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What is the difference between a dental "plate"and a "skeleton"?
I need all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled, cleaned and braces to put everything back in place.?
is there still fiberglass or somthing to cut your gums in chewing tobacco?
Which is worse?
im 16, i have false teeth? DENTISTS PLEASE HELP?
Are brackets meant to be only on the top jaw/ teeth?
HELP i got my 2 tooth extracted and i'm drooling a lot.?
What happens when I get sick?
look i need help i have been throwing up for no reson i think i have worms but my belly hurts.help!!!!!!!?
What would this condition be called?
Barrets esophagus/DeMeester score?
ankle sprain??
Cracking neck by yourself?
Allergy remedies help!!! ?
How to diagnose a bee sting allergy?
allergies or a cold? help!?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Is gluten bad for you even if you're not allergic?
How to stop sneezing?!?
what causes eye bags?
How can I get rid of this dry spot on my back?
What are these itchy blister-like things on my foot?
Backne won't go away!?
What Effect Does Drinking Water Have On Skin?
Stretch marks everywhere!?
Randomly I feel a sensation of heat throughout my body?
my skin is making me miserable. what am i doing wrong?
What type of protein shake should I drink to gain weight?
For a 13-year old girl [diet to lose weight], what foods should be consumed/avoided?
Working out your sides?(ribcage area)?
What is a really good way to loose weight?
How can I motivate myself to stick to a diet/workout routine?
I am thin & have finally put on some weight, but most of the fat has gone to my belly, what should I do?
Smaller thighs and butt?
Why do some people need a gluten free diet?
Am I too flabby?
i think i'm fat am i?
I need to ask something bout glucose?
My dad may need his foot amputated due to diabetes....?
Is Genetic testing available in the Philippines?
I am a diebeticand i have sugar counts that are more higher then lower even when i just get up and have a cup?
is there a way i can have my eyes sight clear?help!?
Sometimes my eyes get really blurry ?
SOS -Ovarian cancer stage IV with type2 diabetes- age 60 what is the future?
are these symptoms of breast cancer??
my grandargther has neuroblastoma cancer how do we get help for our rent?
Total thyroidectomy 2 wks ago (papillary Ca), having issues but Dr. says it's not from the loss of thyroid??
Prostate cancer!?
there was this commerical about cervix cancer?
Can facial squamous cell carcinoma have a subsequent link to brain cancer - if surgery was successfull ?
Medical help... what's my injury? HELP!?
Should I have my arm checked out...? Does anyone know what's up with it? Pictures!?
Should I go to the hospital for this?
How do they fix my broken nose.?
Strained Hip Flexor...what can I do?
Broke my ankle..how long until back in sports?
Strapping a Clavicle injury ?
which helps break up mucus better? humidifier or vaporizer?
Asthma help?
Are there any doctors on available to help me with an important problem?
Why do people smoke shisha/hooka?
what is the host for pneumonia??
nodule in right lung?
Hmm, help, watching a little girl with bronchitis? [Different from my other two questions}?
Psychic What do you see?
What can one do to stop a relapse in ulcerative colitis naturally?
i've been fainting daily now...?
When i tkae 800mg ibuprofen in the day and 50mg trazodone at night it seems like my heart is in my throat?
How long can your keep pee in a fridge before a drug test.?
I get daily headaches from occasionally sinuses, but mostly stress...what to do?
if the half moons on your nails vanish what has been depleted from the body?
cannabis traces in your system?
If the cigarette company...?
Anyone else have nausea from taking lithium?
How can I stop these feelings?
Help: I'm bipolar and want to go into the psychiatry and/or counseling field. Can you find or tell me?
Feeling empty and can't concentrate to work, anyone felt this before? Depression or anxiety? Procrastination?
how do you know if you have ADD?
Help panic attacks !!?? what can i do! is there any way to stop it?
How do you get over the fear of eating in front of people?
I cut myself for my own punishment?
I'm having suicidal thoughts again? I'm only 13?
Can you use hydrocortisone on piercings?
Going to the pool with a sunburn?
how do you make a band aid?
Please help! My little sister has just swallowed a...?
spider bite in an embarrassing place XD?
oww...i just burned my fingers...please help?
How much diphenhydramine can cause excitability?
recovery from anaphylactic shock?
What cat of these 4 is the best for someone who has asthma related allergies to cats?
Is there vinyl in latex?
my son is allergic to tomatoes can he eat tomatillos?
I took my friend's prescription Nasonex and now I have a soar throat?
How is it like to be an Allergist?
What can I do for my allergic reaction?
Did that Girl ever stop sneezing?
What is the BEST WORKOUT DVD?????
Why is my fat 'flabby'?
how do i lose weight in my face?
How do I lose ten to fifteen pounds in 2 months on a busy schedule?
Are waist cinchers comfortable enough to wear? And do they help you lose weight?
Bleh...lose weight?
Why meat eating should be avoided?
My stomach is jiggly a bit and I need to firm it up: What is the fastest way to get results?
What is a good healthy eating plan for a teenage girl?
Want to lose weight... but lacking in motivation.. help?
demand for dentists in australia & new zealand?
Braces off...whitening?
What is best to do when a tooth decay occurs?
Do cavities work their way in to a tooth or do some come from inside to the outside of a tooth?
When should children have their first visit to the dentist?
i just went to the dentist?
whats the best way to whiten teeth?
i have a problem with my jaw?
What is a good product to use to get rid of scars?
Splitting skin on daughters toe?
Do mini massagers cause health concerns to diabetics?
types of biochemical markers for cataract?
i developed twitches in the shoulders thighs,back,am 47 tp 2 diabetic. i have lost muscle.is myopathy, pl tel?
statistics of diabetes at malaysia?
Are there any diabetics, mountaineers or diabetic mountaineers on?
IL-10 in children daibetes by PCR?
i'm just wondrin' when a diabetic mother gives birth, how long will the wound heal?
High albumin urine, normal albumin to creatinine, means what?
commercial name in usa?
I'm having "traveling" joint pain. For a couple of days it's in my right knee, then that goes away and it?
whats wrong with me??
I have a brain aneurysm. I have had a CT scan and the only thing recommended was a daily dose of aspirin.?
Sometimes i feel a pain in my side.. but it goes away pretty quick.. does anyone know what it is? is it normal
Sharp Stabbing Pain In My Right Temple?
Help my head hurts! really bad?
How long should you keep you eye contacts before throwing them away?
tell me about lasik eye surgery I am nearsighted with stigmatizm in right eye need reading glasses?
What website can I purchace prescription colored contact lenses?
what is kataraket disease ?
know much about these new contacts you wear at night to squash contact so dont need them during day?
My eyes are light brown, how come after I cry, my eyes are a lighter shade of brown?
My 1 month old baby girl , opens her left eye more than her right eye,is this normal?
What was your worst bodily injury?
a bench fell on my feet y'day, its still paining & swollen a little,what should i do & apply?
Is this a bruised coccyx?
I have ms and use a wheelchair. After being in the chair for a few minutes?
what is wrong with my back?
wait for it to heal of just go and play?
Have you ever been in a coma?
Do you think it could be stomach cancer?
Fever during cancer treatment? Help!?
I'm dying and I don't know what to do.?
Don't understand...?
im 14 and have a pain in my right man breast and have leart that men can get breast cancer what do i do?
Does anyone have trouble sleeping at night?
am i the only one that feels like this?
CBT - it isn't working for me...?
I can't sleep at night.. Afraid from too much crime TV.?
is it healthy to spend over 22 hours a day alone?
I am a liar?
Suffer depression and agoraphobia, unable to work but Benefits office disbelieve me. What can I do? Desperate!?
Are enjoying your slow death?
Can having a heart arrythmia inhibit REM sleep and thus cause chronic fatigue sypmtoms?
what does killips class IV mean?
what are the cuases of hypertension in postop patient especially in mastectomy?
Risk of bacterial endocarditis?
heart infection?
Does anyone know if Aetna health insurance covers breast reduction surgery?
why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
Life with an artificial eye?
What causes leg cramps?
Severe pain in my shoulder...?
Good verses Bad about Marijuana.?
Smoking and Chantix?
My hands are always sticky no matter what I do any advice?
Will i get sick? PLEASE READ!!!!!?
What can my doctor do for my bladder pain?
I have been getting migraines honestly 10 times a day for the past 2 days?
Can shining a very powerful lazer pen up my nose do me any harm, im very worried?
can resting on the couch help clear my nose?
Allergy sufferers: what time of the year are your symptoms worst?
Can anaphylaxis cause problems for normal endotracheal intubation?
How long does Amoxicillin stay in your system after you stop taking it?
Is it safe for me to eat cashews?
insanely tickly throat!?
I dont know why my head and back suddenly started itching?
why is high fructose corn syrup bad?
what are some good songs to go jogging to?
what cardio work outs are good that i can do in my room????
Best exercises for hips?
which milk is better to drink when training 2% or whole milk?
wats a good site that helps u calculate body fat?
i need to lose 10 lbs fast, how can i do it?
I want to go on a diet?
Can you take part in My Weight Loss Adventure? Getting off 300 LBS ?!!?!?
I am so hungry, and there is no food in my house, what should i do?
What product is best for acne control?
What is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
Is what i have eczema?
What causes coldsores, what are they, and how can they be treated?
How do i get rid of these HORRIBLE children?
What should I do about the itching on my palms after drinking?
I have a painful stye--what causes these,and how can you get rid of them?
What are those bugs called?
New immediate dentures.?
How much can your dental office bill you if you have dual insurance?
Root canalled tooth still sensitive/hurts on touch after a week?
is expired listerine safe to use? even if its 6 years old?
is it possible to have a hole with no decay in your tooth?
can you brush your teeth too much? (i'm thinking 5 times a day)?
im getting my wisdom teeth out, what should i eat?
comprications associated with vitrectomy eye surgury. ie. scar tissue forming on retina?
Does Chi Kung need attunement like reiki?
When will my eyesight return to normal?
I have high blood preasure and high colesterol andlow patassume,does this put me at risk for sugar dibeties?
Alcohol vs Marijuana?
Painful ear ache?
Muscles and body mass built by free-hand exercises incl. dips & floor press lasts forever? Myth or Reality ?
Dizzy and disorientated, can anyone suggest what is going on here?
Do you get random shudders/shivers?
i cant stop hiccuping?
why can't i get high ?
what is the secret for long life?
Should we see a doctor?
please, whats d fastest and best way to get rid of marijuana in ur system b4 drugs test?
what won't a chest xray show? ?
which heart operation should my auntie have?
My triglyceride level is 458 what foods can i eat or can not to lower my triglycerides?
What is palpitation. i had myocardial infraction six yrs ago,&on medical mngmt.no operaton?
Very confused?
My baby have Wolff Parkinson white (heart beat fast and can cause congestive heart failure if not noticed)?
When I drink alcohol, during the night I wake up to heart rate at 110-120 bpm, why?
About cardiac arrest?
A month ago my right ear was punched and its still in pain.?
What foods should I eat and what foods should I avoid when trying to lose weight?
what is the best and fastest way of getting rid of haemmoriods???
My weight plateaus very easily; what's the best way to keep from getting stuck on plateaus?
best appetite suppressant?
how is to have lipo?
Will this help me tone up and lose fat?
is it bad if you use ellipticals for 80-90 straight minutes?
Stupid Question: How can I slim down my face?
I dare you to ............................?
Can Diet Coke cause fibromyalgia-caused backaches to get worse?
MRI scan and I am worried!?
Why does my nose keep getting red?
possible recluse spider bite, should i worry yet?
Whats a effective way to reduce sunburn pain on my face?
What kind of bug makes a bite that WON'T stop bleeding?!?
what are the local anesthetics used by doctors during root canals and stitches?
anyone help about first aid?
Can you wash your hands too much?
My finger are burning...why?
I got bit by a tick and tore the top off, what do i do?
what can i buy from optrex then can soothes my eyes. the blood vessel in my eyewhites is very obvious and red?
does anyone know how much is the acuvue2 colours in walmart? per box? i have a prescription.?
Surgery for far-sightedness, plus astigmatism?? Anyone know anything about this? Help!?
Astigmatism contact lenses?
can being dehydrated affect your eyesight making it blurred?
I have eye allergies , and im thinking of having the laser eye surgery?
low perscription for eyeglasses?
female who is allergic to Wheat and Dairy?
Facial Swelling, what's the cause?
chronic post nasal drip - nasal cancer?
what should i do for my allergies?
Sick ???? Help 10 points !!!?
maybe allergies or a cold?
can a person breathe through both the nose and mouth at the same time?
Whats wrong with me??????????????????????
Anxiety? Or something else,?
Am i tired or ill symptons ?
Be specific. What is your Cup of Tea?
I am actually worried about myself. Why am I feeling like this?
what to do when bipolar child harms my children?
I Think im going insane?Please support me?
If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself....?
I feel so, so , so blue? ;(?
does anyone know how to get rid of acne?
Acne solution help?
How to remove a mole?
my ear is red and chapped what can it be?
Toe nail fungus........ ?
zits are hurting!?
What is this little red spot on my face?
how is gestational diabetes correlated to polyhydramnios?
For non-diabetics, do you feel sleepy after eating? Is that normal?
Are there any studies that prove that the insulin pump regulates blood sugars better in Type 1 diabetic child?
Maybe a diabetic? What are the symptoms?
Has anyone heard about a new diabetes medication coming out on 11/30/06?
i have type 1 diebetes, and want to be a certifeid educator where do i start?
Has any one been diagnosed with facet joint pain and had a medial branch block? How long did the block last?
lamictal and severe heartburn..?
Doctor Complaints?
I'm getting my tonsils out, and turbinoplasty in my nose the same day, and I'm wondering what to expect.?
ok this is the second time i have asked this.help..my arm is killing me?
Stuck in the Right Side of my Neck?
Whole body always hurts.?
What caffinated drinks do not stain your teeth?
What cant you eat when you have braces?
what can i do for my cats brittle teeth? is there anything i could feed her that could help her teeth grow?
Jaw problems?
What is a good meal idea to fix someone with new dentures who can't eat tough meat etc?
I just got braces but i have to wear rubberbands with them!!?
my teeths r not so much yellow bt i wana make it more white how i make it more beautiful & white??
Help........i need to stop stop drinking??
I play basketball and have asthma, is there anything I can do besides using my inhaler?
sensation of falling whilst dreaming?
i get this occasional weird feeling in my body?
What is this illness?
At what age should you STOP taking naps? And at what age should you START taking naps again?
why do i feel a little touch in my forehead when im about to fall asleep?
Does anybody have any theories on the beer shits?
what the heck?
For quick weight loss which one is best aerobics or cardio?
how you can make muscle and gain weight without going to gym?
Can high amounts of protein in your diet (such as protein shakes) harm your bones or the calcium in your body?
What should we include in our daily diet to detoxify our bodies?
how do i grow taller?
How to lose 6 kg in one month ?
can someone tell me how to lose 5-10 pounds before spring break?
I am 62 years old. Any suggestions on how to get rit of a pot belly. I am not a beer drinker,?
Guys do you prefer thin girls over average sized girls?
Concussion memory loss?
Are ribs symmetrical?
Question about Chemo, Radiation, and infertility?
chewing tobacco.?
sorta need help with this guys
I have breast cancer-stage III-w/BRCA2 mutated gene. I have to have a complete hystorectomey this Friday...?
I'm looking for a Cancer survivor/supporter pendant. Where should I look?
Dear Peter la biopsy that hay had today,when I get de resoult?
Is brain drain better for india or not?
Bee sting and now eye redness? Help.?
what over the counter should i take for an middle ear infection?
How can you help your eyes not sting?
burned my finger on the stove; what can i put on it?
how can i make myself look like i got stitches yesterday?
swollen four head from bug bite?
f you have a piece of metal in your chest, should you pull it out?
I need to find a very good eye doctor that check for diseases and so on which one would it be.?
My left bottom eyelid have been constantly moving/twitching for like the last 3 months?
How can i convince my parents to get me contacts?
How do eye contacts work?
I have been wearing glasses for past 3 years, but every year my eye power is increasing?
Online site for Eye Glasses?
Colored contacts?
I fired my Dr. today. My pressures are 14 ~ right eye & 13 ~ left eye. Should I hurry to find new Doc.?
Is there any natural remedy for moles and warts?
Proactive has helped my whole face BESIDES my forehead, which is what I really wanted cleared up..HELP PLEASE!
How do I get my skin back to it's normal shade?
This is embarrassing but.....
i got psoriasis and its a complete nightmare anyone got any tips for it?
Blackheads... argh!!?
Urine theraphy on acne.?
Have you seen 'worm inside your face' on youtube? Oh my god, can it be real?
I have a tendency to criticize myself too much?
has anyone got their 2 year old this new pneumococcal vaccine and did it have any adverse affect on them?
Is there such things as common chest pains, that dont mean anything serious?
wheezing when i lay down?
do you know what is the good side when you go for massage?
Fractured wrist....should I be concerned?
i broke my toe and it is hanging off my foot!!!?
I cut myself while I was shaving, Do the cuts leave marks or should it go away?
i need help finding health bracelets from a company called 50 fifty?
Whta is the difference between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes?
what is diabetic vascular neuropthy?
does gullian barrie syndrome attack if repets then why?
Almonds are considered to elevate HDL Lavels, Does it have possitive impect on blood sugar lavel.?
what are the commen causes of back pain and how do you deal with it?
Right lower abdominal/pelvic pain...What could it be?
Severe Chronic Migraines... Advice?
Lightheaded/dizzyness sometimes resulting in passing out always a warm pulsing pain in back of head afterwards
i need appendix advice.?
Acid-reflux...when I try to eat anything it hurts so bad going down my throat!?
What's a good massager for back pain?
How to lose weight over summer?
How long should I walk/run to lose weight?
Guys Mainly...Are you to big in the stomach?
after finishing dentistry college in egypt, where to prepare PhD and work in switerzland, does any one know?
What are the best natural products for whiter teeth, fresher breath?
wires on my braces!?
How long till teeth come in?
I'm about to go to the store and dI would like to know the cost of one tube of toothpaste.?
how long will it take until i get my invisalign?
When will dental stem cell begin in the UK, six years ago it was stated in the media it would take five years?
Huh, uhh toothpaste?
When you can't sleep, but you are resting in bed for 8 hours, is it the same quality as if you were sleeping?
Looking for lotions or products that DO NOT contain Salicylic acid/NSAIDs.Recently learned allergic to aspirin?
Does organic foods have red dye 40 in them?
my eyes are getting dry day by day. please tell me how to stop this problem.?
Is cane sugar added in breads?
does any body know what can u take if u r allergic to lactose and also gluten free for sleep deprevation?
ibs,autism milk allergy and reflux?
Why do I have chronic sneezing?
i have a 1 year old boxer female the white in her eye is red her eyes are turning up lower lid is swollen?
why do i sometimes get black snot?
why does your skin burn/sting if you get bit?
How would you correctly treat a wound to the sole of the foot?
Boiling water burn on my right breast.?
Something that could be very dangerous got stuck in my ear? Help??!?
What is the best way to treat minor burns in the buttocks region?
Im freaking out! HELP! Safety pin threw your vein?
what kind of bug bite is this???? Pic?
how to help a small but deep cut?
I think I have a splinter inside of hand under pinky finger. I try to pull out it is like thread and pain?
Can endometriosis and pmt cause short term memory problems?
SEVERE CHEST PAIN - lung infection?
how can I get rid of the flu in 3 days?
would you date...?
my friend had a drink and ended up nonresponsive and unconcious in the ICU. The ER gave us no answers. ?
Anyone familiar with pterygium? Any advise?
Nausea, headaches, and eye problems?
that cyst on my eye?
I used on my face an EMS device(passive gym),I saw flashes sparks and i turned off. I got floater in right eye
will straining my eyes make my eye sight worse?
what could this be?
How long can a person stay on a ventilator after heart bypass surgery?
IS BP range 100-140 is normal at the age of 52 years !?
How many carbs can a child have a day that has diabetes type 1?
Mitral Regurgitaion Question.?
Where did bretylium go?
why jacuzzi will be a risk in childrens?
any advice about spots?
Whats the difference between depression and clinical depression?
I think I'm going insane!!?
Should I take prozac for my anxiety?
What do you know about Fragile X Syndrome?
Molested by a family member how do you deal with it?
What am I going to do?
how long does it take for finger numbness to go away after wrist fracture?
Is it bad if your stomach hurts really really bad all of a sudden?
Father fell and hurt his shoulder?
broken toe on growth plate?!?
How to heal a pulled quad muscle ASAP?
Got bit by something?
What sort of time scale might be involved?
what can sprained rist/arm cause?
WTF? Have you ever heard of a 'dislocated' nose?
How can I tone my tummy?
im really sick and tired of subway and fast food, what are some good healthy foods that i can make for lunch?
Does smoking Marijuana effect a diabetics, if so.. how badly?
what else could be elevating my sugar?
What happens if a diabetic doesn't receive insulin?
Is it possible for a cat to be allergic to a specific person?
anyone out there have a baby with mastocytosis?
Are these symptoms of allergies?
what are things that may cause a blocked nose?
Developed a severe Allergy to Raw Tomatos yet I can eat them Cooked why?
Is this a Swine Flu Vaccination Alergic Reaction?!?
Why is my lip randomly swelling up?
why do i get itchy when i get out of the pool?
Muscle pain, please help. Doctors, help?
Abdominal Pain every time he eats?
Is there any medication that can cause a "false positive" for the drug Tramadol?
stretches for really bad hip pain?
is it safe to take pain killers with steroids?
My neck is really stiff?
a women i've known for 2 weeks said her feet hurts was i suppose to offer her a foot massage?
Skin peeling after stitches removed?
What is your opinion about Kavorkian? Do you support doctor assisted deaths or not?
how do half bodied people use the bathroom?
I enjoy wearing diapers. Is this cute?
Can braces damage your teeth ?
How much does Oral-B Vitality Rechargeable Toothbrush cost (approx.) in Canada?
Do full time dental assistants make decent money?
How to tell if root of molar extends into sinus cavity?
Will you brush the enamel off of your teeth, if you brush more than twice a day?
invisalign retainer?
hi! i have braces and i was wondering how come i always bite myself? -ouch!?
Snoring problem?
Can you have emphysema without symptoms/I have been having burning behind my left breast and into my shoulder?
How can you tell the difference between a spider bite and a regular insect bite?
My sunburn is peeling really bad. How do I stop it from getting worse? Can I stop it or make it better?
Getting bit by something as I sleep..?
is 37.4 deg.C a good or bad temp?
tell me a story about the time you needed to get stitches.?
Can bee or wasp stings harm dogs?
My ear percing on the top has a huge bubble filled with pus how do i fix it?
If my Snake bite piercing is pussing does that mean its infected?
how long does it take for poison to kill you?
I need some info on a low sodium low fat low choloesreol diet.?
Anyone out there who has a family history of cardiac arrest with no clear diagnosis other than idiopathic vfib
my father is 65 years old diabetic, Angioplasty with staint operated patient. What is the food chart for him?
heart flutters n jumps after operation?
Help Me with this?
How can there be such a variance in three ECG tests...and should I be worried and take a fourth?
I got heart Transplant here in North Carolina, can i get any help with my migratory status?
I can feel and see heart beat in left arm should I call doctor?
please help me ASAP!!! im in a serious dilema!!!!!!!!!????????
having trouble finding colored contacts that dont have that haze?
LASIK Sugery in Singapore?
Contacts HELP!! please?
Cost of Routine Eye Exams?
Are RGP contacts a Good Idea?
Need help?
Is it better to wear a slightly weaker or a stronger eye prescription?
can i be able to wear my older brother's contacts, he has a pack, and i lost one, so i took one new contact
I think i have a second or first degree burn, but i was wondering about...?
What will the ER do for my second degree burn?
who has been tazed before?
Is Triple negative P53 breast cancer terminal?
I'm looking for the name of a childhood cancer that starts with a K and it affects the lymph glands.?
What is someone chance of surviving leukemia twice?
who said broccoli fights against cancer?
End stage Cancer and feeding tubes?
Thinking of suicide. Please refer to the other question I posted.?
i'm taking lexapro for my anxiety and that works.?
Is it unhealthy to talk or laugh in ones sleep?
what kind of methods work for anxiety and panic attack?
Why does the mirror lie so often?
i have been outta work for a while due to anxiety and depression...?
I am BiPolar? Whats wrong???
Any1 else so frignn lonely ... I asked n emailed some ppl with the same anxiety issues ...?
Why do people with Tourette's always yell out something vulgar, why not yell "hey, I like chocolate"!!
Home remedies for sensitive, oily acne-prone skin?
Excessive dandruff.?
whats the best backacne product?
Getting sick and breakouts...coincidence?
Found some larvae in my bedroom, how can I get rid of them ?
help with infected cartilage!!!!!!!!1?
i have sweaty hands & need help?
why does your blood pressure lower after exercise?
Affect of eating soap?
What kind of exercises can I do while sitting at a computer?
will i gain a lot of muscle if...??
Could I gain weight in one day ?
I have a wedding in 2 months and 2 week my dress is a size 14W and my size is 16W what i do to loose the weigh
Is anyone else addicted to working out?
wot can i eat or take to supress my appetite?
Weight loss stories?
Does your weight always change when you have diabetes?
Does anyone know if eating more sugar than normal causes hot flashes to worsen?
Blacked out from Hypoglycemia?
it should be ansd by girls?
best place to live for people who have sinus?
what medice helps me out with my runny nose?
Should a pediatrician be writing prescriptions for a child?
Reaction to Nature Valley almond bars?
Allergy related blocked ear - help?
Sinus pressure in the left eye *10 pnts best answer*?
Local reaction after flu shot?
Am I allergic to school?
if im allergic to cats does that mean im allergic to dogs as well because if i am ill kill my self lol?
Is there anything that I can take when itching from the pain pills. It drives me nuts.?
What is better pain relief for major abdominal surgery, a morphine or demerol pump?
dancers? when i point my right foot it cramps up and is really painful! help?
I've been having head-ache for many days... Help!?
My contact keeps stinging my eye?
I need to find....?
one of my ankles is bigger then the other is. Is that anything to worry about?
anesthesiologist help please?
Is this chest pain normal? What is it caused by?
Bad cold/flu, sharp pain in right hand side of chest, also pregnant?
I am suffering from allergic asthma around the year(all seasons), and it seems that no medicine is working?
bad cough plz help?
i get hiccups all the time???
Is Social Smoking worse than Smoking because you're addicted?
will I ever get an asthma attack from smoking weed?
sore throat and bad taste?
whiten teeth?
Should white fillings match the treated tooth's natural color fairly closely?
What is a headgear used for?
do braces hurt alot and what are ways you can slow the pain?
What is the average cost of having a tooth pulled?
How can you have a cavity under a filling?
I can't seem to stop eating washingpowder?
twelve years boy has been hit by a truck possible surgery to recover his leg?
How to make my knee stronger.?
is it best to get a note from doctor to get out of work?
Why do i feel tingling on my left hand?
How do i stop my ear from hurting?
i have a bruise on my finger joint and ut hurts what can i do?
physicians treating cancer patients can they earn commission for making him volunteer for clinical trials?
What is the guide for determining the amount of xeloda PILLS that are given during chemo for colorectal cancer?
Fundraiser, any idea's?
What can you tell me about Polycythemia vera?
how come people don't get Heart cancer?
Help my mom please shes so scared!?
Saw Barry Manilow last night on Jay Leno's Show he looked GHASTLY! His eyes were sunken does he have Cancer?
Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells?
What are the benifits of ginger root, vinegar, olive oil, and garlic combined?
Can some one explain high blood pressure readings to me and what it all means.?
help wanted if a 23 yr old gal?
What are the chances of someone living through a heart attack with a I.C.D.be?
what happen when you pulse always is over 100?
Is it safe to fly with an ear infection?
Should a glass sliver still hurt after being removed?
I've been starting to take vitamin supplements and now I have gas, diarrea, and some nausea?
Slightly disturbed my ear piercing. Do I have to start the healing process over?
a little bug fell in my ear and i got it out with my finger but now it hurts like there are bubbles in my ear?
Kinoki Cleansing Foot Pads?
I just got stung by a bee?
EMT report question please help?
Is my cut on my finger infected?
stung by bees and i have a question?
Eye problems.?
I'd like to ask for advice (serious allergy problems)?
Brusing question.....?
Does anyone have any wrinkle remedies that actually work? I have more wrinkles than anyone my age I know.?
Acne and Dermatologist.?
Acne Scars....So They Say Lemon Juice Is Good For Scaring But Doesn't Lemon Leave More Marks On Ur Skin?
Does anyone else have these white/red hard little bumps on the tops of their upper arms?? What are they?
what can i do to remove my acne's?
Does anyone pick and or eat their own dandruff?
The Docter gave me a shot cause a dog bit me it tore skin it made me drtousy do u no y?
which exercises can help me to grow taller?
How to lose 50 lbs quickly?
Has America become fatter?
Can a real Fitness Expert give me some advice on how to become a personal trainer?
How do you get rid of inner theigh fat!?
I want to lose a LITTLE weight around my thighs?
Can caffeine cause a weight loss plateau?
Wearing a girdle get rid of love handles? yes or no?
how many calories do you burn by doing 100 jumping jacks?
Define "Associative Disorder" as it relates to Psychiatry?
What disorders would cause someone to be unable to make friends?
Is it possible to sleep too much or too deeply?
What services are available to soldiers returning from combat zones as far as their mental health is concerned
How can I better concentrate when trying to write a paper?
Why do we get dreams while we sleep????????
My best friend attempted suicide.?
I feel like I have lost all my best friends, what should I do ?
I have cold urticaria. how to cure it permanently?
I am getting sinus surgery this summer. I go to day camp,how many days after surgery can I go back to camp?
how to get rid of blackyets over nose?
If people is ledc are suffering because of unhygienic water, Can we not give them Birta filters ?
Breathing problems; What are the ingredients in the bread you eat?
blood tests for celiac disease one week after stopping gluten?
symptoms of diabetes?
Is there a link between having Graves Disease and later having diabetes?
How do I stay awake and prevent falling asleep in the afternoon?
Help...Bad Chest Pain When Coughing And Getting Worse...Am I Gonna Die?
Have your feet been in so much pain,that you felt it was better to go barefoot than put your shoes back on?
Why do some people only get migraines/headaches at certain times of the year?
I wake up every day with a headache, what is wrong?
Sharp Knee Pain! Help.?
I'm having an upper edoscopy done?
would like to know some of your opinions about marring my x husband for financial reasons?
Chest pain?
I have a weird sensation around my temples.?
eee scared...does this make my legs&&back hurt =[?
What does the sharp pain in my head mean?
Severe cough from the flu...I think?
Causes of Spitting Blood?
What caused this?
when does a 8 year old start losing not the first6 front teeth but the rest of them usually at what age?
How can I get free samples of over the counter stuff for dry gums(ex. Biotene products)/?
can u whiten bonded teeth? and if so how?
does anybody have any home remedies for whiter teeth?
I have 4 veneers on my front teeth and need them replacing but cant afford it, can i pay nhs dentist to do it?
Can emanal come back if gone?...How do dentists do this procedure?
Went to dentist and he told me i had Torus Mandibularis...and my teeth feel weird i have to keep grinding them
what should i use if my brother who is 4 wont where night guard for his teeth cuz every nite he grinds them?
not a good job cleaning my teeth?
Bone figure displacement in the ankle joint?
knee hurts all of the sudden?
How many people with HPV will develop Throat Cancer?
where does cervical cancer start?
What will happen when my dad has surgery?
Extreme diarrhea after CT scan?
How can I lower my blood pressure naturally?
How much garlic to be taken for the heart?
Is 2 Tab of 10-40 Vytorin same as 1 Tab of 10-80 Vytroin?
In order to renew his class "A" driver's license, my General Manager had to have his physical this morning.
What is the cause of thickening of the liver?
Why do hyortensive medicine cause loss of libido?
My baby has tetrology of fallot?
what are some heart diseases?
too skinny???
What does it mean when my dentist tells me I'm "bootylicious"?
What's the highest a person's temperature can be before death?
What all does a blood test check for?
Why do we sneeze when we see the sun?
does anxiety have anything to do with Your sleeping?
I have heaps of bruises!!!?
!VERY IMPORTANT! are there any drug uses for sugar?
Blocked nose causes to have a swollen nose?
I have a kitten, now - Will the runny nose get worse, better, or stay the same over time?
How do I know if I'm allergic to latex rubber bands that you'd use with braces?
having a problem with combat arms?
what allergy could i have?
What does it mean , my lips have been burning the first day and was swollen and red, the next day it wasnt bur
Strange reaction to consuming vinegar?
any cures for nose bleeds?
How does one prevent fainting?
HowNow do I get candle wax out of my ear canal?
can you renew your first aid and cpr online for free?
How does scorpion venom compare to bee sting venom?
How can I help my leg myself?
Blister on index finger from playing my bass?
How can I get this piece of popcorn out of my throat?
What can i put on a cut in my nostril?
how do you stop a tounge burn?
how do you remove foreign objects form your anus?
Can you put contacts and its solution in a baggie?
cost of lasik eye surgery in india?
So I have 20/20 vision, but it's blurring a little?
Improve eye sight naturally?
What brand of contacts do you have??
Is there a website that shows a view of what the eye doctor sees when he looks in the eyeball?
Permanent Eye sight improvement?
Is it safe to massage swollen stretched earlobes with lotion?
how often can you use over the counter calamine lotion? my 2-month itch is all over my body?
How do you tell the difference bi-polar and a bad temper?
I can't cry anymore..?
What can improve my memory?
Am I depressed?
what does it mean when someone is always apologising?
Question about my Bi-Polar girlfriend?
I feel so confused, whats wrong with me? ?
I don't normally mock the afflicted - but?
How do you know when you have OCD......?
Gun Question...?
My stomach ALWAYS makes weird noises...?
are there specific gene markers to indicate alcholism?
how eyesight weakness can be controlled thru treatment?it can be stopped inherntly transfring from parents?
why can type 2 diabetes be difficult to detect in children?
Is my cholestrol and glucose level ?
I am a diabatics patient. Is there any good medicine alopathy, homeo, sidda, ayurvedic etc. to cure it.?
what is the pros and cons of taking insulin shot verses the insulin pump?
How to get stains off of retainer?
How do you cure gingivitis?
Need a DENTIST that does root canals & crowns inexpensively. Can travel to rural areas in NSW or Sydney suburb
How would flossing help gums?
badly rotten tooth, more details inside?
White Teeth?
Sometimes my jaw muscles slam shut and make me bite my tongue. Why?
I have a white spot on tongue? What is it?
told that I need to have the plica removed from knee. wanting to know if anyone knows how long on crutches?
Is it safe to drink alcohol with a concussion?
Do ligaments strengthen after surgery?!?
To anyone who has ever had their toenail removed to get rid of chronic ingrown toenails?
If you fracture a bone, is it technically 'broken'?
Does getting stiches out really hurt and?
I think my girlfriend tore her knees out? Points awarded to the best help!!!?
My toe fell off, should i staple it back on?
How do I get rid of a sinus infection feels like draining in the back of throat.?
Extreme breathing problems...................?
PIT DEF or TB DEF in Week 8?
question about ssi review?
How do I know if I should go to the doctor for migraines?
Is this an allergic reaction, Hayfever or Lime?
Can I use sea salt in my neti pot?
what songs do you run to?
I'm not getting enough exercise?
love handles?
Stupid question but am reading a lot of the "how do I lose inches off thighs/calves" etc?
What exercises are the best for stomach and butt/hip areas?
I need to go from 260 to 215 by May.?
i want a fresh face! plz help?
What's a politer way to say that someone is overweight or a little chubby. full figured?
does a girls height matter????
Where can I find Syrup of Ipecac?
Remedies for really bad mosquito bites?
I got stung by a bee yesterday and it is still swelling, it got twice as big a yesterday when i woke up. HELP?
i have a wind stuck in my chest,any advice?
venous blood flow from soleous muscle to the heart?
ICD storm???
My B/P readings are always higher on my right arm than on the left. Why is this? BTW, I'm right-handed.?
What is the history (storey) of treatment with Digoxin (Digitalis) in heart failure cases.?
what would happen if someone eats three 3 doses at 1 go?
my dr wants to have my gallbladder removed not because of stones..?
is he gonna be ok??
Has anyone traveled outside the country for Liver Cancer treatment?
Describe the pysiology of breast cancer and what factors can affect its development?
what is the normal level of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in the blood?
If my grandpa passed away from lung cancer from smoking, what are my chances?
I have HPV and precancer cells?
If there is speculation that you may have pancreatic cancer can you get your pancreas removed?
hi all. before you got diagnosed with cancer did doctors say to you oh your fine you will be ok, you do not?
What would prognosis be here?
Why won't my eye stop watering?!?!?!?
red eyes-contacts?
I suffer from anxiety and going to the doctor is no help what do i do?
What does it mean when your half asleep then you get a sudden jump?
Is it possible to have "ACNE" in my mouth?
Does anyone else have to make an extra bathroom trip in the morning after they have coffee?
Do you have your finger on the pulse?
Worse was to die... drowning or burning?
Why do we often fart when we're nervous...?
How can I make the smelliest, nastiest fart you ever heard?
Does Lamotrigine and Duloxetine HCl medicine can cure depression without any side effect and fast recovery?
So I've been seeing things pretty often lately?
How do i talk about my anxiety?
Are there any safe drugs available to help me sleep?
Who else here has weird sleep habits?
anyone else have this feeling?
Why am I so unsocial?
How do i boost my self esteem?
Have I damaged my brain at all from this?
Do people that have schizophrenia know they do and that they are mentaly ill?
Blocked Ear when pressure is applied on cheek bone
what are can cause sprue?
what is the cost of laser treatement of kidney stone and Urinary stone?
Only half of blood given back at dialysis?
What are the chances that I have hypothyroidism?
small lump in right breast, pain in top of tummy below ribs and lower back?
Where the **** is Dr Frank?
what are some ways that you can decrease epinephrine levels?
How does the osmolarity of the blood affect the cellular level?
could any 1 help me i need a hotel in france that caters for diabetics?
what effect do lucozade glucose tablets have?
how many point till level up if i have 165?
I need a good sugar free dessert?
I have a question about knee sprains...?
How long after a complete MCL tear before I can do heavy lifting?
should you excerise with a torn acl?
Does a vein heal back to its normal original state if you cut it?
Could my ankle be fractured or just bruised?
question for men about scars...?
please help!.,Knee problems?
could my physical therapist have re-torn my meniscus or hurt my knee?
Someone Please Answer, I'm to the point of crying..?
Why do my teeth hurt?
how much can a dentist expect in canada (in $)??
I need a root canal... Pain relief please...?
Speaking clearly when braces come off?
what is required to be a dentist ?
how do i keep fresh breath all day long?
How can you cure or control halitosis?
I had a filling at the dentist, now i cant taste anything on that side of my mouth.?
Diagnosed with Bronchitis 12 hours ago, question...?
K.W. wanted to stop her medication few days later when the headache & fever disappeared.?
Ok i got results back on my sonogram.....does anyone know what a complex nodule is?
is there a timescale to how long an infant should be tube fed through the nose??
Currently i have a difficulty of breathing due to a very bad cough. What should i do?
Does anybody.....?
Rigor Mortis?
Question about prescription medicines? Actually more than one question.?
how long does a cough last?
Why do my legs hurt when a storm and/or cold front come through?
Help extreme migraine pain!!!!!!!!?
Somethings happening inside my neck...?
Why is this? Help please!?
is it safe to take this much ibuprofen?
What are some ways to get rid of migrane headaches?
how do people like percoset for pain that you have had since11/19/04..???
I think i jammed by finger can't tell please help?
Should Verced I.V. always be given for pain during Facet Joint injection?
Why do people point to their wrist ?
Morels and alcohol?
When you have an allergy to hair dye,how long does it take for the allergy to subside.?
Food Allergy shots? For those who know?
What kind of rash is this?
severe allergies?????
Will he be ok?
what are the 3 healthiest fruits?
DDR+Weight Loss=Success?
Do diets really work?
can i lose 20 lbs in 2 months?
Apple Cider vinegar??
How do I get my backside firm again?
How do I slim down my thighs?
Romi A sorry ur user is blocked?
im a 13yo boy and 280lb what's the best diet for me?
I've cut my finger...?
Acne Scars...What is the procedure called to remove acne scars?
What's the difference between sunBLOCK and sunSCREEN?
Do you find dark skin or light skin more attractive?
how to get rid of old scars?
How can I get rid of my blackheads???????
What's a mole?
Horrible BO!!!!!!!!!!!?
What can make a sunburn feel bettter?
what does it mean if you put peroxide on a cut and its expired and it turns yellow?
What do you know about Generalised Anxiety Disorder?
Painful Cut?
What can I do to fix or stop my finger from bleeding/Hurting?!?
Is bleeding in your hand a serious injury?
what's the adaptive adv of a temporary increase in B.P ?what's the adaptive adv. of a temp increase heart rate
Where in the body is a pacemaker placed - on the heart?
What carries purified blood from the kidneys toward the heart???
Sick sinus syndrome?
if you have high blood pressure, you:?
with anxiety, does your heart beat fast,that it scares you?
Are Skin Cancer and Malignant Melanoma the same thing?
why is my thymus swollen?
Scared about possibly having Hodgkin's?
Branching lump on the testie?
If a mammogram technician can't read the mammogram why do they make you wait after they take the xrays or?
How many ways does turmeric attack cancer cells ?
should i worry about this?
Does being a cancer mean I'm gonna get it?
Anyone can do business off monavie, even the ones with a low income?
Does high blood sugar levels affect the amount of oxigen in human cells?
is it possible to get rid of type 2 diabetes?
very worried unexplained weightloss?
Jet injectors for insulin?
can we consume vitamin E life long?
Stem Cells.... the cons?
I want a BA opperation but I have type diabetis.What are my risk??
depression gets in the way?
How can I get my creative juices flowing?
Is bi-polar an inherited illness, or is it caused by environmental factors?
What is bi polar disorder really? I do not know but it seems to be a made up disorder.?
help! my bipolar disorder is ruining my relationships with friends and family!?
ocd question?
Self Injury and Accidental Death?
how do antidepressants help you?
This is killing me...?
Why does society try so hard to change people with aspergers / autism!?
I'm glued to my spot in fear?
is there any real help to prevent a suicide?
can you help me with my strep throat?
I got pain in the left side of my mouth where 2 wisdom teeth were removed and 4 fillings were done?
Is there any alternative to getting braces?
Wisdom teeth removal...?
What do they do when you get braces?Colors???
Can I use whitening strips, even though my teeth are crooked?
Root canal question?
teeth whiteing?
Where can one find dental philanthropy?
My oral surgeon prescribed me 2 different pain killers. One is Talwin NX Taeb?
Treating an ACL tear?
knee surgery or not...?
my injury, what is really wrong with my knee? More detail included?
had mri on my left knee. would like some1 to explain findings.?
I had ACL surgery 4 months ago. Should I still feel heat in my knee?
how come when people get hit on the head a bump forms but if hit at the body a bruise forms?
How long will it take to be able to return to work after a partial menisectomy on my right knee?
knee injury... i need some advice please!!?
Spasm at the back of my knee. Is it the meniscus again?
what can i do my mom odesnt believe me?
Urge to urinate but NO infection?
Is it possible that by using acne meds, our skin will never grow out of acne?
any acnee (good) cream?
Home remedies for poison oak?
Itchy rash with underlying coarse, dark hair?
A solution to under-eye dark circles....found!?
verruca removal help?
all about oxy skin treament ?
Will Drysol help with my bad nerves?Anyone used Drysol?
i have really dry skin on my hands?
What happens if a tick gets into your skin? Can they crawl all the way inside of you?
my girlfriend is underweight should i be worried about it?...and what are the dangers of it?
how do i get rock hard abs?
has anyone ever tried Alli or slimquick?
What are some quick, at home exercises that burn a lot of calories in a little amount of time?
has anyone tried alli? diet pill?
saggy arms?
What kind of fruit shake helps u lose weight fast n better then all others?
how much should i weigh?
Can you recommend any Herbal/natural teas/supplements for PREVENTING type 2 diabetes?
Diabetic diet?
Are oranges ok to eat if you are pre-diabetic?
diabetes & alcohol?
Benzonatate Capsule!Please reply ASAP?
do pain in your arms and legs means that you are a diabetic?
what do you do about severe peripheral neuropathy pain at night?
what are some treatment for diabetes?
Is 160 BPM rest high when you over dose on medicine?
significant factors of cardiac problems?
grand mal seizure?
Any machine? or advanced equipment you've heard of?...?
what are normal.....?
Do medical insurance rates go up after a major illness?
How much is a bone marrow test?
When your around 60 and are diagnosed with cancer, is your time up?
Is it true that the health care system in the UK (NHS) denied cancer medicine for women with advanced cancer?
is breast cancer the same as breast carcinoma?
bloodshot eye with some discharge..?
New Prescription?
Can you be put in the hospital from fire ant bites (Multiple)?
just got a smallburn from a frying pan , 1 cm by 1 cm, what do i put on it to stop it scarring. thankyou?
Pungent Smelling Bandages?
Could the reason I'm feeling sick be caused from smoking Pot?
What should i do to heal a burn with out a scar!?
This may sound stupid but I got a piece of candle wax stuck in my ear?
How to treat an excruciating sunburn?
This really hurts and i need help?
my hamster has some pus and what looks like maybe an abscess is bactrim ok to treat this?
Bad summer allergies!?
I need a list of gluten free foods?
What do I do when I've tried everything I can think of?
How to tell your mom you have an eating disorder and want help?
HELP!! How Do You KNow When Someone Is Seriously Contemplating Suicide??
what is wrong with me?
serious guidance please!!! ="(?
Does this seem like a scam to anyone else? Regards depression.?
Hi, I'm 13 years old and i think I'm depressed. I'm not happy at all with my life and i really need help.
How can raise my self esteem?
am depressed and i need someone to talk...someone who is concerned..someone who is willing to listen?
Discomfort with a retainer?
How can I safely whiten my teeth?
Which one is better to have Clear Invisible Braces or Metal Braces (regular)?
Bad case of teeth-grinding?
Any one ever have lock-jaw?
Dental...what to do?
Are there any health benifits to getting teeth straightened? Or is it all just cosmetic?
I just had Nitrous Oxide an hour ago and I am incredibly tired. Will this go away soon?
Broken Collar bone?
What are some pressure points that cause temporary damage?
Best way to treat a pulled hamstring?
Please help! (Possibly involves liver- READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE RESPONDING!!!)?