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I keep getting this headache, about 2 times a week?
Are there any Stretches and exercises that are good for my back? (I have Scoliosis)?
I had neck surgurey they streched my four discs put spacers inbetween them and removed the bone spurs.i would?
Growing pains?
Can you get Tennis Elbow if you don't play tennis?
Just my right temple hurts.?
How can I Fix my Back Pain?
Have you ever taken antidepressants and they made your situation worse?
Back Hurts when i jog and or run.?
What is wrong with my knee?
would dropping a 25-pound weight on my foot from about waist-high break my foot?
What is a fisure of the articular cartliage?
When should you seek medical help...concussion question?
Very dizzy!?
i need advice?
Should I get my hand looked at?
i got pushed into a wall and heard a crack from my wrist?
y is my head falling of?
Gluten-free diet worse before better?
what to do if a person's BP is low?
Has anyone had this test before?
Can this be cancerous?
What can I do to boost my immune system when I feel like I'm going to get sick?
I have a constant feeling of being dizzy. It feels like I am moving back and forth even though i am not.?
Does Glue Ear Cause dizziness ?
My father just had a stroke which affected the left side of his brain, what can I expect?
Weird but i get drowzy when i press between my ear and my neck ?
What could be making my feet feel tingly and burn??
Exercise Before or After Dinner?
what should i do to lose some weight and feel good?
need some help from a nutritionist?
Best Exercise for legs ?
Fat loss question please help me?
What is the easiest way to cut down on your caffeine intake?
I need a healthy way to lose...?
Is it healthy to eat a lot of natural peanut butter?
I want to loose about 30 pounds in the next eight months?
I Feel Hungry, but Eating Makes me Sick?
Is this ok to do with contacts?
welding arc burn????/?
Could this be retinal detachment or VS?
Are contacts really that bad?
How does Topamax cause acute myopia in eyes?
My glasses are too small?
is this person wearing colored contacts? pic included?
A question about eye color...?
I need help with a cold?
What kind of doctor should I see for coughing that has lasted for weeks.?
side effects of benadryl?
Criteria for being placed on Morphine Pump...?
help!! Coughing hard?
Is taking 9 benadryls fatal?
I have a fizz sound in the back of my neck now and then. What is it? ?
I need a good moisturizer - any tips?
what is the fastest way to get rid of a zit?
Why did I breakout a few months after taking Accutane?
Do you check the expiration date on your suntan lotion?
my upper arms are really lumpy and gross [picture included]?
What do these white marks on my finger nails mean?
Boils, please help...?
Best Way To Get Rid Of A Zit Overnight?
what is it in a bee sting that causes allergies and death in ppl?
Allergic to dust but need curtains for my windows....?
Help with algergies?
anyone know how many carbs in diabitic diet?
Can PMS trigger a hypoglycemic episode?
Anyone use a OneTouch meter?
how is hemoglobin beneficial to animals?
TYPE 2 Diabetes and weight loss?
what are the best foods to eat to keep your kidneys healthy?
Does Type 2 Diabetes cause excessive perspiration?
Are there any smaller kinds of insulin pumps other then the Deltec Cozmo 1800?
Did i almost die!?!?!!!!!!!!!!?
Why are some farts hot when they come out and others aren't...same thing with the smell, some don't some do?
Do you have ADHD????
Do you think it's possible to completely overcome depression?
are there any psychologists/counsellors who like to help a distressed soul for free?
No Motivation?
i feel guilty about my psychotic episode, help?
Do you think it's selfish of people to ask you to promise to not to cut yourself?
I found a book in my sisters room, it says in the front page "A record of my last days"?
what is the 2007 teen suicide rate?
saw elbows?
Pain In Back Of Knee ... Help! ?
pectoralis major? muscle?
guys...I got a basketball game tonight and my wrist hurts really bad. How can i heal it even a little bit?
Hurt Back 8 weeks ago. Still having pain that radiates?
What's wrong with my ankle?
arm dislocation?
nose bleed???
How long does a tiny abrasion take to heal?
Is flat water healthier than carbonated water or does it make no difference?
losing weight in thighs/leg areas?
Muscles regeneration, how long does it take? and how does it affect your body building?
Drank abit too much alcohol last night, how much water should I drink?
I have joined the biggest loser ....?
Need some help deciding on an exercise program. Cardio or Weight training...which is better?
Special K Diet?
What should the normal weight be for a 14-year old girl who is 5ft 6in?
So running is the best way to burn off fat??
What is involved in the process of administering chemotherapy directly to the hepatic artery?
How Vitamin "D" relates to Cancer treatment?
is there a cure for sarcoma?
what is hepatic lobectomy? give in detail?
Out of how many people actaully get cancer?
what kind of doctor that specializes in thyroid problems/diseases?
Can I print off a copy of the medical certificate that my doctor fills out during my illness from work?
Lupus question...?
How do I get rid of IBS wind? The normal remedies dont seem to help!!?
Club Foot??? Anyones baby had club foot from birth, what is the treatment and is it completely curable??
Why is my stomach upset only in my house?
what is good to eat with gout?
My ankles and legs are swollen, i think i found my water pills ??
Weird problem with eye-help!?
How long does it take for vision insurance claim to go through?
What exercises can I do to improve my eyesight?
why are my eyes like this?????
Why does only my right eye bother me after being on the computer for a while,my glasses are only a year old.?
does vanilla ice have ptosis? and if he does why doesnt he get it fixed?
what would cause my horrible cough?
How long did people survive with tuberculosis?
chest pain?
Pneumonia - ways of speedy recovery?
shortness of breath/chest discomfort/pulmonary function test???
What can you do if you find black mold in your apt?
Whats is Androgenic Hopecia?
what can i give my 8week old daughter she has a terrible cold coughind sneezing and stopped up nose?
Allergies cause facial tension?
i'm allergic to vitamin B3 (niacin), so my question is;?
Pulmonologist or Allergist?
Allergic to Lavender - Am I the only one?
pure shea butter (problem)?
Gluten free baby snacks?
Worried? Am I allergic to ice cream and am I okay ?
rubber bands on braces?
How is drinking bottled water more likely to cause cavities?
i've always wanted 2 know?
Weird mouth problem.?
do u use electric toothbrushes?
Does a root canal hurt?
Question about a dental hygienist being impatient with you, while cleaning you teeth?
how to get rid of Saggy skin?
What causes the bags under my (anyone's) eyes?
What fluid is used in kidney dialysis?
where can i order huber tip needles?
If you drink too much honey, will you get diabetes?
Is glyco-hemo the same as A1c?
Is there a reported facts,about stemcell stopping the progression of M.S?
Can anyone tell me if tablet controlled Diabetes can run in families or is it just down to life style?
Gall bladder pain while exercising..?
has anyone every taken lyrica?
Why do my temples hurt when I ride a roller coaster or free fall?
Is Vicodin safe?
Shin Splints - Prevention, Treatment And Cure Options?
Sevre pain in heel? help?
What is this pain in my side?
I have a horrible headache?
I have a massive headache and i need advice?
figure skater has pulled her knee and ankle hurts?
How long does it take for a pulled hip flexor to recover?
Knee pain advice for a runner?
ear piercing problem?
ankle broke?
Why and how do i get my arm to stop hurting?
What did I doing wrong while squating?
weird dream?
My 21 yr old son has epilepsy ocd tourettes and social anxiety and has frequent seizures .?
My memory is really shot, how can I get it back or improve it?
social anxiety... meeting phobia..pls help?
Need Help of Overcoming my intense fear of rejection/failure/success?
I'm having trouble dealing with "death" for sometime now...now sure what triggered it...?
My life is a shambles. I can't go on. Please help.?
How do I improve my self esteem?
when you feel low?
self harm help?
need to find my own way in life?
What is Rhabdomyosarcome?
Will nano technology help humanity in curing cancer?
How long does one live if diagnosed to have acute leukemia?
What's Wrong?! I have some tender, sore places on my leg?
What are the important parts of the lymphatic system.?
who is the best oncologist in the world?
Infected ingrown toenail question?.,?
Is my friend going to be okay?
Myelin production and multiple sclerosis, ALD and others...?
where can i discuss my medical condition which my doctors cannot properly diagnose and solve??
Can you have a migraine in the sinus area of the face?
ALT & AST blood test results???
Will My Hair Grow Back After Starting Thyroid Meds?
do kidney transplant patients always have to take predinsone if they do not have an exact match donor?
Is it possible for someone to register somewhere to become a live liver translpant donor?
Please, help me =/?
Lasic, What do you think?
How to fix an Ear Clog?
Why is it that sometimes when you go to sleep, you wake up more fatigued than you were before?
How can you tell the difference if something is an ingrown hair or a cyst? OR something else altogether?
Is addiction really a disease?
Why do I have weird dreams when I'm sick?
Weird question. If you were to replace all of the organs in someones body, could they live forever?
why do hospitals make so much profit from organs we donate why isn't it free isn't considered a donation?
Are you scared of death?
how can i make myself sick?
Strabismus Surgury- Can You "Choose" Which Eye You Want To Look Out of?
Help with contact lenses?
My contact lenses were all dried up and shrivelled,Is it okay to still wear them?
where is an excellent hospital to have a lasik or prk eye surgery done in ny and how r they??? please help?
Which works more like Benadryl--Zyrtec or Claritin?
Terrible allergies?
Is my mother more vulnerable to developing a cat allergy because she's already allergic to something else?
If I took my normal 24hr allergy pill this morning could I take a benadryl tonight?
does a ear vaccum cleaner hurt?
Why do i feel so sick after drinking tea? Am I allergic to it?
my throat is always blocked?
braces on the NHS for adults?
how many times in a day do i have to use mouth wash?
What is the best kind of Crest White Strips?
Rinsing with diet soda instead of water?
Why doesn't fluoride toothepaste have very much fluoride?
Is $350 normal for an 'initial appointment' at a dentists office?!?
My moms teeth keep braking off and chiping?
Cures for bad breath?
Has anyone ever lost their rubberbands in the gums of their teeth? Did here and caused major problems!?
sickle cell anemia/ crisis?
What could cause my sinus problem?
Sinus Problems?
Can someone restate this: Those at greatest risk for increased disability and mortality are those with ...?
Ebola question?
Asthma...My girl friend got it when we was 34.?
how often are you supposed to use a neti pot?
How do i get clear skin?
What is a good acne product for the face?
Natural Cure for Breast Stretch Marks?
How do I clear up this acne? (Picture)?
Medical treatment for toenail falling off...?
My warts keep coming back bigger! I have had one removed twice and it came back AGAIN. What's up with this?
Does surgery for a stress fracture hurt?
So I got a manicure, and I got an ingrown fingernail?
settlement offer... IS IT FAIR?
Why do i still have tingling on top of my foot.?
How long does it take a broken bone in the fifth finger to heal?
I think I have an ingrown toenail, but I don't know. Can anyone help?
i droped 30lb on my foot and i was wondering how much weight it took too break your foot?
My cheek hurts! How do you fix it?
I think I broke my toe and I leave for basic training in a week.?
plz help..im in sooo much pain!!!!!?
Acute Sinusitis Causing Migraines?
can i exercise even i had a headache?
how do i cure a migrain?????
Is it possible to imagine pain?
is pain all in the mind?
How much would heart bypass surgery roughly cost the NHS per operation?
is 6 81 mg of aspirin to much to take.. I was diagnosed with TIA and really need to keep blood pressure down?
question about blood clots?
i had chest pains along with pain in my left arm last week? help?
why do i have chest/heart tightness?
ok so i'm just curious...?
has anyone had steven johnson syndrome. My nephew is critically ill with this.?
20 Poisens in cigarettes!!!!?
whats the small black dots in my poo?
Anyone ever taken Effexor XR?
How do I get over past mistakes?
Is there a song that is scientifically proven to help people go to sleep?
Insomniac - How to sleep longer?
why does everything in my life keeps going wrong?
Why do people become obsessed with someone?? such as stalkers??
Razor you use to cut yourself?
Do you believe in "Don't give up"?
Is it counted as cutting if i just push the scissor blade against my skin?
I would like to know the same of the homeopathy medication that helped Massiha with peripheral neuropathy?
What are some limitations of therapeutic cloning?
what are some similiar drugs comparitable to remeron?
does anyone Neti?how do find it?
herbal supplements for memory and concentration?
what can be the best remedie for doubt.?
Yesterday I examin my blood in a lab. My Blood sugar label is 5.6. Is it symptom of Diabetics?
insulin and hives?
Hypo unawareness?
I have 5 stitches and need help?
getting rid of a blister from a sunburn with out it being fully developed.. QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
mosquito bite… Throwing up and Diarrhea.... HELP!!!?
Can someone please recommend something?
Amoxicillin Overdose?
Why do people that saves lives get the lowest pay?
Stung by a scorpion how long until I die?
Can you have an Allergy to any Vinegar?
Voice Changing?
which is better in rhinitis and why ,giving topical vasoconstrictor before topical steroid or vise versa?
EdenPURE Area Model Air Purifier success with allergies?
Can my allergy medicine cause "cotton mouth"?
Why are my boggies purple!!!???
am I coming down with something?
Are these things really bad for your eyes.?
Can I get Lasik later on in life?
is it bad if bits of eye liner go inside the eye ? :S?
Should I get contact lenses?
Look weird without glasses?
help! should my eyes be turning into brown?
colored eye contacts ?
how tall is 153cm in feet? is it over 5' or just 5'?
Which brand of electric toothbrush is more effective or less complicated? Philips Sonicare or Oral B?
Which brands of gum will give me gingivitis?
wisdom teeth recovery regarding stitches...HELP.emegency?
Shifted Up tooth...Need braces for how long?
What do dentists use to sterilise their instruments?
wire bent on braces?
why won't my mouth open al the way?
My forearms hurt when weight lifting...?
Ok, my sis has diarrea that just won't stop...she has tried pepto....doesn't work, any suggestions?
SCIATICA.I've Had this for eight days now and its really painful,keeping moi awake at night,Have you ever
What is sarcoidosis?
Can it be Pneumonia again?
Can Asthma have an effect on arthritis?
i have a mass about the size of a ping pong and its very painful at times when i cough or sneeze too?
Are there any alternatives to CPAP machines for sleeping?
any1 had experience of colon polyps?
Sore throat and no way to get rid of it HELP!!?
How do i get smaller legs and a flat stomach???
how is the fastest way to get a flat stomach?
Teen girl weight loss?
How many grams of fat should a woman trying to lose weight eat per day?
Need to lose 44 pounds... What is the fastest way and the best way to lose 'em?
How can I loose weight in a healthy way?
Why do people make up so much crap when it comes to how much weight they lift?
Weight - What womens clothes size would u class as too big, average and small?
can a person get kidney failure due to higher content of urea, n short breath,in two days?
What, if any, are the signs of autism in an infant?
what happens to bottle water left in a in a car for hours,?
stomach problem?
I have had dirrhea for 7 days now. It is not letting up.?
Anyone else have problems with doctors in Florida?
i suddenly lost vision?
I would like to know abt 'nephrotic syndrome" and good doctor s available for treatment of this.?
are the people that answer medical questions are doctors?
Good Acne Kit Systems or good product combinations?
I have Post Acne Marks, anything to help them fade away ?
What are the spots around my eyes?
I have a wart that worries me?
get rid of these white bumps under my skin?
Teenage stretch marks?
Need Help..What is this on my hand..have pics?
my mum has just been diagnosed with lymphoma?
radiation 4 throat cancer 1 yr ago damaged tongue/taste buds. food burns/hurts can this be healed?
Heart diagnose "Kinetic wall motion"?
what does t abnormality , diffuse leads mean on ecg?
Heart soreness but not bad - Heart or Anxiety?
Any one know anything about denocard?
i feel heart pain during bowel movement...what could this be?
Medical Condition Question?
Can smoking cause a high cholesterol?
a 28yr old female has a stroke, what could be the cause?
Is the root of why health care costs too much is that doctors charge too much?
is it possible to have a fever of 116 degrees F.? ?
How can I get back in the routine of sleeping early again?
When you have a head cold, how does the nose know when you are no longer standing up?
What is going on with my nose?
Do I need to gain weight?pic?
Why would someone eat something that made them get blood stains in their pants?
Why are yawns often contagious?
Is it just me or does bad weather make you feel tired?
What's Wrong With Me?
Which Mental Illness is Worse : Schizophrenia or Bi-Polar Disorder ?
Anxiety/Panic Attacks?
is this safe........?
Friend going to commit suicide?
What's wrong with me?
Im depressed?
How can I give money as a memorial to the American Diabetes Assoc.?
does anybody know why legs get swollen on a diabetic?
what are glucose levels?
I have had a pacemaker inserted and am diabetic how long will it take for the wound to heal.?
Night sweats?
Is sugar free Ice Cream really O.K to eat if you have to watch your sugar level's?
What is causing this pain in my elbow?
How do you know if you have tendinitis?
One arm drive wheelchair...?
what is the cost of a hospital visit for a broken bone such as a broke leg?
Toenail help?
Serious wound? I would hope not!
whats wrong with my neck?
What's wrong with me?
how can you fall down the stairs and not hurt your self?
Braces help please?thanks.:]
What colour of braces do you think is the nicest so that a boy still may fancy you?
Is it true that drinking a soft drink through a straw can prevent enamel and tooth decay?
Has anyone tried bright smile? IF so thoughts on it? Anyone get good resutls from teeth whitening other ways?
Is £65 a lot to pay for a tooth coloured filling?
Is it possible to clean your mouth too much?
whitening strips..?
tiny tooth on tooth?
I need to find out how to get dentist help i live in colorado i no ins. some one help where do i call or go
brushing teeth in the shower?
Hair Growth and Herbal Medicine?
what are some things you can do to boost your immune system naturally?
Is it true that using more than 500mg. of Calcium at a time can accumulate in the arteries or our joints.?
Homeopathy for IBS?
how do you get high at home off nitrous?
does anybody out there drink mona-vie?
any home remedies for getting rid of dark circles?
Feeling of being bit by insect, but no bite marks?
Why are my hands cold all the time?
What is the proper name for the stuff you get in the corner of your eye when you wake up?
please pray for them!
Why am i allergic to some things and not others?
is it possible that something your allergic to causes your sinus' to swell up?
How to improve indoor air quality and help with allergies?
i ate an apple n possibly also the worm inside..what could happen?
Children's food allergy?
Is this possible??
lip is swelling up for no reason? (or so I think)?
An Ant Bit Me In The Inner Part Of The Eyelid.But Nothing Happened To My Eye.But My Eyelid Has Swelled.?
Hello Do you know a web site were I can buy my prescription glasses at a decent price ?Thank you.?
eye color. i need to know what you think?
i hav high blood pressure how to lower my high blood pressure?
Endocarditis Slow To Develop?
my girlfriend has heart disease (arvd) is drinking bad for her?
at what age sciliosis operation should be performed?my daughter's age is 8 years [email protected]?
Can you treat angina pectoris(atherosclerosis) without medication?
Blood in the left common cartoid artery recieves blood from what vessles?
How actuate is a stress test by treadmill?
Why does my heart pound if I get up quickly from a resting position to standing up?
if you have an have an implanted cardiac defibrillator can you drive ?
would cancer of the kidney show up in blood specimens?
Can you get Cancer through spraying deodorant?
Will eating under 1500 calories per day make me lose weight?
Diet Pepsi weight gain?
how to become anorexic and how much would i lose while being?
In reality, what would the stats (Measurement, Height & Weight) be of the following Disney Princesses:?
Gained seven pounds during a binge today!?
Do you like your body/are you happy with your weight?
Help? I don't want to stop losing weight?
How can i become as flexible as a cheerleader?
how do i stop eating so much?
Do you think this is a reasonable definition of "Treatment-Resistant Depression"?
What type of doctor do you see for anxiety issues?
I have aspergers and find life very hard:( what can be done to make it better?
Having a Very bad day...?
how can you die in your sleep?
What exactly IS child abuse?
How do you cut your wrists WITHOUT killing yourself and where?
Cutting self..........Please help me!!?
I am a very immature person, and I want to know how to be more mature?
What are some ways to keep your immune system healthy?
Did you notice that alcoholics get angry a lot?
any who can think outside the square?
some advice about alcoholism?
Reasons to not kill myself?
Why is my tolerance for marijuana so low and unbudging after 5 years of daily use?
How many deaths per 100000 people pose an acceptable risk for a drug to be viewed as marketable?
Passing Random Drug Tests!!?
vocal rest vocal nodules?
how to go about quitting smoking
pains in chest?I need some advise?
Knee and stomach pain????
what are syptoms of a gall bladder attack,i was hurting really bad in my back around the middle like a big ?
Bad head injury..?
Is this a bone bruise or just a minor injury?
shoulder injury?
Can I play netball tomorrow if I've just gotten 3 stitches removed from my forearm today?
blood blister questions?
Why am I bleeding out of my ear?
leg cast???
does ingrown toenail removal hurt????
Will herpes zoster increases diabetes mellitus.tel me the relation of diabetesmelitus with herpes zoster.Fast?
how many points does 1 unit of insulin take your blood sugar down?
diabetes education charts developed by dr martyn sulway and distributed by boeringer manheim?
Can you have neuropathy in left pinky finger?
How come 2 hours ago my blood sugar was 205 and now it is 90? How can it drop so quick?
how do you know if your...?
I'm diabetic with neuropathy I went to a specialist. The only thing he did is poke my feet with well it was
why there is a separate dental college despite being a very less important organ compared to other organs?
How come I cough whenever I use Q-Tips?
Is it possible to suffer an illness through being tickled too much ?
What do YOU do when you have a cold?
How Can You Prevent Cotton Mouth When Smoking Marijuana?
>>>Preparation H and saran wrap? Lose inches??
Will humans be able to live to 150 and beyond?
I have a burning sensation when i pee and it sometimes glows when i turn the lights out...?
Shouldn't people be asking a doctor?
Why does my eye twitch?
my eye is suddenly sore/red (i removed contacts -but not itchy & i dont have $ for a dr whats the best course?
How do I know I got the eyeglass prescritiom and contact lense prescrition suitable for me?
Which one is my eye prescription power?
If I stop using contact lenses will it help/hurt my eyes?
My Son Got Popped in The Eye Lid With a Rubber Band?
Changes in eye colour (brown/dark red spots)?
why does one eye contact expire quicker?
Apple Cider Vinegar?
your best solutions for overcoming panic attacks and anxiety?
I've recently stopped taking Nexium and have started using apple cider vinegar instead to help my reflux....
What is blue berry leafs for what does it help with as a tea?
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.?
im looking for pills to feel "happier" and "calmer/peaceful"?
Help with braces?
sensitive teeth from whiteners?
Why r braces soo Expensive??
My teeth never feel clean?
Major cavity pain! Don't have clove oil! help!!?
My lip is hurt??
Does anyone know a good toothbrush to use if you have braces?
Why is Scope mouthwash named Scope?
How do I tell if I have a spider bite. What does the bump look like?
how to heal bullet wounds by yourself?
How is the effect of inhalatory anesthetics on tumoral metastases?
can you survive intestinal cancer without treatment?
PET Scan, FDG uptake, and Lymphoma Question?
How much will I-131 radiation from within my cat reach my other cat?
My mom took her last chemo now she is in extreme pain &on 02 can barely walk how common is extreme pain ?
Can aids speed up esophageal(sp) cancer?
im 15 yrs old and i think i have testicaular cancer? can anyone help?
when i drink, why does my face turn red except for my nose?
Did I break out from allergies?
about to get tested for gluten allergy....?
What is the best over the counter itchy, red eye drops?
nasonex vs. flixonase?
Can you be allergic to polyester?
Ahhhh I'm super itchy! Why am I so itchy?
Lactoste intolerant?
which of these 3 pain killers is the weakest?
Any one ever had sharp stabbing pain in lower stomach when jogging?
what to do about back and neck pain?
chest pains?
My back is tense?
siatic nerve , what can i do?
would ur arm hurt more if. . .
how many calories are there in a glass of milk?
How do i lose flabby arms?
Kindly recommend the excercises (without using gym equipments) for having flat stomach and thin thigh?
is it possible to gain weight in one day?
Ive lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks is that a good pace?
What are some tips to tone my legs (around the house excercises)?
when you exercise, do you only burn fat?
am i too skinny? pic?
Why isnt there a fat girl avatar?
Doing bench press in the gym, suddenly i had a shooting pain in the top of my head?
Can a herniated disc cause dizziness?
how many is 'a lot' of stiches?
What is wrong with my knee?!?!?!?!?!?
i got burned, bubble formed... and i popped it what do i do?
Ouch! What happened to my butt?
I ahve a nose sore what do i do!?
I bent my finger back what happened to it?
what are the symptoms of lupus?
What are the symptoms of anemia?
Why are hemorrhoids called "hemorrhoids" instead of "assteroids"?
What kind of health damage is associated with cocaine abuse?
Explain and how you would handle the situation of someone that has AIDS and HIV?
what is crohn's disease?
I will die within two years, advice needed?
How do i overcome bulimia??
Is IBS something that will calm down with time and will I pass it on to my kids??
How does it feel to have a borderline personality?
R there any adults that have suffered child abuse? If so pls answer?
I am in a strange mood today, can you tell from my questions?
Half of my left eye is a deep dark blue but the other half of the eye is a light sky blue what does this mean?
My friend shot me in the eye with a nerf gun?
Help with my contacts?
A Question About Acuve Oasis Contacts...?
do i need to get glasses?
I am buying contact lenses from the 1800 contacts website but I need to know?
can u lose ur eye site for good from a head blow and if not how long irt takes to get it back?
is there an injection to stop you from drinking alcohol?
can somebody please help me?
pain in left rib cage coughing up phlegm?
what is real cause of sinus congestion ? can it be malfunction of immune system and how to correct ? Thanks?
can a slight deviated septum cause migraines?
My head is so stuffy from a cold, I can't breathe!!?
Sudden hearing alteration in right ear?
My 6 month baby is constantly coughing, can this damage her throat?
Sorness in ribs and shortness in breath?
can i simply ask my doctor for promethazine with codein?
will smoking marijuana 20 days a month kill you?
What are the side effects if someone has thyroid and breast cancer?
How To Get High W/Out Drugs?
Can I buy Homoeopathic medicines in Thaialnd ? If so, plz. give me a complete list of the outlets.?
Any Home Remedy Treatments for Motion Sickness?
Best way to help cure an ulcer.?
What is the best way to store marijuana and how long does it last?
Can anyone make a visible psi ball?
What is in "Ecstacy"?
Mosquito Bites?
There is water trapped in my ear what should i do? I havent went swimming for months.?
Baseball pitcher - Treating a blood blister?
i burnt myself on the flat iron?
Tips on staying awake?
how to relieve stress?
what happens if you hold your urine for too long?
How many decibels of hearing loss would make it so you need a hearing aid?
what are ways to lower your temperature when you have a fever?
Feeling very anti social?
Will I need to visit a morgue when studying to be a nurse?
Why do we LOVE to sleep, but... AFRAID to die?
Is it true that your fist is the size of your heart?
How to Train for a Half Marathon?
How to get a tiny waist?
I have a lot of muscle but along with it fat..how do i lose the fat but keep the muscle?
I need to loose weight very quick. help?
i need to lose like 10 pounds any help?
Does the Foot Cleanse Patch product actually detox your body?
Am I Wierd Or Am I OK?
can vegans be fat?
Perfig...does it really work?
would u ratherbe an egg of a chicken or a cucumber????
Pulled muscle?...Pins and needles?
How long does a black eye last?
how long will it take for a sprained ankle to FULLY heal?
If someone has a spinal chord injury.Is there a possibility that surgery will get them up and walking again?
pulled or strained muscle and what should I do?
my pelvis became out of a line?
tosday i got a cut at 11 and it hasnt stopped what should i do it was just a finger nail stabb?
please help me with this blister?
Inguinal Hernia???HELP?
i have this clicking in my left shoulder ,rock hard muscle ...crunchy sound ..always aches .?
wil tht dosage of 25mg*40 pills of benedral kills with no side effets?
What causes gut-rot - a type of stomach ache?
back spasms and heaches at night! any solutions for that?
How do you get rid of a headache?
Please help get rid of my headache?
Do you have carpal tunnel?
What is a t.v.?
do most acne scars fade over time?
Me and my sister have scars on our stomachs from our bellybutton down... please answer?
What is the best acne product you ever tried?
dry acne face help....?
can you get rid of red cheeks ?
I'm starting to get scared about my right eye?
Hi. Our 9 yr old Maltese has been blind for about a year now. Is $800. about average for eye surgery? Thanks?
how do i figure out my eye prescription?
what is the connection between heart disease/high blood pressure and diabetes?
Catherization Results - Translation Needed?
describe the function and structure of the heart?
What's the best way to lower blood pressure in a 60 year old man?
antireumatic and antihypertensives interaction?
whats the highest heart rate that would cause the heart to stop?
How worried should I be about my Dad's heart?
Is it safe for me to take this supplement with a heart condition?
what type of therapy is good after a massive stroke .?
Can such eye conditions be treated fully?
methadome treatment for addiction?
herion cocaine liquor overdose?
Any doctors in the house?....Fatty Liver and Copper?
head pressure and chest pain?
Anyone else out there with short tendons?
It there a cure for Yahoo Q/ answers?
Do non-painful deaths exists?
Can you die from a heart attack if u dont have heard disease?
Is Yahoo Answers A Drug Even More Powerful Than Crack And Cocaine?
my husband is a diabetic. how do i figure out how many cc's are in a 100 ML of insylin?
Question about Diabetes and getting tested?
Will anyone ever date my brother?
i am prediabetic is lemon good for me?
What should a normal blood calcium level read.?
What happens to people on Answers that ask for help in mental health catagory about comiting suicide ??????
Anxiety attacks, what should i do?
Could this be the cause of my anxiety disorder?
What will happen if I'm diagnosed with depression?
If I have BPD or schizophrenia should I not have kids?
my mom always makes rude comments about my weight..?
My brother molested me when i was little, and im having a lot of flashbacks n i need help :(?
I look happy to everyone. But i keep on wanting to kill myself!?
how much do invisaligns cost?
Which toothpaste works better Aim Or Crest?
teeth whitening!!?
Do braces and spacers hurt???
filling or extraction?
Smile after braces ?
If you would die, and you had braces, would they remove your braces before they buried you?
How to get whiter teeth?
I hate my braces!!!!?
sore throat on one side
Can Sleep Apnea be deadly?
What are the effects of sleep?
Dog bronchitis home remedy for one night, need suggestions.?
What the heck is up with this sinus infection?
Sometimes I make wheezing sounds in my chest.?
What illnesses can u get by having Phlegm in your Lungs?
Im having breathing problems ?
Vocal range lessened, physical damage?
what is the cost of eye muscle surgery in india (strabismus)?
Who knows anything about endoscopes?
About base curve and diameter of the 1-2 weeks disposable Acuvue?
I just got contacts and the doc said to use saline drops but can I use this instead?
Dizzyness and worsening eye sight?
I want to switch to contacts? Help!?
What should I do so I could enjoy playing sports?
why do my eyes cloud over black?
basically how much do colored prescriptioned eye contacts cost?
what is the best way to lose weight using vinegar?
How can I lose 10lbs by september?
great workouts for a girl?
When i workout, i run and then walk some then run some more..is this good?
What is a good way to lose weight quickly?
Why can't I stop eating?
How can I loose 20 pounds in 2 months??
What is a good weight for a 5 foot 3 woman that is quite petite? ?
Good way to lose 5 kilos ?
what is a healthy dinner that is easy and quick to make?
Constant clearing of my throat?
what happens if I accidently refrigerated Epi Pen?
Cat had the runs for 1 Day now nothing for 2 days?
i have been sneezing had a runny ann stuffy nose and my eyes itch like crazy what do i have?
is there a wal mart brand of bedding that does not have oil in it?
guys i have been having this thing coming back and out its a red circle and its swelled up help please?
My ear is turning orangish/reddish/purple...is it bad?
how to remove chest burn?
How to heal a split or cut in a tongue?
what do i need to do to get rid of a bump on my tongue?
what kind of nurse proffession is there which doesn't involves to deal with wastes and injections?
my nose has a burning sensation when i breathe. i looked into my right nostril and i found a little open scab?
I got stung by a tiny bee yesterday.?
Knuckle habbit?
Sinus pain?
Why do new glasses give you a headache?
What causes Bursitis?
Bad Breath, Throat always dry, always swallowing, feels like something is stuck in my throat, What is wrong?
Does anybody know why this hurts?
help me w/ first ob/gyn exam?
i am five foot nothing ?
how long does it take to get rid of a small scar?
How to get rid of a cold sore in an hour or less?
how to get rid of small swellings on skin?
my 4 year old daughter has hives and is covered from head to toe in a rash. what is causing this?
How do I get rid of back acne?
What would cause a person to fall flat on their face?
How can antidepressants work if they cannot cure the underlying problem?
the best acne treatment?
is anxiety, brain fog a symptom of B-12 deficiency?
what foods put colour in your face and skin?
the acne that wont go away:(?
Are you comfortable in your own skin?
Do hands sweat when there's too much pressure?
Why do my hands get hot?
I have a lump in my neck! What do you think it may be?
Intestinal discomfort...?
is a rheumatologist useful in this situation?
i get really bad panic attacks and have done for years but there getting wrose why?
anybody out there with a spine condition? get in touch please x?
Terrible eyesight; should I switch to contacts and when will my vision stabilize?
Monthly Contact Lenses?
What are prism glasses?
colored contacts helppp ?!?
Why are my contacts so dry when I first put them in my eye? They continue like that all day.?
Not using glasses for far/nearsightedness?
Can a freckle on your eye cause color blindness?
color contacts 1800color?
How can I be more positive?
Am I wasting my time going to school & trying to get a job-being mentally disabled?
When psychiatrists just want to do medication maintenance?
I think my friend's anorexic??
I get lonely and start to panic every Sunday evening. What should I do?
Enough is enough. Its her way or the highway all the time. Well i got news for her...?
How can I stop Cutting myself???
What is Dysautonomia?
Can I get deployed with high blood pressure?
I had a cardiac ablation done yesterday, and have a terrible headache.?
Are There Any Medications That Lower Heart Rate But Not Blood Pressure?
Chances of passing ASD, Atrial Septal Defect, to a child?
surgery//general induction @ intubation?
My wife had high heartbeats one day and could not even breath and got normal after half an hour. When checked?
I'm 16 and my cholesterol is 250?
Can a heart beating too rapidly be fatal and if so what is it called?
What happens after a massive stroke?
What can stop your gums from bleeding when your brush your teeth?
Should I be worried? Blood infection?
how much does a uk dentist pay for a crown from a dental laboratory?
how do u whiten ur teeth?
why does my cheek skin ( on the inside of mouth) peel after i brush my teeth?
How does a tooth get absessed again less than a year after a root canal? ?
How do you correct a lisp?
Swallowing toothpaste???
why do some people get veneers?
How could (LADA) be mistakenly diagnosed as Type 2 Dia.betes?
Has anyone ever tried derma wound cream to treat diabetic foot ulcers?
What are 3 symptoms of type 2 diabetes in children?
Can somone who is borderline diabetic ?
my pump site, Help?
can you take warfarin with water tablets (Moduretic tablets)?
Anyone using the I-port?
Rehabilitation for quadricep insertion tendon inflammation?
i started having achy muscles in my arms a couple of days ago. Now my back and legs have joined in. Any ideas?
When do you know that your sprain knee is healthy?
My doctor diognosed me with patellofemoral pain syndrome in the knee.?
Doc Frauding OSHA recordable Injuries?
is it serious?
cut on hand how do i make it scar?
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my girlfriend?
Did somebody just bump me?
I have lump on the left side of my neck when I cough or do certain exercises it gives me headache?
Does anyone know what tumour markers a/w mean pleaseeeeeeeeee.?
My boyfriend has two new raised freckles/moles on his back. Please read for details! Could they be cancerous?
how long does it take for fentanyl patches to kick in?
where can I ask financial assistance for my radiation treatment?
why is it we have sickening pics of rotting smokers on our own emails when we open up, we dont all want 2 c it
The differential diagnosis of this newborn's apnea was thought to be related either to infection or?
Quit Smoking?
What Is The Best Home Remedy For Post Nasel Drip?
No lumps but pain under right arm/breast & side, just got over sinus infection & now have dry cough?
i'm trying to find diseases caused by bacteria and what they do. Do you know them or know any links please?
Can this form of second hand smoke affect me?
What do you do if you inhale food into your lungs?
whats worse selling or smoking?
whould i get a good 6 pack if i .........?
coughing up mucus and laryngitis?
Beer vs. Spirits - are spirits less fattening?
How can I keep my face cool while playing tennis?
two things, i need an ana buddy and if i wear a sweatshirt and long sleeves?
whens the best time to go for a run?
Dayquil and Nyquil???
Is it true that apple cider vinegar and honey mix helps overcomes sleeplessness?
Does anybody know the old remedy to help heal bruising more quicker?
Colloidal Silver? Does it work? Will it help with polycystic ovarian syndrome?
I am a lobster, HELP!?
breast enhancing supplements?
can anyone give me some links to make natural body products?
Do you have to make cannabutter to get high off eating weed?
pain in belly and sore ribs?
Sharp, stabbing pain on left side?
I have a major earache i cant get rid of it?
what would make my back quit getting sore?
Have had numbness in my hands and feet for two weeks. Doctors can't help.?
hip pain to leg?
This is extremely weird. What's going on?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
all my joints in my body crack and their starting to hurt?
Throwing salt in the wound.......?
I just got my ear pierced and I think my ears are swollen?
How do I do the butterfly on a wound?
Is this an insect or spider bite?
People who been in a foot cast?
How do I treat this burn?
I have a roach in my ear!?
Freaky!!! My ear is BLEEDING!?!?!?!!?!?
How Much Benedryl Can I Take?
What if we didn't have eyelids, what happens if you don't blink?
is there a way NOT to gain weight with Zoloft?
what do aura colors mean?
very very smelly cast?
what is the difference between anorexia and...?
Massage client-customer relationship?
What kind of cyst is this?
Acne suddenly gone?
how do i get rid of a think yellow toenail with or without meds?
Why is my complexion so terrible?
Red Pin head sized dots on skin?
Whats a good face wash?
question about skin.... i have red bumps on back of my arms and on my legs?
What is cure for anosmia?
Help with messed up stomach acid?
Anyone with Cerebral Palsy experience more pain in the cold?
Black spot on left kidney?
what is the disease called when an infant is extremely happy?
Hot choclote? for gluten free and wheat free plse?
Gastroenterologist vs. Colon-Rectal Surgeon?
what color is ambien cr?
what is the name of this phobia, my friend had? she is afraid of people affected by leukoderma. read details.?
Has schizophrenia or other psychosis ever been observed in animals other than humans?
Advice for a bipolar boyfriend?
The long and short term causes for anorexia?
my whole life has been an embarrassment how do i over come?
how do you live & survive with a disfunctional mother?
Girls only. If you found a guy and he was 3 inches tall, what would you do?
what is the relation between cough ,cold and staying in an AC?
Chronic nasal congestion?
Toxic Mold or harmful at all????
What exactly do inhalers do?
Sore throat so bad I can't sleep!?
how can i stop myself from getting sick?
Anyone have any experience with dizziness and stuff...10 Pts. 2 best answer!
What kind of milk is the healthiest?
i need to lose weight quick?
How successful is hula-hooping when you're trying to lose weight?
If you were to completely Stop eating..how long till ur body starts eating your muscle? Hours or days or what?
How much/max sugar should be consumed daily?
I am addicted to eating...please help?
small flat butt...help!?
I was wondering if this is true ?
How can I lose 6 lbs in 1 week?
How much are contact lenses?
Where can i buy non-prescription contacts?
Broke my glasses. help?
High Blood Pressure !!?
pulse 110 beats per minute irregular?
Can stroke cause kidney failure?
Any interesting facts on pacemakers?
Will I be alright if i drink on these medications?
celebrities with heart disease?
I was just told I have high blood pressure. It was 136/100. What does this mean and what do I do now?
I think I had a real heart attack. Read my symptoms and tell me what you think.?
Squint specialist docter help me to cure my eyes problem?
Do you sanitize everything you own?
who tests for heavy metal allergies in Michigan?
maxillary SINUSES?
food allergy? food poisoning? what... please HELP?
how do i alleviate sore muscles?
i a looking for a natural home remedy to get rid and keep away lice..?
Is it bad to take herbs for an extended period of time?
essential of individual?
Suggest a shop from where I can buy EPSOM salt .Exact address and with price possibly?
Vanilla Cigerettes in the uk.??
vinegar and baking soda both have health benifits...?
Has anyone heard of or used Glyconutrients? And if so, how did it help?
Do you believe that herbs do not work or are weak at best? ?
is rogaine OK with diabites?
What are some good / bad effects caused by not eating food for 24hrs or more?
does any one know of any web sites that give free diabetic test supplies
How has DNA technology improve the supply of insulin for diabetics?
Where can I find a good diabetic diet to go by?
Hypoglycemic diet?
if u r taking in curd at which trophic level u r?
Possible spider bite?
My eyes hurt to move?
Lateral Retinacular Release? After a cartilage cleaning. My doctor says it will help with the pain. Anyone?
I have burning in leg from the top to the knee
Please help :( My grampas not well :-(?
severe abdominal pains?
Will it really hurt when I get a..?
I have a dry socket and I just got it packed, but the pain isn't being relieved, why?
Do you think I might have appendicitis?
D.I.Y teeth whitening kits?
Wisdom Teeth?
Is it three or four years of college I have to take before I attend Dental school? Which is better??
Pharmacy or Dentistry?Which field is better and has more scope in India?Shall i do BDS or B.Pharmacy?
how hard is it to become a dentist?
Wierd brushing color?
which is better to have a gold or white crown? and is gold too unsightly ?
is there a link between having sensitive teeth and having a period?
Rotten teeth causing bad breath.?
Garlic breath.........................?
what is the best suggestion for a blister on my bowling thumb? I have bowling tomorrow.?
How to reduce prolonged lip swelling?
Is it okay to give my daughter a zinc tablet or a vitamin c tablet?
is it true that when your ear is ringing that someone is talking about you?
Inflamed itchy skin around healing rug burn?
Scalded/burnt my hand?
what did i do to my finger?
true or false concussion question?
can discs completely heal by themselves?
Brain injury running?
Will my insurance cover my injury?
Can a slipped disc in the upper back, near the shoulderblade, be caused by a shoulder dislocation??
How to gauge my ears!?
so i sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago, and it still hurts and kinda swollen,in the beginning i had huge bruises.?
Is it okay to run on a treadmill if you have to wear a neck brace?
small piece of glass in foot?
do specsavers do free eye tests?
seeing red and green spots everytime I blink?
Blurred/double vision today? Never noticed it before?
can you develop astigmitism sfter 20 yrs of not having it?
One of my eyes is bigger or protruding more than the other.. im worried..help!?
How would purple eye contacts look on someone with naturally green eyes?
Does wearing glasses decrease the ability of the eye to focus?
I have an Eye Problem?
am i taking out my contact lenses the wrong way?
worlds biggest conferance in fighting cancer?
What does anyone know about adrenal adenocarcinoma? Tennis ball sized tumor, they say "doesn't look good".
In diagnosing breast cancer is a termography as good as a mammography?
Gallbladder removal and pathologist report?
Extreme heavy bleeding with peri-menopause. History of breast ca so no hormones allowed! ?
it has been said that by the year 2020, 15 millions of people around the world will be affected by cancer per?
colon cancer..?
is there any anti cancer tablet naming saxonomer or sth. like this? plz tell me know?
how i can improve my memory?
Anyone have POSITIVE (or NEGATIVE) anti-depressant experiences?
For those of us who have been on meds for years....?
Social Anxiety?
borderline personality disorder in teens?
i use to make a very silly spelling mistake plz help me friends how to improve?
I woke up suddenly at 6.00am this morning and realised...Can it be true?
Is this type of Nose Job possible...?
Recently, every night when i'm in bed i get a really itchy and sore throat..?
need URGENT help?!?! please answer!?
If I am feeling spacy/heady is there a way to treat that without medication or anything?
does a lot of caffeine stun growth?
what is eating out?
Do I have some sort of medical condition like depression?
how to Increase your height safley ? what are the thing or the food or the drinks that make you taller ?
what do i do? i just circulated bug poison through the entire house.?
what a deviated septum in your nose?
If someone has cystic fibrosis, does exercise effect them? Is it good or bad?
Albuterol then drinking alcohol?
side effects of adderoll?
Recently diagnosed 3 year old with Asthma and Acid Reflux, any words of advice or good support places?
One very small white patch on left tonsil?
Questions about Cystic Fibrosis (CF)?
is it possible for AN adult to have atemperature of over 330?