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Do most smokers suffer from social inadequacy?
Does the fish called Tilipia contain Omega 3.?
Need to lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks! How do i do it?
How many calories do you have to burn to loose one pound?
loose weight.?
What exercises / workout routines do you find most enjoyable?
ways to stop weight gain in the fun way?
Does oolong tea realy help you loose weight? If so where can I buy it in the UK?
I am 5'8 and i am 145 . I am healthy but i have all this excess fat like on my stomach and thighs.?
im really fat im only 13 im 5'3 an i weigh 185!!!! how do i loose weight???
How can i lose 100 pounds easy?
Is possible for animals to get acne?
How can i make my bug bited to stop itching?
I have a wart on my finger and I cannot get it to go away. Could it possibly be something else?
Why does the sun hurt?
Medication For Herpes...?
HOW CAN i GET RID OF MY ZITS???? I have little ones all over?
how do u get rid of razor bumps?
Your experience with wisdom teeth removal!?
Should I be a dentist?
Cavity Question?
Which is more important, brushing teeth at night or in the morning?
Small toothaches, are they cavities?
How do you know you want to be a dentist?
procedure for teeth???????
Does toothpaste really expire?
what do u call a bear with no teeth?
I used to be allergic to hydrocodone, now I am not. Why is this?
Pain in upper left abdomen???
What would cause an 18 yr old girl to get stabbing belly pains? She has been to many doctors. ?
Late osgood-schlatter disease?
i dont feel so good:[ii thought i had a fever but i dont.my throat is hurting sooo much....?
best non-prescription contacts?
Should I be concerned for a possible eye infection?
my eyes hurt me!?
Can i buy medicon progent contact lens cleaner on the net?
my eye doctor does not want to prescribe me full rx?
When should I wear my glasses?
When switching from one ACE inhibitor to another, is it necessary to taper or just substitute?
what is a bicuspid heart valve?
Bicuspid aortic valves-what is their incidence in generl population? How often they leak or develop leakage?
left ventricule hypertrophy?
During my labor my blood pressure elevated to 179/110 I'm 21 and 125 pounds. It's still high, will this pass?
Infomation about being tired with SVT?
Kissing with allergies?
How do you feel about allergie shots?
why do my mosquito bites swell up all the time?
Can someone with a dairy allergy have a reaction by simply TOUCHING something with dairy in it?
How long is this going to take?
allergic reaction to veet?
Does Azithormycin have Penicillin in it?
what are the the symptons of skin cancer and how is it created?
symptoms of galactophore hyperplasia?
my mom has pancreatic cancer?
Is it possible for someone say a guy who has cancer to get a girl pregnant?
Does using a cell phone give you brain cancer?
How do the cardiac and respiratory system relate to each other?
im scared for my partner they r having problems with there cheast?
how fast does the inhaler work when there's an asthma attack ?
What can I do about post nasal drip?
Regarding pancreas infection?
Sick - sore throat, what can I do to get it gone?
Do you agree, Re bad breath? Smokers breath smells bad but non smokers smells vile? I can take smokers breath?
Can I avoid puking out of my nose?
What are the normal mesurments of glucose in the blood?
Could I have diabetes?
question about blood sugar/diabetes?
need help with my test results?
It's my 1st winter in Alaska, my hands are itchy. What are some good remedies?
When is the best time to take an Epsom salt bath??? after or before a work out?
Mosquito bite infection?
What can you put on a tick bite other than nail polish?
OMG ear piercing question - please help?
What should I do?
How do i clean my ear after i get a piercing?
Strange Bug Bite Help?
Does vitamin E reallly help discoloration of the skin due to acne?
How to get rid of flea bites????????
What is the easiest way to get rid of corns?
Why do I bite my nails and what makes it so addictive?
Yellow Skin Disease?
Smooth, red acne scars that won't go away; complicated case; ideas?
Would marijuana help debilitating migraines?
I might be getting my second ear piercing next week. I am really scared of the pain.?
Possible Bulging disk?? Need info PLZ?
How long do you have pain after having a c-section type incision?
I just got my lower back x-ray results back, I need help understanding?
My ankle hurts because I wear heels too much?
Calf-knee issue?
Chest Problem?
Why does it hurt when your leg falls asleep?
what did i do to my ankle?
i cant get to sleep easy? at all?
I had astigmatism in both eyes. Now, I don't. Is that possible?
Can eye strain from watching TV in the dark help astigmatism?
special effect contacts?
how often do i need to change my freshlook color contacts?
20/400 vision?
How do i enhance communication between myself and a blind man?
My eye does this weird thing, I just look at something right for I whil and then when I looksomewhere else it.
If i exersized for 2 hours, how much would i loose?
what are some of the things that happen to our bodies if we keep eating so much sodium in the processed foods?
Does Cycling only work your legs? or does it work other body parts as well?
Does drinking milk increase muscle mass ? I drink skimmed milk.?
If you lose a lot of weight, is it almost a guarantee that you will have sagging skin?
About the Five-a-day?
how to be a morning person ?
Can you beat this?
i wanna lose weight i am a 13 yr old girl i weight 235 & i wanna weigh 150 what is fast way 2 lose 85lbs?
why do my gums keep bleeding?
Can a dentist be wrong when reading an X-ray and saying you have no wisdom teeth to worry about?
is it possible to get a cavity on the front of your tooth?
Root canal... I know I asked this before but....!?!??!?
Going to the dentist for the first time.?
a tongue question?
does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
how can i get rid of this black line around my mouth?
bad meth teeth, please help?
Do dermatologist also treat cold sores?
What's the complete breakdown of alcohol (ethanol C2H6O ) when consumed by the body?
why do multi-vitamins make your pee neon yellow?
Ibuprofen overdose! Help!?
what do you feel like when your high from marijuana?
If I put pearls on my swine flu will people think I just have bad allergies?
why do i smell really bad?
Butt blood? Please help!?
in 6 weeks, cardiac pulse not found in sonography. does it indicate any abnormalities of offspring?
Is my cholesterol really high? Overall cholesterol of 255 (details below) ?
heart problems?
Should infants get the meningitis vaccine?
cardiac function?
I had acid reflux a couple dyas ago and now my heartbeat is irregular is that normal?
Blood pressure?
How long does allergy medication take to start working, and how long does it last?
i m tired of skin allergy pls help?
am i allergic to my earring?
does this sound like allergies? (10 pts best answer!)?
HOw do they do allergey test?
Can anyone tell me if palm oil is like nut oil? And is it ok for a nut allergy sufferer?
my allergist said dont go around goats ,horses, and farm animals should i listen.?
i caught poison ivy on my face around my eyes?
can ant bites effect me if im not elergic?
Some more answers to medical questions.These are real answers its frightening.?
whats the best way to remove a tiny little glass sliver from my foot?
Cut on Face?
What is the difference between a hangover headache and a regular headache?
how do i get rid of hangnails??
how do you get rid of blackheads naturally?
how exactly does alcohol damage your skin?
how do you make a wart go away I have wart medicaine but it wont go away?
how do you get rid of scars? or prevent them when theyre fresh?
how much does a dermatologist make a year?
Skin irritations....?
Do i still need to have my cyst surgically removed now that it has ruptured and has started to shrink down?
Are there any home remedies to stop the itching of a rash?
Coloured Contacts for High power prescription?
Constant Blinking Issues, Help!?
vision problem question?
Sunstroke in childern?
if a chemical in a plant kills cancer cells and?
My older brother is affecting by TB in small bowel as per barium report. He is also consuming medicine as Doc
i just got a cold, how do i get rid of it?
Medicine Question???
I went to the emergency room this morning for breathing troubles but I'm not sure they are right?
help with chronic/constant lightheadedness?
How can I get rid of a stuffy nose?
I just found out I have asthma today, Do I need to get rid of my bunny?
Help with Type II diabetes meals?
Blood report serum total bilirubin?
I have dark marks around my neck and some developing under my pits. Am i getting type 1 or 2 diabetes?
If I don't exercise for one day will I gain weight the next day?
Any suggestions?
Should I try to quit smoking or lose weight first?
How Can I lose tummy fat?
Healthy?? What is that?
how to lose 20 pounds in about 6 weeks?
The Lemonade Diet?
anyone else out there anorexic?
chocolate cravings?
How many "Orgasms"?
Recently I have had an ekg that shows QRS axis of -61 with an interpretation of anterior fascicular block.?
does the intake of vegetable juice containing beetroot,cucumber,gourd and carrot reduce blood pressure?
What equipments are needed for EECP treatment, and where is the source/s?
instruction how to make a heart model out of paper?
Is the heart a main artory!?
what does it mean when your heart is beating and then you feel 1 or 2 thumping beats in your chest?
Migraine Question?
i can't sleep at night .from last 8 month i am regularly taking madician prescribed by psychlogist.no releif
painfull migraines please help????
Chest pains....?
HELP pain in the chest and neck when i breath, digest ,food ,drink or burp please help Me hurting so bad?
What would cause pain in your lower back on each side?
make the pain go away?
about how much would lasik eye surgery cost???
my eyes are dim how to recover it?????
Does the use of Cosmetic Contact lenses require any testing on the eyes?
I got my contacts like a week ago and my right eye has been hurting me when i have it in.?
Contacts - Price/ Length of use/ everything!!?
is it normal to clench your fist and feel as if your arm is growing as you do it?
What would be considered an anti-aging food product?
Why do I need to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours? PLS READ DETAILS?
What does the black marks(mole) on anywhere in body indicates as per astrolory.?
Information about Diabetes brought down from family
Is expired Glipizide better than nothing at all? ?
if your blood sugar goes low
I am a type 2 diabetic and wanting suggestions on weight loss and diabetic recipes.?
Is there any connection to my blood glucose and the fact that mosquitos love me?
It 1:32 am and i havent had anything to eat in awhile but i ate a lot of sugar today and my blood sugar is 91?
breast tenderness?
Is it safe to live in Las Vegas with nodules on my lungs? Help?
Now that they have found a cheap, safe drug that kills most cancers, isn’t it a shame?
How does one find out where the source of agent orange cancer started in a body?
I am diagnosed with schizophrenia. I just had a test for heavy metals. I have 10 mcg per liter arsenic level.?
Bowel problems- young mum and sooo worried?
how can i grow?
Is pasta considered a low carb food?
What can i eat to make my thighs bigger?
Weight gain!?!?!?!?!?
im 15 and i want to lose 70 lbs. in one month. am i doin it right?
Is it better to eat and then work out or work out and then eat?
can i still lead worship (singing and playing guitar) if i get my wisdom teeth removed on the same day?
With braces i didnt floss but my gums r lower than my bracket, im flosing everyday now how long til they heal?
Will the dentist know that I smoke?
For people who have had palatal expanders...?
How do I get rid of a painful mouth ulcer?
Teeth Sensitive to cold?
A clear/white bump under tongue. Help?
are you supposed to floss all of your teeth or just the ones that feel like they have food stuck in them?
how to have whiter teeth ?
Is it better to tolerate bad feelings or to try to feel better?
is something wrong with me?
How do you deal when it feels like your whole world (career) is falling apart? Please share some advice?
Why do people become defensive when another is defensive?
What could be wrong with me?
what's the furthest a person's I.Q can be?
Is this okay, or normal to have this feeling?
Ive injured my knee, help.
Knee popping normal?
what can i try at home to help relieve sciactic nerve pain?
What is happening inside your head during a headache?
What's a good way of geting rid of pins and needles?
friend woke up this morning and her joints hurt. knucles, toes, and back. says she has a head and stomach ache
What can you take for toothache (a really bad one)?
Can you please help me with my foot injury?
Is there a way to increase your pain tolerance?
what should i do to my mosquito bite?
ive heard that if you take vitamin b tablets it prevents mosquito bites. true or false?
Do I need stitches?
Lump under skin above knee. What could this be?
I got stung by a scorpion about 30 min's ago... lips and tongue are numb...Should I be concerned?
how will i cure my infected cartilage piercing?
Where can I get cobra poison, so that I may become immune to it.?
How much is lasik eye surgery and did it work for you or anyone you know?
I feel really upset about my right eye? (long)?
Would it harm your eyes if you wear 0.00 base curve contact lens when your base curve prescription says -1.00?
what does it mean when I see something out of the corner of my eye, then turn to look and nothing is there?
when i do the "finger-to-nose" exercise only my lazy left eye moves..is that weird?!?
is there any way i can get FREE color contacts ??
need info on hookworm with pictures of rash on humans?
Can third degree burns be removed by plastic surgery?
what is the best affective treatment for stretch marks? besides surgery?
How do you get rid of a fever blister? I ran a fever for 5 days and now have one...?
How can I hide eczema scars on my legs?
I burnt the skin under my underarm with hot wax&it is 2 shades darker.I don't know what to do or how to fix it
Is pee good for your skin?
I have a Abbott's optium exceed glucometer. Can I use it to check glucose level of my 8 months old son?
can i get a tattoo with diabetes?
is the diabetic drug symlin available in canada? If not how could a canadian get it?
is olmetec plus 20/12.5 mg is anticlogant?
what is the diet that they take your blood?
How do I lower my triglyceride?
rec. alcoholic,, does alcohol sugar in food effect my recoverey,, will it hurt an already weak liver/pancreis?
I wonder why they haven't found a cure for diabetes?
should ii do it agaiin?
How do you know if you have whiplash?
How do i fall asleep?
My Mother has Pancreatic Cancer...what now?
What do you think of Texas requiring cervical cancer vaccine for all girls?
does deodrant cause cancer from new researches.?
my grandson has a white cell count of 22 - is this bad?
best way to loose weight?
Im so stressed about losing weight, Is it true that stress will make gain weight?
How does a 15 year old girl loose 30lbs before summer?
Why does nothing work!?
What did you eat today and are you on a diet?
Weight loss advice for teens?
Why has the instinctive and natural joy of eating being taken away from us.?
I'm a 15 year old girl I'm 5ft 7 what is my ideal weight in your opinion?
how can i get abs like this????
Why do idiots still refer to the BMI?
How does mold and mildew make you sick? How serious can it be? How do I get rid of it in my house?
need help with dignosis?
is panic and annexity attacks the same thing?
Could you tell me somthing()s about Ventolin?
I know they have done tests on rats and smoking.have they ever tested smokin cats?
One year ago i had a pe couldent breathe could that have given me asthma?
i cant breath good & hurts my chest?
what do you think of the new fire proof cigarettes ???
Is it normal to feel nothing all the time?
what is the best treatment for stiff neck?
What are some remedies to get rid of nagging neck pain???
excruciating rib pain?
Why do I pass out whenever my body loses blood or feels pain? eg, cut to the finger, period, back ache etc?
Sharp pain in arch even while sleeping/resting?
Does anyone out there take Topamax?
I have mild scoliosis, can I apply for SSI?
The left side of my throat hurts when I swallow?
Haven't worn my retainer in a while, my teeth has shifted, can I wear same retainer to straighten teeth back?
If i put elastics on my braces when i dont need them will i get them off sooner?
i think i need braces. please help me.?
Transition Lens Question?
question about one eye, possably an eye problem.?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
needing advise on contacts?
What can I do to improve my vision so I no longer would have to depend on glasses/contacts in the future?
Right eye aches every so often?
How do you now when u start growing?
eye drop posining?
Horrible floaters?
What are the symptoms to a spider bite?
Why does the top of my left ear keep itching like CRAZY!?
Ear healing time for my cartiladge piercing prolonged?
How to care for wind burn / frost bite?
infection in my cartilage peircing! help!?
why do we get shots!?
What's the easiest way to get rid of a sore throat?
Can you get internal frostbite?
Whats should i do about this thing on my finger?
I would like to become a certified clinical nutritionist. How do I get started?
I get sick after I sleep?
What is going on? I am freaking out?
Bitter taste in mouth and no appetite.?
Strange sleep disturbances?
How can you wake yourself up in the morning?
My doctor prescribe me Paroxetine HCL today today should i take them?
Eating protein related to farts?
Does vitamin C help relieve dark circles around the eyes?
What's on Seal's Face?
Blood sugar levels in normal people?
explain the metabolic disorderin case of diabetes type-2?
what is a minor epileptic seizure?
I have PCOS. DO I need to cut out all sugar? ?
My mother is suffering from kidney problem for the last one year.?
Anyone using a Medtronic Paradigm pump with CGM?
One Touch Ultra 2 ?????
Free way to dispose of sharps?
From cardiology: heart exam- long tube with camera checking if arterias are narrow,invadive exam u kno name?
"arm pain" high blood pressure?
Has anyone had an abnormal ECG, but echocardiogram showed everything ok?
Has anyone tried Arjun Tea for heart disorders and high BP?
what is the vioxx situation now nov '06?
I'm 24 year old boy. I suffer from bromcytis since last 12 year. I always happy but know fed up with his life.
please explain what is meant by a mechanical fall?
best area to live with real bad pollen allergy?
Is it possible to be allergic to cold water?
how does pollen affect allergic people?
allergy qestion, need help asap?
Allergy to codeine...?
my son has a milk allergy help with his diet?
Am i allergic to shrimp?
The first time one is exposed to an allergen nothing happens. Why?
What can cause legs/lower half to swell up? Any doctors/nurses?
What could be causing morning nausea? (Apart from pregnancy)?
advice on m.s please???
Headaches and heating pads?
Has anyone heard of confined appendicitis?
What could be the cause of this pain in my knee and foot?
Why does the back of my neck hurt?
Why is my right hand always significantly colder than my left?
Has anyone in Q & A ever reduce you to tears?
If you are overweight can you lose weight playing boxing on the Nintendo Wii & is it really effective?
do you have a specific running routine on the treadmill to burn fat quickly?
Do you believe fat makes you fat?
Do crunches help you lose stomach gut?
What are some healthy ways to put on weight?
Tips on being healthy for a teenager?
How can I drink more water in a day?
How to ge my Tummy flat in 3 to 4 weeks?
acai berries? i want to loose weight.. but i have some questions..?
If you exercise but don't go to the bathroom, do you lose weight?
What is the best weed you have ever smoked?
Pulmonary Hypertension?
Which works better for an Anti inflammatory. Iburprofen OR Naproxen?
how long are prescriptions good for ?
Treatment for hangover?
can hydroxyzine pamoate get you high?
prescription/over the counter stuff for energy?? please help!?
Do you practice meditation?
i am having an extreme moral dilemma HELP?
is glutathione vaniderm helps eye sight?
Have new prescription glasses w/ anti-glare coating...still seeing multiples on headlights, street signs etc.?
OPTOMETRISTS: Would you recommend Orthokeratology( ortho k )?
how long u go on oxygen levels in the 80"s?
i have had chest infection for the past week went to the doctors & gave me antibiotics than two days later i ?
I'm at stage 2 COPD now, how fast does it progress?
What bad things can you get from smoking?
worried,, sick?
Where can I find someone to read an x-ray?
Smoking Paper, is it Bad for you?
I breathed in a macaroni noodle by accident!?
how to treat ear pain?
Some kind of bug bite..?
i got a jelly fish bite. HELP!?
please help i have a "bubble" on my finger!!!????
whats the best way and less painful to get a earing in my ear myself?
Rembrant whitening kit?
does getting your wisdom teeth removed make room for your other teeth?
Cerec crown questions?
Invisalign??????? Help!!?
when will i get my braces?
bite plates prevent me from chewing(Please help)?
Are my wisdom teeth growing in? Pain in the back of my mouth?
Elastics to fix overbite...?
why does my bro have vampire teeth?
What will happen if I don't brush or floss my teeth for just one night?
Skin Hurts, but why is that?
what works best to fight blackheads?
How to treat depressions in my flesh?
I have tiny indents on my nails. What does that mean?
Easy Brusing?
Can a person in Louisiana who has cancer get Medicare at the beginning of disability?
Does this mean that he cannot shampoo or dye his hair?
How does people feel about tumors that shows up on the brain?
3 days after my Whipple operation I was diagnosed with a lacerated spleen That was one of the multiples compli
If you fall within the "normal" range for a CR125 test, does it mean you don't have cancer?
can you get cancer if you scratch your mole off?
What to give a dying person for Xmas?
Why a bad taste in the mouth after Oral Radiotherapy?
how does migraine medicine work?
Is is wrong to just want to use pain management for migraines? Are there doctors who will do this?
HELP my throbbing headache wont go away!?
Is it not to late to fix my bad back posture?
im 15 and having lower back pain!!?
i have a backache what should i do?
While i woke up in morning i found a lizard in my bed dead. i am fear of that. will there be any problem due t?
Thank you note for a doctor?
Could Valerian be helpful for older people with shaky hands, as it relaxes muscles? Other suggestions?
Is biotin 1000 mcg a good enough dosage for my hair growth or should switch to 5000 mg?
omega3, is it harmfull to take it during spring and summer?
Craniosacral therapy for migraine?
Can a guy purchase female birth control?
Alternative/Complementary/Conservative Health Care, Why is it not a topic on YAHOO?
Can i smoke a couple months old weed?
tell me what this means?
random nosebleeds during summer and at night?
After a blood transfusion, can environmental allergies worsen?
swelling like a bug bite around eyes?
Will it do me anyharm?
Allergic to my white gold wedding band. What can I do about this?
I am looking for wheat and diary free bread recipes?
Can i have Benadrly ( antihistamine) ......Suffering too much..?
My eyes have been red for 5 days straight. Whats going on?
My husband woke up this morning and he was coughing up mucus with blood in it and now his throat is swollen?
is this astigmatism? i'm nearsighted and need glasses especially to drive..one eye is better than the other...
I want to take cigarette breaks at work?
how do I know the correct sideof the contact when putting them in my eye.?
Information about SynergEyes contacts?
How can opticians be so wrong?
What's it called...?
I have a question for a podiatrist or a person with foot knowledge. My question is about bone spurs - heels.?
I am a 17 yr old mixed female, and I have a serious health problem that doctors can't seem to figure out.?
weird lump on a vein on my arm?
does anyone know where i can get purple contacts at that isnt for prescriptions just for fun? ?
what things cant you do with one kidney and is sports of them?
Any NJ Residents w/9/11 Health Problems-who were NOT in lower Manhattan after attacks?
does anybody know the symptoms of 'terret syndrome'?
how can i overcome my mirror-writing habbit?!?
Wii Fit - Does it really work?
What is the healthiest way to eat eggs? ?
POLL: How many miles do you walk in a week?
horse creatine is cheaper than people creatine....can i take that instead?
what ways can i lose weight health and fast?
are canned fruits/veggies worthless towards your health?
If your gonna be rude dont answer. Does anyone know a diet pill that acutually works?
How long should you wait after eating before going to bed?
i feel like my legs are fat and im embarssed..?
How to get super glue off skin?
I woke up with some sort of bug bite?
Could this be a problem?
I just broke a snow globe?
How do I get a splinter out of the middle of my palm? ?
How do I make fire from rubbing sticks together incase I get stranded in the middle of nowhere?
Does anyone know of any successful CPR stories?
Whats next for 2-day old gash?
name ten things you need in a first aid kit?
just got stung by huge black bee?
fuzzy logic?
Sore Throat???????????
Help me... I can't breathe too good!?
Hard time catching breath....?
Is it alright for me to run (with asthma) in this race ?
SIADH occurs in almost any lung pathology. why so and how?
I have been coughing, with some wheezing, and spitting out a clear goo. What is wrong?
How do you stop coughing?
smoking and bleeding?
Is "biological dentistry" an ethical science? Could it be harmful?
Can I still get braces after having had a root canal?
I know every dentist is different,but how do they fill cavities?
Dental Crowns or Implants? Have you had an implant!?
terrified of pulling out wisdom teeth??!! help!!!?
What types of oral bacteria are there?
getting braces soon what color should i get?
When does a person lose all his baby teeth and has a full set of adult ones?
The dentist has overfilled my corner teeth.I am feeling too much discomfort and hardness?
Eczema!!! HELP!!!!?
about my ance?
Is there any way to speed up cold sore recovers?
Other than cutting, anything you can do to prevent or remove skin tabs?
Bad acne.... less than 2 weeks!!?
Foot and Mouth?
dry/peeling lips?
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.....coldsore????
please help me to get out of these ugly ones !?
why may insulin coma occur?
Dr. sasid my insulin and glucose levels were too high?
Can you do my homework plz?
Why does gestational diabetes increases a woman's risk of type 2 diabetes later?
can one use diamaxol against diabetes or to regularize one blood sugar level. i need knowledge information. pl
Could i have diabetes?
Can dehydration cause you to have temporary color blindness?
The glucagon shot and sugars?
what are the side effects for morphine e 653 30 mg? is it like oxycontin or better? ?
what is the pain in my neck(upper left area) whenever i do certain weightlifting workouts like squat or pushup
Do Painkillers make you fall asleep?
Why is my heel has a sharp pain? How to cure it?
I had surgery on my shoulder?
Oxycontin 20 from Lortab 10?
Neck/Jaw issue! Help!?
Why does it hurt at the neck and the shoulder when people play violin?
Does Viagra give you a stiff neck if it gets stuck in your throat?
Breastcancer.Chemotherapy.Experiences with TAXOL ?
What is the cause of my dad's ascites?
ovarian cancer?
Does/can ovarian cancer affect your ability to have a baby?
ibs please any a ny comments / advise would be appreciated?
have you dealt with cancer?
Any suggestions for a lady who has got her breast removed - some moral support pls.!!?
cutting ..............help please.?
I want to get my vision and I want to know more about laser/surgical eye correction?
i went to a show im mexico and got pink eye?
I think I may have a spider bite!?
what is the most first aid given to the elderly?
who is right?
whats a quick remedy to get fibreglass splinters out of a swollen hand?
What's the secret to living a long and healthy life?
Any natural remedy for constipation? Is prune juice good?
Is it OK (and safe) to buy used footwear such as sport sandals, sneakers and boat shoes?
I'm tired all the time?
Can Eating 1000 calories a day damage your body?
"Is obesity 'caught' like a virus?"?
How Do You Swallow Pills like Motrin??
plz help.........................?
What three elements make up homeopathic remedies?
what is cod liver oil good for?
Foods to help make the heart strong?
herbs for motion sickness?
Is there any natural way (without medicine) for a runny nose.?
Can I take melatonin or other pills that help me sleep even though I dont have any sleep related problems?
really really bad cough, any good remedies?
Exactly how is Osteopathic practice based in magic?
What does a liquid Chlorophyll supplement taste like?
Hazard for humans from cigarette smoke?
Can narcotics contribute to the development of pneumonia?
what is anxiety attacks?
Can you help with remedies for a wicked cough?
I have cold air induced asthma and I need a cold air exchange mask, which is a mask worn over the face and?
Will rhinoplasty help me breathe better?
I just found out?
Are the meats and vegetables in frozen meals/processed foods less healthy than fresh ones?
how can I lose weight? I'm 190 size 14?
How to get abes??? like excersizes ?
Good cardio?
im to skinny! what can i do?
What kind of body type on women do men find most attractive? (Men only please)?
does eating late at night REALLY make you gain weight...?
how does slimming world work ?
when does an eating disorder start?
Is it bad for me to take Benadryl to make me go to sleep easier?
For those with allergies, do you usually get a dry itchy cough?
When will I stop breaking out in hives?
Weak and Achy feeling in my legs for the past week?
Could I be lactose intolerant?
Why isn't there a cure for the common cold?
Is it possible to suddenly develop an allergy to grass?
Why do I have a sudden allergy to fruit?
my half pittbull half shepard coughs and wont eat very lithargic?
What is the cure for Rosecea
Is there a cosmetic procedure for removing skin moles?
Are there any ways to remove sebaceous cyst on scalp (keratin, ipidermal) without operation (surgery)?
Sunburn help?
Why is it that some people bruise so easily???
anyone know why elderly people get RED SKIN on their legs?
black heads on my body?
Acne on my face ?
do i have a cavity or no?
IV sedation in an asthmatic for wisdom tooth extraction? Any experiences?
I have 3 wisdom teeth that i need taken out, all are impacted. I do not have dental insurance. What can i do?
help with braces colour!?
Why is there an odor between two teeth when I floss?
Problem with back tooth.?
I'm getting my braces off tomorrow (:?
Is eating staight lemon sices bad for your teeth?
How do i look with braces on ( check the pic ) PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me !!?????
It was like a party in my mouth...?
what doctor should I see for my migraine headaches?
i fell in the bathroom and broke 2 ribs?
what to do when you have toes cramp (your toes stick together)?
HELP! My right ear isn't working?
Migraines in 7 year old?
finger problem please help ?
how do u make....(read)?
When i bend my big toe i feel vibrations, it reminds me of a squeaky cabinet. i can feel the vibrations w/hand?
What is the test for insulin resistance like?
what is insulin?
diabetes info?
About R.O (reverse Omosis)?
My mom has type 2 diabetes. Her blood sugar for the past month is running between 235 up to 364. ?
What is the most immediate response to a high level of blood sugar?
Is a waking sugar level of 64 anything to be alarmed about?
am I diabetic, I just don't feel right ?
Help! ok i went on really scary rides at the carnival...and i was fine, now i feel like crap!!!?
Eye infection after cataract surgery needs another surgery now,please only professional answers. Thank you?
How are stitches in the eye done?
light-sensitive eyes, insurance says "NO!"?
What is the medical term for seeing stars in front of your eyes?
What liquid would drain out of your eye if you were stuck in it?
Why do i see flashing lights?
Light within my eyes? Is this normal?
How did you overcome your social anxiety
Why does Abilify increase dopamine levels while every other anti-psychotic medication blocks dopamine?
Why do people hate cutters?
I am so Shy. How to overcome shyness?
How do I go about getting sectioned?
I just read that about 4% of the population are pyschopaths!!! then how bad can they be?
marijuana withdrawals?...idk?
what is cancer?
is it necessary if my mother got a breast cancer, that one of her daughters must have one...?
how do you get your ear unplugged?
I think there's something in my ear, like a spider?
i have this red mark on my shin should i put vitamin e on it or let it be and would the red fade in due time?
Cut in my cheek from food help?
How do I get calm a burning Sunburn?
how do you treat a steam burn?
I just got stung on the finger by a wasp.?
i got stung by a bee?
I stabbed my finger while piercinga a knife through an avocado, does this wound need cleaning?
Is there anything to prevent poison oak outbreaks?
Rosacea help!?
Is Proactive the only solution?
skin problem, red spots, stress, immune system?
i heard of doctors restoring eyebrows is this true? any recommendations?
clear skin?
Is it normal for a 16 year old male to have acne?
finger/nail problem help, please, pretty desperate!?
What is the best way for teens to lose weight?
Can Getting into a Great Work Out Routine Raise Your Metabolism?
How can i loose my stomach in the least amount of time as possible?
What is a good way to keep your tummy flat?
if i exercise one hour a day and drink only water how many pounds would i loose in a week?
Is there any evidence that regular consumption of chilli peppers or chilli sauce is bad for you?
What are some good way's to get skinnier?
what is a good way to suppress my appetite i cant stop eating?
Am i overweight ,obese,normal, or underweight?
I over dosed on energy drinks how can I get my heart rate down fast?
How do you get rid of a chest cold?
How do you get rid of panic and anxiety attacks without using meds?
Can tonsils become swollen due to a sinus infection?
Is it possible for the air sacs in your lungs to burst?
What's the best way?
What causes a person to cough after running?
what are the common ailments of the circulatory system?
I have bronchitis, What are some tips learning to deal with it?
stuck in throat!?
Ear Stretching question....!!?
I have just been diagnosed with a compression fracture of the L1 vertbrt, and 2 bulgung discs. Can I get SSI ?
any headache remedies?
how do i fix the pain and what am i doing to cause it?
Im in pain with my right hip!?
do this multi vitam tablets really work?
Trace arsenic in water may be linked with diabetes so what does that mean? ?
diabetes question on blood glucose levels
BUN of 175? What does this mean?
What is the daily dose of Vitamin C for a female with Crohn's Disease.?
Does medicaid pay for insulin pumps?
High white blood cell count and low glucose?
Any one get the One touch ping yet.?
help..wat could it be?
How can I get rid of a runny nose??????????????
What sort of allergy does this sound like?
I need to ask a question regarding allergy?
My dog has got really bad skin and suffers from some sort of allergy?
How do i prevent nose-bleeds?
If I am mildly lactose sensitive, will it be safe for me to eat goat's milk yogurt?
My one year has has hives for 3 days and I dont know the cause. Started out in clusers now only getting one?
my ferret has a runny nose and diarrhea what does that mean?
Am I allergic to cheese?
I swallowed red ants...! :( HELP!?
Is xylitol really as good as people claim it is at preventing and reversing the effects of cavities?
What is the phobia of pink called?
How do i get rid of itchy gums?
I have needed to get my wisdom teeth (all 4) pulled for 2 yrs now. Is it really that bad?
how much amoxicillin should a 13 year old take a day?
I've lost my headgear! (repost)?
Can I use Baking Soda and Perocide to turn my teeth white?
I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday?
A bump in my mouth hurts A LOT PLEASE HELP !!?
Arrythmia treatment best?
Cold like symptoms after eating?
I think i'm suffering from a skin condition on my face called Perioral dermatitis.?
what is the best way to get rid of acne in 2 weeks?
How do you stop inching in the winter for dry skin.?
After using many store brands...we can not get rid of head lice.Sheets have been bleached etc. HELP!!!!!!!?
What can you do to get rid of a heat rash quick as possible?
Why are my underarms itchy?
is there any homemade treatments for rosacea?
how do i remove these patches from my skin?
What triggers Persecutory Paranoia?
How to get a schizophrenic family member to the doctor?
I'm so depressed. I don't know who am i?
Anxiety/Panic Attacks?
Feelings of pressure and stress attacks...HELP!!!!?
zopiclone tablets dont seem to be working any help?
do you have an eating disorder?
Blue inhaler??
Natural remedy or tonic for lungs?
Anyone else with CVID(Common Variable Immunodeficiency)?
Lungs still feel lousy?
My poor husband.?
What is/are are the current ratio of rescue breaths for a one man rescuer CPR?
Re: loss of voice after shoulder surgery.?
Do you have any ideas what is wrong with me?
does it mean anything if you move around a lot while sleeping?
Is coffee okay to drink when you have sinus pressure and drainage?
work injury advice pls :)?
Does anyone know any good Cold Remedies?!?
What do you think is a good way to prevent any kind of flu this coming winter, if you opt out of getting shots?
Hot tea relieves tight chest and cough from lungs, how ? read:?
Medicines for headaches?
what are the cheapest and effective ways to quit smoking; (not cold turkey)?
why medical professional reluctant to prescribe alternative medicines to their patient in first meeting.?
whats the best cure for a hangover?
Help! Am I suffering burnout ? Is my work schedule too hectic ? I m hungry n tired all the time !?
Is there a natural viagra herb?
Walking with a pedometer, how many steps equal a mile?
what is a good inexpensive workout video?
Can anyone recommend good exercises to help lose the fat off of the top of arms?
stretch marks?
Should i buy some reductil?
What can i do?!?
How can obesity due to alchol intake be tackled?
are there any real alternative treatments for acid reflux?
is brown sugar healthy for you?
Calves too big?
Nasty Burping Problem: I have mild acid reflux but I burp all the time.?
can any fitness trainer help me? how to slim/tummy down after chemo?
i have a sort of elevated scar on my left cheek is it a sign of skin cancer?
what factor lower white cell count? ?
What does it mean when a terminally ill colon cancer patient becomes juandiced?
What do you think of this poem about tobacco cigarettess?
Why do they treat people with Chemo?
Heartburn problems will not stop..tried all pills?
Baclofen tablets (muscle relaxant) ?
how to stop foot pain?
chest pains for three months?
Ow! Is it my ovary?
Where can i get numbing cream from in the UK? What Pharmacist or store?
Sometimes when I stand up I feel sooo dizzy....whats up?
I want to get my tongue peirced, how bad does it hurt?
Any medicine for a severe cheek bite?
does my friend have diabetes?
mesin pelelas?
Cheapest Lancing Device etc. for my type 2 ?
Is 89 low for Blood Sugar? ?
Is this diabetes or something else?
how to heal acne scars?
Sudden acne at 23?
acne problems?
How do I get rid of excema?
Does Vaporub work on Acne?
i have hair loss problem at the age of 20years.what is the reason,is there any treatment for it?
What is the best and cheapest way to get rid of zits fast?
Does anyone else have naval hair?
I have an ingrown hair 2 or 3 layers deep in my skin, how do I get it out?
How bad does your paranoia have to be, before you can consider yourself genuninely paranoid?
Switching from Strattera to ritalin help?
What makes you cry?
I wake up in the middle of the night unable to talk or move?
Body dysmorphic disorder!?
smoking cessation classes?
Is there a generic drug equivalent to Advair? What do you use to help with YOUR asthma?
what specificallly is walking pneumonia?
I have upper right side chest pain that feels like a bubble behind my chest....?
Help!!! Clear thick slimey Mucus?
What are types of drugs,meals(vegetables &meats)that interfer with the coagulation test of prothrombine time?
If used correctly does Yohimbe work when using Blood Pressure Medication?
Which vitamins/minerals or herbs help the heart palpitations to be normal?
what would make your blood pressure suddently rise and go back down within five minutes? could it be atrial f
my daughter had underwent open heart surgery for D-TGA and ASD in 1992. she get fatigue frequently .?
expired eye contacts?
Is there such a thing as eye protection against dryness?
I've had a small sty in the corner of my eye for a year, none of the eye drops or creams the docs give work
Len's Crafters return policy? 30 days and 3 months unlimited prescription change?
Why do you get red eye???
i m eye surgeon from india, want to practice same in hong kong, how do i do that?
Colored Contacts. PLEASE HELP.?
Why have I got hair in the very corner of my eye??...?
Should I be an occupational or physical therapist?
does marijuana contribute to/cause anxiety disorder?
What really happens when you swallow mouthwash?
I'm losing my voice, please help!!!?
What is the most awkward/strange/funny question you could think of to ask in a health class? HELP!?
Would you rather stand on a block ice for a whole day or walk across a pile of burning coal that's 500m long?
Body Spasms?
what is the healthiest way to drop twenty pounds without starving yourself?
Am I toning my abs right?
What can I do to stay motivated to eat right and exercise?
If I work out an hour a day, 7 days a week, how long will it take before I see a difference?
Any easy cheap exercise tips to tone my thigh and butt?
Vegetarians, how do I break my addiction?
I need to loose 10 lbs quick for my Vacation.?
What do you hate most about your gym?
My sisters fat (well chuby) ♥?
how much should i weigh?
Can the flu cause you to have a tooth ache?
What coloured braces should I get?
Sensitive Teeth!!??
What all will they do at my first appt w/a new dentist and I'm a new patient?
How much do a full set of dentures cost yearly without insurance?
Teeth Brighter Help!!?
Can anyone share their melanoma experience?
Would I be a good candidate for invisalign?
Can I floss my teeth with these things on?
Baaad toothache, any suggestions?
is it too late to wear my retainers?
My eye lid is swollen and the Dr. said to put warm compresses on it. How can I do that w/out destroying skin?
What is a hypertie bandage?
what to do for a blood blister on the end of a finger?
Water/Insect stuck in ear! HELP!?
what is and where is the SI joint?
How bad is it if you swallow a bay leaf?
does my cut sound infected? how can i treat it at home?
whats this on my cut?
how do I take care of my stitches on my hand close to my pointy finger ?
my knees are always popping and they hurt really bad?
I would like to know if anyone knows what could be going on with my head?
My eye keeps ton twitching, what should I do?
What's the best way to cure insomnia without taking medication?
help!?? everytime i breathe in alot of air i cough violently...?
Abdominal swelling, frequent urination, not pregnant?
Armpit rash....?
brain aneurysm?
Should I return my pizza? (e.coli warning)?
i have a tiny lump under my arm HELP?
Isn't it great Vietnamese orphan Son Pham is finally going to get his facial deformity removed?
can a child get A D H A and autism if they have damage to the brain after meningitis?
If I just 'got' diabetes in fewer than the last 3 months, will the a1c (glycated hemoglobin) test show it?
what is the explanation behind the prescription of metformin drug 500 mg before breakfast and after dinner ?
Is smoking contribute to get your sugar count high?
diabetes and brain. can it get better?
I am 18 years old and diabetic. this morning I woke up with a strange lump on the back of my head...?
Help, my finger still hurts from nerve damage, how could it be fixed?
Does Temple Grandin still have autism or has she developed enough to fail an autism test today?
What are some ways to deal with mild anxiety?
What would pink floyd have been like if Syd Barrett stayed with them?
I think i have social anxiety, what should i do?
Where is the real amityville house I would like to stay there?
Why Do I get a weird feeling around woods?
Why do i shout in my sleep?
how many extra pounds do you think i have?
I have a really weird fetish. Please help?
how to take medications on airplane?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a sinus infection?
extremely sore throat?
are there any vitamins that are good for your lungs?
Should I go to the eye doctor?
Im about to run out of contacts?
blue discoloration in white of eyes?
Why am I having trouble seeing out of one eye with my contacts?
Are there any avalible color contacts for my prescription i have astigmatism?
what should i do if my nails keep breaking and peeling from the tip? does nail polish cause this?
I have a yellow, itchy discoloration on both of my feet should I use...?
How do you know if you have ring worm?
Overnight acne clensers..?
Suffer from Acne? Read This...?
Kill Loofah bacteria in hot water or microwave?
have you ever heard of this medical condition?
How can you get rid of a tan as quick as possible? Please write some remedies.?
HELP PLEASE!!!!! omg?
What is the specific path a blood clot would travel from the leg to the lungs?
I had an echocardiogram done of my heart. I have a heart murmur that is being observed?
Heart palpitations??
Does Datona have hospital and medical services?
a question for anyone who knows about CHF & its edema?
Has anyone had a child diagnosis with Kawasaki disease?
why should you not take slim30 if you have low blood pressure?
I have been taking vicodin....?
Why am I aching all over?
Does iced tea hydrate or dehydrate the body? Seems like the water more than offsets the caffeine.?
dr. schrolls corn/ callus remover turned toe white, how do i remove it?
horseshoe fly bite???
How can I stop my face from sweating?
First aid for a lip burn??
does anybody knows about thyroid disease?
Blurred vision in the moning?
????Can males get thrush???
tests done by a Hematologist?
Boyfriend in denial about autism...?
foods that affect bowel movement??
Do you know of any government assisted programs to help in paying for a wheelechair accessible van?
Obesity. disease?. really?....?
What could it be?
Do you have a good, healthy tip or trick for us who are trying hard to shed some kilos/pounds?
how to get tight abbs?
what is average weight for a girl that is 5'8" and is 16?
What is the Salary of an Orthodontist?! (With and without tax)?
please help?
I lost my tooth after a root canal, what do I do?
Sensitive teeth...Sign of pregnancy...and dreams...what kind of dreams...and how often do they occur?
help me?!! bad breath?
Where do you buy teeth whitener to tan?
I get cold sweats and nausea, I have been checked for Diabetes but seems that every test comes normal? Help?
what is your favorite brand of glucose testing meter?
Help! My question and expanation is kind of long so read the DETAILS! My grandmas BOTH gave diabetes, so...?
want to know the best glucometer in market?
I was always fine, and then like 3 or 4 days ago I started to develop chronic dry mouth and thirstiness?
Will staying next to major electric substation cause any side effects or health problems?
is it possible cancer can be passed down by genetics?
Standard Interim Maintenance phase for ALL?
Is My Mom Getting Enough Care ?
Polio VAccine Causes Cancer??
My manager is stricken with plague. What can I do to ensure my survival?
Do markers give you breast cancer?
Are there any interesting, unusual facts about ibuprofen that you know about?
What plants are classed as cannabinoids besides cannabis?
I Hv heard that the " Sudarshan chakra kriya" Yoga is very powerfull and will be benefits in many way?
Is Yohimbine available in India?
reiki and crystal help me please!!!!?
What's a home remedy for red eyes/blood shot eyes?
i have a blue pill with watson 540 on it what is it?
how much higher do you get off a vaporizer?
Visine for contacts?
Eye irritation?
What does it mean if my eyes wont stop watering??
can u go blind or lose some vision?
The blow test machine?
Can you eat fire?
Does pine tar soap help your eczema?
How can I prevent blisters from happening on my hands from holding a tennis raquet?
i'm turning everything orange!!!?
how do you get rid of blackheads?
I have swollen eyeslids and am wondering what it could be the cause?
Is bioskinrepair or contractubex more effective in removing keloids?
I was wondering is there a kind of hand moisturizer which moisturizes dryness and makes skin tougher?
What are the little raised dots under my eyes? Does it have to do with cholesterol?
I'm so confused!!!?
Is it true that if you buy...?
How can i prevent a future asthma attack?
will he grow out of the asthma?
Is the hospital necessary?
Ventilator Question - Breathing?
nodules in lungs?
About coughing up blood?
I can't tell if my asthma is gone!?
I have a hard time breathing through my nose, why?
Are Sharpie fumes bad for you?
Hi my g/f has Asthma, if we sleep together, will it be transmitted to me? if I have kids will they get it?
Is there any treatment for muscle twitches?
unexplained dizziness?
i keep getting a headache everyday and when i push in...?
Why do shots vary in pain?
What would cause numbness in the hands, face, arms, and legs, and temporary loss of movement in the hands???
Owwwwww, thigh cramp !?
It was worse luck that a car had struck my foot. Now aches and cramps in my foot.what should I DO?
Is it ok to use handkerchiefs?
Dust mites visible using 21x magnifier?
does anyone know the allergen count on long island new york?
How does Tear drops work?
Am I allergic to cats?
What is this on nose?
Im sick very often. Any medicines?
Vicodin makes me itch all over?? Am I allergic or what?
Why cant i stop picking my nose ? its adicting !?
What is the difference between Cardiovascular Accident and Cerebrovascular Accident?
I can't feel my heartbeat and get anxious.?