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I might have "crabs" will the Doctor care if I show him my pubes?
Any truth to this message? Or is this scaremongering? (see details)?
Is swine flu taken seriously enough?
Could I have HIV from this?
how to get sick overnight?
What can you eat when you have strep throat?
I had a UTI and they traced e coli in my urine and gave me a powerful anti bacterial. Why was there e coli?
how can i whiten my teeth ?
Are there any tricks to straighten my teeth without braces?
i've got the worst tooth ache ever, if i go to the dentist and have to have root cannal how much does it hurt?
Ahhhh my braces are killing me?
I know I have a choice, but I'm not sure which is best. How can I decide?
Whoa....Im Scared..My Doctors scaring me.?
Can anyone give me some comforting words or tell me something funny?
if youve had a tough, hard life and you feel its turned you into a serious intense person, how do you undo all
My brother and his girlfriend?
why is it that when you dance with high heels your toes get numb.....my toes are numb wat can i put on them..?
My daughter hurt her arm when she fell of her horse she is complaning of pain in it what shall i do?
Seeking pain relief for a severed tendon, chipped bone and a cut that required 50 stitches.?
What is your silliest injury or scar?
How can you tell if your dehydrated ?
What's the funniest thing you've been to the doctor's with?
which pain killers are best??
can someone help me please. i woke up today with a sore bum i took a look and there seems to be like a little?
HELP! i got burned by a hot glue gun!!! AAAKKKK!!!!?
when I travel by air, sometimes my ear pains like anything?
help me...i'm worried?
Cancer- partner refusing treatment?
HOW COME THERE ISN'T A CURE TO CANCER, asked my 12 year old son...?
How were you told you have cancer?
What type of nuts are healthy to eat?
I weigh 170 lbs i am 11 years old and i am 5'1''?
Is it okay to eat Banana's when you're trying to lose weight?
Aren't you SICK of all these health warnings. I mean what's the point of living if u can't enjoy crisps?
I'm so fat it kills me when i look in mirror.?
Can you put Neosporin on a healing lip piercing?
Help my bro got something stuck up his foot. How do I get it out?
how can you get rid of ant and bug bites??? FAST!?
What kind of bite is this on my child?
i just yawn and sneezed at the time and put my back out ?! help?
Any veins in the ear?
Is seasalt good for ear piercing?
Qualified as a 1st Aider yesterday....?
What's the best thing that you can do for poison ivy?
Can suking on helium kill you or have bad effects other than a squeky voice?
Why does a human body weigh more dead then when its alive.?
can you die from over-dosing on ibuprofen (motrin)?
I get angry quickly. I'm very hot tempered. need to be relaxed and control my anger. any suggestions? thanks
how can i find if its true?.....?
Should i get a belly button ring if i play bball?
whats the most pain phisical pain you have ever felt?
What could this be?! My doctor doesnt know!?
doc says carpal tunnel syndrome but i don't thinks so?
Does shaving cream cause acne?
Can you get cancer from putting lotion in between your toes?
Is it dangerous to leave mild asthma undiagnosed?
is smoking weed bad for you? ?
I need some serious advise!!!?
How do you tell a chigger bite from a tick bite?
I have cut on my knuckle with a red line that is now extending from the wound to the middle of my arm.?
If you get a minor burn, what should you do if you don't have any anti-septic cream?
How can you get deep sleep?
is there a foolproof way to clean your system before a urinalysis?
Help! Good Question!?
do u know who God is ?
i sleep too much ?
If i get stabbed by a penicl? And it goes through my hand , what will happen?
Should I go to the doctors?
Help, I'm in rediculous amounts of abdominal pain!?
Cramps cures anyone?
Tongue piercings- What's the worst that can happen?
how can i get rid of stomach ache?
What are the effects of snorting oxycodone?
What would you do if tomorrow you would wake up and find out that you're BLIND!?
Are you still able to drink alcohol while taking antidepressants?
Does this mean im crazy?
I want to commit suicide?
Is it true that only 1 in 250 people have psychotic depression? Is it normal for a 14 year old to have it?
I'm 5'3 and weigh 130 would you call that fat?
Smoking? Good? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Do all girls have fat knees?
How can I gain weight?
Is gatorade healthy?
i want to GAIN weight!!!!!!!!!?
I can't run... help?
what's a good healthy snack to eat at break times?
minor stomach problem possibly leading to distastefull belches?
Giving Up Smoking ? Serious Help.?
what's the fastest way to remedy a cold, without taking medicine???
What piercing hurts worst?
EMERGENCY, urgent help required, please help!!!!!?
Facts about the brain!!?
Could this lump in my neck be cancer? I'm only 13.?
Is this a sign of Cancer or something else?
15 years old and really scared !?
what is more more scary to you?
Whats the most painfull experience you have been through?
my ears feel swollen?
if a bee stings you...?
Lip snake bite piercing? (infected)?
does anyone bite there toenails?
how to quit smoking?
burnt tongue!!!?
my child has been vomiting once a day since Thursday and has a lack of appetite but no other symptoms, help!?
is talking in your sleep contagious?
how long does it take to get stitches?
my blood pressure IS 261/190?
I Can't stop crying and i really don't no why? I'm 17 and i cry so easily. I just want it to stop?
Do you believe that ppl are born gay or do you believe that they make a decision to be gay?
How much do you weigh?
I am feeling Suicidal... I am afraid I will attempt again......?
Sore Throat?!?!?
does it hurt to get your braces taken off?
Why Doesn't Anyone Understand That It Hurts?
Why don't my spacers hurt???
Im 13 & I Need Lose 30-50 pound In 1-3 Weeks I Weigh about 150 Pounds Any Help ?
how can i become fat please help me?
Should I worry about my weight?
What are the symptoms of swine flu?
Why does this flu grab the media hype when the US estimates 36,00 deaths a year?
Die from kissing desease?
yellow eyes, yellow skin and other symptoms, whats happening to me?
If you are on antibiotics for a chest infection and start drinking again when it clears, will alcohol cause it?
do i have swine flu???freaking out?
It feels like bugs are crawling and biting my skin?
what does it mean when you have an itchy anus?
cuts on corner of lips??
is it possible for me to get addicted to pain killers?
What side is your appendix on?
Cure Headache?
When I wake up I'm virtually blind for an hour due to extreme pain and sensitivity in my eyes. Cause?
I feel like crying??????
I have a thing for my plumber.. should I lock him in the house with me?
is anyone going through what im going through please help?
Does baking soda make your teeth whiter?
What to do about a dental abscess?
Any ideas for braces colours?
I just got my braces yesterday and I feel an horrible pain,what should I do?
Does brushing your teeth really make your teeth whiter?
I just got braces and they are hurting very bad?
white thing on my tounsil?
WHo has had there wisdom teeth pulled and how did u find it?
Bleeding gums - but not gingivitis?
can root canal pain cause a fever?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold?
why does my boyfriends mouth get dry in his sleep?
Is there any foods that help get rid of diarrhea in a short amout of time?
What are the ten most important reasons for stopping smoking?
i want to break my ankle?
i cut myself accidently i didnt even feel it but it wont stop bleeding its just a minor cut why wont it stop?
How do you know if your toe is broken.....?
is there anything i can soak my swollen finger in to reduce the swelling
New non-smoker, am I crazy?
9 y/o with very hard stool?
im 33w pregnant and my dad has been getting radiation treatment for brain cancer..?
Do mp3s give you the same tumors cellphones do?
My mom has died of cancer and I'm 15, will this pain heal?
She said i could get cancer!!!!! HELP!!!?
Is Breast Cancer genetic?
Am I too skinny?
Am I too thin? I weigh 116 pounds?
Where does fat go once you've lost it?
What is a healthy breakfast these days?
13 years old 120 lbs, 4"11 and I need to lose weight! Please Help?
how can i lose weight by august 31?
Do you think I'm fat?
What does Lactose Intolerant mean?
Do I have OCD??????????????????
is this crazy girl lying about having herpes?
Should I kill myself???????? I am 16?
Are you addicted to anything?
self esteem problem.....?
Im 15 and suicide is what I think about.?
Why do crazies some times sleep in bathtubs?
i think i have ocd tell me?
Why am I listening to classical music?
17 hours asleep... what is wrong with me?
is it possible to live until you are 200 years old?
can i use my ten year old son's urine to pass a drug screen?
A person weighs 290 pounds and the height is 5'9 inches. Is that considered overweight?
Do you sleep well? What is good for sleeping well?
a bad headache and slurred speech?
Isn't vicadin supposed to stop all the pain?
Hangover prevention/remedies 10 points?
i hear strange tingling noise in my ears. anyone know the reason & how to cure it?
What worst..... please help me?
Its a hot day and I feel very very cold?
anyone else scared about this swine flu?
Will I get swine flu if I eat infected pork?
Hiv or Aids From This HELP QUICK ?
Can a doctor help?
How often should I empty my bladder?
What to do about splinter in foot?
Reasons for supporting neck if moving an injured person ?
What do you do when a burn blisters? Your not supposed to pop it are you? Will is scar?
Has a person died from lack of sleep?
Does Benadryl contain alcohol??
What's the best way to help someone when they're having an anxiety attack?
what to take for constipation lasting about 1 almost 2 wekks?
Any tips for a sore throat?
Do you need antibiotics when you have no fever but nose bleed with green mucus?
weird bumps on back of tongue?
lump in stomach? help?
how do i know if i have mild insomnia?
when u breath y does you're stomach go out and in.?
Is this still Self Injury?
Period Pains?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Does anyone know hwo to get rid of a stuffy nose?
Allergic reaction- Please help!?
I just found out im allergic to wheat?! What would be ok for me to eat?
What are your weird food allergies?
Am I allergic to rabbits?
do i need some pot to calm my nerves?
I've been really depressed lately and nothing seems to help!!!!?
am i weird or its me (huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself)?
I truely need help, I'm feeling so suicidal?
i have Suicidal thoughts.. help me please!?
I'm bored in hospital, i'm here til next monday :/ any suggestions of what to do? :)?
I cut my foot on the top of a nail the other day in our house. I dont think It was rusty. do i get tetanus jab
What is the dumbest injury you've ever gotten?
Can I be fired from my job if my doctor signs me out of work due to back problem caused at work?
can you die from anorexia ?
14 year old weight?
does eating the same food over and over make you fat?
Do you think I'm too skinny?
I'm stopping smoking on 1st Feb?
I'm in pain! What's wrong with me?
For the past two days when swallowing it feels as though something is lodged in my throat (lump) or food?
i have a problem with bowel movement some times i cn't go for over a week help ! this includes constipation
What happens if you swallow a medicated throat lozenge whole?
Severe constipation, how to soften my stool with things I have at home?
I been getting cravings to smoke a cig.... but i don't want to get addicted, what should i do?
I ran out of xanax on Fri. and my DR. is on vac. I'm on it for panic attacks , anxiety. I am extremely nervous
i have Herpes please help?
Is there any reason I get a headache the same time each day?
Side pain after throwing?
Really Bad pain on neck!?
I am starting high school and need advice!!!! DD:?
Home solutions for gas.?
sleeping on stomach good for you?
is my belly ring infected?
remedies for bee sting?
I've just scratched my right leg and it's bleeding a bit. Help?
What's the best food for cholesterol?
My nose has been bleeding on and off all day?
I think have a health problem, please help me!?
is it about time to remove the sodas fron school canteen,specially,public?
how can i stop my thumb from bleeding?
I am having an emotional problem over something bad I did?
What is the best way to break a lifestyle habit?
Help Me With Myself!!!?
I use yahoo answers when I'm lonely, does any one else ?
thoughts of suicide, i want to die but, i also want to live?
My partner often has blood come out of his bottom when he goes for a poo...he refuses to see a doctor about it
Can you have a headache if you don't eat for 24 hours?
Middle Finger?
whats the right weight for a 5'3 14yr old girl??
is 85 pounds normal for a 13 year old girl?
is it possible to lose 10 lbs in 45 days?
How can I lose 10-15 pounds in about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks?
if your around 5'4 and 175 pounds?
Why are the palms of my hands itchy as well as my feet?I'm also sneezing & having difficulty breathing.anyone?
My psychiatrist says says women are the spawn of Satan, I said I didn't know he was a frog. Is he right?
Bizzare things happening to my belly it's jumping, no seriously!HELP!?
whats the best way to stop a cut from bleeding in a fight?
what does neosporin do?
Is it really so bad to smoke marijuana? Also, what are the legal issues that go along with it?
Whats the best way to treat a severe sunburn?
what are the benefits of bee polen?
Does Narcan cross the placental barrier?
How to treat a hand scalded with oil?
Anyone ever had to get rabies shots?
Questions about smoking.....?
My throat feels funny, like I'm about to get a cough/cold. But im not! Dnt think so anyway! I feel like I have
I've got a terrible cough! i guess i got the flu!!?
my 9 year old has had a loose tooth for about 2yrs it is too hard to pull but is very wiggly and turning black?
Is it normal that a dentist extracts 4 teeth to a 63 year old lady in a single day?
Its my understanding the soda is bad for teeth. Is that cola or all soda?
I brush my teeth 2 times a day, floss once, and rinse w/ listerine 3-4x a day...butttt?
my braces dont hurt?
How come the skull still has teeth attached to it?
Have you ever believed in The Tooth Fairy?
what is the best way to stop biting your nails?
I got my braces off, but I didn't get the result I was looking for. Now what?
I just had a baby 4 months ago and now my gums are bleeding what can I do iuntil I see the dentist?
Can you get HIV/AIDS through the mouth if you DO NOT have a cut in your mouth?
I don't think that a person infected with HIV even slightly can ever get cured?
Are allergies to plastic in earrings common?
My son has a peanut allergy?
What wrong with my foot?
what's wrong with me?
Should I Go To The Doctor?
how much for Hydrocodone?
omg whats going on please help me!! please!!!am i going to die?
pleaSE HELP! worst soar throat ever?
Is my tougne infected?
i dont know what to do i think i have swine flu i have no choice but to go to school what do i do?
swine flu and asthma?
Does anyone actually know if you can catch anything from drinking urine?
I don't know what's wrong with me?
headaches....pounding behind one eye..is this migraine??
Suicidal, have asked for help and nothings happened?
I'm afraid to sleep alone? 16 years old!?
How can I learn to take critisism better?
Am I way too afraid of death?
Can you die from drinking bleach?
Can't hear out of my right ear ?
Reduce headache naturally?
really weird chest pain?
Please help? Chest pains? Hart cramps? Whatever you want to call it.?
why doesn't your nose run when you're asleep if you have a cold?
How did you quit smoking?
What's the best sunburn home treatments?
Second degree burn help please?
I quit smokeing cigs using the patch for a week. How do I continue it. Seems to be getting harder than easier?
Zombies and oral hygene. You think they could floss a bit more?
How long has it been since you slipped and fell on ice?
How can you tell if a burn is infected?
is the thumb a finger?
how to remove water from ear?
Why am I itching?
I Drunk 1 litre VODKA and I have a bad HEADACHE...help me!?
i am 15, what's wrong?
Is a knee injury a medical emergency?
what is that called when someones head is cut off?
I receive chemotherapy once a week and I was wondering over the weekend...once the drug is put into my vein ?
Is cannabis just as likely to cause lung cancer as cigarettes?
can this possibly be a sign of cancer?
How can i lift up a cancer patient's spirit ?
is this a healthy lunch....?
Am I eating too much?
I'm really good looking, but I'm a little chubby for my height?
trying to lose weight , is this unhealthy ?
i weigh 116 and im 5'3 do i weigh to much?
was it a suicide attempt?
How can I stop feeling bad about being shy, soft-spoken and sensitive?
Is my friend a psychopath? What should I do?
I feel upset like 99% of the day!?
Last week was the worst of my life-I'm so down I can't see any way back?
Hey will someone talk to me, I'm feeling kinda suicidal and really alone...?
Is watching television one of the causes for obesity??
home remedies for a blocked ear?
Are you a smoker who wishes that they never started and didn't still smoke?
How do i get an eyelash out of my eye?
If you drink alcohol and smoke weed how will you feel?
Why do some people smoke so many cigarettes when then they know that it can give them lung cancer?
Pee pee question?
When I woke up this morning there were two leprechauns playing chess at the end of my bed?
I'm scared....pls help?
How do i fall asleep quickly?
I think i may have a spider bite.....what can i do before i go to the doctor...????
What are possible side effects of methamphetamines?
where can i buy Lidocaine powder?
when giving up smoking cannabis, how long does it stay in your system?
why when i eat my throat and ear both hurt to swallow?
How should I treat a minor wound that's gone septic?
First Aid Procedure to someone who hit his head and having convulsions?
any household items you can use to stop a mosquito bite from itching?
major hangover. =((((?
I'm 27 years old and lately I've been waking up with heart burn. What can be causing this?
My eye twitches now and again for hours on end. Is this normal or is it something wrong with me?
what do you like better? baths or showers?
Embarrasing, but i'll ask anyways?
I get too tired too easily. Advice?
ACK!! Why can't I sleep?
i've had shooting pains in my head and nausea now got pressure behind my eyes know wot it is?
transmission of STI's?
would you ever DATE someone with a incurable STD?
If you could only keep one of the five senses, which would it be and why?
Why is it that I get so depressed when I see my mom?
Is it possible to be a well-adjusted, kind and loving adult even when you had a shitty childhood?
Would spending time in a mental home ruin your life?
Mom's computer addiction?
What will the doctor prescribe an adult male with the flu?
Why do people in mexico have the doctor masks on to protect them from the swine flue when it doesnt work ??
What can I take for a sinus infection if I'm pregnant?
how serious is meningitis?
So has the whole Swine flu craze died yet?
how to die without feeling pain and easily?
I have a massvie headache?
Period Pain!! PLEASE HELPP!!!?
Who can answer My question?
Why can't we hear ourselves snore?
Why is it bad to pull off moles?
how long will marijuana stay in my system if...?
I have a neck pain that doesnt go away,can anybody help?
Sprained Ankle?
What shall i do i am in a big mess i need as many people as possible to ansewr this!?
What do you think the ideal weight is for a 5'4" woman?
I don't eat that much , yet i am still overweight?
what can i do when my friend is anorexic?
What should I expect when I get braces?
When the doctor removes stitches, does it hurt?
i got a shot and my arm hurts realy bad and is swollen i cant go to the doctor for at least a week what to do?
Is waxing your legs or under arms painful?
SUNBURN!? Problem!?
mosquito bites on my face HELP?
after applying nail polish remover do u wash it off cuz i didnt was that harmful?
Can smoking cause dry lips?
What do iI use for my acne !!I've tryed every thing!?
is sucide a way out or is it a choice to end pain?
How do I tell my mom that I am depressed?
Why do people say self-harm is bad?
Advair or Albuterol? I'm new to asthma,I have tightness in the chest?
How can I preserve my lung health from smoking weed?
I am 13 and lately I have been having to go to the bathroom every 15 Minuit's. is there some thing wrong with
why does my head shake after a week of continuous drinking?
I am okay with boy gays but not girl gays? Does that mean I am a homosapean?
Does everyone have neck spasms?
What is it called when your mind is awake and your body is sleep?
Excruciating pain in the lower left side of my abdomen?
Question for Migraine Sufferers?
I hurt my right big toe playing basketball. What should I do?
my upper shin hurts each time i run what is wrong with it?
Constant headache and pain in the neck?
Can you get a disease like an std or something by getting fingered?
Is it unhealthy to drinking coffee everyday?
is 101 pounds good or bad for a 15 year old girl...5'2?
Want ten points???? Cannot sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ten points!?
Is it possible ...?
What would happen if i ate Amy Winehouses used tampon?!?
How do you deal with migraines?
my girlfriend has a serious lower right pain in her stomache and has had an increase in urination. any answers
why do i have terrible knee pains at the age of 15 ?
Can you bite someone to death?
How do i get rid of a recurring headache that happens everday at the right side of my head?
Caring for a burn...cover it or not?
Help! Any remedies for a stiff neck?
I think I'm depressed. Can someone help me?
I bite my finger nails...habit...?
My arm feels... weird... please help...?
what do u do when ur pooop comes out green and burns ur iner anus?
Will a horsefly bite you for no reason?
How do you treat a cankor sore?
Do you think I'm fat?
How much do you think I weigh?
i weigh 237.3 pounds at 5'1 and 14 yeaRS of AGE?
Im 13 and weigh 121 lbs is that a normal weight?
Am i too tall??????????????
I've eaten less and exercised more. Why have I gained weight?
I have gaps between my teeth would i need braces or a retainer ?
Help my mouth ulcers are killing me. Why do i always get this?
jaw hurting?
why is it more adviced to brush teeth up and down or circularly?is side to side bad for your teeth?
my gums look inflamed and always bleed?
Wisdom teeth removal?
Root canal being done help!?
Has anyone tried Crest Whitening strips? Do they really work??
is teeth grinding a mental disorder?
How can give my sister braces?
Which is the most deadliest insect in the world?
i dont know what i have.?
I'm feeling a cold coming on, what can I do about it?
I think I have Attention-Deficit disorder? ?
Is schizophrenia related to ghosts at all?
I'm depressed?
Could I be heading for a heart attack?
What could be the cause of my chest pain?
How do you lower your cholesterol levels without taking medication?
I have a heart condition and feeling week. What should I do?
Medical Scenario! Whats wrong with her?
when u have hpv .................?
what drug is weed exactly?
DO you think we're really in the matrix?
Have you ever considered or have already signed to be an Organ Donor?
is cracking your knucles good?
i have been referred to a specialist for my headaches,what will happen at the hospital?
sore thighs after practice?
why do i have this pain that hurts soo much? what should i do?
What pain killers do you take for a headache?
I am at my wits end .My daughter has chronic constipation any suggestions. been gong on for 2 years?
i broke my foot but i can't let my mom find out i have a tattoo!!?
I went jogging for the 1st time today for an hour, my legs hurt - shall i go tomorow?
what's the best thing to do if your stomach hurts and you've been throwing up. like i mean to make it stop.
What Is Whiplash? Please Answer, Thanks :]?
If Stephen Hawking stubs his toe on a corner or something, does he physically have to type in 'ow'?!?
how does cannabis help asthma?
what is the best herbal smoke?
quitting smoking ????????????????
smoking weed?
I swallowed paint! What do I do!?
What made you smile today?
My husband has poison ivy.....BAD?
What is the quickest and best way to heal a sunburn?
how can i achieve complete and total happiness?
I got a bad case of poison ivy!! What is the best cure for the itch and burn and red blotches all over?
can depression come back?
what would you do if you were 50ft tall?
my dad keeps coughing ?
How do i know if i have a parasite?
can anyone describe how it feels
i have a terrible head aches last couple of weeks, does stress cause headaches?
What are the 5 stages of human sleep?
EMT Basic help!!!?
how to make a misquito bite go away?
Thumb Wart??
Does eating chocolate make a cold worse?
When you cut your self how do you avoid a Scar ?
white pill round small with 100 printed on one side nothing on other what is it please help im real worried!?
laughter or crying. how can that affect a person's health?
is there a chance to get taller if i had 23 years...in any natural way,or even sport, yoga,meditadion etc?
GIRLS (not guys) ---> Are the soles of your barefeet ticklish?
If you could live your life again would you change anything?
can you get cancer in the mouth and any other area's if a guy kisses you when he dips? need to know?
Can you have a nose bleed with no blood!?
why are you still awake?
can u catch anything by shaking the hand of a junkie (drugs addict) ?
What's the best way to fall asleep, when you're stressed?
Why do my calve muscles cramp?
I woke up with a sore throat, and when I swallow water it hurts. Does anyone know what this mightg be?
What can cause joint pain at 16?
Appendix question? Please read?
What causes migraines?
I'am a female I'am also 33 years old I found a lump on my lympth node 8 months ago?
What dieases do really hope they will find a cure for?
If you knew you were going to have total dementia by 85 years old what would you do, if anything?
I don't really know what these attacks are.?
Poison control didn’t tell us how much hydrogen peroxide to use.?
My son was bite by a mesquito?
I am vegetarian. Any easy way to give up dairy? I am really desparate to quit and go totally vegan?
Do you think it is a good idea to save yourself till marriage to lose your virginity?
wat are you suppose to do when u get stung by a bee?
medical advice needed.?
OW I bit my lip?
I heard Echinachea doesn't really work for colds. Do you agree?
How can you make your partner an affectionate person?
I got chigger bites BAD! Clear nail polish is not working. HELP! Do you think skin so soft might help next?
can HIV AIDS spread through french kissing?
Herpes Exposure? (This may sound stupid..but I'd appreciate it)?
Is brushing your teeth necessary?
Can you die from rotting teeth?
underbite? is this something to worry about?
can i sue my dentist?
why i keep feeling dizzy and nausea with headaches everyday?
whats wrong with me? Is it heartburn?
Rectal tenderness and minor pain, and BLOOD!?
what can help take the pain away from a migraine?
Do I need to get this checked up?
is autism real or is it a myth?
My mom have Lupus she Just find out that she have a kidney disease.But all i ask is a pray for my mom?
Can anyone figure out whats wrong with me?
I am a Chain smoker & wish to quit smoking ! Advice please !?
Dementia/ Alzheimer's...What to do, kids can't take anymore??
If a doctor has retired should he really be giving out advice on YA, given how quickly medicine changes?
Burn turned into bubble?
Pierced ear has lump?
old warehouse cut?
Top tip:Be careful if you have a cut finger when slicing tomatoes,they sting like mad,have you done this?
cotton end of a Qtip gotstuck in ear. Insurance is effective in 7 days. can i wait til then 2 c a doctor?
I went to the beach yesterday and i gots sunburnt ):?
I'm really sore help???
I'm having a really bad day; can anyone help me to feel better by telling a joke or giving inspiration?
Does anyone get this?
What is the meaning of life?
what's the difference between ADD and ADHD?
Help me I can't get rid of my head lice I have nits that won't come out!!!!! What should do?
What is a fatal disease that is not cancer?
my fiance is vomiting clots of blood! what is wrong with him?
I just ripped some skin off of my nose, is it going to leave a scar??????
Are alumiminum cans poisonus if burned and inhaled.?
Cut finger...how to bandage it?
I just burnt my hand?!?!?
I wont stop sweating!?
i have a major medical question!!?
Is getting a burn from a tanning bed worse than getting the same burn from the sun?
How do you get rid of some bad sunburn?
everytime i go in the beach i sting... please help?
What's wrong with my mom?!?
Please please please help you dont know how important this is.?
Why do people think that a person with dyslexia is stupid just because they can't spell or read well?
I'm under a lot of stress today. How can I relax tonight.?
i'm just going to come right out with it. should i seek professional help?
I Cant sleep! What should I do?
i have been having headaches?
HELP chest PAIN and BACK pain IM only 16 years OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do you get your appendix removed?
can someone please explain 'dyslexia' in simple terms?
I want to eat and gain weight but I find food disgusting which makes me "un-hungry" so what should I do?
How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
why do people think it's cool to smoke, even when it destroys your lungs and makes you look cheap?
my g'ma is'nt felling sogood right now can someone plz help me find a cure for this bug asap?
HELP! I just got stung by a wasp/bee WHAT SHOULD I DO?
How do i ask my parents ?!?
How do you catch an STD? Be nice please...?
Haven't you always wanted to push a person in a wheelchair down a flight of staris?
If someone looses a lot of blood, what can he or she do to be healthy again?
I've been electrocuted?
I need to sprain/break my wrist arm or ankle today?
If you were walking and ran into a homless guy with 7 toes, and he was dying, would you give him CPR?
I've had a bad headache for the past 3 days, I'm feeling dizzy, my vision is blurred, and I feel like fainting?
I heard my mom prayers and ?
Bored....dont knwo what to do?!?
Why I shouldn't drink alcohol when I am depressed?
How to calm an panic attack?
Why am I so messed up in the head :(?
What else can I do for a yellowjacket bee sting? I'm at my wits end..
help meeeeeeeeeeeeee?
Whats the fastest way to heal a small cut?? please help!!?
has anyone went to the doctor for there ingrown fingernail before?
why do i sneeze when i walk outside on a sunny day?
Why is it that almost everytime...?
How do i get rid of a gall bladder stone from home and with no visit to the doctor/hospital?
I am having really bad back pains today, and I don't know what to do?!?
Help my adult son is on the computer 16 hours or more. He is a gamer and is locked in fearse battle the whole?
my ex boyfriend has been haaving these episodes but he wont go to the doctor HELP?
Please help me, terrible pain?
Hello' my wife and I luv pets. But she gets severe eye irritation when around them. Any resolve on home tips?
What are you allergic to? What happens to you personally?
I'm tired, I have a headache, it's hard to focus on things.. and I have allergies... related?
do you think im allergic to water?
Can Texting Cause Carpal Tunnel?
Why were my hands shaking?
I can't stop biting my nails! Any suggestions?
what's the best methods to help you fall asleep?
I'm almost 16 and am only 5'2" - 5'3". Could there be a problem with my growth hormones?
I am not really sure how to ask this, perhaps it is silly to ask, I'm sure a lot of you will agree?
i feel so suicidal23?
Are any of you on anti depressants?
Is cracking your fingers good for you?
What does it feel like when your kidney's hurt? I think I'm having Kidney pain?
i can't stop throwing up and my migrane won't go away?
My wrist hurts so bad!! What's this disease called?
can hiv aids hpv kill you?
I got a slipped disk?
I have violent throbbing pain in my forehead followed by dull pain that doesn't go away. Any suggestions?
What can i do to prevent the pain caused from braces?
I don't have a job, where can I go to get a tooth exstracted at little to no cost?
what can i eat having high fever?
how can a person get swine?
What can heal the tongue?
Is it dangerous to have a shower when there's lightning?
i have a bee sting and the swelling wont go down?
Can a lemon heal cuts?
What's up with my shower water?
whats the best way of mosquitoes stay off of you?
I am getting depressed about my hair loss.can you help me?
Can a burn from salt and ice give a 3rd degree burn?
Can I wear my wrist brace overnight?
So a friend of mine just swallowed a bottle cap?
How do you get to sleep faster?
How can i get rid of rats,I've tried trap, rat poison but they keep coming back?
i'm a 16 y.o. girl haven't been eating & sleeping lately...?
I'm a girl and I sleep in my underwear. Should I be embarrassed of this?
please someone help me ?
I'm afraid to fly..?
my boyfriend has been feeling tired lately and he has asthma what can i do?
how do you not become lame?
My neighbor's daughter just got stung by a SCORPION today.?
I can't see a thing out of my nose.?
Is the name Genevieve sounds good?Or beautiful?
how to stop nausea?
What do you think of the danger of radiation from x-rays?
how do i help my girlfriend out??
what is the best way to fight off a cold before i go away next week?
What if you're lactose intolerant and win the Indianapolis 500?
I get an itchy throat after eating melons and mangoes...?
Why do I keep coughing and spitting & how to make it stop?
Do you think this is reasonable?
Best treatment for rhinitis?
What is going on with allergies? My kids can't bring food to school now?
how do i cope with wanting to die???
what causes depression?
Today I saw some mentally ill people on the bus?
what's an "enema"?
symptoms: restless legs,irritable bowel,sleeplessness,memory loss, weight gain, pain, pain. What is wrong?
I don't know if I am bulimic...?
how do you sell your kidney?
will i die tonight in my sleep.?
how do you make your ears stop ringing after a concert?
I can never get up in the morning...?
how to stop a severe nosebleed?
something's wrong with my eye?
Is thier a way to make getting your ear pierced not hurt.?
please help! this is killing me!?
How do you get to sleep when not tired?
wife cheated, whats the best advise to rid my self of being depressed?
How do I deal with depression?
Should I order a Pizza?
Do I have OCD?
***someone help please...I'm numb...***?
Why is my mom in denial that something may be wrong with me?
do you think im extremely sensitive or not?
I’m afraid to leave my house because I think I’m too ugly ;(?
I have bipolar is there a better medication that is cheaper other than depikote ?
Im Depressed any ideas ?
11 yr old vomiting and headache?
I want to quit smoking. Any advice?
How old were you 10 years ago?!?
How can I get to sleep easier?
When you drink & then get drunk, is it bad to take a shower?
I can't sleep. Any adivce?
What's better: eat more at lunch or dinner?
Problems breathing when laying down flat.?
Difficulty Breathing?
my dads snoring is getting really annoying.?
albuteral helppppppppp???
OUCH, I had my WISDOM tooth extracted today!?
HI anyone know if i can put on braces only for the upper parts of my teeth?
My boyfriends teeth? help?
I'm getting braces and I'm nervous?
my wisdom teeth operation hurts.. cures?
can very skinny people get high b/p?
what is blood pressure?
blood pressure?
heart problem? or just adreniline?
Is goat milk good for you?? I've heard it helps allergies.?
i drank milk, now i'm getting sick?
I have a sore in my right nostril that developed after a cold. It hurts and won't go away.?
EXTREMLY painful abdominal pains.?
What should I do I'm in so much pain?
What does it feel like under anesthetic? I'm afraid of never waking up or waking and feeling pain during it.
Has anyone got their teeth pulled? I'm really nervous...?
Is having a baby as bad as a toothache or a headache?
i reallly need help. i've been?
Bored!!! omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's wrong with me?!?
within the week im gone - why should i stay in this messed up life ?
I'm 19 can i still grow any taller than i already am?
I'm super tired during the day What's happening?
why do some people have such bad breath?
Should I go to school tomorrow?
Working out while sore?
My husband's eye doctor put drops in his eyes and he hasn't seen clearly since.?
i just hit my head really hard on a cabinet and blacked out...?
I'm embarrassed but?
Do you BRUISE easily?
Yellow around the eyes, is this serious?
I don't want to have anorexia, Help me !!!?
is this a considered a disease?
How many wipes does it take after a bowel movement before you know you're really clean?
is it painful to get braces?
I'm getting braces What to expect?
If you dont have a retainer when you get your braces off,do your teeth go back to being crroked?
What does it mean if there's a hole in my tooth?
Can someone take two 5 mg oxycodone?
Potential side effects of Vicodin?
ouch, help help help!?
can you help with this medical question? 10 points?
What is wrong with me? Why am i so sad? what can i do to make myself feel better?
Any comments? I'm a little weird.?
can crying make you tired?
i've been taking citalopram(antidepressant)for a few days now and the side effects are horrendous.shall istop?
Bloody nose lasting 7-8 hours, off and on . . .?
How do I get the my knee to stop itching?
Is this a High Blood Pressure?
heart prblems 13 yearold?
what time interval should be kept between maserbations?
my toilet is blocked! what should i do? dont laugh?
A pencil lead is stuck in my palm since I was 5 years old. I'm now 48. Is this poisonous?.?
I can't wake up in the morning and my alarm clock is loud. Is there a louder one out there?
my dad sometimes stops breathing in his sleep. helpp!?
Constantly producing phlegm - No cough or cold?
Your opinion on Chiropractor? I'm in pain and my parents do not "believe" in it...Help!!?
please help me my head hurts!?
Why do I get back pain after I smoke marijuana?
How can I get rid of my period cramps and put up with them at school?
I can't cough my phlegm up?
Can someone who's allergic to bees still eat honey and watch reruns of Roseanne?
Is anyone besides me allergic to gluten?
Can you go to your doctor and ask for an allergy test? if not where can you go?
Should you go to work when you have? Nice answers please!!?
Is it possible to be HIV pos for 3 years and not no it, would'nt you have some kind of symtom, like, what?
I'm scared...ASAP?
Will I be getting Chicken Pox?
Does this sound like the flu?
whats the deal with this swine flu?
Can anyone give me a possible diagnosis on this?
Should I be worried if my temperture is 103.7 ??
can anybody please tell me what's good for migraine headaches?
Will calcium help heal a broken bone faster?
I'm soooo tired, what is the best way to keep me awake?
Why can't I make myself talk?
My girlfriend's anorexic and suicidal?
Why is it that im always depressed and want to be alone and always tired?
How do you cure shyness?
Is a girl's thing in the inside really feel like warm apple pie like in the movie "American Pie"?
Are u a Smoker?
Lower back pain wont go away!?
my stomach hurts!!!!?
my friends eye hurts?
All my new shoes rub the back of my foot. What can I do?
Why do i have a headache?
ear wax stuck in my ear help?
should i wear sunblock in the winter?
What if I smoke weed and get drunk?
What should i put on my toddlers spider/ant bites?
What are the effects of grinding your teeth when you sleep?
Fear of dentists ? Help please?
How old are you, and how many fillings have you got?
how bad can teeth be?
Is there anything i can do to make my blood pressure go back up?
is weighting 148 alot?
How long can a 50 year old man who had a heart attack and still smokes expect to live?
Did i have a heart attack?
"inevitable that someone from UK will die from swine flu"?
The scrape on my leg doesn't seem to be getting better. It has been 10 days. Is this normal?
where the swine flu is?
I was bitten by a zombie, any suggestions for treatment?
i`m scared i have the swine flu?
I've heard that if the human liver has trauma to it, that in some cases it can regenerate the lost tissue?
can anyone have a amputation?
Throat symptoms, but can't visit doctor now?
Will we all die from Swine Flu?
Swine Flu?...........?
plz help me with my cold?
Swine Flu? I know the symptoms but i don't know we should be worried....?
OK Medical proffssnls (& really smart people). What contagious diseases remain infectious after the body dies
Cancer - Is my step mum being sent home to die?
What's the best advice from cancer survivors?
Does it take years of smoking to get Ling cancer?
A question about cancer?
iam looking for lactose free food for children's parties or snacks that all children can eat and enjoy?
Allergies are getting the best of me. Help!!?
i bleed from my nose every day what could it cause it?
Does hypnosis for sneezing fits work? I'm at my wits end!?
How long before you know you're allergic to a medicine?
how can you make yourself throw up?
i am suicidal and need some advice?
What are some good ways to relieve stress?
quitting smoking. feel horrible. help?
how long would you live if all your veins burst at once?
I need to know about oral herpes!?
i just got a HIV test and i'm scared !?
HPV??! A little scared, please help?
i have a 2 year old and she got stung by a bee on her knee and it is hot and now she acts like she can't walk?
Help! I'm on fire, what do I do?
I lost my mom through death. I'm having a hard time dealing with it. What is the best way to cope?
what would happen if you took 20 500milagram tylenol pills?
My 7 year old Son gets cramp / growing pains in his legs at night.....?
does any1 know wat is wrong with me?
Why does it hurt this bad when I eat?
What's the Worst Pain You've Ever Been In?
Does anyone sleep on a 'memory foam' mattress? What are they like?
I think I have Insomnia...?
i can feel and hear my heartbeat in my ears? whats wrong?
If i,m suffering from crack lips what's the cause, implication, what's cure or treatment, what's diagnosis?
My bum whole is bleeding help please?
What is the fastest and best way to heal severe peeling?
How do I get a good night sleep with a noisy guest??
how will i remove my ingrown on my feet? even if it is since Aug. 2005?
ok I got drunk Friday night had a bad hangover the next day and ever sense i feel like crap nausea havnt vomit?
Can a scar be removed?
I was recently diagnosed with Lupus. I need to find out everything about it. Can you help me?
Why do people keep dying?
WHY does my arm turn bright red when I eat sand?
do broken bones grow back bigger?
i'm only getting 4-6 hrs of sleep!!??
Terrible coughing fits when sick?
what can make throat close?
i think i have swine flu...can it kill me?
cough, ahsma, or possible chest infection?
took my 1 year old to the emergency room and we just got home?
Is there a such thing as a person having heart disease without a high blood pressure?
Can a heart attack cause cardiac arrest?
I need help with my high cholesterol...?
Picking my nose addiction help.?
Biggest headache of my life...?
I have back pain and sharp pains down my leg,what can this be???PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i quickly elevate my mood?
HELP PLEASE! I can't take it anymore. I want to die!! HELP!?
My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive.He is in her stomach.She told me not to worry.Isn't it dangerous?
R U stocking up on necessities in case we get word to stay indoors for a period of time?
Why's everyone freaking out about Swine Flu?
Do you think I had swine flu?
Do I Need A Tetnus Shot?
will swine flu kill me and my family?
I donot catch cold (flowing nose) for last three years. Can I get swine flu?
can you get cold sores from making out?
Could a cold sore transfer into genetal herpes?
wen i have soda i fart big?
does cocaine make you gurn? Or is that just ecstasy?
I passed out today at college, I hadn't eaten all day. What should I do?
I have severe pain in my heart area and it's spreading to the sholders?
I cant stop hurting myself....?
what is prosthetic leg?
I've stepped on a wasp: What will make the swelling go down?
Is it bad that i need alcohol to get through the day?
my mother dusnt understand 1 of my biggest fears. how do i tell her?
In what mood you are right now and why?
Does abusing marijuana in your adolescent years cause irrepairable brain and body damage?
whats alzheimers again i forget?
If you're a kleptomaniac, is there something you can take for it?
Swollen mosquito bite?
Stitches is it time to remove them?
Huge Mosquito bite on hand!!?
What should I do if theres a small ball of paper stuck up my nose?
cutting, normal or not???
How do you get rid of Onion Breath????
How do you get rid of bad breath?
How do you know if you have an abcesss?
How many teeth have you had removed?
Taking medicines together?
ok to leave a tooth abscess untreated if no pain?
Do you like the dentist? Do you fear the dentist? Do you fear dentists tools?
Is it dumb going to the dentist with a broken leg?
Is it normal for my teeth to feel like this with braces?
Heart problems?
my heart has been beating too fast and am i too skinny? any help?
Whats your normal BPM?
Has anyone had similiar symptoms to my Dad?
what are some home remedies for curing sore throats?
bloody toothache!!! how 2 get rid of the pain ?
I accidentally drank rubbing alcohol thinking it was the same as everclear, what now?
Why do most of my arms hurt?????
Can strawberry make you itchie and cause allergy?
Does this seem like an allergic reaction to a shot to you?
What are allergies ? Are they harmful?
everything i eat makes me sick?
Why does my mouth itch whenever I eat certain foods raw?
I have a really bad cold what should i do?
Why is everyone so afraid of the swine flu?
Calling in sick today.?
why does african children hav swollen bellies?
I went to the doctor and i did a blood count, does that test for hiv too? please help me?
Do I have swine flu? (symptoms listed in description)?
my daughter as got a cough and runny nose? swine flu?
Hi, My little boy gets red ears and they feel hot, What causes this and how can I treat it?
How do I get rid of this smell on my hand?
Quickest way to get rid of a bad cold? Heeelp!?
My piss is really yellow am I sick?
Help! I think I am fat! I'm 5 feet and already 100 pounds!?
Why am I never hungrey?
What could this rash possibly be?
I have acne on my back, shoulders and chest?
What acne solutions really work?
Is losing one's teeth inevitable ?
My teeth are in good condition. Is it a Florida law that I have to have x rays done every year no matter what?
does long hours on the computer cause noise bleeds in children?
do you smoke ????????
What are the common cause for nose bleeds?
why do teenagers smoke cigarettes..?
I have sudden urges to move out of my parents house but I'm not old enough what should I do?
can some one help me? .. i need some one to talk to I'm thinking about suicide .?
Do you ever scream at the top of your voice when noone is around and do you feel better or worse after this?
My boyfriend tried to commit suicide?
What colour are my eyes? (Picture)!?
Should I feel guilty about calling in sick to work?
is this an eating disorder or is this just a weird phase?
Is it safe to eat four month old raw chicken?
10 points question..?
I think i'm allegic to fruit......?
How do I stop a cold in it's tracks?
HEARTBURN. Anybody have a quick cure please?
please help, my mom is extremely sick, has a headache and barely has any strength to even stand up?
What is the best way to kill yourself without much pain?
How can I get rid of a headache without taking medicine?
I've been having terrible stomach cramps since last night.?
Could this be Multiple Sclerosis?
Is there ammonia in urine?
What is wrong with me?
Why is the swine flu such a big deal?
Is this new flu fatal?
my 3 yr. old just came down with the flu,should i be concerned he may have the swine flu?
Will a giant monster awaken from the sea due to the earthquake and swine virus outbreak?
URGENT: Son drank dettol hand sanitizer?
Can I get swine flu through the internet?
H1N1 symptoms? Please Answer...?
Which of the following is the most serious type of STD?
What are the risks with high cholesterol?
what if my blood pressure is 120/90? is it high or low?
Sometimes I have sharp pains in my chest not sure if it's my heart. Is it something I should be worried about?
is it safe to smoke pot if i am currently being diagnosed for a heart condition?
Which is more harmful: Weed or Cigarettes?
Can smoking cause bronchitis?
How do blind people know when they're done wiping their butt?
how does an x ray of the knee happen?
is it normal to get a nostril piercing and have swelling on the inside of my nose?
Head-On. do YOU apply directly to the forehead?
What's wrong with my husband? What can/should I do?
i am very active but when i jog sometimes my shins and calfs hurt alot!?
I got shot in the leg with a pellet gun by my friend. It was a steel pellet its in my inner thy. Doctor???
do you ever feel that you need help, taking your.................?
I don't think my doctor takes me seriously.?
Can you tell me whats wrong with me?
Hi I'm worried about my dad?
Is this some kind of disorder?
weakness ?
Here are my symptoms - whats wrong with me?
How old are some of y'all truthful no lies?
does donating blood hurt?
How can I just relax?
can your eye lids get swollen from a sun burn?
My leg hurts?