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chest flem?
What happens if you don't get sleep?
Can I travel to another country by coach a few days after an operation(minor operation to patch the lung)?
can an ordour in sweat be a symptom of tuberculosis? i know someone diagnosed with pulminary fibrosis, who has
can coughing hard bruise ribs?
How long should it take to get of post nasal drip?
Dangers of smoking to under 25s?
Cause of severe gagging/coughing after meals?
Is it normal to remove things from your tonsil with your tongue?
Quick I need HELP!?
A sound that makes me cough?
How do you know if you have TB?
How do u make yourself less Groggy in the mornings?
If someone drinks alcohol every single day?
Why are smokers so annoying/inconsiderate???
vinegar = weight loss?
Hyperhidrosis Treatment - How Do I Stop Excessive Sweating?
exercises to slim upper thighs? And thighs also?
What the best treatment to get rid of spots?
How can i lose weight by setember? What do I have to do?
Anyone having good experience ordering phentermine from custom hrt since they have come back online?
How much does a yoga teacher get paid for a class?
Acne Scars??
I have three hard large bumps on my forehead. They are not red but are sore. It does not look like acne.?
I was a TEENAGER and I got spider veins!?!?
ways to smooth the appearence of stretch marks?
how do i lose 9 pounds at 12 year old?
Anyone ever used Zyban [anti-smoking pill] ??
can you use neosporin on scars you got 2 weeks back?
what shampoo is good for second degree burn on scalp?
Just ate a few ounces of raw chicken. It was covered in sauce-couldn't tell. How can I avoid getting sick?
frostbites on ear........?
What causes my eyes to randomly black out?
Poison ivy.......EMERGENCY!!!....HELP…?
Ice burns- has this ever happened?
the stud to my earing is tuchk into my ear how do i get it out without having to go to the doctors?
Alcohol has been implicated in ____ percent of homicides.?
I was born with a missing rib. Does anyone know what effects that can have or how it occurs?
help with diagnosis - am i always going to feel this constant pain and tiredness?
Is Tourette's Syndrome hereditary?
Question about Kidney transplant.?
what is menetrier's disease ?
Is anyone taking Keppra for Epilepsy?
Anyone here ever had any sort of organ donation?
Do you feel that a drug urine sample is an invasion of privacy?
Down Syndrome question?
Eye dilation! Expert or doc needed!?
Paper cut on eye ball?
Online contact lenses program for digitally changing eye color?
Will prescription glasses eventually cure Strabismus?
Putting on soft contact lenses?
what's the longest you can close your eyes with contact lens in?
Bungee Cord to eye!!?
if you eat carrots will that get my eyes stronger for eye sight?
What does the term health disparity means?
how do you treat a deep vein thrombosis while also having high blood pressure?
Would Fish Oil or Omega 3 supplements increase uric acid level?
I have a question about heart failure?
Slow/Stopped blood flow during blood donation?
My dad has small blood clots in his artery, and one side of his heart is swollen.Will he live long?
i get a pain around my heart?
Long breathing, slight pain on right chest, yawning lost apitite?
What is Cerebellitis? PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS RESPONSES. Preferrably, a person with a medical background.?
Has anyone used an osteopath for lower back pain? A friend has had pain above and either side of the coccyx?
what does icy hot and ibuprofen do?
I'm going crazy....Help!?
facial twitching and head pain.?
Does anyone know where the cheapest place to have suboxone filled?? If so, where?? Thank you for any help!!?
I've got the same type of headache again help! please!?
Why do we break the bones when we wake up early morning?
Breast Reduction???
Pain in the neck?
i have just started taking seriquel and at night my legs hurt what should i do?
How old is the oldest person you know that has received bleomycin as a chemotherpy drug.
Sickle Cell TRAIT. Cancer?
Cancer bone pain remedy?
Relative with level III Cutaneous Lymphoma gift ideas??
what does it mean if the bone in your body is starting to turn grey?
what is Ovarian Cancer?? please I need to know EVERYTHING about it.. My Mom has it. PLEASE!!?
I need a quote or poem for cancer survivors and those who lost....?
Is it possible for a man to help conceive after radiation for cancer?
Breast cancer bottle ?
i dont understand why post partum depression happens?
my ex is depressing me?
Do women get depressed more than men?
Whats the big deal with cutting?
my mom killed her self in january. afterdard dad divorced her//?
Healed broken toe, still burns?
my wisdom tooth is comin in?
should wisdom teeth hurt when they just coming in?
Can you answer this question about the side effects of being put to sleep?
has anyone ever asked for?
How could I sharpen my teeth?
Crest White Strips/other whitening strips??
Any idea where I can get a toothbrush and/or case?
What should I do about my bleeding tongue?
Good eye drops for allergies OTC?
My daughter's ear were pierced two days ago - allergic reaction?
What contains NICKEL?
I have an allergy my nose runs constant, when I blow it I can taste Iron, what is it.
if you have an adverse reaction to a decadron steroid injection, how long do the effects last?
Slightly Red eyes and eyelids, i have allergies, but what could get rid of this?
What should I do about these allergies? Are they even allergies?
Why are my boogers yellow in the morning?
What are the effects of drinking 2-4 cups of hot green tea a dya?
I'm worried. Could this be a possibilty?
Does anyone know how much is costs to have screws put in a broken finger?
My self is getting beat from volleyball, just a few health ?'s...?
Does fracture callus reduce in size?
I pulled a muscle in my hi, but the pain wont go away. Wut do I do?
cutting your leg in water?
How should i deal with blisters on the bottoms of my feet?
URGENT!!! Did i seriously injure my knee or can I fix the problem?
What is the best brand of sunless tanning lotion that gives a natural appearance?
How can you get rid of dark knees and elbows?
how to treat blisters on feet?
I have eczema, and i get it really bad is there some miricle out there that can make some of it calm down?
This is for acne people?
Can any dermatologist help me? (piebaldism)?
can you help me?
Is there an organization that provides information for people with both heart failure and diabetes?
Has anyone tried the new Medtronic insulin pump that monitors glucose levels?
My dr. says I may have diabetes tell me what a 3 hour glucose test is.?
I'm worried about my health?
I'm diabetic (Type II) and lately my blood sugar has gotten really low?
What would my husbands blood type be?
what is the quickest cure for severe migraine?
Does seeing a chiropractor for back problems really work?
Can Ultram ease Hydrocodone withdrawals?
I have been suffering with toothache type pains in both my lower legs. Does anybody know what this could be?
i wake all stiiff and pain in the morning cant put sox on anymore?
spinal tap?
pain pills?
Cracking your back...is it safe?
A Valium question?
what is a pulmanary cappilary?
what is the role of the nurse in oxygen therapy?
My daughter woke up this morning with a sore throat and headache and fever...?
what is this???????? help!!?
why do we get morning breath?
Can you smoke weed from a hookah??
What is the cure rate for Hepatitis C?
So I have this pain in my right side and no answers...?
Could the ultrasound be wrong and my son DOES have hydrocephalus?
Medical assistance PLEASE Can you tell me some????
Ruptured Vein in Stomach?
i took an oxycodian would it be safe for me to take my seroquel tonight?
lazy eye therapy?
Could this be compulsive thoughts or Schizophrenia ?
do anyone know if the trick to pee your pants when you put fnger in cold/warm water works?
If you burp and fart at the same time why does your breath smell like fart?
Changing my life around?
My girlfriend is stressed and now I am too! Please Help!?
If you once had social anxiety but managed to overcome it how did you do it?
What can i do to stop feeling like a failure and good for nothing for not being able to do this?
how to make yourself cry???
Does this answer section make anyone else feel sad?
im sensitive and ppl keep making fun of me help?
does this sound like the early stages of schizophrenia?
Is Cervical Cancer Common?
my uncle is suffering with lever cancer and doctors say it is in middle or advanced stage. AFP is >400,advice?
Would becoming a Gynecologic Oncologist be pointless?
How much sun exposure is considered appropriate in Australia ?
What would be worse to inherit gene wise?
yonvelis- a new cancer drug in phase 4?
Where can i find a medical journal?
fathers only sister has breast. spreads to liver and kidneys.?
What is the right amount of sleep for teenagers to get a night?
Is it harmful to the joints/other parts of your hands when you crack your fingers?
I crack my fingers a lot, like 10 times an hour, is that bad?
Does taking Milk thistle (Silymarine) make you drowsy?
Allergy relief? it usually comes around this time of the year.?
allergy to egg. is there any anti histamine i could take?
Allergy Shots?
How can I tell if I am allergic to dairy and dark meat? I just now rashed out after eating ice cream...?
if you are allergic to bees is there anyway to get rid of it?
Allergies in Winter.?
Does anyone know the melting point of snot at STP?
Nervous about EMT Practical?
Is there a way to reduce the swelling in my burn blister besides popping it?
How do I keep the mosquitoes at bay this summer?!?
Ok so I burnt my arm on the oven?
What are the chances of getting a disease from someone else's saliva?
do you have to save your eyeball juice if you puncture your eye?
Fire Ant Bite!?
Cat bite infection. Is this bad. Should i go to doctor? Spreading up my arm :/?
I got stung by a bee on the foot what do i do?
did any one tried Calorie cycling or shifting diet plan ??
How can I lose a pound evreyday?
Please answer this!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Mystery bruise?
What does it mean to metabolize anesthetics too quickly?
Broken Arm????
sprained elbow??
Pain below butt, muscle strain? help please?
can leg nerve be corrected ?
If you had to sleep on a slope...?
when i took off my shoes there are black things inside my fingers its getting more and more every day! ?
Does excessive eye straining makes my vision even worse?
cant get contacts in? blinking... ?
contacts lenses turning orange?
contact lenses from Wal-Mart?
I can't get my contacts in. Are they inside-out?
What is this strange perception where things look bigger than they really are?
Does anyone get contact solution bubbles in their case?
The arch of my foot and base of heal swell up and hurt after long walks...Why?
How do I quit the Hydrocodines 10/500?
How do you know if you have pulled anything in the back or chest?
Why does crying hurt?
Does Your Head Hurt When You Move It Fast?
Glycolic Peel vs. Microdermabrasion?
Acne and sweating??
My hands! Eczema help?
oily face/acne and testosterone?
Back acne really bad, weird. Pics?
What will happen if I put tooth paste on my zit?
How do you get rid of Vitiligo?
i SWEAT EXCESSIVLEY all over by face & back/body what should I do?
How to get rid of gingivitis naturally? or how is it called when your gums are all dark?
Pain after dental injection?
What is the estimation of the number of people in the world who do not have wisdom teeth?
When you floss your teeth, should the floss go into your gums or just between the teeth?
Effect on facial features after extracting teeth for braces?
i cant understand why these braces hurt so bad?
are small teeth unattractive?
Do i have OCD i like to pick at my fingers a lot!?
Can you still do physical acivity if you are diagnoses with a systolic murmur in the heart?
what is the medical term for the heart?
what is Electrophysiology? how does check for heart problem patient?
How much would an Angioplasty in the Philippines cost?
does atropine during a nuclear stress test affect the results?
Heart Catheterization?
Which private hospital is best for bypass surgery in Delhi?
Also? theirs more?
Help please!?
nicoderm cq patches, and what are the side effects?
Health-See the specialist?
Is a nodule really serious?
I am a Nursing Instuctor, and recently and often have pressure over my chest region. I Had a stress test and?
I can't stop coughing?
all the docs out their, please i need urgent help!!!!!!!!!?
Why is honey good for a sore throat or tonsilitis?
I sometimes feel like I have a hard time breathing.?
I am suffering with really serious panic attacks, what can i do??
How Can I Get Rid of Phlem?
Self Harm Worsens??
Has anyone here been to an ADHD support group meeting?
What would happen if I told my parents I cut myself?
I know i sound like a complete loser. i had a gf way back in 2002 and we broke up. we are not in contact and i
Dealing with death, feeling depressed?
What is wrong with my sister? She needs help!!!?
Am I considered as having mental retardation? Why do so many people call me retarded?
What stopped you asking for help?
why do i feel like this?
does untreated sinus pressure cause problems with memory, where you can't recall names?
,i have pain between my shoulder blades,chest pain,bloating,swelling in abdomen,lots of gas.my heart is fine.?
If person has been involved with a person that has syphillis should they have a concern to get medical help?
Cold hands?
Has anyone had any success with treating tinnitus (ringing in the ear)?
hi i asked a question about vertigo and someone told me to try a decoongestant to stop the dizziness?
Where can I get a corneal transplant done without insurance or cash?
What is wrong with me? 10 PTS BEST ANSWER?
My 6 Toes..?
How do you prevent food allergies?
Normal Caffeine Allergy?
Can pollen allergies be passed on to others?
puffy eyelids?
I got into a car wreck June 27, 2009 and ended up flipping a car. Doctor says i "separated" my shoulder?
What health problems can you get fromnot eating meat?
When I get on the scale without jeans, I weigh 2 pounds less than with the jeans on. Why do they weigh so much?
i just got a mastiff at my local animal shelter and his leg is so swollen from the pad to the elbow help!?
My knee popped sprinting about 3 or 4 weeks ago causing some pain, no swelling. Hurts to push off, any ideas.?
Plz Answer - Finger?
:( Got in an accident 3 months ago, pills, PT not helping. Should I try chiropractic?
taping my ankle?
What could be wrong with my shoulder?
one leg longer than the other?
what is wrong with me??
how can i order contacts lenses from a different country online?
disposable contact lenses...?
Is there a way you can change your eye color?
What is wrong with my eyes?
i think i have a problem but im not sure?
Can anyone help me with a health question? ?
contacts help needed?
hi i've gt white Cataract?
if a sty is under the eyelid will it cause pain and or swelling ,and how do u take care of it?
are your toes webbed?
Don't you brush off your enamel on your teeth every time you brush your teeth?
braces to you brush at school?
Will I have white spots on my teeth after I get my braces?
Is getting braces dangerous?
The edges of my top teeth are all slightly bumpy and chipped, if I ask my dentist would he file them for me?
Does this really work for curing tooth decay*details inside*?
Is it bad to whiten your teeth with straight houshold bleach?does it work by directly puting bleach on them?
Can Veneers Fix my gap?
do people ever get braces on just the top or bottom?
How long do you have to live with Stage Four Liver Cancer?
my mum has ovarian cancer.. anyone know helpful websites ?
Will there ever be a cure for Cancer, all types? I've heard "Tagamet',is a cure?
raised red bump skin cancer????
High platelet count in pancreatic cancer patient?
Why is it people think that dealing with cancer is a very easy thing to do?
Do men who sit cross legged have an increased risk of getting testicular cancer?
Can you wipe too hard?....?
list of reasons why people take drugs
When I lay in bed I suddenly get so dizzy like everything is moving around and I feel so light?
How can i control my depression?
Have you been able to overcome general anxiety and panic attacks?
everytime i look at the sun i sneeze ..?
How long does it take to get addicted to Cocaine?
I think I swallowed a pencil.?
why do women say giving birth is so painful? try having a nerve taken out by a dentist...?
treatment of antiphospholipid syndrom?
Are you familiar with cardio machines, that have the built in heart rate device ?
Is there a medicine or any product that stops heart from pumping?
heart pumping funny?? need to fill in more information?
what is the defect?
"medicines ten greatest discovories"not the book?
Does Alka-Seltzer really cure urinary tract infections?
Can Comfrey help with acne, or acne scars?
Am I having a reaction from a poisonous plant?
Headache from Essential Oils?
Very Important Question, please take seriously and please help! (related to broken bones)?
what milligram is the yellow bars of zanax?
Do youy know how people can get Cystic Fibrosis?
So whats going on?
My niece is 2yr 6 months old she has chest congestion?
I had my adenoids taken out when I was like 3 (i think) but now i always suffer from a runny nose. help?
(BEST ANSWER) TB injection help?
What is Triple CCC?
nose bleed, won't stop bleeding.. help?
what are some home remedies for a 2nd degree burn ?
infection in stitches?
Is this normal during the healing period of an Industrial Piercing?
bee sting, need help quick!!?
What do I do when my friend has Chiari attacks?
Insect stings????????????????????
do i have an infection in my ear piercing?
ear trouble pleas help it hurts?
Has anyone been perscribed Trileptal .>?
I have noticed a dramatic increase in the past few years of this?
Career choices for people with ADHD.?
How can I stop taking everything so personally?
I'm a 17-year-old girl, and I think I may be suffering from depression. Anybody have insight?
How does your mind work when your bullimic?
can you help me please?
have you ever felt like committing suicide?
What do you do if she reacts badly to something you do?
will taking birth control pills affect thyroid tests?
I bought a new container of cottage cheese and found a worm in it-gave to my daugter before I found it?
I underwent gall blader removal surgery 3 months before.Pl sugesst the diet for me. Can I take nonveg items?
I had a blood picture test , found my WBC count 15000.Repeated it twice within a month & still same results?
Dizziness and Nausea associated with Anxiety?
Why do i suddenly feel so tired and lethargic ?
i have a lump next to my ear lobe which is stretched at 12mm any one know what it is how i can get rid of it??
that drug for heartburn...acipHex?
Can you help me with my poem?
Can you help with fast heal for ankle fracture?
Can anyone explain what causes 'pin & needles' post pregnancy?
My arms get sore when playing piano.?
is there any medicine to fix a vein problems?
Story writing help.?
why does my stoamck and rib area feel really tight?
please please help me!!?
Why Bump On The Head?
What foods can speed up your metabolism?
i take laxatives and diet pills and water pills to lose weight on top of that i starve myself and purge food..
How many calories should a snack be?
back to school?
stretch marks?
Diet question,,,,?
want flat stomach.?
What is the best way to get a six pack?
Plz help, Why do I have blurry vision and a circle in my eye?
Is it possible to buy two individual contact lenses instead of an entire box?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
can anything happen to my eye?
Problems with my eyes?
Hair Dye in Eye...What to do?
Do I need to disinfect contacts everyday? Or is rubbing it with saline solution good enough?
When heat from a fire came in contact with my face?
Who shouldn't take glucosamine?
Treatment for Restless Legs?
Health proffesonals only ?
TERRIBLE throbbing in my ankle?
It hurts pretty bad to straighten my leg...What did i do to it?
The lower left side of my back is hurting?
Is it likely that I have arthritis?
Whenever I eat something sweet, I feel a "cavity like drilling" pain in my mouth?
where did heart failure originate?
Can I use hawthorne berry extract with blood pressure meds?
What is the alternative for an open heart surgery?
Heart Attack?
Having a triple fusion. What should my cardiologist check for ?
STATIN FRAUD ; Doctors Prescribe Them Like Their Candy And They DO NOT Help Most And Do NOT Prevent CHD?
How to get asleep faster?
motivational levels at a low need help?
My 2 pinkie toes goes numb a lot, What could be the cause?
What is the thing at the very end of your throat that looks like another tongue?
how can i make water look like pee to pass a in home drug test
My two year old baby has a bigg fever and all she eats is watermelon all day is that bad? or good?
I have a terrible sunburn and an important event in three days! What should I do?
What is unguent? I buy unguentine, an ointment. What is it made from?
Why do people hate smoking in public ? when the car fumes alot worse ?
Spider bite? Or something else?
Pointer Finger is Swollen at tip around nail, and has red/brownish dots under skin?
Ok. Spider bite that happened over a week ago, Now foot is swollen two times the size? WTH!?
Do you think my cut is infected?
spider bite..should i go the ER or no?
I need help restoring my balance ASAP?
can you get internal bleeding from hitting your head against cement?
What percent of people grow wisdom teeth? What percent of those people have to get them removed?
Fear of the dentist? help?
Does it mean you have healthy gums if they DON'T bleed while brushing?
Can you name a few cool color combination for my braces?
Disadvantages of using a night guard?
Crown Cracked During Placement, Who's At Fault?
How to find work experience at a dentist in manchester?
I was messing around with a nail file and I filed my teeth....?
are there any famous people with fissured tongues?
Is there a link between internet addiction and clinical depression?
Trouble with sleep. Dunno how to stop it.?
My mum's worried that I write sad songs?
Does anyone know how to overcome Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD?
Just Asking and want some solace.?
My girlfriend is emotionally unstable...what can I do?
Do I have a mental disease?
i always seem to feel lonely and misundersttood now.. more details...?
how can i get rid of, or at least tone down, my insecurities?
There's somthing not right inside of me and i pray every night that i die. I think i need help.?
How do I know if I have insomnia?
Random dizziness?
I have had some weird symptoms I wondered if they are linked with sleep paralysis?
Does anyone know if insomnia is an inherited trait?
can someone??
My mother-in-law has a thyroid disorder, she won't take her medication. What can happen to her if she doesn't
cancer of the uterus question here. I posted in the cancer section but there you do not get many answers?
Tonight my husband awoke because he nearly swallowed his tongue while sleeping?
What are the worst DRUGS for the LIVER?
is it possible for a baby to have an allergy to youghurts only???
Is this sinus?
Allergic reaction to Pataday. Should I take Elestat?
When I drink milk I get diarrhea...but NO other dairy causes it?
If my nose ring isinfected can I take it out (for good) or will it just get worse?
Is there hospice for cats? How is it done?
What to do about Lung Congestion?
this chest infection now nearly five weeks?
what affects does marijuana have against the immune system?
Has anyone haerd of a respiratory problem that mimicks?
i was running when all of a sudden my airway constricted?
Does smoking cannabis make costochondritis worse?
i fractured my finger 2 weeks ago playing football, how soon can i start playing again????
Top of ankle is burning?
My dogs got into a fight with each other. What should I put on /or how do I help heal the bite marks? Thanks?
Do you conduct for C-SPINE when...?
Is it possible that someone could break a bone or even die from hitting themselves with a stick?
How do you break your wrist doing a handstand?
does a bloody head always mean stitches?
why does it hurt?
Does heat make your eyes blurry and sticky? Why?
Contact lenses for astigmatism price?
I need eyeglasses and have no insurance!?
I see flashing lights only a couple of times when i loook @ bright areas. Any ideas?
Contacts experience good or bad?
i took my contacts out and i think i damaged my eye?
What should I do with my eye - lashses....?
Parents of type 1 diabetics?
Teenager Diabetic?
is glucosamine sulfate save for diabetics?
high iron level?
is "hypersomnia" classified as a dissabllity?
What is the going rate for a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine?
What is glycolysis ? Describe how blood sugar is regulated in our body ?
Which herbs are relaxant without making you drowsy, and without analgesic or sedative effect?
Is it true that cactus absorbs the radiaiton when it is put near the TV?
Does anyone know a iridologist or a homeopathist or naturopathist in NY Queens or close to it Please?
how to get the best omega 3?
Is there a asprin free Pepto Bismol product out there?
how can i get taller a natural way? and get muscly ?
Message for ROBERT H?
peeling and flaking nose?
how do you get rid of a keloid?
Sweating like mad?
I have blackheads on my nose and i was thinking about using blackhead strips?
How to slim legs...?
how do we know the honey is pure?
appetite suppressants?
How long does it take red meat digest from the body?
How to lose body fat in 4 weeks?
Can I water fast for 7 days straight?
How many calories am i supposed to consume daily?
How do I deal with my mother this holiday?
do i have an eating disorder?
What are some good foods to fatten my girlfriend up with?
Heart beat in ear? Help?
effect on heart pacemaker of radiation emttied by aircraft instruments?
Other conditions for use of Pindolol?
Mitral Valve Prolapse?
what is this called?
My neighbor has a really bad heart problem...?
Does taking calcium supplement in form of a pill increase your blood pressure?
why my heart bit always more than 100 per min. (check as 1 week)?
Nose what can problem be?
What is the best way to treat your hands?
How to clean your ears out?
HELP! Insect Bite!!!!?
What is the easiest way to get coccubers out from your skin(the sticky clingy bals)?
why is my ear piercing bleeding!?!?!?!?!?
Is my belly button piercing infected?
any one know of the website forsorejoints.co.nz (or similiar) ? advertises a cream for rubbing on sore joints?
Why Am I the only one who gets bit by mosquitoes?
What makes a Cancer Cell a specialized cell?
Is it possible to misdiagnose non-Hodgkin's as mesothelioma?
Does using baby oil while tanning make you increase your risk of getting skin cancer?
What did you do for Breast Cancer Awareness month?
Who makes human hair wigs?
A friend with cancer and trying to give big?
Baking soda or Bi-carb soda for whitening teeth?
what are some good teeth whiteners?
what do you do in dental school?
whata is a safe way to whiten your teeth?
Curve In The Back Of My Tooth?
How do I unlock my jaw?
Will I still be able to get braces?
What is a good tooth product to get rid of teeth stains?
any possible cure for vasomotor allergy?
Help is there a possibility I could be allergic to my dog?
I am positive I have cat allergies, but I want to know if I can go better with bunnies... ?
Can someone shed the light on my problem concerning the lap band and other stomach operations?
why does air come out my ear when i blow my nose?
how do i not speak through my nose?
Drug test for work...hair follicle?
Help strange happening at night?
Do I Have a Photographic Memory? HELP!!?
does any one know why smoking is legal?
how long does marijuana stay in your system?
Would you bite me?
Have you ever suffered with a sinus infection?
has anyone ever stayed awake all night?
Foul tasting mucus in mouth?
blood pressure??
Is it true that if you eat a lot of bananas, mosquitoes would be more likely to bite you?
im 14 years old and i always wake up during the middle of the night.I always wake up feeling tired also.?
Im donating blood tomorow... I have a few questions.?
Does fibromyalgia exist or are many patients suffering from depession-anxiety-stress-hypochondriasis…
Do you think you can be confident even if you are self conscious?
My 21 year old daughter is mentally ill. Her meds are over 500.00 per month?
Do you think life is unfair when you have autism/aspergus???
Anxiety with the in laws?
What Mental Illness Is This Called?
i can't shake this feeling...i am just so unhappy?
loneliness is the hardest thing?
i have to do EVERYTHING 100 times am i crazy?
What foods should I avoid if I suffer from gastric reflux?
Goiter and TSH levels?
What to do for hemorrhoid?
When I eat Almonds, I get a slight tingle in my ears. Sounds crazy, but what's going on?
I'm pretty sure i have a uti, and im passing a little blood. also fainted this morning. are they related?
Does your liver get sore from Drinking often?
i have a cold..but my eyes feel like they are burning!?
every one here suggests cammomile tea for insomnia.......?
Doctors diagnosis- any help?
how much does an eye doctor make a year?
I had cataract surgery two days ago. Now my eye is watering, is that normal?
How can i change my eye colour without surgery or contacts?
Black spots in both eyes!!!?
I have too much contact lens solution, and it's going to expire before i use it up. What else can I use this?
how doe circle contact lens make your eyes big?
Optometrist Office?
Getting Tired so easily - Eyes?
Chronic nasal infection?
coughing for 4 weeks , chest congestion. productive coughs? what to do?
what are the x-ray differences between acute and chronic bronchitis?
what is the medicen microser for ?
please help.. what is going on?
Whats the closest to Steroids?
My weanling filly has snotty nose and cough but no fever and eats and plays?
Question About Sinus Problems And Allergies?
Where can you purchase vitamin b17?
Would you date an acne-scarred guy?
I have a bump on the inside of my bottom eyelid and it has been there for several months, ?
cosmelan or pca peel?
I have high perspiration what can I use beside deodarant?
My docter said i have a rare skin condition known as "slavious feetious" Please help with some medication!
skin tips?
clear skin??
Is having unexplained bleeding wounds possible?
what are somethings I can do at home without using weights to get a flatter stomach ?
Where does weight go when people lose it?
How do you get tighter, firmer, thinner thighs?
How much sugar should I consume daily?
Good weight loss pills for Teens?
I need to loose 50lbs in 5 months weight. I had knee surgery & my doctor already cleared me to work out.?
Is an all fruit diet a good idea?
Flat belly Fat legs?
am i strong enough for a 16 year old boy?
A scoliosis surgery question.? *Pics*?
What does the drug olmesartanmedoxomil, hydrochlorothiazid do for enlarged heart with insufficient function
Recently my mom went for a checkup and a CEA test was ran. The results came back high (96.8). ?
Question about discomfort?
Have you ever heard of an adult developing a hole in their heart?
Is Deep vein thrombosis more common in elderly?Is it more common to occur in man than women?
heart palpilation?
does the supplement THE CRICULATION SOLUTION really work?
Diabetes symptom question?
What are some early signs of nerve loss in the feet of diabetics?
does hypotesis cause u to lose weight?
My sugar level was 138 and I ate cereal but i put alot of sugar in it...im worried im diabetic,am i diabetic?
Do I have Diabetes? I Have symtoms and I am 14 years old.?
hives from scorpion or spider bites?
I have water stuck in my ear and it is extremely painful. I've tried everything i know to get it out. Help!?
i went to use a q-tip in my ear and i dont know if i scratched the inner ear, i can still hear though?
Today I got a mole removed on my stomach and I got stitches. Could I take a shower?
Is there anything I should do if I got air freshener on my skin?
Two chipped teeth one in the upper part and one in the lower part to the back, lateral incisor and back molar?
I've had my brace in for roughly 4 weeks now. And I had to have 2 teeth out for it.?
PreDental/Dental Questions! Experience in field is a plus?
Why do I get sick to my stomach after I brush my teeth?
Wisdom teeth question!?
Should I take my three year old to a pediatric dentist or our family dentist?
to stop hairfalling what care to be taken?
Jaw Surgery? ..................?
Snap-in Dentures - does anyone have them?
hey how do i know if i have really bad breath?
What if you were allergic to water?
Is there anything you can use for flour that does not contain gluten?
can dust mite allergy cause rashes?
sinus surgery question?
Allergies and chestpains....?
How fast does allergic reaction appear?
Benadryl has no effect on me except drowsiness?
short cancer treatments????
Breast Cancer Question?
What's the easiest way to knock someone out cold?
Just diagnosed with fibromyalgia but had all the symptoms for hypothyroidism but blood work was normal ????
Untreatable illness?
I'm 19 weeks pregnant and just found out I have low thyroid. if I start medication will the baby be ok?
Giant Red Bump Under my Tongue>?
How are painkillers made??
Pain in my Kidney Area?
We found a dead dog under our house. How can we get rid of the remain odor?
help me please i was shot?!?
If your hand is dirty and your touch the insides of your ears, can it cause hearing loss?
How do you become content with solitude?
Is bi-polar disorder hereditary?
Are you afraid of becoming a beached whale?
I can't seem to trust anybody anymore?
this is going to kill me?
Why is my self-esteem so low?
Ever since my mom died, I can't help but.......?
I was doing so well today, what happened?
What is a drug rehab like?
What sort of damage does regular use of otc nasal sprays do to one's nasal tissue?
Asthma - am I on too many meds?
Can post-nasal drip OR allergy cause tracea/lower throat inflammation / swallowing with no pain?
Why does breathing or talking cause me to cough sometimes?
what does blood from the mouth and from the nose indicate? helpp?
Normally around midnight my throat and chest feel really cold and almost hurt. is this normal or a problem?
Is it true that Menthol Cigarettes make your lungs bleed?
What is the chance..........?
chest pain?
Would a shower filter help with acne and sensitive skin?
Scabs that never fully heals. Any ideas what could fix it?
acne scars?
hi i have a lot of hard white spots under the skin on my face what are they and how do you remove them?
Why do my shirt Collars turn Red???
Is clinique or proactiv better?
Are there any home remidies for dry skin on your face?
is there a natural cure for cavities?
Does it matter what brand I buy for vitamins/supplements?
has anyone tried the Gerson tharepy, and does it really work?
Is the more you sleep the more tired you are a natural thing?
Natural healing websites? Know any really good ones with quality information?
What does an AltMed practitioner have to demonstrate to open business. (UK)?
whats the difference between good and bad weed?
Hot Mama needs to lose 15 lbs can you help?
do you loose weight when u become a veggietariain?
what is apple cidar vinger good for?
30 minutes of cardio daily. Not long enough?
i'm 14 but i'm so fat for my age! how will i reduce my weight?
How to lower the level of triglycerides & higher the level of HDL-cholesterol?
Free Diabetic meter and test strips?
any comments on medisense optium blood glucose monitor?please help me to select one glucometer!?
Doc says my glucose is high & wants me to to have a test after fasting?
If I have Diabetes from Agent Orange exposure...?
What's the difference between Lortab and Vicodin?
hydrocodone withdrawl?
Why causes period cramp?
Tramadol how many is to many? What if the pain won't stop addiction?
Why are my hands always numb?
Why Am I Having These Pains?
how to get bug out of ear?
How long do you usually stay in the ER....?
super important!!!!how to stop bug bites from itching?!?!?!?!?
What's the best way to apply the gel aloe vera on a sunburn?
I Pierced My Ear and i want to know if it is infected or not?
How to care for deep scratch/cut on my ankle?
If a bee sting what do you do?
Salt in eye...it burns.?
Foot is swollen and itchy?
Has anyone used Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitener?
What is the full process of getting braces?
Palate expanders????????????
This is a dental question please help?
Does alcohol weaken the effects of novocaine?
Foods that you can eat with braces?
Question about Orthognathic surgery?
After waking up in the morning, are you supposed to brush then eat? or eat then brush?
Who discovered Pancreatic Cancer?
What does brisk lymphocytic infiltrate mean when associated with a diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma?
What is Cancer?(question)?
Low red cells and a possible neck mass?
Has anyone undergone a sentinel lymph biopsy for melanoma? If so did you have any complications after?
What areas of the world have a higher incidence of Multiple Scherosis?
Are there any celebraties supporting/endorsing breast cancer? name them & provide links please?
Mammograms and BRCA1/BRCA2 testing?
help me please i think i have mouth cancer!!?
Does anyone have Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Are there complications wearing a nicotine patch when a person has a blood disorder (thrombosis)?
what are the signs of depressions ??
What causes Lactose Intolerance?
Swollen, dry and painful eyes (under eyes)?
when i go to sleep i only get at least 4 to 5 hours sleep?
What are signs of OCD?
The whole top of my head is headachy, except it only hurts when I cough, bend over, or push when I have a?
Will someone help me. My throat really hurts.
What is orange striped fever?
I've hayfever & my nose is red, stuffy, blotchy & broken veins all around my nostrils how to get rid of um?
Will there be a vaccine for Nut allergies? Are scientists working on such a thing?
How do i to get rid of a runny nose,soon!?
how do you get your nose unpluge?
Am I allergic to squash soup?
can ankle weights hurt you?
hit on side of knee, foot was planted, heard crack, can walk, knee hearts,what happened? how should i treat it?
Anybody after surgery on a slipped disc?
shins splints?
My leg always cracks and pops and it is painful but the doctor told me it was okay but it is torture?
i'm having knee pain the the front of my knee ?
I got a question but you need to read all the info first.....?
I Hurt My Finger...And It's Purple?
I have a tear inside my anus??
i'm really confused about why my panic attacks are getting much worse?
What kind of a disorder do you think I have?
What is the difference between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist?
does anyone know any info about getting financial help with a pair of eyeglasses in evansville in.?
I have bloodshot eyes mostly at night. My eyes aren't itchy or hurting. I've worn contacts for years.?
Is it possible to need two different sizes for contacts?
How do I clean my eyeglasses?
Glasses/eye/vision question?
What kind of operation is needed to be performed if Schlemm's canal is blocked?
Contact lens removal?
How to identify my eye degrees?
I need Contact Lens Help!?
what are your chemical peel experiences?
Why and how does ammonia relieve the itch and pain of insect bites?
Extreme dandruff in scalp, eyebrows. PLUS excessive wax in ears.. related?
experiences wth chalazion?
Acne problem!?
bad sunburn from tanning bed?
I need some serious skin help?
Help me out please? why is this happening?
Will these herbal supplements cause a bad reaction together?
Help, what is wrong with me?
Alternative that work?
Do zeolites pull beneficial ions (Ca2+ and Mg2+) out of the body as well as heavy metals?
vegetable oils and fats use in cooking?
i found some pills called (pliva 434)what are they?
What is the style of massage called when the person walks on your back?
How do you burn calories?
is it true that if you eat slower it...?
what are your best diet tips? ?
What are some workouts or diet plans for a 13 year old?
How to get a nice stomach?
How do i lose weight on my face?
How to train yourself to stop eating when not hungry?
Ok so i've started a diet and am in need of some help please?
I want to loose 20 pounds or so HELP.....?
Can You Be Fat And Anorexic At The Same Time?
Are asthma and sleep apnea related?
What will happen to me if I get diagnosed with cystic fibrosis?
How do you say exercise induced asthma in spanish?
When Did Your Asthma Disappear? Only Asthma Peeps!?
whats up with that explodey breath?
How long does Zanax stay in your system?
lately i hae been waking up periodically feeling very tired and having slow labored breathing...anyone know Y?
One day I noticed that I dropped a cup on my foot and I started to cough and choke. What would cause that?
How can you heal a scrape/ cut thats already a scab?
How to get rid of ant bites!!!?
Lip piercing infection or swelling?
SUNBURN when will it get better and how to take the pain away?!?
my mosquito bite is red swollen hot and hurts?
Which preparation h should I buy? Please help!?
Stung in the Forehead by a Bee what should i do?
I swallowed a popsicle stick splinter, will I be ok?
Hip replacement question?
In a blood test is a low "glom filter rate" something to worry about or require treatment?
What kind of neurological exams would be useful in diagnosing problems with verbal cognition?
can sinusitis give you blured vision?
how can i have sites for operative surgical procedures VIDEOS?
ringing ears from concert?
why do my ears itch?
Do I have to go to the GP I am registered with or can I go to a different surgery?
Question about Prozac from new user.?
After over 35 yrs of ETOH abuse, I'm dying... Does it make sense now to stop?
What are the positions in the mouth where oral thrush affects?
Is my underbite serious?
Between my lower front teeth I have noticed they are looking whiter than the rest of my teeth?
The Bracket on my brace has come off?
Is an extraction an alternative to a root canal?
Getting your wisdom teeth pulled? Was it bad?
Remove Tartar Without A Dentist?
Are these cocaine withdrawl symptoms
Have you ever had pins and needles in both your feet at the same time?
I've been sick all week and just got to feeling better when I started?
my wife is allergic to Prawn,Brinjal and Crab.Is there any chance of being my son allergic to those items?
Yesterday my nose was stuffy,itchy, runny, and sneezy. and my eyes was watery. allergies???????
Can vitamin C cream cause a photo-induced allergic reaction?
What is the best air filter for eliminating dust mites?
Why is my daughter itching her ears?
Am i allergic to Chocolate?! ?
is there an easy test that I can do to see if mushrooms are good to eate?
Can angina be affected by high altitudes?
I'm 36. My normal BP is 130/75, 70HB. Is that normal? Also after workout my BP is 115/55, 120HB. Norma? Thanx.
what kind diet should he be on?
What is your target heart rate?
CAD history question?
I have had pounding in my ear for about 8 months. What could it be.?
What can be effected by a high diastolic reading?
Anyone with an internal cardiac defibrillator willing to talk to my friend about the experience on the phone?
Can I use Glutamine to help repair my knee quicker?
Do you know what I can do?
Post Knee Surgery / Needs Stretching Exercises?
ear clicking/crackling noise?
is there some way to make my back heal fully?
what can cause peeling of nail bed if not a fungus?
how do you make bruises go away ??
how can i get cactus out my son hand?
how do you wake your foot back up?
Dose Any one suffer from night terrors?
Can anti depressants stop working?
Do some people drain you mentally?
Why does my boyfriend never text me?
What makes a person suffering from depression push their loved ones away?
How do you relax more when out in public.?
I'm starting to doubt my mythical friends?
I really need support and help.Please?
Can animals commit suicide?
Can contacts last in water ?
Can I get my eyeglass prescription filled anywhere?
Rainwater on the lenses of my glasses.?
Does this mean that I need glasses?
I got something in my eye so I rubbed it now there's like a water blister inside of my eye what is this?
I have perfect vision. If I buy colored contacts, will it mess up my vision?
www.clearlycontacts.com.au Anyone in Australia used them? Are they legitimate?
meh eyes are always dilated why?
avaxone cancer medication?
How do you treat adrenal fatigue
Can an ultrasound detect cancer?
If the patient is feeling intense pain, when she is awake,is she competent to make a decision?
Lump in neck?
please help me quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do kidney stones invade your body?
hwo can i remove tha scars of acne?
anyone know how long sunscreen lasts for effectively in an opened bottle?
Will the sun's rays still tan you after 6 pm?
I have develop intense itching from a rash that appeared after I got a new puppy. Did get it from the puppy?
Have you ever had a cyst removed?
i got stunk/bitten by some insect...?
What product would you recommend for acne?
how do you get permant marker off face?
i have stretch marks...WTF ?!?!?!?
Wild Cherry bark.............?
what is the best for health the most? spirulina or ganoderma lucidum?
What is it about burning lavender oil that is so relaxing?
Is the acai berry safe?
Does the Journey by Brandon Bay's really work?
What can cause temporary (fleeting) blindness. I am very worried about my brother?
any information on thc hemp oil in india?
what will happen if i took a 2 or 3 tablets of ecstacy then drink alcohol and take a sleeping pills?
What is causing me to get sick?
what was this that they were smoking?
Does pulling all your nose hair lead to infection like pneumonia?
Painful cough and breathing post pneumonia, what is going on?
Should I get tested for asthma?
I've had shortness of breath of about 6 days now, I started smoking flavored cigars. Should I be worried?
Please help me:(?
weakening my Ativan tolerance?
on occasions i get a muscle siezure in my legs momenterily?
Bleeding Ulcers?
I have a stomach emptiness feeling thats so intense it hurts and is uncomfortable, I have diarrhea (black)....
My left chest/lung/ribs on the left hurts when I rub it, and I'm having a hard time breathing?
treating carpal tunnel with vitamin b-6?
What type of patients are treated at VA medical centers?
for anyone who has had their gall bladder removed?
I got hurt at work about 4 years ago now. I have been seeing different Dr.'s off and on but none?
Do I Have An Eating Disorder?
Do the prescribe pain pills for headaches?
My chest hurts really bad.?
pain in throat. what could it be?!?!?
Pain/tightness in heel..Is this plantar fasciitis?
does anyone know what this is? RANDOM leg cramp?
my dr gave me methadone but wont prescribe fentanyl limb pain?
I have been living with chronic pain for 9 years!?
I am scared sick of injections!?
How do you get rid of a stiff neck?
Isn't this mean? It hurts D:?
How do you make a blister heal faster?
I got my snake bites (piercing) 2 weeks ago.?
Ingrown toenail? Do I need surgery!? Please help! PAINFUL?
Ant bite or flea bite or something else?
Cactus needle stuck in finger?
What's this purple line thing on my leg?
How do you get water out of your ear (it just wont come out)?
i have a knot on my knee and it is growing?
What could this blister-like thing be under my tongue?
Pain in back gums? What could this mean?
I have short roots in the two front teeth what do this mean?
Dental health, when to brush?
I have recently taken adderall to stay awake i work 3 jobs. Is there anything i can do about the dry mouth?
Help with Dental Assistant?
Do many Americans take teeth bleach besides normal daily brush?
Citrus Caid dentists? Are there any?
I have to get all 4 wisdom teeth taken out & I have a few questions.?
i am so pissed at the price of braces! i cant get them till i can afford them!?
can you smell ur bad breath if u cup ur hands to ur mouth and blow?
is it an allergic reaction?
okay allergy help?
I want to make sambuca cookies for Christmas, but can not find out if Sambuca is a gluten free liquor. help?
eye stinging problem?
Is hydrolyzed wheat protein, when used to mimic soy sauce, a safe alternative for someone with soy allergies?
all ended up eating chocolate?
What vitamin combination should I use for healthy hair and hair growth?
How many years do you lose from your lifespan when you donate your kidney?
What can you use to relieve sore throat?
How can I make my eyesight a lot better?
10 points plzzzz answer?
where can i buy formaldehyde.. just need small amount?
hyperextended knee help?
What is going on when a doctor performs arthroscopic surgery?
arthoscopic knee surgery and recovery?
Has anyone have or had a tear in the labrum in their shoulder? ?
Twisted ankle..could it be broken or fractured?
I need a quick fix fast!?
Ankle Sprain? swollen still?
Can I go deaf, what is wrong with me?
i woke up and moved the wrong way now my spine hurts!!help!?
hand got crushed in door henge and door and i passed out (got unconscious) why?
How to buy toric contact lenses for only one eye?
Could squinting your eyes later result in bad eyesight?
Help with glasses?????????
Question about emotions/ feelings?
My Mum is terrified of Silverfish how can she get over her phobia?
Would you like to know a technique for removing anxiety permanently?
How Can I Be More Social?
i cannot sleep on night because i'm thinking of my girlfriend..what will i do to sleep?
Are most people on more then 2 psychiatric meds if they are Bipoar?
Help me? Am i depressed?
Why can't i be sad in front of people?
what is a good food source to rebuild immune system after chemo?
Tell me if gastric mucosis is related to cancer. Whether it can be cured with medicine or surgery.?
What is the anatomical position for your lungs?
Can anybody tell me if water therapy cures cancer?
colon cancer?
gardasil injection?
Please help!!!! do i have breast cancer?
toothepaste for ance WORKED? anyhting else?
I have very deep stretch marks and I'm looking for alternatives to surgery for having them removed.?
how to get rid of brown spots?
ringworm question?
14 and already have spider veins and questions?
urgent question about the human body?
Why do I breakout after having a facial?
how in the WORLD do you get skin like this?!?!?!! (PICS)?
Is this something new?
can anybody help me?
What cities in America have the lowest asthma rates? Where can I move to in order to get rid of asthma?
Can anyone tell me what to expect from a Pulmanary Function Test?
What is a Way I Can Make My Voice Raspy?
Had horrible dizzy spell earlier?
my dad is having problems with his health, please help!!!
Question about homeopathy......?
What are the best thyroid/adrenal tablets (for vegetarians) ?
Does anyone know of any herbal replacements for anti-anxiety medications...?
Why do doctors hate natural cures?
Does anyone know about Dr. Sharon Stills,the Naturopathic Doctor?
nettle tea how long does it take?
Trying to invent a new Alternative medicine or treatment. Help?
For high blood pressure Yahoo answer recommend exercise. When exercising BP would go up .?
Myocardial infarction:necrosis due to lack of oxygenated blood,temp. ischemic episode,temp. spasm,fluid accumu