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why love is so painful?
Near-death experiences with outside effects?
What do you do when ur family is a major stress factor?
the dad of my baby has Schizophrenia, should he be part of the babies life?
I have this speech disorder. Please help!?
has any 1 ever been lying in bed sleeping then all of a sudden you feel like you are falling then just wake up
What jobs are out there where you don't have to have communicate with people much?
why does tap water cause white dust in a humidifier?
Chronic Post Nasal Drip?
could eating food that i have a mild allergy to cause any harm?
My eye hurts and is also itchy, how to fix it?
Umm....could you get a nosebleed if you use nasal spray?
SUN SENSITIVITY-How to strengthen my immune system against the sun?
i have a cold my nose is runny a lot and i need it to be gone for my work as i am a police man?
physical advantages of abortion?
How effective is hoodia as an appetite supressant?
Why is Magic Johnson no longer HIV positive?
Does anyone know a natural home remedy for blood thinning?
why does it go faster?
what is best used on spots and acne?
Is retin-a used for indented acne scars on the face?
Hello, 1 day after recieving a massage at the spa I got very itchy red bump all over my back, any ideas?
Does this home remedy work?
I'm a chronic nail biter, I can't stop no matter what I've tried.?
how do i cure a belly button piercing infection?
Acne /Acne scar solutions? Any help would be so appreciated?
What are my chances of catching Shingles now that my son has chickenpox?
Asian women and smooth skin?
what are the blood glucose levels for non diabetics and diabetics?
What are the symptoms of Diabetes and how do you know if you have it without getting tested?
How do you get someone to realize the seriousness of their diabetes?? My dad knows the complications and...?
Type 1 Diabetic, Home birth?
What number says that you are borderline diabetic?
Cause For Type 1 Diabetes?
I went for an ultrasound of my thyroid and found that one of my lymph nodes is swallow 1.3 by 2.1. Worry?
I'm joining my friends to attend a cancer awareness event in April. Where can I find cancer awareness shirts?
Has anyone been to penola?
My mum says that she might have cancer what can i do to help?
Breast Cancer Questions?
What would you do if you only had 3 months left to live?
Did you know THC kills some kinds of(if not most) cancer cells?
what brand of eye contacts have known problems?
gloucoma (eye operation)?
Symptoms from new contact lens wearer, whats the problem?
I am pregnant. I take Paxil, Welbutrin, Xanax, Tramadol & Concerta. What should I do?
What is the prognosis for infantile nephrotic syndrome? Where can I get info on this disease?
do anyone know whats good to take for vertigo? My doctor gave me Allegra D and its not really working.?
Whats wrong with me?
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole?
How to have sputum for sputum test?
Snoring.........HELP !!!!!!!!!!?
Why would a baby be born with low white blood cell count and a lung infection.?
Swollen neck muscle?
Will my auto or homeowners insurance cover my sons broken arm?
What is a trigger finger?
Wrist Ache?
Knee pains?
Should I be worried, do i need stitches?
Leg hit, bruise and hard bump?
Everytime I Stretch, after I stand up my feet, especially my left foot start to tingle, am I doing something?
is coffee good for you?
Cold hands and feet????
Why can't I fall asleep at nigh and hardly get up in the morning?
is chocolate pudding ok to eat after anesthisia?
what does palpitation with syncope or twitching indicate?
is ischemic stroke reversible?
I had open heart surgery 3 weeks ago and I was wondering when it would be ok to shoot my .22 Rifle?
coumadin, high cholesterol medication,morphine, two nitrile tablets - Deadly combination?
I get a sharp pain in my right arm when I breath in deeply - any ideas?
What is therapy to control heart failure if not compliant with anti-hypertensive therapy?
what is done to control low blood pressure, anemia, cardiac dysrthmias and hypoglycemia?i'm 16/f?
My friends' boss had a heart attack a while ago...?
Average & Max Heart Rate?
Has anyone had a spinal fusion?
How do oil massages help the movement of synovial fluids?
MRI scan..problem with back and legs?
When Heath Ledger took the fatal combination of pills was he aware of what was going on but couldn't help it?
random sharp stabbing pain in lower abdomen?
Help! My throat is feeling scratchy and a wee bit sore?
What was the most painful experience you've had?
The back of my head feels pressure when I laugh too hard?
what is mosaic trisomy 22?
How do I access the web site for Texas Children's Hospital?
does stress cause gray hair?
is it true?
Why does my left eye sometimes twitch?
does orange juice help u get better???
How much do I have to eat?
Does anyone know of anything that will fade stretch marks?
what does skin bleach does?
Why is skin more dry in winter than summer?
How to reduce static friction in skin?????pls help?
What is the absolute best product for covering up or fixing dark under-eye circles?
does smoking weed help you get rid of acne?
What are these small white dots on my arms and legs ?
Anyone with Skin Tags?
How can i stop dry hands?
Color contacts or clear vision, cant you have both?
do people who make glasses adjust it so it specifically fits you, like if you have an asymmetrical face?
What can i do to reduce wisdom teeth pain?
Listerine or Act for braces? Mouthwash or mouthrinse?
Do You Chew On One Or Both Sides Of Your Mouth?
how do you stop gagging when you get the molds of your teeth taken?
Pain in tooth - hurts to hot and cold?
My 5 year-old sister is afraid to lose her 1st tooth. How do I help her?
whats wrong with my tongue?
Piece of tooth broke off and silver filling exposed taste funny?
Hi, I am going to have a tooth pulled asap b/c it's just getting worse and I've been putting it off because I
allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, anyone know a way to treat this lung disease naturally no steroids?
Any suggestions for ear plugs to block out snoring?
How did the Nazis avoid inhaling residual poison each time the gas chamber doors opened to remove the bodies?
Extreme bloody nose!!!?
what do u mean by hemachromatosis?
losing that stubborn bit of fat?
What do Doctors do when they can't find a diagnosis for a Patient?
What is happening to your head when you have a headache???
Can milk help ease some stomach pains?
i keep feeling drowsy plz good ways in how can i stay awake?
How can i stop getting carsick?
Guys, would you secretly like to ask questions about menstruation?
I'm looking for vitamins that will help boost energy, any suggestions??
What effective self management tips do you know for non-medicated bi-polar sufferers?
How do I tell my mom that I have a mental disorder?
My 15 yr. old daughter has depression and social anxiety disorder, how can I reach her?
What would be the best way to get myself motivated to prepare my mothers belongings for a garage sale?
lately i keep worrying about age and death. it depresses me so much.?
I'm depressed, sad, lonely, tired and sick?
what do you mean by swollen armpit glands?
Have you ever tried hypnotic therapy to quit smoking or lose weight and if so did it work?
Can you give evidence in the literature about the effectiveness of Physiotherapy Treatment done in groups?
My stomach makes rumbling sounds every night when I lie down. What could be the problem?
Is fasting good for you? Is a seven day liquid diet healthy?
Workman's comp?
Where is the best place to buy wheat free, gluten free and dairy free products at an affordable price?
what is in mustard that heals burns?
when we have an itch why do we feel the need to scratch to relieve the feeling? why icthing it relieves it?
Please can you help me? ?
I hurt my ankle in ballet a few months ago. I have limited flexibility in it now. What doctor should I see?
Once a small peice of bone has broken off will it ever heal back on it's own?
hard lump and bruise on the inside of my calf?
Anyone here have tendinitis of the ankle?
My toe nail is black and my bump moves?
Tell me does it sound alrigh so far?? I'm not done it yet.?
How can you help me if I'm in danger?
does anyone no any good slouching procedures to make you lose 6in in a month or 2?
Can bed bugs give you an infection? Are they poisonous?
I got bitten by an insect years ago, and the scar is flaring up now?
fastest way to get a big bruise!!?
heat bumps?!? what?!?!?
is it possible to kill someone with toenail clippings??
ok so on my right lower forearm, where u can see the veins i have like sort of a bruise but it is invisible.?
HELP PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!?
If the brain contains no nerve endings and you can scoop it out without pain, then how do you get headaches?
what causes sharp pain on the side of my stomach?
health/migraine question...?
Cortisone shot in the hip? Age?
Fairness at school?
Should I listen to my doctor and stay home or my teacher and go to school?
My upper back hurts I have a picture of where, What are some good stretches to fix it and what can i do?
addiction to drugs?
Does U.S. law now control medicine in northern Mexico?
If I had untreated lymphoma for about a year, how bad off would I be?
I am going to ask this question one more time. I need to know if someone on here has bowel cancer or had it or
if someone is sick with cancer where do they collect the bone marrow from?
My one friend is having blood cancer need financial help?
my bllod test came back with low neutrophil count (47) and high eosinophil count (7.4)???
is there a diet for high blood pressure ailments?
Do I Have A Weak Heart?
Is my lipid profile normal ?
Erratic heartbeat during strenuous physical activity.?
Do you know anyone who survived a stroke? How long did it take to recover?
Is my heart rate now normal fast after ablation (1 month now) or is it a sign of return or ?
i have hypertension, mostly about 150/80?
crybaby again 43 years old female?
How can diet be effective in the prevention or cure of diabetes?
Sorry I spelled Gila wrong before. I just noticed my Gila monster biting to me. What should I do?
Has anybody had any positive experiences with diabetes cures or treatments?
can a 13 year-old diabetic have a heart attack?
I Have Type 2 Diabetes Do I Need Magnesium An How Much?
Can REGULAR astigmatism cause starbursts and ghosting?
Toric and astigmatism contacts just drive me insane; will using a stronger power of normal contacts suffice?
Overnight / NIght Contacts. Help?!?
whats wrong with my eyes p2?
Do you think it's because I wore my contacts too long?
My sons eyes are half brown and half blue. ?
red eyes and contacts?
i got an eye test done, and it said my left eye was "9/9" and my right eye was "6/9" what's tha mean? ha =] x?
My eye keeps twitching?
What are some fun exercises to lose weight?
how can we maintian our muscle mass ????
i just bought a set of the Perfect push ups discs?
I want to loose the fat on my thighs, any suggestions?
can i lose 15 lbs by april ?
Trying to gain weight but can't?
Skinny models out and plus size models in?!?
Help! serious detox tips please!?
how can i help my fat cat get healthy?
How do you keep your Respiratory System healthy? Please be specific(relate to the respiratory system). ?
What kind of Lung Disease does Michael Jackson have?
I have a Pigeon chest please help?
Is a blood Oxygen level of 88 and blood pressure reading of 90/54 dangerous?
No taste or smell after bronchitis?
someone help me the best way possible?
Why am I always short of breath?
my FEV1 was 5.44 in 2002 (now a 35 y.o. male at 5'10 and 200 lbs). now my fev1 is 3.83 is this normal?
Is braces the only way to fix a gap in someones teeth?
How can I make toothpaste at home?
Orange Colour of Dentist Glasses?
Anyone had fillings redone?
Just got my braces off?
What is the area in your eye socket right above your eye?
how long does it take for lip swelling to go down?
What hurts more ?
dissociative identity disorder.....?
What is the problem with my very short term memory?
i'm getting really stressed out. how can i keep things together?
Depression, Suicide Attempt?
is it best to tell the doctor im depressed or i think im suffering from depression?
Am I crazy, or is my 4 year old a sociopath?
does anyone know anything about giving diazepam (valium) to a 9 year old?
how to get relief from stress ???
Why Should I Align My Spine?
Dóes marijuana use reduce lung capacity? If it does, with what kind of proof? THANKS!?
If you are a caretaker (not a nurse), what happens normally in a day?
to the people that quit smoking... what are your best tactics to reduce or eliminate a smoking habit?
reoccuring fevers in kids?
what causes small,pea like, bowel movements & how do I fix it?
How many overwieght/obese children are there in the USA?
does tetanus diphtheria shot hurt?
iridology - does it really work?
Do lice eggs (nits) grow?
why do vitamins always make me sick?
What natural food can enhance testosterone level?
Chantix...has anyone tried it? How's it working for you?
what you do to make sure you don't oversleep and a very impotant occasion?
How can I curb the urge to sneeze?
Ok I want to stop smoking but i love to smoke what should I do and has anyone been throw this ?
Eventhough Both are Bad, which one is worse, 1 black and Mild Cigar a/day or a pack of cigarettes a/day.?
Need to know if GO RUBY GO is good?
Girls Only I Guess?
does taken calcium and magnesium tablets together do they cancell each other out?
do you have any home made meds for an ear ache?
Knee Aches :'( :'( :suggestions ?
What do I do now about Pain Management?
Back pain help.?
What happens when you....?
weird neck pain question ( bjs :( ) please help?
is there any way i couls get rid of menstrual cramps, tylenol doesnt work for me?
Does sugar actually CAUSE cancer to form or does it just cause cancer to grow faster if you already have it?
Does anyone know where you can get a free mamogram?
whats the difference between cancer and a tumor?
Does thinking about cancer give you cancer?
How fast does a thymoma tumor grow?
White Lumps On Lips?
my friend died from cancer at 16 years old?
is there any cream or medicine to remove the marks of stitches?
Injured ankle...?
How did they fix broken bones in the old days?
Why does fluid build up when your hurt?
my knuckle is swollen and it hurts is it broken?
help me need ways to stretch?
my knee is in much pain?
can you get carpel tunnel syndrome and go blind here?
Best contact cleaning solution for sensitive, dry eyes?
I had Cataract surgery in my right eye about 4 weeks ago and?
Can there be permanent eye damage from major extended use of contacts over time?
Why are my pupils dilated?
what is the relationship between eye color and sun?
Why do I blink to sounds?
What does it mean if you go blind for 5 or so seconds?
Blood passing through the bicuspid valve will enter the ?
Can I become a police officer if I have dilated cardiomyopathy?
Does lowering your cholesterol also remove plaque from your arteries?
Can you have a TIA without having high blood pressure?
I have Mitro Valve Prolapse...is exercise ok?
Has anyone ever died from an angiogram? Are they dangerous?
Propranonol Oral, for my baby born with P.A.C.?
my friends baby has hydrocephalis and the doctors are not doing much at all to help what should they do ?
mu blood pressuer is 140/60 ,is it too high or too low ?
Type 2 Diabetes Low Carb Meal Plan?
diabetes-pancreas question?
Cut on Diabetic's Foot?
Why am I dizzy daily?
Could I be a diabetic?
My husband is a type one diabetic?
A girl I know told me she can't get pregnant with uncontrolled diabetes?
Who is to blame for child obesity?
what is the benefits of drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar everyday?
Does swimming really help you lose weight AND tone up ?
what's your workout routine?
is it possible to lose 56lbs (4 stone) in 6 months?
I need to lose 20 lbs!!?
Why is it better to drink protien shakes than eat chicken?
Does eating a whole bag of blue m&m's make poo green?
What do you do when you hate how you look and can't change it?
if your good friend wanted to walk with you for exercise,?
So, I could sue some motivation, will you offer it?
What is the cause of my symptoms...?
how much would a cystic fibrosis patient have to pay in medical bills in a month?
nebulizer???? Please help?
Is declaring the Swine Flu Epidemic a public health emergency the right course of action by the president?
quite often I feel a pain in my chest, I have had panick?
I am experiencing tightening in the chest. Could it be serious?
tiny cough, tickly lungs, body aches...?
quitting smoking -- what happens?
Smokeing weed and nausea??????
What r the health hazards 4 those working in an area close to a petroleum refinery? What is a safe distance?
Which vitamin, if taken in too large quantity, will cause a sore mouth and sore tongue?
I am experiencing a pretty strong ache just on the one side of my head...?
Do you every feel really stressed out, when it's all your own falt?
Why do I wake up with sweat and high pulse?
can being on a wet carpet after its been clean hurt you if you got it on your skin or in your mouth?
What's the difference between a cold and allergies?
How long after eating gluten does a rash occur in people with a gluten intolerance?
i get headaches and my cheeks turn bright red could i be allergic to it?
When Should I become concerned after developing a rash from Amoxicillin?
Is This an Allergic Reaction? ?
How do you deal with your child's nut (walnut/tree nut) allergy?
If you are Lactose Intolerant and drink milk does your tongue get white?
has anyone ever actually been scared to death?
Can you tell me something positve which is comforting?
I havn't clean my room since march help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i want to have a happy life without my extremely too severe ocd?
How do I deal with people constantly talking sh*t and Im not even a teenager anymore?!?
shouldn't I just kill Myself?
How does freezing you acne help get rid of it?
how come my acne on my forehead wont go away?
Hard painful ball in the heel of my foot?
Why do I have acne on my back?
Why are my hands and feet red?
Hubby accidentally stepped on big toe, w/work boots. Toe nail dead! ?? What do i do now?
Can I be a Army Pilot for a blackhawk with a Arnold-Chiari malformation?
my dad has had psorosis of the liver. only 10% is working and jus today hes been asleep and not respondin wat?
Do you think CT scans and MRI's are Safe?
Why does my anus smell so bad all of the time?
natural way to treat severe gas/ stomach pains w/o antacids?
Anyone know a good homeopathic doctor in the North Dallas area?
what are the best cooking oils to withstand high temperatures. I recently read using extra virgin olive oil?
Which is more nutritious Egg yoke or Egg white (albumen) ?
Do you know any alternatives PLEASE?
Has anybody tried colon cleansing?
I got rid of my insomnia after smoking pot before sleeping, do u think this can last without repercussions?
how do i take DXM powder without throwing up? capsules? snorting? dialute and drink?
How long does blindness last after staring directly into my lazer mouse?
Are there any side effects to swallowing gum?
Causes for On-going Diarrhea?
Has the Internet created a nation of hypochondriacs?
I drink alot of energy drinks how much is it effecting my health?? 5 stars?
Is it possible for smoke to come out of your bottom?
Friend is trying to put me off of giving plasma?
How do you smoke?
When was the last time the bottom of your feet were so dirty?
Knuckle pain after using free-weights to work chest?
Pain medication: Nausea problem?
disc degeneration?
Why does my body ache when i sleep too long?
Advice with my Liver problems??
I think I may be suffering from TMJ and I need help!?
Please Help?
whats wrong with me?
do you know anyone who has had carpal tunnel?
could red eye causes by Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Cysts in my eyes?
What are the dangers of looking into a CD laser lens?
Where can i get gold perscription contacts for not very much money?
Whitening Teeth - without Bleaching?
braces questions?
does chewing gum affect students in a testing situation?
what do you hate most about the dentist?
Right now, i have braces and i see white spots(harden glue) around the brackets. HOw do i get rid of it?
I want cavities...?
Wisdom teeth?
Stomach toning exercises but complication?
Should I go for a diet? Please answer?!?
How many calories must I be taking in (on a diet)?
Any weight loss success stories out there?
ISAGENIX 9Day Cleanse Food Questions: Can I still have green tea w/Soy Milk and Vegetable juice (vs.salads)?
How Long Does It Take For Food To Turn To Fat?
What did you eat today?
Best home remedy for congestion and sore throat?
Is there a chance I have COPD?
Can I go to school and dancing with an ear infection?
How do I get rid of hiccups?
Why does it hurt my lungs SO bad when I run?
Cough that won't go away!?
Vicks nose medicine? took to much?
dust inhalation bad for me?......?
How can i stop smoking the weed?
Thumb still swollen after 2 weeks?
Knee/Leg Injury?
Ankle surgery?
Back feeling better after meds could there stilll be a problem?
Is no sleep & very bad muscle spasms & much pain normal after having a stroke?
for the past few weeks i have been having a warming feeling in my left ankle it comes and goes it doesnt hurt?
does alcohol cause a gray ring around the eye.?
Any suggestions on relief for a pulled back muscle?
i either need a complete list of easily digestible foods or a website containing the same. please help?
I have a trapped nerve in my elbow, what can I do?
what is granulopoiesis?
quick insulin question?
If you were living with diabetes without knowing?
Thanks to All?
What are some ways to help manage Bipolar Disorder?
How to talk to doctor about teenage autism?
Depressed all the time. Gaining weight. Crying a lot. What is wrong with me?
How sad do you get when you think about Lindsay Lohan being sad?
doctors use dogs for health problems instruments?
if a mass shows up as swelling in an xray could that mean it is cancer?
Individuals who have had chemotherapy or blood transfusions: allergies?
What is the potentially dividing cells?
my husband was suspected CML, and he passed away 6 months ago. I am afraid my son will inherited it.?
for each minute that defibrillation is delayed, a vicitms chance of survival is decreased by as much as?
What else can be done?
Acne Products/System For Normal/Oily Combination Skin?
Once and For All What is the Most Effective Treatmenr for Acne?
I have an acne question?
Eczema help????????[20?]?
does the clean and clear black head eraser work with proactive?
Can rubbing alcohol help with improving acne?
i have bumps around my lips, what could they be?
Why is there an itch on the inside of my back?
What's the best cure for a sun burn?
What is high blood pressure? What causes high blood pressure? What are the symptoms?
Was Tim Russert on Cholesterol medication ?
when blood pressure goes up then pulse rate goes up is this true?
Is high blood pressure common within young people, teenagers in particular (Repost)?
my dad has 70% of his left ventricle blocked? what can be done to fix this?
my friend a helicopter pilot at 31 he after dignosed ASD under went a closure by amplatzer device can he fly .
what is ldl and hdl cholestrol ? and what is myocardial infarction ?
i having a tia and blood pressure is 175/ 110 help?
what causes your heart to stop and what is cardiac arrest?
What cause ones ear to ring? I have not been around loud noises. I don't have high blood pressure. Thank you
Head Banging at bedtime at the age of 16?
what is microvascular ischemia? Is there a treatment? What is the relation to high blood pressure?
Is cirrhosis/liver a painful death?
Any ideas as to what is wrong with me?
Could this be a cure for the disease?
How contagious is MRSA (staph infection)?
so my stomach feels weird n hurts?
What vitamins/minerals do I lack if I'm always tired and sleepy ?
Does weight lifting stunt a growing boy's growth?
Advice on how to lose weight and gain muscle.?
Why is it that I don't feel sore the next day after workout?
Will this affect my diet? Will I gain weight?
i need to lose some stomach fat.?
alli the weight loss pill?
A Question for Joggers/Runners....please help me learn to better control my breathing?
ahh my legs! their sooo ugly (and kinda fat) any way to slim them down please? *Pictures*?
should i quarantine myself?
without insurance how can one obtain a free eye exam and glasses?
How much does a eye appointment without insurance cost in NC?
What is the worst vision you can have and still pass a driving test?
what brand of color contacts are the cheapest? i want to get the kind you replace monthly.?
if someone has keratoconus and it gets to the point where they need a cornea transplant.........?
Has anyone improved their eye- sight by using the 'bates method'?
Best brand of contacts?
Could I Be Legally Blind or something? ?
i never drink water, don't like it much, will I have problems?
Does the liver rejuvenate itself? 22 year old male who has taken lots of tylonel and drank alot?
what happens when you need to discipline yourself to excersise cause you need it. Plus I have a treadmill too
Why am I getting so many "Charley Horses"?
what is happen to me actually???? shoulde ache and losing my voice?
What can I use for an eye ache?
Is there a difference between OxyContin and Oxycodone?
what's the best way to get rid of a headache ?
sharp pain in my cheast every time i take a deep breath?
I get Auras from the computer and migraines follow shortly. what can i do to help not get these?
What can I do for my headache and don't you agree that half of pain pills are the placebo affect?!?!?
Self confidence?
do you have people who wanna tell you things in the mourning?
what is 'walking pneumonia'?
is it ok to use advair diskus after doing a breathing treatment of albuterol?
Which of the following endotracheal airways have specially designed cuffs in reduce trauma?
I keep smelling smoke?
Does Coke & Pepsi etc stain the mucus in your throat / nose?
Something is wrong with me I keep blacking out and I don't know why?
Is anyone else sick today?
How do you get Panic Attack?
Do you know anyone like this??
Why do some "doctors" spend so much time on here?
What is something makes you sick?
Marijuana - Grade. Help me quit please.?
How can I sleep more deeply?
Marry my first cousin?
Is it true that.....?
How can I tickle without being tickled?
How can I start a cancer support group for renal cell carcinoma?
Where can I buy Apricot Seeds, the seed from inside the Apricot?
Lung Cancer?
Intestine cancer question?
can u help me please..?
can you donate your bone marrow if you have thalassaemia???
My skin ID or Proactive?
how to prevent skin blackening in the neck?
Help i might have allergic reaction to accutane!?
About bed bug infestations?
Tattoo covers for dark underarms, any other suggestions?
Lots of tiny red bumps all over me when out in the sun?
why is my right eye itching and kinda red?
my moms finger is really really super dry and it hurts to bend it !?
The results after pulling out my wisdom teeth?
what are the pros and cons of fluorisation of drinking water?
What Dental School can I become a patient at for free or for a minimal fee?
i have a very sensitive tooth?
How much do dentist schools usually charge for dental implants? Only respond if you had one done!?
How long is your mouth numb after a dentistry injection ?
Which should I do first; Floss or Brush?
How many teeth is a person supposed to have?
Is it normal to have a bad taste in my mouth after getting a silver filling?
is it ok to eat pizza when u r wearing braces?
what is the low level of neurotransmitter that is suspected in parkinson's diesease?
I have PCOS and insulin resistance!?
Is Type 1 diabetes genetic?
Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes? Very confused?
whats the highest blood sugar level a person could possibly get before they go iinto coma?
Hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia help?
Whats good for inner ear fluid ? what causes ear fluid ?
Pain behind my left ear?
Would you work for your health care?
Cure for tendonitis - Mother's day?
Will shampoo ingrediants affect allergens?
do i have allergies?
does anyone know if there's a cure for allergic rhinitis.??
What are some ideas for carrying my EpiPen with me? I don't carry a purse!?
has anybody ever used flonase for your allergies?
What is it about dark chocolate that makes me very sick?
Whats the fastest way to lose weight before school starts?
What kind of workout do you most look forward to when you go to the gym?
Why must certain probiotic (Acidophlius, etc.) capsules be refrigerated?
This is not a question but a fact and I wanted to share it with you.?
can i lose weight on this?
i had a baby three and a half months ago.im totally unable to loose the weight...help!!!!!!!!!!!?
i need help for weight gain?
what is the best workout to gets hot abbs quickly?
how to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks?
I need to look good for the summer....how though? Girls do you have any tricks?
What are the dangers when the heart rate is 44 and BP 90/54 for a man 78 years old?
Is my Blood Pressure anything to worry about?
My pulse is 110 and my blood pressure is116/84?
When I stretch I get the dizzy feeling associated with Orthostatic Hypotension is there any relation?
heart -- chest pain -- help.?
Could "male enhancement" pills cause blood clots?
I had Cardiac Ablation in Nov 2003 performed by Dr.Natalie..?
Is there such a thing as a nurse hotline..?
What are the symptoms of a migraine?
I have the stomach ache. How to do with this?
I've had to go to the doctors three times in the past month and a half for really bad earaches but when I go
Pain and script from Doctor?
Menstral Cramp Relief? FAST!!?
I am very ill with no money. I am in a college dorm and my stomach, head, and neck hurts along with?
md question hurt nek at work a month ago cannot tilt head or rotate head to right without pain what is wrong?
why does my wrist hurt?
Is it normal to leave a chiropractor and feel worse than when you started?
How do you deal with Tinnitus?
My four year old niece may have something called stomach migraine?
how would i know if there's a bug in my ear?
My stomach hurts, and I feel hungry, but then I feel sick. I'm not pregnant, because I just got my period?!?
What can I do? Please help?
How does it feel to get stabbed?
Visual snow? Please Help!?
Where's the cheapest place to buy contact lenses online?
I think I have pink eye, are there any home remedies?
strange eye twitch.. help..?
How can looking at a computer screen damage your eyes?
Do the different optical stores let you try on colored contacts?
I need to know what's wrong with my eye?
eye question.?
best brand of waterproof bandaid?
what is the seven step relaxation program?
what are antioxodants?
Why does solitary confinement make people crazy? What effect does solitary confinement have on the brain?
Symptoms of autism?
Should I take antidepressants to help me with my anxiety and insomnia?
Desperate for answers. Sad, 24-year-old Dad.?
Have you beat depression without meds?
What do you think could cause sudden and severe knee pain (in both knees)?
My mom has body aches all over and im worried..?
Sharp Pains in My ribs ? Feels like the pain when you push on a bruise need help?
Why does perfume give me a headache?
Why are papercuts so painful?
How can you treat gingivitis at home?
How long does it take to get used to braces ( Train Tracks!!)?
Is flouride mouth wash (act) really affective?
For anyone who has used them: I have a few questions about Crest Whitestrips?
Full Mouth Reconstruction?
I had a cavity filled last week,I feel numbness on that side of face, its 5 days now,is this a common thing ?
why is everyone scared of root canals??
How long tdoes it take for your teeth to fall out if you dont brush them?
Bad Breath...?
Is there a test to find out what are your allergies?
How to deal when you're allergic to wheat?
Bactrim Prescription Developing Rash?
Hurt nose advice??????????????
gluten free restaurants?
Can I take Zyrtec and Allegra together?
I have a clogged/gunky Throat? 10 Points!?
What are the best remedies for Stress?
Has my healthier diet and use of natural supplements caused me to have much lighter/almost pain-free periods?
Does anyone knows how much the hearing aid Octicon Safarie 600 cost? I mean how much does it cost each?
can I use the leaves of the plant tagetes lemonii to make tea?
Can kundalini yoga spine-centered movements count as a healing lymphatic massage?
What's the Most Beneficial Supplement/Vitamin to Take?
Can anyone give me any insight to a career in massage therapy?
can anyone please help me i need to find scholarships for type 2 diabetes and learning diabetes for college?
Trimspa and Diabetes?
how long does cocain stay in your system before drug test no longer detect it?
Any help with IBS please :-(?
Brown hair turned white turned brown again--is it a vitamin deficiency?
how long will it take to get marijuana out of my system?
What could cause such serious nose bleeds?
does smoking weed cause this?
Do the children of people who smoke have a higher chance of obesity?
Why do alcoholics feel they need to turn to drink?
Is this bad for my health?
Is Cristiano ronaldo Circumcised?
Is there anybody who is healed from cerebral tumor called Anaplastic Oligoastrocitoma?
Is a Radioactive Iodine uptake test necessary to rule out thyroid cancer?
A question for alternative medicine promoters....?
If one of your family members had cancer would you recommend Cancer Treatment Centers of America?
do i have brain tumer?
Hey EverYoNE!? I was wondering if any of you would care to donate for my breast cancer 3 day walk???
What are the best ab exercises to do help get a flat stomach?
Diet for 16 year old athlete?
is watching a horror film a cardio workout?
How many ml in a typical glass (eg supposed to drink 6 glasses of water a day, how many ml's is this?)?
is it true that jumping/bouncing around on the trampoline for 5 min. is like joggong for 15?
Can i lose 35 pounds in 16 weeks?
Question about when the FAT leaves the body?
Those that egg diet really work?
Having a hard time sticking to my diet, any advice?
if you wear bausch and lomb contacts, have u had this problem lately?
Please kindly explain in details how the urinary system works in the body.?
Could my growth be stunted after I have my gall bladder removed?
Any good ideas for ways to fall asleep?
Will taking Niacin help me boost energy/metabolism while flushing bad toxins out?
If you watch more then 5 hours of TV a day does it really make you loose brain cells?
If a person is willing to chew cocaine legally®ularly, what country then should he reside in?
What is the best way to get rid of Nausea? I am chronically sick this way and need a remedy.?
why a middle age man see a doctor before doing any workout?
I want to know that chest pain remains for how much time in case of heart attack?
heart problems?
What are my chances of getting a blood clot?
only peaks no high clearblue moniter?
what is function of Antrioventricular node verses the bundle of his ?
can i get a doctors opinion?
My 25 year old son has a rapid pulse of 200 beats/minute?
Any suggestions on how to alleviate the pain from a UTI?
severe abdominal pain?
neck ache and headache?
Why do my feet hurt after I run?
My stomache won't stop hurting? help!?
my eyes are very light sensitive all of a sudden, my eyes keep watering, and i cant look up. what is this?
Am I Okay?
pains in my back what is it?
How to get less wrinkle than it should when you get older ?
Acne help, need some ideas for acne.?
Generic brand of accutane for my acne?
How to get rid of hickey... FAST!!!?
Can skin rot from parasites? Child has morgellons(doctors here R clueless) skin smells&turning yellowish brown?
How do you get scars to go away fast?
question about proactive?
Would dialysis (or a similar therapy), be useful in curing a cold?
Please Help! I Can't Stop My OCD!?
What to expect at a psychiatrist appointment?
Traits of borderline and bipolar - is there hope ?
My wife has this coping mech. where she constantly.....?
My 15 year old daughter keeps trying to kill herself, i don't know how to cope anymore?
sometimes when i'm stressed out....?
What is a good website to get meds without a perscription in the u.s.?
can anti depressants take away that spaced out feeling? do u feel normal emotions on anti d's?
Has anyone had any luck reducing anxiety with Buspar?
What are some of the big problems?
How can I stop cutting???
What is difference bw internal medicine and family practice dr? Which should I go to?
for those of you with asthma when is the last time you had an asthma attack?
What is the cause of snoring and what is the remedy?
am i having side effects from quitting smoking ?
Is it common to have an Asthma attack 8 years after not having one?
my 16 month old baby is having a pulmonoscopy...?
took two prednisone at once?
Someone answer please. WORRIED.?
should i still play with broken bones?
Herniated disc?
what is the easits bone break in your foot and how would you do?
numbness in leg after/before back surgery?
What is the fastest way to heal a minor wrist fracture?
How many steps does it take to burn one calorie?
Why does the feeling of "Butterflies on the stomach" happen? Is there Scientific explanation?
Scar on Leg..how to remove them?
Why do I hiccup all the time?
Am i allergic to that to?
How to prevent pollen allergy?
Allergy symptoms in the winter?
i'm severly allergic to bees and work outdoors. i am considering shots but they are really expensive!worth it?
when/how do you get rid of the sting?
Help please. Should I go to the ER?
Will mold begin to grow as a result of this?
how do you know if your allergic to cats?
Bad high or allergic reaction?
Have you ever tried Nutri System?
Is it better to work out in the morning or in the evening?
is this a good thing to eat when dieting?
I am 13 and fat ! I need the truth ...?
what exactly is blood sugar??
Has anyone been prescribed Actos for diabetes and if so, what do you think of this drug?
Is anyone a diabetic and gained weight as asymptom?
Type 2 diabetic, trying Diamaxol for the first time. Wondering if anyone has used it?
How many new type 1 diabetics here have received a free "Bag of Hope" from the JDRF?
contacts that change your eye colour and cover your whole eye?
my glasses broke?
Trouble with peripheral vision?
contact lenses hours?
contacts help!?
Is this you.....guys only...poll?
I want the most realistic hazel/dark green contacts what brand offers that?
I really need help!?
What are the symptoms of hay fever and how do i treat them?
what is wu long tea? and what is it good for?
So why is it that most doctors/nurses will not have their children "vaccinated"?
What is the best brand of whitening strips? Where can I get them? How much do they cost?
travelling t the u.s soonam iguaranteed a cavity search?
Are those new Aquafresh whitening trays any good?
Where in Dublin can you buy baking soda?
Tooth filling problem...?
My gums show A LOT when I smile and...?
how can i pop my jaw when ever i want but nobody else in my family can, I can do it loud if that helps?
My Crown fell off along with a piece with my teeth inside?
Curious Question about Cancer?
Would it be possible if the cure for Cancer was Poison Oak?
what's the difference btw?
how often do patients with cancer get healed?
Does eating grilled food increase one's risk of having cancer in the future?
Finding help?
Do people have a tendency to keep getting tumors and is there less likely that it is cancer if had not been b4
what is the treatment for galactophore hyperplaxia?
Has anyone had an MRI to see if their depression is a physical thing?"?
how can you keep someone from sleep walking outside in the middle of the night???
How can I help my mom through her anxiety over her upcoming surgery?
Does anyone have an anxiety disorder?
failed at life.?
Is anyone else on Fluoxetine?
does the bible speak of depression and if it does can you tell me where I need some guidance? Thanks?
has anyone acted mentally ill to hurt/teach a lesson to their parents?
Yahoo people - Please Help me - this is serious !!!!?
aloe vera juice for colon healing?
How do you get B12 other than vitamins...foods?
How does the FDA make sure our food is safe?
What Is Salvia Divinorum Like?
Does Kava Kava really alleviate social anxiety and, if so, in what form and dosage is it best to take it?
Does Uriflow work for kidney stones?
diatomaceous earth?
Question about Chantix?
Musculo-skeletal Pain
i have a charley horse in my calf muscle, would it be okay to swim?
Muscle pain, moving around left side of body. What could it be?
Why is it when people feel intense pain that they vomit or feel nauseous?
I have lower back pain? Anyone with Answers please help?
Recent cervical disk, (neck) fusion question....please....?
I have severe pain upon waking, very sore and stiff. Help please.?
what exactly is sciatica? ?
Which are the most important vitamins that the human body must consume each day? How do they help you??
Lab Results for Liver Function Test or SGPT?
has anyone found anything to help combat chronic fatigue?
What are the best quit smoking patches you can get in Australia and why?
How do I make a lemon and honey drink?
NDC Numbers?
My best friend is in the hospital! What should i do?
How much sleep does a 11 yr old need?
good moisturizer for acne prone skin .?
bleach on a cold sore?
What to do if acne is coming back a year later after accutane?
What kind of face mask can I get that will strip my skin?
Is coffee bad for your liver? Skin? the whole body in general?
why ive lost my eyebrow?
will hylexin help me if ive had serious dark circles my whole life?
skin problem...very pathetic...WHAT IS IT?
My 18 year old son has been diagnosed as an alcoholic. He has been to AA, inpatient,& out. How can I help him
How much Xanax is too much?
are Multiple Sclerosis and Celiak disease related?
what happens if irritable bowel syndrome isnt treated?
Why do we get brain freezes?
What do you feel during a panic attack & after that ? What medications are you taking ? Read below !?
Are people actually diagnosed with insomnia 'uncurable', or what?
my sides on my stomach are hurting?
How do you get over a cold?
Why are kidney tissues structured the way they are?
what kind of high does cocaine give you?
If you lose your tolerance for many foods (due to allergies), can you regain it by boosting your immune system?
Really bad allergies?
why everytime i take a multivitamin pill or a suplement pill, my nose starts to bleed after a few hours?
Have you ever heard about allergy to red pepper?
Salt and Water nose Spray...How Do You Make It?
I have stuffy nose, what do I do?
Best way to get rid of diarrhea (or the runs)?
What is a cytokine storm?
what are achey muscles a symptom of?
Pulmonary embolism causes permanent lung damage?
I can't stop coughing! Help!?
I'm sick and my nose is really irritated from the tissues?
Bad Problems with sleeping (Breathing)?
Help about asthma? Serious question please read?
What kind of gas mask would I need to protect myself from second hand smoke?
What can speed up your metabolism?
Dosage about Creatine Course?
How to diet but not stunt my growth?
does beer affect your health?
i'm trying to lose weight but i need a good diet, help plz?
how to lost weight in any way?
How to lose weight at 13 years old?
How can i slim my face down?
Where can i find prescription yellow contacts?
Can I wear contacts for one night?
What's the quickest way to get over the flu?
What causes back and chest pain in teen?
what does IRIS mean in a hospital?
Is this a normal reaction to being stung?
can i get free online textbooks of physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, nursing online?
does anyone know a website for organ donors?
I'm tired. It's 9:02pm. Should I go to bed or stay up awhile?
What are the worst cigarettes you can smoke?
what is the oxyhemoglobin disassociation curve?
How much will a change of diet improve insulin resistance?
a little unsure about prediabetes, is it something you have forever?
lose all my food in ike no insurance?
What is glucose, fasting?
I get a 100U/ML vial of insulin and take a 50 unit shot how many shots are in my bottle?
can hypoglycemia lead to being a diabetic
how much does a ceramic braces cost in chennai, india?
what is some remedies for a tootchache until i go to the dentist?
Is it true that scientists in Uk have found a way to regrow human teeth?
How can you self extract a molar?
Looking for Johnson&Johnson CleanBurst Berrymint dental floss. Where to find?
fresh breath?
is toothpaste from south africa safe?
Bad Toothache Relief ?
How can i keep my breath freash?
My brother committed suicide?
Can cat saliva make me break out into hives if I am allergic to cats?
Dehydrating Food why?
Dusty house..bad allergies?
is this an ear infection or allergies?
Weed & The Best Kinda Eye Drops? (Experienced Pot Smokers)?
My eyes are watery and i have a running nose? HELP?
Acne question.......?
Different ways to removing moles?
Is talcum powder still used to find the damp patch?
Right Eye puffy and pink/purple?
How to get rid of acne on chin?
my bum has a really bad itch!!!?
Should I take acne right away?
Why do I sweat so much? Even when I'm cold, I don't understand! How can I stop it?
ache / twinges in left side of chest, weeks now any ideas?
Herniated Disc L4/L5 but which surgeon to operate..?
Jaw pain with headache??
Accidentally took 2800mg of ibuprofen in the last 24 hours!?
bruised kneecap?
i pulled 2 muscles really badly help!?
please help how can i take more pain?
Just threw my back out!?
I've read that ascorbic acid (vitamin C,) mixed with sodium benzoate may cause cancer. Is this true? Thanx.
Is metastatic melanoma cancer of the lungs usually terminal?
skin cancer?
Is chemo supposed to kill lympnodes?
What is a biopsy?
Who founded Hospice?
arsenic poisoning, how would you know if someone was being poisoned?
Glutamine - Immunity?
I had a hernia removed. What's a hernia?
Where can I find some medical cannabis online for my multiple sclerosis?
I can hear my heartbeat in my head?
Epidemiology concentration in Public Health but a weak math student?
Do addicts in recovery use support groups as their drug of choice?
Having occasional trembling usually in my hands, and just out of the blue. Anyone else get this?
Why are my hands shaking?!?!?!?!?
on the today tonight program a few months ago there was a story about fruit drink witch fights cancer thanks?
Have you read an amazing book on health lately?
what do you call for the place where you can find herbal plants?
does anyone know a good home cure for pinkeye?
Has anyone tried the Dr.Natura colonix? How well does it work?
is there anything out there to make the antabuse not work?!?
what is the official name of the heart monitor patients are connected when they treated for a severe accident?
What contribution does the purkinje fibers have to the heart ?
is it possible for your cholesterol level to be ?? ?
Chest Pains - near heart - help?
atrial or ventricular septum defect of the heart. anyone know about this?
i need more convincing answersssss?
Bulimia and Binge eating?
Hoodia. Does it work?
What's the best way to loose belly fat? HELP!!!?
Question here???
I weigh 72kg. I want to be 60-65kg in 34 days, whats the best way??
Can I have a motivation boost?
I've been working out and cardio and haven't lost weight. Is something wrong?
Grapefruit Diet : Does anyone know anything about it?
girls body types. only MEN answers?
Cosmetic Contact Lens?
Do I possibly have an Acute Bronchitis?
crocodile bile : a poison or a cure for asthma?.?
OKAY PLEASE HELP! Puffiness, heaviness, nursing, hormones?
Does anyone know if there is any financial assistance with children who have asthma?
how is endstage C.O.P.D. decided?
Are chemtrails bad for your lungs?
Can I refute a medical billing?
Left hand totally numb for about 15 months. But now very weak. Finger nail came off. Nerve tests done several?
knee problem?
I am allergic to so many things, what do they have in common. Fresh fish,melons,walnuts,almonds,cucumber...?
I'm so miserable :-( I'm having an allergy attack and my asthma is kicking in. Nothing is working, help?
how should i reduce swelling in my nose?!?
My daughter is 19 months old and develops a bad cough when she drinks cow milk. She ends up on medicine.?
where can I get inexpensive dust mite proof linens for my 2 year old sons bed?
Can indoor plants cause these allergies…?
Can any one be allergic to WORDS?
What can i take other than iron tablets?
Do gall bladder problems make your face swell?
Isn't NIDDM and IDDM same? Are they different only because we Treat them with different medications?
diabetes and money trouble?
what to expect at a blood sugar level test...?
How long does it take for your cuts/bruises to heal?
Am I alone with PKU?????????????????
IS my sugar level toohigh????
I need ur help!!! ASAP!!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!?
Can you get high off Ultracet?
what are some good ways to heal your infected stretched ears?
Sprained Ankle??? OR Something Worse???
If yesterday's tomorrow was today...what was yesterday?
do i need to get another tetanus shot?
hurt knee wheat could be wrong????
Somebody help please?
How can I loose weight fast?
Help with burning belly fat and toning....?
I pick my nose and cannot stop eating it?
Rimless eyeglasses least obstructive vision corrective?
i have conjuvitis, can i put on eye shadow?
What are the physical downfalls of heterochromia?
Eye color question?
Is there anywhere I can watch lasik eye surgery been performed on the internet apart from on you tube?
Where can I get twilight (cullens) gold contacts or contact lenses?
my eye twitching for a week already?
how long will it take for me to get 20/20 vision?
should i be wearing my glasses all the time??
What is a wormwood?
Pain after plaster cast removal?
the left side of my head hurts and i think its something with my ear because it hurts when i push on my ear?
ill give 10 points?
acne scars question..............?
How to get rid of old backne scars?
Any good tips on how to remove blackheads?
How do I know if it's a keloid?
can i join the military with hives and eczema?
Chemical peel to treat stretchmarks??! help please!!?
Acne Problems!! Help!!!?
is anyone else sick and can't go trick or treating today?
How does one stop fearing death?
Does Yoga makes our mind strong?
Is there any way to show mental thoughts and images in a monitor?
Self harmers?
How can I fake sick to go to the hospital. The hospital is something I enjoy. How can I fake it to go there?
My 12 year old sister attempted suicide. Don't know what to do or say or feel. Just scared.?
What to do instead of cutting yourself?
what do you think to your brain?
Can someone really hack into webcams?
Can you die from lupus disease? ?
Stopping the pain caused by tourettes?
crohn's & gluten free diet?
What is a soft tissue density?
What can I take to calm/numb my emotions for about an hour?
Why do people with eating disorders take laxatives?
What is Hydrocentitis Superativa?Anyone ever heard of this disease?
I am a 35 year old female type 2 diabetic. my blood sugar level is 221. I feel nauseous and weak in the legs.?
How can i get rid of my stutter?
Does your migraine medicine turn YOUR blood green ?
what are five uncontrollable risk factors associaated with cardiovascular diseaes?
Am I getting chronic bronchitis ?
Can I use my nebulizer without the filter?
Shortness of breath after intensive care treatment with tracheostomy/ventilator?
OK i'm having sleeping problems?
10 points answer me plz thank you :[?
why cant i take a deep breath?
stomach cancer?
Can you still enjoy the sun after having skin cancer removed?
What are the effects of chronic Osteomyelitis on contributing to other diseases?