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do i still have to drink in moderation after coming off warfarin?
the QRS complex should be narrow what does mean in physiological term?
I can see my own heart beating in the middle of my chest. Is it normal?
How can I get water out of my ear?
Poison Ivy or unusual bug bites?
When is the soonest you can take out a cartilage earing?
i burnt my tongue. how long does it take for it to heal?
What's the best way to treat sun burn on the face?
Have you ever dealt with a bad case of poison ivy, are there any quick ways to get rid of it?
rug burn with puss and swollen?
horrible pain in ear please help me!!!! 10 points!?
What substance does the nephron completely absorb?
were i can found company produce fetal fibronectin reagent kit?
i wouldnt wanna sound hysteric, but can diabetes cause breathing problems?
what percentages of teens use acid?
for people with the ANIMAS 1250........?
what is the tretment for refractory GERD to PPI?
Whitening teeth before getting braces: Will this cause small discolored spots once they are removed?
How long does it take to become a Dental Hygienist?
How can I make my teeth whiter....without going through all that laser whitening stuff.?
im looking for a good orthodontist in singapore and want to know how much they usually charge for braces?
I have very yellow teeth...?
Serious teeth and gum problem... please help?
Getting a bad feeling...?
How long does it take to get braces...?
What to do ? my throat hurts as hell?
Good ways to releive the pain from an old injury...?
will ultram er come out on lab screen?
Why do my ears start to hurt when I am jogging outdoors?
I have pain down the right side of my body which started 2 hours ago, I didn't think much of it but a spasm or?
Migraine sufferers: What exactly is the feeling of "sensitivity to light and sound" you feel?
is there any other meds i can take for pain relief after surgery?
My head has been killing me for days?
Allergy problems!! Help~?
food preservative allergies and weight?
Onion allergies: Symptoms, what kind, how to avoid?
Allergic reaction?
I have had hives, rash all over for 1 week. Steroids taken 5 days ago, they went away. I woke up with achey?
hi,my name is gentiana and i have allergies and i really do want a puppy i had one before and my nose was stuf?
how do you wash oil out of the eye?
I have just farted and burped at the same time and now both my arms are numb! Is this normal?
I was wondering if anybody else in The Mental Heath section has had this annoyance as well?
stuck arm injury?
Fluid in compartment of leg...?
I had mono 4.5 months ago, can i start training even if my dr told me 2 wait until the 6th month? I feel good?
would someone be in pain with disc problems ?
Injured toe- help?
Plantar Fasciitis!?
Help my girlfriend lives at bent tree forrest cirlce dallas she was picked up by ythe EMS?
I got pushed off of a desk and my leg got twisted. And now my knee hurts me really bad. Whats the problem?
Natural remedies for optical conditions?
Lack of oxygen to eyes-how is this bad?
I've been seeing things.?
Can u feel it if your contacts are stuck in ur eye?
Is it to normal to see something like this when closing your eyes?
Can eyes sweat or is that just an excuse?
Do i have kidney stones? and what are the symptoms?
what is normal liver count?
Should rehab centers or hospitals provide addicts with clean needles?
communication of parkinson's?
I have a problem here, let's see if you can give me some advice as to what might be wrong?
symptoms of cancer, but not the cause?
Anyone ever taken an ACTH test?
i'm bulimic and nobody knows.. ??
Butterflies freak you out?
How can I make myself vomit?
Question about taking meds on empty stomach?
A cure for stinky feet?
How is Vinegar Healthy?
what are the physiological effects of alcohol and drugs?
I'm trying to stop cutting. I'm going to a counselor and all but what else can I do besides write?
will i get sick if i kiss my husband when he's having a cold?
Im skinny :'( i want to gain weight! HELP ME please!?
don't you hate...?
taking hukkah is bad for health?????
What are the different types of BCELL Indolent, Low grade, follicular, Non hodkins, LYMPHOMA?
what are the side affects of breast cancer?
A close friends grandson was diagnosed with lymphoma, any words of experience or wisdom would help?
i would like information on nasal cancer?
How much of our funding actually goes to research with the organization American Institute for Cancer Research
is a 5mm isoechoic nodule in the interpolar right lobe cancer?
My mother has had a colostomy bag for the last 5 Years? Advice please!?
what are the 4 main types of melanoma??
what do doctors do for an examination?
When do stretch marks appear?
i had my varicose veins stripped now I have a raised purplish spot on the back of my leg.what is it?
Unusual Skin Problem?
Staph Infection?
I get goosebumps on my face...Is that normal?
Itchy Red Bumps on Thigh?
can steriod creams kill pigmentation in the skin?
What can I use to hydrate my face!?!?
I have like tiny rock like things attached to my head?
Seizures, HELP.?
anyone suffering from sarcoidosis?
sore chest when coughing?
sumtoms from glass wool inhalation exposure?
Cystic Fibrosis? If your a carrier of it does it affect you?
I can't sleep and I am getting worried...?
Sinus Infection/Cold or Allergies?
if u have braces..................................…
Should I have been referred to a private specialist by an NHS dentist and what are the likely costs?
Can a sinus infection cause sore teeth?
I have hairline fracturing and chipping on my front teeth. They have been bonded but my dentist doesn't want?
Help! Cure for toothache!?
My gums are red and swollen what could it be?
Dental Surgery? Any surgery tips?
what is wrong with my teeth?
I might have an abcess, can you help me confirm it?
Is addiction hereditary?
Can exercise cure anxiety and depression..?
HELP! STAGE FRIGHT! Is there a pill that can calm me down. I have a bad case a stage fright. Any other methods?
Whats a panic attack like?
People with Bipolar only?
Why do I pretend to be stupid even though I'm not?
Is there something wrong with me?
Have u ever gone through an whole night without any sleep at all?
Could I Have Either Of These?
Why do I have terrible back chest and upper abdominal cramps??
Question about Tramadol?
Disability for surgery?
tell me what is йmigrй?
Whats the best way to heal puffy eyes and a headache?
A knee question.....?
anesthesia and darvocet? precautions and whats allowed to be taken.?
What should i do????
How to give a good burning stinging wedgie.?
When your throat hurts SO BAD you can't swallow is it ok to spit instead .....?
How long is the recovery period for a knee arthroscopy?
Why did this happen-couldn't lift arm up during the middle of the night?
How long should i go without sleep if i want to collapse?
Why did I just sleep for 13 hours?
Waht happens when Body's creatinine and blood urea nitrogen increases??
do you agree 42 stone woman has a medical emergeny?
I was told Metformin can damage you kidney.....is that true or false???
please answer i need help!?
Is cortisone injections helpful for hip flexor strain?
my shoulder hurts really bad?
Need to do a long drive on a torn calf muscle, any advice?
Knee Injury from pitching
Good Scoliosis surgeon in New York? I need Scoliosis surgery done,I have a 47 degree Lumbar curve progressing
Foot Hurts. :(?
Can you walk when you have torn your MCL?
Cirrhosis of the liver?
what is SLE. who can it affect.. What is the best cure for it.?
Is there such thing as mental helath "black-listing"?
lupus went from 1.4 to 1.6 so how bad is this?
any cures for Aphasia?
fevers off and on, abdomanal pain, left side numbness....help!!?
howmany times can your kidney back up with urine from a blockage before you have permanent damage to it?
I live in Arkansas and am looking for a hospital to have Stem Cell Transplant for ms,does anyone know where?
what kind of pill is this?
What happens when you change your contacts every month instead of every 2 weeks?
Contact lens wearers - Acuvue 2 or Oasys? problems?
Do I have to pay every year to fit same contacts?
is there a great chance tht contacts will scratch the cornia?
Now what Should I do to rest my eyes or what?
primary complex cure?
Can Pneumonia?
Great, now I'm sick... UGH!?
Is there a relationship between Hodgkins lymphoma and kidney cystic or chemo treatments and what is it?
how can i find out about a particular nhs consultant?
dna, genes and chromosomal abnormalities?
Does Zicam cause any health risk?
I need to write a 4 page paper about the effects of breast cancer in younger women but cant use any sources...
What could this be?
Can anyone help me. I am looking for the website for the cancer treatment center of amercia.?
Pilonidal Sinus?
Has anyone use rosehip oil for acne scars and acne?
I have eczema on my hands?
I have really oily skin???
how do i get rid of dermatitus on my dog?
i have white patches on my skin that itch and dry ive heard they can be called villitois is that wot i got?
Is REDBUL bad for you? Why?
Omg I am so burnt!!! Please I?
Does rubbing a rag on a wart then barrieing it make wort go away when rag rots?
does an IVC filter ever get clogged?
tight left shoulder pain under left breast bone?
what are the side effects of cardiac stimulator device?
should I be worried?
Heart pain?
Use cell phone while on Holter Monitor?
What can u do for blood clots?
My chest has been hurting since 12PM yesterday?
Home remedies for UTI?
Hands and feet are always deathly cold?
herbs and side effects?
can we detect kundalini energy using infrared camera?
what's it like getting high on ecstasy?
What does all this mean?
Has anyone taken Champix to help them quit smoking? Does it work?
Embarrassing question for you...?
Should I go see a doctor?
How to Cure Ankle Pain.?
Does high blood pressure cause ankle pain?
Does anyone have experience with Oxycontin as pain medication for rheumatoid arthritis?
Am I addicted to Oxycodone?
stretched ears...HELP?
I stand and walk many hours during my work day?
What is going on in my head?
What website can I buy real Viagra ?
Does Zoloft make you feel sick when you first start taking it?
Lupus and ANA and Anti-DNA test while taking antimalarials, help?!!?
lethal dose in humans of ibuprofen?
joining bupa?
Transcendental Meditation...?
Is it healthy to eat seafood everyday?
Which of the following is MOST unhealthy...?
Heart racing,hard time breathing, feels like your throat is blocked, aches and pain?? LOOK HERE?
Why do butts smell?
I have a really bad peanut allergy...?
I had some Mediterranean food and reacted badly to either the almond flour or egg plant. I've broken out! Help
I have a Iodine allergy, Can I have a tattoo?
How many apple & orange for daily intake?
I have allergies and?
What do you call an oatmeal allergy? The more I eat, the more my stomach gets upset.?
Kitten Sickness?
my uvula is touching my throat and having a hard time swollowing already to lozenges not workingwht shd i do?
does anyone know what insurances cover invisalign teen?
What to expect of a arthrocentesis?
What do moldings for braces look like?
ok. i lost a adult tooth and now i have a new one growing in.its like i have infinity teeth whats that called?
Part of my gum hurts?
What do your teeth feel like when your braces come off?
white marks from braces! ten points best answer, two points just for answering?
Is it extreme for a mother to be jailed without bail and charged with a felony over her kid's tooth ache?
My ear is plugged and can't hear?
pocket guide on first aid?
Ear piercing randomly bleeding?? - 10 points?
My sunburn is swollen, help?
Should I burst a BURN blister?
what should i do when i have a splinter deeper than the first layer of skin?
If a snake bite is fresh must an X first be cut over the bite wound?
i swallowed 30+ ibprofin, i need to get it out, help me!?
How long does it take for a burn to heal?
Colored Contacts - Basic Questions?
I have a few questions about cataracts?
Is it possible that someone could die from loneliness?
This move to NY caused a great deal of trauma for me ...?
youtube and others showing death and suffering?
what is the best way to relax?
I had a weird feeling?
I'm 21 and i don't feel like socialising and going out places is that strange? any advice?
I'm worried I'm getting depressed?
I'm so stressed out about school I can't even think about it or I feel like I'm going to puke.?
whats the best way to loose belly fat fast??
What's the best and fastest way to lose weight?
how to get harder abs easy !?
Should you exercise immediately after consuming a meal, or wait a half hour?
How do you lose the lower stomach fat?????
I Am 15 years old and I weight 257, height 62" how can I lose the weight?
What would you do if your wife gained 100 pounds?
How do i get increase mt height? ?
are my legs too skinny? can it be hereditary? and what can i do?
Anyone taking spiriva for lung problems?
what is the significance of change in pulmonary function test after using bronchodilator?
Is it possible to have grown a deviated septum over the years?
i have a really bad sore throat?
can people test postive on a drug test by second hand smoke?
I got a puffer today and it says inhale 2 puffs twice daily which is 2 in the morning and 2 a night, the?
how long dose this last?
Asthma or Anxiety attack?
Sinus Infection?
IBS and Ulcers??
Doc says I have ms, but the MRI was clear, is that possible?
why do we use metal needles to access dialysis fistula?
pros and cons of surgery for osteomylities( bone infection)?
Is it true some people CANNOT get tongue rings?
Tell me about Dilantin... and tell me how long it stays in the body and when given through IV ?
OCD over Yahoo answers?
help me i feel soooooo sick?
what are the normal sugar levels...?
whats the best way to end a speech about diabetes?? Include examples?
Help!!! Sugar levels/dizzyness??
What's the difference between Splenda "sugar" and the others?
tyring to find any info pertaining juvenile diabeties and the affect that their menstrul cycle can have on the
Type II Diabetes & Kidney failure?
I'm scared I have diabetes...how do i know for sure?
can a benign lymphoma tumor turn cancerous?
how are cells related to cancer?
When should a doctor check for lung cancer?
large lump in my right breast? could it be cancer? please answer. god bless?
What is the most common tumor of the spinal cord?
Two of our friends died of pancreatic cancer,?
how do ya breast look after breast cancer?
PLease help! I am really confused!?
Anything to help with the itching and pain of shingles/?
Does anyone know of a treatment for Roscea?
Painful skin rash!!!!?
is there any medicine for chicken pox spots to disappear?
Identification of a rash please help?
Has anyone tried Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash?
What can a woman do about unwanted facial and body hair?
zits under skin?
Does anyone know what this medical condition is?
what are the best natural (or not natural) migraine remedies?
How long does it take before an allergic reation symptoms go away.?
allergy med?
Very severe head congestion?
could i have allergies?
can i take dayquil during the day and theraflu at night?
I've had two noseo bleeds today, two yesterday, and atleast one a day for the couple days before that. Why?
Pain on my right leg?
what would happen if you stabbed your thigh?
Normal Echocardiogram as opposed to Stress Echocardiogram?
Family member has complications after heart surgery. How serious is this?
Problems with the heart?
Iam a patient who have undergone a VSD device closure?
Why taking Xanax 0.5mg gave me bad Heart Palpatation?
ive been having touble with my throat?
My aunt recently passed away from lung failure, would it upset my family more to do this?
help me please..............?
Who can perform the retinal topography scan?
acuevue oasys question?
About how long does it take to receive glasses after ordered?
What is the best place to get my eyes examined for contacts and glasses? I have a really bad astigmatism and
How do i stop wearing my glasses?
Acuvue rebate question?
Contact lens Diameter? My test says I have 14.5dia. but I can only get 14.2 or 14.7dia. Is this OK?
If you break your nose once, is it likely to break again?
hypem.. is mine broken?
what have i done to my knee?
How can you get over an abusive family situation, and move on to have a normal life?
Does lithium ruin your teeth?
How can you tell how strong your enamel is?
Can anyone recommend a good private dentist in London who charges a FAIR price for work?
Will my smile change after getting my braces off?
What if the orthodontist didnt give me spacers?
What can the bad taste from a dry socket be described as?
Is it possible to remove a crown while flossing?
Pain in my jaw when i open my mouth!?
How can I speed up (heal) a cold sore on my lip?
Is a water filter a good investment?
What is the cure for procrastination and laziness?
what is wrong with my body?
How can I get myself to drink more water?
what is wrong with me? health speaking?
I am tired of life and my health is faltering,?
Why do we itch ourselves?
does this stuff really work?
will bone spurs in knee get worse?
what are the symptoms of an over/underactive thyroid gland?
Are the pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies convincing us that aging is a disease?
I have bloating, gas, discomfort in my stomache, and diarhea, and nausea. I lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks any ideas?
9 yr old with Low Lymphocyte Count?
i have swollen glands with no cold but it hurts to swallow..why?
Can you have a colonscopy without sedation?
Can Crohn's disease cause a blood clot to go to your head?
hard bowel?
Could I possibly have Sarcoidosis?
Sinus meds Extendryl PSE changed to Sudatrate?
Very nasty cough?
i feel terrible, i've got a cough, my throat hurts, as does my chest from all the coughing. ?
What are some good activities for someone with asthma?
coughing, dry/tight throat during and after exercising?
how to get off nasal spray?
Sinus problem. Strange foul odor / smell from particular drip.?
Has this weird thing happened to anyone after using a neti pot?
Does Homeopathy provide effective treatment for Hypertension ?
Homeopathy - Sepia side effects?
You people with heart conditions have you started picking your young hawthorn flowers and leaves to make ?
Oil-pulling question?
Can you please recommend a good site for Alternative Medicine information?
what would be a homeopathic ....?
can you get a cold in summer?
What are things I can use at home to get rid of zits?
ear problems?
What can I do to cure my sweaty palms?
itchy back when hot??
Is it true if you lack sleep you will get acne?
H0W do you get tan FASTER?
allergies to the winter cold?
do i have seasonal allergies?
how to get rid of poison ivy and oak?
Is this normal?
Why is my Nose Always Clogged Up Help Me Please..?
Is this an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite ?(with picture)?
How can they stock so many contact lenses?
Price of prescription glasses?
How long do you keep your bi-weekly contacts in for?
Do i need to get glasses?
How can I Train my eyes to see better?
How to treat my wound?
Some questions about snake bites?
difference between infected ear pirecing and irritated?
I have a 30 yr old bottle of mercurochrome I still use. Is it safe and still effective?
whats a fast and easy way to cure ant bites?
Help! Picked blood blister won't stop bleeding?
How to pop a blister under my armpit?.?
Why is the thumb not considered a finger?
ive got stitches on my right hand. wat can i do so dat dey join soon.?
i have a boxer fracture and?
What Can I do about a cracked rib?
really bad bruise?
i m having a litl bit problem with my nose. its become shapeless how can i change my nose to normal?
Should i be worried? (bad knee)?
I was cleaning the house...bent over and suddenly I can't stand..?
Long leg cast question?
my fingers!!!!!!!!!?
I think I have another wisdom tooth coming up, I've had all of them removed.?
Do i need braces????????????????????????????????
How much does it cost to get braces done at a dental school (UF)?
Do they file your teeth after braces come off?
Pain after wisdom teeth extraction - Please help!?
Ahhh getting my braces off wednesday. need information?
i cant stop clenching my teethwhile im awakeand my gums and teeth are very painful .what is causing this?
I have a special occasion in 2 weeks and need to lose 15 pounds,i dont care if i gain it back!?
how do you get a faster metabolism?
What should I look for in a gym?
What are the best excercises to lose the fat on ur legs and stomach?
what are the best exercises to lose weight for the top half of my body.?
Eating habits for athlete, HELP?
should you only have 2 eggs per week?
when i take fitrum? before i eat or after?
Growth problem !!! PLEASE help?
Does anybody else feel there is an overdiagnosis of "bipolar disorder" in celebrities?
Is it true that pathological guilt is sometimes a symptom of severe depression.?
How long have you lived with depression?
What are different types of self harm?
I have a 4 year old who refuses to eat or drink anything. She had to be put on a feeding tube for nourishment.
Helping people with OCD.?
If I was to tell a psychologist that...?
why the hell was I ever born?
Where would you like to die?
Getting over bronchitis without antibiotics.?
Does Plum Pine help to control asthma????
Do albuterol inhalers contain steriods? ?
How did you become aware about the effects of smoking?
Why can't I take a deep breath?
I have a condition that every time its hot or my body overheats my lungs stop air. i have an inhaler no work.?
Short of breath at rest, please help?
I had a very upsetting dream last night. How can I get rid of the feelings that linger this morning?
are you suppose to inhale Black n Milds?
A medicine named 'Pioglar' for diabetic is harmful and can do heart problem. Is there any alternative.
a couple of questions about diabetic patients?
Does sugar in your urine mean that there is a possibility that you can have diabetes what exactly does it mean
I am just curious, what are the symptoms of any type of diabetes, how can it be prevented?
Why would my blood sugar be 87 several hours after eating & before bed, but 101 in the morning??
What is low blood sugar? What happens when your sugar is low?
What color is the pancreas? What is the texture (soft, hard, stretchy...)?
Can a blind prson be dyslexic?
What can be the causes for persistent hiccups and black vomit?
what would you do?
gilbert's syndrome?
What is Hyperthyroid and Graves Disease?
how to pass a drug test in 3 days "meth"
PCOS or Cushing's?
what do you call it when....?
melanoma and the cell cycle?
Has anyone heard of using stents in nemonia patients.?
has anyone had success with dr swartzbein diet and adrenal exhaustion?
recovering from surgery after cancer how long dose it take?
What kind of doctor would you be if you studied cancer and experiment with chemicals? ?
how can you tell how to check urself 4 testicular cancer.?
how many people die a year from brain tumor cancer?
Breast Cancer?
Any downsides to drinking chamomile twice a day?
why are natural remedies better than modern medicine?
Mindsoothe Herbal Tablets For Anxiety?
Does anyone know the correct maintenance dosage of l-lysine for a 17 month old?
What are they and are they good for me?
Will heat destroy herbs?
What do you think about psychiatry and psychiatric medications?
How is it working at Massage Envy?
So, if you use two "servings" of hand sanitizer, does it kill 199.98% of germs?
if a dog sweats through it's tongue, then what are it's armpits for?
How to make an aspirin paste?
what exactly causes skin problems?
What are the things we can do to prevent wrinkles and dark eyes circle and reduce the effect of aging?
What works for this??
A mole just appeared, is it skin cancer?
What kind of creme or application can I use to cover up scars that's reliable for a long time and water proof?
I have very dark morning urine almost orangish or brown. During the day as I drink it is clear, is this norm.
I have a bump on my eyelid, what could this be? And how do I get rid of it?
nose job ?
ordinary dairy butter (dilemma)?
I am having an allergic reaction, and i dont know what its from and ive had it since friday night???
What is a really good allergy medication?
I break out in hives after eating tomato sauce and running. What is causing this?
What else can I do to make myself more comfortable at work?
How come when I rub my eyes and keep them closed...?
i got an injury in my right eye because of a soccer ball impact?should i go to a doctor?
Post Lasik question. Left eye really blurry in morning but clear after a few hours?
My right eye hurts a lot! Help?
How long will it take until my glasses arrive ? ?
What are some enamel strengthening toothpaste and mouthwash I could use?
Can a swallowed tooth cause injury?
How well are you supposed to rinse your mouth out after brushing?
orthodontist in Canada.?
Wisdom teeth question!?
HOw to whiten teeth? any good ideas because i need some?
Teeth whitening help?
what happens if you let your teeth go because you can't afford dental care?
Do Dentists ever think there patients are pathetic?
Is there anyone on Y/A that is over 300 pounds?
I have done everything i can to lose weight i havent lost an inch should i jus give up and be fat?
What helps take away the redness/swelling/appearance of a bug bite?
what is the easiest way to make our mindset positive?
How best to remove diet coke from ones eye?
I have been recently been bitten by a spider?
Insect bite that won't stop oozing clear fluid?
Is there something you can do to get something that's stuck all the way down your ear?
i bite my tongue and it was bleeding with a cut then a big lump under it has turn black and it is red will it?
Is it alright for to dance ballet 3 days after getting a sprained ankle?
Is my meniscus tore ?please help.?
Is this constant pain treatable?
What is a dull ache in the lower right quadrant close to hip that gets worse with breathing in , I am freaked?
What haven't you done today because of your chronic pain?
What do you think my stomach pain is?
best ways to stop cracking my joints?
What does it seem like going to bed earlier you awake more tired?
Which colon cleanser is better Colonix or Colpurin?
Thank you for answering today ... Enjoying your Sunday?
How can you prevent snoring?
My doctor wrote that my nasal septum is deviated to the right and that I have 2 septal spurs on the left.?
throat problem?
Terminal Occupational Program?
can u get on speed from an inhaler!?
I've got blood in my phlegm!?!?
nurse or medical opinion required for my answer does theophylline help night time c o p d and asthma?
How bad is TB Screening?
can coughing give you a heart attack?
do the arthritis metal bracelets work ?
Two year old has a constant runny stuffy nose. ENT doc said has big adenoids that should shrink.Suggestions?
alternative medication to cure kidneys?
Will a Reiki attunement make me feel different?
Has anyone had success using natural healing methods for Lyme Disease?
what is the best antioxident to use to prevent aging?
Do lagers contain soya? i have a allergy.?
When to take a baby with a food allergy to the hospital?
Allergies affect our Growth/Height?!?!?!?
Am I lactose intolerrant?
Do you get excessive fatigue with your alleriges?
what are turkey mites?
My 5 yr old son has been diagnosed with Verbal Apraxia. ?
thyroid nodules?
My 4 yr old son has upper body weakness, anemia ,occasional toe walking, slow transit constipation, thinning ?
is there a job someone with fibromyalgia can do?
In what part of the brain are thoughts formed?
Did anyone stop taking Zoloft??????
Please explain the whole "blood sugar" thing to me...?
I had a total hip replacement 6 months ago I still have a lot of pain , is this usual I'm 44 years old?
Tinnitus - Can anybody offer advice?
I have a bump on my heel?
How do you lighten or, if possible, eliminate the dark spots on your face?
What is the best skin care line for men with oily skin?
what can i do about a scab/raw skin on my face? will retinol/tretinoin work well i figured the vitamins in it?
I have a mole on my back and last month a solid white circle formed around it. doctors are unsure. do you no?
blackheads and oversized pores?
rosacea with laser treatment?
Does the sun make vitiligo worse?
i am 22 with gallstones can i have gallbladder cancer?
do i have cancer?
does neosporin work and make cuts go away?
If you thought you were using toner, but it stung ....?
should my stretched ear scab?
What are things you can do to help a REALLY REALLY bad sunburn?
Which is better for cleaning cuts, Rubbing alcohol or peroxide?
Is dong the Heimlich maneuver on yourself as effective as someone else doing it to you?
How to cure tongue burns faster?
Do Snake Bite Peircings Hurt?
How to take medical tape off skin?
pin worms? how to get rid FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Help with homemade Vegi and Fruit drink/shakes?
why do they call it cold if your not cold?
i've been feeling dizzy on and off all week?
how do you make youreself faint?
Best way to get hospitalized?
What are some good ways to get rid of cramps?
How many times a day do you fart?
How do I dislodge a rusty fork from my neck?
What is the best sandwich to have from Greggs if you want to rapidly lose weight through vomiting and diarrhea
How do I rehab a rotator cuff injury?
Is My Thumb Broken?
Is dried blood in toddler's ear serious?
Lower Back pain + crooked torso?
my hands go numb and tingle...like a burning sensation almost like when your foot goes to sleep. It happens s
please tell me.?
Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth?
Can i get braces if most of my teeth have filling in it?
Why is my top gum sore?
They want to cut my gums to show more teeth.....???/?
How can you tell if you have a dry socket?
I can not fit dental floss between my teeth. What can I do? I have Water-Pic, but not the same as floss?
Some dental questions?
Can your partner's germ filled mouth rot out your own teeth?
FOR FEMALES ONLY: What is worst having a kid or suffering with the worst toothache ever?
Menieres Diesease- has anyone gotten disability because of this?
excess white blood cells associated with heart failure?
Why does isosorbide dinitrate and hydralazine work in treating congestive heart failure in african americans?
test if this works?
what is a heart murmer?
what is a stroke?what causes strokes?how to help strokes victims or somebody who suddenly collapses of stroke?
Can one find some meaning in enduring chronic physical pain?
What could be wrong if a person has severe abdominal pain?
What doctor should I see for my lower back pain?
How Do I Get Rid of a Tension Headache?
I asked if you can take methadone and Oxycontin at the same time?
sharp pain in left side? weird to explian read?
Is taking Tramadol in doses of 50- 100mg dangerous if one is to do it for only a few days?
Would like to hear from someone who has had hemmroid surgery?
why is hurting myself so bad?
What is the difference between BPD and BPD? Just curious...?
What percentage of AS people (out of entire AS population) actually knows they have Aspergers?
Is there anything good you can be addicted to?
I feel so alone please help!!?
best way to deal with depression in teenagers?
im terrified about the thought of whats after death. i dont want to worry any soothing answers?
If we're all going to die at a point in our lives...why can't we be the ones to choose when?
Can piano practice worsen existing tinitus problem?
Brands of Vaporizers ......?
one of my son is having problem breating. he is coughing and coughing and he is short of brearth?
health question!!!??
I have had bad chest pains it does not happen all the time but when it does it has a couple times a day.?
Has anyone here or know someone who dealt with asbestos pipe wrap removal and didn't have any health issues?
Smoking first cigarette?
what can I do about drifting second hand smoke in my apartment?
caulophyllum thalictroides for induction?
Which is the most suitable place in India to have the best Ayurveda treatments for arthritis?
focalin weight gain/loss?
what are some foods that helps your immune system?
Has anybody quit smoking with a electronic cigarette?
about fibromyalgia i am looking for some help finding some otc meds to counter this pain presc dont work.?
Would a hyperbaric chamber(pure oxygen) save Mariana Bridi from amputation? ?
I have been having severe cold sweats and have been extremely tired for a week or two now. Any ideas why???
What are the types of illnesses?
Has anybody ever heard of or been diagnosed with an associated salmonella bowel illness?
can you tell me any effective way or any home remedy for treatment of kidney calculus??????????
Kidney Transplant Question.. ?
Will love cure any disease (or it kills you)!?
Has Lyconcy (werewolf's disease) ever actually been found on someone?!*?
external hemorrhoid at 22?
I need information about melanoma in the bloodstream. How quickly does it spread, how long can u live with it?
Skin cancer question????
What's a good gift to receive if you just had a baby and are starting chemotherapy?
nonmelanoma skin cancer?
Do you get cancer if you shave your arms?
Why do my teeth always hurt?
If you could choose three people from history to spend an hour with, who would they be?
A cure for some Migraine sufferers??
my husband white part of the eye is tan and it looks like is stretching and riping in the left eye?
internal ophthalmoplegia ...?
Grey or Green Contact Lenses?
Tobradex & corneal abrasion, 8 year old?
My soft contact lenses have the wrong B.C?
My eyes are messing up... How to stop?
Why do i have to keep readjusting my eyes because they keep looking through the screen?
My Base Curve is 8.4. Will I be able to wear lenses with a Base Curve of 8.3?
I have floating black dots in my eyes when it's bright, 2 eye doctors have said my eyes are fine does any one?
do you know how to heal mouth sores?
what natural regimen can i follow to combat or at least diminish hair loss/ falling hair??
why do people sweat when they get nervous?
Why do canker sores break up on your tongue, mouths, gums, etc. unexpectedly? ? Explain.?
itchy scalp?
Weird itchy blister problem on my hands?
Does photobooth have videos?
can you still tan lots when wearing sunscreen?
can black mold cause a person to break out in like a bite form?
Help! How can I get my sunburn to go away super fast?
what is best to cure the sting from chlorine in eyes?
Does anyone know about snake bites?
How do you get poison out of your lip?
wat takes the sting out of a burn?
Popped blister. Really bad?
How to a prevent scarring on a curling tong burn?
I put ice on a burn on my face, bad idea but yea. I need help.?
sorry i hade one on my skin it did not bite ?
How to gain weight?.................?
Whats the quickest and healthy way to loose weight?
I just started weightlifting, how much muscle can I expect to gain over the first month?
What are some good, fun workouts that I can do?
Are energy drinks the best way to gain energy??
Best way to lose fat on your legs?
fat kids food?
How and i kick the feeling of wanting to eat everything in site?
best thing you've bought for 1 pound?
what is the best way to lose fat?
What is the cycle of malnutrition?
i need some help...i am going to present a seminar on treatment of angina(pharmacology)...?
I work abroad. I would like to set up a charity trust for children with heart disease. How do I go about it?
What is ideal heart beat rate, ideal high blood pressure and low blood pressure. Thanks in advance.?
How long should you be hospitalized for DVT?
help me out, i feel so alone about this...?
Is death by heart attack a peaceful way to go?
Eardrum swollen from diving because of sudden pressure change?
I think I slightly sprained my ankle?
I hyperextended my knee the other day. Do you suggest ice or heat. It is quite swollen.?
I woke up with swollen hands feet and eyelids. My hands and feet/ ankels feel like they are bandaged.?
my ankle is really sore?
what does it mean when a bump on the head dents in?
Why is this happedning to me ??
Foot has been hurting?
i got sand in my eyes?
Help I bumped my head, there is blood rushing to the top ( picture)?
Why is the other side of the pillow always cold?
I want to get a leg cramp?
I'm addicted to pain killer.?
Why do eyes produce tears when you are sad or in pain?
how to heal a swollen foot FAST!??!?!?
Back pain (20 characters)?
sudden, short head pains?
Why do my eyes feel tired or hurt when i wake up in the morning?
What's better? ProAir or Ventolin?
acute hypersensitivity pneumonitis?
3-year-old with chronic cough?
If u have a little cough and sneezing,does that mean u have a cold?
I don't understand why people smoke?
Clicking & aching jaw?
Is there a growth plate in the chin? How does the chin grow?
Can grinding your teeth when you sleep cause a tooth cavity?
Did Arm and Hammer Advanced Whitening work for you?
Do you have to wear retainers forever at night if you have Orthognathic surgery? (Please Read Below)?
Why does the military cut out your wisdom teeth>?
How many times do you REALLY brush your teeth in a day?
Have you had a root canal?? I have a question!?
Just got braces today so when do gap close?
allergie help!?
Does Zyrtec make you real sleepy?
I suddenly started having a horrible pain in my sotmach if I consume a small amount of dairy. Am I Lactose In?
Why does my back hurt when I eat certain fruit?
After the ENT what next?
Throat! Help! My throat and the roof of my mouth itches so bad that I do just about anything to scratch it.?
Whats the best thing for insomnia?
Breast Reduction?
which theory explains why older adults spend most of their time with familiar individuals and familys?
what is alta vista about?
what kind of insulins do you not mix together?
what is rebound acidosis?
Is pain in the big toe more likely due to diabetes or poorly fitting work shoes?
I just found out I am borderline diabetic - with low blood sugar ....?
What was your experience on byetta?
has any one recieved the free one touch ultra mini?
Information on Brain Tumors?
What is your opinion of the drug Midazolam aka Versed?
Does any one know the current condition of Lorenzo Odone?
I have bags under my eyes that never go away whats the best treatment?
Does anyone who anything about kidney disease? Please help! I appreciate it!!?
Heartburn at 16 years old?
Does anyone know what makes bad breath have a metallic/metal smell?
What is a cure for procrastination?
Surgery for prolapsed uterus w/only one kidney?
Is fried chicken in (sunflower oil) causing any cancer?
My Health Questions... Please help me haha?
what do they?
Contacts for Dry Eye AND Astigmatism!?
weird eye vision (eye doctors may answer this too)?
I just watched a 3d movie and when i took my glasses off, my eyes still see different colors. why is this?
Contact question, help plz?
My eye is twitching uncontrollably, what do i do?
can i use eyeglasses if it looks good on me?? i am 18 male.....?
I went to sleep for 2 hours and woke up with a contact in my eye and the other one missing! please help?
will a piece of garlic inserted into the ear help to draw out ear wax?
How can I stop these stitches from itching?
I have 16 bug bites! What do I do?!?
Medical sticking plasters?
what is this sore thing on my foot? (pic)?
i cut myself with a thermometer by accident? some of the mercury got are in there... what to do?
My hornet sting is freakishly swollen....?
i just cut my finger, why is it numb?
how can i stop a cut from bleeding? i cut my thumb by my knuckle!?
What skin products do you recommend????????
scratched open mosquito bites?
How to get rid of Acne Scars ASAP?
Accutane / acne help?
What are lips made of?
how can i prevent blisters from forming on my already sunburned face?
Help! i have a Rash on My stomach ?
Can u tell me whats on my chin?
why do i get black heads in my nose often! how are black heads caused!?
what is feederism?
What fruits or veggies should we include in our diet to help us detoxify?
I'm trying to get my body back in shape, will doing a lot of cardio burn just my fat or will I lose muscles?
How can i get toned/in shape fast? stomach and lower back...?
Is there a site online that can create meal plans for people depending on their age/weight/height/etc.??
i want to lose 20lb for june i stopped smoking 5 months ago and put a lot of weight on?
What does being recovered from anorexia truly mean?
Detoxing for weight loss and good health...?
I'm proud of myself?
Lose weight in Breasts?
why chest pains, what could it be?
I really really want to bite my nails! How can i stop?
Anxiety and heart pain linked to smoking weed?
Think seriously about this...THE next big question...MEDICINE AND COMPUTERS?
Do nurses have the right to refuse medical orders?
What is Starling's law of the heart?
what is the best way to clear your arteries of plaque.?
High blood pressure and sea salt vs. regular salt?
Can a heart attack happen over time, when you are young?
Could all of my random health problems be connected somehow?
what does cardiac arrest actually mean and what is the survival rate?
Ejection Fraction Question is mine way abnormal?
what are the symptoms for whiplash?
do i have a concussion??
If doing deep squats is so bad does that mean deep kneebends are bad for the knees too?
Acl tear help?
how long the c-section get heal? why it is swollen? and how you get up from bed? please help thanks?
dizzie , light headed?
Cut finger?
I need help!!!!!?
what's the craziest thing you'd do for a?
How can you stop being a control freak/perfectionist?
To anti-psychiatry folks out there: what do you suggest we do with all the "crazy" people?
Besides religion, why is suicide wrong?
this is a question for all the cutters! (if ur not a cutter dont answer)?
Why do I get annoyed very easily out of nowhere?
What's the point in asking for help? (Mental Health)?
I have very low confidence, Anxiety and PTSD; having alot of trouble finding a job?
Looking and feeling good all the time?
What Store Bought ingredients can give you a high?
does anyone know any home remedies for migraines?
Can anyone help me with cystitis?
how do spacers get removed and does it hurt?
Leg pain and negative D Dimer test. Any help asap?
I think I had too much ibuprofen?
Why do my legs ache???
Head ace lasting for 3 day?
Does anyone have permanent back pain; what do you take for it?
Why do my legs hurt while running?
if you have low peak flow reading 210 lung capacity what does signify?
How long does a person have before they can die from an air embolism?
is any1 else as scared of going to the dentist as me?
How to make your teeth as white as the actors, in an inexpensive ways?
where is the best value place to get Laser tooth whitening in Louisville , KY..?
Been referred to a specialist will i need/have general anesthetic for a tooth extratraction?
What if you don't have your Wisdom Teeth Removed?
how to make pain from braces go away!?!?
I been feeling fatigue....What could this be?
I have a very old filling that started hurting?
I'm 23 and getting dentures on Wednesday, Mar. 8th. Help please?
stuffy nose & runny nose!!??!?!?
Any suggestions for allergies? My sinuses are clogged and my throat is irritated.?
I've had some nasal problems for a few years now...?
Best Allergy Medications
Home remedy for food/contact allergy?
my bottom eyelid is puffy what is it?
Bumps on my face yikes?
Whats better, Prilosec or Nexium?
Help me interpret blood test results (metabolism related)?
Does anyone have the following visual disturbances?
Its is always said that alcoholism can be hereditary...?
How is alcoholism a disease?
about panic attacks when I get my haircut?
how do people get kidney stones and what is a kidney stone?
pleeease tell me how to get rid of this "bag"gage under my eyes....?
My boyfriend got anal fistula. He was operated last December.?
Whats the best place to Buy Acuvue Oasis lenses?
why do circle lenses come to bottles, and regulars ones don't?
Is my eye okay from super glue vapor?
My contacts are bothering me like never before, my eyes are so dry, what's the problem?
I have severe dry eye! I put about 20 gel drops in my eye a day, but it offers only very temporary relief.?
Is there a certain color light that can damage you eyes?
why are my eyes doing this?
Is it possible for a girl to not be able to see red marker on a white board?
how do I make bug bites stop stinging?
Home remedies for treating canker sores?
Can a St John 16/17 year old third man on an ambulance?
insect bite. need help!?
I fell and cut my knee up and dirt got into the cut. What should i do?
what can happen if i drink ipecac and dont puke? and i didnt drink poison.?
What should I expect? Have a 3 hr fasting glucose test tomorrow - see details?
what is the condition in which both glucose and ketone bodies are present in urine?
What is the total serum calcium level in the body for a healthy adult?
anyone know what the 'trigone' is ?
My son has Type I and is complaining of a chemical smell when he breathes through his nose?
what is a multiple myeloma?
How would you know if you have leukemia?
Could someone please tell me is 0.3cc in volume normal for a ovary??????????????
What are all the adverse side effects of chemo and radiation?
i am to purchase a microwave oven.shall i know if there is any health hazard in using it.especially radiations
Should I bother with a friend who had cancer surgery if she doesn't care for me?
One of my closest friends dad just died of cancer (we're both 12) and I don't know how to act around her?
Why do ppl twitch when they sleep?
if adoctor has been struck off,can he ever practice again?
I fainted today when I woke up in the morning to urinate.?
what can i do to get rid of a double chin?
Don't you think when someone dies?
Is Freelife and Goji juice legit?
Is it bad to hold it when you have to pee for a long time?
Is metabolism inherited or can it be changed?
How to get the exercise that you may need?
How would whey protein help me?
How do you reduce the rate of hair growth after shaving?
Can someone tell me what Impetigo is and what can I use to get rid of it?
Why can't your palms get tan?
Neutrogena or Biore or other?
My armpits sweat really bad. What clothes can I wear so that it won't be visible, and what can I do?
how do i get rid of dark patches on my forehead & sides over the cheeks.?
What can be done about sagging skin in the face?
HELP! A zit the night before my wedding!?
Does anyone have any ideas to help me with my mom?
Which eating disorder center would you recommend?
Life is tough....and I'm depressed?
WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS FEAR? please let me know?
Why do antidepressants cause increased risk of suicidal thoughts?
How big a role do you feel your job plays in your identity?
Is it possible that this is all a dream, and im really in a coma right now?
am i going crazy or is this normal?
old men scare me?????????
Have braces and next appointment is getting teeth filed?
what does getting braces feel like ?
Can anyone help me remember an old brand of gum?
Do I need to go to the dentist immediately?
teeth feel like falling off (no braces, retainers)?
Teeth grinding at night - do I need a custom night guard or do the over the counter ones work?
I have an extra tooth in my gum which needs to be removed. Help!!! (more inside)?
What is going on with my knee?
consequences of having deviation of the septum?
What happens if you call an ambulance for an asthma attack?
Accidental broke a compact florescent bulb. Was I exposed to any danger.?
It’s the first time a fatal incident has occurred during a daily non—strenuous exercise routine. Sure or not?
i soke my staff "inf" but is there something more i could do?
My eye always feels swollen and itchy?....?
Hayfever help???
Swelling From Allergic Reaction?
Dust Allergy and Dusty Bedroom?
What am I allergic to?
Suggestions on how to carry an epi-pen?
Has anyone ever lost their sense of smell & taste due to allergies?
Medicine that helps Nausea?
Is it normal for magnesium supplements to cause nausea?
what are the benefits of using alternative medicine?
is smoking green tea useful for a healthy immune system?
Vicodin Es Vs. Vicodin 1000mg Myth?
the math behind homoeopathy...?
Is there a homemade way to detox your body overnight or in a short amount of time?
does sugar cause belly fat?
Indian diet for gestational diabeteic?
Where can I find Dr. Miracle Acne Treatment?
Does drinking alot of water help with acne?
scars on my neck need help?
How can I get rid of my Acne Scars? Please Help. 10 Points?
I want to get rid of a tiny pigmentation on my face ! Help !?
It sounds funny but i have a problem with chillies.My head starts itching and my forehead perspire .?
Why do I have bumps on my legs? And why are they so damn itchy?!?
Skin discoloration on my chest?
What is this "rash" from?
what will cause elevated liver enzymes?
Can an enlarged spleen and thymus be associated more with Graves disease or Lymphoma?
What is PSA ?
I need to know when ovarian cancer was dicovered/1st diagnosed ?
Swollen lymph node that won't go away??
Can women go on birth control if their mother has had breast cancer?
can you die from lukemia?
Can anyone help me on gaining weight/muscle?
What is meaning of ' itallian seasonings' and 'mrs. dash' ?
Can anyone help with a good workout?
I want to lose weight before school starts!?
best way to lose fat by exercise?
I am so FAT!!!!! please help?
how do i get rid of my thighs?
if u could eat only 1 food for the rest of your life...?
help! my bf has been taking protein shakes for 2 days now, and still no big muscles! what is he doing wrong?
They say you gain weight if you eat at night, but if you stay awake longer and are hungry?
how do you finger yourself?
Why am I suddenly getting tired in the middle of the day?
Red insect bite with a red ring around it.?
Are spider bites supposed to be like this?
Should I also get CPR-HCP?
stitches heal so slow pleas help?
does this look like a spider bite?
i burnt my face last night and...?
boss being stung by a wasp?
I popped my ant bite...?
When constipated?
Feeling ill , out of the blue sickness?
Does how much sleep you get really matter? (like weight and health)?
This is really disguisting but..?
which one of these things should i fix first, and how should i go about doing it?
Training My Breathing?
How do you deal with REALLY bad lower back problems at age 14?
How long do people shower for, on average?
Could you pls let me know psychiatrist Dr Ratnakar V Shirvaikar, Pune phone number.?
Relaxing Music...?
Lately I've been VERY stressed. What can I do?
Is it cool to have manic depression these days?
Out of 10 How many of your friends knowingly suffer with mental health issues?
How to cure the People-Pleasing Syndrome?
What is wrong with me?
What am I thinking?
How can I cure my Trichotillomania and panic attacks?
Do i have asthma or is it gone?
drinking milk causes cough?
I'm I clean?
can advanced periodontinitus cause gastric problems?
How much approx do dental hygienist make in a year (salary)?
How can a tooth get fractured way up at the top of the root?
What made my gums STOP bleeding?