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does keeping your phone in your shirt cause breast cancer?
The _______ sacs form the outer lining of the lungs and are attached to the chest wall.?
what is the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia?
What is the best cold drink for sore throat and very persistent cough?
What's going on?
My mother went to get a memmogram the other day, she was informed by the radiologist that there were no lumps?
Have you ever had hallucinations due to sleep deprivation?
Why is it that people suffer so young, just why?
how serious is supraventricular tachycardia?
this is about super ventricular tachacardia?
Is it my heart or my lungs?
my aunt is suffering from dyspnea. she is in hospital.?
I am having surgery at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, will I have my own room to recover in?
i have panic attacks severely, but the doctors say my heart is good but i am still scared, should i be?
Anyone who suffered a heart attack and survived it?
my heart beat rate is 42?
acne suffers has anyone tried klaron lotion of novacet lotion and has it worked?
Does anyone know of a natural cure for eczema?
How to get rid of darkness around the eyes?
Patchy facial redness but not rosacea......??
What's the best way to treat eczema with over the counter medicine, pills, cream, ointment etc?
*sigh* Blackheads :(?
Is Lazar bad for African American skin and can it damage African Americans Skin?
how can you get rid of moles at home? with out goin to gp?
Why is it not advised to use a bar soap on the face?
What does it mean if it hurts to breathe in when the chiropractor presses the solar plexus area?
why do my eyes hurt?
I carried a heavy book to uni today and now my arm really hurts, please help?
I wanna exercise again but im sore...?
Intense headaches...?
identify my back pain please?
What is this strange pain in my head?
What causes pulsating front left neck pain?
Why is it when your getting a neck rub and the moment you say?
How To Wake Up Early?
What is the difference between Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Ultrasound technician?
Is it true that a dead body can move on its own?
I havn't taken a crap in 49 days. Why is this?
Mixing alcohol, marijuana, and?
What happens if you drink someones blood?
What are the effects of ecstasy?
Why do you think weed is bad for you?
What is like to be in a coma?
What is a chalazion/stye removal like? (procedure, recovery etc.)?
Is it normal to "black out" every time I get up from sitting or sleeping for a long time?
has stem cell treatment for spinal chord injuries helped anyone?
How long will it take for me to walk normal after fracturing my left heel?
Do you think it's okay if you break a rib when performing CPR chest compressions?
I have had knee pain for the past 4 months, any ideas what it could be?
Lip, face, and tongue burned after tooth extraction?! HELP!?
I have a knee condition I have had for a year now... Advice on what I should do?
I don't need to give this a second thought, do I?
Why do you get a lump on your head when you get it hit?
my arm fell off what should i do?
is cortosone a steroid? Do you gain weight?
I cut my finger with scissors pretty bad and required stitches has this every happened to anyone? the shots t
how do you get a callous on the bottom of your foot to go away?
I read a report that the TB contagious airplane passenger had dust allergies?
Allergy to Sulfa?
Recent alfalfa allergy.....?
How many washes does it take with new dtergent, to get rid of the one that is causing my allergic reaction?
Does anyone follow the Feingold Diet for behavioural problems as well as diet?
weird question scabby nose and always needing the toilet?
What effect does the aging process have on dietary guidelines?
Diabetic child, who can't keep food down.?
Is stevia based sweetener good for health?Does it has sideeffects?Where can I get it from?
my husband is 41 and is diabetic, just put him on insulin...........?
can diabetes make your mind go blank?
Do you think I might have Diabetes?
TINNITUS is driving me completely MAD!!!!!!!!?
Blood in the eye..???
Is ACESULFAME similar in toxicity to aspartame?
Ideas on how to gain weight?
if i apply salt and vaselin to my mid section and wrap it?
i want to be healthier. what foods are full of fiber and actually taste good? and how much water do i drink?
Pins and needles in foot.?
MRI lumbar lumbar w/wo contrast. Can someone decipher?
what do i do about my broken nose?
what would your face look like right after it was beat up?
Why is a 2 year old scar suddenly itching all the time?
i have a sensation when i pee and it hurts really bad? what could it be?
I cut my foot with a broken candleholder?
How can I break my finger?
I'm getting a nose job in hospital, need some useful words?
herbal remedies for problems sleeping ?
Is Ginger an effective treatment for nausea?
women, sugestions for a holistic, immune supportive cure for chronic yeast infection? any ideas?
Diet and supplements to take for depression?
Good Side of A CiGaRettE? Cig contains VItamins =]?
Tryptophan supplements?
Any herbs to aleviate severe menstral cramps?????
Massage Client-Customer Relationship?
Does anyone have any good information on the progression of fibromyalgia?
What is the link between Appendicitis and Crohn's Disease?
what is the cure for gout?
what are the symptoms to Celiac disease?
Pain with Diverticulosis, please help, whats going on?
Is Parkinson's a hereditary disease?
Debate on "modern living has made people weak,unhealthy and disease prone".?
Do you have experience with a recovering alcoholic?
What is a good product to give my skin an illuminous glow. It is dull looking. I use facial scrubs?
can tea tree shampoo kill bugs in your hair?
Has anyone with Oral Lichen Planus been able to keep it under control?
Painful cracks at the corner of mouth. Please HELP!?
If someone has acne does that make that person ugly? How about if they cover it up pretty well with makeup?
I have a awful rash under my breasts from the heat. Does anyone know the cure for this.?
are these things on my legs cysts?
what is soap made of ????
why do scabs itch?
Why does it hurt your ears when chalk or nails scratch a chalkboard?
i was in a major car accident. where in savannah georgia can I go to get my teeth fixed?
Should I get invisalign?
Getting Braces off TOMORROW?
Cleaning teeth and braces..?
Is there anything wrong with dry gums?
Should I get blisters on my tongue when wearing a retainer? I just got the retainer yesterday...?
How many dental crowns do average people have?
fake teeth?
What should I do about wrist pain?
herniated disc in cervical?
Severe toe and calf pain at night?
Whats this pain in my ear?
why is my arm shaking after i have been kicked in the arm?
Why does my stomach hurt in the morning?
why do my ribs hurt?
How do chiropractors crack your neck?
does cafine make people go hyper?
What is the best manual blood pressure measuring unit? manual with good stethoscope? Any suggestions? Thanks.?
need help with this?
what does it mean when someone says i heart my bed?
pulse and blood pressure?
Heart rate at 20 years old?
How come my heart beat?
how can you help if you have calcification in your heart?
such condition?
Is it safe to drink coffee is I am diagnosed with COPD?
Why are you more susceptible to getting Pneumonia if you've had it before?
Is bleeding from nose without pain! is this a symptom for any disease?
would a strong antibiotic make you feel dizzy?
Why does my albuterol inhaler make me shakey, twitchy and excitable?
mate been rushed to hospital?
Sleep Clinic For Sleep Study????
can you help mee please?
Are addictions hereditary or behavioral?
Can I have surgery if I have an infection?
Pressure on my windpipe question?
Medications that NUMB your whole body, thats can be taken daily, are there any?
Where can you buy Doxycycline online without a Rx?
Something Wrong With My Hand..... I Think?
how do u know if you've got swollen glands?
how do you overcome bulimia?
Do you think some basic form of untreated anxiety is responsible for many other disorders?
What are available help sources for involuntary celibacy?
Am I psychotic and can someone help?
I was wondering if anyone knew of a Generic alternative to Zyrtec D?
cashew nut shelling devices?
how do you get rid of watery eyes?
sinus infection?
my father choked on food earlier/nearly passed out...feels sick now?
wut kind of allergy is this??
a pilot with a lasik surgery done with his eye, (epilasik) will he face any problems while getting a job?
i have a redness in my eye for about 6days now?
Ophthalmologist vs Optometrist?
Does anyone else have eye floaters and flashers in their eyes?
there is something like a string with a small dot that i see with my left eye time to time?
my poor vision is embarrassing to a breaking point?
colored contacts?
Please help! I Have this little bump inside....
I want to exercise my neck muscles but can't find anything sold for this purpose.?
Short and Long Breath?
I want a detailed information about the Urinary or Urinal system. Thank you.?
how long can i use nicotine patch beyond the reccomended time? I heard up to a year.?
how does smoking effect our own lives?and wut does it do to our health?
can i have a cat scan performed if i have a pacemaker?
am i lazy?
At what height are you considered a dwarf/little person?
What is the difference between metastasized brain cancer and cancer that started in the brain?
How to help when a family member has cancer?
How can I tell the difference between GERD and throat cancer?
what makes cancer for smoking...?
I just found out my mother has cancer, will she be ok?
How to lose 10 pounds in two weeks or lose 15 pounds in one month?
What's the best way to lose a lot of weight if you're a teenager?
I need to loose 20lbs quick! How can I do it?
How do anorexics fight hunger pains?
So, at work tonight, I was munching on pickles...?
Shoulder pains after working out.?
chemical peel or microdermabrasion for acne scars and blackheads?
Laser surgery for hair removal?
fast way to get rid of eyebags?
differin gel how affective is it?
tiny red dots all over body?
treatment of dark spots on the buttocks?
Why does my face get all dried after taking a shower?
how much do good insulin pumps generally cost?
does diabetic retinopathy and kidney failure go hand in hand?
Question for diabetics: Have you tried eating vinegar with your meals?
Anyone taking lipitor? side effects?
Why do i feel faint when i don't eat salt?
Zoom Whitening....?
Teeth effect bands?
What kind of toothpaste do you use?
When you have braces...?
A question for dentists/ anyone who knows about teeth..?
I just had a dental extraction Friday and?
facts and cost on "invisalign"???
Can I fix my overbite/overjet without surgery?
Does anyone know about shoulder pain? About 3 months ago I went to the doctor for pain in my right shoulder?
Long term effects of methadone?
what is the best pain releiver for bacck paine?
Lower back pain question?
After break up stomach ache.. what can I do?
I feel pain, a burning and tingling sensation in the left middle part of my back. Does anyone know what it is?
pain in the right hand side of my jaw?
My body is really sore???
what is a coccyx???????????
Will taking serotonin supplements deplete your natural supply of serotonin?
Apple cider vinegar does it cause stomach or liver damage and what is it good for?
did my medical doctor give good advice for osteoporosis help she said?
if i take some of my parents hard alcohol and drink some can i use it as a substitue for medicine for insomnia?
Does acupuncture help with carpel tunnel?
Herbal medicine product to remove the Hemorrhoids and piles?
What can I do about my post fourth meat-hangover, and sunburn?
Prilosec question?!!!?
Where can I find k2 herbal incense or legal herbal smoke in Arlington VA?
Low hemoglobin levels?
biofilm protocol-Autism?
At what age is a normal child no longer at risk for regressing and being diagnosed with autism?
Can gout stem from a prostate problem?
marfan syndrome diagnosis?
Answer if you know a lot about Autism (read description)?
Possible to quit meth without going to a program?
does my daughter have OCD?
shaking, not hungry as much?
if somebody has been diagnosed with a personality disorder can the ever recover from it?
two weeks ago I had a bleed in my brain, I was in hospital for 3 days now i feel very very sad?
Campral and Alcoholism?
Do you need to actually have a mental disorder to see a psychologist?
im very lazy, i sleep most of the time and look tired and void of energy,?
i am so sad...please read?
what does frcsc stand for?
When you have an infection, say on your finger (or fingernail ) what kind?
Would you get the Anthrax Vaccine?
Where do birth marks come from?
Does AHCCCS APIPA cover contact lenses?
I read Ebooks on my laptop. How can i protect my eyes?
I'm having surgical exposure tommorrow. Should I wear contacts?
What is this? Should i be worried?....or no...?
Specsaver Customers/Doctors help ?
Shade of blue colour contacts?
should i get colored contacts?
Is the sun really to blame for skin cancer?
what is osteomyelitis of the jaw?
Is reading the obitiuaries normal for somebody fighting cancer?
Going back to the first diagnosis of cancer, would you have done anything differently?
how can you tell if you have breast cancer?
How to lose stomach fat in 2 weeks. Help?
what is the most effective abdominal execise?
how can i get a flat stomach?
Do ab twists really help get abs?
What can I eat that is extremely filling but not high in calories?
What is the longest time you have gone without exercising?
cant seem to gain?
How should I lose 15-20 pounds? Im 15.?
What is meant by beta2 agonist and anticholinergics?
how to get rid of sinus?
can you acquire asthma in your twenties?
is a seal bark sounding cough normal?
Lost Voice?
medacation help????????????
help with smoking?
Does smoking weed from a vaporizer produce a smell? ?
What is normal after open heart surgery?
my mom was supposed to go in for surgery but the doc says she has low oxygen going to the bottom of her heart?
In your opinion, is teenaged modelling linked to eating disorders?
rooney-when did your heart go missing.bass tab? help?
hypotrophic cardiomyopothy ?
Is there such thing as a "live" blood pressure monitor?
If you have a stent can you get in a tanning bed?
What are the withdrawal symptoms when stopping the use of cocaine and how long do they last?
Do steriods cause you?
how often is your kid(s) sick?
what shows up under black lights?
Need this website kinda fast..?
Can long time marijuana use lead to permanent nervous system damage?
Have you ever been stricken down with the flu so bad that you actually welcomed death?
will it hurt me if i?
Are you wearing anything on your feet at this moment?
what is the difference from sea salt and table salt?
ok rosacea..?
favorite face wash?
How to get rid of scars?
Acne?? Pro-active ?
I am migraine patient & have acute eye pain whenevr migraine attacks. Eye pain is unbareble. pl help me
has anyone had very low iron?? and what caused it???????????????????????
how do they remove moles?
is it anxeity??
Can I transfer my medical records from my doctor to my new doctor?
What should i do about my back pain please help? very confused on scale 1 to 10 its a 7 read below?
Can bed bugs carry disease and or sickness?
Help! Anybody know this about Charcot Marie Tooth Disease...?
is hypoglycemia a choice?
I need a doctor or medical advice!?
How to treat hypertension without drugs?
Suffering from insomnia for 3 years....?
Where can i find a good neurologist?
brain tumor?
Sudden nausea and passing out?
do you like my tapeworm song?
hi, i went through anal fissure surgery 2 years ago. now i have a similar feeling, pain in my anal canal.?
If you had to be a mental illness, which one would you be?
How much money is your mental health worth?
Can anyone suggest some natural ways of dealing with slight depression?
how do u avoid depression?
May I earn on reiki ?
i am too shy,what can i do?
i have depression what can i do?
My ear never heals... I have been to the ear,nose,and throat doctor over a dozen times in the past year.?
A large object was dropped on my foot. It became very swollen and turned slight blue...?
All of a sudden the inside of my nose started hurting??
Hi, have I broken my foot?
I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I have bumps on the inside of my wrists.?
can i sue a doctor for defamation?
ingrown toenail?
HELP me i cant get rid of my foot cramp for nOTHING!!!?
Women..what was, or is, the worst thing that you have stubbed your toes on?
Can someone with type 2 diabetes donate blood?
How can I stop my chocolate & sweets cravings?
When dog food is new with improved tasting, who tests it?
For uk members only?
why do bums form differently after you sit on them for years in a certain way.?
How comparable in effectiveness are hydrocodone, fentanyl, oxycodone, and methadone?
What causes a Charlie Horse and how to prevent it?
120 mg adderall, experiencing pain, ultracet..?
Neck and shoulder pain, muscle strain? popping sound when head turned, headaches, fingers numb when stretching?
Why do my calf's hurt?
if i smoke weed and im on pain killers wat would happen?
My back hurts so much and im just a teenager?!?!?
Question for someone who has had lasik eye surgery!?
Are orange foods good for your eyes?
i want to get contact lenses what is a great brand for colors for dark eyed people?
Have you ever ordered glasses from zennioptical.com?
Vinegar helping weight loss?
Velatol - info?
Fish oil for arthritis,EPO for menopausal,calium+D for Osteoporosis, take them all together ?
Are gallstone cleanses healthy?
Moshe Elbaum - anybody out there that knows about his program or has benefited from it? Please let me know.?
Way of inducing vomiting?
I really need help on some herbs in a "women in balance" supplement?
Urine Remedies?
rhinoplasty healing?
Pet food is supposed to be tainted with poisons in "wheat gluten" - what is wheat gluten?
How can I get a cool character on my profile for my Yahoo! Answers?
health problems caused by fungi?
what is this allergy?
What is in cat dander that makes people sneeze?
what is percentage of death in gallstones out operation....?
Why is it not good to itch your body when you feel the need to itch it?
Did demi lovato fix her gap?
toothache under a crown?
teeth question?
ATTENTION DENTISTS What is a typical workday for a dentist?
Gaps, braces not an option, help!?
What is the best natural way to remove the white finger like spot on my tongue?
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Question?
why do people get mouth olsers?
i have got a big tummy...how do i reduce it without treatment and besides excersice..???
How do I get built?
How do I lose 30 Pounds in a month?
Where do I start to lose weight?
I am trying to lose weight and have no time to cook any good options out there??
Am I really that overweight?
What does the 'k' stand for in kcals?
how can i get rid of my love handles....?
Am I hungry?
Im starting a diet.....?
what causes sleep apnea?
Worried about 3 weeks of a sore throat, phlegm, weight loss and more...Doctor can't figure it out?
may I know what non-specific pneumonitis mean? how it is acquired,treated and prevented?
What does an antibiotic do to an ear infection that has fluid behind it?
Please help! Any advice from doctors?
Lung Infection?
i have sleep apnea & have used a cpap for 4 mths it has helped but still i have no energy what can i do?
Please, if you smoke pot, answer this question?
has anyone used sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5% lotion on their face for acne?
Does anyone know of any treatments for Vitiligo that actually work?
anything to help a hickey go away faster?
How can I get rid of Ringworm on the scalp?
when will i look normal again?
I have small red dry spots on my skin...what are they?
my husband has stinky feet what do i do?
how can i reduce sever swelling and bruising?
what is it? started with a funny tongue 3 wks ago?
I dislocated my knee, how long untill the swelling will go down? Will I be back to normal in about 4-5 days??!
what is it that happens when you get a crick in your kneck?
How do you stop cracking your knuckles?
Big toenail fell off?
trying to overcome anxiety almost seems impossible???
Do you prefer Lady Oscar or Lady Godiva and why? Are they the same person?
What are the keys to becoming a good speaker??????
What is the longest you have ever slept such that when you awoke you were astonished at how long you had been?
what do you do when you're sad?
im 15 i am pretty stressed more than average. im stressing out to the point of feeling depressed?
Questioning your Sanity?
how do i meet new ppl since i have agoraphobia?
Body piercing question.?
how many vertebraes are in the back including the neck!!!!!!?
Any home remedies to treat an abdominal gas pain?
I may have gotten a hernia at work but have no proof, can i get them to pay for it? (I have no insurance)?
My throat makes a weird noise like a buzzing.?
Is "rumbling" in the ears common when yawning?
How to quit smoking?
Is it possible to have a retinal detachment in both eyes at the same time?
Can dry eyes decrease my vision?
How can I see an Ophthalmologist?
Eye goo over my contacts? Help.?
Does rubbing eyes make them bigger?
Do eyes change color with age?
my father used afrin for months and was admitted to the hospital with an irregular heartbeat.?
What is the significance of the absence of edema and organomegaly in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction?
i have constant heart burn all the time any tips or ideas ?
Cardiovascular system?
Will I Need Surgery?
Can you pass up your maximum heart rate?
How many times..... defibrillator?
What are the symptoms of restless legs disorder?
When I get stressed out, my hand start to itch really bad, but there is no rash, Why is that?
Why Can't you people out there learn to avoid damaging your skin?
is it possible to stop overeating cold turkey?
When we are sad why do we get tears?
Why are most people Right-handed?
Why do we have to die of old age at something like 98 or 89 or 100?
Any one else's husband act like a big baby when their sick?
What causes muscle cramps?
ways to make crutches hurt less?
Why do my ears hurt after jogging with my iPod?
what can cause a headache everyday?
Help me, I've had a pain in my foot near the toes for the last 7 weeks, Drs dont know what it is, please help!?
15 year old with extreme back pain being prescribed painkillers?
my neck ALWAYS hurts!?!?
Does it hurt?.......................?
can diet soda cause diabetes?
What is the normal random blood sugar range?
Is this operator error (Accucheck Compact Plus)?
I got a question about blood circulation?
Is it possible for diabetes to get better as opposed to worse over time?
if i don't have break fluid is there anything i can substitute, not me a friend is testing me, said if there i?
What's the difference between panic attacks and hypoglycemia?
what can i do to improve liver?
Question on Thalassemia Minor.?
stomach palpitations?
Is ADD and autism similar in any way?
what is RIGHT behind the Knee , and what can this be, I hurt there? Thanks?
Anybody know anything about how to get a liver transplant? My father is desperate.?
Why is my blood testing like this?
What is the best diet pill available in the Uk?
How can i get a flat stomach and thin thin legs?
How can I get more iron?
Any advice for someone running their first 5K?
when you sweat, do you sweat out toxins?
how 2 get the gap between legs??
i only have about a month, need to lose from thighs bum and tum?
can you burn calories from doing push ups?
Some beginner crystals and their properties?
If you use nattokinase to dissolve a blood clot is there any danger of causing the clot to break off/travel?
Natural Herbs for Anger Management?
What can be good substitutes for Soy to prevent face skin wrinkle?
my dad is snorting cold and flu pills with nasal spray.?
What is kelp powder good for? Is kelp a superfood or something?
what is a good natural sleep medicine.i cant seem to get a goodnight sleep with out sleeping pills?
How can I trick my pineal gland into releasing DMT?
Who in here actually.........?
How do I get rid of acne on my face in one day?
Acne Around The Hairline?
When does skin darken?
OK so i have lots of bruises and scares on my legs?
is surgery on eyes very effective?
whats the best and fastest way to get a zit to go away?
does wheat grass help in cancer & tumers and increase the working of lever?
Can brominated flame retardants in cell phone covers be the real link to the cause of cancer in cell phone use
Is it true????????????????????????????????
Should my 68 yr old mom have an open lung biopsy to confirm whether she has cancer?
anxiety about cancer?
ovarian tumour-lession question here. I had a internal ultrasound on the 2nd?
Please, can any one tell me the name of technique of examination for splenomegaly in huge ascites.?
Fellow Canadians...this is support cancer month...will you please support Sick Kids??
can anyone offer help for depression and panic attacks that don't involve doctors?
How long to get functional after a devastating breakup?
Is it possible for anxiety to feel so intense it makes you feel shivery even though you are not cold?
How do I find an excellent doctor for depression?
Moment of Fear - Standing in a balcony?
how am i going to stay positive?
What happens if you swallow 10 aspirins?
I have a 12 year old daughter with asthma and allergies who has been having dry hacky cough for over a month ?
i am taking Iow doses of methotrexate for psoraisis ,side effects?
night sweats?
Anyone ever heard of Popcorn Lung?
Question about 3rd hand smoking?
What would cause bigeminy of PVC's in a young adolescent!?
I was given a script for ETODOLAC 400 MG. iSNT THAT USED FOR ANIMALS?
where is the best, but least expensive day spa in Chicago?
Thanks for your replys everyone to my fatigue problem...?
Have any of you ever gotten the wrong medicine at the Pharmacy, or the Pharmacist made a mistake?
is it awful that i cannot get alone with my brother?
doing a report on OrganTransplants have to come up with 20 or more vocab. words related pleae help?
I am a 42 year old man.Recently while standing for a few minutes my feet gone to sleep.why?
sometimes i use to get weak?
Contacts and allergy problems.I wear soft contacts and evenutually the allergies migrate to my eyes.?
Will my 4 week contacts still work even if I haven't touched them in a while?
help with my contacts!!?
Receding gums.. what can i do to prevent them?
Which are better, Metal braces or Clear braces?
skoal tobacco?
My teeth have shifted??
braces- could my teeth be getting more crooked?
What can I do about my tooth pain?
is sugar free gum bad?
molar pulled friday?
what should i do???
How does Mucus form?
Has anyone tried local honey to reduce hayfever?
Do i have a allergy?
i need help ergent !!! ?
Is there Hay Fever in Europe?
how to get the top of your mouth to stop itching?
why is my nose big and red?
Vein in palm?
I dunno if i have a mild concussion?
Pain in lower right abdomen when pressure is applied?
can i take my expired tramadol (about 6 months)? i just stubbed my toe,?
Sleeping pill overdose?
I need help and support for Failed Back Syndrome caused by multiple prolapsed disc surgeries?
Sharp pain in head.?
What could be wrong with my friend?
What do I have to do to get someone to take my migraine seriously?
Do you get this pain really bad to?
What are great relaxtion techniques that I can do at work to destress?
does dehydration cause water retention?
What does it feel like when you're a diabetic and your blood sugar is too high or too low?
tingling sensation in both my arms and legs but more to my arms can it be an allergy.
What are some effective treatments for prinzmetal's angina?
what causes my right atrium to be dilated midly? trace aortic&tricuspid regurgitation? please help me?
Surgery to the Heart ?
what is the name of the bone that is anterior to the heart?
How do you figure out your maximum heart rate?
i know that if your temp is higher than normal you have a faver but what if its lower?
where do i find a doctor for this condition?
Will sit ups make my stomach look flatter?
issue regarding mental health facility, and refusal to treat?
Stopping nightmares?
i hate it when i hear people chew?
How can you get a young adult to get Psychiatric help if they refuse to accept they have a problem?
I know this sounds strange, but I am being honest, is there any link between depression and wood flooring?
Cutting Question?
Why aren't any antidepressants working?
I have a terrible phobia of vomit, please help me??
how do you know if someone has lice?
Increase in resting heart rate?
Wearing lens on the wrong side?
help, weird blue light in vision?
what happens if the eye laser surgery goes bad??? do you go blind?or just see blurry?
Lead Acid in the eye!?
Are color contacts bad for you eyes?
why do we yawn and why it's contagious when we yawn ?
why do we get pins and needles?
how does beans make you gassy?
How can I stop passing gas?
How can we stop the unwonted loss off innocent life in impoverished third world countries without raising tax?
Do sprays or pills really make you grow?
In the summer I had heat stroke, now one of my feet still feels as if it is burning inside. I am so scared.?
Please help me!! i need help!!?
what are the effects of caffine to human body?
I have abdominal pain in the upper right/center part of the stomach area, Dr. says it may be gallstones...?
[email protected] the foolish hysteria brought upon by the Swine Flu...?
Any way to get rid of floaters?
Question about hair follicle drug test.....?
I have ulcerated colitis and pregnant... how much is too much blood?
Is there any allergic that can use INHALER for medicine?
Is there any nose spray that gets rid of bacterial sinus infection? Is it safe for a teenager?
how do you cure a stuffy nose in one day?
Itch deep inside upper back chest. Cannot scratch it!!?
inhaler problem?????????????????
HELP PLEASE! I know it's late?
Knee ACL surgery question.?
How can i recover quickly from basketball related injuries?
i have a fractured wrist?
I got hit in my open eye with a soccer ball.....?
Big blister?
Will my split lip need stitches?
A door fell on my big toe?
I have the worst headache what should i do?
what is the symptoms of lung cancer?
What is pancreatic cancer?
MOM is Sick?
Generally, what is the most optimistic prognosis in a panreatic sarcoma?
My Grandma had breast and ovarian cancer. What are my odds of getting one or both?
Can someone explain to me how tumour markers are counted from a blood test?
What must i do , please tell me?
what does bach remedy garlic and mustard do??
colour blindness treatment?
Does Ayurveda or Homeopathy offer permanent cure for Hepatitis B where the virus is eliminated -vijay?
How and why does AZO Yeast work to relieve symptoms of yeast infections?
Hallucinogenic leafs?
vitamin D 5000 IU question??????????
kelp for hypeRthyroid?
does master herbalist really work?
where is the best site for alternitive medicine online?
Can you blantantly tell a cop that you are drinking OTC medicines?
Diabetes is caused by underproduction of insulin (type I) or inhibited response to insulin (type II).?
signs and symtoms of DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS?
Metformin Tab is for Type 2 Diabetes.?
What's a normal blood glucose level for non diabetics upon waking?
How much does insulin resistance really effect metabolism?
What are some of signs of diabetes? My daughter was told by her doctor that she may be diabetic.?
what can happen to your body, when you have type 2 diabetes?
Mother has diabetes...help!?
my 9 year old daughter is very pale has been ill for a while i have had her to a dr and he has done bloods?
I have fibromyalgia and i cant sleep somone help me?
Hip replacement problem?
why do i get headache after a run or jog?
moving my neck causes shoulder pain?
Spinal Stenosis - help me out with this?
Why dont I get any effect from r/x pain pills?
Can't sleep! NEED ANSWERS NOWW!?
How can you make your asthma better?
why cant my father have lung transplant?
i have a friend who keeps getting chest infections, anti biotics & steroids clear it but it just keeps coming?
What's with my cough?
Is there any medical evidence to substantiate the dangers of “second hand smoke?”?
What do you do to keep fit/healthy?
What are the benefits of taking a walk everyday?
Anyone know tha ingredients and directions for the Master Cleanse diet?
What can i do to have more energy?
Do fat women have more hairs on there stomach than thin women?
what is brotizolam?
how do headaches start and where do they come from?
Is it possible to survive on just Vitamins and suppliments? Why?
do tobacco companies spend more money on tobacco prevention programs than they do on advertising cigarettes?
Who is the best orthopedic surgen in the dallas fort worth area. I need a complete hip replacement.?
I've used a suicide hotline, what do you think about them?
What is the impact of Bromelein/Pineapple Enzyme on Arteriosclerosis?
For someone with SVT and AND mitral valve, what meds may work?
what is the term for ejection fraction in children?
Anxiety + high blood pressure?
Swelling of leg & Face could be due to what reason.& i am 80 unable to walk as my heart is expanding? pl help?
Did I have a minor heart attack?
If someone has a blood clot around the groin area what kind of surgery would need to be done?
What would cause my chest to feel like somone is sitting on it when an MRI machine is on?
How much do colored contacts cost?
How clearly should I be seeing 5 days post-LASIK surgery?
Question for those who know about bifocal contact lens?
Why does my eye twitch?
Who gives Eye Exams? Optometrist?
If I have perfect vision but want colored contacts do I need a prescription?
changing eye color at will?
My eyes are 20/25 in one eye and 20/20 in the other...
a bit crooked eyes when i look up close?
Whiter teeth help!! i need a home remedy for whiter teeth !!
Wisdom tooth??
Can filling a tooth cause a tooth to shift?
Inflamed gums?
how do u tell the diffrence of a baby teeth and an adult teeth?
What happens to your natural teeth if lumineers are placed over them?
tooth fairy made me bad?
What is worse for your teeth in the long run : smoking or sugar?
Brits have terrible teeth?
What is Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% Oral Rinse?
How long does it take thyroid medication to work?
Urge to urinate but NO infection?
how many days can you go without going to the bathroom before having to get an operation?
why am I not having bowel movements?
When you have MM is lost of function in your legs and numbness a symptom?
I have a sister in her forties that has rheumatoid arthritis and she does not work has?
Bloated and Exhausted, whats wrong with me?
How can I educate my family about fybromyalsia?
rabies?? (is it right for me to worry?)?
How long does it take to cure lice?
about RGP contact lenses?
Sinus Concerns: Why do I constantly have to 'pop' my ears? ?
I haven't been able to breathe through my nose since 92' unless I use 12 Hour Sinex Nasal Spray.?
sore & swollen neck, pouring watery nose fluid...infection? ?
Out of three, MILK, Cheese, Ice creeam, only cheese gives me hides when rubbed on my skin, Why?
Obvious allergy to cats, yet unable to get rid of them. Easy fix?
Sore throat? Help please?
Reaction whenever I eat rice?
i have a problem with my nose please i need help?
is this being lactose intolerance?...please help?
How do you know that you are suffering from depression?
Is there a phobia for people who fear getting close in proximity to others?
Could I have diabetes???
What are some stereotypes about diabetes?
what are ways the immune system fights against diabetes.?
if not pheumonia< what else is cause for fluid in both lungs and infection?
What reading would be low blood sugar?
what is a proper diabetic diet?
What kind of experimental research is going on for the cure of diabetes type 1 (juvenile onset)?
Doctors can you please help with my nervous stomach?
Why is it that after I take a multi-vitamin, I can't help but get all hot and bothered?
How long do you have to be sober to pass a drug test?
Doing a Health project on marijuana and need the following facts?
How old do you have to be in the Uk to buy over-the-counter medicines?
Why do some people not sweat no matter how hot the room is or what they're doing?
Is it true that drug companies encourage the medication of people that have nothing wrong with them?
has any one ever used ear wax candles?
why do you think when your over tired its hard to sleep?
views about tubes?
***HELP*****I've been having stomach issues. *PLEASE READ*?
Diets? Which works for you?
What's a good weight training routine for a 14 year old?
Does being cold burn calories or...?
slim fast for weight loss?
what is a good excercise routine for building leg strenth and increase vertical leap? 10 points !!!!!?
Can a mere 2kg (4.4 pounds) make a difference overall?
Calories and fat in treacle toffee?
How can I lose a lot of weight?
How do you tell the difference between a cyst and a tumor in an ultrasound of the breast?
whats the difference between Hodgkin Lymphoma and non Hodgkin Lymphoma?
Does the bone-marrow donor have to have the same blood type as the Leukemia patient?
breast cancer?
What is the best treatment for Acute Lymphocitic Leukemia?
Where do all the billions of dollars that go to fund cancer and aids research go?
2008 Breast Cancer 3-day- NEED TEAM NAME! HELP!?
every morning my eyes water.?
Are new glasses supposed to make you fall down stairs, walk into things, and generally become so dizzy...?
On a scale 1-10, how much do you need glasses?
Why does it irritate my eyes when i take out contacts?
Please help me figure out my eyesight? What is my eyesight?
Can Blind People paint pictures in their minds?
Does omnilife ("natural products") have any negative effects, if so what are they?
What is the best way to treat broncitis & upper respitory infections?
What causes fever and how do you cure it (home-remedie style)?
Abnormal bleeding?
what is good medicine all natural for fibromyalgia? Vitamins etc.?
A question on homeopathy?
strained ligaments in right thigh and arm?
Do you know an alternative therapy for Behcet's disease?
Code for ringing america from uk?
My doctor indicates surgery for an 'inflamed' gall bladder. What do I do?
Arthritis in my elbow?
Can anyone give me info on a bulging disk in the lower back?
Radiating pain through out my left leg and arms?
I have a lump in my throat.?
i think my acl is going out?
Whats Wrong With My Throat?
What is this burning tingly sensation in my Back?
My dad has water in his lung?
Pinching feeling in left lung? Does anyone get this?
learn to breath from the diaphragm?
Can people, at 20 years old, just discover they have asthma??
Re the Smoking Debate, I protest the loss of my freedom to breathe fresh air inside and outside, thanks to ir-
Questions to smokers and non-smokers.?
How long does it take for a tooth to become Abscess?
I'm nervous about getting braces?
Why do they put in those bands in your teeth before they put in braces?
What does iv sedation feel like?
Do brown spots on the crown of teeth mean cavities for sure?
Im getting braces in about a week Is there anything I should know beforehand?
Is my wisdom tooth coming in?
i'm going to get Braces in 4 days and i don't know if i should be excited or nervous or what color to get?
Issue with grinding teeth at night?
extra flap of skin under tongue?
What actually causes a person to feel lightheaded or dizzy, even faint after watching something like surgery?
What triggers kleptomania?
How do/did you overcome ur anxiety towards?
my younger neighbor thinks my eating disorder is cool?
How can i go back to being happy?
My friend got raped and I want to help him get over it?
I want to die now. My head is exploding with problems, stress and I can't handle it.?
Shall I go hospital.?
My finger really hurts, and it's starting to really distract me?
my finger is cold and going black?
Any Lactose free products ?
Can anyone recommend a good ionic air purifier?
Does La Buchette goat cheese contain any traces of gluten?
is this an allergic reaction?
Allergies Situation ?
sneezing because of chocolate?
Why does your nose run when you cry?
Does this sound like I have pineapple allergies?
Cold sore? Allergic reaction?? Infection??? Is this contagious? ?
why does hair come out of moles?
I have broken capillaries on the sides of my nose?
I'm going to cuba,but I have bad back acne????
Does drinking 8 glasses of water a day really help improve your skin?
tea tree oil for spots?
Small pin point single red dots on hand, feet and body? What are they?
Can you give someone poison ivy by kissing them?
Eye problems..advice..?
ultrasonic cleaner for contact lenses?
is it possible for an optician to prescribe very weak glasses?
Can you really go blind over night ?
How did my eyesight get better?
contact help?
if you wear prescription glasses that arent yours how long would it take to ruin your eye sight?
what do you think of a guy who wears colored medical lenses?
Why is losing stomach fat and love handles so hard to reduce??
big tummy...its gotta go. HELP!!!?
To clear up confusion of Carbs: Are they bad?
skip luch: make me fat?
i need a formula to calculate carbohydrates in my diet?
Would this combination make a non diabetics sugar high?
how does high altitude affect blood sugar with type 1 diabetes?
Diabetes question pls answer.?
Millions of diabetics are rejoicing over the ban lift on stem cell research. What's your opinion?
a1c results confusing?
what are the characteristics of a good health care provider.?
Have you put the new vaccine Gardasil?
does anybody know a good way to get rid of acne?
Do people in comas go to the bathroom?
Blood Test phobic. Is it ok if i scream & cry ?
how can i count how many eyelashes i have?
The coffee is not working--what else could wake me up?
Can you catch STDs from toilet seats?
my 17 yrold sister suddenly got sharp stomach pain in her lower right tummy , traveling to the lower lft back?
bruising where I havent hit anything?
What do hospitals do with old joints that have been replaced?
how many vicodin es in 1 day?
How can I feel better? I was layed off from my job quite suddenly last week?
will massage help Sciatica?
Why do people point to their wrist?
I go to a pain managment clinic every month, is this just a racket?
I quit smoking in jan 07, I keep dry heaving every day anyone know why?
how a panic attack can wake you up in the middle of sleep?
what is the purpose of mucus and oil in the respiratory system?
Can you get rid of bronchitis without antibiotics?
What Health Problems Are Caused By Carbon Monoxide?..(Cigarette Smoke)..?
When was the first Cigarette made and who smoked it first?
best ways to stop smoking?
What are the Alternatives to braces??
should you use ice the 2nd day after your tooth extraction [molar]?
Which is better: silver or white fillings?
Just got my braces off and i get my retainer next week?
What's good for a toothache?
Dental Help/ Opinions Please?
I have puss pockets all over the inside of my mouth on the roof the gums under my tongue and now my nose sore?
Would it be Crazy if you Had 18 cavities? ?
i need to find a dentist in the independence, mo area because my filling fell out and it hurts like hell?
Which is a better career Physical Therapy Or Occupational Therapy?
Which is the best diet for healthy hair.?
Homeopathic/Herbal Remedy for Anxiety?
Has anyone tried Xango ?
What is a good supplements for concentration? Any vitamin to take witch is safe and will not affect other?
Christian Recovery homes in the south?
Are they Delusional?
Is chantix in Australia?
Why does cancer seem to skip generations?
Does prognosis survival percentages include upto treatment? Or beyond?
Can anyone tell me anything about pagets disease?
I was just wondering, When was the first case of Cancer confirmed?
should we have?
Blood Test?
Have you gone through cancer? Or where can I read how people feel when going through it?
How do I tell a patient they stink?
how long does it take for a groin injury(muscle) to heal?
how do u get rid of a strained muscle?
Does punching my canker soar slow healing process?
I sprained my ankle and the bone got bigger?
what is my condition?
Did i sprain my foot?
How much Vitamin C should I take when trying to fight a cold?
How does insomnia work?
How is the body, physically after cushing's disease treatment?
What is it like to be a Physician Assistant?
my lower abdomen hurts really bad?
suddenly hot, dizzy and feeling very sick?
Why does your nose run when you have a bowel movement?
Anorexia and boyfriends..?
red eyes...means devill?
what are the reasons and the cures for an itchy underarm(armpit)?
big dark eczema scars?
I need a real remedy for toenail fungus?
How long does it take to clear spots using calamine cream?
My foundation looks disgusting, and how to get rid of blackheads?
spots and scars need help!?
itchy, bumpy lips...?
scar sensitivity question...?
Why are my hands -and usually my feet too- are always cold?
anyone had a hearing test?
Has anyone measured with low fluid around 34 weeks??
????what the heck is heart disease??
Only 21 with high blood pressure?
anybody have a pfo of the heart?
i am almost 59, 6ft 1, 15st 9lbs with a blood pressure 138/78. is that normal.?
My heart shifts speed during certain positions, help.?
Sharp pain in left hip, first felt while running?
I have really brittle ridged toenails. How can I make them better? More calcium in my diet?
can you hold your breath longer while drinking a glass of water?
I cant keep all my food down?
What could happen when you sleep with contacts in?
What do you see when you close your eyes?
Contact lens hell!!!?
can ur appendix cause pain for years without having it actually rupture or need removing?
Why do shots hurt when they are being injected?
have back problem.Have firm mattress.But still aches. Q> What type of mattress should I buy to make it ease?
Terrible pain on the lower-right side of my abdomen?
Dizziness in head?
Muscular Back Pain - What can I do to ease it?
Pain in right kidney?
Is anyone using the MiniMed Paradigm Insulin Pump and the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System?
diabetes, how will you get and how to prevent getting?
does a person with type1 diabetes have a worse immune system?
Can type 1 diabetics give blood?
What are the best exercises for toning inner thighs?
i need to gain weight?
can u plz give me a diet plane?
Do certain foods send fat to different parts of the body?
Is the Master Cleanse really as beneficial as it is made out to be? Why not just fast?
Best Diet??
Anorexia recovery question?
How tall is too tall?
How Can You Break The Habit Of Chewing Your Nails?
Why is it that i have the feeling of 'nervousness' or 'anxiety' after drinking coffee?
I have a son whom has a lot of medical conditions.?
BEstt ways to DE-stress, for FREE?
Can you fail a hair drug test from being around sombody that is smoking pot?
How long does Marijuana stay in your system for...?
Share A Smile!?
Who here has A.D.H.D.?
need to reach website of physicians choice health at yahoo.com?
What helps you sleep better?
Are the any procrastinators out there who have overcome waiting until the last minute?
Does anyone who has bi-polar have auditory hallucinations?
i cant sleep at night?
Has anyone felt suicidal from intense heart break? I have tried everything to move on but nothing works.?
Can one control this?Is it bad to smile when you hear your enemies aren't doing so well?
Was he out of order or did I deserve it?
ANTI-DEPRESSANTS 'DON'T' work - So, what's the alternative?
What's the likelihood of outgrowing childhood asthma?
I've been breathless for over 6 months. I can't walk fast or talk fast coz I get out of breath.?
Do i have cancer?
asthma??my baby is wheezing what should i do?
does skinid work really well?
What is the most effective non-prescription acne medication?
Is taking accutane worth it?
Can Cocoa Butter help in Keratosis Pilaris??
How effective is the Drionic Device (for hyperhydrosis)?
what happen if you get bit by a spider?
i have really bad calluses on my feet how do i get rid of it?
Little Red Bumps on my Fingers?
Will I eventually get Skin Cancer on my left Thigh area,, if I constantly Sleep on (one side) all night long?
do i have cancer?
could we all die someday?
x-rays of the human body?
What is the best way to cure a phobia of needles/syringes?
Who is the best Neurologist and best Neurosurgeon in Mumbai?
shaking arm?????????
what self medication I can have If i have kidney stone?
Is Fibromyalgia considered chronic inlfamation, in which I have both?
why doesn't rosacea get any recognition?
what are some of the best things to eat......?
smelling foul odor, comes and goes, no one else smells it?
What do my eye glasses SIZES mean, and would these be close to the same size??
How come I see dark specks through my eyes?
I was hit with a forklift at work and have had four back surgeries,the only one that was a success was the fus
Ear Cartilage Piercing Swelling!?
My friend has a pain in her calf..i have heard of something called a "charlie horse" what is a charlie horse ?
My Toe Is Broken And I Cant Fit into a shoe?
Bad back pains and muscle aches?
i recently pulled my back and continue to have spasm how long will this keep up?
passed out from a finger injury. is that normal?
My baby fell and hit his head and he have a dent to the side of his head what could happen to him?
Cut myself...please please help?
do the retainer reaaly works?
I dug my tonsilith (tonsil stone) out with my finger, it that bad?
Exactly how are veneers put in your mouth?
what's a root canal?
I need some advise on my broken tooth?
Dentist question?
Good Dental Clinic / Dentist in Bangalore near Koramangala having reasonable rate??
What mint is it that makes your mouth really cold?
do you brush your teeth a full 2 minutes or is that just unrealistic?
how to lose weight!! help!!?
what is better way to burn calories: walking on tread mill or walking outdoors(parks)?
I Feel Fat, does anyone have advice on how to lose wait, and excersizes that will help me lose weight?
What can i do to stop eating?
easy 10 pts.?
I have been prescibed vicoden for pain. This time the doc prescibed Lortab. Is this stronger?
Sporadic sharp shooting pain in shin area of right leg (not shin splints)?
What can I do about restless leg syndrome?
the doctor says i have tennis elbow?
Back Pain?!?
Doctors say I have fibromyalgia but I don't believe them. I am in UNGODLY pain in my FEET/knees for 8yrs. HELP
i watched a prog last night about the painkillers murderer in 1982 in america does anyone rem it?
what do you do if my throat is swelling?