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Does this sound like diabetes?
Can the school nurse spread lice if she doesn't wash her hands in between checking the kids hair?
Does this offend you?
How long before stitches in my dad's head can come out?
I want to become a registered nurse (RN), how long will it take?
what is homeopathic boiron?
I take Carb/Levo with Mirapex for several years for severe RLS?
ADD medicine ?
Mens Vitamins, 16-years-old?
What is the best natural remedy for chronic pain?
pls tell me best supplements medicines for magnesium?
What's your tried and true method for knocking out a cold?
Stressed about doing my check-up a St.Judes!?
Can you get cancer if you sleep with your mobile phone under your pillow.?
Can someone explain to me, in simple words, what is anemia?
What is Fatal familial insomnia?
What is Bipolar disorder ?
Why does my stomach burn & rumble all day no matter how much I eat?
Do I have insomnia/depression?
13 years old with, OCD!?
Where can I get that Muslim blood test?
Why is there blood in my stool?
Any remedy for heat cramps?
Insect bites?
ear cartilage problem, help?
Can you tell when a brown recluse bites you?
I got Water in my ear?
Does putting ice really help?
Out of all the medications you have taken, which worked best and what was it for?
Missing school because of attacks?
I've been in love with her for two years and I cant move on.?
Should I have the screws removed from my knee, post-ACL surgery?
torn ligament in the knee?
Did I retear my ACL using a squat press?
Tomorrow AM Im having Meniscus surgery, what should I expect for pain afterwards?
My knees always hurt, should I be worried??? I'm only 21 years old!?
Will the dr. remove my brace?
A Medial Meniscus Tear in my Knee :( plz help Prolotherapy? does it work?
What happens if you get into a car accident (or any incident) and you loose a LOT of your blood?
Broken Collar bone problem...?
Do eye exercises work?
What could be the explanation why my left eye's vision is more blurred than my right?
Does Geometry Wars 2 damage/hurt eye sight?
which eyeglasses is the most stylist right now?
Contact Solution Recall?
what's this red dot in my eye?
Do i have to see an eye Specialist?
im shortsighted, does laser treatment work??
how did i get amber colored eyes?
Is triple bypass surgery more dangerous off pump than on pump?
Is RBB Block suggestive of heart disease?
i have a heart condition, i take atenolol, is it safe to take antacids?
Truck Driving HealthRegulations Indiana Department of Transportation w/ Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
My daughter has aortic stenosis, and I was wondering, how much exercise is too much?
What types of allergy medications are safe to take after gastric bypass surgery?
Where to buy Gluten Free Flour Canada (for celiacs)?
would Deviated septum surgery straighten nose?
Air purifier or vacuum for pet dander?
Is my apartment making me sick?
allergic reaction flair up how long after eating item?
Shood my friend go to a doctor?
Peanut Butter allergy question?
Oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body.?
There are now tens of links to pollution and poor health, since the NE keep getting the most whats being done?
How do plug-ins affect asthmatics condition?
my guinea pig is breathing hard,has nose and eye discharge and has lost alot of weight! what should i do?
Does hypnotherapy really work?
Question for Respitory Doctors or nurses...?
What is the best Humidifier available today without filters?
My baby had white patches in his skin when his rashes healed. Does anyone know what it is?
how significant is the correllation between the amount of oil consumed and the amount secreted thru skin?
Getting rid of Cellulite!!?
I have dark circles and I have been looking for some home cure for this problem. Can anyone suggest?
I'm breaking out in a rash all over my face and neck! What do I do? HELP!?
What exactly causes cramps?
Acl operation?
Sciatic and low back pain?
knee pain...?
Is diclofenac totaly banned or not?
What kind of rash is this?
do these have stretch marks or have they been washed?
ocd with lepraxo?
Foot Problems?
What could cause such sudden joint pain... ='(?
Colon Pain?
alternative cure for hernia?
where can i purchase katinko ointment by mail?
Will garlic heal an infection?
are there any herbs that you can buy over the counter that gives you energy that lasts all day?
world war one medicine/hospitals?
Anybody taking glucosamine for their joints/ Does it work?
Massage Therapy is it?
Is opening things with your teeth dangerous? Why or why not?
my spacers are irritating!!!?
Teeth Chattering??
Teeth braces... help!?
do invisalign braces stain?
My ca19.9 test has been 21.Should the Dr be considering cancer or what?
If my appendix bursts, would I have a chance to live?
is vomiting a sign of a brain tumer?
I want to ask the person who answered the question from the 43 year old dad about his dx of MM stage 1?
Do I have Lymphatic Cancer (Also called Lympoma)?
Is it true that historically chemotherapy has been grossly over prescribed?
if you had 30 days to live, how would you spend it? (please help meee)?
what kind of cancer did dororthea lange die of?
how is dizziness connected to low blood sugar?
What is a priorty for a patient who is diabetic? has cellulitis of left foot?
What is a good level of glucose?
Is my Mother Right about me having diabetes?
Can I use acarbose to loss weight ?
Information about Glucometers ?
JDRF Diabetes Walk? Personal Goal?
is it ok too get my tongue pierced even though i'm a diabetic?
Side of my calf hurts when I run?
I sprained my wrist + partially ruptured my right elbow tendon about 18 months ago - how can I help it heal?
What should I do with this?
Any tips of crutches?
Whats the worst part of the ACL and meniscus surgery?
What's wrong with my arm?
What stung or bit me on the beach in St. Lucia?
how do i hide the cuts on my wrist?
Basicly Ive Got A Boil Near My Anus And It Hurts - Help Please?
Have you broken a bone?
about my skull?
grieving over loss of parent?
Bereavement & Grief Emotional Support & Advice?
How Do I Tell Someone I'm a Cutter?
Contact lens/eyeliner problem.......?
For People That Wear Contacts HELP?
There's a problem in my left eye. Cause?
Allergic conjunctivitis; how long will it last, please help?
Eyedoctors!!! My right eye has been so blood shot for no reason! Please help?
new glasses taking a really long time?
Is it normal for my eyes to feel funny after I take of my prescription eyeglasses?
I have mold or something on my contact is there anyway to get it clean?
burnt tongue!HELP!!?
Does anyone know how to lighten the color of their armpits?
I HAVE stretch marks what can I do/buy to getrid of them?
What are natural home remedies to remove acne?
What's the best product to treat acne scars?
natural ways to cure acne and acne scars?
Itching; white spots and now peeling on fingers and hands?
how do i clear my acne?
i have a puss infection under my arm does anyone have a cure?
What does it mean when there is a white dot on your finger nail?
Will taking Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2 mg & Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide 15mg (Coricidin) make you drowsy?
is it true claritin allergy medicine has oxidant in it?
Could swollen eyes be a side effect of being overweight and having skin allergies?
Can allergies cause swelling of the upper and lower lips, as well as the cheeks?
I need help with something going on in my throat.. Any laryngoloist out there? Or.. Some type of help?
I need so know ASAP. My daughter is coughing a lot?
I start doing things with lot of energy and when things take long, I get demotivated, can any one help me?
please help me have a rash on my face?
Help me,a outside cat scratched me!?
How much does smoking reduce life expectancy, per cigarette?
what is abodominal respiration? can u explaine it?
my daughter has a dry cough?
Advair question?
wht u think of hookah,u like hookah?
Does anybody out there suffer from morning nasal congestion & what do you do to releive it?
why is Aquafresh toothpaste so inexpensive compared to other brands?
Can you buy dental equipment if you are not a dentist?
Crest White Strips.?
Is it bad for a dentist to file down the front of your teeth to make it look straight?
Does anybody know what a procedure is like when you are having a bone graft on your lower teeth like.?
Which retainer is better - Hawley or Essix?
I'm getting 8 fillings in my teeth, will it hurt?
I burned the top of my mouth with pizza and the skin came off, does anyone know what i can use to take pain?
Do you use a normal hand job toothbrush or a Sonic hedgehog?
Iam diabetic, if goes untreated, how long before I have problems?
does getting blood tests hurt?
Can drinking different types of sweetners besides Sugar still cause Insulin resistance?
what is the difference between types [email protected] diabetes ,?
Help with Diabetes type 1 sugars and parents?
i recently lost 15lbs and now i am stuck at 154. i cant seem to get motivated again. any suggestions?
New to dealing with diabetes? (for ppl. that know about diabetes)?
why there no effective treatment for liver cancer ?
What is the very best nutritional diet for an 82 yr. old diabetic receiving chemotherapy for multiple myeloma?
Tomorrow I start my third cycle of ifosfamide and etoposide. How bad will it be?
Where can I buy breast cancer rubber bracelets?
i am really worried that i have a brain tumour?
Colon Cleanser Or Not?
Are there any Business Men/Women who have had Cancer and are still alive?
Only for cancer serviours?
Surgery for tarsal coalition, details on this surgery or ankle surgery in general?
What causes popped blood vessels?
help about stitches!!!!!!!!!?
will you get knots on your wrist from carpral tunnel?
How to fake a sprained ankle? 10 POINTS!?
Ingrown thumb nail, please help?
I slipped and fell in a grocery store,, what can happen?
If I stab myself in the temple with a knife, will I die?
what does T wave inversion inthe inferior leads mean?
Which brand's digital sphygmomanometer (blood pressure measuring device) is best?
blood pressure?
When i get mad I start getting a really fast heart beat, and i start shaking, and i feel like throwing up.?
What causes increased heart rate?
Is this bad(my heart)?
Why are heart attacks treated with clo busters?
survivor guilt as abused child?
Immune System?
Are touch screen dangerous to your health?
What does it mean if your blood is bright orange?
Should I go to sleep or wait until tomorrow?
Mothers of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders......
whats an endoscopy, and how is the test done?
long term effects on combined cocaine and alcohol use?
Can i use imodium as a preventive? IBS related?
drug for multiple sclerosis?
oky so i learnd i can donate my liver well part of it ! so how do i get started, ?
Swimmers Ear (outer ear infection)?
Aside from cover cream, what is the fastest and surest way to remove a hickey from the skin???
Raw and PainfulSkin?
smashing a mosquito on leg?
ant bite-pregnant?
please help ... lump above my ankle?
how do i fix a cat allergy.?
Latex allergy - any tips?
can i bring food in my suitcase to China and Turkey as I am gluten, fructose intolerant and allergic to eggs?
Any cat allergy cures?
My mother is severely allergic to ragweed. How can I help her?
How did the peanut allergy get so bad in the past decade or so?
itchy red bumps in random places?
Ate something, start to itch, now hurting all over, mostly near bottom.?
Back pain????
Shin Splints?
wrist pain playing drums?
Is Ibuprofen an anitcoagulant?
How much costs a strabismus surgery???
Does the show Eye for an Eye seem fake?
My rat has opaque eye and it is swollen. There is also some drainage from her eye. How can I to treat it?
Anyone have the new high definition glasses? If so - what do you think of them?
Experiencing eye pain?
here's a question for ya?
Do I need Contacts? Can I Still Get Them?
Semi blindness for a while???
how to get rid of bad spots!?
How do I get rid of this acne?
i hav dark circles around my eye s what is the remedy for that?
Is there a spiritual element of Tai Chi that MUST be used in order to practice it?
Is it wise to use ayurvedic medicines or english medicines..?
Does anyone here take Spirulina?
bonjela on my hand?
Can you provide me the contact details of the healing hands man?
Is there a natural or everyday product remedy for lice?
what is normal blood oxygen levels?
how long do nicotine stay in my blood.?
Upper GI endoscopy, what is an irregular Z-line?
health problems with mold in the house?
my house has suddenly developed a strong paint/turp smell! i havent used either-so what could cause this????
A person that smokes average 1-2 cigarretes a week is consider a smoker? That could make you sick?
Is Cystic Fibrosis Bacterial Or Viral?
So I never took Claritin - D before and by accident I crushing it since I hate swallowing pills.?
What could I eat for dinner that is about 250 calories I am on a diet and that is all I can have tonight!?
How to control blood sugar effectively ? how much days is required for medicines to work on?Is Insulin good ?
What are the chances of developing diabetes over the course of 10 months?
If a diabetic has high blood sugars does it make him urinate out the THC faster then people without diabetes?
can diabetics join the armed forces/navy?
Is there any alternative for a diabetic patient whose blood glucose is rising irrespective of taking oral hypo?
Blood glucose of 350?
Could I Have Diabetes?
What has MonaVie done for you?
what is the easiest way to whiten your teeth at home?
Is it possible to regrow/repair teeth without stem cells?
What should I do about my fractured tooth?
Periodontal Disease Information?
What's wrong with my jaw!?
Why did I react so differently to nitrous oxide this time?
Where can I get Therabreath products in Singapore?
Braces - Are There Any Guys Out There That Like Them?
what food did u miss the most when u had braces??
Do breathing excersises help clogged coronary arteries ?
can vioxx cause bundle block branch?
How do you bring down very high levels of blood serum triglyceride, without medication?
Anybody familiar with cardiac ablation?? I had the maze procedure but back in afib a year later, why??
Shortness of breath even after 2 heart surgeries.?
What is Plural Pericardial Adhesion?
Question about the Clusters and Diagnosis of Personality Disorders?
Anyone else experiencc really vivid dreams while manic?
I am really sad people!?
Dizzy and sore throat?
Whats the difference??
Is there a way of reducing the rate of forgetfulness?
from the past 1 year i occassionally get pushy / shaky feelings why? its driving me nuts!?
Can you be allergic to glycerin and what products and food is it contained in?
could i be allergic to bananas?
Water substances from nose?
So what the F kind of food allergy did I have?
what are some symptoms of brain cancer....?
are there any cells in the body that cannot become cancerous?
anyone out there use oleander extract for health? just want some opinions,, thanks?
My last chemo was Oct. 09. My hair has started growing back slowly, but I noticed a lot of facial hair.?
Why does companys and people for get about breast cancer?
I just found out that my mom might have breast cancer. But she wasn't the one who told me. What do I do?
Bee sting help/advice?
How can a bloodclot be identifed?
How can I make my Band-Aid less slippery?
ant bites are painful!?
What is the importance of doing first aid?
Is it ok to put Neosporin...?
OMG HELP ME!! bone in my throat!!?
What can I do to get more energy?
Is CR-3 crossling with riboflavin to treat keratoconus offered on the NHS?
can cataract surgery be done when te problem has just started?
Does lemon juice get rid of uneven marks and freckles?
Is it true that toothpaste takes off acne if you leave it on overnight?
how do i get rid of excess oil on the face?
Medical question about the Skin, can anyone help?
have anyone tried glow2thione?
How to cure man-breast acne?
Physics - please help me?
Stuck on the Ocean Temple on Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks?
i'm planning to join track in the spring, any tips for training so i can run faster and longer?
How can I see my hidden folders in the computer as the show option is not working under tools menu?
what us the answer if u solve 9x^-1=5?
What does Baudrillard mean by fracture?
Bronchitis - Do I NEED antibiotics?
How to cure sinusitis lasting for over 10 years?
What organ system would fail from breathing in rubble and dust?
Is it harmful to have too many cough drops?
Waking up every morning and coughing out mucus.?
want causes mind blocks?
I ate 4 pieces of bread, with mold on, please help?
Is green mucus something to worry about?
Would Lamb and Rice dogfood be best for a dog with allergy prone skin?
my 2 year old woke up hyperventilating crying sounding like asthma?
Does Nasal Spray Hurt the first Time you Use it?
how would u get caught "dusting" (canned air)?
Anyone have odd smelling sneezes?
Is this a possible allergy?
please help me my throat is always hurting!!!!?
The positive of dating someone bipolar?
Need some emotional help?
Why does my mind feel so 'foggy,' unsharp and zombiefied?
My husband has social anxiety disorder. How much of MY life do I let it consume?
How come people think is they commit someone they will be "helped'?
Muscle Pain after 4 months ACL?
can anything be done about a broken foot bone?
Could I have torn my ACL?
What does a hernia feel like?
Stiletto heel got stomped into my foot..?
My Tounge Feels Swollen :(?
my knee popped! help please?
who here has had surgery before?
How long would a moderate angulation of my midright clavicle take to heal?
my blood pressure spikes at times and i feel strange alot. what could it be?
Is there a specific nomenclatures for heart failure in pregnancy?
My Friend is a heart patient and under medication.Through WEB i had these Information.Please someone suggest.?
Which is the more important reading when measuring blood pressure : systolic or diastolic?
Does a sudden fast heart rate mean palpitations?
does coumadin prevent me from having a blood clot?
Is my heart rate supposed to jump to 135 when I get up from a 7 hr. nap?
Mitral valve readings up?
Diabeties my father can hardly grasp things or walk anybody have any similar experiances ?
Omnipod questions....?
Long Term Effects of Diabetes?
can i take echinacea tablets with atenolol and amlodipine and levothyroxine and citalopram and asprin?
Can you reverse damage done by diabetes?
how many hours before we should eat before ac1 fasting blood sugar test?
Diabetic patient., my grandma having a leg deep wound., doctor says that amputation., my grandma age 69.,?
INTENSE low back/abdominal pain, already on great meds, what now?
I have an ear infection and my ear is really sore?
what is the best brand of pain killer?
whooshing sound in right ear!! please help!!!?
If i walk for about a 100 metres i find my leg muscles feel painful and i have to slow down or sit down ?
why does my back have so many knots inside the shoulder blades?
General anaesthetic ?
How does tooth bonding work?
can i apply(with a BDS degree) to continue my education in dentistry in canada or US? if not how to get DDS?
Can you answer these questions about orthodontic retainers?
How long did your pain last after having your wisdom teeth extracted?
can I take z pack for gum infection? does anybody know? and will I get a side effect from it ? thanks?
Why do I keep getting cavities?
Getting wisdom teeth out tomorrow?
Ouch! I burnt my tongue! ?
Does anyone know of any orthodontists in Houston Texas??
Do you brush and floss...?
Is it possible that i killed the Nerve's on my Big toe?
Splinter in heel hurts like hell?
Is drinking cocoa drinks bad for cancer patients ? How about coffee ?
is it possible that tea can cause cancer?
How do they determine where the cancer started from?
How do drugs(all kinds) affect your brain?
Breast Cancer, surgery?
Does a colonoscopy or endoscopy allow the doctor to see the pancreas?
Can girls of any age get breast cancer?
What are Some Good Home Made Acne Treatment.?
Husband underwent an operation nearly 4weeks ago which left a long scar.?
Benzoyl Peroxide acne treatment?
I can't stop scratching my scalp!?
What is a cheap, easy, lite way to help eczema?
how do i get flawless skin?
I have had a phantom itch in my back for 2 months now.....?
Why do I have a big head?!?
How long should Tetracaine dilate a pupil?
I need help with my slight lazy eye!?
Myopia increase at 24?
Is it possible for a lazy eye to go blind?
my son has a 4 day old cough!! help?
Could this be a sinus infection?
Anyone experiencing weird symptoms with Zyrtec?
Which filter based air purifier is best?
How to get rid of bird mites?
i have severe allergies that i cant get rid of. will a hot tottie help me or is there something else that can?
Is it pink eye or am i just allergic to my contact solution?
I want to get a cat but I don't know if I am still allergic. Help!?
Recently for a week i have been getting really bad nose bleeds (2-3 a day) anyone know way?
Why My Tongue gets cuts when i eat banana?
Is there a medical condition that causes profuse sweating?
Does anybody know when Attention Deficit Disorder can be diagnosed?
DIY: how do i go about amputating limbs?
Is colorblindness a problem?
Poll - Does anyone have autism as well as me?
Is there any treatment for kidneys which are damaged due to high blood preasure.?
Drug addict girlfriend?
Whats a kidney worth?
how can i pass a urine drug test for marijuana?
Blood in urine and feces?
Is there a way to get asthma medication without health insurance?
Will the medication prescribed for my dog called butetazolin help his arthritis and asthma and irritable bowel
I have a lot of trouble breathing - was wondering if this could be a histamine reaction? What should I avoid?
I am quite sick with no chance of going to the doctor --- need home remedy?
EMPHYSEMA-asthma I need to talk to others with it.?
Who die more? First Hand Smokers or Second Hand Smokers?
why does ur nose get stuffy when u cry?
Can anyone tell me...?
Can depression be passed on in genes>?
Should I stay with my therapist? She's not helping me anymore, but my mom wants me to keep seeing her.?
im going to a psychiatrist tomorrow..?
what herbs lower cholesterol?
Alternative remedies for Emphysema?
Porphyrins count high - beta glucan connection?
Is spicy food addictive?even more so then bland foods?and how can u stop eating it when Ur guts sensitive?
Honey and depression?
Do I risk some type of interaction if I take these supplements with my immunosupressant medication?
Anybody suffer from kidney stones?
cant fall asleep?
Should I do Jemken?
Stomach Pain, any ideas?
Sciatica Nerve Pain - What Can I Do To Prevent Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Nerve Pain?
Any tips for getting rid of a migraine?
How can I help my ankles?
Sudden ache below the rib?
Mother is overusing her soma pills?
My right side has been hurting almost a week?
the pain reflux so fed up with it in my late 40`s?
I keep getting nosebleeds!!?
Not sleeping...Dangerous for the health?
this really freaked me out [it's about when i was asleep] please answer if you know.?
What's the best home remedy for pink eye?
is it bad for a sunburn not to peel?
I got bit by a spider HELP?
Scraped my knee and my sister's wedding is in five days!?
injured on the jobsite?
How long must I wear a finger splint?
Listen i just got this kind of cold and when i go to bed one of my nostrils gets cloged. My throught burns.?
My hand has been in a little pain and I have noticed a small bee bee size bump?
Home remedies for acne?
face swells up and facial skin thickens?
what causes hands to get wrinkled in the water, and why do some peoples wrinkle more than others?
Quickest way to get rid of sunburn?
Random white flakes? Not dandruff?
bumps on my chest?????
What can cause chest pains for months straight?
how long do I need to wait?
What does total cholesterol mean?
Is it bad to have a high heart rate?
Life of a child after an open heart surgery. Please share stories.?
cyanide toxicity?
My Chest Hurts! serious answers only please?
i have high colestrol, i was wondering if its safe to keep my heart rate from 150-163 when im doing arobics.?
When I eat tuna, I feel my heart beating in my chest, why?
What is a hyperbolic tumor?
tumor found on liver, 2.5 years since...any cancer doctor or radiologist? plz comment?
Is there a cure for brain cancer?
Swollen Lymph nodes?
does stomach cancer cause fluid in stomach?
Is there a cure for cancer?
Radiation therapy burns?
My friend smoked some weed, now hes in the hospital with spinal menengitas?
what has given u the best results in lossing weight?
How to look and be skinny fast?
Yoga, Does Anybody Do Or Did Yoga?? How Hard Is It And How Does/Did It Benefit You?
why do they diolate your eyes when you get an eye exam??
What is that coating on glasses called?
Contact Lens Question (Prescription)?
Colored contacts?
If I take my contact lenses out, do I necessarily have to sleep in between putting them back in?
Contact lenses question?
what are some general symptoms of diabetes?
what does an elevated creatinine level in the blood suggest?
Diabetic longtimers; anyone have an aversion to orange flavor cause of the chalky glucose tabs of yesteryear?
I took the one hour glucose test with 176 , do you think that I will pass the 3 hour glucose test next week ?
what increses the production of mucous in the eyes?
Can there be an asthma triggered by cold ?
how do you know if a building your working in has asbestos??
i had a dream about something and i couldnt breathe when i woke up what does that mean?
What home remedy is best for getting rid of a dry cough and sneezes? (ah-choo)?
Has anyone ever had this? I had a cold thats in its 2nd week. I'm past the worst of it the weird thing is...
How long does cilia damage last after smoking?
If you snore generally, can you snore while unconcious or in a coma?
about chit system?
what is this?
Is it proper dental care to put a crown on a tooth that is fractured in the body of the tooth (not the root)?
What are the chances of getting dry socket 4 days after a wisdom tooth removal?
a guy accidentally hit me in the face and chipped my teeth?
Can an adjusted retainer close my teeth gap ?
how much does a Dental Assistant make a year? and month?
I have yellow teeth can I brush my teeth white?
Why does most toothpaste have mint flavors?
how do u get a 3 yr.old to brush his teeth?
What is the best thing for my mom to eat?
Has any other Celiac has major diarrehea problems after exposure to air borne wheat?
Can gluten allergies appear at any age?
can people develop allergies over time?
Annoying itchy throat?
do i have allergies or is it a cold?
Should you worry about dust mites?
Can I stil be in the delivery room if I have a bit of a runny nose and a bit of a cough?
UGH. I cant stop breaking out into hives.?
if a nose bleed doesnt want to stop. wat do i do?
Im wondering about something?
Will I be able to run after Scoliosis surgery?
After a tooth extraction I feel beaten up what is a safe amount of pain killers I had three Ibroprofen?
Top of foot pain when tying on my sneakers what could it be?
What hurts... but feels good?
tell me what this is please?
I hurt in my rib cage...?
OK I admit it I tried some of the cream the doctor gave my husband to put on his back for pain, on my foot for?
i need Oxycodone, anyone wanna help?
Cure for insomnia?
Reiki, what is it?
Absorption Vitamin B-12 spray better than pills?
M.D. that practices naturopathy/homeopathy/alternative medicine?
could anyone recommend a herbal replacement for hrt?
What are some nature cures for MRSA?
What should be in my bag of tricks?
My daughter had a brain tumor removed, came back cancer, possible life expectancy?
My mom is having brain surgery for a tumor that was found last week?
can blood tests detect brain tumors?
Can I give my father cells for hogkin's desease (lymphoma)?
Can people who have cancer still get tan?
My dad has cancer - help?
What is the rarest form of cancer a person can get?
how long does the heart live taken out of the body?
Anyone have info on the medicine Tikosyn?
My father has had high blood pressure for a long time. He recently lost 30 pounds. Now his blood pressure?
My mom is 60 and has been healthy, but she her systolic pressure has been elevated.?
how does blood move inside your heart?
When I breathe in it hurts bad around my heart and my ribs hurt.?
Blood clotting during blood donation?
why is it always the mitral valve involve in any valvular defficiencies?
high blood pressure?
What helps laryngitis?
I have several boxes of unused syringes that I would like to donate. ?
I need a rabie shot please answer, I hate needles!?
love at first sight? love?
Why do they put tape on your eyes when you go to surgery?
What causes this bumpy skin and what can I do about it..?
acne questions went to derm?
What is a good skin treatment for sun damage?
When will my acne go away?
Strong Chest Pain followed by Body Itch?
Will drinking lots of water/green tea help clear back acne?
what is the cause of a sty in the eye?
To whom would I contact if I am considering donating a kidney, as a live donor?
What are some of the causes of non genetic or "acquired" mitochondrial disease?
can aids blood survive in lukewarm soup?
What is this odd thing in my throat?
I had pain in both my knees so i went for a mri?
I banged my kneecap against a table...?
Woke up with very stiff neck?
What symptoms do you have with your nut allergies? Do they ever change for you?
Is there any chocolate without soy products or caffeine? Someone i know can't have either but loves chocolate!
Should I take coated aspirin with food?
zyrtec have steriods in it?
Why am I intolerant to coffee, specifically?
Do I have bed bugs or just an allergic reaction?
Do you have to be 18 to buy benadryl?
My ears bleed when I clean them out...?
why do i keep getting nosebleeds?
Why do peanuts give me gas?
Will drinking carbonated "soda" water affect my dental health?
my tooth hurts ALOT!!!!?
Getting wisdom teeth pulled?
How do you cure mouth ulcers?
How does it feel getting your braces off?
Teeth Whitening Strips?
How muh do dental assistants start out at?
My mouth tastes like metal?
help on cancer causing agents (carcinogens)?
Can a person smoke their entire lives and avoid Lung Cancer?
Is it unsafe for a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy to have a cat in the house?
Do you think the U.S shuns alternative cancer treatments?
my girlfriend found a lump in her breast, what could it be besides cancer?
does cervical cancer hurt? .?
How does Chemotherapy feel?
why doy ou always feel like crap after chemo?
excessive water in human lungs?
has anyone had any side effects from warfarin?
why did the doctor give me ventolin ?
trouble breathing?
Asthma--diagnosed @31 or Anxiety attacks?
Puffs Plus with Vicks?
is this just a cold?
Weight loss: encouragement?
What kinds of foods are good for healthy skin?
If you loose some pounds,your stomach will become flat,right?
How to be more active?!?!?
Whats the difference between a 50mg pill of Tramadol and a 50mg Tramadol with 325mg of Tylenol?
ive had something that looks like a bruise a little above my voice box?
What causes headaches?
Chest Pain when i lie down?
I'm getting sharp sudden abdominal pain ?
Advil, Tylenol, Motrin or something else? Headache?
Scoliosis and Back Pain?
Is it okay to take 2 vicodin if 1 isn't working?
Pain on the left side of my chest?
Is it a myth that cracking/popping your bones gives you arthritis?
watch ticker test?
Is pravachol really effective in lowering cholesterol?
aditor, amedicine for arteries and fats i want its name in greece please as soon as possiple?
Is there any one condition/disease/problem that might cause you to have these symptoms?
Has anyone tried any acne treatments that actually work?
Damage from MINIMAL Tanning? What's a Healthy Level of Sun Exposure?
Why do mosquito bites itch so bad?
Can anyone help me with my acne problems?Please???
acne products without benzoyl peroxide and salicid acid?
I popped a blackhead and now theres like a scab or something odd going on?
Hurting bump under my lip. What is it?
my skin has been easily irritate lately, what can cause this?
20 years old an still have acne, what can I do?
how can i get my skin color back ? it was blond ?
I have a cut???
How to treat/care for Tick Bites?
I got my arm hit n bled few minutes back;which was already burnt by boiling water 10 day befor.I shd put wat?
just got a big cut on my gums and cant call dentist til morning.how do i clean the cut so dont get infection?
Why are the marks from my fire ant bites black?
if a person were going to......?
weird bite looking thing suddenly appeared on my little finger?
how to get a deep,black.small splinter out?
Which is the worst for the human health: alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis?
Menopause Problems (hot flashes)?
Lucas Pawpaw Ointment?
Do you drink vinegar for the benefit of your health?
fast remedy that will work for sore throaT?
is there a tablet that when put in water produces steam?
How much Dextromethorphan would I have..?
Centrum OVERDOSE took 2 in one day NEED HELP! FAST?
Comments or thoughts on the "Plethora of Evidence" being (finally) provided by the BCA?
Have any of you RNs considered graduate studies then decided not to?
Whats the stuff inside an icepack?
do contact lenses reduce degrees?
i want the best elergi eye hospital in Pakistan along with email address and tell phone No thanks3 months ago?
PET ALLERGIES:Respiratory: Allergies & Sinus Problems?
Hay fever in 1 nostril?
I have sore, red, recurring bumps that appear on my forehead and on my chest....?
How do I get rid of mucus in my throat? I've had it for months now?
allergic reaction on the lip?
Fish oil for nasal allergies!!!!!!!?
Why does the inside of my nose itch?
If You Were Allergic....hypothetical question?
My throat is killing me how can i cure it in a few minutes without medicine?
I went to the dentist yesterday and now my lip wont move?
Do Tobacco pouches cause gum recession?
I've been told I need braces. What do they do to you?
Please help! What is wrong with my filling??
How many teeth can you have pulled at the same time with the typical shot for dental procedures?
How can I relieve the pain of aching legs?
pain on under mouth while running?
Incubation Period of Mono?
alopecia universalis?
What are the Top 5 Deadly Diseases in the Philippines? Please...I really needed the that information...?
does vit c cures vocal polyp?
if you had a terminal illness what would you wish for?
Frequent Bowel Movements Question!?
How do urine drug tests determine whether or not you are doing drugs?
What kind of disorder does it sound like I have?
My mom smokes alot and i feel like shes gonna get black lungs when is she gonna quit?
Usually how long after chemotherapy does a person start to feel a little bit better ? ?
how do hospice agencies make money?
Do oncologists typically just "give up" on stage 4 metastatic breast cancer?
Does a stiff in my breast automatically mean cancer?
Stomach cancer and diet?
Is there any truth to nitrilosides or vitamin B17 being the cure to caner?
I am considering diep breast reconstruction following a mastectomy soon.?
contipation please answer i would love if nurses or doctors no answer 2?
has anyone has success losing weight if you are diabetic being on a low glycemic diet?
Can a diabetic take two 500ml. coconut water per day?
Is a fasting blood sugar of 107 considered high?
will terazosin raise blood sugar?
Do vitamin b-12 supplements help the nerves in a diabetic who has peripheral neuropathy?
Could I have diabetes?
Is there a way that you can self-diagnose yourself for diabetes?
Type 2 Diabetes Help please?
Left chest muscle bigger than the right?
Pulse in my stomach please help?
What are best way to help us stay motivated in Training??
Does a Healthy Diet = Good Looks?
I think I'm overdoing my diet...without that much effect.=c?
Anyone tried BSNs new during training drink?
What's the best exercise?
What is a good lunch to have after a night of parting?
I have decided not to hate my body any longer. Who is with me?
websites for homeopathy doctor's openion for L4L5 disc herniation remedy?
How long does it noramlly take a cut to Heal on the palm of your hand, it hurts to close my hand?
Whats the best way to recover from calf muscle cramps and a corked thigh!???
Why do I feel sharp stabbing pains on my lft side of my chest?
I seem to have a harddot or something about 2-3 inches below my belly button on my waistline, what is it?
crutches !!!!!!!!?
I hit my head....Could it really be this?!? please help?
How does asthma occur exactly?
How come I can't breathe through both my nostrils?
I had an agioplasty with 2 stents, why would cold weather continue causing me chest pains, amd warm not?
how can i control my asthma before i exercise?
What can I do about Sleeping with Bronchitis?
weird but my nose is addicted to nasel spray and i really need help to get off it?
My Asthma Is Out Of Control Please Help?
Is it possible to get lung cancer at 15 years old? I smoke half a pack a day and have mild asthma?
my mom's arm is aching on the bone?
How can I prevent migraines?
Physical Therapy for Broken Wrist?
Does knee surgery hurt?
Can Anxitey Cause this Kind of Pain?
Why does it hurt like crazy each time i drink pop? Plz help!?
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but WORDS will never hurt me.?
What are growing pains?
whats gonna happen if they do surgery on me? like where are they gonna cut and what are they gonna do?
What is all over my upper arms?
Ways To Help Calm A Sunburn?
what is that on my scalp?
Do you have to go through a lot to become a dermatologist?
Itchy rash gained over night?
My ear is throbbing, and I cannot get the drops to work?
How do you make Aloe Vera juice from the plant:?
Can a spider bite cause bruising without other common symptoms?
what is the best thing for extreme dry skin on legs and arms?
Be sting! what to do?
Does anybody have a recipe for herbal mosquito repellents?
bite on elbow ?
Does the paramedic effort of reviving Tracey Conway with CPR ever being recorded in video?
natural or over the counter remidies for anxiety?
The sensory systems that organize sensory information into lines, angles, and movement are called?
First time wearing contacts: a bit blurry?
What is the best place in/near PA to get laser eye surgery?
eye glass temples?
Something's wrong with my eye?
When I stand up my eyes go blurry and white and I feel dizzy but then back to normal. Why?
can Wal-Mart perscribe any unperscribed glasses that i bring in ?
Questions on Contact Lenses?
Question about contacts for Optometrists out there??
What can i do to naturally whiten my teeth naturally - i have slightly week enamel as well?
How quickly can teeth shift without a retainer?
bracket on braces is loose?
Is it just a tooth ache?!?
I noticed three tiny holes on my tooth that started hurting a little bit this week. Do I need a filling?
what toothpaste would make yellow teeth to white teeth in a month or sooner?
whenever im in a restaurant i always get food stuck in my teeth?
I got my premolars out about 5 days ago, would I be ok for making out?
Why good dental hygiene is so important to your health?
I can stick my tongue in my nazel cavity above my mouth, has this ever been recorded?
I have bags under my eyes, and i am only 14.?
Selling Blood Plasma...?
The Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder: What Does It Really Mean?
anyone suffering from ADHD, major depression and GAD?
How bad do you think a person's depression should be before they get ECT?
How can I train myself to not be afraid of expressing myself?
What are some of the affects of mental illness on the elderly of America?
What cause sleepwalking?
what's wrong with me?? (read for details)?
Genetic Testing Agreement?
Bloated after each meals.?
can crocs shoes make diabetic affected feet worse?
Is Type 1 Diabetes a disability?
At home medical transcriptionists?
Can my Dad back up His vessel to the BP oilwell & refuel for free?
Which acne products do you strongly recommened?
is benzoyl peroxide good for acne?
Has anyone tried lime juice for acne?
what does it mean if my son does not get tan even after being in the sun for hours?
I have a white discolored area on my nose. What could this be?
am i too young to get a mole removed?
my back acne is soo embarassing..?
Just trying to let all you people having trouble with acne, Ice Cubes is the best result ever!?
What happens when you take an ipecac syrup and vomiting does not occur?
What is that thing called when you put it on your nose so water cant get in it?
I have a rash on my hand and an ulcer on my tongue...what is it?
How do i take care of my ear piercing?
how would i get rid or a welt by tomorrow?
I just got stung by a bee! My moms a nurse so she put all this stuff on it. But is there an after effect?
Which foods/drinks/herbs are good to help side effects of antibiotics?
Info on Spinal Stenosis/Herniated Disc.....?
what is this?
hii , i m nikky n i want to lose weight by drinking lemon with water 3 times a day. Are there sny side effects
i am 22 yrs old and i stammer,i hve tried a lot to cure it,but haven't succeded, how can i cure stammering ?
Question about Anorexia and Bulimia?
How do i get rid of my anxiety?
Does God exist?
How do I explain to my child about chiari?
Did you know burning incense, may be a health risk?
Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?
How much does Lasik Surgery Cost?
hemp: the most medicinal plant known to man?
Why do my bones keep cracking?
Tell why U should never hit a man with glasses on?
Fans and Flatulence: Do fans blowing on you overnight make you fart more in the day?
What is the difference of Pulse rate and heart beat?
Does your normal blood pressure change after a heart attack?
dilated left atrium cause palpitations ?
Figure this one out! I'm 26 yrs old?
My Sisters Fiance died Suddenly from a Massive Heart Attack?
Can i get a stoke?Am i at risk?
Looking for natural ways to control hot flashes due to menopause?
would Valerian root capsules help?
Do Vicodin pills cause bloating and pressure? Do they cause constipation?
Is it true there's an organic drink that can disolve a kidney stone? If so what is it?
I heard somewhere that chocolate has some of the same mind altering effects as cocaine?
Have you used Traditional Chinese Medicine. (Acupuncture, herbs, massage) - has it worked for you?
Do you know about any natural painkiller remedies?
Need help choosing a Massage / Therapist?
I drink windex on a daily basis help!?
Weed Tea??? .............?
Will I Ever Be Able to DANCE again after Torn ACL surgery?
What are you "picking" when you pick your lips?
I cannot bend my neck to my shoulder?
I keep getting a kink / pinched nerve in my neck? Whats wrong?
medical question?
My boyfriend stops breathing for moments at night and then violently coughs projecting mucus,vomit and other?
Can anyone recommend where to by Dry Aged Bone-In Prime Rib online for the holidays?
a question about asthma?
Just started using oxygen to treat sleep apnea... HELP!?
i have Asthma pleaz help !?
Why is my voice so deep?
to smoke or not smoke?
Can I use a contact lense prescription to get eyeglasses also?
Who loves green eyes? contacts question.?
Friend has terminal cancer?
potential ovarian cancer?
What are the chances of getting cancer from smoking? ?
In great pain - hurt knee - please help?
Did my concussion affect my vision?
Constant muscle twitching.?
what is the best to do for a broken heel?
Prayer's please!!?
sudden knee pain?
Why can we pop our knuckles?
Answer 4 Points! I think i broke my pinky!?
Dislocated knee help! Ten points best answer!?
How do you make love with an insulin pump in you? (I have diabetes)?
Blood sugar from 71 to 134... need some advice?
If a patient glucose level is 755 and given 10 units of Humulin IV. What is her glucose level ?
What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes symptoms?
Diabetic Question Please Help Me Out?
Do I have Diabetes? I think I smell and taste sugar?
Does Insul-Opt work as advertised?
Sugar free renal recipes?
Does chocolate really cause acne?
Solutions to teenage acne? D:?
causes of discoloration around areas of face?
Burn Scar Treatment? Mederma or Cica Care?
How can I stop my self from picking my scars?
sore red nose, i have the flu. have can i cure it?
I have a mole on my back and it hurts why?
whats the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of zits?
bleeding from the chin?
How can I tell if my friend has an eating disorder?
What are some exercises i can do at home to lose weight?
How I lose 3 dress sizes in one month?
what are some good meals and exercises i can do to lose weight?
what is the best remedy for backaches and stress?
what healing has show results for illness?
What is the maximum daily intake of BIOTIN that your body can use?
do you have to go to an endocrinologist for postpartum hyperthyroidism?
Home Remedies for Sore Throat and Loss of Voice??
What is a Homopathic Practitioner???
What is the Alternative to the Illicit Drug Ice?
Loud car stereos and motorcycles are ruining the quality of life in my neighborhood. How do I deal with them?
Explaining HIPPA?
How can I become more graceful?
Is it bad to clean our ears EVERYDAY?
Do I have eyesight problems?
Why is it when you fall asleep sometimes you jump and wake up?
Why on some nights do you have a good nights sleep, and other nights you don't ?
is this asthma or a chest infection?
I've been coughing for three days now, I need help?
Help! My husband snores so loud! ?
I have a very very rare disease...?
is that sneezing girl still sneezing?
exercising with asthma... help?
Sleep apnea in babies...?
When you do exercise in the cold mornings is it normal to feel like your lungs are burning inside?
Thyroid cancer?
what should I know about this type of cancer?
my father is suffering from spinal cord cancer from last one year. he is 64 yrs old.?
Ideas on how to commemorate a cancer-free anniversary?
Has anyone else noticed how much of our society is being consumed by Cancer?
cervical cancer?
wisdom teeth removal?
nhs dentist = emergency?
What are some things you can do at ome to improve the whitening your teeth w/out the use of whitening strips?
My teeth have moved, need help and answers please!?
Brown streaks on teeth?
whats the best technique to whiten your teeth?
Im getting braces!! please answer?
Rotting in between teeth, help!?
I got elastics to correct my cross-bite, hurts like a mofo.?
Contacts redness and irritation ?
how much does it cost?
Excercises for Relaxing EYES?
How come my prescription glasses make red in photos jump out in 3-D especially when there is blue also. ?
doses having different eye color make you see better?
Broken Leg,, it hurts :( ????
migraine diary (what to write in it)?
Pain months after surgery?
what are back joints?
I was wondering if therapy magnets are bad for you neck?
Methadone clinic next door?
i have a little lump in the back of my throat,?
Good ways toget to sleep fast?
Quit drugs..no prob...quit drinking..no prob...Quit SMOKING?? big problem!!?
Can you see yourself as a nurse, and if so, what about nursing appeals to you, or turns your stomach?
How can a person stop being addicted to the internet?
Every night I scream and cry in my sleep to be left alone?
Sudden indentation has appeared on top of the fleshy part of my foot?
white spots on stomach, please help?
Hair loss due to seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis?
dark elbows?
How can I get rid of a scar...?
Red bumps (maybe blood-filled) on skin?
what does it mean when it hurts to sweat?
How long does it take for an Achilles strain to heal?
Shoulder/Collar bone pain and inflamation ?
which specialist doctor to consult for pain in groin and hip?
Did I pull my muscle?
can a person fully recover from brain damage?
A brick fell on my pinky toe, it's now swollen and blue. Tips please...?
Do pushups damage my spine and make me a hunchback?
Injury to nose because of removing black heads?
diabetes...is this a real progress?
Why does soap sting your eyes?
break a habit?
I have 1st & 2nd degree burns on my arm I know have alot of nausia and a bad headach.?
Are there any old remedies for drawing a wooden sliver to the surface of the skin?
ive got a peice of food stuck in my throat?
Burnt My finger....?
Is this frostbite?
Does anyone know of any recent denial cases for social security disability relating to heart disease?
How do i find...?
Once an artery is partially blocked by plaque, can diet and exercise reduce this plaque to the point where it?
shud people with mitral valve regurgitation go for surgery?
what causes a heart to become enlarged?
what are the normal qt readings on an ecg?
i drink 3 bottles of beer every day is it good or bad for health it is 1800ml of beer?
Naproxen dosage directions?
Will Bengay help with shin splints?
What type of doctor should I visit for arm numbness most likely the result of repetitive motion at work?
What happens in the blood in a patient with acute lymphocytic leukemia?
do you know any facts on holistic therapies or any websites were i can get fact and figures?
low white and red blood cells?
question regarding biopsy?
I have to have a biopsy .what can i expect ...Does it hurt??
What does the lady in the Cancer Treatment Centers of America commercial mean when she says,"It's like the doc?
PLease help!!! My uncle is at last stage of the brain cancer and doctors said they can't do anythng.?
Why are Breast Cancer Supporters so Greedy?
Natural ways to settle my stomach?
What is the best homeopathic remedie to remove genitile warts?
which natural ingredient has the best healing properties as medicine?
does anyone know the effects with taking glucosamine with alcohol?
has anyone ever heard of pre-seed?how did it work for you?
Do Australian flower essencies really work?
Bitter almonds" I want to know the safe dosage to take from a user?
i need help getting un-high?
In times of stress and anxiety do you starve or comfort eat?
Why don't hospital DOCTORS listen to you when you say that you are sick?
is it ok to drink milk when you have a fever, or will it make you sick?
Any body know how much it cost for eyes exam at costco and buy one more glasses ?
Computer use after Prk Surgery?
What brand of eyedrops are best for red eyes?
Blepharitis with J & J baby wash! Good or bad??
is it possible to have both pneumonia and bronchitis at the same time?
Device to hold a cigar for someone in a wheelchair?
why do I feel pain in my lungs when I smoke?
Is it possible to live with a pulmonary embolism for a couple years and not know it?
Why do womem's chests expand and contract so much compared to men...?
Since there is a shortage of swine flu shots.?
precordial catch syndrome?
Little girl had tonsils taken out?
Can added chlorine cause hives?
Can a combination of fruits cause an allergic reaction?