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About High Blood Pressure?
How long mother will be in hospital?
heart/chest pain while running?
cardiac rehabilitation programs?
Am I having heart burn?
Why doctor's and surgeons have you fast the night before a operation?
IF you get a heart attack, are you sure to die?
Tendons and ligament damage in ankle?
does the flu cause peripheral neuropathy worse?
Can many recurrent kidney infections cause kidney failure?
Joint pain from celiac disease?
I have sharp stabbing twingy pain in my chest I have fibromyalgia does that go with fibro?
Why is it that cholesterol is bad for you?
how to cure permanent dark eye rings?
Anxiety from not sleeping??
What are the different types of fracture? And how are they commonly caused?
How can i make my ear pop?
what do I put on a burn when it itches?
A brusied mosquito bite?!?
jellyfish sting is still there...?
will fingernail come off?
why do i want to bite stuff?
Is pink mould (not just in bathrooms but all over my flat) affecting my health?
What should i do? ER or not?
What's a good way to lose weight as a Type 1 diabetic?
Fungas problem :( :(
What are some of the ways that you find most effective in relieving stress?
why do you cry when your sad?
How can I help my best friend with his mind?
Having a panic attack, just want to sleep?
Applying for a job. Im 16.. and im stuck..I need to sort my self out?
Is Yahoo Answers psychologically addictive?
How to cure the "What others Think about me" disease...?
What is a good mind-numbing activity?
Who want to live forever?
HMR weight loss shakes???
How can i lose the lower stomach body fat?
How many Calories should I burn off in a day?
How beneficial is jogging, to getting in-shape more?
how can i get in shape?
Who is Professor Martin Huntington-Smith?
Hi guys!! i need support with this?
Whats the most amount of times you've masturb4ted in one day?
is eating ice cream good for you?
What colour should my gums be to know that its healthy?
What colour braces shall I have? do pink and blue go together help please?
How to make my teeth whiter faster?
I'm terrified to get my braces off?
How does it feel to get your braces taken off?
am i too young to get the crest 3d white strips effect? im 16?
how long does it take to get 2 root canals?
do spacers hurt?
how to get rid of bad breath? thx!!! =) ten points!!!?
My right eye started hurting for a few days now?
Which contact type is better?
Lap Band Surgery Questions?
Is it possible to enjoy 3D films with vision in only one eye? If so how?
How long on the computer does it take to make your eyes go bad?
Question about eyesight?
Can I wear my lences to the sauna room?
what kind of derma soap for my redness,acne,itching on the side of nose and face.?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of Pink eye?
I have two mosquito bites, 6cm in diameter. Is there any lotion or something that can make it go away?
Rosacea Problem?
y is the tip of my nose so red?
What is the difference between laryngitis and sore throat?
Asbestos exposure at workplace?
do i have asthma?? i cant tell?
Flem in throat after eating?
What do you do if somebody is choking on something????
Is it possible I have Sleep Apnea?
Is it useless to order a fecal Alpha 1 antitrypsin and NOT an BLOOD Alpha 1 antitrypsin ?
what's the best why to stop smoking?
I am a patient of C.O.P.D. (respetory trouble), please give me how i can cure?
what should i expect if i am going to a sleep clinic for sleep apnea testing?
are there any home remedies for healing lower-back spasms?
Has anyone got relief of GERD-Acid Reflux, with taking natural remedies?
Dexamphetamines for ADD, but it is not prescribed? Pregnant?
Weight gain from fish oil pills?
I have gall stones HELP!?!?
does alcohol kill vitamin c?
Will wheat grass capsules and / or spirulina or chlorophyl capsules work as well?
Whats it like to do salvia?
Why would I prefer the pain relief, and feeling of Ultram, over Hydrocodone?
Are there any doctors in/around Virginia that take a multidisciplinary approach to treating chronic pain?
Is the bone on the back left side of your head, supposed to be bigger than the one on the right?
Is there any doctors out there that can help me? I am having severe problems after having an EPI.?
neck pain after tramp?
Can anyone tell me what's recommended when running?
Someone took a bite out of my fist sandwich. Is there anything for the pain?
what are the symptoms & cure for ulcerative colitis?
Are we INTENTIONALLY not curing diseases?
how do you say kallmann? (as in kallmann's syndrome)?
doctors or anyone who mite help?
If faced with an agonizing terminal illness & dying in a hospice, would you take matters into your own hands?
Why does your stomach growl when you are hungry and what causes it to do so?
I have a nasty headache...?
What prevents a sneeze when one is sleeping?
How do I regulate my internal clock?
Whats wrong with me? Shaking, nauseous, cold... ?
what happens when you snort sugar?
Do you take vitamins everyday?Do you personally think ..........?
I have now been awarded highest rate disability living allowance im on incapacity benefit what else can I get
Would you call a person who smokes 2 cigarettes a day addicted?
I accidentally tricked my friend into being addicted to heroine..help?
is mucinex DM non-drowsy?
How to deal with very sensitive eyes?
What type of food/drink that can make you dizzy and throwing up?
Should I pierce my belly button if I am allergic to metal in my ears?
Loritabs. Skalaxin??????
Instant heartburn for peanuts/peanut butter?
Why am i allergic to anzac poppies?
Why is my snot suddenly very yellow?
every time i eat homemade ice cream,my mouth and hand will swell up..why?
what's wrong if my ear cartilage piercing is too tender to touch?
lip piercing swelling when sick?
why did my nose bleed when i got in the pool?
i have bitten my tongue very severely. its not healing although it has been over 3 days. pls help!!?
need HELP fast deprived of food and water for more than 27 hours straight.?
Is this a spider bite - it hurts?
How do I quickly heal a cut?
o i got a scrape on my knee an it has a red ring around the wound?
so I scraped my finger and got dirt in it i left it for app. 6 hrs how can I get the dirt out?
My eye is stinging, feels very dry. What to do?
How do I get rid of redness in eyes? ?
can you cry with contacts still in ?
Eye doctor 2morrow :S ?
i accidently got poked in the eye playing basketball. Now part of my eyeball is red. What should I do?
Do you only get stronger when you feel muscle soreness the next day?
Does losing weight really greatly improve your immune system?
Lose weight before school starts in September! Help please!?
what can i do to tone my stomach so i can look pleasant in my bikini?
Where can I find the motivation to go to Zumba class?
How to cleanse out my... uh... self?
What is the average weight for a 13 year old?
How can i not eat as much?
why is it ok to be fat and not thin?
why is my skin so shiny after using a cleanser and oxy pads for my acne? ?
how to get rid of body acne?
when do i know when a bed bug bite is about to dissapear?
I'm having problems with dry scalp?
Acne breakout!?
Why are my hands and feet always cold? What does this mean?
What are the chances of me getting diabetes?
does blood flow in body accordinGly with bpm?
Will the pneumonia vaccine help for those with asthma or COPD if they get the swine flu?
What are the causative agent of HP?
I think i may have bronchitis?
how do i escape from cough n cold?
What are the symptoms of black mold and what does it look like?
37 Weeks with a sore throat that just wont go away?
Asthmatics: do you tell people you're close to when you've had an attack or do you just keep it to yourself?
Impossible to clean lungs out? other issues.?
Does smoking pot make you stupid???
What is the best way to break someones arm? Bare hands only.?
I was diagnosed by a workers comp Doctor what is this?
Been away and haven't had a computer for years! Now I've got one I can't get off! I must be addicted to YA
did i pull an arm muscle?
What is the worst injury you got as a child?
I have been diagnosed with damaging the ligaments in my left foot, what treatment and excercises should I do?
broken finger or what??
My splits won't make progress?
How come I wake up with bruises on my legs and arms but haven't bumped myself anywhere?
What do you take for pain; Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin, or something else?
MY mum has Fibromyalgia & want to know how to ease her pain?
How can get relief from pain and swelling of left knee?
Is there any known/tried relief for carpal tunnel other than surgery?
i'm having problems with my hip?
Eye Pain and veins from my eye?
How does Lortab, ultram and darvocet show up on a drug screen?
My left side hurts what could it be?
Could someone help with this question?
i have lower pain in my lower abdomen?
Should I die My hair I'm scared too?
What can you tell me about stages of cancer?
would this show up on a chest xray?
i have a lump in my breast it hurts its gettin bigger my doc is sendin me for a breast scan next wk?
Question for all pot smokers!??!?
Is Homeopathy a trustworthy system of medicine?
Ear Candling?
Urinary Frequency?
how can i get rid of heartburn?
Cures for ADD?
Has anyone ever heard of an animal giving Reiki to a human?
Does Lemon Leave Stuff on your teeth?
How to get rid of white spots on my teeth?
drinking mouthwash?
my 11 year old sister's tooth hurts.?
Is brushing teeth 10 minutes bad?
What should i do?,My life is getting to a deeper hole i want to get out of it!!?
Should I get a dental bridge or an implant? I'm only 33, is it time?
Oh my god! Am I Dying? Whats this under my teeth? Help asap!?
For those who have or know someone with Aspergers, can you give a specific example of a symptom?
question about rape fantasy?
When can I take my steri strips off?
Could I be allergic to my conditioner?
Can adults develop food allergies to nuts and shellfish ?
why do little things like feathers make us itch?
is it okay to use nan 2 hw milk for my allergic baby?
My sister 2 years old is allergic to any sea food, what can i do?
how can i make my alergy symptoms go away?
Looking for special FX contacts non-prescription on short notice...?
why do our eyes twitch sometimes?
Is there a surgery to fix slant (down syndrome) looking eyes.?
contact lense in cold country?
New glasses Please Help?
what should i do about these black circles?my eyes look v v v dark wat should i do?
I have problems with my skin Does anyone know how to get rid of boils and not have them come back.?
How do I treat an itchy sunburn rash? I did use spf lotion-just out too long!?
Is it okay to "air dry" my face?
why does we do t3 test?
does medicare work in panama?
what effect will small bowel obstruction have on type 2 diabetes?
what is the risk of combination of N-acetylcysteine with metaclopramide?
can you be obese and have diabetes type 1?
Do people on the NHS get free insulin if they have diabetes or do they have to pay?
what happen if your urine smells sweet could you have diabetes ?
if i drank two 12oz beers at 7pm and took a urine test at 9:30am the next day, will the alcohol show up?
What is the effect of toluene is inhaled?
when can i stop taking flovent?
What kind of changed in appearance can I expect from quitting smoking?
how can tobacco affect a teen?
What is a good way to build up my Immune System?
No wheezing or noise, but not moving much air?
Is Ehlers Danlos syndrome associated with Sarcoidosis?
Does my baby have sleep apnea?
My mom , bro, and sis, like to smoke cigs a lot, I can barely stand it..what should I do?
Have you ever had a house call from a Doc?
How much is a serving of romaine lettuce?
if i run 2 hours a day on the treadmill, on normal diet, how much weight will i lose?
How to get inches off my waist?
what are some quick stomach toning exercises?
Is there anyway to target losing fat in JUST the thighs?
How can I lose 20 lbs of body fat in 6 weeks?
How to get rid of the fat in my thighs? and stomach?
I have only lost 1 pound since I started exercising on Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution? Why? What happened?
How to conquer sugar habit?
Should I do push-ups every day?
What can methadone patients take for pain?
Anyone young have disk degenerative disease, and what treatments do you suggest?
Sore Thumb?
I got a white bump in the back of my throat but my throat don't hurt could it be strep throat starting?
I normally get a sharp pain in my left heart artery, i tried...........?
Has anybody out there had bunion surgery?
my stomach hurt real bad and when i take a number 2 it comes out like water what should i do? please help?
shot in eye with bb gun?
How does a bone repair?
my femur was broken in a car accident. will be 2 years april 1st. i still have severe pain.?
I injured my hand 3 years ago n often get pain in my hand and pinky any ideas of why?
AHHHH i hit my knee and it hurts and i dont know wut i did?
Stepson in car that rolled 3 times. Is he Ok? Hasn't gotten up since 7pm last night??
Is it possible to break the tip of your index finger off while pulling on something very hard?
How do you speed up Adenoid recovery?
Can Aloe Vera gel relieve bee or wasp stings?
How do you make a scab go away?
is it possible for flea bites to keep coming out, over the course of a few days?
Is my bee sting infected?
I got burned 2 days ago should i go to the doctor.?
Do I have internal bleeding in my thumb?
Putting Super Glue On Cuts?
I acciedently swolloed a pin?
I just had surgery on my eye, they removed a "stye" looking thing of my eye,?
how can i get a service manual for lab. microscope?
Lazer Eye Surgery?
Eye injury please help may need medical attention?
my son was wondering about laser eye surgery?
How often should you visit your eye doctor?
Do they make toric lenses where you can where them over night?
since ur eyes dialate more if ur on extacy would being outside in the sun do any harm to your eyes?
Does chemo 'catch up?' And what about xeloda?
Do free clinics do cancer scans?
At what age do you start to get your wisdom teeth?
Braces ..& QuadHelix?
how long does it take to become a dentist?
WHat does CE mean? i see it on alot of products from toys to clothes and medical- dental products?
Bumps on the surface of my two front teeth, what are they and can i get them filed down?
ah!!!! i need teeth whitening help!!!! click plz!?
I have no idea what color to make my braces???!!!?
why does mouthwash always burn my tongue??
is it good thate my teeth are smooth?
what can you say about the causes of food allergy?
What causes a reaction to lactose-free milk?
Is it time to see the Ears/Nose/Throat Specialist?
can anyone help me please?
Which skin lotions are gluten-free?
Is this Sensitivity to MSG?
Suffer with nose bleeds, do you think I'd get one if I?
Why does my 3 yo son keep waking up with Hives?
mold in my nose and throat? is that possible?
port insertion for chemotherapy should be done by cardiovascular surgeon or general surgeon?
what are the manifestation of having a hypokalemia?
I've always had a fast heartbeat, I think. But now I've been noticing that I do have a fast heartbeat.
I have a high pulse for the first time in my life. It was 100 and went to 109, and blood pressure is 77/56.?
How many hours do you have to fast before having blood work done?
What is your heart rate when you are having a heart attack?
coronary bypass?
Am I considered legally blind?Please help asap!!?
What causes acne, and is there alternative treatments than pills?
What is a remedy for keloid ?
Plz tell me the best treatment for acne??
Question for women only please?
How do I get rid of an old scar on my face?
Sensitive skin;?
How should I treat this burn?
help with skin problems!!!?
i have a gangelion cyst on my right hand which i write with. im getting surgery done & what about school?
this is so bizarre...?
dehydration an the affect?
chest infection but xray clear?
How to sign Cystic Fibrosis Rx petition abolishment?
Is it possible to catch flu or swine flu more than once?
Has anyone had bad side effects from Geodon for Bipolar Disorder?
How can I get rid of a cough quick?
is influenza a the same as the swine flu? i was told my son has the flu type a what should i do?
How can I treat sleep paralysis?
so i drank a lot of alcohol tonight and i drink to much. what does it mean if i cough up blood and throw it up?
Pulled leg muscle -- please answer!?
Is this a concussion?
i know people cut their wrist realy retarted but do people cut their nuts too?
I need to lose 20 pounds for a boxing match in two months. Any diet advice? I need a good diet plan for this.?
Good workout for flat stomach?
What is all involved in veggi diets?
do u think i could hav n eating disorder ?
Jump roping question...?
my sys mmHg was 108 the DIA mmHg was 56 the pulse/min was 68. Can u explain my pulse results to me thankyou.?
Why is it so hard to lose weight for most people? All they have to do is not eat so much!!!?
Has anyone ever used Ephedra? I heard it was banned is this true? Is it actually any good?
how to slim down thighs and butt?
I am wanting Videos for exercises to prevent carpal tunnel.?
I broke my pinky toe?
did i chip a bone?
Reactive Hypoglycemia and exercise- crashing?
Its stuck....?
does this sound like symptoms of...?
I have a new medicine that says take without food. So how long do I wait before or after a meal to take it?
Should I wait to get tested for diabetes?
HYPOGLYCEMIA in a child...?
I do insulin and then crave sugar . why?
what are the Intellectual effects of depression?
Does everyone who stop taking SSRI's get withdrawal symptoms?
help...need to talk to someone?
what's the best way to end depression?
questions for anyone who has ever been to a treatment center for an eating disorder?
I have social anxiety and I honestly don't think I can deal with it anymore. What am I supposed to do?
at night time...?
Is being severely unhappy more about the upleasantness of the world and less about depression?
Am i Just Going Insane?
how do you get extacy out of your system!?!? FAST
Second degree burn blisters?
Whats the healing process of a non-diabetic and a diabetic from a fall? ?
Is bleeding normal in ear gauges?
insect bite on neck and hands and feet keeping geting wet?
can any one suggest a remedy?
Getting rid of spider veins.?
how do u remove a mole without surgery?
Best acne face wash and advice for first time-ers?
how do you protect your skin after you had Chickenpox rash?
What does it mean to have blood blisters and clear blisters under the tongue?
what homemade mask recipes do you know of?
New drug uses immune system to abolish cancer cells?
What year did paul ehrlich create chemotherapy?
How safe is pill from getting cancer?
What type of cancers Female teenagers are more at risk for?
Can someone tell me what I should do or what this might be?
Neuroblastoma Cancer?
Just Stand Up 2 Cancer?
Ovarian cancer, and it's outcome? (woman only!)?
Give me and others reassurance, Does anybody have survivor stories they would like to share?
My daughter has allergy in both eyes.Doctor advised urination check and found the presence of PUC cells?
Question for anyone who gets hives?
Is it possible to develop allergies?
Allergic reaction or somthing els?
Anyone Else Egg Intolerant?
Shampoo Allergy: Any idea what the common link might be?
bloody noses????????????????
Allergic to shrimp/prawn - Recommend me.?
How can i tell if i got the q tip cotton in my ear?
I got a bad paper cut on my eyeball. I need help!?
Any way to avoid purging?
diabetic diet?
Foods to Avoid and Need..?
should i test my glucose with a monitor after exercise? and how soon after a meal do i test for glucose?
How does drinking 3 or 4 beers and 3 or 4 glass of wine a day effect your body ?
A 1st type diabetic here...?
What is it like to stay in traction with a broken leg?
bed mite bites!!!!!!!?
How do I get this bug bite swelling to go down?
Does scorpion sting affect eyes?
My starter earrings will NOT come out of my ears. Help!?
i have a ring on my finger and it is NOT coming off!?
Is aloe vera suppose to sting?
Band aid Stuck to bad cut, won't budge, help It hurts?
i burned my lip today?
has anyone else been diagnosed with bronchitis?
Is it safe for a Pneumothorax patient to travel by air?
Can someone tell me the difference between Advair Diskus and Symbicort? Which works better for asthma?
how can you help get rid of a fever without using medcine?
Can a person live if they get pneumonia and are on a ventilator?
Really bad sore throat, now hard to swallow.?
What happens if chewing gum material gets into your lungs?
Am I having a panic attack?
recovery time for p.e?
Effects of a broken arm?
i just had i hip avulsion* fracture and just recently recovered. What can i do to strengthen the ligament?
Is it possible that I cracked a bone in my arm?
Has anybody injured they're knee? if so please answer this question.?
When you break a bone, does the bone itself actually like snap?
Can you make your non-dominant hand your dominant hand?
What is wrong with my ankles?
what was your last real stupid injury?
Advice for finger injury? (From B-Bal)?
I was rubbing my left eye in the shower and now I have a red bloody looking spot is this normal?
Constant headaches and migraines?
Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!?
What are the signs of arthritis and is it preventable?
Why do I have to deal with pain?
i want to get the top of my ear pierced but will it hurt?
I have a cramp in my neck?
What can I take for this pain?
tailbone hurts?
I have very sensative skin please help!!?
is Rice ..Good Or Bad ?
Help..how can I lose 20-25 lbs?! 10 pts?
HELP!!! I'm *too* muscular! Need advice o.O?
Can you survive without carbs?
Do you think it is healthy to drink coffee A LOT?
What height is average for a 13 year old?
If i eat *in more details* how much exercise will i need to do to lose weight?
What are some good leg exercises to make your legs stronger?
Have any real people out there tried Acai Berry diet supplements?
i had been oprated for retina detachment two months ago and inserted a buckle in eye to support retina?
I know where tears come from, but what causes them to come out?
what do people know about macular dystrophy in young people?
i have colord non proscriptive contacts?
Contacts Help!!!!?
how can i get rid of my shyness?
what was the other word for self-harm?
Is it logical to fear your future as a result of your past?
anxiety, stress, depression.?
I'm a Borderline. I'm a completely different, with each new day. How can someone love me if Im never constant?
anyone with an eating disorder? please help!?
how to stop constantly fantasizing about someone?
In a pseudo relationship where I can't get out - I'm ashamed to try to get help, maybe I deserve it?
Am worried for my downstairs neighbour?
What is a homeopathic physician?
is it safe to take cardenafil if you have had a allergic reaction to a dye,like i.v.p dye in a heart cath.?
Does anyone know what inlarged cardiac Silhouette means and diminished pulmonary expansion means ?
Recovery after a heart transplant?
help! my mom went for a check up last 3days because she feels pain on her throat..?
Anyone ever get skipped beats?
Can negative emotions, stress, sadness, bad attitudes, and other negative feelings cause Cancer?
2 paps with atypical glandular cell in less then a year?
Cancer a large fear may be somewhat alleviated, excited for this discovery?
Is there a cure for cancer?
was told i have mass in lungs could it be cancer?
High white blood cell count?
another gluten question... itchy skin?
Actifed allergy medicine and ginger ale?
My daughter 5 yrs gets hives with acetaminophen or ibuprofen for fever, anybody know what else can she take??r?
Chin itching after sneezing?
a question to people with cancer that is potently fatal?
had breast cancer 5 years ago so have regular mamogrammes, after my recent one they found calcium?
borderline smears is this normal?
Obama smokes?WHAT???
is breast cancer bad to have?
My throat really hurts...and cough drops and cough syrup dont work...WHAT DO I DO???Is it my tonsils?
10 points best answer thank you?
Husband brought home peanuts when I am allergic?
Everytime i blow my nose, some blood comes out?
Does anyone know of a home remedy for ingrown toenails?
is it true that a bleeding ear....?
---------------> Am I experiencing ZINC POISONING? Please help!!!! <--------------------?
i just got stung by a bee how do i keep it from swelling?
How can I make this heal quickly?
How can i get my cut to heal quicker?
My gauges are really swollen when i woke up this morning. I mean, i just put them in last night.?
answer in 1 day and get 10 points! poison ivy or mosquito bite?
Whats the best way to get this bandaid off?
Black dot on my Middle finger?
can anyone tell me if western dental sees children too?or just adults?
does sparkling water damage your teeth?
How long will my braces take?
Getting Braces on???.....?
What do a root canal feels like?
What to do in this situation?
Has anyone had any gum surgery? How painful is it?
I think toothpaste might actually CAUSE cavities rather than prevent them.?
Is there a treatment for migraines that prevents the onset?
Any opticians here? Why has my astigmatism shifted in 3 months?
Why are we not trying to ban smoking in homes where children under 18 reside?
Why do I feel guilty?
what are the effects of marajuana?
can all people raise their one eyebrow and shake ears?
Can sound kill a person?
How much do you fart?
When pain is not treated properly, what can happen to a person's menatl state of mind?
what can you do to get better if you are rundown and how long does it take to get back to full health?
Lumbar radiculopathy...Can someone share their experience with me?
muscle pain - not fibromyalgia?
Psychosomatic Migranes?
Stress or something else?
help meee!?
i take good care of myself but today my tummy really hurts and its making really funny noises, and i did eat.?
How long does acne last without using medicine?
Not putting on enough Differin?
How do you know if you have an ingrown nail? And how do they cure it?
What are good fabrics for sensitive skin?
I lost a bit a weight and now I have quite a bit of skin. Is there a way to reduce the amount of skin mass?
have you ever had herpes of the FINGER? I was told I have Herpes Whitlow on my finger....it is very painful?
how to take care of my face?
What are some good stomach workouts?
How much should a 4'9 11 year old girl weigh to be healthy?????
What are some good exercises to get rid of thigh & lower stomach fat?
How many pushups can you do?
This Says You Need 5 Hours Exercise A Week and Tells You How; Is it Realistic ?
how do i loose weight before school starts in two months?
what is the best thermogenic fat losing pill on the market?
can girls tone their "v"?
I need to lose 9.7 pounds, how should I do it?
i eat very late at night how do i stop it!?
Good place to buy eye glasses?
Contact lenses mixed up both say FL on them and there's nothing on them to tell the difference?
Advice for going through Chemotherapy?
can you get high off of cold and sinus relief (cvs)?
Are you allergic to gluten?
True or False:Is it true that everybody has allergies?
My nose gets itchy in the summer and stuffy in cold season?
What is the difference between Rhinachort AQ and Astelin?
Am I allergic to coconut?
can you do a skin allergy test to determine what ingredients you should avoid?
If i was told by an allergist that i am allergic to chicken, would i be allergic to eggs too?
why am i sneezing so much? and why is my throat sore as hell?
Bed bug? Dust mite? Random bug? HELP!?
Worried about antidepressants?
What do you do to fight depression or anxiety?
Is there anything that is a very important event or period for you but you do not remember?
Happy in the morning, Depressed at night?
Am I a genius? Unfortunately,I don't know?
How to live with a lot of inappropriate behavior in past?
I am afraid I will get into a fight and die young , because of my attitude.?
O.K. So why do many people feel like dying?
Is it bad to show signs of mental instability?
Why is my dogs ear bleeding?
When you get a cut and it starts to heal, why exactly does it turn purple around the edge?
How do you heal an infected cut?
what is this lump next to my ear?
I'm 13 years old and my knee is constantly hurting, my mom says my knee is retainig water.?
Help! What do I do about a burn on my finger?!?
can you you use soap to disinfect an earring?
Is there such a thing as too much aloe?
i got fried at the beach and am in soooo much pain im about in tears....can anyone help me?!?!?
Does my leg need stitches?
My daughter has Cystic Fibrosis so has flucloxacillin daily. would the capsules be able to replace the liquid?
For air to flow into or out of the lungs, there must be?
i've been getting constant hiccups and drinking water doesn't stop them and holding my breath?
What is wrong with me?
When your sinuses hurt does a wet cat help?
Getting pregnant while having COPD/ Emphysema?
giving benadryl to a child to make them sleep, what systems shuting down w/overdose?
How can I help my dad quit smoking for ever?
A very serious problem please read!!?
Obstructive Sleep Apnea: CPAP Machines vs. Oral Appliance Therapy?
Do you know if there is a medicine that cures high blood pressure? Natural or ChemicalNecesito saber si hay?
Where can I find cardiac rythms to study?
Enlarged heart ,natural or through training.?
anyone know anything about a second degree av block.?
My fathers doctor has ordered a 'syma scan ' of his heart...... what is this..and what does it entail?
my 5 year old daughter has an enlarged pulmonary artery, any ideas on what this means?
What would you do if you could not get your migraines meds besides go to he ER?
Where can i find a practice test for the RDA exam?
Have you used boots tooth whitening kit? Does it work?
Can anyone recommend a good dental insurance company?
how to get rid of tonsile stones???
Why is it that we brush our teeth like a madman right before our dental appointments?
What are those white bumps on your tounge?
I thought dentists were supposed to care about people?
cure for my muscle pain in thighs/legs?
Does anyone know of a good pain management clinic in dallas?
besides icing what can I do to reduce swelling?
What is the history of cutting the wrist?
my back hurts?
restless legs syndrome?
Monster is making my liver area feel weird help me !!!!!!?
Anybody else have RSD/CRPS?
Is there a mental illness, that is like a mild schizophrenia,,,where a person doesnt change names but their?
Tea as Iron Blocker?
long-term digestive problem, shooting pain in right abdomen?
What's it like to be in a coma?
can we cure eczema?
I'm getting blisters on my feet?
the book stop sweating start living for hyperhidrosis??
Dry & Scalp Skin ???
nettle plants can one get reaction to eating them .?
Foot Issues In Baghdad Please Help!?
how do i get rid of a volcanic mega zit?
Please help! Excema ruining my legs!?
What's the best way to stop a mosquito bite from itching?
Does smoking pot make you stupid?
What causes your hands and feet to "fall asleep"?
how come people don't sneeze when they sleep?
What does this color of pee mean?
Why can't I eat? What is wrong with me?
Why are so many afriad of Social Heath Care?
How to do deep breathing?
help I swallowed 4 quarters and I feel sick now what do I do for help?
Explosive Diarrhea?
make sunburn stop hurting!?
Is it dangerous to hit your back head on a table edge?
Do we really need stiches?
my wrists hurt from tryping so much.?
I had a slight bike accident and have just had 7 stitches today...?
I accidentally hit the front of my head on the wall. Is there anything wrong? there is no brump or bruise.?
confused about not getting a second fiberglass cast?
Ankle hurts!?
Ran into a piece of furniture when I was three....Now I get huges headaches. What can I do?
Painful : Guys, I sprained my Ankle last night, it's afternoon now and hurting, any idea how to cure it?
What is a SLIGHT concussion (in an infant) anyway??
What do you do far a sore big toe a bowling ball was dropped on?
Is there a difference between radiation treatment and chemo?
3 paragraphs about the iron lung?
can laptops and lcd's cause cancer?if yes wat type of cancer?
Can anyone overcome from cancer? After having chemo?
Chemotherapy - Can one avoid the weakness?
what are the social costs on society and economy of metastatic brain cancer ?
what is the youngest?
Is it true that peanut butter gives u cancer?
Any1 ocd and bipolar ...?
Well how can i fall asleep?!!!!!?
Does anyone else feel detached from the world?
could i be getting sick from sleep deprivation?
Is fear common to all mental illness?
Feel Depressed...Not the first time...quick tips???advice???
I have a loved one ready to get help with his addiction.?
I"m depressed, lonely, and friendless what should i do?
How do perfectionists view other people?
Do i have schizophrenia?
why does heartburn cause pain....?
Can I get relief from knots in the back from typing massage helps but it comes back again?
whats oxycodone?
Extreme light headedness?
I have had "Bronchitis" for 3 1/2 months...could it be something else?
How long does it take for CPAP therapy to start relieving sleepiness?
i find it hard to breathe after i run. why?
Why do i cough when cleaning my ears?
Cant Breathe good and hard to swallow abdomen hurts chest gets tight?
Can you have battle /fighting scars removed?
Is baking soda an effective acne treatment? how can you apply it? is it safe?
How do you get rid of spider veins/?
Has anyone had their nasel polyps removed?
Anything to help cracked, red, peeling skin around nose?
skin complexion.?
Had an allergic reaction to detergent....?
Home remedy's for acne??
Just my luck. If I don't have enough against me.?
what causes a person's tooth to become sensitive out of the blues?
I have no dental insurance and need a dentist very badly is there a good inexpensive dentist in 30144?
How can you tell if you have a recessive chin?
My orthodontist doesn't offer ceramic braces. Does anyone know why that would be?
I need to have a crown #19 tooth. How do I know if I need a root canal first.?
Do you know of any superstitions on Wisdom teeth?
Swollen Taste Buds?
How often should you update your prescription when using soft contact lenses?
Looking for Dupont eye institute in Louiaville Ky?
What is the angle of incidence?
Is there any way I can change my eye color without contacts? I have boring brown ones and I'd like them gray.
Contact lens becoming unfocused?
my spectacles is not fixed to my ear. It falls down frequently.what should i do?
Are there any cancer docs here?
Does estrogen dominance always cause uterine cancer?
Can doctors really tell if a tumour is benign or not just by looking?
Leukemia question?
How is anisocytosis (marked variation in RBC size) diagnosed?
How to find a GP that compliments your personel condition (UK only)?
Is there a chance I may have breast cancer? Can you get breast cancer at 17?
Associations between breast and ovarian cancers with BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 gene(s)?
"cancer free" question?
Why am I allergic to anything baked with chocolate, but not chocolate candy?
runny nose doesn't stop with medication?
how can i get rid of a blocked noes quickly?
how does a person develop a allergy?
allergy cure naturallt please?
how come i have ALOT of mucus?
My dads says he's allergic to fur!! help!?
my 1yr old is allergic to peanut?
What can i put on a spider bites to help it heal faster?
my babies got a permanant bruise on her knuckle?
Ingrown toenail help?! emergency!?
One knee cap significantly warmer than the other?
can you get carbon monoxide poison if your stove was leaking gas for about an hour?
dont let the bed bugs bite?
Used a quarter to solve a nose bleed, fell asleep with it now I have a bump the size of a quarter. what is it?
If I put some sort of oil on my hand then pour hot water over it, will my hand get burned?
I was putting bread in the oven when I touched a hot part to the spot by my thumb and pointer.?
Air bubble in my finger?!?
Question about diabetes...?
Diabetic type 2 patients ?
What is the difference between slow twitch muscle fibres and fast twitch muscle fibres?
How long does it take for swelling to go down at the site of a fracture?
Do you have any scars? If so how many?
Whats wrong with my forearm?
Are you a nurse or doctor? Got a funny story?
Found something harmful in beverage and could have died. What actions should be taken?
why can't I wear my tubigrip in bed?
What should I do? I volunteered to eat dry ice for an experiment and it still hurts!?
Sharp pain on the arch of my foot?
What should I do about my head????
Why is it illegal to try to kill yourself? It's your own life and you didn't ask to be born!!?
Repost, "Psychic Driving" any help or thoughts?
What are the symptoms of an anxiety disorder?
How can i keep myself from being so easily persuaded to do things?
why do people get locked up when they commit suicide?
OMG what do I do? I am so close from killing myself?
I am experiencing a fetish where I want to dress up as the candlestick from "Beauty and the Beast"?
Plantar Fasciitis....?
ouchy pleeze help!!?
How can workers comp insurance agents get away with getting the proper medical treatment for head/neck injury?
hot or cold for pinched nerve in neck?
someone look at this to help about mu hand?
i have yellow teeth i wanna a brighter teeth plz help?
What happens if you don't get your braces removed?
Best and fast way to get white teeth?
how do you make or where can you find fake braces or a retainer?
Tongue piercing and my mouth spits on its own.?
Does light therapy for acne work?
Sweaty hands?
When i wake up in the morning the white part of my eyes have a blue tint what could this mean?
what the hell is wrong with my eye?! help! it hurts!!!?
lack of sleep information?
cystic fibrosis-can birth control medication be used to control this?
Does Vicks Cough Drops have DXM in them?
How does the body react to SARS?
what is best to cure coughs?
I have a very dry cough - chest feels almost as if im breathing in very cold air or tightness maybe - l?
Do I Have Tonsilliths?
Help me please? Emergency?
14 month old's eczema worsens with dairy and egg - Montair (Singulair) prescribed?
What is the best medicine for allergies?
itchy eyelids allergic reaction to oil of olay eye illuminator?
Cure to post nasal drip? Please help me I have been suffering forever!?
By accident ate a stale discoloured bread. What should I do? Is there any preventive measure that is to be ta?
oysters allergy?a couple of years ago i become very ill after eating about a dozen oysters wich where very?
is it pink eye or allergies?
How do you get rid of mold?
how long does a sore throat take to revive and what is the best way to get rid of it completely?
What bug bite disappears after a few hours?
What is the most effective way to remove a tick that is embedded?
Ate a grapefruit, now top lip stings?
Hellpp! my friend she needs help D:?
How To Treat Bee Sting On Head?
is it true that if a mosquito has already begun to bite, that you should let it bite you rather than shoo it?
Ice and Salt Burns? Help Please?
While your in CNA training do they let you dress up a dead body?
Do Bee's Sting And What Kills Them?
When dieting, sometimes I feel very cold. How can I stop this? ?
Does taking anti-inflammatory medicine (ibuprofen) effect your body at all recovering from exercise?
What can i do to loose weight a little faster?
How do I get motivated enough to lose weight?
Is there a such website to find out your diet?
help me by your valuable suggestions please?
I'm wanting to lose weight?
Why do people laugh at me when I work out?
How can I eat vitamins?
sun burn that's bubbling up,whats best to use?
How to hide wounds on stage?
Any advice about a scorpion sting?
Is codeine addictive?
can anyone suggest me to reduce ankle and heel pain?
Fentanyl - how long until body adjusts and side effects lessen?
who knows anything about treatment successfully for a buldging disc in lower back?
horrible shooting pain in knee to ankle?
Left Side Pain??
my cousin used to be depressed and she took lots of ibuprofen advil and tylenol?
Have had a anoying pain in my left side for years. IBS? Spleen? What?
Why does it feel like this?
Is it right for a counsellor to tell a patient, after hearing of their abusive and unhappy childhood, that?
What is the difference between depression and manic depression?
Is it better to take lithium in the day or at night?
Could childhood vaccines be behind increased instance of mental illness?
How does a person with Borderline Personality Disorder ever live a happy life?
Spoonerism and Dyslexia?
I cant sleep at night!?!?!?
why can't i sleep (please read details)?
Why are almost 10% of Americans on anti-depressants?
Why do I feel like no one cares about me?
Scientific POLL: May I ask a question of Black, White, and Asian Republican Men and Women ONLY please?
3 questions frequently asked to the diabetes patients by the doctors?
Where can I purchase bean skin tea? It is suppose to be a natural substitute for insulin.?
I need to buy exendrin - 4 for diabetes healing, who can help me find it?
I am looking for the name of a medication...?
What are the benefits/detriments of receiving chemotherapy?
how is gabapentin used in the treatment of cancer?
i have lymph nodes under my neck, and under my armpits.?
How can i tell if a breast lump is cancerous or not?
to the cancer experts?
could this be cancer?
does anyone know how long someone can live with cancer of the uterus?
skin cancer can you freeze it with the stuff to freeze warts?
where 2 buy a good colon cleanser please!!!!!!!!!!?
Why does your eye lids sometimes flicker.?
how to fix a VERY red and irritated eye?
plano contacts cost?
should i have to pay for this eye exam?
My eyes are super sensitive to light! Dx?
retinoscopy test without correction?
Can WD-40 blind a person ?
Contact Lense Wearers: Did your eyes water alot and go red the first time you put contacts in?
Can a person be allergic to water?
Had an allergic reaction to a medication... Now I have a sinus infection?
what good allergy pills are there?
where can i buy a raincoat for someone who is allergic to rain water?
Allergy to Laundry Detergent?
Help me! My lip is swollen?
I want to hear some stories about shellfish allergies. How do you go through daily life?
Forehead and eye area burning!?
How do I stop my runny/stuffed nose?
Why do I have to blow my nose after I eat?
Hair line fracture on Arm
nail biting help?
How can I break my habit of staying up late?
Shortness Of Breath After Car Accident?
How long will it take for her to recover?
i want to stop smoking .... How to do that?
hi i need to dialog whit a doctor pleas help me?
Has anyone ordered from dear-lady.com?
How Do You Make Your Self Throw Up? Besides The Finger Method And Does Honey Musterd And Water Work?
Sunburn Blister Help?
Why does my ingrown toenail still hurt after I've taken it out?
How can I heal my cut extremely quickley?
I got two stitches yesterday. Now there bleeding?
i pierced my own caritlage now my entire upper part of my ear is red?
Help with a (maybe) infected cut?
im am wondering which is the most painful ear peircing?
How long does it take for a burnt tongue to heal?
Bug bite or spider bite help!!?
My Earring back is stuck in my ear!?
Is "smoking" e-cigarette bad for you?
Why are these things put into cigarettes?
Why don't we snore when fully awake?
How can I learn to run with my asthma?
what is pulmonary bay?
i have pain in my chest,back and breast,ive had a xray and there is a shadow on my lung,what does it mean?
Pain in chest with breathlessness?
Quitting smoking - methods that have helped you kick the habit?
Why does smoking cigarettes look so cool!!?
Experience with Neural Tube Defect or AFP Test?
my fathers disabilaty.?
why do some doctors do not believe in chronic pain?
why does weaning off verapamil cause migraines?
Trapped nerve in hip?, plz help me!?
my sister has degeneration of the spinal column they want her to go on a morphine drip for the pain good idea?
my head hurts! whats wrong!?
ouchh. please help ?!?
Why do I have a recurring fever?
will running build thigh muscles, or make it leaner?
does drinking a lot of water help you loose weight?
i'm not fat, but i have a stomach what's the best thing i should do to lose my stomach?
NEED HELP PLEEZ! How can i b more healthy???
is this true my friends bio teacher told her this?
my friends think i'm anorexic, what should i do?
Who is the fattest person you know and do they think they are fat?
Why is bipolar disorder so overrated these days?
How can I get out of my comfort zone and take more chances at life ?
Why do people with scitzophrenia not seem to feel any emotions?
Who said you can't buy love? I did and I am very happy.... Have you?
Can anybody offer me any advice with coping with panic attacks?
Is The Hubristic Pride Jehovah's Witnesses Display A Mark Of Insecurity In Their Beliefs?
should i kill myself?
ok, well im tad on the gay side but im also homophobic so what dos this make me :S?
eyelid twiching?
will using non-fluoride toothpaste give me cavities?
why can i only fall asleep and sleep on my stomach and not my back or sides?
Should a different washcloth be used daily or is it okay to use the same one for a week.?
What is a USPMS?This is being put down as an occupation by someone who claims to be a doctor?
I had stitches in my toe a few days and it is still swollen. Anything I can do to reduce swollen tissue?
Broken Leg in seven different places, open fracture. Lots of questions. Please help.?
could i have a hairline fracture in my wrist?
My scar feels like it's pinching me; I got it 12 years ago?
What's wrong with my ankle?!?
Why do I tear for no reason?
i burned my forearm and it left a mark there is it ok and when does it go away?
can anybody help me with medicine for atopic ezimia?
Why is water good for you?
stretch marks?
Skin problems: if you take a steam bath you would have a healthier skin?
i have a skin condition?
I'm Hungry! But...?
What foods cause cancer to spread?
How does hypnosis meditation help cancer?
Stage 4 brain cancer..?
why do people get breast cancer?
How many children and adults die per year in the U.S by smoking or chewing tobacco?
Question: Smokers under 25 years old...what made u start?
its a serious worry about my bro in law ,eye sight his age 15 years ?
does masshealth cover eye contacts?
I have an elderly mom in her 70s, and she needs glasses. Where is cheapest place for her to go in DFW Texas?
big nose!???!?!!?!!???!!?!?!?!?
What is a good website for first aid?
Can You Get Stitches Wet?
i have this splinter on my fooot?
how do you help the pain when you get really sunburned?
I got a little piece of glass stuck in my foot and then my skin grew over it now its stuck in my foot.?
Have you ever been stung by a bee? If so then...?
How do I get a 9 yr old to not bite her finger nails?
Do crematoriums give discounts to burn victims?
CORTISONE - flare and?
What percentage of shoulder surgery is successful?
What is wrong when you have shoulder pain ,accompanied with electrical charges down your arm,and numbness?
What kind of pill has LuCHEMS printed on it?
Why my legs move even when I'm asleep?
cause head and neck pain?
what should i do about my ancle it hurts!!!felt numb @ 1st but now it hurts when i turn it?
How does an artificial kidney separate waste products from the blood?
Can artane 2mg cause a person to become hypoglycemic?
What can you do when sensitivity is lost in the legs due to diabetes?
why is there more urea in the urine than in the blood?
Hey insulin pumpers! What is your daily basal rate?
my uncle has been placed in a nuring home ?
Im 19 and I been sick for a year my sugar drops real low when i eat sugar like to (40 r 35)and now its been?
What makes your body feel like your gonna faint?
Does the liver pain???
EPILEPSY.....is epilepsy a chromosomal abnormality?
Definition of Autism?
hurts to breath and move?
my feet are red and swelling.?
In medical usage, what does a 90% occuluded LAD mean?
What's supraventricular tachycardia?
Is there any organizations that help pay for life threating operations?
septal focal atrial tachycardia ,anyone else suffering from this as i have just been diagnosed with this?
I am having some discomfort under my left breast I was wondering If that is a sign of a heart attack?
What is the serious lining that covers the lungs?
Has anyone else had influenza for several weeks?
I would like to buy a vaporizer, but can't afford the Volcano. From experience, can anyone recommend something
side effects of?
Can only fully breath from one nostril. ?
my son came to me last night and his ear was draining clear fluid with what looks like blood?
Do you think it's time for accutane? (pics) PLEASE ANSWER? <3?
I want to view vitiligo patients pictures?
Bacne... Can anyone please help?! Thanks.?
What are some heme remedies for Acne?
should i go to the gp?
Botox for Mom????????????????????????????????
I have what I think are broken blood vessels on my face,back,and chest what do they look like??r=1239817820?
can psorias kill you?
Will i die from rubbing my hands together?
How long will the needle be in my vein when I get a blood test?
A question I answered earlier from the Good Dr Frank has disappeared - why? ?
A friend told me staying up past 1-2 may help cause some organ diseases, etc. Anyone know anything about this?
How do I keep my new car smell from making me trippy?
I saw a guy with gigantic feet about the size of trash can lids, what is that called?
A very easy ten points, so click and read. ?
I know this may sound off...?
To those who already have universal healthcare, are you satisfied with it?
Is it only in movie that a patient affected from Lung Cancer or Tuberculosis coughs heavily?
How much does your chances of skin cancer increase if you tan in the natural sun?
When they take ur blood work does it check for blood cancers?
My mother has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Is there any hope (just found out yesterday).?
mouth cancer?
a 16 year old boy can have a men breast cancer?
Do necklaces cause skin cancer?
has anyone felt they needed a change of life, quit their job, moved out of state, and started a new life?
ocd! ocd! ocd!?
Is MucinexD used by teens as a party drug?
For those of you on anti-depressants?
How do I get the courage to do the things that I need to?
Has anyone ever used your illness against you?
Does anyone take lithium?
Wierdest dream you ever had?
What is the difference between pulling a muscle or spraining a leg?
Do I HAVE to go to school if I broke my leg?
My son fell on cement steps on wrist and now its turning purpishblack on the inside,its hurting:broke or what?
what are the symptoms of a popped rib?
is brufen OK for the dogs?
i have a sore on the area around my nail and it wont heal, its very painful?
Every time im sad i have an almost overpowering urge to cut my wrist, im scared and i don't like it?
i burned my hand how do i make it go away in 2 days?
Why do people's eyes look all wiggly after they've had cataract surgery?
why the big difference (price) in perscription glasses?
eye pain. . my eyes are red and feel wierd. . what is this?
Questions about Physiological Anisocoria (Please Answer)?
Contact Lense infection help?????????????
What's wrong with my teacher's eye?
If a person loses their eye site can they then regain their vision back later or do they always remain blind?
Inside eyelid bubble ??
how come i cant look people in the eye?
Eye boogers...are they gross?
Good allergy medicines for kids?
what are some home remedies for allergies?
Why won't my hives go away?
Congested more with neti pot use?
After painting my nails they have turned a yellowish colour - allergic reaction to varnish?