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when u have a nosebleed?
Eye problems...HELP!
I want to know if selective laser trabeculoplasty is superior to local eye drops?
Cosmetic contacts infomation?
Can you wear contacts AND glasses?
i know this might be weird but one of my eye is bigger than the other and i Was Wondering if There's a fix?
One of my eyes is often blurry.?
WHY are my eyes always red..visine isnt working and its NOT from Weed or Booze?
Are contact lenses bad in the long run?
What happens if you crack a bone?
How can i break my wrist?
how to make eye contact again?
Does anyone know where I can find pictures of Natural Touch contacts in Hazel?
What is wrong with my eye?
Where can I purchase vibactra plus and collodial silver?
Does Apple Cider Vinger help cure arthitis, and if so how long does it take before u start to see results?
Do you have to consult your family physician if you use a natural anti-fungal for candida?
Got sick after taking homeopathic remedy?
Is there any way to naturally improve your eyesight?
would you say the mindset of hypnosis is the same as meditation?
is herb alpert still alive and how old would he be?
hai, can any one help me in knowing herbs used for getting a person vomit after he takes alcohol?
What is herbal viagra?
i am pregnant and had an hiv test at a public clinic my results stated hiv status results 280; explain?
Do the after-effects of having your wisdom teeth yanked out hurt more than getting a vaccination?
How much does Delta Dental Premier pay towards wisdom teeth extractions?
Best way to whiten your teeth?
What's the best dental insurance to have?
How to stop grinding teeth in sleep?
how can i whiten my teeth without using those white strips ( and yes i brush my teeth :P )?
how do you get white teeth?
How do you stop sea water getting in your mouth?
Which of these Hydrocodone meds are stronger?
Is there a pain relief medicine for a UTI that works?
What should I do if my jaw makes noises and it hurts everytime i move it?
Help Problem with hips!!!!!?
what if i fell down on my left hip could that cause endometriosis?
Muscles Are Killing Me...?
what does a migraine feel like ?
I'm having a stinging pain in my finger's nail bed. Every time I press down it hurts.?
I have pain in the back of my head?
does it hurt when you get staples out of your foot?
why do diabetics heal slower?
What's a good food treat for celebrating a diabetic's birthday?
My appetie is low, so iI eat only one meal aday, is that afftecting negatively my diabetes?
Is it allow for bodybuilders to drink beer or wine sometimes?
What does Type one and Type two diabetes mean?
skin spotting and discoloration a sign?
Working rights for Diabetics ???
The air left in your lungs after strenuous expiration is:?
Are most cigarettes 100% tobacco, or is there shredded paper that has ben dipped in tar and nicotine mixed in?
What are the signs of dehydration?
Why does my husband's breathing sound scary when he's asleep?
Does this sound like a asthma attack?
I saw on a movie that coffee is good for asthma cuz it opens the airways, even helps in an attack. is this tru?
If I dont have asthma is it bad to use in inhaler? I get shortness of breath so my friend let me use his is it?
Help, I've had a cough for three weeks and two days?
does smoking weed expand your lungs ?
possible herpes cure?
minors and herpes...?
Can someone catch chlamydia from someone with it when they wear their clean underwear?
why does herpa simlex show up every 4 months or when you are stressed?
what do genetal warts looks like? i think i have them in my mouth because i have many soars!?
if i haddddddddddddddddddd?
Question about mucus?
Allergic reactions...?
think ive got fibre glass in my eye???
A few questions about allergies?
How effective is eating honey for alleviating allergies?
My 7 week english mastiff started to get a runny nose today.?
Lactose intolerant????
How do you get self esteem?
Scratches along my back?
Does anyone know the symptoms of Bipolar??
People who hit themselves when emotional?
Religious OCD - question?
Fear of a mental disorder?
i can't stop thinking about stuff! help!?
Please help me...serious mood swings!?
I am a secret psychopath hiding under a mask of sanity... Please help me before it's too late?
my rib hurts bad what will help it?
Did anybody try the book "Banish Tinnitus in 3 days" Please send info if you have.?
What is the normal period of heart contraction?
interpret exercise stress test....?
what are good natural pill to get rid of grease in youre heart??
If the power of attorney over somebody has a stroke, can he/she still be the power of attorney?
should a blood clot near heart [thrombus]with a patient with af be left to walk around ?
vomiting black liquid?
High pulse and giving blood?
My moms friend had a heart attack can he still be breathing on his own if there is no brain activity?
how many xanax would a 190 lb person take to cause death? my friend recently died from this and i am wondering
How will she know if her chlamydia has been successfully treated?
Can I get an STD from my dog?
I think I got pig virus?
Can HPV spread as easily through other contacts?
Eczema Prescription question?
Acne redness?
perfect skin....?
i'm asking about (breast enlargment creams) ..1-do they carcinogenic?2-may they cause deformation?
Peeling skin around toe nails?
discoloration on my body...what can I do?
Why is Black skin more prone to keloids?
Aidan h answered a foot question fwould he answer another?
Anything natural to take for nausea caused by stress or upset?
Is there anything?
Please help me! I hurt so bad!?
Alcohol vs. Marijuana?
I have a gas trouble in body. I sit for many hours in office. What is common treatment for this?
How can I avoid hay fever?
Problems to sleep????[[[plz help me!]?
I feel really sick...?
bone injury?
i have an operation on tuesday!?
my fingers been hurting for almost a month now, cant play guitar. Could it be RSI at age 19?
Really bad back! Help?!?
Healing a Broken Blood Vessel in eye?
what will happen if i force a rehabing finger/wrist past its limits?
What should I do about this dog bite?
Bruised....for 8 months, WILL PICK BEST ANSWER?
Please help appreicated?
Why can't I move the fingers on one hand with out moving the fingers on my opposite hand?
what is the difference in carcinoma of the lung when it is a primary tumor and when it is a secondary tumor?
One Eye Blindness episodes!!!?
where to get contacts?
My son is 20/70 in one eye and 20/70 in the other. Which number means farsighted and which means nearsighted?
Thinking about trying contacts again?
New to Orthokeratology?
Is 80 dollars good or bad for eyeglass lenses?
White of the eye is black!!?
huge glasses?
Is it safe to take headache meds (tylenol, IBprofin, advil) a few hours before drinking?
Anyone know the least painful way to produce blood for a ritual?
Extreme Right side pain in my abdomen! please help?
Too Many Tablets? Doctors?
kind of stabbing pain in my heart?
Why is my head like this?
Why do my knees hurt?
Chlamydia... pain and burning during treatment?
Yeast infection or STD?
What causes ear infections for young children?
Why are yawns contagious?
Why is HIV (AIDS) not spread by mosquito bite but by using shared needles ?
I have a friend who cuts.?
why does it hurt so much when you bump your elbow?
Can people develop Schizophrenia as a coping mechanism for something that's happen or happening to them?
Why Do People With Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorders Have So Much Difficulty With Eye Contact?
I've finally had enough. :(?
Does anyone have those moments as if they were non existent? Like you were not living at all?
How do you deal with someone who is difficult - that you cant avoid.>?
My friend is depressed for many reasons, how can I help her.?
I think I'm going insane... literally.?
I wanna know how many of you have six sences?
Tips to stop self harm symptoms *URGENTLY NEEDED*?
How do i get whiter teeth without going to the dentist or without using whitestrips?
What are some good teeth whiteners?
how to get whiter teeth?
Is my gum infected.......?
Veneers? have you had them? please answer below?
I am so self concious about my teeth?
I heard that if you brush your teeth with baking soda it will make them whiter.. is that true?
Why My Teeth are getting Yellow.!!?
Is anyone sick of looking at these pics of people with rotted teeth right on this page?
I feel tired, but I can't fall asleep... I don't have insomnia, do I?
Children have unacceptable levels of lead in their bodies?
i have no sensation of taste in the left side of tounge for the last 4 months.?
What are FBT's, U's, E's and LFT's?
Brain Aneurysm Questions?
What is wrong with me??????
Continuous headache ,vomiting, nausea,dizziness,shaking,black outs,is this really migrant?
wannarexic or anorexic?
Do drinks make the metabolism work like food does?
Workout Motivation!?!?
How can I design a workout program for myself?
How can i loose weight/tone my hips??
i want to lose 20 pounds by december, but can you help me?
Is 1300 calories a day enough?
check this out! important! what do u honestly think of this?
Call me narrow minded, but i dont get why people get so bothered about their weigt?
What's the healthy body fat percentage for a teenage girl?
Am i fat??????? in 14 yrs?
Do I have a fractured ankle?
Difference between eye strain and a stye?
Is it safe to go on the elliptical with a bad knee?
Scraped knee, PLEASE help!?
Have you ever had a hangnail? How was this experience?
how do you know if any part of your thumb is broken =/?
What would happen if the back of the head or forehead was hit hard?
how long does it take for chlamydia to go away after taking the medicine?
are stds or hiv found in discharge?
why the injection of epinephrine produces immediate relief while steroid-base treatment can take several days?
How do i get rid of Acne and Acne scars?
What causes the feet to have dry skin that sometimes can be painful?
what makes mosquito bites itchy?
How come there are people who dont get acne?
like goose bumps..?
clean belly button?
I am 25 years old, why am i just now getting acne???
can my child swim with ringworm?
i cant sleep?
Medical problems????????????????????????????
Really nasty question about nasal discharge?
How to use nasal irrigation for prevention of sinus infection?
Can you be a strong voice without having strong breath and demand to be heard in a none offensive way?
is it possible to be hit so hard you stop breathing?
can I take Lipitor(Atovastatin) together with Aspirin to prevent heart disease ?
questions about diastolic pressure?
how to lower genetic cholesterol?please answer?
Hi, My parents are suffering from dibeates and high bloodpressure. Please advise me which formula no. is sutab
Help with chest pain please?
please recommend herbs or homeopathic medicine for hypomenorrhea- little blood flow of menstruation, few hours?
What can a Homeopath do for someone who suffers from severe and frequent headaches?
What can I buy to reduce uric acid?
Are you risking kidney failure by using herbs?
whats better for you green tea shot or wheat grass shot?
what's a good natural deodorant?
Can i use baby powder in a wound?
Whats the difference between being high and drunk?
what is the association of left bundle branch block with diabetes mellitus?
who is diabetic -what is the maximum upper reading before one is diabetic?
any ways to help keep diabetes controlled?
Could I have Diabetes??
Type One Diabetes testing?
Type 1 Diabetes for 17 years and struggling with bad habits?
Do you know if Byetta can make you pass out?
i think there was a problem with my diebetes testing?
Herpes Question PLZ.?
where can you find a free std testing in dallas,TX?
how can I start getting up earlier?
what's wrong with my ears? I'm getting pains.. and dizzyness. Doc says there's NOTHING wrong :|?
how can i make my hair grow faster?
Why do you get a headache after sleeping for a long time? Like 12+ hours?
What can be wrong with me?
I have a question about degenerative disc disease?
how do you get rid of hickies?
Why don't old people admit their flatulence?
ATTENTION IGNORANT PEOPLE: More Evidence That Marijuana Prevents Cancer. Did I cure you of your ignorance?
What causes sandy-gritty sensation in dry eyes?
Would weekly contact lenses last longer if used less often?
Were or what can i do to find out my eye power without going to an optician ?
whats it called when you see tiny white flashing dots. but they're not actually there?
what illnesses or diseases can make eye floaters worse or become more disturbing?
Appart from pain killers, what else can you use to get rid of a headache.?
My lymph gland is swollen up big on the left side, and the gum back by my left wisdom tooth is swollen big too?
Types of ibuprofen and aspirin free muscle pain relief other than paracetamol?
What could be causing a feeling of electricity in my left shoulder?
crying, im in so much pain?
Sore tailbone (coccyx)?
Could someone provide me with some honest information on your NHS ?
If you shot yourself in the head would you feel pain?
Can guys with small frame type gain muscle mass?
How to turn a weak pathetic nerd to big muscular guy? Good routine to start teenage bodybuilding?
What are three healthy meals that can be eaten every day to replace a regular diet?
Is it bad to eat cottage cheese before bed? At least for weight loss, not muscle gain.?
Is it normal to feel this way after sugary sweets? read details?
Will doing pushups and situps everyday and eating right tone your body up?
Aiight, how does this sound ?
How can I stop binge eating?
Help with stomach buldge?
Do I need to get tested?
is it possible for only one partner to get an STD?
The one I fell in love with has herpes :( HELP PLZ?
i think he has a std?
Do you get aids from taking your loves virginity?
can you get HIV or STDs from kissing..exchanging saliva?
Cartilage Damage and Ligament Tears?
Is it true that a person with a concussion is to stay awake?
how do i make my fractured wrist heal faster?
Do you think I have a concussion?
I swallowed something sharp....am I okay?
do i have to wear a knee brace?
Can you stop bleeding during a Shark attack?
Why do my legs hurt so bad?
Bruises on my wrist after running?
Do motrin or advil contain aspirin is it safe to give to children?
What is the best time to sleep?
could a nicotine patch make a test show up positive for tobacco usage?
What is the life expectancy with someone with hepatitic C?
after 5 dys,ice or heat on pulled muscles? whats the best way to help pain? should it be wrapped constantly?
What's the best way to get a tiny glass splinter out of my finger - I can't even see it, but can feel it.
whats the best thing to do when you have a cold?
which type of cells form brain tumors: neurons or neuroglia?
what is a brain lesion?
What is alkaline phosphotase?
How long does the "moon face" from prednisone last?
The total body scan. Has anyone had it done and gotten perfect results that nothing is wrong?
if i stop drinking energy drinks is my acne going to clear up some?
Spots - How do I get rid of them and how do I stop getting them?
What is the best BODY soap to help clear acne?
Does anyone have a cure/relief for excessive body sweating?
i am using Zovirax for my cold sores?
My Reynaud's symtoms have become worse after moving to a hot climate, and my skin looks strange on my hands.
OMG! Please Help Me!!!?
What do i when a insect went in my foot?It was tiny and orange/yellow.?
Longitivity of Pilondial Sinus?
How did Hiv/AIDS start?
how much HIV is required for an infection?
Bacterial Vaginosis? I want to get checked out but dont want my parents to know?
Do they bury people with their braces on?
I had a wisdom tooth and molar extracted several months ago, and I still drool?
what is the best whitening toothpaste????
Staned teeth, natural ways for white teeth?
Will brushing with vinegar and baking soda whiten my teeth?
i had a tooth pulled close to the front.now i have a big chunk of my gum missing. can it grow together?
If you die with braces on, do they take them off?
Do people with tonsils affect people that swim?
My jaw clicked and now it feels weird?
Why does your breath reek in the morning when you've over cleansed & freshened your mouth...?
adrenal fatigue?
could hypnosis cure lung cancer?
What are some natural hunger suppressants?
What are some home remedies for gastritis?
What is a natural and safe way to get rid of ear wax?
pressure in head. nausea, spacey-ness, loss of concentration.. any ideas?
Would weed ?????????????????
Is It Okay To Take Fluoxetine While Doing Boxing?
That used in Ayurvedic medicine for headaches ?
How Does Aerosol Spray Affect the Environment?
I'm alergic to vinegar. Does that make me alergic to balsamic vinegar too?
If someone takes a medicine he's allergic to, does the medicine still works despite the allergic reaction?
I'm not sure what to do... am i allergic or something else?
EW! How do I get rid of these tonsil stones?!?
Every morning I have a stuffed up, bloody nose?(TMI)?
What is the normal range for TSH levels?
help with insomnia please read?
Possible hearing hypersensitivity?
stomach pain on lower right side?
Can you get mad cow disease by eating any beef from an infected cow, or is it just by eating the spinal cord?
I am weak all the time?
systems of heart attact?
Bovine or Mechanical Valve for my Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery? Experienced people, please help!!?
chyme passes through a valve between what two organs?
p wave of the ECG corresponds to what?
widen blood vessels and arteries?
Pain in my heart area, down my left arm, on my back (left area), under my left arm.?
im looking to see where the fan for the heart is?
Opinion on heart attack article?
I need help with research on Cystic Fibrosis?
Home remedy for coughing?
when making a vaporizer...?
Asthma or emphysema very concerned.?
Is this a cold, flu, sinus infection, or allergies?
please help to diagnose this symptom?!!??.....?
Is it possible to cough so hard that you can eventually cough out blood?
is this bad to do?
How can i make mysself sick ?
How can I make myself have better eyesight?
I have a question conserning Hepatitas B?
Found valtrex in my boyfriends bag?
Dangit! I need candy! Is it OK to eat some candy (chocolate bar) when i'm on a diet and trying to lose weight?
I want my legs to be skinnier?
whats an easy and fast way to lose 30 pounds?
What to do about a twitching eye?
What should I do to stop the pain?
Jaw pops and locks open and kills to close?! Help PLZ!?
I smoked weed yesterday.. and im still high now..?
what is osgood slatus?
I got a dull,pain in my lower left side of back that radiates to my front a left abdomen?
How to make cramps in football go away?
My Eye Really Hurts... Ouch?
pins and needles when orgasming?
What's going on in my head?
how do i solve this?! it hurts?
throat feel like something in it?
wtf i am so dizzy right now?
Have you ever wondered how you "catch" a yawn? Have you ever caught a yawn?
6 Different ways to Die with Water involved?
Is it true that drinking hydrogen peroxide gives you extra vitality and adds years to your life?
Breast reduction?
If I eat too much sugar, will it make my feet itch?
Death is it that important?
HELP I think my boyfriends bipolar?
i have ocd and my family doesnt approve?
Have you ever been depressed?~?
What's a good hand soap that would be easy on my hands for my OCD?
Type 2 diabetes diets?
Question about swelling in ankle/foot...?
how do i hide cuts on my wrists?
how can i help my knee to stop hurting?
Shin..broken or bruised?
Bruised toe, but will my toe nail fall off?
Is my foot broken it is swollen and hurts?
So i hurt my ankle and idk what to do?
why do my bruises turn yellow!?
whats wrong with my legs?
Why does my foot hurt so badly on my heel?
In Health and Human development. What is the relationship between health and development?
why are yawns contagious?
How do i stop yawing?,How do istudy with concentration?
what can i do when constipated?
doesn't the oldest child decide on a parents burial and medical decisions?
I need the name of a Manuracturing & Marketing Firm in Wyoming.?
what perscription pills make you feel the best?
curious question about asthma?
Shortness of breath, albuterol not helping. Doctors think I'm crazy.?
what is a normal amount of breaths to breathe per minute?
Any tips for quiting smoking??..?
for any respiratory therapist. on the vision bipap?
If you have lymphoma, is it always detected in a CBC?
Are profusely bleeding gum one of the symptoms / problems you deal with if you have hodgkins lymphoma?
Breast Cancer fund raising Ideas!?
2 doctors felt neck lump and said it was a lipoma?
Just had my cervical cancer jab today, will drinking tomorrow night affect it ?
cancer online help groups?
The carcinogen known to cause the most cases of cancer is:?
How many cigarettes... no preaching please lol?
Why can't I eat wheat and fresh tomatoes in the same meal?
Recently I was prescribed steroids for an allergic reaction.....?
If I were to be allergic to food, can I get only one hive at a time? Or more than one at a time?
Where can you get a nice looking medical alert bracelet, or necklace?
I recently had tear duct plugs put in and my eyes are still dry and I am still miserable.?
how can i naturally regain my eye-sight?
Where can I get prescription gold contacts?
why are my boyfriend pupils two different sizes?
My boyfriend ejacuIated in my eye, could I still wear my contacts?
Can someone who was born blind, dream?
There's like a dot on my eye..?
Why is the sun so bright when you look into it?
Is there a support program to find cure for herpes?
can you transfer AIDS through a bite?
Oral Candidiasis recently. need help just wondering about it.?
First person to say something gets best answer!?
Does smoking pot stain teeth?
is a root canal ABSOLUTLY NECCISARY?
How to get your teeth white?
Can I borrow your chewing gum?
The pain of braces??
Orthodontic Braces?
dentists, can you please help me?
how do i convince my parents to get me braces?
Retin a micro ?? acne scars??
Does living in a small-sized city influence your skin condition?
Has anyone ever used Duac and Retin A for slight acne?
help! help! help!?
they say hormones is the cause of acne??
Any home remedies for warts? My daughter has a HUGE wart on the middle knuckle on her pinkie finger...?
Does your blood boil when you're ignored?
what kind of sickness?
Swollen left upper eyelid?
What is a "Blocked Liver"? What are the causes/symptoms etc and...?
I have a lump under my arm? Please help!!!!?
what do you think it is..my dad recently got this huge lump by his throat..?
Is there any food/drink that can soothe acid reflux?
What shall i say to doctor about anxiety?
I have a lump in my....?
whats wrong with my hand it shook?
can heart attack pain last 24 hours?
what is the antidote for digitalis toxicity?
Would the EKG of a person that has had a heart attack be different?
what is the quickest way to lower one's triglycerides?
what is causing my red hands??/?
went to see cardilogist had an egk done,haulter monitor done,and a ultra sound to look at my heart?
Chest pains near my heart?
I need motivation to lose weight...??
How to decrease muscle mass?
Can I get some help?
i need to gain weight?
How many pounds a week will I lose if..?
how do i gain weight in 3 months?
I have found some very usefull information, & i would like to share...[ for pple having bowl movemnt prblems]?
help on how to get rid of thigh muscles?
When people feel hurt and heartbroken...is the pain in the chest, or really in the heart?
my mom woke up with a swollen knee.. it's gotten worse and she didn't pull any muscles?
whats the best way to get rid of a headache when you dont have advil ?
how does the pain scale work?
It really hurts! Please help me!?
pain meds questions whats been going on?
for real M.D.'s.......back pain....muscle or nerve?
Why does blowing on a scrape or abrasion make it hurt less?
I have to pee every 1/2 hour and it when I do the pain is horrible ! HELP!?
Standard Process supplements...what do you think of them??
what information would you expect to be given at a first naturopath consultation?
What's the best thing to drink to help a sore throat?
For Cerebral Palsy patient any treatment available at National Homeopathic Institute, Salt lake, Kolkata?
how do you use wheatgrass powder?
question about old vicodin?
what exactly is tahitian noni juice?
In all natural soap, what is your favorite scent?
Best way to warm up hands and feet?
sharp pains in my crotch hurt?
Discussed HPV with doctor - is it on medical record?
Does anyone know anything about cervical bleeding ?
Is there any way to contract HPV through only kissing someone?
How can STD's be prevented?
why diabetes mellitus effect our sensation(receptor) and how??
how much do yeast infection kits normally cost?
If you have an std and you are given treatment can you get treatment for your partner too?
why is the fluid in the joints important?
Have you ever broken a bone? How does it feel?
If you get a scar as a child, does it grow larger as you grow?
Could I have a Concussion?
Put q-Tip too far in ear. Did I poke my eardrum?
Worst Injury you ever had ?
Can a sprained ankle be treated by a school nurse without having to go to the hospital later?
if you had to choose which would you rather lose, an eye or an arm?
Torn/sprained Hip Ligament? What is it? How long will this last for? Roller derby injury.?
labored breathing after neutering?
Albuterol (asthma medication) liquid vs ventolin?
can urinary tract infection causes hotness of stomach?
coughing someone help!?
Can I Just Have a Numbing Agent for Endoscopy/Colonoscopy and Not Sleep?
Qustion about Emphysema, fellow sufferers??
what is the cure for vasomotor rhinitis?any nasal drop or anything?pls help!!?
How can I avoid smoking when all my friends smoke?
can eating too much flax seed cause stomach cramping and bowel problems??
How long will nicotine remain in your system after you quit smoking?
A while back I saw on TV where you could wash out our colon or intestines. Does anybody know about this?
Has any women had an Dnc before?, If so how is it? what is the process?
I've never had my nails done and I was thinking about going in a couple of weeks, Does it hurt the first time?
Just took off contact lenses because it irritated me?
Why is it bad for you to eat after 6 o'clock?
Swollen lymph node or something else?
where can i buy nose bedit?
what is causing my allergies?
Any Ear, Nose, Throat doctor who can help me?
what is the meaning of allergic??
What do u do when your cat is very sick?
What's the name for eyes' irises different color shades?
contact lenses' queries?
How to optimize recovery after Laser Surgery?
Contact lenses problem?
Is it normal to see things darker in my right eye?
Can a television really damage someone's eyesight?
How did my vision improve so suddenly?
Please Help : I want my eyes to get ruined?
Do I have a yeast infection?
hello ladies im 22 yrs old diagnosed with hpv im wondering if i can have a child?
can you het herpes from waterfalling a drink!?
Pigs and AIDS HELP!?!?
What is the best Teeth whitening product in stores?
Can chewing Bubble Gum really clean your teeth? or even whiten?
How many times in 1 year should I see my dentist?
Does it feel wierd when you get your braces off?
Root canal. eek.?
does anybody live near dayton, ohio?
orthodontists help! invisalign!?
crown question please help??? ?
What is wrong with my eye and face? very swollen and weeping left eye.?
What is wrong with me can someone tell me what these symptoms mean?
How long does cancer exist?When was the first case diagnosed and what type of cancer was it?
when do symptoms of terminal cancer start to show?
Is there a chance that I could have leukemia?
have you witness the last days of a breast cancer patient ? what medications were she given ?
how long does it take to develop lung cancer from cigaretts?
mouth cancer / chemotherapy at 80 ?
Why does everyone have cancer cells in your body?
I hear the younger a cancer victim is, the more likely that it is genetic My grandma died at 37 of brain tumor?
Do you have terminal cancer ?
What are the best methods to lose your gut and flatten your tummy?
what foods are good for toning?
Exercise to tone bum and thighs without bulking up?
Tips to get in shape (eating and exercise)?
Boyssss, ANSWERRR! I Need As Many Answersss As I Can. Skinny Girls Or Girls With A Bit Of Meat On Their Bones?
How Tall Are You And How Much Do You Weigh?
our pitt is constantly itching. is there something we can use? vet hasn't helped?
will face scrubs make acne go worse?
Will small stretch marks on the side of my thigh go away when i lose 20 lbs?
Why does mederma peel shortly after putting it on certain spots?
My feet are ugly,they ruin the rest of my body...?
Can certain deoderants make you sweat more?
there is alot of marks on my face what to do?
Has anybody else got tiny ears like me???
Back Acne!!! Please help!!!?
Do I have low blood pressure?
how can I lower bad cholesterol
does Levitra, the ED medicine also help to lower the total cholesterol?
might a doctor recommend a termination if woman had a heart murmur?
if your blood pressure is 100 over 60 is that good?
I had a Lifewatch heart monitor on for 30 days to check to see if I had any dangerous heart palpatations?
Atrial Septal Defect?
Is it normal to always be able to feel your heart beating?
Does cheese cause dog's heart-attacks?
Is it normal for you heart to fludder or palputate every now and then?
Migraine remedies...?
Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation, RSD?
What's the best treatment for migraines?
what should i do about my knee?
why does my knee hurt´╝č?
Could food or my eating habits cause joint pain?
Is it normal to hear a beepinq sound in your ear?
My lower back hurts after swimming yesterday?
why am i always feeling dizzy?
I need someone to pee on my hand?
Does antiviral medication delay a positive HIV result?
if you have chlamydia for over a year can you still have kids?
White cells in my urine and stings when i wee?
What are the symptoms of depression?
Anxiety or Depression? What could it be?
Are depressed teens capable of .......?
Really bad anxiety please help!!!!!!!?
How long is normal to grieve for a loved one who has died?
What is there to live for in this life?
How can I be a little bit less sensitive when dealing with people, and how can I learn to forgive myself?
im scared....are you ??????????????????
Does anyone know of a good remedy,for lower intestine?
which of the following causes hair growth to speed up?
what are good things to eat
Antivirus question? which is better?
Coffee doesn't do it, so what can a 70-year-old in good health ingest for energy?
Does anyone tried to drink Freelife Goji juice? Can you give me your thoughts or experience about this juice.?
What qualifications do Suzanne Somers and Rory Emerald have (Re: alternative medicine) that you and I don't?
NEW CIGARETTES: would you try?
Breathing issues?
hard biology questions?
I have Laryngitis, How long does it take to go away? And what can I do to help it?
Should i sue or not?
Bronchitis.. I have it bad, Help me somebody, Cough, Cough Cough all day, Giving me a bad headache. No sleep.?
does herpes, warts and other such things mean HIV infection?
Red Spots and herpes?
My girlfriend is bleeding from her mouth what should i do?
how long does hip replacement surgery take?
What types of cardio exercises can I do with a broken ankle?
How long can I walk again after ACL injury (without surgery)? I got a job interview...what to say?
What is the recovery time for a Broken clavicle (collar bone) ?
Can wearing sneakers without socks give you blisters?
ACL/Meniscus tear question?
How do i know if my finger is broken?
Were you ever dropped on your head as a child?
when do you feel the most pain?
Do physicians commonly prescribe Adderall for chronic fatigue? If not, what is it usually?
how do you grow?
What would cause a person to stop breathing during surgery?
I think I may have down syndrome?
ticklish and tickling?
Should I be a whistle blower, I know a carer, who drinks, bongs takes methamphetamines.?
What would happen if you snorted Viagra?
Does BenicarHCt or cholesterol meds cause hair loss?
please help?
my wife still has 30 days of health insurance left.and the hospital is sending her home early. why?
What time do you consider late to go to sleep?
where can I find a support group for people who believe in health benefits of drinking urine?
How would you describe ant bite pain?
Wellbutrin...how long does it take to feel better?
What two pathways are disrupted in cancer cells?
Hodgkins lymphoma please help?
What immunoglobin is involved in system lupus erythromatosis?
How do peoples tics start when they have tourettes syndrome?
I have a small lump on the upper water line of my eye, is it serious? what do you think it is?
what is the chance of having alzheimer's at 14 years of age if not inherited?
do i have chronic fatigue syndrome?
Gas bubble in tummy - cannot pass gas.?
Please HELP! [20characters]?
I feel like I'm dying please help!?
Question for smokers: what is it about cigarettes that appeals to you?
what causes bloody clumps when i have a bowel movement?
How are daily disposable contacts made vs weekly or 30 day disposable contacts?
is lasik a good choice for removing eye glasses?
Is it opthomologist or optometrist??
Should I get contact lens? if sensitive?
Has anyone ordered contacts from VisionDirect???
Can the lenses be re-coated or uncoated - these have to last another 2 yrs & the spots make it too hard to see?
What do the numbers on the prescription mean?
Do I need glasses? Please help me!!!?
Are HPV vaccines any more painful than regular shots?
I need help with a problem my girlfriend and i are having. It is about kissing?
Question about herpes?
What are the chances of me having an STD?
Help Please. When do I know its okay to kiss my girlfriend again after shes had a coldsore?
what is the average cost of a diabetic diet?
Janumet? I started taking it today.......?
What are the signs of Hyperglycemia?
What do I do to protected an infected big toe from being amputated?
i took hiv test and they put my blood on the test tube without closing it will the virus die?
Can you get herpes on your face by someone that has it kissing your face?
Anyone have pesonal experience with Singulair? I'm running out of allergy options.?
My Lip Is Swollen?
Why do people get peanut butter allergies??
How long will it take the antibiotic Septra DS to kick in ?? I'm so sick I wanna die...!!!!?
how a 12 year old can loose weight.?
What did you eat today that was healthy? I need a few healthy ideas and options? :)?
Has it been proven that hypnosis works for weight loss?
What Fruits have the most calories?
if i eat only 400 calories a day how long will it take for my stomach to shrink?
I work at a restaurant. Hard to resist temptation to eat?
how much weight will i lose in 1 1/2 months by doing this?
why am i never full when I eat alot?
acne scars?
Is there a way to treat "ice pick" acne scars at home?
At home treatment of a stye?
What malady did ancient Arabs treat by slipping a garlic clove under the skin at the temple, until pus formed?
acne,acne scars,acne pots?sigh, help!?
How can i get rid of these red veins that run under my eyes and on my cheek?
How can somebody get LIGHTER SKIN?
Have you ever seen anything on your skin?
how do i get rid of black dots on the side of my nose?
Wisdom Teeth Surgery - Swelling is HORRIBLE!?
do the injections at the dentist make you drowsy?
Question about braces! Please help.?
My new dentist suggested that my cavity be re-filled...?
I have a working interview as a dental assistant this week, how do u think it'll go?
Tooth Hurts And Jaw?
My tooth is really loose but I don't want to pull it out?
help!! please!?
Where can i go to get my teeth sharpen like vampire fangs?
I've had a headache for 7 days and I will be going in for a CAT scan, what could this mean?
a lump under the skin of both my elbows?
Are there any chairs that don't cause back pain when using a computer?
Back pain near the butt?
I suffer with chronic pain and I take hydrocodone in order to function. I want to have a baby what should I do?
Someone plz help me out...?
cant hear in my right ear?
I have a really bad canker sore on my tongue?
why does my leg do this?
24 year's old and I always have pain in my left side chest?
Is gram positive cocci an STD?
Should I be very worried that I have HIV?
can you get herpes from kissing somebody?
Possible Anxiety Disorder?
need help!?
really low self esteem. how can i become more confident?
What's your strange food obsession?
Why are you scare of dieing?
Has anyone tried Panicyl?
can i buy emla cream in drug stores?
Can you list me proteins that are similar in consistency to cods roe, any type of protein..?
Who Has Iron Deficient Anemia?
Is there a name for this auditory "condition"?
If two different doctors tell you that there is only so much they can do about your condition is it worth it?
I need a positive story about medical marijuana usage?
I am 22 years of age and I sleep walk... How can I stop this?
where in RI can i buy synthetic urine right now?
Knee injury squatting?
meniscus repair surgery?
Any suggestion please ?
so i just broke everything in my left arm and my coller bone?
inured knee... again... please answer?
Hamstring and MCL strain.?
ACL surgery. What kind of recovery time are you looking at?
i need answers.... QUICK!!!?
URGENT. Knee problem?
i got punched in the back and now it gets numb some times?
PLEASE HELP-smoking during chemotherapy for HODGKINS and after....?
metastatic cancer - curable?
Why ain't more people talking about this?
How can you protect against esophageal cancer?
Why do people undergoing cancer treatments not eat?!?
is it really true that GUYABANO (GRAVIOLA) cures cancer and ten times potent than chemotheraphy?
Who are some famous cancer survivers?
swelling th under eye area after bleach..?
Dry Contacts while in the eyes?
What does it mean when my eye prescription says -3.00? 20/ what?
Can you get your eye coler permently changed?
Why are my contacts so expensive?
Im thinking of get eye laser Surgery?
Clear Care Contact Solution?
How does the eye see?
If you have stetch marks, will going to the tanning bed affect that?
What foods help constipation?
I'm debating if I should I proceed to Honolulu and practice chiropractic and give talks on meditation.?
what is the best cold remedy?
what is Chromosome 4 Ring??
Mosquito bite marks?
what are the health risks of secondhand smoke on toddlers?
why do people burp?
What do you think is the best age to become pregnant?
how do you know the difference between pancreatitus or ibs?
What is the equivilent unit conversion of an insulin injection unit dose of 3 from a U-40 syringe to a U-100?
Why am i up all night?
Anyone have a 5 y/o with diabetes?
Can cows have diabetes??
is there anyone here who is hypoglycemic?
vitamin D?
Is Syphilis CURABLE? Or just treatable?
what's one country in africa that is having the most problems with aids/hiv?
Did the government create AIDS?
TO ANYONE WHO'S A RAD TECH OR KNOWS? I heard that to be a Radiological Technican u don't necessarily?
very specific dr notes?
If I dropped one of my antibiotic pills down the sink (Zithromax), is it a big deal?
How likely am i to get sick from asbestos?
If stuck in throat, can a Mucinex pill burn and injure the throat? PLEASE HELP.?
OH MY GOODNESS. Sneezing attack. please help me.?
Is consuming Green tea good for health? What are its health benefits ?
Six weeks POST surgery...?
What do you do to help sooth stress away from your life?
I think I have a disorder?
How to wake up early and not be tired?
Is there any way to suppress an urge to cry?
i was outside cleaning the windows of my car with windex when I was attacked by ants...?
How long does cocaine stay in your system?
I have a bullmastiiff that has little bumps on him.Vet told me that it's not fleas but allergies, anyone know?
Allergy to toilet paper?
How do you deal with a fragrance allergy?
Should I go get an allergy shot if I'm not feeling well?
what are some causes for having a weird sour tangy taste in mouth after taking antihistamines for a long time.
Please help! What can I do for my allergies that does not involve medicines?
side effects of low carb diet?
If a Person does ..... ? How much weight can she lose ?
good diet plan for busy mom?
Tell me what or if i should change anything in my diet/exercise routine?
How do i get a skinny stomach?
How long must you keep your heart rate up for your jogging to be effective?
I just wondering does coffee have carbohydrate in it?
Im 13and I need amazing pecs fast?
***So why do u exercise ?
What are the causes of blackouts?
Does anyone know a good medicine for indigestion and stomach acid?
How can I stop Acid Reflux/Heartburn?
Poll: If I have Autism what are the chances of my kids having it?
scoleosis test!>>!>!>!?
What possible medical problems do i have.?
Is there a chance I have kidney or liver disease/ I'm 15?
How do doctors determine whether you are bipolar?
are dentists ever afraid of going to the dentist?
How can I get whiter teeth. I have tried everything!?
Wisdom tooth broke! What should I do? ?
Can someone help me with the Excess Saliva and Tongue Problem?
Braces ? scared?
is it safe to rinse my mouth with hydrogyn peroxide?
Toothbrush in boiling water.. does it clean it?
How long after a root canal do you start to feel better?
Im getting braces soon, do they hurt when they put them on?
is it good to brush your teeth after you drink soda?
How does the skin regenerate itself?
What should I do?
Dry skin, just between eyes brows and on sides of nose!???
i have dark brown pigmentation around my cheeks &nose?
my wife is suffered with itching.?
dry skin? is this normal?
i have zits on my head?
How long do ears hurt after being pierced?
What could be causing my boyfriends headaches?
Street price of roxicodone?
Do I have repetitive strain injury?
How serious can carpal tunnel ?
Strong pain in shoulder blade?
why are my thumbs numb all of the time?
knuckles in a lot of pain after fight.?
Explain how cancer tumors spread?
How much does a AC & T chemo therapy cost?
How do you handle the cancer blues?
early signs of cancer?
What should I expect with Brain Cancer?
my right eye has been lightly twitching since yesterday afternoon. why? what does it mean and how do i stop it
swollen upper eyelid?
how much less is the number for contacts?
why do i have pain on the top of my left eye?
do they come like this?
Damaged eyes by coloured contacts?
am i going blind? Help please?
Deteriorating vision?
How long should I stay off work after a gallbladder surgery?
Does a Britta filter filter out flouride?
Has any one had carpel tunnel (RSI) in their wrist? Do you know any exercises to help it maybe from a Physio?
Chest pain?
what are the simple excercise one to do to keep fit at the age group 60 to 65..?
happy in heart not out side every one r know that but all person r find that out side why?
How long does xanax stay in your body? What are the withdrawals symptoms like?
When in your life were you most proud of yourself?
who do you think that he or she go to the hell?
do you enjoy John Benneth's crazy homeopathy videos?
Is Salvia legal in Washington, DC?
which medicin i good for liver strength?
What are some natural ways to grow taller ?
I am so Tired, all the time, why!!!?
Does chiropractic really helpful for lower back pain and neck pain?
massage with happy ending?
A question about home-remedies-for-you.com?
i've heard about this thing called hypnoweed, but cant find a free download?
What is the best treatment for strained/pulled muscles and how does the said treatment relieve the muscle?
have you ever removed stitches from yourself or someone in stead of going back to the Dr's??
I need advice to help recover a pulled back muscle.?
What shall i do about this ???? please help?
i dropped a skillet on my foot, plz help?
I have broken my ankle and am wondering how long before I can walk on my own?
Do our Metabolism have anything to do with High blood pressure?
any website that will give a doctors; oualifactions-success rate-level or expertize ie for a pacific operation
What percent do you stent a Left anterior descending heart artery?
does anyone take cardizem for fast heart rate?
should i increase the dose of my thyroxine?
I have anxiety, fear of heart problems, can i prescribe myself baby aspirin?
Jason:I am a cardiac patient. I cannot exercise.Doc.knows nothing to do. I have tried several natural product
what common medical conditions is diagnosed and managed by measuring glucose in body fluids?
eagerness for sweets ?
How can we stop people from promoting scam cures for diabetes?
Dialysis Staff: How can I stop all the TMP alarms on these Fresenius 2008K?
Allergic to shellfish?
Does anyone know anything about Angioedema?
Website that has a detailed monitoring of allergys (tree, mold, grass) in your area?
Going to doctor about post-nasal drip?
Can i take these 2 Medicines together?
Sometimes I get random sneezing attacks, and then I feel like I need sugar.. is this normal?
who discover sinusitis?
Does bisolvon cough mixture contain codeine?
how much nicotine is in a marlboro 27?
You are caring for a COPD patient who is experiencing an acute exacerbation ?
?!?!?!?!Asthma Help?!?!?!?!?
how does the respirator system and circulation system interact?
What is the first sign that I'm having health problems with mold in the house?
Help!!! I'm sick?
Plz help me with this!?
my throat kills , cant talk?
alcholic medication/camprel find me new information?
Water: has the 8 to 15 glasses a day regimen has been abandoned: what do I do with a million rubber bands?
Can my eyes get any better? If you wear glasses, pay attention!?
I have this spaced out feeling all the time, how do i get rid of it?
What makes people taller?
Is it normal to fart LITERALLY over 60 times a day? (I'm VERY SERIOUS!)?
why do your own farts smell nicer than other peoples?
What is the total cost of surgery including medical care for one eye transplant?
gall bladder problems/stones?
Why was the thyroid cartilage named Adam's Apple?
upper right abdominal pressure?
I have every symptom possible of a brain tumor.?
My father has been having a cold for almost a month and a half! What EXACTLY is happening?
I have pinworms, What should I do?
Food poisoning, can the environmental health refuse to send a sample of food away for testing?
morephine...my mom is 82 and has no found problems..?
Does Medical cover invisalign ?
Are there any good teeth whitening products that arnt too expensive?
Tooth extraction & pregnancy?
Wisdom teeth extraction and small jaw/mouth. Help please!!?
Teeth whitening ?? **help**?
What to chew to stop biting habit?
Question regarding retainer wearing?
Help!!My Filling came off my Molar!!?
How much money will I need for the first years of making a Dental clinic?
Psoriasis aid?
close pores?
Scalding and healing?
I have this splotchy reddish-brown rash on the tops of my feet...?
Has anyone ever had an allergy from AVON products?
Does anybody have any good ideas to get rid of scars?
What is to blame for the rapid increase of Breast Cancer in YOUNG women? Why no new tests to screen for it?
How do I pop my ears?
lump/line on hand,what is it?
I have to get a hip MRI, if they need to dye it using needles, will it hurt?
my stomachs been hurting and i dot know what it is?
why do i wake up with headaches every morning. can someone help me?
pain on the side of my head?
How can I alleviate back pain that occurs during sleep?
what gives us pain tolerance?
My throat hurts alot what do i do?
How Can You Learn To Get "Turned On" By Pain?
suicidal songs ?????any?
To what extent is depression and anxiety due to a lack of self esteem and belief.?
Does anyone else live in supported housing?
I dont want to live anymore because everything is meaningless?
Whenever I'm depressed my veins in my wrists hurt, making me want to cut them?
This is a cry for help?
Am I colorblind to gold?
I'm having problems focusing on things with my eyes?
HELP can you help me read my contacts prescription so I can order them online?(scanned prescripton inside)?
My 8 year old son was hit in the left temporal lobe with a nerf sword. He has been in severe pain.?
My lip is crusted on the left side where it opens, and my upper lip has some scar or cut that stings underneat?
Hurt knee after accident, can't walk?
Have you had an ankle injury?
What's wrong with my ankle?
how can you repair a broken toenail?
I got a punch in the nose at football, still sore a week on and have a bloody nose?
I just got a nose job, im 16, any thoughts?
Just had ACL knee surgery and there is a numb spot on my leg, is this normal?
I had some liquid hand soap that was to thick, so i added water and that made it too thin what do i do now?
Can i buy xanax and dormicum without doctor prescription?
whats is Hysteria?
When mad last night my husband hit me really hard twice on my left knee now it swollen?
what are the symptoms of a wheat allergy?
Problems with skin?
Help me with conjestion!?
Can a sinus allergic reaction be dry, without excess mucous, and yet be more serious because it is dry?
wat should i do i eat those chicken and i had allergy and its too much itchy..?
Do swimming and water aerobics do contribute to weight loss?
has anyone used shapely secrets? does it work??
What's the best exercise plan to tone my body?
Do you lose weight only through bowel movements?
How much does height matter?
any good bum exercises!!?
what is the best diet in the world? please someone tell me!!!!?
body fat????
Whats a sure fire way to lose weight? I get weak when I dont eat.?
Why do many woman strive for a SMALLER booty?
Looking for good foods for Type 2 Diabetics, Any Suggestions?
Can someone with 'Type I' diabetes drink wine?
bottom of feet trembling?
Which color of rubber bands makes braces less noticable?
Whitning problems after braces?
My gums hurt?
When do braces stop hurting!?
IM SCARED ABOUT GETTING BRACES!!!! please help! i need you?
Why would there be blood in my mouth when I brush my teeth?
Different Kinds of Braces?!?
Do you personally use the wax a lot for your Braces?
What are the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome?
Can I stop my panic attacks before they start?
I need surgery and I'm feeling distant and depressed.?
I'm only 17 im sick and the doctor cant cure me help?
Does depresion go away by itself?
what did 11 months of bulimia do to me..?
how are these spread & give reasons for their spread?
Lump in neck, been there for a few weeks?
My nose is very long, and I obsessively like the smell of cheese.?