the symptoms of aspergers syndrome?
How much does abilify cost with insurance usually?
Anyone on adderall expirence these side effects?
I go to my favorite websites in alphabetical order. Am I completely bonkers?
Relieve skin picking disorder...?
why do people need to sleep?
i think im depressed..and i really need help its getting worse..?
How to stop cutting?
how soyabean is useful for kids growth? can anybody allergic to soyabean?
alternative (holistic) vs. modern medicine?
how happy were you after getting liposuction? compared to the price, was it worth it?
In the UK how does one get to see your own medical records?
Is it unusual to fear choking on plastic or metallic objects?
In 24 hours I've consumed 230 oz. of water, help?
social needs and temperament?
Question for anyone who has ever had x-rays.....?
clear pee after drug test; pass or no pass?
Would these be signs of pneumonia or something else?
My throat has been dry for over 13 hours ?
Can you have anaphylaxis without a trigger?
is this normal for pilondial disease?
My inhaler gives me little relief....?
i am waiting to miscary..will your body always expel naturally? how long is to long to wait?
Coughing, sore, sneezing, headache... but not the flu?
I'm coughing up bloody mucus?? I know gross.... please help?
am feeling weak feverish and coughing out a nasty brownish phelmg?
I keep dry heaving but i have to puke but nothing will come up? is it stuck? what do i do?
Mosquito bites on face...very red on my 14 month old son?
Ear Piercing/ Ear infection!!?
Dr. Scholl's Freeze-Away Wart Remover gave me skin discoloration!?
How do I remove a burn mark?
What can you put on a tick bite? I got one on my back and it wasn't' fully attached but left a big red bump!
I think i burned a little area above my ear from my straightner???
All of a sudden i get very hot?
what is schizoprenia, its symptoms?
What is autism?Why are children affected with it a matter of greater concern?
What are the symptons of Bi-Polar Disease?
What is the highest temperature you have ever had?
What are these symptoms affiliate with? Or are they just severe allergies?
Found worms in my poo WWYD?
Why does eating make me queasy?
Pain when passing urine?
Help, going to emergency is not an option, I don't have insurance?
Would I know it if I got stabbed deep enough to get tetanus.?
how could we know the difference between ulcers and intestinal cancer symptoms?
How likely is a pulmonary nodule discovered on a routine ultrasound to be lung cancer?
can lung disease be cure?
how do doctors check if you have cancer?
MRI/CT technologis pay in texas?
I just found out my aunt has cancer in her lungs, and it spread out?
Breast lump on a 12 yr old!?
Is this Lymphatic cancer?
Blood pressure will be at its highest when?
How low is a BP of 87 over 35?
Any serious dangers/risks of getting a triple heart bypass?
What do the top and bottom numbers in blood pressure mean?
Was there a leak in my heart?
Blood pressure at 138/98?
Arrythmias caused by anxiety?
Heart Attack or muscle strain?
What does Boderline T Abnormalities, Inferior Leads means on a EKG?
cardiac arrest in a 12 year old?
Is it better to go to a doctor or a natropath to check for food allergies/intolerances?
Lasik Eye Surgery....?
Small Eye pain question?
Does anyone know how to make wheatgrass juice without buying a fancy juicer?
Kinoki Foot Pads - REAL Research? REAL Testing?
Torn Cartilage Knee Injury?
What are ways to prevent knee caps from dislocating?
How do you remove fluid from the knee?
My ankle makes a popping sound when i rotate it. This has been going on 4 bout 8 months This worsens at nite?
How tight should an arm be wrapped with an ace bandage?
I got my nose pierced about a month ago and have been cleaning it with h2ocean every day!!?
i hurt my ankle at a cross country meet and i am wondering if i could use masking tape instead of athletictape?
"I fell down the stairs"?
Foot fetish-Does a sprained ankle turn on?
Physicians how would you deal with this situation?
how to nestablish a diabetes resource center?
hypos without having a low bloodsugar?
my blood sugar is 195?
what type of person might have metabolic rate?
I'm young--so why the hip pain???
Can extreme pain cause nausea and dizziness?
pain on rt side back Shoulder blade hurts when i swallow food?
Is there an age requirement for Tempur-Pedic pillows?
I've been having low back pain for awhile now.?
throwing up?
Wrist Pain need help....?
How can you strengthen your memory and start to learn things easier?
Eating More Meals Does IT Speed Up Your Metabolism?
Am I not working out enough?
Is it possible to increase one's metabolism?
How to lose a pound in two days?????? HELP!!!!?
What are some good exercises to do at home?
fast way to lose belly fat??
Just how many portions of chips/Fries am I supposed to eat to put weight on?
I`m 13 years old,5 ft. 2 in. and 91 lb.Is it ok?
How long does it take for you body to go into starvation mode?
does it hurt when they put the wires in for braces?
How long does it take to be a Dental Hygienist?
What would help whiten my teeth?
Do all children loose the premolar and molar tooth?
How many times a year should I go to the Dentist?
whats dental hygienist school like, and what was your path to get there?
How do you know when your wisdom teeth need to be removed?
How would I go about getting dental treatment abroad? ?
Why do I always wake up with my teeth tightly pressed against each other?
healing an open wound?
Pierced earlobe help...?
sticky or soft?? i need a nurse!!!?
Is it pink eye?
how to treat burns?
I got bit by a Fire Ant And i need help real quick ?
how do i get ride of a bad burn?
what is the popcorn lung disease? my dad died and the doctors dont know why.?
I have dry cough not sure why this happen and trying various home remedies not goin away can any on gve sugstn?
Where does the blood on the nose bleeding comes from?
which is safer ...gas oxygen or liquid oxygen?
Can someone help? My mom is having some health problems?
What causes habitual snoring and can it be something more serious?
My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis and i worry about him a lot, is anyone else in the same situation?
Im on Prednisone and im having trouble with side affects?
How can i overcome my low memory problem?
How do you know if you're going schizophrenic? Serious answers only, please.?
i always had obsessive thoughts of hurting myself?
Living with the past of depression and mental illness?
Why is introversion seen as negative?
Scary, weird, strange feeling?
Dealing with depression?
what would you like to ask?
Am I dead, or am I just sleeping?
What got rid of your spots the best?!?
Lunesta, does it work and how do you get rid of godawful horrible mouth taste?
for people who go on sunbeds :D?
Buzzing in the ears...Is it a disease?
PLIZZZZ someone help i have alcohol bloating . it wont go?
Has anyone heard the term poison cure poison?
Ear infections...how long does the pain last?
Those who know about partial seizures, I need help?
Does anyone know these symptoms?
What is a Stomach Ulcer? I was diagnosed with one and I dont understand really.?
I just had a urine drug test, and i drank 1.5 liters of water beforehand, what will the test say?
What should I eat...pls help in my muscle pain..:(?
Is it harmful to not poo often?
How would you react to this?
My back hurts so bad that I can't stand upright?
I'm 19 and I just got my tonsils out two days ago.. My throat hurts very badly.. advice please!?
Well...ummm....kinda wierd question.... my friend's friend eats Zandu balm, would that hurt her?
Does anyone have information on hormonal replacement?
Can the pills which are swallowed go into where we breathe from?
How to erase stretch marks?
Is it possible to grow taller if you have short parents?
I have some psycological problems.Please suggest some lady doctors in chennai for counselling.
need the answer to this question?
Smoking cannabis around children?
I couldn't sleep last night is that bad?
How come cigarettes taste bad when you have a cold?
Feet extremely swollen...?
radiation oncology prognosis for cancer of the esophagus?
what does the result of my serum hcg means?
bone diseas cancer no yes?
what is bone grafting? ?
UAE cancer patients go overseas for treatment..?
What can I or should I do?
How many people Get cancer in thier life time? I heard it was one out of three is that true?
i sooooooo really need help on this!!!please help?
Is it bad to be around cats while pregnant if I'm allergic?
Zantrex the diet pill causes an allergic reaction after a little over a week taking?
each new season when my German shepherd is getting her new coat she goes completely bald in different places?
Sudden rashhhh..............?
I just found out I am gluten intolerant. Will I gain or lose any weight being gluten free?
How do i ride when I'm allergic to horses?
sugar free gluten free soy free & corn free snacks?
Help! My ear is blocked and full of wax?
what keeps it the freshest?
Herballife?? Any experience of them?
does salt really cure ulcers? ?
what is it in the body that makes mosquitoes bite some people and not others?
I have stitches on my finger. how long will it take till they remove the stitches from my finger?
Does anyone know what this is?
SUNBURN helppppp me?
tip of finger busted, what should i do?!?
help! rug burn..... what helps the burn?
What is This thing on my finger?
Don't, don't, don't bite your friends!?
i need help with my depression?
I would like to hear stories of your anxiety attacks?
im begging please someone help!?
Can you honestly blame me?
how can I stop feeling so worthless?
Why do I feel very sad and lonely?
I play basketball but I sprained my ankle how will I keep the swelling down?
What is the best way to deal with a spanged ankle?
My Finger is sprained any home remedies?
Gymnastics Injury Please Help?
Is it better to soak a sore foot/ankle in hot or cold water?
Bad piercing experiences?
is there a word for this injury i would get during boxing?
What am i supposed to do with this huge wound in my mouth. What do i do? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the heath risks of breathing in sawdust of MDF?
True or False? Hemoglobin serves the body by carrying oxygen to vital organs that need it. ?
fever after exertion??
Levaquin side effects including joint and heel pain.?
My new kitty has discharge from her eyes and is drooling...is it an upper respiratory infection?
inhaling aluminum foil?
my friend a bed wetter?