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Energy drinks and sulfonamides(sulfa drugs) allergy info needed?
Does anyone get a fever from pollen/allergies/asthma?
Something that can control my allergies...?
I have a friend thats taking amoxicillin. I think shes having an allergic reaction to them.?
My allergy get worse before , during and after a rainstorm? how come..I have a difficult time breathing?
Why everytime I eat, I get sick?
Breathing Problems in Bedroom?
What shoes should I wear if I have a badly injured toe?
Have you ever had that horrible shooting pain in your neck that stops you in your tracks?
i need ways to make my leg stop stinging from a scrape PLEASE?
does diovan interfere with my bowels my stool is so soft it gets stuck on way out?
how to be out of stress ?
What exactly is meant by ''emotionally strong'' and ''mentally strong''?
Does anyone have first hand experience with Adult ADD and Depression?
When someone says or does something negative to you, is it you or them that makes you feel bad?
Am i crazy?
any one else worry worts? what do you worry about?
What is a good cream/lotion against acne scars, light acne, oily skin?
i'm after a non-oily organic moisturiser?
guitarists finger care?
what's the best way to get rid of scars on your face?
Can u get rid of certian types of heripes?
Recommendations on back acne?
What is a good way to get rid of Blackheads on your face?
Whenever I stand my legs turn purple and get little dots all over them. Is this normal or ok?
Has anyone ever had a cortisone injection in their shoulder?
Are there any chat rooms for people recovering from an injury?
How is the insulin made for diabetics to inject?
Is durian fruit harmful for diabetic Patient?
what would be the best antiseizure medication?
how to reduce diabetic fatigue?
How can I improve blood circulation?
I need a research question for child obesity?
Help - About a year and before that I ate sugar and got hyper - but now I get really quiet an dont feel hyper?
My Blood Haematology Hemoglobin level 10.6 gm/dl;Please advise!?
Could this be an early warning sign of diabetes?
Can someone with Marfan's Syndrome gain more weight?
Clinical Trial Investigational Review Boards (IRBs)?
For people in the Medical profession?
What does medical term "cred" stand for?
How do you use a wrist blood pressure monitor to get an accurate reading?
What is wrong with my cartilage piercing?!?
Sunburn Caused By Sunblock?
Any suggestions?
burnt really bad?
What can cause a reaction to Skyy Vodka and Sam Adams Winterfest beer?
i need a hay fever remedy which mostly deals with itchy eyes?
I am trying to fine coupons for Allegra?
What could I be allergic to?
Have you taken a vaccine for an allergy ? Has it worked well for you?
Can anyone tell me what an allerigic reaction to Titanium might look like?
How long did it take you to get your allergy testing results?
i think my house is makeing me an my kids ill?
are not dogs supposed to have a wet nose?
my turtle beaches xlc play in game sound but i canot hear othe people on xbox live (they can hear me)?
Is it true that Fergie beat the singer Ciara in a dance off?~!!?!?!???????
Will my wife's credit be negatively affected if I foreclose on my condo?
is this cage big enough for a dwarf rabbit?
what is the best way to block up a 23' 1960 lapstrake sea skiff? Where are the best places to put the supports?
what can you do at 16?
Bipolar and losing hope to finding the right med?
what is the remedy in homoeopathic for damage of cartilage in the knee due to which bending of knee is painful
How to improve Eye sight naturally?>?
what is the advatages of pineapple?
suggestions for herbal sleep remedies?
Who would you rather get an acupuncture treatment from?
How do you make homemade mangosteen juice from its hull?
Does anyone know what ProBiotics Are, and How they cure You, & of what?
Has anyone had a Shi-atsu massage, how did you experience it?
Cisplatin versus carboplatin Chemotherapy? which is better?
How painful is esophageal cancer?
good evening ( well here in Oz anyway) this is a question regarding ovarian cancer?
looking for history of asthma inhalers?
What else could I take for a sinus infection?
my kid has been diagnosed with hdtv should i put him on meds?
Why all the hype against e-cigs?
How do i get rid of cough and phlegm?
when XRAY showed positive for TB and the SPutum showed negative w/c s d best result to follow?
lack of oxygen to brain at night?
if you ever had a nose job can you tell me what to expect?
i am able to breath through my nose with my mouth closed?
how do u get rid of lazy eye?
For those of us with corrected vision?
I have severe astigmatism,would l bee a good candidate for Laser or permanent contacts lens surgery?
contact lens?
short-sightedness: best options?
whats the best vision supplement for people spending alot of time working online? besides lutein and bilberry.
i was just wondering about eye vision....?
Would you know if a Child had a Brain Injury or Brain Problem?
My stomach hurts after eating. Why?
Why do people die when they get shot in the head?? o_0?
why is it when i have a hot curry?
how can i get rid of spot scars on my face?
Minocycline 100mg 2 a day for about 2 weeks now whend oes it work?
roaccutane/accutane how long does it take to work?
what are the full lyrics to this song?
hair under skin?
what is the best acne product to use for my face.?
Botox for really sweaty armpits??
Skin Problem!! Need Help!! Brown Spots!!?
OKAY i had this little white bump on my eye ?
How Do I Prevent Muscle Loss On a Low Carb Diet?
To all skinny people: how do you stay thin and in shape? (diet/workout regimen)?
Jogging tips?
What are the best exercises to obtain a thin waist?
Do you think that most foods marketed to dieters are healthy?
I really need to loose some weight but i don't know how. Diet routine suggestions?
Im going to go on a juice fast for health reasons, also it would be nice to lose some weight.?
what foods or drinks can i eat or drink in order to speed up my metabolism?
easy way to get buff?
Rank all common travel vaccines in order of pain?
When should i consult a doctor about a lasting headache?
Piercing pain question?
How to alleviate ankle sorness in the morning?
can someone tell me why this hurts?
PAIN OA HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Car Accident Pain?? Normal?
Lower Back Stretches?
Does any one know how to make my index toe stop hurting?
Girl i really like wants to hang out soon but i just got a really bad scab next to my nose???
Wasp or Hornet Sting?
Longest living Heart Transplant?
can spondylitis cause syncopal attack?
post renal transplant hypertension?
what care should i take after six months of by pass surgery?
does profuse sweating especially over the forehead suggest diabetes or heart disease?
serious health issue?
right foot numbness?
What is going on with my ear
Ways to help a twisted ankle?
what's going on with my ankle...? please help!?
can i hose tie be used for any drugs?
Part of my big toenail is black? What's wrong?
Is it possible to break your collarbone while doing a handstand?
bone cancer and brain membrane cancer?
my sister has got her cancer back again they have told her she has a tumor?
Does a paracentesis hurt?
Why dont scientist know how to cure cancer yet?
What happens if you accidentically wear the opposite contact in the wrong eye?
what does the numbers when it comes to vision mean
Diplopia question???
Eyesave Croakies & Cords for kids?
Treatment for hypothyroidism and weight gain?
what exactly is fibromyalgia? What does it affect?
Physical/occupational/Speech therapy activities for a toddler?
i have had chest pain and tightness for about a year n half now and had all blood tests ,24 hour urine test ?
Why do I get tiny muscle spasms?
i had to go to loo 3 to 4 times in morning still feel like going to loo?
why do i have to pee so much?
What's a good way to get rid of migraines?
I pulled a muscle in my neck..?
Deep shoulder blade pain?
flat feet?
Does anyone know if taking the levemir flex pen 80 units in the mornin' and 80 units in the evening?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
Help with insulin pumps?
Bad headaches from low sugar level?
what is kidney failure?
How can I get rid of my acne scarring?
what can get ride of acne quick and any scars??
how do you get rid of warts?
Whats the best acne treatment?
Have you used the Body Shop Tea Tree Products Before? ?
No fat , No sugar , no preservatives, no additives, no salt, no GMO, NO GOOD ?
Is there a way to naturaly speed up your metabolism?
whenever i go for a work out, when I get home, I'm CRAVING EVERYTHING! what can i do to prevent binging?
How can I look skinny?
I need a diet plan that works ?
Easy ways to loose about 5 pounds?
How do I detox my body?
is it true that if you don't use it you'll lose it?
weight and body questions?
What can I do about my ear that has been clogged for four days now?
What are some natural remedies for bad cramps and an achy back?
What is causing my knee pain when I try to go to sleep at night?
why did my left leg go numb all of a sudden?
on a scale of one to ten how terrible is my day going to be...?
It hurts a little bit when i go to the batroom...whats wrong?
why does the lightest touch give me pain?
I'm feeling very hot and cannot cool down?
Vasomotor rhinitis help?
Do I show symptoms of asthma?
Nasal spray Addiction?
How to get rid of a cough FAST!?
I'm sick but I don't know what it is?
why is it that I stop breathing right when I'm falling asleep?
whats the blood disease called when your blood turns toxic?
I think I'm sick with an unknown disease!!!!?
How Can I Stop Relying On Sleeping Pills To Help Me Fall Asleep?
Going to psychiatric hospital, final goodbyes?
Which foods have highest flavonoid? What are their health benefits?
Do you know the proper handwashing technique?
how many sick paid days,paid vacations, do you get when your a psychiatric nurse?
does anyone had experienced of dental implantation in dallas fortworth?
What does it mean when your teeth start to look translucent at the tip?
What is the best way to whiten teeth?
Is there a home remedy for having whiter teeth?
Will the human body be even cleaner if the person brushes their teeth more than twice a day?
help!!! i need this answered fast!!! dental hygienist question!?
What are veneres for teeth?
keeping the human mouth clean ?
How do you treat an ingrown toenail?
How come whenever I take off a band-aid..?
Training to become a doctor in the UK?
has anyone tried this product for stopping blood flow?
I have a small piece of glass in the top of my foot -- I can't even see it - how can I get it out - it hurts!
antibacterial on a busted lip?
I burnt my finger. The best thing to do for it is to ice it. But I have Raynaud's. So what should I do?
What are the social effects of multiple myeloma?
Is brain a muscle?? thanks?
Is burnt food a carcinogen?
What rights does a cancer patient if they have no health insurance?
does anyone have any ideas of how to show a cancer patient you care and support them?
Wouldn't.. this just make it worse??
how does radiation hav to do do with leukemia?
Im allergic to cobalt but I want to get a tattoo?
Do I have an allergy to bananas?
Could I be allergic to my job?
Is it ok to take more than 1 claritin for allergies a day?
what to do for smoke smell from air purifier we bought second hand?
how do i get a stuffy nose?
Who knows how to get rid of a wheeze ?
Is there any hope? Milk intollerance.?
I have found some tablets, small white, with COX on one side and CR on the other, what are they?
Left Shoulder blade hurts when i breath?
my 15-year-old brother has juvenial arthritis, can he still become a S.E.A.L.?
why do my hips, knees and ankles hurt??
If I request medical records from a previous doctor, is it illegal or do they have to contact my current Dr?
Terrible Neck pain??
Hips always cracking and popping out of place?!?
Why does my neck always hurt?
I woke up with my hands crossed... any explanations?
How long to leave benzoyl peroxide wash 5% on face for acne?
can i get rid of fire ant scars? how?
How do I get rid of nits?
so is this sun poisoning?
What helps eczema go away??? Please help!!!?
HELP!! major scar problem???????????!!!!?
Face is itchy and dry and darker then the rest of my face..?
how do u get rid of black heads??
Does opening your eyes underwater in a pool cause eye damage?
what would happen if u were wearing crazy looking contact lenses & then you got really high & ur eyes dialated
When you work out (weight training and cardio) does it change your facial structure?
How to lose 15 pounds in 1 month ?
What is the best calcium supplement (looking for calcium type, not necessarily brand name) to take?
Left side leg muscles pain. I am taking Centrum ( A to Zinc) supplement. What I do?
May I know about bio disc and shall I trust it and buy it for my health?
Are there alternative methods to protect myself against Influenza or any other flu?
how much of cafine work as anti depressent?
What is the best way to induce a coma?
Any way to reduce nausea and stomachache from magnesium supplement (Mag. Aspartate, Citrate, Orotate)?
how to i get my adrenaline pumping NATURAL way?
how are the highs on vicodin and xanax?
THE STONERS............... COOKBOOK?
Does anyone know the signs of Cronic Fatigue Syndrom?
HELP, I have a really bad chest.. read...?
Breathing problems come and go?
I cant sleep or quit coughing for hours what can i do is this part of the cold that is going around?
if you stop smoking cigarettes will your lungs ever get back to normal?
Did you know that Mucinex DM can make you high?
which one is worse: non stop eating or non stop smoking?
my little brother has cf?
What did I smoke? Please help!?
What is this noise in my ankle everytime I take a step? It's painless and the noise sounds like a popping.
How to treat spider bites?
if i shot my leg whith my spring bb gun what would happen? bleeding ... bruise...?
I have a mosquito bite and i was thinking of using benadryl how does it help and whats it used for?
Line bruise along arm?
How to treat a deep scape?
There is this place on my leg, what could it be?
How do you properly clean a wound?
Whats your favorite non-drug cold remedy?
Talking problem and learning english?
If you're cross-eyed and have dyslexia can you read all right?
Removing dust mites from popcorn ceiling?
when my mom eats cereals or cookies and other things like this her tong goes red and burns?
How to reduce my eye irritation?
How do you get rid off a cold/blocked nose?
celebrities with peanut allergies?
Swelling in mouth after eating?
I'm allergic to my cat and i never was what can i do?
How can i unstuff my nose so i can taste food?
what is the best teeth whitening product?
Ridges on Front Teeth?
how do i make my breath stop smelling?
Why can't our teeth grow back like our finger nails?
My body is addicted to methadone, can anyone help me with this?
why do i seem to pull a muscle at the slightest turn?
I was painfully shocked by a deffective product, what should I do?
hit in the stomach and constant feeling of having to throw up?
About a year ago i had mole removal on my thigh, it's not large in length but its kind of a thick scar.?
i pulled my groin and tryouts tomorrow?
this is kinda gross and im sorry but i need help with an in grown toenail...?
are my knuckles broken?
i took a dump today and noticed a little bit of blood on tissue?
realistically speaking, what are my odds?
can any doctor out there tell me symptoms of a pancreas infection or cancer of pancreas?
Pine Cone Extract Natural medicine for cancer?
kidney cancer tumor question?
question for a doctor about my throat....?
omg! can i get a brain tumor or cancer!!!!!?
How do you get the pink ribbon on your picture to support of Breast Cancer?
breast cancer help please.?
location of LTAC facilities in the state of Mississippi?
Leg problem after heart bypass surgery.?
does potasium cause water retention?
On 10mg of lipitor with an ldl of 35. Are there side effects of too low ldl.?
why is teveten (eprosartan) - a antihypertensive drug not available in New Zaland?
how does the doctor determine if you have congestive heart failure?
I am having palpitations. I had a radiofrequency ablation in October. Anyone know about this procedure?
Has anyone else had ENDOCARDITIS ???
Aloe Vera reduce enlarged acne pores?
How much is to remove a cyst on my cheek?
Boils on Face?
i'm in my mid 20's and still get acne. antibiotics (erythromycin) clears my skin, any alternatives?
If impetigo is contagious, why is my daughter the only one with it?
Is there any risk of a sickness If i dont put on skin lotion?
HELP. deoxycycline pills for acne.. PLEASE help emergency.?
How do you remove really small cactus spines?
inserting a nose ring for the first time?
How to get off the black heads in your face ?
Pupils always dilated?
the irises in my eyes have both developed a crescent shaped dull area along the top edge. What can this be?
Dry eyes from Lasik?
Whats up wihm my eye?
How much do monthly contact lenses cost with insurance?
i think i got water in my contacts.?
Are there any foods that you need to avoid when takung enbrel?
Is the insulin pump good?
What types of plant usually helps in lowering sugar level?
isthere is indicatiion of na bicarbinate in ketoacidosis?
My husband's blood sugar drops drastically in the middle of the night. what to do?
How dangerous is it to be out of insulin?
How does a bone fracture heal?
Really bad sunburn!?
my splinter is like very tiny but like it it kinda red idk how to get it out?
Do you get bruised easily?
If a bee(The Big Black Ones)stings you what happens?
pain in eye from tmj?
i have a ball behind my right ear what is it?!?
Ideas for cause of and pain/numbness?
please help finger killing! burnt it on straightners what to do?
my back has been hurting alot i have a rod in my back i was bron with scoliosis what should i do?
Can this be neurological , slipped disc maybe ? The bottom of my foor gets hot sometimes ?
should i get a nose job?
Does anyone have tricks to get rid of flem in your throat?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
How to get rid of allergy rash?
Should I try allergen immunotherapy?
Is Flonase working even if I must blow my nose after taking it?
How bad is allergy testing?
my nostril is swollen a little and idk how i got it. i dont have allergies. what do i do to get rid of it?
I have cat alergies and im getting a cat?
My eyeball randomly starts shaking or vibrating or whatever?
Treatment for a Sinus Infection?
What does it mean when the cause of death is Endocarditis?
shortness of breath, dizziness and yawning?
dry cough and cant breathe?
What can I do about sinus pressure?
Breathing difficulty?
Spitting up blood in the morning.?
What causes brown phlegm, extreme dry mouth and bad taste ?
Home remedies for loosing up flem so I can stop coughing?
Homeopathic Doctor/Please communicate?
I have moved and new endocrinologist won't prescribe armour (natural) Has anyone found good alternative?
it dose not work i tried it?
Any good homeopathic remedies for epididymitis?
Where do you buy essential oil?
I smoked weed three days ago and my sence of touch is still very numb/tingled. Should I be concerned?
marijuana, ganja, reefer madness.?
difference between braces and brackets?
Has anyone gotten there wisdom teeth extracted anddd?
Clicking Jaw Splints!?
A Question about Chewing Gum?
Can I brush my teeth right after eating?
Has anyone had porcelain veneers? Need some advice on aftercare!! :-)?
Pain after wisdom tooth extraction?
I have two small painless bumps on the sides of my mouth. One on each side?
Laughing gas question! HELP ME!!!?
when last the last time you went to the dentists?
What does it mean 100 person years in a study on a population?
company in Boston that produces and distributes heart valves and realated products.?
What is the success rate of India in coronary angioplasty?
does any body know Dr Magdy the egyptian heart surgery and how to contact him ?
what medication would you take if you had mvp?
How long will it take for a sprained toe to heal?
My pup was hit by a car!?
knee help please open?
Something On The Bottom Of My Toe?
Do Flu Shots Hurt or Is it No Big Deal?
zoloft question?
What are some basic foods that can calm me down?
what are the health benefits of drinking green tea everyday?
is marijuana worse then cigarettes if yes or no why is that? what one is harder to stop cold turky?
Is It Possible To Overdose On Marijuana?
How can you help a person that uses any type of drugs?
what is the best and easyest way to get rid of scars on my arms?
I have these stretch marks on my arms and I need them gone have any ideas?
how can i get rid of freckles that are on my face?
Natural Ways tto get rid of a scar?
what would u do to get rid of back acne?
I have a terrible rash on my face, it's scaring me, what is it?
What is the easiest way to get rid of blackheads other than the back of a bobby pin?
uh oh. Do I have hives?
Why do Cold Sores get bigger to more you touch them?
When you have an itch do you itch it or scratch it?
i think i have leukemia?
Is lymphocyte high in Lymphoma ?
cancer question please people?
Has anyone ever heard of this???
my dog was diagnoised with cancer and is going blind the vet said he may live maybe 6 mos.should be put down?
we just found out my sister has stage 3 breast cancer. what can i do to comfort her?
what are some exercises I can do at work to lose weight?
What are everyday activities that would work the hamstrings?
Easy Diet Plan???
Diet and Exercise help!?
I need to lose weight, but have no motivation. What should i do?
would you say theses 3 meals a day are ok?
Need To Lose 10 Lbs. In A Month?
What's a healthy diet for a fourteen year old?
What's a good exercise plan for a 14-year-old?
Why Is The Fat Under a Woman's Arm Called a 'Bingo Wing'?
What is the difference between a BiPolar manic episode and a sleep deprived manic episode?
What are some alternative treatments for dealing with bipolar disorder and anxiety/panic?
I'm really really shy!?
Does hypnosis really work?
How do you raise your self-esteem and genuinely feel good about yourself?
how can i forgive and *like* my mom?
When you walk into a room full of strangers, what is your first thought?
Why do we talk in our sleep?
does medicaid pay for eye contacts?
i went to the eye doctor and my eye feels weird but the dotor says it looks fine?
What colour do Transitions Lenses come in? Do they come in black?
Eye Damage from IPL treatment?
Is everybodys provivial (sp) vision different?
my both eye has -4 and -4 glasses number so i really very unconfortable how can i remove my glasses?
Contact Lens Help ?
What should I do about a blood spot on my eye?
anyone bought the rebuildyourvision program??????
What should I do?
problem with my acrylic nails...?
How the Output of glucose meter is displayed? help me to find architecture of glucose meter?
What is prevalence rate?
what is a ...?
How could L.A.D.A be wrongly diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetes Melitus?
Is bad breath a sign of diabetes?
please read the below and give me best suggestion?
How can I prevent my snoring?
How does smoking effect you?
Why do people with cystic fibrosis wear gas masks?
How long can you have harboured Haemophilus influenzae in your lungs?
how to get rid of cold/ sinus infection?
How do you download oxygen?
sleep apnea/sleep problems?
How does someone know if they are allergic to certain fruits?
allergies, asthma, states to live.?
How do you stop an allergy attack?
Skin fugus on cheast?
Green Tea Itchy Rash?
Does getting your nose quarterized hurt?
Dry Air In Room = Sore Throat?
Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol?
Am i Lactose Intolerant?
what causes burning in lower arm part?
Restless leg syndrome is keeping me up all night and disrupting my sleep ! Any advice, cures, suggestions help?
Does Dolodid have the same chemical makeup as oxycodone?
What is this hard lump on the side of my neck?
What are the best online medication without prescription sites?
How scary are bloodtests? Hoe do I stop being afraid?!?
How to cut myself without much pain?
How do you commit suicide with a knife?
what is the best alternative medicine for someone who was diagnosed as having liver cancer?
any over the counter remadies for high blood pressure?
I can't sleep, my tics are annoying me!!!!?
Alternative ways to enduce relaxation for anxiety and excessive worry/depression?
Crystal healing and gem stones. Whats your thoughts.?
can you take adderal if you are on medication for blood pressure?
Question from a massage practitioner: Are there any healing arts out there with solid evidence-based outcomes?
I have a really sore throat?
Are doctors qualified to give nutrition advice?
how to get rid of a tooth achce cant aford dentist?
Shock Doctor braces mouthguard question?
How can I get myself into the habit of brushing my teeth everyday?
How much do teeth weigh?
Dental bonding and scratches on teeth.?
Breaking a tooth on mashed potatoes?
Is it bad to have a baby tooth for a long time?
Getting My Herbst Appliance Taken Off?
i have done something bad?
After using hand sanitizer, don't the germs just go right back onto your hands?
Eczema Scarring?
what are bedsores?
How Does A Tea Bag Work For This?
Anyone have any experience with heat rash?
how does change our skin colour frequently?
I have a huge zit on the left side of my nose, how do i got rid of it?
Do I have pink eye?
blood poisoning question....?
I had a bee sting the inside of my thigh (through my jeans) while mowing. What will take the "stinging" out
I broke my ankle 4 weeks ago?
Has anyone had "Frozen Shoulder?"
can spinal cords be fixed?
sprain or fractured ankle?
I took off my cast as i just recovered from a fractured ankle. But, the injured area is swelling for 1 week?
could this cause serious damage?
Is someone willing to help?!?!?1?
stick your pinky in the wall?
treatment for stomach cyst?
What is the youngest age you have seen at which a never smoker got lung cancer?
I find it very hard to cope with my mom dying of colon and liver cancer.?
do apples really flatten the stomach?
how can a doctor help with weight loss?
What's the amount of water you are supposed to drink in a day?
Ok I need help with my weight?
How much weight can i lose in 5 days? without eating?
How do I lose my thigh and belly fat?
What is the best way to loose facial fat? (cheeks and such)?
Best Way To Keep Working Out And A Motivation .?
How to build chest muscles...?
As you get older,What do you do to keep yourself in shape.?
Problem with nose...?
I was jump roping the other day and now it hurts to walk??
whens the last time you got your head stuck in something?
Swollen glands for over 6 months?
I currently have iritis. Will some of these floaters go away when the iritis clears?
What are the strongest and weakest prescription opiates?
Lower abdomen pain? Anyone know what it might be?
My left side of my ribs hurt very badly?
My hip feels like it has a giant bruise...?
my muscles behind left knees hurt if i walk or on stairway. can you describe why it can happen?
Relieving pain from a herniated disc while at work?!?!?!?
My knee hurts -- what should I do?
When i breath out my foot hurts?
Really SHARP PAIN in my back.?
Dark circles from allergies/sinus problems?
Can sinusitis cause an itchy throat?
noone knows !!!!!!!!!._.?
Snacks for 1 year old with egg and oat allergies.?
Having neck pains, head aces, and have a soar throat.?
i lost my voice (not completely) by coughing so much and need it back to normal by tomorrow?
what do i have? allergies? laryngitis?
Is this a cold or just allergies?
can you be allergic to something and have it get worse as you get older?
been feeling sick not able to eat, try to keep the food down what is wrong?
how to clear up sinus infection/cold overnight?
Hemoglobin level?
I quit smoking over a year ago. Why is there still so much stuff in my lungs?
Can children smoke the electric cigarette?
Why does My nose changes shape everyday?
How can I cure a sore throat quickly?
My sister is going in for a Hida scan with a cck and?
I was stretching my back but than my mined went blank than i passed out?
what is pulmonary fibrosis?
My acne has been getting worse!!...Do greasy foods and chocolate really make Acne worse...???
what is the best skin care brand for male ,looking for some good skin care product at resanoble price.?
what are heart disease symptoms?
What is brachytherapy ,its clinical application in practice.?
What is "mild concentric LVH"?
I'm having a stress echo test tomorrow at 2, how long should it take before I know any results?
can some one read anothers heart?
How to read a Echo Cardio Gram can any body help me?
what are the symptoms of ADD?
Is it possible to overcome depression if you are unwilling to change...?
How can I cope with PTSD if I have memory loss over whatever happened?
ANXIETY!!!!serious answers only plz?
What's my wife's personality disorder? If she goes into a venue with lots of people, she is sitting there ?
I'm obsessed with having something wrong with me! What's wrong?
Crying at work. What can I do?
Wats the best way?
Diabetes is one of the leading cause of renal failure in the US?
coumadin and diabetes?
Fat people vs sugar drinks Are we all paying more for bigger waist Lines?
Do any of you know about free or low cost Prescriptions?
i stopped physical therapy and was told to continue exercises at home... how can i do these two exercises?
how long will Delotid and Oxycontin stay in your system?
My ear hurts in the inside?
Why do I get these stabbing pains in my throat?
Does Nexium work good with acid reflex?
any doctors out there? what is causing my arm pain?
HELP!!!!!!!!! TRAPPED NERVE IN BACK!!!!!!!!?
what can i put in my eyes to soothe them?
I need help! badly!..................................…
Sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up with the urge to throw up?
What is a good remedy for kids with a tummy ache?
Is there scientific evidence for gut feelings?
do decongestants have a negative effect on the immune system?
Have any of you drunk coffee that's been left for too long? What will happen and what are some remedies?
Where can i buy MS contin (Morphine) online ??? from a reputable dealer??? ?
Is there a way to flush flouride out of your body? (other than drinking a lot of NON-flouridated water)?
What is the best thing for a diabetic to do to improve foot circulation?
Do you think doctors are a little too lenient when prescribing medicinal marijuana?
why does the homeopathy "profession" attract the most unintelligent, illogical, lazy and uneducated people?
Will a baker cysts ever go away?
i think ive ruptued a blood vessel in my eye but theres slight pain or just discomfort should i be worried?
What does an S.I. scar stand for, or what is it?
Is the Lasik procedure painful?
How long does a hairline fracture take to heal?
Are Equate Whitening Strips Effective?
Hi I was just looking at teeth braces, and noticed that "Ugly Betty's" braces look larger than normal ones....
milk as mouthwash........?
Best way to strenghten my teeth?
grr my tooth hurts like crazy! help please!?
how much were your braces?
That horrid ad with the teeth?
does red bumps on my skin mean that i have allergies?
I think I'm allergic to latex gloves, but need to wear gloves for work... any alternatives?
What are the signs of alcohol intolerance, and is this one of them?
i always get nosebleeds! help?
Does Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) stop more than just allergy symptoms?
starbucks and yogurt give me diarrhea?
whats happening to my nose!!!?
i have an uplifted skin thing on my nose that has puss...like a soft knot, and its from my nose ring. why?
I have a blocked up nose?
sinus question need to know if i should move out?
I sprained my ankle, should I sleep with an ace bandage on?
I have a aching leg bone. Its definately not the muscle. Anyone have ideas what could cause this?
I Stayed Awake All Night and I have school today. How Do I Make myself wake up and stay awake?
What was wrong with Sterling Sharp"s eye last week?
What happens if i touch my eye three days after lasik surgery?
Help i am trying to purchase contacts on line but i cant read my prescription?
what happens when something gets in your eye?
what happens if i put on eyedrops while wearing contacts?
Eye question?
greblon gamma is a new coating used on cookware. Is it unsafe like teflon. What happens when swallowed?
do the teletubbies really have cancer??
how cells in the human body become old and die?
what treatment did you get for ductal carcinoma in situ?
FLower associated with cancer?
Low Neutrophils, High Lymphocytes (What does it mean.I have this problem in my blood)?
What can u tell me about Colon Cancer?
do electric heaters cause head ache?
Can you pass out or die from coughing too much?
How do i stop smoking?
What does pot do to your lungs?
What does a person experiencing a panic attack go through?
need help stopping smoking?
Blowing smoke while not smoking.?
So interested in smoking cigarettes? please help?
I forgot my Acne face cleanser, What is the easiest way to cleanse my skin without it?
discolorations, spots scars all over my chest, arms back?
Acne problems?
I Have Shingles does ne one know if it can cause u to get your period sooner?
I have a question about skin blotching?
I have these odd spots on my leg..!?
What is the difference between swelling and edema?
Is alcoholism a preventable disease?
What would be the thing in colon that when bleeding it's pain then itch?
how can i get my medical records from hosp?
is this rare?
Would like various opinions on the following please. What is yours?
what does it mean when a teenager refers to themselves as a "nemo"?
sell a kidney and part of liver?
what is the side effect of treating heart failure with viagra. what is the benefit?
coronary heart disease pls explain so that an ordinary people understand?
Can leech therapy be used to treat miocardial infrction&?
heart shifted?
Will my coronary stent cause a problem with airport security?
If there are people out there who are having problems with Hypermobility and need my help whatever, please ask
How does depression counselling work?
How do you get out of a depressive slump? Not wanting to be social etc.?
What foods and drinks have anti-depressant effects?
I used to be so patient before, now I'm irritable most of the time. What are the possible causes?
What is the irrational behind one who has been in an abusive relationship and they treat me like the enemy.
Do you get bummed out whenever you have to spend a holiday alone?
What does it mean when a person has these problems?
Am I a sociopath?
Why do I cry when I see my mom drink?
I am really lonely and contemplating suicide. I was thinking of swallowing some monistat. Any suggestions?
My sister has a cooking - grease burn on her arm. How can we treat it?
how to heal spider bites?
my road burn is equal to a full palm and the width is half of a palm going left to right...see doctor or no?
what do you put in a deep hamster bite?
what is a benzalkonium chloride wipe used for?
BB gun wounds???!?
burn on my hand???
What is the best way to quickly heal a grease burn on your arm?
Neck is killing me. Cannot tilt back without pain?
Stomach aches at night consecutively?
is there a perocet L405 and miligram is it?
Lots of pain on one side of my face... PLEASE HELP!?
Pain relief for son to be circumcised?
Does anyone have a slight idea what could be the cause?
Do vegetarians heal slower than carnivores?
anyone know the average price of a nose job?
why is it that when you have an operation, you cant where any clothes at all?
Can diabetes be treated by treating the pancreas?
Which insurance should I take?
where can I buy books for a diabetic,on what to eat and how to cook for one.93637?
My blood sugar has been going up and down fast in a four hour period. Recently diagnosed type 2. ?
is sensa good for those who suffer from diabetes ?
Why am I having severe allergic reactions when the pollen count is so low?
How exactly is chicken noodle soup good for a cold?
please help! preferably someone who know allergic reactions?
does anyone know what it is when someone is breaking out in hives for no apparent reason along with swelling?
The side of my nose always hardens after huge midterms or finals or whenever I am mentally fatigued.?
Do antimicrobial pens really work?
Sore throat, Allergies.?
I've never taken an oatmeal bath?
i have lost my taste from my stuffy nose how long will this last?
where is the best over all doctors at?
How do you know if you pulled a muscle in your abdomen or is it something else?
grrr ankle?
I want to lose about 13 pounds in a month.?
I am overweight and still have about 40 more lbs to lose, should I even bother trying to tone up yet?
Will the calories change if you shrink?
Whats the name of the website where guys post pics of themselves "before" and "after" their workout regeme?
Do you think pharmacists should work collaboratively with doctors for less errors and better therapy?
Thirsty all the time drink alot and my legs leave dents when you push on them?
Any one know what it is?
can someone walk me throught the whole process of braces?
How long will it take to recover from my wisdom tooth extraction?
To change a tooth filling, will the cavity have to be drilled bigger?
Is brushing your teeth after alcohol bad for your teeth?
i have pain in my tooth what to do?
how much do root canals hurt?
how to get whiter teeth?
i'm very self conscious about my jaw.. it's giving me low self esteem?
Colored contacts!?
Irregular astigmatism.. Starbursts RGP Torics, and so on?
Computer affecting eyes?
is it true that visine works by burning a layer of skin off of your eyes?
help me with my contacts?
Do you recommend THE WAVE?
how can i get rid of my really bad acne?
Wexler anti acne kit - Anti aging Serum?
I have a problem with blushing...?
child has one red crusty sore in the corner of his mouth. tried fluocinonide and vitamins but still there.?
my friend has a rash under his arm what could this be?
How do you get rid of a black eye quickly?
What's wrong with these guys' skin?
diferencee between PRVC and PC ventialtion?
How can i clean my smoker lungs ?
I have had spontaneous pnemothorax (collapsed lung) in the past VERY many times...my lungs are killing me!?
i cannot sleep... sore throat!!!?
what disease/virus do i have if i have: A runny nose, very sore throat, and painful swallowing?
I want to smoke, and I've never tried it before?
I hate the sound of people chewing/breathing.?
What is the collective damage of all wireless technologies on the brain?
I am having trouble balancing the stress out in my life?
I'm ready to move on, how come I have no energy to do it though? What should I do?
How can I cheer myself up?
I'm very shy, socially anxious, and depressed. How do I make friends?
what's wrong with me?
What do you think of loners?
How to stop caring about what every single person says?
I hate my personality im too nicee!!!!!!!!?
How to heal groin strain?
lower back pain.. what should i avoid?
What causes my heart to be physically sore?
I'm 18 but I have a lot of knee pain. What could this be caused by?
foot cramps/ arch pain?
Knee pain just under the kneecap?
what is the severity of diticulitus?
how to prevent my finger from hurting while writing?
Can somebody please recommend a book for a person interested in natural medicine?
Is Homeopathy medicine Robinia 6c is beneficial for indigestion/GERD?
where can i buy Dulcamara(dulc )?
Natural herbs(or medicine) that could stop or reduce excess body/facial hair?
whats ur motto?
Worst weekend ever. Any advice on how to cheer up?
what can i put on my stitches to help them from itching?
Best way to remove a tick from your scalp?
What is meant by E.M.S.?
What is the effect of junk food in our kidney my dad is having a sickness due of junk food cause of junk food?
how fast does ketoacidosis come on?
Is apricot good for diabetics?
What causes noncalcified plaque? I have "...moderate coronary artery disease which is due to exclusevley NP".
Any opinions on medicaid in Indianapolis, IN?
can not get my IM to set up it say has occured error wii need to close?
who is the best cardiac surgeon in bangalore?
Artherosclerosis, hardening of the heart walls?
I had a heart transplant last Augugst, my Dr. told me about womans heart, I cannot find anything on it.?
what is this?
Does your calf muscle ever hurt?
What are some good stretches for tight peroneus longus muscles? (related to running)?
Is this normal?
Thursday I noticed there was swelling in an area that should not be swelled. What is it?
Wrist pain?
I have Hammer Toe.... Questions!?
I cut my thumb?
how do you scratch your leg with a cast on?
If I have an almond allergy...?
Will a medicine that causes an allergic reaction still be effective?
Can swelling in the eustachian tube cause headaches?
What can I use for my hay fever?
do I have a allergy chocolate?
My son is 6 and is sneezing,nose bleeds and eyes are itching.?
Is it possible to be allergic to holly?
Ichy..cant stop scratchingg please help!!?
A little help here please?
Is Invisalign available in Ireland?
Hygienists and Assistants...How to run a good office?
What can I use to make teeth whiter?
There's something moving in my jaw?
Question about Orange juice?
My dentist says I have plaque. This is terrible. It will kill me.?
i have had a white tongue as long as i can remember. why?
Tastebuds keep disappearing in 1 spot. Why?
I really want a lollypop, where is the best place to get one?
what the heck is furosemide? and like what doest it do?
My ear hurts so bad!?
bones cracking all over my body help!!!!?
Back ache/pain, will it stay forever?
Is there pain with b12 injection shots?
What is the best natural pain reliever ?
I woke earlier tonight with the worst migrane headache, addominal pains, and lower back pain?
i think i pulled a muscle in my throat?
OWW OWW, INTENSE pain in my stomach/abdomen!!! wtf is this?!?
Chigger bites, how to help the healing?
Does health insurance cover laser procedure for facial moles & brown spots?
How do I get rid of Scar Tissue???
What cream or ointment can relieve my face of ace/spot scars or marks without clogging my pores?
Bumps on my mom's arms, they look like swelling. She has had it for more than 5 yrs. What is it?
Clinque?? I love it!!?
small bump on my face?
What is this on my arm?
Has anyone been prescribed Lithium?
Is depression always caused by a chemical imbalance, or could it be a result of unresolved grief or trauma?
Vivid nightmares/panic attacks, how come? :(?
why do people with anxiety say they feel like they are in a movie?
Why am I so unhappy and so low self esteem?
is there a easier way to get rid or gross things out of my mind that's leaving you depressed and scarred?
What do you do when you feel like that you have no hope?
can an ear infection cause off balance in the human body?
How do you get a Phlegm voice?
Positive or negative TB test?
possible asthma symptoms?
when a patient is in respiratory alkalosis how do you increase their paco2 levels?
how to protect vocal cords?
I need help quitting smoking?
iwas suffered from dengue 2 yrs back n stopped fro 7-8 months mastrubating due to weakness now can i mastrubat
i would like to know which doctor i should seek to check my blood for any ype of cancer?
I have had an Ultra sound on right knee. Can anyone tell me what the report says in laymans terms.?
cancer causes?
a cancer patient?
Is it bad to go to sleep after a major head injury?
Do dependents of a individual on medicare receive benefits?
Hi, Which is the best place to buy lancets and glucose test strips for my Freestyle Glucose test monitor?
Just diagnosed with anemia.
long term side effects on metmorfin hcl and glipizide mg?
1 in how many kids have diabetes?
can blindness be found in certain places?
How can I preclude life insurance blacklisting with Diabetes II?
I want to gain weight but can't why?
I have a really hard time eating breakfast in the morning,?
Eating a lot of candy???
Cramps in my traps when running?
What could be causing this pain?
What bothers you more, the thought of dieing, or the process, and maybe the pain you may have to go through?
what is this thing that i'm feeling right now?
Why do my arms hurt very bad when i put pressure on them?
I was at an Irish wedding yesterday.?
What is the worse PHYSICAL injury that you have ever had????
Will I have to change jobs after knee surgery?
Low long does a tendon injury last?
Help with ibuprofen!?
after injuring my r ankle playing rugby 6 weeks ago?
does anyone know why im still in pain after 5 weeks?
My cat bit me and it's getting worse. . .?
DR. cut my mandible nerve during surgery?
Parents of kids w/Asperger's, a question about meds?
Why do I get treated like a doormat by almost everyone?
emotional pain and myself
What would cause a constant irritation of the roof of the mouth, aggravated by cold?
Will piriton allergy tablets help with sinus pain?
Going to the family doctor tomorrow? Allergies?
Allergy shots explanation please?
really bad ALLERGIES! help!?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
Itching all over body and it's driving me insane!!?
Have you got a dust allergy?
Do Transitions Lenses work, and have you had a bad or good experience with them?
Eye pain and vision change please help?
Colored non-perscription contacts?
what is a Simple, Ayurvedic, or Homeopathic medicine for chronic rhinitis which may be related to menopause?
Can erythromycin cause bleeding if you have bronchiectasis?
What's this disease? It's related with breathing problems.?
Can asthma be genetic? What about smoking, pollution? ?
I needed my inhaler 2 times in one day
REALLY painful sore throat. Help pleasee?
help with asthama?
social phobia, any sufferers out there?
i have a very bad sore throat and i can't talk or swallow and i ca breathing is a little hard.. any ideas?
do i have gingivitis?
For the last week I've been brushing my teeth too hard and I think it caused receding gum line. What can I do?
getting braces on next week?
i am getting braces tomorrow will it hurt and i have to go to cheerleading practice after school what do i do?
How can i stop clinching my teeth when i talk? Im worried about ruining my teeth from clinching?
when u had braces did u hav elastics if so wat did u think of them. i only ask because i just got elastics on?
Why cant some people roll their tongue?
When ligaments are torn completely is surgery usually necessary?
Is it normal to still have a painful throbbing ankle several weeks after a sprain?
Is my toe broken? PLEASE ANSWER?
Sometimes I get this stinging pain around where my heart is, what could this be?
My coworkers are mean, what can I do to let it not bother me?
How can you prevent tearing you ACL?
my bf has this weird bump on the back of his head...?
How much alcohol can a type I insulin dependant diabetic drink?
astral projection with diabeties?
what is difference between hyper tension and high blood?
how much is an omnipod?
do you have to take a drug test to work at roche bros supermarket
who runs yahoo!health?
I am diabetic but it's well controlled unless I get really upset. Then I get really drunk-like and dizzy.?
jellyfish sting?
why do u bandage a chest wound tightly and a stomach wound loosely?
If someone witha medical backround (p.a.) stiched at home( a lip), is it considered practicing?
do you know of some exercise for knees?
Dog bite help keeps bleeding?
Frost bite, how it got it's name?
Alright, so I need Scoliosis Surgery.?
Does anyone know of open phase one clinical trials for pseudomyxoma peritonei on the east coast?
can we give one of our lungs?
how do you get cervical cancer?
Now that young girls / women are dying from the new cancer vaccine, what will the FDA do?
Can anyone think of a good slogan to put on t-shirts that support breast cancer patients?!?!?
How many people are dying from cancer each year?
What is the latest thing you have heard about that actually cured cancer?
My fiance's cousins cancer came back for the 2nd time, she is only twenty one years old,?
Can Any one tell about RUDRAKSHAM Mala......?
What is a lactose intolerance test and what should I expect?
i think i'm a worrywart O:?
Why are my feet always cold?
I don"t know what's wrong with ?
Drinking water to lose weight?
What are your tips for getting through the emotional obstacles of weight loss?
What are some healthy low calorie meals, snacks, and drinks?
What happens to your body if you stop eating fruits and vegetables?
Why is losing weight so complicated? What is the correct way?
I'm old n Fat and I need some info re Bicycling?
I was just told that it was bad to drink milk before you lift. Is that true? and if so, why or why not?
anyone here trying to recover from anorexia?
Does probiotic acidophilus have any effect on high blood pressure?
has anyone been on oxytetracycline acne antibiotics? did they work?
(UK) What Acne antibiotics d you find did the best for your skin? Describe their appearance please etc. ?
I usually have cold hands... why?
Gun powder residue on my hands?
How to get rid of zits?
Is ther anybody with neurofibromatosis, and how do you feel about it?
What is the fundus of the eye?
How much is laser eye surgery?
Extremely puffy and itchy eye?
Black rimmed glasses?
with stress thallium test being normal what are the chances of a heart attack?
What are basal creps?
How low is a heart rate before someone would need a pacemaker?
should niaspan be taken if you have a aterial spectum defect?
I have A pacemaker(4 yrs )?
Am I getting too many migraines for my age is this normal?
My Husband Has a really bad Headache. What can I do for him?
Why is it that when people feel sad?
chest pain after singing?
Everything hurts, how do I make it stop?
My knee hurts...?
Pain in the bum..!?
how to treat a bee sting on the face?
what do I do when choking on fish bone?
What is the best thing to put on blisters caused by a sunburn?
Toothpaste on a burn?
tick bites?
Does anybody out there, who wears a hearing aid get beeping noises quite often?
Is myasthenia gravis cure-able?
asthma problem? deep itch inside
I have very slow breathing ?
My kids have the flu ? :(?
breathing problems?
summer..how to face the hot summer from sun stroke and other deceases?
A woman with Type AB blood and a man with Type O blood jave children with____?
What is the difference between bronchial pneumonia and just pneumonia?
stopped smoking ?????
how to cope with an autistic child?
Can someone tell me what the symptoms of ADD are?
Is it okay to drink alcohol while on anti psychotic medication?
Dealing with a boyfriend with OCD?
What could this have been? (self harm related)?
How do I learn to open up?
What is a great reason to continue living?
statistics help with diabetes ?
a 76years old lady is a diabetic, had a hip operation and contacted c-diff?
Glucose instead of table sugar?
My postpardium blood sugar was 143 but i brought it to normal, can i eat seedless grapes and mangoes now?
diabetes help please with anyone who has seen r experienced?
I'm 23. I work 35 hours a week while going for a masters. I feel exhausted at night but can't sleep. Why?
i broke my ankle playing football?
tired of..?
is her cut infected?