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High pollen count in my area, is anyone else experiencing irritated, sore, burning, weird sensations in eyes?
I think I'm allergic to alcohol!!! Help!!!?
Stool question.Nasty but hey =[?
How to stop crying or tearing randomly?
I have a tight pain in my outer calf, can you help?
why does my wrist hurt?????
Right leg pain, knee pain. Please help!?
I have a pain in my right side right above my hip. What do you think it is?
Source of Back and Neck Pain?
i am looking for information on plantar fasciitis!?
Strept Throat?
Getting braces from a dental school/college?
how to whiten teeth with house hold products?
what causes one to spit saliva everytime one talks?
How can you get rid of a canker sore?
Does enough dentists work in your best interest?
How long will I have to wear my retainer?
Do they bury people with their braces on?
Found out I have periodontal disease. I'm so devastated right now, is there any good news in any of this?
Is 13 too old to get braces? Idk?
How old are you suppose to be when wisdom teeth come threw?
how can i get rid of acne scars without surgery???
What is the fastest way to get rid of mass amounts of black heads?
Fast zit relief! HELP!!!!?
Is it safe to take MINOCYCLINE TABLETS ?
I'm turning yellowish?
How do I get clear skin?
How do warts spread from fingers?
How do you get Canker sores?
Any vitiligo sufferers noticed an increase in their condition?
What's the Differance?
is it possible to get mono a second time?
why is the carpet screaming!!?
Does anyone have any advice about alcoholics & mental problems & what you can do to help?
Should I give up the SSDI pension I receive for a good job? I am scared I won't be able to afford medication.
Please help me!! depression?
The man who raped me has contacted me without knowing it. What do I do?
I want to cut myself, but I promised I'd quit?
what do you do when you're stressed?
Physically, what determines eye dominance in humans?
can being in the too much without sunglasses cause an eye stigmitism?
what happens to the debris that gets into our eyes?
My contact prescription is -9.5 in both eyes. Does anyone know what this would be on a 20/20 scale?
I want to get color eye contacts but how is it to buy them?
Are there any colored contact lenses that you can get if you have astigmatism?
I woke up practically blind in one of my eyes?
Why does your wound bubble up/foam up when you place Hydrogen Peroxide on it?
I got stung by a yellow jacket and it is getting really bad, i don't know what to do?
How can i get this splinter out of my foot?
i have just came out the bath and water has got stuck in my ears how can you get the water out without the GP?
I got burned and the top layer of skin removed- help?
Callus/Corn as big as a nickle?
severe seasonal allergy problem...help?
What products do you use to combat your allergies?
What cant you be allergic to?
Am I allergic to stickers?? It left a mark on my skin?
Allergy medication that does not make you drose?
Is there a drug that is exactly the same as 24hr. Claritin-D that I can get a prescription for?
How to deal with allergies in school?
Is it normal for meat to come out my nose when I'm eating?
How long does a person usally live when there in stage 4 of lung cancer?
What is the best way to qut smoking?
Are colorectal cancer and colon cancer the same thing with different names?
What brand of cigarettes does Obama smoke?
best friend was diagnosed with leukemia :(?
is it true that silly bands can give you cancer?
What are the chances of surviving 3 different cancers?
If you lost weight with Topamax, how long after starting it did the weight come off?
Can I do this...............................?
methadone question?
Is there anything that can stop diarrhea really fast?!?
want to get a mole removed?
Is it possible to swallow and pill and it go into your lungs?
If cigarettes and alcohol are way more dangerous than weed, why is weed illegal?
is it ok to be 12 and masterbaiT?
what is worse Pharyngitis or laryngitis?
Why is my asthma still bad?
Will this antibiotic work?
has anyone ever heard of tickdelaroo or have any info about it I cann't seem to find anything about it.?
is there a surgery I can undergo to stop from snoring so loudly?
does bacteria resist against antibiotic if exposed to it repeatedly?
Dream that I couldn't breathe!?
about caugh?
I'm not sure if I have Rosacea?
Whats An Acne Treatment Medicine That Makes Pores Smaller?
What is this rash on my arm?
huge acne cyst forming?
my bottom eyelid is sore. do you know what the problem could be?
Nasty guck stuff coming out of pours in my vagin what is it ?
Tooth has a clearish/whiteish hard spot?
should i put water in the peroxide when i rinse my mouth?
Should I Use Crest Whitestrips again?
Have you ever had two teeth removed on the same day by different persons?
Orthodontic nightmare... Teeth 80% worse than before braces... ?
why does orange juice taste so nasty after you brush your teeth?
has anyone had thyroid problems?
What causes blood shot eyes and I haven't been drinking alcohol but I am very tired?
Severe headaches, back of head...never go away?
How is vertigo caused, and is there a cure?Is it permanent?Is it common?
my dranfather is nearly 70 he is in reasonable healt..but now he feel burning under his feet????
Can you breathe through both nostrils at the same time?
Erythropoietic Protoporphyria?
Is it normal to get sore after stretching the next day?
I suddenly experience a burning sensation atop my feet making it difficult to walk.?
for 2 months have had sharp & burning pain in left arm goes through side of neck,had pains in left chest?
My husband age 20 gets heart pains?
sharp pain in my lower abdomen?
What can I do about my killer migraines at work as a nurse? HELP! :(?
why does popping my neck feels so good?
Is it true that the more flexible you are, the weaker your core (thoracic cage)?
I feel like killing myself is the only answer for me. I've gone through all kinds of medication to help.?
How to make facial redness from rosacea go away?
when ever i go on holiday to a hot country my body seems to swell up,?
red bumps on top of toe look like a pull chain, what is it?
need help .. i know it sounds a bit gross tho :/?
Blotchy, purple/blue spotted skin?
Do I have Vitiligo yes or no?
How do you keep from getting sweat rings on your shirt?
black heads, how do i get rid of them?
WARNING!! About toe nail fungus? KINDA GROSS!!!!?
Eye problem?
My Eyes Water Constantly and It's not Allergies. Any Ideas?
New surgery for eye correction?
I have a question about my eye contacts ?
When I woke up, my eye was red?
is it bad if my contacts are too big for me?
How long before a finger dies?
I got 7 stitches today....?
would it be ok to pick the ear wax out of my hubbys ear w/ tweezers?
how can i make a burn inside of my mouth go away?
What are some ways to prevent respiratory allergies during this season?
Allergic Reaction to Pseudo-ephedrine Zyrtec?
allergies problems............?
what could be making me break out from my shampoo?
How effective are allergy shots for people with a severe cat allergy?
Is there mucus in milk?
my puppy has a swollen face and a bloody nose, what do I do?
can mold be causing these symptoms?
what is benzonatate.?
Asthma help please >????????<?
is anyone having success dealing with pulmonary hypertension?
questions about pneumonia?
Should I wait it out or call the doctor on tuesday on my three year old son.?
What about a nasal decongestant, a vaporizing cold rub like Vick's Vapor Rub?
how long will black toxic mold keep a person sick?
Can you live with half a lung?
Im a crystal meth user..?
Can tramadol have euphoric effects?
Who owns the patient's medical records?
what are the dying thinking?
Radiation--body parts fall off?
Question about breast cancer treatment and working?
darkskin under my breast?
MY MUM HAS CANCER? what can i do?
I tore my lip, how do I fix it?
i banged my head really hard friday night, today i still have head aches could i have a concussion?
I Have A Smashed Toe?
how could i sharp my mind?
I've encountered a broken pinkie toe?
i hit my head and have a cut near my eye how do i prevent it from a scar when the wound heals?
Did I sprain my pinky finger? If so, what do I do?
Can I swim with a 80 percent healed broken foot.?
Do you know if i tore my ACl?? Please help?
if i turn my hoops that r in my ear will they get worse and scar?
i think i have a wisdom tooth growing in and it hurts. my appointment is in july?
Besides the obvious, is there any real difference between Crest Pro Heath Day and Night?
How to get rid of a Canker Sore?
Ugh..question about orthodontic bands for braces..I just got them put on, is this normal?
whiten my teeth? help please?
how much do lingual braces cost?
I would like to buy a hard bristle toothbrush. I have had one for years and I like them the best, please help.
14 yrs old...and im getting all my wisdom teeth pulled next week?! IV sedation?
is knee replacement a solution for artheritis?
What happens when you get a Charlie Horse I know what cause is but what happens to the muscle in your leg?
Is 16 too old to cry from Physical Pain?
what is sharp burning pain on the back of the head?
Ultram/Tramadol use for opiate withdraw symptoms........?
My hands are always hurting... but why?
are doctors rite???????
I need a spinal fusion op has anyone out there had this op and were you happy with the result.?
my neck really hurts help!?
Is this the next weight loss fad?
easy ways to boost metabolism?
How can I lose my excess stomach fat?
what excercises get rid of love handles/ big thighs and to tone your tummy up?
Is it bad to eat something right after you workout?
Why is it good to have a fast metabolism and what does it have to do with weight loss?
How much weight could you lose for not eating for a month?
My workout routine.. Is it good?
Has anyone gotten laser acne scar treatments?
is there a home remedy for toe nail fungus?
How do you decrease facial sweating?
how can i get rid of acne for good?
How to get rid of Stretch Marks?
My girlfriend has MRSA in her pelvis and the Dr's. can't cure her. Is there anything that can be done?
Does anyone have any tips for good skin?
i have goosebumps on chest?
what do you know about ingrown hairs? What can you do to stop them?
what cold medication can one take who is diabetic?
nondiabetic...just checking blood sugar...was 83...sometimes its higher but under 100 ...thats good right?
Fruits/Veggies to stay away from or limit since i'm a newly diagnosed diabetic (type 2)?
I need a storyline for a Glucose Biscuit ad.This is a 40 sec TV ad.Need very fresh concept.It's a Free Project
SUNBURN advice? helpp?
swollen ankle from insect bite?
Im Bleeding Out Of My Ear??? Help.?
How to treat a swollen finger?
what different techniques are there to ventilate an individual?
I have a black eye, how can I help it heal..FAST (blood in eyeball)?
Should i panic? (spider bite i think )?
Heart murmurs, increased chance of heart attacks?
anxiety attack while dreaming and wake up confused and sick to stomach?
I'm 20 w/no prior health probs. Suddenly my heart started racing, my chest was heavy. what could it be?
If your heart rate is around 72 during the day and 65 at night and 105 walking is it healthy?
I have SVT ( supraventricular tachycardia) my heart starts to go about 190 suddenly?
Angioplasty-to surgeon who answerered my question?
My father died from Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, what is the chance my children will inherit it?
Why is it that when you go to the doctor some will have you lay down and others sit up to listen to your heart
I think im allergic to brown bread and branflakes (my eczema flares and another symptom) question=?
Can severe food allergies be treated so they are not life threatening for an entire lifetime?
how to keep your nose unclogged for a whole day without using pills and nasal spray?
Aching, dry eyes. Does this sound like an allergy?
This cough? Is it normal?
Does anyone know of a cure for "Cold Induced Urticaria"?
Is it possible to be allergic to hairspray?
Is this allergies. Never had them before now?
would this be considered a food allergy? throat swollen.. tongue tingling.. nausea?
how does blind people live?
When will I see normal after my cataract surgery?
What does 'legally blind' mean??
do glasses labeled "maximum protection UV400" mean same as "UVabsorption up to 400nm?" your qualifications?
Colored acuvue contacts question HELP?
Eyes Hurt Please Help???
Do red-green colorblind people see only in green?
my glasses no is -10.0 what should be my contact lense no.?
do you do drugs????????????//?
Help - a few days ago there was a bit (tiny bit) of blood when i wiped - but yesterday evening there was blood?
I need to stop yawning! Any suggestions?
Chest pain because asthma.?
It has been said, for American's "50 is the new 30" ?
What's an acid trip?
I am a boy but want to become a girl. what do I do?
Is there a way to make yourself passout?
information on cigarette smoking in kenya?
What is this?!=//?
what is the quality of life for cystic fibrosis?
This Is Not Good Asbestos Cleaner Explosure!?
Why is my stomach filling with air?
I've been coughing for over a month, how do i get rid of it?
chest tightness.........again....?
Can they see that i smoke weed from a blood sample?
im sick and my roommate has the air on blowing right in my face isnt that wrong?
vickss addiction!!?
what happens to the brain with lack of sleep?
Please help me. anyone been thru similar? tried meds, cbt, drs, psychiatrists. samaritans and theres no hope?
Is Bipolar disorder an inherited condition?
Need a title to my book.?
i got hurt instead of crying i laughed ?
Can I still be suicidal if....?
I am scared...help?
How often have you contemplated suicide or if ever?
I am super hung over how do i feel better?
Arm Muscle feels different?
Should I switch from oxycodone to a medication without acetamenophin for chronic kidney pain?
My stomach is cramping bad! It's been cramping since 7pm yesterday and the pain wont go away.?
Is there anything I can do to relieve pain from cramps in the calf?
What's this lump on my Achilles Tendon ?
My doctor told me to lose weight and my hernia will go away. It is above my belly button. Is he correct?
What can help a headache.?
Is this just a "classic migraine" ?
If Someone Was To Undertake Cancer Treatment Twice, Within So Many Years?
How we can know that Cancer has cure/remove permanently.?
why no answer ( CANCER QUESTION)?
Any Alternative treatments for cancer?
Do red heads have a higher chance to get skin cancer?
I want to be a plastic surgeon?
breast cancer?? PLEASE HELP?
White spot on the bottom eye lid what is it and how do i get rid of it?
Accutane, PLEASE HELP!!?
About a month ago my husband and I started to get Itchy??
Dairy products and acne.?
i have this huge zit, how do i take it off in a day?
I'm embarrassed to tell my doctor I have back acne?
What is this zit thing?
How can i build muscle and explosive power as quick as possible?
what does protien do to your body?
how to get rid of huge calves?
Flat Abs as fast as possible!!!!?
How can I lose weight when I have hypothyroidism?
Will working out help get rid of cellulite?
How to get a flat stomach stomach...?
can u help me lose fat on my stomach?
Fat Gym Instructor?
First I ate too little, now I eat too much. Has anyone else ever done this or know what might cause this?
my eye is super itchy and it burns and its swollen and glassy looking and it blurry in that eye is it pink eye?
I smashed the knuckle of my finger in my 6,000lb apartment door?
is it an allergy or i just weird ...........garlic?
Is it an ear infection?
infection near my thumb ?
How do you become a first responder?
Think I Cut My Vain On Foot?? (pain)?
how do i treat a burised tailbone and fast?
can it be allergies......?
Been on roaccutane for almost 2 months and my nose is stuffy at night and always is full of scabs please help!
the best bread without wheat?
Blocked nose for over a week!?
Can one suddenly become allergic to cashews?
Can you please help me..medical advice welcomee?
I think there's something wrong with my eyes?
Allergies to cigarettes?
PRK surgery after effects... please help!?
Question about glasses.?
Eyeglass Prices?
Why do my eyes stop hurting when I'm on the computer?
has anyone had a joint fusion in the first joint of the big toe? And was it successful?
What should I do about my health????
injured Knee?
I do gymnastics but i popped my knee out. How will i keep my flexability?
Is it possible to walk with a completely ruptured (torn) "Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)"?
I dislocated my shoulder?
Are these Bruises normal at all???? PLEASE ANSWER!?
Why did Neda bleed through her mouth and nose? (any doctors know?)?
why is it that whenever someone yawns, and another person saw that person yawn, why do they yawn? ?
I know the Horehound plant is used in cough medicines but can it be used for anything but that?
If I drink water from the bathtub faucet, is that bad for me?
I feel... so weak and sick.. what could be wrong?
What determines the tone & volume of a fart ?
Does LISTERINE actual help protecting your gum and teeth?
I am able to change Orthodontists 3/4 of the way through the process of getting braces?
What can I do about my teeth?
Breath Question?
At what age do most people start wearing dentures?
Brushing teeth with baking soda questions?
Is there a difference Between Brushing your Teeth Before or After you Eat Breakfast?
Half my tooth just fell out (back moler)?
when can you have an epidural?
How do you recover from back and shoulder that lasted for couple of years?
what could cause a sharp pain in my belly button?
If you were constantly subjected to the same pain, would you become immune to it after a while?
My mom is nauseas? help?
i have too disc in my neck herniated can this cause me to be paralized?
my right side of abdominal very huge pain please help me what can i do?
I did hear from my doctor that there are two new pills out at this time .?
what lung condition is the fourth leading cause of death amoung the elderly?
are there different amounts of nicotine in different cigarettes?
Is it possible to crack a rib bone due to chronic coughing?
Saline water injection ?
I have post nasal drip and it's making me miserable - my throat and stomach hurt - what can I do?
my 3yr.has a cold(runny noise, cough,some fever) but my main concern is his cough?
what is this.....?
Any ultra rapid cycling bipolar people out there?
whats a quick, easy way to get rid of breakouts?
Questions about acute megakaroblastic leukemia...?
Stop using zyrtec allergy prescription?
Would this be considered a food allergy or what?
How can i stop lip swelling?
I have a serious itching problem?
Can someone tell me what are some home remedies for Asthma?
Am I allergic to shrimp?!?
I've got allergies, Are corticosteroid nasal sprays safe for me?
Which is the healthiest option for breakfast?
Which is better? Treadmill or elliptical for losing weight?
does jogging every day make you lose muscle?
When doing situps, why does it seem like my stomach gets bigger?
How do you become a runner?
how can i lose 5 pounds in 5 days?
How can I lose baby belly weight without doing full out sit ups?
how to lose up to 5 pounds in a week?
Why am I always feeling hungry ?
Why is narcolepsy so commonly mistaken for epilepsy?
Pain in my wrist off and on?
what are the social ramifications for those afflicted with multiple sclerosis?
Is it normal to have cholesterol at 22?
Behind The Eye?
Contact Lens Exams...Milwaukee?
What causes bloodshot eyes?
where has my lens gone?
Any Advice on Pain Relief?
why does ibuprofin take away my sore muscles?
Problems with sciatic nerve?
SPORTS MED HELP PLEASE. foot problems but its track season?
POLL: What is your stress reliever?
Does any one get leg pains at night ?
Will the pain ever go away?
Im a boxer, but lately Ive been bleeding out the through my ears randomly,, should I see a doctor?
what is life without pain?
need serious help rolling joints!?
how long does it take for your lungs to clear out when u quit smoking?
Is there a good book for radiology?..i am in the medical school and i have problems interprting x rays....Ple
I'm taking Chantix, does anyone know about side effects?
Continuing Pain After Pneumonia?
Asthma and bronchitis?
What will happen if you use your inhaler too much?
chest pain??
Has anyone on here ever had bronchitis? How long did it take before you felt better?
i feel like im getting a panic attack ??!
foot repair?
Smoking rehabilitation in delhi?
I'm 15 and have a heart or lung problem?
Help on removing a hidden tonsillolith?
Have you ever skipped a last step towards your root canal completion out of fear?
I need braces, but is it better to get Invisalign better? please read!!?
how much can toothpaste harden my teeth in 24 hours?
How long would this take????
i am using crest white strips premium plus for the first time...?
Braces Springs?
What is memory loss a sign of?
I once experienced a trauma and Ive now got a phobia I cant get over - does it mean I'm weak?
I think I'm depressed?
has a family member who abused you ever said sorry after they permanently ceased abusing you?
How do you tell your parents you think you are depressed?
Depressed at 14?
I feel so alone with cancer of unknown primaryy. Is there any hope?
if your coughing because of lung cancer are u coughing up flame?
TAXOL QUESTION:: Does the neuropathy on the bottom of my feet ever completely go away.....?
How likely is it that a 19 y/o has late stage cervical cancer?
Why does Obama want YOU to not worry about breast or prostrate cancer?
Anyone know about Glioblastoma grade IV?
Really bad stomach pains?
What are the side effects of Venacura?
Can an Albino person dye their hair?
How do i get rid of dandruff when i have a bath everyday and have tried every anti-dandruff shampoo?
Does anyone know why do we sigh?
What would happen...?
Does the sign at any of the drug rehab center's say: 'Keep off the Grass'?
100 answers! thumbs up to all who participate!?
Why Do We Get Scabs When A Scar Is Healing?
How can i make a mosquito bite go away by tomorrow?
Snake bite Piercing question?
whats the best way to get rid of insect bites?
What do I do about my painful blister?
When will my scrapes heal and should I wear a bandage on them for a while?
How to deal with an ingrown hair on my armpit?
Where do you find a ring that holds poison, and the poison to put in it?
How do you get a cut to stop bleeding if your on blood thinners?
Allergic to Tobacco?
Does anyone know any asthma home treatment?
Will a UV-C Room Air Sanitizer help with a mold problem ?
Why am I allergic to EVERYTHING? :(?
Unplug/Pop ears?? HELP!?
I dont have a stuffy or clogged nose but I cant smell!?
Allergic to The Heat?
Does icecream ever make your throat itch?
Why is my nose runny when I get up in the morning but I am not sick?
How do you get rid of upper arm fat?
Does sleeping early make you taller?
What Kinds Of Food Should i or Shouldn't i Eat When Trying to lose weight?
In the Diet and Fitness section, how often do you report the acai berry and other weightloss spammers?
knee injury... surgery... HELP...?
AHHHHH!!!!!! My foot fell asleep!!!!?
How to treat a sprained ankle?
My ankle won't stop hurting, what do i do? HELP!!!?
Is it possible to make my eye larger?
what does your knee look like when you tear a acl? HELP!?
Did I tear a ligament?
What have I done to my knee?
My shoulder blades stick out of my back i hate it. how can i fix it ?
what natural sweteners are there that are suitable for diabetics?
I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. But I also have hepatitis C. Is it possible I was misdiagnosed?
How dangerous is general anesthesia for asthmatics?
is there any treatment for breathing problems without taking any medication??
what is normal airway resistance?
Do I have the beginning signs of emphysema?
How long does it take for you body to not be immune to meds anymore?
Has your coumadin ever caused you to spit up blood?
Can i donate blood if I have TB?
rough and raspy voice?
What causes bowleg and knock-knee?
How do I get rid of a headache quickly?
Why go to a chiropractor for tennis elbow?
What's the quickest hangover cure?
Medicine question (Tramadol)?
i have a metal spliter in my thumb it has been thier for a year and ahalf?
Hurts to Put Earring on Left Ear?
My hip hurts for reasons unknown... do I need a doctor?
My Hip Cracks ALL The Timee?
strange stomach pains?! Please help?
what is the proper reading illumination?
Why does white powder emerge from my eye sockets?
Is it normal to for a stye to heal itself without popping?
what does it mean when right eye beats...?
"bloodshot" eye(s)?
i had eye surgery?
symmetrical, feelingless rash on my arms?
How can I get rid of the bumps on my forehead caused by an allergic reaction to salicylic acid?
How do i get rid of red bumps and skin on my arm?
will olive oil kill head lice?
What can i do to get rid of my chest acne?
Sick of spots for real!!?
Anyone with Crohn's? or know those with IBD...?
how sever is life threatening with hemophilia?
Is there an online program to stop tinnitus?
What kind of milk can I drink if I have lupus?!!?
Is Fibromyalgia Inherited?
what do you think when you see an amputee?
Stem Cell reserch info ? ?
swelling in your arms after breast cancer sugery?
can't find info...?
Does anyone know a good animal oncologist in Los Angeles?
Why is state IV lung cancer so deadly?
Question about Leukemia and WBC?
My grandfather (67years old) was diagnosed with kidney cancer a few months ago.... ?
If you have a lump in you armpit can you have breast cancer?
How to word a Get Well Soon / condolence card?
How do you get a ring off your finger when it is stuck?
Bee sting problem...?
How do you scalp someone?
I just got a keloid removed and got my ear stitched and it is swollen is that normal?
what can i do if anti-itch cream is just not enough?
How do u catch a bee? without getting stung?
How to make a gash heal quicker?
How will I react to switching from Effexor XR to plain Effexor?
Bipolar people?
In the future, will I be able to have children even though I have bipolar disorder and depression?
is ADHD genetic??? or what causes it.?
Can people with depression have trouble thinking critically? Can they have mild/medium disorientation?
I think i might have a mental problem....?
Why is everyone and their baby on meds?
What can I say or do to convince people that there is a better way to good health than using drugs?
is lexapro addictive in the way of...?
Addicted to pills and alcohol..this was posted to a blog by another sister and I thought I would repost it?
Please HELP.. coughing, red dots all over body, high fever every night?
Exercise Stress Test, 24 hour holter monitor, 2-D Doppler test?
Can obesity cause pain and discomfort, tightness in your ribs?
nasua and vomiting are systoms of a heart attack.Do you actually vomit or do u just get sick at your stomach?
My total cholesterol is 279 and my HDL is 46. Do I need to take statins? My risk factor is16.?
Female Heart or Chest pain?
Target heart rate is high but breathing is low?
What are the causes of cough?
Speech pathology help! Tracheostomy questions.?
Will the TB pill isoniazid tablets make the plan b pill less effective?
what's the action of anti-koch's drug?
COPD question?
Had trouble swallowing, breathing, and throat "constricted"?? What happened?
how long can you live without a immune system?
how do u get fluid out of your ears ?
Does anyone ever have these symptoms.?
sprained my ankle still cant walk on it i have had x-rays andswelling has gone down on my ankle but still cano?
My Big Toe Really Hurts!!?
muscle recovery time?
How can i heal bad foot blisters?
How long is a arthroscopic surgery?
i got punched in the leg multiple times in the same spot on my thigh and it was a bruise?
Why doesn't a amputated limb regrow?
I need help , with my foot.. Please?!?!?
My grandma fell over and cannot get up?!!?!?! PLEASE HURRY!!?
Does going vegetarian help you lose weight?
Are the Healthy Choice dinners reliable?
how can i loose weight from my thighs?
How did you loose so much belly fat?
What would be the result of eating banana skins?
What do you do once diagnosed with an eating disorder? What steps can you take to help yourself recover?
Girls are becoming so physically strong these days? Agree or disagree?
Ok so I'm upset....My parents told me I need to lose 10 lbs....How the hell do I do that?
Can i die from...?
how much times should i squat to get a big butt?
why does people smoke even though it can destroy their lungs?
blood pressure question?
Y/A , can be a hub for Blood Donner's ?
I was hurt at work over 1 year ago both Workman's comp and state disability has stopped reason unknown help?
Can a toenail reattach itself?
ok i had to put my shower rod on and when i was done my hands felt wierd and dusty from the metal what is that?
Does Anyone Have Any Tips To Deal With Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Problems?
Literally constant pain, please help!?
how to get rid of a headache?
Pain in the neck.....?
What is the best way to lay down to help lower back pain?
Bad wrist ?????????????????
if you inhale second hand cannabis smoke in a room can this get you high in anyway?
I have taken fifteen tylenol pm in the last hour what will this do to me?
what does the Yamster put all those thumbs up?
How does scurvy kill you?
Is there any way to take the sting out of a sunburn?
What causes acne the most?
How to prevent Barbers rash?
I started taking the Dianette Pill for Acne Yesterday...?
What is the bump under the skin?
I recently developed "Shingles" Question?
Contacts and Accutane help!!!!!?
Why does my husband have webbed feet?
my eye will not stop twitching?!?!?
Does anyone have any good information on pros and cons of getting lasik eye surgery?
hard contacts questions?
eye trouble any opinion accepted!?
floaters and after images?
How Do i treat skin abrasions?
I would like to know what would cause..?
EHIC card replacement?
important please help?
Do people have long arms that reach up to their knees??
How do I get over the anxiety of draining a subungual hematoma on my own?
is this normal or is it something bad?
How big does A cut have to be to get stiches?
Exercise Induced Asthma?
Wierd breathing, help!!?
I had blood work done this morning?
Can you crush mucinex pills?
I'm scared of sleep paralysis?
are pugs able to adapt themselves in indian weather specially extremes weather conditions of delhi?????
Is blood in nose normal?
How does cancer affect homeostasis?
Prognosis for stage 1 breast cancer?
Natural remedies for curing cancer?
Is leukemia too bad to have chemo and i can't live normal life?? Does food diet affects ?? ?
what medical department and field of science do you have to be in to cure or treat cancer?
lymph node behind ear swollen??? weird... infection or what?
i undergone through foolicular study,tsh,biopseyand hsg all reports are normal but stilli have not conceived?
OK...HELP ME. 1 st my oldest then my middle now my youngest children have...?
Breast Cancer: IBC?
How common is it for a mother and 2 of her daughters having breast cancer?
When the dentist puts on braces. It does not hurt. Is that true?
invisalign questions?
Braces and Wisdom Teeth?
Looking for a dentist in redmond area?
i have had a locked jaw for a while now, what can i do?
how can i get my teeth white with baking soda?
Tooth filling?
boyfriend thinks its okay not to brush his teeth?
prescription drugs insurance urine test medicine?
question about blood sugar in non-diabetic?
Why do tendons and ligaments take longer to heal than muscle?
How to get rid of shin splints?
what heppens if i over do lifting weights?
Bruise I got in May is still not gone?
Will pouring salt on my wound preserve it and prevent it from becoming infected?
How does someone develope a herniated disc at L4/L5?
What do I do if I cut myself with a hand saw blade?
Unknown Knot under skin after injury, whats it?
I woke up and there is a padlock inside my ear, I kind find the key?
is it possible to injure shoulder in your sleep?
Why do I have joint pains at the age of 14?
What is cellulite, and how can I get rid of it?
Crazy itchy soles of feet!?
desonide & metronidazole?
has anybody ever gone through punch graft for acne scar?
how can i lighten my skin?
how would you get rid of big thighs?
is it ok to wax your arm pits?
Will my pioson ivy spread when i take a bath?
tell me, how did YOU lose weight?
Flat stomach by spring break?
What is the best way to get abs for a girl?
Is this true?cam you lose more weight doing this?
Is it unhealthy to eat more than 3 shoes per day?
whats the best diet pill?
Have you ever felt you can't workout hard enough?
how much do most girls weigh at 5 feet 3 inches?
Before you work out do you have to warm up?
when you walk indoors after being outside in bight sunlight , it is very difficult to see in a sort while why?
eye surgery that eliminates the need for contact lenses/glasses?
Have you gotten new eyeglass frames recently? What do they look like?
Should All Eyeglasses and contact lenses be sold by a regulated health professional ? and should this be law?
In '10 we'll visit a NZ volcano wearing gas masks -Could I hv a problem as i used to hv a sulphur allergy?
Having trouble picking the right medicine for my boyfriend's allergies?
Wheat Allergy at Camp?
Anyone allergic to feta cheese? Each time I eat few crump, I always experience swollen left eye-lid.?
Allergy confusion - what next?
Food is bothering me?
there is this weird mold like stuff?
anyone else allergic to purple kush?
Has anyone had any recent allergic reactions to laundry detergent?
What are the main symptoms of leukemia and do they come intermittently or constant?
Question about Cervical Cancer?
I have nosebleeds and have had surgery for skin cancer on my nose before. What to expect from doctor?
do u think its cancer?
Info. on stomach cancer?
I have this thing on my leg and i'm afraid it may be skin cancer but i'm not sure?
I am torn, angry, beside myself. may still have cancer?
Does anyone know how Randy Pausch is doing?
I have an ingrown toenail that has grown back! What should I do?
how to treat misquito bite?
HELP!!! i got bit by something & idk if i should go to a doctor? its 5x5inches & swollen red w/ a white ring?
yeasterday i got an operation or incision to remove boil and they packed a gauze in there, the incision?
What is this clear liquid which comes out of my bites on my leg?
sliced my finger at work - need stitches?
I've been bitten by a spider. Should i seek medical attention?
How to stop bleeding on a Small cut while on coumadin/warfarin.?
why do i constantly bite my fingers?
Has anyone out there tried LCD Spinal Decompression Therapy for degenerative disc disease?
I have a metal plate and screws in my arm. They've been there for awhile. Should I get them removed?
How do you deal with chronic pain?
I have this weird sensation in my cheeks, does anybody know what it could be?
What is this pain is it serious (URGENT) ?
Is crushing up and putting oxycodone into an open wound the same as shooting up?
Is morphine allowed as a pain relief by Hare Krishnas?
Has anybody ever been so?
i haven't eaten properly for almost a week now,is something wrong with me?
Will I get arthritis if I continually crack my knuckles and neck?
asphalt fiberglass shingles safety.?
Does the lobes of the lungs change when the heart is on the right side?
Bronchitus or drainage in my lungs?
What's the best medicine to cure coughing?
I've had a pretty bad case of colds and coughs for about 2 months now, is this normal?
i have been having mild-violent coughing fits for almost a week...?
has any1 tried chantix?
Baby back on breathing tubes??
my mom has a pneumonia?
What is it in regular milk that contributes to acne?
I can't take this anymore! How do you ACTUALLY get rid of acne?
How do you get rid of cellulite?
My Social Anxiety is holding me back from my goals in life, What can I do?(Please Read)?
i think i have social anxiety disorder. i take prozac for depression. does that treat social anxiety disorder?
will you get better mental healthcare at a large facility or a individual therapist?
I just have a strong urge to be loved? How can I get rid of it?
Don't you people ever sleep?
why does caffiene increase hunger?
How do I get rid of a bloated stomach?
If I jog with my 9 month old in a pushchair will I burn more calories than if I jogged without?
if you're hungry, does that mean you burned all the calories you already ate?
Why does my stomach stick out?
plz help..im 5'3 tall and i weigh 138, how do i lose weight?
how can u lose ur thighs fast?
my farovite color of flowors is pink?
What's good stuff to eat when your diabetic??
Does sweat affect blood sugar readings?
why do eye's twitch?
eye-glasses/goggles in chemistry?
Lasik Eye Surgery?
Will the Wal-mart optician let me use my sister's perscription for contact lenses?
Why do I get fevers (around 101) with allergies?
Eye allergy symptoms?
can people be allergic to chemo?/?
Thanks for help - docs have prescribed benadryl for the hives - he's just come down with a high temp tonight?
My hives are not red or swollen is thats normal.?
Allergy Testing. How much does it cost and how long it takes to be sent for a test?
How to treat a latex reaction?
New Apartment, New Carpets, Horrible Allergies?
how do they test infants for allergies?
Help!! I'm afraid of rotavirus!!?
how can I make my self fall asleep?
How long do i have to have metal orthodontic bands in for?
Is Bisphenol A still used in composite dental fillings?
My friend has an addiction to going to the dentist office... she seriously goes every week... is that weird?
i recently went to a dentist because my tooth was hurting. The dentist did a X-Ray and after he was done he ?
cavity? help =]?
Does it hurt when the Ortho files your teeth?
ANother WISOM tooth out ???
Easiest and painless way to pull a tooth?
I just got my braces off and wish i had a wider smile what should I do?
Am I likely to get lung cancer?
Should you have chemo for lung cancer following surgery?
How does radiation cure cancer?
I read before I die by Jenny Downham and am scared I have cancer. I have scars on my leg and no cuts - help!?
Could eating a super-hot pepper cause respiratory distress?
Do i have a spider bite?
i shut my finger in a dooor?
The Best Way to take care of a Spider Bite?
doctors gave me antibiotics for bronchitis but i still have no energy is this normal?
Help! I have had horrible cough past two weeks, up all night. what to do?
Shortness of Breath (24 + hours), pain in throat, pain in chest, pressure mid-front-left neck when holding...?
Could I have Sleep Apnea?
Having difficulty breathing?
how much hookah is to much?
what is the best food for depresion?
Persistant cough?
Help me convince my mom to stop smoking!?
I take 80mg propranolol and 4000mg pentasa day.I get inflamed joints and muscle pains.What pain killer can?
Migraines after exercising, why?
What is the best pain med for a shoulder ache?
Skechers Shape ups and plantar fasciitis?
Tingling in left arm and chest pain?
Ive been experiencing some problems.I need anyone to help out?
What are the symptoms of migraine ?
Why does my heart hurt if i take a deep breath?
What would happen if, when I woke up, I jumped out of bed and immediately ran for 2 hours?
What should I do to soothe my burning rectum?
Does any one have any tips on acne?
arm/shoulder/back acne?
Why am I getting new moles?
I have REALLY itchy scrotum, almost ALL the time, i need some help... PLEASE!!?
Is it safe to take three prescription meds at the same time?
Do all nurses have to work extreme hours?
Heart trouble?
Glutathione, does this really help Parkinsons disease?
How do you misinterpret the results of 4 ECG's? Help please.?
Calcium Channel Blockers Or Other Med For Frequent PVC'S?
What is the normal level of urea? mine is 27?
How long can one last without the heart meds?
In-law having surg. arteries/vains (bloodvessal) from the Leg transferred to replace the Heart vains?
Strange dream I had?
How do you get rid of uneccesary worries?
Does anyone who has OCD found anything or any medicine that has worked ?
Can a occupational doctor who saw me for 30mins diagnose a personality disorder.?
Panic Disorder as suppressed anger?
Has anyone attempted the Everyman Sleep Schedule?
if you have a rage/anger problem how do you deal with authority figures, gps, doctors, social workers etc?
I want to get professional help...?
good workout songs?
How much would I have to pay for liposuction on my stomach?
Does being on a low carb diet effect your muscle?
How do I get rid of bloating so I can look good in a bikini?
how can i accelerate my metabolism..?
does jumping make you get taller?
there was a diet pill name dinitel it works great?
How does the body heat itself up? What controls a fever to get higher?
Why do people get headaches?
Why does the recent panel making recommendations of breast screenings not believe that?
Health. Is there any decent tasting soluble paracetamol out there?
I feel sick and ill every day?
When I get a bright idea, I get a tingly feeling down below. Does that happen to other people?
Are you snoring yourself to death? Can snoring kill you?
At what age did you realize you were Infallible >?
Is "Old Age" actually a cause of death?
Help with drug abuse?
What exactly are pins & needles?
I have been having chest pain please help.=[?
Did I tear my acl or not?
Dislocated knee from past...now knee pain, please help!?
what ways can i wake up early besides getting to sleep earlier and an alarm clock, neither will wake me up?
why would I have this bruise?
Are these just growing pains? help? :(?
Ear promblems :( ???? HELP!??!?!?!?
What can i do to help me wake up in morning?
I took 17 pain killer plus more at once. why arent i dead?
How long should a person be in a ..?
My ear Perice was bleeding?
I have really bad floorburn on my knee and it keeps opening up and bleeding bad, how can i stop it?
Hand went through Glass, what to do for the cuts?
Diaper donation somewhere to take them?
Is it alright to bleed from your mouth and nose at the same time?
can you eat stride gum rappers?
recently had Novocaine, help ?
HELP!! bump IN lip???
Why do humans grow two sets of teeth?
Why is life so unfair?
is this too much for my teeth?
I have a cyst in my mouth, is there any type of cream or salve I can put on it or do I need surgical removal?
Are there any 24 hour oral surgery clinics?
Question about Clinique 3 step?
Is this because of my diet?
What can I do to get rid of my back acne and marks!?
Does aquagenic urticaria exist?
How do i get rid of spots?
dark colored skin above my top lip,how do I get rid of it?
sweaty hands!!help!!?
how do u get rid of smelly feet?
Brain aneurysm. If you have panic disorder is it possible...?
my grandpa is diagnosed with an aneurysm?
Curing a Stubborn Alcoholic?
why is my nose plugged all the time?
Food Allergy Cures... What's worked for you?
Is there a waiver for bee sting?
i get allergies to much?
I am not sure whether this would work or not? Not quite aware, so I come to you guyz.?
Red eyes for three days, allergies? Help!?
High cat scratch level?
My son ate a little ajax cleaner?
When I close my eyes, I can open a little hole on the side of my left eye and see through it. Is this normal?
history/origin of skin cancer?
Homeopathic Remedies for Breast Cancer?
i have a spot in lung and a nodule litting up at a 2.5 in pet-ct and is not valley fever what could it be?
Back Pain related to lung cancer?
i am stressed the EFF out... what to do... give up?
I need the name of a scientist who studies cancer? Thank-You!?
First Stages???
Right, im 14 and i think i have breast cancer. ?
can biting your lips give you cancer?
unable to work due to depression and being unable to go out?
Has anyone ever met or known someone who is a "SOCIOPATH"?
Can someone describe what a panic attack feels like?
A Question only for people who've been truly depressed?
Social anxiety?
How does Xanax affect people?
Why do people care so much about normal, are they trying to out normal each other?
Mental health: What got you through your toughest time?
How to relieve sinus infection?
Hard Breathing Person. Help?
what would be a discription for the Respitory system?
do carin-terriers have a trachea problem?
how to get an air sample for pollution assessment?
i have chest pains! help owwwowowowowowowowowowowowow?
how long does it take u to finish a pack of cigs?
Why is Smoking bad? ?
burning in chest?
Melting fat from your hips?
what is the correct weight of child age wise?
can i lose 80 pounds in 5 months?
How do I get rid of the flab on my inner thighs?
What are some fat-burning excercises that can be done at home w/o the aid of gym equipment?
Has anyone lost weight jumping rope?
How much does your metabolism slow down at night to where you shouldn't eat at night?
How can I get that big ghetto booty that guys like?
Is it True that when a Person EATs Fast they will Feel FULL Faster ?
What are the side effects of insulin ?
More liquid Less sugar?
What happens if i mix Humalog and Lantus together?
if your diabetic, and you dont know it, do you gain weight? or constantly shake?
does testosterone help the mood swings in a male with diabetes?
What is an average your blood sugar level should be durng pregnancy?
Can prednisone make my sugar level rise ? I am taking this for my sinus...it had made my sugar go way up?
Do broken bones in the leg grow back stronger after their broken?
Without having an x-ray, how do I know if I've broken my leg?
This hasn't happened but. whats the first thing you should do if you think some one has broken a bone?
Is it true that when someone has had a concussion that if they're hit on the head again, they could possibly..?
i fell off my bike the side of my wrist hurts when i touch it and i dont have full rotation is it broken?
How do you Gleek? :)?
Wisdom teeth?
Does anyone know why dentists have to remove peoples wisdom teeth?
Teeth Whitening...?
Brushing with baking soda?
i am terrified or shots please help me fast nobody knows?
How much to get 4 teeth vaneered, and are they worth it?
Shiny oily BUT dry skin? Any advice?
Acne Scarring , Pic included??? what to do?
I got a sunburn two months ago and I'm really worried...?
how to lighten my voice its very heavy?
What is the best product to clear acne?
How long is too long when dealing with eczema?
Why is my face so red?
sweaty forehead when excercising.?
Overactive Bladder and Urinary Incontinence Treatment?
My daughter has trauma induced glaucoma, she is only 10 ,?
OMG I had a horrific physiological reposes to a picture I saw online, nothing has ever made me feel so sick!?
What's wrong with me . . .?
Best brand of breath mint?
How to change a messed up sleeping pattern?
Hi,could you help me please.i'm taking Diazepam,Diclofenac and Co-Codamol can i drink a small amount of beer ?
How do you think you will die?
What would happen if we were cannibals?
why do we feel good after cracking our joints?
hikcupping !!!?
diet and hives?
can you get itchy tight skin from ragweed allergy?
I have the worst allergies ever!?
Are you also allergic to wheat and dairy?
during holi sumonecoloured my face.now it has black spots cuz of allergy.it really luks aweful.suggestions?
what if a teacher lock your child in a closet and the child have an asthma attack?
Am I allergic to this Dove product?
how long do bug bites take to go away and heal?
i've been rinsing my lip piercing with peroxide. help?
please help to stop the bleeding?
Remove scars from knees?
Is it normal after getting stitches taken out from wisdom teeth extration for the wound to open again?
what causes numbness in a thumb?
Weird Mosquito bite?
The skin on my burned hand is peeling. Is it safe to wash?
Why does your hand burn when you apply hot water to the burn?
question about a burn on a finger?
How can i stay awake in classes?
why should I use my left ear while i am speaking in my mobile? ?
My eyes are red/yellow...what can i do?
Is it possible for dogs to wear glasses?
What kind of damage can happen to our eyes if we cry too much?
What's wrong with my eye?
Do hard (rigid gas permeable) contact lenses ever stop moving around on your eye?
Red swollen blood shot eyes / contacts?
Contact Lens Power = 20/?
how to get good sleep in night?
Why do I do this am I alone?
Overly-Imaginitive or Mentally Creative Writing?
My friends told me shrooms can fix all your problems?
I'm crying all the time, my cat is dying and I feel responsible, how do i go on?
I would like to improve my memory does any body know any good techniques?
How to expirience ego death?
How come I enjoy my own smell so much?
strange request. but im doing a project. could former cutters please help?
If there is no way as of date to measure the chemicals in your brain why are psychiatrists prescribing meds?
How can you make running have a less impact on your legs? vitamins?
how to get demi lovato or selena gomez legs,stomach,and arms? ?
For those of you who lost weight fast, how did you do it?
How do I get back in shape? I hate the gym?
Any tips on how to loose weight..... before school starts?
How many grams of sugar should I be eating?
What is the most effective way to do sit ups?
Describe something healthy you enjoy doing.?
What is the difference between a physical therapist and a chiropractor?
What can cause sudden back pains?
I have been hurting in my chest and abdomen area?
Any advice on Oxycodone withdrawal?
sudden sharp pain hip pain, when lying down?
the killers question...?
Just what is that strange sensation you can not describe?
I have a stumach ache and it started yesterday morning. Does anyone know ho tonmake it go away?
How do you survive an Alien attack?
Someone please help I have an aggravating pain in my back!!?
What does well and poorly differentiated mean in terms of cancer and its prognosis?
autoimmune homiletic anemia?
can a colon cancer screening test detect polyps? what is the procedure for taking the test?
Why is a colonoscopy the only method for checking for colon cancer?
how many new cases of leukemia are there every year?
How much does a 10 min radiation costs ? How many sessions are required for a breast cancer stage2 b require ?
Swelling a week after fine needle biopsy?
Feeding tube?
I have anemia and constantly get dizzy while working out and randomly. I eat and take iron pills. What to do?
Heartbeat in stomach, felt like a rock in there, hurt a lot, and caused palpitations. what is that?
I woke up at 3am this morning I had hallucinations, shaking and extreme paranoia. What was this?
Feeling Hot, a little dizzy and passing out'ish?
Are we turning soldiers into drug addicts?
numb left arm and leg and side of face but no stroke what was this?
My 7year old is having severe headaches,and fatigue.?