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could my ankle be sprained ?
I sprained me pinky finger awhile back and...?
If I broke my ankle, why doesn't it hurt?
Stepped on glass 3 years ago..still in my foot!?
How does asthma affect the body?
Will lungs recover from ocassional pot smoking?
I dont know how to look after my bronchitis in winter without no medicine. Help?
how long does it take for antibiotics to kick in?
What do you do about asthma that just won't go away or be controlled?
pain in chest and ribs?
How can I stop someone in my family from smoking?
Can i get sick from kissing a smoker who's trying to quit?
WTF he died?
Please, I need help.?
what will doctors look for in your wee sample?
What's your morning wake-up routine?
What could be causing itchy inner ear?!
how long does it take the dianette pill 2 be effective to clear up skin?
What is the easiest way to get rid of zits/acne/blackheads?
Dry scalp with hair loss?
Itchiness 'down there' after or last days of period!! Help!!?
How do I cure my acne?
toxins = boils?
weirdd hands??
how do i get rid of sweaty palms?
type 2 diabetes whats the normal sugar level?
Are there any M.D. on line that I can talk to about my diabetic wounds that wont heal. I tried a wound clinic.
diabetes,insulin treated,diet problems?
I am trying to find out about a new Diabetes med. I think it is called viata.?
is having wide hips bad???????
I need to drop 15 lbs asap and tone up...suggestions?
how to avoid brownies?
6 pack in 2 weeks, I have a 4 pack and the desire!?
Don't you think it's sad that "How to be anorexic" is the 3rd most popular search..?
How to be less lazy?
help with belly inflation?
Can I buy contact lenses not tested on animals?
Better eyesight without glasses - Is it possible?
Seeing blurry after using computer?
kristy,thanks for the definition on my eye color?
Lazy eye.... Surgery?
Color Contacts for eyes, without needing a prescription?
Can i wear my contacts if my red eye isn;t totally gone yet?
Eye contact anyone???????????????
Can contacts get wet?
Which prescription is worse?
Echocardiogram question?
hearts pains?
Is my blood pressure and heart rate abnormal?
Family member about to get an artificial heart?
when i am sleeping i wake up to my heart beating really fast why does that happen.?
how much money do vascular surgeons earn? From least to greatest?
Sometimes my heart beats really fast without any reason. What does that mean?
Is this pink eye and if so, what are good remedies?
going on a first aid course what to wear?
Husband has problem with foot and im not sure how to handle?
i burnt my finger while cooking popcorn it burns so much! what can i put for the pain?
I get turned on from girls using lotion, why is this?
Possible to have too much calcium?
What works well for preventing sinus problems? What over-the-counter or homeopathic solution works well?
why do colds get worse at night?
What are some ways to increase my GOOD cholesterol?
what is the name of a fear of styrofoam????????????
How do I go into a coma?
How can I improve myself? I am a highly lazy person.?
can the steam room help my allergies?
Is it desirable to go for operation for SINUS with polyps when it persists for more then 4 months?
Natural seasonal allergy relief for children?
what is in my throat?
what herbs are good for depression?
What is the percentage out of all death each year that by miss diagnosis kills people ???
Why do I seem to cry about everything?
How can I be motivated to do stuff?
Can't get past son's suicide.?
feeling depressed?????
MCL Sprain - From a Foot Trauma?
I'm having a lot of unexplained bruising...?
Shattered patella (kneecap) - help?
I hit my head, now struggling to sleep?
Breaking your nose for the first time ..?
How fast would you die if you were shot in the heart...?
Does anyone have information about the hair loss treatment drug called Provillus?
How many phases does the progress of colorectal cancer have?
if we have a jab to protect us against cervical cancer, why cant we have one for all cancers?
what activities can best serve to raise funds for more research of breast cancer?
cancer scare?
How much do gorgojos cost?
I wonder if the red sport on my breast is a type of breast cancer?
do you think a cell phone can cause cancer?
Hey is there anybody who has cancer or cares about it out there?
Problems with Britesmile Veneers???
What is the fastest way to get rid of onion breath?
is there anything i can take besides Novocain?
tongue problem! please help...?
Is chewing ice bad for your teeth??what are the bad effects??
Braces off whitening...?
Has anybody had huge problems with their teeth like me??????
WHY does some tobacco taste like the?
What's the best way to clean your toothbrush?
what does interstitial markings mean ...?
Afraid I may have Pneumonia?
How do I cleanse my lungs?
what does it mean when an elderly person sleeps and breathes really hard, when they sleep?
Should i get my septum!?! please answer!!!?
Are weight fluctuations and appetite loss some of the symptoms of anxiety?
Is it common for a 6 year old to be on Seroquel?
My boyfriend has asperger's disease. Help please?
What illness do i have? (Please its getting serious and Local doctors are not helping)?
How bad is Tobacco Free Shisha, and how badly can the affect be on you?
Could this possibly be tourettes?
Start Tennis with Osgood Schlatters Disease ?
how do you cope with tinnitus?
Help with Adult Colic?
How can I stop my Psoriasis?
I have a scab on my face from a mole removal. it's been 2 weeks and it's half way off. what should I do?
Can Vanilla Coke cause acne?
i have exima on my finger tips?
How Do I Get Rid Of Blackheads?
my face is very dry & also dead skin.?
What's Wrong With My Skin?
How does caffeine affect the results of a fasting glocose blood test?
diabetes glucose standards?
MINIMED PUMP USERS--- I need opinions on the different infusion sets.?
We are doing a fundrasier for juvinal Diabetes We want to know where we donate the money to.?
How important is it to have your 8 glasses of water a day when slimming?
Which day is worse, Christmas day or Superbowl Sunday...?
How to lose lovehandles and get a flat belly but keep my bum!!?
How do I feel comfortable alone at the gym?
love handle exercises?
does anyone have any really good dieting tips?
How many kcals do you burn per 100 steps?
What UK female size would you say is...?
Best way to tape my broken finger?
Bug/Mosquito Bite Question...?
How can I get my swollen face to go down?? please help!?
there was a product called "on your toes " bought over the internet is it still available?
i need help is it ok for it to sting?
poison ivy what to do when you get in your privets on your body?
I need some help...how do i get a splinter out of a 3 yr olds hand?
I got this huge bite, worse than a misquitoe bite...?
How much does this eye surgery cost?
Polyopia question...?
What are the chances you can't get your eyes lazerd?
Restasis - - Can I use more than one drop in each eye at a time? ?
Can I get a contact lens prescription based on my glasses prescription?
i'm blind in my left eye?
freshlook colorblends contactss?
If i wear only one contact, will it make my other eye crossed?
what makes smoking harmful?
What is YOUR acne system/solution?
Why do chocolate chip cookies hurt my stomach all of a sudden?
Why am I constantly feeling sick?
Is there anything that i can buy to grow taller I AM 15?
What do you think this is from (Heart related)?
when I have to go to the bathroom to do a combo, I have to sit then stand, is this a problem?
I accidentally my my leg. What should I do... is this dangerous?
reasons for elevated tempature post cardiac surgery?
please help if your a cardiologist i had some test done results are taquicardia 120 bpm and bradiacardia 50bpm
Why Such OILY CLAIMS For Olive Oil?
What is the best diet schedule for a heart patient.?
can having the flu increase your heart rate?
can anyone help with treatment or info on WALLENBERG SYNDROME?
Should I be able to check my pulse from my chest?
Depersonalization cure help ?
"The Secret" dose it work? please help me out ?
How long will I have pain from having my wisdom teeth removed?
When I drink cold water, a tooth of mine hurts. Is this a cavity or no?
Braces - Pros and Cons?
I think i have dry socket, the pain isn't to bad, the hole is closing but will it heal on it's own ?
Advice on retainers?
why do people with false teeth take them out before they eat?
where can i find free log books to record my blood sugars?
Did my k-9, who has insipidus diabetes and is now taking desmopressin, have a seizure?
does fish oil have potassium in it?
I have type 2 diabetes. Can I still donate Plasma?
methods to control sudden urge to urinate till you find wash room.?
is there ophthalmology services available thru the indian health service?
What is the main difference between cancer cells and healthy cells membrane?
Can a Ovarian cancer patient get pregnant?
Concerned about CIN 3 Results?
What should your White Blood Cell count be if you have an UTI?
the best hospital or hospitals in india for aml leukemia patients that need bone marrow transplant?
is wireless internet safe? does it cause cancer?
I go to the tanning beds alottttttt, what are my chances of getting skin cancer?
What is colon cleaner made of and where can you perchase it.?
how good is oil as a sunscreen?
Mole removal scar?
I have a flat red rash that appears from time to time at my waist line.?
does it mean that my acne is healing if it's red/brown?
Should I pop a blister before I go on a cruise?
are you supposed to scratch chemical burns?
Can you get rid of a tan? ?
I Have Cold Hands :(?
what causes arthritis and what is the cure?
How do I know if I have an inner ear problem?
Possible UTI and real bad pain in my side.?
How can I stop my heavy breathing?
The reservoir in the kidney that collects the urine is the?
what causes sulpher smelling burps?
Why am I having so many recurring nightmares and night terrors?
I got a pill stuck in my throat!!can someone help?
is drinking a lot of water before each meal good?
is it possible to lose 10 lbs a month?
How to get motivated to exercise?
How much cardio do I need per day?!?
drinking coffee that was made yesterday?
Why is gluten bad for you?
what are those things?
Top slimming tip - guaranteed weight loss !?
help with loosing weight?
what is the proper way to start an iv?
Huge blister from edema?
I have ear wax deep in my ear to the point where i can barely hear does anybody know how to get it out?
Im thinking of piercing my lip, can i get a snake bite right away or do i have to wait for it to heal. ?
i keep getting bitten...?
What can I put on a burn? help?
How does she get this sliver out of her foot. Plz Help?!?
What Do you do when a wasp bites you?
I have a lump on my hand between my thumb and finger and I keep cutting it of with scissors?
How do you treat a cut tongue?
Do I need stronger or weaker glasses?
Why can't I wear contacts?
How long does it take to see clearly after Lasik/Customvue eye surgery?
Chalazion in both eyes for 6 months..is surgery the only answer?
What drops should I use for my constant red eyes?I wear Gas Premeable Contact Lenses.?
What is this lump on my eye?
do i have astigmatism? and will these information tell me what is my eye degree for contact lenses? ?
Weird question, but what would happen if you got a LOT of blood in your eyes?
Why does my eye fly to the guy with a pie?
Is a vegan diet really natural for humans?
How to treat popped blister?
Mountain Bike Recommendations?
What speed does it take if we exhale carbon di oxide while we "sneeze"?
Food stuck near chest?
Why is it, when you pick your belly button you get a sharp pain in your groin area?
Our fingers have ridges. where r they found, and why do we have them?
Why do I have a white tissue like thing coming out of me?
Weed Questions?
what makes you fart?
how do you keep up enthusiasm?
is there anything sort of natural that will help me sleep ?
What is the longest time youve gone without sleep?
What are some pros and cons of having O.C.D.?
Does anyone know someone with a mental disorder?
I tried to overdose on pills and i want to try again?
"Deal with your problems or commit suicide"?
I am too upset I cant stop crying?
pain in upper back neck shoulder an upper arm numbness in thumb index finger forearm and upper are weakness?
Does it seem like just about every person you know is on some kind of medication? Like prescription pain medi-
What causes headaches, persistent back pains, loneliness and bad moods?
Pain in my ears!?
my left elbow is making a watery cracking sound?
ladies I need help now for pain meds,, massive pains?
about strees?
what is the treatment for severe peripheal vascular occlusive disease?
Does being overweight generally always equal high blood pressure?
After eating large meals I am having rapid heartbeat, and very bad jaw pain but the jaw pain?
Heart palpitations & tuna consumption: connection?
I have been feeling dizzy for the last few hours???
I have rare single moderate sharp pain through my heart once in a blue moon. Should I worry?
I'm not Densel Washinginton but my heart!?
Can untreated [environmental/nasal] allergies make you feel constantly lethargic?
Could this be the result of a rabbit allergy?
If I'm allergic to Penicillin can I still take Adderall 20?
Where can I find Nose filters for allergies?
am i allergic to alcohol?
I sneeze every morning no matter where i am. it's a strange alergy. would you have an idea as to what it is?
My husband and I don't know what to do about are sons hives,has anyone experienced hives this bad ?
why do i speak like i have a blocked nose? it's been like this all my life. i don't have allergies.?
i have constipation problem and gallbladder infection tooo wht diet shalli intake regular to cure this problem
what constitutes a diabetic diagnosis? a certain number for a period of time?
can anyone tell me what is the best remedy to reduce swelling in my right foot in terms of my diabetes??
pls tell me about diabetes type 2.....diet changes and the mechanism too?
I want to reopen the question on Byette.?
I have a used Insulin Pump for sale. Ebay would refuse to advertise it. Where else can I advertise?
I get this pain in my lungs (under the ribs somewhere) like a burning sensation when i am cooking or...?
Salt pipe? How do they work and can you make a homemade one?
Will 1 pack of cigarettes harm someone?
How can I counter affect what our apartment water does to our hair, skin & teeth?
I have INTENSE itchin on my legs and arms!!! help!!?
Chalazion? warm compresses?
ance starting to take over my face?! <10 points!!?
I have small grayish bumps on the heels of my feet and can't figure out what they could be. (pics included)
i have goosebump like are my skin?
Help! How can I get rid of this twich!?
aside from brushing,what is the most effective way to prevent bad breath?
I really want to have healthy looking gums. My teeth are ok but my gums are kinda pale. Any suggestions?
Worried about GAPs in my teeth :((?
Teeth Whitening?
Any Dentists out there?
Question about Teeth?
Do they put a shot in your gum for when you get braces?
I take tegretol, is there any dangerous effect if my denist gives me nitrous?
what are the symptoms and causes of insomnia?
How many hours do you need to be awake to start hallucinating?
How long does frozen shoulder & rheumatied arthritis take to heel?
Any good Celiac Disease information websites?
Can scoliosis curves be cured by...?
How long could an average person go without sleep before dying?
Long term symptoms undiagnosed?
Does anyone know if there is a link between trypophobia and OCD?
What if staphylococcus aureus got on my skin and backpack?
Can Osteoporosis or Osteopenia cause a compression fracture in the spinal vertebrae?
Basal Cell Carcinoma?
swollen lymph node behind ear? infection or what?
is it blood cancer is related to leukemia?
do you know anyone who has survived cancer of the oesophagus?
Hodgkins Disease??
Can a hydrocele turn into cancer?
if someone was Dying and ......?
does anyone on here got any good websites for chating to other women or women live?
Lump on a 12 yr old?
Why does your back get sore when it rains?
chest /lung problems?
Ear infection? *20 Char*?
Can anyone tell me what it is like to have a cortisone injection into the hip joint?
Would it be bad to drink alcohol if my immune system is low?
How do you sooth a sore throat?
weight gain not adding up?
what is the best position to sleep in?
Can Seizures ruin your Vision ?
How to select correct contact lens?
Is there any cure for optic nerve atrophy in the US?
eye glasses?
do contacts help u or do glasses (please answer me)?
does anyone know how to get.... an autistic adult to wear their glasses?
Eye Color Question?
I used an ace bandage and it cut of my circuation. how do i fix it?
what is the name of brown liquid used in hospitals?
I cut my fingernails to short and now I am in pain, help?
First degree burnt feet.. Water park tomorrow?
ingrown toenail help?
whats that thing that pokes out on top of your wrist?
how can i get a sliver out of the side of my finger?
is it bad if u bite the advil liquid aspirin in half and you swallow the liquid?
Rash, bug bite, poision ivy. What is on my leg?! Can someone give me an opinion.?
my niece sprayed a tiny bit of off in her mouth by accident will it hurt her?
Why aren't you supposed to wake up someone who is sleepwalking?.?
When drinking blood, how much is too much?
Am i sleeping too much?
Is there anything I can do to grow taller before I stop growing?
If you had to pick would you rather be blind or deaf?
how do you get high without drugs?
Is it true that if you scream all night, you'll get tonsillitis?
Concerns about a bruise I got last year...?
Anyone know how to heal shin splints?
Totally stressed out. HELP!?
Do we have an unconscious mind?
What can I do about panic/anxiety attacks?
Calming your mind...?
my friend is going to a mental hospital because he seems insane from doing alot of drugs lately is this normal
Is this just a teenager thing? Please help.?
I left college to come home early ?
WHY cant i sleep at night???!?!?!?
What is cardiac asthma?
Please all i need your help any information will be good :?
Could you still have a heart attack if....?
charting guidelines?
Heart Rate/Chest pain?
i want some information about [email protected]?
What's Wrong with Me?
Is it possible to form an allergy to nuts after eating them almost all your life?
How do you treat a baby with nasal allergies?
If i'm allergic to chlorine and i get hives when i get in the water that hurt,do you think they doctor is goin?
I've got poison ivy....HELP!?
I have these tricky allergies..?
how is it like to have a nose job?
If a person needs insulin injections, does it automatically mean that they will gain weight?
Does anyone in your family have diabetes?
Doctors and Nurses: How high is too high for blood sugar levels?
what do i tell my friend with diabetes to do to help her get better?
wats olive oil ? can it be applied to body?
What kind of bugs bite you in your sleep?
how do you get rid of weird,dry patches on your knee?
why does our skin go wrinkly when we have been in water for a long time, especially on the hands.?
I want my skin clear fast help!?
Can I have some advice?
how do you get rid of.......ZITS:(?
what is the best facial cleanser to use to get rid of zits?
exercise to reduce hip and tummy?
What are good vitamins to take while dieting?
help workout suggestions?
if i'm fat, can i double up the number of diet pills i take to lose weight twice as fast?
what are good breakfast/lunch/dinner meal ideas for my diet?
How much are you supposed to weigh to fit into size 11 shorts for juniors?
does a sweat suit really help you losse weight while working out?
P90X vs ten minute trainer
i want to lose 30lb and quickly!?
Fat People Listen UP! Need motivation?? Read Here.?
what is laryngeal edema?
Adult Asthma?
I have macrocytic anemia and will soon be traveling to a high altitude area. Will supplemental O2 help?
I have a temp of 99.5?
Why am I STILL feeling like I am dying?
Heavy Breathing , Please Help?
Does brushing your teeth with baking soda really whiten your teeth?
I have a huge gap in between my front two teeth because of braces.?
BRACES!?? will braces effect my clarinet playing??
What causes shivering after local anesthesia?
Do you think it would be weird to use an electronic toothbrush in public restrooms?
Thin enamel and bad teeth?
my tooth is a drug...?
Every couple of weeks I experience a zig zag "rainbow" of bright lights in my vision on the left side.?
eyeglasses- yes or no?
LASIK eye surgery aftercare?
There is a pain in my eye that only feels better when a contact is in place...?
What us wrong with my eye!?!?
If your eyesight gets worse each year, will it become blind?
whats the normal age to get contacts?
eye sight weeken through masterbation. suggest me what can i do?
what is jan -x?
how do i motivate myself to not to binge n lose weight faster. anyone a good practical answere?
what does an infected cut look like?
Wasp stung me on the lip while i was mowing...?
how bad do horsefly bites hurt for you?
I was feeding my python and he accidentally bit me?
What is this thing in my outer ear?
I cut the bottom of my foot on a sprinkler head a chunk of skin got torn off but not all the way what do i do?
How to help a burn on the face?
How can i get rid of my eraser burn scars!!!?
where can I buy percocet or prescription pain killers in Canada without a prescription?
chest pains after quitting smoking!?
Can a hormone inbalance cause insomnia and anxiety and tension?
Is it true cold water is bad for your digestive system?
Is autism developed from shots?
Had scan, xrays and cystoscope, nothing found. Why still bouts of pain& bad low backache&blood in urine.?
i got a sore leg any idea whats causing it? ive had it on an off for months and it is a wee bit swollen on the
Do you believe that milk actually causes osteoporosis?
This isnt an eating disorder..is it?
why am i the only one?
I worry to much? How to cure it?
Do you think I have OCD?
if i stop taking suboxone how long do i have to wait before taking a vicodin?
I have a pain in my hip and above it. Any idea how to treat it?
I'm looking for any Australian websites that allow people to chat about depression or vent their problems?
Does the supplement Berocca do you any good?
What can wake me up in the morning?
I have a cold. Why can't I taste anything?
Is there a way i get marijuana out of my body / system 100%, if so, what is the fastest way?
Whats the feeling you get in your stomach when driving down a hill?
Do black people have an extra bone in their rectum or foot?
Pain in achilles tendon when playing soccer...help?
how can you get carpal tunnel and/or arthrits from playing guitar hero??
my chest started hurting after i finished working my arms and shoulders. its kinda hard to take a deep breath.
Chronic Achilles tendinitis, help!!!! ?
Ulcer/Cold sore help!!?
Bad pain in my right shoulder/neck area?
I fell off the stairs and landed on my ankle. Why is it so painful?
What Is Wrong With My Legs???
I had a PLIF @L5 S1 with fusion instrumentation on 12/11. Does it get better???
do i need to go to the doctor? I think its jammed?
I have cancer been on 5fu for 2 treatments?
do you have the right to refuse treatment?
is there a natural way to get rid of stuffy nose due to allergies?
Shellfish allergy or just bad shellfish?
why do some ppl have allergies and some dont?
ceoliac condition food and nut allergy food!!?
Injections for allergies of cats and dogs?
Milk allergy one year old, question about fat content and getting enough?
Does anyone have any info about PAC, which stands for premature atrial contractions, which occur in your heart
The first neo-natal heart transplant was performed in Canada by Dr. Wilbert Keon at Ottawa University Hospital
What could it mean if I have low blood pressure?
My husband is hospitalized he was taking 5 mg. of warfarin his cardiologist changed the dosage to?
how you would benefit from avoiding trans fats?
If a person has a mild heart attac and does not go to the hospital, can a Dr tell what happened after the fact
blood pressure?? question?
What could these symptoms be? I seem to be ok with my heart according to emergency room doctors?
How to fade stretch marks the most?
Acne on chest and back...commonly known as bacne?
How to ged rid of black marks on my face?
know were you can get a arm sleeves so my daughter can go swimming she broke her arm and can't get cast wet
is there anything more effective and natural than creams/lotions for getting rid of acne, zits etc.?
I have a female great Dane , she has very dry skin and she is dropping fur, what do you think?
Strange bump on my skin, should I be worried?
How to get rid of forehead?
How can u get rid of diabetes?
what is the cause of pancreatitis?
what does to much potassium in your blood mean?
what is this?
i jsut find out that i'm pregnant and my blood suger during this month was so bad does effect on babay?
Why does fat people not really care about losing weight?
HELP! I need to lose 6 pounds in 6 days . What should i do?
Whats a good way to build muscle?
Am i doing enough to lose my belly fat?
how do i get ride of thunder thighs?!?
will eating a chocolate once in a while like in a week ruin my abs?
how to get a flat stomach in a easy and fast way?
Which is the best Acai Berry product?
how to remove splinter from finger?
Ingrown toenail after surgery treatment?
skin turned black after burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!?
Really annoying bug bites?
why can't you apply ice directly to skin?
What type of burn is this? Do I need treatment?
How can I get heal scaps fast?
Can you put neosporin in your nose?
My bug bite itches like hell!?
Severe Bug Bite Question?
What part of the eye is affected by Lasik Surgery?
first eye exam...........................?
Can your eye grade change over a month?
Can a store figure out ur contacts prescription from ur old contacts?
anyone knows how to read a prescription?
Whats an optical prescription?
How long did it take, and how old were you when you got contact lenses?
Why does my eye twitch randomly like where ever i am?
I keep seeing a black dot floating around in my eye?
What color are my eyes? Am I hazel?
my son bite a hole in his tongue!!!?
How much does it cost for teeth braces?
I had my wisdom teeth taken out at 12:00 pm and i cant stop bleeding? ?
What kind of sealant or glue can I use to reattach a crown to a grind down tooth? Elmers, crazy glue, silicone?
Four teeth pulled out and getting put on braces. HELP?
spacers...Herbst... braces... pain!!!?
Swollen, Red, Bleeding gums?
How can I get a membership with Delhi Dental Council? ?
can kids 14 call to make there own docters appointment?
I keep seeing 3 numbers on the clock what does it mean?
What is the best Italian footballclub?
Any other sufferers here?
I'm feeling really on-edge & panicky; help :(?
How do i get a job after being unemployed for 3 years?
Is there any way to get through depression without taking pills?
I can't cry, I'm not happy, I prefer to be alone..but I'm content, what's wrong with me?
does the weather have anything to do with depression ?
How to stop my anxiety?
Canker sores on my tonsil??
Has anybody had a tibial tubercle transfer? If so what was the recovery time and the overall rehab time? thanx
How long do bruised ribs take to heal?
why can't i rotate my left ankle counter-clockwise?
Can I get tetanus from a Rusty Razor?
Did I pull or sprained an ACL or any other legiment?
What should i do about my light ear ringing?
I fell on my ankle and it popped..swollen and hurts a bit..what is it?
is this serious?
what dose of MS contin (time release morphine) is equivilent in strength and effcts to 40mg of oxycontin??
I had a echocardiogram and EKG, but left arm hurts and chest has mild pain. Any suggestions?
When does the pain of your marine going to Iraq go away? Or is it forever? Any ways to help ease the pain?
I have a pain at the base of my skull on the right side. My head aches when I lay down. Will it just go away?
What is wrong with it?
ankle problem?
I'm constipated, but..........
is coeliac disease can cause alopicia?
systemic candida?
I want to learn what medical students learn for the basic knowledge?
Is it possible to recover from an illness and be better than before?
Autism!!! Have you ever used Stanley Greenspan's Floortime or DIR?
I have this weird hungry feeling That doesnt go away.. But I eat and it still is there what could it be?
i feel hungry but when i eat it is a very small amount and I'm full then sometimes diarehha hits?
Anybody Know Any Head Lice Repellents?
Does Lyrica make you fat and is it in fact addictive?
Is there a certain number of times eyelashes grow back before they stop growing at all??
insomnia questions. i need help.?
emergency room care?
can doctors proscribe marijuana (cannabis) to people with artheritious?
Why do people cough or scratch at me?
what can i take to totally knock me out and make me sleep? help!!?
Why do I feel tired when I wake up in the morning?
i have this lump on my neck/spine?
If you smoke while you're not eating, is it going to make you throw up?
Does anyone going thru chemo know of anything to do to maintain platelet counts high enough to keep treatments?
can benign ductal cells lead to cancer?? ?
How does Lymphoma effect humans?
Do you know anyone who had a bone marrow transplant?
Does chocolates may cause cancer?
How do I become a cancer researcher?
Blood platlets?? PLEASE HELP?
Can you have children if you are being treated for leukemia?
How long will I be in hospital?
Can you get a yeast infection on your scalp? I know for sure it isn't dandruff, and I have used every over ?
Acne scars...?
Entire face is RED!?
How to prevent boils on upper thighs between legs?
Is this lice or dandruff ?
Getting rid of cutting scars?
Spot marks? How do I get rid of them?
Is my pinky infected?
What is the best, quickest, yet HEALTHIEST way to lose 20 pounds?
I am vegetarian and suggest me what should i eat to increase protein in my body?
Do you believe in counting calories?
Can a 22 year old man go to weight watchers without looking like a prat?
Will bug bite scars go away?
I just noticed that my right cheek is very swollen. There are no visible bite marks.?
I have a blister on the bottom of my big toe that won't go away?
Blister On Side Of My Thumb !! ANSWER PLEASE?
How can I heal blisters over night?
I was stung by a hornet or yellow jacket, and it's very itchy. What can i do?!?
should i continue to leave my left eye daily contact out of my eye since it is a little soar when i rub it.?
Infection from head wound..how to treat?
what do you put on a hornet sting?
how to properly treat a HUGE wound on shin and prevent scar?
has anyone read In the Eye of Deception? Whre can I purchase it?
Both eyes seeing a ghosting image?
How to prevent my glasses from fogging up?
Which lens coating is better-Zeiss PureCoat or Crizal?
Iris eye color surgery?
whats wrong with my eye?
Is it okay to wear make-up with contacts in?
What's the best medicine or treatment for someone who has gall bladder stone?
diabetic recipes?
what do you do when?
What are some things that I can do to deal with ADHD during the summer?
performance anxiety?
feeling depressed?
Should I explain my Bipolar to my daughters?
Help! How do I get over this inability to love?
Cutting yourself...please help???
bi polar experience answers only please?
was the drug really LSD?
I got this pain in my lower right abdomen side. It hurts really bad when i move, but when still not that bad.?
Name of an injury?
about the lesion in my spinal cord?
crushed finger, finger meat pops out of front tip skin like crushed grape.?
am I going to go deaf....I went to a concert yesterday..and I was close to the loudspeakers...PLEASE help!?
bruise or is there something wrong??
I have just taken my daughter to A&E as she was suffering with knee pain.?
GLASS CUT ON MY foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me!?
Just perscribed klonopin...?
Whats worse Not eating or Cutting Deeply?
Bronchitis remedy?
How do the Cardiovascular, lymphatic/Immune, and Respiratory system co-inside together?
. Describe the general contour and color of the lung: how do i answer this!!!!!??????
anyone have a sleep problem,can u help me?
The urinary system and respiratory system both participate in homeostasis by removing metabolic waste.?
Breathing promblem, need help?
i have started to have shortness of breath...?
4 year old with snotty nose. Why?
Pain in right hand side of tummy?
What is this sore on my tongue?
the last 2 nights, when i go to lay on my left side, my lower back on left side starts to tingle and feel numb
I got a kink in my neck, any suggestions to fix it?
I have i signivigent curve in my back might have to have surgery anything i can do??? please help?
Does anyone know if there is a treatment for a tumor in the fibroid while 13 weeks pregnant? ?
What are the cons of donating a kidney?
Tea and IBS??
how can someone get rid of scoliosis?
reduced vision in left eye - HELP?
should i wait for an apoint at docs concerning my liver?
Does any one know how i could get off Effexor without feeling so sick?
Is there a name for this condition?
Are there any solutions to getting help with bulimia without going to a clinic?
If you always feel hot, does that mean you are cold or warm blooded?
Boyfriends sister has a 105 fever and is vomiting. Could it be allergic reaction to bipolar medication?
whenever i drink orange juice i get ulcers on my tongue and an itchy throat?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Help!!!I'm allergic to water and I drank some what do I do?
Help! I have been experiencing a severe sore throat and clogged left ear for about 5 days now. ?
How can I cure my swollen eye?
Maybe someone knows what's wrong with me (Allergic Reaction)?
how to get over a person that died of lung cancer?
Where can I buy cheap original tamiflu ONLINE with out prescription?
What's the difference between smoking Damiana and Salvia?
Breast Massage?
what if the dentist had like REALLY BIG hands?
What is the difference between obtaining an associates and a bachelors in dental hygiene?
I got my wisdom teeth taken out, how long will i heal?
I am getting braces...?
Just went to get a filling i get random pains like, you're biting on a gum rapper..?
abscess from my tooth/cheek made my cheek swallon and stick out?
Does getting a root canal hurt?
how do i put on the wax for my braces ?
Can I save my teeth? I'm only 17?
why does britain offer free orthodontic care?
Describe the antagonistic effect of the hormones insulin and glucagon.?
Insulin pump users... what pump do you use, how has it changed your life, does it give you better control...?
what does a doctor that delivers babies do?
how can you get diabetes?
why is there lower yield in the sugar cane industry now than fifty years ago?
What types of sugar free or no sugar foods are there?
Can not eating raise your blood sugar level? And also, can no sugar added drinks with "fake" sugar raise it?
Is there a daycare in southern new jeresy for diabetic children?
Does aloe vera gel work as a cure for acne?
My dad is 84 yrs old and has diabetes. His upper back and arms itch severely - any idea what will stop itch?
soft lumps like fleshy ones under the skin, why do the disappear?
What is this red rash that doesn't itch from the beach?
when I jog and sweat, How do i clean my face to prevent acne or breakouts?
What can I use to cover up my acne?
what's the best acne product out there that you're using?
What is the treatment for silver nitrate on skin?
crawling feeling in head?
how to get blood pressure by using your pulse and sphyg only, no stet?? (palpable blood pressure)?
anyone got fast heart rate?
I was diagnosed with DIFFUSE ST-T CHANGES. I don't know what is it all about. can you please help me?
for heart surgeons: if you have a patient with aortic stenosis and also has post nasal drip how do you keep?
Does being overweight have anything to do with an enlarged heart?
What is arteriosclerosis and why is it dangerous?
my dissovable stitches in my lip from 1 monthago still not dissoled and stink whats wrong?
i have been bitten by something?
what kind of spider bite feels like it is on fire?
how to cure a Swollen Foot?
What would happen if a bee, somehow stung you in the eye?
Serious Rope Burn Help!?!?
i have a cut in my mouth, caused by a fight.?
medical question my son got a cut please answer?
Would Walmart or Costco be cheaper for an eye exam, contacts fitting, and contacts?
How long is a contact lens prescribtion good for in NJ?
Contact lense advice?
eye sight slowly declining in ONLY my left eye?
I Have a Runny/ Teary Eye?
eye sight is 5.0, 4.5?
Has anyone ever heard of a knee locking up after total knee replacement?
Does helium harm your vocal cords?
Broken Wrist question?
Extreme knee pain. Help, please.?
Help,my left shoulder hurts..?
What Have I Done To My Foot?? (Walking in Swampy Brambles)?
Pain in the an area of..... cause from muscle pull HELP please?
is my ankle broken?
Do you get ear, sinus and back and neck pain while you are in menopause?
sore bruised feeling eye?
just had an op on my back for a prolapsed disc?
Why is there no cure for OCD and other anxiety disorders?
Borderline personality disorder.. need some help?
i have a short temper?
How can I tell if something is wrong with my appendix?
Lactose intolerance?
How to get rid of Coughs and Runny nose?
why are food allergies so ignored?
Will continuously pulling on one's nose will make it grow longer?
it gets harder and harder everytime?
What are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism?
Painfull knees a symptom of overactive thyroid?
absence seizures?
Does anyone know anything about stem cell replacements?
Digestive problem?
i need help with the 12 step program of na?
If you have a bowel movement and it is purple, what is going on?
What can cause a loss of apetite?
I think i have a problem with my blatter. I go to restroom frequently and pee maybe 10 times a day.Problem?
If I decide to lose weight, what foods will help take weight off fast?
What healthy foods can I eat while trying to lose weight? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snacks? HELP!!!?
Can ots really lower down our cholestrol level ?
Please help!Suffer from cancer but can't find where the primary is!?
what is the cause of apicomplexa?
Can you grow a non-cancerous mole later on in life if you didn't have 1 as a kid?
Do High-Voltage Power Lines Cause Cancer??
Acne help!?
How do you get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
can lost hair come back?
Does anyone know how to stop in-grown hairs? And why are they caused? Is it Dietry or some other factor?
I am freaking out about skin cancer?
visible scars?
Burn cream?
******How can I get poison ivy out of furniture???******?
Wearing a temporary crown.. but.. my tooth?
what is a natural tooth whitener ?
I'm getting my braces off in February and have some questions?
my one tooth hate badly last night.. I have no idea why.?
How do sensitive teeth toothpastes make the teeth less sensitive?
What's wrong with my tooth? (read details!)?
Which is better? colgate or pepsodent? And how many times do u brush daily?
Does getting braces hurt?
what colour braces should i get?
my dogs breath smell literally like something died in him ...his teeth are fine..what can i do?
diabetic permenant cure?
Exercise makes muscles hypertrophy,can it be done in old age as 79 as I am?
entomologists, Chandler,AZ.?
i have controlled diabetes, would it be possible for me to get a tummy tuck or liposuction?
m i prediabetic?
Has anyone started inhalable insulin? Is anyone planning to do so?
stress test revealed hypokinesia of inferior wall noted?
What is the number to report Lipitor problems? Not the FDA, but directly to the maker of Lipitor...?
can an implanted greenfilter in the vena cava artery cause hyperthrophy of the heart?
Can you have a heart attack with no previous signs?
what are fatty tissues? are they dangerous?
my heart feels like it flips over?
Bigger than usual heart?
im on wellbutrin which is a stimulate i believe, i drank a large coffee this morning and just had a red bull?
How to reduce inner ear swelling?
I have this spider bite. I need help.?
how bad would a cut be to get 7 stitches?
nausea stomach cramps and dizzy spills?
I swallowed my lip post...?
Doctor glued my nose cut?
How do you cure a burnt tongue?
''in dxa technique,the mineral content is divided by the area to correct for body size''...can any one explain?
Can muscle spasms be painless?
do you know whats wrong with me???????????
How are hospitals able to get away with such slovenly stardards for cleanliness?
does oversleeping make you more tired?
Why do I get butterflies in my stomach......?
Can one teach oneself to be ambidextrous?
If you could literally stop or have stopped aging at one point in your life, what age would that be?
Do you ever cry for no reason?
My friend's rist have been swelled up for about a month and he is wondering if it is carpatonle?
Why Does My Thumb Hurt Painfully? How Can I Make it Stop?
Medical help: What is this injury?
How do you know when something is infected?
What is the "solo plexus"?
What injury do I have in my foot?
so i walked into a staircase banister and now my nose hurts...?
how can you break your arm in an hour or less?
how do i know if my hand is broken?
problems with accuvue brand contacts...what brand should I switch to?
My contact lense is itchy and sore does that mean it has expired?
Should I go see a doctor?
Ingrown eye lash in eye lid margin?
blood in eye wont go away and its been a month?
Can anyone figure out whats wrong with my eye?
I have light tan skin and dark brown hair & eyes. Should get blue colored contacts?
I woke up this morning with blood in my eye, what is that?
Question for sufferers of depression/anxiety only! When you have anxiety, etc. what are your symptoms?
Could I have Borderline Personality Disorder?
I'm starting to hit a very low spike, depressed every day now?
For adults over 50 - what is your outlook on life?
help with teen depression plz?
How can I not feel empathy for others?
Paint on my mouse is coming off. Scared that I accidentally ingesting it?
How to get rid of upper respiratory infection faster?
Please describe the physical appearance of patients with tuberculosis.?
Pulmonary Embolism?
I have a very sensitive nose. It's often blocked as well. Is there any remedies?
Is there a cure for pneumonia?
How long did it take before using Pulmicort made you feel better... asthmatic patients please tell your story?
Please tell me what more I might expect, and when end of life might be when you read details below. ?
What does it mean if you have VIRAL PHARYNGITIS and the back of your throat turns WHITE?
do i have a septum?
what can I do about sarcoidosis ?
My upper chin, below my lips, has been totally red for the past year??
whats the best thing to use for eczama?
how can i get rid of tiny blackheads once and for all?
black heads???
I feel so sick I have a really fast heartbeat and very dizzy what should I do?
How do people get diagnosed with depression??
Does anyone know anything about the newest Cold Virus?
can a migrane ever be deadly or fatal?
How can i Get-Rid of my kidney stone/ Concretion ?
i have alot of fluid in my stomach.?
Very serious help needed...?
What kind of disease is this? What's it called?
How does farts have different sounds? Can they be controled to a perticular one?
atrial fibrilation,symtoms and trearment?
What could be causing the chest pain then?
What is the reasons for blood pressure high/low?
a patient died of heart attack but ther was no evidence of myocardial infraction after autospy was done. why?
would taking hydrocodone have any reaction if taken while patient is having a heart attack?
isosorbide moner tb 30mg?
i got burnt what do i do ?????????
Involuntary Bite Reflex While Falling Asleep?
bug bite. What is it?
what it feels like when girls finger?
can a dentist in the philippines be accepted to take classes in dental assissting course in Australia?
Gap between front top teeth...?
How do I pull out a tooth without it hurting?
Could a dentist tell you have periodontitis from just an X-ray?
How exactly do I use Baking soda to whiten my teeth?
Bad taste in my mouth after I eat or drink anything? What could it be?
Why do some people have to remove some of their teeth with braces on?
What Colour Braces Should I Have?
What does it fell like when you are getting your braces taken out?
Effective treatment for shin splints?
is my knee injury serious?
My husband was kicked in the back of the leg four weeks ago. He's still struggling to walk - any suggestions?
Weak Ankles, brace or just excercise?
Hurt my hand what should I do?
What have I done to my ankle?
sprained foot?
how do you know if you have a nerve stuck like in your wrist?
What would be a strong thesis statement for a paper on an overview of cancer?
Low Lymphs and High Nuetrophils?
Does tobacco have carcinogens in it by default?
Breast Cancer Questions.?
Can cancer of the pancreas be cured?
My mom just found out she has cancer, and cant pay for any of the bills...?
Is there an organic diet that helps with cervical cancer?
what kind of work U.N.O health organs and organaisation ?
Metastasize.. HELP!?
Is a hydroponic diet a major cause of cancer? Is that food "too pure" for consumption?
What are the physical steps/symptoms of starvation in a place where you only have access to water?
Help!? what do i do about my insomnia!?
I am 15 and I am suffering from nocturnal enuresis. What can I do to make sure this ends soon?
Growing Taller Exercises?
My mother is bulimic. Help.?
do most drug addicts want to be drug addicts?
can u give me dr. jatin chaudhary's address and phone no.?
Where do I get food allergy test?
Toddler skin problem?
Can fan use mimic allergy symptoms?
Allergic symptoms- is it onions, ginger, garlic, fennel seeds, chilis or tumeric?
GAGGING problem!!!!!!!!?
Okay how does a person properly lose 2-4 pounds a week?
If is there a website where I can watch the Hip Hop Abs workouts without paying?
what's the fastest way to burn fat calories? notice i said fat calories?
hey i need to lose weight really fast!!!!! HELP!!!!!?
To become a catwalk model, what would the ideal weight be of a 5'11'' tall female?
How to burn stomach fat and tone legs?
exercising before going to bed at night?
Once and for all, is coffee good or bad for you?
How do I do the Master Cleanse diet?
if you ate 500 calories aday for 11 days?
how do you get rid of acne that is really bad?
Does "Neutragena Acne Stress Control" work?
My skin is always hot to the touch. My hands have been called by my friends "the heaters"! What's going on?
Are there any facial creams that actually help fine lines and wrinkles?
are you supposed to peel sunburn from your face?
I have vitiligo and want to bleach my skin - good idea or bad?
whats the secret to acne free in 3 days? !!!!?
Is sugar free pills such as "real" having any side effects, if non diabetic used?
Why am I lightheaded & dizzy after eating but I checked mu sugar it's 142 one hr after and 77 two hrs. after?
Info where on free or greatly reduced insulin, diabetic testing supplies I am without insurance. thanks?
Smart People: one hour after the onset of night-time sleep? what does this mean?
What are the differences between actue bronchitis and pneumonia?
What is hospital volume?
how to find relief when you have exercise induced asthma?
I have a really nasty cold and coughing up mucis and had this cold for 2 weeks now and need to get rid of it!!?
how does pneumonia cause death?
Mouthbreather here! Help! Had TONSILS,ADENOID, nasal shaving Surgery?
Will I still be contagious?
Do I have breathing problems????
How to let my parents know i have sleep apnea?
Oozing Scrape?
Burn Care Report help?
Help on getting a burn to heal?
Saw a lady die, how do you stop thinking about it?
How can I tell if my finger is broken?
If a fishing hook gets stuck in your hand or lip what do you do?
In-grown toenail?
Nair burn help......................ow ow ow. ?
can maderma cure eraser burn scars?
is 100 over 68 considered low blood pressure for a 23 year old?
how does the size of the heart change under conditions of high chronic peripheral resistance?
q. for medical professionals?
heart murmur?
Hocm Treatment?
what is the national average wait time for a donor heart in the united states?
Are You Aware That Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils Cause INCREASED CHD Mortality UNLIKE Animal Fats In Clinical
has anyone gone to university of iowa eating disorder treatment?
Question about kidney stones?
What causes Epilepsy in Humans?
Numbness in left hand?
is this insomnia ??????????
So...how do you feel about having your appendix removed through your mouth?
Anybody ever have a kidney stone?
Blood after a bowel movement?
Is my life at risk???
Restless legs syndrom and periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD)?
Is it safe to wear accessory glasses together with contact lenses?
what glasses would you recommend for my computer usage?
Are the "colored contacts" safe? How to care for them?
I wear glasses and the bridge of my nose....?
Do you have eye floaters?
Very, very, very urgent: Do eye exercises really work like the See Clearly Method? ?
What to do with my contacts?
My eyes are acting strange?
brite white teeth - How do you get brite white teeth? any idea?
Will adding a little bit of Baking Soda or Peroxide to my toothpaste weaken my teeth?
Will tooth extraction which needs anesthesia create a problem for me because I am taking aspirin?
Why are people so afraid of root canals?
Does when a dentist pull your teeth out does it hurt?
why do some dentists have flat dentist chairs?
I am in serious pain..please please help me..?
I got braces recently, so how can I chew food and swallow successfully?
How can i make my own breath spray?
how does the brain work with other systems to keep the body healthy?
I want to now if smoking swishers sweets r worse than smoking cigs? R they more addicting?
you guys have advice or suggestions for a spouse coping with his wife's severe stage of breast cancer?
What can I expect from a liver cancer diagnosis?
what does treatment with sando_ktablets given for?
what is stage 2 bone cancer?
TAHBSO stump healing?
what do stomach tumors look like on the outside of your skin?
what's the valve on my hookah used for? Most of my friends don't have one, I feel like it just makes you pull?
who discovered aml m4 m5 m6 leukemia?
Im only 17, why is my knee crinkling?
Why does my arm hurt when I put fire on it. Also why does it droop and turn into liquid?
A few broken ankle questions?
The Weirdest/Funniest Thing Happened to Me...?
How does diabetes...?
Does these blood sugar readings mean I could have diabetes?
CBC showed low red,white cells, low hemoglobin and hematocrit?
why do we get instant energy from glucose?
Is this pre-diabetes?
im 25 weeks pregnant do i have diabetes?
What is a sulivan in a blood test?
is there side effect if u drink metformin even if u know that u dont have diabetes?
anyone have any tips on easy foods for diabetic dogs?
what are the chances?
how to get rid of stuffy & runny nose, and a caugh FAST?
Why do antihistamines make you drowsy?
Treating MRSA?
Baby Stomach?
What is the best way to say'life threatening nut allergy' in French?
Where can you get HELP with my med.?
I have been sick since Thursday. What would you recommend for a severe sore throat?
I have a horrible sinus infection help!!?