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how much lead do you have to be exposed to in order to get cancer/lead poisoning?
Did famed mystic and acupuncturist Rory Emerald recently discover a cure for cancer?
Is your body creamated after you donate body parts. If not, what happens to it?
Best thing to do for allergies non medicine?
vicks cool mist ultrasonic humidifier not misting?
If you are allergic to a dog, will you be from day 1?
Is it possible for an epi pen to cause death?
What does it mean if I have a swollen throat and red spots on it?
How to unblock my nose?
ok question about rashes from matress?
Help! My father has been experencing....?
crest white strips?
jaw surgery?
did hilary duff get a jaw surgery done??
what is the best way to take care of my teeth?
tacky is it safe to chew?
How come the food goes the wrong way?
A bunch of yellow stuff on my tongue?
What is a female surfer's body like?
Is it easier to starve yourself, and not follow a healthy diet?
In the past 10 months I've lost almost 50 lbs. My clothes ?
Drinking 12 beers a night, but only 4 nights in a week, is that a healthy weight gainer ?
Does anyone know if weight watchers really works?
please give me VERY low cal ideas for a packed lunch to take to college!?
Shall we start a diet club on here? Weigh in weekly, I will post a question 'how much have you lost'?
what is ciprofloxacin used for?
What is the cause of piles. and what is the cure.?
define ineffective communication?
Can a woman in the 1st trimester of pregnancy take an 800mg Ibuprofen?
Practicing kickboxing, I punched a board.?
Why are hearing aids so expensive?
what could be the cause of my 15 month old son to vomit and have watery, yellow diahrrea?
Why haven't you tried YOGA? or Why did you try YOGA?
What is my visual acuity?
Why and how do glasses get foggy?
if my eye drop cap falls on the ground for few seconds is it bad?
my contacts keep watering is that normal?
What are the best colored prescription contacts? I just got Acuvue 2 Coloured and they don't work for my eyes!
eye problem =[?
Can anyone tell me if i have severe astigmatism?
what are the affects of using lipator and digoxin?
physical needs for someone with heart disease?
Vasovagal Syncope, causes/solutions?
has anyone had any success with the use of 2.5mg of cialsi per day?
Can a person develop high blood pressure as a result of moving to a higher altitude?
high blood pressure?
how long do I have if I stop taking my medications?
how does your heart beat?
Do I have a heart arrhythmia?
do u think i have cardiac problem?
How to be my self around others?
Feeling like i'm going to faint every two minutes..?
pain through out body and vomiting?
migranes? headache? streess?
Will muscle relaxants help for pain caused by my spine?
14 with a back pain?
Back pain at night, near spine?
I had a migrane for three consecutive days and went to the hospital and the dr gave me an intravenus. WTF?
what can i do to reduce redness of eczema on my face and arms? cream given by doctors doesn't help...?
What are some really good deodorants for women that stop or prevent sweating?
I have had a loss of circulation in my feet lately and marks on my leg, what is it should i be worried?
My puggle (pug and beagle) randomly broke out-red blisters around the mouth and hind legs, above the nose Y?
What is a Good Remedy or Treatment for White & Black Heads?
Two large welts on arm and chest connected to very high heat?
Best cure for adult acne?
Has anyone out there who suffers from all over itching ever tried hypnosis?
how do you get a sty in your eye?
How do I deal with being unable to use my preference hand? ?
Remidies For Canker Sores Please help???!!!!?
oomg!!! black eye!!!?
Open wounds...?
How long will my cut take to heal, and what can I do to make it feel better?
I have been punching my punching bag with out gloves, now i cant really move my pinky.?
is it bad to write on your arm?
What to do when your stomach hurts and you feel like you are going to throw up?
do i have a concussion?
I accidentally stuck a fishhook in my pennis, what do i do?
why do my eyes twitch during the day, sporadically?
If son is allergic to grass and mows the yard, could that develop into asthma?
How do I bring down swelling in my face?
Lactose intolerant? Can it suddenly develop?
My eyes are all red and itchy! Is it allergy pink eye?
How do I stop my allergies?
Can you get a cat that you cant get allergic?
Cystic Fibrosis?
Clear thick mucus coming from throat. Hard to clear it out. I cant live like this anymore. please help.?
asthma inhalers. what colour do i use first?
What is this a symptom of?
I think I have toxic mold in my apartment?
Sharp upper right chest pain.?
How to get my friend to stop smoking?
How to fake a fever?!?!?!?
Is it possible to become addicted to marijuana?
what is dandruff and how do you get it?
I want to be a doctor but this isn't helping...?
Keep getting sick at night?
Should I smoke weed after I donate blood. Are there any side effects that could happen if I do Smoke?
When you take off your shoes and socks,do your feet feel as if they have been set free?
Why do my ears have a pulsing sensation in them when I'm really tired?
What does it mean when there is bright red blood in stool?
My large intestine hurts what does it have?
what should i be claiming for after being awarded dla?
no thumb knuckle joint?
where do you go to get diagnosed for anxiety?
Does mercury poisoning make you feel like your immortal?
Strained throat muscles from bulimia?
Still up??????????????????? Ahhhhh?
Recovering Anorexic: i'm too scared..?
How long is the merbromin affective in helping to prevent infection on a minor wound.?
my ears???
how to remove belly button starter ring?
I have a dreaded mouth ulcer?
What's good for a leprechaun bite?
xiphoid process?
what i must to do to skeeter doesnt bite me on the night when i am sleeping?
I've been bitten by a black widow!?
How do i get my waist smaller?
how 2 get rid of love handles?
how to lose weight off the belly and thighs in 3 months?
Is creatine monohydrate effective for brazilian jiu-jitsu?
Eating only fruit and one main meal a day?
How can I get rid of my love handles?
how many sit ups should i do a day?
How do I get rid of my belly fat, love handles, and fat on my thighs quick?
Have you noticed that people overly interested in eating health food look sick?
I lost over 10 lbs and I see my whole body shrinking any my face too.?
How long does it usally take 2 get contacts.
Where can I get red non-RX contacts for cheap?
Intralase -bladeless- or microkeratome lasik,,Have I been scammed?
Are Acuve Bifocal contacts any good?
my eyes are very smokey looking. It seems like i am looking through a sheer cloth. Whats going on?
What do you know about Non Hodgekin Lymphoma?
I have a co-worker taking chemo for liver cancer. We want to put together a care package for him?
I need some information on cancer?
breast fybrosis benign? has anyone had this before??
I fear I may have Testicular cancer, and have no insurance to cover the cost, how long do I have to live?
Tongue Cancer?
Can I get a medical discharge from the Navy for a diagnosis of Testicular Cancer?
Gastric problem?
My enamel is chipping off?
Can somebody please explain thoroughly the biological equilibrium that exists with tooth enamel??
How can I cover up a broken front tooth with something until I have the money for a dentist?
How long can you wait before before putting in dental implants?
How fast do teeth move with braces?
Is there a way to make swelling in the cheeks go down fast?
Crowns and Veneers?
Do you guys brush your teeth in the morning and night or only one time during the day?
i had 2 wisdom teeth pulled...?
What causes Depression? Is it theimbalance of neurons in the brain or a situation in the person's life?
I am looking for current research on Schizophrenia.?
Going to ER for sucidal thoughts?
If you have a mental disorder or illness, or depression please read. I wrote this for you.?
How stop having conservations with myself?
what happens when you call the dont cut hotline?
Insulin-dependent (Type I) diabetes...?
Can I wear the Omni-Pod in the shower?
What is the advantage of being able to clone the gene for human insulin?
What would the advantage be for a diabetic to increase their Fiber intake?
What is a good place to buy large quantity or bulk sugar free candy?
why I can not return not used nutrisystem?
What is a normal glucose reading when doing a home testing kit.?
What Type of Diet Should I Follow if I Have Hypertension?
Type 1 diabetic for many years and still in denial. What is wrong with me?
what increase in WBC in blood implies?
the period during which a heart chamber is contracting is....?
What kind of palpitations are they?
High Blood Pressure, when to seek medical attention?
What is a stint? In regards to my uncle...?
I have white coat hypertension... ?
Is Blood Pressure of 110/55 while laying down too low?
My heart...?
What hands on activity should i do on a project about heart Attacks?
Dr.s what is a P E T test?
What is the difference between food allergy and food intolerance?
Is Knorr's Caldo de Tomate gluten free?
Sharper Image Design Hybride GP Germicidal Air Purifier doesn't work. WHY???
why does scratching an itch help, but then make it worse?
Allergic reaction to Percocet?
I just started working in a reptile shop. now I have allergies?
Help with my nose bleeds?
I have puffiness and burning under my eyes? Whats wrong with me?
Does tooth past clear up acne?
question for ppl with eczema or dermatitis or anything similar?
What should i use to get rid of my acneeee?
eczema or vitilgo or what?
I get weird hard lumps in my ear lobes that really hurt, what do you think it is?
I pointed a laser up my nose now it hurts?
Emergency Spider Bite!!!?
What are these small white bumps on my hands?
Best Products For Verruca?
Time heals all wounds. Time is money. So money heals all wounds?
probable side effects of Cabergoline?
When sneezing,coughing,yawning and laughing,how do you cover your mouth?
I have alot of difficulty breathing in the mornings and Im a smoker, what could possibly be causing this?
I've had a cold for a week!!?
What alternatives are effective for sleep apnea, besides CPAP?
chest pains due to trapped wind?
Coughing up Blood HELP!!?
Would rolling my own cigarettes with pure tobacco be better than buying manufactured cigarettes?
how to recover from an injured ankle?
Why putting Ice when you have muscle pain?
Nerve damage? Help me out please?
Upper back pain from neck?
Where can I find more information about self-injury?
why is the eye doctor say 20/20 i know thats my sight but why not 100/100 so then its more prosise?
I think i could of fractured my foot?
what will the doctors do if you broke your big toe..?
Hey, where did that big knot on your forehead come from?
I got my cartilage pierced but its gotten infected.do i have to take the earring out for it to get better?
bedbug bite scarring?
what is the treatment for shock in the triage method.?
Padding under a bandage?
kinda weird... but some1 help w/ my swollen ear!?!?
My hand just got scalded. What should I do?
why do mosquitos always bite me before they bite others?
what do you do if you are bitten by an insect? please tell!?
Do yellow lenses on glasses increase vision?
what is pink eye?????????
Please explain how glasses are graded.?
How Much Do You Pay for Your Contact Lenses?
Is It normal for my eyes to strain more than they initially did a couple of days after recieving glasses?
do i need to worry about my bloody eye?? see details please?
I look up while talking when i blink or just when i'm blinking...does this mean something?
Any herbal remedies for bipolar disorder? I'm tired and frustrated with insurance companies and dr's offices.
how do chiropractors keep from snapping necks?
Time for the health industry to change and accept a more hollistic approach to health?
Alternative to Primatene?
Question About "Meeting Adam"?
help pleasee............help?
As soon as I get my car i am going to smash it into a pole.?
Why do my hands feel tired and worn when I type a lot? How can I prevent this when typing?
What does a doctor do about an upset stomach?
What snacks can i eat with severe hypoglycemia?
Urologist help please? Gross or Frank Hematuria in urine for over 2 years with no infection!?
Is there a Chance MRI machines can miss a tumor.?
if you stop growing because of intestinal problems can you start again?
Throat hurts a lot when I breathe in, not a cold?
my back is giving me troubles and im feeling very stiff in my lower back and slow reactions.?
Parasite in stomach or intestines?
A little worried and scarred....?
Is there any connection between malignancy(cancer) and Pseudotumor cerebri?
Is there anyone who feels this depression kind of feeling...?
Why do some events look like they have happened before in the same way ?
What does it take to get disability for a mental illness?
Should I be concerned about my 7 yrs old daughters friend who picks at sores all over her face and body?
Are their any pro sports stars who have aspergers syndrome.?
im seeing really weird things PLEASE HELP ASAP?
ok WHAT DID SOMEONE DO TO ME im sorry i need loads of answers? please help me?
My anxiety and over-active mind is ruining me.?
What causes a spanking fetish?
sometimes i hear the screams of children in the head, what can it be?
What to do when immunotherapy, antihistamines, and powerful decongestants don't work for my allergies !?
What's the best way to treat tetracycline stained teeth?
Why doesn't ICD (intercondylar distance) have nothing to do with teeth occlusal morphology?
How bad is it getting a few permanent teeth extracted?
Root canal treatment, still in pain after the work?
Alternative to braces!?
Dental Hygienist?
How do you get bad taste out of your throat?
Wisdom Tooth Removed...Awful Taste In Mouth and Yellowish Tongue?
What kids drank bleach?
What are the symptoms of food poisoning and how long untill symptoms show up?
Is surgically removing a cyst painful?
If you know someone who's Bipolar...?
Can stress cause this?
How many bowel movements should one have each day?
How can I get sick by tomorrow?
how can i love my body?
My friends are gonna do ecstasy, should I or shouldn't I?
Why do some people eat boogers?
how do you get fiberglass out of your skin.?
TMJ syndrome?
What is it called when you have someone breath real fast and then choke them to sleep?
How do i make the feeling of having to pee go away?
Skin Problems ( i need to know this)?
how to get rid of acne scars?
Can moles be removed?
can anyone suggest to me a top-selling acne product that really works?
I'm going on holidays soon and i want to catch i tan without burning read the description see if you can help!?
How to treat sunburns?
Why do i get oily skin?
what can be done to get rid of keratosis polaris aka sandpaper skin or red bumps on arms and legs?
How to get rid of your butt?
Is there anyway to make roscea look better if you caught it early?
Fasting way to lose stomach fat?
What is the BEST/FASTEST ab workout and diet plan with or without supplements?
Ten pounds in four weeks?
What are some great Healthy lunch ideas for my boyfriend?
Why does ORGANIC food have more nutrition?
How much wieght can a 14 year old girl loose in 51 days and whats the best way to do it?
How to get flexible?
Can I get new glasses based on my old glasses without a new prescription?
Should I trust my new eye doctor?
Retinal tear laser surgery???
I got hit in the eye with a football and it created a red spot what is wrong with my eye and my eye still hurt
how do get your eye-color ?
What colour is my eye....?
when I experience hotflashes, does it effect my blood pressure?
Heart palpitations and other symptoms when exercising.?
After experiencing a heart arrhythmia I had this dream. What could it mean?
Do you know anything about heart disease?
DESPERATELY need hypertension HELP in Ontario, Canada?
Heart Model Finish... How can we make it more interesting...?
Heart Attack?
Can you get a"high" from uisng celexa (ctralomroma) if used recreationally?
Can eating foods with more calcium improve the rate at which broken bones heal?
what can I use to remove a scar on my son's forehead?
I have several old injuries and I am starting to feel them. Is there anyway to prevent them from getting worse
Hurt finger??
answer ay-sap please!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Toe Surgery gone BAD!!?
whats the stupidest way you ever got injured?
Have you ever used Ativan? How did it work for you?
I am going into the hospital voluntarily (sorta) for Major Depressive Disorder, What can I expect?
Why are people so keen to get diagnosed with bipolar?
What is your opinion of people with Borderline Personality Disorder?
is this normal?
Why i can't able to angry? Is this is a mental diseases?
I think I have a mental illness...?
Am I the only one that is feeling lonely and miserable this holiday weekend?
What is the name of mental disorder of talibans who beheaded Sikh men when they refused to convert into Islam?
lung disease, could a low ceiling cause problems ?
i never had asthma before and now i just suddenly got it. whats up with that?
Is it ok to smoke weed after sinus surgery?
Coughing up phlegm itchy throat, no other symptoms?
Does anyone have panic attacks?
So, what is Sleep Apnea? (sp?)?
why everything tastes bitter when one has got fever?!?
cirrhosis of the liver?
What should I do? My fiance wants to stop her cancer treatment!?
CANCER QUESTION.....................?
Do you Really think cell phones cause cancer?
Pancreatic Cancer I am so scared?
EMERGENCY!!!!! EMERGENCY!!! does my mother have breast cancer or worst!!!!!?
COULD THIS BE CANCER? please help?
Qigong, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, etc.?
What is the best treatment for Fybromyalgia.?
australian tea tree oil?
Side Effects from L-Arginine?
Somthin to take the edge of?
Can my friend open an antidepressant capsule and just swallow the powder? She can't swallow well.?
Ginger Juice, benefits from?
Gag reflex with clear retainer...?
White spots on teeth?
Teeth Whitening At Home - What's The Easiest Method That You Know Works?
I just got a new lip piercing...?
I have to have treatment at the dentist and the injections don't numb the pain, what can I do to bear it?
I'm getting all four of my wisdom teeth pulled soon, what to expect?
im not sure if this is a dental question or a health question?
My cap over my tooth just came out while I was eating. What do I do now? I got the cap in my hand.?
What is the best way to relax in a dental office?
If you're allergic to hair dye, are you allergic to tattoo ink too?
what is a good medication for sinus?
can whole wheat allergy make you gain wieght?
how do i get my ears unstopped?
Constanly sneezing & eyes are itchy?
I think I might be allergic to cats?
is it a cold or allergies?
Is it normal to have a continuing allergic reaction after steroids?
Why is there small bump under jawline?
do i m suffering any problem?
what can i use for sweaty hands because they sweat constantly!!help!?
why does salt and an ice cube on your skin, burn and make your skin scar?
how do i remove sagginess from my breasts without surgery or treatment?
Is there something that could pop up on the skin that looks like a wart?
BAD BRUISE: Random bruise that showed up and won't go away?
How do I reduce the amount of acne?
Random itch in my face?
Survey: Are you acne free?
I am getting small red bumps on my skin..?
How can I get rid of my wart?
can i claim disability living allowance for a selective mute child possible mild autism and has social phobia?
what are some good short term goals for impaired tissue integrity?
Stomach pain, to the point of fainting...Irritable Bowel syndrome or something else?
My best friend has a blood clot in her leg?
anyone know about proctitis?
made up disease or truth?
Question for RNs or EMTs: How long does ACLS certification take and how difficult is it?
Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Vs. Cardiovascular Tech?
what is the difference between heart beats?
How to become a Cardio-Pulmonary Perfusionist?
Heart palpitations?
Any recent studies or research involving heart disease?
Who discovered the stroke?
why did my creatinine level come up so high?
How much weight can you lose from anorexia??
Do slimming belts actually work ?
How do I stop my self from eating when bored?
Guys do you like a flat chest or fat chest? And girls what would you ratehr have?
Can you join the National Guard if you have Juvenile Diabetes?
Would a forced march cure type 2 diabetes?
what is Podiatric Pathology?
What happen if anyone take 100 0.5 mg Restyl tablets?
coupons for the Reli-On ultima testing strips?
How do you get diabetes?!?
am i diabetic?
If you were in a car with about 4 people smoking blunts...me and my friend were not smoking.will it be on test?
Dehydration eye problems?
Help Regarding Abnormal photosensitivity [LPNs, RNs, or Dr.s Please]?
Help Please? I've had a concussion for almost 3 weeks and am beginning to feel really depressed?
ingrown toenail??????
ear lobe piercing infection solutions?
What is best to put on a bad scrape/laceration to stop it from seeping fluid (not blood)?
Hi. I have a little ear wax problem. Any ideas what's up?
Is this frost bite?! Please help! :)?
Splinter help!?
Tick Bite Questions?
So I blew my ear drums out?
Social Anxiety Disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, or something else?
What advice or ideas are out there to beat winter depression?
How does exercise help those with depression?
how should i handle this?- please, specific answers?
How do you get through deep emotional pain without anti-depressents? is there any mind therapy i can use?
Does anyone know i can get depression medication?
please I relly need help!?
Side effect to Amoxicillin or Yasmin?
Having crazy symptoms and need advice?
Bladder Infection? Lately I have had to go to the bathroom a lot?
Can you help me fall asleep?
What is the difference between a psycologist and psychiatrist?
Withdrawal from Cymbalta, what can happen?
what are some methods to fall asleep quicker??/?
why do i cough whenever i clean my ear with a Q-tip?
How long does pot stay in your urine?
I still crave cigarettes, what can I do, how long will this last?
My son asked my husband today, why is urine yellow?
Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?
LGSIL - Abnormal pap smear?
What does it mean if a CT scan found an enlarged lymph node in my husband's abdomen. He had testicular cancer
Friend advice, might have cancer and/or heart problems.?
My grandmother is dieing from cancer & my sister is close to her, how does my grandma explain whats happing?
can you get any other disease even tho you have cancer?
Sinus infection relief?
what does it mean if when you breathe, u have to inhale deeply?
Do i have asthma???....?
Growing out of Asthma ?
I think i got high off of my inhaler?
Is it possible that I'm itchy because of the change in weather?
What are some symptoms of a food allergy?
My allergies are keeping me from sleeping..help!!?
Allergies to antibiotics?
Allergy Test 2 days ago...still itchy?
I have these little....?
hayfever help!!!!!!!!?
I have a puffy nose :(?
Why does vicodin make my nose itch?
Have you ever sniffed sneezing powder?
What are the benefits of drinking coffee ?
What is a good ab workout?
Does milk make you taller?
How do you get rid of lower belly fat and love handles?
What is the best fitness DVD for fitness over fifty for this old Babyboomer?
Should I eat the kiwi skin because it's full of antioxidants?
I started drinking fenugreek tea for about a week or more and I have noticed my acne get worse?
Is going to 24 hour fitness worth it? Or is it the same to have your own equipment at home?
Maple Leaf Outbreak Listeria?
Can a stomach ulcer cause heartburn?
How long does it take for someone to die of starvation?
Why do doctors say that hypertension is asymptomatic?
Amytriptyline - coming off it @20mg?
Can you still take tums or other antacids while on PROTONIX??
i have hypothyroid and i take synthroid but does that make my metabolism normal? ?
im worried alcohol advice?
After care after a big surgery. Help please?
How do I get rid of black spots on nose?
does bio oil really work?
what is essences of flower and essential oils and how could it help my allergies and stress and memory loss?
should you stop taking probiotics if you are put on a antibiotic for infection?
what are home remedies for corn removal?
Isomnia cure?
has any one used st johns wart and suffered side effects?
How can you detox your body at home without having to buy any pills or anything like that?
Looking for pediatric opthamologist.?
optical lab wages?
Alcon opti-free lens solution and no other brand can clean Ciba's O2Optix lenses, or is that all bull?
please advice on this eye prescription of mine?
my left eye feels dry but its watery and it hurts!?
what should i do about my eyes?
My left eye is dialated on its own????? please help?
What are these weird squigly lines i keep on seeining in my eyes?
Those magic eye pisture things are cool man?
Why does he pass so much gas?! (TMI follows)?
Can you cure depression by your self?
How do you conquer low self esteem?
My mom may be bipolar. How do I ask her to get some help?
having a hard time dealing with this?
I need help with getting rid of stress.AND NOTHINGS WORKING.?
Is that a guilt feeling or what?
How do people manage to hang themselves by tying bedsheets together?
any one knows how to quit drugs on your own and actually succeed?
is there any good medicine or measure to control cholesterol?
What is the MVP In Blood Work ? Mine was low 7.0?
INR Blood test -- Co-pay question?
what are the indications of antiarrhytmic therapy in chronic atrial fibrillation? Please mention the source.?
chest pain.... help!?
Has anyone ever been treated for SVT?
Question about life expectancy?
does anyone know if a blood pressure of 100/66 is normal? And I'm only 14 years old. Just wanted to know. Tnx
HEART RATE [ please read and help ]?
how long does it take for deep wounds to heal at different layers?
What could be wrong with my wrist?
workers comp doctor sent me for aggressive theopary, i do not feel i need it, i was told its up to them to dec
Multiple Sclerosis ... What treatment "Alternatives" have you tried?
Can anyone tell me the difference between ibuprofen and naproxen?
Tore right shoulder cup? what is the best think to get rid of the pain? pls no pain killer's anything else?
How can you treat sore and strained muscles?
Chest pain with loss of appetite.?
I have TMJ it hurts so bad any advise on dealing with the pain?
Where can you buy codeine on line and is it safe to get it from another country?
Why does electricity hurt?
Is it possible to treat a level 4 cancer completely?
Cancer research/courses for 9-12?
Rare Terminal Cancers?
My grandmother just got diagnosed with cancer..?
Death with Dignity Act, why are we compasionate about animals (shooting a horse when injured) than our own?
will i get breast cancer? i'm 14?
I found the cure for cancer?
About who much do porcelian lumineers cost?
premolars and canines?
brushing ur teeth?
My yorkies 2 front bottom teeth are gone..(I'm assuming they fell out) he's still a puppy, is this ok?
Do dental schools put you to sleep when they remove wisdom teeth?
If a person is only going to do two things per day for preventative dental hygiene, what should they be?
How old should you be to bleach your teeth?
Where can i get help with diabetic test strips?
My girlfriend has recently been diagnosed with Pancreatitis. Can excessive excersize lead up to this?
Are there any herb/vitamin supplements I can take to help diabetic nerve damage or blood vessel damage?
does novasure interfere with libido?
Ingrown toenail infection and surgery?
No physical therapy after knee surgery?
Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle (model)?
I did something to my knee...?
Whats wrong with my ankle?
I cut my finger, did I do the right thing?
any good leg injury stories?
How do I explain bad bruises?
I burned myself with a hot glue gun.... and now pain keeps comeing back what should I do?
What are the causes and treatment for atelectasis of right middle lob of lungs?
Left Chest has Sharp pain?
How long Warfarin stay in the blood after stop used. & what are is given to get it out of the blood.?
ice cream and LOTS of coughing!!!helpppp!?
Mantoux Test results on me and my GF?
We are two people working in my office, myself and other girl. She has been coughing very severly almost
Am I having Night Seizures?
cigarettes odor? harmful?
where can i find a non-corrective colored contact lense???/?
These Bug Bites and Killing Me!!! How to heal quick?
bump under skin on neck?
OWW!!! Please help me out!!?
around 12:00 pm...?
ahhh need bug bite help?
Open Wound That needs to be Packed daily.?
Hand pain??
i have a question????
how to clear acne.......FAST ASAP?
Which Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Blackheads And Spots?
Any help please.....Super Dry Skin?
How do i get rid of cold sores in the corners of my mouth?
Is there any way to tighten loose skin after massive weight loss?
is roller blading a good full body workout?
I need to lose about 50 pounds?
What does cardio,jumping jacks,running,and basketball do to your body?
how to lose fat on stomach?
loose weight.?
How can i lose 15 pounds FAST?
things to do when you are bored and it is 45*F outside?
If you eat the same foods everyday (ex: banana) can you get an allergy? I have a reaction in my mouth lately.?
allergies to chapstick?
Could this be an allergic reaction?
What type of allergy could cause this itchiness/?
can i use benadryl in a nebulizer?
Kitten Licking its paws to loosen up Scabbed/Caked Puss over its eye? Should I stop it?
Why do apple and plum cause me sore throat?
i just picked my nose. and guess what. i ate it.?
Is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker qualified to accurately diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders?
Are Bipolar Manic episodes a lot of fun?
do you *have* to have the windows of the sites/programs you frequent open in a particular order?
Do you think days to come are for people who are materialistic and who lack emotions and sensitivity?
How to stay calm at all times?
Do you think psychologists are really helpful?
17, Dropped out of High School, Feel worthless?
Accidental Overdose or Suicide?
Insomnia...please help?
who has autism and never been vaccinated?
my husband has very bad heartburn what do I do too help him?
chief exec resigns from N.H S trust over hygiene.?
Can you tolerate heat?
My friends Dad is dieing. his brain has stopped working.?
Colonoscopy on my 12 month old son?
MSG in Food causes developmental problems in children.?
My nails have been ruined by fungers, what can i do to correct them? They look like they are rotten.?
will medicare pay for a yearly medical stress test?
what is factor v leiden?
leaky valve-mild non calcific mitral stenosisi with severe MR calculated MVA 1.6sqcm and LVEF 60%-IS oper necc
Please help me find out what it is?(neuropathy or something else)?
treatment for babies born with twisted heart valve?
HAS ANYONE HAD e.e.c.p treatment for angina known as balooning and did it work.?
Im 21 and my BP is 110/70 normal, right? But my heartbeat was 108 (but I am not pegnant), is it normal.?
Is it true vitamin B12 help prevent mosquito bites?
Vitamin B-150 Question?
Any Allopath[s] to encourage alternative medicine in his/their hospital/nursing home/clinic @ Hyderabad?
Finding a homeopathic doctor?
Do you know of a natural remedy for child's ear infection?
Is there a safe otc remedy I can get for boosting female libido?
I grind my teeth when I sleep..?
someone help me with questions about braces please!?
How much does a dental hygienist make?
After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?
Why have my braces screwed up my teeth!??
dental x-rays when you might be pregnant?
what type of clear braces are there?
cracks in teeth .?
Abdomen painful to touch!?
I had arthroscopic shoulder surgery!?
i hurt in my chest around 20 minutes, and sometimes my left arm goes numb and my ribs hurt what could this be?
Cold, Tired legs?
Ear Ache help?
Why do my knees hurt?
What does this mean..in the head?
my body muscles are really tight and tense; what do you sugguest 2 un-loosen them?
How to completely stop the sudden reduction of Platelet cells in human body?
Should I be worried about this?
My mom has cancer and yet her vitals are heathy?
Anyone know of rent help for cancer patients and families?? IN NYC?
DOES anybody know if the easyway method - allen carr - works?
I want to donate to a Breast Cancer Organization.?
why do people get cancer?
Where can I buy the new weight loss tablets "Alli"?
How can I get motivated to lose weight?
How do you get thin thighs in less than 8 weeks?
how can i lose 20lbs. in three weeks?
whats the best way to "cleanse" your body after a few days of eating very poorly?
Workout Regimen to Build Muscle and Lose Weight; 10 Points for the most Helpful and Detailed!?
What is a healthy weight for teenage girl, 5'5"?
Morning Jog tips please!!?
What does it mean if i make myself throw up after eating?
I would like to know if eczema is contagious?
has anyone ever been freaked out by "sleep paralysis"? what did you experience?
How heavy can a backpack be without any lasting damage to the wearer?
How do you get rid of herpes?
My fingers and toes get cold really easily, and stay cold for long periods. Is this a problem?
What kind of pill is this?
Will straining my eyes cause permanent damage?
how do you get diagnosed with aids or hiv?
How is AIDS spread?
Which contact lens is suitable?
can contacts get stuck in your eye
eyes changed color!?
I suddenly have myopia! Any explanations?
Corneal abrasion? Please help!!!?
Are stink bugs causing my red eyes?
Has anyone else have had problems with Freshlook brand contact lenses?
Will I be able to fully open my eyes again?
Name a major disease associated with cigarettes?
Chronic sinus problems....nothing seems to work, not even the 'good stuff"...any suggestions?
Has anyone else had an Ingelman-Sundberg Procedure(bladder denervation)for IC(interstitial cystitis) pain?
sinus infection/ brain damage?
Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? =(?
How long do people live with Emphysema?
What does a panic attack feel like?
Is it possible to get HPPD from smoking marijuana?
how do i get really good memory??
borderline personality disorder?
quest. for people who didn't have a loving home?
do you like?
What can I do to break my loneliness and depression?
How long does it take for a sprained ankle to properly heal?
Is it possible to PULL someone's arm off?
Im double jointed in my arm and the past two days while playing around my arm has came out of place. How come?
i got injured on my knee from an awkward tackle while playing soccer to my lateral collateral and ACL.?
Can subungual hematoma lead to my finger being cut off?
Is my middle finger broken?
What can I do? My joins are making a noise click Do I need some vitamins to my joins? I am taking Glucosamine?
My knee hurts when i sprint, or jump?
my boyfriend hurt his finger..?
i injured my shin...plzz helpp?
can diabeties cause fits/seisures?
what are the symptoms of diabetes and what should children do to prevent it?
solutions for neuropathy(in the feet) & whether or not a medicine pump is any good?
Can eating no sugar for 5 days affect GTT?
high blood sugar question-?
Lipitor Information and Side Effects?
Will Nick be doing anything for JDRF anytime soon?
How much does fraxel skin resurfacing cost?
Poison Ivy ):?
How well does laser scar removal work?
Ladies Only.....?
Does retin-a micro work?
What happens when battery fluid leaks onto your skin? Should I be worried as far as my health is concerned?
Skin Redness Help! Only right cheek becomes red and hot!?
getting rid of acne? FAST!?
whats the quickest was to get rid of a sun burn!!!??!!!?
How can i stop sweating so much,i am so embaressed people say things all the time?
Allergic reaction to antibiotics question?
Whats your weirdest allergy?
help! Possible allergic reaction "down there!"?
Allergy medicine while breastfeeding?
what is a good alternative to corn wheat?
I am 28 year old & suffering from cold and allergy for 7 years. I consult many ENT specialist but?
Im allergic to pollen,can i still join the army?
Concerned about my son's cough?
What is the cause of frequent itching in the head and body?
What is high blood pressure and what causes it?
Benefits of Phytosterols, Niacin, and Co-enzyme CQ10?
What are the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption in regard to mortality and cardiovascular disease?
Am I at risk?
What is the prognosis for my 80-year-old mom who?
Heart Bypass Surgery Question?
Has any one had bladder surgery repair?
My Grandad had an aneurysm today...?
omg please help!!!?
How come gargling with salt water cures sore throats?
What problems have you encountered raising your child with sickle cell TRAIT?
If AUTISM is genetically-linked how come it's on the rise?
I was attacked by my sons mother boyfriend and tore the acl,lcl.and pcl and have to have a reconstructive knee
What is the the difference between bulimia and anorexia?
Doctors and Drugs?
When a baby is born with harlequin syndrome, what happens to the eyes?
Brealthing with pain???
whats a good teeth whitener?
can cigarrete smoking cause white painful tongue?
How do you clean your tongue barbell/ring?
Who Here Has Gotten Braces???
Two days ago someone asked if a tooth with a root canal could be extracted later?
tooth implant for a 24 year old girl??
do u think it is?
How do you get a clean tongue like the stars?
Whats it feel like to get your wisdom teeth pulled?
Natural supplements for chronic pain and fatigue?
Will Vitamin E heal wounds?
Where can I buy Emu Oil?
Is there an herbal remedy for nicotine withdrawal?
Used a neti pot, now I'm sick!?
What can get rid of paint fumes? Do candles work?
Does ambien cr sleeping pills really work?
Am I old enough to take centrum daily miltivitamins?
Seeking alternative pain relief for lung cancer to help ease the pain?
what chromosomes are involved with leukemia????????????
I have an enlarged occipital lymph node that is hard. Fevers, persistent body aches add to to puzzle. ?
Has anyone seen the new smoking commercial that compares a smoker to someone tht wishes they had quit?
hemorrhoid/ colon polyps?
has anyone taken akavar 20/50 and does it work?
How do you tell if you are gaining weight without weighing yourself?
SERIOUS weight help!!?
What is pilates?
What is a good healthy breakfast?
I am 5'4, large boned and a mesomorph...?
my stomach is big and i want to have it smaller what do i do?
How many plain hot dogs(with buns) do I have to eat to gain a pound?
What first aid measures can be performed by a school nurse?
Q-Tips In Ear Causing Damage??? Need Help Please!!!?
How do get rid of burn marks caused by very hot cooking oil?
can hydrogen peroxide make you vomit?
am i going to need a doctor's note?
finally Got My right Ear Pierced?
"Butterflies" feeling in stomach every night when I try to go to sleep?
Bipolar's Do you have a temper with your illness ?
What has your therapist done to earn your trust?
What is wrong with me? :(?
What do you do when you have more on your mind then you can handle?
Anybody in Eastern Michigan who has had a LASIK eye surgery not too long ago?
Whats the deal with one month contacts?
How to convert eye prescriptions from one format to another?
Eye Doctors that accept HIP insurence in Suffok County, Long Island?
Pink eye, but not pink eye. What is it?
Is water or milk ok for my eye talent?
White thing in the inner corner of my eye?
for having a astigmatism can i get contacts?
easiest way to put contact lenses in?
How come you can't breathe when you're about to cry?
Had a blocked nose for three years?
I've got some intense breathing problems when I exercise, but I don't think it's asthma?
Meningitis in 3 month old - where do I find further information about this?
How can I increase oxygen pressure in my home for free or very cheap?
mucus like spit is there something wrong with me?
Do I Have Pneumonia?
Where did dr dawn b beckman go?
When I take certain cold medicines, my throat becomes becomes unbearably painful. Am I allergic to something?
An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to?
Do I have allergies or what?
I had a penicillan shot for strep but now i fee like i have a sinus infections...?
Is there a cure for food allergies?
How can I get my taste/smell back?
WHy is there a terrible taste in my mouth?
I woke up with a green tongue and a sweet taste in my mouth (not candy), what is it?
why does dry skin sometimes itch?
Are there any meanings of Birthmarks.... like moles?
How to get rid of acne?
quick athlete's Foot cure?
belly piercing, infected, red bump?
Dear, request you to please suggest me hair fall and hair regrowing solution in ayurved?
what should I do about this! white stretch marks in my arm! help please!?
Have you seen the guy on TV talking about acne (it is a commercial)?
Acne for over a year. And im 18!! wtf?
Wii Fit - looks like weighing scales?
Is there a possibility that BPO employees would have health issues because of constnt night shifts?
Is my hypothyroidism causing sensitive eyes?
What is mild mitral regurgitation?
hypertension and hypotension simultaneously PLEASE HELP?
These symptoms are reallly bothering me, help?
My boyfriend's dad had a heart attack and the doctors said that he had "ghost arteries" leading to his heart.?
how do bp tablets work?
my creatinine level is 96, is that alot?
sharp stabbing pain near my heart.?
My heart skips a beat and then I cough. What is that????
doctors please answer?
Braces: What are the rubber bands for?
fron teeth gap???
how long do most people have how long do most people have fixed braces on there teeth for ?
When I was brushing my teeth, I suddenly felt these sharp pains in my back teeth..?
How do they put on braces? & Does it hurt?
Painful lump in roof of my mouth.?
Side effects using a sensitive toothpaste?
Who Determines If You Should Get Braces?
how do you keep form making yourself dizzy?
What is the best way to completely treat Reactive Hypo glycemia. If possible I wish to get rid of it prmtly?
anyone waiting for a kidney transplant that has not have to go thru using a kidney machine before hand.?
Ok I've got my meter down to 103 am's, so Am I needing lower scores?
i have herniated disc c4 c5 neck & head pain now a onset of arm pain brite yellow bowels entire back pain?
Tramadol vs Soma?
Painful back aches?
soo much pain?
cancer question squamous cell right lung stage 111A?
Which hospital in India provides SIR-SPHERES treatment for liver cancer?
How do you talk to a friend who's dying of cancer?
Dear Doctor Vincent Rajkumar-Where do you position Pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in your treatment protocol?
CPR certification?
Ear Infection?
What happens when splinters are left in too long?
I have a cut on my finger that has healed over, but is infected. now it's a red bump - what now??
How do I cure my swollen finger? It's my second day of putting ice on it.?
Can I get frost bite from putting an ice pack on my hip all night?
How do i treat an ingrown finger nail?
What do Stitches do?
Cutters or those who are close enough to them to know?
Do you think that Britney Spears has bi-polar or do perhaps it's just postpartum depression?
Why do i disagree with that saying '' what doesn't kill you makes you stronger''? no I'm bitter, ''what doesnt
How many of you would be interested in a site devoted to chronicling the positives in our lives?
cutting feels so good. but it makes everyone feel bad about me. what should i do??
stop suicide?
Ways to stop a nicotine craving?
Has anyone out there had any luck with cider vinegar and honey in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis?
ayurvedic cure for MND?
A red blood spot in the sclera(white part of the eye) due to a spill in the eye might turned yellow?
Drunken personality change?
Do detoxifying strips that adhere to your feet really work?
Does a blood clot cause a headache?
Is getting a disease at a younger age vital to the immune system?
Can you give me a "good and simple" explanation of what causes "Ringing in the Ear"?
What are the characteristics of someone who dies from Swine Flu?
What could be wrong if my husband has cold hands and feet?
Today I found out I have SCOLIOSIS! please help =(?
what is causing my chest pain?
Do I have a Chocolate illness?
please help: my gran had a stroke?
anyone out there who has Never vomited? or who have kids who have never vomited?
Has anyone had corneal dystrophy before? How was it treated?
Accuvue Oasys vs. Focus Night and Day?
how bad are my eyes?
will reading make my chances of getting glasses better?
Is this night blindness?
I have keratoconus[i think thats i how its spelt ]?
my eyes are blue what color contacts should i get?
How do you tell if you've had and allergic reaction?
I think I have recently become allergic to anything acidic?? I even feel sick after eating.?
Can you be allergic to soy and can it cause acne?
i have allergies to cats and need help! any suggestions?
Bloody Nose - elderly?
Allergies in the Bay Area.?
can i still make out with people if i am sick from allergies?
What causes red bumps on your legs?
What are some foods that will help relieve acne?
does the queen helen mint julep mask really work for acne and blackheads?
How do I get rid of a zit on my lip????????
Dermablend cover cream in India?
Hands turn blue, then it washes off with water, what is it?
the skin around and on my nose attends to get a little red ?
Why do cats sleep like meatloaves with no arms or legs?
how do you get rid of a stress knot on the top of your head?
Guy's please?!!?
How do I clean marijuana out of my system?
is the brain the most important organ in the human body?
What form of EXHAUSTION do you have the MOST of "Physical Exhaustion" or "Mental Exhaustion"?
Why are tears salty and different to water?
Question about unnecessary needs for the human body!?
whats wrong with my weed?
What are some good remedys to fall asleep quickly?
How to fake sick so you can stay outta school?
Is there any way to prevent yourself getting diabetes?
Do apples help with diabetes?
Can eating too much sugar cause diabetes?
fracture of the tibia. need immobilization of the bone as well as joints both proximal & distal to bone?
Feet Pointing Outwards?
Home remedy for muscle pain?
Can anyone recommend an effective treatment for a cold? I'm taking Lemsip and honey at the moment. ?
Tonight, I have to do a CPAP Titration. Will they start me off that night?
Why dont more people get diagnosed and hospitalized for emphysema and cigarette related breathing problems any
does a person with CF get sick alot?
Information on Steroids?
What symptoms are associated with low levels of co2 in your blood?
I have a really bad cough!?
nasty little throat things???
how much does a spect scan cost?
EKG..........does having a heart condition change the shape of the pqrst wave?
what will i recommend to people who are experiencing and will be experiencing hypertension?
what makes blood pressure fluctuate tremandously...?
I am a 26yr old man.I have a blood pressure of 130/80 and pulse rate of 110.Does it have any adverse effect on?
My son will be three in 2 months and only weighs 24 lbs. He has had extensive labwork, bloodwork done and diag
I am able to feel my heartbeat beating very loudly even while at rest ?
Abnormal Pain from Stopping Smoking Has Anyone Else Suffered Bad Pain From Stopping?
what doctor specializes in thyroid problems? Is it an endocrinologist?
what are the chances for surviving lung cancer while undergoing chemotherapy at a early stage?
is cancer in the brain uncurable?
is aml with bone necrosis complications rare?
Finished with treatments, what to ask Oncologist now that we are through?
If a blood test already showed that you have lymphoma why do you need a biopsy?
is my adams apple is..?
Can You Get Cancer From Too Much Of ANYTHING?
hey nail polish stops chigger bites from itiching!?
I have acne problem , i used many times tablets and cream but not found ok result .also there is marks?
I have a bee sting?
Spider bite? the area around the bite hurts and is stiff, how can i know for sure? how to treat?
Should I see a doctor for a cat bite?
where is my nearest pharmacy open today?
Severe congestion. Help!?
High Serum Ferritin Levels?
IBS - What Can I Eat When everything seems to make me bloated?
What are some reasons on why a person Should not be an organ doner?
How do I ask my Doc for a different pain pill without seeming like a drug seeking addict?
Is it true that drinking the urine of a female can cure appendicitis?
Blood in stool, does it mean I have a big problem? Should I call a Doc?
I have a problem wih anorexia?
I accidentally lost a chromosome?
Which GVSS contact goes in each eye?
anyone knows best eye specialist within metro manila?
eye changing color! what happens?
I have short sight problem.I cannot read news paper without spectucles.I have (+1.25) glass number in both eye?
What if blood gets in one's eyes?
child claucoma?
teeth and the yellow stains?
X-Ray'd mouth shows both bottom wisdom teeth pointing towards the second last tooth's ROOT in mouth?
my braces are cutting the inside of my mouth and tongue...?
Sometimes when I accidentally hit my gag reflex, saliva starts pouring out of my mouth. What's going on here?
I blistered my mouth by using too much ora jell. Will benzadent help.fg?
over brushing question...really need dentist advice!?
I am 13 years old and still have 12 baby teeth is that normal ?
my son has had a discoloured green tooth since it first came through anyone know why?
After my braces came off, I got a positioner instead of a retainer. Its been about 4 months, and it's....
can i take cetirizine hydrochloride with inderal medicine?
Dairy and Gluten Free Cooking?
Why do I get bad breath from a sore throat?
Is severe coughing a side effect to a blood pressure pill called Triamterene?
how do i snog my boyfriend if i have a blocked nose ?!?
Could This Be Allergies, or A Cold?
Hi, NUN NU WITH A QUESTION HERE a couple weeks ago before I was here do u get hungry with drowsy pills??
my neck itches. why does my neck itch?
Is there any other alternatives?
bad ankle and exercise?
What is a good way to remedy muscle cramps other than eating bananas?
I'm 5'2" and weigh 133 lbs. I really want to lose fat (especially my gut) by the end of August. PLEASE HELP !
13 pounds-26 days?
lose weight fast?
do guys prefer super skinny or kinda chunky?
What do you think about my diet plan and subsequent weight loss/exercise/detox DVD in January?
why acne never appears on hand?
my face is itchy and red and irritated, what home items can i use to help?
Toe Fungus will not go away.?
How do I get rid of a blood blister?
How to stop skin irratation?
My body is freaking out? I can't stop it?
my cheeck is swollen need help?
How to stop a forming zit! I have a photo shoot?
Sinus pressure different when inside and outside?
I've been coughing up green mucus alot, for a couple months actually, what does this mean?"?
Severe Breathing problem and Chest Pain
How can a person who is snoring sleep through the noise?
My 5 year old keeps getting pneumonia, why is this and how can I prevent it?
What triggers sleep talking? ?
unbearable snoring for my girlfriend?
Chest Pain and numb arms?
how do you know if you have copd?
Is Lucentis Injection painful?
I Have Heart Pain....?
question about type 2 diabetes?
Does the presence of sugar in urine always indicate sugar diabetes? Why or why not?
If I had my legs amputated, would I have to change my height and weight on my driver's license?
As a diabetic . . . is everything a no-no ?
would you still have a designer baby even if it helps protect your child from illnes such a s diabetes