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About heart transplant?
I Had a heart attack 5 months ago and they put in two steel stents now when i shower my heart beats irregular?
Chronic dry cough for over 3 months, what type of MD should I see now?
Where does snore originate from?, from the nose or from the mouth?
How to get rid of the hiccups?
shortness of breath / failed pulmonary function test / chest x-ray results??
Anyone had Costo Chondritis/Tietze Syndrome?
I think I might have acute bronchitis. Should I go see a doctor?
Breathing difficulties advice appreciated please?
Throat kills (10 points)?
What percentage of cavities form on molar or premolar teeth? Are they the most cavity-prone teeth?
Going back to the dentist, need some answers?
Why does one not brush their teeth? How do you get a 19 year old to brush their teeth?
My Neices Teeth hurts when she drinks?
One of the main reasons people dont go to the dentist is financial.So why cant we have affordable care for all?
How often do the Yahoo! Answerers brush their teeth?
I wear braces and the glue has turned yellow! Rest of my teeth are white. This is terrible and nothing works!?
I'm 18 and my teeth are all ruined!?
How do you eat after a tooth is pulled? Are you supposed to swallow the blood? (weird question - LOL)?
::::Question about a cut on top of my head::::?
What are the best scar treatments for acne?
how to get rid of acne?
body acne....how do u get rid of it?
How do I see a dermatologist in the U.K.?
has anybody used the wave for your face before?
can u get rid of streach marks?
removing a wart with duct tape? PLEASE HELP!!?
I am senior beauty therapist and skin Specialist in beauty industery, how can i be a Dermatologis?
My finger nails are turning black... Normal?
Can I take nasonex at the same time I take my multivitamins?
How to prevent or subdue fruit allergies?
Allergies. What happens when ... ?
Should I go to the doctor about being allergic to fruit?
I'm sorry everyone, one last question about this i promise?
My allergies worsen right when i lay down to sleep?
What the stages of the a nut allergy ? (I'm having a reaction)?
why is it that when i blow my nose it smells like Ciggarete smoke?
What Type Of Mold Is This?
Hurt fingernail help!?
my sister is in deep pain because of a mosquito bite.....HELP!?
Cut that wont stop bleeding! :S help please! im really freaked out?
i have a gash on my hand, tips to take care of it?
Where is the Accu-chek blood glucometer manufactured?
Should Type 2 Diabetic be tested?
lazer opereation?
Prescription is wrong for colored contacts?
i left a bottle of contact lens solution in the car for a week (it's been quite sunny outside), can i use it?
Why am I experiencing a cloudy vision after a cataract surgery on my left eye?
tiredddd eyes!!!!?
Pink Eye...? Please answer if you had pink eye in the past.?
Are there different types of depression? If so what are they and there symptoms?
how does exercise reduce anxiety?
Whats gona happen to me?
why do i get depressed when summertime starts?
I hate my life, I'm depressed. What can I do?
how do i get away from it all!?!?
I'm getting too conscious of myself. What kind of help should i get?
Do you think I should give a party for my grandmother with alzheimers?
Ideal Measurements for Runway models?
What the difference between sun screen, sun block?
What is the best program for weight loss?
whats your bmi .....?
Do you think this can be true?Our body and psychology can be related?
please help in losing weight?.....easy 10 points!?
Cannabis has been proving to be fat burner when eaten raw!?
how to be super skinny!?
How many years would it take off your life?
Is it okay to refill a water bottle if the bottle says not to but the American Cancer Society says it's okay?
what could this be?breast issue.....?
I'm I dying?!?! Cancer, brain tumor,...help!?
stopping smoking?
Does anyone have a cancer success story to share?
Are you a caregiver,............?
Are we setting our kids up for terminal cancers by pushing cosmetics and cosmetology and tanning and alcohol?
Will smile change after braces???
Nervous about tooth implants...help!?
can you use invisiline if you have an overbite?
I took the kids to the dentist. My daughter was ashamed and embarassed of the treatment that we got?
Braces and loose teeth: Question?
How do you make a fake retainer?
What are crowns for teeth?
Do I need braces? If soo when?
if i puke alot, are my teeth going to rot?
why do i feel a weakness in my hands?
Is it true that you're supposed to alternate hot and cold every 20 minutes?
my neck hurts after stretching my ear? Why?
What is the cause of a stiff neck?
what is foot job,how to do foot job?
i got a pebble in my middle finger!!!!?
what should I do 4 acne?
How do I get rid of acne scars overnight?
can tanning cure vitiligo??? If so can if be for more than just the summer?
Is Skin ID worth the money and the time?
Botox/fillers etc etc - what's the deal?
ugh mosquito bites!(away way to stop the itch)?
Should I go to work with Ring worm?
What is causing this itch inside anus? i have been experiencing this mild anal itch for the past nine months.?
Leaking aneurism help !?!?!?
Knee hurts when I bend it?
My back cracks SOOO much! And I'm only 15 years old!?
can you have allergies because of one type of cat hair and not the other?
Only my Right Eye keeps watering, It won't stop. Been going on for a few weeks. Help?
Allergy or Sign of Sickness?
Yesterday, while riding in my car, my eyes started itching really bad. I have mild allergies and I?
my doctor says my cornea is too thick , causing my sensitivity to light but why?
Can an ionizer remove metals in water?
Do you think this is allergies ?
Implantable Loop Recorder w/ Dx of PAF?
Heart attacks and the after affects of one.?
How can I tell the difference between heart chest pains and muscle chest pains???
when you have a heart attack?
if you have high protein in your blood will eating baked fish make it worse? im also taking lipitor?
stress test?
i have nepheritis in both kidneys im a 27 yaer old male i have 33% function left how long do i have?
is it safe to wear my contacts?
I have hydroclear contacts?
Need answers for Subconjunctival hemorrhage in the eye.?
Can I wear contacts when I have pink eye?
Cheap Contacts?!?
How often should i lift weights if my main goal is to lose weight?
whats the best way to lose 2 in./ 10 lbs in 5 weeks?
Which exercise shows best results on weight lose and toning?
Best workout music?
Is it possible the invention of the remote control is responsible for the overweight problem in the U.S.?
In a nutshell - How do you reset the hypothalamus gland for weight loss per Kevin Trudeau's new book?
Loose about 30lbs weight?
hai how to increase our weight (veg)?
While working on my abs at the gym, so in case the washer breaks my wife can do the laundry on my belly…?
sometimes i forget to drink enough water, so if i chugged my 8 glasses wud that be okay?
Question about Mono?
What are the pros of having a deviated septum surgically repaired? What are the cons of NOT doing so?
I breathed in a large amount of air bag fumes when I was in a auto accident.Are they harmful?
I am going to quit smoking tomorrow with my husband, any advice from recent quitters?
should i be worried???
can you donate blood if you have astma?
is it normal to be smoking weed all the time ?
ppl help plz! what kind of mental illness is this...?
My grandma has dementia (in Alzheimer's family) what should I do?
How do I move on????
how can i manage aner, stress, and have more self control?
I have anxiety and could use some answers please?
Do you ever see yourself dying?
Does anyone have any tips on living with someone who has ASPERGERS ?
why do i cry so much?am i mentally sick or something?
I have chronic ear infection and right neck lymph node is swollen and detached for 2 yrs is it from irritation
Hi rose van tonder again,thanx for all the response i recieved to my question on frontal lobe dysfuntion.?
Baby with ployps?
Leukemia help!?
How to get rid of my acne? I have $200.?
how do i get rid of these sores i have the cephalexin i have been taking doesn't work?
Have you used accutane?
What else can I do to prevent acne?
How do I get rid of pores and blackheads that can be seen from space?
Small itchy bumps all over my hands?!?
i neeeeeed to get rid of these post acne marks...what do i do?
What could this rash be? Any help please!!?
One year old baby with hives?
food for a dog with allergy?
I have been breaking out in hives for 11months? what is wrong with me?
Do I have an allergy?
Can a lactose intolerant person absorb the nutrients found in milk, like calcium and the fats?
Can I take more than 1 hayfever tablet a day?
Possible allergic reaction? Any ideas?
how to stop my nose running?
throat feels like I've inhaled powder?
how does a dialysis machine function?
what are the facts/statistics on type 1 diabetes?
Natural regimens for children diagnosed Autistic and ADHD? What have you tried with some sucess or observed?
can a person get bad if he doesnt do his insulin pump right?
FBS and RBS test: How frequently should it be?
How do you get a spiked blood sugar to go down?
Describe the location for auscultating the heart sounds for each valve and indicate the actual location?
I am taking Analapril Maleate 10mg, Plendel 10mg and Lovastatin 20mg for my High Blood Pleasure.?
does cashew nuts increase cholesterol & triglycerides in human blood.?
is there anything that can be taken to show a lower cholesterol level on a test? immediately?
Constant chest pains, and dizzy?
How to get rid of backache ?
shocking intense ear pain?
How can I tell if my mom is addicted to pain pills?
if you take 200 mgs of tramadol will it kill you??? at like one go i mean quick quickkk?
Is veneer worth the $? Should I get both upper and lower teeth since my budget is tight?
how to keep teeth healthy?
Does anyone know how to cure gum disease and pockets without spending thousands at the dentst?
My teeth are moving after getting braces off?
Why do my gums bleed more now that I quit smoking?
what to do when the white center comes off of a canker sore?
Question about replacing single porcelain veneer?
Sleep problems please helpp!?
What position is most comfortable when u sleep? On your stomach, side , or back?
Wat would cause constantly enlarged lymph node?
Do you think Heath Ledger's death will a least raise awareness of the dangers of sleep aids?
when you die..?
what do you do when you drink too much water is there any way to make it pass thru the body faster?
Why cant I poo in public?
My grandmaw says she doesn't poo or fart. Is this true?
Fainting is a sudden, brief loss of consciousness due to:?
How to get rid of a swollen eye due to a cut?
stitches not removed? help?
Please help me identify this pill.?
Stung by a bee and maybe allergic?
What should I do for the blisters on my feet?
How to get water out of my ear?
okay i got a burnt finger :'(?
How can I eat less calories? please, please help!?
whats the best , fastest, easiest way to lose weight quick?
How can I lose thirty pounds in five months?
i want to lose 20 pounds by june 20th. whats the best thing for me to do?
What is a safe and effective colon cleanse for an 11 year old girl?
i have a burn on the underside of my arm,its been sore for 2 days what can i put on it to help it heal?
Please can you help?
Anyone had success on the Special K diet?
Do Celebrities get super skinny by just not eating?
does anyone know where I can buy Proactol?
I can I help someone with depression?
When you are feeling sad and lost, how do you stay positive?
What do you do when your afraid of getting close to anyone?
Coping with mental disorders?
Tips on dealing with hypochondria?
Why have I been depressed, moody and tired for the last too weeks? Is there anything I can do about it?
depression hurts?
Why do so many people misunderstand depression?
10 points making yourself cry?
What's going on with my eye site?
Do I really have to wait 1 1/2 hours to get my glasses ?
is this normal??
Aftermath of spot on nose?
How do I get rid of a zit the size of the moon by tomorrow?
Getting wart removed is it painful?
What is the best baby's soap for my 13 months son. His scalp itchy? I found many brown spot near his forehead.?
Dry Skin-easy-to-do NATURAL(using foods) treatments,?
Foot Fungus Treatements?
I have white spots on face! WHATS WRONG?
do you think i might have bronchitis?
azithromycin (z-pack) antibiotic?
what is the common dose for methotrexate?
How do you stop ringing in you ear?
tuberculosis ?
what happens if you inhale fire extinguisher?
How to get my voice back?
Do you get this pain in the chest?
whats svt?
Does anyone have statistics for how many people have heart disease in Boston?
Would a pacemaker work for irregular (fast) heartbeat?
what food helps bring down your LDL (bad) cholesterol?
children with heart defects in the atlanta area?
Repeated endocarditis?
overall, how does atherosclerosis effect the human body?
Will putting a painkiller under your tongue give a stronger or quicker effect?
can cysts lead into cancer?
What are the pros and cons of medicating cancer patients for depression?
Microwave POPCORN DEADLY??? Is this true?
What is cancer? How is it destructive to the body?
my friend is 14 and has (ALL) leukemia...?
Do spinal taps hurt alot?
Amantadine and multiple sclerosis?
do leg extensions make you grow taller?
do you put your life in your doctors hands, or do you research his/hers advice, etc?
Can blind people have dreams?
My granny is 91 and still works hard, should she slow down?
What is this pain?
When you push a cotton bud to far into your ear it makes you cough? Why?
What exactly is a wisdom tooth?
what do they use for filling cavities?
can you sneeze with ur eyes open?
whats wrong with me ...?
Expander Questions!?
Why is it that when one person yawns everyone else does too?
Crest white strips?
question about braces, expanders, & spacers ?
San Diego, CA:Need a dentist to do a house call for elderly in a Hospise?
Did Cindy McCain break her arm herself just to get access to pain medications?
What's ear cartilage pain (no piercings) from?
What is this pain from?
What can I do about this headache?
Help Me, I Have A Pain, In My Ear. The Details Are Given, Just Suggest Me Something?
its hard to breath whats wrong with me?????? please help?
How To Treat Burns Without Burn Cream?
How can you tell if a bug bite you've been scratching is infected?
Help sore throat how do i get rid of it...?
Why do paper cuts sting so much?
How can i tell if i have internal bleeding?
Internal bleeding in the head? Or being to paranoid?
Head bleeding, What should i do?
I am taking ic glimepiride 2mg my shugar still 177.Is 2mg very low dose.?
what is the name to an allergy to seeds?
Could a cat allergy make my feet & ankles swell?
i have recently started to get stomach aches and dior ho ea when i drink milk am i allergic to milk ?
allergens in cocoa puffs/honey nut cheerios?
Symptoms of a Coffee allergy?
Can you develop cat allergies if you haven't been around then for a while. I heard this is temporary?
Have I got an intolerance?
i have very bad hay fever, and my nose is completely blocked?
Am I Allergic To My Dog???
Why do my burps taste like rotten eggs?
Is it possible to safely lose weight taking a pill?
how to lose 15 lbs in 3 weeks?
how can i get my girlfriend to gain weight?
Do cravings mean your body is deficient in vitamins?
Weight Gainer!?
fed up with being told your fat!?
what exercise should I do to decrease my waist??
how do i easliy lose 3 lbs in 5 days?
What is so bad for your skin that it causes moles on your body?
Does Acnefree work good on acne?
Does Retin-A gel actually get rid of Keratosis Pilaris?
I have this bump on my leg?
Does drinking alcohol help acne?
Every now and then i get random scratches on my body....?
yellowish tan fluid leaking from my stitches, and stitch removal?
I need help with adult acne?
What is this gunge that leaks from my anus?
are the symptoms of borderline personality disorder a result of a chemical imbalance thats best treated with?
what are the signs for severe depression?
What do you do when you are deeply, truly sad about something?
What would you do if some chav's at school were picking on U coz you have a mental disability?
Why do I keep having this irrational fear & paranoia about snakes?
Does anyone know any techniques to cure a stutter?
If people seem to like me and I can't accept why? What is going on?
What do you do on the days where you don't want to get out of bed?
what causes scarring at the back of the eye?
Eye exercises?
Why are we unable to see during sleep despite keeping eyes half open.?
hazy vision with color contacts?
i want prescription contacts but i also want them to be those 30 day...?
Calling all Eye Doctors!!!!!!!?
I see stars allot, I work at a monitor all day so I think it may be that. What is seeing spots a sign of?
What causes hiccups?
has any1 had or have lung granuloma?any info on it.found in chest xray.had cat scan no results yet..worried!!!
does tuberculosis spread by blood transfution?
My friend has breathing problems?
Congestion in Lungs From Soccer?
red phlegm, is this bad?
Will the new fumes from new fuels eventually lead to many humans dying?
What is wrong with me! Please answer!!!?
throat constriction??
What is the best way of cleaning a burn?
Would an enlarged heart be recognized by a physician's stethoscope reading?
IS Angioplasty a safe treatment for heart dieseases ( block) ??
What is atrialateral depression of the atrium?
What is planimetry heart disease???
hi,since tuesday iv been feeling sick and dizzy.its now sunday.the doc thinks i may have a heart murmur!?
Is it safe to drink alcohol while having graves disease?
what is the steps to minimize risks of skin cancer?
Is there a charity organization for bowel cancer?
My mom is going through chemotherapy.?
What are the treatments for male breast cancer?
How do you tell if you have cancer...I mean if you have testicular cancer you can feel a lump, but any other?
Do microwave rays cause cancer? or give hint that u can get cancer?
6 month old teething pain questions?
WHAT do you doo if...? ?
Consecutive Crest Whitestrips sessions?
How can you raise money for a surgery?
Can dental or tooth problems cause you to have too much saliva in your mouth when you speak?
Is baking soda safe to use?
is 28 too old to go to dental school?
Is becoming a dentist hard? ?
can i drink liquor after having a root canal and having a fake tooth put in?
What food to take if you are suffering from gout.?
Cortisone Injection?
is suboxone bad for your bones?
Why does my boyfriend massages feel better than the masseuse's?
How do i break the habit of cracking my knuckles?
My back hurts so bad after walking around or standing for a few hours?
I have this weird bump on my wrist..... Docters, do you know what this is?
i need help for my bad neck, any chiropractors here?
why does my right arm feels weak?
what would make someones eye swell?
post-surgery scar - what to put on?
Bump/Swollen behind the ear..sore neck?
If I let a blackwidow spider bite me how bad will it hurt?
Did i get bit by a spider or something else?
Hornet sting.. what to use?
My toe is hurting like heck and there is puss coming out ?
How can I make my cuts and bruises heal faster without products?
i have a big baseball game tonight but i have pioson ivy?
Accident-proof Medic Alert Bracelets?
I keep getting like muscle spasms in legs arms and hands what could it be from?
What is the disease where you don't have the sense of touch/feel?
How to get over a cold fast?
Which liquors are harder on your liver?
I feel very good today and relized its the 1st time in forever.?
Whoever says that incest is not dangerous is wrong or a liar, right?
Does air purifier help with allergy------stuffed nose?
Allergy or Intolerence?
Is Singulair a good substitute for Claritin?
how do i get rid of a cough?
Eye allergies or something else?
Allergic reaction to toothpaste?
im allergic to cats but i really want one?
Is blowing away the blood a good method to get ride of a bloody nose?
how do i get rid of acne scars?
What cream is best for acne scars?
Has anyone ever used potatoes to reduce acne scars?
how to get pale skin naturally home remedies?
Skin around fingernails - what the heck is going on?
Will I have extra skin after weight loss?
Is there a way to get rid of wrinkly hands?
how can i tone my belly so its a bit flatter?
What do i do about lossing weight fast i gained 10 pounds in one week?!?
Most efficient weight loss?
Arm Exercizes?
Can arteries be cleaned naturally to remove fat deposits?
is it bad to eat alot of chicken?
What's with the caffeine buzz?
why do i always see obese people coming out of subway?
dite i am fat i want to go on a dite any good 1's?? thx ksmzim?
What can I do about my SOAP CRAVING??
Do you think the Plaque could happen again?
How do kidney stones form? What are the causes? Why do they form?
How can i improve my eight vision?
how can i wake up????????
Help! Why Am I Always Dropping Things From My Hands..I'm So Clumsy!?
Skin Tags?
embarrsing question but please help me!?
have u ever had an 'out of body' experience?
Could ischemia and peripheral vascoconstriction cause severe muscle pain?
"high grade sprain mcl" "high grade chondromalacia in median ridge of patella". What does this mean?
how long does it take for eye lashes to grow back?
My knee may be injured, what are the possible injuries?
What's your diagnosis?
Is there a website i can get free online counseling?
Is there a stigma behind Bipolar disorder?
Is there a such thing as a healthy obsession? If so, what's an example?
In need of some advice..?
My friend is bi-polar and was just told not to have children. has anyone heard of this? it's because the meds
I am currently having anxiety attacks. I have been having them for a week and I am really freaking out.?
self harm help?
Eating disorder resources?
Is it healthy having Basmati rice daily instead of having Sona masoori rice?comparitive nutritive value of two?
how is diabetes related to diffusion?
What kind of diet should i be on i have type 2 diabetes?
what could this be, is it diabetes?
Is coffee bad for your health?
Why won't they let me donate?!?
Falling asleep gives me panic attacks?
has anyone had their lips turn to blackish-purple color due to smoking weed?
What does a faster than normal heartbeat indicate?
what hospital is located at 168 and brodway?
Can any one share his experience of using NIACIN for improving good cholesterol (HDL)?
What is coronary heart disease and what causes it?
What is the relationship b/w smoking and hypertension among oil rig workers?
i have broknen ribbs last september and now i am faceing some problems?
Why can I can see my heart?
today i could see my heart beating in my chest what do i do?
How benificial is acai, mangosteen and goji berries against cancer.?
thorotrast patients avoid nearness to children?
what college can i go to about counceling children with cancer?
Are there any poisons out there that cause cancer?
Stopping Smoking?
i need information on biopsy of the temple area?
Is it unheard of to get off blood thinners in one day.?
smoking will create any specific problem to Minimal change nephrotic syndrome?
when using a nebulizer with mask should i breath in through mouth or nose? can i mix xopenex and ipra. bromid
Please help I am afraid to go into high elevation or the mountains I have data am I crazy?
I'm having a hard time getting a breath...?
shisha smoking worse than cigarettes?
What causes night time cough?
I think i have allergies but I also have a swollen lymph node, could this be something else?
I have these allergy symptoms.....?
Is food allergy will be cured with Psychological treatment ?
Was this an allergic reaction?
is there any permanant solution for allergic cough/cold/asthama?
Frequent, short nosebleeds?
What's the likelyhood of being allergic to morning glory seeds if I'm already allergic to nuts?
anyone got hay fever advice please?
what are the symptoms you get get if your allergic to grass?
So last night i took 14 25mg benadryl for the first time and diddent get any reaction.?
habit of biting the skin on my inner lower lip?
ortho needs to extract wisdom tooth for adult braces and i dont know?
Post dental surgery questions.?
Is playing trumpet with braces bad?
if you have a bad tooth can it make you sick and run a fever.?
Any hints you can give me on braces?
How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth?
" vampire teeth " ?
when some people smile?
How to get rid of bad eyelid ? Pics included .?
How to get rid off strech marks on ones shoulder?
How to clear up back acne in 2 weeks?
Keratosis Pilaris ("Chicken Skin")?
My lip is swollen, how to get rid of it?
Lemon juice with or without sugar for acne?
How can coaches tell if a player has a Concussion?
How do i get rid of a bellybutton infection?
How to remove poison ivy?
What should I do for my earring infection?
I went to the beach yesterday and came back with a few hundred itchy red bumps. need help?
How to get rid of two callus's on my right middle finger?
Insect bites infected?
How do I care for a belly button/ navel infection?
what is the quickest way to get rid of a cold??!?
Chainsaw Exhaust Smell Got Into House...?
Why Do I Need To Bite?
Recurring cluster headaches, any advice?
What is the best pillow for back pain?
Has anyone ever used Alli and gotten results?
what is the best way to lost 20lbs in 30 days?
Are fozen fruits and vegetable as healthy as fresh?
what is the best fat burner supplement out there now?
Do people seriously think bullying and name calling will motivate people to lose weight? That's sick & twisted
How to motivate myself to wake up early to?
What is the ideal time of the day to run?
after working 4pm to 12 , how can I get to sleep when I am all riled up still from work?
What are your tips to help me stop drinking Diet Coke?
At Costco, how much do Freshlook color contacts cost per box (3 pairs of lens)? How about clear O2 optix?
What are the rods and cones of eyes in terms of night vision?
Blurred vision when inserting contact lenses?
What are the main treatments and medications for people with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?
Why i always lost my confident?
Anyone have ocd (obsessive-compulsive disorder)?
Is this a healthy way to think?
My room mate killed himself in my home yesterday. What kind of help should I seek?
How can I overcome this?
Do you call this paranoia?
why do people make me feel like this?
Is going back to cutting a bad thing?
did any body have a psycotic episode coming of cipralex and or rage and anger ?
how do you know if someone in your family has diabetes?
Could this be diabetes ?
is sucrose syrup bad for your body?
Monday mornings!! Worst things about them?
How does our body know to sleep when we close our eyes?
Is it safe to take a multivitamin, fish oil capsules, echinacea, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba?
Is it bad to eat an egg that had blood in it when it was cracked?
why do my kidneys hurt when I don't have uti or kidney infection?
I'm addicted to codeine?
how long can YOU hold YOUR breath?
Is eating food, cooked from a microwave oven, safe?
how long can you hold your pee?
what are the best eyedrops ?
Head Injury, now I have a bald spot, what is this called?
i have got a deep cut how do i keep it closed?
what is the condition of air block in the brain?
i need some reasearch on the heart and what disease can happen to it?
For liver Revival and Heart Disease?
Alchohal caused plaque?
Is my heart beat/rate normal?
What is the difference between hydrocortisone and. prednisone?
my allergies are acting up, and i dont know which medicine to use, Claritin or Zyrtec?
What is the best medicine/solution for person w/ high immunoglobuline of 1054 for my allergy?
Am I allergic to OxyContin?
Why I have watery eyes in the morning?
Why do some people feel allergic to "Vehicle" smells?
my 2 year old's allergic reaction.?
We are looking into getting a Boxer dog for the family. I visited with one today and got hives on my arms?
Why my throat get itchy couple of time?
what treatment can clear up back/chest acne?
How do I remove my Sebaceous cysts?
razor burn, ingrown hairs, itching on neck?
Can dry skin cause eye lashes to fall out?
PSORIASIS; might sound stupid but it worked for me..?
I have this problem of getting boiles,they come like six of them,one after the other then they disappear.?
Does scratching your head with your fingernails damage the scalp?
what does it mean if my ring finger is longer than index finger?
i haz a sand problem?
wher to get cosmetic lenses?
Does the lead singer of Cold Play have bad teeth because he's British?
can you wear scarecrow prostetic fangs/teeth over brases?
How can i get rid of a cold sore in my mouth.?
What to do to a broken teeth?
How much maximum time braces takes to straighten the teeth?
Is it normal? My brother's lip is twisted upwards...?
Sedation HELP !?
Does getting a root canal hurt??
Norco VS Percocet, which is stronger?
How to get rid of back spasm?
Sciatica relief?
I have a really bad pain in my spine, I have scoliosis?
what are some things that may happen if i keep taking advil?
why does my ankle and back of my leg ache when I start walking have to stop.?
Does this sound like a herniated disk or a pulled muscle in my back?
I need hellp with my health problems :(?
i have really bad back pain?
Do guys really like back/neck massages?
any one know of any tinitus cures?
I have sinus issues all the time!!!!!?
Bronchitis, need help with easing it?
Out of breath.................................?
dumb thing i did. i smoked hookah. now i'm fearing ?
Ok so i get chest pains randomly sometime any ides.?
is it dangerous if i was sitting with people who were smoking HOOKAH ???
My Mom has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, can anyone tell me what the prognosis probably is?
Clinical questions?
What is the chance of getting cancer when you get a lip piercing?
Normal Upper Body CT scan results in September, Lung/Kidney Cancer in November?
What is the life expectancy of a person with Ovarian Cancer stage3?
Can't really get over loss?
Could it be cancer!!?? :(?
Cancer = War? Do you feel it is a war between you and it...if you had it?
I have heard that everyone has cancer in their body it is just dormant? Is that true?
is it possible to have throat cancer if..?
strabismus (lazy eye) surgery?
How is it possible to be short and long sighted?
I had laser surgery 2 weeks ago on a detached retina. Will my eyesight improve or is this the best it gets?
hi looking for mirrored clip on sun glasses can any 1 help?
can Atropine eye drops help older kids?
Ear piercing still bleeding after 3 weeks?
Is there a way to cure a mosquito bite faster then letting it naturally heal?
Beatdine or iodine for treating minor cuts?
How to heal a rug burn?
What is the most likely diagnosis for a patient.. MULTIPLE CHOICE?
there is a tiny black thing under my skin its swollen like a mosquito bite?
Burn mark on my hand?
Whats the difference between bipolar and borderline personality disorder?
Why does a person knowingly hurt themselves by abusive behavior and addictions?Is there a term/label for it?
Is compulsive lying for attention linked to any mental disorders?
Are there any "natural" or over-the-conter remedies for bipolar mania with psychosis?
what am i going to do ? am i permanently ruined in life? are my goals unattainable ?
I'm bipolar, but what else is making me act this way?
talking to myself?
y are doctors so quick 2 shove depression meds down your throat?
Is there a name for coal fire addiction?
How can i lose weight?
How to lose weight around my stomach and hips?
How do I lose weight in my hips?
You lose weight when you sleep?
How many crunches should I do to lose 15 pounds in one month?
weight loss question?
When you loose fat how is realeased out of your body?
is running a good way to drop weight?
what type of foods to be taken to reduce cholesterol level?
High blood pressure meds, which are effective?
Can chest pain or angina pain cause 'gas' discomfort?
please help?
any vascular surgeon that can reasure me about my dads operation for aortic enurisum in upper abdoman?
A 36 year old woman has a disease that affects the levels of acetylchline in her synapses and neuromuscular .?
i,m sending this massege to doctors, nurse and others that can give me a good advice.?
why d aneurysms r seen only in artery ?
Wheat / Gluten Allergy? Need Info plz.?
What dog breeds cause the least problems for allergy prone people?
My best friend runs with me alot he is a strong runner. When he runs he sometimes wheezes and sneezes and his?
If I have mild allergic reaction to a drug should I still continue taking it?
mango allergy problem?
i need medical advice! i think im having allergies but im not sure!?
If you're gluten-intolerant (or have Celiac's), are beers like O'Doul's ok to drink?
How can i get rid of my tan?
Any ways to get rid of acne scars?
oily face, acne!!!?
what should i use for acne scars i have neutrogena exfoliating was and bio/tea tree oil and lemon juice?
Really ichy bites on embarassing places?
scars - Does anyone have a remedy for mixed race people who tend to scar easily and permanently?
What to do about my embarrassing scar?
can you walking for gettingn rid of stuff you dont want to think about?
Any 13-14 year old girls who have stretch marks...whats your feelings on them.?
Answer ASAP!! Need attention to this question.?
Has a heartbreak made you physically sick?
how to stop myself from cying?
Why do doctors always say "it won't hurt?"?
i have headache even when sleeping?
i have diabetes, what is baby going to be like straight after birth when their blood sugar plummets?
just found out that i'm a type 2 diabetic trying to figure out some foods?
High blood sugar levels.?
Curious Question...?
Is becoming a childrens nurse a good idea if im diabetic? nd is anybody on novomix 30 or humalog 25?
Hi people does any one know where I can find one touch ultra test strips?
How can I have healthy teeth?
How are braces taken off?
Tooth extraction?
I have Gingivitis, what can I do to help rid of it?
How long do composite fillings last?
i have just been offered a job as a dental radiographer ?
hav eyou tried whiteneing your teeth with baking soda?
Does it hurt when your braces come off?
Ive had a filling and my mouths still wonky!????
Is any kind of cancer hereditary?
How many people under 50 have been diagnosed with colon cancer?
Malignant melanoma is what my friend has having 29 lymph nodes removed still one remain after block dissection
Is there another way to find out if someone has leukemia other than a bone marrow biopsy?
leukemia- i have a question, i cant tell if a girl is faking it...?
Help. My girlfriend might have lung cancer :(?
Soft Neck lump, what could it be?
is it possible to get a tumor or breast cancer by hitting breasts too much?
I can feel the crease on my left eyelid but not on the right?
does any1 noe how long pink eye iz in ur eye intell u noe it iz pink eye??
Is it possible to wear contacts for years and then suddenly not be able to wear them anymore? They bother my?
Stress Fracture?
I sometimes feel a click in my elbow and if I hold it to my ear I can hear music?
what is fragile x syndrome?
can a person have obsessive compulsive disorder and be obsessively untidy?
Is it possible to be resistant to nearly all anti depressants/ psychotics?
How can I change my thinking so that my emotionally abusive brother in law does not continue to destroy me?
I want to keep my mental health problems confidential, but my friend keeps bugging me...What do i do?
Do you agree or disagree that the MENTAL HEALTH section is the worst section to insult someone?
How do you overcome homesickness?
i need help please?
How do you help someone who is addicted to therapy?
Is it me, or are there more crazy people in the Y/A Religion section than here in Mental Health?
Blood pH for someone with chronic bronchitis?
2 ways the REM sleep state is similar to drug induced altered states of consciousness. Give two ways they are?
Is albuterol a type of steroid?
what does rejuvenate mean?
Household remedy for coughing?
Being still positive TB, but latent, I have problems.?
I Just stopped smoking. I feel like I have to hack every 2 minutes but nothing ever comes out? what is it?
I've working out...but no results?
do squats make your thighs thinner?
does anyone know what amount of calories you can eat at what weight?
my height is 5.7 &weight is 64Kg every day i walk for 30min still i am not lossing my weight i want to be slim
Whats the fastest/easiest way to lose weight??
how many days a week should you work out ur biceps to get them cut and how many days of rest should you have?
I want to be skinny?
what is better for building biceps...?
How fat is the fattest person in the world?
I have a big shaving cut on my shin and i'm worried it won't go by tuesday?
How to pierce ears from infection?
need some homeremedy for my oily skin !!?
ingrown armpit hair?
What shouldn't I eat to get rid of acnes?
does retin-A work well?
Is using Vaseline on your lips a health risk?
Getting rid of my long-term eye bags?
poison ivy-EVERYWHERE?
Get rid of an itchy scrotum?
Why is it that both my liver and spleen are swollen and i have all the symptoms for mono...but no mono?
Is there a terminal illness that would not affect your everyday life?
How do I go about donating spinal fluid?
Can prostate cancer be cured?
Does a career in radiology really cause cancer?
Cyst in maxillary sinus. CT scan person asked if I was having headaches. Why is that significant?
Breast Cancer?
Dud any one here this on the radio?
I'm worried about my mom.....?
Are there any other cancer 'curing' methods?
Which way to quit smoking is more successful? The nicotine patch or gum?
isn't it embarassing to have asthma attacks in public???
Is memory loss a symptom of migraine?
Do nail technicians really make over $1000/wk b/c they get paid under the table(not including tips)??
Hi,can u help?I have very bad constipation,nothing helps,need more ideas?
When you work night shift, do you use night cream at night, or, during the day when you are asleep ?
what happens????????????
Why does my wife keep passing out?
I think i pulled a muscle in my left arm.I think it a bicep muscle but i cant tell. It hurts, wat shuld i do?
i have stitches and im trying to take the gauze off and its stuck??
Lost my voice because of cold & cough. Help?!?
Please help,!! Plastic Surgery Fails?
Bruised toe!?
Doctors/Nurses/Daycare Providers: Should I take this baby? She suffered concussion at home this morning....?
I find life very stressful - help!!?
Buddhism helps Borderline personality?
Has anyone got good advice on beating the January blues?
I don't like smiling, because it makes me feel so vulnerable. What should I do?
GUYS: How do you deal with depression ?
did i kill him? be truthfull?
Why have i never had any friends?
For all teenagers out there...?
A 25 year old likes a 15 year old?
is it cheaper to get contacts at walmart or online?
When you take your glasses off, do your eyes get smaller or why the allusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I want to change the perscription on a pair of glasses?
eye problem?
is it a stye?
Eyes have become small, how to make them normal?
Im 30 years old, have trouble sleeping. My question is... i have little black dots around my eye, what gives?
How much should i expect to pay for a dentist check up, just the standard check up and cleaning?
is there a dental school that does free or very low cost dental work in riverside california, or near riversid
Which over-the-counter teeth whitening products really work?
Getting teeth pulled for braces...DENTISTS PLEASE!!?
How long can germs live on the surface of something like a plastic bottle?
Can anyone tell me if there are any dental makeover contests going on right now and how to find them?
Are there any dental clinics for a low income single woman in SJ based on a sliding scales?
21 Male, Braces.... What to do?
what is the best diet to loose 15 pounds in 3 weeks?
Toning up?
Body building routine? Post some plz
How do you get skinny legs fast?
What would happen if someone drunk a 200ml bottle of calpol?
Any Sunburn Treatments?
What kind of Spider bit me?
Help!!upper lip wax burn?
How can I get skinny quick?
Constant tiny electrical shocks?
Oxycontin Withdrawal Please Help?
will canadian government health program cover diabetes test strips? ?
Diabetes avoiding measures?
What are the long term effects of having too much black tea?
could the results of an open or closed MRI tel you if someone has one of theese diseasese/conditions?
Glucophage & hair loss?
My roomate's cat is diabetic and has dirrea all of the time.What can be done?
My father who is bearly seventy-six years one day got up he can not see clearly again what is the problem?
My Father is diabetic and its very high his leg swallow and have sevior pain in back and leg?
How do I get rid of scars on my leg for years?
How do I get rid of an unwanted tan.?
Does Acne Free in 3 Days really work?
Antibiotics against acne?
Hydro Facial??
Why do some zits hurt?
My eyeball is red and it has a little bump on it ?
I'm embarrassed to go swimming?
how does your cholesterol level stay under control by...?
High Blood Pressure?
ihave chf and ace inhibitors seem to lower bp too much are there alternatives?
Side effects of green tea?
Oxycontin dosages do not last stated duration.?
Went to physical therapy and now I am in PAIN! what the hell happened?
Back pain?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
How long does it take to recover after having a tumor removed?
More than 1 type of Lymphoma?
Is this a brain tumor?
Is testicular cancer hereditary?
how long does a fractured ankle heal?
How can I stop the nerve/muscle in my thigh from twitching?
can some1 please answer this ?...?
what would u do if u?
What is emotional abuse?
Questions about eating disorders?
What help is available for people who are showing signs of mental illness but refuse to go to the doctor?
what can i do if im depressed?
What do you worry about?
Could I have postnatal depression?
Do you think i might be depressed?
i just took ecstasy last night with lots of alcohol?
chronic sinus congestion?
Bronchitis still???
My nanna has just been coughing up bright red blood HELP PLEASE :(!?
What will most likely happen if I have pneumonia and don't get it treated?
what's wrong with my voice?
What causes Morgellons Disease?
High ALT and cholesterol, low thyroxine...cause?
What to do when sleeping pills cannot cure insomnia?
what re leaves constipation after bladder surgery?
What do these symptoms mean?
clicking/cracking breastbone, feeling of inflammation?
what causes a kidney stone?
light headed spells when near my period?
Endometriosis and/or PCOS?
I want to get lasik eye surger but my eyes are super sensitive....can you be unconcious during the procedure?
Losing weight?!?!?!?!?
abs by the end of summer??
Love Handles?!?!?
Can i lose 20 pounds between April 1 and May 25? If i can how?
help me get this body(PICS)?
I'm an EMT-B and I want to volunteer but where do I look?
insect bite? or mosquito?
What is the average amount of blood lost during a nose bleed?
I got a bee sting it's swollen, is that normal?
if someone got Internal bleeding how would they act?
What's the most pain you've ever experienced?
How long should the pain last from a charlie horse?
How to make my headache go away? Help?!?
What could cause a throbbing headache at the back of my head on the left side?
Sharp pain in my belly button when i pee?
What's the most painful physical experience?
Bluging Disc Mild on L4/L5?
How do I ease the pain? ?
Scars on my arms...covering them up/getting rid of them?
Is it good luck if you see a gnat fly out of your belly button?
If you could change all (or any part of) your body...........?
A three year old boy in my neighborhood fell out of the second story window of his house...?
Why are my eyes swollen after crying the night before?
How can I stop myself from yawning?
A Villager's Fitness On The Run:Most of us seldom run.Do we run only to catch a bus or train?
If you massage a girl 's feet that stink , will that cause your hands to stink ?
How do I get rid of Toe Nail Fungus?
I have a sensitive skin and i dont know what to do PLEASE HEEELP!?
what are good pills for acne?
knee pain?
Will fruit bruises heal?
HELP with arm tendinits?
Are braces compulsory for teenagers in the USA?
Are retainers suppose to be permanent? For the rest of your life?
Can you buy teeth whitening strips in the uk?
Does this dental situation/visit sound like an emergency?
Hi, I recently went to my dentist for a molar assessment (a chunk of it chipped off); he says I need the ..?
teen with mild gingivitis-?
My 16 year old daughter wants lumineers on her teeth?
invisaline? might need braces? 10 points!?
can you take hydroco/apap5-500mg tab mallinckro if you are pregnant?
Is there any way I can medicate myself for depression?
How do i know if im depressed? Recently im feeling really down a lot, but it is not all the time?
I can't stop sabotaging my own life! HELP?
Really need advice..
My parents wont let me go to therapy what should I do?
Why does everybody rag on kids when...?
what type of food is advised for hypertensive patients?
As heart patient, I use Drugs which causes mild bearable pain under my left rib intermittently?
is the larger or smaller number the most important in a blood pressure?
tracking high blood pressure and pluses.what is to high and what it to low?
My fiance has been having heart problems.?
I feel Fatuge or weakness?what is the reason?
chelation dois it clean your vains?
Are You Aware That There Is No Correlation Between Blood Cholesterol Levels And Degree Of Atherosclerosis?
anyone know what could be wrong with me?
before i go to sleep i feel a burn?
what is difference between steroid dependent and resistant?
What's the classification name for INSULIN?
Diabetes in pregnancy. Does the blood sugar level return to normal after the birth?
why sulfonylureas (hypoglycaemic drug) not use in diabetic coma???????
what is the name of the?
is there a way to find out your blood type?
how do you tone yiour thighs and legs?
Best way to become slim?
Should people clearly displaying signs of eating disorders be excluded from asking about weight loss on Y!A?
What's the difference between trans fat and saturated fat?
would eating steak, give u pecs or a 6 pacK? and would it help put on weight?
Does anyone know the best natural diuretic?
Does anyone know where i can get non prescription white out contacts or something similar??
smelly feet?
Incontinence. My Dad, 70 has prostate cancer and cause of that incontinence. Some advices or medicines?
Already operation for brain tumour has been done & radiation therapy has been carried out before two years.?
Cancer survivor, 75, skis to North Pole?
Id like to start a fundraiser but dont know how.?
i have a high white blood cell count.?
Anyone heard of the SOD IT club? , in relation to cancer.?
PLEASE Compare and contrast the LUNGS AND THE KIDNEYS?
would the doctor be able to tell if i'm bulimic?
how long a cold last and how is festest way to clear my dang nose?
My husband has laryngitis what could help him get his voice back?
any one else ever been diagnosed with nutrasweet poisoning??
what month should a pregnant women get a dose of anti tetanus vaccine ?
nauseated, gagging, fever?
can me being extra tired be related to my sinus disease?
Does Hand Sanitizer work the same in germ killing than regular hand washing?
Trichotillomania/Hair pulling disorder?
Would cigerettes show up on a basic urine test from a drug store?
How often should I be scrubbing the inside of my anus?
I have what i believe to be a spider bite that has turned purple. Should I be concerned?
Bug bites question...anyone know if small beetles bite?
should i put a bandage or something on a shallow cut?
Why do I like Ultram? The doctor said it was non habit forming, and doesn't get you high?
My eyes hurt so much! HELP ME! PLEASE!?
What difference does it make to getting a sunburn if it's colder weather outside?
I want to know whether treatment of warts is coverd by medi assist policy? if not what proportion will be paid
What causes an itch?
how much would a skin tag removal cost and what would be the least painful way to do it?
my acne has cleared up but now im left with loads of red scares?
how do i exactly exfoliate?
What wrong with me??
Is everyone else like this?
What to do when someone says this to me??!?
I'm stupid and socially awkward. How do I be normal?
Can anybody cure my sleeping disorder?
I just can't act myself around people?
Is this the first signs off anorexia?
Quitting Soccer? Help! Mom won't let me!?
How do i take my mind away from addiction?
does drinking coffee have any health benefits?
This is a paper I wrote for writing class what do you think?
how many sit ups equal one calorie?
Can stretch marks itch from LOSING weight?
which is best exercise for fat burning ,walking or stationary bicycle?
What's a simple and quick yet healthy breakfast to make?
How do you lose leg fat?
If junk food was available back in the olden days how come obesity rates were low?
im going to lose 10 pounds?
How long will it take till i can do the splits?
Is it common for pharmacists to have drug addictions?
Should drug addiction/drug use be defined as a crime or disease?
Is working out right before bed bad for the body?
Still reeling from panic attack.?
If there's one thing you could change about your body?
Why is it wrong to swallow chewing gum?
Why does vomit burn your throat?
how long should it take to get used to new glasses?
Why is one of my eye bigger than my other eye!?
Born Deaf or Blind...??
Bifocals and glasses?
As my eyes are very weak...would like to know what kind of a job can be good for me? I am a qualified graduate
what is the effect of age on pulse rate(specific please)?
How can I publish my research work on Ischemic Heart Disease IHD/ Coronary Artery Disease CAD & risk factors?
I suffer from EXtreme edema caused by congestive heart failure after MI?
do bipolar disorder patients have higher blood pressure?
What are the five thumb rules for a layman to take care of his heart?
find details of capsular stroke syndrome?
Is monitoring necessary in performing a precardial thump?
Breast cancer, stage 4.
When the newspaper says"scientist are trying to find a cure for cancer" it doesn't make any sense.?
Bowel cancer...............?
OK...cancer questions!?
Avastin. I've Bronchial carcinoid and been told Avastin may cure me, how can I get it affordably?
is my cyst a tumor?
FNA biopsy(can someone put my mind at ease?)?
My boyfriend's mom is dying of cancer, is this it??
could there be a cure for cancer?
Cost of Deviated Septum Surgery??
i would be going through Balloon sinoplasty surgery this coming Friday.?
stress and anxiety?
What happens to your lungs when smoking over time?
Still looking for these answers.?
Jogging--- I feel like I'm dying???
Is it appropriate to go to a tennis clinic (indoors) while having a really sore throat?
does anyone know why i can't smoke pot?
please help?