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How do I whiten my teeth at home for cheap money?
All About Braces..Warning Lots of questions..!?
Pain in jaw and tooth 2 weeks after white filling, whats wrong?
What to do for a chipped tooth.?
i'm 14 and still haven't lost all my teeth?
where an i find plastic lens?
When I close my left eye my right eye becomes blurry why?
How come checkers hurt my eyes?
help with my new contacts?..?
Laser eye correction, hit or miss?
How much are colored contacts?
What is a good way to relax my eyes when I'm not wearing my glasses.?
I read that the color red isn't as hard on my eyes as other colors are -- is this true?
Is it bad to squint your eyes?
Diagnose this please...?
vitamin deficiency?
Cataracts: did anyone on here use an eye drops product to get rid of cataracts?
Should I go see a brain doctor?
Cushing's Syndrome?
Heel spur?
Tightness in throat and thyroiditis?
why are steroids used to boost blood levels. my red blood cell count and platelets are down 50%?
help meee! whats going on?
Is this true about peanut allergies?
allergic reactions to THC
Can i develop an immunity to Clariton?
I've been taking benedryl for insominia for a month. Are there side effects from this?
Can a person with celiac disease drink cow / buffalo milk of animals that have been fed wheat ?
Can I become immune to cats?
I have an unusual question about ABO Incompatibility if anyone can answer?
allergic to vegatables?
What is a good treatment for this condition?
Can you harvest your own dandelions to make dandelion tea, etc.?
Do you think homeopathy is nonsense?
What is the difference between vitamin B6 and vitamin B12?
Are people who write about "natural health" actually qualified to do so?
alternative natural cure for jaundice and diabetes?
What does Celexa do for Anxiety?
Can moles look cancerous or grow in size but not actually be cancerous? ?
how long after you quit smoking do your lungs start to heal?
A question about cancer?
how do the dr. does a biopsy on the thyrid? If there is a growth on thyroid nogles?
What is metastasis ?
would bad teeth cause cancer of the lymph nodes??
skin cancer? mabey???
After smoking or using tobacco why people feel like doing shti?
Hiii,,,, Hw to get rid from black circles ?
Question about murad acne complex and other products?
Why does my back sting after I take a shower?
I have been itching. HELP?
I have a small wound on my thumb/hand that won't heal. Does anyone know what could cause this?
Shouldn't I be too old to have acne?
How do you eliminate black elbows?
How can I avoid undergoing gall bladder surgery?
best lower ab workout?
How do you slim down fat calves (legs, not cows)?
Who can bench more, fat dudes or buff dudes?
How can I get rid of this cough naturally???
i need help- how to quit smoking?
In great health yet still ALWAYS tired, what's going on?
I really feel like I can't breathe.?
Help Plz! i really have to know what the symptoms of cholera is!?
How do I stop a dry cough that occurs only when I lay down in bed at night?
Is there a such thing as breathing "too much" asbestos?
bad cough going on for 3 weeks ?
My doctor told me I may have a fungus in my lungs?
Possible Asthma?
Chest pain?
should i take a bottle of dextromethphan hydrobromide for my cough?
What is the person that inspects your broken foot and takes notes about it called?
6 month ago I broke my tibula and fibula, got a plate and 6 screws, I have been walking for 2 month, ?
argh crutches!?
i got my blood taken and?
Getting movement back after a dislocation injury?
Discusting Question...?
HELP! i hammered my thumb yesterday.. now its swelling and has a heavy numbing pain.. what do i do?
So whenever I wake up my right bicept hurts really bad.It starts to get better as the day goes on if I...?
Do i have a sprained finger? Will I get a cast?
Is sleeping 16-18 hours dangerous?
What are natural treatments for depression that work?
i had some betty crocker frosting?
my mum just found out i cut ?
What does talking to oneself really mean?
How can I make myself become insane?
How to feel ok about spending weekends alone - i don't have friends?
Why do I get picked on?
Do others also fear existence?
This is a bit random but i would like to know?
help 4 clogged artieries.. :(?
Is there a cheaper and comparable medicine other than plavix?
my three year old has a heart murmur...?
Basic Life Support?
what could cause a persons pulse to drop to 34 when they have a normal blood pressure??
want to another test?
no pain..... what is it?
how to fake sickness?
Need help with falling asleep?
could you die from a laugh attack?
How can I make myself cry blood? Just curious you see!?
I have quit drugs, now what?
withdrawls from alcohol ?
What does hypochromasia mean?
why cant any doctor tell me , how to stop these miagrains I have. I get between 100 to 285 or more a day. can?
how do you change a ileostomy on an infant? what is involved?
Is there really a cure for hiccups?
how do i get rid of my cold????????
Lupus pain, I'm afraid my doctor will think I'm an addict?
Sound or Vision?
How does our body kill viruses and why won't anti-biotics kill them?
Laser eye treatment.........has anyone on here had it? Was it successful? Painful? Take long to do?
can you eg tlasik eye surgery if you eye arnt typiclly bad but old?
i have under gone a laser surgery for estigmatism . what other advice on post operative care you can give?
What are all these bubles I am seeing?
Is a mild humming in one ear related to my allergies?
what does it mean when one of your eyes is waterting and the other one is bright pink?
Allergy Rash?
allergies or something else?
I cant eat banana and prunes, this fruits give me too much gas that I developed mild gastric recently. Why?
stuffy Nose please help me?
is there anyone out there that has any knowledge concerning skin rashes that appears on the face? i have been?
How can I get rid of a stuffed nose in less than an hour?
really scared pain with pressure on top of head?
Third Set of Teeth?
White stuff filling tooth socket after extraction?
best thing to heal an ulcer in your mouth?
tramline braces. do they hurt?
um could i have a pro answer this about braces?
Scale 1-10 do braces hurt?
What's a good remedy for nerves that seem noticable after not-too-much irritation?
Green tea and food cravings..?
Does anyone know about Muscle testing?
what is the difference between Asian and American ginseng? Which is the better?
as a Certified Massage Therapist, in the state of Iowa do i need to have a license?
i dont find my massage?
I'M AGORAPHOBIC and want a natural cure can anyone help please?
what are some symtoms of diabetes?
what endocrine gland produces glucagon?
Has anyone tried cinnamon for there diabetes?
if someone has outburst of anger and so called crazy actoins a possibility of low blood sugar? what other symt
Cortisone Shot and Diabetes?
I don't understand?
I am Diabetic, I have it under control. But I feel as if I'm am only 3/4 a person. Does anyone feel the same.
What is the best stretch mark removal?
My eyelid keeps twitching..what could be the causes of this and how can i stop it?
What helps take away scaring from acne?
i have a problem .. acne + dry skin ? :S ?
How can you cure or help stop itching of pityriasis?
burn out, or fade away?
My palms sweat lots and it is embarrassing. I don't want to tell anyone so is there an at home remedy?
how do i avoid blushing so much?
Is it true that the Dead Sea prevents your skin from every having flaws?
when i sleep mostly my left hand numb means when i bend my blood circulation caugh off what is that?
Is it possible for asthma to come back once you had it before?
Possible Walking Pneumonia?
Lasting symptoms after flu?
Will bronchitis get better without having to take antibiotics?
Advair Side Effects (Mood)?
what happens when gasoline fumes are inhaled?
Do I have a mild case of OCD?and was it caused by stress at school?
will my broncular asthma come back?
Have you ever craved pickle juice?
What product should I use to bleach my leg hair?
Is smoking causing my heart to beat faster?
what have i done to my knuckle?
HELP i inhaled a low amount of chlorine gas?
Can you still shampoo your hair with a healing scab on your hand?
Bug bite under my son's eye.... Itchy, red, & swollen!?
I have a scar that will not heal?
how do you treat a bee sting?
Will my toenail grow back after 2 injuries in one year? Should I get it removed?
What can i put in my inffected ear and when will it heal?
How long will it take for this to go away?
nostril dry and now bleeding?
Is my forearm broken or fractured?
Why does it feel like I pull a muscle from lower jaw when I yawn?
About knee pain and swelling?
lower back problem?
Why does conservative treatment work for PCL injuries????
Somebody Screamed In My Ear?
keep a deep scrape covered or let it get air?
I keep picking fights with friends and getting annoyed at the slightest thing.?
What is the best medication for anxiety?
virus leading to cancer?
what is the best bone cancer hospital in india?
How is DNA getting mutated by carcinogens ?
Is there anyone out there who has had breast cancer for the second time, and had a mastectomy?
Does Anybody Know Any Songs About Relatives Dying?
I think I may have throat cancer.?
can blast crisis be cured with a bone marrow transplant ?
Does anyone think that an enlarged prostate gland may be linked to steroids that we put in feed for animals.?
Is this cancer?
Does using saline solution to rinse sinuses increase your salt intake and maybe cause high blood pressure?
Since ace inhibitors may cause intestinal angioedema, could that in turn cause heart arrhythmia?
Which is the good one: HDL or LDL cholesterol?
Which leads of 12-lead EKG correspond to which major vessels of the heart?
Could Honey Actually Cause Heart Problems?
I can hear my heartbeat in my mouth. ?
Is there something wrong with me?
I was told straight by a doc that I had a hole in my heart..after a echocardiogram was diagnose with a PFOflap?
I don't know... Im scared my heart beats fast?
what happend in mumbai has put a deep sadnes in our heart what say are we safe in india?do we have a solution?
Can one buy Pepcid AC like medication in Germany? What would that call?
question for people with shellfish allergies?
Could it be sinuses?
I take 3 Phernergen a day - is this bad?
What would cause my throat to feel like its tightening up?
what after 16 weeks of useing LATISSE do you quit or do you have to keep using it?
Whats the difference between contact lenses manafacturer's?
how do i remove my contact lenses? I've forgotten to take them out for a few days. HELP!?
What are the little transparent dots i see that float down when i look up into the sky?
what part of the eye catches light, so a person can see better?
i have a noticable zit and stye on my eye and im scared?
i'd know it if my contacts were in backwards right?
Is there an obsessive exercise disorder?
I am looking for ideas of what might be wrong with me. All my tests have come back normal and I'm losing it!
Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO). Can anyone offer some insight please?
what causes an under active Thyroid & if not treated is it dangerous even if it is under active a little?
I was hit in my back by a co-worker, seeing a phyical therapist for back pain but now my dr says its kidney?
i'm losing wait fast 4 no reason??
My Mom has a tumor on her ovary? How bad is it?
when a person is legally executed by administering LETHAL INJECTION, how does the end come ?
Can one on probation for possession of oxycodone be prescribed oxycodone?
is this helpful for you? how can it be better? ''NSAIDs''pain relief?
How do you get rid of cramps?
Sitting, knee pain, bad habit?
How to stop neck pain?
pain in bowels?
Weak bones .. Help please !?
How to get rid of this pain in my neck? literally.?
When hungover, why would I experience pains in my fingers?
easy home remedies to quit smoking?
What is Nucleo-Maxx?
What is the difference between Herbs and clinic medicine?
what is the best foods for colon cleansing?
I am a qualified Reiki Master/healer/teacher what are the legal requirments for me to work from home?
Eating an alkaline diet?
has anyone seen an all black duct tape wallet?
left Nostril is smaller than the right , any help?
Massage or visit to jacuzzi?
Why cant i chew gum ? (braces)?
please help! how to save my gums?
how do you make your teeth whiter if you have braces?
How long do you have to wear a retainer?
Why do my gums hurt when brushing?
can you get your wisdom teeth out while you still have braces on?
should i keep my sharp teeth or file them down?
Dentists: do you find your job interesting?
What is an apicoectomy?? And how much will it hurt?
Any tips on starting a boxing workout?
Do you need supplements to get muscular?
how do you get taller?
I'm 13 (Yes, I know So young :D~) and.. I want to know about Cardio exercises?
how do you loose fat on the lower middle part of your rib cage, and stomach?
How many sit-ups a day do I have to do to get a six pack?
Can anyone give me a list of good and bad carbs? i'll be choosing best answer!?
flemmy cough........?
I think I may have asthma, but I'm not sure here's my situation.?
i cough non-stop at night,?
what does the diaphram do?
Which Asthma Controller works best?
silica POISIONG!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!?
My treadmill's 3rd prong broke off, can i still use the treadmill-walker without any electrical mishap?
my 15 year old broke his clavicle during football practise 2 days ago,his arm is on a sling?
Sprained ankle?
Growing pains or injured rotator cuff or other?
My dr. gave me a new cast w/ a cast shoe and said I could start bearing weight on my broken ankle?
I'm in pain! I need advice!...?
Doctors.. Ankle Sprain Help?
pulled groin muscle?
Lower leg pain? What is it?
i was recentlt cutting wood with a chain saw.?
What causes moles on the skin and how to get rid of them without surgery?
can dark circles be helped even if they are HEREDITARY?
how can I cure my acne?
What are the little stalks of skin that grow in sweaty places called?
Holes in my face from Acne?
Is there a natural cure for acne?
Can thick toenails be fixed?
HUGE zit and it won't go away! Please Help!?
Woke up with a red splotch on my face, what is it?
Any advises on how to get rid of the stage-fear?
Worried About My Mental Health?
How can 4% of preschoolers be clinically depressed!?
Have you ever lost your counsellor, social worker, physicaitrist, key worker etc?
What do i do to face my biggest fear? the fear is debilitating?
Help! Schizophrenia?
Is being in therapy something to be ashamed of?
It is said that everybody has at least one mental problem. What is yours? A phobia maybe?
Can anyone help? I feel like i have no self worth?
I take blood pressure hydrochlorothiazide 25mg & lipitor 20mg for cholestoral can I take viagra with these?
any idea what it was like to undergo tympanoplasty?
Life Span of an ex-bulimic,?
do anti-diarrheals such as immodium?
Organ Donation?
how do i go about getting a primary health care physician?
How does my boyfriend get over an inner ear infection?
Im only 14, is it possible for me to get arthritis?
my grnd parents r vry old they find diffculty in doing their day 2 day actvities like pssng urine,any solution
fibrus dysplacia?
Cancer: should you have to chose life or death because of money?
In South India what are the hospistal provides surgery for diabetic treatment?
Bulging disk? middle back pain help?
what are the advatages of colonic hydration?? any disadvantages??
what is the safe medicine for a constant fever without doctor's prescription?
What are some natural ways to treat depression and anxiety?
Is there a chewing tobacco alternative that has no tobacco but has nicotine?
homemae highs?
home remedie...?
why did they kill airborne dietary supplement, it worked for me?
What are the signs of your wisdom teeth coming through?
Which would I benefit more from, white strips or a flipper?
How to get white teeth in 2 months.?
My wisdom teeth are killing me, can the ER do anything for me?
Is breathing Nitrous Oxide like getting high?
I have suddenly got a little really annoying spot on my uvula! How can I get rid of it?
How do I learn to talk better with a retainer, and also stop the need to gag?
do you think i'll get bullied in secondary for having goofy teeth?
have your braces ever gotten stuck together while you were kissing ?
is Fluoride (rat posion) good for you or your teeth ?
Medical Marijuana in CA for a.d.h.d. question!?
how come sometimes we have a song playing back all day in our head?
Why do i get a headache when i have to buy something for somebody?
Is there a fast way to sleep?
Do i have a health problem or should i just starve?
When i go to the bathroom to take a big one,i feel constipated and often it bleeds.why?how do i treat it?
Is it true that you are actually taller in the morning than you are before you go to bed?
Am I bipolar, depressed? Do I need to get help?
8 days ago had a mri still have a headache & pins &needles in body along with muscle tighting in upper back?
Tore skin off my heel, now yellow material is growing on the wound.?
I twisted my knee somehow a few days ago, I need a handicap tag for my car, but I doubt the doctor would
Help with De Quervain's tenosynovitis?
Shoulder surgery popping?
A question about knee injuries...?
My arms go numb, and it feels like electricity is shooting through my hands through my wrists. Whats up w/them
what does this indention mean?
how to get rid of a blister?
how can you get rid of ink off your hands?
What can I put on a sunburn that is now raw?
Big, warm, swollen mosquito bites?
Swallowed piece of glass help?
Hammer smashing fingernail video? Should this be used to promote FlexiNail or not?
i chopped my hand off and i'm not sure where to put it?
How to get rid of acne scars?
what nerve endings in the skin respond to the lightest touch?
i want to remove back acne but how?
If you break you neck, and your heart stops, how long will you remain conscious?
Best way to get clear skin in 2 weeks?
Any other young people suffer from spider viens?
food's that increase self esteem?
Why am I so scared all the time?
does drugs really help you realize things?
Biblically: Is mental illness different from physical illness?
HELP! Prozac and alcohol question?
Budgies and schizophrenia?
do i have a mental illness?
Am I crazy?
Cures for sadness?
My husband produces a lot of saliva. How can he lessen it?
prescribed xanax in 2002 is it still good?
tell me about fibromyalgia?
Any sites with good slides of tissues, etc...?
Memorial Page?
some of my friends were smoking an oreo cookie, are there an crazy side-effects other than mental retardation?
What cause colon pain and inflamed ?
will a ct scan or mri show you have ms?
Can vision get worse after Laser Refractive Surgery?
There is a white ring on top of my baby's eyes, what is it?
Is a pupillectomy reversible, if not how do you cope?
eye glasses question?
Seeing small flash on occasion (also have a lot of floaters) What kind of eye exam will be done?
Will I recieve the same prescription for my contacts from my glasses?
if you dyed ur hair and rinsed it out. then the next time u wash it and it gets into ur eyes.is it bad for eye?
Does weed make your eyes sag?
High Blood Pressure. Hand Fingers Swelling And Feel Burning Sensation in all Body due to BP Medicine? ?
I've been having some weird things going on with my heartbeat?
What is the difference between a anterior and an inferior heart attack?
Blood clots? Or something else?
Does any one know how/with what lab equipment hospitals are currently testing troponin in chest pain patients?
Is this a normal blood pressure? I am a 13 year old girl?
What is the link between a high fat diet, raised blood cholesterol and the LDL/HDL balance in your blood is?
How to find lists of foods acceptable for type 2 diabetics.?
first diabetes diagnosis?
during moderate exercice a body gets most of its energy from?
Possible diabetes or am I imagining things?
Whats the longest people have endured the same kidney stones?
For Paradigm 722 Users Only?
who discovered kidney failure?
Is there such a thing as heart cancer?
is hyperbaric oxygen therapy safe to provide while patient on methotrexate therapy?
why do people get gastro intestinal cancer?
is the death rate for people with colon cancer high?
does anyone know what a cardoma tumor is?
okay very important?
Has anyone with stage 1 rectal cancer (and resection surgery) had a cancer recurrence? If so, what happened?
I have 6 lumps on my body i am a male, 2 on spine 1 on stomach 2 on legs 1 on arm, could they be cancer?
Sciatic pain - anyone help plz?
Hip/Leg Pains at 21?
Any experiences with tongue piercings?
Is it better to eat oatmeal raw vs cooked?
Are frosted flakes healthy?
What are some ways to curve your appetite without using diet pills?
How can I help my mom loss weight?
How to lose weight fast?!!?
How long until you see results from anerexia??
How can I lose atleast 10 pounds and all of my belly fat before June ?
What type of medicine is this?? I think it's a diet pill....?
How to get a tiny waist?
Is it possible to safely remove tartar (calculus) from your teeth without visiting a dentist?
Dental Hygenist?
Can I get braces on the NHS at 28 yrs old?
Is being a dentist a fun career?
I'm having some jaw problems?
My 11 year old daughters adult teeth are splitting her baby teeth as they errupt. what should i do?
How can i straighten my teeth without braces?
when you touch tinfoil on a filling you got from a dentist, why does it hurt so bad, what makes this happen?
How does the chest cavity increase?
Asthma testing, worried?
I had an auto accident in april, could symptoms of head injury just start to show now?
puppy pulled on my lip ring! [is bleeding] suggestions?
wounds and bleeding question?
WHat did I do to my shin, could it be broken???? =( =(?
Broken Nose Please help!!??
The surface of my thumb is numb. Help!?
okay okay i have a hangnail and it is killing me. what can i do. i will not tear it out. too painful. HELP MEE
Is my keilod scar healing?
How do I stop getting spider bites?
Effects of NOT wearing a mask while using a palm sander???? Sore throat?
Gauges Infection??
How do I get my ear to pop?
how does it feel when you get hurt form a to you?
I think I got a brown recluse spider bite?
What's this dark lump inside my open wound?
Scissor accident, Puncture wound?
how do you finger yourself?
cromoglicate? anyone ever take it? does it work? its for food allergies. ?
Itching/Burning skin from Bactroban Oinment?
Is This Allergies?
Allergy, help please!?
Newly developed allergies?
allergy to medicine....???? help my little sister plzz?
what is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
what causes little white spots on my fingernail? And how do you get rid of them?
What are the simple steps to cure acne? Let me know how to get rid of acne in very short time and effectively.?
how can big boils on the skin be best cured?
What's wrong with me ?
Would preparation H creme help with hereditary dark circles?
How does it feel to self-harm?
Too many irons in the fire...?
If two people have the same brain pattern or structure will their likes and dislike be the same?
Sleeping during the day and being awake during the night?
I work in fast food and I urinated in the deep fryer.?
Both of my parents are emotionally abusive.?
I'm terrified of ketchup?
My imaginary friend...?
What do you when you feel lonely ?
Laser Eye Surgery (Recommendations)- New York?
Contacts that change with pupil?
contact solution cap help please!!!?
Astigmatism... does it really change over time? or more or less stay the same?
I just started an eye type of antibiotic cream, and i was wondering if I can switch to a different brand?
Am i myopia?? It's a bit long. Thanks for the help!?
something wrong with my eye?
Eyes changing color...? (20 characters that I hate)?
Beta-Blockers Side Effects?
How do I get rid of this chest pressure?
When a blood vessel bursts in ?
BP 140/104 while on 100mg Metaprolol Succinate?
4) What effects does positive pressure ventilation have upon the cardiovascular system?
Where can you save money for Angioplasty in Maharashtra?
I want to go to abroad. So i need to take the medical checkup. ?
Could she be having a heart attack?!?
Please help with my cholesterol and liver reading, are they high?
What is the cause of feet swelling and pain in the lower left side of the back.?
What are some of the common symptoms that are related to problems with the Gullbladder?
Is there a way to improve my Liver Test Results in 2 days?
I have corneal problem {Keratoconus} is there any permanent solution for this rather than contact lenses?
One of my eye is bigger than the other. I first noticed it about 10 years ago. It seems it's becoming more p
How many days back does a mouth swab drug test go? I heard no very long but i would like to know?
Restless legs?
I have a lisp. Do you know any way to cure it or improve my speech somehow?
My children's father is dying from liver disease and he hasn't much longer to live.?
experiences w/ electrocautery - plantar warts? & how painful is injection of anaesthetic in heel?
What could constant pains in the ribcage be?
If someone is prescribed 800mg Motrin twice a day, what times should they take them & is that the good stuff?
I was hurt in a car accident driving home from work, i was a self employed worker?
Have you had success with applying your own trigger point therapy?
Why is there liquid in my ear?
how do you get rid of a foot cramp?
Should I GO TOWARDS the...LIGHT?
What is wrong with my head?
what is the best OTC for migranes?
What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?
Looking for an alternative remedy for Acid Reflux?
study homeopathy in college? can you get a good job and make alot of money with this?
What can I do to detoxify my body and make it healthier?
Why d-galactosamine is preferred over others in inducing hepatotoxicity in rats?
what is in Benelyn cough mixture?
What happens when you are hospitalized for asthma?
Frontal lobe surgery?????
is it possible that if I have acute asthma . if i'm having trouble breathing for it to just get better?
i gave my cat 1 5mg prednisone 3 hrs ago & a 1/2 5mg prdnisone 45 min. ago & her breathing labored & wheezing
anyone know where i can buy an ez quit package of fake cigarettes over the counter rather than online?
how much tar and nicotine are in panatella cigars?
Can diabetes make your hair fall off?
Ketones trace in urine?
having diabetics and kids?
How can i contact u all...?
Can you get cavities from others?
how often should baking soda and peroxide be used on teeth?
Can a severe toothache be dangerous?
Does anyone know how to make gum?
Do you agree that braces work miracles??
Does vicodin make you feel sic? How do I prevent it?
What should I do?
i had only 24 teeth until I was 12...is it normal???
How long do you have to wear braces for?
Do allergies make you tired and lathargic?
my dog has really bad allergies right now. Her skin is really itch and she keeps scratching and licking...?
I've had allergy problems for 2 weeks, how do I get rid of it?
dry itchy cough???? help please?
am i suffering from Sinusitis?
Any advice for allergies?
Help my lips are swollen with a rash....?
Vivid memories?
How to get rid of my obsessive thoughts?
depression? bipolar? i dont even know...?
What can I do about my opiate addiction?
Why Do People Self Harm?
Are people attracted to the Golden Gate bridge in CA to commit suicide, because they feel it will be painless?
whats wrong with me?
anyone know a woman who hit her partner in a hetero relationship? know a website on it?
What is the best acne face wash?
Skin pigmentation caused through eczema?
Simple ways to have lighter skin?
I have sores on my head?
Whats the best cream for eczema?
My Brother Who Has Ringworm Touched Me, Am I Going To Get Ringworm Too?
scar on the back of my leg?
How do I measure my face for proper glasses fit?
I just got contacts and need some help..something isn't right with them?
eye vision........................?
do contact websites actually check in with your doctor before they send them?
I had a foot operation (part-amputation) a couple of weeks ago and the morphine just isn't helping the pain..?
What's the pain I keep feeling on my head?
Do you think that drugs like vicodin and oxycodone would be over the counter if men got periods?
can outside noise affect the reading of an automated blood pressure system?
Am I having a heart attack, or is it all in my head?
When will she wake up after a heart attack?
Chest Pain, anything serious?
Can marijuana have any effect on the heart?
Elderly and aorta aneysum surnival?
Is this normal?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
Would a stroke be put into a catagory of a disease?
I'm Literally Beating Myself?
What are the benefits of Carnosine ?
Does anyone have a method for making oil of oregano?
Explain 1 reason why honey may be useful for the healing of wounds and burns ?
Attn: Acupuncturists and Chiropractors. Need help?
heartburn problem?
What the quickest way to get rid of a stomach flu?
Does having ear infections as a kid cause speech impediments?
another cold sore?
My son is about 12 year old. Since last two month he is suffering from Nephrotic Sysndrome.?
What are some symptoms of Autism that you would find in a 2 yr. old boy?
Is there any remedy for stuttering?
Fingers are going numb for no reason, what is it?
digestion problems!?
I got hemorrhoids for the first time...what's the best roid cream to use?
can you hyperventilate when you hold your bladder for a long time?
I'm just getting over having bronchitis after 10 days and...?
how to cure runny nose by monday emergency ?
my baby got an otitis media what should i do?
i can never seem to breathe properly?
My roommate threw up blood, wont go to the hospital?
my neighbors 12 year old daughter is just getting over the flu~,?
does sleep apnea only happen to fat people or does it happen to anyone???
i want to loose weight but nothing seems to work. any suggestions?
Weight training affecting running?
How to make the lower abs show?
About vomiting your food?
Water Fast ?!?!!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Whens the best time to work out and for how long?
Is this a healthy weight?
I need to lose at least 4 inches off my waistline...?
compared to non-obese people, obese people likely have a lower what?
what do the different glucose levels and what are the ramifications of each?
i want to know about carvela plant?
can you get diabetes by drinking a lot of soda?
any solutions & reasons for talking and doing some actions while sleeping for a 9 years old boy.?
my hubby is a diabetic- why is his blood sugar level the highest in the morning before breakfast?
Feet burning?
I'm getting braces in a few days?
jaw pain after tooth extraction?
Hard lump in mouth after wisdom teeth extraction?
Does getting your braces off hurt? How long does it take?
does it hurt having braces?!?
What are basic hygiene tips for girls?
Why do I always wake up with a bad taste in my mouth?
Unexplained bruise that wont go away, what could it be?
How come vaccine shots don't always prevent U from getting allergies or the flu?
Allergies to cat dander and kids....?
MAJOR SINUS problems need HELP!!! ?
Is there a test to test for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate allergies specifically?
Strep throat?
i have pink eye?
how can i get rid of a blocked nose so i'll be able to sing tomorrow!?
lactose intoleranttttttt?????????
what material should i buy?! i'm allergic to non gold materials?
What Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) should I buy?
on a bracelet with med info, are nka and nkda redundant?
Burn blister popped! HELP?
something bit me and now the area around the bite is numb?
how to treat burns from boiling water...?
where can I buy pepper spray?
How do I know if I have a flea bite?
My ear is bleeding and I have lost some hearing...?
Why does the skin around my cut turn white?
i have had a lump under my armpit for over two weeks is it juist an eration or what.?
how do you get rid of acne naturally?
What acne scar removal products have you used that have worked?
Can stress cause a rash to develop on your face and continue into your hairline?
Green bumps on skin.?
Do I have Tinea Versicolor?
what is the best way to get rid of a wart?
Help I sweat too much!?
What are these marks around my mouth?
my twitchy eye?????????!!!!!?
My left eye has been twitching this week. Why is this and how do I get it to stop?
Why am I getting such horrible Migraines!!?
i have a really bad pain in my side while running.?
Why do my jaws always ache when I eat something tart like a green apple?
In pain and know one knows why?
Do siamese twins count as two people or one person legally?
I faint way too much?
What should I use for hair regrowth after losing half of my hair from Topamax?
Help for a Teenager with Encopresis?
Bone marrow donation question?
Just part of restless leg syndrome or seizures...?
Does eating before going to bed effect quality of sleep?
SMOKERS QUESTION: I think im allergic to weed!?
How do I deal with this trypophobia?!?
Broken collar bone.?
I was diagnosed with a stress fracture. Can I get a pedicure?
how to treat a second degree ankle sprain?
I have many old injuries some 3 years old, i am only 21 years old is there anything i can do?
How to break your ankle? Serious question read the description it will explain.?
Shoulder Popping?
How do you give a good massage?
I lost my big toenail a few years ago. It grew back well except for the upper right corner. Can anyone help?
Plz answer? Does it take long to get a cast?
what would happen if i cut myself with a rusty blade?
What causes a diabetics circulation in their feet to get blocked?
What is a good natural supplement to treat or help with arthritis?
what color heals which symptom?
are probiotics/acidophilis necessary to take even when ur not on antibiotics?
My dad was told to drink cherry juice for gout?
Body Detox and Cleanse??
Is there a natural way to strengthen or boost T-Cells?
How long does a pediatric oncology nurse have to go to school for? Do you enjoy the job?
are cysts normal for someone under the age of 20?
What is spoiled milk, what are the effects of spoiled milk to us and symptoms that milk has turned spoiled?
if allovera helps in asthma?
Do I have allergies?
Does anyone get blurry eyes with allergies?
How do you combat your child's seasonal allergies?
strange rash on my right arm?
Lemons + Honey to stop a cough?
Will you tell me what you think of my diet? Details are briefly listed inside. Comments? Thanks?
has anyone lost weight on slim fast? if so, how much over how much time? thanx :)?
which one will work the best need some advise?
I need to get slim-fast!?
Do you have regular Health check-ups ?
how can i get skinnier thighs and legs.and a better thinner waist??
Forcing herself to vomit... help/advice, please?
what is a good workout for a teen?
How to stop snacking before and while making dinner??
Is it Bulimia!?
Can anyone offer some opinions on what may be causing these symptoms? (urinary)
Hemogloban lavel?
Type two diabetes...?
Diabetes Questions??
is my friend dehydrated or her sugar lvl went down she sick?
can any body tell me whether we can get cinnamon tablets in india, tamil nadu?
hbsa g cannot detect less than the level of 1 mg/ml?
bilateral saggital split osteotomy?
the brace around my molar fell off what should i do?its the second time this happens?
Can you tell me exactly what goes on in a root canal?
What is the right age to get braces? What the upper age limit?
what shood i do to make more monny at my home?
What are you paranoid about?
what's the best medicine for schizophrenia??
Why is there so much unhappiness in the UK?
How can I deal with the one year anniversary of his death?
How can I make the doctor sit up and listen regarding my mental health?
How can you tell if your suffering from depression?
Is anyone cured of an Anxiety Disorder?
When was the last time you laughed and had fun?
is their a mental health problem that is where you have a great need to be helpful and nice to people?
Why do so many 11-15 year olds think they have such horrible mental ilness'?
if one has had a 3 drinks,gets into a car accident,but their liver is lacerated,can it affect blood etoh level
Which part of the body id affected by the disease Epilepsy?
Are the side effects worth taking Methotrexate?
The Cure For Acid Reflux?????
I Have Blood in the Stool!!! Please HELP?!?
I feel like I have a lump in my throat and it won't go away.. I take nexium but that does not seem to help
are people with down syndrome infertile?
Lithotripsy Procedure?
My weight is 140 kg , my height is 1,54m...What can I do to feel better?...?
Do I have asthma, or is it something else?
Smoking with less nicotine?
I have had a horrible cough for about two weeks that just keeps getting worse and a sore throat..Suggestions..?
biology help?
Please help! I have trouble breathing while running around?
my dad has chest pain?
Has anyone else here contracted the 2006 Flu virus?
if something gets in your eye & it doesn't seem to come out on your hand/face w/ the tears, where does it go?
some kind of ear infection?
Nausea while sleeping?
Where do these bee's come from in my room,and how do I stop them from coming?
is this a minor 1st degree burn?
My right eye's vision is weird?
Where can you not wear contacts?
Is there are any new vision correction technology in the works?
I have VSP vision insurance and I'm looking for a price list that shows what they cover...?
is eye swaping possible? (like if you want differnt eyes)?
What is wrong with my eye?
Are my glasses and contacts prescriptions different?
Spontaneous visual decline. Am I going to go blind?
Contact Solution Lot Numbers?
Would anyone recommend bunion surgery? Does it really help or is it just a cosmetic thing?
Unusual, random stomach pains?
keep getting headaches?
my friend is taking 'oxycodone' to relieve his stress and feel to ease from his work burden.Is it ok to do so?
what is wrong with my muscles?
ive take too much warfarin, is my dosage ok?
Why do I have pain...?
When I crack my neck sometimes it causes my right thigh or left hand to go numb temporarily. What gives?
Help for incredibly dry skin!!!?
How do you get rid of a cold sore?
itchy bumps on the skin?
Preauricular pit keeps itching?
Will my little toenail grow back?
my shoes stink. is there anything that i can do to prevent it?
Why do sunburns make us itch?
I have a red face ?!?!?
What are cardiologist appointments like? What happens?
nasua and vomiting are signs of heart attack...how long are u sick at your stomach if you don't vomit?
what are symptoms of heart attack?
what causes a heart to stop beating?
Heart medicine,lisaprill?
about my blood pressure and stress?
Normal Heartrate for a 1 year old?
help me please.........(Mitral Regurgitation-Mild).?
should i go to the doctors?
Ankle/Leg problem??????
Is my ankle Sprained or just hurt?
Is it to late to file for workman's compensation after being diagnosed and operation?
scoliosis and dizziness plz helpppppp?
I cut through my lip, and its very swollen, what to do?
angry with doctor, i don't think he believes in my symptoms?
The tip of my middle toe is tender and swollen, what could be the cause?
sprayned anklke?
I have this strange bump on my head, can you help!?
How do I cure my cancer with alternative medicine?
What are the chances of living with a malignant inoperable brain tumor?
Have you have lost someone you love'd?
What is homeopathy and how does it differ from other 'natural' medicine?
Any herbal solutions/aids for ADHD?
Natural ways to cure depression?
Which narcotics do you consume that are FDA approved?
ingredients of chamomilla 30c?
Are alcohol and cigarettes more harmful than marijuana?
How can a drug have so many bad reviews on one site, but nearly all good on others?
Bad pain in feet and hands..? Please help :(?
insomnia question? recommend anything?
What could it be if you have a pain right below your rib cage on the right side?
how many pieces of gum are sold everyday?
Do you know a toothpaste without fluoride?
Molar and around hurts like heck but the dentist didn't have a clue?
What are the best teeth whiteners out there?
okay braces...!!! pleaaaase help!?
Help with pain for braces?
How soon after you get your wisdom teeth removed can you eat normally?
Are you able to determine child abuse through crooked teeth?
How do I get rid of my allergic reaction to grass that causes mucus?
Is this an allergy?
Question about aversion...?
whats the best allergy medicine that really works?
will goat milk stop an 11 month old from having diarrhea?
What are good remedies, alternative or other wise to assist with stress caused by bereavement?
In men, how many calories consumed daily is considered anorexic?
I'm failing university because I'm depressed and I procrastinate, what should I do?
I am suffering anxiety, panic, nervous, everytime when I wake up 3am I can't sleep I pray and pray but I can't
why do i feel spaced out and tired all the time?
i've been an alcoholic for 3 years?
have you ever heard of a mental illness where cartoons are involved?
Are there any anti depressants that don't cause weight gain?
For those with depression, does this 17sec video help?
I have been suffering from severe insomnia. Please help.?
can too much tv causes brain dameage?
Pic Lines...?
has anyone else been diagnosed with cerebeuar degeneration?
Are there any certain smells or odors that may be warning signs of a health issue?
can hypermobility go undiagnosed for years?
Is Henia is a serious problem?
How do you deal with PMS?and what are your symptom's.?
how would a moderately diabetic & severly diabetic condition be differenciated by the glucose tolerance test?
is skinny people like me have also a possibility to have diabetes?
Is it 1/2 cup of Pasta or 1 cup?
can a burst of flame that contacts the eye from a lighter or a stove cause any serious damage?
Coloured contacts for dark eyes?
contact lenses?!?!?!?!?!?
After Lasik eye surgery..?
Laser Eye Institute,Troy Michigan?
I need help fast.. I had a headache behind my eye and when i layed down, i felt some sort of suction?
Would too much cry or loss lots of tear cause any problem to eyes? Will it make my eyes become too dry?
Last night my eyes were really dry, this morning one of my eyes is seeing double?
eye condition floaters/floater?
what is the best way to cleans veins and arteries of "plaque"?
Why does our stomach growl?
Does anyone know any quick remedies for a blister problem????
my daughter has a sore on her leg ,it looks like a blister has popped?
I have 3rd degree burns all over my skin. Is there any way I can get it back to normal?
ovarian tumor treatments?
hello cancer question for you's?
what is a child blood pressure supoosed be she 10?
Why do I still get heart fluttering, when I'm on meds to prevent them like Verapamil?
what are the three main factors that contribute to health and well being?
what do you think will happen to your heart when blood supply is temporarily block?
6 week old baby heart attack?
Is this normal for my neck pulse?
PLEASE HELP ME: What should i know now that i have MITRAL VALVE PROLAPSE?
i have high blood pressure?
irritation on hands..eczema?..?
What could be the reason for a pinkish, itchy rash on the skin, on the opposite side of the elbow?
Has anyone used clindamycin phosphate gel?
How can i beat dry skin?
Any suggestions for very dry scalp?
Does egg white work in removing blackheads?
Should i get Skin ID?
how can i get acne to stop ruining my life? i'm only 12 and i'm getting put on accutane in 2 months?
How long till i can walk without crutches after an ankle sprain?
Does anyone know how to stretch your heel?
How high is the risk of refracturing a wrist break after external fixation?
How do i get rid of my hematoma located on my forhead?
Blood clot in leg or just a pulled muscle?
Ingrown toenail! Help!?
A hit in the nose with a volleyball?
Ummm... Please help me?
Knee problem?
what are some good muscle powders to use?
how can i reduce my belly by domestic methods without exercercise or going to the gym?
has anyone ever tried.. "weight loss for idiots"?
Do squats and other target area exercises work?
how do i lose some of the fat around my belly....?
Do you burn stored fat when walking??
How do i know when i'm fat around my belly area?
which nuerotransmitters in the brain does acetaminophen affect?
is there any future effect from regular use of voltrane tabs ?
Books,detailed informations,resources regarding Homeopathic remedies?
Alternative therapies for SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus)?
What do you thing about green tea ??
Which type of massage gets out more tension?
I had a massage today, but when i got home i was in pain in some places.?
Anyone know anything about Propylene Glycol allergic reactions?
do allergies effect thyroid stimulating harmone?
I have a six month old who has allergies and she got prescribed claritin 5mg, is it save for her this young?
Allergy Trouble?
Can low dose steroids make you gain weight?
Cough @ ketchup, etc. Food allergy or what???
does gas help poison ivy go away?
do u think my allergy?
Why does peroxide foam as soon as it hits a cut?
why is there a white spot on my toe nail and pain?
Will Baking soda remove intrinsic tooth stains?
What are the chances of dying at the dentist?
good way to whiten teeth very fast?
Braces hurt so bad I can't go to sleep?
can mercury in fillings cause ms?
I have about 7-10 white little bumps in my mouth?
Anyone else have a tooth pulled today?
how does a cavity look like?
Bipolar disorder ?
ive been cutting for 4 years..stopping for a few months then starting again..someone help???
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Bulimia!!!!! Is it really like this??? Wow!?
How to say goodbye?
how do you help a loved one cope with depression?
Why do YOU fear reality?
Nervous shock when I am trying to fall asleep?
Anyone have Restless Legs Syndrome?
Metronidazole gel for BV...anyone else???
Bad Claire's Ear Piercing?
Candy Stripper?
What are all the steps in finding out if you can donate a kidney?
i didnt realizie you can die from colitis?
if you have an autistic friend that everyone picks on and you feel like you want to hurt them what should you?
What percentage of American adults have anal fissures?
How long does a Breast Cancer Patient Survive? Where Can I get details about it?
Son diagnosed with lymphoma that is combination of both hodgkins and non-hodgkins?
Is Bone Marrow Cancer curable?
How do I deal with my mom having cancer?
Is sharp pain in leg rooted to back pain in reality?
Ear pain and ringing in ears?
Trapped nerves, pain relief.?
If you crush up pain killers and swallow it does it still work?
Which brand of whiskey has the lowest calories?
I was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes, can i eat eggs?
Fasting blood sugar?
Will Crystal Light skew a 3-hour glucose test?
Should I take reduce diabetis medicine during south beach diet?
Has anyone had good or bad experiences with CARB BLOCKER from Nutrilite?
i am on 50units0f levemir. can i spread the needles to 2 aday.?
I am very sorry for asking so many '?'?
Nasty mosquito bites?
is this a mosquito bite or a spider bite?
i got burned and the white part under my skin is showing, and will not heal. what do i do for this?
How can i improve my Eye Sight ?
how much are non prescripted color contacts?
Possible eye problems?
how much on average does lasik eye surgery cost?
What is it with eyes?
I hate my new glasses, is there any possibility of me getting my money back?
sticky eyes when woke up?
Do people with light colored eyes have more floaters? Just real answers please. Important. Thank you! :)?
what are the modern technologies used to treat cataract?
I'm a 15 year old girl and my hair is becoming really thin .. can someone please help me?
I chronically have bad breath, and I can't seem to do anything about it?
If its bad to smoke, why do they still sell cigarettes?
When does a girl OFFICIALLY stop growing?
psychiatrist or psychologist?
Why does it smell extra strong when you have flatulence in the shower?
is it bad that i crack my knuckles?
my mum had cosmetic surgery 20 yrs ago.....it was stomach stapling ,since the op?
Has anyone used angioprim or cardio renew that is believed to clear blocked arteries and is this true?
Irrationally worried about superficial phlebitis?
Chest pain after smelling toast?
i am 21 and my blood pressure is 128 over 91 i have had it checked over the last 3 years & it has always high?
Achilles tendinitis with flexible calves?
i dont get it, how do you sprain your wrist?
I sprained my ankle a few days ago. Just above my ankle it hurts when i touch it. Have I torn something?
Ulnar Nerve Test?
What should I do about my knee?
should i go see a doctor?
toe hurts where foot and big toe meet?
Help with hemorrhoid?
how can you tell if someone has a concusion?
i need some help with my belly button piercing?
Are any foods good for the lungs?
how do i get rid of dark circles around my lips?
How to get rid of HyperPigmentation?? Home remedies?
can u get stretch marks on your back?
Accutane or not?
In Death Note does L have dark lines under his eyes cause he's tired?
How can I get rid of this wart on my thumb?
why do kids use oxy cotton at school?
Is there a Cure For Dry Skin?
why do our fingernails have ridges?
I am looking for a natural treatment for OCD, Anxiety, and Depression?
Are there any natural remedies that help lower blood pressure?
Mercury removal?
any one tried kimi height growth is it a real scam?
Where can I get the best aroma-theraputic oils? I need them as pure and as efficient as possible....?
leatril...does anyone using it?
Is there a natural way to detoxify the body?
Best cure for a hangover?
Is cider gluten free??
What do I have to do to stop being allergic to cats?
the left side of my face is swollen and my teeth hurt really bad my nose is really dry?
Mold in my bathroom at apartments!! What can i do? Please HELP!!?
Is there a such thing as being allergic to pine trees?
Are anyone elses allergies going CRAZZZY TODAY...?
Do braces change your entire profile? (overbite)?
What is the best way to DIY tooth whitening a friend said baking soda was good for this.Thank You.?
Implant or bridge for a girl who wants a nice looking teeth?
can tooth extraction lead to abortion?
Why can't I always buzz my lips while playing trumpet?
Wisdom tooth is cutting my gums. Any fix?
tomorrow i am getting my braces and i dont know what colors to pick any suggestions????
y do people wind up haveing to have root canals....?